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DrHalan1hey guys im not able remove/update mozilla-plugin-gnash00:47
DanaGugh, damnit, I can't play any audio now.01:02
DanaGPulseAudio just dies.01:02
BluesKajwhich player01:03
DanaGANY app.01:03
DanaGEven speaker-test.01:03
DanaGTime per period = 0.133368             0 - Front Left01:04
DanaGspeaker-test: pcm_pulse.c:361: pulse_write: Assertion `pcm->stream' failed.        Aborted (core dumped)01:04
DanaGand it goes sputtersputtersputter01:04
DanaGspewing bunches of "time per period" -- like the stream dies and comes back.  repeatedly.01:04
BluesKajdo you have alsa -utils installed or are you using a different audio driver01:04
virtualdi get that too01:04
DanaGIt's even funnier when you do it with -c 6.01:05
virtualdok i'm not getting the same01:05
virtualdi get device or resource busy01:05
virtualdALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1008:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave01:06
virtualddmix ftw01:06
virtualdpulseaudio crashed so it falls back to dmix or something?01:06
DanaGyeah, it's really big.01:07
BluesKajmake sure your soundcard is recognized  lspci | grep -i audio01:07
DanaGIt works fine before suspend.01:08
DanaGOnly breaks on resume/01:08
DanaGupdated it with doing only 2-channel speaker-test.01:09
DanaGOdd... ENABLING tsched... seems to fix it.01:13
DanaGno wait, it broke again.01:13
BluesKajtry ESD instead of pulse01:15
DanaGNo can do... I need the multi-device features of PulseAudio.01:15
DanaGInteresting... it seems to be working relatively well with tsched=1.01:16
BluesKajspdif out /01:16
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DanaGI have two sound cards: internal speakers (for web and IM audio), and offboard sound card (for music and such).01:16
BluesKajwell, i disabled my onboard sound in the BIOS after installing a pci card , now both pulse and ESD tests work01:18
BluesKajanyway one channel is kaput on the onboard01:18
DanaGI wish I could get one of the nice Asus C-Media cards in a notebook version.01:18
BluesKaj30bucks buys a nice card like C-Media CM1873801:20
DanaGAbout the only reasonable sound card I could get was the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage SRM.01:21
* BluesKaj wonders which card is in his elcheapo acer lappy01:22
DanaGThat's a USB one.01:22
DanaGInternal is ADI1988.  Or maybe it was ADI1984.01:22
DanaGugh, stupid ALSA... I hit "mute" key on my onboard sound thingy... and it mutes the OTHER sound card.01:23
DanaGAnd where the heck did the gnome sound thingy go?01:23
DanaG(The one that lets you set WHICH card the volume keys control.)01:24
BluesKajyou need to choose which card is the default01:25
DanaGI did.01:25
DanaGIt was still controlling the wrong one.01:25
DanaGOnboard is default.01:26
DanaGHad to unset it and re-set it with pavucontrol.01:26
DanaGI see, it's not muting... it's just glitching.01:27
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DanaGI see... having pcspeaker slider unmuted... makes the onboard card magically glitch the OTHER card.01:30
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rleedsFor a while now compiz won't let me switch desktops with my scroll wheel (not sure if this happens in jaunty too). But I see the problem: in the settings manager I can't set the shortcut to "Button 4" unqualified. It switches immediately back to Disabled unless I also give it a modifier. Any idea why?03:37
arandrleeds: I think that was disabled with a papercut, wasnit?03:38
DanaGI can understand changing the default... but DISALLOWING it... is bad.03:39
DanaGWish they'd fix the damned tasbar scrolling.03:39
DanaGSo I don't go whizzzzzzzzz--- wait, where'd everything go?03:39
arandrleeds: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/14723003:39
andresmujicahmm it wasn't disabled03:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 147230 in hundredpapercuts/karmic "Changing workspaces via scrollwheel on desktop is problematic, especially when using touchpad" [High,Fix released]03:39
DanaGI set desktop-based workspace-switch to _horizontal_ scroll.03:40
DanaGButtons 6 and 7.03:40
andresmujicayou can reenable the previous behaviour, at the bug you'll find the details..03:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 39328 in hundredpapercuts "Disable scrolling on window list to flip through windows" [Low,In progress]03:40
arandHmm, last comment on my linked describes your exact problem...03:42
arand^> rleeds03:42
rleedsarand, thanks03:42
arandno fix though...03:43
rleedsarand, After reading that, I kind of agree that it's not a very good feature and I may just train myself out of the habit.03:44
arandrleeds: Well, then again, not being able to re-enable it like you said is a definite bug.03:45
rleedsarand, truth03:45
DanaGTry horizontal -- it may surprise you with how natural it seems.03:45
rleedsDanaG, Nice idea. I may. But that only applies when I'm using my trackpad. I often plug in a mouse when working at my desk.03:46
DanaGah.  Oh, and 8 and 9 should be thumb buttons.03:47
RichardWolfVIHello, I'm having issues with my tablet calibration in GIMP and Inkscape04:27
RichardWolfVIthe trace is totally offset04:27
RichardWolfVIit didn't happen a couple of weeks ago04:28
* arand watches the fourth gnome shell video and shudders in horror "why, oh my god, why!?"04:28
DanaGYeah, and it laaggggggggggggggs horribly.04:30
DanaGSo I end up pressing the damn menu button about 5 times before it finally responds.04:30
DanaGAnd this is on a fast computer.04:30
RichardWolfVIHmm, whatr are you talking about?04:30
DanaGWhen I last tried gnome-shell, it had a horrid 2-second lag from when I clicked on the apps menu button to when it actually did anything.04:31
DanaGAnd then I launched compiz again (because the new WM has really ugly animations).... and the panels went away.04:32
DanaGSo, gnome-shell is a no-go, for me.04:32
DanaGAnd it forever will be, I predict.04:33
arandDanaG: What I'm most vexed about is the complete lack of a sorted, categorized list of applications (often referred to as menus) the way g-s does "activities" seems like the windows menu all over again, which I loathe with a mission...04:35
DanaGI like the WinVista / Win7 "start menu" -- but mostly just because of the search-box.04:35
DanaGWindows key.  'featu'. [Enter].  Hey, that's the "Programs and Features" thingy.04:36
DanaGoh, and why the heck does notify-osd show my notify-send bubbles for TEN full seconds?04:37
arandDanaG: hmm, I tend to wrangle all win menus to glorious 2k-style (imo, windows menu has not improved since) and now it seems gnome is following suit *grinds teeth*04:39
DanaGI installed an XP in a VM for a while... and absolutely hated not having the newer-style menu.04:39
DanaGBut gnome-shell sucks for other reasons.04:39
DanaGWindow animations is a really honkin' huge one.04:40
DanaGIf I minimize a window... I expect it to fly at least vaguely towards the taskbar.... not just shrink in place.04:40
DanaGShrinking in place feels like a "close" operation.04:40
arandDanaG: btw, which gnumeric version is currently in kk?04:43
x1250I haven't tested it myself, but for what I've seen so far, and read, I a gree. Gnome-shell is crap.04:43
DanaGBeats me... I don't use it.04:43
DanaG!info gnumeric04:43
ubottugnumeric (source: gnumeric): spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program. In component main, is optional. Version 1.9.9-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 2502 kB, installed size 7108 kB04:44
DanaGugh, now I have to pull out a damned calculator.04:45
DanaG276 frames in 5.0 seconds04:45
DanaGgreat... that's ... uh.............04:45
arandOh, didn't know we had the !info for kk as well, good stuff. Anyhow, need to make and SRU for Bug #31650204:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316502 in gnumeric "cannot release a graph in gnumeric after click and drag" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31650204:46
DanaGyeah, but you see my point. =þ04:47
DanaG55.2 means vsync is sort of working-ish.04:47
DanaGI will never give up compiz.04:51
DanaG... because I happen to like my "magic lamp" minimize and "sidekick" close and "vacuum" menu effects.04:52
* DanaG yells NEVAIRE again, and then starts coughing because he irritates his throat. 04:54
billybigriggerhmm a3 in a few days...04:58
billybigriggerwhere have the days gone :)04:59
DanaGthat reminds me... I should check the Fridge.04:59
billybigriggersandwich? :) haha05:01
DanaGoh yeah, I found a "solution" to the dilemma of wanting audio chat while still using pidgin for logs:05:02
DanaGJust sign into both.05:02
* arand is off for a bit of sleep...05:03
RichardWolfVIhmm, is it normal that xorg.conf no longer exists05:08
RichardWolfVII have xorg.conf~ and backups05:08
x1250RichardWolfVI, if it is not there, I think Xorg will use its default values. Anyway, you can try $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:12
Sarvattits better to not have an xorg.conf than to have the old default one05:12
Sarvattit uses an entirely different detection mechanism when theres no xorg.conf that works better05:12
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RichardWolfVIMy tablet input is offset in GIMP and Inkscape05:20
RichardWolfVII've worked with both applications without issues a couple of weeks ago05:20
Sarvattthats not the xorg.conf's fault, it only got deleted because you had a default one before05:22
RichardWolfVIhmm, so what would it be? The tablet input works normally otherwise.05:23
r3l1c<---installed on a Toshiba Satellite L355 - basic system seems fine - updating to alpha 205:24
CosmiChaoshm i thought i will get unbanned first when karmic is final :lol09:20
CosmiChaosnice now i can test the next alpha09:21
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ryshIf i am try to do a dist-upgrade karmic want to remove the following packages "klogd libsgutils2 startup-tasks sysklogd system-services upstart-compat-sysv upstart-logd" that does not sounds OK is it?11:16
m3garysh: don't use dist-upgrade use 'do-release-upgrade -d'  which is in update-manager-core. do-release-upgrade is  better at resolving conflicts11:17
ryshm3ga: This also works with apt-get ?11:18
ryshseems not :-)11:18
ryshaha ... it is a stand alone command11:19
rippsmy gpg-agent stopped working, now I have to enter my key passphrase a dozen times when uploading using fta's ppabot script13:51
oldman_Q. grub2 question...is there some secret to including spaces in a kernel cmdline param?14:21
oldman_e.g., acpi_osi="Windows 2006"14:21
oldman_surrounding with single or double quotes, doesn't work14:22
oldman_escaping spaces also doesn't work14:22
nperryhumm wheres the new gdm.conf :/14:22
oldman_in conjunction with 395239:14:22
oldman_This report is public14:22
oldman_its a pain :)14:23
nperryi hate having to login everytime i power my netbook on :/14:25
LaibschCan anyone help me understand the following screen corruption when running xxdiff on a hardy host, forwarded over ssh to a Karmic laptop? http://picpaste.com/xxdiff-corrupted.png14:45
LaibschIs this likely a bug in libqt3-mt?14:45
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r3l1cI did a fresh install last night and watched a movie before I went to sleep. I notices slow access from USB drive and studering graphics with the intel graphics card. Should I post a bug for this. Sorry I'm new to testing.15:04
LaibschIf you're new to testing you shouldn't be running Karmic at this point in time15:09
LaibschBecause it's not released15:09
LaibschIt's alpha15:10
r3l1cthats the idea right?15:10
r3l1cits alpha 215:10
Laibschwhich is alpha15:10
r3l1cshould I file a bug?15:10
LaibschI don't think you should15:10
Laibschrun Jaunty and be happy15:11
Laibschreport bugs in Jaunty15:11
r3l1cJaunty cause my cpu to run at 100% and shut my computer off after 10mins. And I did file a bug.15:11
r3l1cwhy is this so exclusive that I can help with it?15:12
Laibschdid you check LP for the problem15:12
r3l1cwhats LP?15:12
r3l1cLaunch Pad...15:12
Laibschbecause you reporting random bugs when you have no experience is likely to cause you a lot of frustrations and the reports from you will likely require a lot of time from somebody else to triage them15:13
Laibschthat is a waste of time and effort all over15:13
r3l1cThats why I'm asking.15:13
r3l1cso I don't do that15:13
LaibschI applaud you for it15:13
LaibschWhat graphics chip do you have?15:13
Laibschwhat is running at 100%?  what process?15:13
r3l1cIntel gimme a sec to pull up the model15:13
LaibschPlease wait for somebody to triage your bug15:14
LaibschYou may ask for help with that in #ubuntu-bugs15:14
LaibschI was asking because I know about a bug that causes 100% cpu for ATI chips15:14
LaibschIf you're on Intel that is obviously not it15:15
r3l1cNone that I could find .. I use sudo top and system monitor with everything enabled and couldn't find a process running at 100%15:15
Laibschask for help/support in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-bugs15:17
r3l1cLaibsch:  Thanks15:20
silence144hello all I was wondering if some one could tell me if grub 2 is fixed on the nightly builds15:21
Bmw1000ccan anyone confirm a bug?15:31
Bmw1000cwhen a .mkv is loaded in totem, i can't move the progress bar15:32
yofelBmw1000c: confirmed o.O15:35
Bmw1000ci'm gonna report it15:35
Bmw1000cBug #40176915:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401769 in totem "when a .mkv is loaded in totem, progress bar is unmovable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40176915:37
BluesKajBmw1000c, some advice , xine isn't working well on karmic , try vlc15:38
Bmw1000cyeah it's the second bug i find15:38
r3l1cwhen switching themes firefox closes16:04
r3l1ccan anyone confirm?16:04
Bmw1000cit says "Restart Firefox to complete your changes"16:05
r3l1cNot here... No restart happens just fails16:06
r3l1cnevermind then16:06
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oldude67anyon e else having issues with k3b and brasero not finding there dvd/cd burners ? or is it just me and how do i fix this?16:53
oldude67both the cd-rw and dvdrw show up in sysinfo but yet they are not seen in k3b or brasero16:57
taggiedoes somebody happen to have the bug number for the gvfs/samba crashing issue?16:57
Bmw1000ci have a few problems with dvd burning also17:31
andresmu1icaanyone has lost completely X output with latest gdm update?17:39
andresmu1icafunny thing.. i' ve got no video17:40
andresmu1icabut i've managed to login(blindly) ... process are running ok17:40
andresmu1icaand now i' m from a console via irssi...17:40
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billybigriggersomeone want to help reproduce a bug18:56
blackxoredhello, well I normally use a karmic chroot for pkg building, I'm wondering how I can run X from there, and log into karmic's gdm18:56
billybigriggeri have 2 apps running18:56
billybigriggertransmission, and gnome-terminal, with transmission on top of the term, and focus to trans...system>shut-down opens behind transmission, with focus staying on trans18:57
billybigriggerdoesn't seem to be %100 re-producable though18:57
billybigriggeronly sometime18:58
billybigriggerclicking on the app's window, and not the title bar, i can reproduce this %10018:59
billybigriggeranyone else?19:00
yofelbillybigrigger: me, but with nautilus19:00
billybigriggerseems to work with any app19:01
yofelinstead of transm.19:01
billybigriggeras long as you don't click the titlebar, if the last click was inside the app's window, then system>shut-down is opened, giving focus to whatever app you clicked last19:01
billybigriggerdoes it still do it if you click on the titlebar, then system>shutdown?19:01
billybigriggeryofel, ?19:03
yofelbillybigrigger: I can reproduce it if the last action was a simple click anywhere in the window19:03
billybigriggeryeah, but if your last click was titelbar it's fine right?19:03
billybigriggererr titlebar19:04
yofelbillybigrigger: no, but watch out to not move the window when you click the titlebar ;)19:04
yofelwhen I move the window and then try to open shutdown it opens on top19:05
yofelwhen I just click the titlebar it doesn't19:05
billybigriggerhere, it doesn't matter if it was clicked or moved, it opens on top19:05
billybigriggerunless the last click was inside the app's window19:05
yofelcompiz issue?19:05
billybigriggergood one :P19:06
billybigriggerdisabling compiz, i can't reproduce19:06
billybigriggergnome-do's dock crashed on me when i disabled compiz though19:07
billybigriggerit's still running, just i can't see the dock anymore :(19:08
yofelbillybigrigger: how do you enable the dock?19:08
billybigriggerin your preferences, change the skin to docky19:09
yofelI always wondered where to do that, but then I had a bug that prevented me from opening the drop-down list :(19:10
yofelseems fixed now :)19:10
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billybigriggeryofel, so did you disable compiz and try to reproduce?19:16
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yofelbillybigrigger: I'll try in a moment, bit busy right now19:22
billybigriggeryofel, np19:23
yofelok... without compiz the shtudown dialog always opens on top, but sometimes without focus19:25
billybigriggerhmmm anyone had problems with starting U1?19:25
billybigriggerbut with it enabled, it never opens on top, unless the last action was to move the window?19:26
billybigriggerso i can file a bug against compiz i guess19:26
yofelyay, reenabling compiz crashes it *-.-19:27
billybigriggercrashes what?19:29
billybigriggerewww haha19:29
yofeland now I have a process that uses one core an some hd I/O but isn't shown in top? o.O19:30
billybigriggerwhich process?19:32
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* arand just managed to run "chown -R user:user /dev/" *facepalms*19:35
yofelok... killing dbus-deamon == bad idea19:38
yofelhad to reboot :/19:38
billybigriggeroooh libv4l update19:50
billybigriggermaybe that will fix my webcam :P19:50
billybigriggeryofel, Bug #40187419:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401874 in ubuntu "shutdown window won't open on top w/ focus (compiz)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40187419:51
billybigriggermaybe you can add something to that?19:51
billybigriggeror sub19:51
billybigriggererr confirm rather19:51
yofelbillybigrigger: done19:56
mahfiazdoes f-spot show photos in "Edit mode" for you?20:21
yofelbillybigrigger: you do know that you can edit the bug description? (regarding uname -a)20:25
billybigriggeryofel, i looked, probably not all that hard :P but i took a quick glance and didn't see an edit option, but now that you say that im sure it was right in front of me :P20:44
billybigriggeryofel, does this look malicious at all to you?20:46
billybigriggersomeone just tried to post a comment on my site...thought i'd take a screenshot first20:46
billybigriggeroh geez what a mess20:50
billybigriggeri didn't know replying to the email created another post haha20:50
yofelbillybigrigger: of course it ads a new post, check out https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface20:54
billybigriggerthats the first time i've replied to a launchpad email haha20:54
billybigriggernow i just look like a moron who doesn't know how to submit a bug haha20:55
yofellol, don't worry, I'm using LP for 3 months now and I find something new every week (and that's not because it was added this week) :P20:56
billybigrigger:( new libv4l didn't fix webcam21:05
BluesKajanyone have blocked updates like these ? :   audacious libaudclient2 libaudcore1 libaudid3tag2 libaudutil1 libsox-fmt-all{a} libsox-fmt-alsa libsox-fmt-ao{a} libsox-fmt-base libsox-fmt-ffmpeg{a}    libsox-fmt-mp3{a} libsox-fmt-oss{a} sox21:07
billybigriggeronly thing apt is hold back is ubuntu-minimal21:09
BluesKajlooks like mostly media/audio libs to do with sox , which i don't think i use unless it's some kind of daemon that i'm unaware of21:09
yofelonly thing aptitude holds back here is bzr21:09
BluesKajusing aptitude21:10
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org21:11
yofel 21:14
blackxoredhello again, there's any resource pointing about how to set up a chrooted karmic environment with X, ssh-agent, gdm, etc...???21:15
yofelok... wtf? after the update right now nm-applet tells me that it can't find the necessary resources and can't continue. But if I don't close the error message it works fine...21:16
gilesWhats going on with karmic?21:16
gilesThe latest upgrade has completely buggered things up.21:16
yofelgiles: do you get nm-applet errors?21:17
gilesI got, missing icons in gnome, gdm greeter not working, NetworkManager not working...21:17
yofelgood, then I'm not the only one...21:18
yofeland I'm missing icons as well21:18
giles.xsession errors says they cannot be loaded21:19
gilesan assertion failure21:19
yofelgiles: yes, here too21:19
gilesIts catastrophic21:20
yofelbillybigrigger: you got missing icons as well?21:21
billybigriggerfor nm-applet?21:21
yofellike for nm-applet, brightness-applet...21:21
yofelall icons in the shutdown dialog are missing21:22
billybigriggernope, but im using nm 0.821:22
gilesseems that the whole theme can't load.21:22
billybigriggerand not on a laptop so i dont use brightness applet21:22
gilesall my gnome menu icons are missing.21:23
gilesall the toolbar icons in epiphany21:23
billybigriggernot here21:23
gilesbillybigrigger: and you are running latest karmic update.21:24
yofelI still have some icons, but I don't use the default icon theme so I guess only the gnome-only ones are missing21:24
billybigriggerim using gnome-colors21:24
billybigriggerswitching to human theme i still have all my icons21:25
yofelhm, looking at the aptitude log nothing was removed, maybe the gtk updates are the issue21:31
BluesKajyofel, you guys running gnome then .. kde here , but it has it;s own seperate issues :P21:34
yofelanyone an idea how I get the changelog out of a .deb file?21:37
maxbHas anyone noticed gnome-screensaver sometimes hanging when you try to unlock the screen?21:53
BUGabundohey everyone21:55
BUGabundois everyone missing there icons or is it just my new theme ?21:55
BUGabundomaxb: no21:55
yofelBUGabundo: me me me21:55
yofelwelcome btw :)21:56
BUGabundooh so it's a bug21:56
yofelBUGabundo: you got a ton of errors in your .xsession file as well?21:57
yofeli mean .xsession-errors21:58
BUGabundo-rw------- 1 bugabundo bugabundo 24K 2009-07-20 21:55 .xsession-errors21:58
BUGabundoahh great21:58
BUGabundopitti broke gtk _again_21:58
BUGabundothen I don't need to change my theme21:59
BUGabundoinstalled a bunch of themes and wallpapers last night22:00
BUGabundothere's a PPA with many dozens22:00
BUGabundoyofel: wanna join me in the battle on #ubuntu-devel ?22:01
yofelBUGabundo: I'm idling there anywhere so why not :)22:01
yofelBUGabundo: maybe it's the new gtk version 2.17.5-0ubuntu1 that seb128 uploaded today?22:03
BUGabundoor that22:03
gilesyofel: oh, i see nm-applet = NetworkManager Applet22:05
BUGabundoyofel: didn't I tell you it would be a war ? :p22:08
yofelheh, seems like it ^^22:09
gilesIcon nm-no-connection missing: Unrecognised image file format22:09
yofelgiles: talking about that right now in #ubuntu-devel if you want to tune in22:11
billybigriggerBUGabundo, ppa with a bunch of themes? where? :P22:12
BUGabundolet me check22:14
BUGabundodeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bisigi/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main  #temas22:15
yofelheh, add-apt-repository ppa:bisigi/ppa   is so handy XD22:17
billybigriggeryup imports key and all for ya :P22:18
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
billybigriggeroh, just lost all my firefox-3.6 icons :P22:18
BUGabundowe know billybigrigger22:19
BUGabundox64 right?22:19
BUGabundoany OP mind putting that on /topic? Pici ?22:19
billybigrigger:P hehe22:19
billybigriggerim just kidding BUGabundo22:21
billybigriggerx86_64 to be precise22:22
BUGabundo(10:22:07 PM) seb128_: BUGabundo, ok, the amd64 build lacks the png loader for some reason22:23
billybigriggergod why do i choose to mow the lawn in the middle of the day, so effin hot out today blaaaa22:25
BUGabundo(10:33:52 PM) seb128: BUGabundo, what is required is somebody having access to an amd64 box and a clue about autotools and libtool to debug22:34
BUGabundoany one for grabs??22:34
BUGabundobillybigrigger: ??22:34
BUGabundocwillu: around?22:34
yofelI've looked a bit at autotools but not at libtool - and I'm already in -devel anyway :P22:35
dupondjehumz :)23:12
dupondjeIcons broken ?23:12
BUGabundodupondje: yep23:12
dupondjeah damn :)23:13
dupondjecaused by ?23:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 401938 in gtk+2.0 "gtk 2.17.5 has no png loader built on amd64 which breaks icons" [High,Confirmed]23:13
dupondjegood its reported :D23:15
BUGabundoI did it23:16
BUGabundoas usual23:16
BUGabundoif it is critical, I'm on it23:16
BUGabundoor as asac says: as soon as critical23:16
dupondjemy aptitude not showing all downloads is also critical for me :P23:18
dupondjebut it doesn't get fixed :(23:18
NoelJBHas anyone had a problem where after TODAY's most recent updates and rebooting, the Desktop does not come back up clean (if at all)?23:21
Bmw1000cNoelJB what do you mean with "clean"?23:22
BUGabundoREMINDER: don't upgrade GTK on x64. its broken23:23
yofelhm... the gtk debuild ran fine...23:23
NoelJBBUGabundo: Oh?  Lovely.  I'm on x64.23:23
BUGabundoNoelJB: then DON'T :)23:24
NoelJBAnd I thought I saw that upgrade.  I suppose I can run apt-get to install the old version?23:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 401938 in gtk+2.0 "gtk 2.17.5 has no png loader built on amd64 which breaks icons" [High,Confirmed]23:24
NoelJBBUGabundo: too late :-)23:24
BUGabundoI did warn it before23:24
NoelJBThat could effect it, yes.23:24
NoelJBI wasn't on IRC.  :-)23:24
yofelpbuilder too23:25
* yofel goes to report to seb12823:25
NoelJBSo the icons are just part of the problem.23:25
NoelJBBmw1000c: when I go to login, the prompt for the password/swipe is actually absent, although it accepts the input.  When I get to the Desktop, the display starts flickering, I may (I've rebooted several times with slightly different results) get a notice about the gnome daemon failing to load some resources, gnone-panel keeps failing ... all of that would be from this defect?23:26
NoelJBBUGabundo: do you know the last version that worked?23:27
NoelJBAnd, yes, I see the same things that Jarkko describes23:27
sroeckerNoelJB, are you talking about gtk png loader on amd64 ?23:29
BUGabundowhose jarkkos?23:29
BUGabundosroecker: yes. why do you know something?23:29
NoelJBsroecker: I believe that I am seeing the bug the BUGabundo reported.  BUGabundo, jarkko is one of the people who has commented on your bug report.23:29
BUGabundoNoelJB: previous one should worl!23:29
BUGabundooh ok23:30
sroeckerNoelJB, just ran into that too. installed previous version and it works23:30
dupondjei'm trying to rebuild it :P23:30
dupondjelets see if it works locally23:30
NoelJBBUGabundo: I can check dpkg log to see what needs to be reverted.  Unless sroecker has the command lines handy that were used.23:30
sroeckeri am currently building from source and see what is failing23:30
BUGabundoguys join seb129 on #ubuntu-devel23:31
BUGabundoif he is still online, yofel?23:31
yofelsroecker: I just let debuild and pbuilder run on gtk - both built fine23:31
NoelJBOh, well heck, I'm booted to an Intrepid partition (gave up on Jaunty as the MS-Vista of Ubuntu), so I can see what you come up with.23:31
sroeckerNoelJB, just install http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gtk+2.0/libgtk2.0-0_2.17.4-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb23:32
BUGabundoI think ill do that too23:32
BUGabundocan't leave like this23:33
sroeckerI installed kde, but its not my thing23:33
sroeckeryofel, and does your build load png?23:34
NoelJBdownloading now, will then boot to karmic to install from console.23:34
NoelJBsroecker: thanks Steffen23:35
NoelJBback after the reboot and install.23:35
yofelsroecker: yes,23:37
andresmujica(17:36:00) seb128: yofel, ok thanks, I've a uploaded a no change rebuild version23:37
andresmujica(17:36:06) seb128: let's see how it works23:37
sroeckercool, just saw that too23:37
andresmujicai won't reload my session until that upload is available. :)23:37
NoelJBDowngrading gtk did the trick.  thanks sroecker.23:39
NoelJBBUGabundo: you back on karmic?23:39
sroeckerNoelJB, seb128 just uploaded a new build, should work soon anyway ;)23:40
NoelJBsroecker: presumable 2.17.5-0ubuntu2 ?23:41
NoelJBsroecker: I would have expected little less than a very rapid response to this defect :-)23:41
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
andresmujicahow many people are using karmic? ... it seems that more than usual for Jaunty just a few months old...23:42
BUGabundoandresmujica: no so sure23:42
sroeckeri am using karmic because jaunty has bad intel drivers23:43
BUGabundoand remember we were very quiet in this # up until mid Alpha123:43
BUGabundosroecker: bad excuse23:43
BUGabundoyou have PPAs for that23:43
sroeckerI know, but jaunty was imho one of the worst releases23:43
andresmujicai do believe the reason is Jaunty...23:44
NoelJBsroecker: Jaunty is unstable, period.   I don't have Intel graphics, and X is still unstable.23:44
* Twigathy is using Karmic so if something breaks NFS root he can report it :D23:44
andresmujicaa lot of people complain about it...  thou i'm using it at work laptop without problems and without additional ppa's ...23:44
BUGabundoTwigathy: reason is one of the most valid23:46
BUGabundoand the one I apply too23:46
BUGabundoto test and make sure apps used by regular users are working on release23:46
NoelJBBUGabundo: I don't know what is wrong with Jaunty, just that it is NOT stable.  Not without PPAs, not with PPAs.  Not with and not without Intel.  Hardy and Intrepid are still rocks, but not Jaunty.  Karmic has been more stable *already*.23:46
sroeckernew package is availabel for download and works :D23:46
Sarvattits mostly people using unsupported things in jaunty such as UXA and KMS that have the problems on intel in jaunty :D23:46
TwigathyBUGabundo: yup, that sounds good also. I think regular users 'upgrading' to karmic is a bit dangerous though. Lots of things can go wrong :)23:47
sroeckeroh, still doesn't23:47
sroeckermy fault, but my self built version works23:47
BUGabundosroecker: thanks23:48
BUGabundoupgrading NOW23:48
sroeckerBUGabundo, sorry23:48
BUGabundoTwigathy: true. but *if* every user tested a livecd/usb with their setting before beta23:48
BUGabundoit would help a lot to fix bug *before* release23:48
yofelBUGabundo: it's still building - https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/23:49
BUGabundosroecker: grrrrrr23:49
BUGabundodon't do that!23:49
BUGabundosroecker: I'm a _realtime_ kinda guy23:49
BUGabundoyou say, i do, I post it all over :)23:49
sroeckerlol, i am sorry. it just overwrote my custom version that worked23:49
NoelJBsroecker: so STILL not working?23:50
sroeckerSarvatt, video out for example didnt work with intel23:50
yofelfor anyone that wants to follow the build, see here: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+2.0/2.17.5-0ubuntu2/+build/112637223:50
sroeckerNoelJB, not yet23:50
sroeckerSarvatt, no it works like a charm, even near 720p resolution with 945GM23:51
dupondjeu need to restart something btw23:52
dupondjeafter upgrading the gtk ?23:52
NoelJBFWIW, if you manually just revert libgtk, the following are broken: gtk2-engines-pixbuf, libgail18, libgtk2.0-bin and tomboy.23:52
sroeckerdupondje, yes, that was my fault. you need to restart your programs23:52
NoelJBbroken meaning at that apt-get thinks they are.23:52
dupondjerebuild the packages23:53
dupondjeworking smooth again :)23:53
yofelok, it's built, now lets see...23:53
* NoelJB waits to see if yofel says its time to update and upgrade :-)23:54
yofelok, checked the new .deb file and the issue *is* fixed23:55
yofelseb128 confirmed it23:55
NoelJByofel, have you installed and restarted to see if it all works?23:55
yofelNoelJB: it's not in the repos yes, but my self built version works flawless23:56
NoelJByeah, I just noticed that it isn't in the repos.  <<sigh>>23:57
yofelfor those that don't want to wait for apt get the debs from the build: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+2.0/2.17.5-0ubuntu2/+build/112637223:57
yofelbut the repos should be synced in a few minutes23:57
NoelJBSeems to me that the files are a bit too version dependent.  No way did this change just break 'gtk2-engines-pixbuf', which has a dependency libgtk2.0-0 = 2.17.5-0ubuntu123:59
yofelNoelJB: you need *all* debs23:59

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