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knomerxMokka, "Please contact Frank Lichtenheld if you encounter any problems!"23:19
knomerxMokka, with link to frank@lichtenheld.de23:19
rxMokkaknome: ?? is that from the subdomain that I can not access?23:20
knomerxMokka, yes, packages.ubuntu.com23:20
rxMokkaah ok, I'll shoot him an email23:20
rxMokkayou're able to access packages.ubuntu.com just fine though?23:20
rxMokkaah today I can as well23:20
rxMokkanice an snappy23:20
rxMokkafirst time in about a week and a half23:21
knomeokay, good to hear.23:21
knomeat least you now know the contact email23:21
rxMokkayes, I think I'll shoot him an email anyway, to be sure he knows about the prior problem23:21

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