loologra: When you used the linux-omap tree to build the EVM kernels, do you remember what was missing from the mainline ones?09:25
ogragraphics support is one thing i remember09:25
ograwell, DVI to be precise, the LCD worked09:25
loolI wonder if things moved in the mainline since09:26
ograi think on the EVM i had all other HW working, the defconfig needs changes though09:27
ograbeagle is wuite different the whole framebuffer stuff isnt in linux-omap afaik, you need OE patches09:28
amitkDSS2 (display support) is still WIP for OMAP. But I don't know about the DVI specifically.09:34
loolamitk: Do you have beagle/EVM boards?09:34
amitkno beagle09:35
amitkI have OMAP3 SDPs from TI09:35
loolIIUC you can add 512 MB of RAM to your beagleboard with a trivial add on09:49
lool(512MB NAND/256MB Mobile DDR SDRAM available from DigiKey)09:50
ograonly for C3 i guess09:50
loolI'm not sure whether it's a replacement or an add on09:50
* ogra only has a B6 :/09:51
ogralool, http://www.micron.com/products/mcps/beagleboard_partlist looks like you can get even bigger parts09:57
ograerr, ignore me ... 2G bits ....09:58
loolYes, it's Gb not GB10:06
loolI think the modules are replacements actually; so you can only buy 256 MB not mroe10:06
ograyeah, i misread10:06
loolHmm the gcc info is wrong on the beagle with ubuntu page10:16
looleek sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/libXau.so.6.0.0 /usr/lib/libXau.so.010:17
loolHmpf instead of linking to binary *.kos for jaunty and 2.6.29 it would be nice to provide instructions on how to build them   :-/10:19
loolamitk: Which tree do you use for your TI OMAP dev boards?  linux-omap from tmlind?10:22
ograwow, my qemu-arm-eabi hack gets much attention ... to bad its such an evil hack, i would package it in the distro instead10:33
Stskeepscurious, is it the latest qemu version?10:33
ogra0.10.x is the lastest in ubuntu10:33
Stskeepsi started employing it in my own scripts, a good indicator if i can use it to build images10:34
ograwell, 0.10.5 actually10:34
loologra: We just need a newer qemu; no need to package it separately10:45
loologra: It's not a bad hack10:45
loolJust unsuitable for some use cases10:45
ogralool, well, i want it to work automatically as soon as the package is installed10:45
ogra(with the proper binfmt setup out of the box)10:46
ograand with bad hack i was referring to *my* package10:46
loolI'm sure this can all be done when we refresh our qemu10:49
loolI think kirkland has a spec on this10:49
amitklool: you'll need linux-omap and the PM patchset mantained by Kevin Hilman10:53
loolamitk: Ok; thanks10:54
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