billybigriggeris there an easier way to accomplish this?00:00
billybigriggerim trying to join all my log files, but i awstats spits and error when i try that command00:00
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user345fghjpds, update-rc.d sabnzbplus start 2          says:   use of uinitialized value within @argv?00:24
qman__billybigrigger, you want ` not "00:26
qman__as in,00:26
qman__LogFile=`cat /var/log/apache2/access.*`00:26
qman__of course, if it gzips them, you will need to get a little more complex than that00:26
qman__actually, that's wrong00:28
qman__you will have to combine the files first, if it's looking for a filename00:28
qman__zcat /var/log/apache2/access.*.gz > /var/log/apache2/awstats; cat /var/log/apache2/access.log.? /var/log/apaceh2/access.log >> /var/log/apache2/awstats00:30
user345fghwhere can i see the ubuntu version thats installed?00:30
qman__user345fgh, cat /etc/issue00:30
roxy09Hi, sorry i am new here...can I ask where is this chat located Australia?00:31
qman__roxy09, I'm not sure what you're getting at, there are people here from all over the world, US, europe, and other places00:32
qman__this is simply the english speaking channel00:32
roxy09thanks! thats is great!00:32
zoopsterbillybigrigger: for webalizer, I log each of my sites individually, have webalizer conf files for each, and have webalizer run through them all nightly00:38
roxy09hi somebody know how i can get the registers in the dns server?00:50
roxy09somebody know how i can see the rulers or register in my DNS?01:20
andresmujicawhois yourdomain?  not sure if i understand you correctly01:22
roxy09i did, but shows me No Data found01:23
andresmujicatry with dig @somednsserver yourdomain.com +trace01:34
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roxy09somebody know how i can change a register in the DNS, i mean change the IP address of a server?02:07
andresmujicayou need to access to your registrar02:07
andresmujicait's the only place you can make that change..02:07
roxy09i have access02:08
roxy09remote access02:08
roxy09but i dont know which command i need to use to change the register02:09
andresmujicayou want to change the ip address for one of your nameservers ?02:09
andresmujicayou have access to your registar account?  i mean the place where you put your contact data for the domain, including the hostname and ip address for the 2 nameservers?02:10
andresmujicayou'll need to update the data there first.02:11
andresmujicathen you'll need to update your zone file02:12
roxy09how i can do that02:12
andresmujicayou must edit your zonefile ... i'm not familiar with the Ubuntu's ubication for that file, but probably is at /var/named or /var/bind02:13
andresmujicalook for the line with  IN NS nameserver.   and the look for the line nameserver. IN A ipaddress02:13
andresmujicathere you can change it.02:13
andresmujicadon't forget to update the zonefile serial id02:14
roxy09my problem is the dns is not managed by us, i just have acces to change the rulers and check with some comands but i can't see that file...02:15
roxy09i change the address in one of the server (cause was moved) and i need to change this new address in the dns register02:15
andresmujicaohh.. is harder then... maybe via a web interface?02:16
roxy09i know the person that used before comand like dig02:20
roxy09but i am not sure how02:20
jmarsdenroxy09: dig will let you read/check what your DNS servers are replying with, but it can't change them.  Use the web interface provided by your DNS provider for that (or run your own DNS!).02:28
jon_high9000anybody had any luck setting up fetchmail with gmail? if so, can you help?02:37
twbjon_high9000: sure02:38
twbjon_high9000: but offlineimap is better02:38
jon_high9000i have tried different variations and i still can't get it to work. i have a functioning internet access too.02:39
jon_high9000twb: referring to fetchmail02:40
jon_high9000twb: I bookmarked  the link you just posted. ty02:43
jon_high9000twb: ty02:44
jon_high9000i will bookmark that as well. :)02:45
jon_high9000twb: i am glad there are options.02:46
jon_high9000twb: I will try it out.02:48
jon_high9000twb: cya02:48
twbjon_high9000: unless you have another question, be quiet.02:48
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billybigriggerqman__, you there?03:17
billybigriggerbillybigrigger@sally:/var/log/apache2$ sudo cat access.log* > awstats03:17
billybigrigger-bash: awstats: Permission denied03:17
billybigriggeri keep getting this, i've tried cat file1 file2 file3 > awstats same thing03:17
twbbillybigrigger: redirection is done by the shell, not by cat.  Thus using sudo to escalate cat's privileges does not help.03:18
twbEither start a root shell, or abuse tee:03:18
twbsudo cat access.log* | sudo tee awstats >/dev/null03:18
billybigriggerthat command worked03:20
billybigriggerbut awstats still isn't picking up stats between july 10-18th03:20
altf2oHey all got a question if anyone knows. Running Ubuntu Server 9.04. It's set to run as a DNS server (have forwarding entries setup, but also primary for example.local). I've gone through the tutorial and set it up ok. Running named-checkzone example.local /etc/bind/db.example.local and it works fine. While SSH'd into the server i can ping all the hosts, however my clients cannot. Verified DNS entry on client, can't see what's wrong. Any03:26
andresmujicaaltf2o: what you mean is that your clients cannot resolve ?  try from a client with nslookup and check they've got the right server and can resolve.  maybe your dns setup is not listening, or the firewall is blocking or the zone is not enabled for the internal network03:29
altf2ocorrect, and running "nslookup example.local" from my Ubuntu 9.04 desktop outputs the following: Server: \ Address: \ Name:  example.local \ Address:  - perhaps judging by the last "Address" entry there, might my DNS be setup incorrectly?03:32
twbaltf2o: pass the IP address of your DNS server as a second argument to nslookup03:33
altf2oNow using: nslookup example.local , produces the exact same output.03:34
infinityOf course it does.03:34
infinityYour server's responding that "example.local" is, period.03:35
infinityIt's not a client issue.03:35
altf2overy strange indeed. I've checked over my configuration file, and comparing it to the example i can't see anything wrong with it. Or more specifically where to tell it "example.local =" and not the localhost of the client.03:40
infinityPastebin your example.local zonefile?03:40
infinityWell, your .local ... Whatever.03:41
altf2ook, so i just found the second line which reads:  @   IN  A , it was my error, the directions did say to change that so i did. Now using: nslookup example.local , i get the output: Name: example.local \ Address: , however pinging it still isn't working. And sure let me grab it real quick.03:43
roxy09hi ...i need to change one ip address form a server in DNS server, but i cant find the "named" file...03:45
twbaltf2o: you should know that .local is a reserved domain, for autonegotiation.03:46
altf2ohttp://pastebin.com/m30f0f40f  - this is my /etc/bind/db.example.local , file.03:46
twbaltf2o: you will get exciting behaviour if you try to use it as a private LAN domain; try .lan instead.03:46
altf2oahhh, wasn't aware, let me update accordingly.03:46
twb"Name resolution issues may arise if Bonjour, Avahi, or other Multicast DNS software is used in conjunction with a network that implements the local toplevel DNS domain."03:47
qman__roxy09, the default location in ubuntu is /etc/bind - /etc/bind/named.conf.local normally contains the zone definitions, which will list where the zone file is03:47
twbPersonally I find dnsmasq much easier to use than bind + isc dhcpd, for serving DHCP and local DNS lookups.03:49
altf2othat was it! I changed it simply to 'example.lan' updated zone information, now all my clients appear to be able to ping just fine. Really appreciate the help on this one thank you :).03:50
roxy09i try but i can't find03:50
roxy09but when i do dig nameserver i got information03:51
roxy09there any comand line to change a IP address in DNS03:53
infinityfor i in $(rgrep -l "oldipaddress" /); do sed -i -e 's/oldipaddress/newipaddress/g' $i; done && rndc reload03:55
infinityI'm betting that's not the command line you were looking for, though. :)03:55
roxy09i dont know where is the dns configurated but i can access with "dig" camand...so i just want to do with a command line03:56
infinityOh, I suppose I missed magic to update zone serials in that shell pain, didn't I?03:56
infinityI lose.03:56
infinityroxy09: Is this not your machine?03:56
infinityroxy09: If you've taken over from another admin, the zone files are probably in /etc/bind/ somewhere.03:57
infinityroxy09: But I highly recommend reading a nice bind HOWTO or something first, before diving in.03:57
infinityroxy09: Since updating zones requires changing info, updating a serial, reloading the name server, etc.03:58
roxy09long to explain...but i got this server already installed which is DNS server ( i dont have any documentation about) and I change the IP address form a server (which was moved ) and I need to change that in the DNS server...03:59
roxy09but i cant find the "named" file ..but when i do "dig" i get information about my server with the old IP04:00
infinityThere is no "named" file.04:00
infinityWell, not one that does what you think it does.04:00
infinityLike you've been told a few times, the configuration for bind is in text files in (usually) /etc/bind.04:00
roxy09is not there04:00
infinityrgrep "oldipaddress" /etc04:01
infinitySee if you find anything.04:01
infinityI don't know any better than you do how the previous admin set up your machine.04:02
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mattgyverI am using fail2ban, i have set the bantime to permanent (-1) however it continues to unban the user after about 10 minutes, could someone help?04:18
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* altf2o wonders why no DNS reverse lookup tutorials mentioned that the number preceding each PTR entry, is simply the last octet in the IP. That would've saved a lot of headaches :).05:51
oh_noesIm setting a lease { } block in dhclient.conf -- but when a DHCP server isnt available it isnt being used06:10
oh_noesis there anything additional I need to do?06:11
roxy09somebody know how i can install a backup ldap server?07:33
andolroxy09: refering to an (open)ldap slave?07:38
jmarsdenroxy09: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html07:41
jmarsdenSee the /topic in here... please read the Server Guide :)07:41
ruben231hi nay squid users here...?07:42
ruben231any squid users here..?07:43
roxy09i mesorry..yes i have one old gentoo opendlap server and i am instaling openldap in a slave machine with ubuntu07:46
jmarsdenSince you are running a Ubuntu server, it pays to read the Ubuntu Server Guide :)  I'm not sure if you will have any issues with different versions of openldap between the two systems...07:47
roxy09well is linux...i hope no...i tried before but doesn't work...i desinstade everything and i am intalling again...my question is if i need to install openldap like the main server or different...also how they can detect that my machine is slave07:49
jmarsdenRead the section "LDAP replication" in the Server Guide.07:51
roxy09my version is 8.04 i suppose is the same process?07:51
jmarsdenProbably roughly the same, but may be an older version of openldap07:52
roxy09thanks a lot i will try07:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #383697 in util-linux (main) "lsb_release crashed with ImportError in <module>()" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38369710:06
quizmehow do you make a command run automatically after reboot?10:06
simplexioquizme: /etc/init.d/rc.local for example10:07
simplexioquizme: there are other solutions to problem10:07
quizmei think that's what i want10:08
simplexiowhat you want run ?10:08
quizmei want to restart my jruby app10:08
quizmeit's a long glassfish command10:08
simplexioprobably best way to do it is create own init script for it, so you cant get /etc/init.d/youscript stop/start/restart functionality10:08
simplexiobut adding command/script to rc.local is wasiest way10:09
ForeverSmurfwhich installation method should I follow to install jaunty on a remote server10:22
ForeverSmurfI can boot into a rescue system10:22
ForeverSmurfand partition/format hard drives, etc...10:23
ForeverSmurfoh ssh10:23
ForeverSmurfover ssh10:23
quizmehow do you make the root user run a command as another user ?10:24
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acalvoIs there any way to list all active services on a server?11:39
acalvoLike apache, openldap, freeradius, etc...11:39
simplexioacalvo: ps aux11:52
acalvosimplexio: but it'd list all active processes11:52
simplexioacalvo: offcourse then you need know what services you are looking11:52
acalvoI thought it'll be some kind of more readable list of active services11:53
jpdsacalvo: netstat -lntp11:54
acalvojpds: thanks, it'd do the jog!11:54
wild_oscarhello. I am going to test Virtualization on a new computer12:02
wild_oscarmy idea is to have an OS running Virtualbox, then deploy 2 virtual machines on it12:02
wild_oscarbecause this is my first test with virtualization, it's probably easier to do it using Virtualbox's GUI12:03
wild_oscarso, what ubuntu version should I install on the computer which will host Virtualbox?12:03
wild_oscarserver + an X environment, or desktop?12:03
wild_oscarie, I want the OS to be as unclogged as possible, but still have an X to ease the virtual servers' configuration and management12:05
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wild_oscarany thoughts?12:20
TuckLiveIf your computer has decent specs installing the standard desktop version shouldn't bog it down to where it can't run the 2 virtual machines12:25
error404notfoundhalf world says its good to use unattended-upgrades, half says it isnt, which side are you on?13:06
error404notfoundseems like i am observing a third type, which remains silent :P13:09
ForeverSmurfI'm installed about a dozen dedicated server with ubuntu but this latest one refuses to even start grub13:20
ForeverSmurfI'm utterly LOST13:20
ForeverSmurfI have even tried getting serial console (COM1) output to see if grub is start but have established that it is not13:21
ForeverSmurfdoes anyone have any ideas that could help me?13:21
simplexioForeverSmurf: usually it gives some error13:22
ForeverSmurfI'm not getting any error/ouput from grub at all13:22
ForeverSmurfit's as if it isn't even being invoked13:22
simplexioForeverSmurf: and but you dont get no boot disk... error too ?13:22
ForeverSmurfit's a remote server13:26
ForeverSmurfno screen13:26
ForeverSmurfhence the serial console13:27
simplexiokvm switch ?13:27
simplexioactually i dont do you get those boot time errors from serial console, vewer used one13:28
simplexiomy best quess is that you have wrong boot order. it isnt that long since i isntalled grub in ubuntu-server and it worked eithout problems13:29
simplexiowhat fs you used for grub OR /boot13:30
simplexioi didnt get xfs working year ago, so i had to use ext3.13:30
simplexiodunno how you can change that with your setup13:32
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error404notfoundwhy am i getting "E: Couldn't find package libapache2-mod-security" on default intrepid install?13:46
jpdserror404notfound: Because that package is not in intrepid?13:49
error404notfoundwhy? :(13:49
jpdserror404notfound: Reason: (From Debian) RoM; undistributable for legal reasons13:50
_rubenDeleted in feisty-release on 2006-11-15  (Reason: (From Debian) RoM; undistributable for legal reasons)13:51
_rubenaww .. too late :)13:51
_rubenits back though13:51
jpdserror404notfound: There's libapache-mod-security - but it's from jaunty onwards.13:51
_rubenin jaunty/karmic13:51
jpds_ruben: Too slow, sir, tsk. ;)13:51
error404notfoundi am intrepid. Is it safe to go for jaunty?13:52
error404notfoundi am on*13:52
_rubenfor certain values of "safe", sure :)13:52
error404notfoundi mean overall, is it a good decision?13:53
_rubencan be .. basically its just newer versions of the same stuff (globally)13:55
error404notfoundhow many people here use jaunty as server? i still prefer hardy wherever possible...13:56
_rubeni have 2 jaunty boxes here13:56
_rubenat work its feisty/hardy/intrepid/jaunty .. yes .. one feisty left to upgrade :p13:57
_rubennot feisty :)13:57
shivek_Can anyone help me on the concept of port forwarding ? **|14:07
Yorixhello evbdy, im having trouble with ubuntus tomcat6, it doesnt print jasper reports14:09
Yorixcan anybody help me?14:10
shivek_Can anyone help me (read mmy last post ) ^^|14:11
photonHey. I'm trying to use SFTP to access my server, however I (of course) can't write in root directories and I don't want to activate the root account. is there way to sudo myself in sftp?14:12
Yorixphoton: can you just sudo when you are already in?14:14
photonYorix: I don't know how since I use nautilus to access the server. no command line.14:14
Yorixphoton: can u use a shell?14:16
Yorixphoton: try getting in through cmd line, ddo u know how?14:17
Yorixphoton: you should be able to write root dirs if you are in the sudoers list through a shell14:20
korwHi all :) Is anyone fermiliar with this error? mdadm: failed to create /dev/md014:21
photonYorix: I know how to do it with a shell, that's not the problem. I just _want_ to use nautilus, because it simplifies copying files over. can I get sudo with nautilus any way?14:23
Yorixphoton: i dont know if you can do it with nautilus14:24
Yorixphoto: gksudo should help you but not with sftp14:25
Yorixwhen you log in, you do it with your user14:25
Yorixphoton: give me a minute,14:25
photonok :)14:26
Yorixphoton: indeed, you can't do root operations with nautilus through sftp without tempering some nasty stuff...14:31
Yorixonce you logged in, you r you, and can't change roles through nautilus14:31
Yorixthis should be done via shell14:32
photonalright :(14:33
photonthank you14:33
Yorixcan anyone give me a hand with this buggy stuff??? jasperReports not printing in ubuntus tomcat6 instance14:34
ttxYorix: if it's working with the regular tomcat tarball, then you should try disabling TOMCAT6_SECURITY in /etc/default/tomcat614:35
ttxThat will mimic more closely upstream default behavior14:35
Yorixttx: done that... and yes its working in the regular tarball14:36
ttxYorix: any error ?14:36
Yorixttx: it is really strange, the text is not displaying at all, but just the text, and it is not my first time with jasper... fields are not overlapping14:36
Yorixttx: none whatsoever14:37
ttxYorix: ah, it produces something, but the output is wrong ?14:37
Yorixthe output "text" is not showing in any format, pdf,  html, etc14:38
ttxcould it be a font issue ? Do you use the same JVM in both cases ?14:38
Yorixbut everything else (eg field bground) is showing just nice14:38
Yorixsuns 614:39
ttxbug 30329114:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 303291 in openjdk-6 "All generated Jasper reports are blank w/ openjdk-6-jdk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30329114:39
Yorixit is really frutrating14:39
ttxLooks like an openJDK issue. If openJDK is installed, ubuntu's Tomcat6 uses it14:40
ttxYou can force another JDK in /etc/default/tomcat614:40
Yorixlet me check14:40
Yorixttx: hmmm.... so if openjdk is present, tomcat makes use of it despite environment configs?14:42
Yorixwhat if i uninstall openjdk14:42
ttxShould work, it should pick Sun's JDK (the next on the default list)14:42
ttxJDK_DIRS="/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun /usr/lib/jvm/java-14:43
ttx1.5.0-sun /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-ibm"14:43
ttxor override JAVA_HOME in /etc/default/tomcat614:43
ttxYorix: the latter seems more resilient (since lots of stuff may reinstall openjdk)14:44
Yorixttx: thx lots man, saved my pathetic life14:45
shivekHi again ^^D14:45
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ttxYorix: you're welcome.14:45
shivekI've configured the apache server (http://shivekkhurana.servebbs.com). Now how to edit index.html located at /var/www14:45
t8llw1mshivek: if you just want a short page, use a text editor14:46
t8llw1motherwise, point the root of your website to the real content14:47
shivekNo  mean it says something like permission denied14:47
Yorixshivek: install apaches userdir mod and read docs14:47
t8llw1mYou have to do it either as the user running apache or as root14:47
t8llw1mDo you have real content to start with>?14:48
t8llw1mno you're not14:48
t8llw1mlook in /etc/passwd14:48
t8llw1myou're just one of a bunch of users14:48
Yorixt8llw1m: it doesnt matter, listing will be shown as default if no content is available14:48
t8llw1mThere's no such thing as "activating" root. What do you mean?14:50
t8llw1mit's not locked14:51
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t8llw1m1. make sure you have real content, 2. read the apache tutorial14:52
shivekpost me a link14:52
uvirtbotshivek: Error: "D" is not a valid command.14:52
shivekWhat do you mean by real content ?14:53
shivekSimple webpages or something else ?14:53
t8llw1mYou know that better than me. Why do you want to run a webserver to start with?14:53
shivekIts a personal website for me and friends .14:54
boozler1I've got a fresh install of apache2 and am trying to point the virtual host to a directory in my home directory. All I've done is modify the document root and directory defaults to point to my "sites" directory but when I browse to localhost i get 403 forbidden! What else do I need to do? Do i need to change the grp/owner/permissions of my "sites" directory?15:39
firecrotchboozler1: the user that apache is running as needs to have read permissions on the directory and all the files in ti15:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #401767 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus post-installation script a retourn? une erreur de sortie d'?tat 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40176715:45
boozler1firecrotch: ok so what is the proper way to handle it? modify the apache users grp or modify the directories permissions them selves?15:46
firecrotchboozler1:  I would modify the permissions on the directory and files15:47
_rubeni wouldnt place the docroot in my homedir either, but thats just me :)15:48
Steve[mbp]Morning everyone!15:49
firecrotch_ruben: true, but he probably wants to get around the "problem" of the regular user not being able to write to /var/www15:49
Nghmm, still getting weird XML out of virt-install after building 0.400.3-4ubuntu116:23
BrixSat2how so i open port 13000 from eth0 on iptables?16:24
Ngkirkland: got a sec? trying out the KVM backport on hardy and I must be on crack16:24
Nghmm, actually belay that for a bit, I have some weird versions installed16:25
DelphiWorldplease, how i can install the orca screen reader in command line mode for UBUNTU Seerver 8.10?16:25
kirklandNg: k16:26
jmarsdenDelphiWorld: I think orca is fairly tightly bound to Gnome, so that may not be doable?  Might be better/easier to install ORCA on a desktop machine and then ssh from there into the server??16:28
DelphiWorldjmarsden: ok, i accept that np, but why adrian support it with no gnome?16:28
jmarsdenI'm not an orca expert... there may be a way to compile/install a commandline only version of it... but I don't know.  Can you ask adrian, whoever adrian is?16:29
DelphiWorldok, adrian is a command line mode Operating system16:30
DelphiWorldknopix is using it16:30
jmarsdenUm.  That would be ADRIANE :)16:31
jmarsdenand it seems to use SBL, not orca...16:32
Ngkirkland: --accelerate should be the right option for virt-install, right? I'm getting <domain type='qemu'> which I think is wrong?16:33
kirklandNg: i'm sorry, i'm not that familiar with virt-install16:34
kirklandNg: check with soren, perhaps16:34
Ngkirkland: what would be the preferred way for me to be creating kvm instances to test with this backport stuff? :)16:34
kirklandNg: virt-install should theoretically work;  i generally run kvm from the command line, or use virt-manager, though16:36
kirklandNg: did you grab the libvirt backport too?16:36
Ngkirkland: 0.6.1-0ubuntu5.1~rc1ppa1 ?16:36
kirklandNg: righto16:38
kirklandNg: that might actually solve your virt-install problem, as it uses libvirt16:38
Ngkirkland: I have that version installed already16:38
kirklandNg: hrm16:39
DelphiWorldjmarsden: no, orca16:40
kirklandNg: lsmod | grep kvm16:43
kirklandNg: did you reboot after upgrading to kvm-84 ?16:43
Ngkirkland: yeah I've been rebooting after each failed machine creation. weirdly there's no kvm module loaded this time16:44
kirklandNg: that's why accelerate isn't working16:44
kirklandNg: did your dkms kvm build succeed?16:44
kirklandNg: dpkg -l | grep kvm16:44
Ngkirkland: I have kvm and kvm-source from the PPA. I'm not sure if the build succeeded, but I have modules in /lib/modules/2.6.27-14-server/updates/dkms/16:46
rgreeningScottK: when's the last day for me to get my tac_pus + webui package in for Karmic?16:46
ScottKWhatever feature freeze is.16:46
* rgreening searches...16:46
DelphiWorldhow i can login to my server using WinSCP a root?16:47
DelphiWorldroot is not accepted16:47
rgreeningScottK: so Aug 27th seems to be FF date16:47
Ngkirkland: ok, that fixed the XML virt-install is producing at least, and I now have a kvm process chewing CPU16:48
ScottKSounds right.16:48
rgreeningScottK: so, once I have a clean set of packages, I can upload to universe... I assume no issues. These are standalone and provide a service which doesn't already exist in Ubuntu (at least for the last 2 releases)16:49
kirklandNg: what was the fix?16:50
ScottKrgreening: REVU +1 advocate from another MOTU is recommended, but not strictly required.16:50
Ngkirkland: I just manually loaded the module. I'm still a bit stumped about what to do next, I have a kvm process using a whole core of CPU, but using virsh to connect to its console gets me nothing to speak of16:51
rgreeningty ScottK. I'll post up to REVU and get someone else to review/ack it16:55
shivekI've created my website. When I type the url in my browser it redirects, but when I ask a friend to do so , it doesn't shows. Please help !17:06
BrixSat2how do i open port 13000 from eth0 on iptables?17:07
BrixSat2what is the ip of the server=17:08
shivekurl is http://shivekkhurana.servebbs.com/17:09
shivekwget ip17:09
shivekBrixSat2 : are you there17:10
BrixSat2working ;)17:10
shivekHelp Me17:10
shivek! ^^D17:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about D17:11
BrixSat2i will17:11
BrixSat2unable to establish connection.....17:11
BrixSat2is it online?17:11
shivekBrixSat2 : Shift to private window17:11
BrixSat2no keep here17:11
BrixSat2some one might help ;)17:11
shivekHi Bot ^^D17:12
BrixSat2haaa rebooting?17:12
shivekTill then give me a command to move 1.JPG , 2.JPG and 3.JPG to /var/www .17:14
BrixSat2mv *.jpg /var/www17:14
shivekthe images are on the desktop17:15
uvirtbotshivek: Error: "^|" is not a valid command.17:15
DelphiWorldubuntu server have selinux enabled by default?17:17
|404NotFound|can someone help me fix: http://pastebin.com/m39b7886a ? apache keeps disappearing..17:17
|404NotFound|DelphiWorld, ubuntu has aparmour, which is enabled but not confgured17:17
|404NotFound|aparmour is a little bit less comprehensive thus easier than selinux17:17
|404NotFound|too many typos...17:17
|404NotFound|DelphiWorld, Google Ubuntu AppArmor and Application Security and you will find some nice stuff..17:18
BrixSat2|404NotFound| try #apache ;)17:18
|404NotFound|AppArmor provides a sandbox to aps17:18
|404NotFound|BrixSat2, tried :(17:18
|404NotFound|also in daemon.log i get "WARNING: Couldn't read /proc/5650/environ: Failed to open file '/proc/5650/environ': No such file or directory" whats this?17:19
DelphiWorld|404NotFound|: ok, thanks17:19
|404NotFound|DelphiWorld, no problem i would have given you a walkthrough but i am stuck with this dumb vps17:19
DelphiWorld|404NotFound|: np, i'm asking about it only because my apache tomcat is unable to listen to 808017:20
|404NotFound|you sure something else is not using 8080?17:21
|404NotFound|try netstat -anp | grep 8080 to confirm17:21
DelphiWorld|404NotFound|: no process in port 80817:26
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error404notfoundhmmm, you sure its configured to be run on 8080?17:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #380663 in open-iscsi (main) "open-iscsi initiator tries to resolve ipv6 address of target and fails" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38066317:56
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error404notfoundany ideas about : http://serverfault.com/questions/43070/apache-never-runs-after-configuring-eaccelerator-and-fastcgi ?18:32
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thadguidrybootloader error when trying Server 9.04 - /in{tall/vmlinuz19:00
thadguidrybooting off cd directly - need help.19:00
thadguidrychose my language of English and keyboard of USA and then hit enter and get the small grey BOOTLOADER error19:01
thadguidryIntel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz with 512M DDR19:02
infinitythadguidry: Bad burn, probably.19:04
thadguidryok, let me try a 1.0x burn and try that.... be back in 15 mins.... Thanks Infinity19:04
BrixSathow do i open port 1202 on eth0?19:30
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ArmourHello people. I installed Ubuntu server 9.04. Got VINO working for VNC to it. It happens that only lets me VNC to an open session. But if the server is rebooted I cannot VNC on the login screen. Is there a way to set it up permanent?19:32
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billybigriggerdoes this look malicious to anyone?20:44
billybigriggersomeone tried to leave a comment on my wordpress site20:45
billybigriggerthought i'd take a screenshot and show someone...looks a bit odd imo20:45
ivoksthat's spam20:46
ivoksget use to it20:46
ivokspeople spam blogs20:46
billybigriggerthanks, just the first time i'd seen something like it20:48
* ivoks enjoys cool evening by the sea...20:50
billybigriggerivoks, where do you live?20:51
billybigriggermust be nice living by the sea20:51
ivoksi'm not, i'm on vacation20:51
billybigriggershould have left your laptop in the room to enjoy it :P20:52
ivokswell, i'm 2,5h drive from sea :)20:52
ivoksmake that 'i live 2,5h...'20:52
pmatulisso you live 2.5 hrs from the sea but now you're on vacation by the sea?20:53
billybigriggeri've lived in canada my whole life and still haven't seen the coasts, the only water i've seen is small lakes and the sea of cortez when i was in mexico this april20:54
pmatulisbillybigrigger: where in canada was that?20:54
ivokspmatulis: yep :)20:55
billybigriggercalgary alberta20:55
pmatulisbillybigrigger: k, not much water there i figure20:55
billybigriggerhaha nope20:55
pmatulisfrom montreal here20:56
billybigriggeroh right on, i've been there once for a junior high school trip :P we saw an expos game, fun times :P21:00
pmatulisk, expos are gone away since a while now21:00
billybigriggeroh ya21:00
billybigriggerlong time ago21:00
orogorhi here22:11
orogori got a very big problem22:11
orogori reformated my /boot as ext4, i can t boot anymore , i am using the live cd22:11
orogoras an added bonus there  might be  some magic to do to ge the system partition to boot as it s on raid 1022:12
orogor.... and the live cd doesnt  have ext4 support else it  d be too simple22:14
adam_vollrathGood evening.  Where's the canonical list of packages available in Ubuntu Server Edition?  Web available, without installing it (don't have any installs yet.)22:17
adam_vollrathSpecifically, I'd like to find out which version of mod_wsgi is included in 8.04 LTS22:27
adam_vollrath^ where would I find this information via web browser?22:27
uvirtbotadam_vollrath: Error: "where" is not a valid command.22:27
Jasonsmrany one would like to offer assistance with a server install??22:32
VogJasonsmr: See topic....23:06
Jasonsmrdont ask to ask,,ok.23:16
Jasonsmrim building a server on a nvidia 680i with 1 TB23:16
Jasonsmrim configuring the raid now23:17
JasonsmrI will need hel;lp with the server install and choosing the correct server specifically I would like to find out by someone who's already installed a working PCI-DSS certificated server before23:19
Jasonsmron this server im building I need to find out how to quickly run a secure server23:19
Jasonsmrwould any one have advice23:20
Jasonsmrthanks ill check the tiney url, and post any q on the forum when i get there..>23:33

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