sebsebsebok you guys might want to be aware of this00:54
sebsebseb#ubuntu-lovers  which they may be changing to ##ubuntu-lovers soon, someone advertised it a little while ago in #ubuntu00:55
sebsebsebtold the person not to channel advertise in there,  and  joined the channel to suggest they changed to ##   and  I say something more about channel advertising, and then get booted,  so probably some kids running it or something00:56
sebsebseboh well kicked  after re joining and not very nice kick messages01:04
sebsebsebit's archlinux trolls,  and I can pastebin stuff from the two channels if anyone wants it,  but your all away right now so hmm01:14
sebsebsebThat's not a good thing when all the ops are away, because if people troll the channels now,  things can get pretty bad,  I have seen it before.01:32
elkysebsebseb, ops are around, they're just not participating in a discussion with you. i'm also certain that youve been asked many times before to stop bossing people around.01:41
elkybruenig, is there something i can help you with?01:44
Piciwebpigeon: How can we help you?01:45
sebsebseb[01:07] <Harry_Mudd> all archusers get ops01:46
sebsebseb[01:07] <ben_m> We should advertise this and turn it into the ultimate troll channel01:46
sebsebsebtwo snippets,  could do the lot, but no one seems to care01:46
elkysebsebseb, stop.01:46
webpigeonPici, sorry, a friend asked me when help with something , and I needed to check the channel mode to answer him :)01:46
bruenigjust hanging out01:47
elkybruenig, this isnt a channel to just hang out in.01:47
bruenigso how you guys doing01:47
webpigeonPici, anyway, i'll be off now :) o/01:47
sebsebsebI was just trying to help,  anyway  I am about to leave here01:47
elkysebsebseb, helping would have been reporting without having poked the beehive with the flaming stick first.01:48
sebsebsebelky: well how could I of done that?01:48
Picibruenig: This channel is for dealing with issues relating to the Ubuntu IRC community only, if theres nothing you have pertaining to that, we have a no idling polciy.01:49
elkycome in here and said the first two lines, without going into the channel and bossing them around01:49
bruenigok so someone came into #ubuntu-lovers and was messing with us, I don't know if you guys have control over that01:49
elkybruenig, there's staff and irc ops in there. they'll see the logs when they wake up01:50
sebsebseb#ubuntu-lovers is unoffical isn't it?01:50
bruenigis it?01:50
bruenigI don't even know01:50
elkysebsebseb, stop interferring01:50
sebsebsebelky: I suggested they changed to  ##  I didn't boss them around, as  the whole  chat log would show01:51
bruenigoh not you sebsebseb 01:51
bruenigyou were doing alright01:51
elkysebsebseb, that is precisely bossing them around and interferring.01:51
sebsebsebelky: ok  I see,  well I didn't reolize that01:52
elkysebsebseb, you've passed on information, we will handle it from here. next time come to us first.01:53
Picisebsebseb: Thanks for reporting it though, just keep in mind the points that elky mentioned in the future.01:53
bruenigI agree with Pici and elky 01:53
sebsebsebelky: ok01:54
elkysebsebseb, bye01:54
sebsebsebyep bye01:55
elkybruenig, why are you here?01:56
elkyyou've come here to complain about the #ubuntu-lovers channel being a troll channel?01:58
bruenigso someone told me PriceChild was doing something or other01:58
bruenigI didn't realy know what was going on01:58
elkyso why were you in the channel that sebsebseb reported?01:59
bruenigI am in the ## one01:59
bruenigit is registered and such, someone there was talking about #ubuntu-lovers, thought you guys might know02:00
bruenigwanted to see what was going on by checking out the discussion you see02:00
elkyyou are aware that you would need to get trademark approval to use the name of ubuntu, right?02:00
bruenigI didn't register that channel02:01
elkyok, so you have no other business here?02:01
Priceybruenig: Thankyou for making us aware of that channel. I'm unsure what you expect us to do about it. Have a good day.02:01
bruenigwould you need approval for unofficial?02:01
bruenigI mean ## is unofficial namespace isn't it?02:02
brueniglike ##windows02:02
Priceybruenig: http://freenode.net/policy.shtml#channelnaming https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/ChannelNaming02:02
elkybruenig, trademark is above channel naming policies. Canonical gets to choose how its trademark is used.02:02
bruenigI am not so sure this qualifies, not like they are using logos or anything. It is clearly a community of ubuntu lovers. They don't control anyone who uses the word ubuntu. I mean what if a news story talked about ubuntu. They wouldn't be infringing.02:03
elkyit's not clearly, actually. it appears to be a channel of archlinux people who are going to troll ubuntu channels.02:04
bruenigits a weird channel, not sure what is going on02:05
elkywell if you have no further business here, we ask that you respect our no-idling policy02:06
bruenigyou guys are secretive!02:08
bruenigalways idling in other channels logging, but not allowed here it seems02:08
PiciLogs of this channel, oh nevermind.02:08
elkyoh, and bilbo sobered up...02:46
elky<Bilbo_Ba1gins> Oh, elky.....I'm sober now.  Here is a nice unique way to express myself.  Go FUCK your self, and keep up the good work....inbreeding does wonders for your children.  Tell your sister / wife I said hi.02:46
PiciHrm. The same guy who is advertizing for ##ubuntu-lovers is the fellow who had joined the bot to #ubuntu earlier02:46
elkyso surprising.02:46
Amaranth##ubuntu-lovers is invite only02:47
PiciIts also owned by staff now.02:47
elkyyes, well it became obvious we were willing to invade02:47
Amaranthdid it get shut down? freenode-staff seems to be the owner02:47
Amaranthwhy advertise and make it invite only at the same time?02:51
Amaranthheh, now it forwards to ##unavailable02:51
elky[jesus]abyrne55, hi. so could you explain why you were creating an ubuntu channel?02:53
[jesus]abyrne55I just wanted to learn about irc02:53
[jesus]abyrne55so i thought i could learn by experience02:53
elkyand this is also the reason you were joining bots to our channels earlier?02:54
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:54
[jesus]abyrne55I am not a spammer. I am new to IRC so iwas trying out what a bot was02:54
[jesus]abyrne55I am very sorry02:55
elkyok, since you're new, you might want to read the guidelines the bot has just listed. it'll help prevent problems in the future, ok?02:55
nalioth[jesus]abyrne55: don't lie to us02:55
[jesus]abyrne55No Problem.02:55
[jesus]abyrne55I'm not. I'm new02:55
naliothtry the other leg, [jesus]abyrne55 02:55
naliothdo not spam on freenode02:56
naliothdo not clone on freenode02:56
AmaranthSo is the channel closed or did it just get locked down by the owner?02:56
* Amaranth is confused at this point02:56
[jesus]abyrne55It was closed02:56
[jesus]abyrne55Listen. I am very scared02:57
[jesus]abyrne55I don't know what I'm doing02:57
[jesus]abyrne55And u probably won't see me on IRC again02:57
[jesus]abyrne55Good Bye02:57
naliothAmaranth: ##ubuntu-lovers was inhabited by (surprisingly enough) the archlinux crew that has been trolling #ubuntu* 02:57
AmaranthSo part of learning what you're doing is making a channel and inviting trolls?02:57
elky[jesus]abyrne55, did you not figure anything was wrong when people were discussing trolling channels?02:58
elky[01:07] <ben_m> We should advertise this and turn it into the ultimate troll channel02:58
[jesus]abyrne55You won't see me on freenode again02:59
[jesus]abyrne55I leave w/ these words. Im not a spammer, troller, or anything nefairios. The truth is. Im 1502:59
naliothmyself and pricey have channel logs of ##ubuntu-lovers where they are quite outside the freenode network guidelines03:01
ubottuMenZa called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (f7ee_)05:20
ubottuGrant-A called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()05:21
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (doubled)05:23
naliothubottu: tell doubled about guidelines05:24
naliothubottu: tell doubled about coc05:24
=== stew is now known as Guest15064
Slartcan someone please have a word with "a" in #ubuntu... he seems to think that dualboot linux and windows can break the nic in windows08:52
phixany way09:59
Mamarokphix: can we help you?11:44
MamarokGuest15064: can we help you?11:47
Mamarok!idle | phix, Guest15064 11:47
ubottuphix, Guest15064: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.11:47
elkyGuest15064, is stew, he can stay.11:50
Garydid stew fail? :p11:51
elkyhe did.11:52
Mamarokright, saw that afterwards :)11:55
Mamaroksorry, Guest1506411:55
Garykick him anyways11:55
ubottuIn ubottu, Threetimes said: my name is Peter12:10
jussi01hrm, tomorrow to friday Im away on a boating trip, if I dont come back you know Ive drowned. :P12:16
elkyyou'd damned well better make your back-ness known after that12:19
Garyjussi01: don't do a gary12:50
Gary(I disappeared for a few days and the other staff were worried, called my parents and were about to call the police)12:50
jussi01Gary: thats why Im notifying people..12:54
jussi01its on my facebook also12:54
Garyoh I told everyone too, but silly richih misunderstood12:54
Gary(and I got the blame)12:54
ubottupaste is <alias> pastebin - added by Seveas on 2006-06-17 22:52:19 - last edited by stdin on 2008-09-12 08:09:1213:04
Tm_Term, so this u-l channel happiness is evolving, eh?16:44
jribTm_T: how's that?17:18
prince_jammysnick:oscarhacksordo, #ubuntu, trolling in mock spanish. "me tarzan, you jane"-style spanish. doesn't leave.17:31
prince_jammysnick:Virtus, #ubuntu. spamming the same message on purpose. bye17:33
Tm_Tjrib: just did read this channels backlog17:34
jribTm_T: oh17:35
ubottuprince_jammys called the ops in #ubuntu (oscarhacksordo : troll, speaking in mock spanish.)17:37
Bodsda|awayEvening friends, I have a question: When attempting to join #ubuntu via webchat.freenode.net I am redirected to the #ubuntu-proxy-users channel where the floodbot explains that it thinks I'm trying to be anonymous and that there are better ways of doing so. I'm not trying to be anonymous, I just cant install a client on this machine. I understand that freenode has had a lot of trouble with webchat clients such as mibbit a18:54
Bodsda|awayAs I am using freenode's webchat and not mibbit or tor or any of the others the floodbots mentioned I wondered why the need to redirect webchat.freenode.net users? I'm just curious18:55
Bodsda|awayare webchat.freenode.net'ers just as untrustworthy as the spammer webchats?18:56
jussi01Bodsda|away: As I understand it, and I may be wrong, the issue is that we havent iplemented a system for freenodes webchat yet. You can however, join #ubuntu using mibbit. 18:59
jussi01Bodsda|away: also, just FYI we discourage the use f away nicks19:00
=== Bodsda|away is now known as Bodsda
Bodsdajussi01: thanks for the info. I may be wrong, but I believe freenode has banned the use of mibbit.19:04
jussi01Bodsda: no, freenode have restricted the use of mibbit in #freenode, not across the whole network19:06
Bodsdajussi01: ah, I see. Cheers for the info then. I'l leave you guys in peace :)19:07
jussi01Bodsda: no probs. I hope I have been helpful. :)19:07
naliothjussi01: we no longer allow mibbit to connect to the network - due to abuse19:13
jussi01nalioth: oh? ok then... :/19:14
* jussi01 sighs, goes back to his hole.19:14
grawityHi, just wanted to ask if users' bots are allowed in #ubuntu. (If not, alteregoa is one.)19:52
naliothalteregoa isn't a bot, but a mirc client with some questionable scripts / owner19:56
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:03
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:03
RichiHis strawally messaging anyone else?21:50
RichiHi think he is trying to asl me21:50
ikonianot me21:51
RichiHit's what i did21:53
RichiHthanks to irssi failing21:53
ikoniawhich channel 21:53
erUSULis this a good place to reach irc council members ?22:01
ikoniasure is22:02
ikoniaor you can mail them22:02
erUSULikonia: just that someone registered #ubuntu-novatos22:03
erUSULikonia: i think that #ubuntu* namespace is somewhat reserved22:03
erUSULSee here... niko noticed it http://paste.ubuntu.com/222204/22:03
ikoniaerUSUL: handy enough, that will get picked up in the back log, I'm sure one of the council members/freenode staff will note it22:05
ikoniathank you22:05
erUSULno problem...22:06
ikoniajussi01: Pici Pricey nalioth elky ^^22:06
ikoniathere we go22:06
erUSULas m4v noted in #ubuntu-irc is a new user that just joined today to ask about linux in general in #ubuntu-es22:06
jussi01erUSUL: hi22:18
jussi01you were after me?22:19
erUSULno; just reporting the registering of #ubuntu-novatos22:20
erUSULjussi01: read what i said to ikonia... you can check #ubuntu-irc too if you iddle there22:20
jussi01ahh, ok then. thank you. if you need the irc council in future, you can join #ubuntu-irc-council22:21
jussi01Anyway, Ill let nalioth or Pricey deal with that for now, as Im headed to bed. 22:21
erUSULjussi01: ok; thanks22:21
erUSULjussi01: good night then22:22

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