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lidaobinghello, how to register a bug tracker? I want to register http://code.google.com/p/ibus/issues02:58
dmbis there a way to see why a kernel paniced?02:58
dmbafter rebooting the system?02:59
dmbor even a way to see why a kernel panics while its happening, when x is running?02:59
lidaobingdmb, kerneloops package maybe can help you03:00
dmbhmm, don't know if i could reproduce the issue03:01
Ampelbeinlidaobing: as far as i know, code.google.com has no public API so there is no bugtracker for it.03:01
lidaobingAmaranth, but I can found some already registered bug tracker when I edit the project detail of ibus, which exist in a select box near the "Bug are tracked" label.03:04
andresmujicabug 7839503:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 78395 in malone "Support bug watches against Google Code's issue tracker" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7839503:12
lidaobingandresmujica, sounds supported, but do you know how to use it?03:20
Ampelbeinandresmujica: thanks, i didn't know that this "works" now.03:24
Ampelbeinlidaobing: what bug do you want to link? or do you want to link a project to this tracker?03:25
andresmujicalet me see...03:26
andresmujicacheck bug 365730  i've used it there03:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 365730 in pychess "pychess can't be started" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36573003:27
andresmujicawhere you can add the new bugtracker...03:29
lidaobing2found how to register a new bug tracker: https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers03:36
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ebroderWhat's the best way to query against package information for foreign architectures? packages.{debian.org,ubuntu.com} just isn't doing it for me07:04
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cjwatsonogra: sure, just couldn't do it at the same time as promoting sysklogd for various reasons - don't worry, we have automatic reports for this stuff08:40
cjwatsonogra: (done now)08:42
ogracjwatson, thanks, took me a while to find out whats wrong, but i got along with --exclude in debootstrap then09:14
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Manu123i build and install a package with dkms and at the install soources are not found14:56
Manu123http://paste.ubuntu.com/221954/ make.og14:56
Manu123thx for help14:57
jacquesdupontdhi guys14:57
jacquesdupontdi come here to see if there's any knew clue to have full 3D acceleration with old ati card on jaunty ?14:57
jacquesdupontdmaybe a patch or something14:57
jacquesdupontdanybody here ?15:02
maxbjacquesdupontd: Since ATI/AMD have killed support, your only option is to see if either of the open source drivers are good enough15:08
Laneymy card isn't that old and ATI dropped support for it15:11
* Laney shakes fist at them15:11
maxbYeah, I have one of those cards too. Sucks. But on the plus side radeon oss driver is driving it quite nicely onw15:14
maxbgood enough for DVD watching, so I'm happy15:14
Laneyat least the metacity compositor works15:15
maxbas does compiz15:15
Laneyit just tells me it can't be enabled15:15
maxbradeon, or radeonhd ?15:15
maxbcompiz sulked last time I tried to make it work with radeonhd15:16
jacquesdupontdmaxb, thx for answering the thing is that i'm counting on open source drivers since they are really better than propriety drivers and for sure they are good enought i have compiz fusion working perfectly but i can't play some games that a bit annoying cause i like to play warsow for exampe and i've heard that some patches were aailable thats why im here to ask15:17
Laneyxserver-xorg-video-ati and xserver-xorg-video-radeon15:18
jacquesdupontdyes i'm on them right now15:18
Manu123http://paste.ubuntu.com/221967/ detailed error mess. at install15:21
Manu123does anybody know what i have missed in the config proces?15:26
bluefoxicyso here's a thought16:30
bluefoxicywith multiple monitors, what does Ubuntu do?16:30
bluefoxicyIf I put a window on monitor 1, and another on monitor 2, do I get 2 blank monitors when I switch to another virtual desktop?16:30
azeem_it's a question, not a thought16:30
bluefoxicyI'd rather have an option to use independent virtual desktops.16:31
bluefoxicyso let's say I have two monitors, 1024x76816:31
bluefoxicyinstead of having one 2048x768 workspace per virtual desktops, I want to put the mouse in monitor 1 and select desktop 7, and then in monitor 2 select desktop 416:31
bluefoxicyThis seems to make more sense to me.  I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world that thinks this way.16:32
geserI'm not sure but you aren't able to move applications between the monitors anymore then16:37
bluefoxicygeser:  so modify metacity to be multi-monitor aware and pop the apps across virtual desktops16:37
bluefoxicythen I could shift one monitor to another desktop, grab a window, and pull it over.16:37
geserit seems to be (partly) aware of several monitors as I can maximize applications and they're only maximized on one monitor16:39
bluefoxicybut if you switch desktops,it switches both monitors, right?16:40
bluefoxicythis is not useful to me :)16:40
bluefoxicywhat if I have web browser on the right, e-mail on the left16:40
bluefoxicyand now I pull up my bank site on the browser, and I want my accounting on the left?16:41
geserI'd prefer it too when both monitors had seperated workspaces16:41
bluefoxicyI hve to bring gnucash from another desktop, or put it on top the e-mail window, or something.  I can't just switch to the desktop it's on, in the left monitor.16:41
bluefoxicyalso if you're using GIMP, and want to keep multiple toolbox windows (?!) or multiple image windows together, but uncluttered, you could use different desktops and swap them individually.  Mix and match.16:42
geserwhat seems to be missing is seperate workspaces for each monitor16:42
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foresterSorry if this is off topic, but I'm having trouble finding a solution. I'm using xforwarding on ubuntu server 9.04 and get several lines of "Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "localhost:10.0"." every time I start a program. Anybody, know how to fix this problem?19:02
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johanbrtkamppeter, just thought I'd let you know that the pdf conversion problems I had with cups were due to the somewhat strange printer setup at work (printing to an old-style lpd daemon)19:50
johanbrhacking the ppd to make cups prefer a pdf passthrough filter made everything work as expected19:51
* DktrKranz hugs pitti for solang upload20:00
tkamppeterjohanbr, OK, but can you send me the original PostScript file anyway, only to have a test file for the filters? Thanks.20:00
mgranHi, I'm trying to compile the open-source version of 0 A.D. (http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions) and it depends on a 'multi-threaded/thread-safe' spidermonkey build. Is the xulrunner package thread-safe, suitable to be used as a dependncy, or should I build my own THREADSAFE=1 spider-monkey from http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/js/js-1.60.tar.gz?21:12
simon-omgran: cool that's a great idea. You'll get compiler warnings if you have the single-threaded version of Spider-Monkey21:19
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