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tritiumnalioth: assistance, please02:54
jribtritium: did you ban before?02:54
tritiumjrib: yes02:54
jribI don't see a +b recently02:54
jriblist is full tritium 02:54
tritiumjrib: ah02:55
tritiumHe need to be klined.02:55
jribi removed one of my old bans for now02:56
tritiumThanks.  I should clear out some of mine.02:56
jrib!ops | ban list in #ubuntu is full02:57
ubottuban list in #ubuntu is full: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:57
ubottujrib called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (ban list in #ubuntu is full)02:57
jribargh, ban tracker isn't searching correctly...02:59
PriceyI'll get rid of anything old by the flootbots02:59
jribis the bantracker search working for you?  I try to only check "search in existing bans" but it returns everything03:01
tritiumYes, it appears to be working.03:02
jribweird, I had to edit the url by hand to make everything say "off"03:05
tritiumwow, odd03:05
tritiumWhy do some entries list the nick, rather than the hostmask, but when I view the log, it shows the ban was by hostmask?  I can't seem to unban in such cases.03:13
PriceyI've gotten rid of ridiculously old stuff, as well as floodbot bands from before July.03:20
PriceyThere's still ridiculously old stuff there.03:20
Priceyfeel free to place anything back03:23
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (J_Dahmer)04:51
ikonia@bansearch Bilbo_Baggins06:29
ubottuMatch: Bilbo_*!*@* by elky in #ubuntu-offtopic on Jul 18 2009 14:57:34 (ID: 15584)06:29
Bilbo_BagginsHello.  I wish to make a sincere apology.06:39
Bilbo_BagginsYou may not forgive me elky, but I am truely sorry.06:40
ikoniaBilbo_Baggins: I suggest you wait for elky to be active and stop pasting logs in #ubuntu06:40
Bilbo_BagginsI would say I will not do it again, but I cannot do that either.....I want to be able to, though.  :(06:40
Bilbo_BagginsDid you see it, at least.  I meant for it to be part of the msg, but "EVERYONE" saw it...so.... um. Death is good at times, but not an option.06:41
ikoniaBilbo_Baggins: as elky is not available at this time, I suggest you leave the channel and try later, in the mean time I'm REQUESTING that you stay out of the #ubuntu based channels until you've spoken to elky - more so as you are telling me you can't control your behaviour06:42
naliothBilbo_Baggins: a /whois ir /wii will tell you when elky is active.  please return then.06:42
Bilbo_BagginsI will.06:42
Bilbo_BagginsThank you.06:42
Bilbo_BagginsI am sorry.06:42
ikonia!logs > Bilbo_Baggins06:59
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore07:01
ikonia!logs >Bilbo_Baggins07:01
ikonia!logs > ikonia07:01
ubottuikonia, please see my private message07:01
naliothikonia: ?07:07
elkyorly nao?07:55
elkyhe apologised to #debian too for trolling them the other day as well08:00
elkyi'm really not sure what my opinion is. he doesnt seem at all stable.08:51
elkynalioth, your opinion?08:52
CosmiChaosi request for unban in #ubuntu-de and #ubuntu-de-offtopic, please09:25
CosmiChaos@bansearch CosmicChaos 09:25
CosmiChaosso if any op can help me please respond 09:33
Tm_TCosmiChaos: this is not for loco channels, I assume you will be served in #ubuntu-irc for those channels09:50
cdm10grr. Is ubottu being unpleasant, or is it just me?09:51
Tm_Twhat do you mean?09:51
cdm10nvm, it wasn't responding to me09:52
cdm10would have helped if I had remembered what command did what :)09:52
Tm_TCosmiChaos: if there's nothing else we could help you with, please part, as this is no-idling channel09:53
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Drumroll said: ubottu, shiretoko is the name for FireFox 3.5 in Ubuntu 9.04 so that it won't conflict with FireFox 3.0.11 that comes installed on Ubuntu bt default.10:17
ikoniaelky: I had pm messages from Bilbo10:35
Garyooo me too, random eh10:35
ikoniaelky: even after he apologies he was offensive and talked about he could not control what he had become, 10:35
ikoniatime wasting nonsense etc10:35
ikoniaGary: we are speci10:35
GaryI know *you* are10:36
* Gary hides10:36
ikoniaCosmiChaos: this channel is not for your ban in #ubuntu-de, this channel is only for your ban in #ubuntu+1 which has been discussed, if you would like to leave this channel and join #ubuntu-irc I'm sure a #ubuntu-de op will be happy to discuss your ban10:36
ikoniaGary: that's fine....it's true10:36
ikonia!idle | CosmiChaos 10:42
ubottuCosmiChaos: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.10:42
ikoniaubottu.com is being a drag for me, anyone else ok with it ?10:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, ikonia said: ubottu.com is being a drag for me, anyone else ok with it ?10:44
ikonia@mark CosmiChaos ban-evading +1's ban by trying to change nick and playing dumb, increasing ban beyond next release10:48
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:48
Mamarokwho is op here?11:21
MamarokCosmiChaos: please leave this channel, you have been asked repeatedly!11:21
ikoniadon't think he's at the keyboard11:22
ikoniaahh yes he is11:22
ikoniaCosmiChaos: as you are sending me private messages, you are showing you are active, please leave this channel if you have no more questions11:23
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!11:23
ubottuMamarok called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()11:23
jribMamarok: ?11:23
Mamarokwell, we have been sking since quite some time sombody remove CosmiChaos, he is idling here and refuses to leave11:24
jribwhy ops are not given ops in #ubuntu-ops I will never understand11:26
Mamarokjrib: well, I can't11:26
jribmost can't11:27
GaryI could, but shouldn't11:27
MamarokGary: come on, why not?11:27
GaryI can only op due to cloak, I'm not named (well I am, but not with a o)11:29
Mamarokelky_work: than you very much :)11:29
jribweird, what does the +o access flag do?11:32
Mamarokjrib: giving you op rights11:33
jrib"You are not authorized to perform this operation." after /cs op #ubuntu-ops11:34
Mamarokwhat is /cs?11:35
jrib+votiA is my access in this channel11:35
jrib /cs = /quote chanserv11:35
Mamarokdid you add your nick to the line?11:36
jribMamarok: I tried it that way as well11:36
Mamarokhm, strange, especially if you have the +A flag11:36
Garyjrib: try /quote chanserv op #ubuntu-ops jrib 11:38
Garyor shall I read again what you typed :p11:38
jribsame Gary 11:38
jribI have the same access in #ubuntu and can op there, so it must be some channel flag?11:39
Garyjrib: you do not have +o here11:39
Garyyou have +ViA11:39
jriberm, must have tab-completed #ubuntu-ops wrong11:39
jribGary: thanks11:41
ubottuth0r called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:23
ubottuleaf-sheep called the ops in #ubuntu (RapJamMc)12:23
blind|melon|chitThere's a user named paddy_melon in Ubuntu soliciting help with hacking a server13:06
* Pici sighs14:19
Picimessy channel this morning14:20
jpdsFun, fun, fun.14:32
Seeker`bernardlychan: how can we help you?14:50
bernardlychanhey how long does a ban last for?14:50
Seeker`depends on what it is for14:50
Seeker`and your attitude while discussing it14:50
bernardlychanyea kinda swore at my friend 14:50
Seeker`you will have to speka to the op that banned you14:51
bernardlychanwhos that?14:51
Mamarokbernardlychan: were were you banned and by whom?14:51
bernardlychanin #ubuntu 14:52
Seeker`@bansearch bernardlychan 14:52
Picijpds: 14:52
ubottuMatch: *!*@ by jpds in #ubuntu on Jul 20 2009 13:32:49 (ID: 15642)14:53
bernardlychano ok14:53
bernardlychanhow long will it be for?14:53
Mamarokbernardlychan: we just told you, you will have to ask the op that banned you14:54
bernardlychancan someone pleez unban me and my friend paddy-melon?15:01
bernardlychanwe didnt meqn to be stupid15:02
paddy-melonit was a joke15:02
bernardlychanwe're frienda15:02
Mamarokbernardlychan: you will have to ask jpds 15:02
paddy-melonwho cant type15:02
Mamarokpaddy-melon: ask jpds15:02
bernardlychanhe's not here atm15:02
paddy-meloner... jpds is away15:02
paddy-melon'screen detached'15:03
Mamarokthen you will have to wait, just be patient15:03
paddy-melonwe'll be good15:03
Mamaroka ban usually last 24 hours anyway, come back tomorrow15:03
bernardlychanwell be exxxtraa good15:03
paddy-meloncome on... we need it right now15:03
bernardlychancant u unban us ? ppppleeez?15:03
paddy-melonwe're really desperate and dont have much time to wait15:04
Garyyou have both been told four times to wait for jpds, can you not read?15:04
topylithis is a bad choice for a channel to annoy guys15:04
Mamarokbernardlychan, paddy-melon stop whining and learn to behave, you are not pleading your cause right now15:04
Mamarokpaddy-melon: stop pm'ing me, I didn't ask you to15:05
bernardlychanfiine! hmph! im dobbing on u!15:05
Mamarokpaddy-melon: stop that immediately, no PM messages!15:05
Garybernardlychan: now this is the exact kind of behaviour which will make you unwelcome in any channel15:06
Seeker`bernardlychan: you remember what I said when you asked how long a ban lasts?15:06
Mamarokpaddy_melon: if you do not stop sending me PM messages as I asked you to 3 times, I will report you to freenode staff, behave!15:10
Seeker`blind|melon|chit: how can we help you?15:10
MamarokSeeker`: guess15:10
paddy_melonguys, weve been waiting half an hour now for jpds15:11
paddy_melonand he is still away15:11
bernardlychanhear! hear!15:12
paddy_meloncan we please ask for another mod to review the log15:12
paddy_melonand make a call15:12
paddy_melonshuddup bernie15:12
bernardlychanhear! hear!15:12
Seeker`no, both of you leave the channel and come back in 24 hours15:12
bernardlychano cmon15:12
PiciWhy do either of you want to be in #ubuntu?15:12
paddy_melonmay we please request a relook15:13
blind|melon|chitPici: Well paddy_melon was there getting advice on hacking servers :P I can provide my own logs of that15:13
bernardlychanyea... relook15:13
Mamarokpaddy_melon: so far your behavior here doesn't speek in favor of unbanning you15:13
blind|melon|chitpaddy_melon: Yeah, you were, and I can provide proof15:13
paddy_melonumm... im sorry15:13
Piciblind|melon|chit: Yes, I'm aware. Is there anything else that we can help you with?15:13
paddy_melonI would like to see the log15:13
blind|melon|chitPici: Oh nothing, just making sure that he doesn't get back in again15:14
paddy_melonabout 'hacking servers'15:14
paddy_melonwhich did not occur15:14
Seeker`blind|melon|chit: we can deal with ti, thanks15:14
bernardlychanme too, im sorry... dot dot dot15:14
paddy_melonplease, would someone give us any hard proof with a log15:15
bernardlychanhard proof pleez15:15
Pici09:30:31 <?paddy-melon> anyone here know much about cracking/hacking server15:15
blind|melon|chitpaddy_melon: There's your proof liar :P15:16
Seeker`blind|melon|chit: please leave now15:16
Garyblind|melon|chit: please leave this for the ops to deal with, thank you for your help though15:16
paddy_melonumm... this does not show anything15:16
Garypaddy_melon: I even told you it was offtopic for the channel15:16
bernardlychanwhich channel do u suggest?15:17
Seeker`we dont15:17
bernardlychanmaybe this one?15:17
paddy_melonirc crashed15:17
PiciI don't think either of you will find a channel on freenode for help breaking into servers.15:18
paddy_melonwe were not15:18
paddy_melonwe were not using the ubuntu channel accordingly15:18
paddy_melonwe were on there for many hours15:18
bernardlychanvous ĂȘtes fous!15:19
paddy_melonconcerning ubuntu help15:19
Mamarokbernardlychan: arrĂȘtes de nous insulter!15:19
bernardlychanje suis formidable15:19
Mamaroknow bernardlychan is insulting us, calling us fools15:19
bernardlychanwrong im calling u crazy15:20
Garypaddy_melon: seriously, you trolled about pidgin, then about hacking/cracking servers, then swore.  I see nothing useful from you15:20
PiciI don't see either of you contributing help or seeking help outside of 'cracking/hacking' servers 15:20
paddy_melonu cannot win by talking french15:20
Mamarokbernardlychan: which is by no ways nicer...15:20
Seeker`why is this discussion still going on15:20
paddy_meloni was helping Pidgen_15:20
bernardlychanactually i was helpin this guy the other day with his taskbar15:20
blind|melon|chitSeeker`: I'm guessing because they can't accept reality15:20
paddy_melonabout pidgin, that was helping another member15:21
Seeker`blind|melon|chit: why are you still here?15:21
paddy_melonplease sir15:21
bernardlychanpleez madam15:21
blind|melon|chitSeeker`: Keeping track of what's being done about the script kiddies15:21
Seeker`blind|melon|chit: you dont need to15:21
bernardlychanhear hear!15:22
ikoniagents - Please stop - leave the channel now15:22
paddy_melonand we dont get a second chance15:22
ikoniaplease leave the channel now15:22
ikoniayou have been told 15:22
paddy_melonwhen blindmelon whatnot15:22
ikoniathis discussion will not progress for 24 hours15:22
paddy_melonwont shit up when told15:22
paddy_meloni mean shut up15:23
Pici#ubuntu is not a playground.  If you wish, you may return here in 24 hours and we will continue this discussion.15:23
ikoniaguys - you have a choice, leave the channel and come back in 24 hours, or be removed and the discussion ends15:23
ikoniablind|melon|chit: you have no business here at the moment - please leave15:25
blind|melon|chitikonia: Sorry, am I doing something wrong by sitting here quietly?15:25
ikoniablind|melon|chit: yes15:25
ikonia!idle | blind|melon|chit 15:25
ubottublind|melon|chit: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.15:25
ikoniablind|melon|chit: you have been requested 3 times to leave the channel, the issue will be delt with so please now comply 15:25
blind|melon|chitSomeone's in an uppity mood today. Maybe if you spent more time dealing with trolls and less time chatting with them? Anyway, enjoy your clubhouse. :>15:26
PiciI'm not exactly sure what that guy was looking for us to do.... The other two had already been banned from the channel.15:28
jpdsSeriously, I walked away from my work desk for a few minutes and ...16:06
ikoniajpds: that's what they all say16:06
Garyjpds: how dare you go away16:11
* Gary hides (again)16:11
jpdsGary: I dare very much, thank you.16:20
PiciI need to run, but can someone please keep an eye on Incarus in #ubuntu.  He means well, but seems to be a bit unsure, and may be accidentally giving bad advice.16:52
ryanakcaIs the discussion in #kubuntu-offtopic appropriate for the channel? Seems rather political...18:37
* Mamarok checks18:37
Mamarokryanakca: thx for mentioning18:39
ryanakcaNo problem :)18:39
Mamarokoh, I am called "the police" now :)18:40
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)19:53
Picitomaw: thanks19:54
FlannelHi arand, how can we help you today?19:56
arandI was just wondering about the flood in #ubuntu, taken care of yet?19:56
PiciEr, okay.19:58
tomawthe good old "Are they still flooding?" check is quite useful.20:01
ikoniaryanakca: anything else needed ?20:24
ryanakcaikonia: No20:28
jpdsikonia: Ryan's cloak absolves him of his sins.20:40
topylioh i want a sin-absolving cloak. preferably +2 blessed20:42
Flannel+2 to charisma too, if you get the high quality ones20:43
topylii could use some extra charisma i guess20:44
PiciI could use a wand that casts -10 stupidness20:46
Flanneland +10 common sense20:47
topylithe wand of +m!20:47
Flanneltopyli: Already have that....20:47
topylioh yeah i forgot20:47
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:56
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:56
ubottuunop called the ops in #ubuntu (netz playing about with DCC boots)20:57
mneptok!staff | netz ^^^^21:04
ubottunetz ^^^^: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)21:04
ikoniaalready nudged in #freenode21:05
ikoniahello linuxguy2009 21:41
linuxguy2009Hello I am having trouble today with accessing the main #ubuntu room. Says my router firmware is outdated so i just updated it. It said to change the port to 8001 so I did. This room works but the other does not.Anyone else having this issue? It said its to correct an DCC exploit or whatever its called.21:41
linuxguy2009Hello ikonia21:41
ikonialinuxguy2009: I've just seen floodbot remove the forward, can you try joining the channel again please21:42
ikonialinuxguy2009: there is also in the topic in #ubuntu-read-topic21:42
linuxguy2009ikonia it works now thank you very much for your help! Have a great day!21:42
Priceyikonia: 1 starter a test and didn't respond21:43
ikoniaah so he didn't pass the test ?21:43
ikoniaI thought he did with floodboot removing the forward21:43
ikoniahi uid01 how can we help ?21:47
uid01wanted to be tested manually against the dcc exploit21:48
Piciuid01: Is the automated test not working?21:49
uid01test me21:49
Piciuid01: You need to type that in #ubuntu-read-topic, not here21:49
ikoniaPici: how do you issue a manual test ?21:50
Piciikonia: You shouldnt have to.21:50
Piciikonia: I'll msg you though21:50
uid018001 port workaround works =)21:50
naliothikonia: PM?22:16
ikoniasure, sorry I was away22:30
ikonianalioth: leave me a message if I'm not around I'll be around for a bit longer though22:31
Seeker`howie: how can we help you?22:43
howieyes ubuntu-read-topic sent me here22:43
howiei changed my port and says it cant test me22:44
howieI  would like to be able to rejoin #ubuntu22:45

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