bodhizazen'lo all05:42
doctormobodhizazen: hello06:04
bodhizazendoctormo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/Structure06:56
doctormoLooks like a good draft bodhizazen07:08
bodhizazenthank you for looking at it doctormo07:10
doctormoI would have teachers and students as "users" and have both groups as open launchpad groups with launchpad based mailing lists. I'd then have contributors (translators, artists, video producers etc) in a moderated group like devs with commit access, these would have a mailing list. Finally I'd have an administrators group of admins (no mailing list) who publish the work in revisions as required and then the council who are here for07:10
doctormodispute resolution.07:11
bodhizazenwell, admins need a mailing list, IMO, it they do dispute resolution07:11
doctormoadmins don't do dispute resolution, that's the council. admins manage to content, they're like the technical commity.07:12
doctormousers (teachers, students) >> contributors >> admins >> council07:12
bodhizazeni see07:12
bodhizazenI would tend to have admins and council be the same people07:13
doctormoAll members of the council will be admins, all admins are contributors and everyone may or may not be teachers and students.07:13
bodhizazenI am not familiar enough with moodle roles to know for sure07:13
doctormoWe can fold them into the same group while the project is small < 100 people total, but if we get bigger, I'd suggest having it there as an optional expansion to the structure.07:14
bodhizazenand I am hoping for some additional input =)07:14
doctormoAlso, all admins/council members must be contributors and all contributors have to have pasted the moodle moodle class.07:15
doctormoThis forces me to have to do the class and pushes us to organise internal training of members.07:16
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Vantraxhello peoples23:10
pleia2hey Vantrax23:12
Vantraxi didnt get much time to work on this site over the weekend >.<23:20

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