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alkisg!info dnsmasq08:39
ubottudnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.47-3 (jaunty), package size 12 kB, installed size 112 kB08:39
alkisg!info dnsmasq-base08:43
ubottudnsmasq-base (source: dnsmasq): A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component main, is optional. Version 2.47-3 (jaunty), package size 216 kB, installed size 656 kB08:43
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Pete_BHi. As I understand it, to install an Ubuntu 9.04 Education Edition server I need to boot with the Ubuntu 9.04 Alternate CD, press F4 and choose 'LTSP. However when I press F4, the only option is 'Normal'. How come?13:40
nubaePete_B, u probably did not download alternate13:43
nubaeand its the desktop alternate cd u need13:43
Pete_Bnubae: that's presicely what I think I have. It doesn;t offer 'try Ubuntu without touching the machine' menu option, so that's Alternate right?13:43
nubaeyeah think so13:44
Pete_Bnubae: why's it not on the Server CD anyway? being as LTSP's a server program?13:45
nubaegood question13:45
nubaewell, think its because it needs the desktop files13:46
Pete_BI see13:46
Pete_BHey...I've just tried this CD a third time and this time the 4 options are there. How incredibly weird.13:46
highvoltagePete_B, nubae: I believe it's because LTSP needs a desktop environment to work13:50
Pete_Bhighvoltage: thanks for that13:53
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_UsUrPeR_does anyone know how to change the NIC wakeonlan broadcasts from?16:32
LaserJockgood news people17:20
LaserJockwe're building a DVD! \o/17:20
alkisgYeah! Starting from the Ubuntu DVD and ripping it down?17:21
ograLaserJock, probably it would be helpful to ask cjwatson to add you to the reciever list for build failures :)17:22
LaserJockand yes, right now it is *exactly* the Ubuntu DVD17:22
LaserJockogra: those are .iso build failures?17:22
* ogra got various chunks of mail on the WE while it was being set up and not working 17:22
LaserJockstgraber: around?17:23
ograit has to happen in the build scripts17:23
highvoltagehi everyone17:41
LaserJockyikes, sabayon has been removed from Debian17:45
highvoltageLaserJock: why?17:49
LaserJockmost likely because it's been broken for so long17:49
LaserJockI think Debian has had an ancient version forever17:49
LaserJockand I doubt it works with Gnome 2.2617:49
LaserJockunfortunately it seems that it's so dependent on distro that you have to have somebody from your distro in upstream to have a chance of keeping it working17:50
highvoltagepretty much like ltsp17:50
LaserJockexcept is seems that only Red Hat/openSUSE people are doing much, other than sbalneav17:54
Machihey guys19:13
MachiCan someone help me making an internal hard drive stay mounted19:13
LnsMachi...not when you leave 4 minutes after asking =p19:19
LaserJockphew, so we've got to untangle these Ubuntu seeds19:25
LnsLaserJock: untangle seeds?19:28
Michelle_Qimo1LaserJock: it was you with whom I was talking about doing 'user guides' for the edubuntu apps, correct?  If yes, I need some input.19:28
LaserJockLns: we've got a DVD going now, but we need to figure out what files need to be added/edited to get our Edu stuff going19:29
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: yep, what do you need?19:29
Michelle_Qimo1I'm not familiar enough with Ubuntu's official documentation styles, and I'm concerned that for parents and teachers those styles will be offputting at any rate.  Would you be ok with just a guide on how the apps work?19:30
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: yeah, maybe the first step is to just get guides on the individual apps19:33
Michelle_Qimo1that's my thought, as well.19:33
LaserJockthen we can figure out how exactly we want to "package" it19:33
Michelle_Qimo1sounds reasonable to me.  Where would you like me to put these things as I get them done?19:33
LaserJockare you going to write them in docbook or wiki?19:33
Michelle_Qimo1erm, right now, I am just making my notes, and will go from there.  I was thinking wiki, as I got the impression that styles weren't quite such a big deal for the wiki documentation area.19:34
Michelle_Qimo1I'd like to submit them to docbook eventually, but again, am so unfamiliar with the packaging it'll take me a bit.19:35
LaserJockok, so maybe the first step would be to just wiki'ze it, which means we can also get more review/contributions19:36
Michelle_Qimo1sounds good.19:36
mhall119|workonce the text is written, it will be significantly easier to convert19:36
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: so how about using wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/AppGuides/ for a namespace19:37
Michelle_Qimo1AppGuides would be good19:37
LaserJockso just make /Edubuntu/AppGuides/<name of app> pages19:37
Michelle_Qimo1mhall119|work: you can help me figure that out, right?19:37
Michelle_Qimo1I'll figure it out19:37
mhall119|workThe Ubuntu wiki is different from mediawiki, which I am using for growingupfree.org19:38
LaserJockah, right19:38
LaserJockit's moinmoin19:38
mhall119|workit has nice templating features that I'm not real familiar with19:38
Michelle_Qimo1ok, well, I'll go figure out something.19:38
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: if you have a Launchpad account you can just log into the wiki and then point your browser to the URL you want to create19:38
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: there will be an option on the page that comes up to start a new page19:39
Michelle_Qimo1I do have a launchpad account.  awesome19:39
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: as far as syntax, I think there's a quick guide at the bottom of the editor box19:39
Michelle_Qimo1LaserJock: thanks for being patient with me19:40
LaserJockno, thank you for being willing to contribute!19:40
Michelle_Qimo1just gotta get the structure figured out.  :-D19:41
Michelle_Qimo1ah ha.19:42
Michelle_Qimo1OK, wonderful.  gCompris is going to take me a couple of days to finish up, I might have to add it in parts to start with, since it's quite large in terms of game selection.19:45
Michelle_Qimo1I'll keep everyone posted!19:45
mhall119|workMichelle_Qimo1: remind me tonight to help you get a GPG key onto launchpad, and get the code of conduct signed19:49
mhall119|workit might also be good to join the Edubuntu team in launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-members19:52
Michelle_Qimo1LaserJock: and any one else...  would my joining the team be OK?19:53
LaserJockwell, actually the Edubuntu Members is about the only team we have that has requirements for admittance19:54
LaserJockbecause becoming an Edubuntu Member also gives you Ubuntu Membership so we have to have the same requirements19:55
LaserJockthe requirement is "significant and sustained contribution"19:55
LaserJocksomething roughly like 2-3 of active work on the project19:55
Michelle_Qimo1ok.  Well, I've been considering applying for Ubuntu membership once these App guides are rolling, so I'll add that to my list.19:55
mhall119|workshould we apply for Ubuntu Membership first then?19:56
LaserJockyou can choose to Ubuntu Membership or Edubuntu Membership19:56
LaserJockthe later gives you Ubuntu Membership automatically19:56
LaserJockso it's just up to you really19:56
Michelle_Qimo1darn touchpad on my laptop.  closing things19:57
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: yeah, I turn of the tap-to-click on my touchpad so I don't do things like that19:59
Michelle_Qimo1mhall119|work has that on his list of things to teach me when he gets home.  :-)19:59
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: it should be in the Touchpad tab of System -> Preferences -> Mouse20:00
Michelle_Qimo1ah.  I see it20:01
Michelle_Qimo1that's better, I think.20:01
Michelle_Qimo1thanks.  :-)20:01
mhall119|workLaserJock: there is a new Gnome utility called GPointingDeviceSettings that has some better options than just disbling tap-to-click all together20:04
mhall119|workI think it's targetted for Karmic, but I compiled it on Jaunty and it works20:04
mhall119|workhas a "Palm Detection" setting, which can tell when it's your palm not fingers on the touchpad20:05
Michelle_Qimo1LaserJock: thanks for your help.  I will keep you posted as I work on these appguides.20:07
LaserJockMichelle_Qimo1: don't hesitate to email edubuntu-devel with your progress of if you want some advice/help20:09
Michelle_Qimo1ok, will so.  :-)20:10
spursncowboysIs anyone available on here?21:03
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:07
Lnsspursncowboys: ^^ :)21:07
spursncowboysHi lns21:08
Lnshi spursncowboys21:08
Lnsafk, bbl21:09
highvoltagehi Lns21:20
Lnshey highvoltage22:35

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