* niko count nhandler join :)02:56
nikoyes i'm boring02:56
MT-nalioth: pling03:21
naliothMT-: clong03:21
MT-nalioth: did you get my message earlier?03:22
naliothMT-: what message? please resend03:23
MT-nalioth: Just that I think I'm going to start running my own bot again. I have a few mare channels entirely outside of the ubuntu namespace it'll need to be in too03:24
PiciMT-: your factoid was added long ago03:32
ubottunotdrupal-#ubuntu-drupal has no aliases - added by Pici on 2009-07-09 18:28:4503:32
MT-Pici: just now - 21:32 < ubot3> Factoid notdrupal not found03:33
PiciThen that bot is not synced.03:33
naliothhas your bot updated itself, MT- ?03:33
MT-my own? it's synced with the ubottu db03:33
naliothbut how often?03:34
MT-mine is whenever I choose, it's not on a cron because when I do it I need readd my own factoids. When I finish that work, it'll probably be every other day03:35
MT-nalioth: It's not just the factoid part either. I'd like to have some extra functions. I just figure if I'm running my own bot for two channels, there's no harm in having it run in the other two as well03:41
naliothenjoy  :)03:45
MT-nalioth: is the bot not going to be removed?04:29
naliothMT-: which bot?04:32
* nalioth has slept since then . . 04:32
MT-nalioth: lol - ubot304:32
MT-#ubuntu-drupal and #ubuntu-us-sd04:33
MT-thanks :)04:34
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ubottuAu revoir!19:25
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nikofyi someone register #ubuntu-novatos21:47
* erUSUL feels a light bulb turning on above his head...21:48
erUSULin #ubuntu-es --> 18:39 < LoOp_Jr> #ubuntu-novatos21:50
niko... sound like a good candidate for #ubuntu-ops21:50
erUSULi really dunno if that guy registered the channel... he just mentioned it tongue in cheek (or so i thought) XD21:53
niko2009/07/19 22:46:45 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Information on #ubuntu-novatos:21:54
niko2009/07/19 22:46:45 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Founder    : LoOp_jr21:54
nikohe register it21:54
niko2009/07/19 22:46:45 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Registered : Jul 19 16:40:57 2009 (4 hours, 5 minutes, 57 seconds ago)21:54
erUSULniko: so report to irc council you say ?21:54
nikoi think22:00
m4vloop_jr is relative new, maybe you can ask him to drop it22:02
m4verr, relatively new*22:05
m4voh look, there's the english counterpart, #ubuntu-noobs, but with a spanish topic :p it was registered a year ago though22:17

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