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BUGabundofta apt url not working on 3.6?00:37
micahgapturl works because of ubufox00:38
micahgI believe00:39
ftadoes it even work in 3.5?00:40
micahgin karmic it should now00:40
micahgasac: released it00:40
micahgI had to roll it back because it screwed up flash foe00:40
micahgfor me00:40
BUGabundosince it prob won't work on 3.600:41
BUGabundoI can't use apturl00:41
micahgBUGabundo: you can try to override compatability and try it in 3.600:41
fta$ ls -l /etc/firefox-3.*/pref/apturl.js00:41
fta-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 246 2008-03-28 15:44 /etc/firefox-3.0/pref/apturl.js00:41
BUGabundolast time it was a mess00:41
fta$ dpkg -S apturl.js00:42
ftaapturl: /etc/firefox-3.0/pref/apturl.js00:42
ftaapturl: /usr/share/firefox/defaults/pref/apturl.js00:42
micahgbut ubufox is what works with apturl00:42
BUGabundosome one forgot to commit00:42
ftai remember i had to add support for ff3.0 last year00:45
ftabug 20728100:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 207281 in xulrunner-1.9 "[hardy beta] firefox3b4 does not recognize apturls (apt://) (dup-of: 203538)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20728100:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203538 in apturl "Don't work with Firefox3 beta5" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20353800:45
micahglooks like that's another thing we need to abstact out like the search plugins into a generic local00:46
ftai won't touch it, i think asac already has something in mind for that00:48
micahgI'll talk to him about it tomorrow00:49
BUGabundoone strange think I'm noticing00:51
BUGabundoI set my cookies to ASK00:51
BUGabundoI only have like 15 cookies on my FF00:51
BUGabundobut on deviantart.com/00:51
BUGabundoI get asked on every page if I want to save the cookie and in every I say NO00:51
BUGabundowhy doesn't FF remember it?00:52
micahgbecause each page is a new subdomain00:53
micahgcookies can be per  domain or per subdomain00:53
micahgyou can probbaly deny cookies for a certain domain if you want00:55
EruditeHermitfta: asac hey01:54
e-jat!ping fta ..03:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ping fta ..03:40
* asac back from the dead08:00
asacLLStarks: pong08:00
asacLLStarks: i dont know08:01
LLStarksyou see it though, right?08:01
asacwhich ffox?08:01
LLStarksfrom the ppa08:02
asacsince when ?08:02
LLStarksa few days08:02
asachavent updated my dailies for a few dys08:02
asacwill do that now08:02
micahghi asac08:04
asachi micahg08:04
* asac scrolls back08:04
micahgwhere should we move the user agent discussion if at all?08:04
asacmicahg: you say folks still complaining about Shiretoko?08:07
asacstill folks complaining? dont we have a bug where we can point them to?08:07
asacLLStarks: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9.2a1pre) Gecko/20090713 Ubuntu/9.10 (karmic) Minefield/3.6a1pre08:08
asacthat one is still ok08:08
asacnow upgrading08:08
LLStarksMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9.2a1pre) Gecko/20090719 Ubuntu/9.10 (Karmic Koala) Firefox/3.6a1pre - Build ID: 2009071915401908:08
LLStarksyes, i know it's a bit franksteing08:09
asacnow testing08:09
LLStarksbut i do it for compat sake08:09
asacstill upgrading ;)08:09
asaci think this upgrade will take a bit; i get a coffee now08:10
micahg1asac: yeah, they;re complaining in the bug08:18
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micahgasac: I don't know how to make it any clearer08:32
micahgshould we keep going back and forth in the bug?08:32
asaci think its ok08:37
asacjust dont feed them08:38
asacthere is not much more we can tell08:38
asacwe will soon enough make it firefox08:38
micahgjust let them keep going back and forth them?08:38
micahgin Jaunty?08:38
asaci will think about it once we have it in karmic08:39
micahgso, what about the user agent stuff08:39
micahgshould I report any more?08:39
asachmm gone ;)08:40
micahgoh, also, gnomefreak make the debdiff for the ubufox is recommended problem08:41
e-jatasac: would u mind to check this bug 40120708:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401207 in firefox-3.5 "shiretoko crash when closing page pdf viewed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40120708:44
e-jatit occurs for shiretoko n minefield08:44
asacasac: adobe reader?08:52
micahgwe have the plugin in the partner repo08:52
micahgBTW, asac, just triaged a bug where FF3.5 won't quit on ext408:54
micahgbug 40008808:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400088 in firefox-3.5 "Firefox 3.5 doesn't terminate with home dir on ext4" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40008808:54
* micahg is off to bed08:55
asacmicahg: sleep well08:56
micahgthanks :)08:56
asacmicahg: where did gnomefreak put the debdiff?08:56
asac(for ubufox)08:56
asace-jat: epends on the the backtrace if its triaged09:38
asaclet me look09:38
e-jati follow the  wiki .. to debug it ..09:40
asace-jat: please use ubuntu-bug firefox-3.5 to file bugs in future ;)09:40
asacthat will attach loads of info that is helpful09:40
asace-jat: i think you can run apport-collect now09:40
asacto attach that info as well09:41
e-jatyeah .. forgot about that .. doing the apport-collect now ..09:44
e-jatasac: im using adobe reader 9.109:49
LLStarksasac, is the font smoothing bug present on your machine?09:51
e-jatLLStarks: font smoothing?09:52
asacLLStarks: let me check. upgrad should be there now ;)09:55
asacso the profile dialog works as before09:55
asacno it work09:55
e-jatasac: from the full bt output .. where should i look the main cause it break?09:57
asacLLStarks: http://people.canonical.com/~asac//tmp/Moz36Jul20.png09:57
asace-jat: do you always get this BadAccess error?09:59
asacbuf = "BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0"09:59
asacprobably you see the error on the console too09:59
asacmozilla bug 45194410:02
ubottuMozilla bug 451944 in Plug-ins "Fx crashes when displaying PDF with Adobe Reader 9.0.0 with modified user agent string [@ msvcr80.dll@0x14500] ("nsPluginHostImpl::UserAgent return=(null)" when UA string exceeds a length limit (more than 25 extra characters))" [Critical,Resolved: duplicate] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45194410:02
asacmozilla bug 45715710:02
ubottuMozilla bug 457157 in Plug-ins "tab crash after destroying an embedded pdf object (Adobe Reader 9.0.0)" [Critical,Resolved: duplicate] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45715710:02
e-jatyeah .. i think it similiar :)10:04
asace-jat: didnt apport-collect work?10:04
asace-jat: its fixed10:04
asacit shouldnt be in 9.1 anymore i mean10:04
e-jathmm so .. what shall i do now ? remove the plugin n reinstall ?10:05
e-jatfor ff 3.0.11 its work well ..10:05
asace-jat: and 3.5?10:06
e-jatcrash .. same goes with 3.610:06
asac11:04 < asac> e-jat: didnt apport-collect work?10:08
e-jatasac: to collect info ?10:11
asace-jat: to attach that to the bug10:11
asaclike i asked you10:11
e-jatapport work ..10:11
asac10:40 < asac> e-jat: i think you can run apport-collect now10:11
asac10:41 < asac> to attach that info as well10:11
asac10:44 < e-jat> yeah .. forgot about that .. doing the apport-collect now ..10:11
asac10:48 < asac> thx10:11
asacthere is not info on the bug yet10:12
asacbug 40120710:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401207 in firefox-3.5 "shiretoko crash when closing page pdf viewed" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40120710:12
e-jatapport-collect data n dependecies already there10:12
asace-jat: thats what apport collect attached?10:15
asacthere should be a bunch of more stuff when you use ubuntu-bug firefox-3.510:15
asaci thought apport-collect would run the hook like ubuntu-bug10:15
e-jatanother thing .. my 3.5 n 3.6 look weird while at google main page .. it look like this : http://imagebin.ca/view/hC2n2dW.html10:20
e-jatit show long form fill10:20
ftaasac, hey, glad you're back10:20
ftaasac, some reading for you:10:20
ftaJul 18 19:19:33 <fta>   asac, http://groups.google.com/group/chromium-dev/browse_thread/thread/5dfbadda21300b37#10:20
ftaJul 18 19:20:02 <fta>   asac, http://groups.google.com/group/chromium-dev/browse_thread/thread/5bd9d185a45f81ba#10:20
ftaJul 18 19:35:39 <fta>   asac, http://groups.google.com/group/chromium-dev/browse_thread/thread/aabc1472bf19b2f5#10:20
ftaJul 19 02:15:52 <fta>   asac, funny.. http://codereview.chromium.org/15555810:21
ftaJul 20 00:25:32 <fta>   asac, http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/trunk/deps/third_party/ffmpeg/README.chromium :(10:21
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TomJaegerHi asac, can we talk about bug #217908 again?10:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 217908 in cairo "Pixellated Images in Firefox/Opera due to incorrect EXTEND_PAD implementation in several video drivers" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21790810:27
TomJaegerJeff has reviewed the patch I posted now10:27
asacfta: thanks. i had to get out over the weekend10:28
asacand then had no chance to look back ;)10:28
TomJaegerI still think we should go with this patch for now until we have the new x server and cairo in karmic: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/22544758/xulrunner-1.9.1.debdiff10:29
asacfta: thanks for those first three pointers10:33
asac" Flash calls gtk_widget_modify_bg from an expose handler"10:36
asachear hear10:36
asac+// Flash calls XGetWindowAttributes with a NULL display, which crashes.10:36
asac+// So we intercept that function and make sure the display is set.10:36
* asac wonders if those were filed upstream10:37
asacfta: do yo uknow if they work with adobe on such things?10:38
ftai think they do, did you read the comments below the patch?10:38
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/222582/10:42
reedasac: we (Mozilla) do report bugs to Adobe10:44
ftawhy does it suck so much then?10:48
asacreed: those are chromium hacks11:00
asacreed: we actually thought about using libjpeg from mozilla as the new system jpeg11:01
bluekujaasac, hi11:01
asacreed: because we think that  mozilla did the last optimizations on that otherwise dead upstream11:02
asacbut we ended up in crashes. you think it makes sense to file bugs about that?11:02
asacbluekuja: h11:02
bluekujaasac, we fixed the startup already on the first revision but my co-maint forgot to push them11:03
bluekujaasac, but now it's ok, fixed them and tried it out on pbuilder11:04
reedasac: sure, feel free11:04
asacbluekuja: so thats the thing i wanted to sponsor, but then someone else did?11:04
reedI do know there are some libjpeg patches still in bugzilla11:04
reedthat need to land sometime11:05
bluekujaasac, nope, it was cgmail11:05
bluekujaasac, we did so much changes on it (like 30+ lines changelog)11:05
asacreed: right. mozilla jpeg didnt really look more un-dead then upstream, except that moz has more patches on top :)11:06
asacbluekuja: why wasnt it tested?11:06
bluekujaasac, so we lost the change related to startup (e.g changing final dir to /usr/share/cgmail/stuff11:06
bluekujaasac, it was tested, but we had it working11:06
bluekujaasac, we had a working branch11:07
bluekujaasac, but we forgot to push the change related to startup11:07
asacwhy wasnt the bzr revision i was given tested?11:07
asacwhy did it work?11:07
asacis this a corner case?11:07
bluekujaasac, nope, we fixed the startup error and we had it working (as u can see in the changelog)11:08
bluekujaasac, but those changes weren't pushed to the branch11:08
asacwhy "we"11:08
asaci didnt test it at all11:08
bluekuja(maybe my co-maint forgot to do it)11:08
bluekujawe = me and my c-maint11:09
asacright. so the revision i was given wasnt tested ;)11:09
bluekujaasac, looks like we tried out our files11:10
bluekujaasac, which were working11:10
bluekujaasac, and maybe we forgot to push the changes we test directly to the branch11:10
asaci dont understand how that can happen with something packaged though11:10
asachow can two guys test the same without pushing?11:10
bluekujaasac, maybe we got confused with the huge changelog11:11
bluekujaasac, a lot of changes11:11
asacanyway. it just means the revision released wasnt tested ;)11:11
bluekujaasac, and we lost some pieces around11:11
asacwhich is bad. but we will get over it11:11
asacthe bug is marked pending.11:11
bluekujaasac, yep11:11
asacyou should always add changelog entry in the same commit you do the change11:12
asacin that wy you know that changelog reflects what is in the branch11:12
asacedit changelog, then use debcommit11:12
bluekujaasac, oh ok, I was used to first do the change and then update the changelog on the other rev11:12
bluekujaasac, anyway if you have unstable there, after you built the package, just install it and run it from console11:13
bluekujaasac, it *will* work11:13
asaci dont want to test anything. i expect any sponsoree to submit stuff that works :)11:14
bluekujaasac, k11:15
asacits ok. but not starting at all is really a gross bug ;)11:15
bluekujaasac, believe me I tested it11:15
bluekujaasac, and it worked over here11:15
asacwell. you didnt test it properly then11:15
bluekujaasac, or maybe I tested it on my files11:16
bluekujaasac, with everything updated and fixed11:16
asacthe file that is missing is package mangaed. that means it was in the package you tested, that mans you didnt build the package from the bzr branch11:16
bluekujaI built it externally thinking the branch was updated11:17
bluekujamy error11:17
bluekujabut the fix is ready, so, the problem doesnt exist11:17
bluekujaasac, gonna test it one more time11:22
bluekujaasac, gonna ping u when done11:22
TomJaegerasac, ping11:23
asacTomJaeger: hi. sorry if it felt like i ignore you ;)11:25
asaci saw you but then you scrollef of my radar ;)11:26
TomJaegerokay, so what do you think?11:26
* asac fights with launchpad11:27
asacthat bug is a mess11:27
asacTomJaeger: i think you need superreview ... https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42217911:29
asacreed: ^^?11:29
ubottuMozilla bug 422179 in GFX: Thebes "Implement Bug 381661 (bilinear filtering of upscaled images) for Linux" [Normal,New]11:29
TomJaegerDo we need to get patches reviewed that go in development versions?11:32
TomJaegerThe longer we wait, the less testing we get, and we might not be that far away from 1.7 being branched off and the closed-source drivers being shut out11:34
asacTomJaeger: we need to land it upstream, yes.11:42
asac1.7 branch is cairo?11:43
TomJaegerthis means essentially no testing for binary drivers11:43
asaccan you explain that to me? also why would rushing this fix in help?11:45
asacTomJaeger: ^^11:46
TomJaegerI'd prefer if the fix attached to the launchpad bug (not the one posted on the mozilla bugtracker), which unconditionally enables EXTEND_PAD be used for a while11:46
TomJaegerotherwise we'll have to wait for karmic upgrading to xserver-1.7 for the fix to kick in11:46
TomJaegerbinary drivers aren't usually available until the last minute before release (frglx for sure), so they won't get any testing11:47
TomJaegerat least that's how I think it works, I've never used the binary driver before11:48
TomJaegerbut the video driver API has definitely changed since 1.611:49
TomJaegerFor what it's worth, I haven't heard any complaints from nvidia/ati users, but I have no way of knowing how many people are actually using my firefox-smooth-scaling PPA11:51
asacTomJaeger: where was the full EXTEND_PAD patch suggested upstream?11:52
asacits not in that bug, right?11:52
asacin moz bug i mean11:52
TomJaegersorry, what was the question?11:53
asac12:52 < asac> TomJaeger: where was the full EXTEND_PAD patch suggested upstream?11:53
asac12:52 < asac> its not in that bug, right?11:53
asac12:52 < asac> in moz bug i mean11:53
asac12:46 < TomJaeger> I'd prefer if the fix attached to the launchpad bug (not the one posted on the mozilla bugtracker), which unconditionally enables EXTEND_PAD be  used for a while11:53
asacmeaning: i definitly cannot add this patch if its not in moz tracker11:54
asacif its in moz tracker we need to get it review-11:54
asace.g. i need to get them to review whatever we add11:55
asacwe can add it to trunk11:55
asacbut thats basically all we can do and we dont have that many users on trunk dailies11:55
TomJaegerso I might as well not go though all the work of getting this patch reviewed and explaining all the details to upstream, because nobody is going to test it anyway11:57
asacTomJaeger: you mean the 1.7 server fix?11:58
TomJaegerno, I mean the unconditional one11:58
asaci think that should be pushed through11:58
asacright. but if you dont do it, then i have to do it - in theory before landing it11:58
asaci could add it until we rebrand firefox, but that might not be long enough to be of any value11:59
asaci could add it to 3.5 in karmic i mean11:59
asacafaics the 1.7 server fix will get landed and we should concentrate on cherry picking that. why wouldnt it work?11:59
TomJaegerit'll work, but it'll depend on xserver 1.712:00
asacalso if we add the 1.7 server fix we could at least ask our X maintainer to remind binary driver providers to test this bug before sending it in12:00
asacyou think thats a good compromise?12:00
asacfree drivers will get enough testing i presume12:00
TomJaegeryes, free drivers should be fine12:01
TomJaegerokay, so let's do that12:01
asacright. so it all depends on the non-fre ones. imo only thing we can do is really raise awareness aobut this12:01
asaci mean even testing xserver 1.6 might not help because you never know what regressions you get in the new driveres12:02
asacespecially since api changes etc.12:02
asacso it might work well, and then i wouldnt be shocked if it doesnt work with 1.7 anyway12:02
asaclets follow this 1.7 patch through ... and rather get permission to cherry pick it to 3.5 (in case they dont want it upstream on that branch)12:03
TomJaegerokay, sounds good12:03
TomJaegerhow does the superreview process work?12:03
asacTomJaeger: you need to ask superreview from a superreviewer ;)12:04
asacwait a sec12:04
asacTomJaeger: if you have that i can commit that for you12:05
TomJaegerit doesn't seem like this needs superreview12:05
asacTomJaeger: or you can add needs-checkin to whiteboard .. so some friendly moz committer does that12:05
asacTomJaeger: i think only reason its not needed is if the reviewer is superrevierwer12:06
asacat least that was my rule of thumb12:06
asacwhy do you think you dont need it?12:06
TomJaegerit doesn't really fall under any of the "What needs super-review?" categories.12:07
asacEffective immediately, super-review will be required for certain types of changes for _all_ code residing in mozilla-central (Hg) (and all release branches based on mozilla-central) unless explicitly exempted in the Exceptions section below.12:07
asaci asked reed to look, so he will guide you i am sure12:08
asacif he doesnt follow up later today (he is sleeping i guess) let me know12:12
TomJaegerokay, thanks. Will do.12:12
asacfta: there?13:27
fta2asac, ?13:47
fta2i wish someone fixes bug 243344..13:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243344 in scim-bridge "scim-bridge crashed with SIGSEGV in scim::IMEngineInstanceBase::get_frontend_data()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24334413:49
asacfta2: isnt that an ArneGoetje bug?13:59
asacdoes it crash all the apps or just the scim server side?14:00
asacfta2: http://hg.mozilla.org/users/dmills_mozilla.com/about-tab14:00
fta2just scim14:00
fta2asac, dead since april?14:01
asacfta2: could be that it moved somewhere else. most likely its just that they noticed that they wont get it done for 3.5 and so it got lower priority again now14:02
fta2asac, do you know the current status of the multi-arch project?14:20
fta2i guess i can ask mvo14:20
asaci have no idea. ask mvo, yes.14:21
asacat best in ubuntu-devel14:21
asacmost people that know about that are probably there14:21
asacfta2: so all im libs are missing?14:22
asachave you tried if it works if those get installed?14:22
fta2there are dozens of ia32-libs related bugs currently open :(14:24
fta2maybe we should have an ia32-libs ppa, auto updated like my ia32-*-chromium-* package so we can add the missing pieces (debs, links) and keep it up-to-date security wise, at least at the level of each distro14:28
asacfta2: you say stop distributing it in the archive?14:31
asacor have a ppa to layer on top?14:31
asachow would that ppa get enabled? automagically?14:31
fta2asac, i'm not sure it's possible to run fetch-* directly inside the builders14:54
asacfta2: what does fetch- do?14:55
fta2asac, .. but the idea would be to auto-update the debs in it, create a kind of hash, if it's different, push that to the ppa. at build time, add the missing links like in karmic, eventually tweak control with the other ia32 packages15:10
fta2asac, fetch-* downloads the indexes, then grab all the debs and the corresponding source packages15:11
eagles051387hey asac and fta2 how you guys doing15:13
asacgood ;)15:13
asachope you too15:13
fta2asac, i'm quite sure it's possible to do something with a bunch pbuilders, i'm just afraid i don't have the resources to test on anything but karmic15:13
eagles051387ya trying to get used to my mac15:13
eagles051387and im contemplating setting up another vm to push to karmic while i keep one for jaunty so i can test stuff for you guys15:13
* eagles051387 waits to get scolded for getting a mac lol15:14
asacfta2: before thinking further we should understand what the state of the multiarch effort is and what exactly they plan todo15:14
* eagles051387 sits and waits for the lecture to start on multiarch effort15:14
fta2asac, multiarch will do no good to jaunty<->hardy15:15
eagles051387asac: does this have to do with multiple processor architectures15:15
fta2eagles051387, no, it's about running 32bit on 64bit distro, but without the ia32-libs crap15:16
eagles051387that sounds interesting15:16
eagles051387would love to figure out how mac is gonna do it in their next release15:16
asacfta2: i am not sure how much effort we really want to put into hardy <-> jaunty15:17
asacfact is that we all dont even have that installed15:17
asacand also this sounds like an endless support nightmare15:18
asace.g. the more you try to do better the more requests and complains you will get etc.15:18
fta2i expect things to be quite stable there15:18
asacfta2: how many ia32 packages do you suggest?15:19
asaclike one per seed?15:20
asacor random? e.g. one for chromium, one for other stuff?15:20
asacor like it is now=15:20
fta2one per seed15:20
asacand where would special depends for things not in the seeds (like chromium) go in?15:21
asacwould you maintain unofficial seeds for that?15:21
fta2the thing is, there are some rogue ia32 packages that people found somewhere to fix their own bugs15:21
eagles051387asac: i would be willing to test it out with various things like shoutcast if need be15:22
eagles051387i can upgrade my desktop upstairs to karmic and start testing15:22
asaceagles051387: what particular do you want to test?15:22
eagles051387the multiarch stuff15:23
eagles051387i have 64bit jaunty currently on my desktop i have in the other room15:23
asaceagles051387: i dont think we have something to test right now. we are discussing what we could improve and found that we couldnt even test whatever we decide to do15:24
asacfta2: i didnt question the idea of fixing the ia32 packages. just want to understand whats the idea :)15:24
eagles051387asac: would you like me to try and figure out how its gonna work in mac when the release the next version of it15:25
asaceagles051387: as soon as we have something we are happy to have testers i am sure15:25
eagles051387cuz from what i have been talking to people in mac channel they are saying that it doesnt use ia32-libs and and you both discussing this has got me interested to figure out how mac has it implemented15:25
asaceagles051387: if you could explain how that works that would be great. however its unlikely that their solution would help us to fix issues in the old releases ... maybe it helps to get a better solution for future though15:26
eagles051387hardy is lts right15:26
eagles051387humm ok15:27
eagles051387ill try do some digging and see what i can find15:28
fta2asac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/222756/15:37
fta2so obviously, many attempted to fix the problem by doing additional packages15:39
fta2and it doesn't work, as you can't depend on 2 hacks providing the same fix15:42
asacproblem obviously also is if there are intersections between different ia32 packages15:44
asacso its hard to do any split technically15:44
fta2this is an example of rogue packages15:47
fta2brb, reboot needed15:52
fta2asac, tb3 broke the bot, somehow16:23
asacfta2: is that in the mail that got send?16:23
* asac pulls inbox16:24
fta2at the end16:24
fta2the bot should probably do something smarter there16:30
asaci dont see what happens16:31
fta2just dying is not the solution :S16:31
asacthe command printed is supposed to be the real command right?16:31
asacor is there something liek revisions etc. omitted?16:31
fta2hg clone sort of failed16:31
asacthe command i see htere looks ok16:31
fta2it's the same command16:31
asacis that a new directory it uses? or somethign with an existing checkout?16:31
asacmaybe its a hg regression?16:31
asacwas there a mecurial upgrade recently?16:32
fta2Thu, 09 Jul 2009 17:21:25 +020016:32
asacwhen did you pull that update on your bot machine?16:32
asaccheck dpkg log16:33
fta2reboot at 16:54, the bot kicked off at 17:00, close but that's not it16:34
fta22009-07-12 for hg16:35
asacreboot? because you upgraded?16:36
fta2pending upgrade, from earlier16:37
fta2pending reboot, from earlier16:37
asacok. so hg didnt get updated in todays batch16:37
asacanything else changed in todays upgrade?16:37
fta2yeah, a lot16:38
asaclet me run that ocmmand16:38
asacmaybe hg is busted upstream ;)16:38
asacyou never know16:38
fta2just did ff and xul before16:39
fta2asac, seems fine now16:41
asacso maybe upstream hg was really busted16:41
asacbluekuja: so bad news is that my debian system is really offline16:44
bluekujaasac, really?16:44
asaci wanted to get connman up now because folks really wanted it, but then noticed its not there :(16:44
bluekujaasac, aww16:45
asac ping -n hector16:45
asacPING hector.personalfree.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.16:45
asacFrom icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable16:45
bluekujahow long will it take to have it back?16:46
bluekujaasac, anyway we have decided to move using debhelper, cdbs seems to be broken in karmic16:47
asacbluekuja: broken? in which sense?16:50
bluekujaasac, I dunno if the problem is pysupport or cdbs16:52
asacwhat _is_ the problem :/16:52
bluekujaasac, because it doesnt recognize executables and searches data/stuff on the global namespace16:52
bluekujaasac, and into pysupport.private, you can find all files except executables16:53
bluekujaasac, but I dist-upgraded this afternoon, maybe something is broken on my system16:53
bluekujaasac, this evening the other guy will try it on his system16:53
asaci wouldnt shift to a different packaging approach just because sometihng suddenly doesnt work anymore16:53
bluekujaasac, works in debian16:54
bluekujaasac, not in ubuntu16:54
bluekujaasac, problem is: if something is really broken it will take time to have it working again16:54
asacbluekuja: check on -motu whats best to use for python so it can be used accross distros16:54
asacthey know for sure16:54
asacbut i dont because i am not a python man ;)16:54
asacbluekuja: i am sure there is a right way; switching to debhelper sounds like the wrong way :) ... you need to use pysupport etc. anyway afaik16:55
bluekujaasac, yeah, I'll try to fix it with cdbs then16:55
bluekujaasac, how long till ur system gets back?16:57
asacbluekuja: till i get back to the physical location16:59
asacwhich is Thursday evening most likely16:59
bluekujaoh damn16:59
bluekujathis is a really bad news16:59
bluekujaasac, maybe connection went down?16:59
bluekujaand will be back?17:00
asacno. i remember having it shut off17:00
asacand not remembering it to put on because i left early in the morning17:00
asac(i had friend sleeping in that room before i left ... which is why i turned it off)17:00
bluekujaoh ok17:00
asacbluekuja: ask the guy who sponsored the other package maybe?17:01
bluekujaasac, yeah17:01
bluekujaasac, did u read the email i sent u the other week?17:02
asacthat takes a bit i am sure. i cannot do that one week after you reappeared17:02
asacnot sure what i should write even17:03
bluekujaasac, another bad news?17:03
asacfrom a social point, I would love to, but if you reflect realistically on it you will probably agree.17:04
bluekujaasac, yeah, I agree with your point17:04
bluekujaasac, just hoping it won't take ages17:04
asacages not ... a while, yes.17:04
bluekujaasac, wanted to start it before september cause more time to work on17:05
bluekujait was the only motivation17:05
bluekujabut np17:05
asacgreat. dont feel bad about it ;)17:05
asacyou already got back to -motu easily17:05
bluekujaasac, yep, I did tons of packages previous years17:06
bluekujaasac, and I didnt forget how they works17:06
micahgasac: was 3.0.12 built with the fix for touching .autoreg?17:08
micahgFF ^^17:08
asacmicahg: i think so ... but most likely depends on the release17:08
asackarmic == yes, <=jaunty ~= no17:09
micahgso we're still going to get autoreg bugs?17:09
micahglike bug 40055517:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400555 in firefox-3.0 "package firefox-3.0 3.0.11+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: error creating directory `./usr/lib/firefox-3.0.11/components': No such file or directory" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40055517:09
asacmicahg: which releases did we get that from?17:09
micahgthat was for 3.0.1117:09
bluekujaasac, is chromium a good browser?17:10
asacbluekuja: try it yourself17:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chromium17:10
micahgyou fixed the 3.5 and committed the fix for 3.0 as well17:10
micahgjust wondering where it got applied17:10
bluekujamicahg, do you use karmic?17:10
micahgbluekuja: no17:10
micahgnot until Beta17:10
bluekujamicahg, unstable?17:11
asacbluekuja: https://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa17:11
micahgno, jaunty17:11
bluekujaah ok17:11
bluekujaasac, ty17:11
micahgwith selected packages backported17:11
micahgit's my work system17:11
asacmicahg: how many dupes did we get onh .autoreg yet?17:11
micahgjust 1 so far...17:11
micahgI think most people have FF installed already17:11
micahgbut I figured it was easy to fix17:12
micahgand not really a dup, just 1 for 3.5 and 1 for 3.017:12
asacmicahg: to understand the impact of this we need to figure if this is a regression or just a corner case triggering this17:13
micahgok, I'll ping the 3.0 user to see if it was a first install of FF317:13
micahgthat's my guess17:13
micahgah, you already requested info :)17:14
asacnow more17:14
micahgasac: is it normal to show my signature like in that bug?17:15
asacmicahg: is probably a malone bug. but if you send by email thats what happens, yes17:15
asacif you send with mime signature then it even has an attachment afaik17:15
micahgok, I wanted to try the command by e-mail17:16
micahgso I enabled my signature17:16
micahgoh, we were talking about centraling the directory where apturl stores the .js files17:17
micahgso apturl doesn't need to be updated every ff release17:17
micahgit could go in the same dir as the search engine plugins17:17
asacwhat do you mean? /etc/firefox-3.0/pref ?17:18
micahgyeah, right now it's here 40179417:18
micahgbut ff3.5 doesn't seem to support it17:19
asaci dont think that that is used17:19
micahgubufox provides the js file for apturl?17:19
asacwell, what i dont want to do is to add another preferences directory17:19
asaci dont think preferences work with bundles (which we could otherwise use)17:19
micahgcan't we make /firefox/ without a version the master prefs dir?17:19
asacmicahg: which file in ubufox do you see?17:20
* asac thinks its only shipped by apturl17:21
micahgI didn't see one, you just mentioned that you don't think that file is it, that's the file that's in apturl17:23
micahgthat one :)17:23
micahgthere are 2 in there now17:23
asacoh two handlers. yes.17:24
asacapt + apt +xxx ?17:24
asacyes. thats ok17:24
asacwe could drop the firefox location17:25
asacthats ffox 217:25
micahgwon't we need a third for ff3.5?17:25
micahgcan't we just make like /etc/firefox?17:25
asacprefs might be incompatible17:25
asacso we would need versioned dirs anyway if we want two instances to be installabl17:26
micahgoh, ok17:26
asac/etc/firefox would hence mean a third, "common" location17:26
* micahg has to get ready for work17:26
* micahg will be back later to chat about this17:26
micahgthanks :)17:26
asacgreat cu17:26
bluekujaasac, are you able to test if a package runs for me?17:33
bluekujaasac, with karmic of course17:34
bluekuja* you17:34
asacno time for now17:38
kaddihi, i'm on kubuntu jaunty and FF isn't closing correctly (even if I use file->exit). It keeps running after I hit the x, is there anything to fix this?17:50
asacwhy do you think its still running?17:53
asackaddi: ?17:53
kaddibeause when I try to open FF again, it says "Firefox is already running please close before proceeding". And when I check top it also shows FF as running (and not just a short time. I left the PC running over night, but FF was still active, just no windows opened anymore)17:54
asackaddi: sounds odd.17:56
asacso you can log out? and it keeps on running?17:56
asacthats really crazy. can you killall firefox / firefox-3.5 it?17:56
kaddiasac this problem has been present throughout firefox 3.0.7 to 3.5, creating a new profile didn't help, moving  .mozilla didn't help. Up til now it didn't bother me too much, because I just use killall firefox before starting firefox. But with the latest update the binary seems to be in /ust/lib/firefox-3.5.1 and killall doesn't touch that one, I need to find it with top and kill17:57
asackaddi: you run firefox-3.5?17:58
asackillall firefox-3.5 then ;)17:58
kaddiI have been running it for a couple of weeks17:58
asacbut anyway. what extensions are you using? try to disable them one by one17:58
kaddiI know ;)17:58
asacusually such kind of things are caused by rogue extensions ;)17:58
kaddithe problem also appears in safe-mode or with a completely new profile.17:58
asackaddi: the other problem on kde is the gtk engine17:59
kaddikillall firefox-3.5 doesn't work, as mentioned before.. (sry i'm catching up ;) )17:59
asactry to use a gtk engine that gnome uses17:59
asac(and not the special gtk qt thing or whatever its called ;))17:59
kaddihow do i do that?17:59
kaddi sry18:00
asacnot sure18:00
asackaddi: dpkg -l gtk-engin*18:00
kaddiasac: I'll be right back, I have the gnome desktop installed, and will just switch over and run FF in it to see whether that changes anything18:01
* asac goes in after hour mode ... getting food stocks etc18:02
bluekujahave fun18:04
kaddiasac: it actually seems to work fine with gnome18:09
kaddiI closed it a couple of times and got no complaints :o18:10
kaddiso it is the rendering in kde that poses the problem?18:10
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
kaddiso do you have any idea how to make this work with kde?18:13
kaddiasac you still there?18:22
bluekujakaddi, he elft18:27
bluekuja* left18:27
bluekujafor a while18:27
kaddihmm, ok :/18:29
kaddianyone got any suggestions then how to run FF on kde with the gtk-engine from gnome?18:30
bluekujanope sorry18:30
bluekujaI use gnome since ages18:30
kaddilol, this is annoying.. well maybe google will know18:31
asackaddi: do you have xulrunner-1.9*gnome-support instlaled?18:56
asacotherwise you probably will have to select a different gtk theme engine, yes.18:56
asacnot exactly how kde sets that, but probably some env18:56
asackaddi: (System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK Styles & Fonts) You can also set it to attempt to mimic your current Qt4/KDE4 theme, but that's really buggy.18:58
asacnot sure if that works18:58
asacjust a randome google hit18:58
kaddii have xulrunner 1.9 gnome support installed18:59
kaddiand google obviously likes you a lot better than me18:59
asacso GTK Styles & Fonts18:59
asacis there i kde control center?18:59
kaddineed to switch back19:00
kaddii don't see anything relating to gtk in kde helpcenter, however gtk-engine and gtk-qt-engine are installed19:06
kaddiok, found it :) it was under appearances19:08
asackaddi: does switching to something help?19:08
kaddiasac you're the best :D I changed the style to industrial and it works :D19:11
asackaddi: can you file a bug against gtk-engines-qt19:11
asacor something19:11
asackaddi: is that karmic or jaunty?19:11
kaddiI suppose I can, should I just write what I experienced, or do they need more info?19:11
asackaddi: hmm. there probably are bugs already.19:12
asackaddi: check it out : bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk2-engines-gtk-qt19:12
kaddiI checked with Firefox bugs mor than once, I think I even filed one once, but it never occurred to me, that it might be the gtk-qt-engine :p19:14
kaddiI'm lucky you're here, I guess. :)19:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 306056 in gtk-qt-engine "Firefox doesn't close properly - gtk-qt-engine" [Unknown,Confirmed]19:15
kaddithis one looks a lot loke my problem, should I jsut add a commentary about having the same problem with kde 4.2.4 and FF 3.5.1?19:16
asackaddi: no. there are enough me toos i think19:18
asackaddi: just subscribe yourself19:18
asacand answer if asked for input19:18
kaddithanks again and bye19:32
ftaasac, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/chromium-browser/+question/77578 :(19:49
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EruditeHermitfta: hey22:18
EruditeHermitfta: can I make a request with the o3d plugin?22:20
EruditeHermityou are including/compiling against nvidia cg 2.122:20
EruditeHermitbut that has a bug that makes it not work on ATI cards22:20
EruditeHermitcan you include the newer updated 2.2 version?22:20
EruditeHermitwhen I manually replaced the files with those from 2.2, it all worked22:21
BUGabundofta: (10:22:07 PM) seb128_: BUGabundo, ok, the amd64 build lacks the png loader for some reason22:25
BUGabundodon't update. or will loose all icons :(22:25
ftaEruditeHermit, i ship what upstream ships, why can't *they* bump it?22:25
ftaBUGabundo, eh?22:26
ftaBUGabundo, build of what?22:26
BUGabundofta: x64 karmic22:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 401938 in gtk+2.0 "no icons" [Undecided,New]22:26
ftai'm x32 here22:27
BUGabundooh ok22:27
BUGabundofyi in any case22:27
ftaasac, do you have a page describing the automatic video codecs installation we have?22:38
EruditeHermitfta: so I have to bug upstream?22:39
ftaEruditeHermit, it's not that i don't want to do it, i would prefer to drop cg completely as discussed earlier, but there's no alternative today, and i didn't have time to touch o3d since we last talked22:40
ftaso yes, please file a bug22:41
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo

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