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Guest92063hi I need help for my first tv tuner on linux please !!!04:27
Guest92063hey !!!04:28
Guest92063Technophil are you good with tv tuners on linux ???04:29
Guest92063hey !!!04:30
Guest92063do we need to spam to be helped here ???04:31
Guest92063hey noobs how are you going ?04:38
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Guest40885hello |||05:21
Guest40885someone here ?05:21
Guest40885can you answer ?05:21
tgm4883!ask | Guest4088505:21
ZinnGuest40885: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.05:21
Guest40885are u shy ?05:21
Guest40885I need help please !!!05:21
tgm4883Guest40885, don't do that05:21
rhpot1991!ask | tgm488305:26
Zinntgm4883: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.05:26
rhpot1991tgm4883: it works05:26
rhpot1991you should stop that05:27
rhpot1991right now05:27
tgm4883and your done05:27
Guest40885noobs !!!05:27
Guest40885I hate noobs05:27
Guest40885ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS x64 with kernel included tv tuner wintvpvr usb 2 ... how I install it ?05:33
foxbuntuGuest40885, this is against my better judgement based on your previous actions in here. However here is the information you need: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_WinTV-PVR-USB205:35
Guest40885that don't tell me how to use it ...05:36
foxbuntuGuest40885, it tells you exactly how to set it up05:36
Guest40885exactly in geek language yes but not in mine05:37
foxbuntuGuest40885, Im sorry, but I am not paid support. People in here are more likely t help if you are patient and at least try things that are documented prior to asking for someone to just set it up for you.05:38
Guest40885Driver pvrusb2 from http://www.isely.net/pvrusb2/pvrusb2.html (included with recent kernels).  does it need a driver or not ou hardy ?05:39
foxbuntuGuest40885, please reference the document I sent you.05:40
Guest40885I can't understand it so I asked a little question !!!05:41
foxbuntuGuest40885, if you decide my advice is too complex or something you are not willing to do, I suggest either waiting for someone else in here or using http://www.google.com --or-- http://www.ubuntuforums.com/05:41
ZinnSorry I don't know about ping05:41
Guest40885!get ip05:42
ZinnSorry I don't know about get ip05:42
foxbuntuGuest40885, also for future reference, spaming the channel is rude and will not be tolerated05:42
Guest40885foxbuntu remember the day that you don't help peoples cause I could be your life pain ...05:43
Guest40885!kiss of death script05:43
ZinnSorry I don't know about kiss of death script05:43
tgm4883um, Guest40885 did you just threaten him05:43
Guest40885your Zinn bot don't reply to this strict nice !!!05:44
foxbuntuGuest40885, I highly suggest knowing who you are talking to before opening your mouth about something you don't understand05:44
rhpot1991"please help me, or else..."05:44
Guest40885now your bot has a little something more enjoy05:44
foxbuntusure he does05:45
Guest40885my name on it hahaha !!!05:45
* tgm4883 sighs05:45
Guest40885tgm4883 hope you like instrusive scripts05:46
foxbuntutgm4883, let hm back for a sec05:47
tgm4883hes done05:47
foxbuntuyou can reban him in a sec05:47
tgm4883hes not getting back in05:47
tgm4883if I see anyone unban him, they will be banned too05:47
tgm4883I told him to be civil05:50
tgm4883so for everyone else in the channel, that is your warning too05:50
tgm4883alright, off to bed05:50
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Totally_ZZzzzzzzGod morning. I am trying to configure an MCE Remote so that when I press the 'Recorded TV' button on the remote when in LiveTV the frontend displays the 'Recordings' screen. Is this possible? If it is can you tell me where to find the key binding for this? Thanks10:28
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styelzhello, is there an australian mirror for weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org ? or a list i can get10:40
wombono, but it would be really good to have one10:53
womboI wonder if iiNet would be interested10:53
EssobiGoood morning!14:20
MythbuntuGuest45Quick question for anyone who can help. I just upgraded to mythbuntu 9.04 and now my remote doesn't work. it is a dvico usb remote and when I run irw in the terminal I get connect: Connection refused17:27
MythbuntuGuest45I try to restart lirc by using sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart and I get the following17:28
MythbuntuGuest45* Stopping remote control daemon(s): LIRC                               [fail]17:28
MythbuntuGuest45It worked fine in 8.0417:34
MythbuntuGuest33got disconnected. I was the one that asked the question about lirc earlier17:43
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Velouriahi there18:12
Velouriai have some questions concerning mythtv and DVB-S, particularly using a CAM18:13
VelouriaI can get FTA channels to correctly tune and display, but am struggling with any encrypted channels18:14
VelouriaI have a Mystique SaTix DVB-S card with CI and Irdeto CAM, and have compiled the dvb kernel modules from the s2-liplianin sources18:16
VelouriaHowever, I can't for the life of me get any encrypted channels to work18:17
VelouriaThis isn't limited to Mythtv though, VDR and Kaffeine also don't work18:17
VelouriaI have tested the card and CAM under windows and everything worked correctly...18:18
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