micahgso is empathy now the default or just avialable?00:03
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directhexit should be the default afaik00:08
micahgis pidgin staying in universe?00:08
directhexof course00:08
micahgmaybe I'll try empathy when I switch to karmic00:08
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rgreeningScottK-desktop: ping02:07
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taggartif a package is already in Debian, how does it get included in Universe?04:09
StevenKtaggart: If the current development releases Debian Import Freeze hasn't occured yet, automatically, if it doesn't have Ubuntu changes.04:11
taggartok cool, but that is for the current development right? are there backports to previous?04:12
taggartin particular LTS releases04:13
StevenKNo, backports have to be requested and approved by a member of the backports team04:13
taggart"Karmic entered DebianImportFreeze on June 30, 2009."04:14
taggarthmm, looks like I might need to send a special request...04:14
StevenKtaggart: What are you looking at getting synced from Debian?04:14
taggartI uploaded 1.1.0-1 a couple days ago04:15
taggartI'm the debian maintainer, but also on the upstream team04:15
StevenKAh. Yes, you'll need to file a sync request or get a MOTU to file one.04:15
* StevenK can probably just handwave and sync it04:15
taggartand rather than setup my own apt source for various ubuntu releases, I figured it would be better to do it the proper way04:15
taggartI don't have a launchpad account, so if you wouldn't mind that would be great (or I can register for one if you prefer too)04:16
StevenKHowever, that only gets 1.1.0 into Karmic04:17
taggartok, where do I submit the backport request?04:18
StevenKtaggart: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#How to request new packages04:19
taggartyeah I just found that :)04:20
StevenKtaggart: Which requires a Launchpad account, but you have an unactivated one, see https://launchpad.net/~taggart04:20
taggartcool, claiming that now04:21
taggartso I guess I need to wait till it goes in Karmic before I submit the backport bugs04:21
StevenKtaggart: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fossology :-)04:23
taggartonce something has been backported, is there anything that keeps it being backported or do I need to ping for new versions?04:23
StevenKtaggart: The latter04:23
taggartStevenK: sweet!04:23
micahgspeaking of packaging import requests, if there is a request in debian to update from upstream, is there any benefit in me maknig a request in LP and linking to the debian reqeust?04:23
ScottKrgreening: Pong04:30
rgreeninghey ScottK, how are you04:30
rgreeningheh. bad day?04:31
rgreeningI'm writing a 150 line man page for the tac_plus server.04:32
ScottKNot horrible, but the forecast for the week ahead is not good.04:32
ScottKBah.  You can manage in just the nroff preamble stuff.04:32
rgreeningI meant the details I have amount to 150 lines04:33
rgreeningit's details, like my changelog entries04:33
ScottKrgreening: I was wrong.  Mine is only 127 lines, including the following comment: .\" Fear.  Run.  Save yourself.  No user-serviceable parts.04:36
StevenKScottK: You forgot "Abandon all hope ye who read this"04:44
ScottKStevenK: It's not the reading that will get you.  It's if you think you can change it and make it better.04:46
jmarsdenScottK: Hmmm, so you're writing the man page for a perfect package... one that cannot be improved? :)04:47
rgreeningScottK: I just uploaded ~ppa8 of my tac-plus package. Maybe tomorrow you could review (assuming you do not have time tonight)04:49
rgreeningScottK: I need some help reviewing the depends, to ensure that are tight enough.04:50
ScottK-desktopjmarsden: That was in the nroff.  That's a twisty, turny maze that touching only leads to tears.  The actual man page content is merely adequate.04:53
ScottKrgreening: I'll mostly be offline tomorrow.  Dunno.05:30
ScottKDoesn't seem likely.05:30
stochasticIf a package requires a new mime type file installed, to associate its new extension, is there a proper way to do this in debian/rules?07:15
jmarsdenstochastic: man 8 update-mime may help?  I don't think there is a dh_mimetype script...07:22
fabrice_spstochastic, dh_installmime07:22
jmarsdenAh, there *is* one :)07:22
fabrice_spyes :-)07:22
stochastichmm, there's no place in the current debian/rules with any dh_install rules etc... can I just shove one in?07:26
simon-ostochastic: does the package use cdbs?07:27
stochasticsimon-o: people keep asking me this but I'm still a beginner packager and don't understand that term07:27
stochasticthe package I'm trying to update is denemo07:28
simon-ostochastic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/CDBS07:29
stochastichere's the current debian/rules file: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/222447/07:29
simon-ostochastic: that uses cdbs (look at the includes)07:29
stochasticsimon-o: okay thanks.  I'll do some reading07:30
simon-ostochastic: i think you can just call debhelper in the rules file, because cdbs does nothing else. but I'm quite sure that cdbs can handle mime types07:31
stochasticsimon-o: so just at the bottom of the file run dh_installmime07:32
jmarsdenstochastic: For more general help with packaging and the helpers, etc, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete07:33
simon-ostochastic: this is what cdbs call in debhelper.mk: dh_installmime -p$(cdbs_curpkg) $(DEB_DH_INSTALLMIME_ARGS)07:34
simon-ostochastic: so you don't need to do that manually07:34
stochasticsimon-o: wonderful, so all that needs to occur is the mime file needs to exist in the correct place (debian/denemo.mime)07:36
simon-ostochastic: I think so, just give it a try and see if it gets included in the deb07:37
StevenKtaggart: Whee, it failed due to fallout to a transition we haven't done and Debian has.08:07
StevenKtaggart: (I'm fixing it)08:07
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Zhenechbdrung_, done08:30
Zhenechbdrung_, do you know why the arc-* gdm themes come up in my xfce "appearance" settings  (where I'd select shiki-foo usually)08:31
slytherinhyperair: ping09:39
hyperairslytherin: pong09:45
slytherinhyperair: did you come up with build.xml for microemu?09:45
hyperairslytherin: no i didn't.09:49
hyperairslytherin: i'm considering just leaving it alone actually @_@09:50
slytherinhyperair: I have come up with with very basic build.xml which will give you midp.jar and cldc.jar. These jars should be sufficient for compilation of remuco client. Do you wish to take the build.xml and work on packaging microemu?09:54
kamalnHi..can i discuss ubuntu package development here?09:55
directhexhere is the place09:55
kamalndirecthex: "here is the place"..is it meant for me?09:56
AnAntkamaln: I think so09:56
kamalndirecthex and AnAnt ...ok..thanks..:-)09:56
AnAntis everyone @ Debconf ?09:58
hyperairslytherin: i don't think i know quite enough to do that. perhaps it'd be better if you do the packaging for that.09:58
hyperairi'm not09:58
directhexAnAnt, a few people09:59
AnAntoh btw debhelper 7.3.4 (currently in experimental) supports ant build system !09:59
slytherinhyperair: Ok. I will try once I am finished with jmeter. Hopefully by then we will have complete maven2 stack in unstable. :-)10:00
slytherinAnAnt: I am not interested. I love CDBS. :-P10:00
directhexslytherin, did you see life on the banshee/ppc bug? seems to be a type conversion problem from sqlite10:00
AnAntslytherin: I don't feel comfortable with CDBS10:01
ttxI don't really like CDBS, but it works very well with ant-based builds :)10:01
kamalni am new to Ubuntu packaging...can someone tell me how to get started with it?10:01
Laneysee links in the topic10:01
AnAntkamaln: package training logs are nice: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training/Logs10:01
slytherindirecthex: Was there a comment in the bug? My internet connection was down almost for 2 days.10:02
directhexslytherin, this is on upstream's bugzilla10:02
slytherindirecthex: let me check.10:02
AnAntslytherin: can you confirm a sync request ?10:02
directhexhttp://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=547218 - slowest bugzilla evar10:02
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by Gnome: timed out (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/xml.cgi?id=547218)10:03
directhexyes, i just said that hanks ubottu10:03
slytherinAnAnt: I don't have karmic chroot setup at office. Can not confirm until I test build the package.10:03
AnAntslytherin: ok10:03
slytherinAnAnt: let me know which bug. If no one else does I will do it in evening10:04
AnAntslytherin: LP 39912310:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 399123 in dico "Sync dico 2.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39912310:04
kamalnAnAnt: but the link that you sent seems to be some chat log..isnt there any simple and quick tutorial?10:04
AnAntkamaln: umm, I dont remember, maybe the link in the title ?10:05
kamalnAnAnt: "link in the title"? what does it mean? Infact I am new to IRC as well..10:06
AnAntkamaln: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing10:06
directhexkamaln, type "/topic" then click some of the links10:06
directhexslytherin, aha, one of the main banshee contributors has a g4 powebook now10:09
kamalntyping "/topic " doesnt do anything..10:09
maxbkamaln: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted is probably a good point to start reading10:09
directhex"Here's the reason :10:09
directhexDbConnection.Execute ("INSERT ...") is supposed to return the ID of the row that was inserted, but it would always return 0. The value of this id is retrieved through sqlite3_last_insert_rowid : http://www.sqlite.org/c3ref/last_insert_rowid.html10:09
directhexThe value is cast from int64 into int32, which works on x86 but not on PowerPC (big endian ?)."10:09
slytherinAnAnt: Sorry buddy. I stay away from python apps/libs. You have to look for someone else.10:10
AnAntslytherin: no problem10:10
slytherindirecthex: I thought it had something to do with endianness10:10
AnAntwhat happened to packages.ubuntu.com ?10:10
kamalnmaxb: how is this one..seems similar to the link you just recommended..10:11
kamalnmaxb: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/basic-scratch.html10:11
maxbAnything meant for 6.10 will be incredibly out of date by this point10:12
maxbTry here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic10:13
bdrung_Zhenech: the arc-* are only suggestions, so they shouldn't be pulled in.10:13
Zhenechbdrung_, nah, what I mean is: when they are installed I see them in the xfce config for selection, even when that are gdm themes only which do not work in xfwm10:14
kamalnmaxb: seems good..whats the diff between basic and complete..i think the "complete" one includes "basic" too..10:15
bdrung_Zhenech: hm, then i have no idea10:15
Zhenechok, will have a look myself then10:15
kamalnmaxb: thanks for the link...10:15
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bdrung_Zhenech: thanks for uploading10:29
bdrung_Zhenech: now the waiting begins again :)10:29
Zhenechyou have tooo much binary packages :)10:31
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slytherinAnAnt: bddebian gave +1 to monajat, but forgot to actually advocate it.11:26
AnAntslytherin: he didn't forget, he didn't know how to do so11:33
AnAntslytherin: I think he's not used to the new look of REVU11:33
slytherinAnAnt: Really? I wonder how could he miss the checkbox right below the comment field.11:34
AnAntslytherin: ok, I'll tell him, actually I told him that probably there is a button11:34
AnAntgeser: thanks11:36
noodlesHi! Are there any MOTU around who could take a peak at the following for me?11:46
bdrung_Zhenech: it's not my fault, that upstream created the themes in so many diffent colors ;)11:51
Zhenechbdrung_, heh :)11:54
gesernoodles: commented12:21
noodlesgeser: Just saw the email. Thank you, I'll get those updated.12:21
noodlesgeser: with your last point - I would have thought the pbuilder build would have failed if that had been the case?12:22
gesernoodles: it's not about during build, but about using the libsphinxbase-dev package for building other packages12:24
noodlesAh ok.12:24
geserif you try to include ad.h in that other package it will fail as alsa/asoundlib.h (needed by ad.h) can be included12:24
geserso you have to take care that any users of the -dev package get all of its dependencies (other -dev packages)12:25
noodlesGot it. Great, I'll update the (dev?) dependencies.12:26
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dstansbyHas anyone got any idea where is a good place to look if I want to package something for ubuntu?13:28
Laneydo you have any experience with deb-format packaging?13:29
dstansbyLaney: No, but I have been patching stuff in ubuntu for a while if that helps13:29
Laneywell my humble suggestion is to do some smaller changes first13:30
Laneycreating your own package from scratch is fairly complicated and I wouldn't advise it for people without experience13:30
Laneyotherwise there are guides on the wiki13:30
dstansbyLaney: Smaller changes to what?13:31
Laneyfix some existing bugs, get to know how all the pieces fit together13:31
dstansbyLaney: Such as how the files in /debian work?13:31
dstansbyI think I'm fairly sure what's going on there, and I have uploaded around 5 patches to ubuntu that have been accepted13:32
Laneyalright, then you do have experience with deb-format packaging :)13:33
Laneythere are some guides on the wiki, and the Debian new maintainers' guide which are helpful13:33
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dstansbyI've looked at http://ow.ly/hFSs , but that guide seems awfully specific to 'hello' I'll give it a go though, and see what comes out13:35
Laneyalso try "man dh"13:36
LaneyIf you really understand what's going on, then there's no magic to creating a new package13:36
directhexLaney, dh7 isn't magic?13:36
dstansbyI've found the same to be true of patching. Easy when you know how :)13:37
Laneyvim $(which dh) ;)13:37
dstansbyAt least there's plenty of [needs-packaging] bugs to choose from13:37
LaneyI suggest to package something that you actually use, otherwise it's hard to keep motivation13:38
Laneyand we don't need any more unmaintained packages, really13:38
geserjdong: Hi. re python-repoze.who-plugins: I've read your response. it looks like all reason for the rejection are resolved now. do I need to do something to get it included in Ubuntu?13:52
geserjdong: sorry, wrong tab-completion13:54
geserjdstrand: Hi. re python-repoze.who-plugins: I've read your response. it looks like all reason for the rejection are resolved now. do I need to do something to get it included in Ubuntu?13:54
RainCTOT, anyone got some LaTeX template to create Ubuntu-styled presentations?13:58
jdstrandgeser: just upload it :)14:05
geserjdstrand: I've reopened bug 396101 for that14:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 396101 in ubuntu "Sync python-repoze.tm2 1.0a4-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39610114:13
gesercrap wrong bug :(14:13
geserjdstrand: reopened now the correct bug: bug 39543714:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395437 in ubuntu "Sync python-repoze.who-plugins 20090530-3 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39543714:17
jdstrandgeser: ok, thanks14:18
slytherinRainCT: What do you mean by Ubuntu styles presentations?14:37
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bddebianHeya gang15:20
james_wI don't think documenting repacking in README.Debian is the correct thing is it?15:26
iulianHello bddebian.15:30
bddebianHi iulian15:30
Zhenechjames_w, in README.source please15:33
james_wdebian/copyright actually15:33
james_wjust looked it up15:33
Zhenechif thats dfsg-related repackaging prolly15:34
james_wnope, it appears to suggest if for any repacking15:36
ScottKZhenech: The rule used to be document repacking in some README.foo (I don't recall which), but debian/copyright is the place now.15:36
ZhenechScottK, debian policy says readme.source, no idea about ubuntu :)15:55
ScottKDebian/Ubuntu are the same in this regard.16:02
ScottKZhenech: That's about modifying an existing Debian package, not repacking tarballs.16:05
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james_whighvoltage: the license situation of ltsp-cluster-lbserver is a little unclear16:36
james_wthe only file that has a statement is the external one16:36
james_wam I missing something?16:36
ScottKAnyone here involved in the Perl modules team in Debian?16:44
* ScottK needs to package up a new module and is looking for someone to push it into Debian.16:45
DktrKranzScottK: nhanlder is16:45
ScottKDktrKranz: Thanks.16:45
ledinawould be useful (if someone is free) if new exiftool could be sponsored to karmic17:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 399759 in libimage-exiftool-perl "[patch] exiftool shipping in karmic should be updated to latest production version (7.82)" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:07
Laneyledina: subscribe the sponsors and it will be looked at17:08
highvoltagejames_w: I'll get back to you on that in a few moments17:08
RainCT_Adri2000 and whoever may care, comments? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/~rainct/mom.html17:22
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ograRainCT, awesome ! only one merge left :P17:25
ogralooks cool17:28
kamalnandanHi Guys..17:37
juli_Hello MOTUs. Could someone answer my question, please. There is a package fee with version 1.1-0ubuntu1 in the repo. I want to set up a dependency from my own package on the package fee according to the rule: (>=1.1 && < 2.0). The goal is not to allow a user to use updated version of the fee package (I know it will be updated soon).17:48
kamalnandanI am new to Ubuntu packaging and was just reading the basic guide..I have a query about a statement in the guide..18:00
kamalnandanin this link:18:01
kamalnandanthere is this statement:18:01
kamalnandanFor the purpose of this example, we will also compare our package (hello) to one that is already packaged in the Ubuntu repository (called hello-debhelper). For now, we will place it in the ubuntu directory so we can look at it later. This will unpack the source:18:01
kamalnandanin the first few lines from top..18:01
kamalnandanI want to know where do we need to create the directory Ubuntu?18:02
bluekujakamalnandan, sorry, where do you read in this statement that you need to create that dir?18:02
bluekujaI mean the "ubuntu" one18:03
bluekujakamalnandan, I see a "in the Ubuntu repository"18:03
bluekujakamalnandan, which is something different18:03
kamalnandannot in this statement; if you follow the link that I have mentioned before that; there is an expression "mkdir ubuntu"18:04
kamalnandanbluekuja: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic18:04
bluekujakamalnandan, it says they placed it for later use18:05
bluekujakamalnandan, you could have called that dir kamalnandan too18:05
highvoltagejames_w: I just spoke to my mentor on the package, he also believes that it is clear that the rest of the package is gpl-218:06
bluekujakamalnandan, in the guide, you just have an example compared to another one available on the repo18:06
highvoltagejames_w: I'm more than happy to make improvements if you have any suggestions/examples18:06
james_whighvoltage: gpl-2 or gpl-2+?18:06
bluekujahighvoltage, do you have karmic?18:06
kamalnandanok..thats fine..but where do we create that directory? inside "hello" directory or parallel to "hello" directory..?18:06
kamalnandaninfact, i want to learn from a basic example first..18:06
james_wthere's the GPL2 embedded, and the only statement is in a file that is explicitly called out as being different18:07
james_wso it's not clear18:07
bluekujakamalnandan, in the example, they are comparing hello package to hello-debhelper, right?18:07
james_wI have no problem believing that this is all supposed to be GPL-2+, but it's not an area where you want ambiguity18:07
james_whighvoltage: ^18:07
highvoltagejames_w: got it, will sort it out, thanks18:07
bluekujakamalnandan, so they first get hello source files on one dir and then hello-debhelper source files in another18:08
bluekujaso you can understand the difference between them18:08
james_whighvoltage: thanks18:08
bluekujait's an example against another one to let you understand it better18:08
kamalnandanbluekuja: so how should i go abt it; its getting quite confusing to me..18:09
kamalnandanthe things are not really so clear as it seems..18:09
bluekujakamalnandan, what do you wanna do?18:09
kamalnandanI am learning to create a bsic ubuntu package; and I want to learn that by following a basic example..18:10
bluekujakamalnandan, wget http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/hello/hello-2.4.tar.gz18:11
bluekujakamalnandan, get the source, unpack it18:12
bluekujakamalnandan, get into your working dir18:12
bluekujakamalnandan, run dh_make and start finding out what the "debian" dir is18:12
bluekujawhich files you can find in it18:12
bluekujahow they work18:12
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kamalnandanbluekuja: I have already done the 1st three steps..18:13
kamalnandanbluekuja: thanks for the help you are providing me..18:13
bluekujakamalnandan, np18:13
bluekujakamalnandan, if u are into your working dir, dh_make it18:14
kamalnandanbluekuja: what i did is: I created a directory called "hello_prj", inside my home dir; then I got inside the dirctory "hello_prj"18:15
kamalnandanand then did "wget hello-2.4.tar.gz"18:15
kamalnandanthen unpacked that18:16
kamalnandannow where do i need to do dh_make? inside directory "hello_prj", or in the parent dir of "hello_prj"18:17
bluekujainto source files18:17
bluekujacd hello-2.418:17
bluekujaand dh_make it18:17
kamalnandanok..i need to get into hello-2.4 and then do dh_make..if i am getting it right..18:18
kamalnandaninfact, it is asking for "hello_2.4.orig.tar.gz"..should I make a copy of that immediately inside "hello_prj" i.e. parallel to "hello-2.4.tar.gz"18:20
bluekujakamalnandan, rename it to orig18:21
bluekujakamalnandan, don't need to create two of them18:22
bluekujakamalnandan, rename hello-2.4.tar.gz to what dh_make asks you18:22
kamalnandandone that..and then moved to hello-2.4 and ran "dh_make -e kamal.nandan@gmail.com"; it created a folder called debian18:24
kamalnandaninside the folder "debian" there are lots of files..18:24
kamalnandanthe packaging guide asks me to remove all the *.ex or *.EX files..18:25
kamalnandanbecause the "Hello" package is not so complicated..18:26
kamalnandanI am going ahead to do so..18:26
kamalnandanthe guide also telle me to delete all other files too apart from the follwing:18:28
kamalnandani.e. the statement says:18:29
kamalnandanAt this point, you should have only changelog, compat, control, copyright, and rules files in the debian directory.18:29
kamalnandanso, I am going to remove all the other files apart from the ones mentioned above..18:29
bluekujayeah, in this case, remove them18:29
bluekujabut remember you don't have to do it everytime18:30
bluekujasome other packages may need other maint scripts18:30
kamalnandanbluekuja: yes, i understand, for this very packaging only I am removing the other files..once I have a basic idea of the basic packaging, then I will feel more confident of going for advanced ones...:-)18:31
bluekujakamalnandan, remember that you won't alwais package something from the beginning18:32
bluekujakamalnandan, I mean in the future, if you wanna improve, you'll have to work on some packages that got packaged by someone else18:33
bluekujakamalnandan, what you are doing now, it's what you should do with NEW packages only18:33
bluekujakamalnandan, but anyway that's a good way to start learning18:34
bluekujakamalnandan, ask to get into the mentoring program18:35
bluekujawhen you improve a little bit more18:36
kamalnandanoh..ok...infact, i have been assigned to create an ubuntu package for a big project; the red hat package of which already exists...but when I sat down to work on that packaging, it appeared quite cryptic to me; so i thought of learning a very basic packaging first so that I can get to know the basics and then I can build upon that..18:36
kamalnandanbluekuja: whats a mentoring program?18:37
bluekujakamalnandan, actually they will assign u a mentor18:37
bluekujathat will help you fixing your packaging problems18:37
bluekujaplus he will sponsor stuff for you18:37
kamalnandanok..so whom should I contact for this?18:38
bluekujabut if you gonna do one package then leave it's pretty bad18:38
kamalnandansounds great..18:38
bluekujakamalnandan, actually the mentoring program is for ppl who wanna learn and stay into the ubuntu community18:38
AnAntHello, guile-1.8 is in main, right ?18:39
kamalnandanok..whats expected from a a mentee..?18:39
bluekujakamalnandan, you first need to know basic rules for packaging18:39
bluekujakamalnandan, you need to have a little more experience18:39
bluekujakamalnandan, then when you know basic stuff ask for a mentor18:40
bluekujaonly if you gonna stay18:40
bluekujaaround and not leaving after having that package in18:40
kamalnandanwhat am i supposed to do after that; infact  I want to know what is expected froma mentee after he/she has learnt or has been guided by a mentor..? should the mentee provide mentoring to other people in future..?18:43
slytherinbddebian: You put +1 for monajat on revu. Can you please add your advocation to it?18:43
AnAntbddebian: oh, you're here !18:44
bluekujakamalnandan, if you are good, you will be asked to become an ubuntu developer18:44
slytheringeser: got some time for review?18:44
AnAntI didn't know that there is mentorship in Ubuntu ?18:44
bluekujaAnAnt, there is18:45
AnAntsince when ?18:45
bluekujaAnAnt, quite near two years18:45
kamalnandanwhat kind of developer? package developer..or some other stuff like C/C++ or shell/python/perl scripting developer..?18:45
bluekujakamalnandan, package developer18:45
bluekujakamalnandan, but you'll have to know some scripting stuff18:46
pfeinhi, I'm overseeing a small ubuntu cluster & I'm trying to package everything (including in house code) as .debs18:49
kamalnandanbluekuja: ok..thats a good idea..infact the current packaging that I am doing is also for an open src project..18:49
pfeinwe're a python shop, and have dependencies on some setuptools/easy_install packages that aren't in ubuntu18:49
pfeinwhat's the recommended way for .debifying such things?18:49
bluekujakamalnandan, g818:50
kamalnandanwill just be back...a phone call..18:50
bddebianslytherin, AnAnt: I don't have that checkbox on REVU18:51
slytherinbddebian: You are MOTU, right?18:51
bddebianafaik, I still am18:51
bddebianMaybe they finally kicked my worthless ass out :)18:52
slytherinbddebian: Then I am wondering why you don't see that checkbox. If you are sure you are still MOTU, then ask revu hackers to look into it.18:52
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slytherinpersia: got some time for review?19:29
bdrung_Zhenech: wow, that was fast. ;)20:02
kamalnandanbluekuja: thanks for your help...am logging off now..its 12.35 am here...may catch you again tomorrow...:-)20:03
kamalnandanbye for now..20:04
bluekujaand np20:04
kamalnandanthanks & same to you..:-)20:04
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norsettoif any kind soul has nothing better to do, please check this out: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=642120:08
arandI'm trying to wrap my head around some packaging, so I have the .dsc .orig.tar.gz and diff.gz how do I make the .deb out of it? Have tried dpkg-source -b, dpkg-source -x && renaming /debian/DEBIAN && dpkg-deb -b but no luck so far... _?_20:20
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Zhenechbdrung_, well, old new packages are usually faster then new new :)20:29
Elbrusarand: after dpkg-source -x you have several options. I always use pdebuild, but I think that is a little bit involved. I think if you run "debian/rules binary" in the source dir your fine.20:32
Elbrusreading the dpkg-source man I would also say that -b AFTER the -x should do the trick20:33
Elbrusoh, no, that is the source package...20:33
Elbrusnever mind20:33
azeemarand: use dpkg-buildpackage or debuild to build .debs20:34
azeemdpkg-deb and dpkg-source are low-level tools20:34
bdrung_Zhenech: how fast must it be, if the packages are some years old :)20:34
arandazeem: ok20:35
bluekujaarand, dpkg-source -x them20:37
bluekujaarand, to extract the working folder20:37
bluekujaarand, then dpkg-buildpackage for the .deb20:37
bluekujaarand, of if u use pbuilder, use it on the .dsc file20:38
bluekujayou have20:38
Zhenechbdrung_, longer *gg*20:43
bannaNAnyone here? I was wondering what sort of skill level, you'll need to have to contribute to the ubuntu development? How much time you have to put in, and whats the requirements in general? Could someone who has some knowledge about this please pm me, would really appriciate it :)20:47
bluekujabannaN, you need to be good packaging-side plus knowing a bit of any language (bash, python, whatever) will be help you20:48
bluekujabannaN, about the time you have to spend...depends...20:49
bluekujabannaN, usually packaging takes a lot of time20:49
bluekujabannaN, and well you need to prove you know packaging tools20:49
bluekujabannaN, how they works, how can you use them20:50
bluekujabannaN, but I guess we have a lot of wiki pages about it20:51
bluekujabannaN, get to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU20:51
bluekujabannaN, and you'll find what you need20:51
bannaNhm, packaging isnt my strongest field, but i have som programming experience20:52
bluekujabannaN, if you wanna get started with packaging, try taking a look at the packaging guide20:54
bluekujabannaN, and any other MOTU wiki page20:54
bannaNwill do20:55
Laneyanyone have any recommendations for software to run a local repo?21:08
fabrice_spHi. I'm trying to fix a FTBFS of vips (cdbs + autotools), and I'm not able to get configure use dist-package, even after aclocal/autoconf/automake. Any clue?21:15
fabrice_spthis is the line that I'm trying to fix: checking for python extension module directory... ${exec_prefix}/lib/python2.6/site-packages21:16
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mrooneyIs there any way or standard to list packages necessary for running the application tests?21:29
maxbLaney: for anything complex, reprepro. For something trivial just to inject a few packages into a local pbuilder, https://code.launchpad.net/~maxb/+junk/apt-generate21:34
mzzooh, thanks, I bet that answers a question I was going to ask later :)21:39
* maxb has far too many subtley different flavours of that code21:42
gaspageser, Laney: shouldn't we request a sync for ocaml 3.11.1-somewhat?22:02
Laneythere are issues there22:03
gaspaLaney: any pointers?22:04
Laneysee u-d-d22:05
Laneyalso why do you think I'm interested in ocaml ¬_¬22:05
gaspa:) because of your reply to u-d-d ? :)22:06
fabrice_spjust in case someone is interested: I've been able to get the correct python path by adding --exec_prefix=/usr to configure call (needed by automake to detect correct path) and running automake/autoconf/aclocal . Now, I have  to do the patch...22:07
ftaare H.264 codecs considered acceptable for main/universe? or are they for multiverse?22:08
LaneyI'm just a generally helpful chap22:08
Adri2000RainCT: looks good :)22:42
RoAkSoAxHey guys is it possible to request a sync but at the same time to make a change, so that sync+change are done in one upload?23:04
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, I guess you're missing what a sync is then23:06
sorenRoAkSoAx: If you want to make a change, you just upload the new version. No need to sync the vanilla package from Debian first and then make the changes.23:07
bluekujasoren, depends from what kind of changes debian has ready23:09
bluekujasoren, usually it's good to not do useless changes preventing to merge them23:10
RoAkSoAxbluekuja, soren . I've dropped all the changes in Ubuntu since they are now included upstream, however I still need to make a change to the .install file23:10
sorenbluekuja: Eh?23:10
sorenRoAkSoAx: Changes are changes.23:11
RoAkSoAxso it would not actually be a merge, just a sync, but applying a change23:11
sorenRoAkSoAx: That's what a merge is :)23:11
RoAkSoAxsoren, right but I've been explained before that if there are *no remaining changes* and I'm introducing new changes, it would first sync, and then apply my new changes23:12
bluekujasoren, my point was to not change the package for an useless change23:12
bluekujasoren, but I wanted RoAkSoAx to keep in touch with debian23:12
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, yeah23:13
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, ask the sync23:13
bluekujaand then do your changes23:13
soren?!? When did we start doing this? What's the point?23:14
DktrKranzwhat's the point asking for a sync, then apply changes again?23:14
bluekujaDktrKranz, he wanted to apply new changes23:14
bluekujanew debian package included upstream changes23:15
RoAkSoAxright but i've told before that I could do something like:23:15
RoAkSoAxSync from debian unstable (LP: #XXXXX)23:15
RoAkSoAxdebian/quodlibet-ext.install: Change from '/site-packages/' to '/*-packages/'.23:15
DktrKranzproceed as you are trying to merge, instead of "merge from debian" use something like "resync from Debian"23:15
DktrKranzand then add a new bullet point describing change you're going to make23:15
AmpelbeinRoAkSoAx: thats a merge.23:15
AmpelbeinRoAkSoAx: you take the debian packaging and change what's needed.23:15
DktrKranzthat way you can state no ubuntu changes left to be merged, but a new one to be made23:16
bluekujasoren, he said debian introduced the new upstream release23:16
bluekujasoren, so ubuntu remaining changes can be deleted right?23:16
sorenbluekuja: Depends.23:16
bluekujasoren, yes, but if for istance they can be dropped23:17
sorenbluekuja: Yes..23:17
bluekujasoren, he wants to add a new change to the package23:17
DktrKranzbluekuja, no need to sync. you waste buildd and archive-administrator time jus to process something it won't fit ubuntu23:17
sorenbluekuja: Yes...23:17
bluekujasoren, what do you do?23:18
bluekujaDktrKranz, and what about debian changes then?23:18
sorenbluekuja: If they can all be dropped and I don't have any other changes? I'd sync. If I have other changes, I'll just apply them and upload.23:18
bluekujasoren, apply them where?23:18
DktrKranzdebian changes come in as a normal merge23:18
bluekujasoren, to debian package or to latest ubuntu revision?23:18
bluekujaDktrKranz, yeah, so he do the change23:19
bluekujaDktrKranz, and then resync with debian23:19
sorenbluekuja: That will lose the changes!23:19
bluekujasoren, don't misunderstand me23:19
DktrKranzbluekuja, if Debian includes *all* ubuntu changes, including the new one, agreed23:19
sorenSync with Debian == Take whatever is in Debian and put it as is in to Ubuntu.23:20
bluekujasoren, I was talking about what DktrKranz said before23:20
bluekuja<DktrKranz> proceed as you are trying to merge, instead of "merge from debian" use something like "resync from Debian"23:20
DktrKranzbut if we have to add another one on top of the current Debian package, just take Debian package, apply new ubuntu change and then upload23:20
DktrKranzno need to sync23:20
bluekujaDktrKranz, exactly23:21
bluekujaDktrKranz, you get latest debian, apply ubuntu changes23:21
bluekujaand done23:21
sorenbluekuja: Yes! That's what a merge is.23:21
sorenbluekuja: Syncing the pristine debian package first is pointless.23:21
bluekujasoren, I know23:22
bluekujasoren, I didnt explain what I wanted in the right way23:22
RoAkSoAxOK so changelog would be something like: * Sync from debian unstable (LP: #XXXXX)23:22
RoAkSoAx* debian/quodlibet-ext.install: Change from '/site-packages/' to '/*-packages/'.23:22
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, nope23:23
sorenRoAkSoAx: What would that LP ref be?23:23
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, as we stated now it's a merge23:23
bluekujasoren, LP bug for sponsors23:23
RoAkSoAxsoren, Yes I would be filling a bug to request sponsorship23:23
RoAkSoAxthat's what I was actually asking23:24
RoAkSoAxIf I should request a sync bug, and apply my change23:24
bluekujasoren, what I understood from you, was taking the ubuntu package, apply the change, then merge again23:25
bluekujasoren, so I was a bit confused of that23:25
bluekujae.g doing things two times23:26
sorenWell... That's not what I meant at all.23:26
bluekujayeah, I understood it wrong23:26
sorenAlright :)23:26
bluekujasoren, sorry ;)23:26
RoAkSoAxok so should I just file a sync bug, and provide my debdiff with the change right?23:27
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, a merge bug23:27
* soren wanders off23:27
RoAkSoAxso changelog would be:23:28
RoAkSoAx* Merge from debian unstable (LP: #), no remaining changes.23:28
RoAkSoAx* debian/quodlibet-ext.install: Change from '/site-packages/' to '/*-packages/'.23:28
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, first of all explain why remaining changes can be dropped23:28
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, than explain your change23:28
taggartStevenK: hey you included fossology in karmic yesterday, but I am wondering why I am seeing 1.0.0-2 on packages.u.c instead of 1.1.0-123:29
DktrKranzRoAkSoAx, in such a case, I usually adopt this form of changelog entry: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/starplot/+bug/197033/comments/623:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 197033 in starplot "Merge starplot 0.95.4-4 from Debian(Unstable)" [Wishlist,Fix released]23:29
RoAkSoAxDktrKranz, That's exactly what I wanted to know then :).23:30
RoAkSoAxthanks a lot to all of you guys23:30
nellerytaggart: p.u.c probably wasn't updated yet, but it's at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fossology23:30
DktrKranznice times when I sponsored sebner ;)23:31
RoAkSoAxDktrKranz, btw, thanks for reviewing lekhonee package, I've made the changes and posted my doubts on how to proceed on revu.ubuntuwire.com :)23:31
bluekujaRoAkSoAx, np23:31
RoAkSoAxbluekuja, :)23:32
DktrKranzRoAkSoAx,  remember me to look again, with the hope that the annoying bug I've just discovered in cdbs is fixed in the meantime23:33
RoAkSoAxDktrKranz, will do :)23:33
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taggartnellery: sweet thanks23:36
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jayteeukGood evening all.  Just.23:59

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