Frostwarri0rhello, can i have some help? i was asking about xubuntu compatibility with tulip ethernet cards00:10
th0rxylox: all that work and it still doesn't work00:29
xyloxth0r, man just install 8.04 :P00:32
th0rxylox: I am quickly approaching that point.00:38
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th0rarmada: did you see that?00:40
th0rxylox: well, my network folder is empty...but maybe it should be00:41
th0rxylox: but I can't get the thunar share plugin to work. I have the tab, but everything is greyed out and it tells me to check the samba shares and permissions00:41
xyloxth0r, well i'm not sharing from my pc, just acessing other pc resources00:43
th0rxylox: well, I am cruising on a sailboat and don't really need any of it <smile>. But the geek in me insists I get it working00:44
xyloxth0r, that's the fun of linux, you gotta work to get it working00:47
th0rxylox: yeah...I tell my friends that linux allows you to rediscover the glee of getting a printer to print 'Hello world!"00:49
xyloxtotally true00:50
th0rxylox: people who enjoy linux also enjoy puzzles00:51
th0rand squatting over the campfire00:51
xyloxthen you go to work and have to use windows and say "what a boring (and bad) system"00:53
th0rxylox: got thunar-share plugin working...what it doesn't tell you is that the only folders you can share have to belong to the sambashare group.01:19
th0rhah! now it is working for all the folders....guess it just needed a swift kick in the.....01:22
SiDiguys, my windows boxes always failed to print out of the box01:26
SiDimy linux boxes never ~~01:26
armadaI need to edit xorg.conf but i can't...01:42
armadaany ideas?01:42
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Techiewhat do the members of #Xubuntu think is a good media player with a playlist search funtion?02:15
Techiedoesw that handle large amounts of files well?02:18
th0rTechie: I have some 700 music files in there at the moment.02:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xfmedia02:19
Techiereason i ask is that i have over 1k music files and when i open them all in VLC it seems to not load some files, possibly because of a maximum file limit02:20
th0rTechie: well, if there is a limit in gmb I haven't hit it yet. I like it as it scans the directories I specify and picks up on any changes every time I start it up02:21
xyloxth0r, and that thunar share plugin comes as default or you had to install it?02:41
th0rxylox: I had to install it, but it is in the repos02:42
doseryderHi there02:43
doseryderI've been a Ubuntu user for 3 years.  I find it comes with too many extras I don't need, yet I haven't switched to another distro mainly b/c I enjoy the Package manager it comes with (with the feature of resolving and downloading dependencies automatically)02:45
th0rdoseryder: the extras are a function of the desktop environment, not the distro. If you are running ubuntu you might consider installing xfce and trying it in place of gnome.02:46
doseryderdoes XuBuntu come with the dpkg and the apt-get (cli front-end) and synaptic (gui-backend)02:47
Techiedoseryder: yes02:47
th0rdoseryder: the only difference between ubuntu and xubuntu is the desktop environment...if you install xubuntu-desktop in ubuntu you will for all purposes have xubuntu02:47
xyloxdoseryder, which extras?02:47
doseryderSo Xubuntu is basically just Xubuntu - (GNOME + Compiz)?  What is it's default Desktop environment?02:50
doseryderI meant to say XuBuntu - (GNOME + Compiz)02:50
xyloxxubuntu is ubuntu with xfce instead of gnome02:51
doserydersorry for being noob, but if I build my own linux kernel (with its fs-type defaulting to ext3) then I try to install dpkg + apt-get, would that even work (this is just a thought)02:56
Techieno clue, i dont work with compiling kernels and the like02:58
th0rdoseryder: there really is no good reason to compile your own kernel anymore unless you are doing some really esoteric work02:58
doseryderTechie: as you can see, I just want a linux system with a good package manager and front ends (that grabs/install/resolve dependencies as needed)02:59
doseryderI should say, ONLY when needed03:00
th0rdoseryder: xfce will use the same package manager system (synaptic, apt-get, dpkg) as gnome, but without all the overhead03:00
doseryderstartoff with minimal weight and put weight on only when needed03:01
xyloxdoseryder, you could have a look at distros like tiny core linux or something but it's not recomemended if you're a noob03:02
Techiedoseryder: i know what you mean, but how about goin the other way... take xubuntu and strip out what you dont need03:02
Techieim gonna be doing the same sort of thing to make a game server on a 1gig usb stick03:02
Techietake DSL and strip it back to a CLI03:03
doseryderxylox: I'm not completely noob.  I can find my way, and feell comfortable working with the shell03:03
xyloxdoseryder, then go ahead :)03:04
doseryderhave *some* experience with building packages from source and resolving dependencies.  (e.g. Gstreamer plugins and such)03:04
Techiesomeone explain this to me, using synaptic to remove the games in xubuntu... went to remove fortune-mod and it says that its gonna remove xubuntu-desktop aswell03:09
doseryderth0r dpkg being Debian Package Manager, I suppose it is only for Debian-based Linux? (I don't know)  Also, this leads me to asking a fundamental question -- What does it mean, or what makes it "Debian" based?  Linux kernel being at the center of things, what is it that makes it "Debian"?  I'm asking this in hope to gain a better understanding :) thanks03:14
th0rdoseryder: no, I use dkpg and it is a recognized mimetype in xfce03:14
th0rdoseryder: the ubuntu distro is debian based, they started with debian linux and modified it to their ends. If I recall correctly all debian based distros will use synaptic/apt-get/dpkg for package management03:15
th0rdoseryder: if you installed debian instead of ubuntu you would find it very familiar territory. Not quite so 'user friendly' but pretty much the same environment03:17
th0rI installed firestarter this afternoon and configured a simple firewall...and it is getting hammered by port scans from one computer on this wifi network. Never would have suspected it03:19
xyloxisn't your lan secured?03:20
th0rxylox: this is a wifi run by the  motel that runs the marina.03:20
doserydercan you elaborate on how it is less "user-friendly"?03:20
doseryderan example would be suffice actually03:21
th0rxylox: and it is a .248 ip....running wireshark now to see what is going on. It appears to be random packets addressed to ports above 3276803:21
th0rdoseryder: some of the 'noob' features of ubuntu will be missing. Good example...there is no root account in ubuntu to protect the noobs...but there is a root account in debian03:22
xyloxyeah well, one can only get impressed what you see when sniff the network03:22
th0rxylox: it says it is netbios name service, but that wouldn't be hitting random ports...not that high up either03:24
th0rwait...it appears to be responses to my browsing for network shares...fusesmb maybe?03:25
xyloxth0r, if that is the case, you gotta make your shares protected, firestarter will do it03:25
SimetricalMy weather applet has been saying "Cannot update weather data" for days now.  Any ideas on how to fix that?03:26
th0rxylox: you will like this....fusesmb is sending out packets on those ports to ip 0.255 looking for network shares. It appears 0.248 is responding on those same ports, but since it doesn't come back from 0.255 the firewall thinks they are illegal packets03:31
th0rxylox: so it is either disable fusesmb or get the firewall a truss03:32
xyloxi suppose if you disable the firewall you should see other shares in your wifi network03:32
th0rnow gigolo is doing it right...the browse requests are going out on 137 (should be 135-138 iirc) and the answers are coming back on 13703:34
th0r(coming back on 138)03:34
xylox0.255 is broadcast addrress, so it's broadcasting hte request to the subnet03:36
th0rxylox: yeah, but fusesmb is broadcasting on non-standard ports...above 3276803:38
doseryderif the ports aren't opened, what kind of negative effect would it have on you?03:38
th0rxylox: all communications in netbios should be on 135-139 and 44503:39
xyloxsource o destination ports?03:39
th0rdoseryder: the firewall still has to read each packet and then throw them away...it's like...what if you started receiving all the junk mail for your entire block? you would just throw it away...but it would take effort03:39
th0rxylox: source and destination ports for netbios communications are all 135-139 and 44503:40
xyloxofficially yes but in pratice the source could be anyone03:40
th0rxylox: I don't understand why fusesmb is using those port numbers....very confusing.03:41
doseryderth0r: If what you're experiencing is in fact malacious or abnormal, is it considered a form of DoS that the other end is attempting03:41
th0rdoseryder: in this case it isn't a dos attack...the other end is responding to the port that called it, which it should. It appears to be a fault in fusesmb at my end...it shouldn't be using those ports to call out in the first place03:42
doserydernetwork admins are cool, they're investigators03:43
xyloxlinux usually doesn't follow the microsoft specs, linux tend to use high port numbers as source port for its requests, even smb, so i wouln't worry, the receiver is the one who has to be worried03:43
xyloxwhen you receive requests at netbios ports, then you could worry a litlle bit03:44
th0rxylox: well as it works out using those port numbers is throwing all the work back to my firewall. since the answer comes from a different ip than the request went to, the firewall doesn't see it as a reply but as an unwanted packet03:44
th0rxylox: to get fusesmb to work I would have to open all of those upper ports...a definite no-no in my book03:45
th0r(open for incoming traffic)03:46
xyloxyes, that's the price of being on a non trusted network, normal should be you trust your lan network03:46
xyloxmay be you could configure firestarter to allw them, because they should be accepted as they are answers to client requests, just like dns for example03:47
th0rxylox: even  on a corporate network I wouldn't want to open all those ports...you only open ports for services you recognize and expect, opening 32768 ports on the hope that one of them is the one fusesmb will use is a real security issue03:48
th0rxylox: they are answers, but since they do not come from 0.255 they aren't seen as answers by the firewall.03:49
th0rI sure wish I could get hold of the devs for fusesmb and discuss it with them, but the homepage doesn't have an contact info (understandable I guess)03:50
th0r<it's a geek thing...don't try to understand it>03:50
xyloxhaven't used firestarter, do have used ufw03:52
th0rxylox: I am really impressed with firestarter. For setting up a relatively simple firewall it is terrific. I first tried fwbuilder which is installed by default...it was like trying to fly the space shuttle to get into the next room03:54
xyloxthe only thing i have noticed about firestarter is it doesn' have adavnced control over icmp packets (block ping requests for example)03:57
th0ryou could just block port 11304:00
xyloxthat's ident no?04:01
th0rand 3010 I think too04:01
th0ryeah....113 is ident04:02
th0rjeez...dynamic dump time. I haven't dusted off this info in about 8 years...since the dotcom crash <smile>04:02
xyloxhow many years have you into computing and linux?04:06
th0rgot my first computer (a vic-20) a month after they hit the shelves in '82. Was a sysop for CompuServe way back when that meant something <smile>. But now....they have electricity and everything...way beyond me04:08
th0rhaven't been into linux too long though...my first install was slackware 1.0 <smile>04:09
xyloxi satrted at late 80's with epson qx-10 if remember well04:10
xyloxi'm new to linux (a year and a half) but has been intense 18 months04:12
th0ryeah...I had a qx-10 at one time04:12
th0rI had a linux guru at work...I thought I would drive him mad..."You don't reinstall linux, you FIX llinux!"04:12
xyloxyeah, you also don't reboot unless you install a new kernel04:14
SimetricalOr new hardware.04:15
SimetricalOr if you can't log in.04:16
th0ryeah. Poor Mustafa must have lost half his hair trying to teach me linux04:16
th0rtoo bad he didn't succeed <smile>04:16
SimetricalOr if the system is seriously borked and you have no idea what's wrong and you need it working RIGHT NOW.  Rebooting can be a good idea then too.04:16
th0rSimetrical: well, the idea is to not let the system get seriously borked <smile>.04:17
SimetricalYes, but we're talking about real life, right?04:17
th0rI don't know about you guys...but my systems always work properly <smiile>04:18
th0rxylox: I finally found the email for the fusesmb developer. Just sent him an email with a short description and hope he will point out the error of my ways04:19
th0rsee what you started this afternoon!04:19
th0rand the end result is I still do not have fusesmb working <smile>04:20
xyloxbut the thunar plugin worked no?04:20
th0ryes! I did get that working!04:21
th0rand to be honest...it is neater than fusesmb04:21
xyloxyeah let's gice some credit to 9.04, it's not all bad04:21
th0rhehehe I guess I will have to concede that one04:22
xyloxbut i'll stay with my lts until the next lts and even then i'll think about it04:23
th0rI dont blame you. I have already frozen my install of jaunty...no more updates04:23
xyloxlts support ends in 2011 for desktop, so...04:24
th0rby that time they will have windows 9 out and it might finally be right <smile>04:25
xyloxwell by taht time i hope it will be bankrupt and will b bought by google o r something04:26
th0ror the US govt04:26
th0rtoo big to fail04:26
xyloxgoogle is coming strong04:26
xyloxthat chrome os theyre making looks interesting04:27
th0ryeah, but I think that recent twitter episode might put a crimp in 'cloud computing'04:27
xyloxlet's see04:28
th0rwell, it's been an interesting day boys and girls, but it is  time to call it a night. Thanks for your help and suggestions.04:30
R1cochettrying to setup an xbox orignal controller in jaunty and wheb u run modprobe xpad i get: WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compat, it will be ignored in a future release.04:41
doseryderth0r is fusesmb a program to create network volumes?04:41
R1cochetis there anything i can do to get the controller working?04:41
hatake_kakashiR1cochet, you don't need to worry about that error message from modprobe, otherwise check dmesg| tail or /var/log/messages04:43
R1cochetwell for some reson i cant get the xpad reconized04:45
R1cochetive dled xpad and jscalibrator but still nothing doing04:45
hatake_kakashiit is recognised, its probably missing key bindings :P04:46
R1cochetthen how would i go about setting that up?04:46
hatake_kakashiI dunno, I don't game with xbox controller04:48
hatake_kakashistart with running xev I suppose04:49
R1cochetwell is there a way to tell if it is being recognised?04:50
R1cocheti ran lsusb and the pad doesnt show in there05:10
gattonI have an older computer, and the drivers are not automatically detected by gtk-jockey (hardware drivers program).07:38
gattonwhat do I do to get the video / audio drivers working ?07:38
gattonI freshly installed Xubuntu to this computer (9.04 Jaunty)07:38
forceswhat video card do you have?07:38
hatake_kakashibetter to paste lspci -k into pastebin07:40
hatake_kakashi!pastebin | gatton07:40
ubottugatton: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic07:40
R1cocheti cant get a usb device to enumerate10:15
R1cochet[16627.104032] usb 2-4: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 6310:16
R1cochet[16627.285026] usb 2-4: device descriptor read/64, error -6210:16
R1cochet[16627.568032] usb 2-4: device descriptor read/64, error -6210:16
R1cochet[16627.765035] hub 2-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 410:16
TheSheepR1cochet: check the cable10:19
R1cochetwell i converted an xbox pad to usb10:20
R1cochetjust twisted the wires together, no solder10:20
TechieR1cochet: aaah the good old twist trick10:20
R1cochetu think thats it?10:20
Techiecould be that one of the data wires isnt connecting properly10:21
Techieid suggest warming up the soldering iron just incase10:21
R1cochetok ty10:21
R1cochetproblem is that the only iron i have is a cheap pen iron type and u can never get a good clean solder w/ those10:22
TheSheepusb is very sensitive to bad connections10:22
Techiebetter than nothing10:22
R1cochetalways a dull solder as opposed to a nice shiney one10:22
R1cochetoj ty both for ur help10:22
TheSheepI'm sure that a new soldering iron is cheaper that a new motherboard to replace the fried one in your computer10:23
R1cochetit can fry the mobo?10:23
TheSheepanything you connect to your computer can, really10:24
R1cochetwell the iron is coming out right now10:24
knomeR1cochet, you never should do any modifications which you are not sure about.10:24
Techiesheep more than anything that you connect, the motherboard might even possibly fry itself10:24
TheSheepwe had a pendrive that fried motherboards once10:25
Techieknome this isnt so much a modification, its more like a plug swapover... the controller uses USB anyway10:25
TheSheepgone through 3 until we realized10:25
Techiethat musta sucked and been a cool discovery at the same time10:26
TheSheepwell, university's computers, still on their guaranty, so no problem10:27
Techielol, lucky10:28
Techieyay my mp3's finally copied10:29
hatake_kakashiTechie, ever tinkered with nfs?10:43
hatake_kakashiSiDi, you? :)10:44
Techiei might be able to help though10:44
hatake_kakashigot a problem, I can mount nfs over network but I can't mount nfs when the target is literally a localhost (i.e. mounting to itself)10:45
hatake_kakashiI've installed all the necessary stuff on the client side but I always get permission denied even if I gave one of the export shares as anonuid=0 (which is root)10:45
Techiemay i ask the reason for mounting localy?10:45
hatake_kakashiI've added relevant entries into /etc/hosts.allow but that's still no dice10:46
hatake_kakashireason being is technically I'm running virtual machine10:46
Techienever did like networking with VM's10:46
hatake_kakashisee the share works fine if the machine connecting to the share is going through the network and then into wireless and even over wired network, but when the share is to be mounted internally it gets rejected10:47
hatake_kakashiI personally don't think its an issue with the VM itself but I could be mistaken10:47
Techiewhat ip are you usign when you try connect?10:47
hatake_kakashiI ran the portmap in foreground with verbose and debug mode, I can see there is a difference in a way a remote host would connect as opposed to a local host (in virtualised mode) would connect10:47
hatake_kakashiboth the lan ip and the nat gw address10:48
Techiemight just be a problem in the way the VM is networking10:48
Techieeg shared connection or NAT10:48
hatake_kakashihmm well I could I suppose bridge it10:49
hatake_kakashithat would be another solution I suppose10:49
hatake_kakashiI haven't really tried other options except for NAT type networking10:49
Techieyeah, make sure your vm connection and your network connection are on the same subnet10:49
hatake_kakashididn't think that would have mattered when it was a slightly different case lol (on winxp with vmware and having ftp share up listening to nat and lan ips)10:50
Techieto put it simply cant connect to properly10:50
hatake_kakashiwhich would mean that in theory bridge mode should work10:50
Techiein theory10:50
hatake_kakashitesting it out now :)10:50
Techiefyi im a windows guy but ive done networking for most of my life10:51
hatake_kakashithe funny thing is that both of them are in the same netmask, subnet C10:51
hatake_kakashitrying out bridged mode now10:52
hatake_kakashilets just say that if it is the issue with it running in NAT mode and that it will work with bridged I'll be surprised :)10:52
Techiei wouldnt be10:52
hatake_kakashiwell yeah on this particular instance its no biggie but when it comes to having ipcop as vm and such, lol, that'll be all very interesting10:53
hatake_kakashiyup you were right10:54
Techieim not suprised10:55
hatake_kakashithanks a bunch, now I'm going to itch my head more, this adds confusion with my other project *sigh*10:55
Techiecome back if you have any trouble10:55
hatake_kakashiI'll be idling here lol10:55
hatake_kakashialways something to learn when lurking :)10:56
R1cochetwhere can i buy a solderin iron at 3am in the states?10:57
R1cochetid rather wait till morning than wait weeks10:58
R1cochetu think the grocery store has them?10:58
Techiewouldnt count on it10:58
Techiewhats wrong with that other one?10:59
SiDihatake_kakashi: never either11:02
R1cochetcant find it11:02
R1cocheti think i tossed it years ago11:02
hatake_kakashiSiDi, ahh ok, oh well, I guessed the good thing is that Techie solved it, looks like my networking knowledge is failing me, thanks anyway :)11:02
nikolamit seems that packages.ubuntu.com not working now, BTW11:18
Techiepage wont load but i can still ping it and resolve its ip11:19
Techieis there something else we can help you with?11:20
om26eri have a problem all qt based softwares have weired font style11:26
om26erskype and vlc both have big font11:26
Techienot my area of expertise unfortunately11:26
om26erany1 else??11:27
knomeom26er, see qtconfig11:28
om26erknome: yes it helped11:34
Techiei gotta go, night guys11:35
Techiegood luck with your project hatake_kakashi11:35
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igsenIs it safe to delete ".cache" directory under home/user folder?12:30
vinnlShould be, why?12:31
igsenCleaning up purposes only, if that is possible...12:35
igsenI think they are created automatically but I'm not sure???12:37
vinnlYeah, it's just cache files, I believe it contains e.g. thumbnails created by the file browser so it doesn't have to create them each time you browse a folder with pictures in them12:38
igsenok, thanks vinnl!12:40
vinnlyw :)12:41
hagghi, when i create a directory from terminal it has permission 755 (as it should be, according to umask), but thunar creates directory with 777 - no matter if i start it from the same terminal or from xfce-panel.14:55
haggexists a way to configure this behaviour?14:55
haggi tested on three different machines running xubuntu jaunty14:56
haggor any suggestions for an alternative filemanager running fine with xfce?14:59
barfoo365Hi all, is samba automatically activated after i install it? Or is there a terminal command to start it?15:16
poopuserGood morning. I've got this problem : even when i don't do anything 'internet related' the router's led indicates that something is using the connection. How can i determinate what process is it?15:24
barfoo365Using smbtree command in terminal i can see that samba is started and is sharing, but my xp and windows 7 machines will not connect15:41
barfoo365i can ping the xubuntu machine fine, so it sees it, but wont show smb shares15:43
gattonhow come my Ensoniq ES1370 doesnt work on this freshly installed Ubuntu16:08
gattonalso: the hardware drivers program doesn't show any drivers even though my video card is a Radeon RV200 QW (Radeon 7500)16:09
gattonforces, are you there ?16:09
gattonforces, sorry I coudlnd;t get back to you last night16:21
gattonthe video card I have is a radeon 7500,16:21
gatton ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]16:22
gattonand there are no drivers in the "hardware drivers" program. I, is it working properly16:22
gattonhow come vlc plays the sound but flash videos on youtube don't ?? I just installed Xubuntu16:54
SiDigatton, is PulseAudio running ?16:56
SiDisudo aptitude purge pulseaudio, and also make sure to kill it16:56
gattonSiDi, it was not installed16:58
forcesgatton, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras17:20
yesitisjustmeIf laptop has no cdrom can i connect laptop harddrive to desktop install there and then put laptop harddrive back to laptop, will it detect the new hardware?17:35
gattonforces I already did that17:59
Saramagoholas ┬┐alguien habla espa├▒ol?18:05
gattonif my video card is not working properly can I install fglrx ?18:16
Araneidae*Still* can't get rid of xfce's dreadful habit of saving and restoring my session.  Beginning to think it's not so nice a desktop ...18:57
knomeAraneidae, have you tried controlling it from the logout/shutdown dialog?19:03
AraneidaeI pressed the "reboot now" button on the upgrade popup, wasn't offered any options19:06
AraneidaeRestarted all my apps!19:06
knomeAraneidae, upgrade? i'm not talking about any upgrade dialog.19:06
AraneidaeSure -- but what I did was to do a system upgrade and reboot.  Are you saying there's a separate setting I can't access through the normal dialogs (or through configuration files)?19:07
knomeAraneidae, when you click the quit button19:08
knomethere's a checkbox to save or not to save the session19:08
AraneidaeAh yes, that one: it's not checkec19:08
knomebut in the last time it was checked, did you have the apps open which are not autostarting?19:08
knomeit's important that you save the session once when you have no apps running.19:09
AraneidaeApplications -> Log Out -> Save session for future logins  is unchecked19:09
AraneidaeNo, it even restarted the upgrade application!19:09
knomeYES, because the last time it *WAS* checked, you had that application running.19:09
AraneidaeNo, it completely restored the layout and application set that was in force when I pressed "ok, reboot now"19:09
knomedo you see what i'm trying to say?19:09
AraneidaeNot really, no.19:10
knomeclose *all* of your apps you don't want to autostart19:10
AraneidaeDon't think you're right.19:10
knomethen log out and *CHECK* the box.19:10
knomethen login again and see if the apps autostart.19:10
knomei want you to test this before i dig deeper into it.19:10
knomelogout is enough, you don't need to restart.19:11
AraneidaeWhere is this state saved?  The thing that's really bugging me about xfce is this awful GUI dance -- when all I really have to do is delete / rewrite the appropriate configuration file.19:11
knomewhich xubuntu do you have?19:11
AraneidaeBut *nobody*, but *nobody* knows how to do it!19:11
Araneidae9.04 I guess19:11
knomeif you can only *guess* your xubuntu version, i don't wonder if people do not know how to do it.19:12
AraneidaeWell, ok.  I'll do the logout dance.  The problem is that the issue doesn't recur immediately19:12
knomeApplications -> Settings -> Session and Startup --> tab "Application Autostart"19:12
Araneidaedone that19:12
Araneidaemany a time, it's never set, hasn't been for months now19:13
knomealso see the tab "SessionS19:13
AraneidaeI see the Session tab.  It lists the current running apps (or at least most of them)19:13
SimetricalMy weather applet has been saying "Cannot update weather data" for days now.  Any ideas on how to fix that?19:14
AraneidaeVarious restart styles, either "immediately" or "if running"19:14
knomeAraneidae, waht about "never" ?19:14
AraneidaeNone say never19:14
knomeAraneidae, why don't change that?19:14
knomeAraneidae, left click the column/row19:14
AraneidaeYes, I see that: but don't I want the default for *ALL* applications to be Never?19:15
knomeit is per application.19:15
AraneidaeThis way I have to check my session list every time I'm going to restart and make sure any new apps are also set to Never.19:15
AraneidaeI just NEVER EVER want my apps to restart!19:15
knomecalm down please.19:16
Araneidaeok, I'm not that excited in fact ;)19:16
AraneidaeWhere is the version number reported?  I can give you that19:16
knomeAraneidae, "lsb_release -a"19:17
AraneidaeI have xubuntu-desktop 2.82 installed19:17
gattonhow do I check if my video drivers are working properly ?19:17
Araneidae9.04, as expected19:17
knomeAraneidae, the session works for me as expected. on the session tab, close any apps you don't want to start automatically and click save session.19:18
knomeAraneidae, if that doesn't get you further, i suppose you should ask #xfce for help.19:18
AraneidaeOk, that's a good idea.19:18
AraneidaeYes, hadn't thought to try Save Session, that makes a lot of sense.  I wonder if it'll get overwritten.19:18
AraneidaeI think the problem tends to happen on a reboot.  I'll give things a try now -- of course, in fact, I want the conventional xfce widgets to be restored!19:19
AraneidaeWhat is Thunar, btw?  Is that the "Windows Explorer" like thing?  (Loaded from Places menu, I guess)19:20
gattonanyone know why vlc player plays audio, but any flash video (youtube) does not ?19:21
AraneidaeThat's odd, I just noticed that, thought it was a one off quirk.19:22
KittyKattThunar is like Nautilus and such.19:22
* Araneidae is none the wiser (not much of a gui fan, to be honest)19:23
KittyKattYes, it is like Windows Explorer, in the sense that they are both file browsers.19:23
AraneidaeAh well, gatton, my flash has sound again now.  Must have been a one off19:24
knomeAraneidae, thunar is a file manager.19:24
AraneidaeAnother possibly more interesting question: can I have windows without decorations in xfce?19:25
AraneidaeI mean, of course an individual app can request no decorations (that works)19:25
AraneidaeBut I'd quite like a style without any decorations!19:26
KittyKattAraneidae: That IS an interesting question. I've never tried to myself, because I've always been a big fan of window decoration.19:26
knomeAraneidae, suppose you can, but there is not that much point because then you'd lost the controllability.19:26
AraneidaeWell, I've tried some of the more ... uh ... challenging ... window managers, but I do miss some of the features of xfce.19:27
AraneidaeWell, I'm not sure about that.  I can move and resize with the ALT modifier (I use the otherwise useless windows key)19:27
KittyKattAraneidae: Tried compiz? :D19:27
knomei'd say keep with the decorations if you definitely don't know what you want and how to get it.19:27
AraneidaeThe only other important thing that's missing is forcible close19:28
KittyKattAraneidae: The super key isn't useless if you're using GnomeDO.19:28
AraneidaeWell, you can guess my enthusiasm for compiz ;)19:28
AraneidaeI did try dwm for a bit, but it was just a little bit TOO bare for me.  (And stupefyingly hard to reconfigure.)19:29
AraneidaeFor example, dwm gets decoration less windows completely wrong -- I suspect it doesn't even support the interface layer that allows such a request to be made19:29
KittyKattAraneidae: I am running the Compiz window manager and the Emerald window decorator on xubuntu without much trouble.19:30
KittyKattIt was hell setting it up, but that's only because I didn't look for help with it until I had backed myself into a corner. ;)19:30
AraneidaeHeh: but "effects" on my desktop are precisely what I don't want.19:31
KittyKattAraneidae: A friend of mine that is MUCH better at this is coming.19:32
KittyKattHe uses openbox. :D19:32
=== Archer is now known as ArcherSeven
KittyKattDo your magic.19:33
ArcherSevenmode +e?  oh i love freenode.  anyways...19:34
KittyKattTo quote Blazing Saddles, "Do that voodoo that YOU do so well."19:34
ArcherSevenwhat's the full story here?19:34
KittyKattAraneidae: ^^^^19:34
AraneidaeI'm grumbling about xfce19:34
ArcherSevenlol don't blame you for that.19:34
AraneidaeReally I want something as simple and clean as dwm, but a bit more modern and less broken (and slightly configurable)19:34
ArcherSeventhat's the catch19:35
AraneidaeHave been pointed at fluxbox in the past, and KittyKatt just mentioned openbox -- need to give em a play19:35
ArcherSevenhmm.     I like openbox for that, when i get my desktop up i use OpenBox and Pekwm on different monitors, personally.19:35
AraneidaeYeah, "configuring" dwm was ... entertaining.19:35
KittyKattI would imagine so....19:35
ArcherSevenfluxbox and pekwm are harder to configure19:35
AraneidaeLooked like I needed to learn xlib19:36
ArcherSevenopenbox is lighter than fluxbox and a little easier to configure, but lacks a panel19:36
ArcherSevenpekwm is lighter still, has the rounded windows that I find necessary, but no configuration utility at all.19:36
KittyKattPanels <319:36
AraneidaeHow do you configure openbox?  I quite like the xfce bar, but that's all I need19:36
ArcherSevenhmm.  are you going to do that all on this install?19:37
AraneidaeI'm happy to hack config files, so long as it's not all guesswork19:37
ArcherSevenPekwm is a lot of guesswork that's why i say that, lol19:37
AraneidaeThat's the thing that's really bugging me about xfce -- looks like the config file layer is completely undocumented19:37
AraneidaeIf you can't do it through a control panel somewhere, you're out of luck!19:38
ArcherSevenI've never opened openbox's i use it's manager, the themes you have to hack though.19:38
KittyKattWould it be wise to create a new partition and make a fresh install to test upon? I realize that is highly impossible in some situations, but...19:38
AraneidaeOh, don't need to change too much to play with a window manager: just a matter of choosing it on login19:38
* KittyKatt is in one of those situations, unfortunately.19:38
AraneidaeAt least, that's been my experience so far19:39
ArcherSevenwell that's fine if you've got a login manager19:39
KittyKattlol @ not having a login manager19:39
ArcherSevenI don't, cuz I use Debian w/o a desktop environment to install from19:39
AraneidaeMy machine was an Ubuntu install, so it's got all the shiney bits in place19:39
ArcherSevenwell that will certainly make it easier19:40
ArcherSevenwhat kinda system specs do you have?19:40
KittyKattBy the way, how's that going for you, ArcherSeven?19:40
AraneidaeYeah.  I've used Debian headless, but never played with Debian desktop.19:40
KittyKattNevermind: later. ^^19:40
ArcherSevenKittyKatt, be great if I could find a kernel.  I have a fully configured install w/ no kernel on it.19:40
AraneidaeWell, the interesting spec is Nvidia card with two monitors19:40
KittyKattArcherSeven: ...lol19:40
ArcherSevenAraneidae, same here...19:40
AraneidaeWhere'd your kernel go?19:40
ArcherSevenuhh the only one in the installer doesn't have ext4 support19:41
KittyKattArcherSeven: This sounds familiar, no?19:41
ArcherSevenso i simply didn't install one19:41
ArcherSeveni'm looking to patch one in hopefully19:41
ArcherSevenAraneidae, RAM and CPU?19:42
ArcherSeven(INXI output if you have it would be absolutely wonderful...)19:42
AraneidaeJust upgraded it to 3G RAM, but unfortunately can't see 0.5G of that19:42
AraneidaeNot quite sure what the CPU is19:42
* Araneidae goes to take a peek at dmesg19:42
KittyKattI guess it would be handy if I put that info down somewhere, too....19:43
AraneidaeNo idea!19:43
ArcherSevenKittyKatt, i'll run you through an INXI install later19:43
ArcherSevenunless you both want it now.19:43
KittyKattArcherSeven: lolz19:43
* KittyKatt shrugs19:43
AraneidaeThere it is:  CPU0: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3700+ stepping 0119:43
KittyKattAraneidae: How did you see that?19:43
AraneidaeJust the one core, so not particularly high spec19:43
ArcherSevenKittyKatt, that look familiarish?19:43
AraneidaeIt's an Asus A8N motherboard19:44
ArcherSeventhat's a near fall-in for my server19:44
ArcherSevenwith a lot more RAM19:44
KittyKattI know mine is an AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-7019:44
Araneidaedmesg |grep CPU will bring that up19:44
ArcherSevenand a hair more processor19:44
* KittyKatt just read that off of the sticker still on the laptop....19:44
AraneidaeAnyhow, must go and douse my self in warm water.19:45
ArcherSevenmk, gonna return?19:45
KittyKattYup, just did that in terminal and got the following result:19:46
KittyKatt[    0.444155] CPU1: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 stepping 0119:46
KittyKatt[    0.359245] CPU0: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 stepping 0119:46
ArcherSevenSystem:    Host max-laptop Kernel 2.6.27-11-generic i686 (32 bit) Distro Linux Mint 6 Felicia19:46
ArcherSevenCPU:       Dual core Intel Pentium Dual T2390 (SMP) clocked at 1867.00 MHz19:46
ArcherSevenGraphics:  Card Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller X.Org 1.5.2 Res 1280x800@60.0hz19:46
ArcherSevenDisks:     HDD Total Size: 160.0GB (13.1% used)19:46
ArcherSevenInfo:      Processes 142 Uptime 2:04 Memory 522.0/3029.7MB Client X-Chat 2.8.6 inxi 1.0.619:46
KittyKatt/exec ????19:46
ArcherSevenyes, a little.19:46
KittyKattYou could share the arguements that followed the /exec19:47
ArcherSeven/exec -o inxi -da19:47
AraneidaeBack in 20 mins19:47
ArcherSeven...  minus the a19:47
ArcherSevenk, ttyl Andorin19:47
ArcherSevenAraneidae, *19:47
KittyKatt[13:47:31]<&KittyKatt> sh: insi: not found19:48
KittyKatt[13:47:31]<&KittyKatt> sh: inxi: not found19:48
ArcherSevenya...   that's a linuxmint exclusive19:48
ArcherSeventhere's a way to install it if you want.19:48
KittyKattYou suck. :P19:48
KittyKattHow would it benefit me? And would there be disadvantages?19:49
* KittyKatt just failed19:49
KittyKattHow to install?19:49
ArcherSevenit's a debian installer19:50
KittyKatt(Yes, I know that was a graphical failure)19:50
ArcherSevenI had dependency issues that i managed to overcome with dpkg, so h/o a sec and i'll gtfy19:50
KittyKattGotta go, ArcherSeven. I'll be on later.19:51
KittyKattBothering_you said she would try to get on IRC once she gets to where she's going.19:51
KittyKattThe hotel she was at was running19:52
KittyKattVista and didn't like her flash drive.19:52
ArcherSevenwe'll have to fix that19:52
KittyKattGetting off of this server...I'll still be on yours.19:52
KittyKattSeeya, Araneidae.19:52
AraneidaeCheers KittyKatt, just missed you!20:06
ArcherSeven lol20:07
AraneidaeThinking what I use from a desktop manager:20:07
Araneidaealt-tab support is nice, and so is the bar with a list of running apps20:07
Araneidaealso it's nice to have access to the Ubuntu menu.  ArcherSeven, do you know if openbox gives menu support?20:08
AraneidaeSuppose I can try GKrellM instead of the rather nice Gnome system monitor widget...20:09
ArcherSevenyes, i do know20:09
ArcherSevenbut i have to brb lol20:09
Araneidaeah well, and I have to disappear in 10 mins!20:09
ArcherSevenOpenBox has it's own menu which is, compared to fluxbox and pekwm, quite complete; and it has menu support that's not the easiest thing to configure.20:10
ArcherSevenif you put like xfce panel in20:10
ArcherSevenyou can just use the menus run off of it.20:10
Araneidaeaha!  That sounds quite promising20:11
Araneidae'cos when I tried some other window manager (can't remember which) it had its own very special notion of what menu options to present...20:11
AraneidaeIn fact, any idea where the [X]Ubuntu "Applications" menu lives on the system?!20:12
ArcherSevenKittyKatt might20:13
ArcherSeveni don't use Xubuntu20:13
ArcherSevenactually, i'm pretty well known in the linuxmint community.20:14
AraneidaeOoh: minty green!20:14
AraneidaeWhat framework do you use to build Linux Mint?20:15
AraneidaeOr maybe I mean, what distro is it originally based on?20:15
ArcherSevenA) i'm not a developer.   but i'm friends w/ one and talk to most the rest...20:15
ArcherSevenmint main is ubuntu based20:15
ArcherSevenmint lxde which is test atm is debian20:15
ArcherSevenand there is a debian based CE20:16
Araneidaeahaha, ok, I understand20:16
ArcherSevenxfce is xubuntu based20:16
ArcherSevenkde is ubuntu-minimal based.20:16
ArcherSeveni believe.  maybe wrong on kde20:16
AraneidaeOh yuk: my taskbar has gone weird!20:17
ArcherSevenyou're like KittyKatt, you just keep adding stuff.   I'm glad your on xubuntu, from my expierence, it likes that the best.20:17
AraneidaeHuh -- deleted a window and it's back20:18
AraneidaeOh, this is my play games at home machine.20:18
ArcherSevenwhat different machines you use?20:18
AraneidaeAt work I'm on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (ancient)20:18
ArcherSevenbtw, i mentioned inxi earlier, http://code.google.com/p/inxi/wiki/Installation if you're curious.20:18
Araneidaeand I develop for a rather nice embedded ARM target20:18
ArcherSevenhmm.  that's cool20:19
ArcherSevenRed Hat is the official linux os of the college i'm going to next year20:19
ArcherSevenwhich makes no sense to anyone there or here cuz noone uses it20:19
AraneidaeI've even take the (insane) time to roll my own Linux distro for the ARM target, busybox based, which makes it pretty simple20:19
ArcherSevenI do a lot of server stuff20:20
AraneidaeRHEL is very corporate, but a bit of a pain to be honest, particularly something as elderly as RHEL 4.20:20
ArcherSevenmy own IRC server and website running off my server kinda to my right here.20:20
AraneidaeWell, I think our admin guy is fairly happy with RH, their updates seem to work well enough20:20
ArcherSevenI'm scared that's where ubuntu is headed20:20
ArcherSevenand linuxmint frankly20:21
AraneidaeI used to run an IRC node on my old FreeBSD box, but that particular network folded an age ago.20:21
AraneidaeArgh: I am going to turn into a pumpkin!20:21
AraneidaeCatch you later. :-)20:21
ArcherSevenalright, ttyl20:21
ArcherSevenIRSeekBot, list20:22
J_LitewskiHow would I compile the newest XFCE for a liveCD?20:45
J_Litewskisorry wrong channel20:46
=== sgallinger is now known as Driver
robbyrobbyrobrobyay theres someone here! i'm trying to install xubuntu but having problems can anyone help??21:15
th0rbased on all that information...I would say no21:15
robbyrobbyrobrobi would agree with that, sorry. i get a window titled "install" with nothing in it and then the computer freezes. its an old thinkpad laptop (600E) 366mhz 128mb memory.21:17
robbyrobbyrobroband im trying to install 8.1021:18
bob__how do I get the window borders back when using compiz?21:18
th0rrobbyrobbyrobrob: check ubuntu.com, I think 8.10 will require more than 128Mb ram21:18
robbyrobbyrobrobi think that was the minimum. *goes off to check*21:19
th0rrobbyrobbyrobrob: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81021:21
robbyrobbyrobrobah ha!21:21
th0rgot a harder one?21:21
robbyrobbyrobrobcan you recomend an os that would work on that system?21:22
th0rrobbyrobbyrobrob: look at mepis linux, or damnsmallllinux (dsl)21:23
th0rgoogle is choking on dsl21:24
th0rthese questions are way to easy <smile> I will never get to the million dollar question this way21:25
bob__nobody knows why the windows borders disapear leaving the windows unmoveable and uncloseable when using compiz fusion21:26
robbyrobbyrobrobdo things that are really smelly lose weight because they are loosing more "smell" atoms21:27
th0rrobbyrobbyrobrob: that question stinks21:28
robbyrobbyrobrobwhy thank you21:28
th0r(back to topic...or close anyway) robbyrobbyrobrob dsl will run right off the cd, so you might want to take a look at that. I played with it and it looked really interesting21:29
robbyrobbyrobrobtrying to get it myself, bloomin broadband! dial up was quicker than this!21:30
th0rmost broadband in the US is being throttled at a lot less than the advertised data rate21:32
_rob_rob_what have i missad?21:37
bob__anyone know how to keep the window borders when using compiz?21:38
th0rnot much....robbyrobbyrobrob left21:38
_rob_rob_http://www.xubuntu.org/get says You need 192 MB RAM to run the Live CD or 128 MB RAM to install. The Alternate Install CD only requires you to have 64 MB RAM at install time. To install Xubuntu, you need 1.5 GB of free space on your hard disk. Once installed, Xubuntu can run with starting from 192 (or even just 128) MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to have at least 256 MB RAM.21:38
_rob_rob_no im here but under a slightly shorter name21:39
th0rbob__: compiz and xfce....why? like buying a sports car that goes fast so you can haul a large trailer21:39
th0r_rob_rob_: (i know....it was a joke). Didn't know the limit for xubuntu was still that low...thought it was always about the same as ubuntu21:40
bob__th0r I had heard that it would help offload some of the 2d lifting from the CPU, the system is a Celeron4 2.4Ghz, 512Mb DDR 266 and a Quadro4 980XGL AGP card, same gpu as the Geforce4 Ti 480021:41
th0rare you sure it is freezing at the install? It might just be taking a long time to load (to be expected with just 128MB ram)21:41
th0rbob__: yeah...that should handle compiz quite well. I tried compiz and it didn't like my acer laptop so I dumped it...can't be a lot of help there21:42
_rob_rob_the cd and hdd activity stops. i left it for about 5 mins21:43
bob__th0r yeah, my only issue is that I lose the window border when I turn it on, so windows are unmoveable and uncloseable21:43
th0r_rob_rob_: it starts to load but doesn't complete, right? You never get any menu or info screens?21:43
_rob_rob_correct, i get the scrolling bar then a mouse then a window titled install and thats where it stops21:44
th0rbob__: yeah, I had that problem with my toshiba when compiz first came out, never did find out what was happening, just chalked it up to experimental software. You will probably have better luck in #ubuntu...they would be more likely to be using compiz and the only difference between ubuntu and xubuntu is the desktop environment21:45
_rob_rob_progress bar21:45
_rob_rob_would have thought there was more "gubbins" to it than that21:46
th0r_rob_rob_: If I remember the alternate install correctly that Install screen isn't completing...should be the first of the install questions and info21:46
th0r_rob_rob_: I believe the limits you found for xubuntu, but it still sounds like the system is running out of ram to me.21:47
___rob___evr since xp sp2 this computer's been rubbish!21:48
___rob___what about an old version of ubuntu?21:51
th0r___rob___: did you verify the cd before you started the install?21:51
___rob___i did the cd check on the xubuntu startup screen and it seemed to like it21:51
th0r___rob___: also, are you using the alternate install or the live cd?21:52
___rob___live cd21:52
___rob___would have been better with the alternate but it looked more complicated21:53
th0r___rob___: My first step would be to download the alternate...it isn't any harder....you just get the same questions in text instead of on a gui...no cartoons21:53
th0r___rob___: this page is for 7.04, but the info is still applicable...https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems21:54
___rob___right i'll try that, but not now, my internet's playing up.#21:55
th0r___rob___: I noticed...but you keep coming back...must be the masochist in you21:55
th0r___rob___: good luck...sorry I didn't have a magic answer.21:56
___rob___you've been very helpful, thank you.21:57
___rob___off to see if my socks are dry now.21:57

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