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Cartersup ubuntus00:53
snarksterif i ssh into a box how do i start an application on it on screen.01:03
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thumperdoes anyone else have they keyboard periodically fail?01:35
thumperI can Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a tty101:36
thumperbut no other keypress events seem to get caught by kubuntu01:36
thumperdamn frustrating01:36
thumperonly seen it happen on my laptop01:36
thumperjust logging out and in seems to fix the issue01:40
thumpermouse events work fine01:40
cristianoesse canal e portugues?01:52
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:53
Respatixcan someone give me link for kubuntu 8.10?  When I go to kubuntu.org it only gives me options for 8.04 or 9.0402:11
Steve_I bin using launchpad to post bugs.. but noone seems to act on them.. what am I doing wrong?02:18
Steve_or where should I post the bugs?02:20
CountCaptain_Haddock are you around?02:20
AceBlade159anybody know what changed between 8.10 and 9.04 pertaining to SATA HDD Detection?02:21
darthanubisSteve_: you've posted the bugs to the right place, now be patient02:21
darthanubisAceBlade159: nothing02:21
AceBlade159darthnubis: you sure, my hard drives are detected on an 8.10 live cd, but not a 9.0402:22
Rhetorikanyone know a good graphical archiver? Ark doesn't like passwords apparently02:22
Steve_7zip is not to bad (does the job).. but im sure there is better tools02:23
Countthere is also peazip02:23
Rhetorikis peazip command line?02:24
Steve_O nice I thought peazip was windows only, might switch over02:24
AceBlade159darthanubis: you sure, my hard drives are detected on an 8.10 live cd, but not a 9.0402:25
Countpeazip is graphical, and there is a linux version02:25
Steve_darthanubis: I had a smiler issue, did you try some of the boot options02:26
Zxcvbhow do I get a bluetooth mouse to reconnect after rebooting?02:26
Rhetorikerr just downloaded the peazip rpm and it said an error occured during installation02:27
darthanubisAceBlade159: 9.04 should still install on your drives though02:28
CountRhetorik, I think I compiled my version02:28
Countand if you are using an rpm, you'll have to use alien to convert the rpm into a deb for installation02:28
AceBlade159darthanubis: it dosn't dven detect that i have a drive other than my cd-rom02:28
AceBlade159darthanubis: i am on an nforce 4 chipset02:29
Rhetorikah, got it Count thanks02:29
darthanubisAceBlade159: that is not good, which CD are you trying?02:29
david_hi there02:29
darthanubisand are there BIOS options you can change02:29
david_ive added myself to a group yet when i type "groups" i am not in that group02:29
AceBlade159currently i am on the 9.04 live ubuntu, but it's the same in kubuntu and xubuntu02:30
david_how do i update my group list?02:30
darthanubisAceBlade159: you have to set BIOS options to tell Ubuntu you have SATA drives02:30
Steve_david - log out and back in02:30
darthanubisAceBlade159: and turn RAID off if it is enabled in BIOS02:30
darthanubisI'm just taking shots in the dark here02:31
david_Steve_: do i need to log out of my whole kubuntu session?02:31
Steve_also AceBlade159 some BIOS have emulate as IDE02:31
darthanubisI just moved from a nforce chipset to Intel02:31
AceBlade159that's the thing, i cant. windows sees my drives, and 8.10 does too, but not 9.0402:31
Steve_try 9.10 :P02:31
darthanubisAceBlade159: that is too bad02:31
darthanubisAceBlade159: install 8.10 then do a full upgrade to 9.04?02:31
AceBlade159steve_: i think nforce is perminatly stuck02:31
AceBlade159darthanubis: but i loose the quicker boot up02:32
AceBlade1598.10 live takes ~5 min. to boot, installe takes ~3.502:33
dbc254really dumb question. Kubuntu newbie here02:33
darthanubisAceBlade159: no you won't lose the quicker boot  up, a full upgrade is just that a full upgrade02:33
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AceBlade159darthanubis: you sure all stays the same?02:33
darthanubis!ask| dbc25402:33
ubottudbc254: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:33
darthanubisAceBlade159: I did it no issues, but I never have issue most seem to run into02:34
AceBlade159darthanubis: what kind of computer you have>?02:34
dbc254how do I change an icon? It's currently just a question mark in my applications02:34
dbc254but it works. Just want to change the icon02:34
AceBlade159dbc254: right click, select properties02:35
darthanubisAceBlade159: I had a XFX 680i nforce SLI02:35
Counthas anyone heard of a problem where, all kde 3.5 programs are unresponsive?02:35
dbc254when I right click, there are is no "properties" option02:35
AceBlade159darthanubis: and you have no issues, lucky02:35
darthanubisnow I have an Asus P5 SE2, i build my own boxes, i just changed my mobo, because the XFX mobo was too noisey02:36
AceBlade159dbc254: one sec02:36
AceBlade159darthanubis: mine is an old custom build, nForce 4 AMD Ultra02:36
darthanubiswhat kind of amd?02:37
AceBlade159Athlon 64 X2 3800+02:37
darthanubiswhat kind of chipset 754, 929?02:37
darthanubisLike my brothers02:37
darthanubisit's not a bad build02:38
AceBlade159drivers are under the 'legacy' section02:38
darthanubisIt is a 64bit dual core chip02:38
darthanubisthat aint "old"02:38
AceBlade159no, it's a spectular build and is still running stable02:38
AceBlade159i consider it old when parts of it become "legacy"02:39
darthanubisbut still bad a##02:39
AceBlade159dbc254: sorry, i forget how to do that in kde02:39
dbc254oh snap!02:39
AceBlade159indeed. i have it overclocked at the moment to 2.68 ghz02:40
dbc254just switched from Mandriva, and it's the only thing I can't do yet. One icon is a question mark instead of the icon02:40
AceBlade159dbc254: lol, i'm still learning kde, i mostly know gnome02:41
darthanubisdbc254: i was a Mandrake user more  than 10yrs ago, the memories02:41
AceBlade159i came from gentoo02:41
AceBlade159... installs took way too long02:41
darthanubisI just switched to KDE after using Gnome since ubuntu debuted02:41
dbc254I switched from SuSe to Mandrake, stayed with 'em till a couple weeks ago. Now I'm using Kubuntu02:41
AceBlade159why'd you switch to kde?02:41
darthanubisI used Gentoo back whenGentoo first came out02:41
dbc254still have to install virtual box, but everything is working great02:42
darthanubisBecause of Gnome Mono adoption02:42
dbc254I've always preferred KDE to Gnoe02:42
AceBlade159i never got around to trying SuSe02:42
darthanubisand KDE4x is badd a$$02:42
AceBlade159what do you mean Mono?02:42
Steve_KDE is only good in my books since QT went OpenSource02:42
darthanubisSteve_: right02:43
darthanubisAceBlade159: C#02:43
dbc254who else here might know how to change an icon ?02:43
AceBlade159and yes kde 4x is amazing02:43
Steve_ok what icon?02:43
Steve_and what window managewr02:43
AceBlade159oh yeah... well whatever:) it all beats Vista02:43
dbc254I have a comic reader program and I'm using KDE. It works but the icon is a questionmark02:43
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dbc254linux crushes M$.!02:44
AceBlade159mmmm... i don't know, from a purely technical standpoint MS has the advantage02:44
AceBlade159morally Linux is by far and wide better02:45
dbc254steve_ right clicking doesn't give me a "properties" option02:45
dbc254linux let me use hardware that MS would laugh at02:45
Steve_dbc254: ok right click on the K then Menu Editor...02:45
Steve_then click on the program in the tree view02:45
Steve_then click on the icon picture on the right02:46
Steve_select the new icon02:46
AceBlade159steve_: would you happen to know a workaround for the emulation problem?02:46
Steve_what emulator?02:47
Steve_Virtual Box?02:47
AceBlade159sorry, i should be more specific. nf4 chipset emulating all SATA as IDE02:47
Steve_humm i ran into a problem with that... I think I used some kernel option02:48
AceBlade159if you could help me with that i would be eternally gratful02:49
dbc254thanx STEVE02:49
Steve_but if i were u i would go to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20090719/ and grab the latest02:49
AceBlade159*i can't spell for $h**02:49
Steve_np dbc25402:49
darthanubisyou know guys we are waaay OT;)02:49
AceBlade159is that stable enough for installation?02:50
AceBlade159darthanubis: were, not are02:50
Steve_im not sure but ya i do it all the time02:50
AceBlade159alright, brb02:50
nonewmsgseven though i am using my "high definition" built-in soundcard, only one program can have access to the soundcard at one time.  is there a fix for this or do ihave to stick in a better card?02:52
darthanubisnonewmsgs: it is not the onboard sound it is that Kbuntu does not have pulseaudio configured02:53
darthanubisi just fixed mine by following the pulseaudio ubuntu wiki02:54
Steve_could someone with POWER look at some bugs i posted.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/~steve-r-weber02:54
Steve_and get them fixed up02:54
darthanubisnonewmsgs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio02:55
nonewmsgsdarthanubis, so pulse audio instead of ALSA will fix my problem?02:55
darthanubisSteve_: your not going to wait til it is handled02:55
darthanubisnonewmsgs: it did for me02:55
darthanubisnonewmsgs: the alternative was unacceptable02:55
Steve_no because my old bug reports bin sitting for like 3 weeks02:55
darthanubisSteve_: that is nothing02:55
darthanubisthey may not get answered at all, because maybe it is NOT a bug?02:56
Steve_well ya not bugs.. but thay bug me :)02:56
Steve_like the KDE logout song causing blocking...02:57
Steve_and the dam pcspkr why not blacklist02:57
Steve_also after installing ubuntu the volume is at max and the song is like ccrazy loud02:58
Steve_agree no?02:59
darthanubisthose are called "paper cuts"03:00
darthanubisnot show stoppers03:00
Steve_well paper cuts add up.. and they should be simple fixes03:00
`OnyxHi, I'm having trouble trying to get my webcam on my laptop to work03:01
`OnyxAnyone able to help?03:02
Steve_what it say when u plug it in03:02
`OnyxAre you talking to me Steve_ ?03:03
Steve_is it UVC?03:04
`OnyxIt's built into my laptop03:04
Steve_du u see any webcam stuff?03:04
Steve_did you try google.. "(your laptop model) ubuntu webcam"03:06
`OnyxThere wasn't much at all03:06
`OnyxOnly people with problems and no solutions03:06
`OnyxHence why I'm asking here03:06
Steve_well then im likly no help then03:06
Steve_sorry guy03:07
Steve_er what is your model?03:07
`OnyxAnd it's all good. Just thought I'd try my luck03:13
`OnyxThere's bound to be someone that can help eventually03:13
Steve_do u see a Bus 005 Device 002: ID 05ca:1810 Ricoh Co., Ltd03:14
Steve_when u go lsusb03:14
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Steve_er a "Ricoh Co., Ltd"03:15
`OnyxI don't understand why you're looking at the USB ports though03:16
`OnyxIt's built in03:16
AceBlade159the web cam would be connected to a usb port03:16
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AceBlade159iven if it is built in, it still connects via usb protocall03:16
AceBlade159and what's the full model number?03:17
`OnyxAh I see03:17
`OnyxHP Pavillion dv900003:17
AceBlade159on the bottom of the laptop there should be a serial number sticker the says somewhere HP Pavillion dv9xxx03:18
AceBlade159dv9000 is the general model03:18
Steve_`Onyx: could you send me the lsusb output03:19
`OnyxIt doesn't say anything else besides "Entertainment PC"03:20
Steve_064e:a110 is the cam03:20
Steve_google Suyin Corp03:20
AceBlade159sorry, my client crashed03:21
AceBlade159have you found the model number?03:21
Steve_that should help03:22
`OnyxNo there was no number I could see AceBlade15903:22
nonewmsgsdarthanubis, thank you for your help!  i now can play from 2 different media players, but if i try to use this one java chess interface, it still is the only sound source?03:22
`OnyxThanks Steve_ !03:22
darthanubisnonewmsgs: great!03:23
AceBlade159anybody know how supported ati graphics are?03:23
nonewmsgsdarthanubis, but how can i have sound from players and te java thing?03:23
AceBlade159rather, how well they work03:23
darthanubisnonewmsgs: check pulseaudio manager03:24
nonewmsgsdarthanubis, http://yfrog.com/b5paulselp is a screenshot03:29
nonewmsgsdarthanubis, but i cannot hear the mgmt song03:29
darthanubisnonewmsgs: have you rebooted? And not ALL applications will work with Pulseaudio. Do your homework:)03:31
nonewmsgsDarthanubis no i haven't.  hold on03:32
Steve_my ati is working good03:32
`OnyxSteve_, you know a good webcam program?03:33
`OnyxIt's working in aMSN03:33
`OnyxBut not in camorama03:33
Steve_hummm what u want to do with the webcam?03:33
`OnyxAre you familiar with any windows cam programs?03:34
`OnyxLike manycam?03:34
darthanubis`Onyx: cheese03:34
`OnyxCheese eh?03:34
Steve_ya i guess cheese...03:34
`Onyxeven with KDE?03:35
Steve_are and of the video editing tools any good?03:35
darthanubis`Onyx: why not with KDE?03:35
`OnyxIt says gnome03:35
Steve_like Kino any good?03:35
darthanubisso what03:35
`OnyxDoesn't matter?03:35
darthanubisit is a linux app03:35
`Onyxlol chill out man, I'm still really new to linux03:36
darthanubis`Onyx: if it mattered it would not have been recomended03:36
`OnyxWell from this little exercise, I've learnt that it doesn't matter if you want to install a gnome app on KDE03:37
Steve_or Kdenlive might be good03:38
`OnyxCheese worked, and it has cool effects. Thanks darthanubis03:40
darthanubis`Onyx: your welcome03:41
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CptnAwesomehi folks, installed minimal-cli + kde-core and have no wireless, was wondering what packages i need to install to get the graphical configuration app for it?04:10
CptnAwesomeor is there a package that will give me more configuration options in general?04:10
CptnAwesomeohh hello.04:19
CptnAwesomeare bcm43xx cards supported out of the box in 9.04?04:19
Steve_humm ya i think04:19
Steve_mine works... but ya you might need to get the driver.... its a binary blob04:20
CptnAwesomeok, i installed cli + kde-core and i dont have wireless, can you point me in the right direction?04:20
CptnAwesomealthough i think i found a how-to online re bcm43xx cards04:21
Steve_sudo apt-get install bcmwl-modaliases04:22
Steve_if not already04:22
CptnAwesomeohh thanks04:22
Steve_and sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source04:22
Steve_only if you dont see a wirless card if you go iwconfig04:23
Cappy|Herecouldnt find the package04:24
Steve_ya my spelling probbly off or its not out yet04:26
Cappy|Hereohh ok, i'll go through this how-to and see how I go, thanks for your help.04:26
Steve_try doing a search for broadcom in you download manager04:26
Steve_alright good lcuk04:26
Zxcvbare there any kernel packages?04:34
Steve_ya somewhere04:40
Countalright, so I have been having this problem for a long time05:28
Countand it is that all kde 3.5 programs either go grey or become 'not responsive'05:29
Countand if they don't crash while doing that, they take extremely long amounts of time to become responsive again, meaning that either way, they're unuseable05:30
Steve_humm kde 3.5 is old right05:32
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fiendskull9is there anyway i can burn a cd from inside a kubuntu live cd session05:45
ThatGuyOverThereI'm thinking of switching to Kubuntu on my PS3, but I'm concerned if I just do sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop or whatever the command is it'll install some software I don't need.05:53
Steve_yap it will install the KDE desktop along side the gnome05:54
ThatGuyOverThereIs there anyway I can get rid of Gnome?05:55
ThatGuyOverThereI like KDE better and I might as well save hard drive space.05:55
Steve_format :P05:55
ThatGuyOverThereThat's unpleasant.05:55
Steve_well i guess you could try and apt-get remove ...05:55
Steve_but ya i never went that route05:56
ThatGuyOverThereWill it install OpenOffice and all that stuff over again?05:56
ThatGuyOverThereI'm assuming not since they're basically the same software with a different desktop environment, right?05:56
Steve_i have both gnome and kde packages.. it's not to bad05:57
ThatGuyOverThereOn a PS3 or a PC?05:57
Steve_but i reformat like everymonth PC05:57
Steve_ya ps3 sounds risky05:57
Steve_how are the video drivers treating ya05:57
ThatGuyOverThereMeh, I'm not using it for anything heavy-duty yet, so I wouldn't know.05:57
ThatGuyOverThereI tried playing a video once in VLC and it was a mess though. Little worried. :/05:58
Steve_i tryed it like 2 years ago.. but could not stand only 256 ram05:58
ThatGuyOverThereSo once I've installed kubuntu, how do I access it?05:58
ThatGuyOverThereIt'll still boot into Gnome by default, right?05:58
Steve_it works alright as a media player when u dont have the codex.. but ps3 is solid now i think05:59
Steve_umm does it let you pick your seshion type at the bottom?05:59
ThatGuyOverThereOh, that'll probably do it. Thanks.05:59
Steve_or does it auto log in06:00
Captain_HaddockCount: I am now.06:16
Countwell then06:16
Countall packages are fully upgraded now06:16
CountI also moved completely over to kde 406:16
Captain_Haddockon hardy?06:17
Countthe thing is is that the programs, they slow down horribly more than anything else06:17
Countit will take minutes for a menu to come up06:17
Countlike I mentioned before, open office writer doesn't even fully come up, and it doesn't give any error messages06:18
Captain_Haddockwhen did this start happening exactly?06:18
CountI think it actually started happening once I put in kde 4 for the first time :/06:18
CountI would have gotten rid of kde 4, but konsole-kde4 was the only konsole I had access to06:19
Countas the 3.5 konsole suffered from the same problems06:19
Captain_HaddockI don't know if you can revert once you migrate to KDE 406:20
Countyeah, I don't know06:21
Countlike I said before, kde 4 programs work fine06:21
Countall kde3.5-tied programs are the ones with problems06:22
Countit's not that bad of a problem, besides not having open office06:25
Captain_HaddockCount: what do you get for apt-cache show kdebase06:25
Captain_Haddockrather, what version do you see?06:25
CountVersion: 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1~hardy206:26
CountVersion: 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu706:26
CountI get two different sets of info06:26
Captain_HaddockCount: and you have a kdebase-kde4 as well?06:28
Captain_Haddock(which version?)06:28
Countthey're both kdebase06:28
Countlet me pastebin it06:28
Captain_HaddockCount: do you also have a separate one called kdebase-kde4? (apt-cache show kdebase-kde4)06:30
Countyeah, there are two of those as well06:31
CountVersion: 4:4.0.5-0ubuntu1~hardy106:31
CountVersion: 4:4.0.3-0ubuntu206:31
Captain_HaddockFor one thing, KDE 4.0 is something of a prebeta release (IMO)... I also don't know how having two concurrent KDEs works out in terms of stability.06:33
Countwell, I tried to get rid of kdebase06:33
Countie, apt-get remove kdebase06:33
Countbut by removing kdebase, it was also going to remove the programs that came with kde406:34
Countso I aborted06:34
Captain_Haddockyou mentioned that other programs besides openoffice also hung frequently06:34
Captain_Haddockthe kde 3.5 programs?06:35
Countwhat will happen, is that they will be brought up, or be focused on06:35
Countand they will be unresponsive06:35
Countbut, if say konsole is brought up06:36
Countit will take an extremely long time for just the basic konsole screen to show06:37
Countand then after that, if you wanted to maximize it, you could click, and it would maximize after minutes06:37
Countthen, you could type something, and it would show up in the konsole minutes later06:37
Captain_Haddockwhich terminal is stable atm?06:38
Countkde4 konsole06:38
Captain_Haddockcan you type "top" in that to get a list of processes? You should be able to use > to sort the various columns.. see if there's one in particular hogging the cpu06:39
Countthere isn't06:40
Countif there ever is, it's firefox06:40
Captain_Haddocktry opening one of the problematic programs and then check06:40
Countyeah, nothing hogs the cpu06:41
Countwhat will happen though, if I use the 'System Monitor' that is similar to windows task manager06:42
CountI will see multiples of one program06:42
Countlike konsole 5 times06:42
Countor kdesu 5-10 times06:43
Countbash sometimes multiple times06:43
Captain_Haddockdo you have a .kde and .kde4 directory in ~?06:44
Captain_HaddockCount: rename them both to .kde.bak and .kde4.bak (you will lose all your personal kde customisations temporarily) and then log out and log back in. I guess you could instead try to create a temporary new user and use that account instead as well.06:45
Countok, renamed, logging out06:47
Countalright, logged back in06:48
Captain_Haddockdo you have new .kde* directories?06:50
Countboth .kde and .kde406:50
Captain_Haddockand the hanging?06:51
Okayhow come wifi doesn't work on my laptop?06:51
Counttried open office, same result06:51
Countthe hanging actually seems like it might be worse06:52
OkayCount, go try ubuntu 9.0406:53
Okayit's much better06:53
CountI was thinking of upgrading, but I can't do it on my internet connection06:53
Captain_HaddockCount: I agree with that - I think upgrading to jaunty is your best bet if you want to retain kde4.06:54
CountI don't care about retaining kde406:54
Countit's just that I'm kind of stuck with kde4 if kde3.5 essentially isn't working06:54
Captain_HaddockCount: you can just download the alternate ISO and use that to upgrade.06:54
Counter, I download things at 30kb/s06:55
Captain_HaddockCount: what happens when you try apt-get remove kdebase-kde4 ?06:55
OkayCaptain_Haddock, yup, wifi didn't work with kubuntu and ubuntu did its job06:55
Countwith a 10gb monthly download cap06:55
OkayCount, order free ubuntu cds06:55
Countnah, I have access to a better computer connection if I need to upgrade06:56
CountI just need to arrange it06:56
Captain_HaddockCount: you can just download the CD overnight.. I don't have all that faster a connection... (no data caps though)06:56
Captain_Haddockwhat happens when you try apt-get remove kdebase-kde4 ?06:56
Countit wants to remove all of the kde4 programs06:57
Captain_HaddockCount: you could give it a try, disable the backports repository and try to recover 3.5... no idea what will happen though06:58
Countit's not worth it06:58
* Captain_Haddock is all out of ideas.06:58
Counteither I'll upgrade, live with it how it is, which I've done for a few months06:58
Countor I'll switch over to gnome06:58
OkayCaptain_Haddock, /away06:58
Captain_Haddockgood luck with it06:59
Captain_HaddockOkay: ?06:59
Countthank you Captain_Haddock, for all of the help06:59
Captain_Haddockyou're welcome :)06:59
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p-fHas anyone else here experienced rendering problems in Matlab on kubuntu? Any 3d figure ends up with a black background and some ghost versions of itself when I rotate it. Pretty much all text also gets garbled. I'm guessing it may be a driver issue, but I'm not sure.08:30
ThatGuyOverThereI'm having trouble installing Kubuntu.08:35
ThatGuyOverThereI tried going "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" and the terminal gave me this. E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?08:37
leaf-sheepThatGuyOverThere: Close Update-Manager or any windows that may be using administration-level power.08:41
ThatGuyOverThere'Kay, thanks.08:42
ThatGuyOverThereI tried logging out and logging back in, but I guess that didn't do it.08:42
leaf-sheepThatGuyOverThere: Do you ever know if you have admin power?  Were you able to install packages yourself or somebody set up the computer for you?08:45
leaf-sheepThatGuyOverThere: Something is using the admin power or you don't have the admin power.  Either one.08:45
ThatGuyOverThereNo, I set up the computer myself.08:46
ThatGuyOverThereI'm an admin.08:46
ThatGuyOverThereI guess something must be running.08:46
leaf-sheepThatGuyOverThere: The fast workaround would be restart.  The slow workaround would be finding out what is using the sudo power.08:48
ThatGuyOverThereA reboot should do it. I just didn't feel like waiting.08:48
jis kubuntu going to overwrite my /etc/network/interfaces file?08:52
leaf-sheepj: Don't hold me on this, but I don't think it will.  Just in case, copy the file for backup if it's that important to you.  I doubt it myself though.08:57
jyeah, i have everything working now, would hate to just lose it b/c network manager had some other place it reads from.  i have it backed up, just wanted to see if i needed to maybe disable it...?08:58
jhas all my essid, key's , etc08:58
leaf-sheepj: The way I see it, KDE is a desktop environment, nothing more.09:00
ji would hope so, but not too sure, i haven't really used any desktop environments with linux until today....09:01
=== snow_ is now known as SnowDeamon
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:55
=== MarkieMark1_ is now known as MarkieMark1
tomdavidsonhello, im using kubuntu-backports with juanty. i like, other than openoffice cant save files, kontact does not start, and i have 15 blacked software updates. I would like to run the software updates. any ideas?10:37
ThatGuyOverThereUmm... My panel and all my widgets are the wrong colors. Like, the colors are inverted.10:37
ThatGuyOverThereWhat the heck?10:38
tomdavidsonhavent seen that b4...  is it just plasma or everything?10:38
ThatGuyOverThereI think it's just plasma10:39
ThatGuyOverThereThe background and all the windows seem normal.10:39
ThatGuyOverThereIt's on a PS3, if that makes a difference. I think I read about someone else having a similar problem, but the search isn't going so well.10:40
tomdavidsoni would guess its not hardware or an xserver config issue or everthing would be messed up. you've restarted kdm?10:41
ThatGuyOverThereI haven't yet. Maybe that'll do it.10:41
ThatGuyOverThereWell, hope it works, but I'm giving up for tonight. It's 2:40 where I am. Sleep time. :}10:42
ThatGuyOverThereThanks, bye.10:42
tomdavidsongood luck10:42
=== thebase is now known as Guest36986
tomdavidsonanyone have any insights in my blocked software updates issue?10:45
CptnAwesomewhats a nice text editor for kde/ubuntu that can works nicely with html/php etc?11:39
phhvim ?11:39
CptnAwesomeim thinking something a little more graphical11:40
phhgvim ? :D11:40
phhkate or kdevelop maybe11:40
CptnAwesomehrmmm never tried kdevelop.11:40
CptnAwesomemight give it a whirl11:40
CptnAwesomethanks =)11:40
CptnAwesomehrmmm kdevelop needs to download 49mb of files and will use 124mb of hard disk space11:42
p-fthat's only twice as large as emacs11:43
p-fexcept your left pinky won't have RSI after a few months of use11:43
CptnAwesomehehe seems a little huge, i take it that its a little more then JUST a text editor?11:44
phhit's not just a text editor.11:44
phhit's an IDE11:44
CptnAwesomeso it will do nice syntax highlighting for html & php etc?11:45
p-fif you just want syntax highlighting, you could go for something more lightweight like kate or even vim11:45
=== neverendingo_ is now known as neverendingo
CptnAwesomegot kate, it was only a few mb11:46
p-fI hope you're more lucky than I11:46
p-fit crashes on exit and doesn't save its configuration file before crashing11:46
CptnAwesomeohh isnt a standard kubuntu package? or am i thinking of something else?11:48
CptnAwesome(i didnt install kubuntu, hence i didnt get the default text editors)11:48
phhi think it's a standard one yes11:49
MamarokCptnAwesome: kdevelop is not *just* a text editor :)11:53
Mamarokinstall kate11:54
Mamarokwhich is the standard on Kubuntu, which will also come when you install the kubuntu-desktop package11:54
Mamarokp-f: you might have the wrong version then11:55
CptnAwesomei did minimal cli + kde411:55
p-fMamarok, 3.2.211:55
p-fMamarok, which one do you have?11:55
CptnAwesome3.2.2 here and i installed it from apt-get just a few mins ago11:56
Mamarokyou should upgrade your KDE, there are bugfixes available, see the topic about KDE 4.2.411:56
Mamarokp-f: 3.2.2 is buggy, bug solved in 3.2.411:57
p-fMamarok, buggy is an understatement11:57
p-fMamarok, thanks, I'll try the latest then :)11:57
Mamarokp-f: no, buggy is exactly what it says :)12:03
p-fMamarok, äh, still crashes on exit12:17
p-fMamarok, or it doesn't save the configuration properly12:17
Mamarokp-f: I can't test, I have no 4.2.4 anymore here12:19
Mamarokp-f: try deleting the config file for kate12:19
p-fMamarok, well, the kde crash handler came up this time12:22
BCMManyone know anything about installing a proper distribution on an eeepc?12:25
BCMMi'm looking at the partitioning scheme for sda and there are four partitions, including at fat 32 and an "EFI" one12:26
BCMMdo i need to keep those if i install kubuntu?12:26
phhonly the EFI12:28
phhstill you can drop them all, but the boot will be slower12:28
BCMMwhat is the fat32 partition for?12:28
BCMMactually, what is the EFI for?12:28
BCMMand does it require strange bootloader configuration?12:28
phhthe "bios" uses  the EFI partition12:28
phhFAT32 i don't know12:28
phhno problem with the bootloader12:29
BCMMand does anyone have any advice on how to boot up a kubuntu "live cd" on it?12:29
BCMM(through usb, presumably, although i could do netboot)12:29
phhuse an usbkey or an usb CD reader ...12:29
phhyou can use netbootin to make an usb bootable12:32
BCMMit seems the eee can boot over the network; does anyone have any advice on booting kubuntu that way?12:32
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=== Diamant is now known as vladimir
=== vladimir is now known as Diamant
compilerwriterLadies and Gents I am having the damndest trouble with x-win like I've never had before and am not sure what to do next.  I have an idea but need to know how to log in using the kernel previous to kernel update I think I just did.13:09
DragnslcrYou can select it from the grub menu13:11
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
compilerwriterwhen one does a kernel upgrade in ubuntu is the old kernel still availiable for use?13:27
ravirajhow to unlock dpkg?13:28
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.13:28
compilerwriter!dpkg help13:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dpkg help13:28
compilerwritersorry raviraj I can't remember how to get ubottu to tell you how.  Give me a few minutes and I might be able to think of it.13:29
raviraji was installing sun java but it was not installed , but i again try it shows message that "dpkg is locked"13:29
Dragnslcr!aptfix raviraj13:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about aptfix raviraj13:30
Dragnslcr!aptfix | raviraj13:30
ubotturaviraj: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:30
compilerwriterThanks Dragnslcr I couldn13:32
compilerwriterremember to save my life13:32
compilerwriterraviraj that is what you are looking for.13:33
compilerwriterDragnslcr: do you know if when one does an upgrade of the kernel if the old kernel still remains to be used?13:39
ioanyes -it can be used13:39
ioanbut it can be also removed13:40
ioanthe old kernel have to be removed by you if you want it compilerwriter13:43
compilerwriterHow would one find out which kernels are availiable to him ioan?13:44
ioanthey appears in grub at boot time13:45
ioani mean wich kernel is already installed13:46
compilerwriterso if I have only one and then a recovery of the same version I have only one kernel installed on my machine?13:46
CptnAwesomehi folks, ive installed minimal/cli and added kde4 and a few other small apps, and my systems run horribly slow, i have modest hardware (dual core 1.6ghz, 1gb ram, 160gb hdd) is there a doc somewhere that might help me speed things up?13:46
compilerwriterI am having nvidia problems ioan.13:47
ioanyes compilerwriter13:47
MamarokCptnAwesome: you should disable the Desktop Effects you do not use13:47
compilerwriterThings went horribly wrong when I tried to upgrade to Jaunty.  Found out that my machines video card is not supported by the driver that Jaunty wants to use for xwin.13:47
Mamarokalso, with a 160 gb Hard disk, you should install a full KDE, I am pretty sure if you run a full version it will run smoother13:48
MamarokCptnAwesome: did you run KDE4 previousley?13:48
compilerwriterioan So I did a backup and clean install of Ibex on my box got nvidia working almost as it did before.  I did some upgrades that were availiable and now nvidia doesn't want to work so very well anymore.13:49
CptnAwesomei have run it in the past, but had similar issues, so i went to xfce and was happy with that, it just didnt look as nice13:49
compilerwriterioan I then downloaded and installed the latest driver from nvidia and now I can only get x to start if I use the command startx.13:49
ioancompilerwriter: go to System->Hardware drivers to see if you can enable a proprietary nvidia driver -if not you have to download and run the driver for nvidia site13:50
compilerwriterI am utilizing the x driver or was at last attempt but some of x isn't working properly.13:50
compilerwriterVery frustrating for me I have come to depend upon kmymoney213:51
wirHi everybody13:52
ioancompilerwriter: did you enabled the proprietary nvidia driver from the hardware drivers -is the easiest way13:52
MamarokCptnAwesome: but do you have older KDE configuration files still in your ~/.kde/ folder?13:52
CptnAwesomeno this is a fresh install.13:53
compilerwriterI tried ioan but could not get the job done.  I had to use nvidia-xconfig from konsole.13:53
MamarokCptnAwesome: no idea, runs smoothly here, but I have more ram13:53
MamarokCptnAwesome: maybe disable the desktop effects, this can slow considerably13:54
ioanwhat video card do you have compilerwriter?13:54
=== donald is now known as Guest27461
compilerwriterGeForce MX 42013:55
=== Guest27461 is now known as donald_
compilerwriterioan I am using nvidia 96.xx.13 from the nvidia site.13:56
ioanhmm -i have a mx 440 and it works fine for me -13:56
compilerwriterIt works in Jaunty ioan?13:56
ioanyes compilerwriter13:57
compilerwriterHow did you get it working?13:57
ioani didn't have to download the driver from nvidia -i just enabled as i told you and it seems to work fine13:58
compilerwriterWell those are the breaks I suppose.13:59
ravirajsynaptic package manager showing error could not apply chnages fix broken package first13:59
CptnAwesomeMamarok, i dont normally enable any desktop effects, maybe a little transparancy, but other then that nothing fancy.13:59
ioanbut you can use the newest driver from nvidia -i used to install it last year in debian compilerwriter14:00
ioanand is easy14:00
MamarokCptnAwesome: the mere fact that you have the Desktop Effects eanbled, even if you don't run them, can eat up your ram14:01
MamarokCptnAwesome: your swap is double of the RAM, right?14:01
CptnAwesomei left it as the default of the installer which was, from memory 512, so no, its half..... should i increase it?14:01
MamarokCptnAwesome: below 2 Mb ram your Swap space should be double size of the ram, indeed, that might explain your slowness problems14:02
CptnAwesomehrmmm i should be able to resize without killing my install?14:03
MamarokI have 4 Gb of Ram and merely use 2Gb of Swap, but below that you definitely should have double14:03
* CptnAwesome needs more ram....14:03
MamarokCptnAwesome: well, not in KDE for sure, and you need to resize the swap partition, which might be a tad tricky to acheive14:03
MamarokCptnAwesome: do you have your /home on a different partition from /?14:04
CptnAwesomeyeah i do14:04
MamarokCptnAwesome: then simply reinstall, that's probably the easiest way, just don't touch /home when doing so14:04
devilsadvocate_4g of ram -> you should never even be _touching_ swap14:05
Captain_HaddockMamarok: can't he check how much of his swap is being used when he's experiencing slowness?14:05
MamarokCaptain_Haddock: why? 1 Gb ram and only 512 Mb swap is definitely not enough14:06
Mamarokit will be swapping all the time anyway14:06
Captain_HaddockMamarok: either way, it might be worth ascertaining the reason behind the slowness prior to something as drastic as a reinstall14:07
=== m4v_ is now known as m4v
MamarokCaptain_Haddock: the do so if you want, the fastest way definitely is a reinstall14:07
ioantake a look at system monitor if you have it installed to know how much memory do you use14:08
Captain_HaddockCptnAwesome: ^^14:08
Captain_HaddockCptnAwesome: besides the system monitor, have a look at "htop" as well.14:10
MamarokCptnAwesome: which you have to install, ksysguard is a GUI alternative btw14:11
CptnAwesomehrmm the system monitor says i have 2.5gb of swap.... maybe i did increase it14:11
CptnAwesomesays im using 274mb of 843mb ram and 0gb or 2.5gb swap =(14:12
CptnAwesome0.24gb of 0.84gb ram i should have said14:12
CptnAwesomecpu load is at about 4%14:13
Captain_HaddockCptnAwesome: check it when your system is sluggish14:13
CptnAwesomei will keep an eye on it, see how it goes, maybe i will just bite the bullet and whack as much ram in the old girl as i can afford =)14:14
devilsadvocate_Mamarok, 1 gb ram is enough for most people14:14
devilsadvocate_CptnAwesome, are you doing a lot of disk or network io?14:15
CptnAwesomenot at the moment, i have shut down everything except xchat and the sysmon.14:16
CptnAwesomei'll keep an eye on it and see how i go.14:16
CptnAwesomethanks for your help14:16
devilsadvocate_CptnAwesome, if its sluggish and ram and cpu usage are low, its almost always some sort of disk io hangup. if you see the X process taking up insane cpu then it might be a driver issue (some intel drivers caused that on some hw when 9.04 came out)14:17
CptnAwesomehrmm good to know, ill keep that in mind when im checking it out =)14:18
devilsadvocate_CptnAwesome, i have on occasion faced some really wierd sluggishness due to pidgin, and sometimes quassel.14:18
CptnAwesomethanks again and good night =)14:18
Captain_Haddockspeaking of which, why did KDE ditch konversation in favour of quassel?14:18
=== liberfiasco is now known as libervisco
devilsadvocate_konversation hasnt been ported yet, and kubuntu switched - i dont think kde switched14:19
devilsadvocate_and quassel is nice, tbh. not yet feature complete, though14:19
Captain_HaddockI see. I quite like konversation myself - don't want to see it going down the drain14:21
Captain_HaddockI haven't really used quassel yet, but I'm already biased against it for some reason :S14:21
ioani'm using quassel for few days and i like it14:22
DragnslcrThere's a KDE4 version of Konversation, it just wasn't ready for the 9.04 release14:32
Captain_HaddockDragnslcr: is it available in the backports or someplace?14:35
Captain_Haddockstill in alpha it seems14:35
Dragnslcr!info konversation-kde414:37
ubottuPackage konversation-kde4 does not exist in jaunty14:37
Captain_HaddockKonversation 1.2-alpha4 has been released! (July 4th, 2009)14:37
Dragnslcr!info konversation14:38
ubottukonversation (source: konversation): user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1-1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 4721 kB, installed size 12632 kB14:38
DragnslcrCaptain_Haddock- it's in either backports or kubuntu-ppa (wish I could figure out which one the package came from)14:41
bernardlychanhey guys how14:48
bernardlychanlongs a ban14:48
bernardlychanhow long is a ban?14:48
Mamarokbernardlychan: that depends, but this shouldn't been asked here, but in the #ubuntu-ops channel14:48
Mamarokit has nothing to do with support14:49
DragnslcrConsidering why you were banned, I'd expect it to be permanent14:50
MamarokDragnslcr: this is matter for the ops anyway, not a support question14:51
paddy_melonhey guys14:53
paddy_melonwats up round here14:53
Mamarokpaddy_melon: do you have a question?14:54
benny_anyone who use kubuntu14:56
benny_can create Asp pages here14:56
Mamarokbenny_: well, this is the Kubuntu support channel, just ask14:56
=== hfsdo_ is now known as hfsdo
Mamarokand asp pages are a Microsoft specific stuff, not Kubuntu related14:56
benny_how if i create an application like webpages using online solution can kubuntu14:58
Mamarokbenny_: could you rephrase that, please?14:59
Mamarokbenny_: active server pages are Microsoft webserver specific pages, Linux doesn't use MS servers, but Apache as default webserver, like more than 50% of the webservers in the world15:00
Mamarokbenny_: this might help:15:01
Mamarok!lamp | benny_15:01
ubottubenny_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)15:01
darthanubisKubuntu forums look nice, but content is weak15:05
ugurhi all i have problem about memory usage pattern in kubuntu or linux i dont know15:07
ugurhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7646128 is the related thread15:07
uguris there anyone who can give me an answer about it15:08
darthanubisugur: don't hold your breath15:08
Mamarokugur: you got a good answer in that forum post, didn't you?15:09
uguri think i was misunderstood15:12
uguri want the os not to waste half of the RAM to cache but use it for new applications15:12
uguractually i am a computer engineer and i know how the swapping works15:14
ugurbut i dont understand why linux hadles it the way it is now15:14
Mamarokugur: that's a question you should ask the guys who do the memory management, hence the kernel people15:16
uguryou mean to linux.org?15:16
uguri don't exactly know who can answer this question15:17
Mamarokugur: more the kernel mailing list I would say15:17
ugurhmm ok i will search more about it15:17
Mamarokugur: you are welcome :)15:18
ugurso it is not about my installation and a general issue in linux kernel you say right?15:18
uguri thought if there is a swappiness parameter then there may be another for caching also15:19
moto ne demek? :P15:19
ugurbilmiyorsan boşver15:20
MamarokEnglish, please15:20
motbiliyom ama swappiness kelime degil ;)15:20
motMamarok, mmhmm15:20
motbbl, gym time15:21
Mamarok!tr | mot, ugur15:21
ubottumot, ugur: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.15:21
motMamarok, enough, i got it.15:21
BluesKajwth was that?15:21
MamarokBluesKaj: ?15:21
motBlueEagle, *gasp* people speak more than just english.15:21
uguri just don't bother to mot thats all15:22
BluesKajnm Mamarok , i got it15:22
Mamarokmot: this channel is for English only, so please respect that15:22
motfair enough.15:22
Mamarokbye ugur15:23
BluesKajmot, yeah , i also speak swedish and french , altho my written swedish kinda sucks15:23
motBluesKaj, yea i was just being facetious15:24
motmost americans tend to get all butt-hurt when they see/hear people speaking another language.15:24
motit assaults their little "bubble"15:24
BluesKaj<--not american15:25
Mamarokmot: also, this is a support only channel, discussion should go to #kubuntu-offtopic15:25
moti just assumed you were american :P sorry15:25
BluesKajmot, it's ok15:25
derrick__Hi - got a dumb question about my home network, not sure if it's even a Ubuntu issue15:38
derrick__I can ping to my Ubuntu computer over my Linksys router, but telnetting, ssh, ftp, etc. just times out. Is it a Linksys problem or a Ubuntu configuration issue?15:39
BluesKajderrick__, there are no dumb questions ... some answers on the other hand ...   :P15:39
derrick__Truly appreciate it! There is probably a FAQ somewhere which describes my problem to exact detail15:39
ikoniaderrick__: a service has to be listening on the box15:39
BluesKajderrick__, are you ssh-ing in windows15:40
derrick__Actually on Macintosh OSX15:45
derrick__If I type 'ssh localhost' on my Ubuntu box I can connect to my SSH client15:46
DragnslcrWhat address are you using to connect from the OSX box?15:46
derrick__It happens to be ''15:47
derrick__I can ping to it15:48
derrick__Maybe it's a firewall configuration issue on Ubuntu?15:48
DragnslcrCould be15:49
DragnslcrMight also check /etc/ssh/sshd_config to make sure you aren't restricting what address the sshd is listening on15:50
derrick__Just wondering if it's at all possible it could be the router. I could swap it out for a different brand, but maybe it's not going to do anything different15:50
derrick__Good idea, looking at that now15:50
Dragnslcr"netstat -alt" can also show you if it's listening on the right address and port15:51
DragnslcrMight also try "ssh" from the Ubuntu box15:51
derrick__netstat -alt shows me this: tcp        0      0 *:ssh                   *:*                     LISTEN15:52
derrick__THat's good, right?15:52
derrick__I can connect ssh on my Ubuntu box, no problem15:53
DragnslcrYeah, looks fine on that end15:56
DragnslcrCould be some configuration problem with the router15:56
derrick__Ok, well I will just swap out the router with a friend's and see what happens. Truly appreciate your help!15:57
Dragnslcr"sudo iptables -L" should tell you if there's some firewall rule blocking connections15:59
derrick__Good show - trying that16:00
DragnslcrMight be worth checking the files in /var/log too. Try connecting from the OSX box, then do "ls -altr /var/log" (the most recently changed files will be last)16:00
|PaperTiger|Can someone name a good instant messenger to use, apart from Pigin16:03
Dragnslcr|PaperTiger|- well, Kopete is the normal IM program for KDE16:04
|PaperTiger|Dragnslcr, what's it like to use? 'cos Pidgin keeps closing for me16:04
DragnslcrIt's worked well for me for a couple years16:05
|PaperTiger|What you use now?16:05
zerrkuguys can someone help me ? i have problem with internet configs ... :S16:06
zerrkucan someone help me ? i have some problems with internet configs ... im using linux for furst time xD16:08
BluesKajzerrku, widget-network-manager?16:08
zerrkuit is puting automatic ip and i cant change it16:08
zerrkuim using 2 lan cards ..16:08
tangent3anyone found the best way to get firefox 3.5 installed? I trued ubuntuzilla and it's giving me an ugly gtk theme despite having setup for gtk-qt-engine16:09
ioantangent3 -i have firefox 3.5 installed using synaptic16:11
Dragnslcrtangent3- just install it from the repositories16:12
Dragnslcr!info firefox-3.516:12
ubottufirefox-3.5 (source: firefox-3.5): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 (jaunty), package size 907 kB, installed size 3524 kB16:12
zerrkuguys can someone help me ? im using linux for first time and i have some problems .16:12
tangent3ok thanks16:12
tangent3guess i'll just have to live with the shireteko name16:12
zerrkudamn .. it looks all hate newbies here =[16:13
runleveltenzerrku: that's a strange conclusion to jump to, if you ask your question somebody may answer it16:14
* runlevelten does some work16:14
zerrkuso it sounds strange but i dont have real internet .. im using 2 lan cards and i cant do configs16:14
zerrkui have only irc and local internet16:14
ioanzerrku: try system ->network16:14
zerrkuit doesnt give me to click on apply when i make my changes16:15
zerrkuwhen i make the connection and try to connect --> nothing happened.16:15
tangent3zerrku: can you open a terminal and enter: ifconfig16:16
zerrkuzerrku@zerrku:~$ ipconfig16:16
zerrkubash: ipconfig: command not found16:16
tangent3ifconfig, this isn't windows :D16:16
zerrkuso how i can change my ip adress ?16:17
tangent3type ifconfig, not ipconfig16:17
zerrkumy bad16:17
zerrkuinet addr:
zerrkuhere it is16:18
zerrkuhow i can change that16:18
tangent3you don't have dhcp running on your network, i assume?16:18
zerrkuwhat do u mean with dhcp ?16:18
tangent3that's ip auto configuration16:19
tangent3you're supposed to use a static ip?16:19
zerrkuwith this ip now i have local internet and dont know how im connected to irc16:19
zerrkuit is so strange xD16:19
zerrkuso how i can put my static ip to the configs ?16:19
zerrkutangent3: any ideas ?16:21
tangent3there are two ways, one is to edit in knetworkmanager, and the other is to edit in /etc/system/interfaces16:21
tangent3i'm not sure which is the recommended method though16:22
tangent3can you surf webpages?16:22
=== richard is now known as Guest23957
zerrkulol i dont have system folter in etc16:23
ioanzerrku: the best gui tool to do that is using System-> network -unlock using your password and entering the ip16:24
tangent3sorry /etc/network/interfaces16:25
zerrkuioan: when i change it i cant use it16:25
zerrkutangent3:  in interfaces is writen this :16:26
zerrkuauto lo16:26
zerrkuiface lo inet loopback16:26
zerrkuwhat i must do ?16:26
FloodBotK2zerrku: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:26
zerrkutangent3:  are u still there ?16:28
Ing_mauricio_hello, I have kmlmonkey but i doesnt connect16:28
Ing_mauricio_anyone knows this roblem16:29
iamartoI need some help.16:32
=== william is now known as Guest80736
iamartoTransmission software on Ubuntu does not Upload... only Downloads.16:32
iamartoTHe port forwarding is Open,16:32
iamartois there anything I can do to make it UPload?16:32
zerrkuguys what i must write in interfaces to put my static ip on ?16:33
iamartonobody is here to help..16:33
zerrkucan someone help me ? i have problem with ip configs  .,  i cant put my static ip .16:39
DaskreeCHzerrku: Which release of Kubuntu >16:40
zerrkui think it must be the lastest16:40
zerrkui just downloaded it from the official website16:40
zerrkuim using first time linux xD16:41
Xnet0_zerkku, 9.04 maybe??16:41
zerrkuXnet0_:  yea it is 9.0416:41
DaskreeCHzerrku: ok Welcome to Linux and Kubuntu :)16:41
zerrkutnx =)16:41
zerrkuso can i get some help here ?16:41
Xnet0_yes! linux is the way of the future!!! small kernels rule!16:41
Xnet0_sure what do you need?16:42
zerrkui cant make my ip configs16:42
zerrkuwhen i put them16:42
zerrkucant connect16:42
Xnet0_im not sure what your asking??16:42
zerrkucant explane16:42
Xnet0_are you doing work with ifconfig??16:42
zerrkui just cant turn on my internet16:42
zerrkui can connect here16:42
zerrkuand i have local i-net only16:43
zerrkuthe linux is puting me another ip that i cant change16:43
Xnet0_not sure16:43
zerrkuit isnt my i ip  i mean ..16:43
Xnet0_this is a direct connection.. just as a browser..16:43
Xnet0_thats weird that you cannot connect..16:43
Xnet0_try this..16:43
Xnet0_"telnet www.google.ca 80" type this in console. Then type "GET" after this has completed.16:44
Xnet0_tell me waht your results in the terminal are16:44
zerrkuConnected to www.l.google.com.16:45
zerrkuEscape character is '^]'.16:45
Xnet0_kknowe type GET16:45
zerrkubut im not with my static ip .. cant explane16:45
zerrkuoh w8 my bad16:45
zerrkuill show u on pm what the console says16:46
Xnet0_if you recieve a page of html code, than you have been accepted by the servers.. and should have no problem with connectivity16:46
zerrkuyea i have16:46
zerrkuhtml code16:46
zerrkubut i cant use real internet16:46
Xnet0_you should be fine thenn...16:46
Xnet0_that is the internet16:46
zerrkuhm let me to try to explane16:46
Xnet0_you yourself are acting as your own personal browser...May be browser problems....try mozilla firefox and Konqueror16:47
zerrkuno look16:47
zerrkui cant put my ip16:47
zerrkuif im not with my ip16:47
zerrkui cant open websites16:47
zerrkuit is somethin like internet security of my internet server16:47
motlol what?16:47
Xnet0_that  makes no sense..16:48
zerrkui have bad english sorry cant explane better ;[16:48
motyou're using kubuntu right?16:48
zerrkuyea im using kubuntu .. how to change my ip configs16:48
zerrkuthat is the right question ..16:48
motzerrku, you need to manually edit /etc/network/interfaces by hand16:48
zerrkuwhat i must write there ?16:48
motwell, you don't NEED to, but you can try that16:48
Xnet0_also try setting with ifconfig in the terminal16:48
motin /etc/network/interfaces16:49
motiface eth0 dhcp16:49
DaskreeCHzerrku: Which IP is it giving you?16:49
motiface eth0 inet dhcp16:49
motmm you using dsl?16:49
motwhat kind of router are you using?16:50
zerrkubtw i cant change this file16:50
runlevelten24~dhcp fail16:50
zerrkuim not using router16:50
zerrkui have 2 lan cards16:50
runleveltenoopsy, no 2416:50
Xnet0_type ifconfig16:50
Xnet0_check your addresses16:50
Xnet0_tel me them/16:50
DaskreeCHzerrku: What are you using if not a rouer?16:50
mot10.* is a local address16:50
Xnet0_then diable your card16:50
motwell, rather, 10.10.*16:50
zerrkuDaskreeCH:  im using cable internet16:50
runleveltenwhat is supposed to be doing dhcp, zerrku ?16:50
Xnet0_ifconfig "here your nic card name" down, then do the same but with the up keyword16:51
zerrkurunlevelten:  it is supposed to change my ip configs16:51
runleveltenzerrku: then you need to find out what ip your cable gives you and set it up manually16:51
runleveltenas well as any other details16:51
motnevermind, i was wrong16:51
mot10.10.28.143 is active16:51
zerrkui must make it
zerrkucuz it is my static ip16:52
zerrkuif i put it there16:52
zerrkuill have internet16:52
FloodBotK2zerrku: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:52
zerrku30mb/s download16:52
motstupid bot16:52
zerrkuso how to change it any ideas ?16:52
motdo you want to manually set it?16:52
motgo to16:52
zerrkui cant write in interfaces16:52
zerrkumot go to .. ?16:52
motyou need to sudo in16:52
motsudo nano /etc/network/interfaces16:52
Xnet0_zerrku: as i stated before.. did you turn off your nic? and start it up again??16:53
motnow, you can't just "make" your IP whatever you want unless you have gateway and netmask information16:53
motdo you have gateway and netmask information?16:53
motokay then16:53
DaskreeCHzerrku: can you type ifconfig and pastebin it16:53
motdo this: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces16:53
motthen type16:54
BlueEaglemot: *gasp* I did not know that. (read as: Happy tab complete day)16:54
zerrkuwhat do u mean with "pastebin"16:54
DaskreeCH !paste | zerrku16:54
ubottuzerrku: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic16:54
motiface eth0 inet static16:54
motaddress YOUR-IP16:54
motnetmask YOUR_NETMASK16:54
motgateway YOUR_GW16:54
motthen hit CTRL+O to save changes to the file, then CTRL+X to exit16:54
motthen type: sudo ifdown eth016:55
motand then: sudo ifup eth016:55
motthen try to ping google or something16:55
motBlueEagle, what?16:55
zerrkuwhat about dns server ?16:55
motyou don't have to input dns the interface config will utilize whatever is provided by your gw16:55
motany luck?16:58
zerrku_im back and i still dont have internet ;[17:00
zerrku_the ip isnt changed17:00
motthen eth0 isn't the card you have plugged into the "internet"17:00
mottype: sudo ifconfig17:00
motand paste the results to pastebin.ca17:00
Xnet0_omg finally you guys listen!17:00
zerrku_mot: cant open pastebin17:00
Xnet0_ifconfig will solve all of you problems!(hopefully)17:01
zerrku_dont havei nternet17:01
motokay, type ifconfig anyway17:01
motwhat are the names of the interfaces?17:01
mot(the values on the far left of each major entry)17:01
motshould be like eth0, eth1, loopback?17:01
zerrku_eth0 eth1 lo17:01
zerrku_so .. ?17:02
motokay, go back to /etc/network/interfaces17:02
motand replace 'eth0' with 'eth1'17:02
motthen save the file, and do: ifdown eth117:02
motthen: ifup eth117:02
safaksorry i am new about ubuntu so i have wanna learn how to play .avi with kaffeine ?pls17:02
motyou have your ethernet cable plugged into your 2nd nic card, (eth1) instead of your first (eth0) OR your bios is detecting them out of order OR linux is...17:03
motsafak: get vlc instead: sudo apt-get install vlc17:03
zerrku_the interfaces are not saved.17:03
safakit is doenst work i tried17:03
motzerrku, open you're gonna open the interfaces file with nano17:03
* Smurphy finds kaffeine one of the best multimedia players avail ...17:03
motso type: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces17:04
zerrku_i must delete everything and fill it again17:04
zerrku_or i just must put my config17:04
motzerrku, listen to me17:04
safakE: Couldn't find package vlc17:04
motsudo nano /etc/network/interfaces17:04
motthen type...17:04
motiface eth1 inet static17:04
motaddress YOUR-IP17:04
BluesKajsafak, sudo aptitude install ffmpeg w32codecs kubuntu-restricted-extras17:04
motnetmask YOUR-NETMASK17:04
motgateway YOUR-GW17:05
motalso, about 'iface eth1 inet static'17:05
Smurphysafak: check in goodle for: "ubuntu perfect desktop" and pick your ubuntu version . kubuntu/ubuntu - and versio number, and follow that guide. Very nice and Detailed.17:05
motput 'auto eth1'17:05
motthen hit CTRL + O to output/save the file. then hit CTRL + X to exit the file.17:05
motsudo ifdown eth117:05
motthen sudo ifup eth117:05
motthen ping google.17:05
zerrku_mot is it CTRL + O or CTRL + zero ?17:06
BluesKaj!medibuntu | safak17:07
ubottusafak: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org17:07
mot"O" as in orange17:07
safakthaks a lot but my konsole doenst search on internet ist try to find in cd that so i cant install anything ?17:08
motsafak, what?17:09
motsafak, what version of kubuntu are you using?17:09
* Smurphy thinkgs - safak has to disable CD device as source in synaptic/package manager17:09
llutzsafak check yout sources.list17:10
motoh snap man that's old.17:10
motsafak, type.... sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list17:10
motand then go to the top and disable your CD-ROM repository17:10
zerrku_mot: stil the ip in the configs are not changed17:12
zerrku_in the file is changed but not in the configs ..17:13
zerrku_i must reboot maybe xD17:13
motdo you do ifdown eth117:14
motifup eth1 ?17:15
motthe values in /etc/network/interfaces override the GUI-configs in kubuntu17:15
apparleplease tell me the comparison between wubi and normal install17:16
zerrkumy net still sucks ;[17:19
BluesKajapparle, wubi installs kubuntu inside windows , a normal install gives you a choice of a much larger partition for the OS , whereas wubi restricts you to 30G . I believe that's a quick explanation.17:19
apparleactually I want a performance wise explanation.....................I17:22
Smurphyapparle: is a NTFS Filesystem performant ? Nope, So that's the performance answer :)17:22
BlueEaglemot: 16:21 < mot> BlueEagle, *gasp* people speak more than just english.17:23
BlueEaglemot: I'm just a tad slow.17:23
BluesKajBlueEagle, that was meant for me17:23
SmurphyBut if you spoeak another language than english - the Channel police will show up and give you warnings up to throw you out of the channel ...17:24
moti noticed.17:24
motsounds quite jingoistic ;)17:24
Smurphy mot; actually - it is ...17:24
motwell, i'd wager that most of the ops in here are american17:24
motpeople in the US are weird about hearing foreign languages, they always thing someone's talking about them or some crap.17:25
motit's quite arrogant, but what can you do?17:25
BluesKajapparle, I have jaunty installed thru wubi on our laptop and it works very well , not slow at all if that's what you're asking17:25
Smurphymot: Don't know. But if they don't understand it - I bet they think a consipration of some sort is going on - and bang - shoot before you can :D *rofl*17:25
motyea pretty much17:25
Smurphymot: Yep ...17:26
apparledoes wubi suffer from performance impact in anything else other that HDD operations17:27
Smurphyapparle: not really. Only - if the Windows System screws, deletes some files - the linux install is gone too (eventually).17:27
apparleSO if my windows installtion is somehow affected by a virus ............then my linux installation may get damaged???17:28
BluesKajSmurphy, apparle , I haven't had that happen yet but make sure you have good av and spyware protection17:30
apparleanyways..........................I am very very happy today...............just got my soundcard working through ALSA after 2 years of searching17:30
combo>> how to unrar many RAR achrives at once with console ?17:30
SmurphyBluesKaj: Never use AV software - on Linux or windowx ...17:30
llutzcombo: for rar in *.rar;do unrar x "$rar"; done17:31
Smurphyapparle: Whatever damages your windows partition may damage your linux data.17:31
BluesKajI'm talking about windows , Smurphy17:31
Captain_Haddockmot: you're just being silly. When this channel is clearly English only, and there are dedicated channels for other languages, you should have the sense to redirect the turks to the turkish channel and help them there.17:31
motCaptain_Haddock, excuse me?17:31
SmurphyBluesKaj: yes. I don't have antivirus on my Windows machine. I only play with it. All work, E-Mail etc is done under linux or Mac OS-X.17:32
Captain_HaddockYou seem to try to skin your anti-american cat every day ...17:32
apparleBluesKaj: what ever you do........................one day a virus will get you in windows..............................just use linux17:32
motFirst off, I did redirect the guy to the turkish channel, even after we quit speaking Turkish people kept spamming !tr and going "HUH WHAT'S GOING ON?" like their heads were about to explode having heard a language other than English.17:32
apparleok guys see you later17:32
motCaptain_Haddock, and no, I'm not being silly. I rarely talk in this channel and have forgotten how oft-condescending some of the ops and regulars can be.17:32
motYes, there is a tinge of jingoism in this channel and I stand by what I said.17:33
eagles051387!offtopic | mot17:33
ubottumot: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:33
combollutz: works fine :) thx a lot :)17:33
motHowever, you're about 15~ minutes late to the conversation, it's long been over.17:33
* Smurphy support mopt in what he says ! Completely 17:33
motThis conversation is over, I have work to do.17:33
Captain_Haddockmot: That's just utter rubbish especially considering that I've seen you do this twice in two days :S17:33
SmurphyCaptain_Haddock: So what ? What to do ? I speak 6 languages ? why should I limit myself to 1 ?17:34
Captain_HaddockIf the conversation is over, please learn from it and stop yammering away in Turkish the next time somebody asks a question in Turkish... just type !tr or whatever and take it to the other channel.17:34
BluesKajapparle, I have a windows partition because my friends depend on me for help when their pcs crash or become infected, so I try to keep up with what's happening , but my primary setup is linux17:34
Captain_HaddockSmurphy: take it to the appropriate channel.. I speak 9 languages myself... and no I'm not a yank.17:34
DaskreeCHCaptain_Haddock, mot: Take it to fftopic17:34
motCaptain_Haddock, no you haven't. I made the mistake yesterday and was corrected. You want to know what I told the guy today? To go to the Turkish channel.17:34
Smurphymot: as I said. Once you start - the channel police shows up ...17:34
motAlright I'm done here.17:35
motThis is simply obnoxious17:35
llutzhi bdgraue17:35
* Smurphy thinks - some people don't even deserve an answer anymore ... <Ignoe mode on>17:35
Captain_Haddockthe only one obnoxious is you and your daily anti-american diatribe.17:35
DaskreeCHCaptain_Haddock: Stop it it's over17:35
* Smurphy thinks - one day - the channel wars will come back. I bet I still have some of my IRC War scripts haning around ... *dig*17:36
bdgrauehi llutz17:36
Captain_HaddockDaskreeCH: no worries.. he just keeps doing it again and again.17:36
SmurphyCaptain_Haddock: Nope. The americans have done all to be treated that way... Sory about that, but they looked for it.17:36
DaskreeCHSmurphy: offtopic17:37
* Smurphy is started to be prosecuted by the Local police ...17:37
SmurphyBTw  When did you folks start with linux ? How long do you know it ? Do you have the experience to have Op status on this channel ?17:37
DaskreeCHWell yes it's very distracting to have all this going on while trying to help someone that's the whole point of having different channels17:38
BluesKajSmurphy, you live in germany ... what's with the phony irish nick ?17:38
SmurphyThen help the people instead of going against them because theysaid something in the wrong language.17:38
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: and mot lives in the US :P17:38
Captain_Haddockcouple of hypocrites.17:39
SmurphyBluesKaj: Maybe ... Right now - I'm hanging in Zuerich. And the nick - was given me by some people a long time ago in tunisia @ School ... And now what ?17:39
BluesKajsomeone gave you a nick so you can't change it ? gimmee a break17:40
SmurphyBluesKaj: Nope - but most of my old friends know me by that Nick. BTW  how old are you ? 10 ?17:40
Smurphymy 4 year old daughter is BTW capable of holding more intelligent conversation topics ... *lol*17:40
* BluesKaj waits for the offtopic cops17:41
SmurphyDon't worry 0 they'll come :)17:41
BluesKajSmurphy, btw I've been insulted by more intelligent ppl than you17:42
DaskreeCHare you all still here?17:42
SmurphyBluesKaj: intelligent ? Who was talking about intelligent ?17:42
DaskreeCHPLEASE take it to offtopic17:42
=== Dragnslicer is now known as Dragnslcr
BluesKajhey DaskreeCH , this is fun17:43
* Smurphy just discovered the Missing Link in Darvin's Theory of evolution of mankind ... 17:44
DaskreeCHI know it is and it's just as fun in Offtopic17:44
MrHeavyHey, can anyone give me a hand getting Flash audio working in Jaunty?17:44
DaskreeCHAnyone who wants to follow it is already over there17:45
SmurphyMrHeavy: Check on Google for the "perfect desktop ubuntu" - it';s all in there17:45
eagles051387MrHeavy: just install the kubuntu-restricted-extras it has flash and all non free stuff17:46
Smurphysorry - but offtopic is an unavailable channel Guess we'll have to contine in here :D *lol*17:46
MrHeavyI have Flash17:46
MrHeavyMy sound doesn't work in it17:46
MrHeavyI suspect it's PulseAudio-related17:46
zuzhey guys, anyone know how to find out the system info17:46
Smurphyzuz: define system info ?17:46
eagles051387Smurphy: no u dont #kubuntu-offtopic is the channel17:46
zuzi installed a new ram module on this laptop17:46
zuzand wanted to know if its recognized17:47
MrHeavyI've tried running padevchooser and asoundconf-gtk to set my default output devices17:47
MrHeavyBut Flash still gives me grief17:47
Dragnslcrzuz- more /proc/meminfo17:47
kaddihi, FF isn't closing correctly. It keeps running after I hit the x, is there anything to fix this?17:47
Smurphykaddi: Try exiting by going trough File ?17:48
kaddiSmurphy: I have the same problem then17:48
eagles051387hey kaddi :)17:48
kaddiheya eagles051387 :)17:48
eagles051387kaddi: ask in ubuntu-mozillateam they might be able to help ya a bit better down there17:48
DragnslcrThat will tell you how much memory is available17:49
zuzDragnslcr, i tried to find, how do i get there17:50
kaddiso alternatively... who can tell me of a good browser, that is capable of using FF-addons but is not FF? :p17:51
DaskreeCHseamonkey ?17:51
DaskreeCHI wonder if they started packaging that in Jaunty17:52
DaskreeCH!info seamonkey17:52
ubottuseamonkey (source: seamonkey): The Seamonkey Internet Suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.15+nobinonly-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 23 kB, installed size 88 kB17:52
Shura!info plasma17:52
ubottuPackage plasma does not exist in jaunty17:52
DaskreeCHIts a little larger than 23k :-)17:52
kaddithe browser actually is seamonkey-browser apparently ;)17:53
DaskreeCHkaddi: regardless it pulls in everything17:57
kaddiDaskreeCH: yeah, it was just meant as an anecdote, because you mentioned the browser might be bigger than 29k ;)17:57
seelehi, i installed jaunty then enables the nvidia driver (rev 180). i rebooted and now x wont start. i also tried using the older kernel (.11) but no luck. help?18:02
Smurphyseele: try ou : sudo apt-get --reinstall install xserver-xorg18:03
Smurphyfrom the console18:03
zuzi couldnt do the way it was explained, anyone know if i can check if the full memory was installed?18:04
Smurphyzuz: free18:04
zuzi see the system monitor only tells me 1.3MB memory18:06
zuzi put 1 gb and had 512mb18:06
zuzso it should be alittle over 1.5?18:06
zuzi meant 1.3gb18:06
DaskreeCHzuz: likely dependent on how you count it. People who sell ram count it as larger than the computer does18:08
zuzi see18:09
zuzi figured as much18:09
zuzbeen trying to google it and ended up finding out so many processes on my system monitor, i didnt have it before i installed a bunch of stuff18:10
zuzthere are about 112 processes on my laptop, i think there were less then half before hehe18:10
zuzoh well18:10
zuzthis is something im going to have fun learning18:11
zuzkubuntu that is18:11
=== kb is now known as Guest8351
zuzthanks again for all help18:13
Smurphyseele: you could also try a: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg18:15
jnaneshhow can i install yahoo messenger on ubuntu?18:23
Smurphyjnanesh: -> install kopete - yahoo messenger doesnt run under linux. there is also something for the gnome Desktop. Dunno the name though.18:24
Dragnslcrjnanesh- Kopete supports Yahoo pretty well18:24
ubottuAt the moment there are many pidgin users experiencing problems connecting to Yahoo IM, you can try changing your paging server to cn.scs.msg.yahoo.com (port 5050) and see if that helps.18:25
Dragnslcrjnanesh- Pidgin also supports it18:25
DragnslcrHm, that factoid needs to be updated18:25
Smurphyubottu: Kopete also has issues. Only the latest (beta of KDE) has a fixed Kopete. Yahoo has changed something on the protocol again.18:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:25
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin18:26
DragnslcrDaskreeCH- Pidgin has a fix, dunno if Ubuntu has packaged it yet. Kopete has it fixed for 4.3RC218:26
DaskreeCHDragnslcr: Well update it then18:26
DragnslcrI'm pretty sure the bot doesn't listen to me18:27
kaddihi, so I've been using FF on gnome and everything works fine, but it still won't close on kde. the ubuntu-mozillateam people think it may be a problem with gtk-qt-engine ... So I am now wondering if I can force FF to run with gnome gtk-engine while running KDE for everything left?18:33
kaddior is this just impossible?18:33
=== kolja_ is now known as Guest38992
DaskreeCHkaddi: I don't see why not18:35
=== enduser is now known as OverKiller
DaskreeCHjust replace the firefox executable with a script to set what you want18:35
zuzdoes kubuntu offer a tool to calibrate laptop batteries?18:39
Mamarokzuz not AFAIK18:39
Mamarokdidn't even know there were tools to calibrate laptop batteries18:39
zuzyeah i dont remember if it was just BIOS18:40
zuzbut i was reading something about windows power management tools to calibrate them18:40
dennisterDaskreeCH: i'm about to try and get hold of that user with the monitor that overwrote xorg.conf, and for whom x loads, but doesn't load kde or gnome...is there a cli command she can use in recovery console to change gdm to kdm?18:40
DaskreeCHdennister: Yes update-alternatives18:41
dennisterok, will try to get xorg.conf re-written first for her monitor/display, then see about other alternatives18:41
kaddiDaskreeCH: it sounds easy when you say it :p18:42
DaskreeCHDoesn't it?18:42
zuzok ill be back,  let me see if this laptop has a calibration tool in the bios18:43
zuzbe back later18:43
zuzthanks again for the help18:43
DragnslcrBleh, Ubuntu's VM builder tool doesn't seem to be all that good18:46
DragnslcrAnd it looks like all the packages it brought in broke my sound18:50
doorsmanIm on kubuntu 9.04 and it seems that the system is blocking the kernel updates... how can i unblock them so they will apply ?18:54
Dragnslcrdoorsman- in Konsole, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:54
=== jablender is now known as ghostcube_
doorsmangot another question : I'm on a Dell Inspiron 1300. My pcmcia doesnt seems to work.. any clue ?19:04
jnanesh__which driver you are using doorsman?19:08
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
doorsmanjnanesh__, im quite new to linux, how can i know that ?19:10
jnanesh__what kinda pcmcia card you are using?19:11
doorsmanit's a laptop one19:12
doorsmanbut i don't know the exact model19:12
=== jipang_menjerit_ is now known as jipangOffline
jnanesh__i mean for what purpose you are using it?19:16
kaddiDaskreeCH: the ubuntu-mozillateam came back and had an easy solution, I just needed to switch from "take my kde settings" to another style for gtk applications in settings. This is apparently a known bug, not with FF but with gtk-qt-engine and I was simply looking at the wrong place19:18
DaskreeCHkaddi: See Easy :)19:19
kaddionce you know the solution, everything is easy :D19:20
doorsmanjnanesh__, i want to put a sd card reader in it19:20
doorsmani've the reader, the cards, but the pcmcia adaptor isnt cooperative19:21
=== jipangOffline is now known as jipang_menjerit
=== jipang_menjerit is now known as jipangOffline
=== dmitriy is now known as dmitriy__
iamartoi want to go to the Ubuntu IRC address19:33
iamartoanyone knows19:33
Mamarokiamarto: just type /join #ubuntu19:34
Mamarokor right click on #ubuntu19:34
iamartothanks Mamarok19:35
Mamarokiamarto: you are welcome :)19:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ciao19:41
teapotесть кто живой?19:52
Mamarok!ru | teapot19:53
ubottuteapot: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:53
sysieriushi all20:02
riverson85I testing IRC20:12
riverson85kubuntu is beatiful!!20:13
riverson85more better of XP!20:14
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j0elim using kubuntu 8.10, im able to connect to other wireless networks. But , is it possible to share my wired connection via adhoc wireless from my machine ?20:43
j0eli couldnt find an option for doing that...is there any way to make it work ?20:46
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cypr1nushello, has anyone got a problem with smplayer - freezes after couple of seconds?21:09
cypr1nusi'm using the latest kubuntu and smplayer uses nv and alsa21:11
Mamarokcypr1nus: sorry, I don't use smplayer21:12
cypr1nusMamarok: ok, no problem, but maybe someone has seen such issue21:12
j0elim using kubuntu 8.10, im able to connect to other wireless networks. But , is it possible to share my wired connection via adhoc wireless from my machine ?21:13
cypr1nusok, i;ve figured it out - i had to turn off SSA/ASS subtitles and everything goes fine ;]21:20
doorsmanMy laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1300 on kubuntu 9.04 When I'm trying to get my pcmcia sd card reader to work, it seems it's not detected by the computer... any idea on how to make it detected?21:37
doorsmanI even tryied a usb sd card reader, same result, but the other usb devices are working21:38
Mamarokdoorsman: what does lspcmia tell you?21:39
doorsmanreturns nothing21:39
Mamarokdoorsman: it should at least tell you something, maybe the connection to the pcmcia card is broken?21:40
doorsmanhow can i know that ?21:40
Mamarokare you sure you actually have a cardreader or is it just a slot for a pcmcia reader?21:41
doorsmanit's a pcmcia adaptor for reading sd cards21:41
Mamarokoh, actually not a built in reader then?21:41
Mamarokwhat make is the reader?21:42
doorsmana pcmcia card21:42
Mamarokit should have some serial number or such, so you can google for it21:42
Mamarokit has a manufacturer name on it for sure :)21:42
doorsmanpqi Adapter CompactFlash21:43
Mamarokso it should show up with the lspci command21:43
Mamarokok, let me see if I find something21:44
doorsmanlemme put it in the computer21:44
doorsmando i need to put a sd card in it as well ?21:44
Mamarokdoorsman: do you have a Model number?21:44
Mamarokdoorsman: well, no once it's in the pcmcia slot it should show up with the lspcmcia command21:45
cypr1nusok, so maybe anyone seen smplayer freezes?21:46
cypr1nususing xv and alsa?21:46
Mamarokcypr1nus: you should eventually give a bit more information, Kubuntu version, KDE version and such21:47
cypr1nusMamarok: kubuntu 9.04, kde 4.2.421:47
Mamaroksmplayer version?21:47
doorsmanMamarok : http://pastebin.ca/150135721:48
doorsmanoutput of lspci21:48
Mamarokdoorsman: pastebin!21:48
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cypr1nusMamarok: SMPlayer v. 0.6.6 (SVN r2599)21:49
cypr1nusthe latest21:49
doorsmanso you want me to paste there instead ?21:49
Mamarokdoorsman: sorry, ny bad, didn't see your paste earlier :/21:49
doorsmanso its ok ?21:49
Mamarokdoorsman: I only see the built in port, not the card, what does lspcmcia say?21:50
Mamaroknothing at all? not even one line?21:51
doorsmannothing at all21:51
Mamarokdoorsman: then your port is not seen neither, you should at least have a mention of Socket Bridge or souch21:52
Mamarokdoorsman: is this laptop new?21:52
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doorsmanany other ideas ?21:56
drbobbhey i'm wondering wtf is wrong with my wired ethernet interface21:58
drbobbon wireless, I get about 3 Mbps on speedtest (d/l)21:58
drbobbbut when i connect with an ethernet wire to the same router, it's only 1/10 of that21:59
[agatha]doorsman you might want to check the computer specs if it's integrated22:00
[agatha]sometimes that helps22:00
drbobbmy guess is 3 Mbps is about the practical top i could get out of wireless/g with wpa, right?22:00
[agatha]drbobb,  not sure but i think my old connection was 4 and i used wireless with wpa normally... i might very well be wrong since i filter by mac from really long ago22:02
phhdrbobb: i can have something like 6 times that with my wireless network22:02
triptikhi all!22:02
triptiki am a trouble22:02
triptiki have a problem22:03
drbobbwell ok, so 3 Mbps is probably the effect of my ISP's b/w cutoff22:03
triptikhow can i install v4l2 kernel module in kubuntu jaunty22:03
triptikwith a 2.6.28-13 kernel?22:03
drbobbso I am getting at least 3 Mbps d/l b/w from my ISP22:04
drbobbthen I should at least match that speed when on a wired connection22:04
drbobbso, my etherne card must be defective, right?22:04
drbobbethernet, even22:04
drbobb(well unless it's the router that's busted)22:05
Mamarokdoorsman: if it's not a new laptop, checking the internal connections for the pcmcpia slot is an idea, it seems not even connected22:07
drbobbso how do I get around determining whether i have a defective ethernet card22:08
drbobb(sticking another one in is not an option, it's in a laptop)22:08
drbobbor maybe it's the linux driver for the eth card that's at fault22:16
drbobbtoo bad I didn't speedtest it before wiping windows altogether22:17
Mamarokdrbobb: what card is it? You can see the specifications with the lspci command in a konsole22:17
Mamarokdrbobb: some wireless chipsets are simply not documented enough to run with windows22:18
luis_hello i need some help, i have the exact same problem than this pages describes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/193125 and i dont know what to do, pls i need help22:18
Mamarokwith linux, typo, sry22:18
Mamarokluis, could you please descibe your problem in your question?22:18
drbobbMamarok: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] SiS900 PCI Fast Ethernet (rev 91)22:18
Mamarokouch, SiS is not always very Linux friendly...22:19
Mamarokdrbobb: but according to Google it should run with Linux since years22:20
Mamarokso maybe a driver problem, but it should run out of the box22:20
drbobbMamarok: i never said it doesn't run22:20
drbobbbut it does seem to have unusually low throughput22:21
Mamarokdrbobb: maybe just  a cable problem?22:21
drbobbwouldn't that generate some error messages?22:22
drbobbI'm looking at the logs, and I see nothing pertinent22:23
luis_hello i need some help, i have the exact same problem than this pages describes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/193125 and i dont know what to do, pls i need help22:25
stephen_hello I have a very quick question about a mouse...22:27
stephen_IIntelliMouse 1.3A PS/2 Compatable Mouse drivers available on Linux?22:27
Mamarokluis_: the solution is given in that same bug report, read the comments22:28
Mamarokstephen_: I don't know, did you google for it? AFAIK pretty much all mice should work22:29
stephen_Yes, I did. Here's an ubuntuforums link22:29
luis_mamarok, but u know, u r the man, u cant explain me that step by step?22:30
luis_i am tired of that IDE glitch22:30
Mamarokluis_: no, I can't, never did that such a modification22:31
Mamarokluis_: read again the comments, IIUC there is a steb by steb instruction there22:31
Mamarokstep by step22:31
luis_ok, u never had that bug?22:31
drbobbwhen I open dolphin, kio_thumbnail segfaults all over the place22:34
drbobband since it seems to be invoked over and over, the machine pretty much stalls until I disable previews22:35
drbobbwhich I have to do again every time I enter a different directory22:36
stephen_drbob: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-736863.html22:37
stephen_try that?22:37
zuzanyway to run exe files on kubuntu?22:40
zuzdell bios firmware upgrade only comes in exe22:40
zuzi meant bios upgrade22:42
stephen_try WINE22:42
zuzand im scared of using wine and messing with the bios22:42
stephen_Wine is very safe most of the time...22:43
zuzoh really?22:43
stephen_I play DirectX games on it...22:43
zuzthanks i was reading about it for some programs and alot of people saying it might work22:43
zuzthe might work must be just for those programs22:43
zuzyeah counter strike was the game i was reading about it22:43
stephen_Um it works with almost everyting with it not working on many games, but for your simple app, it will most likely work22:44
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stephen_I am having a simple mouse problem, if you want to help, please check out my post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7648460#post764846022:47
drbobbstephen_: how is that relevant?22:48
drbobbthat message doesn't seem to have anything to do with my problem22:48
stephen_yes srry, that was a bad link22:48
stephen_really, srry22:48
drbobbzuz: I don't think a BIOS upgrade program will work with Wine22:49
drbobbthat's direct h/w access, I wouldn't expect it to work at all22:49
drbobbwow, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/362457 describes my problem, exactly22:50
hexorgGood daytime, everyone!22:50
hexorgI have a trouble that rather touches my hardware then software22:51
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zuzyeah didnt work22:51
stephen_ok srry again22:52
zuzhow am i going to do this upgrade22:52
stephen_ill shut up and learn22:52
zuzthey only have it in exe22:52
zuznah, you didnt say anything bad22:52
zuzthanks for trying22:52
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LuisJahello i have 1 problem: My suspen and hibernation doesnt work in my laptop, in the case of the suspend, it seems the laptop is not sleeping, and in the hibernation, my turn on button keeps flashing orange, but i cant turn on again the laptop, can someone help me to fix this please? i have a acer aspire 4520 series22:52
zuzi still need to upgrade my bios22:52
zuzsince the new bios has a fix for a problem im getting on this laptop22:53
velezovandozuz> how about a dindows boot cd?22:53
zuzi dont have windows installed here tho22:53
zuzwouldnt i have to have it installed?22:54
LuisJahello i have 1 problem: My suspen and hibernation doesnt work in my laptop, in the case of the suspend, it seems the laptop is not sleeping, and in the hibernation, my turn on button keeps flashing orange, but i cant turn on again the laptop, can someone help me to fix this please? i have a acer aspire 4520 series22:54
hexorgI bought my laptop a few days ago with vista... in less then 50 hours it went to BSOD and i reinstalled it and put kubuntu for use. Everything works great, but kubuntu found a joystik plugged in and it is a built in accelerometer! Can someone give me any idea why would laptop have a built in accelerometer?22:54
stephen_LuisJA> Are you running wubi?22:54
LuisJais LuisJa lol22:55
velezovandonot necessarily, i believe ubcd4win boots you into a live windows22:55
stephen_Thats your problem...22:55
LuisJai couldnt isntall manually, i didnt know how to do that22:55
nicky__can someone help me22:55
stephen_Not allowed to that with WUBI22:55
LuisJai couldnt isntall manually, i didnt know how to do that22:55
nicky__anyone pro at ubuntu can offer me assistance please please22:55
zuzso  you think i can install that from ultimate boot cd for windowS?22:56
LuisJacan u give me a page with a easy tutorial for installing kubuntu manually? i am going to uninstall it with wubi and install it manually22:56
stephen_ok hold on22:56
zuzcuz i have one right next to me22:56
nicky__i private messaged u22:56
velezovandoyup, put it on a usb key, boot ubcd, and execute it22:56
zuzbut i didnt think it would of worked with it22:56
zuzi have it on a sd card22:57
zuzwonder if ubcd recognizes the sd card22:57
zuzok im going to try it22:57
zuzthanks for the idea22:57
FloodBotK2zuz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:57
velezovandono prob22:57
m4vcreo que debería tener transparencias22:58
m4vsorry, wrong win22:58
zuzoooops, flooding...22:58
stephen_srry LuisJa im still working22:58
LuisJaoh well, thx anyways... its cause i dont wanna @$!& my system 0(22:59
stephen_I think i found something22:59
stephen_Its video22:59
stephen_oh nvm22:59
LuisJaoh lol22:59
LuisJawell thx dude :)22:59
stephen_there you go23:00
stephen_look in CH 323:00
nicky_does someone know anything about kiba-dock23:01
nicky_and can help me23:01
nicky_im getting an error23:01
=== nicky_ is now known as Guest41878
Guest41878nicky@nicky-desktop:~$ sudo kiba-dock23:01
Guest41878[sudo] password for nicky:23:01
Guest41878Segmentation fault23:01
stephen_look at the very bottom23:03
Guest41878im unaware of many commands in linux as i am new23:04
Guest41878do i just type23:04
Guest41878rm -rf ~/.kiba-dock23:04
Guest41878in terminal?23:04
Guest41878coz i remember trying it before23:04
stephen_That removes the config file23:04
Guest41878which one23:04
Guest41878theres like 4 config files23:05
stephen_it removes the directory23:05
Guest41878and thats bad thing?23:05
Guest41878meaning i wont be able to use it23:05
stephen_IDK If you restart the app, It will recreate it, but im telling you this, because IDK for ABSOLUTE SURE23:06
Guest41878well it deosnt hurt to try23:06
stephen_But if it were me, I'd do it23:06
Guest41878i can always re-install the stuff23:06
Guest41878so do i copy and paste rm -rf ~/.kiba-dock?23:06
Guest41878or do i type sudo first23:06
Guest41878i hate sudo23:06
Guest41878pisses me off sometimes23:07
Guest41878always have to type that crap23:07
Guest41878um dude23:07
stephen_it helps errors that would happen on windows not happen on ubuntu23:07
Guest41878i did it nothing happened no error nothing23:07
Guest41878nicky@nicky-desktop:~$ sudo rm -rf ~/.kiba-dock23:07
Guest41878[sudo] password for nicky:23:07
stephen_thats good23:07
Guest41878nothing showed up23:07
Guest41878and dude23:07
Guest41878i went into preferences23:08
stephen_I know23:08
FloodBotK2Guest41878: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:08
Guest41878kiba-dock is gone23:08
stephen_and rerun23:08
Guest41878but wat if kiba-dock isnt there23:08
Guest41878i'll reboot23:08
Guest41878stay here23:08
Guest41878dont go anywhere23:08
FloodBotK2Guest41878: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:08
drbobbhmm I see lots of people have had similar problems with the sis900, some as far back as 5 years ago23:09
drbobband it never was really solved23:09
stephen_What is the floodbot talking about?23:09
drbobb(switching ACPI off is not an acceptable solution)23:11
nickyit cameback after i restarted23:11
=== nicky is now known as Guest55823
Guest55823buut in terminal i still get segmentation fault23:12
stephen_does it work23:12
stephen_or still sigsegv?23:12
Guest55823segmentation fault again23:12
stephen_how did you install it?23:12
Guest55823long process i ahve to show u by pm or else bot will mute me23:12
LuijaI need help, i am not able to boot from the installation CD when i am restarting, it automatically goes to vista23:28
Luijai also need help with the manual installation...23:28
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Sinatra_Laptopcan anybody suggest a good torrent search site? (if you google it - a million come up)23:31
Luijaignoramus why u r not here....23:31
Luijai miss ur help lol...=(23:31
velezovandoLuija, did you change the boot priority in the bios?23:35
BluesKajLuija, do you have the boot sequence set to cdrom as the default ?23:35
BluesKajin the BIOS23:36
=== JontheEchidna_ is now known as jonny|quassel
Luijadont know how to do that23:36
velezovandowhen your pc starts up there is a message - something like press F2, or press Del to configure... check it out23:36
drbobbSinatra_Laptop: (OT) torrentz.com seems to be the best23:36
LuisJadamn got dc23:38
velezovandoonce you press the designed key, you'll enter the bios set up, look for an option such as boot device priority (or similar)23:40
LuisJawell i got some options here but no one says start from CD23:42
BluesKajcd/dvdrom drive, LuisJa23:47
BluesKajyou have toclick on the option to open and reset it then use the arrow keys to move it up or down in the boot sequence23:48
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