JontheEchidnaHello guys, would you happen to know off-hand which  portion of the software stack this patch is for? http://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=2783813:58
* JontheEchidna needs to apply it to test an upstream bug13:59
Nglooks kernely14:18
JontheEchidnameh, thanks14:31
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jbarnessuperm1: just curious, do you guys have anything like the inspiron 1210 but with intel graphics and a nicer keyboard layout?20:26
jbarnesthe shift, /, uparrow thing really sucks :p20:26
superm1jbarnes, 1210. let me see what model this is (I only know codenames generally)20:26
jbarnessome kind of mini20:27
superm1oh mini 1220:27
jbarnesI should say "non-gma500 intel gfx" :)20:27
superm1i was gonna say..20:27
superm1well nothing that's still considered a mini at that size20:27
jbarnesI like the form factor20:28
jbarnesit's light & slim20:28
jbarnesscreen is reasonable as is keyboard size20:28
jbarnesbut gma500.. :(20:28
superm1if you are hoping for an atom et'al, your next best bet is the 10v20:28
* jbarnes looks20:28
superm1but that screen is significantly smaller by comparison20:28
superm1that's the little sucker I was lugging around at uds20:29
jbarneslooks about the same size as the aspireone20:29
jbarnessmaller than I was thinking20:29
superm1well there are 13" form factor "laptops" too20:30
jbarnesah yeah20:30
superm1the studio xps works everything OOTB, but it's not intel gfx.  the inspiron i'd expect is needing a slew of audio quirks and what not still20:31
superm1we ship the inspiron 15 with linux worldwide, but the 13 only gets basic QA20:33
superm1eg major BIOS issues get sorted out20:33
jbarneshm 13 looks pretty nice though20:35
jbarnesshift is still next to uparrow, but it looks better than the mini 1220:35
superm1i'm not sure if it's one of the retail models. you might be able to go check it out at best buy or similar20:37
jbarnescool thanks20:40
brycejust got a 10v for my mother in law, just yesterday was teaching her to use it, she's very happy with it20:49
Ngmy mum loves her mini9 :)20:50
bryceshe was really worried the keyboard was going to be a bit cramped but she sat down and typed out a document with minimal problems - figuring out where the delete key was, accidentally hitting caps lock, etc.20:51
brycejbarnes, I agree, a mini-12 would be an awesome size/weight for travel20:52
brycejbarnes, btw, I'm about to do a git snapshot update of -intel so we can be sure to have an update of the driver in alpha-3.  I understand 2.8.0 is coming RSN.  Should I hold off a couple more hours, or is 2.8.0 more likely to come tomorrow?20:55
Sarvattsounds like you might want something like an acer timeline jbarnes20:55
bryceSarvatt, today's the last day for merging stuff in for alpha-3.  Any thing you think we need to upload?20:56
Sarvattcant think of anything, there are alot of things you can update but probably better off holding off until after for things like xserver 1.6.2 that might need rebuilds21:01
* bryce nods21:01
Sarvattxf86-video-ati *still* doesnt build against xserver 1.6.2 yet lol21:01
bryceanything I can do to help there?21:02
Sarvattthe ati thing? nah they know about it just havent updated it yet, its only an issue with libdrm-radeon1 anyway21:04
Sarvattlibdrm would be really nice to update though21:04
Sarvattbut its not in debian21:05
bryceyeah noticed that earlier and have been thinking about doing it21:05
Sarvattthats an amazing commit :D21:05
Sarvattyeah i take that back, ati is only an issue when libdrm-radeon1 exists with server 1.6.2, the problem is just in dri2 and karmic wont be getting that anytime soon probably since it needs mesa 7.6 for dri221:11
Sarvatti stuck to using 2.4.12+gitxxxx on edgers because we're using libdrm-radeon1 there and dont want the libdrm overridden by karmics21:14
jbarnesbryce: yeah I think cworth will do the 2.8 release today sometime21:15
jbarnesbut I don't know for sure21:16
Sarvattif you package they'll release 2.8 a few hours later, thats how it works for me :)21:18
Ngjbarnes: I don't know what the gfx chipset is exactly but the HP mini Mi has a keyboard that's not particularly hateful :)21:33
Ngit's running some weird ubuntu derivative by default, but assuming it's not insane poulsbo nonsense, it should be easy enough to fix that ;)21:33
bryceSarvatt, yeah :-)21:33
jbarnesNg: cool21:34
Nga couple of my teammates take them to conferences/sprints to work from21:34

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