erUSUL!es | tuxoz00:00
ubottutuxoz: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:00
MrHappyloscher: i heard. and i gave you plenty of gratitude for your time even talking to me00:00
elcaasio hablo español00:00
ascheelskiwithpete: it's unknown, but you SHOULD be able to find the console that HAS the gparted session by following those instructions00:00
MrHappyloscher: lets leave it now eh?00:00
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ubottuelcaas: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:00
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losherMrHappy: just wanted to make sure you understood your options is all....00:00
ascheellol whoops.  Wasn't spanish00:00
tuxoz-.-? not spanish channel :(00:01
erUSULtuxoz: join #ubuntu-es00:01
skiwithpeteascheel, sorry, am a noob, don't know what you mean...  what are you asking me to try to find?00:01
linuxguy2009"tuxoz: -.-? not spanish channel" What gave it away? hehe00:01
MrHappyloscher: i did. i even wrote it down in my linux file! many thanks.  :)00:01
elcaasvamos al otro00:01
tuxozcomo :D00:01
losherMrHappy: very good. Don't mind me. I'm a cranky old man....00:01
tuxozosea q canales hay o cuales son los d spansih00:01
elcaasaver esperaaa00:01
erUSULtuxoz: /join  #ubuntu-es00:02
elcaasesperame aki00:02
elcaas sii00:02
linuxguy2009God bless the cranky old man!00:02
ascheelskiwithpete: sounds like you moved to a different console by hitting Ctrl-Alt-F1.  Hit Ctrl-Alt-F2 through F12 until you find the console session that has your gparted running on it.00:02
ascheelskiwithpete: that will let you see exactly what's happening and if it's still working or not00:02
tuxozany play KO?00:02
ascheel!ot | tuxoz00:02
ubottutuxoz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:02
skiwithpeteascheel, I pressed CTRL ALT F1, then ran 'top'00:02
Kangarooois there a equivelent programm to imgbin.org like pastebinit to pastebin.org?00:03
skiwithpeteascheel, that's where I see it running00:03
skiwithpeteso if I press ctrl alt f2 what will happen and what am I looking for?00:03
ascheelskiwithpete: I know.  If you press Ctrl-Alt-F2, Ctrl-Alt-F3, etc, you will see that you can chance the current working session.  If gparted is running locally on that PC, you will find it still running and be able to interact with it.00:03
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Quincyhow can i find out at what locationo my souncdars is?00:04
linuxguy2009Hey guys gparted is a GTK app. Why would you see it in a terminal session? Am I wrong or missing something?00:05
skiwithpeteascheel, gnome GUI has crashed, that's why I went into ctrl alt f1.00:05
skiwithpetectrl+alt+f7 brings up the crashed gnome.00:05
elcaasde donde eres??00:05
Pici!es | elcaas tuxoz00:05
ubottuelcaas tuxoz: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:05
[R]linuxguy2009: see?00:05
erUSULtuxoz: elcaas no podeis hablar español aqui. id a #ubuntu-es ya os dije como00:06
elcaasaaa ok00:06
tuxozneed channel spanish , wait plz :D00:06
linuxguy2009Im an idiot and im just gonna shut up. hehe00:06
SamuelWhat's the Ubuntu package for the non-free driver manager tool called?00:06
Quincyhow can i find out at what location my soundcard is?00:06
erUSULelcaas: tuxoz escribid « /join #ubuntu-es » en el cleinte irc00:06
MrHappyloscher: how do i go about reporting the problem to the right people so that it might not be a continuing issue in further releases?  if i file a bug report on launchpad would that be appropriate?00:07
rskiQuincy: look00:07
erUSULQuincy: what do you mean by location ?00:07
linuxguy2009Samuel: Driver manager? What?00:07
Samuellinuxguy2009: The one which suggests people install proprietory drivers.00:07
QuincyerUSUL, like dev/shitinhere00:07
[R]Samuel: jockey00:07
SamuelSuch as Nvidia driver.00:07
erUSULQuincy: /dev/snd/*00:07
adam1what's the command to list my devices and such? (so i can find out what i'm running)00:07
tuxozThx erUSUL00:07
Quincyi need it to set up my shoutcast stuff00:07
losherMrHappy: I think so, I've never filed one myself....00:07
tuxozbby all00:07
Samuel[R]: Thanks.00:07
erUSUL!language | Quincy00:07
ubottuQuincy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:07
linuxguy2009Samuel: You mean the one under System, administration, hardware drivers?00:07
Samuellinuxguy2009: Yes.00:08
Kangarooolosher, is there a equivelent programm to imgbin.org like pastebinit to pastebin.org?00:08
linuxguy2009Samuel: cool00:08
Quincyyea that erUSUL that /dev/snd/* and sorrry fot my language00:08
MrHappyloscher: ok, thanks. bye00:08
losherKangarooo: I don't know of one. It wouldn't take much to write one...00:08
erUSULQuincy: no problem00:08
losherMrHappy: see ya' round...00:08
Samuellinuxguy2009: It doesn't suggest an alternate wireless driver, though. :(00:08
adam1what's the command to list my devices and such? (so i can find out what i'm running)00:08
iovishi everyone00:08
Piciadam1: sudo lshw00:09
linuxguy2009Samuel: Yeah well Ubuntu is what Ubuntu is. Your not gonna find a magic fix. Sorry man.00:09
[R]Samuel: what makes you think there is one?00:09
linuxguy2009Samuel: Most drivers are in the kernel.00:09
Quincyhmm erusul:  how do i find the exact location?:p i need to set it in a .lst fie00:09
iovisdoes any1 knows how can i run Java chats?00:09
linuxguy2009iovis: You mean java chat for a web site?00:10
Samuel[R]: I'm just trying different things to try and fix my problem.00:10
erUSULQuincy: ls -al /dev/snd/* ?00:10
linuxguy2009iovis: Not sure if this a great place to get help with that. But ive been wrong before.00:10
Samuel[R]: Because this problem is getting right on my tits.00:10
bernardlychancan splashy work on kde?00:10
iovisi try swfdec-mozilla thing and likes but it wont work at all00:10
Quincydamnit erUSUL i got several locations now00:11
Quincyhow do i know what one to use00:11
bernardlychanhey guys does splasy work on KDE?00:11
Piciiovis: Why would using flash fix a java problem?00:11
Pici!java | iovis00:11
ubottuiovis: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository00:11
linuxguy2009iovis: Yeah this really isnt a web developers room.00:11
Samuelbernardlychan: Splashy has nothing to do with KDE.00:11
adam1Pici: there was another one.. " grep | " <- something like that.00:11
bernardlychanis there an alterntive for kde Samuel?00:11
Piciadam1: grep is just for searching for strings, it has nothing to do with hardware00:11
iovisok, ill try that, thnx00:12
bernardlychanwhen i want to install splashy, it says it must remove KDE00:12
Samuelbernardlychan: Splashy is boot up visuals.00:12
Samuelbernardlychan: That cant be right...00:12
bernardlychansynaptics says it must remove kubuntu-desktop00:12
Picibernardlychan: usplash is what k/ubuntu uses, not splashy.00:12
adam1right, right... but i used before to list my hardware and such to find out my eth card, etc. <- pici00:12
Piciadam1: lspci?00:13
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Samuel[R] linuxguy2009: Could upgrading from linux-image-generic from to fix the problem?00:13
adam1thanks, Pici.00:14
[R]Samuel: i have no idea what your "problem" is... but to isn't really gonna fix much00:14
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linuxguy2009Samuel: Well if its indeed a driver issue, which I would assume it is, then you would need to look at the release info for that kernel and see if it introduces any new hardware support if any at all.00:14
Vonoffanyone here using globalmenu?00:15
Quincyerusul this is what i got:00:15
Quincycrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116, 7 2009-07-18 18:18 /dev/snd/controlC000:15
Quincycrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116, 6 2009-07-19 00:36 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0c00:15
Quincycrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116, 5 2009-07-19 00:36 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p00:15
FloodBot3Quincy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
Quincycrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116, 4 2009-07-18 18:18 /dev/snd/pcmC0D1p00:15
Quincycrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116, 3 2009-07-18 18:18 /dev/snd/pcmC0D2c00:15
arleslieWould installing ubuntu on an extended ext3 partition cause windows not to boot00:15
linuxguy2009Samuel: I dont have any knowledge of kernels and updating them.Never had to.00:15
jetblasthi guys, i cant get java to run on any of my browsers on 9.0400:15
rskiarleslie: yes00:15
rwwarleslie: shouldn't do, no. I have that setup and it works just fine.00:15
linuxguy2009Vonoff: I have global menu installed and have tried it. Its like the OSX menu.00:16
erUSULQuincy: you have to tell us what you need the raw sound device for00:16
arleslierski: Any idea how to fix that with out formating windows00:16
linuxguy2009Vonoff: Have a question about it?00:16
Samuel[R]: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1153238.html00:16
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:16
CHeCHoVhow init the samba service automatically before login screen ubuntu?00:16
QuincyerUSUL i am going to broadcast ta webradio00:16
Vonofflinuxguy2009, are you using the latest svn checkout?00:16
jetblastcan anyone help me get java to work with my firefox?00:16
[R]Samuel: yeah... not a fan or having to read forum links00:17
erUSULjetblast: install the sun-java6-plugin package00:17
linuxguy2009Vonoff: Im using 0.7.500:17
Samuel[R]: http://pastebin.com/m2592da2900:17
[R]Samuel: whats there?00:17
Vonofflinuxguy2009, i have issues compiling latest trunk. it complains about missing files00:17
Samuel[R]: dmesg log00:17
uknownis there a way to figure out is all he drivers for u hardware are installed correctly00:17
CHeCHoVhow init the samba service automatically before login screen ubuntu?00:17
[R]Samuel: whats the problem00:17
jetblasthow do i get to root? i get permission denied00:17
losherCHeCHoV: is it a laptop?00:18
[R]uknown: is something not working?00:18
Quincyso erusul can ya help?00:18
jetblastits been happening alot00:18
furius82ubuntu italia?00:18
linuxguy2009Vonoff: Hmm I never build anything. Ive never had to. Im not much help with that topic.00:18
defectivto create a directory than any user can see into and cd into, but cannot alter, don't you have to make its permissions be 1777?00:18
[R]jetblast: sudo00:18
sebsebseb!it |  furius8200:18
ubottufurius82: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:18
erUSULQuincy: what software are you configuring ?00:18
QuincyerUSUL: Shoutcast DSP00:18
Samuel[R]: "My wireless in Jaunty will work incredibly fast for a while and then once it hits a certain amount of data transfered it just stops working altogether and I have to reboot to get it to work again. It still says I'm connected, it still shows networks, it just doesn't transfer an data. If i don't download anything big it will stay working indefinitely, but when the megabytes start flying it tanks... religiously."00:18
[R]defectiv: give it read and exec perms but not write perms00:18
jetblastomg i forgot sudo lol00:18
Samuel[R]: That's exactly my problem.00:18
[R]Samuel: weird... you should file a bug report00:18
Samuel[R]: A big report won't solve my problem tonight.00:19
jetblast[R]: what is the exact name of the package?00:19
linuxguy2009Samuel: Maybe manually limit the bandwidth and see if you can fix it that way?00:19
netsurf3 having problems with ubuntu 9.04, two different headsets same problem that the audio appears to not be resampled correctly. The headset supports a rate of 8000 but from what i can tell alsa sends as stereo 41000. -Dplug:bluetooth option causes it to sound like i am listening to a noisy 56k modem (makes things worse)00:19
[R]jetblast: what package?00:19
jetblast[R]: Java600:19
erUSULQuincy: maybe you need to pass the old OSS "/dev/dsp" device. try with that "/dev/dsp"00:19
[R]jetblast: how should i know00:19
Pici!java | jetblast00:19
ubottujetblast: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository00:19
Samuellinuxguy2009: I could limit the bandwidth... but then I can get my super fast downloading done.00:19
Samuellinuxguy2009: So it kind of defeats the object.00:20
linuxguy2009netsurf3: Are you speaking of a bluetooth audio device?00:20
jetblastlooks like i already installed the java6 JRE package00:20
norc_Mhm, xorg reporting a segfault in the libc in Ubuntu 9.04 with no backports or testing packages seems kinda odd, eh?00:20
netsurf3linuxguy2009, they are generic HSP compatible bluetooth headsets00:20
linuxguy2009netsurf3: 8,000 is very low audio quality. 44,100 is standard CD quality.In case you didnt know.00:21
Quincyradio@quincy-desktop:~/Bureaublad$ ls -al /dev/dsp00:21
Quincycrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 14, 3 2009-07-18 18:18 /dev/dsp00:21
Quincythat one00:21
erUSULQuincy: that one00:21
Samuellinuxguy2009: I might as well be off then if I can't get the problem solved. :(00:21
Quincyso now to create a lst file00:21
Quincyi need elp with that too00:21
Quincycan ya help me with that too?00:21
erUSULnorc_: bad ram ? memtest ?00:21
defectiv[R]: then how will that user create e.g. /var/www/my_rails_app?00:22
netsurf3linuxguy2009, yeah i knew roughly but like i said these are cheap HSP/voice bluetooth headsets00:22
linuxguy2009netsurf3: If you have stuttering and/or noise, you may have to set it to use the native sample rate.00:22
netsurf3linuxguy2009, how can i do that exactly?00:22
erUSULQuincy: never done that... not even know what that file is for... i'm sure there is some how to you can follow out there00:22
[R]defectiv: you just siad you dindt want them to "alter"00:22
netsurf3linuxguy2009, been looking for a way to force resampling to its native rate00:22
VorondilQuick question: I updated this machine from 8.10 to 9.04 today, and my compose key is back to being a context menu.  I tried adding an Option "XkbOptions" "compose:menu" to my xorg.conf, but I still get a context menu.  `setxkbmap -option "compose:menu"`, on the other hand, works.  My xorg.conf is here: http://nopaste.com/p/aSWJZYlOD  Any direction would be appreciated.00:23
linuxguy2009netsurf3: Try several of the standard sample rates such as 44100, 22050, 48000 etc.00:23
defectiv[R]: not alter the directory itself, right. but be able to put stuff INTO it.00:23
defectiv[R]: i believe it's 1777.00:23
netsurf3linuxguy2009, how do i force this?00:23
[R]defectiv: what does "alter" mean then?00:23
defectivthen the user can alter anything inside of that directory that he has permissions to alter, and even delete that stuff. but cannot delete the directory itself.00:23
linuxguy2009netsurf3: I have a USB headset I use with gtkrecordmydesktop and I have to set it to its native 48000 and then the static and chopping disappear.00:23
netsurf3alsa appears to not do this by its self00:23
defectiv[R]: chmod rm etc.00:23
linuxguy2009netsurf3: Not sure.00:23
defectivyou can alter what's INSIDE that directory, but not that directory.00:24
uknownis there a what to see if ur drivers are installed correctly00:24
sixdrawHi all, I set up my s-video connection from my nvidia card to my tv's rca connection today. The only problem is I'm only getting black and white picture. I have a NVidia Geforce 6600. I've worked out that what I need to do is get composite output somehow but I can't find a setting for this. Anybody know how? Thanks00:24
linuxguy2009netsurf3: Are you trying to record into an application or what exactly?00:24
[R]defectiv: only the owner can chmod a directory... and only someone with write perms to the owner directory can remove something in it00:24
netsurf3linuxguy2009, short term i'd just like to have a portable microphone and speaker for a netbook or something, long term: skype00:25
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MattPhilieWhat do you recommend to use that i like iTunes but for Ubuntu..?00:26
linuxguy2009netsurf3: Ok so I have never used bluetooth before, but if it makes the headset show up as a standard sound device, you should be able to simply go into the system, preferences, sound and select the bluetooth device as a recording source. and then simply use the volume mixer window to adjust levels and dynamic compression etc.00:26
[R]MattPhilie: i use rhythmbox00:26
defectiv[R]: if you set the directory's perms to anything that would allow a user to create files/directories with in it, then he'd also be able to rm chmod it.00:26
linuxguy2009MattPhilie: I have an ipod and I love gtkpod for transfering music, gpixpod for photos, easytag for tagging.00:27
sixdrawnobody know how to get composite tv out on nvidia cards?00:27
Nielsensixdraw, you need a colorfix s-video plug...00:27
[R]defectiv: you've lost me... but whatever00:27
defectivif /var/www is chown root.root, and you want to enable some user to create e.g. /var/www/his_rails_app, then you have to give "other" write permissions.00:27
netsurf3linuxguy2009, it does not always show up. i have virtually everything working with the headset just the huge intollerable audio sampling problem00:27
sebsebsebMattPhilie: gtkpod00:27
netsurf3the static is overwhelming00:27
sebsebseb!itunes |  MattPhilie00:27
ubottuMattPhilie: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee00:27
Nielsensixdraw, http://www.sandberg.it/product.aspx?id=503-6500:28
linuxguy2009netsurf3: Ok in whatever app your using it with will probably have the actuall sample rate selection.00:28
sixdrawNielsen, thank you00:28
Nielseni have one myself :)00:28
Nielsensixdraw, you're welcome :)00:28
fwaokdaI have the gnome desktop panel with expand off is there away to get the handles on both sides to go away? it kinda ruins the panel w/ transparency on00:29
defectiv[R]: Sticky bit. It was used to trigger process to "stick" in memory after it is finished, now this usage is obsolete. Currently its use is system dependant and it is mostly used to suppress deletion of the files that belong to other users in the folder where you have "write" access to.00:29
[R]defectiv: ok... and?00:29
bernardlychanis there a good alternative to splashy?00:29
sixdrawNielsen, and your sure this is the only way? because I've managed to get colour out from my laptop to my lcd tv, but cant get it from my pc00:29
Pici!usplash | bernardlychan00:29
ubottubernardlychan: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork00:29
darivaanyone from Germany00:29
Pici!de | dariva00:29
ubottudariva: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:29
bernardlychanusplash doesn't have as good themes though.00:30
Nielsensixdraw: no, but im 95% sure thats the reason00:30
TSlackMAll of the sudden Pcm wount work over spdif, dolby and dts sure works fine, but no pcm sound?, anyone got any tips?00:30
sixdrawNielsen, then again the laptop is an ati graphics card00:30
sixdrawNielsen, okay thanks00:30
Kangaroooanyboy knows is there a equivelent programm to imgbin.org like pastebinit to pastebin.org?00:30
linuxguy2009Ok later people!00:31
Nielsensixdraw, if you read the description on that page, and it applys to you. then yes, thats the reason00:31
VCoolioKangarooo: I have a nautilus-script for imageshack; want it?00:31
swoodycan anyone help me out? I had to shutdown GDM to install a video card driver, and now after rebooting, it still puts me in a CLI. I tried starting GDM again, and it started fine, but tty7 still just shows a flashing cursor?00:32
salvadorflhello  does any one knows how to record my voice? i am using Ubuntu 9.0400:33
[R]swoody: um... what video driver did you install that requried that? because it was the wrong one if it required you to do that00:33
swoody[R]:  I downloaded the latest CUDA driver from the website00:33
defectiv[R]:  and nothing. i was just explaining.00:34
KangaroooVCoolio, yes00:34
swoody[R]:  to install you have to shutdown xserver, and then install00:34
[R]defectiv: explaining what?00:34
[R]swoody: installing random drivers from random websites isn't a good idea if you want to get support00:34
swoody[R]:  it's not a random driver, and it's from Nvidia's website ?00:35
[R]swoody: and its not really supportede00:35
VCoolioKangarooo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/221490/00:35
swoody[R]:  ok, thanks for the help00:35
shorterrorok so i am working on learning to program well i was looking into perl and was wondering what i should use to for coding in perl?00:36
[R]shorterror: a text editor00:36
Nielsensalvadorfl, the gnome-media-common package has a gnome-sound-recorder00:36
shorterror[R], ok what about useing activeperl also ?00:36
salvadorflis anybody able to do voice recording on ubuntu jaunty?00:37
shorterrorsalvadorfl, i am able to00:37
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salvadorflsorry for my english00:37
Nielsensalvadorfl, yes, i use the gnome sound-recorder00:37
[R]shorterror: no clue what activeperl is00:37
salvadorfli am gonna try00:38
shorterror[R],  ok ty.00:38
bruenigshorterror: vim00:38
raviucfI can see my Quickcam Messenger Communicate when I run "lsusb" but there is no /dev/video although there is /dev/audio from the camera. Any clues in how to get /dev/video to work? I have already modprobe quickcam_messenger00:38
shorterrorbruenig, ok ty.00:38
KangaroooVCoolio, how to name it? and how will it work?00:38
pedestrianentranlspci gives my graphics card as "Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)". How can i find what driver i should be using with ubuntu? Google earth is running very poorly00:38
lonelylook at dmeg output00:39
[R]pedestrianentran: there really is only 1 driver... and you're already using it00:39
pedestrianentran[R]: are there any settings i can tweak to improve the poor google earth performance?00:39
[R]pedestrianentran: i'm sure there are tons... you should check the wiki and the forums00:39
pedestrianentran[R]: ok which wiki?00:40
VCoolioKangarooo: name whatever you like; copy to ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts and run "chmod +x /path/to/script" and it will show up in context menu in nautilus00:40
bruenigpedestrianentran: google earth is going to perform poorly because it is not native00:40
[R]pedestrianentran: the ubuntu website...00:40
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/00:40
abyrne55hey! A new channel has opened for ubuntu help and talk: #ubuntu-lovers. Try it out00:41
pedestrianentranbruenig: i got it going really well on another machine running ubuntu.... just by selecting a proprietry graphics driver00:41
sebsebsebabyrne55: you need to do ## if  it's not an offical channel00:41
sebsebsebabyrne55: also you shoudn't advertise it here00:42
KangaroooVCoolio, so i then right click image and send to yes? or it will also have context enty "Take screenshot and upload and open link or copy link?"00:42
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KangaroooVCoolio, and is your script in nautilus script website?00:42
VCoolioKangarooo: it's not my script and I probably took it from gnome-look.org00:43
twig11Would someone please take a look at these instructions http://dsandler.org/wp/archives/2007/06/27/ubuntu-dwl-g120 and tell me if I'm missing something that would cause my system to freeze when I reboot with the wireless card plugged in?00:43
VCoolioKangarooo: in context menu select "scripts", it's in there like you named it00:43
dhaval_Yeah there isn't any volume leveling in Ubuntu00:45
dhaval_Not going to shout. Just going to download my songs...00:45
dhaval_But I have to ask, why isn't there volume leveling in an OS? I have the same problem in my cell phone.00:46
dtchenbecause that's not the purvey of the operating system [driver]00:47
dtchensome applications have volume ramping (see pulseaudio 0.9.15+)00:47
dtchenand there is replaygain for some audio files00:48
VCoolioKangarooo: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/sendToImageshack?content=10095200:48
ZencydeWhat tool should I use to autoconfigure GRUB to boot Windows XP?00:48
buckydhaval_: what kind of song files?00:49
=== MidsummerDawn is now known as Locke
dhaval_normal song files00:50
buckydhaval_: MP3 ?00:50
dhaval_yeah mp3, m4a, mp400:50
dhaval_etc, etc00:50
buckydhaval_: why didn't you look into this and install mp3gain or some other some such program to fix this?00:50
dhaval_Now I know there's a difference between the formats, and the quality00:50
dhaval_mp3gain is for windows only right?00:50
dhaval_and I think i've tried it before, didn't work.00:51
dhaval_And something tells me I shouldn't do it agian.00:51
buckydhaval_: mp3gain is in the repos00:51
dhaval_Alright, i'll try that.00:51
dhaval_The xstream thingi didn't work00:51
buckydhaval_: just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it doesnt work00:51
dhaval_I was sure it did, but tried it for different songs and no.00:51
buckydhaval_: are you going to be  in here crying about this for another 3 hours?00:52
pedestrianentranfyi google earth on ubuntu is running SWEET as soon as i turned off the atmosphere.................00:52
dhaval_Yes I know, but, given the fact that this problems exists in my phone AND Computer00:52
adrianaGoogle Earth is very slow and is not rendering. I know i it has to run i my PC because when i had WinXp it did work.00:52
dhaval_I don't know, if you don't want me to cry I won't. But just keep giving me ideas ok?00:52
ZencydeNo one can help me with my grub problem? :)00:52
dhaval_What problem?00:52
k44d33adriana: try updating your display drivers00:53
buckydhaval_: what does your phone have to do with ubuntu00:53
ZencydeI'm not sure which tool to use to autoconfigure GRUB to support Windows XP. Or rather, to rewrite menu.list.00:53
lucaadriana: maybe it is a 3d issue, have you got an ati or nvidia card?00:53
ZencydeOr was it boot.config?00:53
adrianaI know i have VIA video card, and I have installed openchrome00:53
dhaval_Well, for one thing it also runs linux. 2: I have the same normalization problem with my phone's mp3 player00:54
buckydhaval_: use google, look in the repos for audio file manipulation programs and use your brains00:54
lucaZencyde: it is /boot/grub/menu.lst00:54
dhaval_I did use google, at from what I found one can conclude that there isn't any help for me.00:54
Zencydeluca: Should I edit it by hand or should I use a tool to do it?00:54
bruenigsebsebseb: giggle eh?00:54
dhaval_I'm going to look for mp3gain00:54
lucaZencyde: before doing anything explain me what have you done so far00:55
adrianaI dont have ATI nor nVidia00:56
Zencydeluca: I have Windows XP freshly installed on another drive. /dev/sdb/ I would like to be able to boot into it using GRUB so that I don't have to change my boot order to boot into Windows from time to time. What would be the recommended method for configuring GRUB?00:56
buckydhaval_: again?  why didn't you apt-cache show mp3gain three hours ago when i told you00:57
lucaok Zencyde, the tool SHOULD be grub-update00:57
ZencydeAh, thank you. Run as su?00:57
buckydhaval_: also look at sox ..it's been around forever00:57
lucabut I'll say that it does not work everytime00:57
dhaval_I was busy then and ok, i'll look for sox00:58
dhaval_But I just had another idea00:58
buckydhaval_: all this is very faq and doc on the internet try google sound files+volume+linux00:58
sebsebsebbruenig: that channel, no silly00:58
Zencydeluca: grub-update doesn't seem to be a command. :o00:58
dhaval_Didn't find anything on google, YET but i'm looking00:58
lucaso, Zencyde: to avoid any trouble i'll say you have a look in the menu.lst, after all you have only to add a stanza00:59
ZencydeIndeed. I'm just not in the mood for trial and error. Any idea what my entry should be? Should be on partition 0.00:59
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adrianaHow can I see if my video card is workig properly with Google Earth?01:01
lucaZencyde: well, you know, since it's on device sdb and i'm assuming xp being on the 1st partition, you can add at the tail of /boot/grub/menu.lst the following01:01
lucatitle Windows XP01:01
lucaroot   (hd1,0)01:01
lucachainloader +101:01
FloodBot3luca: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:01
[R]adriana: start it... if it works... then its working01:01
=== kkszysiu is now known as asysrqst
lucaadriana: try glxgears first01:02
adrianaI can see the three gears01:02
Zencydeluca: Thank you. :) I'll come back if there are any problems. If not, thanks!01:02
lucaadriana: is it working "acceptably"?01:02
lucaZencyde: remember that every time a new kernel is added, grub is modified01:03
Juanohello, can someone give me some help?01:03
adrianaBut Google Earth is very slow and the planet if apears y no rendered properly01:03
Zencydeluca: Yeah. I feel like deleting those entries. :(01:03
ZencydeBye, L(01:04
lucaZencyde: just add again the xp entry if it disappears01:04
durtJuano, just ask01:04
qkgusdoes anyone know how to make a bg fixed in nautilus??01:04
Juanothank you durt01:04
lucaadriana: what fps are you getting in glxgears?01:04
Juanodurt: I am installing an epson TX300f multifunctional01:04
adriana799 in 5.0 seconds01:05
lucaadriana: have you tried to disable compiz?01:05
powergoal3How do i change the default keymap settings in Ubuntu 9.04 ?01:05
Juanodurt:I've already installed the printer and it worked fine01:05
dhaval_Hey bucky, why do people hate SongBird?01:05
Juanodurt: but I have some problems installing the scanner01:05
[R]powergoal3: system -> preferences -> keyboard01:05
ctmjrcoz_: by chance do you write cairo-dock themes?01:06
adrianaNo, because I dont know what it is, or if it will affect other parts of Ubuntu01:06
lucaadriana: that means, system->preference->appearance and none01:06
coz_ctmjr,  yes  I do01:06
powergoal3[R]: How do you do it from terminal?01:06
fuzzybunny69yDoes anyone know anything I could do to fix my sound for some reason it keeps cutting out eventually. Like I will be listening to music in Rhythmbox or watching a video in Totem and it will play a couple songs or play a video and then when i skip a few songs or just let it keep playing eventually it just freezes the program and my sound stops working.01:06
ctmjr!cookie | coz_  only theme i use01:06
ubottucoz_  only theme i use: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:06
coz_ctmjr,  oh  which theme are you using?01:07
ctmjrcoz_: rings01:07
lucaadriana: no, ubuntu by default ships with "nice 3d effects" enabled, but some 3d apps like google earth eat much more horsepower so disabling those ubuntu desktop effects can give the app the power it needs01:07
VCooliopowergoal3: setxkbmap01:07
coz_ctmjr,  ah ok  cool :)01:07
Kangarooofuzzybunny69y, that look like a bug. report to launchpad.01:08
adrianaHow do i disable Compz?01:08
lucaadriana: that means, system->preference->appearance and none01:08
coz_adriana,   gnome or kde?01:08
m3gaproblem : local machine running gnome, i can  start stuff from the menus, but if i start something from a terminal window i get 'No protocol specified, unable to open display ":0.0"'. wtf?01:08
fuzzybunny69yKangarooo, I think it has been reported since there are a ton of staticy sound issues with Pulseaudio but I can't seem to figure out if it has been fixed or not01:08
lucaadriana: that means, system->preference->appearance->visual effects and none01:08
fwaokdaI have the gnome desktop panel with expand off is there away to get the handles on both sides to go away? it kinda ruins the panel w/ transparency on01:08
powergoal3VCoolio: is that a permanent change?01:08
dhaval_luca: I think she still wants desktop effects, just not too special ones.01:08
adrianaI have lots of tabs, the last one is in minimun01:09
lucadhaval_: let's see if google earth runs better01:09
VCooliopowergoal3: not sure but I think no; don't sue me for it; read "man setxkbmap" to be sure01:09
lucaadriana, select the visual effect tab01:09
adrianaIt is set to No visual effects01:10
hilaireSometimes you may need to reinstall Windows on your computer.01:10
hilaireIf you have a dual boot windows / linux, the windows will reinstall the original MBR (from windows) and Grub will be uninstalled.01:10
hilaireThis tutorial explains how to reinstall grub without reinstalling linux.01:10
hilaireTo do this, you need to bring your live Linux installation CD (like Ubuntu).01:10
FloodBot3hilaire: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:10
hilaireBoot from the CD and choose the "Start or Install Ubuntu" option.01:10
hilaireOpen a Terminal ( Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal ), and type:01:10
Mion /buffer close01:10
* MenZa pets FloodBot3 01:10
coz_ctmjr,   we also have the #cairo-dock channel in case you needed any support01:11
lucaadriana: can you see what "glxinfo | grep direct" returns in terminal?01:11
ctmjrcoz_: oh ok thanks01:11
coz_ctmjr,  no problem  that saves  off topic conversations here :)01:12
adrianai: Force an indirect rendering context.01:12
qkgushey, does anyone know how to get a fixed background image in the nautilus file viewer, instead of repeated?01:13
adrianaSorry, it says -i: Force an indirect rendering context.01:13
michealb22linuxcan any tell me how to get flash 10 to work in opera?01:13
lucaadriana: it should say "direct rendering: Yes"01:13
dhaval_Alright, this is too much. I think i'll call it a night. Thanks a lot bucky you've been a great help.01:14
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hereAndTherehello all, sorry for the interruption, but is this where the gurus at ?01:14
dhaval_I hope I didn't make you pull all your hair off, i'll see you later01:14
adrianaThat means that I am screwed?01:14
dhaval_thanks again bucky01:14
xcdfgkjhgcvIs there a channel for the UNR subdistro?01:15
lucaadriana: in fact your glxgears has very low fps, on my intel laptop i have 1062.682 FPS01:15
xcdfgkjhgcvluca: My glxgears is about 6001:15
xcdfgkjhgcvluca: Yet I can play really graphically intensive games.01:15
coz_xcdfgkjhgcv,  if you type   /join #nameof channel  to check01:15
qkgushey, does anyone know how to get a fixed background image in the nautilus file viewer, instead of repeated?01:16
xcdfgkjhgcvcoz_: I've tried #ubuntu-unr01:16
lucaxcdfgkjhgcv: on a via card?01:16
xcdfgkjhgcvluca: Nvidia01:16
nsahoohi .. I think I am running out of video card memory. Every once after a while of opening a few large windows looks like the wm is restarting and resuming in the minimal animation mode01:16
xcdfgkjhgcvluca: I have vsync turned on. :)01:16
lucafunny that01:16
coz_xcdfgkjhgcv,  might not exist then01:16
nsahoois there a way I can check the amount of video card ram being used now?01:16
xcdfgkjhgcvluca: Without vsync, things look HORRIBLE on my LCD monitor.01:16
hipitihopwhat is considered the best sip based voip client for ubuntu01:17
adrianaSo, there is no way I can run GE?01:17
nsahooThere are not a lot of windows open, only 701:17
Pyropheliaanybody here fluent with apache 2 config files?01:17
lucaadriana: well, first you have to make sure the via driver is loaded01:17
armadahow do I log on as root?01:17
lucaadriana: after that, you can blame the driver01:17
michealb22linuxany one know how to get flash 10. to work with the latest version of opera/01:17
lucaPyrophelia: yes I am01:18
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[R]armada: you don't01:18
=== sharperguy2 is now known as sharperguy
adrianaHEhehe, how can I know if i have the proper diver loaded?01:18
armadahum so how do I edit a file? [R]?01:18
Pyrophelialuca, My objective is to configure apache so that every user on my machine has his or her own subdomain ie: user1.mydomain.com, user2.mydomain.com, user3.mydomain.com.  What is this called and what should I be reading to acomplish this?01:18
[R]armada: you can use sudo01:18
Pyrophelialuca, i've done it before, but it's been awhile since i've messed with apahce01:19
armadabut I cant load the text processor form terminal :$01:19
lucaPyrophelia: you can have a thing like mydomain.com/~user101:19
[R]Pyrophelia: you should read the apache documentation01:19
[R]armada: huh?01:19
armadawhats th comand to edit a file?01:19
thiebaude_armada, i use gedit01:19
lucaarmada: nano01:19
lucaor vim or vi01:20
hereAndTherei'm having a problem where my box just freezes and the caps lock and num lock falshes .. can anyone help01:20
lucafrom terminal i mean :)01:20
coz_armada,  or   sudo gedit nameand location of fule01:20
Pyrophelialuca, yes I know about ~user configs, but i'd prefer user1.mydomain.com user2.mydomain.com.  is this discouraged?01:20
lucaPyrophelia: no, it is not discouraged: but it is related to virtual servers01:20
lucalet's say i have domain.com01:20
lucayou can have apache serving different directories for each virtual server01:21
Pyropheliavirtual servers01:21
Pyropheliathat's what it was called I couldn't remember01:21
hereAndTheream i on queue ? :P01:21
lucaif i request luca.ubuntu.org and i have a virtual server that responds to that request instructred to take the files from /home/luca/.www01:21
Pyrophelialuca, yeap that was exactly what I am trying acomplish.  ty.  I'm off to apache docs now :P01:22
lucahereAndThere: sorry, what did u ask for before? :P01:23
lucano hereAndThere i can't help you unless pointing you to the /var/log directory and see if in those files you spot any errors01:24
myselfhey does anyone know sudo apt-get package name for all the unicode fonts and stuff?01:24
MenZa...which ones, specifcally, myself?01:24
myselfi want all of them01:24
MenZaEr, try looking at apt-cache search unicode | grep -i font01:25
MenZaor Something similar01:25
lucaunicode fonts?01:25
coz_myself,  or open synapitc  and hit search and type in unicode01:25
myselfi typed unicode01:25
myselfquite a bunch of packages popped up01:25
lucai bet you mean locale support01:25
lucaaka utf-801:26
myselfi want all the cool unicode fonts so i can see al lof them01:26
armadawell... I wan to edit /etc/x11/xorg.conf what doi I have to write in the terminal?01:26
lucamyself: like those in dafont.com ?01:26
myselfyou know when people make funny faces01:26
myselflike here01:26
FrankQCarmada: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:26
DasEihereAndThere: that's a kernel panic, I thik, check your /var/log/syslog01:26
izzyWhy does ubuntu say I have to update apt and then return a 404?01:26
luca«» þø→↓← like these?01:26
FrankQCarmada: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   ;;   it depends which editor you use01:27
myselfyeah luca01:27
myselfi cant see all of the faces on the page i linked01:27
myselfbut i can see most of them01:27
myselfbut i want more :)01:27
lwellsI just created a shell program and did a chmod +x on it, but when I try to run it, tells me "permission denied", why is that?01:27
himitsuwhere do I put wicd on startup Ubuntu01:27
lucamyself: well on an italian keyboard i hold down "alt gr" key and press some other random key01:27
myselfluca its just that i can't see all those fonts01:27
myselfthey're not installed01:28
myselfi want to install them01:28
lucaok, lemme look the page first01:28
qkgushey, does anyone know how to get a fixed background image in the nautilus file viewer, instead of repeated?01:28
FrankQClwells: I would save it as 'something.sh'  then do  'sudo chmod a+x something.sh', then to run it,  'sudo sh something.sh' or 'sudo ./something.sh' or './something.sh' under root01:28
armadait sau~ys not found :(01:29
lucamyself: ok, i can't see all of them too01:29
myselfwell luca01:29
myselfwhere do i get the fonts to see all of them01:29
myselfdo you know01:29
lucai guess you need the microsoft fonts01:29
lucaor, that's a wild guess, some locales01:29
pedestrianentranwhat is some good screen capture software for making videos of google earth on ubuntu?01:30
lucamyself: those are just times new roman, arial, windings and such01:30
myselfi think i got most wingdings01:30
DasEi!fonts | myself01:30
lucaand you can install them with the msttcorefonts package01:30
ubottumyself: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer01:30
myselfhow do u know those are the ones i cant see01:30
lucamyself: because i bet windows users can see them :>01:31
myselfhow do you know01:31
doseryderdoes anyone know if dmraid comes with the Jaunty jackalope livecd?01:31
lucacause if windows users couldnt see them then they would be used by no one01:31
myselfi had windows xp and i could barely see any unicode fonts01:31
lucammm another idea01:32
myselfbut w/e i guess w/ vista u can see more? but still there are a bunch u cant see on windows even w/ vista01:32
johnnymachello, what is the difference between /bin and /sbin01:32
=== linux_user400354 is now known as RobotCow
lucato me it's a charset-related thing01:32
=== myself is now known as linux
linuxi see01:32
lucacause if ur default charset is latin101:32
linuxhow long does it take for a username to expire on this network?01:33
lucayou don't see arabic chars and such01:33
DasEijohnnymac: /bin contains most usercommands,  /sbin most user libs01:33
lucawhile if i use utf8 i apepar to be able to see korean nicks on amsn01:34
=== linux is now known as myself
=== ohno is now known as Guest47500
DasEijohnnymac:  /sbin less important binaries ; upper info incorrrect01:34
myselfits okay01:35
myselfhow do i enable all of them luca01:35
myselfwhere do i go01:35
johnnymacDasEi: so /bin are the important binaries but is /sbin not system binaries so therefore more important?01:35
lucaheh it is not so straightforward i think, myself: i don't know if ubuntu has some tools for it01:36
lucaanyway you should have the locales in /etc/locale01:36
Guest47500i have a weird problem. I'm sending data to a servo controller through /dev/ttyUSB0, the data is getting there but the servos won't respond. However if i keep the ttyUSB0 file open and then segfault the program suddenly the servos will respond01:36
Guest47500any idea what would cause that? :s01:36
DasEijohnnymac:  /sbin I found less essential binaries in, like additional programms, wile /sbin contains the core-cmd's01:36
bernardlychanhi does anyone know a linux alternative for teamviewer? i've tried it with wine, but is very slow.01:37
nsahooin Software Sources/Updates tab I have checked both pre-released and unsupported checkboxes. Is it too risky?01:37
rskinsahoo: you decide01:37
lucaGuest47500: it means maybe that you should flush the data01:37
lucamaybe they aren't written to the usb bus until you force the program to do something01:37
bernardlychandoes anyone know a linux alternative for teamviewer? i've tried it with wine, but is very slow.01:37
xim_is it possible to modify nautilis so that when it preview the icons of images it shows them at 800% instead of just 400%?01:38
Guest47500luca: ok thanks! ill give it a go01:38
bernardlychandoes anyone know a linux alternative for teamviewer? i've tried it with wine, but is very slow.01:38
lucabernardlychan: what exactly is teamviewer?01:39
rskibernardlychan: asking again will probably get you in truble01:39
bernardlychanvnc over internet01:39
rskibernardlychan: then install realvnc or tightvnc as a replacement01:39
jlarochehello everyone. I am running winxp and ubuntu in a dualboot environment. My xp installation got severely disrupted by a virus and I had to reinstall windows. Unfortunately my grub boot loader does not come up anymore (windows starts up when I turn on the laptop). Could anyone help me get it back?01:39
twig11twig11: Would someone please take a look at these instructions http://dsandler.org/wp/archives/2007/06/27/ubuntu-dwl-g120 and tell me if I'm missing something that would cause my system to freeze when I reboot with the wireless card plugged in?01:39
lucaah, vnc!01:39
edbianbernardlychan: Yes!  It's called SSH with X forwarding.01:39
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:39
bernardlychanyes, but i'm not too sure how to do ssh with x forwarding01:39
rskijlaroche: windows removed grub01:39
DasEi!grub | jlaroche01:40
ubottujlaroche: please see above01:40
edbianbernardlychan: Do you have ssh set up?01:40
bernardlychanedbian: no01:40
edbianbernardlychan: Simplay install the openssh-server package on the computer you'd like to remote into.  Do you know how to do that?01:40
jlarocherski - i know that01:41
wahnfrieden_is there an official firefox 3.5 release yet for jaunty?01:41
jlarochethanks for the URLs guys01:41
jlarocheI'll check them out01:41
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY01:41
robi2hi guys01:41
rskihi guise01:41
robi2do anybody have experience with midi devices?01:41
=== grubby is now known as Guest76969
adrianaluca, I have installed openchorme via Sinaptic01:42
lucaadriana: openchrome is the browser if i'm not mistaken01:42
robi2hehe.. plenty of people, hey?01:43
lucaadriana: what link does it bear to google earth? :/01:43
lucaok, it is a google app, but openchrome is not 3d01:43
lucaaha adriana can you do "lsmod | grep via" ?01:44
robi2guys.. I need some help, please.. any kind soul here? :)01:45
johnnymacdoes anyone have any tips for getting better on the command line?01:45
adrianaits done, what should i do next?01:45
edbianluca: chrome is a browser by google.  openchrome is a series of integrated video chips from via01:45
edbianjohnnymac: Practice practice practice!01:45
jdujohnnymac, linuxcommand.org01:45
edbianjohnnymac: Are you familiar with the man pages?01:45
=== Odin is now known as Guest89928
DasEijohnnymac: in which matter ?01:46
johnnymacyes man pages i know about01:46
adrianavia                    49152  201:46
adrianadrm                    96296  3 via01:46
adrianasnd_via82xx_modem      19336  501:46
adrianasnd_via82xx            32152  301:46
adrianagameport               19340  1 snd_via82xx01:46
adrianasnd_ac97_codec        112292  2 snd_via82xx_modem,snd_via82xx01:46
FloodBot3adriana: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
lucaedbian: ok, i don't know anything about via01:47
johnnymacjust doing stuff generally like working with config files01:47
edbianjohnnymac: I find it good practice to stop when I do repetative things and ask: how could I do this in the command line?  And simply force myself to use it instead01:47
=== Guest89928 is now known as th0r
jdujohnnymac, at any rate, if you are pretty new to bash, linuxcommand.org provides a pretty good jumping off point.01:47
johnnymacbut really understanding how linux works01:47
=== Odin is now known as Guest26529
DasEijohnnymac: for shorting cmds /etc/bash.bashrc is good doing aliases/functions, if you want a nighttrain, try emacs XD01:48
bovehow do I set up sendmail in Ubuntu 8.10?01:48
nsahoowhy does the firefox 3.5 installation calls itself shiretoko? can't I get the official firefox 3.5 version?01:48
johnnymacDasEi: ok thanks01:48
lucaadriana: really I have no clue about it, but i'll google a little01:49
robi2I need to connect a midi keyboard to my ubuntu pc through an external usb device.. and I can't make it work..01:49
wahnfrieden_is there an easy way to add window tiling to gnome? or should I get some other WM01:49
hipitihopdoes anyone know how to resolve this 'Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module": /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64'01:49
wahnfrieden_I have a widescreen so I always like to have things side by side01:49
adrianaluca, thank you very much!01:49
DasEirobi2: manufacturer ? hardwareinfo ?01:49
lucaadriana: i think the drivers suck then :P01:50
jduwahnfrieden_, you can choose a different wm that is compatible with gnome. ie  you just have to switch out metacity for something tiling.01:50
lucaadriana: the "via" module should be the graphic driver01:50
lucaso you're actually using it01:50
robi2Dasei: the midi interface is 'Prodipe 4i4o'01:50
wahnfrieden_can you recommend something?01:50
happyhi can some1 tell me how to install .exe files on Ubuntu?01:50
hipitihoprobi2: have you tried Jack ?01:50
wahnfrieden_happy, .exe are windows files. Try WINE, or virtualbox01:51
adrianaHehe, Know I can blame the driver!01:51
hilairenot easy to say. visite ubuntu.com01:51
lucahappy: that's not really how things work....01:51
robi2hipitihop: yes.. it doesn't see it..01:51
johnnymacHow does 'init' start?01:51
r3l1cubuntu 9.01 I checked "Remember Programs at log out" under startup programs. Then I unchecked it because I didn't like it. the programs are still coming up and its driving me CRAZY!!!!! can anyone help?01:51
DasEirobi2: sounds exotic, no brand/ info-sticker on it ?01:51
thiebaudesince i have firefox 3.5 can i get rid of firefox 3?01:51
jduwahnfrieden,  well, with a few patches, dwm behaves nicely with gnome, but I would look into wmii, xmonad, etc and see what they say about gnome support.01:51
johnnymacwhat triggers 'init'?01:51
hipitihoprobi2: sorry that is all I needed and all I know01:51
th0rjohnnymac: you might want to check out tldp.org...they have some really good books covering such details01:51
robi2dasei: the brand is Prodipe. The model is 4i4o01:52
wahnfrieden_I tried  xmonad but it seems to need lots of hand configuration to work, only seems targeted at 'power users'/tweakers so far01:52
jdujohnnymac,     bios -> boot loader -> initramfs -> kernel -> init             iirc01:52
th0rjohnnymac: also check some of the tutorials on the web about linux runlevels01:52
r3l1cwindows and windows start when I log in...01:53
r3l1chelp please01:53
lucar3l1c: those were the windows you left open when logging out01:54
Hilikushey guys01:54
Hilikusi got this in my logwatch today01:54
r3l1cno I closed them, they are the windows that were there last time I logged on...01:54
HilikusA total of 1 possible successful probes were detected01:54
Hilikusanyone knows what that means?01:54
r3l1cI closed all the windows and logged out and they still come up anyway01:54
Hilikus(the following URLs01:54
Hilikuscontain strings that match one or more of a listing of strings that01:54
Hilikusindicate a possible exploit):01:54
johnnymaci see. is the /bin and /sbin part of the kernel? is root part of the kernel?01:55
jdur3l1c, is this in gnome, xfce, what?01:55
robi2dasei: if you want to see the device on the web: http://www.prodipe.com/index.php?ml=16&cat=3&lang=9&pidpress=19201:55
bastidrazorr3l1c, system>preferences>startup applications.. you can uncheck the applications that are startings.01:55
r3l1cdid it'01:55
r3l1cand they still come up01:56
DasEirobi2: google brought to me, but saying win/mac, frst thought on that would be try ubuntu-studio01:56
jdur3l1c, check to see if the programs are in ~/config/autostart01:56
r3l1cchecking, thanks01:56
robi2dasei: :( ubuntustudio freezes on my pc..01:57
hipitihopdoes anyone know if it is possible to connect a softphone like twinkle to an ATA ? so that it uses the ATA's codecs etc ?01:57
jdujohnnymac, no.   and / is the logical beginning of the filesystem01:57
robi2there must be something buggy with the realtime kernel.. I'm not alone with that problem..01:57
jdujohnnymac, /bin, /sbin are where many basic binaries are stored.  /usr/bin  contains binaries more likely to be used by the user01:58
johnnymacSo the filesystem is not part of the kernel?01:58
jdujohnnymac, correct01:58
gogetajohnnymac: lol no01:58
r3l1cjdu:  no not in there, these are nautilus windows that are popping up01:59
jdur3l1c, hmm.  have you modified things in any way: start up scripts, .xinitrc  .xsession etc.01:59
r3l1cjdu:  its under session-state01:59
jdur3l1c, good.02:00
r3l1cI love learning new things02:00
Kangarooor3l1c, all is ok now? so where did you removed them? i have the same problem.. i unchecked to remember but it remembered last remebering.02:00
jdur3l1c, at least the problem is better than having parts of the desktop not start (like the toolbars) because of session management :)02:01
r3l1cKangarooo:  ~/.config/session-state02:01
DasEirobi2: far away from doing music-mastering, I tried it (studio) once on low spec-box, and it did well, though google can't find any linux-related to tat mixer, so guess not;; you'd have to find out which usb-chip is in there, if a modul exists and then still need a soft for it ; did you try the win soft >> wine ?02:01
mfillpotCan someone help to to setup ubuntu 9.04 to boot through another OSs occurance of grub?02:01
r3l1cjdu:  yeah true, that would be worse, and happens if you remove ubuntu-desktop02:02
jdur3l1c, nothing happens if you remove ubuntu-desktop except it is not suggested if you want to upgrade02:02
r3l1cjdu:  I have never had that be the case02:02
rufuscurewhats the best way to secure my computer, a firewall?02:02
hilairehow can I setup 3d EFFECTS in xfce ?02:02
rufuscureand does ubuntu come with one02:02
r3l1cI can never get to a desktop, I have always had to reinstall the package from bash02:03
gogetarufuscure: yes ubuntu has one by defult no ports are open02:03
rufuscureso as long as i keep all my ports closed then i should be fine?02:03
Kangarooor3l1c, you deleted it all? and in gui its not possible to edit?02:03
mfillpotrufuscure: Ubuntu and all Linux distros come with the iptables firewall, you can find a GUI application to configure it02:03
gogetarufuscure: linux in nature it pretty secure02:03
r3l1cKangarooo:  i backed up then deleted, didn't want to edit but that is a fair question02:04
mfillpotCan anyone help me with a grub configuration?02:04
rufuscureOk, is it possible to use ubuntu to secure my windows PC?02:04
Kangaroooyes r3l1c thats good backuping saves if something bad hapens but for usual user what to do? gui?02:04
Kangarooogui would be safer..02:05
jdurufuscure, you mean as a firewall to your windows PC?02:05
mfillpotrufuscure: you can turn ubuntu into a proxy to span, cache and block traffic going to your windows systems.02:05
rufuscureJdU - I guess so? Mfillpot - Yeah like what you just said02:05
_Space_Case_rufuscure: firestarter is a gui for iptables02:05
r3l1cKangarooo:  I am looking at one of the .Desktop files, the insides are pretty cool, you can change which desktop window they open in02:06
jlarocheTHANKS GUYS! I fixed my dualboot situation! Have a great saturday night everyone!02:06
oDeskhello, i want to get my builtin modem "Agere systems" to work into Jaunty 9.04 ?? any working method02:06
robi2dasei: if I type 'cat /dev/sndstat' it shows the usb midi interface as: 'Midi devices: 2: USB Midi 4i4o'02:06
rufuscureapt-get install iptables ?02:06
mfillpotrufuscure: lookup a program called squid and read up on the configurations, you will find it very useful02:06
robi2but lsmod doesn't show it.. I suppose that means it doesn't load any module for it..02:07
rufuscureokay, thanks02:07
mfillpotrufuscure: iptables is installed in the kernel by default02:07
VCoolioI did "alien package.tar.gz" then installed the deb and now "command not found" while everything is in /usr/bin etc, if I do "locate" it is there, but executing fails ??02:07
r3l1cKangarooo:  you can set height and width...02:07
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest38369
gogeta!dialup | oDesk02:07
ubottuoDesk: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up02:07
=== linux_user400354 is now known as RobotCow
happyis there any1 that can help me with getting keygen?02:08
Kangarooor3l1c, what? about what your talking? about gui type startup editing? where is it located?02:08
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto02:08
gogetaoDesk: same link02:08
oDeskgogeta: yes02:09
r3l1cKangarooo:  ~/.config/session-state/*.Desktop  "Remember after I log off" creates these .Desktop files they can be altered02:09
Guest47500luca: still can't get it to work :(02:09
Guest47500the light on the controller is blinking whenever i run the program02:10
Guest47500but im not sure how to flush02:10
_Space_Case_rufuscure: sudo apt-get install firestarter02:10
nsahooare there any dualmonitor wallpaper for ubuntu?02:10
johnliu"子进程·post-installation script·返回了错误号·1"02:10
r3l1cKangarooo:  These are configuration files for the Desktop02:10
Kangarooor3l1c, ah cool yes :) thats advanced but is also somewhere a place to change with check/uncheck or delete last remembered state? or mange them?02:11
r3l1cyeah if they keep coming up02:11
johnliu"子进程·post-installation script·返回了错误号·1"02:11
johnliu why?02:11
bjorkintoshdoes silverlight work on ubuntu?02:11
r3l1cyou can find them and delete them02:11
r3l1cor alter them02:11
Blizzerandblackbeard : You could  use gnome-do . Its similar to silverlight02:12
johnliuwho can help me ?02:12
Blizzerandbjorkintosh :You could use gnome-do . Its similar to silverlight02:12
lucajohnliu: i don't understand your language.02:12
mfillpotwill anyone try to help me with the grub configuration to boot ubuntu?02:13
DasEimfillpot: k02:13
bjorkintoshBlizzerand, gnome-do?02:13
DasEimfillpot: you got two hd's ..02:13
Blizzerandbjorkintosh : Well try this link http://do.davebsd.com/wiki/Main_Page02:13
bjorkintoshwill it play the feynman lectures on microsoft's site?02:13
bjorkintosh... i tried installing moonlight to no avail.02:13
DasEimfillpot:one is grub on , on the other is also linux, and you want to put it in the menu, nor ?02:14
johnliuwhen i update or add a program,there is some error like this: "子进程·post-installation script·返回了错误号·1"02:14
bjorkintoshthe install was succesful, but it played nothing on the page.02:14
nsahoono dual monitor wallpapers?02:14
mfillpotDasEi: I have grub pre-installed and configured to boot Slackware, I installed ubuntu without installing the bootload and modified the menu.lst file to point to the vmlinux and initrd.img files, am I missing something?02:14
nsahoofor buntu02:14
Blizzerandbjorkintosh : You mean that *silverlight* which I am not sure about . <sorry can't help you>02:14
buckybjorkintosh: did you install moonlight-plugin-mozilla02:14
bjorkintosheverything, bucky.02:14
bjorkintoshand also mono.02:15
VCooliobjorkintosh: it will only support silverlight 1.002:15
bjorkintoshoh. :(02:15
mfillpotDasEi: my menu.lst entry is pastebinned  http://pastebin.ca/3102:15
KangaroooVCoolio, wow its very great. also other file managers should have it. maybe it can be modified to use not only in file managers but also in Obmenu?02:15
buckybjorkintosh: dpkg -l moonlight-plugin-mozilla  what does it say02:15
mfillpotDasEi: sorry wrong link ... http://pastebin.ca/149963202:15
DasEimfillpot: crystal ball.. you need to give the right identifiers in menu, ah paste;   and give root in menu.lst being /boot  of ubuntu02:15
VCoolioKangarooo: it works with anything that has customizable actions; you can run the script from commandline also with a file (although it will pop up the window, it's not cli-only)02:16
DasEimfillpot: furtheron /boot ~ buntu needs bootflag on02:16
bjorkintoshbucky, it says 1.0102:16
sfirehow in the heck do I play a encrypted DVD... I have tried everything I can find on the net02:16
haagarthere is a *preview* of moonlight 2 which supports silverlight 2 at http://go-mono.com/moonlight-preview/02:16
sfireadded sources.. all kinds of stuff02:17
sfireusing 9.1002:17
sebsebsebsfire: libdvdcss202:17
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:17
mfillpotDasEi: I am thinking that ubuntu is using identifiers that I do not use for slack, the boot partition is set to bottable and is working perfectly for my Slackware installations02:17
sebsebseb!9.10 |  sfire02:17
ubottusfire: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:17
mfillpotDasEi: Am I missing something from my grub entry to boot ubuntu?02:17
DasEimfillpot: didn't you speak of two hds ?02:17
buckybjorkintosh: try these test pages http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/MoonlightStatus.aspx02:18
bjorkintosh okay. have you tried it, haagar ?02:18
mfillpotDasEi: I have two Hds, but only one is holding data.  I installed Ubuntu on another partition on my primary HD alongside the Slack partitions02:18
haagarbjorkintosh, nope02:18
hereAndTherehow do you know the model of the gfx card ?02:18
DasEimfillpot: I can paste you a menu.lst, one second, but on the first look, the identifiers aren't right ((hd0,0) is mbr of first hd))02:18
ILMAN9Hello i would like to know which C Compiler should i use (i want it comfotable with GUI)..02:19
buckygcc ?02:19
mfillpotthe first HD has the bootloader, the boot partition and all Os installations02:19
edbianILMAN9: The gnu C compiler gcc.  Is there any other option?02:19
DasEimfillpot: can you paste a su(do) fdisk -l ?02:19
ChoKbut no gui02:20
ILMAN9well something like Dev or Visual Studio..02:20
bjorkintoshbucky it works there.02:20
ChoKemacs can provide a gui though02:20
hereAndTherei have an nvidia02:20
hereAndTherei need to know what model it is :S02:20
centinulHas anyone successfully gotten the VT6656 USB WiFi working on Jaunty?02:20
hereAndThereany help ?02:20
buckybjorkintosh: you're having a versioning problem between 1.0 and 2.002:20
mfillpotDasEi: http://pastebin.ca/S:149963602:20
eric__Hey do you guys know the best languge for hackuing?02:20
FrankQChereAndThere: try installing lshw-gtk02:20
ChoKtry ASM02:21
FrankQChereAndThere: and check your video card model02:21
ILMAN9its depends..02:21
bjorkintoshbucky, is there anything to be done about it?02:21
BookmanHow to get a webcam working in ubuntu 9.04?  What program works?02:21
mfillpotDasEi: my pastebin widget is acting up .. http://pastebin.ca/149963702:21
buckyILMAN9: eclipse02:21
ILMAN9i will check it out02:21
eric__aw bookman i have the same problem02:21
buckybjorkintosh: someone just gave you the site for 2.002:21
FrankQCILMAN9: What do you need? Is it a syntax highlighting ''notepad''?02:21
DasEimfillpot: slow down a little, I'm human ;-)02:21
VCooliohereAndThere: try this: lspci | grep -i vga02:21
bjorkintoshi'll have to try it later.02:21
bjorkintoshparty time.02:21
buckybjorkintosh: there isn't a 2.0 version in the repos02:22
ILMAN9well yes02:22
hereAndThereThank you VCoolio02:22
Bookmaneric__: if you find a solution, let me know.02:22
ILMAN9FrankQC , do u have any ?02:22
FrankQCILMAN9: I just use 'gedit'02:22
FrankQCILMAN9: You can have tens of programming language syntax highlighting in it02:22
ILMAN9well i am a newbe with linux , can u help me..02:22
FrankQCILMAN9: Perl, C, C++, C#, PHP, PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML, etc02:23
johnnymacdo NFS and Samba do the same thing?02:23
eric__i wiil bookman just stay here02:23
mfillpotDasEi: sorry, I have been using slackware and fedora for around a decade now. I am just trying to figure out what is wrong with me menu.lst file02:23
Blizzerandmfillpot : Do you have Ubuntu Live CD with you02:24
RobotCowcan someone help with a 64-bit issue? http://pastebin.com/f2c0deaab02:24
Bookmaneric__: moving to another machine....02:25
mfillpotBlinkyToon: yes, but I will not overwrite my current grub installation02:25
mfillpotBlizzerand: : yes, but I will not overwrite my current grub installation02:25
eric__what do you mean bookman?02:25
Blizzerandmfillpot : No but have a look at this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows02:25
zenlunaticmfillpot, fedora only out like 5 years02:26
Blizzerandmfillpot ; Even though it is specialised for windows it worked for me when I tried to dual boot fedora and Ubuntu02:26
mfillpotzen0: I was using red hat prior to fedora02:26
DasEimfillpot: grub mostly uses blkid's nowadays, which makes it much easier to not mess partiton-labels, what I can see now already is that you have given wrong partitions02:26
mfillpot0,0 or sda1 is my boot partition... sda6 is my ubuntu installation, the partitions are correct02:27
Surlent777would anyone have any idea why my computer is forcibly being shut down at random? It'll go off either at the GRUB screen or shortly after booting. I installed a 4 inch, 12 volt fan this afternoon, and it was all running fine, for several hours. Then, as I was in XP at the time, playing Oblivion, I did a Windows Update, browsed the internet a bit, and then restarted. That's when the trouble started. Unplugging the new fan seems to have st02:27
mfillpotBlizzerand: The guide is not helping, it is not telling me where my configuration is slawed02:28
ChoKSurlent777, your cpu is too hot02:28
Surlent777ChoK: That makes no sense. Why then would *unplugging* the new fan cause the system to boot properly?02:28
=== diego is now known as Guest87552
mfillpotMy boot partitions holds folders that contain the boot files for each distro02:29
elkySurlent777, power consumption, i'd guess.02:29
eric__Are any of you guys a technition for ubuntu?02:29
eric__PM me02:29
KalmiSurlent777, +1 for power consumption...02:30
eric__i have a problem w/ hooking up a web cam02:30
Surlent777elky: But the fan was working fine for almost six hours, even during intensive activity (ie high-end gaming)02:30
Surlent777then all of a sudden after I reboot, I get this crap02:30
KalmiSurlent777, if the power supply is overloaded, it gets weaker over time02:30
elkySurlent777, you did updates, did that include drivers?02:30
Blizzerandmfillpot : It reconfigures grub and you should have no trouble having a wonderful time with ubuntu . And I am not sure what you mean by that last post02:30
Surlent777elky: no idea. I didn't watch it this time.02:30
Blizzerandmfillpot : And likely you won't lose your Slackware02:31
=== BlinkyToon is now known as Don_Miguel
elkySurlent777, wait, windows updates triggered this?02:31
DasEimfillpot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/221553/   is a typical enttry from menu.lst, now we need to know how you organized your os-hd02:31
Surlent777elky: I don't know. I was browsing at the time as well, and after WU finished, I restarted. then this all started02:31
mfillpotBlizzerand: If it use an autoconfiguration of grub it will use the boot dir in my ubuntu installation (not my boot partition) and will loose my slackware settings, I cannot use an auto-tool.  The line about the partitions was to DasEi.02:32
Surlent777I almost fear I got a virus somehow, so I have BitDefender going all out02:32
mfillpotDasEi: how do I find the uuid?02:32
DasEimfillpot: sudo blkid for ubuntu su blkid ?02:33
mfillpotDasEi: is there a way to get that from the installed files from outside of ubuntu?02:33
mfillpotDasEi: I am running slackware because ubuntu won't boot02:33
DasEimfillpot:if your linux (I wonder..) can't do it , a live would do it, but you can also use /dev/sdaXX02:34
elkySurlent777, well it doesnt sound like anything ubuntu did.02:34
Surlent777elky: probably not. If it's software related, it's either from WU or a virus02:35
blahblahcan't get ttyUSB0 to flush :/02:35
DasEimfillpot:su blkid    gives you nothing ?02:35
mfillpotDasEi: should I use the boot partition or the root partition as an argument?02:35
christopherhow do i tell what type of proc my system is running?02:35
komentarze_listyanyone know how to change the irssi colors ? like... the nick colors... etc02:36
Kalmichristopher, cat /proc/cpuinfo02:36
Surlent777elky: I just don't understand how I could be using this fan and playing Oblivion and all that, have it work for six hours, and then suddenly on a reboot it's tripping over itself left and right02:36
DasEimfillpot:the uuid is the /  , menu.lst root= is ubuntu's boot, (hx,y) counts from 0 , whereas sdx  counts from 102:36
christopherty kalmi02:36
mfillpotDasEi: thank you for your help, I will try it with the boot uuid. brb02:37
Paavi2_0komentarze_listy: that's pretty thoroughly documented on http://irssi.org02:37
komentarze_listyPaavi2_0: I'll give a look02:37
komentarze_listyPaavi2_0: thanks02:37
DasEimfillpot: other solution : backup mbr, use supergrubdisk to get correct entrys02:37
elkySurlent777, this is a channel for Ubuntu technical support, and it's busy enough with just that stuff. You could ask in ##hardware or ##windows i guess.02:38
Paavi2_0komentarze_listy: you're welcome02:38
Surlent777elky: I wasn't aware of a #hardware and this was the only place I could think of. Thanks.02:39
_u2pop_where can i download the ubuntu .iso file for laptop ?02:40
_u2pop_cause from the site ubuntu.com they show me .img file02:40
_u2pop_wtf is .img02:40
padd1U can use the same thing02:40
padd1it's sorta like an iso02:40
Paddy_NIThere are no img files on ubuntu.com02:40
padd1just use a normal burning tool02:40
padd1usually it's .iso02:40
Paddy_NIimg is not used on ubuntu.com at all02:41
_u2pop_Download URL: http://releases.ubuntu.com/jaunty/ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img02:41
_u2pop_Ubuntu Edition: Ubuntu 9.04 netbook-remix02:41
_u2pop_Computer Platform: i38602:41
_u2pop_Download Location: http://releases.ubuntu.com/02:41
FloodBot3_u2pop_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
_u2pop_is .img02:41
padd1k, that's netbook remix02:42
padd1if ur using a normal laptop, use the desktop edition02:42
_u2pop_i want a ubuntu for laptop then02:42
padd1netbook remix is for small screens02:42
_u2pop_then i dont need to download it :P02:42
Paavi2_0_u2pop_: pick the normal .iso unless you want to for some reason or other install the netbook remix02:42
_u2pop_i have the desktop too02:42
durandoi have ubuntu 9.04 64bit host and cannot make vmware workstation work with alsa sound, i have tried a few different methods of getting the alsa-oss wrapper to work.  Anyone have suggestions?02:43
Paddy_NInetbook remix is for.. netbooks :P02:43
padd1unless U have a slow or old laptop02:43
Paavi2_0!u | padd102:43
ubottupadd1: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.02:43
_u2pop_so i can use the desktop ubuntu for a normal laptop02:43
_u2pop_cool then02:43
padd1anyone help me with a broken dependency?02:44
uknownis there a way to see if my drivers are installed correctly02:44
centinulHas anyone successfully gotten the VT6656 USB WiFi working on Jaunty?02:44
padd1was installing kubuntu into ubuntu02:44
johnliu"E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"02:44
padd1and now, my kdelibs-data is gone02:44
_Space_Case__u2pop_: i have ubuntu on my laptop works just fine02:44
johnliuhow to deal with it?02:44
padd1and, it gets a dpkg error when trying to process installing the package:02:45
mfillpotDasEi: The problem was not with the config, the uuid is not needed.02:45
padd1E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs-data_4%3a3.5.10.dfsg.1-1ubuntu8_all.deb: corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive02:45
padd1how can I get the file kdelibs-data?02:45
padd1I've tried deleting the file and reinstalling02:45
gogetapadd the files bad02:46
DasEimfillpot: you solved it ?02:46
gogetapadd1: sudo apt-get clean02:46
padd1cool thanks mate02:46
mfillpotDasEi: The problem was that I forgot to create a symlink from the /boot/boot/ dir to the /boot/ubuntu directory02:46
gogetaso it redownloads\02:46
padd1I'll try02:46
padd1I get this error, gogeta:02:47
mfillpotDasEi: eventhough the boot partition is rederenced I still has to make referenced from with the directory to a /boot/ subdirectory02:47
padd1E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs-data_4%3a3.5.10.dfsg.1-1ubuntu8_all.deb: corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive02:47
padd1wait, soz02:47
padd1wrong one02:47
DasEimfillpot: or give the correct root=/dev/ident02:47
padd1gogeta: E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)02:47
padd1E: Unable to lock the download directory02:47
mfillpotDasEi: I had all of the correct partition entries02:47
the-vavawhat is the initram ?02:47
dmbis there a way to see why a kernel paniced?02:48
dmbafter rebooting?02:48
gogetapadd1: spmethings using atp02:48
padd1oh synaptic02:48
padd1one sec02:48
DasEimfillpot: if I got you right, you have two /boot ,slack and fedora (ore even more), this and the entry for / have to be correct02:49
padd1gogeta: thanks, it's redownloading02:49
DasEimfillpot: fedora zz ubuntu*02:50
mfillpotDasEi: Do you want to see the entire menu.lst entry to understand the build?02:50
DasEimfillpot: is it working ? sure02:51
brummbaerevening all!02:51
padd1k, worked. Thanks so much Gogeta02:51
necroforestIs there some way of disabling the capability of locking the Linux audio driver?02:52
brummbaeri've got a strange issue, trying to ping anything from my box > err msg: "ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted"  i've already confirmed i've setuid root on the executable, anybody know where else to look?02:52
necroforestI have this constant problem with Firefox (specifically Flash) and Amarok having sound driver wars.02:52
mfillpotDasEi: It is working like a charm, but I am back in slackware64-current now.  Here is the list: http://pastebin.ca/149965502:52
the-vavanecroforest: one does not play sound? one crashes?02:53
necroforestthe-vava, if i play a flash video and then start amarok, it complains it can't open the sound device02:53
necroforestI have to kill firefox and restart amarok02:53
the-vavanecroforest, are you using pulseaudio, oss or alsa?02:54
chs200123Tonight is my first night ever trying linux. I tried to install and cannot get past this error: GRUB Loading stage1.5. Grub Loading, please wait... Error 202:54
necroforestif i have amarok playing and start firefox, i have to kill amarok and firefox and restart firefox to play a flash video02:54
chs200123anyone know what this is?02:54
chs200123Im running a raid with mediashield02:54
sebsebsebchs200123: oh02:54
necroforestIt's Intel HD audio (ICH10), if that matters02:54
eggenz7trying to get ubuntu minimal to load on a dell poweredge 2500....cd boots up..but after the kernel loads the system freezes..says loading initrd.gz .........................................ready. then a blinking cursor02:55
=== hairybeetle is now known as Tetracomm
mfillpotDasEi: I am cleaning out the old commented test entries from my file now.02:55
sebsebsebchs200123: you can  Google and find out what error 2 is,  but  the bot stuff might also be useful02:56
DasEimfillpot: heh, that's cruel ;-), I once set up a mutliboot (xp, ubu8.04, 8.10) but then seperated the /boot as own partis before, you used subdirs ?02:56
sebsebseb!grub |  chs20012302:56
ubottuchs200123: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:56
chs200123can anyonebot stuff?02:56
the-vavanecroforest, i have the same problems. rhythmbox can't playback if vlc is running or other programs make problems with the audio drivers. i wonder when those problems will be gone forever.. wish..02:56
=== Tetracomm is now known as hairybeetle
necroforestso annoying02:57
chs200123ok, ill give it a shot, thanks02:57
mfillpotDasEi: I used subdirs, so that I can copy the updated /boot/ files from each OS into an independent directory rather than risking name conflicts and overwritten files02:57
necroforestthere's really no good reason i can think of to have an exclusive lock on the sound device anyways02:57
necroforestthe-vava, what sound card do you have?02:57
syockitIs there a page explaining how files are sorted according filenames i.e. filename order rules? I can't comprehend why 1.txt comes after [2].txt but before [a].txt02:57
reaperdoes anyone know how to get ubuntu to reconize xd card readers?02:57
DasEimfillpot: you did that with the textinstaller ?02:58
sebsebsebchs200123: someone else Googled for you, when I  told him about this.   stage 2 error 2  2 : Bad file or directory type  This error is returned if a file requested is not a regular file, but something like a symbolic link, directory, or FIFO.02:58
blahblahluca: it's the guy with the servo problem. Even when calling fflush() it still won't work02:58
eggenz7what the some of the causing of the kernel hanging on a live cd?02:58
jrhicks_help installing vnc server02:58
sebsebseb!vnc |  jrhicks_02:58
ubottujrhicks_: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:58
blahblahim sure the data is getting there since the led is blinking02:58
mfillpotDasEi: I installed grub manually and told it to use the files and list off of the /boot partition, then manually edited the file structure and menu.lst file02:59
chs200123sebsebseb: im not really sure what all that means, but thank you02:59
DasEi!bootoptions | eggenz702:59
ubottueggenz7: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions02:59
mfillpotDasEi: It seems to be the easiest and cleanest way to maintain multiple installations02:59
sebsebsebchs200123: yeah me either, or him03:00
mfillpotDasEi: also since grub is reading the file rather than and mbr immage I am edit the menu.lst file from any OS and the changes are immediate03:00
swoodycan anyone help me to get multiple video cards to work in Ubuntu? Currently it will give me a CLI login screen, and it won't start anything graphical with two cards installed??03:00
DasEimfillpot: this what I like uuids for, that recent system was totally crypted and I used an external (non grub) bootloader03:00
sebsebsebchs200123: maybe  the  /boot/grub  stuff has been installed in a werid place,   which also means your menu.lst is,   or simpally the  menu.lst entrys aren't detecing your partition properly03:00
the-vavanecroforest, Intel HD Audio Controller (ICH8 Family)03:00
necroforesthmm, could be a driver issue03:01
arandmfillpot: from the grub manual error two is "This error is returned if a file requested is not a regular file, but something like a symbolic link, directory, or FIFO."03:01
chs200123im wondering if this has something to do with my raid configuration03:01
mfillpotDasEi: I was forced to move from lilo to grub because my HD mbr is too small to hold a lilo image03:01
sebsebsebchs200123: http://www.ubuntuforums.org is also good by the way03:01
edbianmfillpot: lilo is old news anyways ;)03:01
mfillpotarand: I knew that it could not find something that was needed, I was jsut too slow to figure out that it is due to a missing symlink.03:02
sebsebsebchs200123: well it's a Grub error so it's not exactly distro specific and so  ##linux could be useful the general Linux channal03:02
DasEimfillpot: a little more geeky that, especially if fs messes up under encryption, is what I like separate partitons for (is only one sys in the worse)03:02
mfillpotedbian: I prefer lilo for the simplicity03:02
jrhicks_is there a native firewall on ubuntu desktop?03:02
EvolutionXtincthey guys i'm having a issue with my eth0. for some reason it can not ping outside my network. I can ping other systems in my network segment, my resolv.conf and interfaces.conf files are setup correctly but still can't ping03:02
jrhicks_or better yet; what is the command to find a running firewall?03:02
willmjrhicks are yo03:02
mfillpotDasEi: only my home partition is encrypted, the others are not necessary on a home system03:02
sebsebsebchs200123: well  I expect it's something to do with how your RAID is set up03:03
jrhicks_willm ?03:03
willmjrhicks are you talking about iptables?03:03
willmsorry my computer is screwy03:03
EvolutionXtincthey guys i'm having a issue with my eth0. for some reason it can not ping outside my network. I can ping other systems in my network segment, my resolv.conf and interfaces.conf files are setup correctly but still can't ping03:03
arandmfillpot: ah, didn't realise you'd already solved it :)03:03
arandEvolutionXtinct: can you browse to them?03:04
jrhicks_willm px -x | grep iptable does not return anything03:04
EvolutionXtincti am connected via SSH to the box from another box03:04
mfillpotarand: the problem was PEBKAC, the issue was fixed with ln -s03:04
jrhicks_willm oops .... ps -x | grep iptable does not reutnr anything03:04
EvolutionXtinctso it see's internal but not external03:04
willmok let me look for a second03:04
jrhicks_willm thx03:04
DasEimfillpot: intersting thought to bring additional os'es in /boot - subdir, would never have thought of that03:05
n2diywhy would my RSA key change?03:06
EvolutionXtinctarand do you havce any other ideas?03:06
mfillpotDasEi: I have been working with Linux for quite a while and have dealt with many issues, the best tools you have are good organization in the FS and config files03:06
willmI did find a man page for iptables03:06
mfillpotDasEi: Now do you understand the partition setup on my system?03:06
EvolutionXtinctargh! any ideas :( i don't know why its having this issue anyway to totally flush its DNS enteries03:08
willm@jrhicks: you can also have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:08
DasEimfillpot: think so at least, you'are root in menu-lst first view confuses (uuid of ubuntu><erm, same /??) , but sure, that's /boot , ubu is in subdir03:08
EvolutionXtinctanyone got any ideas?03:08
|ckosloff|anybody know how to install wireless driver ath9k in jaunty?03:09
mfillpotDasEi: If you are interested in looking, the tree output for my boot partition is in pastebin   http://pastebin.ca/149966603:10
willm@Evolution: have you checked the firewall to make sure that things aren't being blocked?03:10
gogetamfillpot: lol slack03:10
EvolutionXtincti don't believe its enabled, its a dekiwiki ubuntu VM image, but the resolv.conf and interfaces file looked correct03:11
EvolutionXtinctbut it has been working, just moved things over to a new network IP scheme03:11
brummbaer*additional info re: previous question, i tried restoring the original /etc/sysctl.conf file, as i'd made some security mods... no good. on the other hand, if i flush IPTables, with 'sudo iptables -f' i can ping out w/ no err.03:11
mfillpotslack is my preferred, but I am installing ubuntu so I can help some ubuntu users in my LUG with their problems.03:11
gogetamfillpot: why you whant linux hard mode03:12
willm@Evolution: did you change anything inside the vm when you changed to ip scheme?03:12
necroforestwhat's wrong with slackware?03:12
|ckosloff|anybody can help with wireless?03:12
mfillpotgogeta: I like knowing that I have full control of my system and that all installed apps and libraries are unmodified03:13
bthompso1hey guys i had an nvida video card and install an ATI card....to get dual monitors...i boot up and it can't display the screen this is an older higher end AGP card...im only on a p4 system...so it should have a driver..03:13
gogetanecroforest: knothing03:13
bthompso1how do i set the new card up..im running in low graphics mode now.03:13
jrhicks_can I monitor the firewall03:13
abstortedminds1does 9.04 server come with X/Gnome by default or is that optional?03:13
willm@jrhicks: you should be able to03:13
mfillpotabstortedminds1: in server GUi is optional03:14
Bookmanhow to troubleshoot the audio on this site: http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/apollo11_radio/03:14
abstortedminds1k well i need to install VMware server on it, so its basically an option i can check to put GUI on it?03:14
willm@jrhicks: I haven't used iptables in a while so I don't know of any programs that will do it, but I think that there is a gui program03:14
chrisn2323can someone help me with my wireless problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7639118#post763911803:14
jrhicks_I'm getting ... "can't open file '/home/owner/.Xresources'03:15
Brian__can someone tell me how i can run microsoft office 2007 in ubuntu03:15
DasEimfillpot: nice overview, I'd do exteneded and subpartitions, where needed and track them with labels(names) and uuid, a blkid would help my rusty brain in a convienent manner then, too03:15
chrisn2323u cant03:15
jrhicks_when I run /home/owner/.vnc/xstartup03:15
gogetaBookman: i think only mplayer withh the mozilla plugin and w32codecs can do wma03:15
chrisn2323Brian__ openoffice is a nice alternative03:15
chrisn2323you cant run msoffice though03:15
willm@jrhicks: I am not sure with that, I don't know that much about the firewall, sorry03:15
Brian__open office doesn't work03:15
_u2pop_guys if i have the cd ubuntu 7.0403:15
Brian__it crashed03:15
sebsebsebchrisn2323: you can run Microsoft Office most of it03:16
Bookmangogeta: how to install that?03:16
_u2pop_how can i upgrade to 9.04 in terminal ?03:16
chrisn2323explain Brian__03:16
chrisn2323you could also use abiword too03:16
Brian__openoffice frequently crashes03:16
Brian__is slow03:16
chrisn2323hmm it doesnt for me03:16
Brian__and has tons of bugs03:16
Brian__abiword doesn't open new office files03:16
sebsebsebBrian__: might need to configure it a litlte not sure,  but  you can do Office 200703:16
mneptokBrian__: MS-Office will be slower03:16
DasEimfillpot: k, let's not go too far ot here, good to know you solved it, nice lesson :)03:16
jrhicks_thanks willm for the try :)03:16
willmjrhicks: NP03:16
sebsebsebBrian__: give KOffice a try as well, if your having issues with Open Office03:17
_u2pop_guys if i have the cd ubuntu 7.0403:17
_u2pop_how can i upgrade to 9.04 in terminal ?03:17
mfillpotDasEi: Thanks for your help. ;)03:17
gogetaBookman: http://www.medibuntu.org/ add that repo then install mplayer mplayer-plugin and w32codecs03:17
mfillpotnow to install a few useful tools in ubuntu03:17
sebsebseb_u2pop_: first you have to upgrade  to  7.10,  then you can upgrade to 8.0403:17
sebsebseb_u2pop_: then you would have to upgrade to 8.10  and then to 9.0403:17
willm@_u2pop: I don't know if you can do the double hop03:17
sebsebseb_u2pop_: 8.04 is the long term support  now a 8.04.303:18
gogetaBookman: i found the vlc plugin not to rely work03:18
chrisn2323halp please03:18
sebsebseb_u2pop_: LTS's can be upgraded to the next one,  but  otherwise you got to go through all the releases03:18
sebsebseb_u2pop_: you can upgrade an LTS to a later LTS, but you can't upgrade a  standard non LTS  release  to just any later version03:18
Sinisterwhy isnt there a menu for lxde to move and copy files ? and if there is why cant i find it ?03:18
_u2pop_so is much better to download the iso03:19
_u2pop_and finish problem hehe03:19
bthompso1how do i set the new card up..im running in low graphics mode now.03:19
sirninjaI'm trying to reverse the scrolling on my touchpad, but I want the scrolling on my mouse to stay the same. I've managed to reverse both with .Xmodmap, how would I set different 'pointer=blah' for my touchpad and my mouse?03:19
C-00000100when i boot up, log in and it tells me that my user's home is not owned by my user, and then i cant access anything, i open a term and sudo -i and chown -R username:usergroup /home/username  and it tells me "permission denied",,,, any help out there?03:19
rufuscureWhats the difference between an FTP server, and HTTP server03:19
chrisn2323rufuscure servers that implement a different protocol03:19
sebsebseb_u2pop_: I guess so yeah,  and by the way 8.10 in certain ways is better than 9.04,  and once 9.10 is released at the end of October, many people will be clearn installing Ubuntu for the Ext4 which will be default :)   and got to clean install for full support03:19
willm@chrisn2323: Have you tried to talk to the debian irc folks yet?03:20
chrisn2323bthompso1 post your xorg.conf03:20
chrisn2323yes willm non responsive03:20
rufuscureI'd like to setup a server on ubuntu which I could log in to using telnet on my windows pc03:20
rufuscurewould that be FTP or HTTP03:20
thiebaude_u2pop_: unless ppl have 9.04 with ext4 already03:20
chrisn2323use ssh rufuscure03:20
MrPiracywhere are xchat config files located?03:20
rufuscureok i'll check it out03:20
willm@chrisn2323: let me look at this for a minute and see what I can see03:21
dpupphelp.... i need help editing my menu.lst for booting windows and linux... I dont know what to put for root... hd0,0 or hd0,1 ?. .. im confused.03:21
gogetaBookman: its mozilla-mplayer not mplayer-plugin03:21
Paavi2_0rufuscure: telnet is utterly unrecommended03:21
sebsebsebthiebaude _u2pop   which is really for  more experienced users that know what they are doing, in case something goes wrong03:21
_u2pop_k cool03:21
rufuscurea telnet like program03:21
thiebaudesebsebseb: very true03:21
chrisn2323yes rufuscure use sshd on your linux box and putty on your windows one03:21
n2diy! dns03:21
ubottuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.03:21
_u2pop_when will be the 9.10 ?03:21
sebsebseb_u2pop_: 9.04 isn't 100%  stable in 9.04 or whatever03:21
bthompso1chrisn2323: i pasted03:21
rufuscureI want to log in to my ubuntu pc using a terminal from another pc basically03:21
sebsebseb_u2pop_: end of October like I already said03:21
Paavi2_0rufuscure: ssh is perfect for that03:22
rufuscureok apt-get install ssh?03:22
_u2pop_but if i download the 9.04 i can upgrade to 9.10 with no problem right?03:22
sebsebseb_u2pop_: 9.04 isn't 100% stable in 9.04???  I meant to put Ext403:22
chrisn2323bthompso1 try running nvidia -xconfig in your terminal03:22
chrisn2323sshd rufuscure03:22
thiebaude_u2pop_: it could be risky03:22
bthompso1chrisn2323: its an ati card03:22
Paavi2_0rufuscure: ssh is already installed, install sshd03:22
bthompso1chrisn2323: i had an nvida03:22
chrisn2323then why is nvidia your driver bthompso103:22
willm@chrisn2323: I would have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83280903:22
chrisn2323that might be your problem03:22
chrisn2323change drivers03:22
MrPiracywhere are xchat config files located?03:23
bthompso1chrisn2323: how?03:23
thiebaude_u2pop_: 9.10 is still in delvelopement03:23
Bookmangogeta: I have installed mozilla-mplayer, still no sound.  A playback bar comes up, just does not playback03:23
DasEirufuscure: ftp and http are different protocolls, for what you want put an ssh server on the lin box and use putty on windows-side03:23
sebsebseb_u2pop_:  upgrading well  people need to clean install for full Ext4 support as I already said, because the  Ext3 to  Ext4 conversion isn't good enough03:23
chrisn2323install the ati one bthompso1 and tell xorg to use it03:23
gogetaBookman: didd you install w32codecs03:23
dpuppCan someone help me restore grub? i installed windows after linux and it mucked things up a bit. Im following a set of instructions, but im not sure what i need to replace with my own info instead of the tutorials info. Im stuck and making a "windows Stanza" .... help?03:23
arand_u2pop_: Since 9.10 is not out of alpha it is per definition *problem*03:23
_u2pop_but there are no beta for 9.1003:23
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:23
bthompso1chrisn2323: how do you do that03:23
_u2pop_for download it03:23
Paavi2_0rufuscure: the package is called openssh-server if i remember correctly03:23
sebsebseb_u2pop_: there's alpha2 at the moment, and I woudn't recommend it to you03:23
chrisn2323bthompso1 which version of ubuntu do you have03:23
MrPiracydpupp, can u boot with the live cd?03:24
Paavi2_0!info openssh-server03:24
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.1p1-5ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 278 kB, installed size 764 kB03:24
_u2pop_k fine03:24
bthompso1chrisn2323: 9.0403:24
thiebaude_u2pop_: i have to agree with sebsebseb03:24
DasEimfillpot: ubuntu-tools ?03:24
sebsebseb_u2pop_: infact alpha2 can't even be dual booted with  other OS's at the moment as far as I know03:24
_u2pop_so i will download the 9.04 then in octuber i will upgrade to 9.1003:24
chrisn2323bthompso1 there should be a program that installs hardware drivers03:24
chrisn2323its in some menu in gnome03:24
bthompso1chrisn2323: i tried it didn't find anything03:24
sebsebseb_u2pop_: or  just do 8.04 for now 8.04.3  upgrade to it03:24
chrisn2323then do sudo apt-get install nameofatidriver03:24
dpuppMrPiracy, yeah i can boot with live cd and even without, but my options are wrong.03:24
sebsebseb_u2pop_: and  the  8.04  to 8.10  upgrade could be risky,  since  I have lost Internet connection after doing this, as well as other people03:25
_u2pop_seb but if i download 8.04.3 i can upgrade to 9.10 in october ?03:25
MrPiracydpupp, oh, u want to restore grub's default options?03:25
arandsebsebseb: is that grub2 issues? (Since I dual-boot happily so far...)03:25
bthompso1chrisn2323: how doyou know what the name of it is.03:25
dpuppi want to restore grub, and add windows as a boot option.03:25
sebsebsebarand: it was in the alpha2 notes, not sure how up to date they keep that03:25
Bookmangogeta: yes, w32codecs installed03:26
sebsebseb_u2pop_: you won't be able to upgrade  8.04.3  to  9.10, but you could wait for 10.04  April  2010,  and then upgrade directly from 8.04.3  to 10.0403:26
MrPiracydpupp, boot into linux and manually edit /boot/grub/menu.lst03:26
arand_u2pop_: well you will still have to go at it in three steps.03:26
dpuppMrPiracy, right now, i tried restoring grub, but now it dont see windows... and i tried adding windows,  but it wont load it. it gives an error and throws me back at the grub menu.03:26
chrisn2323willm i dont have 2 wireless cards...03:26
sebsebseb_u2pop_: ,but I already gave you a reason to clean install once 9.10 is out, so  you won't do that03:26
dpuppMrPiracy, thats what im trying now.03:26
n2diychrisn2323: Following your qso with rufuscure, makes me think you might be able to help me? I'm using grsync and ssh to do backups. Just now, I got a host key verification error, the RSA host key has changed? Google tells me this could be because my DNS or ip address changed? I checked my ip address, and it is the same, can I check my dns address? How would I tell ssh about the new DNS?03:26
willmOk Let me look again03:26
dpuppMrPiracy, but i dont know how to edit that file.03:27
_u2pop_so is much better me to download 9.04 then in october upgrade to 9.10 and done03:27
MrPiracydpupp, there are several examples on how to boot a windows partition from grub03:27
chrisn2323n2diy go into your router settings and give youself a static ip address03:27
sebsebseb_u2pop_: upgrade to 8.04.3  run that for now,  clean install when 9.10 is out :)03:27
MrPiracydpupp, are u on linux?03:27
_u2pop_because that removing a installing and upgrading and steps03:27
chrisn2323n2diy then configure your internet to use it03:27
thiebaudethe next desktop LTS will be april 201103:27
dpuppno, im in windows now on my desktop. i dont know a good irc client for linux03:27
dpuppMrPiracy, no, im in windows now on my desktop. i dont know a good irc client for linux03:27
chrisn2323dpupp try xchat03:28
_u2pop_seb i have the cd 7.0403:28
MrPiracydpupp, try xChat, it's the best for me03:28
sebsebseb_u2pop_: you can do an Internet upgrade to 7.10, and then from that to 8.04.303:28
_u2pop_7.04 to 8.04 then upgrade to 8.04.303:28
gogetaBookman: its buffering for me03:28
arandbthompso1: hardware drivers, under system > admin menu03:28
dpuppMrPiracy,  is it free?03:28
MrPiracydpupp, so all u need is to get to edit grub config file?03:28
willmchrisn2323: what happens if you try to connect without security enabled?03:28
sebsebseb_u2pop_: I thought you had 7.04 already installed?03:28
MrPiracydpupp, yes, it's in synaptics03:28
Bookmangogeta: funny, works on another Ubuntu 9.04machine, no issues03:28
chrisn2323i dont know willm03:29
bthompso1arand: then what nothing in there03:29
chrisn2323i have wpa enabled03:29
gogetaBookman: if you have the vlc plugin installed it whont work03:29
willmI would try that then03:29
chrisn2323and im not going to change it03:29
arandthiebaude: is it clearly defined (whole issue of maybe sync with debian etc...) ?03:29
dpuppMrPiracy, yeah, i just want to add windows as a boot option. it used to just boot windows. but then i restopred grub... and then it would just boot linux. i want it to offer me the choice between the two with a 10 second count down.03:29
Bookmangogeta: I have VLC plugin on the other machine that works03:29
thiebaudearand: yea, i heard about that03:29
willmchrisn2323: that way we can get a base for whether or not it is working03:29
chrisn2323the point is it should be working regardless03:30
gogetaBookman: i tryed with vlc it didnt do anything03:30
MrPiracydpupp, get back to linux, go to terminal and type sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst03:30
sebsebseb_u2pop_: oh lost you?   I thought you had 7.04 already instaleld03:30
EvolutionXtinctargh not sure why this box can't see the internet03:30
EvolutionXtinctall other boxes do.03:30
u2popseb not yet03:30
u2popi just have the cd03:30
arandbthompso1: if you started that thing and it shows nothing, it means no hardware which needs those drivers are detected....03:30
sebsebseb_u2pop_: oh you don't hve Ubuntu installed at all?03:30
MrPiracydpupp, a text editor will pop up showing u this file, it's acctually the menu grub will use to display03:30
gogetaBookman: just said wating03:30
MrPiracydpupp, u can manually edit and insert ur windows partition03:30
u2popmy another pc yes but is 9.0403:30
sebsebsebu2pop: well in that case  get yourself an 8.10 or 9.04  CD and install that03:30
n2diychrisn2323: ok, do I need to check with my isp about this, I'm not sure if I need DHCP or not?03:31
u2popso i want to install to my laptop03:31
BookmanMine says Playing 0:00 (Streaming)03:31
sebsebsebu2pop: did you ever do 8.10?03:31
MrPiracydpupp, it has some samples in the file, u can just uncomment them03:31
Bookmangogeta: sorry....Mine says Playing 0:00 (Streaming)03:31
chrisn2323n2diy is this on your lan?03:31
sebsebsebu2pop: ok well makes sense to have one with 9.04   for now and the other with 8.10,  and then  clean install both once 9.10 is out03:31
dpuppMrPiracy, i tried uncommenting them but it gives an error when i try selecting the option at boot time.03:31
dpuppMrPiracy, do i need to move the uncommented text to the very bottom of the file?03:32
MrPiracydpupp, u probably didnt put the right parameters, can u pastebin ur menu.lst file?03:32
dpuppactually fighting to get my system online as well... but first i want to fix os.03:32
dpuppMrPiracy,  actually fighting to get my system online as well... but first i want to fix os.03:32
MrPiracydpupp, if u move it to the bottom, it will appear last03:32
n2diychrisn2323: yes, a cable modem connected to a four port wireless router.03:32
u2popwhere can i download the 8.10 ?03:32
chrisn2323then dont contact your isp n2diy03:33
chrisn2323log into your router03:33
bruenigu2pop: you can always dist-upgrade03:33
sebsebsebu2pop: i'll get you the link, also before burning the ISO you should md5sum the CD03:33
chrisn2323set a static ip for your computer03:33
chrisn2323port forward necessary ports03:33
sebsebsebbruenig: he dosan't have Ubuntu on the computer he is installing on yet03:33
u2popmd5sum for what?03:33
ShawncHello, can someone help me please? I get this error when ever I try to apt-get install stuff (http://pastebin.ca/1499686), then when I do the apt-get -f install like it says I get an error too (http://pastebin.ca/1499685), What can I do to fix this?03:33
chrisn2323then configure your linux box03:33
chrisn2323to use static and not dhcp03:33
MrPiracydpupp, opitionally u can install windows drivers to access ur linux partition and edit the file from windows where u have internet access03:33
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:33
sebsebsebu2pop: if you want to upgrade the 8.10  to 9.04 later you can, but  I think great idea to have 8.10 on one  and 9.04 on the other,  and as I already said clean install both once 9.10 is out03:33
deweyI asked this a few nights ago and didnt get an answer. I just installed ubuntu 9.04 and the keyboard/mouse works fine but as soon as i 'startx' neither are responsive. what could cause this ?03:34
bthompso1arand: now what03:34
dpuppMrPiracy, i get error 13: invalid or unsupported executabke format.. press any key.03:34
bruenigu2pop: should probably get both on the latest version03:34
sebsebseb!md5sum |  u2pop03:34
ubottuu2pop: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more03:34
u2popk fine03:34
MrPiracydpupp, what r u trying to do?03:34
sebsebsebbruenig: I disagree, since 8.10 is better than 9.04 in certain ways :)03:34
dpuppi put the example at the start of where all the other boot options show... uncommended. and just rebooted. nothing else edited.03:35
n2diychrisn2323: ok, this sounds like a project that shouldn't be tackled at this time of night, thanks for the info.03:35
u2popand what happens with 9.04 ?03:35
dpuppMrPiracy,  i put the example at the start of where all the other boot options show... uncommended. and just rebooted. nothing else edited.03:35
bruenigwell then, he has two different opinions03:35
sabily_i need editor python on ubuntu03:35
sebsebsebbruenig: and he can do a clean install of both computers  with Ubuntu 9.10 when that's out03:35
u2poptoo many bugs?03:35
ShawncHello, can someone help me please? I get this error when ever I try to apt-get install stuff (http://pastebin.ca/1499686), then when I do the apt-get -f install like it says I get an error too (http://pastebin.ca/1499685), What can I do to fix this?03:35
bruenigsebsebseb: clean installing in 3 months is obnoxious03:35
bruenigsebsebseb: who wants to go through and tinker and reconfigure everything in 3 months right after you have finished03:36
MrPiracydpupp, which window version? do you know the partition number it is?03:36
sebsebsebbruenig: no it's  a good thing to do since Ext4 is the default file system :)  better than Ext303:36
thiebaudebruenig: installing evething all over again03:36
gogetaBookman: strange enough vlc fails on me03:36
bruenigthiebaude: do what now03:36
dpuppMrPiracy, if i choose the second option, it loads linux fine... but nothing with windows yet. what are the 0,0 and 0,1 numbers for?03:36
gogetaBookman: just sits at wating for video03:37
MrPiracydpupp, the first number is the drive number (if you only have one drive, it will be hd003:37
MrPiracydpupp, the second is the partittion number03:37
Bookmangogeta: on this machine with the sound issue I do not have mozilla-plugin-vlc installed03:37
thiebaudebruenig: the bad thing about a clean install is installing evrything again for me03:37
bruenigthiebaude: yes indeed03:37
bruenigthiebaude: I agree03:37
u2popseb thanks03:37
thiebaudebut i've done many clean installs before03:38
sebsebsebu2pop: I'll be clear on something,  with Ubuntu it's not about what is the latest, it's about what is supported,   and  8.10 is still good and supported untill April next year on the desktop,  of course  you  will have 9.10 before that anyway I expect03:38
thiebaudeand dual boots03:38
MrPiracydpupp, lets say your first partitition is linux and ur second is windows .... then ur windows grub command should be root (hd0,1) ... "1" is because the partition numbering starts with 003:38
server_I have a big problem guys please help: I was trying to resize my harddrive with gui, then I guess I made a mistake in some configuration. when I start the PC grub was not working correctly. how can I can have my data back? I had 2 partiion in that machine xp and ubuntu 9.4. I have the ubuntu Cd inserted on the computer I just need instruction. Thank you in advance03:38
u2popthat right03:38
zenlunaticthiebaude, you can use synaptic to reload all your software on a clean ubuntu install03:38
MrPiracydpupp, in this case, ur linux partition is (hd0,0) and your windows partition is (hd0,1)03:38
dpuppMrPiracy, i will switch to 0,1 and reboot.03:38
thiebaudesebsebseb: support is a big deal, i agree03:38
zenlunaticthiebaude, msg me if you want me to teach you03:38
Shawnchi can someone help me please?03:38
DasEiShawnc: when did this occur ?03:38
bruenig!ask | Shawnc03:39
ubottuShawnc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:39
Shawncah thanks03:39
n2diyWhy would df show usb devices that aren't plugged in? I did have trouble umounting them, and just pulled them when I thought they were done being written to.03:39
thiebaudezenlunatic: yep, or apt-get install03:39
juanbondHey guys, is there a way for me in Ubuntu to execute an exe file which basically extracts an ISO image?03:39
Shawncbruenig: I have asked my question 2 times, I think  I can say can someone help me.03:39
MrPiracydpupp,  u can try that ... the other commands are default for windows ... just makeactive then  chainloader +103:39
DasEi!wine | juanbond03:39
ubottujuanbond: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:39
ShawncInstead of repeating myself, thank you very much.03:39
juanbondI'm trying to get the vhd files from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=21EABB90-958F-4B64-B5F1-73D0A413C8EF&displaylang=en#filelist03:39
gogetaBookman: humm03:39
server_no help at all03:39
bruenig!repeat | Shawnc03:39
ubottuShawnc: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:39
dpuppMrPiracy, uh-oh... now its going straight to windows without asking me what to load.03:39
gogetaBookman: sounds workin fine on mplayer03:39
sebsebsebu2pop: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/  and  the code you compare the md5sum check to  http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/MD5SUMS03:39
gogetaBookman: listing to it noww03:40
ShawncDasEi: around 2 seconds before I posted it03:40
zenlunaticthiebaude, you know about "save markings" in synaptic?03:40
ShawncSo around 5 minutes ago.03:40
Bookmangogeta: No problem....03:40
jduserver_, so you can either try to reinstall grub from a livecd and/or copy of the files you want and reinstall; which do you prefer?03:40
thiebaudezenlunatic: no i haven't03:40
ShawncHello, can someone help me please? I get this error when ever I try to apt-get install stuff (http://pastebin.ca/1499686), then when I do the apt-get -f install like it says I get an error too (http://pastebin.ca/1499685), What can I do to fix this? <-- 5 minutes ago.03:40
MrPiracydpupp, set a timer ... at the begining of the file it has a commented line for the timeout setting03:40
DasEiShawnc: heh, did you try an install, or an update ?03:40
thiebaudezenlunatic: and i've been using ubuntu for 4 yrs,lol03:40
server_jdu how can I do that can you help me please03:40
zenlunaticthiebaude, go to file->save markings then reinsall ubuntu and use that file it will install all packages on your wiped install to your new install03:41
sebsebsebu2pop: and  obviously you keep your data backed up and that, and  clean installing  Ubuntu  with 9.10,  won't be a big deal when it's time03:41
server_jdu I have live cd inserted what do I have to do at this point ?03:41
thiebaudezenlunatic: ok, thanks mate03:41
zenlunaticthiebaude, no need to do it manually03:41
MrPiracydpupp, hehe, but now u go straight to windows. i think u'll have to boot from the live cd and edit the file form it03:41
jduserver_, well, with regard to fixing the grub problem, I suggest finding an online tutorial.03:41
sebsebseb!md5sum >  u2pop03:41
ubottuu2pop, please see my private message03:41
zenlunaticthiebaude, np03:41
thiebaudei'll write that down03:41
zenlunaticjust read that one on a blog03:41
dpuppMrPiracy, i hit esc and it popped up with a list to choose.03:41
FlynsarmyAnyone know how to enable firebug for all sites for all time?03:42
dpuppMrPiracy,  almost there....03:42
server_jdu: thank you I'm on it03:42
debac1ehow do I change default file associations? e.g. I want double-clicking xml files in nautilus to open in an editor rather than firefox03:42
MrPiracydpupp, apparently all u need is the timer now03:42
jduserver_, to get your files, you should simply use the file browser to mount the hard drive partitions and get what you want off of them to back up (assuming you have have another drive)03:42
Bookmangogeta: Just hopeless on this machine I guess03:42
ShawncSorry, Disconnected.03:42
ShawncDidn't mean too :P03:42
u2popk i see the md5sum03:42
MisterK85Hey all, trying to setup an older laptop for my father (who, literally, can Blue Screen a Microwave)... is there an easy way. Its an older Toshiba w/ 96MB RAM, 4GB drive, and a AMD K-6 @ 333MHz.03:42
arandserver_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:42
u2popthanks for your help sebsebseb03:42
sebsebsebu2pop: the codes need to be the same03:42
MrPiracydpupp, ohhh and dont forget to put the title before the windows boot commands ... each option needs a title03:42
sebsebsebu2pop: for a good ISO and np03:42
ShawncDasEi: What were you saying?03:43
thiebaudezenlunatic: so, when i clean install 9.10 i just go back into synaptic ?03:43
dpuppMrPiracy, how do i add the timer?03:43
thiebaudeafter saving03:43
DasEiShawnc: did you try an install, or an update ?03:43
u2popyes i read that on md5 site03:43
Bookmangogeta: hey, I just installed VLC plugin and it just started working.  Still says waiting for video, but playing sound just fine.03:43
zenlunaticthiebaude, yeah03:43
jduMisterK85, puppy linux?03:43
thiebaudegreat, i better save it now03:43
ShawncWhat do you mean?03:43
MisterK85jdu: whats the sys reqs?03:43
MrPiracydpupp, just add timeout1003:43
ShawncI tried an install like yesterday when I got that error first...03:43
zenlunaticthiebaude, not sure about configs though... like i don'[t know if you'll have to reconfig stuff03:43
MrPiracydpupp, at the begining of the file03:43
jduMisterK85, about that.  but it more user friendly than others with lower system requirements03:44
arandMisterK85: yes, ubuntu or any derivative will have a hard time on that one...03:44
sebsebsebu2pop: oh  another idea  you could do that Ubuntu 9.04  KDE 3  remix CD :)   then you  got the older and better KDE 3  on one computer,  and   Ubuntu's edited here and there Gnome on the other computer03:44
dpuppMrPiracy, time out 3 ... changing to 1003:44
Shawncapt-get install something or another, I can't remember dasei03:44
DasEiShawnc: in asking when that occurred , did you put any third party soft on ore is an update failed ?03:44
jduMisterK85, you don't want to use ubuntu for that.  You could try deli linux but it is a little harder to install and setup03:44
zenlunaticMisterK85, try #damnsmalllinux03:44
dpuppMrPiracy, ok, so now when the timer expires it goes to windows direct... unless i hit esc. how can i set it to go to linux direct if nothing is pressed?03:44
debac1ehow do I change default file associations? e.g. I want double-clicking xml files in nautilus to open in an editor rather than firefox03:44
thiebaudesebsebseb: he left, he said ubuntu coming soon,lol03:44
DasEiShawnc: jaunty ?03:44
jduMisterK85, I don't suggest damn small linux for someone who can 'blue screen a microwave'03:45
MrPiracydpupp, default   003:45
sebsebsebthiebaude: oh well, but long live KDE 3 :)03:45
MrPiracydpupp, again, 0 means the first option in ur file .... 1 for the next and so on03:45
dpuppMrPiracy,  default 0 is already there.03:45
thiebaudesebsebseb: yep03:45
ShawncNo, 9.0403:45
dpuppMrPiracy,  ah! i get it now03:45
ShawncHanty or something03:45
Guest63220hey guys how are you03:45
dpuppMrPiracy, THANKS!03:45
MrPiracydpupp, no prob ;)03:46
MisterK85jdu: lol I used DSL before, not too fond on it. I rather something with a GNOME interface, and something, for the love of god, that can have a cut down applications menu.03:46
Guest63220i am from surinam03:46
willm!quit going to bed03:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:46
DasEi!who | Shawnc03:46
ubottuShawnc: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:46
Guest63220and i would like to ask you guys how to configure a dns server in ubuntu03:46
arandMisterK85: jdu: The little I've seen of puppy, is absolutely horrible (no man pages, no frikking man pages!), but it still seems the most full-featured light-distro out there. I don'th think you will get gnome on those speacs without it running like thick syrup...03:46
DasEiShawnc: jaunty so, what happens at: sudo apt-get update ?03:46
MisterK85jdu: honest to god, my father spent close on 15-20 minutes one day trying to use that microwave, and was pressing the time but not the power... had to actually "teach" him again.03:47
ShawncHow do I remove headers? when I boot my comp since it is dual booted, I get around 6 different linux headers I can boot, all ubuntu, how do I do this?03:47
MrPiracywhere does xChat keep its config files?03:47
ShawncHow do I remove them, I have pre-released headers which messed it up. I figured it out I think.03:47
FrankQCMrPiracy: try .xchat under ~/home03:47
MrPiracyFrankQC, is there a way to access it from nautilus?03:47
debac1eMrPiracy: ~/.xchat2 looks promising03:47
FrankQCMrPiracy: When you're in /home, press Ctrl + H03:48
JeXusHey im having issues updating an older version of ubuntu. I want to update from 6.10 to 9.40. i know i need to update to the in-between versions first, but when i go to update manager and i try to update to 7.04 it starts fetching files but then it says "A problem occured during the update. This is usually some sort of network problem." it then lists a dozen web adresses that "Failed to fetch files" from. can somone help me?03:48
DasEiShawnc: easy item, your apt ?03:48
arandShawnc: there are packages for each kernel version, remove them in synaptic.03:48
MrPiracyFrankQC, thx03:48
FrankQCMrPiracy: Then you'll see folders w/ periods, it's either .xchat or, as debac1e said, .xchat203:48
jduarand, I agree, especially as puppy runs everything as root and is more resource heavy now than it was once.  However, for those who want a 'user friendly' light distro, it is one of the best.  It 'just works' so to say03:48
Kalmi!software | Shawnc03:48
ubottuShawnc: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents03:48
jduMisterK85, puppy now suggests 128mb ram; gone are the days of 64mb ;(03:49
MrPiracyFrankQC, debac1e thx, i found it03:49
arandDasEi: Shawnc: btw, does computer janitor do that?03:49
DasEiarand: can advise that in menu.lst03:49
server_arand: "GRUB loading, please wait... Error 22" that all I am seeing how can I can fix it :(03:49
DasEiShawnc:  what happens at: sudo apt-get update ?03:50
Guest63220how to ad windows client to my ubuntu domain03:50
kregafter and update and upgrade, what does it mean when apt says it has a list of packages kept back?03:50
Shawncone second dasei03:50
kreglinux generic, headers generic, etc..03:51
Guest63220please guys helpp me out03:51
arandserver_: From grub manual "This error is returned if a partition is requested in the device part of a device- or full file name which isn't on the selected disk."03:51
nztali have an aluminum apple wireless keyboard.  in jaunty i have to repair my keyboard after every reboot.  anyone know away to retain the pairing once its been done, for then on, after reboot, with bluetooth ?03:51
DasEikreg: mostly unmet dependencies, they install later, when paketmanagement (> repos) came up03:51
ShawncDasEi: When ever I try a command it won't work it just does "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (1) on findutils"03:52
kregDasEi, there is a gui that pops up and lists the same updates.   i can press a button and it installs those.   why can't i get them to install on the cml ?03:52
lancerockeanyone have skype installed on karmic x64?03:52
server_arand: what do I have to do to fix it03:52
bthompso1ok guys im getting no video now..im in recovery mode as that is all i can get to..i installed this application called envy that was supposed to install the ati drivers03:52
arandkreg: it means that it can not simply upgrade packages, it will need to install new ones and/or remove other ones to ensure dependencies are met...03:52
DasEikreg: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:52
kregi've already updated and upgraded03:52
bthompso1all i get on the screen is garbled video when i try to boot...03:53
kregreboot into a new kernel?03:53
DasEiShawnc: have you tried to to fix the findutils package ?03:53
DasEikreg: hold back packages are no cause to worry, they'll install later03:54
DasEi!info findutils | Shawnc03:54
Shawncfindutils is already the newest version.03:54
arandserver_: problem probably is that grub cannot find the partition it was installed on, most likely the ubuntu partition, since it has been edited in some way... I think you need to reinstall grub in mbr (so that it points to the partition properly and may find the rest of the grub start data).03:54
ubottuShawnc: findutils (source: findutils): utilities for finding files--find, xargs. In component main, is required. Version 4.4.0-2ubuntu4 (jaunty), package size 376 kB, installed size 1528 kB03:54
ShawncDasEi: findutils is already the newest version.03:54
kregmy question is....  why does the gui do it, and the cml does not?03:54
porter1Can someone explain what the games account is used for?03:55
DasEi Shawnc : yes, but you get an error about it03:55
Shawncyes, how do I fix the error?03:55
NarbFarkusAnyone know what the best option for fs with an SSD is?03:55
DasEikreg : both do the same03:55
server_arand: I'm really new on this stuff what do I have to do to install grup. I have live cd handy can you give me step by step guidance I went to the site you have told me and I do not know actually what they are talking about03:55
dpuppCan someone explain how to get rid of the eye candy during bootup? I rather see flying text with everything verbose.03:56
porter1I'm trying to further improve security on my server, and there's around 20 accounts on the server by default, so I plan to disable them if they aren't used for anything important.03:56
ShawncDasEi: how do I fixthat error?03:56
MisterK85whats the sys reqs of Xubuntu03:56
kregi'm watching the gui install those remaing updates now.   the cml only reports that the same ones are held back.   just trying understand.03:56
porter1dpupp, try uninstalling usplash03:56
arandserver_: I think I gave you the link before: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto ?03:57
kregDasEi, i disagree.   after the gui installed the updates, "apt-get upgrade" not longer reports held back packages.   There IS something else UpdateManager did that apt did not.03:57
dpuppporter1, thanks i will try that.03:57
arandserver_: look at section 7.03:57
sebsebsebdpupp: you can use a graphical program called startupmanager to do what you want to do03:57
porter1Anyone know what/why the games account is used for?03:57
jacekowskifor games03:58
jacekowskiit's owner for games files03:58
DasEi Shawnc : as there no further infos about the circumstances, try to purge findutils and reinstall, you might have to d/l that package manually (correct version)03:58
DasEikreg : just the time ?03:58
ShawncWhat's the correct version I need? I'm new to ubuntu.03:59
porter1Well, then I guess I'll be disabling the games account, along with irc and all the other ones.03:59
=== _Apple_ is now known as _MrsApple_
kregDasEi, new install of 9.04.  new to Ubuntu, but not new to linux.   So far only time i've seen it.03:59
jacekowskiporter1: they are already locked03:59
jacekowskiporter1: don't do anything else to them03:59
jacekowskiporter1: or you will break your system03:59
porter1Hrm. That's confusing.03:59
DasEikreg: if hold back, later on will install  trml><gui04:00
porter1Are they disabled somewhere beside /etc/passwd?04:00
jacekowskiporter1: /etc/shadow04:00
kregDasEi, oh well not big deal.   Just trying to get a grip on how this debian stuff works.   Thank yoU!04:00
edgeu guys mind if i ask a question about windows?04:00
sebsebsebedge: depends on if the question is realted to Ubuntu in anyway or not04:01
kregedge, i'd suggest just ask and see if you get shot.04:01
porter1Wait, so why are they necessary?04:01
kregloads 12guage04:01
arandedge: there is always ##windows chan...04:01
christopherwhere can i find how much memory my systemhas?04:01
jacekowskiporter1: because this and couple other accounts and groups are owners of most of system files04:01
edgeI just installed windows xp and their are no drivers on it.... which means no internet due to their now being a driver for the network card.... I was wondering if anyone wouild know by chance how to fix this?04:01
bazhangedge, please take to ##windows04:02
kregis the ubuntu domain control i hear about, able to be a domain controller like AD in server 2003 ?    Or is it still just a typical Samba running NT 4.0 style?04:02
debac1echristopher: look for "system monitor" in the applications menu04:02
porter1Yes, but it isn't going to hurt to not have access to /usr/games?04:02
sebsebsebedge: that's a kind of good thing,  if it results in you using another OS,  but  more seriously you should  take the question to ##windows04:02
christopherdebac1e: i mean from console, im on server04:02
edgeokay i have an ubuntu question.... Im a newbie and i have no clue how to use Wine04:02
jacekowskikreg: its better now in beta samba 404:02
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:03
kregwine putty.exe04:03
sebsebsebedge: you install it, and then try your .exe in it04:03
edgeI want to run windows games on ubuntu really bad04:03
jacekowskikreg: but stil far away from replacement for windows server04:03
bazhangedge, install wine, then check the appdb to see if it supports your app04:03
kregjacekowski, can they do things like roaming profiles and other cool AD stuff?04:03
sebsebsebedge: and if it dosn't just work,  well  configuring apps in Wine is  not that easy04:03
jacekowskikreg: thats GPO related04:03
arandedge first make sure its supported...04:03
christopherdebac1e: i mean from the console04:03
kregjacekowski, ok figured.   I thought it was strange to see a linux sell itself on the idea of being a kicking Domain Controller.04:03
bazhang!appdb > edge04:03
ubottuedge, please see my private message04:03
porter1jacekowski, is it ok if I just set them to no shell in /usr/passwd?04:03
arand!appdb | edge04:03
ubottuedge: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:03
debac1echristopher: vmstat04:03
MisterK85!appdb > visual basic04:04
sebsebsebedge: some games just work, other games need configuring and then it might not be as good as Windows depending on the game,  and  virtualization isn't just there for 3D Directx games either,  hence why  gamers tend to dual boot04:04
jacekowskikreg: if you have something to create this GPO ( no managment tools for linux ) then you can do it04:04
debac1echristopher: there might be something better04:04
kregimo a Domain Controler is best done as a windows server, and likely always will be.   Domian controlers as such a windows-ism anyhow.04:04
porter1AKA /bin/false04:04
edgeAlso online a while back i saw this video of a gut that made his ubuntu desktop look like a cube and u could choose a side of the cube to view it and the sides of the cube are your different desktops.... how can i do this?04:04
jacekowskiporter1: no04:04
sebsebseb!compiz |  edge04:04
ubottuedge: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz04:04
jacekowskiporter1: just don't touch this accounts04:04
bazhangedge install ccsm and get it set up in #compiz04:05
kregthe basics, like simple auth, file, print, works fine.   But the cool bells and whistles i've never successfully done in a Linux "domain controller"04:05
JanelleI have a headphones question, can someone help me? I think it's a rather simple answer, but I'm new to Ubuntu and I have no idea what I'm doing04:05
bazhang!ccsm > edge04:05
ubottuedge, please see my private message04:05
server_arand: I was following the instruction from the section 7 when I type sudo -s it's telling me "sudo: not found" I put the cd and did resque broken system. what are the step that I have to take? thanks man04:05
porter1Ok, fine. I won't. it still bothers me that these unnecessary accounts for a bare server are left hanging around.04:05
jacekowskiporter1: don't touch any accounts or groups with gid or uid less than 100004:05
NarbFarkusit's not a big deal, they're disabled04:05
jacekowskiporter1: because that's required by standard04:06
kreggonna run, catch this ginormous chan later.04:06
JanelleI have a headphones question, can someone help me? I think it's a rather simple answer, but I'm new to Ubuntu and I have no idea what I'm doing04:06
jacekowskikreg: it's really far away from being working replacement for windows based domain controller04:06
debac1eJanelle: you can always ask04:08
arandserver_: I think if you choose a "rescue" option you may already be root, hence "sudo" will be uneccessary, just skip to next step might work...04:08
happycan someone help me? I am using the latest version of kubuntu and can not figure out how to use my mp3 player. It has always looked like a flash drive in the past but it is not working now. If someone could help me with either a kde gui method or a cli method it would be a great help.04:08
JanelleThanks debacle, I plugged in the headphones and sound still comes out of the speakers, is there something I can do to make that not happen anymore?04:08
debac1ewhere did you plug them in?04:09
JanelleI plugged them into the headphones hole04:09
jacekowskitripple check04:09
server_arand: that what I thought so I did grub the result was not found. anything else that I have to do ?04:09
happydebac1e: sounds like a sound driver problem04:09
debac1eJanelle: onboard sound? same card as the speakers are in?04:09
Janellesound goes in the headphones and out the speakers04:10
the-vavahow can i resolve this: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out ?04:10
jacekowskithe-vava: you can't04:10
Janellenot sure what onboard sound is, sorry04:10
the-vavajacekowski, what can be done?04:10
jacekowskithe-vava: unless you have other problem it's completly normall04:10
happyJanelle: is the sound card a pci card or built into the mother board?04:10
jacekowskithe-vava: it happens sometimes04:11
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debac1eJanelle: do your speakers have an off switch? I'm sorry I can't be more helpful but it may just be easier to turn them off as you want :)04:11
jacekowskithe-vava: if it happens too often ( like more than couple times per hour ) then it's a problem04:11
Janelleit's my laptop04:11
the-vavajacekowski, it's not normal. the connection is dysfunctional and i get these ... all the time ... when i use 2 network devices the same time04:11
happyJanelle: what model?04:11
arandserver_: so the command "grub" responds with "not found"? If so I'd say you're not in the right environment... As described on the webpage, start the livecd normally, then start a terminal, then use sudo -s... etc.04:12
jacekowskithe-vava: but otherwise you will have to get used to it04:12
ShawncWhy doesn't package.ubuntu.com load for me?04:12
happyJanelle: HP Pavilion DV6xxx?04:12
JanelleSony Vaio04:12
DasEiJanelle:try to use alsamixergui to deploy headphones04:12
ShawncIs it down?04:12
jacekowskithe-vava: details of your setup04:12
=== Tetracomm is now known as hairybeetle
Shawncpackages.ubuntu.com is it down?04:12
server_thank you arand: I'll continue with what you have said04:12
the-vavajacekowski, so i wonder if i can throttle the data the kernel puts to the devices or if i can modify the irq or .. ?04:12
happyJanelle: vaio hates linux. I would search for your laptop and linux soud04:13
jacekowskithe-vava: i need details of your setup04:13
jacekowskihappy: i would say linux hate vaio04:13
jacekowskihappy: i've had perfectly working wifi card in my vaio laptop04:14
DasEiShawnc: my first thought won't work so easy, findutils is an essential part of apt , as it seems; can't you give more information about the circumstances ?04:14
korohow does gnome-terminal choose the window size when i open a new terminal?04:14
happysame thing. they are mutual enemies04:14
jacekowskihappy: and then couple updates later i've noticed that it's not working anymore04:14
JanelleWell that sucks, I was talked into downloading Ubuntu and then I moved away from the person that downloaded it so I'm clueless how to do anything it it, quite sad04:14
jacekowskihappy: because somebody changed drivers to open iwl drivers04:14
the-vavajacekowski, 2 network cards and one onboard ethernet. what info do you need? i will have to type that to this terminal.. since i can't connect to pastebin from there right now04:14
server_arand: I think what I did was resque mode that is not good at this poing I should have install live dc then go from there. and that what I am trying to do now. Thank you04:14
jacekowskihappy: which doesn't support ad-hoc mode04:14
ShawncDasEi: ?04:14
happyjacekowski: that sucks :-\04:15
ShawncWhat do you mean? I don't really have any circumstances..04:15
MrPiracyi have several ntfs partitions here and ubuntu kinda messed up the partition lables/mounting name. how can i fix this? maybe restart from scratch and make NTFS tool remount them all again?04:15
jacekowskihappy: and couple updates later their fix for that was just removing it completly04:15
happyJanelle: what is your exact model?04:16
debac1eJanelle: do you have a volume icon applet beside the clock applet? right click it and select volume control, you may be able to mute the speakers independently of the headphones that way04:16
jacekowskithe-vava: card names would help04:16
JanelleI have a sony Vaio04:16
happyJanelle: more specific?04:16
DasEiShawnc: I tried to re-install findutils on a vm here, and it wants to take down two gigs of data, can't be the solution04:16
happyI am looking at a long list of models04:16
JimmioHello friends, my keyboard shortcuts stopped working, well, at least print screen stopped. I tried resetting them in the GUI, and it still doesn't work. Any way to check if there's something grabbing the PrntScrn key?04:16
jacekowskihappy: white sony vaio04:16
happyjacekowski: what?04:17
jacekowskihappy: with keyboard and touchpad04:17
JanelleHappy it's a PCG-7T1L yes it's white04:17
jacekowskihappy: i'm giving you details of his laptop04:17
edgehow do i use desktop cube?04:17
ShawncDasEi: I don't know how you can help me :P because this is getting really annoying.04:17
debac1eJanelle: he's asking for model, you're saying "Ford", he wants to know "Ford Contour '99 LX 4-cylinder", if that helps you understand the question04:17
edgehow do i use desktop cube?04:17
Janelleit's a PCG-7T1L04:18
Janellethat's the model number04:18
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:18
the-vavajacekowski, the used Driver is 8339too and the vendor of these is Realtek Semiconductor RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+04:18
DasEiShawnc: I also have no straight advice, your apt is broken somehow, and you can't remember what caused this ?04:18
Janellesorry guys I'm not a computer person by any means, I was talked into getting this after I got a virus for the umpteenth time04:18
jacekowskithe-vava: are you sure it's 8339too?04:18
MrPiracyi have several ntfs partitions here and ubuntu kinda messed up the partition lables/mounting name. how can i fix this? maybe restart from scratch and make NTFS tool remount them all again?04:18
arleslie!dualboot > arleslie04:18
ubottuarleslie, please see my private message04:18
the-vavajacekowski, hwinfo shows that04:18
debac1eJanelle: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73358 first hit on google for "ubuntu PCG-7T1L sound headphones"04:19
edgehow do i use desktop cube?04:19
enduser000@edge: install compizconfig-settings-manager and mess with in in system > preferences04:19
jacekowskithe-vava: blacklist it04:19
jacekowskithe-vava: correct driver should be different04:19
sebsebsebJanelle: don't worry i'll try and help you04:19
jacekowskithe-vava: let me check04:19
server_rand: on the command line while I was following the instruction. when I did  number 5 of the instruction it did return "Error 15: File not found" what should I do ?04:19
ShawncDasEi: nothing caused it d:04:19
sebsebsebJanelle: just reading the  stuff just now hang on04:19
DasEiShawnc: what does a : sudo dpkg --configure -a       ?04:19
Janellethank you04:19
debac1eJanelle: specifically from that page: "To fix it, openned up the Volume Control for the Intel ICH6 driver, click the switches tab, and put a check mark next to Headphone Jack Sense, and that did the trick"04:19
jacekowskithe-vava: 8139too or 8139cp - one of this04:19
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:19
Janellethe box was already clicked next to the headphones04:20
DasEiShawnc: what does a : sudo dpkg --configure -a       ?04:20
arandserver_: That means trouble... Are you positive that your ubuntu partition is still on the system?04:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdAnyone know a speedtest website that i can use in links?04:20
edgeino how to get the cube but how do i use it?04:20
edgeI enabled it but i dont get how it works04:20
server_arand: I had the partition do you think it is lost ?04:21
happyCoUrPsE|DeAd: I do not think they exist. They require flash.04:21
jacekowskiCoUrPsE|DeAd: just try to download big linux iso04:21
jacekowskiCoUrPsE|DeAd: from your local mirror04:21
server_arand: how do I check if the partition is there ?04:21
MrPiracyedge: CTRL + ALT + ARROW KEYS04:21
Shawncit doesn't fix anything DasEi .04:21
happyCoUrPsE|DeAd: use axel to speed it up and see how fast it can go04:21
MrPiracyedge: or CTRL + ALT + MOUSE CLICK AND DRAG04:21
Shawnci have to delete04:22
arandserver_: well apparently grub cannot find it... what does the command "fdisk -l" show? (will give you a list of partitions.)04:22
Shawncthe "linux-headers-2.6.26-5-generic"04:22
DasEiShawnc: so you got to ask for someone with a deeper look in apt, I give up here, sorry04:22
ShawncBut I can't :P04:22
sebsebsebJanelle: sound isn't my area,  but  you  also made it sound like you didn't know how to install programs and things like that,  well I don't mind helping with that04:22
CoUrPsE|DeAdHumm k.04:23
ShawncI have to remove "linux-headers-2.6.26-5-generic" but I can't because I get those errors so it won't remove, I think i fixed it, let me reboot my comp.04:23
CoUrPsE|DeAdWhat abowt upload speed?04:23
edgeit just goes from desktop 1 and desktop 2...04:23
edgewhen i press cntrl alt arrow keys04:23
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MrPiracyedge: u can set how many desktops u want in the conpiz config manager04:24
edgei thought its suppossed to look like a cube though....04:24
MrPiracyedge: did u enable rotate cube as well?04:24
edgeleme check04:25
server_arand this is what I see "Disk /dev/sda: 4000 GB 400088457216 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 48641 cylinders  Units = cylinders of 16065 *  512 = 8225280 bytes Disk identifier: 0x0006ce88   Device boot Start End Blocks Id System04:25
server_arand: that what I am seeing04:25
server_what does it means04:25
Neroonedge: Press ctr+alt+left mouse button -> rotate with mouse04:25
arandserver_: what? only that?04:25
MrPiracyi have several ntfs partitions here and ubuntu kinda messed up the partition lables/mounting name. how can i fix this? maybe restart from scratch and make NTFS tool remount them all again?04:25
server_arand: yep that all I see04:26
edge.... i installed that package but i exited out of it... where do i find it again?04:26
Neroonedge: you got the compizconfig settings managager?04:26
arandserver_: gosh, sounds like your partition tabel is bust...04:26
MrPiracyedge: system / preferences / compizconfig setting manager04:26
server_arand :( what are my option is that means I am going to loose all :(04:27
Neroonedge: then you got the filter upper left04:27
the-vavajacekowski, how to reinitialize the network interfaces after disabling and enabling different drivers?04:27
Neroonedge: type cube into it04:27
jacekowskithe-vava: rmmod 8339too04:28
Neroonnow you should have rotate cube among others on the right side04:28
dpuppWhen looking at my menu.lst, i see options like ro queit splash"04:28
edgei enabled it but it still doesnt work04:28
jacekowskithe-vava: modprobe NEW_DRIVER04:28
edgei enabled it but it still doesnt work04:28
jacekowskithe-vava: and check dmesg after that04:28
MrPiracyhow can i unmount all my NTFS partitions and then remount them again using NTFS Configuration Toll?04:28
Neroonedge:  did you:04:28
dpuppWhen looking at my menu.lst, i see options like "ro queit splash" can i remove those options and still boot fine?04:28
Neroonedge: Press ctr+alt+left mouse button -> rotate with mouse04:28
colloguyIn Xchat, how can I highlight messages that have a question mark in them?04:28
Neroonedge: Press and hold  ctr+alt+left mouse button -> rotate with mouse04:28
MrPiracyNeroon: he wants more desktops i think, he's got only 204:28
edgethat doesnt do anything...04:29
NeroonMrPiracy: might be, but he didnt say so04:29
ShawncDesai left?04:29
MrPiracyNeroon: he told me it will swap from 1 to 2 only04:29
Neroonedge: just curious: is compiz enabled?04:29
colloguyI've already tried putting /? and '?' in the highlighted words filter04:29
zenlunaticcolloguy, there is probably a script floating around...04:29
edgehow do i enable that?04:30
Neroonedge: best thing for me is fusion icon04:30
Neroonedge: if you didnt install it yet, do so04:30
MrPiracyNeroon: what's that?04:30
edgefusion icon?04:30
AndorinI'm getting my mom off of Windows and I plan to install Linux on her computer. Preferably Ubuntu because I need something really user-friendly. Her computer has 256 MB RAM. Should I give her Jaunty?04:30
NeroonMrPiracy: The easy way to switch between compiz and normal desktop04:31
the-vavajacekowski, bridge-eth1 went down and some parport messages are there. the interfaces are not known to ifconfig. so just the unloading of the driver seems to occur?04:31
ShawncHello, can someone help me please? I get this error when ever I try to apt-get install stuff (http://pastebin.ca/1499686), then when I do the apt-get -f install like it says I get an error too (http://pastebin.ca/1499685), What can I do to fix this?04:31
Neroonedge: Yes, you might have to install it04:31
Neroonedge: Should be available in your install manager04:31
jacekowskithe-vava: try modprobing 8139too and 8139cp04:32
arandserver_: If this is the case (and as far as I can tell it is), TestDisk *may* be able to help you recreate the partition table: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk04:32
MrPiracyNeroon: i just installed it here, where does it go?04:33
Neroonedge and MrPiracy: Found it?04:33
edgeyeah and installed now running04:33
the-vavajacekowski, or is the 8139cp some kind of parallel port driver? seems to be that way. modprobe 8139too shows that 3 network cards get up with irq 17, 18, 1904:33
NeroonMrPiracy: since i got kde here it's beneath system04:33
nw-bI am planning to build a pc, which mother board and processor would you suggest? Intel or AMD?04:34
Neroonedge: so, fusion icon is running?04:34
jacekowskithe-vava: one is driver for older cards and one for newer or something like that04:34
edgeyeah... cube still doesnt work04:34
Neroonedge: patience, young padawan04:34
arandserver_: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step has nice instructions, and testdisk may be installed on a livecd using "apt-get install testdisk" (with sduo)04:34
MrPiracyNeroon: ohhh, i got it ;)   never used it04:35
Neroonedge: right click the icon, select window manager -> compiz04:35
arandserver_: ...(prepend sudo if you are not already root)04:35
NeroonMrPiracy:  I love it04:35
NeroonMrPiracy: Makes it easier to switch and even change settings04:35
MerthHello everyone, I need some help.04:35
=== Merth is now known as Merthsoft
nw-bwhich processor is currently the most powerful?04:35
Neroonedge:  Did anything happen?04:36
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:36
MrPiracyNeroon: yes04:36
arleslie!dualboot > arleslie04:36
ubottuarleslie, please see my private message04:36
AndorinI'm getting my mom off of Windows and I plan to install Linux on her computer. Preferably Ubuntu because I need something really user-friendly. Her computer has 256 MB RAM. Should I give her Jaunty?04:36
MrPiracyNeroon: does it auto start by default? what's the command line? fusionicon?04:36
MerthsoftI've got this computer here that I've installed xubuntu on, it's behind a rounter, and I want to be able to ssh into it04:37
ShawncHello, can someone help me please? I get this error when ever I try to apt-get install stuff (http://pastebin.ca/1499686), then when I do the apt-get -f install like it says I get an error too (http://pastebin.ca/1499685), What can I do to fix this?04:37
MerthsoftHow would I set all of this up?04:37
NeroonMrPiracy: No, it doesnt start by default. It'04:37
NemesisDanyone know how to get a program to release an exclusive lock on /dev/snd withotu killing it? deluge, a torrent app that has no business touching sound, has locked up /dev/snd for me04:37
igsen!paste | igsen04:37
ubottuigsen, please see my private message04:37
NeroonMrPiracy: It's fusion-icon04:37
Neroonedge: Still there?04:37
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enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:37
Demo-RFCwhats up room04:37
MrPiracyNeroon: ok, thx04:37
server_arand: I was able to see the 2 ntfs and one linux partition I guess that is good04:37
NeroonMrPiracy: yw04:38
the-vavajacekowski, still only one card works when i network connect them the same time :(04:38
rodd"can't bind to port: 80 address already in use" how can i 'kill' that?04:38
jacekowskithe-vava: try playing with irq affinity04:38
ShawncHello, can someone help me please? I get this error when ever I try to apt-get install stuff (http://pastebin.ca/1499686), then when I do the apt-get -f install like it says I get an error too (http://pastebin.ca/1499685), What can I do to fix this?04:38
NeroonMrPiracy: Either edge is fascinated, or his screen is scrambled/black04:38
jacekowskithe-vava: i'm going to sleep04:38
the-vavajacekowski, where can i set those04:39
edgeoh sorry... i forgot i was chatting04:39
enduser000Shawnc: Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages04:39
hey`guys, when a new LTNS will be released?04:39
the-vavajacekowski, thank you for your help so far04:39
Neroonedge: So, is it working?04:39
edgeyeah i did that... still nothing04:39
bullgard4'man yelp': " You can also start Yelp by choosing Desktop->Help.  This will show the top-level help system page, listing all GNOME documents conveniently organized by topic." How can I choose 'Desktop > Help'? What is the start position for this act?04:39
MrPiracyNeroon: according to my ... er... "vast" experience with linux, i think it's more like option 204:39
h3ni'm trying to install Mesa version 7.0.404:39
Neroonedge: Ok. Let's try something else. Do wobbly windows work?04:40
Shawncenduser000: doesn't work04:40
h3ndon't think I did it right can anyone help?04:40
ShawncIf you looked at the logs....04:40
NeroonMrPiracy: tell me about it ... spent a whole week (last week) with fglrx and compiz again04:40
ShawncThat I posted, then you would see that I tried that. Please take a look at my logs.04:40
enduser000Shawnc: try "sudo apt-get autoremove" without the quotes04:40
Shawnctried it04:40
MrPiracyNeroon: so did i ... wanted to get second life to work ehre04:40
Shawncdidn't work04:40
enduser000or put sudo in front of that other one04:40
arandserver_: yes, that is good, now try to make testdisk write a new partition table from that information (note, if I am wrong in my assumptions here this may cause even more harm to the system... just a disclaimer...)04:40
Neroonedge: so am i right in thinking, compiz doesnt work at all yet?04:41
NeroonMrPiracy: The thing was, i wanted to have  compiz AND tvout working ...04:41
server_arand: how I can tell it to write new partition table?04:41
Shawncenduser000: I tried that one too.04:41
MrPiracyNeroon: did u manage to do that? i didnt even try to output my tv yet. In the last 4 days i installed jaunty like a million times04:42
enduser000how about "sudo apt-get update"?04:42
NeroonMrPiracy: YES! Victory ;-)04:42
edgedo i need to enable visual effects?04:42
AndorinI'm getting my mom off of Windows and I plan to install Linux on her computer. Preferably Ubuntu because I need something really user-friendly. Her computer has 256 MB RAM. Should I give her Jaunty?04:42
NeroonMrPiracy: Actually i had to disable compiz on tv, but it's working on my lcd (both at the same time)04:43
richardcavellAndorin: maybe a stripped down version given low RAM04:43
MrPiracyNeroon: when ubuntu decides to work, it's a great OS04:43
Neroonedge: Where?04:43
NeroonMrPiracy: definetely04:43
richardcavellAndorin: xubuntu04:43
Shawncenduser000: I did that and I also did sudo apt-get upgrade04:43
enduser000how about the computer janitor in system > administration ?04:44
Neroonoh and edge, when you talk to someone specific, please put his name in front of your message04:44
ryanpriorI want to create a .tar file with a bunch of sound files, and a playlist file that plays them all in a certain order (like a mix tape). How can I do that?04:44
Andorinrichardcavell: xubuntu? Heard of it, never used it. It's a stripped-down Ubuntu?04:44
Neroonedge: just type ner and press tab04:44
MrPiracyNeroon: i'm gonna go and try to get my partitions to be mounted correctly .... c ya ... good luck with edge04:44
tritium!xubuntu | Andorin04:44
ubottuAndorin: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:44
edgeNeroon gt restart brb04:44
ryanpriorFor example, take a vanilla Brad Sucks album and turn it into a "mixtape" file containing the music and a playlist of the songs in order.04:44
Shawncenduser000: computer janitor?04:44
richardcavellAndorin: it's a version of Ubuntu designed to work on low-specification computers. It mimics the Ubuntu releases. Xubuntu 9.04 is released.04:45
Neroonedge: yes?04:45
enduser000Shawnc: are you in jaunty?04:45
edgeid get it oh well brb04:45
Neroonedge: thought you restard04:45
Neroonedge: restart04:45
Brando753guys would ubuntu log or record any information of files placed in a truecrypt vault and if so how can i delete those logs?04:45
enduser000ok, sry.  I think it mostly does "sudo apt-get autoremove" but it is a gui04:45
ShawncI tried that.04:45
enduser000I know04:46
enduser000hmm, anyone know a lot about apt-get??04:46
welltbanyone know anything about DWM?04:46
server_arand: are you with me04:46
server_I'm lost man04:46
Shawncenduser000: I will be right back, if you can ask around for me I would appreciate it.04:46
tritiumenduser000: just ask your question04:47
ken_no man04:47
Shawnctritium: It's my question which is: Hello, can someone help me please? I get this error when ever I try to apt-get install stuff (http://pastebin.ca/1499686), then when I do the apt-get -f install like it says I get an error too (http://pastebin.ca/1499685), What can I do to fix this?04:47
server_arand: I do not want to make more damage can you tell me how can I can save my tables ?04:47
arandserver_: I have no prior experience with testdisk, good info here: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step seems you have to anyalyse, edit and then write...04:47
enduser000that was for Shawnc04:47
ken_what abt installing fifa0904:47
Sinatrahttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=932896 In stupid person language, what is the probablity i can get my webcam to work?04:47
enduser000my question is this: does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:47
server_okay arand Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciated what you have done. Thank you04:48
tritiumShawnc: how did you get to this point?  What were you doing?04:48
jimnkristyhey guys i have a question about using a usb with ubuntu04:48
ufohello guy's, do you know if in ubuntu there is an application to run and develop mobile phone application like for iphone for exemple ?04:48
enduser000jimnkristy: what's that?04:48
tritiumShawnc: I need more than "nothing."  What release are you running, etc.?04:48
ShawncI woke up today and tried to apt-get install build-essential because i couldn't compile stuff, then that happend.04:48
bullgard4'man yelp': " You can also start Yelp by choosing Desktop->Help.  This will show the top-level help system page, listing all GNOME documents conveniently organized by topic." How can I choose 'Desktop > Help'? What is the start position for this act?04:48
Andorinrichardcavell: Thanks.04:48
richardcavellAndorin: no problems.04:49
WIGGMPkI have a situation, I just reinstalled Jaunty and when I run "sudo fdisk -ls" from the terminal it returns, "Unable to seek on /dev/sda" what is going on and how do I fix it?04:49
tritiumShawnc: and?04:49
arandserver_: testdisk should be able to make a backup copy of the partition table (as well as mbr, which is kind of in the same package) as far as I know...04:49
ShawncAnd what?04:49
jimnkristyIm trying to use a cruzer 1gb usb drive with 8.04 and have reformated the drive fat32, but still wont mount04:49
welltbAnyone know how to configure DWM04:49
tritiumShawnc: what were you doing when you got these errors?  apt-get from the command line?  running the udpate manager?  What?04:50
Shawncapt-get from command line04:50
alteregoawhats here wrong=04:50
alteregoaln -s /usr/lib32/libjpeg.so.62 `pwd`/lib32/libjpeg.so?04:50
alteregoais pwd the directory?04:50
edgehello? im back04:51
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:51
tritiumShawnc: what were you attempting, please?04:51
Neroonedge: wbv04:51
Neroonedge: wb04:51
edgeI GOT IT TO WORK BTW!04:51
ShawncNothing tritium.. Like i said apt-get install build-essential04:51
Neroonedge: are you sure? even the cube?04:51
edgeI installed my graphics drivers and i had to restart first04:51
Neroonedge: i was about to ask about your drivers next04:52
edgehow do i add sides to the cube?04:52
tritiumShawnc: you didn't mention that (at least to me, yet)  You said you were installing "stuff".04:52
Neroonjust a sec04:52
jimnkristythere is 1300 people on this channel?  wow04:52
tritiumShawnc: have you run "sudo dpkg --configure --pending"?04:52
Neroonedge: general options desktop size04:52
Shawncnothing comes up04:53
Neroonedge:  and then horizontal virtual size up to 4 for a cube04:53
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:53
richardcavelljimnkristy: You'd think we were trading pr0n in this channel with that number of participants04:53
edgeNeroon, i need windows drivers for my network card.... how do i get? i cant connect to the internet on windows....  And normally i wouldnt even be using ubuntu but its the only thing that works and no one on the windows channel will help me :(04:53
Shawnctritium: nothing comes up.04:53
jimnkristyyea no kidding or movies or mp3s  heh04:53
Neroonedge:  as long as i fiddled around with win, i dont anymore, sorry.04:54
Neroonedge: why dont you try the manufacturer homepage?04:54
Neroonedge: got a 4-sided cube now?04:54
tritiumShawnc: you must have some errors in your /etc/apt/sources.list.  For example, libc6-dev 2.9-4ubuntu6 is what's in the 9.04 repositories.  Not what's listed in your error message.04:55
Brando753guys would ubuntu log or record any information of files placed in a truecrypt vault and if so how can i delete those logs?04:55
jimnkristyok i have a question about usinkg synaptic package manager and installing software  if someone wants to help me.04:55
edgehow do i make a four sided cube...? it wont work!04:55
Neroonedge: general options desktop size04:55
joey_can someone please guide me through creating a channels.conf file so i can watch TV through m player.  I live in Australia QLD Wide bay if this helps04:56
Neroonedge: got that?04:56
edgempw what?04:56
Neroonedge:  and then horizontal virtual size up to 4 for a cube04:56
enduser000edge: more workspaces04:56
edgenow what>04:56
Shawnctritium: http://pastebin.ca/149975904:56
Neroonedge: and i wrote that long ago already ...04:56
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186004:56
tritiumjoey_: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Adding_Digital_Cable_Channels_(For_ATSC/QAM_Tuner_Cards_--_USA/Canada)04:56
tritiumjoey_: (technically, offtopic here)04:56
edgeits a cylinder not a cube...04:57
arandserver_: just asked in ##linux, answer was bust partition table might be a reasonable assumption (Well at least two persons thinks it is the case then)... although one thing that could be tried before is just "find /boot" and "find /boot/grub" to see if it's only the stage1 file that's missing (Using the grub terminal as before... I doubt that since fdisk pointed towards no partitions found either, but if you want you could check that as we04:57
Neroonedge: so you got ....cube deflection and deformation activated04:57
joey_tritium Thanks04:57
Neroonedge: disable that plugin04:57
tritiumShawnc: you said you were running 9.04.  Not so, according to your sources.list.04:57
edgeworks now04:57
edgethanks alot04:58
Neroonedge: you're welcome04:58
tritiumjoey_: no worries04:58
Neroonedge: still use the name in front of a message if it goes to one person only04:58
edgehow can i make a desktop on the top and bottom of the cube?04:58
Neroonedge: you cant04:59
ryanpriorI want to create a .tar file with a bunch of sound files, and a playlist file that plays them all in a certain order (like a mix tape). For example, take a vanilla Brad Sucks album and turn it into a "mixtape" file containing the music and a playlist of the songs in order.  How can I do that?04:59
ShawncI am.04:59
edgeoh dat sux04:59
tritiumShawnc: "lsb_release -a" output, please?04:59
welltbhello...anyone know how to configure DWM?04:59
h3ni'm getting this error04:59
h3nsudo ln -s /usr/lib/libGL.so.1.2 /usr/lib/libGL.so.104:59
h3nanyone help?05:00
server_arand: things seems are going out of and for me05:00
Shawncoh 8.0405:00
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186005:00
Neroonh3n: that's not an error05:00
bullgard4'man yelp': " You can also start Yelp by choosing Desktop->Help.  This will show the top-level help system page, listing all GNOME documents conveniently organized by topic." How can I choose 'Desktop > Help'? What is the start position for this act?05:00
h3nNeroom: oops05:00
h3nlibGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:00
h3nthat error05:00
ufoi want to run some mobile phone app on my ubuntu 9.04 , do you know any emulator for that ?05:01
server_arand: I could not find linux partion when I go with sudo the only way I can see it if I do testdisk. if testdisk can install on that linux partion grub then I think I would be fine. any suggestion on that. but I guess you have told me you never work on it05:01
tritium!info libc6 hardy05:01
ubottulibc6 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.7-10ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 4206 kB, installed size 10432 kB05:01
Neroonh3n: and when does that error occur?05:01
h3nI downgraded from mesa 7.4 to 7.0.305:01
arandserver_: well, a broken partition table is out of hand for most users really, first time I ever saw it :/05:01
Neroonh3n: i see. but sorry, not a clut about mesa05:01
edgewhats virtual box?05:01
Neroonh3n: *clue05:02
sebsebseb!virtualbox |  edge05:02
ubottuedge: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox05:02
sebsebsebedge: that's free as in price, so the non free one, is really the better one, since the USB support05:02
sebsebsebedge: uh no free as in freedom,   the  one it  says is non free,  is the closed source one05:03
sebsebsebedge: ,but both are free as in price05:03
edgewhat does it do?05:03
arandserver_: by the way, testdisk will not install grub, it will install/rewrite the partition table, which is a dedicated section in the beginning of each harddrive which has the infromation about where partitons start and end.05:04
ryanpriorAre there any Ubuntu music players that can make playlist files?05:04
Neroonedge: you can install other os in your current os05:04
MenZaryanprior→ Several! Including the built-in Rhythmbox.05:04
pizzledizzlehow do you tell which cron manager is installed05:04
edgeIs their any good graphics games for ubuntu? I finally got a nice computer and i cant even test the specs!05:04
jimnkristyhave a question about synaptic if someone can help05:04
Shawnctritium: oh 8.0405:05
ryanpriorMenZa: once I create a Rhythmbox playlist, where do I find the file for it?05:05
enduser000ryanprior: totem05:05
MenZaryanprior→ I dunno, you might be able to export it. I use audacious myself.05:05
MenZaryanprior→ (very Winamp-like)05:05
ryanpriorenduser000: how do I save a Totem playlist as a file?05:05
danny_wasnt restarting X always control+alt+backspace? y isnt that working for me anymore?05:05
Shawnctritium: can you find me the url to findutils? the newest one? I will try to overwrite the one I have with that one.05:06
Gneaedge: tremulous, wesnoth05:06
Neroondanny_: jaunty?05:06
enduser000danny_: that should be logout...05:06
ryanpriordanny_: We disabled that to keep people from doing it by mistake. You can re-enable it if your X server isn't very stable.05:06
ShawncI installed a different one the other night.05:06
Shawnctritium: is http://packages.ubuntu.com down for you too?05:06
danny_ryanprior, so how do i restart x?05:06
tritiumShawnc: yes, it is.05:07
ShawncHow long will it be down for?05:07
CoJaBo-Aztecryanprior: How is it reanbled?205:07
tritiumShawnc: no idea.05:07
jimnkristyneed some help with synaptic05:07
Shawnctritium: can you find me a new version of findutils?05:07
ryanpriorCoJaBo-Aztec, danny_: to re-enable it, install the dontzap utilit (sudp apt-get install dontzap) and then run "sudo dontzap --enable"05:07
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186005:08
tritiumShawnc: it looks like you have it downloaded, and unpacked, just not fully configured and installed.05:08
danny_ryanprior, thanks05:08
CoJaBo-Aztecryanprior: also fhsnks05:08
jimnkristyigsen: yes  when loading a program using synaptic05:09
ryanpriorCoJaBo-Aztec, danny_: actually, run "dontzap --disable"; "dontzap --enable" lets you disable the effect again. It's a little counter-intuitive. =P05:09
arandserver_: but like I said, thing to do now is learning testdisk and hope that it will be able to rewrite the partition table correctly. Hope it works out \o/05:09
jimnkristyit says its done, but I cant find it on desktop or in menus above05:09
igsenjim, what program is that?05:09
jimnkristyIgsen:  it said it installed correctly but i just cant find it.  it is celestia05:10
server_thank you so much arand: you have been really of great help. hopefully I can fix this and definitely do a RAID so this wont happen again on me05:10
enduser000jimnkristy: try "whereis appname"05:10
enduser000in a terminal05:10
h3nI'm downgrading from Mesa 7.5.0 to Mesa 7.0.4 can anyone help?05:11
igsenjim, Go back to synaptic and right click on celestia.05:11
jimnkristyigsen: and?05:11
jimnkristyoptions are reinstall remove and the such05:12
jimnkristywhen i type in whereis I get this05:12
jimnkristy /usr/bin/celestia /etc/celestia.cfg /usr/share/celestia /usr/share/man/man1/celestia.1.gz05:12
thomsonfor some reason i don't think the gnome and kde desktop environments have got it right yet...05:13
jimnkristyim very new to linux, but it looks like it installed, but I dont have the interface set up right.05:14
igsenGo to terminal and type celestia.05:14
edbianjimnkristy: Be more specific.  What do you mean the interface??05:14
edgehttp://www.youtube.com/user/toasterwizard94 plz subscribe my vids are awesome!05:15
poningrujimnkristy, which application are you trying to run?05:15
=== joshua__ is now known as divkladek
jimnkristyigsen: that works great, but how do I get an icon or something in the drop down menus to start it05:15
divkladekDoes anyone know of a good virtual machine application for ubuntu?05:16
igsenjim, maybe the program does not have gui.05:16
divkladekThank you. :)05:16
poningrujimnkristy, you can add it with menu editor05:16
jimnkristyigsen:  so you just have to remember to type it in the terminal05:16
poningruor you can just do alt+f2 and type that name in05:16
jimnkristyponingru:  im listening to you too05:16
igsenjim, i don't know my knowledge is limited.05:16
poningrujimnkristy, no worries05:17
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:17
sebsebsebuh   I wanted pm window nevermind05:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ksplice05:18
axisysanyone used ksplice?05:18
axisyswanted to try it05:18
JavaAtomI have an error after running a package upgrade where X says I'm running in low-graphics mode and has "Failed to load module 'type 1'" and "Failed to initialize the nivida kernel module" errors.  Is there a way to revert back to an earlier version without breaking it further?05:18
poningrujimnkristy, did you find the menu editing thing?05:18
axisysnice to eliminate reboot requirement after kernel upgrade05:18
jimnkristyponinrgru: yes i did  thanks05:18
poningruaxisys, only with rhel05:18
poningrunever did try it with ubuntu05:19
Neroondoes anyone by chance know about fglrx and black screen parts after fullscreen opengl applications?05:19
JavaAtom**running Nvidia 9400GT with version 180 of the nvidia drivers.05:19
edgeany really good video editing programs for ubuntu/05:19
axisysponingru: just installed it using apt-get install ksplice.. now what ? so when u install a kernel patch.. how does ksplice play then? assuming u used yum there to install it05:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about backintime05:20
doubledwhats this channel for05:20
doubledcan i get porn here05:20
axisysdoubled: check the /topic05:21
poningruaxisys, unfortunately no05:21
* JavaAtom thinks "A troll approaches..."05:21
NeroonJavaAtom: so di i05:21
doubledcalled me out already05:21
Wickeddoubled, yea. seeing how linux support rooms are notorious for porn.....05:21
doubledi should have taken another angle05:21
doubledmaybe not connected from mIRC05:21
axisysponingru: how does ksplice come into play in rhel once the installation ?05:21
poningruthe ksplice has to have its own patches for the kernel05:21
poningruaxisys, http://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/05:22
poningruuse that I suppose05:22
poningruaxisys, we rolled our own patches05:22
doubledyou guys think i can troll those fedora fags?05:22
JavaAtomAnybody willing to help troubleshoot a rather dumb nvidia / X.org error?05:22
doubledmaybe they arent as sharp05:22
NeroonJavaAtom: regarding your x prob. did you let the installer change your x.org file?05:22
axisysponingru: thanks05:22
JavaAtomNeroon: Errr... possibly. I used the update manager and on reboot, I have no gui.05:23
sebsebseb!ops  |   doubled05:23
ubottudoubled: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:23
bullgard4'man yelp': "You can also start Yelp by choosing Desktop->Help.  This will show the top-level help system page, listing all GNOME documents conveniently organized by topic." How can I choose 'Desktop > Help'? What is the start position for this act?05:23
NeroonJavaAtom: what does /var/log/Xorg.0.log say?05:24
sergiohey ya'll...05:24
caffemistoHi.  is there a way to backup my current installation and use that backup against a fresh install.  so i would be back to the way i have it configured without having to redo everything.  Thanks.05:24
enduser000caffemisto: remastersys05:24
Picibullgard4: Probably System>Help & Support05:24
JavaAtomNeroon: "Failed to initialize the nvidia kernel module!" and then aborts, unloading all the modules.05:25
sergioI am trying to install Ubuntu on a HDD that is plugged in to an external case and then take it and intsall that HDD in my desktop.05:25
NeroonJavaAtom: Hm. You might try to get the right driver vom nvidia.com and install it manually05:25
JavaAtomNeroon: I assume instructions for that are available via the ubuntu wiki?05:26
sergioI would just run it in the desktop, but I only have usb keyboards and it stops working when the 'select your language' appears05:26
eoeascaffemisto: man dd (could use to copy from block dev to file and vise versa)05:26
NeroonJavaAtom: could be, never tried that. Did it on my own. Isnt magical ;-)05:26
WIGGMPkFresh install of Jaunty and running "sudo fdisk -ls" returns this: "Unable to seek on /dev/sda" Please help!!05:27
andryhelp install avg in ubuntu remix work / not ?05:27
JavaAtomNeroon: Found them. And I prefer having some instruction somewhere. This is my media pc, so I'm rather hoping that the three weeks I put into it aren't down the drain.05:27
sebsebseb!virus |  andry05:27
ubottuandry: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2105:27
h3nDoes anyone know where to get mesa 7.0.3 package05:27
Prabhat_hi all05:27
NeroonJavaAtom: Dont worry, even if it messed up your xorg.conf, there isnt lost anything05:27
sebsebsebandry: the Linux antivirus programs about all they do is scan for Windows virsues, which won't infect your  Ubuntu install05:27
Prabhat_need help regarding data recovery in ubuntu05:28
eoeasPrabhat_: Hi05:28
NeroonJavaAtom: and you should thank god, you got a nvidia card ...05:28
Prabhat_hi eoeas05:28
poningru!ask | Prabhat_05:28
ubottuPrabhat_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:28
JavaAtomNeroon: I always go with nvidia when I build a linux box.05:28
eoeasharddrive failure ?05:29
sergioWhen I start the LiveCD install I choose the external disc but when it gets about to partiton it says it is going to make a change to my laptops internal drive.05:29
NeroonJavaAtom: so will i, but i got a free pc with an old ati card05:29
JavaAtomNeroon: This was a "free" pc (stole it from my sister and gave her a netbook) that I built for her to tinker with.05:29
NeroonJavaAtom: Hehe05:30
andrythanks for informasion !! i have for scan windows files.05:30
caffemistoenduser000, installing remastersys now :)05:30
NeroonJavaAtom: So you're installing the driver already?05:30
alteregoawhere can i set the path variable on linux?05:30
caffemistosounds promising.  thank you. ;)05:30
JavaAtomNeroon: Ah, actually, just found the -manual- instructions, since the automagic stuff doesn't work.05:30
NeroonJavaAtom: I see05:31
danny_another quick question... when i try to save my x configuration using the nvidia tool via system>administration it says permision denied. how do i save the x config?05:31
joetheoddHey guys.. how can I get the 32-bit version of xserver-xorg-video-intel installed on a 64-bit Ubuntu? (for Wine purposes)05:31
Prabhat_I formatted my harddrive to install ubuntu but missed to copy some important dat....... earlier fedora was there on my machine. Any way to recover that formatted data ?05:31
joetheoddPrabhat_, it depends on where it was physically on the drive. Chances are if you installed a whole new OS, no.05:32
zenlunaticalteregoa: try PATH=$PATH":/dir/dir"05:32
JavaAtomNeroon: Are you sure that manually installing the latest nvidia driver will do anything?05:32
eoeasPrabhat_: sudo apte-get install testdisk05:32
NeroonJavaAtom: Well, it worked every time for me here05:32
eoeasman testdisk05:32
zenlunaticalteregoa: ubuntu seems to not have a .bash_profile which throws me of05:32
eoeasworked for me05:33
eoeasrecovers partitions and data05:33
enduser000caffemisto: it is, I install ubuntu, remove some apps, update, and make a backup as new releases so when I reinstall I get a 6 min updated install ^^.  gl with it05:33
bullgard4Pici: Thank you for commenting.05:33
JavaAtomNeroon: can do.05:33
alteregoazenulatic is this persistent?05:33
alteregoaafter restart?05:33
Prabhat_The install was a completely new install...... I tried testdisk but no sucess05:34
vlad__hey guys . the total newb is here05:34
NeroonIs it normal, that samba asks for login and pwd although it's the same user on both pc's?05:34
vlad__hey can any1 help me with my sound drivers05:34
eoeasPrabhat_: hmm ??05:34
disappearedngHey how come when I am trying "apt-get source screen" it say unable to find a source package for screen ?"05:35
sergioAny ideas...anyone05:35
zenlunaticalteregoa: well if there was .bash_profile yes but I'm not sure as ubuntu is different apparantly... try to log out and in and echo $PATH05:35
danny_when i try to save my x configuration using the nvidia tool via system>administration it says permision denied. how do i save the x config?05:35
andryhelp !! i have huawei e220 to connect internet but some ubuntu ask possword ?05:35
BlancmangeNeroon: I avoid samba and just use SSH. :)05:35
Prabhat_eoeas: I tried with testdisk but cannot find my data after the new installation05:36
NeroonBlancmange: Well, thanks for the advice, but that didnt help ;-)05:36
enduser000does anyone know why I can't get separate x screens working? twinview and xinerama both work.  here are some screenshots and more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120186005:36
HarryyI would love help with this problem if anyone is around. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=763958205:36
JavaAtomNeroon: hah. Just got a "xserver-xorg-core is broken" message.05:36
BookmanI have no sound in adobe flash based websites....any ideas?05:37
eoeasPrabhat_: I c what you mean, don't wanna guess or experiment, so i'll say a don't know05:37
BlancmangeNeroon: I've never got SMB to work reliably under Windows, either, so I figure Samba is just emulating it's faults faithfully.05:37
NeroonJavaAtom: But that didnt come from the now installed nvidia driver05:37
JavaAtomNeroon: Not yet.05:37
JavaAtomNeroon: I'm trying to remove all existing nvidia drivers.05:37
NeroonBlancmange: I cant believe that, it's too long around for that and too far spread05:37
eoeasPrabhat_: How big is the data?05:37
Prabhat_eoeas: i am rying sudo apte-get install testdisk but getting a error message saying "command not found"05:38
SirStanBlancmange: SMB is a very reliable protocol.  It works great on windows, and great under samba.05:38
Prabhat_eoeas: It's aroung 2-3 GB05:38
eoeasapt not apte05:38
NeroonJavaAtom: You might need to reinstall the whole xorg-core package again ...05:38
Prabhat_eoeas: OK its apt05:39
JavaAtomNeroon: I am guessing that requires apt-get purge xorg-core / install xorg-core?05:39
eoeasPrabhat_: working now?05:39
NeroonJavaAtom: I would guess so, too. Never had to do it05:39
=== sergio is now known as helpmeplease
NeroonJavaAtom: But when did the message appear?05:40
iJimWhat does this mean "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/x11/xorg.conf'!"?05:40
JavaAtomNeroon: When I tried using apt-get to remove nvidia-glx-180.05:40
NeroonJavaAtom: Well, then there still is hope, I guess05:40
BlancmangeNeroom/SirStan. Odd. I can never get my head around the Master Browser issues (which i assume is related to SMB) with the mix of various Windows machines in my flat. Sys logs say stuff like "Computer X is trying to take over the world. The others are trying to force an election."05:40
andryHelp ! i have huawei e220 to connect internet . but ubuntu some ask password to conect modem huawei e220?05:41
Prabhat_eoeas: Thanks for the command .... its working presently...... lets see it helps or not05:41
WIGGMPkFresh install of Jaunty and running "sudo fdisk -ls" returns this: "Unable to seek on /dev/sda" Please help!!05:41
helpmepleaseI chose guided and use the whole disk of the 300GB HDD but when it asks am I sure it says it is going to change my internal HDD and my 300GB HDD05:41
NeroonBlancmange: Was that adressed to me as well? If yes, why?05:41
eoeasPrabhat_: ;-) will take time though, but had a similar problem and it worked (no guarantees)05:42
roddI'm having trouble installing/configuring lighttpd from source in ubuntu, can anyone help?05:42
rodd'service lighttpd start' does nothing05:42
edbianrodd: To start services: "sudo /etc/init.d/lighttpd start"05:43
BlancmangeNeroom: It looked like some of those split thread thing.05:43
* Blancmange pokes Samba a little.05:43
Prabhat_eoeas: update | command has completed now what to do ?05:43
iJimI have graphic issues on my nvidia, my LCD monitor wont max out over 640x480 but my CRT will set to normal size. I am using Twinview.05:43
roddedbian, also does nothing05:43
NeroonBlancmange: my name is misspelled (tip: tabulator completes names)05:43
edbianrodd: Do you have lighttpd installed?05:44
roddof course05:44
roddi installed from source, following their tutorial05:44
Harryyhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7639582 <-- help me please. :D05:44
disappearedngsudo apt-get build-dep screen How come I can't find any inforamtion on the package screen?05:44
edbianrodd: Look in /etc/init.d/  Do you even have a lighttpd file in there?05:44
BlancmangeNaroon: Cheers!05:44
PhillHey guys! I have a Westinghouse Digital widescreen monitor (22.1") The resolution isn't right (And I don't actually know what the correct one is!) WindowsXP uses 1600*900 which works fairly well, but I can't seem to set that up in Linux - also, when I tried resetting my resolution through nvidia X Server settings, it lets me try a few (1360x768) works alright. But now - the main problem is that my Theme doesn't display. (By theme, I mean top b05:44
roddedbian,  yes, http://redmine.lighttpd.net/projects/lighttpd/wiki/InstallFromSource05:44
NeroonBluncminge: Sure05:44
roddedbian,  i did all what that page says05:45
helpmepleaseWell, could someone just tell me to go away then, at least then I know you can see me...05:45
eoeasPrabhat_: suggest u unmount the partition! then check the manual, haven't used it for a while05:45
ttl9anyone her good with tomcat?05:45
ttl9does tomcat have something built in similar to apache's Header unset that allows you to remove certain headers returned by the webserver?05:46
NeroonJavaAtom: Any progress yet?05:46
edbianrodd: You have a file in /etc/init.d called "lighttpd" but sudo /etc/init.d/lighttpd start does nothing??05:46
roddedbian,  yes05:46
Prabhat_eoeas: I have only one partition05:46
edbianrodd: That is very odd.  Perhaps the install went wrong somewhere?05:47
roddit should output a message 'starting lighttpd..'05:47
JavaAtomNeroon: Reading some things. Can't seem to do anything without apt-get freaking out.05:47
disappearedngHey can someone tell me what's the GNU repository address?05:47
andryhelp ! i have huawei e220 to connect ! but if connect ubuntu asking password to connect to huawei e220 ?05:47
iJimI have graphic issues on my nvidia, my LCD monitor wont max out over 640x480 but my CRT will set to normal size. I am using Twinview.05:47
edbianrodd: Yes.  Or at least an error message.  You are aware that lighttpd is in the repos?05:47
roddedbian,  yes but I need the latest version 1.4.2305:47
roddwhich isnt there05:47
edbianrodd: I don't think I can help you! :(05:47
roddok thanks anyway05:48
edgeanyone here use vuze?05:48
PhilliJim: Kinda same problem here too. I got it to go over 640*480 (widescreen right?) but now my theme won't display anymore. (the top bar with minimize, maximize, close)05:48
edbianJavaAtom: run "sudo apt-get install -f" to "fix" apt-get05:48
iJimNo Phill I have a 17inch normal 1280x1024 display05:48
eoeasPrabhat_: you will have to start from a ubuntu live CD, you can still use IRC from there for help, you can't modify or check a mounted system partition.05:48
PhilliJim: Darn, guess we don't have the same problem :(05:48
JavaAtomedbian: When I do that, I see a line saying that my entire Xserver system and XBMC will be removed.05:49
iJimI use dual displays and I have for a while, but my CRT will set to normal, but the LCD wont05:49
edgehow do i search torrents on vuze?05:49
helpmepleaseedge: what version of VUZE?05:49
edbianJavaAtom: You've been messing with packages huh05:49
tanathcan anyone help me with this? i keep getting this email: http://pastebin.ca/149981405:49
R_W_WIs there some fundamental problem with the Flash plugin? It only ever works for a short time for me in Firefox...05:50
edbianJavaAtom: What does apt-get freak about when you try to install some software.  Can you give me errors?05:50
JavaAtomedbian: Not intentionally. The update manager installed updates, but then my X ran in low-resolution mode.05:50
edgehelpmeplease, latest05:50
edbianJavaAtom: Ic Ic.  What did you do?  Can you recap (at least vaguely) for me?05:50
tanathusually once a day05:50
helpmeplease4.X it just type in the search box and it should ask you if you want to search common Bittorrent sites.05:50
NeroonJavaAtom: what does apt-get do or say?05:51
WIGGMPkAnyone? before I smash this laptop? "sudo fdisk -ls" yeilds "Unable to seek on /dev/sda" on a FRESH install of Jaunty???05:51
BlancmangeNeroom: I guess it's perfectly normal that Sambas must ask you for the username and password, even though you are the 'same' user on each host. It's just not in a position to know you are the same user on each host. I'm sure if there was a method for it to join you in a seamless way, that method could be used by another user to gain your privilleges.05:51
JavaAtomneroon & edbian: I mis-spoke --- recapping: I updated my nvidia drivers, apparently, to "185.19.0" via the update manager.  I restarted and I got to a low-resolution screen, tried to change the resolution and the system claimed I wasn't using nvidia drivers.05:51
edbianJavaAtom: I got booted.  I'm back now! :)05:51
edbianJavaAtom: At what point to apt-get freak out?05:52
JavaAtomNeroon & edbian: From there, I've been trying to reinstall packages.05:52
JavaAtomedbian: I don't want to spam the channel.05:52
Prabhat_eoeas: thanks for the guidance........ I am refering to the documantation as u said05:52
NeroonBlencmunge: I'm not definetely sure, but I remember vaguely that was different some time ago05:52
JavaAtomedbian: Can I pm you what I just said a moment ago?05:52
edbianJavaAtom: Yes05:52
WIGGMPkedbian: you remember me? lol I could mount the encyrpted home.. well I reinstalled.. now "sudo fdisk -ls" returns with "Unable to seek on /dev/sda" what you think?05:53
Prabhat_eoeas: You a normal user or some support personel ?05:53
NeroonJavaAtom: might as well join a private chat all 305:53
JavaAtomNeroon: fair 'nuff -- where we going?05:54
edbianWIGGMPk: Well for one there is no such thing as "-ls"  just -l for fdisk05:54
tanathcan anyone help me with this? i keep getting this email like every day, about a locale error: http://pastebin.ca/149981405:54
WIGGMPkedbian: sorry, typo05:54
NeroonJavaAtom: Uh, wrong question. I don't use irc very frequently ...05:54
eoeasPrabhat_: power user :P (normal)05:54
edbianWIGGMPk: Did you reformat?05:54
BlancmangeNeroon: Perhaps the password thing was successful and more persistent than you remembered. Sometimes I surprise myself with the persistence of SFTP/SSH login authentication. :)05:55
JavaAtomNeroon & edbian: /join #javaatom_help05:55
edbianJavaAtom: What made apt-get freak out?  What is it saying?05:55
edbianJavaAtom: will do05:55
WIGGMPkedbian: yes.. reinstalled three times now.. same results.. its still on the same RAID0 array05:55
edbianWIGGMPk:  IS this the same encrypted /home partition you're trying to access?05:56
NeroonBlancmange: Well but I dont remember forgetting it every few minutes either. Or even on entering another share on the same pc05:56
Prabhat_eoeas: really admire your knowlwdge on ubuntu05:56
WIGGMPkedbian: nope.. reformatted everything.. gave up on the data and called it a lose05:56
R_W_WIs there any way to get the Flash plugin to work with more than one tab open?05:56
eoeasPrabhat_: trial and error, like most of us, you probably know stuff i don't05:57
edbianWIGGMPk: What is the issue besides not being able to fdisk -l ??05:57
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:57
WIGGMPkedbian: the only thing I can think of is the newly downloaded install disc got messed up and im in the process of downloading another one right now..05:57
eoeasPrabhat_: but thanks05:57
edbianWIGGMPk: What is the issue besides not being able to fdisk -l ?05:58
WIGGMPkedbian: nothing that I can tell.. Ubuntu works fine05:58
edbianWIGGMPk: Then why are you downloading a new disk?  What are you trying to fix?  Nothing?05:59
WIGGMPkedbian: fdisk doesnt recognize my partition tables which is a big deal to me06:00
Prabhat_eoeas: If I still face some issue then where can I catch you ?06:00
edbianWIGGMPk: Understandable06:00
edbianWIGGMPk: What was the error again?06:00
edbianWIGGMPk: Does gparted see your partitions?06:00
* Gnea considers throwing this soundblaster x-fi 5.1 out the window06:00
tanathcan anyone help me with this? i keep getting this email like every day, about a locale error: http://pastebin.ca/149981406:00
WIGGMPkedbian: "Unable to seek on /dev/sda" and yes gparted can see them06:00
eoeasPrabhat_: 1) you'll find me here 2) you can private message me through this IRC channel (try to c if it works06:02
edbianWIGGMPk: It's your raid array I suspect06:02
WIGGMPkedbian: the only difference between this install and the original install that worked is that I put SWAP on a logical partition and added another 1.0 GB logical partition06:02
WIGGMPkedbian: I didnt make any changes to the array though06:02
Gneatanath: try this:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales06:03
tanathGnea, i believe i tried that before, but it's still doing it06:04
tanathGnea, i ran it again and it says everything's up-to-date06:04
edbianWIGGMPk: Have you seen "testdisk"06:04
* blagh slaps adante around a bit with a large trout06:05
Gneatanath: okay, what happens if you run the cronjob manually?06:05
AldaronAny ideas on how I could install eeebuntu's iso file to an usb stick, using a computer running Slackware Linux? The instructions are for usb-creator, unetbootin and isotostick.sh - none of these seem to make any sense to me (the script works most, but it complains partition isn't flagged bootable. cfdisk doesn't even think there are partitions on the stick. Stick works..)06:05
WIGGMPkedbian: nope.. saw it one of the posts from google'in though06:05
tanathGnea, how? never used cron06:05
edbianWIGGMPk: That's where I got it from too.  I think that you have a bad drive or the array is messing things up.  All of the google results involve the Array06:06
AldaronOh. More correctly: unetbootin won't start, usb-creator will just freeze at the first phase06:06
* Blancmange is looking for an IRC<-->XMPP-MUC bridge that works.06:06
WIGGMPkedbian: =*( I just cant win06:06
edbianWIGGMPk: Sorry! :(06:06
WIGGMPkedbian: dont be.. thanks for your help again06:06
jcapeQuestion on karmic audio: I'm using an older macbook (2,1 or 3,1), and external audio (speakers, headphones) is not working. The onboard speakers appear to work, and I could fix the missing external audio by fussing with the mixer's weird surround and front channels. How can I either turn on the external audio or find those channels in Karmic/pulseaudio?06:07
edbianWIGGMPk: NP.  I would keep track of this issue.  You didn't do anything wrong and you can replicate the error which means we have a bug in the system.06:07
edbianWIGGMPk: You should make a bug report on launchpad06:07
WIGGMPkedbian: yeah ill get to that later tonight =) thanks06:07
edbianWIGGMPk: NP06:07
Gneatanath: like this:  sudo /etc/cron.daily/man-db06:08
fwaokdawhats a good app for scanning and removing/deleting viruses within ubuntu?06:08
forceswhat happen with packages.ubuntu.com ?06:09
tanathGnea, no output06:09
Gneafwaokda: ubuntu gets viruses? clamav seems to work....06:09
Gneatanath: so check your email06:09
fwaokdaGnea, thanks06:09
PhillHi, I have problems showing somethings to screen, for example, some system menu's, and the toolbar(?) or the bar you grab on with minimize, maximize on it. It's not showing up anymore. (What's that bar called?)06:09
Neroonfwaokda: What viruses?06:09
tanathGnea, no new mail...06:09
Gneathis creative soundblaster x-fi usb card is total garbage, why won't it just work with ubuntu?06:10
tanathGnea, so i shouldn't get the emails anymore?06:10
Gneatanath: in theory06:10
zopiacWhenever I open LMMS, the audio output resets to Dummy (No Output). Does anybody know how to fix it?06:11
tanathGnea, well, ok thanks for the help. don't suppose you can help me with a graphics issue?06:11
Gneatanath: might be able to, kinda struggling with a sound issue06:11
tanathGnea, what's the sound issue?06:11
tanathGnea, i'm getting graphical glitches all over my screen06:12
Gneatanath: I got a soundblaster x-fi usb card last week, I can't change the volume.06:12
Gneatanath: what video card?06:12
tanathGnea, hrm. ati radeon 9800se06:12
tanathGnea, used to work fine, 'till a somewhat recent update06:12
Gneatanath: did you install a video driver for it?06:12
gabkdlly_Phill: try restarting metacity, alt+F2 -> metacity06:12
tanathGnea, default OS one worked fine. fglrx had issues, so haven't been using it06:13
Gneatanath: try checking your driver:  System->Administration->Hardware drivers06:13
tanathGnea, that shows nothing06:13
Phillgabkdlly_:alt F2 does nothing.06:13
tanathGnea, and fglrx doesn't seem to work06:13
Phillgabkdlly_: whoops, I see why, I had F disabled, I ran it, and nothing happened anyway.06:14
abhrahow to install icons in ubuntu -gnome06:14
tanathGnea, says no proprietary drivers are in use, and there's nothing in the list06:14
Gneatanath: should be a specific radeon driver for xorg06:14
tanathGnea, there's fglrx, but it doesn't show in that app06:15
Gnea!info xserver-xorg-video-radeon06:15
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-radeon (source: xserver-xorg-video-ati): X.Org X server -- ATI Radeon display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.12.1-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 445 kB, installed size 932 kB06:15
Gneatanath: tried that one?06:15
gletobHey I'm looking for a web based torrent client for my ubuntu server.06:16
gabkdlly_gletob: transmission is good at this06:16
tanathGnea, that appears to be what i'm using06:16
Gneagletob: torrentflux06:16
gletobGnarlyBob, is that easy to set up?06:16
Gneatanath: oooh...06:16
tanathGnea, or it's installed anyway06:17
tanathGnea, so's the xserver-xorg-video-ati package06:17
Gneatanath: try running this command:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg   then logout/login06:17
tanathGnea, HAL reset my xorg.conf06:17
vlad__uh total newb here asking for trash folder location?06:17
tanathGnea, been thru that. my xorg.conf is effectively blank06:18
vlad__in backtrack406:18
Gnea!trash | blan06:18
ubottublan: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash06:18
gabkdlly_gletob: correction, I don't know if you can run transmission without X06:18
tanathGnea, and yet things generally still work fine06:18
gletobFinally I have always wondered where trash was stored.06:18
disappearedngAnyone manage to get 256 color in screen?06:18
tanathGnea, basically it autoconfigures how it should now, unlike earlier releases. only a recent update of some kind borked my graphics06:18
gabkdlly_Phill: I am out of ideas then, sorry06:18
DayOldPorridgeCould anyone help me out with a GRUB problem?  I'm trying to load a disk.img in Bochs with stage1 and stage2 of GRUB, but whenever I try 'kernel /home/user/kernel.bin' in GRUB, it gives me "Error 17: could not mount selected partition."  Any idea how I could fix this?06:19
Gneatanath: that's odd... but then, ATI has always had horrible linux support06:19
Phillgabkdlly_: I think it's a problem with my X config. I'm having resolution trouble as well.06:19
tanathGnea, yeah, but it worked fine for quite some time there, until recently. now i can barely read06:19
gabkdlly_Phill: when did all this start ?06:19
tanathGnea, and i can't get compiz running either06:20
tanathGnea, nor metacity with compositing06:20
tanathGnea, but glxinfo still says i have direct rendering06:20
DOSchildIs there a way to update synaptic's package list to show manually added repositories? I added the cdemu and virtualbox repository, but the programs are not there, they are only installable with apt-get06:20
Phillgabkdlly_: It happened before, in December, Slart and I debugged it all. It's my monitor, not able to tell X what resolution it should be. Now that I upgraded, I reformatted / and /etc/X11 aswell as my xorg.conf file went with it.06:21
PhillSo, I'm back at square one.06:21
tanathGnea, you try alsamixer in terminal?06:21
zenlunaticwhats the package that you can mess with compiz settings06:21
DOSchildis there a way to update the actual list of packages rather than the versions of the packages in synaptic?06:22
triniumwow, office 2007 runing perfect in ubuntu, but openoffice it is like gnome, simple06:22
Phillgabkdlly_: And, I can't open up terminal it seems - it uses transparency - which has failed me. So I don't really know what I can do.06:22
thomson234 MB of memory used and i only have xchat open?06:22
tanathzenlunatic, compizconfig-settings-manager06:22
Gneatanath: No mixer elems found06:23
SnuggleBucketXOThis is cool06:23
SnuggleBucketXOWant singles?06:23
SnuggleBucketXONO SINGLES FOR YOU06:23
FloodBot3SnuggleBucketXO: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:23
Neroonzenlunatic: And while you're at it, install fusion-icon as well06:23
tanathGnea, card recognized?06:23
gabkdlly_Phill: alt+ctrl+f1 will get you a terminal, and alt+ctrl+f7 will get you back to X06:23
Gnea!ubuntu | SnuggleBucketXO06:23
ubottuSnuggleBucketXO: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com06:23
tanathGnea, might check in alsa channel or something06:23
gabkdlly_Phill: you can use f2 through f6 as well to get more terminals06:23
Gneatanath: I plug it in, it loads the snd-usb-audio module06:24
DOSchildis there a way to update the actual list of packages rather than the versions of the packages in synaptic? it seems that using the reload option only updated version of the packages inside the added repository06:24
tanathGnea, usb audio? is that right?06:24
Gneatanath: if i bring up audacious, I can select it and play music through it, but the volume is jacked up all the way06:24
Gneatanath: and that's only through the line-out jack, I don't have a 5.1 surround speaker system for it yet06:25
tanathGnea, audacious has different output plugins you can choose. figure out which ones work?06:25
DOSchildis there a way to update the actual list of packages rather than the versions of the packages in synaptic? it seems that using the reload option only updated version of the packages inside the added repository06:25
Gneatanath: I went with the alsa on that one, but I need to be able to change the volume - it has a physical knob on it that's supposed to do that, but it's not hardware-controlled06:25
tanathGnea, try 'sudo alsa force-reload' and see if you're able to then. you have pulse audio installed? it seems to cause issues and prolly shouldn't be used yet06:26
Andi am newer06:27
sage__how often should a buisness back up thier data06:27
Andwhat is 'thier data'?06:28
sage__I got a drive from 0706:28
sage__it was full of back up for a server06:28
MrPiracycompiz is not being loaded automaticly. where can i check for possible errors?06:29
DOSchildis there a way to update the actual list of packages rather than the versions of the packages in synaptic?06:30
tanathGnea, check group permissions?06:30
NeroonMrPiracy: not loaded in gnome automatically?06:30
MrPiracyNeroon: yes ;)06:30
=== MidsummerDawn is now known as Locke
MrPiracyNeroon: if i run from terminal it works06:30
Gneatanath: yup, I'm in all of the audio and pulse groups just fine06:31
Gneatanath: and I stopped pulseaudio just to be safe06:31
NeroonMrPiracy: Well, I dont have gnome here, but System -> Preferences -> Sessions -> Startup Programs -> doesnt work?06:31
musikgoat|mainDOSchild: when you "update" you are getting the full list of packages provided by the repositories you have set06:31
MrPiracyNeroon: nope .... i just booted it06:32
Tempus_Fugithey all06:32
Tempus_Fugitnew here06:32
MrPiracyNeroon: command line is just compiz rite?06:32
PhillMy scroll wheel seems inverted - how do I... uninvert it?06:32
Tempus_Fugithey anyone know what program will open a .db file??06:32
carpediemPhill: turn it upside down06:32
tanathGnea, hm, well TBH, it'd be easier to help you if it were easier for me to read :P hard to look stuff up when i can barely see. don't suppose you can take a further stab at my graphics issue?06:33
NeroonMrPiracy: well i dont use the comm line, but you put just compiz into the startup?06:33
NeroonMrPiracy: you might try fusion-icon there06:33
DOSchildmusikgoat|main, i use the reload button but virtualbox and cdemu still aren't coming up on synaptic06:33
Tempus_Fugithey carpediem how ya doin06:33
NeroonMrPiracy: and it should remember when started, which window manager was used last06:34
tanathGnea, it's really frustrating06:34
MrPiracyNeroon: yes, just compiz and i had installed this fusion-icon thingy ... u think it would be it?06:34
Gneatanath: I can give it a go... this is my /proc/asound/cards: 1 [S51            ]: USB-Audio - SB X-Fi Surround 5.106:34
carpediemPhill: sorry, I couldn't resist.  Actually, look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf for ZAxisMapping, and switch the order of the numbers06:34
MrPiracyNeroon: i'll take it out of startup and see what happens06:34
carpediemTempus_Fugit: hi, doing pretty good06:34
musikgoat|mainDOSchild: what repositories do you have checked?06:34
NeroonMrPiracy: you could do it by compiz on itself, but if you're going to use fusion-icon anyway ...06:34
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:34
Tempus_Fugitanyone know what will read a .db file06:35
NeroonMrPiracy: I would put fusion-icon to startup06:35
carpediemTempus_Fugit: usually that's SQLite, but there's no guarantee06:35
MrPiracyNeroon: let me see, brb06:35
DOSchildmusikgoat|main, I have the two default ones checked, the updated Wine repository, the updated Virtualbox Repository, and the cdemu repository06:35
Tempus_Fugityeah i tried that and didnt work06:35
carpediemTempus_Fugit: if it is SQLite, there's a SQLite browser for firefox that works pretty good.06:36
tanathGnea, you don't have any funky audio/sound settings in the bios do you?06:36
carpediemTempus_Fugit: it could be anything, could you give some context?06:36
Tempus_Fugithmmmm ok will check into that ty06:36
Gneatanath: have you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver06:36
Gneatanath: nah, bios has nothing to do with it - there's an onboard audio, but it's crap, so I disabled it there - that's why I got this usb one06:37
musikgoat|mainDOSchild: i believe virtualbox is in multiverse06:37
musikgoat|main!file virtualbox06:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about file virtualbox06:37
carpediemTempus_Fugit: lots of embedded databases use the .db extension, so you may need to tell us what this db file is.06:37
tanathGnea, was just about to ask if you disabled on-board06:37
musikgoat|main!info virtualbox06:37
ubottuPackage virtualbox does not exist in jaunty06:37
gletobGnea, Torrentflux is absolutely perfect! and it was very easy to set up thank you!!06:37
Dulakthe virtualbox in the normal repos is crappy06:37
gletobAnd thanks to the others that mad suggestions!06:37
DulakIf you want to use usb or 3d acceleration, download the deb or use the repo vbox provides06:37
MrPiracyNeroon: yes, i think it was fusion-icon causing it06:37
carpediemDulak: well, it's far from crappy, it just lacks a few features that Sun doesn't open-source06:38
MrPiracyNeroon: it booted up fine no probs this time06:38
NeroonMrPiracy: So you took it out?06:38
Tempus_Fugitok well right now im on my tmobile G1 in an app ported into firc and we have an app that backs up sms msgs  and i was trying to read them with my laptop connected to my phone and the backup file is .db06:38
NeroonMrPiracy: Btw, did you just reboot?06:38
tanathGnea, yeah, i've seen that06:38
=== mitch is now known as Guest16752
Dulakcarpediem: in comparison it's crappy, it's not actually crappy I agree06:38
MrPiracyyes, i took both compiz and fusion-icon ... i had put conpoiz just to test06:38
Guest16752i have a pink square in the top left hand side of the screen saying unknow how do i remove it06:38
MrPiracyNeroon: yes, i just reboot06:38
NeroonMrPiracy: I see. But no need to reboot, just restart x06:38
MrPiracyNeroon: i never know how to do it06:39
DOSchildmusikgoat|main, i found it in synaptic, it seems the quicksearch index isn't being updated06:39
MrPiracyNeroon: hehe06:39
jedi06does anyone know of a way to watch flash player at 2x06:39
NeroonMrPiracy: I do it by ctrl+alt+backspace06:39
carpediemTempus_Fugit: oh, yeah, that might be JavaDB...not sure what android uses06:39
NeroonMrPiracy: kills x instantly and it starts new06:39
musikgoat|mainDOSchild: interesting06:39
DOSchildmusikgoat|main, I had to scroll down to the v's and I found it, but searching for it won't find it, only finds the older versions06:40
carpediemTempus_Fugit: hmm, nope, they use Sqlite according to the docs.06:40
Tempus_Fugitok well anyone who wants to play with android programming can get the sdk and adb for free06:40
tanathGnea, hm, looks like i missed something. fglrx was listed in /etc/modules06:40
NeroonMrPiracy: still here?06:40
MrPiracyNeroon: it doesnt work for me, tried many times06:40
MrPiracyNeroon: when i was trying to get my video card to work06:41
NeroonMrPiracy: hm, using kde here, not gnome. Just a sec06:41
MrPiracyNeroon: also ctrl+alt+f406:41
paintedcan you disable UAC in ubuntu?06:41
Tempus_Fugitim also new to linux and ubuntu in general i just did a dual boot on my laptop so i can learn linux and programming06:41
h4xOrHi, the touch pad on my laptop running 9.04 is very sensitive. How can i decrease its sensitivity06:41
Tempus_Fugiti love the new 9.0406:42
MrPiracypainted: login as root, but for that u have to enable it06:42
paintedhow do you log in as root06:42
Gneatanath: aah06:42
Gneatanath: I think I'm gonna hang this up for tonight and try again later06:42
Tempus_Fugitopen a terminal06:42
Tempus_Fugitand type su06:43
NeroonMrPiracy: sudo apt-get install dontzap06:43
Tempus_Fugitthen the pw06:43
nedahi, I want to have same keyboard shortcuts as gnome's in kde.  is there any solution?06:43
tanathGnea, ok. good luck. thanks06:43
iwobblesHi I have a usb hard drive which some of my ubuntu machines recognise but others dont where should I be looking to fix this ?06:43
picochuseems like wubi doesnt run on windows 7 :(06:44
Gneatanath: there's a ton of discussion here that I need to sift through: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87000106:44
MrPiracypainted: system / administration / login window / security ... check enable admin login06:44
NeroonMrPiracy: got it?06:44
genanyou had played windows7?06:44
tanathGnea, http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=56719 similar issue to yours06:44
MrPiracyNeroon: yes, what's that?06:44
picochugenan: yeap on my spare06:44
NeroonMrPiracy: I brings back the ctrl+alt+backspace06:45
genanyeah.ubuntu not windows06:45
NeroonMrPiracy: to jaunty06:45
tanathGnea, good luck06:45
MrPiracyNeroon: thx again, installing it now06:45
picochusage__: take a chill pill but wubi is suppose to run linux on windows part06:45
Tempus_Fugityou mean wind hoes???06:45
picochusheesh bunch of 12 yrs old06:46
Tempus_Fugitim not great with linux but im learning06:46
nedahi, I want to have same keyboard shortcuts as gnome's in kde.  is there any solution?06:46
Sinatraon windows i am used to WinAMP, what is Linux answer to it?06:46
NeroonSinatra: Lots of options. I got used to Amarok06:46
genanwhat is winamp?a kind of vpc?06:47
MrPiracyNeroon: do u know how to unblock root password? ... or set it?06:47
* Tempus_Fugit is hiding in the corner if someone wants to talk06:47
sage__movie player is good06:47
MrPiracyNeroon: i remember there's a command line for that06:47
NeroonMrPiracy: There is no root account in ubuntu06:47
gabkdlly_neda: I am pretty sure there is, you might ask in #kubuntu06:47
Gneatanath: thanks, you too06:47
MrPiracyNeroon: yes, there is, but u have to unblock it06:47
picochuMrPiracy: you can get root with sudo bash06:48
picochuNeroon:  just sudo bash06:48
nedathx gabkdlly_ , good advice!06:48
Dulakno, use sudo -i06:48
tanathGnea, np06:48
MrPiracyNeroon: how do i use the ctrl-alt-backspace? right here or do i have to log off first?06:48
Tempus_Fugitthis is linux there is a way to do everything...just gotta have the know how and patience to do it06:48
mb_again_sudo bash; then passwd root06:48
NeroonMrPiracy: if you use it now, it'll kill all x-applications and restart x06:48
Dulak!root | mb_again_06:49
ubottumb_again_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:49
tehbautwhat does 8.10 have over 8.04?06:49
iwobblesdoes ubuntu support HP printers ? I want to ditch samba and the win server and print direct using ubuntu ,,its a HP5si bulk printer06:49
Neroonpicochu: he wants to change the root password, not a root shell06:49
mirsalonce correctly set-up, ubuntu works really well on a tablet PC06:49
Dulakmb_again_: use sudo -i to get a root shell, do not advise people to set a root password06:49
picochuNeroon: then just passwd then you have the damn shell06:50
ErekoseI`m trying to install gnomedesktopwal   but I don`t seem to have the correct command for it06:50
tehbautsage__, was that directed towards me? :P06:50
jedi06does anyone know of a way to watch adobe flash player at 2x06:50
MrPiracyNeroon: not really change ... in the previous versions there was a command to set the root password because it comes up blank06:50
Neroonpicochu: God, I didnt ask for it. It was MrPiracy question.06:50
vlad__hey guys i got a sound issue\06:50
sage__tehbaut,  I thought u were thinking of the newer one06:50
tehbautI installed 9.04 this morning, but didn't feel like messing with all the drivers... seems it's less compatible with my machine otb, than the 8.xx series06:51
Neroon !root | MrPiracy06:51
ubottuMrPiracy: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:51
MrPiracyNeroon: so u can login as root .... yes i think it was what picochu said06:51
NeroonMrPiracy: Of course, you can. But there is no root password as such06:51
vlad__pretty sure i got the drivers installed but no sound06:51
tehbautbut it seems as though 8.04 is missing some of the top-right corner details than 8.10 had06:52
Dulak!rules > mb_again_06:52
ubottumb_again_, please see my private message06:52
vlad__and commands i can use to enable it or something>?06:52
MrPiracyNeroon: try this .... sudo passwd root06:52
MrPiracyNeroon: ;)06:52
Erekosetrying to install a tar.gz that is unzipped.. seems like I don`t have the right command06:53
NeroonMrPiracy: Thanks, but no thanks ;-)06:53
ftabMrPiracy: that command is to change the root password being a sudoer06:53
DulakMrPiracy: don't advise people to set a root password, use sudo -i to get a root shell if you have to have one06:53
ftabDulak: some times you might need that for security06:53
MrPiracyftab: that will also let you login as root06:54
Dulakftab: what security is better without an audit trail?  I haven't had root enabled on a machine in 10 years now, and I can't think of any good reason to start.06:54
ftabMrPiracy: yes but passwd command is specific for changing the paddword06:54
vlad__thanks for the sudo -i saves time06:54
MrPiracyDulak: there was a guy here asking how to disable "uac", that's why i came up with this ... i think these "type password" boxes all the time are annoying06:54
NeroonMrPiracy: Then you can still start a root shell06:55
ftabDulak, you are right but if you are a sudoer then you are root, sudoer user id points to that of the root uid06:55
DulakMrPiracy: you can change the timeout on the password from sudo so it only prompts you every so often after the initial one06:55
MrPiracyftab: type that command, enable "allow admin login" in system / administration / login window / security06:55
tehbauthow do I get to the partition manager?06:55
MrPiracyftab: then type root as username and the password u just set06:55
iwobblesI have  an IBM laptop on which I can see traffic at the transport layer but I cannot get http access at the application layer any ideas ?06:55
MrPiracyftab: voilá06:55
Dulakftab: sudo gives and audit trail, allowing a direct root login does not06:56
DigitalKiwii like when people try to add themself to a group with sudo and end up deleting themself from wheel06:56
Dulakftab: you are making things less secure by enabling root, not more secure06:56
DigitalKiwiit is good times06:56
hdonhi all. what package will give me man pages for select()?06:56
NeroonMrPiracy: And why would anybody need a security hole (root account) in Ubuntu?06:56
ftabtehbaut: gparted might help you06:56
picochuNeroon:  root isn't a security hole. not if you manage it properly06:56
tehbautftab, what was run during the install then?06:57
tehbautisn't that included by default?06:57
nuttyheya, was wondering if there are any acer aspire one users here, I can't seem to get my webcam working06:57
* hdon snickers06:57
DulakWow, we got a lot of genius security people in here tonight.06:57
TromboneDCC C:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\06:57
ftabDulak, I agree :-) and I would also recommend to use sudoer, but again sudeor is root when you issue sudo06:57
MrPiracypicochu, Neroon, Dulak, ftab: why are u guys so scared about this root account in the first place?06:57
DigitalKiwiroot passwords are alays short, like admin, nimda, god, iamgod, you know, therefor security risk06:57
Neroonpicochu: There is just no need for a root account. Everything can be done without it. And installing one just makes it easier breaking into06:58
Dulakftab: and sudo logs every command run, so you can see exactly who just messed up your box06:58
MrPiracypicochu, Neroon, Dulak, ftab: what hole exactly does it open?06:58
picochuMrPiracy:  not me06:58
ftabMrPiracy, we are not scared, but just from security point of view there is an alternate06:58
Dulakftab: allowing a direct root login, no log.  Who just typed that command???  I don't know, cuz I enabled root.06:58
picochuNeroon: obviously you have never tried install Oracle 11 on a linux box06:58
MrPiracyftab: define "security point" ... what happens if root password is set?06:58
Trombonewhy do u want to enable root anyways? what are the benefits?06:58
NeroonMrPiracy: Without one, an attacker at least doesnt know which account to use06:58
ftabDualk, we agree but it's MrPiracy who don't :-)06:58
Dulakpicochu: you can sudo -i to get the root shell and install oracle just fine06:59
MrPiracypicochu: yessssssssssss! now i remember why i needed that ... ORACLE 1106:59
tehbautso why is 8.04 missing that top-right-corner "tray"?06:59
ftabDualk, I was just differenciating the sudoers and the root06:59
vphDoes anyone know why my Ubuntu boot-disk will loadup the install prompt but it has an I/O error "Error reading boot CD" when I try to install it? I guess it is because the CDRom is not identified but would that be the only reason? any help would be appreciated :)06:59
ftabtehbaut: did you tried gparted?06:59
sebsebsebtehbaut: ,because it's a resonably new thing, also  Ubuntu's version isn't even part of upstream Gnome,   which is also why shut down and logout get removed from the system menu :(,  really it's only meant to be a user switcher07:00
tehbautftab, it's not in the list of apps (or else I'm blind, or it requires a terminal window, or an install)07:00
Trombonevph: what happens if you choose to scan the disc for errors instead of install?07:00
MrPiracyNeroon: account to use where??? if this attacker can get to my root account, why cant he get to my user account?07:00
picochuthere's nothing wrong with root if you know what you are doing.... sudo is just as risky as su07:00
genannothing will happen07:00
ftabtehbaut which version are you using?07:00
vphTrombone: Error reading boot CD.07:00
tehbautsebsebseb, so the tray is part of 8.10 but not 8.04?07:00
ftabtehbaut try sudo apt-get install gparted07:00
tehbautftab, I'm running 8.04 right now07:01
sebsebsebtehbaut: did you mean the log out and shutdown thing?07:01
sebsebsebtehbaut: if you mean the applicaitons tray,  there should be something07:01
Trombonevph: maybe the disc is damaged and you need a new one? or somethings wrong with your hardware07:01
NeroonMrPiracy: Every attacker tries to get to the root account. But how would he know, which, if any account on a pc might get root rights07:01
MrPiracypicochu: even if u DONT know what ur doing. There are several newbies using ubuntu who has no clue of where to click or what to install07:01
ftaband also when you enable the User switcher menu in Jaunty it removes the shut down from the menu07:01
tehbautsebsebseb, uh all I can remember is that it had a network status and quick-connect for wifi07:01
ftabtehbaut then run sudo apt-get install gparted07:01
MrPiracyNeroon: how will the attacker know i am running linux? i have 4 different OS'es here07:01
sebsebsebtehbaut: ok  we weren't talking about  the same thing,   the only thing we were talking about that was the same, is top right  corner of  the panel07:01
tehbautftab, is it available by default it 8.10?07:01
MrPiracyNeroon: anti-virus AND firewall07:02
ftabtehbaut which thing?07:02
DigitalKiwiirc clients often use the user name as...username07:02
vphTrombone: I've made 3 coasters so far... do you think if I swapped a cdrom with a different computer it would solve the problem? because I have a dvdrom that could be switched easily.07:02
tehbautsebsebseb, so I'm looking for the "system tray" ...is that right?07:02
sebsebsebtehbaut: yep, and not the other thing,  which I hope is missing still in 8.04 :)07:02
tehbautftab, a partition manager included by default in 8.10 ...is that true?07:02
ftabtehbatu system tray in Ubuntu is called Notification Icons07:02
picochuMrPiracy: remote root login is something i won't recommend07:02
DigitalKiwiso someone comes to irc there's a good chance I know their user account ;D07:02
ftabhmm not sure.07:02
vphTrombone: and with the three coasters they all did the same thing.07:02
Erekosevph:  what burn speed did you burn them at07:03
NeroonMrPiracy: If it only where that easy to stop an intruder07:03
MrPiracypicochu: whoaa, that's something different07:03
sebsebsebtehbaut: you should be able to add stuff to the panel07:03
ftabsudo apt-get install will prompt if that is already there tehbaut07:03
Trombonevph: its worth a try. if you get an error when using a brand new disk that you made yourself just a minute ago, u almost definitely have a hardware error somewhere07:03
tehbautsebsebseb, so the notification icons were added with 8.10?07:03
sebsebsebtehbaut: which notification icons?07:03
DulakMrPiracy: you are speaking from obvious years of experience running enterprise servers in production.07:03
sebsebsebtehbaut: 8.10 is a good release07:03
tehbautsebsebseb, , I'm not seeing any notification area at all in 8.0407:03
MrPiracypicochu, Neroon, Dulak, ftab: besides, what would an attacker do with root account that he can't with my user account (which happens to be admin)?07:04
TromboneMrPiracy: do u have a particular reason for using a root account? its actually one less command if you just use sudo07:04
sebsebsebtehbaut: sadly 8.10 isn't LTS,  if you run the  panel resting command that can solve stuff07:04
tehbautI had 8.10 before, but had to drop it for a while07:04
sebsebsebtehbaut: why?07:04
MrPiracyDulak: this is a home computer, not an enterprise07:04
DulakMrPiracy: root is a known attack vector, your username is not07:04
tehbauthard drive changes, I wasn't using ubuntu for a while07:04
sebsebseb!panels |  tehbaut07:05
ubottutehbaut: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:05
MrPiracyDulak: alright, alright, u win07:05
DulakMrPiracy: but you're advocating anyone to use your crappy security policy by telling people to enable root on their machine, you are not qualified to do that.  You can do it for YOURSELF, but don't spread your ignorance to others.07:05
tanathmy bottom gnome-panel isn't showing. and if i run 'gnome-panel --replace' then certain icons don't show in notification area anymore :-/07:05
TromboneMrPiracy: bottom line, there are thousands of developers out there who made the root account innactive by default, and at least a few of them were smarter than you07:05
ftabMrPiacy, as a general rule of thumb, there are some kernel level calls which root can perform, I mean root has got the access for each and every thing from deleting the files to changing the config without any further authentication07:05
sebsebsebtehbaut: run the command the bot gave, that should help07:05
ftabthat's why root is always discouraged07:05
NeroonMrPiracy: He needs to find an account that even may get root rights. Since not every account should be able to. But isnt it easier, when I know there is a root account i can concentrate on, instead of having to find the names of the other account and trie those?07:05
sebsebsebtanath: uh  see abovee07:05
tehbautftab, so you are saying that gparted is used during installation, but after that it's not included in the standard utilities/apps by default?07:05
MenZatehbaut→ Correct.07:06
sebsebseb!panels |   tanath07:06
ubottutanath: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:06
ftabtehbaut, try gparted in terminal07:06
tehbautMenZa, correct re: gparted?07:06
tanathsebsebseb, which defaults are those? i'm not sure i want to07:06
ftabMenza that's not correct07:06
picochuTrombone:  just disable remote root07:06
sebsebsebtanath: it will reset your panels back to default07:06
tanathsebsebseb, i have a number of icons & applets i don't want to replace07:06
MenZatehbaut→ Yes. A simple sudo apt-get install gparted should install it.07:06
sebsebsebtanath: you can add the bottom panel back anyway07:07
MrPiracyDulak, Trombone: easy fellows, i agree the root account unset is more secure. i just dont see the whole point of having it kept that way in a HOME environment when enabling it would be much less annoying and easier07:07
tanathsebsebseb, i'm not willing to do that without knowing what it'll do. it would be tedious to redo my customizations07:07
DigitalKiwihmm, can you create a user called root with no privs?07:07
NeroonMrPiracy: How do you think, that makes it easier?07:07
Erekosetrying to install an unzipped tar file but don`t seem to have the right comand07:07
sebsebsebtanath: it will undone your customizations07:07
tanathsebsebseb, then that's not something i want to do07:08
tehbautoff topic: how do I force a ntfs part to mount if the ntfs part is marked to be in use (windows didn't shutdown correctly)07:08
MrPiracyNeroon: for those who just want to try ubuntu, yes ... no need to keep typing the same password over and over again07:08
musikgoat|mainErekose: is the file extension simply .tar or .tar.gz or .tgz ?07:08
sebsebsebtehbaut: that's not off topic07:08
sebsebsebtehbaut: there's some sort of command, but you can also boot up Windows again and shut it down properly07:08
aamir((((((( hello Room ))))))07:08
tehbautsebsebseb, meant off topic from my latest topics :P07:08
iwobblesdoes ubuntu support usb drives ? Ive found the mounting a bit troublesome07:08
MrPiracyNeroon: i know you will have a heart attach but turning off UAC is the first thing i do when i install windows at home07:08
NeroonMrPiracy: So you want to start x and being online as root?07:08
Restinpeacei just installed ubuntu yesterday07:08
tanathsebsebseb, and i already said i didn't want to run 'gnome-panel --replace' which reloads it, and you're telling me to kill it? >.<07:08
MrPiracyNeroon: in a home testing environment yes, why not?07:09
picochuguys just remember active root is a matter of choice.. AIX, Solaris, Debian, RH, IRIX, they all have root accounts07:09
Restinpeacecan anyone tell me how do i install C++ ?07:09
tehbautsebsebseb, yes I just need to move a couple files to that part07:09
sebsebsebtanath: you  can  add a panel back without running a command07:09
MrPiracypicochu: even ubuntu does07:09
tehbautbefore I reboot windows, ideally07:09
picochuMrPiracy: not enabled by default07:09
MenZaRestinpeace→ What do you mean? C++ is a programming language.07:09
MrPiracypicochu: but it DOES have one ;)07:09
Erekosemusikgoat|main: its .tar.gz07:09
NeroonMrPiracy: Because one false click might kill everything.07:10
DigitalKiwiI'm guessing he wants to install gcc07:10
tehbautMenZa, what irc app are you using? j/w07:10
RestinpeaceMenZa: yes i agree. I mean how do i install the app?07:10
musikgoat|mainErekose: tar xzvf file.tar.gz07:10
MenZaWhat app, Restinpeace?07:10
tanathsebsebseb, if i reload gnome-panel, there's an icon or two that'll no longer show in the notification area. if i reset panels to default, i may lose all the icons i've added to the top panel, and which applets i've added07:10
MenZaRestinpeace→ You mean a C++ compiler? An editor? An IDE?07:10
RestinpeaceMenZa:  anjuta? if i'm not mistaken.07:10
NeroonMrPiracy: And where do you think the whining would start first, after they lost all their data?07:10
RestinpeaceMenZa:  yes07:10
sebsebsebtanath: yes07:10
EnragedOstrichCan someone help me fix my gamepad? It's going all strange when I try to use VGA and ePSXe07:10
picochuNeroon: login into X with root is a very very bad idea07:10
tanathsebsebseb, i'd rather reload than lose my customizations07:10
RestinpeaceMenZa:  sorry, that's what i mean actually.07:10
sebsebsebtanath: you have said this stuff about three times now07:11
sebsebsebtanath: or three tiems07:11
Erekosemusikgoat|main:  I have it unzipped but its not installing right07:11
EnragedOstrichive only had linex 4 a day07:11
david_I'm new here.07:11
MrPiracyNeroon: i've lost all my data quite a few times this week already ... without setting my root account ;)07:11
Neroonpicochu: Please, stop telling me that. I didnt ask for it07:11
sebsebseb!new |  david_07:11
ubottudavid_: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com07:11
sebsebseb!welcome |  david_07:11
ubottudavid_: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.07:11
iwobblesperhaps i should be going back to windows but I dont like MS much07:11
tanathsebsebseb, yet you still want me to anyway? >.<07:11
ftabubottu, it's a bot :-)07:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about it's a bot :-)07:11
musikgoat|mainErekose: what are you trying to install?07:11
sebsebsebtanath: no07:12
david_thank you.07:12
NeroonMrPiracy: Well everything is possible, but why invite every redneck to f... with your system?07:12
=== Locke is now known as TexJR
DulakMrPiracy: having the default policy be more secure is never a bad thing.  THe password thing as I said can be tuned in sudoers so you don't have to type that root password so much when you use sudo, I tune mine to 20 minutes and very rarely end up having to type it multiple times in a single session.07:12
Erekoseits a desktop wallpaper changer musikgoat|main07:12
sebsebsebdavid_: np07:12
RestinpeaceMenZa:  are you there?07:12
EnragedOstrichmy game pad config is messed up when i use my VBA i need help07:12
musikgoat|mainErekose: look for a README in the contents, usually there is install instructions there07:13
Dulakpicochu: any unix machine I admin, regardless of which flavor, first thing I do is install/configure sudo, and disable root.  Many of the guys I work with do this as well.07:13
MrPiracyDulak: my personal choice would be to type my password only ONCE when i log in ... and that's it ... after that, my computer should know it's me sitting here07:13
TrackerI'm David,07:14
tanathGnea, well, i removed a lot of old fglrx left-overs, and graphics are much improved. :)07:14
NeroonMrPiracy: And you need root rights every now and then?07:14
picochuDulak: i am glad that you do. But the phrase "most of the guys i work with" doesn't hold much water07:14
EnragedOstrichCan any 1 help me with my VBA controller config it all weird and i dont know what wrong07:14
Erekosewith it unzipped it has two files... a makefile and one called change_wallpaper.c musikgoat|main07:14
NeroonMrPiracy: After my system is set up, I might need root rights once a week maybe, if at all07:14
MrPiracyNeroon: well, now yes ... i am installing everything and i am prompted to type it all the goddam time07:15
joshua__Hello, I am wondering when I try and Network my printer that is on an XP Machine, over a Wifi connection, the printer window crashes when I try and browse my Computer it found my network, and list's my computers but It crashes when I open My Computer07:15
NeroonMrPiracy: No, you just could start a root shell for example07:15
musikgoat|mainErekose: ahh, then "make&&sudo make install" should work07:15
Dulakpicochu: ok let me rephrase that, the guys I work with that know what they are actually doing do it as well.  The ones who have no clue (apparently like you) don't.  And it's always fun times when those dumbasses go to the bathroom and leave a root shell logged in.07:15
MrPiracyNeroon: and it was very annoying a few years ago when i started using linux07:15
andryhelp !!!  avg install in unbuntu remix work but application avg can be launch ?07:15
ThreetimesHi, I have a dual-monitor setup. Once I'm logged in, everything works fine. When usplash shows the loading bar, my smaller monitor says "Out of range".07:15
musikgoat|mainErekose: you may need build-essential if this is the first compiling you've done07:16
TrackerSomebody tell me what is the subject of this room?07:16
MrPiracyNeroon: ok ok ok ok, you guys win07:16
DigitalKiwi"oh i think i'll go for a cup of water" smartass coworker/friend walks by, notices you have a console open "say goodbye to /" =D07:16
sebsebsebandry: you don't need anti virus in Linux at this time,  and  AVG scans for Windows virsues and that's about it,  and those viruses won't infect your Ubuntu install07:16
sebsebseb!virus |  andry07:16
ubottuandry: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2107:16
picochuDulak: whatever, i never leave my desk with a root shell07:16
MrPiracyNeroon: but i still think is funny the way u guys freak out about this root acount07:16
sebsebseb!caps |  joshua__07:16
ubottujoshua__: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:16
NeroonMrPiracy: Having the opponent giving up is no fun ;-)07:16
sebsebseb!cups |  joshua_07:16
ubottujoshua_: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows07:16
TrackerI understand nothing.07:16
joshua__but It can not find my PC07:16
Dulakpicochu: good for you, you're perfect, never make mistakes, should I call you lord?07:16
sebsebsebTracker: getting help for Ubuntu07:17
NeroonMrPiracy: I guess it's just because we all saw what happened so very often in windows07:17
joshua__It can not find my PC07:17
picochuDulak: it's called common sense. I guess you are those who forgot to zip up after peeing07:17
Erekosemusikgoat|main:  it shows a few errors07:17
musikgoat|main!build-essential | Erekose07:17
ubottuErekose: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:17
Trackerthank you.07:17
EnragedOstrichopps caps07:17
MrPiracyNeroon: well, it's because i agree with you .... when u are talking to the general public, or a company with important data, yes, it's a lot more sucure ... but what about random users just trying the OS? it's nothing but annoying07:17
Dulakpicochu: so because I want root locked, I lack common sense.07:17
NeroonMrPiracy:  Hell, I even have a link on my desktop to start my filemanager as root07:17
tanathhrm, my scroll wheel stopped working07:17
musikgoat|main!paste | Erekose07:17
ubottuErekose: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic07:17
Dulakpicochu: but you, who open root up cuz yer lazy, or leave it open, you have common sense.07:18
picochuyou're perfect, never make mistakes that's what you said07:18
TrackerI thought I was here to meet new people.07:18
Dulakpicochu: it's ok, admins like you let me double my rate when I have to clean up after you.07:18
EnragedOstrichWho wants to help me brave the new world of Ubuntu? Help me fix my 360 controller07:18
NeroonMrPiracy: As the random user you dont even need it (that often). So I'd say even less need to have a root account07:18
Dulakpicochu: just don't advocate it in this channel, it's against the rules and stupid.07:18
MrPiracyNeroon: hahah, got my point? so many times i tried to paste a file in a place i needed a root account, but all it said was NO07:18
joshua__Could I have some help i have a printer connect to my XP Machine and I am trying to share it over Wifi to my Ubuntu 9.4 laptop07:18
picochuplease tell me where in the rules to say it is okay to use root07:18
NeroonMrPiracy: But how often do you need that now?07:18
tehbautalso, how do I add my osx partition to grub?07:19
Dulak!rules > picochu07:19
ubottupicochu, please see my private message07:19
NeroonMrPiracy: Once a day the most?07:19
picochuDulak: didn't see it in the rules07:19
ThreetimesHi, I have a dual-monitor setup. Once I'm logged in, everything works fine. When usplash shows the loading bar, my smaller monitor says "Out of range".07:19
MrPiracyNeroon: i am not done yet, i'll still need it ... and btw, i am NOT setting root password, it just came to my mind whey they asked how to disable UAC ... if someone asks that u suppose he/she will be willing to take the risks07:20
NeroonMrPiracy: And the allday download folder or such are set up so I can read/write in them07:20
milo__hi. Please is there any aircrack-ng forum on IRC?07:20
NeroonMrPiracy: No, most of those that ask the question want it the easy way, they dont even think about security07:20
MrPiracyNeroon: ohhhh, now we agree ;)07:21
NeroonMrPiracy: And exactly these guys would be the first to damnate Linux for being unsecure, once they got f....07:21
NeroonMrPiracy: On the download folder?07:21
MrPiracyNeroon: nope, about the "they dont even think about security"07:22
joshua__could i get some help with printer sharing07:22
joshua__xp to ubuntu over wifi07:22
NeroonMrPiracy: Yes, but that doesnt mean they wouldnt care, if they knew what could happen07:22
lostxionhello room, i was wondering if there is anything equivalent to a disk derangement and a clean C drive for the ubuntu OS and how i would go about doing this to my pc07:22
Erekosedid that paste come thru musikgoat|main07:22
NeroonMrPiracy: They just need to be told and explained, why it is the way it is07:22
MrPiracyNeroon: anything can happen, always07:23
musikgoat|mainErekose: you have to paste the URL07:23
NeroonMrPiracy: Sure, but you dont jump out of your window in the 2nd floor, just because it's the fastest way down07:23
Kangarooohello can anyone tell me witch gui of rsync could help me move all files and skip witch are already in destination but check if size differs then overwrite and delete on source after each file execution?07:23
MrPiracyNeroon: that's not the same game, is it?07:24
StraightDavehello, what does this output mean, and how can i fix it ? http://pastebin.me/683f745cb697e75b4594e191b5befb6107:24
musikgoat|mainErekose: sudo apt-get install build-essential07:24
bfig_dpkg has been corrupted when updating, i had a segfault error. what do i need to do to rollback or fix it?07:24
nomad77take it to off-topic people are trying to get help not listen to a debate on root vs. sudo07:24
NeroonMrPiracy: Isnt it? It's fast, it works (even if only once) and I dont have to run all the way, too07:24
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tanathmy scroll wheel has suddenly stopped working (even after reboot). help?07:25
Erekosemusikgoat|main:  thats installing now07:25
musikgoat|mainErekose: then try again07:25
MrPiracyNeroon: what are the chances a hacker will find ur IP, be an expert in linux and interested in ur machine to the point he'll bother to attack you?07:25
lostxiontheres a debate??? lol sorry for interrupting07:25
Erekoseok musikgoat|main ty07:25
=== Guest35298 is now known as Trombone
picochuguys take it else where  this is getting to be boring07:25
yaris123456789hi can someone see what this means ? http://pastebin.me/683f745cb697e75b4594e191b5befb6107:26
MrPiracypicochu: agreed07:26
vlad__hey guys i had sound working with backtrack3 and on 4 it stopped what could be the problem?07:26
DulakMrPiracy: again, you're saying that you being lazy trumps any chance someone might exploit that, and that should be a default policy because you don't want to tune a config file and use sudo -i07:26
NeroonMrPiracy: Ever read tests about fresh windows installs, online, and logged in with admin account? Takes at most about 10 mins, til you get scanned07:26
Y-Townhow can i check my file system without doing it during the boot "force check"07:26
picochuMrPiracy: for that matter i would like to say vim rules and emacs sux :P07:26
richardcavellY-Town: fsck07:26
KB1JWQIs the "official" Ubuntu method of restarting a service to use /etc/init.d/$servicename?07:26
DaremonaiWhat's the best ftp server to run secure ftp on? I'm currently using proftpd, but I want to run ftp over ssl.07:26
richardcavellKB1JWQ: Yes, but why the $ sign?07:27
NeroonMrPiracy: After about 20 mins you can be sure, there is a virus, trojan or the pc is  a zombie07:27
Erekosemusikgoat|main:  I still get the same errors07:27
picochuNeroon:  zip it.07:27
Y-Townrichardcavell: is it safe to run on a drive that is running?  I got a warning when I tried that07:27
DigitalKiwibots in china attack ssh all the time :/07:27
richardcavellY-Town: definitely not safe. Unmount it first07:27
MrPiracyNeroon: that sounds like a freddy krueger movie to me ... but maybe i'm too lucky07:27
picochuDigitalKiwi:  everywhere.07:27
mb_again_i like vsftpd no trouble with it for several years07:28
picochuMrPiracy: stop feeding them please07:28
richardcavellI can ssh to other computers but they cannot ssh to me. Other computers ping my port 22 but it doesn't respond. I can ssh to myself at local-host. What's the problem?07:28
picochuDigitalKiwi:  not just china. I got a feeling that most attacks from china are bots07:28
ThreetimesHi, I have a dual-monitor setup. Once I'm logged in, everything works fine. When usplash shows the loading bar, my smaller monitor says "Out of range".07:28
efuI've compiled and installed the Aurora gtk engine as instructed, and I see it in /usr/local/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines. However no Aurora themes find the engine. Any tips on what could be wrong?07:28
milo__please im looking for aircrack forum... :(07:29
DigitalKiwipicochu: i had an ssh server i set up denyhosts on, it blocked like 30 IPs in an hour, then i changed the port >.>07:29
mb_again_richardcavell: check for firewall blocking port 22 and is the ssh service listening on port 2207:29
picochurichardcavell:  you firewall maybe?07:29
Dulakrichardcavell: you have port 22 open on your firewall and redirected to the linux machine if the firewall is a router or something?07:29
picochuDigitalKiwi: yeap that is the easy way out.07:29
tanathhelp? my scroll wheel suddenly stopped working (even after reboot).07:30
DulakDigitalKiwi: I just rate limit port 22 to 3 per minute, makes it take forever for them to try thier scan and login attempts07:30
richardcavellMy ssh service is listening on port 22. I can log into username@localhost from terminal just fine. iptables returns nothing, and I have no other software firewall running. I have set up port forwarding from modem to my computer. Like I said, I can ssh out but they can't ssh in.07:30
picochuDigitalKiwi:  but those who portscan would prolly findout your ssh port anyway07:30
Neroonpicochu: And of course, great master. If you tell me, to be quiet, I will be07:30
DigitalKiwimost bots don't figure it out07:30
DaremonaiHow can i know the fullpath of a program, like for example if i want to know where 'ls' is/07:30
richardcavellDaremonai: locate ls07:31
DulakDaremonai: "which ls" in the terminal07:31
mb_again_richardcavell: open a term and ssh -l xxx localhost07:31
picochuDigitalKiwi:  yes but those persistent ones just give you a hell lot of logs. :P07:31
richardcavellDulak: actually that's better07:32
DaremonaiDulak, thanks.. that's what i wanted.. man.. i tried who/where/what/why, i forgot which lol :P07:32
* DigitalKiwi still has denyhosts for those buggers ;D07:32
richardcavellmb_again_: yes, I'm in07:32
StraightDavehi folks can someone help me with this? apt-get is complaining and i dont know how to fix it07:32
StraightDavedpkg: error processing python-setuptools (--configure): subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 107:32
StraightDaveErrors were encountered while processing: python-setuptools07:32
fetusbubbleokay, so all the tags on my mp3's exploded, is there any way to retag them without doing it manually?07:32
picochuDigitalKiwi:  you are kind... i just drop their packets for a few hours07:33
Neroonfetusbubble: you might try easy tag07:33
DigitalKiwieasytag is great07:33
Threetimessomehow my ssh server is "invisible" to hackers :D07:33
gattonanyone here ?07:34
fetusbubbleNeroon: i have it, any guide on how to use it? ;p07:34
nuttyis there a guide for persistent install on a usb stick of ubuntu07:34
picochualternatively just use vpn and enable login only from pvt network07:34
Threetimesnutty: http://pendrivelinux.com has good guides07:34
Neroonfetusbubble: Sorry, havent used it for a long time. But afair it's quite easy07:35
ThreetimesHi, I have a dual-monitor setup. Once I'm logged in, everything works fine. When usplash shows the loading bar, my smaller monitor says "Out of range".07:36
=== Trombone is now known as Phoenix|Away
* Phoenix|Away is now away: "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don’t know the answer." - Douglas Adams07:36
fetusbubbleall i've tried doing is right clicking on a file and selecting "CDDB Search", but it returns a bunch of irrelevant entries07:36
NeroonThreetimes: That's normal. If everything (can be a pain in the a..) is set up correctly your 2nd monitor will get a picture when x has started07:37
andryuninstall avg antivirus ububuntu remix?07:37
ThreetimesNeroon: Can I somehow change the usplash resolution? Per monitor or both at once? X works fine.07:38
irinaкак пропатчить kde под freebsd07:38
s1gmab3tadoes anyone know how to enable virtual memory in wine?07:38
Threetimes!rus | irina07:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rus07:39
Threetimes!russian | irina07:39
ubottuirina: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:39
NeroonThreetimes: you'd need to go down as far as 320x200 or 640x480, not quite sure07:39
NeroonThreetimes: But what for?07:39
milo__aircrack forum do u knw where it is?07:39
QuarterstaffIs installing ubuntu to a separate Part of a hard drive better than installing in Windows by wubi?07:40
ThreetimesNeroon: my right monitor is only capable of 1024*768 or lower. It recieves thge 1440*900 signal for the left monitor.07:40
ThreetimesQuarterstaff: a seperate partition is better, because you can remove windows without removing ubuntu.07:40
infidel2sdoes freshmeat.net not allow you to delete your projects? i'm not seeing an option07:41
NeroonThreetimes: Only can speak from my experience with tv out (1024x768 possible) but at boot only very low resolutions work, if i want to see the boot sequence07:41
ThreetimesQuarterstaff: and you have a better (looking) bootloader, and a little bit better performance07:41
QuarterstaffThreetimes: Thank you for the information07:41
ThreetimesNeroon: how (what config file) DO I CHANGE IT07:41
Threetimessorry for the caps :o07:42
NeroonThreetimes: using grub, i guess?07:42
Threetimesusplash resolution in grub?07:42
QuarterstaffThreetimes: I will take your advice, and thank you again07:42
NeroonThreetimes: Yes/No?07:43
ThreetimesWhere do i change the usplash resolution?07:44
NeroonThreetimes: using grub, i guess?07:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about startupmanager07:44
MenZa!find startup-manager | Threetimes07:45
* Threetimes googles startupmanager07:45
ubottuThreetimes: Package/file startup-manager does not exist in jaunty07:45
MenZaThreetimes→ it's startup-manager in the repos I thi---or not. Search the repos for it. :)07:45
eoeasgrub vga=773 or vga=70107:45
DulakThreetimes: vga= in your kernel line in grub's menu.lst07:46
Nerooneoeas: Doesnt help, if he isnt using grub. And that was my question, but he refuses to answert07:46
Threetimesoh, now i understand your question. Yes, i'm using grub.07:46
Threetimeswhat do these numbers mean?07:46
MenZa!find startupmanager | Threetimes07:46
ubottuThreetimes: Found: startupmanager07:46
MenZa!info | startupmanager | Threetimes07:47
ubottuThreetimes: 'startupmanager' is not a valid distribution: dapper, dapper-backports, hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, medibuntu, partner07:47
ubottustartupmanager | Threetimes: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>07:47
darkhammhey people, firefox 3.5 isn't available for ubuntu jaunty ?07:47
MenZaI'm not doing too well this morning.07:47
MenZa!info startupmanager | Threetimes07:47
ubottuThreetimes: startupmanager (source: startupmanager): Grub and Splash screen configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.12-1 (jaunty), package size 95 kB, installed size 1072 kB07:47
NeroonThreetimes: Then just add vga=773 to your boot config07:47
MenZaThreetimes→ I suggest you check out the GUI for it instead, if you're unsure.07:47
DulakThreetimes: 773 is 1024x768 w 256 colors07:47
* Threetimes installs startupmanager07:47
eoeasThreetime: http://www.mepis.org/node/299207:47
Threetimes256 colors isn't enough for usplash, isn't it?07:48
bl4ck3y3firefox in 9.04 is Shiretoko07:48
NeroonThreetimes: I'd start low with 25607:48
eoeasNeroon: true07:48
bl4ck3y3but... it is NOT stable...07:48
NeroonThreetimes: 32k colors would be 79007:48
DulakThreetimes: 791 would be 64k colors07:49
Threetimesi want 79207:49
NeroonThreetimes: for booting 16 million colors?07:49
Threetimeswhy not?07:49
NeroonThreetimes: Must be a hell of a background ...07:49
eoeasThreetimes: 32 bit doesn't always work07:49
Threetimesit's the default usplash theme.07:49
NeroonThreetimes: Like running irc with 16 million colors07:49
darkhammbl4ck3y3: i'm annoying o f use shiretoko, why isn't possible an official package?07:49
ThreetimesI do everything with 16M colors07:50
eoeasThreetimes: just try and see :)07:50
NeroonThreetimes: Seems you dont boot with 16 million colors now ...07:50
* Threetimes sees later07:51
bl4ck3y3yet Shiretoko is not stable07:51
eoeasThreetimes: you can press 'e' at grub menu, saves you editing menu.lst everytime07:51
Nerooneoeas: True07:51
bl4ck3y3and... default of jaunty is 3.007:52
Threetimeseoeas: thanks for the tip, souns very time-saving07:52
bl4ck3y3for 3.5, i recommend to use 9.1007:53
NeroonThreetimes: after you found the one working for you, you might want to add it to defoptions, so you dont need to add it manually after every kernel update07:55
=== CORE is now known as Guest92519
tawanhi, i'm about to install wicd - any potential issues to be aware of? I need it for my wireless07:55
andryhow to uninstall avg antivirus in ubuntu remix ?07:55
tawanhang on, wrong channel sorry07:55
richardcavelldarkhamm: yes it i07:55
richardcavelldarkhamm: yes it is07:55
darkhammrichardcavell: on ubuntu repos?07:56
richardcavelldarkhamm: yep.07:56
darkhammrichardcavell: i can't look it...07:57
richardcavelldarkhamm: firefox-3.507:57
neerHi guys07:57
ThreetimesNeroon: devoptions? where is thet?07:57
neermy file browser in Ubuntu starts automatically when I start my computer......so does my skype07:57
richardcavelldarkhamm: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 firefox-3.5-branding07:58
test1235i just installed nvidia 180 from the nvidia website, it looks asif my fonts are strange colours sometimes, I.E white has a slight rainbow color to it07:58
darkhammrichardcavell: multiverse, universe?07:58
SandGorgonis anybody using nvidia driver 180.55 in jaunty ?07:58
NeroonThreetimes: also in the menu.list from grub07:58
richardcavelldarkhamm: universe07:58
Threetimestest1235: disable subpixel smoothing, use regular anti-aliasing07:58
neeranybody has any idea about it?07:59
richardcavellneer: what are you asking for?  How to disable them?07:59
neerrichardcavell: yes08:00
test1235Threetimes, im guessing theres an easy cli for that?08:00
richardcavelldarkhamm: got it yet?08:00
darkhammrichardcavell: i can't look...08:00
Threetimestest1235: go to system>preferences>theme>fonts08:00
richardcavelldarkhamm: do you mean to say you can't see it?08:00
richardcavelldarkhamm: what version of ubuntu are you on?08:01
darkhammyes, sorry...08:01
neerrichardcavell: do you know how to disable it?08:01
NeroonThreetimes: Found the devoptions line?08:01
Threetimesnot yet, i wasn't looking for it yet08:02
richardcavellneer: do you have it in your Startup Applications?  Look at System->Preferences08:02
test1235Threetimes, just assuming i don't have the menu installed yet08:02
neerrichardcavell: ok I will08:02
richardcavelldarkhamm: you should have it there.08:02
richardcavelldarkhamm: type what I gave you on the command line08:02
richardcavelldarkhamm: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.508:02
dayofswordsi hate how i pronounce ubuntu, you-bun-too, then it should properly be pronounced you-boon-too08:02
Threetimestest1235: sorry, i can't help you any further with this.08:03
richardcavelldayofswords: isn't it more like oo-boon-too08:03
darkhammrichardcavell: i've "not available"08:03
AndorinCan someone help me? I'm having trouble with keyboard shortcuts and such, and I do not believe it's hardware related. I'd appreciate it if anyone who could help with such things would look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121450808:03
richardcavelldarkhamm: your software sources includes universe?08:03
dayofswordsyeah =p08:03
neerrichardcavell: inside sesssions?08:03
dayofswordsits late08:03
vphWell I swapped cdroms to see if it was a hardware issue but I still get the same "(I/O error) Error reading boot CD" problem. I don't think it's a cd issue because this is the 3rd cd I wrote and I used MD5Sum and it came out alright on all 3 of them. I'm getting an error "3242009F" I searched through the ubuntu forum for answers and came out with nilch so far, anybody have any ideas on what the problem could be?08:04
richardcavellneer: no, go to the system menu (third from top left), then Preferences > and select Startup Applications from the drop down list08:04
Neroonrichardcavell: yep, afaik it's more like oo-boon-too08:04
dayofswordsstill i pronounce it wrong =\08:04
richardcavelldayofswords: I say oo-bun-too when speaking to other Westerners08:04
dayofswordsi just see "bun" and think...... bread08:05
NeroonAndorin: Could it be a hardware issue?08:08
AndorinNeroon: Um... I said in my message in here that I don't think it's hardware related. I also state in the thread that this has happened across two separate computers.08:08
AndorinI also state "I know that this is not an issue of the keys themselves, as I have tried reassigning the shortcuts, and they still don't work."08:09
NeroonAndorin: Err, how did it happen across separate comps? You got more than one of the same keyboard on different pcs running and both start to have the issue?08:09
AndorinNeroon: I don't know how it happened. Two computers, one PC and one laptop, that are both running Jaunty have been experiencing seemingly random failures in the keyboard shortcuts.08:10
richardcavellAndorin: I can't get keyboard shortcuts to stay put either08:11
Andorinrichardcavell: "Stay put?"08:11
NeroonAndorin:  Sorry, aint got jaunty here. So I'm no help08:12
richardcavellAndorin: I assign F10 within compiz config and next thing I know it doesn't work any more08:12
^cheekyhi, was wondering i have a p2 machine and i want to turn it into a linux server + mysqlo && php08:12
^cheekysorry did not mean to type that like that08:12
darkhammrichardcavell: shiretoko web browser?08:13
richardcavelldarkhamm: yeah08:13
richardcavelldarkhamm: why can't you find it?  It's right there in the universe repos08:13
AndorinI have been trying for maybe two weeks or so to get help with this. It is ridiculous. =/08:14
richardcavellAndorin: What's your problem, Andorin ? I had to re-login so I missed it08:14
vphDo you think it could possibly be the burner ?  I've made 3 coasters so far at a speed of 24x08:14
c-ruzbuon giorno08:14
darkhammrichardcavell: i unchecked repos, refresh, i re-checked repos, refresh, and all right...08:14
vphI read that it should be done at 4x08:14
darkhammrichardcavell:  i don't know why...08:15
richardcavelldarkhamm: System->Administration->Software Sources: tab "Ubuntu Software" (on the left), click on 'Community-maintained Ubuntu software (universe)'08:15
OpenBluntSurgeryanyone using a terminal besides gnome-term?08:15
richardcavelldarkhamm: Download from: Choose 'main server' just in case that's the problem08:16
Andorinrichardcavell: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121450808:16
=== petrohead is now known as shiv
richardcavellAndorin: I've had a heck of a lot of experience with this kind of thing, mainly because I've had a heck of a lot of problems08:17
bonko56how do I get ubuntu to mount a usb hard drive ?08:17
richardcavellAndorin: do you know how to use xev?  See if the keypresses are registering08:17
Andorinrichardcavell: Yep, someone in the thread already asked about xev, and they /do/ register.08:18
GeorgeAScotthow do i tell if i'm using v4l or v4l2?08:18
^cheekyok stupid question ..what OS should i run snort on , hardware :p2 which might work with 128 mb of ram..08:18
richardcavellAndorin: do they register as the keysyms you want them to register as?08:19
losherbonko56: it should be autodetected. Can you plug it in & then run dmesg?08:19
richardcavell^cheeky: Ubuntu 9.04 won't run with 128 Megs08:19
jason__Is there a good way to extract files from an *.msi installation file without using WINE?08:20
Andorinrichardcavell: Pretty sure. For example when I press Calculator the output includes the term XF86Calculator.08:20
bonko56dmesg ? via terminal ? losher ?08:20
losher^cheeky: there are distros specially intended for small/old pcs. Try google...08:20
^cheekyrichardcavell, well i dunno been reading about snort and i have this machine , wouldnt mind a lil network to learn from08:20
^cheekylosher, free bsd08:20
=== GreyGhost|AFK is now known as GreyGhost
richardcavell^cheeky: Go to an older version of Ubuntu or some other distro08:21
richardcavell^cheeky: xubuntu can work with 128 megs, but you're pushing your luck08:21
^cheekyrichardcavell, ok i server edition i take it08:21
w0jrlhello all08:21
losherbonko56: yes, dmesg via terminal. The last few lines should tell you if the kernel sees the usb drive. You can paste it to http://paste.ubuntu.com for us to look at08:21
test1235when i open a window, it doesn't seem to open within my screensize IE opens half offscreen08:21
^cheekyrichardcavell, see iam learning php+mysql and know a lil of apache which iam hoping to install08:21
richardcavell^cheeky: if you run it without a graphical user interface, you can probably use a more up to date version08:21
richardcavell^cheeky: Okay.08:22
danny_can i not install the regular firefox 3.5 on ubuntu?08:22
richardcavell^cheeky: if you don't need a GUI then you can get away with smaller RAM08:22
losher^cheeky: I was thinking 'damn small linux' or 'puppy'....08:22
richardcavelldanny_: yes you can08:22
danny_richardcavell, i cant seem to find a tutorial on it. i just downloaded it08:23
bonko56mm  the machine wont connect to the web, has a few issues I can paste to a thumb disk though and then use this box , I will try08:23
richardcavellAndorin: I managed to disable some of my keysyms by fiddling with Accessibility technologies08:23
bonko56says its unable to enumerate USB device on port 308:23
richardcavellAndorin: Look through all the tabs and see if anything fixes it08:24
Andorinrichardcavell: Alright.08:24
richardcavelldanny_: Why do you need a tutorial on firefox?08:24
danny_richardcavell, im not very good with linux08:24
richardcavellAndorin: if xev is registering it, it means that the keyboard shortcuts is working. Something else is intercepting the keypress.08:24
roflparrotinstalling FF3.5 is a it tricky08:24
richardcavelldanny_: have you installed it from the repositories?08:25
losherbonko56: no need to paste it. Try googling the error message. I don't recognise it, offhand...08:25
Andorinrichardcavell: That's along the lines of what I was figuring, but I'm not advanced enough to know how to look for that.08:25
roflparrotit is not in the repositories08:25
danny_richardcavell, can u help me install 3.5 not from synaptic? synaptic installs some beta version or something08:25
richardcavelldanny_: it shouldn't08:25
richardcavelldanny_: what version of ubuntu are you using?08:26
danny_richardcavell, karmic08:26
richardcavellAndorin: neither am I but I found it through trial and error08:26
Andorinrichardcavell: Didn't see anything in Accessibility that helped, and they still don't work.08:26
richardcavelldanny_: google for ubuntuzilla08:26
losherbonko56: btw, what version of OS are you running?08:26
danny_richardcavell, it installs some version that starts with "sh"08:26
richardcavelldanny_: scratch that, sorry got confused08:26
richardcavelldanny_: shiretoko08:26
danny_richardcavell, yes08:27
richardcavelldanny_: shiretoko is firefox 3.5.  They can't use the name firefox because of legal reasons08:27
richardcavelldanny_: but it's the same thing08:27
danny_richardcavell, but i cant install any addons or anything with it08:27
bonko56its 9.04 losher I have pasted the result08:27
richardcavellAndorin: keep looking for it.  You know it's not the shortcut.  Do you have compiz Settings manager installed?  That often steals my keyboard shortcuts08:27
Andorinrichardcavell: I... don't know what that is, but it's possible.08:28
losherbonko56: you need to tell us the url of the paste...08:28
miguelpeixeanyone here that uses m-audio firewire solo in ubuntu can give me some help?08:28
jason__For anyone interested - I found the answer, 7zip can extract from *.msi files.08:28
richardcavellAndorin: Go to System -> Preferences.  Do you see "CompizConfig Settings Manager" on the list?08:28
richardcavelldanny_: is it just that your addons are not compatible?08:29
Andorinrichardcavell: Nope, and nothing like it.08:29
richardcavelldanny_: I'm using firefox 3.5 (shiretoko) with jaunty and it works just fine08:29
bonko56http://paste.ubuntu.com/221728/ losher eh08:29
danny_richardcavell, yeah anything thats supposed to be for 3.5 doesnt work with it08:29
richardcavellAndorin: Hmmm.  You'll just have to find what's stealing your keypresses.  For example, on Firefox 3.5 F11 is supposed to go to full screen mode.  After I installed FF 3.5, it stole my F11 shortcut and I had to set it again.08:29
richardcavelldanny_: Like what?08:29
danny_richardcavell, misc themes and such08:30
Andorinrichardcavell: Hmm... alright. Any tips on this hunt?08:30
losherbonko56: actually, it looks like it worked, and your device is /dev/sdc1. Can you sudo fsck /dev/sdc1 ?08:30
richardcavelldanny_: well some of them are not compatible with 3.5 yet.  My 3.0 theme was disabled after I upgraded.08:31
richardcavellAndorin: trial and error.  Try not to scream too loudly.08:31
danny_ok thanks08:31
danny_be back later08:31
richardcavelldanny_: About 10 out of 12 of my addons were disabled when I upgraded to 3.508:31
Andorinrichardcavell: Well, sure, but, like... should I go into the system monitor and kill processes one by one until the shortcuts work?08:31
w0jrlhow do i install firefox 3.5 in jaunty? or, should I not bother?08:31
AlvinwareWhere to find the most campatible driver for Compaq notebook?08:31
richardcavellAndorin: I don't think so08:31
richardcavellAndorin: I think you've just got to use trial and error.08:32
richardcavellw0jrl: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 firefox-3.5-branding08:32
Andorinrichardcavell: Yeah, but /how/? How do I test something?08:32
richardcavellAndorin: Just enable and disable things until it works08:32
richardcavellAndorin: that's how I solved it.08:32
AndorinOh, fantastic.08:32
richardcavellAndorin: Sorry to be so vague08:32
AlvinwareSearch the synaptic package manager for firefox.08:32
richardcavellAlvinware: specifically, firefox-3.508:33
richardcavellAlvinware: because there are tons of hits for firefox08:33
bonko56Im not sure I got the syntax correct losher, that command returned nothing in terminal "sudo fsck /dev/sdk1"08:33
losherbonko56: did you type it correctly? sudo fsck /dev/sdc1  (not sdk1)08:34
richardcavellwera: HI08:34
Andorinrichardcavell: I don't... know how to enable and disable everything. =/08:34
Andorinrichardcavell: This seems like a hugely daunting task for someone who's only been using Ubuntu for a few months.08:35
bonko56okies oops will try again kbd locked up have to rebbot hang on a minute08:35
richardcavellAndorin: Mate, the way I solved it was just through trial and error.  I can't be more specific.08:35
richardcavellAndorin: something is intercepting your keypress and preventing it from reaching GNOME08:35
^cheeky um sorry stupid question .. but if you dont mind, can i use synergy if i only have one monitor with mutliple inputs and use my same keyboard and mouse on two machines connected to one monitor using synergy ?08:36
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Andorinrichardcavell: Thanks a lot, you've been a great help. I don't feel as though I'm any closer to solving this... but at least I understand what I'm facing now.08:37
durt^cheeky,  synergy has nothing to do with monitors, it just serves mouse position a keystokes to another system.08:37
richardcavellAndorin: well at least you're not alone08:37
ThreetimesHi. The right grub mode is 803, not 792.08:38
^cheekydurt, so then it should work ..08:38
durti guess08:38
AlvinwareWhich website that i should browse to get the most compatible drivers for Compaq notebook?08:38
roflparrotthat sounds interesting ^cheeky08:38
roflparrotI am using one monitor and two computers08:39
nsadminAlvinware: google.com08:39
^cheekyi am not even sure , this other machine will turn on .. maybe off for a lil adventure08:39
AlvinwareNo specific one?08:39
greengianthey people, whats going on?08:40
w0jrlhow can I check what version of firefox I'm running? I just upgraded to 3.5, and want to make sure the upgrade took.08:40
roflparrotgreengiant: a little botta this, a little bitta that08:41
greengiant&;-D ":{08:41
Alvinwarewheeereee tooo fiiind driveeeer for compaq notebook???????08:41
losherw0jrl: help -> about should say which version it is08:41
roflparrotw0jrl: Help>About08:41
nsadminAlvinware it's pretty obvious that I don't know the specific sites, but then I don't have to because google indexes them08:41
^cheekyroflparrot, sorry to bother , but are you using synergy to do that with your system ?08:41
durtAlvinware, majority of hardware is supported automatically, so If you have an exception it would be best to go to the OEM's website08:41
Slartw0jrl: are you sure you upgraded? in jaunty you just install 3.5, and keep the older one08:41
w0jrlthanks very much08:41
Alvinwareok, #ubuntu server admin.08:42
Xodiac13how do i delete menu entries like i have programs ive uninstalled and there listed in the game menu08:42
roflparrotNo, cheeky. I have a keyboard on each one and I just hit the Source switch when i wan to view the other one08:42
AlvinwareO.E.M. don't support pengy!08:42
SlartXodiac13: right click on the menu icon.. there should be a "edit menu" option08:42
roflparrotM$ have sweet bundling deals08:43
nsadminAlvinware: are you excited right now because I won't search google for you? :)08:43
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection08:43
greengiantnot sure i like alienware as much since dell brought it08:43
Xodiac13Slart: thank you and i also have uninstalled the game and it left a folder behind it wont let me delete that08:43
Alvinwareyes, wat wong wit exicited, and no pls search for me.08:43
roflparrotsudo rm folder/08:44
roflparrotrmdir folder/08:44
bonko56mm losher it says no such file or directorywhile trying to load /dev/sdc108:44
SlartXodiac13: if you can't delete the folder using the normal ways it might be owned by root.. you can use sudo in a terminal... or use "gksudo nautilus" to get a root file explorer window thingy... but please be very careful with that window.. things can go very bad very quickly08:45
losherbonko56: please type fdisk -l /dev/sdc08:45
losherbonko56: please type sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc  (forgot the sudo)08:45
AlvinwareIf i make my main group to root, wat'll happen?08:45
stan_man_canAnybody know where I can find more info about cracking wireless connections?08:45
Alvinwareaircrack 802.11gn.08:46
Slartstan_man_can: this cahnnel won't help you with it08:46
roflparrotciao Bella08:46
aAnyone a pro at dual boot?08:46
Alvinwaresynaptic pack mang also got, search it.08:46
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"08:46
nsadminif I were, I'd charge :)08:46
roflparrotInstall Windows firs, then your distro, a08:46
Slartstan_man_can: it's kind of a policy thing.. there are software available, such as aircrack and so on.. but you'll have to read the documentation on your own08:46
Alvinwareduo boot , which one first?08:46
Alvinwarewin first easy lah.08:47
Nielsenstan_man_can, the only help i can offer is http://www.google.com/search?q=youtube+aircrack08:47
=== new is now known as OpenBluntSurgery
aIf you thinking about dual booting ubuntu and windows be careful Ubuntu may cause your nic card not to work in windows.08:47
Nielsenstan_man_can, plenty of this-is-how-we-do-it videos08:47
Alvinwaregofo the wiki man, youtube video so small.08:48
OttifantSirI followed the SettingUpNFSHowTo in the Community Documentation, but when I had followed it to the letter (with the exception of different directories of course), I got the error message that I couldn't mount it. Anyone got any ideas?08:48
Slarta: huh? got a bug report from that? that sounds very improbable08:48
Xodiac13Slart: i cant get into the filesystem in terminal08:48
aeveryone says that.  it is true!!!~08:48
ait has been going on for over a year.08:49
Xodiac13Slart: i just want to delete the folder the game i installed then uninstalled it it wont let me delete the folder08:49
vphThe new 9.04 iso should burn onto a 700mb or should I get some 800mb cds.08:49
SlartXodiac13: then do the gksudo nautilus thing... but be careful08:49
Xodiac13Slart: should i just leave it then08:49
defrysksudo rm -rf /path/to/folder/08:50
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"08:50
roflparrotvph: how big is the new Ubuntu .iso?08:50
roflparrotsometimes people have trouble burning .iso08:50
nsadminabout 5 inches in diameter08:50
arolfparrot are you dual booting?08:50
bonko56hm I get no result from that command losher at all even when copied from this window and pasted into terminal08:51
roflparrota yeah i still have XP on a separate HDD08:51
adon't do it08:51
Slarta: I would say that thread is about a broken motherboard or a broken design of a motherboard... I wouldn't go around telling people that "linux can break you nic"08:51
losherbonko56: is the usb drive on the machine you just rebooted?08:51
bonko56its sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc as in -l not -1 eh ?08:51
ait could mess up your nic card!08:51
roflparrota, it hasn't08:51
roflparrotWhat is the problem exactly?08:52
alinux will mess up your nic card so that your windows will not work!  absolutly!08:52
roflparrotI haven't booted windpws since November08:52
bonko56some of my other ubuntu machines just load it automatically losher08:52
aif you don't need windows.. your fine. but then why do a dual boot?08:52
roflparrotI have it thee incase I guess08:53
Slartroflparrot: what was your question again?08:54
roflparrotI also have a great persistent install on a USB drive08:54
losherbonko56: that's how it should work. So what's different about this machine? Yes, it's a lowercase L in the fdisk command....08:54
roflparrotI was just chinwagging really, Slart. But then i got trolled08:54
Slartroflparrot: ah.. nevermind me then =)08:54
roflparrotActually. Slart when I connect my PC to my router, my wireless internet connection fails.08:54
roflparrotWhy is it so?08:55
FloodBot2n3rd0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:55
Slartroflparrot: I know very little about wireless connections.. I'm just happy it works out of the box on my laptop08:55
bonko56losher I dunno its got me tearing my hair out lol some machines it just mounts, the machine on which it wont load is an IBM laptop an old P3 machine08:55
xray7224i know a bit about wireless08:55
xray7224not a lot08:56
xray7224but a bit08:56
roflparrotYou should connect to a router with a patch cable and see if it still works08:56
Slartroflparrot: search for error messages in the syslog, kern.log and so on08:56
roflparrotthat sounds like fun, Slart08:56
defryskwireless does not work on kde4 for me so I use wicd , that works fine08:56
xray7224look in dmesg08:56
=== MadMax is now known as Guest84385
losherbonko56: I wonder if the fact that it's old hardware means there something different about the usb ports. version 1.1 vs. 2.0?08:57
xray7224defrysk: dhcp client that thre kde network manager sounds like its got an issue08:57
OttifantSirAny reason why I can't mount NFS shares on machines I have explicitly allowed access to them? When I try to mount them, all I get is an error message saying "mount.nfsd failed to mount share" (or very similar. Lost my net for a few hours, and resorted to SAMBA :-( in the meantime)08:57
defryskxray7224, i see08:57
bonko56yes its a v1 usb port, I also cant read it on a machine with usb2 though08:58
xray7224defrysk: my advice isnt ideal id say make a network script using ifconfig dhcpcd and iwconfig08:58
xray7224but like i said its not ideal08:58
losherbonko56: but there are other machines on which it *is* readable?08:58
Alvinware1is it a hard prob for v1 v2 usb or soft?08:58
defryskxray7224, using wicd is ideal for me :)08:59
xray7224oki :)08:59
bonko56losher yes it works fine on a win box and on two other ubuntu boxes08:59
losherbonko56: well back to where we were before you rebooted, what does dmesg say about it? Same as last time i.e. device sdc ?09:01
losherOttifantSir: can you run rpcinfo -p <server> on the client?09:02
OttifantSirlosher: Did a paste here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/221741/ (This is from my laptop on a wireless, but the exact same message came for the exact equally allowed media-PC on wired network.09:05
OttifantSirlosher: The exact same failed mount message that is.09:06
losherOttifantSir: please confirm: the output of rpcinfo -p <server> is the same on both machines?09:07
w0jrlfor anyone who is wondering, firefox 3.5 AKA Shiretoko is accessible.09:07
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY09:08
losherbonko56: still there?09:08
OttifantSirlosher: Actually, the media-PC won't give a readout now. It has connectivity to the server, I know because I am watching a TV-show from it. Try to close it and try again09:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shiretoko09:10
losherOttifantSir: what is 'won't give a readout now' supposed to mean, exactly ?09:11
Techieanyone got a suggestion on how to easily go about syncing mp3's from a samba share to a folder on a Xubuntu box?09:11
OttifantSirlosher: Closed the "feed" from the server, but still no output on the media-PC. Strange, as it's connected via gigabit network. "rpcinfo -p <server>" just hangs.09:11
shazzrhehe...lovely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5XUJC7D40c&feature=related is there a cristian version as well? What is the default ubuntu-version? Atheist? Hindu? :)09:12
SlartTechie: mount the samba share and use rsync?09:12
Slart!ot | shazzr09:12
ubottushazzr: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:12
Slartshazzr: and there is a christian edition..09:12
purefusion2does a dd clone handle hdd read errors okay?09:12
purefusion2got a dying hdd that I want to clone09:12
Slartpurefusion2: not sure.. why not try ddrescue instead?09:13
Techieplease tell me that ther is NOT a scientology version09:13
losherOttifantSir: it should return right away. Something wrong with your network?09:13
purefusion2Slart: should I apt-get that?09:13
bananeweizenI want to close a bug report (for the first time, at least in launchpad). Anybody here who can check if that's right or to suggest another procedure?09:13
Slart!search ddrescue09:13
Slart!find ddrescue09:13
ubottuFound: ddrescue, gddrescue09:13
w0jrlWhat is the reason that firefox-3.5 is being called Shiretoko in ubuntu? I missed the URL. my screen refreshed to quickly.09:13
Slart!info ddrescue09:13
ubottuddrescue (source: ddrescue): copies data from one file or block device to another. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.13-3 (jaunty), package size 17 kB, installed size 76 kB09:13
NeroonIs there anyway to make sure, a microphone is working in ubuntu? I cant get it to work ...09:14
Slartpurefusion2: yes.. sudo apt-get install ddrescue should do it.. I'm not sure what gddrescue is.. a gnome version perhaps?09:14
Slart!ff35 | w0jrl09:14
ubottuw0jrl: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY09:14
OttifantSirlosher: Nothing I can tell. I can watch a TV-show (AVI-file) without lagging at all on the media-PC, and it's connected via gigabit network, and connected to the Samba-share, just as the laptop which is connected wirelessly on a 54Megabit-connection09:14
losherw0jrl: I seem to recall some nonsense about branding....09:14
purefusion2I'm using gnome, and it said use gddrescue to install so I guess that's my options09:15
Slartw0jrl: it's something about branding.. firefox is the original version, if I understood it right09:15
bananeweizenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java5/+bug/86103 is a Java5 and Java6 JRE bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/181582 is a duplicate. I want to set that bug to project:Java6 and close it.09:15
purefusion2just did, it's installed now09:15
bananeweizenIs that the correct way?09:15
LiraNunaHow do I tell rdiff-backup to perform a full mirror even if there's incremental?09:15
purefusion2so what's ddrescue got over dd?09:15
losherOttifantSir: ok, let's backtrack. Has nfs ever worked, or is this a first attempt?09:15
Slartpurefusion2: better handling of read errors is one thing09:15
purefusion2Slart: what multiplier should I use?09:16
losherpurefusion2: ddrescue is designed to read failing disks....09:16
purefusion2my disk is sitting on ice right now, lol09:16
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"09:16
Techieyay for webmin and its ability to easily set up things09:16
biopytehi. how can i completely remove any text including whitespace from below the desktop icons in gnome?09:17
Slartpurefusion2: no idea09:17
OttifantSirlosher: NFS has worked every other time I have set it up. Except the time when I did a fresh install with NIS and NIS was broken from source. Every other time I have followed the HOWTO, and it's worked. Sometimes a reboot of the server was required, but I have done that too.09:17
losherpurefusion2: I've had good luck putting disks into the freezer. If you return it to the manufacturer, don't mention that you iced it...:-)09:17
Techiebiopyte: why not go thw whole way and get rid of the icon aswell?09:17
losherOttifantSir: you sound defensive. Don't be, it's a legitimate debugging question. Can you login to the server and check that nfsd is running?\09:19
nsadminheffay: that would be a mixed dist, not recommended09:19
biopyteTechie, when there is a firefox icon theres is no point for a 'firefox" title below, right. the obvious way, renaming with a single whitespace, still leaves a ugly trace of the title bar.09:19
diddyIs there a way to turn on smooth scrolling in gedit?09:19
KeifferAnyone here know if running ubuntu from a usb flash is hard? Takes a lot time to boot and load?09:20
Techiebiopyte: might there be a setting in the theme somewhere about how icon names are shown09:20
losher!usb | keiffer09:21
ubottukeiffer: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:21
purefusion2losher: I had a hdd die on me two years ago, no luck with the freezer trick, but I believe it was a damaged head and I ran the thing until it didn't run any more09:21
biopyteTechie, maybe. but where? couldnt find such a thing.09:21
purefusion2what's the best block size for a fat32 20GB drive?09:21
Techiebiopyte: i cant say off the top of my head... i could do it in windows in a matter of seconds but i cant say the same for linux09:22
visepurefusion2, 4 kB09:22
eoeaspurefusion2: depends on the average file sizes you'll use09:23
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"09:23
Krenarihi i need a bot like in #ubuntu, to help people09:24
biopyteTechie, windows ... aha. congratulations.09:24
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:24
NeroonIs there anyway to make sure, a microphone is working in ubuntu? I cant get it to work ...09:24
w0jrlI'm using firefox 3.5 now as my default browzer in jaunty09:24
falkinskiIs devel short for development?09:25
losherfalkinski: pretty much09:25
falkinskiw0jrl: thx09:25
falkinskilosher: thx09:25
AlvinwareFirefox 3.5 not ready yet for Ubuntu, right?09:25
TechieNeroon: you could install a sound recording app such as audacity and make a small recording and play it back09:25
bongo56losher I have repasted the link to http://paste.ubuntu.com/221760/ usb dick now on a machine that talks to web but wont mount disk using 9.0409:26
purefusion2is there a way to check the block size of the existing drive?09:26
w0jrlIt can be used. just sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 firefox-3.5-gnome-support09:27
bongo56oops I mean the dump from dmesg in terminal09:27
shazzrTechie: I wanted to record audio from a video I played the other night...using audacity. Struggled the whole evening to get it to record from the correct source. Do you know what's the easy way to change the input source?09:27
NeroonTechie: Thanks. I already did that. Nothing at all09:27
Techieshazzr: would have a clue, i was just using audacity as a troubleshooting tool09:28
losherbongo56: See this line -> [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk. It means your usb drive appears as /dev/sdb. So try running 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb'09:28
Techieshazzr: but you could use mplayer, mencoder or vlc to rip the audio if you have the video file09:29
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"09:29
tehbautis it possible to dd via /media/volume_name rather than via /dev/sdx ?09:29
tehbautotherwise, how do I find the sdx of a mounted volume?09:30
tehbautin this case, it's a usb drive09:30
ChoKtype mount in a terminal09:30
loshertehbaut: open a terminal and run 'df -h'09:30
bongo56Losher: hm no result from sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb09:30
ChoKor blkid09:30
tehbautah, got em09:30
tehbautso I should use /dev/sdx1 with dd then?09:31
ashiihello, im using ubuntu server and need help, i'm trying too set up my domain and webpage so it shows correctly.. i'm using ehcp.. is someone good at domains and how too host your own?09:31
bongo56Losher its now on a usb 2.0 port too eh09:31
MrPiracy_how do i force a frozen app to shut down?09:32
OpenBluntSurgerypsg -afx find the uid09:32
ChoKskill -9 nameoftheap09:32
OpenBluntSurgerypkill -909:32
Threetimeskillall processname09:32
Snomierrr...my jaunty freezes on 'loading hardware drivers'....but it never used to....09:32
TechieMrPiracy: you could use the kill command in terminal09:32
OpenBluntSurgeryps -afx *09:33
tehbautcan I not use dumpe2fs with a read-only drive?09:33
tehbauttrying to read the block size09:33
OpenBluntSurgerytehbaut: can u fsck it?09:33
losherbongo56: ok, try 'sudo fdisk -l' and see if you can spot the usb disk in the output09:33
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"09:34
tehbautOpenBluntSurgery, maybe... as long as that doesn't take long, as the disk has errors09:34
tehbauttrying to dd it before it dies09:34
OpenBluntSurgerytehbaut: what filesystem is it running?09:34
OpenBluntSurgeryi think u use dosfsck for fat3209:35
tehbautit's an old win98 disk that belongs to my in-laws old machine09:35
SummitarianUbuntu vers. 5.04 no longer supported - are updates archived anywhere?09:35
tehbautOpenBluntSurgery, permission denied09:35
OpenBluntSurgerytehbaut: http://linux.die.net/man/8/fsck.vfat09:35
tehbautseems like the disk is mounted read-only09:36
tehbautall the files have a lock icon09:36
HotShowershey, does anyone know how to use sendmail?09:36
HotShowersi'm sending outgoing messages using mutt to an internet email address and i get...09:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about q09:37
HotShowers (reason: 501 #5.1.3 Partial domain not allowed: 'ubuntu')09:37
tehbautyeah, I can't even dd it: "cannot open input file: permission denied"09:37
MrPiracy_none of it worked09:37
MrPiracy_ps -afx lists it, what do i do with the process id?09:37
MezHotShowers: thats generally because you need to set a FQDN for your machines hostname09:37
Mez!hostname | HotShowers09:38
ubottuHotShowers: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab09:38
tehbauthow do I get my drive to be readable so I can dd it?09:38
tehbauter, whatever the permissions need to be anyway09:38
loshertehbaut: you're running it under sudo, right?09:39
tehbautah, dang09:39
HotShowersMez: sendmail should be able to send outgoing mail without a FQDN though you'd think?09:39
MrPiracy_OpenBluntSurgery: is it pkill -9 then what?09:39
OpenBluntSurgeryMrPiracy_: the uid or process name09:39
tehbauthad sudo on the first try, but I had to cancel out of it... ok :)09:39
losherHotShowers: sendmail is a mess. Consider using ssmtp. 6 lines of config & your're done...09:39
MrPiracy_OpenBluntSurgery: like pkill -9 125409:39
MrPiracy_OpenBluntSurgery: ?09:39
Qu4R0whow to reinstall grub after i resintall my xp??09:39
OpenBluntSurgeryMrPiracy_: yea you can run top and find UIDS, ps -afx |grep <whateverthehellurlookingfor>09:40
bongo56losher result from dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/221768/09:40
ChoKMrPiracy_, skill "name of process" or pkill "process ID"09:40
ChoKMrPiracy_, skill "name of process" or pkill "process ID" or killall "name of process"09:40
tehbautdosfsck must take a while :D09:40
mzzis packages.ubuntu.com timing out for anyone else?09:40
OpenBluntSurgerypkill works for program names also09:41
OpenBluntSurgerytehbaut: use a -C with it and it should show u progress09:41
OpenBluntSurgerytehbaut: just read the man page09:41
purefusion2if I run ddrescue with quiet operation, does that run the disk slower, and cooler?09:41
MrPiracy_chok, i tried those, but the app is still here09:42
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
losherbongo56: no other devices mentioned other than sda?09:42
OpenBluntSurgeryMrPiracy_: pebkac09:42
tehbautdoes using the verbose option when processing large amounts of files slow down the processing of files?09:43
HotShowerslosher: how do i use ssmtp, i type: #ssmtp root09:43
MrPiracy_OpenBluntSurgery: not really, i did what u said09:43
HotShowersthen i type my message "hello world"09:43
HotShowershow do i send it off09:43
ChoKMrPiracy_, add a -9 option then09:43
MrPiracy_chok, nope, doesnt work09:44
=== yadu is now known as Guest57804
ChoKMrPiracy_, are you the owner of the process? or is it root?09:45
losherHotShowers: er, you install it with 'sudo apt-get install ssmtp', the you configure /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf and then you just send mail with mutt the usual way09:45
bongo56Im not sure I get a few pages of stuff from the fdisk command see http://paste.ubuntu.com/221771/09:45
MrPiracy_i am09:45
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"09:45
bongo56Losher I dont understand much of that dump from fdsik09:45
danny__hi does anybody else's google look like this on firefox 3.5?  y the long horizontal search bar?09:46
losherbongo56: you seem quite confused between fdisk and dmesg. Maybe you should take a break and try again tomorrow?09:46
Qu4R0whow can i boot to my ubuntu??i already reinstall windows and i cant boot to ubuntu now.please help09:46
Keifferi wnat Chrome for Ubuntu!09:46
prince_jammys!grub > Qu4R0w09:47
ubottuQu4R0w, please see my private message09:47
=== yadu is now known as Guest74824
MezHotShowers: that's probably coming back from an external source.09:47
Uwehi all, I have some troubel with ubuntu-studio 9-04 and WLAN (RT73)09:47
bongo56Losher lol, yes it is confusing thanks for the help so far though, you taught me heaps :)09:47
MrPiracy_well ...09:47
Uwenow i checked it with Ubuntu 9-04 (Live DVD) and it worked09:48
ThreetimesKeiffer: use wine/crossover/cedege09:48
prince_jammysUwe: try also at ubuntu studio's, irc channel: #ubuntustudio09:48
UweI think the problem is related to the Kernel Versions: Ubuntu Studio09:48
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"09:48
KeifferThreetimes - it has bugs...09:48
Uweprice_jammys: Thanks good idea09:48
Keifferdanny__ whats shiretoko?09:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shiretoko09:49
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY09:49
danny__Keiffer, firefox 3.509:49
Uweubuntu studio uses 2.6.29 and the usual desktop version uses 2.6.28 I think thats the root cause09:49
danny__does anybody else's google look like this on firefox 3.5? http://www.imagebam.com/image/3c14cc42498765 y the long horizontal search bar09:50
ThreetimesKeiffer: do you mean tilp2 or wine/crossover/cedega?09:50
AnAntHello, how can I disable a package from being installed on an Ubuntu system ?09:50
KeifferThreetimes I have it with Crossover and it has some bugs..09:50
diddyIf you set the umask to 022, by default what permissions will your files have?09:51
=== jopeli is now known as Crsim
bongo56I will try the same commands on the ubuntu machines that the drive is recognised on, maybey that may shed some light ta Losher09:52
prince_jammysdiddy: 755 rwx, r-x, r-x09:52
johnliuhow could i deal with this error:"E: zdesktop: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1"??09:52
johnliuthank you09:53
prince_jammysdiddy: the zero masks nothing for the owner, and the twos mask the 'write' bit for group and other.09:53
zleapwhat are you trying to install?09:53
johnliuevery programe all like this09:54
OpenBluntSurgeryhow can i set aterm as my default terminal?09:54
johnliuso i can't install09:54
diddyprince_jammys: Not directory but files. Correct answer is 64409:54
=== WelshDragon is now known as Fluffles
johnliuand can't delete09:54
zleapare you getting other errors09:54
zleapthat link may help,09:55
prince_jammysdiddy: ok, yes. files are not made executable.09:55
johnliuis some file broken?09:55
diddyprince_jammys, I am just doing a test exam for LPIC and also got it wrong.09:56
prince_jammysdiddy: heh, trick question!09:56
on5slcan somebody help me getting xinerama to work on a HD4870? Cause when i enable the option i get no GDM anymore when i boot :(09:56
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"09:57
Techieon5sl: is this an ATI HD487009:57
on5slTechie: yes09:57
zleapjohnliu, not sure what package are you trying to install09:57
diddyDoes anybody know a really good program to find duplicate files and free diskspace?09:57
on5sli've installed the latest catalyst driver 9.609:57
johnliuis there anyone can speak chinese?09:57
Techieon5sl: the ATI drivers come with a xinerama feature in them09:57
losher!cn | johnliu09:57
ubottujohnliu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:57
on5slTechie: that's what i'm trying, but it doesnt seems tow ork09:57
Slartdiddy: fdupes is ok09:58
=== mac__v is now known as mac_v
Techieon5sl: may i pm you09:58
johnliucould you?09:58
on5slTechie: ofc09:58
prince_jammysdiddy: there's something called fdupes. i've never used it.09:58
prince_jammysah, someone already said it.09:58
johnliui can't speak clearly my trouble in english09:59
prince_jammysjohnliu: /join #ubuntu-cn09:59
causasuiIs there any fix for vlc being in two separate windows?10:00
diddySlart, prince_jammys : I have just found this page and now I am wondering which one to try: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fdupes10:00
causasuiIt used to be only one :(10:00
Slartdiddy: I've used both fdupes and duff.. in the end the difference wasn't that big10:00
johnliuzleap:i want to install eva,but there is something wrong with it10:00
Qu4R0w!eva > johnliu10:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eva10:01
waldirhelp, I can't instal firefox 3.5! :(10:01
Slartcausasui: I thought that was fixed in an update10:01
ThreetimesI just installed tilp2, when I start it I get "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"10:01
prince_jammyswaldir: provide more details so someone can help you.10:01
johnliu:"E: zdesktop: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1"??10:01
OpenBluntSurgerywhat does system->pref->preferred apps do?10:02
waldirprince_jammys: I don't know how to install it, I downloaded the tar.bz from firefox's website but it juts extracts to a folder10:02
waldirI tried using synaptic, but it says it installs it but my shortcuts still point to ff310:03
HotShowerslosher: ok think i've worked it out10:03
prince_jammyswaldir: try running 'shiretoko' from a terminal10:03
causasuiSlart: Well I never got that update10:04
waldirprince_jammys: commando not found10:04
prince_jammyswaldir: at least that's what i saw a few minutes ago10:04
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY10:04
Slartcausasui: hmm... then I guess you can either download and compile the source for yourself (not sure if you have to change something though) or wait for an updated package10:04
waldiroh, thanks... I'll read that10:05
gnomefreakthe upstream tarball once unpacked cd into it and run it10:05
defryskrun firefox-3.5 waldir10:05
johnliuis there anyone could help me?10:05
waldirdefrysk: that works, it is indeed called shiretoko10:06
johnliu:"E: zdesktop: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1"??10:06
UinstonSWhere i can find .deb pack "Charles" ?10:06
NeroonIs there anyway to make sure, a microphone is working in ubuntu? I cant get it to work at all10:06
waldirprince_jammys: i understand now, it's an ubuntu thing10:07
gnomefreakNeroon: by default it is disabled IIRC click on the speaker icon and look for it10:07
waldirso it has been in my apps menu all this time, only it was called shiretoko and had a different icon!10:07
johnliuanyone can save this problem:":"E: zdesktop: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1"??10:07
gnomefreakjohnliu: most likely if someone can they will let you know. no reason to keep asking. if we cant help you try #ubuntuforums its sunday so alot of people are not here10:08
waldirwhy isn't this made clearer to people using ubuntu?10:08
Neroongnomefreak: Did that already. More than once. Any other way to activate it?10:08
gnomefreakNeroon: not sure off hand. its really early sunday morning here im doing as little as possible :)10:08
johnliuoh,i'm sorry,i don't know10:09
Neroongnomefreak: hehe. I know. Wouldnt even bother, if I didnt need it today10:09
tehbautwhat's the typical path to the desktop?10:09
Seveasgnomefreak, get some sleep :)10:09
gnomefreakSeveas: :) would be  nice10:09
Threetimestehbaut: ~./Desktop10:09
andryhow unistall avg antivirus in ubuntu remix?10:09
Threetimestehbaut: (in your language, if not english)10:09
tehbautah, yep english10:10
snaxx1ANyone able to help me install this madwifi10:10
Slartandry: no instructions on the AVG site?10:10
waldirprince_jammys, defrysk did I miss something? how was I supposed to know about this shiretoko issue with ubuntu? :(10:10
defryskwaldir, some investigation usually helps, also 3.5 is not default yet, so not as much documentation10:12
UinstonSWhere i can find .deb pack "Charles" ?10:12
Slart!pm | andry10:13
ubottuandry: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:13
SeveasUinstonS, try Buckingham Palace10:13
petxhi all... I try to show request time out while pinging other PC... any idea??10:13
megloAnyone here know of a good program to check my long written texts and identify bad usage of English or over-use of words, changing tense, etc? More than just a grammar checker... maybe some statistical analyzer that has some neat tricks. I do recall seeing something - it was to help improve writing skills.10:14
waldirdefrysk: I understand, but that's not very user friendly..10:14
snaxx1fack... this is pissin me off lol10:14
waldirwell, thanks for your help :)10:14
Loungesomthing's been bugging me about 9.04 and avahi10:16
tehbautis it normal for ddrescue to not look like it's doing anything, even with -v in use?10:16
tehbautalso, hdd case busy lights are not on10:16
Loungeseems to not wanna work like it used to in hardy10:16
Threetimestehbaut: can you hear the drives?10:16
tehbautnot really10:16
odonataabout syslog10:17
Threetimesthen it isn't doing anything? any errors?10:17
tehbautcourse it's fat32, maybe it takes a while to initialize the read10:17
tehbautno errors yet10:17
odonatahow can one separat logging into specific files?10:17
Threetimesmight be, just wait...10:17
tehbautsays 'Copying data...'10:17
tehbautthis is somewhat agonizing :D10:18
causasuiSlart: It works for you? On 9.04?10:19
Slartcausasui: yes.. but I downloaded the source and compiled it myself10:19
defryskwaldir having a firefox3.5 that runs besides firefox3 untill 3.5 is default sound pretty user frienly to me ;)10:19
DawnLighthello. i've a continual message in dmesg which is eating up my hdd. this is bug #385929. whatever causes it... is there a way to stop the hdd writes, please?10:20
tehbautI question whether I am using the right options up from... I just noticed an example on wikipedia where the user started with -n (no split) and then afterwords used -r 1 to retry the error areas, but I started with splits and -r 100... heh10:20
richardcavellis there a simple command to find out which IPs have a computer attached on my local area network?10:21
q0_0psudo nmap -sP -T4
tehbautah, I needed to make the logfile first... it won't create it for me10:22
AlvinwareIs Linux more safer than Windows from being hack by hackers?10:23
richardcavellq0_0p: thanks. It's not such a simple-looking command though. I should alias it10:23
ThreetimesAlvinware: some people say so.10:23
qe2eqeAlvinware, Intrinsically, a little.10:23
AlvinwareSo, does that mean Linux don't need any firewall, and anti-virus?10:24
dhruvasagarAlvinware: yes10:25
Threetimesneed? windows won't "need" them, ubuntu won't "need" them10:25
dhruvasagarAlvinware: generally you don't10:25
dhruvasagarThreetimes: well said :)10:25
ThreetimesI dont use any of them on both systems :D10:25
dhalsimhi, is there a way to use ionizer (air cleaner) in asus n50vn models?10:26
Alvinwarewhat? why windows doesn't need any firewall, and anti-virus too? Is this serious?10:26
petxhi all... I try to show request time out while pinging other PC on network... any idea??10:27
causasuipetx: Nope. No way for us to troubleshoot that from here.10:27
ThreetimesI use it only for gaming, not for daily use. It is optimized for uber-performance. I use msconfig to turn almost anything off.10:27
dhalsimyou may need firewall in ubuntu, and need antivirus too for windows viruses, which for some win machines connects linux servers from network10:28
Qu4R0wany1 have scrinshot/video recover Grub after reinstall windows xp?10:28
France1159Hello everyone10:28
Techie!grub > Qu4R0w10:28
ubottuQu4R0w, please see my private message10:28
France1159someone can tell me how can i show all files contained in a package ?10:28
acidicbasedoesn't ubuntu have already have firestarter or something like that preinstalled?10:28
SeveasFrance1159, dpkg -L packagename10:29
dhalsimyou can see in synaptic's package properties10:29
France1159thanks Seveas10:29
SeveasFrance1159, or for non-installed deb files: dpkg-deb -c filename.deb10:29
ThreetimesI'm trying to compile libticables, but am getting errors: http://pastebin.org/2980. I get past ./configure without problems10:29
AlvinwareUse msconfig to turn almost every things off mean will not susceptible to being attacks by hackers?10:29
petxcausasui, so where can I get help...??10:29
Threetimesoh, an it's version 2-1.2.0 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/tilp/files/10:30
danny__is it true that if youre running an operating system like windows 7 on virtualbox it will never expire10:30
France1159thank you very much Seveas  :)10:30
SeveasThreetimes, that means their ./configure is broken and doesn't check for something :_10:30
Aardvarxubuntu sucks10:30
causasuipetx: It doesn't sound like a linux problem, but a problem with your network. You might try finding a local PC shop to help you with setting up home networking.10:30
ThreetimesWhat does it not check for? How can I fix it?10:30
AlvinwareWow, why Ubuntu suck?10:31
Techiepetx: may i suggest checking for enabled firewalls10:31
Qu4R0wsure..boot ur live cd10:31
=== Guest775 is now known as vkk
SeveasThreetimes, no idea. COuld be libusb or some kernel headers. Just file a bug with them and get them to fix it :)10:31
AlvinwareUbuntu 9.04 is good enough.10:31
causasuiDon't feed the trolls10:31
petxcausasui, Techie, I think u dont understand me guys..10:32
andryclamav cant update ? help10:32
nodnarb82why does ubuntu suck? even backtrack4 is based on ubuntu10:32
Threetimes:\ I need it today (well, i want to use it today)10:32
Techiepetx feel free to pm me with the full details10:32
causasuiPlease dont use all caps...10:32
Threetimes!caps | Qu4R0w10:32
ubottuQu4R0w: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.10:32
nodnarb82and those guys seem to know what they r doin10:32
TechieQu4R0w: choose try ubuntu10:32
Qu4R0wthen what i nid recover?10:33
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Qu4R0wTechie:u have an answer,please tell me10:34
=== datagutt_ is now known as Guest64188
=== Guest64188 is now known as datagutt__
=== datagutt__ is now known as datag578
bossekrhi folks, I'm a debian developer and would like to track bugs reported through ubuntu. is there any search query to find all bugs related to my packages ?10:35
Qu4R0wbossekr: grub problem10:36
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elkybossekr, you could ask in #launchpad or #ubuntu-bugs10:36
ShishKababHello. I'm trying to create a test embedding Lua into an application. I've installed the liblualib50-dev and all it's dependencies and now try to compile the test app according to http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/264. I get undefined reference errors for every Lua function and executing 'nm -s /usr/lib/liblua50.so' shows there are no symbols. Is this a packaging bug?10:36
Slartbossekr: if your package is available through the repos you should be able to just search for it by name10:37
Seveasbossekr, make sure your debian mailaddress is linked to the launchpad account you actually use. That should 'link' your packages to you. Follow elky's advice to get more details10:37
Qu4R0whow to i set manual mac adress and ip adress?10:38
on5slTechie: when i enable xinerama=on then my ubuntu get stuck everytime10:38
bossekrSlart, yes I know but is there a way to get an overview over all packages like http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?maint=bossekr%40debian.org10:38
on5sli cant even do ctrl+alt+F110:38
Slartbossekr: oh.. I see.. no idea, sorry10:38
ThreetimesHi, I get an error when compiling libticables2-1.2.0: http://pastebin.com/d618fa1c210:40
hilaireread install text10:42
Qu4R0wcant see anything=find /boot/grub/stage10:45
Qu4R0wcant see anything=find /boot/grub/stage110:45
Qu4R0wplease help me10:45
JoAnneThraxHow/where do I shut off the "boop" "beep" "kerchunk" sounds that happen when I click buttons and such in dialogue boxes?10:46
JoAnneThraxI'd normally guess they're native to my window manager (I'm using Window Maker), but I've already, theoretically, disabled the sounds in WM's control-panel thing.10:48
JoAnneThraxAnd they don't seem very client-specific.10:50
JoAnneThraxI just tried them in nicotine, Xchat and azureus, and they're all making those sounds on clicking10:50
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Chrystallicsorry, I can't help.... if you disabled the sound in teh control panel tehn I got no idea why there is still a sound10:51
JoAnneThraxOkay.  Neither I.10:52
ThreetimesYou kight want to restart your WM, logout and login.10:52
JoAnneThraxWould there be some sort of sounds native to the x-server somehow that aren;t controlled by the WM?10:53
JoAnneThraxThreetimes: I've already done that, unfortunately.  At least three times.10:53
jorickhow do  i configure ubuntu to use the opendns servers?10:54
ChrystallicI had WM a while... but suddenly it stopped working properly.... so I logged out, and haven't logged into it again....10:54
JoAnneThraxI tried KDE...it sort of made my skin crawl.10:54
richardcavellJoAnneThrax: Why?  It's a good desktop10:54
Chrystallicnow I only use a mix of different skins... Slickness, minimum black suite, black and white 2, and 2 other skins XD10:55
JoAnneThraxWell, the one that installed with Kubuntu-desktop just annoyed me.  Maybe I thought it was falling all over itself to seem like Micro$oft Windoze while dispensing with, or at least making less obvious and convenient, all the things that I, as a linux user, might actually use..10:56
JoAnneThraxI'm sure it's just how the defaults were set.10:56
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jophishwhat should patch do with no arguments?10:57
Chrystallicluckily I found a way to automaticly start numpad when I log on.... started to annoy me when I always had to press teh "num lock" button, or all my passwords  missed some numbers...10:58
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Chrystallicnow I uninstalled my Wmaker, and installs it again11:00
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ChrystallicGuest44304: what do you need help with?11:01
blackacidCould someone help me fix xorg11:02
nperryHey guys, just wondered if i could create an icon on the menu to open irssi? is this possible?11:02
tehbautubuntu doesn't seem to be applying my power management prefs11:02
Qu4R0whow to connect internet via broadband11:03
tehbautscreen keeps turning off, even though I say not to11:03
Qu4R0whow to connect internet via broadband?11:03
Slartnperry: sure.. but you have to start gnome-terminal with irssi as some kind of parameter11:03
nperryAhhh Slart i was looking at x-terminal-emulator with a parm and couldnt find it11:03
Slartnperry: gnome-terminal -e irrsi   should do it11:04
blackacidtehbaut laptop or desktop11:04
Slartnperry: if you want to use the gnome-terminal, that is.. you don't have to11:04
nperryAh thanks slart :D11:04
JoAnneThraxokay...here's another one.  I've asked some people about this, but I can't remember if I asked here.11:04
nperryWhy wasnt that in --help :(11:05
Slartnperry: you're welcome11:05
Slartnperry: it's in the man page though =)11:05
ChrystallicQu4R0w: http://www.honeytechblog.com/how-to-connect-broadband-in-ubuntu/   maybe this help?11:05
einohmmmm, I'm getting ati 3870 for free from my friend and I'm building a gaming computer around it, what would be about as powerful motherboard and cpu? you see I don't want to purchase too powerful cpu and mobo so the graphics card wont slow them down11:05
JoAnneThraxWhenever I reboot my computer has decided to mute the Master volume and then the slider all the way to zero.11:05
JoAnneThrax...which is kind of annoying.11:05
blackacidcould someone help me with a xorg failure it happened after applying updates11:06
tehbautblackacid, laptop11:06
Chrystallicyou know there is 2 different power management options on laptop?11:07
disappearedng How do I schedule cause my system to restart and do a fsck ?11:07
jeff009hello every one, i've no sound with frenx 0.7.3 on client nomachine is there any one to help me thank u :)11:07
blackacidsure its not your screen that could be damaged11:07
Chrystallicdiapperaredng: I dun know how you do schedule a fsck,  but  the standard setup is a new fsck after 20 startups11:08
JoAnneThraxcome to think of it, sound is working fine at the moment.  Maybe I fixed that accidentally.11:09
Slartdisappearedng: you create a file at / ... something like forcecheck..11:10
ChoKsudo shutdown -rf now11:10
Slartdisappearedng: sudo touch /forcefsck11:10
ChoKor touch /forcefsck && shutdown -r now11:10
JoAnneThrax...now if only I cound fix the beep-boop sounds...11:10
ChoKblacklist pcspkr11:11
SlartChoK: hmm.. -f isn't mentioned in the man page... sure it works?11:11
ChoKshutdown -f creates the forcefsck file11:12
ChrystallicI got this memorystick, that won't work properly when I insert it into the usb-port.. it starts to work, but for some weird reason I can't copy/paste anything to/from teh memorystick... any help how to solve it?11:12
ChoKSlart, mmm weird, dunno about the ubuntu shutdown then11:13
iceroothow to remove the keyring-password-question with auto-login and jaunty? with hardy i was using an empty keyword, but with jaunty i cant find anything like that11:13
anr78I'm running Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro, and the keyboard layout is not quite correct. Anyone know how this should be set on this machine? Pipe and square brackets are two of the keys missing11:13
danny__does anyone here know anything about mpd?11:13
iceroot!anyone | danny__11:13
ubottudanny__: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:13
Seveasdanny__, would http://paste.ubuntu.com/213519/ qualify as anything? :)11:14
Chrystallicanr78: system -> user choices?(sorry use norwegian version) -> keyboard11:14
drazter2hi, im currently on jaunty and i want to try out the new 9.10 koala release.. i have found something called a "daily build" can anyone tell me what is that?11:14
danny__im trying to create my mpd playlist and its skipping one of my music folders. its the one drive that linux always asks for a password to access on boot11:14
Slart!karmic | drazter211:14
ubottudrazter2: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:14
Seveasdanny__, then probably the mpd user doesn't have access to it.11:15
CybeRebelhello all, the text in my bash terminal is over lapping, anyone know the problem?11:15
SlartCybeRebel: try selecting another console font?11:16
CybeRebelSlart do you no what the defaults are?11:16
danny__Seveas, do u know how id fix that?11:17
SlartCybeRebel: nope... don't remember.. I use Terminus (it's available from the repos)11:17
JoAnneThraxHmm.  I have the DisableSound option in $(HOME)/GNUstep/Defaults/WindowMaker set to "yes"11:17
Chrystallicanr78: when you've entered the keyboard window, press on socond tab, and press on keyboardmodel.  there you choose Apple, and your computer model11:18
NeroonPlease, is there anyone that can help, getting a microphone to work? I thought I would never say that, but I'm close to uninstall Ubuntu. Been there, done this, thousands of "solutions" and just nothing even closely works11:18
CybeRebelSlart okay ill try anyway thanks :)11:18
Seveasdanny__, by using proper mount options11:18
nikolamit seems that packages.ubuntu.com not working now, BTW11:18
ChoKSlart, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/7413911:19
renichow do i format unpartitioned space in ubuntu?11:19
ChoKrenic, gparted11:19
renicthere's not something already included in the default install?11:20
tehbautany way to keep ubuntu from going to sleep on me while I'm ddrescue'ing?11:21