MT-that link posted earlier for the background is awesome :D02:08
* lajjr help03:18
* lajjr says goodbye Be Safe All.03:20
FLOZzhi \o_08:43
mac_vkwwii: where is the pixmap for the separators ,VLINE located?11:21
mac_vkwwii: the panel separators and  nautilus one are the same right?11:22
mac_vi'm not able to find the image which is used for these separators, all the themes use the same separator image except new wave.11:24
kwwiierm, yes I would guess so11:24
kwwiiso look in new wave11:24
mac_vkwwii: i have found the new wave separator , but i want to change the separator for the rest of the themes, universally11:25
kwwiiI would guess that is in the theme engine11:25
mac_vthought you might have some info about the location11:25
kwwiior in gnome itself11:26
kwwiiit might not be a pixmap11:26
kwwiito be honest, I am deep in some other last minute work, sorry11:26
mac_vnp... thanx anyway11:26
mac_vmat_t: hi... are you working on the new gdm design?16:40
mat_tmac_v: yes we are16:41
mac_vie for Karmic16:41
mac_vmat_t: any link where the discussions are going on or is it in house?16:41
ruslanrmac_v: hi16:41
* mac_v wakes to ruslanr 16:42
mat_tmac_v: we've really only just started, and we're open to suggestions!16:43
mat_tmac_v: I've started drafting a spec here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Karmic/LoginExperience16:44
mat_tmac_v: I guess the most interesting part is the bg image. In general, the transition from boot to gdm and then to desktop should be nice and smooth16:45
mac_vmat_t: nice... atm the language, keyboard & session are shown separately , they neednt be, as they are rarely used , are you guys planning on moving them all to a complete "options" menu?16:45
mat_tmac_v: exactly right16:45
mac_voh... ok... that was my main concern , since right now it looks too much like fedora ! :(16:46
mat_tyes, it's early days though :)16:47
mac_vmat_t: bug #400383 , not sure if removing the separator is ideal, date and the name will just flow as a single line, a tiny separator is better.dont you think?16:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400383 in hundredpapercuts "Panel separator between clock and FUSA is not meaningful" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40038316:51
mac_vor let's use the icons as the default16:51
mac_vwith no separator16:52
* SiDi feels sad17:59
mac__vSiDi: you should see him on papercuts18:06
thorwilSiDi: he's one of my personal heroes, a shining beacon of light, showing us the path through darkness19:18
ruslanrthe chosen one :)19:24
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