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igcmorning all00:42
* fullermd_ waves at igc.00:44
fullermd_igc: Are you currently (in general, not this second) working on filtering stuff, or is that pushed down the stack?00:45
garyvdmHi igc00:47
jmlmorning #bzr00:47
garyvdmHi jml00:48
jmlI'm going to release Bazaar 1.17 today00:49
pooliejml, you legend00:49
pooliei hope you had a hearty breakfast00:49
igchi fullermd: back on the content filter bugs today (after higher priority reviews)00:49
jmlpoolie, I haven't eaten, in fact.00:49
igchi garyvdm!00:49
pooliei'm going to try to finish outstanding reviews and my assigned bugs00:50
poolieie not spend all week on phone and email, as i did last week :/00:50
fullermd_igc: Sweet.  I don't have anything particular on it, was just curious where it fell.  Looking forward to it!00:50
fullermd_It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you turn off the ringer  ;)00:51
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igcfullermd_: it's less important than making 2a stable00:51
igcfullermd_: but I find it personally embarrassing and ...00:51
fullermdSure, but can't I have everything all at once?  Immediately?  And a pony?00:51
igcI'd really like to ensure it's working properly by the 2.0 release00:52
fullermdThe sad part is that a key component of going from "works" to "usable" is per-branch config of it, and every time that comes up we all get eaten by a grue   :|00:52
igcfullermd: if you provide the patches (and parent ponies), I'll merge them immediately :-)00:53
igcfullermd: so I guess that makes you the bottleneck :-)00:53
fullermdThat sounds messy...00:54
pooliejml, speaking of your stats on launchpad00:59
pooliei was thinking after La Mola that it might be interesting to do brief stats on our releases as to00:59
pooliewhat kind of bugs we fixed: plain bugs, new features, regression fixes,00:59
poolieif it was late, or how controlled the release process was in general and maybe why01:00
pooliethis might not be worth it but it might be interesting to look back01:00
jmlpoolie, well, my LP stats had the advantage of being really easy to get using bzr log + grep01:00
poolienb i'm not suggesting adding any additional work to your plate for today01:00
jmlpoolie, good good :)01:00
poolieyeah this would be at least partially manual01:00
jmlpoolie, those would definitely be interesting stats to have.01:03
jmlalthough they'd all need strong not-a-metric qualifiers :)01:03
poolieyou could get some kind of medium-term feedback on it perhaps...01:03
pooliei may try it one jetlagged morning01:04
jmlgood idea01:12
igcgaryvdm: those pending merge screen snapshots are nice - well done!01:32
mwhudsonjelmer: a bzr-git branch is doing this:01:38
mwhudson  SHA1KnitCorrupt: Knit <bzrlib.knit._VFContentMapGenerator object at 0x86c7a10> corrupt: sha-1 of reconstructed text does not match expected sha-1. key ('git-v1:56599cc5b24f8a4e30423898c7cf5077c569b9ee',) expected sha d28a73fcdd473745fce7765c35fe419613e278e9 actual sha b3391cd0e3bc7a3c9a510c2055fd469ea545882101:38
mwhudson(i'm not actually sure which branch it is :()01:38
mwhudsonjelmer: heard of this?01:38
poolieigc/garyvdm, is there already an option somewhere that does the equivalent of bzr commit --show-diff?01:44
igcpoolie: you mean on qcommit?01:45
pooliepreferably a gui option not a command line one01:45
igcqcommit has a Diff button01:45
poolieof course01:45
igcpoolie: and if you're using explorer, the status view shows you what's changed01:46
pooliei suppose i meant to pop that up automatically01:46
pooliebut that does sound pretty lazy doesn't it :)01:47
jelmermwhudson: hi01:47
mwhudsonjelmer: hello01:48
jelmermwhudson: haven't seen that before01:48
mwhudsonjelmer: ok, i'll try to find out where it's coming from01:48
garyvdmpoolie: Sorry - I was away. Not quite sure what you are asking.01:51
poolies'ok, igc answered it01:51
spivjml: I'm about to submit that patch for merging into 1.1701:54
spivjml: it's the same fix as Friday, but now I have a test :)01:54
garyvdmpoolie: Is this ok: http://bazaarvcs.wordpress.com/?p=39&preview=true ?02:04
jelmermwhudson: My guess would be that we're calculating and inserting a wrong SHA1 somewhere, or used to at some point.02:14
jelmermwhudson: possibly because we fail to update InventoryEntry.text_sha1 in a corner case.02:15
jelmermwhudson: when is it giving that error exactly? during "bzr pull" from git?02:16
mwhudsonjelmer: no, in trying to generate a diff for a revision mail02:16
jelmermwhudson: ah, interesting02:17
jelmermwhudson: so there would potentially be more branches with this issue, it just hasn't been noticed yet because nobody is subscribed to diff emails?02:18
mwhudsonjelmer: it's possible02:18
* mwhudson files a bug "job system oops reports don't tell you which branch is being processed"02:19
pooliegaryvdm: very nice, thanks02:20
jelmermwhudson: btw, did you see my reply to your bzr-svn + python2.4 bugreport?02:36
mwhudsonjelmer: yes02:36
mwhudsonjelmer: i'll try to reply sensibly soon02:36
mwhudson(it's been one of those mornings)02:36
malibuHi there..  I just came across Bazaar...02:43
malibuI'm trying to set up a repository on my windows machine.. Something like the dropbox idea.. how is bazaar at handling regular windows kind of files?02:44
lifelessit should handle them fine02:44
malibuI used to use svn but the repository was too big.. The local repo would be the same size as the actual fles02:44
lifelessif your files are binary, you'll find that most VCS systems have that property, and those that don't are very slow ;)02:45
malibuugh.. how do sites like dropbox do it then?02:46
lifelesson their server they will have a copy of your files02:47
lifelessand if your files are binary, it will be about the same size as your files ;)02:47
malibuOh.. yeah but i don't mind that on the server02:47
lifelessoh, you mean on your machine?02:47
malibuWhat I mean.. is with SVN it doubles the local storage02:47
lifelessit does that because it has local data02:48
lifelesscopies of the files to do diff operations with02:48
lifelessVCS systems like to make 'diff' operations quick02:48
malibuDoes bazaar do that as well?02:48
lifelesswe keep a copy of all your history since you started the project02:49
lifelesssame as git, hg, darcs and monotone02:49
malibuhmm.. not what I want then02:49
lifelessperhaps you don't want a VCS?02:49
malibuI want something like dropbox02:49
lifelessdo you need history? diffing? annotate?02:49
malibuI want a history and versioning.  Not diffing or annotate02:50
lifelessare you on a LAN, or working over the internet?02:50
malibumostly LAN, sometimes internet02:50
malibuI need it to work over ssh, preferably02:56
malibuI want a dropbox idea but on my own server02:56
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lifelesswell, you could use bzr with lightweight checkouts02:59
lifelessthey don't have a local cache02:59
lifelessbut the tradeoff is that its a lot slower to do many operations02:59
lifelessigc: I'm fixing apply-inventory-delta branch03:02
lifelessigc: are there any issues other than test failures now?03:02
igclifeless: I'm just looking over the code now03:02
malibulifeless: I will look into that03:04
malibulifeless: What is the windows client like for bazaar?  Does it have something like TortoiseSVN?03:13
lifelessThere is a TortoiseBZR, yes03:14
malibubzr uses ssh?03:15
spivmalibu: it can, yes.03:15
lifelessif you want it to, yes03:15
igcmalibu: see http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrExplorer as well03:17
lifelessmalibu: or iFolder, apparently it has an open source server component03:25
malibuSo say I do light checkouts.. bzr will still try to do things efficiently right?  For example, will it send a file if the last modification times haven't changed?03:25
lifelessit does a sha1 check before uploading anything03:26
malibuBecause as long as it's efficient as, say, rsync.. I'm fine with that03:26
malibucome to think of it, does it only send deltas of binary files?03:26
lifelessthat depends03:27
malibuok.. I'm just going to try it.03:29
maliburepo on my ubuntu machine, tortoisebzr on my windows laptop03:30
malibuWith light checkouts03:31
malibu(rock on)03:31
pooliespiv, re the inventory-delta branch, you're going to put back IDS?03:35
pooliehm actually apparently you said you were going to do without it in the review...03:35
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spivpoolie: I'm currently thinking I'll put it back for now, so that the other changes aren't blocked.03:47
spivI still think we want to get rid of it :)03:47
* igc lunch03:53
jmlspiv, lifeless: got any ideas on how I can trigger a logged exception onthe staging smartserver?03:57
spivjml: what bzr version? 1.16.1?04:01
lifelessjml: what bzr version is it running?04:01
spivjml: if so, call any unknown smart method...04:01
spivjml: more creatively, issue a ('get', '../foo')04:01
jmlI'm not 100% sure, either 1.16.1 or 1.17rc104:02
spiv(lp:bzr-ping is a good, short plugin to crib from if you want inspiration for generating arbitrary simple requests)04:02
jmlspiv, thanks04:03
jmlalthough I get stopped on the client side when I try client.call('oprah')04:04
* jml digs around04:05
SamBjelmer: what is this about?04:05
SamBNow on revision 3127.04:05
SamBConflicting tags:04:05
SamB    bzr-svn-0.6.304:05
* SamB also wishes bzr would have told him what revision it started at at the end there ...04:06
SamBoh, just four revs but tons of pyflakes fixes?04:06
* SamB wonders what pyflakes is04:07
SamBwell, I mean, I can rather guess that it's some sort of lint tool ;-)04:07
SamBjelmer: oh, you tagged the wrong 0.6.2 as 0.6.3 :-P04:10
SamBer. s/the wrong//04:11
malibuWhen I try to do a checkout with tortoisebzr, I get error: TortoisebzrCommandError: Illegal command 'revert'04:12
spivjml: the client side will see the error bit in the response and raise the response as ErrorFromSmartServer rather than returning it.04:13
malibuSorry, unknown command 'revert'04:13
jmlspiv, I had to comment out this line -- #self._run_call_hooks(method, args, body, readv_body) -- for it to talk to the server at all04:13
SamBmalibu: geeze, they really should allow selecting the text in those dialogs so you can copy/paste it!04:14
spivjml: weird04:14
malibuyeah I know04:15
spivjml: do you have some sort of weird plugin installed that installs a buggy hook?04:15
spivjml: oh, I know.04:17
spivjml: will fix, thanks for the report.04:17
jmlspiv, http://paste.ubuntu.com/222366/04:17
jmlspiv, np04:17
jmlback home04:18
spivjml: (it's a bug in the hook function installed by -Dhpss)04:18
* SamB is beginning to think there's a *reason* it's called Bundle Buggy04:18
spivHmm, I'm pretty sure I type my gpg passphrase faster shortly after having a coffee.  Pity that I seem to also mistype more too...04:28
lifelesshmm, not bzr 1.18 milestone04:40
* lifeless maksifies04:40
* SamB hopes igc notices https://code.launchpad.net/~naesten/bzr-fastimport/400960-heredocs/+merge/9015 soon04:42
* SamB got his wires crossed and requested some random unrelated person to review it :-(04:44
pooliespiv, i've wanted to write some program that tracks my typo rate04:52
poolieand typing rate04:52
lifelessWTB review: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/bzr/bug-367632/+merge/892804:53
pooliewant to buy?04:53
igclifeless: I took a quick look at that one this morning04:53
pooliemary's sig the other day said something about "Do real heros start their career squashing household pests?"04:53
igclifeless: I thought we ought to get the apply-inv-delta one landed first04:54
lifelessigc: why?04:54
lifelessigc: the bug 367632 bad deltas are already caught04:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 367632 in bzr "bzr revert '.' can fail when there are added, missing, directories." [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36763204:54
igcgiven I think it depends on it doesn't it (wrt the corruption fix)?04:54
lifelessthis just fixes the cause04:54
lifelessigc: bug 367632 was about the delta generation. bug 367633 was the corruption04:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 367633 in bzr "errors on revert propogate to dirstate" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36763304:55
malibuhey is bazaar 1.17 not ready or something?  I can't seem to use tortoisebzr with it04:56
igclifeless: ok, I'll look a bit deeper later today04:57
lifelessigc: its very shallow04:57
lifelessthough it took me ages to dig through the layers to find it ;)04:57
spivpoolie: typo rate judged by % of backspace hits?04:57
igclifeless: maybe the bug comments confused me or something04:57
poolieyes, or ^w or alt-backspace or similar04:57
poolieobviously this is not perfect04:58
spivIt won't notice my mistyped passphrase, for example :)04:58
spivBut that's a bit of a special case anyhow.04:58
igcSamB: I'll take a look04:58
pooliespiv, why not?05:02
pooliebecause you tend to type C-a and retype the whole thing?05:02
pooliealso xchat ^w =close window sucks :)05:03
spivpoolie: because I am usually typing it into mutt, hitting enter, then getting the 'bad passphrase' message, so no ^A, ^W or backspace is involved.05:05
malibuDoes bzr support nested repositories?05:05
SamBmalibu: seems to be in-progress05:05
poolieoh i see05:05
spivI really should futz about with making mutt and gnome-gpg or whatever is shiny these days play nice with each other.05:05
SamBspiv: it depends what GTK theme you have configured05:06
spivBut anything related to driving gpg very quickly drives me into a mini rage about how awful gpg...05:06
spiv'how awful gpg is', that is.  It's very unfriendly software.05:07
SamBit could be worse -- it could be x.509!05:07
spivMy issue isn't with the underlying format/spec, it's just that the software to use and manipulate keys is so damn awful.05:09
SamBwhat's the trendy PPA for bzr nightlies nowadays?05:09
pooliegoogle bzr nightly ppa05:09
SamBspiv: well, okay, it has a UI that might have been nice when I was born ;-)05:09
pooliepretty sure that's right05:09
SamBfor reference, I was born in '8605:10
SamBpoolie: okay ... that seems to be what I'm using ...05:10
* SamB wishes those things had the date in the version somewhere05:10
pooliethat would be nice05:10
SamBI don't have a clue what to report that wish against, though!05:11
spivSamB: it has a UI that makes me pine for tla :P05:11
SamBspiv: no, it's not nearly *that* bad!05:11
pooliei hope that's not a pun :)05:11
SamBI mean, you don't have to use it that much05:11
SamBpoolie: pretty sure it's not05:11
SamBI don't see how tla relates to an email client he doesn't even use05:11
spivSamB: I dunno, tla made me want to drill holes in my head less than gpg.05:11
SamBspiv: when was this?05:12
SamBhad you used a VCS with a half-decent UI at the time?05:12
spivStiil, I can believe it's a matter of taste about whether awful thing A is more or less awful than awful thing B :)05:12
SamBI mean, GPG may have a really rusty UI05:13
SamBbut it doesn't have those %@%^#^ stupid paths!05:13
SamBor revision names or whatever the heck those things are05:13
SamBjelmer: bzr-svn needz moar -D !05:16
* SamB can't seem to svn-import from https://dosemu.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dosemu today :-(05:17
jmlspiv, has the fix for bug 400535 landed?05:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400535 in bzr "ChrootServer/ChrootTransport not used by "bzr serve"" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40053505:18
jmllifeless, bug 397705 is marked for 1.17 & not fix released -- what's missing?05:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 397705 in bzr "inventory delta consistency checks are missing known problems and not universally applied." [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39770505:18
lifelessjml: it was a placeholder05:19
lifelessjml: ignore it05:19
lifelessjml: it will be in 1.1805:19
lifelessjml: (and you have the bit I wanted to get into 1.17 already)05:20
SamBoh, actually, svn can't connect either :-(05:20
jmllifeless, cool.05:22
jmllifeless, consider it ignored :)05:22
malibuSo I created a repo on my ubuntu server, was able to check out the empty repo with tortoisebzr, but when I add files to the local working copy I don't get add or commit options in the context menu ?05:24
malibuNot sure what I am doing wrong05:25
malibuOh ok now I get the commit option.. wierd!05:26
spivjml: I sent it to PQM (for bzr.dev) a while ago.05:27
spivjml: it's still playing, but on the second half of the test run by the looks.05:27
jmlspiv, cool. I guess I'll cherrypick it into 1.17 then merge back into bzr.dev05:28
spivjml: sounds good.  It should cherrypick neatly aside from the NEWS entry.05:29
jmlgrunk.  I think I screwed up one of the commits to 1.17 :\05:35
SamBquick! darcs rollback! ...05:35
lifelessjml: tip looks odd05:36
jmllifeless, yeah exactly.05:37
SamBwhat, did he lose the old one somehow ?05:37
jmllifeless, I'm going to uncommit it and then check the news file to make sure that all of the bugs marked for 1.17 are still present05:38
jml(not being able to think of a better way to sanity check)05:38
SamByou can do that?05:39
SamB(uncommit, I mean)05:39
spivSamB: bzr help uncommit :)05:39
spivSamB: (often followed by a push --overwrite...)05:39
SamBI meant in a "you won't get flayed alive for it"05:39
SamBkind of way05:39
spivWell, that depends :)05:40
SamBI did actually know about the command05:40
SamBit's handy05:40
SamBoh, yeah, and I did think some branches disallowed push --overwrite?05:40
spivI forget if the branch.conf option disables that, but certainly you could write a smart server hook fairly easily that would reject that sort of change.05:43
lifelessjml: seems fine, get spm to uncommit the master for you05:50
spmjml: ?05:51
jmllifeless, I can do that myself, actually.05:51
spmeven better! :-)05:51
lifelessjml: how?05:51
jmllifeless, I have write permissions to the branch on launchpad.05:51
lifelessjml: thats not the master05:51
spmjml: you need access to balleny tho05:51
jmllifeless, I thought PQM submitting the 1.17 branch to Launchpad these days?05:52
lifelessjml: yes05:52
lifelessjml: pqm pushes there05:52
lifelessthat doesn't make it the master05:52
spivjml: btw, my fix for 400535 has landed.05:53
jmllifeless, what makes a branch the master branch then?05:53
jmlspiv, thank you05:53
lifelessjml: the place pqm reads the branch from, which is a secured directory on the pqm server05:54
lifelesspqm can be configured to read from launchpad, but we haven't done that.05:54
malibuhave you guys ever seen this happen?  Its happened to me again.. no add/commit options on my working copy05:54
jmllifeless, ahh ok.05:56
lifelessmalibu: no, never05:56
lifelessigc: Its fun, finding this many existing, hidden bugs05:57
* SamB has never even tried to use bzr on Windows05:57
igcmalibu: give bzr-explorer a spin - it's a bit better supported than TortoiseBzr is currently05:59
igclifeless: fun is one name for it :-)06:00
igcsamB: that fastimport change is good - merge to trunk now06:00
igcSamB: ^^^06:00
SamBigc: what, you think I'm case-sensitive or something? this is IRC ...06:01
SamB... but how am *I* supposed to do the merge?06:01
igcmalibu: I hope to release bzr-explorer 0.5 later tonight06:01
lifelessigc: found one test making a delta of06:01
* spiv -> lunch06:01
lifeless[('', '', None, InventoryDirectory(None, ...))]06:01
igcSamB: I did the merge. Sorry typo above06:01
jmlspm, can you please uncommit the top revision of the 1.17 branch?06:01
lifelessigc: that is, a root directory with file id None06:01
igclifeless: yuk06:02
SamBigc: oh good06:02
SamBthat saves some awkward confusion ;-)06:02
igcSamB: I always assumed IRC was case-sensitive06:02
igcif not, you learn something new every day :-)06:03
SamBIGC: I suppose you do ;-)06:03
SamBat least, it's a pretty boring day if you don't06:04
lifelessabentley: don't suppose you're around?06:04
igclifeless: maybe those groupcompress tests fail if make isn't run. I'll try running make and see if they go away06:05
lifelessigc: if they fail, I suggest we let PQM decide06:05
SamBigc: I found another bug and wrote a test ... would you like the test without a fix?06:05
igcSamB: feel free to push the branch06:06
SamBor lp:~naesten/bzr-fastimport/401249-tag-from-ref06:07
igcsamB: I can't merge it to trunk though until the fix is there because 'bzr selftest fastimport' would start failing then06:07
SamBigc: ah.06:07
spmjml: to verify: uncommit+revert(?) revno 4531 in ~/archives/thelove/bzr/1.1706:07
jmlspm, that's right. thanks.06:08
SamBigc: I think I could write an ugly fix pretty easily, but in the time that it took me to figure out how to write the test, I changed my mind about wanting to do it that way ;-)06:09
lifelessigc: and \o/ found a form of corruption I'd overlooked06:10
spmjml: bzr/1.17$ bzr revno ==> 453006:10
jmlspm, thank you06:10
igclifeless: those groupcompress tests pass after running make06:12
lifelessthat needs a bug then  :)06:14
SamBigc: well, thanks for merging that06:16
igclifeless: yup, I'll raise one now06:19
SamBokay, how do I go back 4 revisions ?06:21
SamBbzr-svn is acting up :-(06:21
igclifeless: so the tests pass until your patch is applied: "bzr trunk bzr.dev xx; cd xx; bzr selftest groupcompress" works fine06:22
igclifeless: it's not an existing bug then I feel06:22
lifelessigc: thats interesting; howver I haven't touched the VFs layer, so I have to assume it just uncovers a latent bug06:22
igclifeless: wouldn't be the first one with this patch :-)06:23
SamBah ... bzr pull --overwrite -r 'last:5' .06:26
SamBwhat the heck ... now lp:bzr-fastimport hangs when I try to pull from it :-(06:36
jmlspiv, can you please sanity check: http://paste.ubuntu.com/222407/06:39
* SamB decides to hope it goes away by morning ...06:40
jmlgosh it's nice being able to develop in karmic, as opposed to hardy chroot.06:43
spivjml: looks ok06:54
jmlspiv, thank you.06:54
lifelessigc: done!07:06
igclifeless: sweet. I'll take a look.07:11
lifelessas for the gc tests07:12
lifelessthey have07:12
lifelessso they explicitly don't expect to run without the .so07:12
lifelessigc: I'm done for the day; if you can let me know about both merges that would be great07:13
igclifeless: np07:14
lifelessigc: the new changes in the apply-delta branch are, a new check for the thing that was corrupt in the deltas from tree transform and test smart, and fixes to those two tests to not create bogus deltas07:17
igclifeless: yup - double-clicking the entries in qlog is telling me exactly that :-)07:18
igclifeless: do we allow unicode file-ids?07:20
lifelessdirstate will barf07:20
lifelesswe used to, but we did a sweep over the code base ages ago and redefined as utf8 strings07:21
igclifeless: thanks07:21
lifelesstheres a certain amount of 'whatever works07:21
pooliecan we have bzr lolwhut too?08:06
jmlI just did this: commit, push, tag, push08:35
jmlbut the final push says "No new revisions to push."08:35
jmlam I doomed to have this tag loiter eternally in my local branch?08:35
spivjml: no08:35
spivjml: the message is technically correct, but misleading08:36
spivjml: no *revisions* were pushed08:36
spivjml: the tags should have been, though.08:36
spivjml: there's a bug about this UI flaw08:36
jmlspiv, how can I verify this?08:36
spivjml: try "bzr tags -d URL"08:36
spiv"bzr tags -d :push", even!08:37
jmlI just got that error08:37
spivjml: ooh, that looks like a bug!08:37
spivjml: probably shallow, please file :(08:38
* spiv needs to head off for the evening.08:38
spivjml: happy releasing!08:38
jmlspiv, thanks.08:38
poolielifeless: what is the actual point of subunit2pyunit?+08:40
poolieto turn it back into the same output format produced by subunit?08:40
lifelesspoolie: to replay a test via pyunit; this effectively gets rid of all the subunit encoding, and will tend to hide passing tests etc, depening on the pyunit parameters08:43
poolieactually, i meant "in your example pipeline"08:44
lifelessso I can see it realtime08:44
pooliein a nicer format than just letting subunit flow to stdout?08:45
poolieand as you say hiding passing tests08:45
lifelesswell the subunit-filter takes those out, in my example08:45
lifelessafter time reporting08:45
lifelessmy next main thing is progress data in the stream08:45
lifelessonce thats done I plan to do a subunit2bzrtest, or something like that, that will use bzr's progress bars to pretty-print streams08:46
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bialixigc: hello09:52
igchi bialix - great to have you back!10:18
igchi jelmer10:18
bialixigc: well, I'd like to be still on vacations, it was great but too short10:18
bialixigc: I've merged branch of amanica before I've read your objections. Should I uncommit?10:22
igcbialix: no10:22
bialixI guess we can tweak it later10:23
igcbialix: so how does it work exactly? I'm running trunk (1.18dev) yet that's not listed in the compatible set10:26
igcbut I can start explorer10:26
bialixbecause bzrlib declares api_minimum_version = (1, 17, 0)10:27
igcbialix: so it will fail on the next api bump?10:28
bialixit seems so. I'll tweak the check in explorer now10:28
=== vxnick-AFK is now known as vxnick
bialixigc: http://pastebin.com/m4419d0a110:34
bialixare you ok with error message?10:34
igcbialix: looks good10:35
* bialix committing10:35
bialixigc: I've downloaded latest translations and put them into trunk. it's ready to release10:37
igcbialix: can you test http://pastebin.com/d51aa252a for me?10:39
igcit's a patch for bug 39431410:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394314 in bzr-explorer "unique/missing revisions tabs should catch NotBranchError" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39431410:39
bialixigc: I can't test it, there is error page: Unknown post id, it may have expired or been deleted10:40
igcbialix: try http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29273483/394314.diff10:42
bialixigc: it works10:44
igcbialix: thanks10:44
bialixNot a branch: file:///C:/work/Bazaar/repos/qbzr-repo-1.9/revno.769/10:44
bialixthough branch path cvould be better10:44
bialixusing url_for_display10:45
sendercan anyone help me to change the default method in tortoiseBZR checkout/branch to 'create local copy of the branch' instead of 'create a checkout'?10:49
senderi tracked it to line 76 of getnew.py in qbzr plugin: self.ui.but_checkout.setChecked(True) - how can i suggest/implement that this can be set by a switch?10:55
lvhokay, so, I branched twisted (a project) on lp, whats the first thing I do afterwards? Am I supposed to fake the directory structure I want or something?10:57
lvhI'm guessing I'm supposed to push something. How do I not piss off the original authors? (It's supposed to be merged, eventually10:57
igcsender: if you don't get a reply here, try the qbzr mailing list10:59
poolielvh: i don't understand10:59
pooliewhat are you trying to do10:59
senderigc: tx, will do11:00
lvhpoolie: Implementing a shiny new feature for twisted in a separate bzr branch.11:00
poolieok, so: branch from launchpad to your machine11:00
pooliemake your change11:01
pooliepush it back to lp:~lvh/twisted/shiny-feature11:01
pooliethen propose a merge of that branch11:01
pooliewhy would this piss them off?11:01
igcbialix: wrt bug 392797, can you switch on diagnostic mode and open the checkout for me?11:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392797 in bzr-explorer "branch specific settings: configuration: opens wrong file for lightweight checkout" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39279711:01
igcbialix: is branch-root wrong there?11:02
lvhpoolie: If I do a checkout now, it's empty -- I think that is because I havent pushed anything yet.11:02
bialixigc: Branch Root = file:///C:/work/Bazaar/repos/explorer/trunk11:03
bialixit's ok11:03
bialixbut it's a URL11:03
bialixyou need local path11:03
bialixnot URL11:03
poolielvh, what command are you running?11:03
igcbialix: it really ought to be a url there - branch.conf can be across a network11:04
igcbialix: something after that is incorrectly calculating the abspath11:04
bialixbut you can't edit the file acroos network11:04
igcbialix: right and explorer won't let you I think11:05
bialixyou have to download file on the disk, edit, then upload it back11:05
bialixmy editor does not understand file:/// URL -- this is my best guess11:05
bialixand I think it's wrong to pass URL here11:05
bialixas you said explorer should not allow editing remote branch.conf11:06
bialixsender: it may be problemativ11:07
bialixsender: it may be problematic11:07
senderbialix: why?11:07
bialixsender: you can implement command line option for qgetnew command in qbzr, but then you need tell TBZR somehow to use it11:08
bialixanother way is to implement option for qgetnew and then use aliases11:08
bialixI mean `bzr alias`11:08
sendercould it become a setting?11:08
bialixbut where: in qbzr or in tbzr?11:09
senderideally a qbzr section under tbzr's settings item11:10
senderI don't know how much work that would be.. how would the alias solution work? Something like: tbzrcommand.exe --command getnew would start e.g.: tbzrcommand.exe --command getnew --default=branch11:12
bialixsender: I'm one of qbzr developers and I can give you some advices; but tbzr stuff you'll need to dig your self11:12
senderthanx for the help, it would be great to implement this11:13
bialixsender: basically you can define command with default options as new command or redefine the same name11:15
bialixsender: check help for alias command11:15
bialixso you can redefine qgetnew as "qgetnew --branch" or something11:16
bialixsender: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-guide/index.html#using-aliases11:16
senderbialix: thanx, will check that in a min. Do we need to implement --branch for qgetnew?11:17
bialixyou can use flags like: --checkout, --branch and make --checkout as default, IMO11:19
bialixsee RegistryOption in bzrlib.option11:20
lvhpoolie: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lvh-laurensvh/twisted/positioning/".11:20
lvhpoolie: bzr clone lp:~lvh-laurensvh/twisted/positioning11:20
pooliebtw if that's an automatically assigned username and you want to change it, it's better to do so before you start making branches11:21
lvhpoolie: my login name is just 'lvh'11:22
lvhOh, wait, found it11:23
lvhlvh is already in use by another person or team. :-(11:23
pooliehttps://edge.launchpad.net/~lvh-laurensvh and https://edge.launchpad.net/~lvh11:23
pooliethat's not you?11:23
poolieanother belgian?11:23
lvhwait, that's me.11:23
poolieto join them11:24
pooliethis might be the source of some confusion11:24
lvhMember since:  2005-09-2911:24
lvhHoly... I didn't know I registered back then11:25
poolieit might have been autocreated11:25
lvhUnfortunately I don't have access to that email address anymore so proving that I'm me is kind of hard.11:25
pooliethen go to https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion11:25
poolieand explain it11:26
pooliecan i suggest you read through https://help.launchpad.net/Code11:26
lvhwhat's with the autocreation btw, how did that work?11:27
lvhokay, thanks11:27
lvhpoolie: thanks a lot!11:32
poolieyou're welcome11:32
senderbialix: had a little trouble following you ;) found only a bytecode version of option (guess i need an other package)11:32
senderbialix: i added "qgetnew=qgetnew --branch" to [ALIASES] in bazaar.conf11:32
senderdo i need to restart something?11:33
bialixsender: do you have bzr sources?11:33
senderbialix:  it's all pyd/pyo so I guess not, will get them now11:33
bialixif you're using standalone bzr.exe package -- you need either download latest tarball or get the lp:bzr branch (it will take time)11:34
bialixthen look at bzrlib\option.py, or bzrlib\builtins.py11:35
senderbialix: branching now11:37
lvhwhy should I need to wait until my merge is done before I create branches though? don't the branches move along with me?11:39
lvhpoolie: oh, wait -- apparenty i did set my password at some time, I can log in into that account11:40
lvhpoolie: so, change email address, then merge?11:41
senderbialix: something different: how hard is it to implement qpush and qpull into the context menu?11:45
senderbialix: the ppl i11:45
bialix"ppl i" -- I don;t understand tyhis11:45
senderbialix: sorry11:45
senderbialix: the people I'm implementing bzr for are not so good at the command line11:46
senderbialix: it would be cool to add more q' commands to the context menu, if possible11:46
bialixhave you tried bzr-explorer?11:46
senderbialix: nope *searching for it11:46
bialixcontext menu -- you mean context menu in Windows Explorer, I guess.11:46
senderbialix: yes11:47
bialixsorry, I don't have time to work on TBZR11:47
bialixsender: https://launchpad.net/bzr-explorer11:47
senderbialix: thanx. ok i'll look into adding to the context menu11:48
jmlstill releasing11:53
jmlI am Jack's irate NEWS conflict.11:53
lamont`Function `PyFrozenSet_New' implicitly converted to pointer at bzrlib/_known_graph_pyx.c:941 <-- known bug in 1.17rc1, or shall I file it>?12:05
=== lamont` is now known as lamont
lifelesslamont: function pointers are pointers ;P its in the standard!12:08
lifelessits also a little insane :)12:08
lamontlifeless: it's also fatal on 64-bit architectures12:09
lamontthough amd64 frequently has zeros in the upper 32 bits12:09
lamontand undeclared functions return ints, not pointers12:10
senderbialix: need to reboot for bzr 1.16 to work (necessary for bzr-explorer) ... brb12:11
igcbialix: please try rev 184 wrt bug 39279712:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392797 in bzr-explorer "branch specific settings: configuration: opens wrong file for lightweight checkout" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39279712:11
bialixigc: it seems I have not pushed my better fix for check bzrlib API version12:14
igcbialix: right - I didn't see it come through12:14
bialixigc: rev 184 still not good: it tries to open path: "C:\C:\work\Bazaar\repos\explorer\trunk\.bzr\branch\branch.conf"12:15
lamontlifeless: that is, the function pointer was implicitly converted from a 32-bit int to a pointer there...  please to tell the compiler about pointers, kthx12:15
bialixigc: you have to use bzrlib.urlutils.local_path_from_url instead of slicing12:18
igcbialix: can you send me a patch?12:18
bialixwait a sec12:18
bialixigc: how about this: http://pastebin.com/m15756be4 ?12:27
bialixigc: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-explorer/+bug/392797/comments/412:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 392797 in bzr-explorer "branch specific settings: configuration: opens wrong file for lightweight checkout" [Medium,Confirmed]12:31
senderbialix: thanx for poiting out bzr-explorer, it looks really useful, just what we need. (should it not be listed at http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrPlugins ?)12:42
bialixI'm surprised if it not there12:43
bialixigc: why you don't add explorer to http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrPlugins?12:44
igcbialix: just haven't got to it. Besides, it should soon be good enough to make the home page :-)12:45
igcbialix: right at the top :-) :-)12:45
TheJoshDoes anyone know how to get bzr+ssh to have a umask of 002 on uploaded files? Should I be hunting around in the SSH docs, or the BZR docs?13:12
TheJoshI would prefer if I could set it up once on my server and all users would be forced to use that umask13:16
LarstiQTheJosh: I'd go with posix ACLs13:17
sendercan anyone help me to start a new translation of bzr explorer?13:19
=== jml changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control system | 1.17 released 20th July, 2009 | http://bazaar-vcs.org | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/
TheJoshwhat if I cannot use ACLs? I am running a VPS, and the physical server does not allow me to repartition or change my root partition mount options13:26
TheJoshbecause its running OpenVZ13:27
TheJoshActually I did some more investigating. It may be possible :)13:30
jmlg'night folks.13:31
jmlenjoy bzr 1.1713:31
TheJoshcool got ACLs working - as far as I can tell.13:40
rockydon't suppose there's a good writeup on the 2a repo format someplace other than the couple notes in release notes?13:50
james_wtry the devnotes branch13:51
james_wI think there is something in there13:52
james_wor doc/developers in bzr.dev perhaps13:52
DaffyDuck_new bazaar user here. Let's say I have a server which is where my "central" storage is. I create a bazaar project on the server, and then from my workstation run "bzr brach bzr+ssh://server.com/foo/bar"..14:01
DaffyDuck_I now have a local branch to work on.14:01
DaffyDuck_But it's on my server that all the heavy backups are created, so I want to push my changes to it from time to time.14:02
DaffyDuck_I can use "bzr push bzr_ssh://server...." for that,.14:02
Arrrghhi guys. anyone knows - does Bzr support labels in any way?14:02
beunoArrrgh, you mean tags?14:03
beunoDaffyDuck_, yes, you can both push and pull14:03
beunoArrrgh, yes, "bzr help tags"14:03
DaffyDuck_However, if \'ve understod it correctly, the "parent" is stored somewhere in my local repository. Is there a way I can just type "bzr push", and it'll know where to push it?14:03
rockyjelmer: if i specify tags and branch directly in subversion.conf, will bzr still check parent paths? (i'm still getting 403 error)14:04
DaffyDuck_I accidentiallly made a typo, so rather than updating the project on the server, it created a new branch.14:04
RaimDaffyDuck_: use bzr push --remember $URL once and then you can use just bzr push14:04
DaffyDuck_Raim: Ah! Thanks!14:05
Arrrghso they just named it in other way. thanks very much14:05
malibuHey there.. I'm trying to do a commit and I'm getting a memory error?14:17
malibuDoes bzn have memory issues?14:17
malibuIt gets to the point where it is collecting changes and then fails with a memory error14:17
bob2how big a commit?14:18
malibu4.6 Gb14:19
beunoright, I can see you running out of memory with commits that size14:20
lifelessmalibu: is that a single file?14:20
malibuno, many files14:20
lifelessmemory usage in bzr commit can spike, but per-file14:20
lifelesswhats the largest file you're committing?14:21
malibuSo it's hitting a single big file14:21
malibu60Mb is the biggest file14:22
malibuNo sorry 618 Mb14:23
malibuI didn't need it, got rid of it and will try again14:24
malibuSo what is the biggest file bazaar can handle?14:26
lifelessthe answer varies depending onw hat you're doing and what bzr format you're using14:26
lifelessbut between 1/4 and 1/2 of your system memory14:27
rockyjelmer: in case you come around, i've debugged the problem with the 403 a bit more and no longer believe it has to do with bad branches/tags locations or anything14:29
jelmerrocky: hi14:31
rockyjelmer: it looks like bzr is checking for lock files at the root of the "repo base" which in the case of this svn repo, i don't have access to14:32
jelmerrocky: yeah, bzr-svn will access parent paths14:32
rockyi only have access a part of the rpeo14:32
jelmerrocky: we need access to the root of the repository for the cache?14:33
jelmerrocky: please try disabling the cache14:34
rockyjelmer: no diff14:36
jelmerrocky: you'll also need to explicitly specify where the branches are in that case14:36
jelmerrocky: as bzr-svn won't be able to guess if it doesn't have access to the repository root14:36
rockyjelmer: that's just by setting "branches =" for the repo in subversion.conf right?14:37
jelmerrocky: yes14:37
rockywhat are the branch paths relative to? to the hostname or to the full url to the repo?14:38
jelmerthe repository root14:38
rockysame error, i've tried variations on the branches param, etc14:40
jelmerrocky: please run with -Dtransport and see what it's trying to do in ~/.bzr.loig14:40
rockyjelmer: http://cluebin.appspot.com/pasted/40347214:43
dvheumenHi, is anyone familiar with this issue? (I couldn't find anything in the bugtracker, or it wasn't similar enough.) I did 'bzr upgrade' on a branch of lp:bzr and I got a message that the branch was converted, followed by a 'cannot convert to format' error. And the resulting branch is of 'unnamed' format. http://pastebin.com/m475f0eca14:43
dvheumenbzr version 1.17, just installed it14:44
Kobazhow do i unmerge15:17
Kobazi did some stuff in the wrong order, and now i have local changes mixed in with a merge15:17
jelmerrocky: Hmm15:21
jelmerrocky: please file a bug15:21
jelmerrocky: bzr-svn shouldn't use the standard locking class as that attempts to do a stat on the root of the repositor when opening a branch15:21
james_whey jelmer15:22
jelmerhi James15:27
* jelmer waves from DebCamp15:27
DaffyDuck_Are push operations atomic?15:36
malibuHi there..  I was wondering if someone could help me out.  I installed TortoiseBZR but my folder icons aren't changing and my context menu isn't adapting to handle a working copy15:36
malibu..although I can do a commit from the command line15:36
beunoDaffyDuck_, yes  (commit actually is atomic)15:36
DaffyDuck_beuno: Excellent. Thanks!15:37
james_wjelmer: how is DebCamp?15:41
jelmerjames_w: very nice15:49
james_wjelmer: I'll see you on Thursday (I hope).15:49
jelmerjames_w: cool15:50
fullermdWhee, lots of plist churn in 1.17...16:11
luksjelmer: I have a plugin that prints diff in svn format and I'd like to automatize some things. is there something in bzr-svn that can tell me svn revno of a bzr revision (assuming a mainline revision)?16:14
igcnight all16:15
jelmer'night Ian16:15
jelmerluks: what do you mean with svn format?16:16
jelmerluks: isn't the diff format of svn just unified diffs?16:16
luksjelmer: exactly what "svn diff" produces16:16
luksit's for review board16:16
jelmerluks: ah16:16
luksI need to include svn revision numbers and so far I've been entering them manually16:16
jelmerluks: in that case, it would be nice I guess if we could integrate this into "bzr send --format=svn"16:16
jelmerluks: but yeah, this information is available if you use bzrlib.foreign16:17
luksjelmer: I found bzrlib.foreign, but it seems to work only for revisions from svn (but it's very likely I'm missing something)16:18
luksmy main use case are revisions coming from bzr, pushed to svn16:18
luksie, they don't have ids in the bzr-svn format16:18
jelmerluks: you can only get the svn revno for those if you have access to the related svn repository16:19
jelmersince there is no canonical svn revno for those revisions16:20
luksjelmer: yeah, I meant something that talks to the svn repository16:20
jelmere.g. you could push one bzr revision to two svn repositories and it would end up with two different svn revno's16:20
luksjelmer: SvnRepository.lookup_revision_id seems to be what I was looking for16:35
luksI didn't know bzr send can output different formats, I'll look into that16:36
terryhi guys. i install bzr on windows use windows installer, but when install finish, i can't find bzrlib in site-packages . how can i get it. thanks17:19
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SamBhmm ... am I the only one who can't pull from lp:bzr-fastimport over bzr+ssh?17:58
luksjelmer: lookup_revision_id seems to work fine -- http://paste.pocoo.org/show/129745/ (you probably don't want to see this though :))17:59
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jelmerluks: ooh, neat20:20
jelmerSamB: what breaks?20:20
abliHi! do I have to set the file/directory permission on a repository that multiple people will use? Might such permission problem be the cause of getting "Cannot lock LockDir" permission denied errors when trying to do a "bzr heckout"?20:27
LarstiQabli: possibly20:29
abliis it documented somewhere? (what permissions to set?)20:29
LarstiQabli: I recommend using posix acls (`setfacl` and friends) to get rid of that problem20:30
LarstiQabli: well uhm, standard unix permissions apply20:30
jelmerluks: It'd be awesome to see a merge request for this :-)20:31
luksjelmer: are you serious? do you want to monkey patch bzrlib in bzr-svn?20:31
LarstiQjelmer: you're not denting about Debcamp/conf enough! ;P20:32
SamBjelmer: bzr just hangs waiting for a response20:32
SamBjelmer: would you like to see an strace?20:33
jelmerLarstiQ: :-)20:33
jelmerluks: I missed that bit :-)20:33
luksthe other option is refactoring the diff writing code in bzrlib20:34
lukswhich is something I'm not going to do20:34
jelmerluks: where is the monkey patching happening?20:34
luksDiffText.diff = DiffText_diff20:34
luksI'm temporarily changing the DiffText class to do what I want20:34
luksI'd have to duplicate a *lot* of code if I wanted to do it properly20:35
luksor I'd have to fix bzrlib20:35
jelmerluks: fixing bzrlib shouldn't be too hard I think20:35
luksyeah, but I lost all my hope in bzr development process :)20:36
jelmerluks: Oh, ok20:36
luksso I'd rather not go there20:36
jelmerluks: Can you perhaps just file a merge request against bzr-svn and I'll take it from there?20:36
luksjelmer: ok, I'll clean it up, add some tests and submit it20:36
jelmerSamB: not particularly :-) I was just asking because it might be some easy problem20:37
SamBjelmer: what happens when you try to access it?20:37
SamBanyway, I was just suggesting strace because I don't know any other way to trace what goes between the SSH client and bzr20:38
jelmerSamB: seems to work fine here20:38
SamBjelmer: huh20:38
LarstiQhmeland_: yow!20:56
LarstiQhmeland_: someone reported having '' in sys.path with jaunty python 2.6.2, which python were you using?20:56
DaffyDuck_If I have branched a repository, and edited locally, and made several changes -- how do I push the changes to the server without all of the history? (I essentially want one change only on the server though I have several on my workstation).21:03
LarstiQDaffyDuck_: I can probably think of something for that, but it usually isn't what one wants. Can you explain why you want to do that?21:04
LarstiQDaffyDuck_: ie, why isn't just merging the work enough?21:05
DaffyDuck_LarstiQ: The repository on the server is the "central" one which others will use. I don't want to bother them with my "test001", "test002", etc. :)21:07
DaffyDuck_...but I assume there are other solutions for that?21:07
LarstiQDaffyDuck_: depending on the amount of bother21:09
LarstiQDaffyDuck_: so if you cd to a copy of the central branch, andd then `bzr merg path/to/your/work`21:09
LarstiQDaffyDuck_: and then look at `bzr log -n1`21:09
malibuI committed a large amount of data this morning and now I am finding that traversing my working copy is very slow.  Is this normal??21:39
malibuFurtthermore, folder and file icons for TortoiseBZR seem to be extremely varied.21:40
LarstiQmalibu: traversing how? (And no, I'd say that is not normal)21:49
ndurnerIt's very slow here, too.21:51
ndurnerTortoiseBZR doesn't do caching like TortoiseSVN, right?21:52
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LarstiQndurner, malibu: afaik TortoiseBZR does do caching21:59
LarstiQbut I don't have much direct experience with it21:59
ndurnerAh yes, there's a "tbzrcachew.exe" process running22:00
LarstiQI do admit of having seen reports of that process running away with resources22:01
LarstiQmalibu: you should be able to turn either the caching or the file icons off, could you test what that does to performance?22:02
LarstiQhmeland_: ah, I see you were instrumental in getting bug 72227 to a more or less resolved state, thanks!22:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 72227 in bzr "should avoid loading modules from working directory" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7222722:05
LarstiQmoin lifeless22:07
thumperdoes anyone have any groovey icons for indicating a conflict in a branch22:16
garyvdmthumper: None I would call groovey22:18
LarstiQthumper: no, but I'd check bzr-explorer22:18
lifelessjml: jelmer: a review please :) - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/subunit/time-support/+merge/904222:25
pooliehello all22:48
pooliejam, still here?22:48
ndurnerHello poolie22:53
ndurnerI have filed the proposal to merge here: https://code.launchpad.net/~ndurner/bzr/bzr-ftp/+merge/890622:53
ndurnerIs there anything else (besides the testcase) I have to to?22:53
poolielooks good nils22:58
pooliei'll comment on the review22:58
ndurnergreat, thanks!22:59
jmllifeless, I've got it flagged to do later.23:00
lifelessjml: thanks23:00
pooliehi lifeless, jml, thumper23:01
lifelesshi poolie23:02
thumperhi poolie23:04
etankim looking at trying to set up a shared repo on my server. looking at the docs it says to 'mkdir /srv/bzr/23:18
etankwhat user should own the bzr dir?23:18
etankshould i set up the /srv/bzr/foo as root?23:19
DaffyDuck_etank: If it's shared, it's more a question about group ownership.23:19
etankso i should add a group and add users to it that need the access23:20
DaffyDuck_etank: Yes.23:20
etanki see23:20
etankthanks DaffyDuck_23:20
DaffyDuck_There's a really good page I found. Hang on, and I'll see if I can find it again.23:20
DaffyDuck_etank: http://bazaar-vcs.org/SharedRepositoryTutorial23:21
etankyeah thats what im reading now23:21
DaffyDuck_Ah. :)23:21
etankcrud. i was one paragraph away from the answer :)23:21
DaffyDuck_I figured something like that -- it's right at the bottom.23:22
etankyeah i see that now23:22
etanki should be more patient23:22
DaffyDuck_etank: I did the same thing -- ask first, find five seconds later. :)23:23
etankglad im not the only one23:23
easy4I made some changes to the files in my trunk branch and now I want to create a new branch with these changes and revert trunk to the most recent commit.  What's the easiest way to do that?23:28
DaffyDuck_easy4: I have no idea, but I'd probably commit, branch and then uncommit in trunk.23:29
lifelesseasy4: have you committed the changes?23:29
lifelesseasy4: if not:23:29
DaffyDuck_..but I'd backup first, since I'm new to bazaar, and I don't really know what I'm doing.23:30
lifelessbzr branch . ../new-branch; cd ../new-branch; bzr merge ../trunk --uncommitted23:30
lifelesseasy4: if you *have* committed:23:30
lifelessbzr branch . ../new-branch23:30
lifelessbzr uncommit23:30
lifelessbzr revert23:30
easy4i see. thanks23:31
lifelessigc: so, the good news is - your branch fails in real world tests - e.g.23:46
lifelessrobertc@lifeless-64:~/source/baz/pending/igc-commit$ bzr commit -m "foo" doc/developers/foo23:46
lifelessCommitting to: /home/robertc/source/baz/pending/igc-commit/23:46
lifelessadded doc23:46
lifelessadded doc/developers23:46
lifelessadded doc/developers/foo23:46
lifelessaborting commit write group: InconsistentDelta(An inconsistent delta was supplied involving u'doc', 'doc-20050309044934-a811c79dd26eef58'23:46
lifelessreason: Path already versioned)23:46
lifelessbzr: ERROR: An inconsistent delta was supplied involving u'doc', 'doc-20050309044934-a811c79dd26eef58'23:46
lifelessreason: Path already versioned23:46
lifelessigc: this means that all the paranoia wasn't waste ;)23:46
lifelessigc: the better news is that I've nothing listed as a pre-requisite for this now23:47

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