wgrantWhat happened to 2.2.8?11:34
Ursinhawgrant, why?11:35
wgrantUrsinha: I see a whole lot of stuff deferred to 2.2.9, but 2.2.8 doesn't exist. There's also no calendar past
jmlwgrant, hasn't an email gone out about that?11:44
wgrantjml: Not that I've seen.11:44
jmlok. I'll hassle some folk.11:45
wgrantNor has there been anything about the open sourcing, which looks to be happening soon given the RC license fixes...11:47
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noodles775sinzui: can I assign a registry-related question to you?15:11
sinzuibut I think that question is about bugs15:11
noodles775Hmm... ok. I'll check with intellectronica15:14
noodles775Thanks sinzui15:14
sinzuinoodles775: the usual rules is this: if the <bug|code|soyuz> was turned off, would the registry still answer the question15:16
sinzuinoodles775: I think we may want something foundation in the mailnotification that does a sanity check that the user is ACTIVE.15:17
noodles775sinzui: yes, that was why I initially thought of registry.15:17
* sinzui wants that feature there because he can add hooks for mutted and vacation settings15:17
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