FFForeverhow can i reencrypt a public key?00:28
pmatulisFFForever: what sort of key?00:31
FFForeverrsa private key for ssh logins, sorry i meant private00:32
pmatulisFFForever: use '$ ssh-keygen -p'00:33
pmatulisFFForever: you don't actually re-encrypt.  you simply will be changing the passphrase to decrypt00:35
FFForeverpmatulis, i already decrypted it00:35
pmatulisFFForever: just use the command i suggested.  see the man page if you like00:36
jeevesis there a way to allow access to the log files through the CLI (without using sudo) so I can access the log files with GL_Tail00:38
pmatulisjeeves: see 'man logrotate'00:40
pmatulisjeeves: you want to change the default mode of the log file in question00:42
jeevespmatulis, ???00:43
FFForeverhow do i enable log rotations, i ran /etc/cron.daily/syslogd manually removed over a gig of logs...00:49
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pmatulisFFForever-Away: it should run by default.  is it not sysklogd?01:04
pmatulis /quit01:32
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FFForeverback sorry had to go01:49
loongson_389-directory server is a successor to LDAP02:48
loongson_and packages are already available at REBU02:48
ScottKloongson_: You'll probably do better to bring it up during the meeting on Tuesday.02:49
FFForevercan i run a sharepoint server?02:49
twbFFForever: I'm not stopping you.02:49
loongson_Okay, Tuesday UTC1500?02:50
loongson_but it is midnight at my place02:50
ScottKThat's the best chance for it.02:50
ScottKloongson_: Or maybe mail to ubuntu-server mailing list.02:51
loongson_That maybe a better idea............ I have lectures in the next morning02:51
FFForeverwhats wrong with my system? 462M/var/log03:13
FFForevermy local system only uses 45mb03:13
FFForeverhow can i remove old logs?03:16
jmarsdenFFForever: The rm command works fine for removing log files, just like any other files...03:17
FFForever 78M -rw-r----- 1 syslog adm       78M 2009-07-18 19:17 syslog03:17
jmarsdenAs for why you got bigger logs on one machine than another, it could be you have different levels of logging configured on the two machines... or that one is rotating log files more often than the other...03:18
jmarsdenIs there any content in the syslog file that suggests what the underlying issue is?03:18
twbFFForever: the problem is that logrotate is either not installed or not configured correctly.03:19
FFForevertwb, how do i configure it correctly this is insane....03:19
DustanHello all, I am looking for some advice on backup solution for a ubuntu(lamp) vps I just set up. I'd like to do something that runs automatically (daily/weekly) downloads to my home computer.  I'm am pretty inexperienced but willing to get my hands dirty. What are my possible solutions?03:19
FFForeveri should be using a default ubuntu server install03:19
twbFFForever: it is configured correctly by default.  Therefore something must have broken it.03:19
FFForevertwb, how can i reconfigure it back to the default03:19
twbFFForever: in particular, make sure that cron and logrotate are installed, that crond is running, and that /etc/cron.daily/logrotate exists, that /etc/crontab will run-parts on cron.daily @daily, and that /etc/logrotate.conf is sensible.03:20
DustanI've read that the sql databases can be difficult to backup?03:20
FFForevertwb oddly it just installed03:21
twbDustan: SQL isn't a kind of database.  It's an API for interacting with databases.03:21
DustanI told you I was inexperienced lol.03:21
DustanI am however learning at an accelerated rate!03:22
DustanJumping in the deep end.03:22
twbDustan: a RDBMS such as PostgreSQL has files on disk, but these files are usually in an inconsistent state (e.g. due to buffering).  To back up such a database, you should use the database-specific "dump" functionality to extract a coherent backup.03:22
twbDustan: you should probably ask your RDBMS vendor (e.g. #postgres) about how to do that.03:23
jmarsdenDustan: Or man mysqldump if you are using MySQL :)03:23
DustanI was reading about that, you want to dump them, then backup the inage03:23
twbjmarsden: I don't think we should encourage people to use mysql :-(03:24
jmarsdentwb: Original request was for backup of a LAMP stack, in which M usually represents MySQL...03:24
DustanSo I need to take special care to make sure I am backing up my databases properly, but what about the act of backing up and getting the stuff to my local computer?03:24
twbjmarsden: I missed that, sorry.03:25
twbDustan: I tend to use rsnapshot for that, but I'm biased by way of working with its maintainer.03:26
DustanI have seen a few tutorials on the subject, but was wondering what you guys though would be best in my scenario?03:26
jmarsdenDustan: There are many options, so many it is hard to know what you will prefer.  rsnapshot or rdiff-backup or one of many mamy otehr tools will do remote backups03:26
twbThe overkill end of the spectrum is populated by amanda and such03:27
twbamanda scares the shit outta me03:28
DustanI would probably put preference towards ease of use/configuration.03:29
DustanI am running ubuntu at home too, so that should help a bit.03:30
Dustanlet's say I go with rsnapshot, my vps dies, how difficult is it to restore?03:31
DustanI get back to a fresh ubuntu install and upload my backup image, a little cli magic and im back?03:32
jmarsdenDustan: try rsnapshot as a place to start.  For the MySQL backups I put a script like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/221584/ into /etc/cron.daily/backup-mysql-database  and it does its thing, keeping 7 days worth of backup copies for me... adjust as necessary for your own needs, and make sure the file is chmod 0700 so only root can read it03:32
Dustansorry if these are stupid questions03:33
jmarsdenDustan: Usually you would back up data and config files, not everything on the server... package management etc will mean you don't becessarily want to back up all installed programs etc etc. with rsnapshot.03:33
jmarsdenUnless your home-to-VPS link is VERY fast, a full backup of a server could take a looong time...03:34
DustanOk, thank you for the clarification.03:35
DustanMakes sense03:35
Dustangetting the packages back is pretty simple anyways, I got pretty efficient at it breaking stuff the first few days. I even made a script to do it all for me :)03:37
jmarsdenRight, as long as you make and back up a list of what packages are installed, getting them all back after a fresh install is usually straightforward.03:37
DustanCool, thanks for the direction guys, I really appreciate it!!!, It's been a of of fun getting this all up and going.03:39
jmarsdenNo problem.  dpkg --get-selections will output a list of your packages, so you can redirect that to a file and then back that file up...03:40
MrGlassi am having trouble install APC (for php5) and xsl04:02
jmarsdenMrGlass: sudo apt-get install php-apc       # should install APC just fine...04:11
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jmarsdenIn other words, it should install just like all other packages are installed.04:11
MrGlasswell, actually, the guides i found online said to use pecl04:12
MrGlassso i did04:12
MrGlassbut aparently i was missing apache2-dev04:13
MrGlassso it wouldnt install04:13
MrGlassstill no idea on xsl though04:13
jmarsdenUndo that and use the packaged version.  When it exists, always use the packaged version.04:13
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jmarsdensudo apt-get install php5-xsl     shoudl handle that one...04:13
jmarsdenas before... they install just like all other packages...04:13
MrGlassthanks jmarsden04:14
MrGlassyeah, dunno y google didnt just show that04:14
MrGlassmuch easier04:14
jmarsdenNo problem :)  In future you can use http://packages.ubuntu.com to search for packages before you google...04:14
MrGlasslol, fair point04:14
MrGlassi was just googling the errors i got04:15
jmarsdenThe guides you found were for older version of Ubuntu, basically.04:15
MrGlassyeah, not surprising04:15
MrGlassbtw, whats the diff between aptitude and apt-get?04:15
jmarsdenThey both install packages, some people liek one and some like the other... aptitude does more to help with managing dependencies than apt-get, which is great when it works and a nuisance when it doesn't quite work.04:16
MrGlasshmm, k04:16
MrGlassright, im gonna go celebrate finally getting this server configured right04:16
MrGlasswhile it backs up04:16
jmarsdenBye :)04:17
Byron_Hello everyone.04:34
Byron_I finally have my Ubuntu server running smoothly.04:35
Byron_I have 3 sites being hosted on it.04:35
Byron_Just wanted to get an idea about a book. Is the "Ubuntu 9.04 Server: Administration and Reference" a worthy purchase?04:35
jmarsdenByron_: I think it is so new that few people have read it... no reviews yet on Amazon, etc.  Maybe you can flip through it in a local brick and mortar bookstore before purchase, to make sure it suits your needs?04:51
Byron_jmarsden: That's the unfortunate part. Nobody near me carries it. I'm feeling like this book only exists in my head.04:52
=== Byron_ is now known as Byron
jmarsdenThen it's basically a US$25 gamble at this point... so if your company is paying, fine, if you are paying, maybe wait a while?04:53
ByronChecking IRC for a copy of the book so that I have something to read and better understand the server I built. I'm going about it all blindly and resolving issues, but that's only going to get me so far without knowing exactly how/why that error happened in the first place.04:54
ByronNo, this book is being purchased by me.04:54
jmarsdenSo... have you read all the Debian and Ubuntu docs online already?  At least the Ubuntu Server Guide... ?04:55
ByronNo luck finding a server guide, either. I don't live in the woods for this book to be so elusive.04:56
jmarsdenIt is elusive because it has only been published for about six weeks :)04:57
jmarsdenRead the official docs for now, and look for that book in another month or two, when it is likely to have been more widely distributed.04:58
ByronI live near the very busy part of SoCal. I'm surprised I'm not seeing at least a copy or two near me.04:59
jmarsdenUnderstood... I'm in SoCal too... but the world of Ubuntu servers has survived for years without this particular book... so you can probably get equivalent information elsewhere, including online.05:00
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qman__This is the best linux book I have, though it's not ubuntu specific:  http://www.apress.com/book/view/978159059444505:23
qman__adapting it to ubuntu requires a little bit of experience, but it has a lot of good information05:24
qman__it covers a lot of good security practices, why they're good, and how to do them05:28
ByronSorry, checking out the server guide online. I'll take a look at that book as well.05:32
loongson_are anyone on the MOTU team?05:51
jmarsdenI wish I were... maybe one day :)  I suggest you try asking your question in #ubuntu-motu05:52
loongson_I know, I was sent here by that group05:53
loongson_Anyone who are MOTU05:53
loongson_would you please review all 389-related packages05:53
loongson_in REVU?  They needs to be advocated before 389 can make it to Karmic05:54
loongson_389 is the LDAP successor and it definitely needs to be included by Karmic05:54
jmarsdenYou'd probably have more success on a weekday, at a time when either the USA is mostly awake, or at a time when Europe is awake... right now the USA is mostly asleep (10pm here in California) and most of Western Europe is not yet awake :)05:56
richardcavellCan anyone help me with getting ssh to work?  I can ssh to other computers over the Internet but they cannot ssh to me07:26
matttrichardcavell: firewall?07:29
richardcavelliptables returns nothing, mattt07:30
richardcavellI've set up port forwarding - port 22 from the Internet to my computer through the modem. Like I said, I can ssh out but they can't ssh in.07:31
MrGlasshow do i uninstall an app?07:42
MrGlassfrom command line07:42
MrGlassah, remove07:43
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qman__oops, wrong channel, sorry08:09
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petxhi all... I try to show request time out while pinging other PC on network... any idea??10:30
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orogorhi here12:07
orogorwhen creating a raid with md , can i specify a device as an uuid instead of a devfs name?12:08
orogoralso , why is sata_nv missing ?12:08
orogorhaa sorry , it s built in12:10
piegodHello, I've tried to follow the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing but on connected machines I get no Internet connectivity (eth1 is a WiFi AP, eth0 has Internet)12:27
piegodwhat am I doing wrong?12:27
jpdsorogor: Sure, the uuids are at /dev/disk/by-uuid/12:31
orogorjpds, what would be the sintax for that ?12:32
orogori replace /dev/sda by uuid=1234455  ?12:33
jpdssudo mdadm --add /dev/disk/by-uuid/ /dev/sda ?12:33
jpdsby-uuid/skajfdskdafhqwruqw *12:33
orogoractually i ask before i never saw anyone doing this in any exemple or  doc12:33
jpdsWell, the stuff in /dev/disk/by-uuid/ are just symbolic links to ../sda1, etc.12:34
orogorhaa, never paid attention they were symlinks12:35
pixlboxthis question may be off topic, i have ftp set up so i can access my fonts from elsewhere for some reason the fonts arnt uploading to the server correctly, its just listing them there the files themselves are 0KB13:05
BrixSati have a pc with 2 nics eth0 is wan and eth1 is lan, how do i forward from eth0 the port 13000 to wich is on eth1?13:57
pmatulisBrixSat: see http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/73 for an example14:09
BrixSatpmatulis thanks14:11
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rferradadears, im new in this chat...and im having problems with mu new server14:24
rferradai just installed again a server with ubutnu 8.04L with a new IP address but the dns server still ask me for the old IP address, so when i do ping to this server appair like unreachable14:25
rferradasomebody there?14:27
rferradatoc toc ...someboy in the room???14:35
Tom_Assyes, but I can't help you with that problem14:38
rferrada:( thanks anyway to respond14:39
rferradai dont know why there are a lot of people in the room and nobody say nothing14:40
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BrixSatsay again.. you have a dns installed on a fresh machine and it asks for the old one?14:48
BrixSatthe problem is not on that one rferrada the problem is probably on the machine that dhcp your server14:49
BrixSatand by the way dns takes time to spread14:49
BrixSatin some cases 48 hours14:49
aenthi... I was wondering if I could set a max upload/download speed for certain IP addresses? either in apache or somewhere else?14:50
rferradahi thanks !...no, i re install one server with a new IP address but the dns still when i do ping is looking for the old ip14:51
BrixSataent using a php script you can control the upl / dnl speed14:51
rferradathe dns is installed in the PDC server14:52
BrixSatrferrada so way till the pdc server rehash the config14:52
BrixSatinside the network can you ping your server?14:52
BrixSatusing ip and not dns14:52
aentits not a php script...14:53
zoopsterrferrada: you need to update your named server with the new ip address14:53
rferradano, i can ping my selft (the server) and also i got connection with the internet but the another pcs, can to ping to th "name server" just directly to the IP address14:53
BrixSatso problem is not on your server14:54
rferradayes, thay can ping to the Ip, but not the name14:54
pmatulisrferrada: so change you dns configuration (point the name to the new IP)14:54
zoopsterrferrada: change the "A" record on the dns entry pointing to that server14:54
BrixSatbut on pdc, update the condifg like zoopster said14:54
pmatuliswow, triple blast14:55
rferradaso..change the A in the dns entry?14:56
rferradathanks, one question more...how is called this file because i try to find some file that cintain this name and i coulnt14:57
BrixSatrferrada to simplify use webmin ;) a web interface to control the server ;)14:58
zoopsterrferrada: where does your named server - you mentioned a PDC...is the named server running on windows?14:58
rferradano it run with a old gentoo14:59
rferradai mean pdc is gentoo my server is ubuntu15:01
pmatulisrferrada: maybe http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/BIND15:01
rferradayes i will try with that...thanks a lot for your help...15:01
zoopsterpmatulis has all the links!15:02
rferradai will try tomorrow morning15:02
pmatulisfirst hit from google for "gentoo bind"15:02
rferradathanks guys15:03
BrixSatwhere does normaly iptables rules stay?15:03
rferradasorry the last question is for me?15:08
BrixSat:P If you know the answer yes ;)15:08
rferradahahah..is runnugn in the old gentoo (PDC)15:09
BrixSatwhy does iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p UDP --dport 13000 -j DNAT --to-destination
BrixSatget's destination anywhere on nat list?15:09
BrixSatDNAT       udp  --  anywhere             anywhere            udp dpt:13000 to:
zoopsterBrixSat: there is no "normal" location, but logically you save them in /etc using iptables-save and restore from there using iptable-restore. I use UFW to make it simpler for me so they are saved elsewhere for me15:10
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ricdangeris there any alternative software to canonical landscape (somehthing like the ~opensource spacewalk)?16:12
RoyKwhat is it landscape does so well?16:21
pmatulisricdanger: no16:32
ricdangerhow do you handle updates on multiple servers?16:33
ricdangeri'm currently using puppet for configuration changes16:33
ricdangerbut I just don't trust it for upgrades16:33
pmatulisricdanger: good call16:34
ricdangermy problem is that I'm handling updates of both desktop and server16:35
ricdangerdesktops can be turned off by users16:35
ricdangerso the upgrade can go wrong16:35
ricdangerand it only have a total lack of reporting for this kind of operations16:36
RoyKif it's just software upgrades, then just install cron-apt and configure it to do it all automatically16:36
ricdangeri was undert the impression cron-apt would only fetch the packages16:38
RoyKby default, yes16:38
ricdangermaybe I should take a better look at it :D16:38
RoyKbut you can configure it to install them as well16:38
ricdangerthat's great16:39
ricdangerand is there a way to prevent it from installing kernel upgrades?16:39
ricdangerthat messes up+ with my vmware installation16:39
ricdangerthey must be done manually, because of the "vmware-tools"16:39
RoyKnot sure16:40
BlasterMasterhas anyone experience with "desktop sharing" under "freenx"?16:40
ricdangerI setup a server 2 months ago16:40
ricdangermaybe I can help16:40
BlasterMasterok i want to set the server up that i can have a remote desktop with freenx16:41
RoyKricdanger: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=23870616:41
ricdangerblastermaster: as far as I remember, it was quite straight forward to setup with an apt-get and nx-setup (i guess it was called like that)16:42
ricdangeri only had a problem with some user password that had a minus character as the first character16:42
ricdangerdo you have anyu specific p+roblemn?16:43
RoyKricdanger: in short - apt-get install wajig, wajig hold <package name>16:43
BlasterMasteri want the same session which i have on my local display, but i cant get connectet with this session16:45
BlasterMastermaybe i dont know how to setup the node.conf16:45
ricdangerI never did that with nx16:45
ricdangeronly with vnc16:45
ricdangerI just create "NX" sessions and attach them with the nx cl'ient16:46
BlasterMasterfor me it would be nice to see so that i can use amarok on both session16:47
pmatulisRoyK: why not just use aptitude for pinning?16:47
RoyKprobably works just as well16:48
RoyKI'm not into aptitude16:48
ricdangerI never used aptitude16:48
ricdangernever undestood the advantages of it over apt16:48
RoyKwell - catch you guys later16:48
pmatulisricdanger: if you can avoid installing extra packages, especially ones from universe, then you should do so16:50
BlasterMasterso am i wrong to have the same displayed on both screens with nx?16:53
BlasterMasteri tried to create a shadow session but it never worked16:56
pmatulisricdanger: btw, pinning with aptitude is as simple as 'sudo aptitude hold gdm', if you wanted to pin the gdm package16:58
axisysi have two 80gb disks (sda and sdb) on x2100 . i am running jaunty server on sdb.. how do I mirror sda .. so incase sdb goes bad, i can boot from sda ?17:01
axisysin solaris i just  use svm (solaris volume manager) to take care of that17:02
jgedeonaxisys you can set them up in a software raid.17:06
jgedeonBut if you are worried about losing something soon you can dd the drive.17:06
axisysjgedeon: no fear of loosing anything..17:12
MT-You guys have any idea what's going on with lines 18 & 19 and the duplicates of those?17:15
MT-and the link...http://pastebin.com/m36d3ddeb17:18
pmatulisMT-: no home for user 'nobody'?17:22
MT-pmatulis: is there supposed to be?17:23
MT-pmatulis: I'm just curious why those are showing up17:23
pmatulisMT-: ls?17:28
MT-pmatulis: sorry, I was sending my bot something and spaced on what I was sending and doing and pretty ,uch had a cataclismic brain fart17:29
pmatulisMT-: i think what you're seeing is an application dropping privileges.  it starts as root but then drops to nobody17:36
MT-hrm... would supybot do that?17:37
pmatulisMT-: no17:38
pmatulisyou start supybot as your regular user right?  i think it complains if you try to start it as root17:38
MT-ya, I run as normal17:39
pmatulisMT-: anyway, i just did a test.  i became root and then su'd to nobody.  i get the message 'Successful su for nobody by root'17:40
MT-So it's not root becoming nobody17:40
pmatulisyes it is17:42
pmatulis"i became root and then su'd to nobody"17:42
MT-.... sorry...17:42
MT-lemme guess - next line should be a little more explanative that it is17:43
MT-pmatulis: thanks :)17:46
MT-I'll try to watch that sometime and catch the pid to track it down :)17:46
FFForeverwhy is sendmail-mta using such a high amount of cpu when sending messages (brings me over 1.0 load avg), is there better alternatives then sendmail-bin for sending mail with php18:10
MT-FFForever: mail(18:14
MT-FFForever: mail()18:14
MT-FFForever: you do know that 1.0 means 1 process average, right?18:15
MT-it's not a %18:15
FFForeverwhat is a zombie process?18:23
MT-FFForever: a process that started running, finished its job, but didn't stop execution18:24
FFForeverhow do i locate them, top says i have 4, are they bad?18:25
FFForeverMT-, how does my log files keep getting around 500mb+??18:26
FFForeverroot@chr1831:~# du -sh /var/log18:26
FFForeverwas 2.1gb yesterday18:26
MT-FFForever: pastebin this  du -hs /var/log/*18:28
MT-FFForever: look at mail*18:30
FFForeverMT-, i see, what about syslog?, thats 60mb =\18:30
MT-FFForever: check that you're not being spammed18:30
MT-look at the obvious first18:30
MT-if the errors in mail* point to syslog, then go there18:31
FFForeverJul 19 06:36:21 chr1831 sm-mta[5140]: n6G8FkUS003836: SYSERR(root): Cannot exec /usr/sbin/sensible-mda: No such file or directory18:31
FFForeverJul 19 06:36:21 chr1831 sm-mta[3820]: n6G8FkUS003836: SYSERR(root): putbody: write error: Broken pipe18:31
FFForeveri thought i fixed that by installing sensible-mda18:31
MT-are you using exim4?18:31
FFForevernot that i know of, i am operating a outbounds only mailer (sendmail-bin)18:32
FFForeverjust so php can send emails18:32
MT-aptitude install sendmail18:32
FFForeverwill that open port 25 for everyone to mail through me?18:33
FFForeveri just want php to be able to send mail, no one else18:33
MT-no ubuntu app defaults to public incoming 2518:33
MT-you can easily configure them for that - but 80% of users probably don't want that - guessing18:35
FFForeverMT-, can i add suphp to log rotation?18:36
MT-!info suphp18:36
ubottuPackage suphp does not exist in jaunty18:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about suphp18:36
MT-If ubottu doesn't know about it - I would suggest no18:36
FFForeverMT-, i installed it manually, it runs php as the uid/guid of the user and not as www-data18:36
MT-oh - then ya - I would say don't do that18:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:37
ScottKMT-: Why are you recommending Sendmail?19:20
MT-ScottK: it seemed to be what he was trying to use19:21
ScottKGenerally for Ubuntu we prefer Postfix and Exim4 and all the help docs are written for Postfix.19:21
ScottKMT-: Many MTA packages provide a sendmail binary.19:21
MT-FFForever: ^19:21
MT-ScottK: I'll suggest better from now on :)19:21
ScottKMT-: OK.  Sounds good.19:22
ScottKPostfix is generally the best recommendation for here.19:22
arrrghhhsoooo does anyone know of a good cli "jukebox-like" program?  all i really want is a web ui to control it (like vlc) - i've seen all these cli/headless solutions for streaming (i have a daap firefly server setup arleady) but i want something that plays thru the local server hardware instead of streaming it to another device.  for me, this would be easier then i am not tethered to the stereo system anymore!19:23
=== arrrghhh_ is now known as arrrghhh
arrrghhhor do most use their servers for streaming instead of hooking the server to a physical amplifier?  it seems the configuration i desire is uncommon.19:30
arrrghhhanybody at least be able to help me out with sound?  i get an error when trying to run alsamixer.19:50
simon-oarrrghhh: are you sure #ubuntu-server is the right place?19:53
arrrghhhwell i'm running a server install... there's no gui...19:53
simon-oarrrghhh: and you want sound on a server?19:54
arrrghhhwell, initially i didn't... but i'm finding streaming it to another device is cumbersome, i'd much rather just play the music directly off the server and control the software thru a webui...19:54
arrrghhher control the software that plays the music thru a webui.19:55
arrrghhhand i figured this room would have more server-minded peoples that would have more useful suggestions than just the plaim ubuntu room :D19:55
mattgyverHi, im running fail2ban but it appears that its releasing the ip bans though i have set the ban time set to -1, the logs show several "Error: Unknown communication issue" does anyone know how to remedy this?19:56
arrrghhhi really just want a music device that's not my craptacular ipod which no longer shuffles music.  i'd like something that i don't need to hook a screen up to that plays music easily.19:57
simon-oarrrghhh: ok I understand. I can't help you there. but I think in #ubuntu they can. and besides that it's !weekend19:57
ubottuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.19:57
arrrghhhyea, i see.19:58
arrrghhhi'll try over in ubuntu, i just usually am met with a flood of suggestions that require an X server at the very least, and then the flaming starts as to why i'm not using a full desktop blah blah have  you checked in ubuntu-server y'know.19:58
simon-oarrrghhh: ok, good luck :)19:59
MT-come back... I had an idea20:22
MT-oh well20:22
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user345fghis there some sort of console editor to add services that start at runtime?20:55
jpdsuser345fgh: Yes, init.d and update-rc.d21:14
RoyKlooking into zfs on opensolaris, linux comes short21:15
pmatulisuser345fgh: please investigate the chkconfig package21:37
pmatulis(a type of "port" from red hat)21:38
pmatulisit's in universe however21:38
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Pit3rgood nigh everyone23:05
Pit3rsomeone already install citrix xenapp client in ubuntu 9.04 64bits?23:05
axisys      23:18
axisyshow do I build software raid 1 between sda and sdb ? i have jaunty server running on sda1 ..23:20
axisysi dont want to reinstall to create md0 (mirror of sda1 and sdb1)23:21
billybigriggercan someone here shed some light on how i go about getting webalizer to read more than 1 access log?23:26
billybigriggereverytime apache rotates the log i loose my stats23:26
orogorhi here23:40
orogoranyone familiar with initramfs grub and boot stuff ?23:41
orogori am  trying to boot to a raid 10 system with  separate /boot , however i keep having problems23:41
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billybigriggerLogFile="cat /var/log/apache2/access.* > /var/log/apache2/awstats"23:59

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