boludikoi have a problem with the live tv14:50
boludikosome channels see god for 3 seconds, then pause, 2 seconds and pause14:50
boludikoand other channels dont do this14:51
boludikoif i see the tv with kaffeine all channels see good14:51
womboI wish my Mythtv could see God14:51
wombodidnt you try what the people said on Mythtv-users last night?14:52
boludikoyes i try14:53
boludikobut i can't fix my problem14:53
bogus-is your computer fast enough to record?15:04
womboHe has a Core 2 Duo15:06
boludikoi have a amd 64 x 215:06
bogus-that should suffice :)15:07
womboopps of well similar power15:07
bogus-I have a P4 2.4 w/o HT and stuff15:07
Teaboy`waheyhey, stupid question: I've run out of blank CDs17:18
Teaboy`waheycan I install mythbuntu from a kubuntu live CD?17:18
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sanmarcoscan I use mythbuntu in a Linux server box, and use the Myth front end in my Mac OS X?18:11
tgm4883maybe, and I don't think so18:13
sanmarcoswhy not?18:16
sanmarcosmythfrontend works on OS X, I am downloading it right now. Is it a limitation with MythBuntu?18:16
tgm4883well then you should be able to18:17
tgm4883I didn't know it ran on OSX18:17
sanmarcosok, thanks, and mythbuntu should work out of the box with a PVR-350 right?18:18
sanmarcosok, so mythbuntu will work with mythfrontend 0.21 fixes right18:19
tgm4883yes, there is even a weekly build for it18:20
sanmarcosok, so I am going with mythbuntu 9.04 ISO and my mythfrontend 0.21 fixes for OS X18:20
Teaboyyay, so I got mythbuntu installed and after the first reboot I get nothing on the screen :D I can still SSH in though.19:28
Teaboysilly ati graphics cards :(19:44
awilkinsTeaboy: TV-out?20:52
awilkinsTeaboy: I had to plug in a monitor to configure it20:52
Teaboywell I installed it with a monitor21:02
Teaboyand after installing I rebooted so I could eject the live CD and then it wouldn't boot21:02
Teaboyit just goes all green & purple & distorted21:02
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