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erosaHi, I have a debian installer preseed with an expert partition recipe which is already sucessfully used in a pxe boot installer. I'm trying to run the same d-i + preseed from a usb stick, but partman outputs an error  (partman-auto: Expert recipe too large (18646 > 8); skipping). I'm pretty sure this is related to the USB media being inserted. Is there any way to workaround this? I mean, can I tell partman to ignore (for example) external storage?13:11
cjwatsonat least for regular autopartitioning (e.g. not RAID or whatever) partman-auto only ever considers a single disk13:23
cjwatsoncan we see your preseed file (with passwords removed), /var/log/syslog from the running installer, and /var/log/partman from the running installer?13:24
cjwatsonyou can use "save debug logs" from the main menu to extract the logs13:24
erosasure, one second13:24
erosahttp://pastebin.com/m364a1836  <- syslog13:25
erosahttp://pastebin.com/m5d048ec5    <- preseed.cfg13:26
erosahttp://pastebin.com/m73d06025  <- partman13:26
cjwatsonany particular reason you're using biggest_free?13:27
cjwatsonwhich means "only use the free space on the disk"13:27
cjwatsonfree as in unpartitioner13:27
erosayes, we include an aditional script that deletes any non-{fat, ntfs} partition in order to preserve other OS's installations13:28
cjwatsonwell, apparently that isn't working ...13:29
erosaIt's not working from the USB installer13:29
cjwatsonthe error you're getting is basically "you told me to use only the unpartitioned space, but there's only 8MB of that available"13:29
cjwatsonright. but the bug, as far as I can see, is in your script, not in partman?13:29
erosathat's because it's trying to install in sdb (the usb stick) instead of sda (th hd)13:30
cjwatsonno, you told partman to use the largest available free space13:31
cjwatsonas it stands, the largest available free space happens to be on sdb13:31
cjwatsonbut even if you didn't do that, there's no free space on sda, so it wouldn't help13:31
cjwatsonyou need to arrange to delete those partitions before partman starts, surely13:31
erosathis is the script that works when installing with PXE:13:32
erosahttp://pastebin.com/ma12b907  <- script13:32
erosaI sure need to check it for this special case13:33
cjwatsonit's obviously not running here - there's no mention of DELETE_PARTITION anywhere in http://pastebin.com/m73d0602513:34
cjwatsonhow are you getting that script into the installer? btw, you need '#! /bin/sh' and '. /lib/partman/lib/base.sh' at the top13:35
cjwatsonand an extra 'done' at the end13:35
erosasorry, I just pasted the "core" of the script13:35
erosait includes the shebang and so13:35
cjwatsonJul 20 12:02:16 log-output: chmod: /lib/partman/init.d/85dual: No such file or directory13:36
cjwatsonfrom your syslog13:36
erosaThe script is downloaded to /lib/partman/init.d fro the preseed13:36
erosah, f*ck...13:36
cjwatsonexcept that in your installation method the network is not available at the point when preseeded commands are run ...13:37
erosanot from the preseed, sorry, from the early_command.sh script13:37
cjwatsonwhich in your case (initrd preseeding) is run before even localechooser, let alone netcfg13:37
erosaIt seems I have to work a little more on this :)13:37
cjwatsonfar too early13:37
cjwatsonI think you also want set -e in your early_commands.sh so that you find out about this sort of thing :)13:38
erosahehe, sure13:38
cjwatsonif it were me, I'd probably just embed the whole thing in the initrd if I were editing it anyway, rather than messing around with downloading stuff13:38
cjwatsonor you're on jaunty, you could use partman/early_command13:39
erosaI will. It wasn't done before because we didn't touch the initrd13:39
erosabut I do touch it now, so embeding it would be not problem13:40
erosawell, thanks a lot cjwatson, I'll let you know if I get something useful :)13:40
cjwatsonpartman/early_command runs late enough that you have networking13:40
cjwatsonand also after parted_server has started13:41
cjwatsonso that might be convenient for this case13:41
erosasure it is. This preseed has been adapted from an old feisty d-i13:42
erosaGotta go, Thanks again for helping13:42
cjwatsonno problem13:44
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bdmurrayBug 401321 has a patch but might be about casper19:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401321 in ubiquity "[Karmic] Incorrectly sets AutomaticLogin to 'ubuntu'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40132119:08
cjwatsonyes, casper19:12
cjwatsonreassigned and committed19:15
CIA-3casper: cjwatson * r655 trunk/ (debian/changelog scripts/casper-bottom/15autologin): Set AutomaticLogin=$USERNAME, not =ubuntu (thanks, arky; LP: #401321).19:16
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davmor2cjwatson: is the pc name meant to be static?21:04
cjwatsondavmor2: not sure I quite understand the question?21:16
davmor2On ubiquity when you typed in your username the pc name would change automatically it now seem to be static on ubuntu.  I wondered if this was deliberate or a bug?21:17
cjwatsonsounds like a bug21:19
davmor2Okay I'll file it :)21:20
CIA-3casper: superm1 * r656 casper/ (bin/casper-new-uuid debian/changelog): Add support for lzma type archives to casper-new-uuid.23:34
CIA-3casper: superm1 * r657 casper/debian/changelog: releasing casper 1.182 into karmic23:38

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