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stashi, can somebody help me please08:46
stasI'm trying to build a deb08:46
stasand ppa builder gives me the following error:08:46
stascp: cannot stat `./usr/share/locale/': No such file or directory08:46
stascan you point me where should I search for the mistake?08:46
staswhat's more interesting is that in 64 bits build log the build hangs on a different error08:48
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TehFlashwhats this channel used for18:45
pleia2ubuntu related classes, the links are in the /topic :)18:47
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TehFlashi have ubuntu on my laptop, can any one learn through this19:19
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murchersonmy sound is all screwed up and i want to start afresh with all sound config etc removed, any ideas on where i should start with this?23:28
naliothmurcherson: #ubuntu ?23:33
murchersonlol thanks nalioth23:35

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