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aragood morning!06:57
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davmor2fader_: How's things dude?19:54
fader_davmor2: That's classified information. ;)19:54
fader_Not bad today... a touch under the weather all weekend though :(19:54
fader_davmor2: How 'bout you?19:54
davmor2fine thanks just updating my isos19:55
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davmor2fader_: do you have a vm up and running?21:40
fader_davmor2: No, but I could pretty quickly21:41
fader_What do you need?21:41
fader_Let me clarify: I have an installed karmic ubuntu-server VM but not a desktop VM, so if it's X-based it will take longer21:41
davmor2can you try an english UK install and see if the keyboard is correct or if it is english US please21:41
fader_davmor2: Desktop image?21:42
davmor2I'm on i386 live but I'm assuming it will effect everything21:42
fader_Is this affecting you in the installer as well or only after install?21:42
davmor2fader_: on the installed machine I had no need to hit @ until then :)21:43
fader_davmor2: Roger.  I'm reinstalling my server image now and downloading a desktop CD to test that as well21:44
davmor2Ta :)21:44
fader_What should @ be attached to on an en-UK layout?21:44
davmor2infact shift-'21:45
davmor2and the ' is the button next to the return key if that help's :)21:45
fader_Heh, you bunch of weirdos.  Everyone knows it should be floating above the 2!21:45
davmor2that'll be "21:45
fader_You know, usually I'm joking about such differences between Murca and the Rest Of The World, but in this case I'm not sure.21:46
fader_' and " really do seem like they belong together :)21:46
davmor2fader_: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=uk+keyboard+layout  :)21:48
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fader_Wow, that's fun.  Some interesting interaction between KVM and something else ate my ability to click on things.21:54
fader_Keyboard works, mouse cursor moves, buttons even get highlighted, but clicks just get eaten.21:54
fader_I had to find another machine to get on IRC so I didn't kill my VM install process.21:54
davmor2fader_: you and your antiquated pc's ;)21:55
fader_I like to think of them as 'well aged'.21:55
davmor2vintage :)21:56
fader_Er, wait21:56
fader_I'll spare you the choice adjectives I used when I encountered this fascinating bit of behavior.21:57
davmor2fader_: sssshhhh don't let them hear you say that :)21:57
fader_davmor2: ubuntu-server has the UK keymap22:05
davmor2so server is okay :)22:06
fader_Yup, I'll try desktop next22:06
fader_This is on amd64, but I doubt that would make a difference22:06
davmor2fader_: thanks :)  I don't think it'll matter22:08
davmor2fader_: I'm off to bed now just let them know on #u-release if you have it too and I'll file it in the morning night night :)22:14
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