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dtchenjdstrand: don't know if bug/launchpad-e-mail-tag is worthwhile, so i'm happy to summarise the necessary debugging steps as follows: 1) use autospawn=no, 2) sudo /sbin/alsa force-unload, then reboot00:35
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LoongsonMIPS64 is officially supported in Debian01:34
LoongsonUbuntu get all of its source code from Debian01:34
Loongsonand the Chinese Loongson CPU is MIPS64-compartible01:35
LoongsonIf one wants to create an unofficial Ubuntu MIPS64 port01:35
Loongsonare there any existing compile farm in Ubuntu which automate cross-compiling of ubuntu packages (say in Jaunty or Karmic) to MIPS64?01:36
LoongsonHow can I set such a project up?01:36
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directhexLoongson, ubuntu doesn't have any MIPS build servers in its standard build service, AFAIK01:40
LoongsonI know........ but how can I set up such a compile farm / cross-compile farm?01:41
LoongsonI would like to get a MIPS64 repository based on Ubuntu source code01:42
directhexgood question. i never got MIPS working in QEMU01:42
Loongsondirecthex, have you tried http://www.qemu.org/mips-test-0.2.tar.gz?01:44
directhexi have a pretty low threshhold for how much effort i'll put into something before going "meh"01:44
Loongsonto get MIPS guest working under qemu, you must use kqemu kernel module (since arch of guest and host different)01:45
Loongsonand you can run the MIPS guest image I suggested01:45
ScottKLoongson: You might ask NCommander (when he's around).  He has some experience with bootstrapping Ubuntu on new architectures.02:40
LoongsonHey ScottK!02:40
LoongsonHave you received the email about our 389 directory server?02:40
LoongsonWe really should aim to get 389 into Karmic02:41
ScottKLoongson: I did.  You'd do better to put the package on REVU and ask for reviewers here.02:41
Loongsonbut it has to pass through REVU first02:41
ScottKLoongson: I'm sure, but I've got very limited time to put into such things right now.02:41
LoongsonPackages are already sitting at REVU for a long time02:41
ScottKLoongson: Then I'd suggest attending the Ubuntu Server team meeting and bringing it up there.02:42
Loongsonneed someone to fast-track advocation to make 389 into Karmic, which is before the next LTS02:42
Loongsonhow to attend Ubuntu server team?02:42
ScottKTuesday at (I think) 1500 UTC or thereabouts.02:42
ScottKThe meetings are on IRC at #ubuntu-meeting.02:43
LoongsonScottK: is it also by IRC?02:43
ScottKLoongson: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam02:43
LoongsonScottK: Thx!  However what is the launchpad user name of "NCommander"?  I can't find this user name at launchpad02:44
ScottKLoongson: That's his IRC nick.02:46
LoongsonScottK, but do you know his Launchpad username?02:47
Loongsonmaybe I can send him a message through launchpad to ask these things in more detail02:47
ScottKLoongson: https://launchpad.net/~mcasadevall02:48
LoongsonThanks a lot!  I will ask him the best way to handle the Ubuntu-MIPS64 project...........02:49
ScottKLoongson: I do know he's very busy with work, so probably won't have a lot of time, but he might have good advice.02:54
bcurtiswxhas empathy 2.27.4 been uploaded to the repositories yet? (or a better question may be how can i find that out for myself in the future)02:55
LoongsonI will email him02:55
bcurtiswxfor karmic02:55
Loongsonand when he is online, drop him a line.......02:55
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AnAntHello, this package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=monajat needs an extra advocate, bddebian tried to advocate it, but seems he got a problem with the new REVU website, can someone review & advocate pls ?09:32
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pktIs there a tool that can edit dpkg file metadata?11:05
pkte.g., I have an "installer-type" package that downloads and uncompresses a tarball from the internet11:05
RAOFYour choice of text editor will work.11:05
pkt(it can't be done otherwise)11:05
RAOFI'd suggest looking at the flashplugin-installer package, then.  That downloads and uncompresses a tarball from the internet.11:06
pktI 'd like something that would run from the postinst11:06
pktdoes this package also delete flash when it is uninstalled?11:06
pkthmm, I guess I should check it out in any case11:07
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RAOFYes, it does.11:08
pktRAOF: no, flashplugin doesn't do what I would want11:20
pktit doesn't merge the downloaded files to the installed dpkg metadata11:21
cjwatsonyou can't call dpkg re-entrantly from a postinst11:21
pktso you can't e.g., use dpkg -S to find flash11:21
cjwatsonsorry, there's no way to do that right now11:21
pktI was hoping you could mess with the .list file somehow11:21
cjwatsonnot remotely safely11:21
cjwatsonany package that does that should have a release-critical bug filed against it11:22
pktcjwatson: ok, so this way is a dead end11:22
cjwatsonI'm afraid so - it needs dpkg extensions. The idea's been around for a while but has never been implemented11:22
cjwatsonall current installer packages just plunk the files on the system and live with the fact that dpkg doesn't know about them11:23
pktthis wouldn't work for me :(11:23
pktI would like to be able to install non-free firmware automatically11:23
pkte.g., for my USB ADSL modem11:24
pktan installer-type package seems to be the only way this can be done11:24
cjwatsonso just do what every installer-type package does, and cope with the fact that dpkg -S doesn't know about it11:25
cjwatsonsometimes you have to be pragmatic11:25
pktbut then e.g., packagekit needs to be able to ask for the package that contains the specific firmware file to be installed11:25
cjwatsonoh well it might need some special cases11:25
pktperhaps I should figure out a way to automatically compile a database of all firmware files in the kernel11:26
pktperhaps that could do the trick then11:26
pkte.g., lib/firmware/ueagle-atm/blablah.fw -> ueagle-fw-installer11:26
luca__hi ?11:26
pktbut it will be a bit of a pain to maintain, unless there is a way for firmware packages to somehow "register" themselves11:27
luca__i fixed a bug in the usplash source and made now a debdiff .. what i am supposed to do now ? (is my first time)11:27
yofelhi, I'm trying to fix a bug in zenity right now, but the control file already has a original-maintainer and the current maintainer is the ubuntu-desktop team, what should I do here?11:28
sladenluca__: excellent!11:31
sladenluca__: if there isn't already a bug for the issue you've fixed, file one at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usplash/+filebug11:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 257181 in usplash ".text_background does not palette color correctly" [Undecided,New]11:31
luca__i did post there (how the hell do i whisper ?)11:31
sladenluca__: you can then attach the debdiff and mark it as [x] patch11:31
geserluca__: did you attach the debdiff to the bug you fixed?11:32
luca__but i didn't select "patch"11:32
* sladen looks11:32
pktcjwatson: there is the solution of including "dummy" files in the package11:50
pktcjwatson:  that will be subsequently replaced by the real ones11:51
pktcjwatson: but this will mess the md5sums :(11:51
cjwatsonthat's indeed also completely wrong11:54
cjwatsonI'm afraid that if some higher layer is depending on dpkg -S and you can't ship the files directly, you're just going to have to add workarounds to the higher layer11:54
cjwatson(well, dpkg -S or similar things such as Contents files)11:55
Laneyrepacking to include licensing fixes that are now upstream is alright, yes?11:55
sladenluca__: okay, that patch neatly illustrates the problem---but there might be a cleaner way to fix it11:56
luca__cleaner way ?11:56
luca__sure change that it just use 8bit mode11:56
luca__vga= at grub11:56
sladenluca__: I think there are macros for converting the paletteised colour, to the 15/16/24 bit pixel value that needs working11:57
AnAntis there a way to disable a package from being installed ? I tried to add the following to /etc/apt/preferences, but it didn't work:11:57
AnAntPackage: <package name>11:57
AnAntPin-Priority: -111:57
sladenluca__: rather than 3 lines for of  r << X & 0xmask | g << Y & 0xmask11:57
luca__well not in this source it's in everyfunktion like this.. but the author missed it in usplash_svga_clear11:57
luca__i just copyed it from usplash_svga_put11:58
luca__or usplash_svga_put_part11:58
luca__i didn't watn to write it diffrent then it hte outer funktions :P but good question why he didn't use macros..11:58
sladenluca__: ahhh, okay.11:58
sladenluca__: could you put that in the editor comment, along the lines of  "Add missing 16-bit special case for usplash_svga_clear()"11:59
sladenluca__: (eg. a message that makes it clear that it's just completeing the set12:00
luca__dch: fatal error at line 627:12:02
luca__The backup file debian/changelog.dch already exists --12:02
luca__please move it before trying again12:02
luca__i pressed a wrong key now i get this12:02
luca__okay did it .. where should i upload the new debdiff ? I can't edit my old post..12:05
cjwatsonso just add another comment to the bug, attaching the new one12:07
cjwatsonyou don't need to edit history to update things12:07
AnAntCan someone confirm this syncrequest: LP 399123 ? This fixes a bug making dicoweb uninstallable12:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 399123 in dico "Sync dico 2.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39912312:09
luca__okay i posted the new usplash fix12:14
sladenluca__: right, now the thing to do is check the changelog and find the last person to have modified it12:15
sladenluca__: and them ping them directly by IRC/email12:16
luca__aha .. that does mean ? (lol It's my first time doing this)12:16
luca__Kees Cook <kees@ubuntu.com> made the previous change12:18
yofelhi, I'm trying to fix a bug in zenity right now, but the control file already has a original-maintainer and the current maintainer is the ubuntu-desktop team, what should I do here?12:26
Ampelbeinyofel: leave it to the desktop team12:26
bdrungZhenech: when will you upload the *-colors packages?13:21
Zhenechtomorrow from university13:24
bdrungZhenech: the packages are smaller than the previous ones (especially gnome-colors)13:27
Zhenechnot the binary ones :)13:27
bdrungbut the source ones ;) in ubuntu you upload only sources.13:29
Zhenechin ubuntu...13:29
bdrungZhenech: is your internet connection too slow?14:18
Zhenechbdrung, too crappy, it does 600kbit/s14:20
Zhenechbut stalls often, and ftp-master highly dislikes this14:21
Laneycan't you dput from alioth?14:21
bdrungthen it really needs long.14:21
bdrungLaney: the packages are not on alioth.14:22
Laneythat's what scp is for14:22
ZhenechLaney, I could dput from merkel too, but the packages would have to get there somehow14:22
Laneythe stalling problem wouldn't be an issue then though...14:22
bdrungZhenech: rsync!14:22
Zhenechwell, same problem in some terms14:22
Laneywouldn't annoy anyone other than yourself :)14:23
e-jatanyone can help me with this bugs 371890 ?15:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 371890 in adobe-flashplugin "package adobe-flashplugin failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37189015:27
kurdologyhow are you ajeeshr16:39
ajeeshrfine great16:39
ajeeshrhow r u?16:39
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kurdologyyou are here for what?16:40
ajishl am here to ask some questions related to pbbuilder16:41
ajishi am new to ubuntu build system, till now i have been solaris user now i started using ubuntu16:41
kurdologyin ubuntu i've some question16:42
kurdologycan i asked16:42
ajishi will try my level best to answer?16:42
kurdologyhow can i to define WI-FI16:43
ajishi am using default applet for wifi16:44
ajishNetworkManager applet16:44
kurdologyand about WLAN USB 2.0 ?16:45
ajishusing wlan-n package and configure it16:46
ajishkurdology did it help?16:48
kurdologyithink can't help me16:54
ajishdid you install linux-wlan-ng?16:55
ajishdoes it say uncompatible with wlan usb 2.0?16:58
kurdologynow iam comen with windows16:58
kurdologybecause i can't connect with internet in linuc16:59
alkisgIs there a maximum length in the path of the files inside a .deb package? dpkg -i crashes for me when I use some long utf8 sequences as filenames, but it doesn't crash when I use smaller utf8 filenames...17:03
directhexalkisg, if you can produce a test case, then file a bug17:07
alkisgdirecthex: thanks, under which package?17:07
alkisgdebuild -b works, dpkg -i crashes17:08
directhexalkisg, dpkg17:08
alkisgdirecthex: thank you17:08
alkisgdirecthex: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/40143417:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 401434 in dpkg "dpkg -i crashes when .deb contains utf8 filenames" [Undecided,New]17:30
alex-weejdoes anyone have bzr nautilus working here?17:31
hyperairis there a way to get debsign to use gpg --no-tty?17:36
hyperairbah. i ended up having to create a wrapper bash script17:52
geserhyperair: have you tried to set DEBSIGN_PROGRAM="gpg --no-tty" in your ~/.devscripts?18:10
hyperairgeser: no i didn't.18:22
hyperairgeser: i tried exporting it though18:22
hyperairdidn't seem to work.18:22
slytheringeser: Got some time to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/excalibur-logger ?18:29
hyperair    *   The changelog does not close a bug from Launchpad. New packages should have a needs-packaging bug and the upload close it using the syntax "(LP: #nnnn)".18:33
hyperairlooks to me like you need to correct your changelog18:34
slytherinhyperair: It is 'should', not 'must'. :-)18:35
hyperairwell let me bump up the priority a little then.18:36
hyperairyou *must* file a needs-packaging bug and close it using LP: #XXXXX if you're going to be using revu. =)18:36
hyperairof course, this is just what i say, and you don't have to listen to me (but i'm sure many MOTUs will want it as well)18:36
slytherinhyperair: Don't worry. I am pretty sure no one else is interested in packaging this.18:37
hyperairwhat i meant to say is...18:38
hyperairdo you want a sponsor or not?18:38
slytherinhyperair: By the way, I am MOTU member myself. As per the convention, I am seeking a cross review.18:38
hyperairaah i see. O_o18:38
* hyperair shuts up and remembers why the name sounded so familiar18:38
slytherinIt is preferred that even the MOTUs seek one advocate before uploading the package to archives. :-)18:39
hyperairthat's something i never knew18:39
hyperairit appears that you're packaging something to do with java. would you be familiar with maven2 build systems by any chance?18:40
slytherinhyperair: I am not much familiar with maven2 since I never used it myself. I am 'ant' guy. You may want to contact Ludovic Claude. He is working with packaging maven2 in Debian.18:41
hyperairhmm okay18:41
slytherinanything in particular you are looking for?18:42
hyperairhow to package software using the maven2 build system18:42
hyperairi'm interested in packaging microemu18:42
hyperairbunch of stubs for j2me development18:42
hyperairit's the key that would allow me to compile (and get the resulting .jar) for remuco distributed18:43
jander99Hello.  I'm working on a bug and think I have a viable patch for it.  How should I go about getting it looked at? #ubuntu-bugs led me here.18:44
slytherinhyperair: I could help you create a ant based build for that if it is urgent.18:44
slytherinjander99: which bug.18:44
hyperairslytherin: nothing urgent.18:44
jander99bug 12560918:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125609 in irqbalance "X is required to build irqbalance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12560918:44
hyperairslytherin: even if i don't get microemu packaged, the upstream author of remuco will ship some relevant files from microemu in remuco's tarball, which would allow (hopefully) easy compilation of the client.18:45
hyperairthe client being the .jar which sits on mobile phones.18:45
slytherinhyperair: Yes I know. I have recently used remuco. I agree that having the jar file in archives is good.18:46
hyperairoh you have?18:46
hyperairthat's awesome18:46
hyperairif you happen to know a passing archive admin, help me get remuco synced won't you? =)18:46
hyperair0.9.0's in debian, sync request acked by Laney18:47
Laneypatience dear boy18:47
slytherinhyperair: If there is already a sync request then just have some patience.18:47
hyperairi was born impatient18:48
bcurtiswxhi all, is there a "hello world" type code for me to look at and get an understanding of gnome code?18:49
slytherinhyperair: I just remembered. Amarok 2 is not in unstable, only in experimental. So unless it is uploaded to unstable, remuco's migration to testing is going to be blocked.18:49
slytherinjander99: is this bug still present in Ubuntu's latest development version?18:49
hyperairslytherin: i'm aware of that. (were you the one who asked me about it the other day?)18:49
hyperaireither way remuco's uploaded to unstable, and i can't really do anything about amarok2 being missing, and i don't think i'd rather not disable remuco-amarok's build just to get it into testing.18:50
jander99slytherin: I believe so. I grabbed the source from both the jaunty repo (apt-get source) and the vanilla sources.18:50
bcurtiswxi do scientific programming in graduate studies, but id like to understand gnome code for helping make patches18:51
slytherinjander99: Ok. And what solution do you propose?18:51
slytherinbcurtiswx: Gnome project includes many libraries, applications and development frameworks. What are you exactly looking for?18:52
jander99slytherin: As the bug stated, the build tools require gccmakedep, which puts a dependency on xutils-dev.  Changing the line in the Makefile to use gcc -M instead of gccmakedep kills the dependency.  Otherwise, the package does not depend on xutils-dev to build.18:53
bcurtiswxslytherin: basically a place to start and maybe a guide?18:53
slytherinbcurtiswx: GTK is the GUI toolkit used by gnome. I believe gtk2.0-examples package contains sample codes using GTK.18:54
slytherinjander99: So either 1. Add build dep on xutils-dev or 2. Build using gcc -M, right?18:54
jander99slytherin: Correct.  In my opinion the better option in this case would be 2.  There isn't really a need to add another dependency if the requirement to build the package can just as easily be changed.18:56
hyperairslytherin: do you know of any good resources on building an ant build system?18:56
slytherinjander99: have you discussed this with Debian maintainer of the package. Because there are no changes to the package in Ubuntu.18:57
slytherinhyperair: Ant manual. http://ant.apache.org/manual/index.html18:57
hyperairslytherin: ooh thanks.18:58
jander99skytherin: I have not.  Since the build dependency on gccmakedep exists in the vanilla package I'm more inclined to contact the original maintainer, so the changes happen at the highest level.  Would that be the best solution?18:59
slytherinjander99: Of course.19:00
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jander99slytherin: Okay, I'll email the vanilla maintainer and make a note in Launchpad.  On to the next bug. :)19:02
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jander99slytherin: I've opened a bug report to the vanilla maintainer for irqbalance.  What status should bug 125609 have now?19:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125609 in irqbalance "X is required to build irqbalance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12560919:10
slytherinjander99: leave the status as it is, add a bug watch for upstream bug.19:10
micahgslytherin: I think the status should be triaged then19:12
micahgif there's an upstream report19:12
slytherinI am not sure19:12
micahgjander99: let's discuss bug status in #ubuntu-bugs19:13
jander99slytherin: Thanks for your help today.  Much easier than trying to build a patch. New here, still learning.19:14
slytherinjander99: You are welcome. :-)19:15
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AnAntHello, any REVUers available ?20:31
directhexdepends. what is it?21:02
fabrice_spdirecthex, too late: he's gone :-)21:03
directhexwell, if he expects a REVU in 6 minutes, he's... mistaken21:03
fabrice_spfor sure21:05
dyfetwell, if your looking for something to revu...21:05
dyfeton? :)...21:06
dyfetI have http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/sipwitch and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/ccscript pending, and there is some important things in the 389 directory project also pending for a long time...21:08
Zhenechbdrung, why does dust have xpms in the xfce theme? arent pngs or svgs better?21:35
bdrungZhenech: don't know. pngs and svgs are better.21:36
bdrungZhenech: but for so small images, it does not make any difference21:37
Zhenechsee http://paste.debian.net/42157/21:37
Zhenechno idea, didnt look further21:38
Zhenechjust though "XPMs?? wtf, isnt it dead?"21:38
bdrungZhenech: the other xfce images are xpms, too?21:40
Zhenechhm, true :)21:41
Zhenechpreparing build for upload tomorrow21:41
Zhenechso I dont have to torture my battery :)21:42
MT-I need some help....21:44
MT-I did apt-get source dmz-cursor-theme. I went into dmz-cursor-theme-0.4.1/DMZ-White/cursors. I can't open any of the images. I have no idea how and neither does the internet21:44
MT-perhaps a smart person in here knows that is beyond the internet?21:44
Zhenechbdrung, built, installed, tested, will upload  - no more nitpicks :)21:57
bdrungZhenech: victor said: "I may be wrong, or the info outdated - but I got this from: http://www.xfce.org/xfwm4-theme-howto/"21:58
Zhenechmhh, will ask upstream how updtodate that is21:59
bdrungZhenech: at the bottom there is something about pngs22:00
Zhenechbut thats about xfwm 4..0/4.222:01
Zhenechwe're at 4.6 now :)22:01
Zhenechas said, will ask as soon someone is awake over there :)22:02
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bdrungZhenech: i am already in contact with upstream.22:09
Zhenechi meant xfce upstream22:10
bdrungZhenech: ok, let me know your results.22:12
Zhenechwill do22:13
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RoAkSoAxHey guys one quick question. Only libraries should be built with -fPIC right?22:37
hyperairno, binaries can be compiled as well22:40
hyperairwith fPIC i mean22:40
RoAkSoAxok thanks ;)22:41
hyperaircodelite's binaries are compiled with -fPIC, just for the record. =)22:41
hyperairaccording to gcc's manpage, fPIE is more suited to executables though22:42
hyperairunless i'm mistaken22:42
RoAkSoAxOk. I'll take a look to the manpage. thanks22:43
hyperairon second thoughts, fPIE looks like a version of fPIC that only works on executables O_o22:43
hyperairhttp://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/hardened/hardened-toolchain.xml <-- this appears to say that fPIE breaks LD_PRELOAD22:44
RoAkSoAxi see22:46

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