WIGGMPkOttifantSir: I see.. thanks for your help.. was starting to upset me.. been working on this laptop for a few days now00:00
apersonsinbox, thanks00:00
OttifantSirWIGGMPk: Rather, they didn't enable the option because NTFS is considered an inferior filesystem to ext3/4, Reiser, JFS and XFS00:00
SteveHillpnglb: Unless you could entice the admin to install a cvs-ish clone on his/her machine, I don't know how to keep the server in sync with your system (unless you just ftp back to it.)  Perhaps someone else has a better clue.00:02
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pnglbSteveHill: I don't know rsync, but if it allows me to open an ftp connection, compare, then send new/updated files, that should be enough.00:03
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OttifantSirWIGGMPk: Probably, this is due to Gparted being a front-end for parted, while fdisk is just fdisk. Different features and command-sets and such00:04
WIGGMPkOttifantSir: so you think my disk's with fail down the raod?00:04
stokedwhat's the status of 9.04 with old ATI hardware?00:05
stokedhave a Dell 610 with ATI X300 gpu00:05
SteveHillpnglb: rsync uses ssh/telnet to work its magic.  It pulls a director for a distant system, compares it to yours, then effects the transfer of changed items.00:05
w_como instalar programas de extensão bin no ubuntu?00:05
sebsebseb!es |  w_00:06
ubottuw_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:06
OttifantSirWIGGMPk: No, I don't think there's a risk of that. As I said, fdisk and parted are two different programs with different features and possibilities. fdisk might just not have the abilities with the current features.00:06
SteveHill!pt | w_00:07
ubottuw_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:07
danny_i installed one thing in synaptic and at this point i forget what it even was and without even looking at what that one thing was going to do to other applications i confirmed. now i have a few important apps gone like 'acetoneiso, flash plugin, picasa, nspluginwrapper, wine' i cant even go into synaptic and reinstall them http://www.imagebam.com/image/8ca4e342560012 and http://www.imagebam.com/image/d444a24256001400:07
WIGGMPkOttifantSir: alright, well I appreciate your input.. Makes me feel more comfortable using the system again00:07
ahornerHI, I have a Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000 and I would like to use the side button as middle click instead of the actual middle click. Basically I want to map button 9 to use the function of button 2. How would I do that?00:08
hacktolivehi people, is there any easy way to remove all the packages on my system except the base system (ubuntu-desktop package)? I want to remove all the crap I installed...00:09
danbhfiveahorner: I kinda know how to do that00:09
deweyI installed ubuntu 9.04 and now when I 'startx' my keyboard and mouse do not work. What would cause this ?00:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:10
thewanderer_ahorner: see Gentoo Wiki, it has perfect documentation on mouse buttons which is not at all Gentoo-specific: http://en.gentoo-wiki.zugaina.org/index.php/HOWTO_Advanced_Mouse00:10
MrPiracyhow do i restart X?00:11
jribMrPiracy: why?00:12
sergeykish_Hello, So now I have unresponding netbook and SSH access, how can I found problem?00:12
jribsergeykish_: top?00:12
danbhfiveMrPiracy: restart gdm I think00:12
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sergeykish_jrib: CPU 0%00:13
jribsergeykish_: what do you mean by "unresponding"?00:13
MrPiracyjrib: why what?00:14
daishadaris there a way to make a keyboard shortcut to raise a specific window that has been minimized to the notification tray?00:14
jribMrPiracy: why do you want to restart X?...00:14
sergeykish_jrib: I mean that can move mouse but applications doesn't respond00:14
jribdaishadar: check out wmctrl00:14
jribsergeykish_: try restarting X00:14
MrPiracyjrib: to apply the new settings, i am editing xorg.conf00:14
jribMrPiracy, sergeykish_: sudo service gdm restart00:14
thewanderer_sergeykish: what desktop environment and apps are you running? anything with 3d accel, possibly?00:14
epalmi'd like to get a pci firewire card to connect various external HDDs with, is there a PCI firewire card in particular that's known to be ubuntu-friendly?00:15
sergeykish_thewanderer_: just firefox 3.500:15
MrPiracyjrib: gonna try that, brb00:15
sergeykish_thewanderer_: and xterm00:15
thewanderer_sergeykish_: are you, by any chance, running Adobe Flash plugin?00:15
duckwarsdoes ubuntu automatically make a user called "root" that has root permissions, and can this user be accesed from a remote login?00:15
sergeykish_jrib: I get that error each half of the hour, so need to fix it00:16
jrib!root | duckwars00:16
ubottuduckwars: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:16
jribduckwars: ssh isn't even installed by default00:16
duckwarsthis is incredible bad news for me00:16
sergeykish_thewanderer_: there is no adobe flash in loaded tabs, but I have it installed00:16
jribduckwars: why?00:17
arrrghhhhrm.  anyone ever used MPD?00:17
soreauSo how do you install a gdm theme? I already know how to install gtk themes..00:17
duckwarsI'm pretty sure I useradd'ed over my only admin account00:17
jribarrrghhh: someone has probably used at some point in time, yes00:17
thewanderer_arrrghhh: I have. on Debian.00:17
jribduckwars: you don't have physical access?00:17
duckwarsnot at this very moment, I will tonight though00:17
MitesIs it possible to have desktop effects enabled with open source ATI drivers?00:17
thewanderer_sergeykish_: you could try and kill firefox and its plugins.00:17
arrrghhhjrib, very funny.  i was hoping for some help with it, but i figured it out.  using the wrong IP.00:17
jribarrrghhh: it's best to just ask your question00:18
sergeykish_thewanderer_: One more thing - I have GMA500 driver installed00:18
jmigelMites yes00:18
sergeykish_thewanderer_: I'll trye00:18
Mitesjmigel: I cant get it to work.. is it a quick solution to this problem?00:18
jmigelMites what is the result of typing this at command line 'glxinfo | grep direct'00:19
sergeykish_thewanderer_: I've killed it, nothing changed... Screen is not updated00:19
wing3dalguém tem exploit para joomla?00:19
sergeykish_*is not updating00:19
jribwing3d: nao.  vai embora.00:19
Mitesjmigel: direct rendering: Yes00:19
thewanderer_sergeykish_: if you are running a default install of Ubuntu, the compositing window effects might be the cause of your problems. I was experiencing the same with KDE4 on Debian (Intel graphics).00:20
jmigelMites just turn the crap on and go00:20
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wing3dpq ir embora?00:20
Mitesdoesnt work.. I tried already00:20
jmigelMites what doesnt work about it00:20
sergeykish_thewanderer_: compiz disabled00:20
Mitesjmigel:  it says "Desktop effects could not be enabled"00:21
jribwing3d: primeiro, este canal e so para ingles.  Mas mais importante, nenhum dos canais do ubuntu sao paro exploits.  #ubuntu-br se tems um problema para resolver com o ubuntu (nao exploits)00:21
wing3dsabe algum canal para exploits?00:21
jribwing3d: nao.00:21
Emerywhat application does ubuntu use for updates00:21
duckwarsjrib: so now that I have no one in the admin group, am I just screwed? The guide you linked to me says that "BY DEFAULT, THE ROOT ACCOUNT PASSWORD IS LOCKED IN UBUNTU"00:21
jmigelMites what architecture you running?00:22
jribduckwars: with physical access, just load "recovery mode" from the grub prompt00:22
Dulakduckwars: you can boot single user mode and fix your groups00:22
thewanderer_Emery: apt-get or aptitude...00:22
duckwarsthank you very much00:22
jmigelMites in command line type 'uname -a'00:22
Emeryi updates00:22
Emerylike security updates00:22
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Mitesjmigel: Linux 2.6.28-13-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 30 19:49:51 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:22
thewanderer_Emery: apt-get and aptitude handle that for you. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade;00:22
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Emeryno your misunderstanding00:23
thewanderer_Emery: for the graphical part, I think it is update-notifier00:23
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jmigelMites, sorry pal that all looks good I cant really help... maybe google?00:23
thewanderer_sergeykish_: then it's going to be a hard time tracing the lockup. It could be virtually anything. Check dmesg and /var/log/messages for program errors, inspect ps aux, see memory usage and hardware stats (temperature).00:24
Wolfman3k5is anyone here familiar with Aptana?00:24
sinbox                      long blank ensues00:24
Mitesjmigel: thanks anyways:) I will try to google some more and check back here later if I dont find any solution00:25
thewanderer_sergeykish_: running a system integrity check is not a bad idea (debsums or similar). You might want to run a SMART check on your hard disks...00:25
iMatterhow do i blacklist a module00:25
thewanderer_iMatter: append its name (one per line) to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf00:26
iMatterthewanderer_, thanks with blacklist infront of it?00:26
thewanderer_iMatter: yes00:26
soreauDoes anyone know what a gdm theme is or how to install one?00:26
iMattersoreau, theme for your login, and gnome-looks.org is a good site00:27
cooliosoreau: login window theme, copy to /usr/share/gdm/themes or use system > preferences > login window00:27
soreauOh yea, I should've known00:27
cooliosoreau: system > admin > login window that is I think00:27
soreauiMatter: coolio: Thanks, I know what it means now00:27
iMatterHow do i make a kernal default in Ubuntu Jaunty00:30
hitttis there a file, that runs commands with root access on boot time/ user login?00:30
hvgotcodesdammit -- i have been upgrading to jaunty, and the thing froze.  no processor usage.  stuck on phpmyadmin.  if i kill it is my system in  an unclean state?00:31
SnakDocgetting this when compiling amarok http://pastebin.com/d5165993 can't find in repo and ideas ?00:31
thewanderer_hittt: see /etc/init.d - you can write your own initscripts from SKELETON00:31
hitttok thx i will look00:32
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: you should be safe to kill it. If it complains, then dpkg --configure -a should handle the rest.00:32
th0rhittt: the only way I know to do that is to create an init script that runs at bootup00:33
hvgotcodesthewanderer_, but what do i do after i kill synaptic?00:33
hitttinit has root access?00:33
hvgotcodesit hasnt finished installing packages, or cleaned up00:33
LordMetroidIs there an Ubuntu version that does not install any but the barebone system?00:33
thewanderer_hittt: see ps aux00:33
InfinteloopHi I downloaded some nautilus scripts from g-scripts where is the nautilus script directory in 9.0400:33
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: synaptic uses apt-get under the good I believe00:33
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: s/good/hood/00:34
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: was it installing, or configuring packages when it froze?00:34
hvgotcodesthewanderer_, so just kill synaptic and restart?00:34
sergeykish_thewanderer_: thanks00:34
Cyber_AkumaGParted keeps automounting all my partitions when I start it, how do I stop that so I can actually edit the partitions?00:35
danny_i installed one thing in synaptic and at this point i forget what it even was and without even looking at what that one thing was going to do to other applications i confirmed. now i have a few important apps gone like 'acetoneiso, flash plugin, picasa, nspluginwrapper, wine' i cant even go into synaptic and reinstall them http://www.imagebam.com/image/8ca4e342560012 and http://www.imagebam.com/image/d444a24256001400:35
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: if it was configuring packages, do a "dpkg --configure -a" first then go back to Synaptic. If installing, a simple restart should be ok.00:36
ubottuFrom more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD00:36
hitttCyber_Akuma: umount /dev/xdxx00:36
Cyber_Akumahalf the time gparted refreashes then remounts it00:37
coolioInfinteloop: $HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts00:37
thewanderer_danny_: try through apt-get and check /etc/apt/sources.list, update your package lists afterwards00:37
shaullxwhat apps can i get to connect to vpn?00:37
danny_thewanderer_, http://pastebin.com/m4f924ad500:38
hvgotcodesthewanderer_, ok the dpkg command completed.  now restart?00:38
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: yes00:39
hvgotcodesk thanx00:39
thewanderer_danny_: it looks fine. no errors can be seen. now you could try and fire up Synaptic...00:40
arrrghhhok, now i have an issue with MPD.  i'm trying to get a webUI to connect to it, and i had one called "theory" that worked, but only partially - and it was fairly ugly, v0.1.8 and was old.  anyways, i'm using relaXX now, which looks amazing, seems to have connected - it has all of my musc in the list - but it won't show what's playing now or control mpd at all like the "theory" webui was able to - any suggestions?00:40
danny_thewanderer_, there were error with flash again00:40
thewanderer_danny_: you could remove flashplugin-nonfree temporarily, then try without it00:41
thewanderer_danny_: either that, or "dpkg --configure -a"00:42
danny_thewanderer_, http://pastebin.com/m1b7395c800:43
arrrghhhso does anyone know why an mpd-client would be able to see music but not see what's playing or be able to control mpd at all?  i don't have a password for mpd, is that an issue?00:43
thewanderer_danny_: try "sudo dpkg --configure flashplugin-installer"00:44
danny_thewanderer_, http://pastebin.com/m72a3000:45
SvenstaroSome user tell me please: Do you have /etc/hal/fdi/policy or /etc/hal/fdi/policies (note the plural)?00:46
sergeykishI've kill a bunch of process, restart GDM but nothing changes - still same picture on the screen, can it help found bug?00:46
thewanderer_Svenstaro: policy00:46
thewanderer_danny_: sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-installer00:47
Svenstarothewanderer_, ty00:47
skibilianoHello everybody00:47
Eilesarrrghhh, you can set the rights for each users with relaxx player, read http://relaxx.dirk-hoeschen.de/index.php?StaticPage/Page/id/200:48
thewanderer_sergeykish: basically, when gdm starts, it should occupy vt7. Have you checked vt7? Is gdm unable to allocate a screen? If so, check X.org logs and prepare for some bug digging...00:48
arrrghhhEiles, i'm logged in as the admin user.00:48
skibilianoI have a crashing bug with ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, upon going to a certain forum thread in firefox00:48
BugsCrashHelp Please. Im Install Ubuntu REmix on HTC Shift (Ubuntu 9.04) but the Touch and de Wireless donsent work.00:48
skibilianoI mean, firefox just crashes00:48
skibilianoBut it works on my Windows XP computers using firefox00:49
danny_thewanderer_, http://pastebin.com/m637bb31e00:49
thewanderer_skibiliano: update Firefox and see if the problem persists. If yes, check what components are running (Flash? loads of JavaScript?), if it's not plugins then it might be a Firefox bug00:50
danbhfiveBugsCrash: have you tried regular ubuntu?00:50
skibilianoHow can you update firefox on ubuntu?00:50
skibilianothe button for checking for updates in firefox is grayed out00:50
skibilianoand I am not so familiar with the gnome-terminal commands00:51
arrrghhhEiles, besikdes, by default anonymous users should be able to see/control the currently playing music etc.00:51
SnakDoc!ff3.5 | skibiliano00:51
ubottuskibiliano: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY00:51
skibilianoas I previously mentioned00:51
skibilianoI have Hardy 8.0400:51
SnakDocsorry i missed that part :(00:51
th0rskibiliano: you update software in ubuntu via synaptic on the system menu.00:51
jluhavaljaInstalled 9.04 on a friends machine. No sound. Anyone know a fix or a cheap sound card that is compatible?00:52
Malekohow do you untar file that has been tar with -z option (compressed)?00:52
thewanderer_danny_: you are running an alpha version of Ubuntu, which contains bugs. For now, run "sudo mkdir /var/cache/flashplugin-installer" and then go on with "dpkg --configure -a"00:52
skibilianoChecking for updates.... While it's doing that, I have an another problem with ubuntu's firefox00:52
skibilianoNo updates visible according to this, anyway, the problem is that my flash can't be updated from 9.0.4 to 1000:53
skibilianoI downloaded the .deb from official site so it could update to 10, it installed properly00:53
danbhfiveskibiliano: why haven't you upgraded in general?00:53
sergeykishthewanderer_: X11 run on vt7, I can't kill it00:53
skibilianoUmm, what do you mean by upgrading in general?00:54
funcky1 /what is that program called that is summoned by command "vi"?00:54
danbhfiveskibiliano: well, you are running 8.04, why don't upgrade to 9.04?00:54
danny_thewanderer_, is this all going well? http://pastebin.com/m5619245100:54
skibilianowell, how easy is updating to 9.04?00:54
th0rdanbhfive: you might not want to go there...if I knew what I know now I would have installed hardy instead of jaunty00:54
skibilianoDo i need to remove 8.04 and install 9.04?00:54
skibilianoor is it applied on it?00:54
skibilianoI don't have access to any blank CD's or DVD's at the current moment00:55
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:55
th0rskibiliano: if you have 8.04 working fairly well...why upgrade? it might cause more trouble than it is worth00:55
danbhfiveth0r: well, I always upgrade, but I also run multiple versions of ubuntu.  One as my main install, one to test the next distro00:56
GeorgeAScottso i've got my webcam working finally with flash, can anybody help me figure out why the picture is so dark?00:56
Cyber_AkumaI always wanted to use the latest, never was a fan of the "why upgrade" philosophy00:56
thewanderer_danny_: it looks fine. now do "sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree" and all should be well.00:56
funcky1 /what is that program called that is summoned by command "vi"?00:56
skibilianoIt is working quite well th0r, but occasionally there are few bugs, like umm, sounds disappear after few hours of use completely until you reboot00:56
Cyber_Akuma.... its called vi00:56
Cyber_Akumaa text editor00:56
Cyber_Akuma... one that most linux users love but I honestly cannot STAND00:56
skibilianoAnd when the sounds disappear, menus stop working, they don't respond, I have to press the shutdown button for it to reboot00:56
danbhfiveth0r: I do it with multiple partitions...00:56
BugsCrash[danbhfive]: Yes , but dont work to .00:56
th0rdanbhfive: well...I have learned that if it is working not to mess with it. Jaunty got me ati drivers that don't work, fusesmb that doesn't work....we won't even start on pulse00:57
mattgyverHow can i start a service on boot, im setting up a bnc on a server and want to have it start on boot.00:57
danny_thewanderer_, http://pastebin.com/m54daecd000:57
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Cyber_AkumaMainly because many people of that mentality refuse to update windows either00:57
Cyber_Akumaand seriously, thats just stupid, refusing to apply security updates in case it breaks something00:57
skibilianoWho are you talking to Cyber?00:57
debac1eI'm reading guides on setting up wireless, and they keep referring to "System > Administration > Networking" (which I don't have) and "Enable roaming mode" (which I can't find in System > Admin > Network Tools, nor in Preferences > Network Connections), I'm using jaunty, has this been moved?00:58
thewanderer_mattgyver: write an init script. start with /etc/init.d/skeleton00:58
Cyber_Akumath0r and skibiliano00:58
danbhfiveCyber_Akuma: yeah, but windows is different than ubuntu.  th0r does have some valid points00:58
Cyber_AkumaI kow00:58
thewanderer_danny_: I meant flashplugin-nonfree . It is already late ;P00:58
Cyber_Akuma8.10 to 9.04 is more like 2000 to xp00:58
Cyber_Akumathan a SP00:58
skibilianoHow exactly do you update 8.04 to 9.04?00:58
th0rCyber_Akuma: I never mentioned security updates...those are a separate issue from upgrading a release00:58
mattgyverthewanderer_ by doing so will that always cause it to run as root, or must you explicitly run it as sudo for that to happen?00:58
skibilianoDo you need a blank CD00:58
danbhfiveBugsCrash: what was your question? I didnt follow00:58
skibilianoor something00:58
Cyber_Akumajust saying th0r, that many people I met who say that also refuse to update windows or anything XD00:59
danbhfive!upgrade | skibiliano00:59
ubottuskibiliano: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading00:59
funcky1how do i get the manual for vi and not vim?00:59
th0rCyber_Akuma: 8.04 to 9.04 is more like XP to Vista...and we know how well that worked out00:59
thewanderer_funcky1: vi is an alias for vim in Ubuntu I believe.00:59
Cyber_AkumaI honestly prefer nano to vi, I feel its a lot more logical00:59
Pici!offtopic | Cyber_Akuma00:59
ubottuCyber_Akuma: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:59
funcky1actually you know what. someone just tell me how to save a file in vi please!00:59
thewanderer_mattgyver: it will be forked from init, so it will run as root. You should either instruct the program to drop privileges or do that via sudo.00:59
Cyber_Akumaummm, vi and nano are linux text editors01:00
Cyber_Akumathats not off topic01:00
debac1efuncky1: ":h" or something like that to view the help01:00
thewanderer_funcky1: escape from insert mode (press Escalpe), then type :w01:00
th0rskibiliano: anyway...if you want to upgrade to 9.04 you might want to consider doing a fresh install, sometimes the upgrade doesn't go so well01:00
danny_thewanderer_, ok it worked01:00
mattgyverthewanderer_, thanks I will look into that01:00
PiciCyber_Akuma: This isn't a discussion channel, but #ubuntu-offtopic is.01:00
danny_thewanderer_, thanks. u have any idea y the acetone install isnt working?01:00
Cyber_AkumaWell, nobody would answer my swap question >.<01:01
debac1ewhere is "enable roaming mode" for wireless in jaunty?01:01
thewanderer_danny_: that'd be difficult to guess. have you got any logs of the install attempt?01:01
egchi all01:01
PiciCyber_Akuma: You might need to ask it again, I don't even see it in the past 20 of your lines.01:01
funcky1when i try to close the terminal window it keeps telling me "closing this terminal window will kill it!"01:02
egcif i have an ubuntu installation taking up the whole disk, can I resize it so that i can install windows?01:02
thewanderer_funcky1: exit vim with :q01:02
debac1efuncky1: you need to exit the running programs first01:02
egci forget if ext3 can be shrunk01:02
Cyber_Akumaegc: is the data or just the partition taking up the whole disk?01:02
Cyber_Akumaive resized ext3 partitions before01:02
hvgotcodesis it worthwhile to add noatime to fstab?01:02
skibilianoI am going to go with the progressive updating, thanks for all the help, Ubuntu rules01:02
egcCyber_Akuma: just the partition01:02
egci dont have too much data01:03
Cyber_Akumayou should be able to then01:03
funcky1thanks :o)01:03
uknow_is there a way to make my wireless card stronger01:03
egcCyber_Akuma: great, thanks01:03
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thewanderer_hvgotcodes: you can live happily with relatime, and on laptops it is pretty desirable01:03
Cyber_Akumauknow_: not impossible but hard to do with software, especially unofficial, usually its done by modifying the antenna01:03
egcill use a bootable GPartEd01:03
hvgotcodesthewanderer_, hmm it is doing that for my / partition but not for my other partition01:03
GeorgeAScottwhat would be the best tool to adjust video settings for a webcam like brightness and contrast... xawtv isn't working01:03
gogetarelly thinking abought making a pxe oot of my old c61001:04
gogetadead hdd01:04
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: it is generally safe to use relatime for all Linux partitions01:04
danny_thewanderer_, http://pastebin.com/m7abecdc4 i searched for the 3 newly installed packages mentioned on the bottom and they were all uninstalled01:04
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: but noatime adds little profit for the casual user01:04
RicochetHey guys, i am running ubuntu 8.10 on my Asus Eee Top 1602, and was wondering how if anyone could help me out on how to edit the xorg.conf file.. i am a noob so please bare with me01:04
uknowyeah i moded my other antenna01:04
thewanderer_danny_: so what happens when you try to install acetoneiso?01:05
uknowand yeah my internet keep cutting in and out01:05
hvgotcodesthewanderer_, i cannot replace relatime with noatime for /01:05
Cyber_AkumaIs there a version of the xubuntuy livecd that has the option to load itself completely into ram?01:05
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gogetaCyber_Akuma: ubuntu is way to big to load into ram01:06
danbhfiveCyber_Akuma: I remember someone posting a link about that, but I never understood the point.  If you have lot's of ram, linux will cache everything01:06
OttifantSirRicochet: n00b is a harsh phrase, meaning someone pretending to know "everything", then complains when his/her way doesn't work. A newb/newbie is one who doesn't have experience, but recognizes that, and asks for help.01:06
thewanderer_hvgotcodes: you can do it, but it usually means no big performance improvement... you can safely try and see how it works for you.01:06
skibilianoThat didn't take long01:07
Cyber_Akumanot ubuntu01:07
skibilianoI got an error01:07
gogetaCyber_Akuma: any dirretiv all to big01:07
skibilianohttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz nouto ei onnistunut  404 Not Found [IP: 80]01:07
hvgotcodesthewanderer_, thanx01:07
Cyber_AkumaOh BTW, my swap question01:07
skibilianoI am using finnish version but it means it couldn't retrieve that01:07
gogetaCyber_Akuma: your looking at 2gb into ram01:07
skibilianoI am trying to update from 8.04 Hardy LDS to 8.10 Intrepid01:07
arrrghhhanyone know how to create playlists in mpd?  the webui seems to be working now, not sure why.01:08
BacTalanI just switched my laptop to Ubuntu (9.04) and whenever I try to suspend it it kernel panics. There's nothing in the logs. This happens both on the original kernel and on 2.6.31. Any ideas?01:08
th0ruknow_: not really01:08
Cyber_AkumaI have two linux operating systems, and I created tow swap partitions for them, how can I set it so each distro only uses it's own partition?01:08
Cyber_Akumaand they don't touch each other's?01:08
th0rskibiliano: why are you trying to use the edgy archive...I thought you said you had 8.0401:08
RicochetOttifantSir: haha sorry, then I am a newbie.. trust me, i dont know much about this stuff at all.. so i pass as a newbie01:08
Cyber_AkumaI have ubuntu and opensuse installed01:08
th0rskibiliano: but the error you posted was for an edgy repo01:08
skibilianoThe heck?01:08
gogetaCyber_Akuma: they should share the same swap point you dont need 201:08
skibilianoThe system itself took those01:08
Malekohow do you untar file that has been tar with -z option (compressed)?01:08
Cyber_Akumagogeta: ubuntu suspends to the swap partition01:08
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: see /etc/fstab, if it's not listed in there, then see /etc/init.d/ - look for swapon01:08
danbhfivegogeta: unless he is hibernating...01:08
Cyber_Akumait would be a mess01:08
skibilianohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades I used that site's instructions01:09
skibilianoand it found the 8.10 as intented01:09
Cyber_Akuma/etc/fstab is a file?01:09
thewanderer_Maleko: the same way, just with tar xzf $FILENAME01:09
Cyber_Akumahow would I understand it?01:09
skibilianobut when I tried to update it, at the 3rd phase or something, it threw that error01:09
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: man 5 fstab01:09
gogetaCyber_Akuma: i would just adjust the swap mount point to the other01:09
danbhfiveskibiliano: whats the error?01:09
Cyber_Akuma........ wait, so there isn't an APP called fstab?01:09
skibilianoit's finnish but01:10
Cyber_AkumaI have to say, this really clears up a lot of confusion then01:10
skibilianoW:Tiedoston http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz nouto ei onnistunut  404 Not Found [IP: 80]01:10
Cyber_Akumalots of people told me about it, I thought it was a commandline app, not a config file01:10
gogetaCyber_Akuma: it should be in fstab01:10
skibilianoFile (The url) retrieval did not succeed01:10
RicochetSo can anyone help me edit xorg.conf? what is the terminal command?01:11
gogetaeg change /dev/sa1 swap to /dev/sda2 swpa01:11
danbhfiveCyber_Akuma: well, if its listed in fstab, its as simple as commenting out the line that is point to the swap you don't want to be enabled01:11
thewanderer_Ricochet: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:11
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Cyber_AkumaI see01:11
gogetaor howvere it looks on your system01:11
OttifantSirCyber_Akuma: fstab (as I understand it) means FileSystemTable. A kind of billboard on how the filesystems connect to eachother and the OS. It's a file, more like a script actually, not an application.01:11
Cyber_Akumaand I would do the same in the opensuse partoton's fstab file?01:11
Ricochetthewanderer: isnt it gedit or something like that?01:11
skibilianoNo wait, It stopped at second phase01:11
danbhfiveCyber_Akuma: ya01:11
skibilianoit returned the system to the phase before I tried to update01:11
Cyber_AkumaAnd can I use fstab to automount other partitions? like my Vista partition?01:11
skibilianoAnd I am back to square one01:11
danny_thewanderer_, all is well. thank u very much01:11
gogetaCyber_Akuma: as long as it points to the other then you whont need to01:12
thewanderer_Ricochet: you can do that from the command line, from the GUI or anything, it's your choice01:12
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danny_thewanderer_, this all started when i tried to fix choppy 5.1 on vlc player01:12
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gogetaCyber_Akuma: linux normaly uses the first it finds01:12
Ricochetthewanderer_: awesome thank you!01:12
danbhfive!fstab | Cyber_Akuma01:12
ubottuCyber_Akuma: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:12
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Cyber_Akumagogeta: I always preferred telling my systems to do or not do something instead of let them figure out whgat is best..... because they never do it correctly...01:13
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Cyber_Akumawhich is why I specifically want to tell them "use this, DON'T use this"01:13
thewanderer_danny_: I see... it's quite unwise to run an alpha version of software unless you know to hose the system. I would look into apt-pinning to stay with the stable version of Ubuntu.01:13
Ricochetthewanderer_: is there a way i can put it into a text file and edit it?01:13
colloguyis there a gnome menubar applet that simply displays the result of an arbitrary terminal command?01:14
skibilianoWell? does anyone know what is causing the 404 error while trying to update from 8.04 to 8.10?01:14
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uknowok first i have vista and ubuntu two HD's one with vista the other with ubuntu on ubuntu i can see the windows files and hard drive but on windows i cant see the harddrive with linux01:14
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BacTalanI just switched my laptop to Ubuntu (9.04) and whenever I try to suspend it it kernel panics. There's nothing in the logs. This happens both on the original kernel and on 2.6.31. Any ideas?01:15
thewanderer_Ricochet: you can basically open gedit as root. try "gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" in the command line.01:15
danbhfiveskibiliano: can you describe the error in more detaul?01:15
Ricochetthewanderer_: you are a life saver01:15
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OttifantSiruknow: You need ext3-drivers for Windows to see the contents of a linux-partition/-drive01:15
danbhfiveBacTalan: have you tried a clean install?  If so, you should certainly file a bug01:15
uknowohh ok01:15
BacTalandanbhfive: I did a clean install yesterday, and it's had it since then.01:15
th0ruknow: if you used a linux format for the ubuntu drive windows won't be able to reaad it01:16
thewanderer_colloguy: I don't know of such an applet, yet you can try and write your own. GTK is not that difficult. find some example applets on the 'net then edit then to fit your needs.01:16
Ricochetthewanderer_: now that I have edited it, is there a way to restart the xorg.conf file? to see if my resolution will work now?01:16
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uknownah i used windows to formate the drive i think ntsf i think the common one01:16
danbhfiveuknow: last time I checked, I could not get vista to see ext drives01:17
OttifantSiruknow: Another little "feature" from Windows to disencourage new Linux-users. A google should give you the drivers needed at the top of the search.01:17
uknowbut i still cant see the hard drive from windows01:17
skibilianoTell me how to explain it in more detail: here's a small recap, I try to update my ubuntu, from 8.04 to 8.10, using the desktop way of ubuntu downloading the update itself. (Page with the instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades ) It does everything according to that, but suddenly it shows an error that http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/main/binary-i386/Packages.g01:17
skibilianoz retrieval did not succeed, 404 Not Found (IP: 80)01:17
renichow do i enable ssh login?01:17
uknowohh ok01:17
skibilianoThen it cancels the updating procedure, and I am back to square one with 8.0401:17
thewanderer_Ricochet: the simplest way is just rebooting your computer.01:17
th0rdanbhfive: I told him twice....look at the repo in the error message...he is trying to fetch an intrepid update from an edgy repo01:17
skibilianoI did not choose the sites it picks, the ubuntu said it downloaded a new set of packets to get them from01:18
danbhfiveskibiliano: erm, you are trying to grab from an archive from a wrong repository01:18
skibilianoAnd how do I fix that?01:18
danbhfiveth0r: ya01:18
thewanderer_renic: you install openssh-server. that should be everything.01:18
danbhfiveskibiliano: whats lsb_release -a say?01:18
rambo298skibiliano: you may find many instances of that depending on what pkgs you have and what pkgs were dropped from 8.10; i had many, but just pushed on with the upgrade then, after fighting with nvidia driver issues, upgraded straight to 9.0401:19
skibilianookay hold on01:19
skibilianoNo LSB modules are available.01:19
skibilianoDistributor ID:Ubuntu01:19
skibilianoDescription:Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS01:19
FloodBot3skibiliano: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:19
danbhfiveskibiliano: ok, thats enough01:19
danny_thewanderer_, meaning i can downgrade to a stable version?01:20
danbhfivedanny_: I think you need to reinstall to do that01:20
renicthewanderer: thanks - couldn't find anything in the gui tool.01:20
thewanderer_danny_: if you still need the alpha repositories, you should consider using apt-pinning.01:20
Ricochetthewanderer_: Ahh now i cant see anything? is there a way to revert back? so i can at least see my screen? I need some serious help.. i just want to get this darn thing working01:20
danny_thewanderer_, ok01:21
colloguyis there a gnome menu applet that simply displays the result of a terminal command? :P01:21
thewanderer_Ricochet: switch to vt1 (Ctrl+Alt+F1), login and run "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf", revert your changes then run "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart"01:21
OttifantSircolloguy: I know there's a Screenlet that will do it, but I don't know of a menu applet that would.01:22
kebomixis there any driver made for this webcam 17a1:0118  ?01:22
scottso i'm wondering what's slowing down graphics, like screensavers. i've got plenty of ram, what gives?01:22
colloguyottifantSir: oh yes, the terminal screenlet in a 'while true, wait, run' loop01:23
jacekowskispeed at which CPU can deliver data to id01:23
Ricochetthewanderer_: i dont remember all of the changes, i am trying to follow some tutorial as to how to get my computer to run ubuntu properly and its just not working.. so i copied and pasted what they told me to01:23
Ricochetthewanderer_: is there a way to revert back to a default?01:23
jacekowskiRicochet: reinstall01:24
naftaanyone ever saw a crashed irssi?01:24
jacekowskinafta: i did01:24
kebomixis there any driver made for this webcam 17a1:0118  ?01:24
ShurupWindows must due london it the capital of great brittan01:24
thewanderer_Ricochet: you can get a fresh xorg.conf file and start from that01:24
Ricochetjacekowski: so reinstall the whole operating system because of xorg.conf? seems like a bit of a pain01:24
danbhfiveRicochet: if you are running jaunty, you should be able to remove xorg.conf, ie, rename it with mv01:25
jacekowskiRicochet: i was thinking that you have bigger problem01:25
jacekowskiRicochet: X -configure01:25
danbhfive!xconfig | Ricochet01:25
ubottuRicochet: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes01:25
OttifantSircolloguy: I honestly don't know if you were being sarcastic there. I offered a suggestion, a *possible* solution to your problem. If that's not what you want, try going to www.gnome-look.org or www.gnome.org and look around01:26
patricrawleyhey, I'm having issues with getting Banshee to work, can someone help me out?01:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wontwork01:26
Ricochetubottu: do i want the frame buffer?01:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:27
skibilianoI think I am going away for some sleep, Is my problem something that cannot be resolved in few minutes?01:27
thewanderer_Ricochet: I think you should answer "no".01:27
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danbhfiveskibiliano: well, I don't understand why its trying edgy files, but I can take a look at your sources if you like.01:27
jacekowskiit's just really strange that there is a lot less users with problems on ##windows channel than here01:28
skibilianoYeah sure danbhfive01:28
Paddy_NI!lnw | jacekowski01:28
ubottujacekowski: Want to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm01:28
Paddy_NIjacekowski: and typically windows users are not as resourceful01:28
OttifantSirskibiliano: From what I have read on your problem, you need to clean up your repos/sources.list before attempting to do what you want. It seems you have repos for an older version of Ubuntu than you currently have installed, and that's your problem.01:28
RicochetThanks guys!01:29
skibilianoAnd how is that possible? I think I tampered with the sources one time earlier01:29
skibilianoBut it was another problem01:29
skibilianobecause of outdated repositery it used01:29
skibilianoI had to add /archive/ to one part of it01:29
thewanderer_Ricochet: just in case, always save a copy of xorg.conf before making changes01:29
skibilianoor something01:29
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Ricochetthewanderer_: how do i do that?01:30
platiuskebomix;   you might look here01:30
patricrawleyWhen I launch banshee, the tray icon pops up but nothing else. No window in GNOME-Do and when I click the tray icon to launch the window, the window comes up but everything inside the window decoration is grey01:30
kebomixplatius: look where :D01:30
platiuskebomix;   http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-uvc-devel@lists.berlios.de/msg03881.html here01:30
platiuskebomix;   oops01:30
RicochetDoes anyone have an Asus Eee Top who got ubuntu working properly who would be willing to help this newbie out? I am having so much trouble with this darn thing.01:30
InterphaseWhere does nautilus-connect server mount Shares?01:31
Cyber_AkumaGParted is showing one of my swap partitions as actually having a label, is there any way to change this?01:31
colloguyis there an irc client with especially good notifications (I want to be able to pop up balloons based on incoming messages (regexp matching would be sweet))?01:31
danbhfiveskibiliano: just pastebin your whole /etc/apt/sources.list file01:31
skibilianoMay I ask you how?01:31
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: filesystems have lavels, not partitions. You would need to recreate your swap fs.01:31
skibilianoI rarely use ubuntu other than on vacations01:31
marks256I had a samba share sharing a folder across my network. it stopped working after i networked my printer. now my printer works over the network, but no more folder share. any ideas?01:31
OttifantSirskibiliano: If your sources.list is messed up, I don't know if I'd be doing you a disservice by giving you a copy of one, and then tell you where to put it. It might be more you need to do than just that. Try asking if that's okay. And give your version of Ubuntu so people can put in the correct file.01:32
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skibilianoOttifantsir, as I mentioned some pages back, acocording to lsb_release -a, my version is 8.04.301:33
therazork es esto??01:33
Cyber_AkumaIt has the label of a PREVIOUs partition that I deleted01:33
Cyber_Akumain another os01:33
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danbhfiveskibiliano: can you: sudo apt-get install pastebinit   ?01:34
kebomixplatius: can we talk in private ?01:34
kellyhskibiliano: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=783577 - any help?01:34
skibilianothere's my sources01:35
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma, then you _might_ want to delete the partition and set it up again. Swap partitions having labels are not something to be afraid of, though...01:35
Cyber_Akumaalso, can I renumber the sda# labels?01:35
patricrawleyWhen I launch banshee, the tray icon pops up but nothing else. No window in GNOME-Do and when I click the tray icon to launch the window, the window comes up but everything inside the window decoration is grey01:35
Cyber_AkumaWell, its identifying itself as a stiorage partition, its just weird01:35
RicochetCan someone help walk me through this process http://www.eeepc.it/guida-installare-ubuntu-su-asus-eee-top-1602/  ?01:35
Cyber_Akumabecause that was the partition I delted, a storage partition01:35
kellyhI've a weird problem with samba on 9.04-amd6401:35
danbhfiveskibiliano: comment out 51 and delete 50, then give it a try01:35
Ricochetthats the translated version01:36
FloodBot3Ricochet: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:36
Cyber_Akumaill try deleting and recreating them01:36
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: /dev/sda* are all partitions, not only storage partitions, so they always include swap.01:36
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kellyhshares of my windows partitions don't seem to show up on OS X 10.5, but show up elsewhere01:36
kellyhnot sure if its Ubuntu or OS X01:36
skibilianoDanbhfive, How exactly do I save it then?01:36
marks256I had a samba share sharing a folder across my network. it stopped working after i networked my printer. now my printer works over the network, but no more folder share. any ideas?01:36
OttifantSirskibiliano: It may seem like you might have a proper sources.list on your machine in: /usr/share/ubuntu-docs/ubuntu/sample/sources.list Where it should be put, I don't know. And check that it says hardy in it if you have it.01:36
* VCoolio hears radio when volume turned all down :p01:37
skibilianoDanbhfive, It says I don't have the right permissions01:37
danbhfiveskibiliano: how are you editing it?  you could use: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list01:37
skibilianoThank you so much01:37
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: be careful when handling partitions though, as they are not so easily recoverable... and you'd better not work with currently used swap partitions.01:38
Cyber_AkumaI recreated them01:38
Cyber_Akumabut just to eb safe I can delete them and recreate them01:38
Cyber_AkumaI AM using gparted to modify a windows partition just now..... but I performed a backup so its ok if its corrupted01:38
Cyber_Akumathe hdd is being accessed by usb so it isn't even the system's hdd01:39
b0nnhi all, I am about to buy an Aspire One, do I need to use a specially compiled ubuntu, or will stock x86 ubuntu install on it?01:39
skibilianoOkay, attempting to update01:39
kellyhb0nn: stock ubuntu should work, but NBR is much better imo on it01:39
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: in any case, swap partitions having labels are no danger at all.01:40
RicochetSo does anyone want to help me out?01:40
b0nnkellyh: thanks, is the install done from a USB stick?01:40
danbhfiveRicochet: whats the problem you are having?  I have a eee01:40
ubuntudoes anyone know id the zd1211b is a RAlink-bsed chip?01:40
b0nnif so, how big a stick do I need?01:40
skibilianoIt's downloading new sources01:40
kellyhb0nn: yes, min. 1Gb01:41
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OttifantSirB0nn: about as big as a thigh;-)01:41
Cyber_Akumathewanderer_: I know, its just weird thats all, why would it give it the label of a deleted partition?01:41
Ricochetdanbhfive: perfect! I have the asus eee top and its giving me troubles.. I posted a link above and its a walk through as to how to get it to work, but i am new at this and apparently failing so I needed some help01:41
marks256I had a samba share sharing a folder across my network. it stopped working after i networked my printer. now my printer works over the network, but no more folder share. any help will be greatly appreciated.01:41
Cyber_AkumaHow can it even BE labeled?01:41
b0nnawesome, thanks01:42
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: via mkswap -L flag (see man 8 mkswap)01:42
mattgyvermarks256, is it possible that you changed the workgroup in /etc/samba/smb.conf?01:42
Cyber_AkumaMaybe it would be useful then01:42
marks256mattgyver, nope workgroup has stayed the same.01:42
Cyber_Akumausing mkswap to lavel them as the ubuntu and opensuse swap partition01:42
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Saikdoes anyone know id the zd1211b is a RAlink-bsed chip?01:43
Cyber_Akumabtw, I know what man is, but whats with the numbers?01:43
skibiliano:O, 33 packets are going to be removed, 225 new packets are going to be downloaded, 1375 packets are going to be updated, 2,5 gigs, it takes about 6 hours and 21 minutes01:43
danbhfiveRicochet: oh, I see, I dont have THAT eee.  but whats the problem?01:43
Cyber_Akumaman 5, man 801:43
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: man man explains it.01:43
skibilianoI am gonna press cancel and do it tomorrow, but it seems to be working, Thanks danbhfive01:43
danbhfiveskibiliano: great! take care01:43
marks256mattgyver, i set up the share by right clicking on the folder and doing sharing options though... where is the config file for that?01:43
Cyber_Akumalol, this man stuff is getting out of hand01:44
Ricochetdanbhfive: well the resolution is off, the touch screen doesnt work, the wifi doesnt, and i would love to get all of those things working.. and that page shows how01:44
Saikdoes anyone know id the zd1211b is a RAlink-bsed chip?01:44
Ricochetdanbhfive: but apparently i am messing it up somewhere along the line01:44
danbhfiveRicochet: but you arent sure where I take it01:44
Cyber_Akuma(can't use the terminal atm because its doing something) do I need to manually enter the size and location of the partition I want to make with mkswap?01:44
danbhfiveRicochet: unfortunately, the translate isnt working for me01:45
Cyber_Akumaas in the strting and ending sectors or whatever?01:45
Ricochetdanbhfive: can you copy and paste the top one into google and press "Translate Page"01:45
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: options specified in [braces] are optional01:45
Ricochetdanbhfive: I think if we can take it from the beginning, that would be splendid01:46
mattgyvermarks256, im not sure, it looks like they are all handled by the package nautilus-share01:46
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: in your case, mkswap -L "My_Label" /dev/my_partition   should suffice.01:46
OttifantSirthewanderer_:  Cyber_Akuma: Yup, sometimes I wish there were man-pages for man:-D01:46
marks256mattgyver, ok i'll look into that and see if there are any config files that may have been altered01:46
jribOttifantSir: umm, man man01:46
Saikdoes anyone know id the zd1211b is a RAlink-bsed chip?01:47
* jrib returns to his bottle now01:47
Cyber_AkumaSo, why should I use mkswap over GParted for making swap partitions?01:47
Saikjrib, I didn't know you had a bottle?01:47
danbhfiveRicochet: well, how does your xorg.conf look?01:47
mattgyvermarks256, looks like they are added to samba @ /var/lib/samba/usershares01:47
Cyber_AkumaOr do yo mean just to label them01:48
Ricochetdanbhfive: well I just edited it and reverted it back.. so right now its the standard01:48
jribSaik: I granted OttifantSir's wish01:48
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: mkswap is what GParted uses 'under the hood'01:48
Ricochetdanbhfive: The default that is01:48
OttifantSirjrib: Thanks! Never even thought of it. Should be prominently displayed somewhere.01:48
Saikjrib; ah.. lol01:48
richardcavellhow do you get a message like jrib returns to his bottle now?01:48
jribOttifantSir: you know about « man intro »?01:48
Cyber_AkumaI see01:48
danbhfiveRicochet: are you on 8.10? or 9.04?01:48
jribrichardcavell: /me foo01:48
* richardcavell is testing01:49
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: that's how it's usually done in Linux. GUI stuff might be fancy, but it allows for less control and does have bugs sometimes...01:49
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Cyber_AkumaSo can I make the swap partition in gparted then label it with mkswap?01:49
richardcavelljrib: thanks01:49
marks256mattgyver, yep they are there. wonder why they don't show on the network...01:49
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: mkswap *makes* the swap partition, so that would be pointless.01:49
Cyber_AkumaI understand thewanderer_, but a gui can really help make sense out of something complicated01:49
mattgyvermarks256, dont know, can you access them from there?01:49
Saikjrib; I never grant wishes, I like to torment people P01:49
Cyber_Akumacase in point: when the hdd has 7 partitions01:49
OttifantSirjrib: I hope you are a djinn of gentle nature then, and not a djinn from the stories of the old Arabian tales. And no, I didn't know about that. Nowhere in close to four years with Linux have I seen that info.01:49
jribSaik: :o01:49
marks256mattgyver, what do you mean?01:49
Cyber_Akumait was a LOT easier to tell what it was liek with a gui than with a bunch of numbers01:49
Ricochetdanbhfive: 8.1001:49
mattgyvermarks256, can you view the contents from within those folders?01:50
Cyber_AkumaAnd this is coming from someone who frequently pulls up the command shell in windows01:50
khelvanHi, I am trying to get a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 working, and after some struggles have finally gotten cheese to see it. But now the frame rate is about 5. The cheese support says that I should change between xvimagesink and ximagesink -  how in the world do I do that?01:50
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: the GUI only operates on /dev/sd* or whatever the partitions are called01:50
danbhfiveRicochet: ok, set your xorg.conf, and install that .deb file01:50
Guest58031does anybody know how to get windows vista back.i did downlound ubuntu linux on my vista os system01:50
marks256mattgyver, yes. the weird thing is, print$ doesn't even show up on the network... it is like my system has vanished, yet i can still use the print share?01:50
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: so figuring out where your partition devices are is the very first thing to do.01:50
mattgyvermarks256, have you restarted since this all has started happening?01:50
Cyber_AkumaYeah, I need to renumber them too, since they are really out of order now, its confusing01:50
Ricochetdanbhfive: how do i install an xorg.conf and put it in? or should i edit the xorg.conf?01:51
marks256mattgyver, yes. it stopped working a few weeks ago when i networked my printer01:51
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: you can reference partitions by Linux numbers, UUID or labels.01:51
mattgyverGuest58031, did you overwrite vista?01:51
marks256mattgyver, i've just been putting my videos on a jump drive, but i'm tired of that and want my share back :)01:51
Guest58031i think so01:51
Cyber_Akumathewanderer_: But when mounted, they appear on your desktop as their labels, which is why I like to label them01:51
danbhfiveRicochet: well, save both the xorg.conf and the .deb file to your desktop01:51
Guest58031i am not sure01:51
Guest58031i did make ubuntu linux my new os01:52
Ricochetdanbhfive: done01:52
Cyber_AkumaAs for laveling my swap partitions, thats just so I can tell which one I assigned to ubuntu and to opensuse01:52
=== _Apple_ is now known as _MrsApple_
Cyber_AkumaDo I need to label ym swap partition as I make it with mkswap, or can I make it with gparted then label ti with mkswap?01:53
mattgyvermarks256, unfortunately im not too sure why thats happening to you01:53
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: you need to label it at creation time, that is, it needs to be labeled with mkswap (unless GParted supports swap labels, I don't know of such a fact).01:53
=== x314 is now known as a1g
danbhfiveRicochet: on a terminal: cd ~/Desktop && sudo cp xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf && sudo dpkg -i libdrm2_2.4.4-1build1_i386.deb01:54
marks256mattgyver, darn :( well thanks for the help anyway :)01:54
Cyber_AkumaBut I can label ext4 partitions with gparted right? or no?01:54
Saikjrib: I';m a mean guy, you should know that by now :P01:54
Saikdoes anyone know id the zd1211b is a RAlink-bsed chip?01:54
mattgyvermarks256, np, if i think of something else ill let you know01:54
thewanderer_Cyber_Akuma: I rarely look into GParted, so I have no idea. I always create my partitions with mkfs, and mk* programs.01:55
thewanderer_Saik: zd1211b is an Atheros chip.01:55
marks256mattgyver, ok thanks. if i find the solution i'll be sure to let you know01:55
Cyber_AkumaI tried them, didnt like them, how I had to manually count everyything to know where the partitions are and where to make them01:55
pokey19Hello. I just put Ubuntu on my new HP Mini netbook. I was using the internet wirelessly today at my friends house. But it wont work here at my place01:55
uknownyeah im back and think i broke my computer01:55
pokey19it says its connected, but i can't get any internet01:55
Cyber_AkumaI like the commandline over a gui for many things, but hdd matinence is not one of them, I find having a graphical representation much more convinent01:56
KuaeraHello; I'm on Kubuntu Jaunty, and am trying to fix some OpenGL versioning issues with a Radeon X1950 card01:56
Saikthewanderer_, do you know if there's a win 7 driver for it?01:56
Cyber_Akumaso can I use any of these commandline tools to just label a partition?01:56
Cyber_Akumanot create one?01:56
jrib!label | Cyber_Akuma01:56
ubottuCyber_Akuma: To rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.01:56
thewanderer_Saik: better go ask in a win7-specific room01:57
Kuaeraglxheads reports that the GL_VENDOR is DRI R300, though the card is R580!01:57
Cyber_Akuma"Nautilus currently does not support renaming partitions, but Gnome's Partition Editor (GParted) does."01:57
Cyber_Akumavery well01:57
xcdfgkjhgcvCan anyone please recommend an easy to use video editor with an easy way of adding subtitles?01:57
Saikthewanderer_, you know of one?01:57
Cyber_Akumaso mkswap to label ym sap partitions at creation and gparted to labvel my ext4 partitions01:57
marks256anybody know what would cause a machine to stop showing up in network?01:57
user01hi i created a a partition for a user´s backup files during install /home/user/archive now i am adding the user and it wont let me do it because the directory /home/user exists . . . how can i fix?01:57
thewanderer_Saik: not really. just look around.01:57
KuaeraI'm really desperately seeking help on this one.01:57
jribuser01: delete the directory or learn how to use useradd :)01:58
Ricochetdanbhfive: im not sure if it did it or not.. but i think so...01:58
jribuser01: or rename the directory and move it back instead of delete01:58
NitrousoxideI need help, i just got the newest server edition, and i sudo apt-get install untuntu-desktop doesnt work01:58
jribNitrousoxide: pastebin the output you get01:58
danbhfiveRicochet: well, no errors I think means its all good01:58
jrib!pastebin | Nitrousoxide01:58
ubottuNitrousoxide: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic01:58
OttifantSirxcdfgkjhgcv: AviDemux is very easy to use and has the possibility of adding subtitles with a filter during encoding.01:58
NitrousoxideYes i know what pastebin is01:58
danbhfiveRicochet: but, you know, 9.04 might work better by default01:58
Ricochetdanbhfive: yeah, no error messages so I suppose we're in business01:59
danbhfiveRicochet: you may want to make an extra partition, and just try 9.0401:59
NitrousoxideBut its on a different computer, how am i meant to get it?01:59
NitrousoxideType it out?01:59
xcdfgkjhgcvOttifantSir: Adding subtitles to avidemux is too complicated.01:59
jribNitrousoxide: does the other computer not have internet access?01:59
xcdfgkjhgcvOttifantSir: Ubuntu is Linux for human beings.01:59
Ricochetdanbhfive: yeah the walkthrough was in 8.10 so i figured it would work better that way then i can just upgrade right?01:59
NitrousoxideYes it does, but its on server, Just server, so how am i meant to upload it?01:59
jribNitrousoxide: you may use pastebinit02:00
Ricochetdanbhfive: so whats our next move?02:00
jumbersIs there any way to make keyboard macros for the gnome terminal so that it can just quickly paste a command in for me?02:00
jribjumbers: are aliases not sufficient?02:00
danbhfiveRicochet: yes, thats true.  You should follow that walkthrough only on 8.10.  That was correct.  BUT, you are just installing drivers.  each release has newer drivers.  So, 9.04 might work by default02:00
OttifantSirxcdfgkjhgcv: What do you mean it's too difficult to do in AviDemux? To write subtitles for a video? AviDemux isn't for that. I know there are stand-alone programs for that, then you can use AviDemux to hardcode them to the video.02:00
jumbersjrib: I just figured it would be handy to have keyboard shortcuts02:01
Saikhow do I list all dev/*da* partions in terminal?02:01
Nitrousoxideim trying to get it to work, i used sudo apt-get install unbuntu-desktop, But that froze on 0%, i tried sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop, but that just did nt do anything, ok ill paste bin it, if i can02:01
xcdfgkjhgcvOttifantSir: Surely it'd be easier for a video editor to include such a feature? I want a very simple video editor.02:01
blacknred0is there a way to perform year to year compression in gnucash?02:01
jribjumbers: don't know.  You could rig something up with xbindkeys I guess02:01
jumbers!info xbindkeys02:02
ubottuxbindkeys (source: xbindkeys): Associate a combination of keys or mouse buttons with a shell command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.2-1 (jaunty), package size 34 kB, installed size 160 kB02:02
thewanderer_Saik: cat /proc/partitions | egrep ".*da.*"02:02
OttifantSirSaik: wouldn't fdisk -l | grep da do the trick?02:02
jrib!pastebinit | Nitrousoxide02:02
ubottuNitrousoxide: pastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit02:02
jumbersjrib: That looks like it might be what I need actually02:02
Ricochetdanbhfive: I tried to install it and when i tried this walk through some things didnt work.. but i suppose i havent had the best of luck on this already.. so thats why i was thinking to go with the walk through then upgrade.. but i could have been wrong02:02
uknownok i installed a driver packege for my video card but when i restrted my monitor did not work it said format not supported or something like that02:03
uknownim useing ubuntu02:03
thewanderer_I'm off to get some sleep.02:03
VCoolioin terminal, 'screen' mode, there are some numbers bottom right about cpu and memory; the first one gives me "9!"; what's that?02:03
uknowni just wanted to know can i roll back my video draiver02:03
KuaeraPerhaps could someone direct me to where I can find why my glxheads reports a supported OpenGL version of 1.3 on a card that has 2.0 capabilities?02:04
OttifantSirxcdfgkjhgcv: Programs become more complex with time, but usually developers think of a program that does what they want, and the (maybe old) Linux philosophy is that you make a program to do ONE function and do that extremely well.02:04
MefachedIs there any way to prevent Ubuntu from installing GRUB?02:04
quadxHi, I need some help uninstalling ubuntu and restoring space to my windows xp install. Can anyone help me?02:04
xcdfgkjhgcvOttifantSir: Well that's a pants philosophy. Firefox for example does lots of things and is highly praised for it.02:04
khelvanxcdfgkjhgcv, Have you tried kdenlive?02:05
xcdfgkjhgcvOttifantSir: Streaming video, downloading files, browsing the web, etc.02:05
jribquadx: try ##windows02:05
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: No, because I don't want to download all the KDE libraries.02:05
uknownis there a way to roll back drivers on ubuntu02:05
NitrousoxideOdd. pastebinit doesnt work02:05
Ricochetdanbhfive: so what do we do next? do i need a thumb drive for this next bit?02:05
jribNitrousoxide: what happens?02:05
NitrousoxideOne sec02:05
jribuknown: why do you want to do that?02:05
danbhfiveRicochet: have you tried 9.04 before?02:05
Ricochetdanbhfive: yes02:06
khelvanxcdfgkjhgcv, I think kdenlive will do what you are looking for. To me, downloading KDE libraries is a small price to pay for a program that does what you want.02:06
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: I will only use the bandwidth if I know for certain it will do what I want it to do.02:06
edbianjrib: He installed one that doesn't support his hardware.  He wants to use the previous one.  (That's all I know based on his questions earlier)02:06
danbhfiveRicochet: and it didnt work...  well, I have to go I'm afraid02:06
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: Bandwidth and limited SSD space. :(02:06
Nitrousoxide-bash !pastebinit event not found02:06
Kuaera._. Being totally ignored sucks.02:06
Ricochetdanbhfive: it was giving me the same problems that 8.10 so i went with 8.10 to work through the walk through02:06
Saikthx guys :) I am lacking in shell commands anymore lol02:06
jribNitrousoxide: sudo apt-get install pastebinit02:06
Saiklata guys02:06
Ricochetdanbhfive: oh ok! well i will see what i can do now02:06
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: How easy is it to add/edit subtitles?02:06
Ricochetdanbhfive: thanks02:06
creeedhow can I allow multiple connections (wired (eth0) and wireless (wlan0)) using Networkmanager? any help pls02:06
danbhfiveRicochet: cool, gl!02:06
khelvanxcdfgkjhgcv, kdenlive gives you multiple video tracks, one of which you can set up as a title track and have it do/say what you want.02:06
OttifantSirxcdfgkjhgcv: This is getting offtopic, and it is also a highly volatile discussion, so if you wish it to coninue, PM me02:07
edbiancreeed: It should do it for you automatically.  Does it not?02:07
khelvanxcdfgkjhgcv, unlimited number of tracks, that is. It is a little bit like Sony Vegas, without as many plugins. If you're familiar with Vegas...02:07
creeededbian, it does but only one connection is available!02:07
marks256My computer shows up on the network, but there are no shares in it. why doesn't it show my shares?02:07
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: No.02:07
eggenz7im trying to get ebox to work...installed all packages just fine but when i try to start ebox it says "failed to contact configuration server.............Not Running within and active session) at /usr/share/perl5/EBox/GConfModule.pm line 50.02:08
xcdfgkjhgcvOttifantSir: No thanks.02:08
edbiancreeed: Do you mean only 1 network card shows up?02:08
eggenz7have no idea where to go from that02:08
NitrousoxideOk, i installed it but it didnt work02:08
Nitrousoxidedame thing02:08
peepsalotis there a way to see the original path of items in my "Trash"02:08
TwoToneSpiritIs there a way to share a single workspace?  In other words, let's say I have four workspaces.  I'd like for the leftmost one to be shared with another computer's rightmost one.  Can this be done?  Or is VNC the closest thing?02:08
Nitrousoxidesame*, it just errors out saying that it cant find it02:08
peepsaloti can only see the filename02:08
NitrousoxideWhat now?02:08
marks256mattgyver, my system shows up on network now, but when i open it, there are no items in there. not even $print02:09
creeededbian, no both od them are connected and I get throught nm-applet information about the 2 connections, but I only one works really!02:09
RicochetHey guys, I really really need some help here.. I have been trying to get this darn walk through to work and its just giving me all sorts of problems.. I am trying to get ubuntu working on my Asus Eee Top 1602 and i cant for the life of me get this resolution correct.. can anyone help me out?02:09
Stormx2I get a segmentation fault immediately after starting firefox-3.5. Is this a known issue?02:09
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: Okay. I'm downloading it now to give it a try. :)02:09
khelvanxcdfgkjhgcv, well I believe it will do what you want it to do, but I won't guarantee it. I have set up a title track that has text on it, and I'm a newbie video editor.02:09
mattgyvermarks256, are you on 9.04, i have a similiar issue i believe on my laptop02:09
Paddy_NITwoToneSpirit: you could try synergy.. its not quite what you want but it will allow you to use one mouse and keyboard across multiple computers02:09
edbiancreeed: What are you doing that proves that only 1 works?02:09
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: Me too.02:09
creeedshould I make any alias of network device or something like that?02:09
marks256mattgyver, yes 9.0402:09
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: I just need it for a basic school presentation.02:09
khelvanxcdfgkjhgcv, there is a #kdenlive - you can ask them there02:09
creeededbian, ping for example!02:09
xcdfgkjhgcvkhelvan: Okay, thanks.02:09
marks256mattgyver, did it work at one time on your laptop?02:10
edbiancreeed: One of the addresses doesn't respond?02:10
khelvanxcdfgkjhgcv, sure, good luck02:10
TwoToneSpiritPaddy_NI: Yeah I like x2x for that.  If x2x did exactly what it does + provided an actual view of the desktop, it'd be perfect.  I guess what I want is basically just VNC running full screen on one of the laptops.02:10
Paddy_NI!info quicksynergy | TwoToneSpirit02:10
NitrousoxideOk, can someone help me, i tried isntalling pastebinit, but it says it cant find the package.02:10
ubottuTwoToneSpirit: quicksynergy (source: quicksynergy): GUI for easy configuration of Synergy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-1 (jaunty), package size 21 kB, installed size 164 kB02:10
imperfect-my kingdom for SATA performance to stop sucking02:10
eggenz7anybody know where i can find a good howto for ebox?02:11
Paddy_NITwoToneSpirit: A well that would be a little out of my scope at the moment to be honest :)02:11
=== pizdets is now known as pizzledizzle
eggenz7getting an error and have no idea where to go after that02:11
tawanreasons wicd would not connect to my wireless network....02:11
creeededbian, yes, I have wireless with dhcp connected to my dsl-router and wired with my server direct connected via static ip (pc_to_pc), the wireless connection is succeful done the wired one too, but just the last one is available!02:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelgraphics02:12
Paddy_NI!intel | nightwing02:12
ubottunightwing: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.02:12
Ricochethey guys, how do i reset my xorg.conf file again? i need to reinstall it02:12
creeededbian, the last setted connection is available and it also markes as default in nm-applet02:12
edbiancreeed: I would try editing /etc/network/interfaces (do things manually)02:13
AceBlade159what is diffirent between 8.10 and 9.04 in hard drive detection?02:13
NitrousoxideAfter i get a package, do i have to reset the machine?02:13
AceBlade159Sepciffically SATA02:13
Paddy_NI!details | Nitrousoxide02:14
ubottuNitrousoxide: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:14
creeededbian, yes I did and it's succefully but I'd like to do it with Networkmanager02:14
jrib!who | Nitrousoxide02:14
ubottuNitrousoxide: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:14
Nitrousoxidejrib, thanks02:15
AceBlade159anybody know at all?02:15
TwoToneSpiritI'm looking for a solution similar to VNC but that actually shares a workspace.  IE, I'd be able to drag a window on to one of my workspaces, and another laptop would be able to drag it from there on to one of their workspaces.  SSH w/ X sharing and x2x is close, but it provides no display for the SSH client.02:16
Nitrousoxidejrib, Im using the latest server edition, but i tried using your sudo apt-get install bastebinit, and insted of apt-get i used aptitude, niether worked, where can i go from here?02:16
jribNitrousoxide: say what happened not "didn't work"02:16
Paddy_NIjrib typo?02:16
jribPaddy_NI: maybe02:17
Nitrousoxidejrib: Ok, Well apparently it couldnt find the file, Let me get a quick look at the error again,Brb02:17
Paddy_NIjrib bastebinit = pastebinit02:17
jribNitrousoxide: see what Paddy_NI said?02:17
patrinstarcan anyone tell me a good program i can have on the panel to tell me the weather and forecast, the one that comes with ubuntu 9.04 just tellme the the current weather02:18
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: why dont you try using screenlets or google desktop gadgets?02:18
Nitrousoxidejrib: it failed to fetch and could not resolve it, It was like au.ubuntu.<etc>02:18
jribNitrousoxide: run « sudo apt-get update »02:19
RicochetHey guys I have an Asus Eee Top 1602 and have been desperately trying to get the resolution, touchscreen, and wireless working.. I found a walkthrough online however i feel like i am doing something wrong, because it refuses to work. Everytime i try to edit the xorg.conf when i restart gdm.. everything goes black.. can anyone PLEASE help me out?02:19
AceBlade159anybody know what changed between 8.10 and 9.04 pertaining to SATA HDD Detection?02:19
Nitrousoxidejrib: i did that, but ill try it again02:19
patrinstarpaddy_NI im a newbie to linux i didnt know google had desktop gadgets for ubuntu02:19
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: one sec02:19
patrinstarpaddy_NI all righty02:19
jfaosdpi have an ubuntu installed on my iMac 20" , but it's too hot, that's ok ? :S02:19
darthanubispatrinstar: google even has a debian/ubuntu repository you can add.02:20
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: open a terminal and type without quotes "sudo apt-get install google-gadgets-gtk"02:20
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: my personal favourite is the weather globe02:20
test34which video editor would you recommand02:20
[Dark-Star]Hello everyone02:20
Paddy_NItest34: pitivi is quite nice02:21
Nitrousoxidejrib: ok some thing this time losts of it, it failed to resolve and fetch. also some index files couldnt be downloaded02:21
Paddy_NI!info pitivi | test3402:21
ubottutest34: pitivi (source: pitivi): non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.3-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 215 kB, installed size 1408 kB02:21
Nitrousoxidejrib: theres more02:21
test34thanks Paddy_NI I'll give it a try02:21
Paddy_NItest34: there is also a few others02:21
jribNitrousoxide: ok, fine you can pastebin the following way: COMMAND | netcat ssh.jrib.net 1234502:21
Paddy_NItry them and see test34 its all down to your personal preference02:21
test34I see there is also kino02:22
darthanubisjoin #ubuntu-mythtv02:22
Paddy_NItest34: exactly02:22
Nitrousoxidejrib : ok, it also says (funny) Please run sudo apt-get update to fix this problem ( or something like that)02:22
[Dark-Star]im having some problem with getting my nvidia card to work on ubuntu 9.04 i enable the driver and i restart and get "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode"02:22
darthanubis[Dark-Star]: start over02:23
jribNitrousoxide: you need to show us the actual errors, otherwise it's confusing02:23
patrinstarpaddy_NI thanks alot im installign it now02:23
Paddy_NI!info envyng | [Dark-Star]02:23
ubottu[Dark-Star]: Package envyng does not exist in jaunty02:23
AceBlade159dark-star: boot into safe graphics mode, then enable the driver in System-Administration-Hardware Drivers02:24
Paddy_NI!info envy-ng | [Dark-Star]02:24
ubottu[Dark-Star]: Package envy-ng does not exist in jaunty02:24
Nitrousoxidejrib: i understand, Its just very difficult to get them, the only way without the astebin is to type it out02:24
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: nice one :)02:24
darthanubis[Dark-Star]: allow the low graphics mode, then retrace your steps until successful02:24
Nitrousoxidejrib: paste*02:24
jribNitrousoxide: ok, fine you can pastebin the following way: COMMAND 2>&1 | netcat ssh.jrib.net 1234502:24
Nitrousoxidejrib: one moment please.02:24
darthanubis[Dark-Star]: I'd stay away from Envy02:24
Nitrousoxidejrib: i was about to do that02:24
Paddy_NIdarthanubis: for some its the only option02:24
Paddy_NIalthough I generally agree02:25
patrinstarpaddy_NI its a gadget designer?02:25
TwoToneSpiritCan X server power more than one X client?02:25
eggenz7im having problems with gconf and ebox...anybody care to indulge?02:25
OttifantSirNitrousoxide: I have had the same problem from time to time. With very few mirrors in Norway, it sometimes happen that they're down. That *might* be what's happening to you. Or your ISP has some connectivity issues. Or it may be something completely different, and you should keep on asking.02:25
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: no.. it has a gadget designer though02:25
darthanubisPaddy_NI: I just never ran into an issue where Envy was NEEDED, but if it works for people cool.02:25
[Dark-Star]right now i have went to hardware drivers and enabeled ver.180 and run terminal with sudo -s and nvidia-xconfig and restart the xserver and i sett get this error02:25
darthanubisThe default restricted driver manager is excellent02:26
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: it should be listed under accessories02:26
patrinstarpaddy_NI sorry, i meant it has a designer too02:26
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: :)02:26
Nitrousoxideottifantsir: Ok02:26
Nitrousoxidejrib: Ok well it says... Ah forgot, one sec02:26
edgeis their a program that will download drivers onto my windows OS from ubuntu?02:26
Nitrousoxidejrib: forward host lookup failed02:27
jribNitrousoxide: erm, are you able to resolve domain names?02:27
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: you can more gadgets from here http://desktop.google.com/plugins/02:27
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: the weather globe is nice when you expand it out02:27
Nitrousoxidejrib: how can i test that, ping?02:27
jribNitrousoxide: try: host www.google.com02:28
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: http://desktop.google.com/plugins/i/terrarium.html?hl=en-GB02:28
Nitrousoxidejrib: timed out02:29
Zxcvbhow do I get a bluetooth mouse to reconnect after rebooting?02:29
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: I removed the sidebar myself although its entirely your choice at this point.. oh and dont forget if you click the google gadget icon in the notification area it will show your gadgets.. click again and they hide.. enjoy02:29
jribNitrousoxide: does this work: echo foo | nc 1234502:29
Doc-Saintlyif I add two network cards to a computer are there special steps I have to take to get it to utilize them?02:30
Nitrousoxidejrib: you recon its my ISP?02:30
Nitrousoxidejrib one sec02:30
lilyhow do i install optus wifi modem on ubuntu904?02:30
MrPiracywhen i try to restart X, i get stuck at a message saying "checking battery status"? How can i disable that? I am on a desktop.02:30
richardcavellDoc-Saintly: shouldn't be02:31
[Dark-Star]anyway to get my 3d acc to work? when i run glxinfo | grep rendering  "Xlib extension is missing"02:31
th0rMrPiracy: try booting with the option noacpi02:31
MrPiracyth0r: i set that on grub?02:31
richardcavellZxcvb: Startup Applications02:31
stone2020I'm trying to run the getlibs script to install libraries for Adobe Air.  The script stops responding as soon as I run it.  Does anybody have an idea why the script won't run?02:31
Paddy_NI!envy | [Dark-Star]02:31
ubottu[Dark-Star]: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver02:31
Nitrousoxidejrib: unreachable, broken pipe02:31
patrinstarpaddy_NI kick ass, thanks02:32
jribNitrousoxide: I assume you can't ping the ip either?02:32
th0rMrPiracy: you can just enter it at bootup on the initial screen...at the bottom I think it says Options, or Other options, or something like that02:32
Paddy_NIpatrinstar: nice one02:32
Zxcvbrichardcavell: in order to make it work, I have to go into the bluetooth device manager, delete the entry for the mouse, and then repair it02:32
Nitrousoxidejrib: let me tryi n windows then server02:32
th0rMrPiracy: then if it works you can add it to /boot/grub/menu.lst02:32
richardcavellZxcvb: you mean delete it and readd it?02:32
Zxcvbrichardcavell: yes02:32
MrPiracyth0r: u mean the login screen under options?02:33
richardcavellZxcvb: you've tried adding something to Startup Applications?02:33
Zxcvbno good02:33
aroonihow can i make it so apache2 doesnt autostart?  or do i have to uninstall it02:33
chemixalxaaaahw man02:34
Nitrousoxidejrib: crrect, cant ping02:34
th0rMrPiracy: give me a minute to get the vm running so I can tell you exactly02:34
MrPiracyth0r: ok, thx02:34
Nitrousoxidejrib: i have it connected to a switch then my router02:34
TwoToneSpiritHypothetically, is it possible to boot with no X and then connect to the X server on another computer, essentially sharing the workspace of that other computer?02:34
jribNitrousoxide: ok so it's some connectivity issue at this point02:34
bruenig!vpn | TwoToneSpirit02:34
ubottuTwoToneSpirit: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD02:34
chemixalxI have a hard time, just installed DSL on that pentium 2 besides my ubuntu laptop02:34
Nitrousoxidejrib: yeah02:34
Ricochetcan someone help me with this? http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Asus_EeeTop02:35
Nitrousoxidejrib: but what, i think i can try another port, wait a sec02:35
MrPiracychemixalx: u got a pentium2? do u happen to know if these machines could still run windows 3.11?02:35
TwoToneSpiritbruenig: But even if I have a VPN, will X server power more than one client?  In other words, the X client will run on another computer and behave just as if I was sitting there?  (And in addition someone might actually be sitting there?)02:35
Nitrousoxidejrib: thats odd, i cant go to my router page while im connected to the switch02:35
eggenz7im having problems getting ebox installed..anybody knowledgable on it?02:36
Nitrousoxidejrib: oh Dw, i got it to work, wait a sec02:36
th0rMrPiracy: when you first bootup...it gives you three seconds to press Esc02:36
Nitrousoxidejrib: ok heres my DHCP table Host Name MAC Address IP Address Lease Time02:36
Nitrousoxide*¶V0 00:1A:4D:52:08:9C 00:21:58:3302:36
NitrousoxideVista-PC 00:1F:D0:8D:7A:0A 00:21:48:0902:36
NitrousoxideZohrab-PC 00:1D:E0:AC:B6:33 00:05:14:4402:36
FloodBot3Nitrousoxide: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:36
th0rMrPiracy: then you can press e and add the option noacpi02:37
chemixalxMrPiracy: probably...02:37
chemixalxabout win 3.102:37
Nitrousoxidejrib: any ideas?02:37
th0rMrPiracy: add it to the end of the kernel line02:37
Nitrousoxidejrib: im assuming that the "*¶V0" is the server02:37
MrPiracyth0r: just tell me how to add this to grub and iĺl risk .... i can create two grub options and one with noacpi option to see if it goes02:37
MrPiracyth0r: just like that? ... not -noacpi?02:38
chemixalxhowever, linux is running on it very swiftly, fast and all. Still I wanna make my laptop files accessible from my pentium, and manage my files remotely from there (ftp, torrent, etc. )02:38
th0rMrPiracy: just noacpi it goes at the end of the kernel line02:38
MrPiracychemixalx: i need to get some info from an old program i cant run on newer computer, it has to be windows 3.1102:38
th0rMrPiracy: that should turn off the kernel modules for battery and power management02:38
Nitrousoxidejrib: any suggestions, everything looks fine02:39
BillCurly335Hello, I'm sure you guys absolutely LOVE helping noobs and stuff, but I JUST installed Ubuntu 9.04 alongside (dualboot) Windows XP and I installed the flash plugin through the Terminal, with no results. How may I resolve this?02:39
chemixalxchemixalx, : cant you emulate 3.1 under vm or virtualbox ?02:39
MrPiracychemixalx: i found a kit for 10 dollars (mem, pentium 2 and mobo), i think i will give it a try02:39
jribNitrousoxide: not really.  Are you sure the server ever had connectivity?02:39
[Dark-Star]ok i have installed envyng and applied the current drivers and restarted and still get the same error02:39
MrPiracychemixalx: i tried that once, from windows VMWare ... didn't work02:39
Nitrousoxidejrib: the card might be blown, but the switch reports Fine connectivity02:40
chemixalxMrPiracy: yeah man, give it a good try, its still worth it . old machines gets new purpose besides scrap02:40
MrPiracyth0r: ok, i will try that, brb02:40
TwoToneSpiritCan I run more than one X server at a time?  For example, can I press CTRL-ALT-F2 and then run an X server over there?02:40
MrPiracychemixalx: heheh, yes02:40
BillCurly335Would someone please help me with installing a Flash Plugin?02:40
chemixalxMrPiracy: you got some SSH or FTP or samba knowledge ?02:40
BlizzerandBillCurly335 : Okey Dokey02:40
Nitrousoxidejrib: yeah i think its dead. i have a spare one02:41
chemixalxcause i need help i dont even know how to start lol02:41
BlizzerandBillCurly335 : whats the trouble02:41
BillCurly335I ony JUST installed 9.04 Ubuntu for the first time ever.02:41
MrPiracychemixalx: ftp yes02:41
BillCurly335And through the terminal installing said it was successful, but I am unable to use Xattech chatboxes.02:41
BillCurly335Is there an alternative way I could go about installing it?02:42
BlizzerandBillCurly335 : Give it another try http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/02:42
MrPiracychemixalx: i gotta reboot, brb02:42
BillCurly335Thanks you.02:42
chemixalxlater piracy02:42
BlizzerandBillCurly335 : And please select .deb version .02:43
BillCurly335Oh ok, thanks, I was just going to ask = )02:43
BillCurly335Thanks you.02:43
Nitrousoxidejrib, ok the new card is in02:43
Nitrousoxidejrib: let me try the command again for desktop02:43
chemixalxso yeah02:45
JoeKerrcan anyone point me to a site to connect 9.04 to windows network?02:45
BillCurly335Thank you Blizzerand, this has resolved the problem.02:45
BlizzerandBillCurly335 : Cheers :D02:45
BillCurly335Can you think of anything else I may need as a new user of Ubuntu?02:45
BillCurly335Or even a guide for starters?02:45
k3rnmy Network-Manager shows two devices, the first one is my configured wired network connection and a second one Ifupdown(eth0) - can someone tell me what this second device is about?02:45
[R]JoeKerr: you just need to set up samba02:45
JoeKerris samba mandatory just to connect ubuntu to a network?02:46
[R]JoeKerr: well what do you mean "connect to a windwos network"02:46
Joe_umm... I had to restart my computer, and now it doesn't recognize that my monitor can do more than 680x420... how do I fix this?02:46
k3rnnormally i onoly had one device in the Network-Manager ...02:46
JoeKerri have 4 xp computer in a network02:46
JoeKerr1 ubuntu which used to be an xp machine02:47
MrPiracyth0r: didn't work mate, same thing .... "checking battery state"02:47
MrPiracychemixalx: were u going to ask me something?02:47
k3rnbtw i only have one nic in my system02:47
Cyber_AkumaGParted coulden't possible be going any slower....02:47
r3l1cCyber_Akuma:  what are you doing?02:48
gbear142751I'm having problems emptying my trash02:48
MrPiracyth0r: here's the kernel line i used: kernel/vmlinuz-2.6.28-13-generic root=UUID=52b3c315-29a3-4144-98ba-2993b4f285b6 ro quiet splash noacpi02:48
r3l1cgbear142751:  how so?02:48
moz44guys I am trying to add caching capabilities to my apache2 server. I issue a2enmod cache, a2enmod disk_cache but that does not work02:48
JoeKerrmy ubuntu can connect to the internet but it wont detect my wired network02:48
RicochetHey guys, I REALLY need some help.. i am trying to get my correct screen resolution, wireless working, and my touch screen working on my Asus Eee 1602. I am dying to get this thing online.. people have been able to do it but I can not!! Will someone please take the time to walk me through some of these tutorials?02:48
gbear142751When I right click and select empty trash it keeps trying to empty the same 9k files02:48
Nitrousoxidejrib: this is wired, i put another PCI ethernet card in, and it didnt work02:48
k3rni compared the network-manager config file with one on another ubuntu system - they are identical02:48
[Dark-Star]still need some help with getting my video card working properly i have tried the Builtin Hardware driver and now Envyng tried all 4 listed drivers and i still get the some error on startup as befor02:48
OttifantSirJoeKerr: If you mean you want to be able to use the files on the other machines, you have to use SAMBA all right. Controlling the desktops can be done with a number of programs. I'm partial to Gnome-RDP myself.02:48
jribNitrousoxide: no internet connectivity you mean?02:48
thiblahuteHi, I am using jaunty with the latest gnome-do from this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~do-core/+archive/ppa , it works well but I can't make it start at startup. I stuck the "start at staup" option in "gnome do preferences", I tried to add it manually in the "application on statup" thing. But No way to make it working.02:48
[R]JoeKerr: what do you mean "detect"02:49
r3l1cgbear142751:  are you in a root nautilus window?02:49
thiblahuteAny suggestion PLEASE?02:49
Nitrousoxidejrib: Lisen ill explain more, see i took the HD out of the machine, and installed it on a different machne02:49
gbear142751r3l1c: no02:49
Nitrousoxidejrib: would that effect it02:49
JoeKerrmy xp machines cannot even see the ubuntu machine in the network02:49
Nitrousoxidejrib: and yes, Both cards, no connectivity02:49
[R]JoeKerr: that's samba02:49
JoeKerrand from what i have read about connecting ubuntu to a windows xp network...i cannot find where you enter the IP addresses02:49
chemixalxI dont even know where to find the network manager under dsl ...02:49
Cyber_Akumar3l1c: moving and resizing several partitions02:49
r3l1cCyber_Akuma:  takes for ever02:50
Blizzerandthiblahute : So you are having trouble starting gnome-do02:50
Cyber_Akumaits taking like over half an hour just to move a 20gig partion02:50
Cyber_AkumaI dont want to see it hit the 300gb one02:50
[R]JoeKerr: once you propelry set up samba... it'll show up in the list02:50
r3l1cgbear142751:  go into the home folder hit ctrl+h02:50
thiblahuteBlizzerand Nop, I am having troubles to get it start at startup.02:50
th0rMrPiracy: that should do02:50
outoftimeanyone know of a retailer that sells popular netbooks without windows licenses? looking on newegg, amazon, etc. but it seems like everyone wants to make me drop the $ on an OS i'll be uninstalling immediately...02:50
JoeKerrok i'll try that02:50
MrPiracyth0r: well, same message02:50
Blizzerandthiblahute : wait.....02:50
gbear142751r3l1c: done02:50
thiblahuteBlizzerand, at login if you prefere.02:51
r3l1clook for .Trash02:51
Ricochetoutoftime: I have a Dell Mini 9.. you can get them refurbished for like $20002:51
r3l1cgbear142751:  look for .Trash02:51
Ricochetoutoftime: and they come with ubuntu 8.0.402:51
outoftimeRicochet: I think my friend has one of those too... where'd you pick it up?02:51
gbear142751r3l1c: strangely enough... its not there02:51
outoftimedon't really care what it comes installed with, as long as it's free : )02:51
r3l1cgbear142751:  yeah my fault .. 1 min02:51
nonewmsgseven though i am using my "high definition" built-in soundcard, only one program can have access to the soundcard at one time.  is there a fix for this or do ihave to stick in a better card?02:51
Ricochetoutoftime: Their refurbished items site.. they send it to you for free.. need a link?02:51
Nitrousoxidejrib: its odd beacuse it doesnt recognise any of the cards, and FYI i installed unbuntu server onm another machine, i just took the drive out and put it isn this one02:52
k3rnsomeone could help me with network-manager? i am wondering about the device Ifupdown that shows up there besides my configured wired connection02:52
th0rMrPiracy: give me a minute02:52
MrPiracyth0r: ok02:52
outoftimeRicochet: nah, I'll find it - thanks!02:52
r3l1cgbear142751:  sorry its .local/share/Trash02:52
Blizzerandthiblahute : From gnome do preferences did you select start at login option02:52
chemixalxMrPiracy, experienced with Damn Small ?02:52
thiblahuteBlizzerand: Yes, I did.02:52
Ricochetoutoftime: No problem, Xubuntu works like a dream on mine..02:52
MrPiracychemixalx: nope02:52
[GLOBALJIHAD]wtf kind of freenode channnel is tis?02:52
jribNitrousoxide: you'll have to troubleshoot the network setup.  I don't see why it wouldn't work if everything was pretty standard02:52
gbear142751r3l1c: got it.. should i delete the files within the "files" directory?02:53
outoftimeRicochet: cool, yeah I'll probably do a minimal ubuntu install and then just throw in the packages i need... i hear good things about crunchbang as well02:53
jribNitrousoxide: take a look at ifconfig02:53
Nitrousoxidejrib: i dont understand too, no matter what02:53
r3l1cgbear142751:  lemme test it first 1 sec02:53
Nitrousoxidehrib: Ipconfig?02:53
jrib[GLOBALJIHAD]: do you have an ubuntu-related support question?02:53
Joe_after restarting (I swapped out monitors not too long ago) I have this error in Xorg.0.log: (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Unable to read EDID for display device CRT-0  So it won't read the correct resolutions, how do I fix it?02:53
Nitrousoxidejrib: Ipconfig*02:53
jribNitrousoxide: ifconfig in linux02:54
Nitrousoxidejrib: but its wired, i put a different card in, still not working, haha ok02:54
k3rnjrib: do you have a second for me? i have a question concering network-manager. may i pm you?02:54
Nitrousoxidejrib: did you take note of my previous statements, that i isntalled it on a dif machine02:54
Nitrousoxidejrib: and i moved the drive02:54
Nitrousoxidejrib: would that affect it02:54
th0rMrPiracy: it appears you aren't alone....http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105744102:54
NitrousoxideNoo, He was helping me02:54
thiblahuteBlizzerand: And I have it in the ~/.conf directory. I also thgought it might be because it needs compiz to be startup first because I had this issue before but the effect it had before was only opening it normally (I mean the docky didn't work). But this time iit simply doesn't start. And since I added it after the compiz entry in "Startup Application" I shouldn't have problem about that02:55
th0rMrPiracy: but I am afraid there isn't much help there...there are a couple of workarounds mentioned02:55
Blizzerandthiblahute : Bug  ....( I am having a cool time with it  though)02:55
test34every icon on my desktop disappeared and the right click menu doesnt work on my desktop.. how can I fix without rebooting ?02:55
MrPiracyth0r: wow02:55
NitrousoxideJrib kicked him, Ah, i thought jrib was kicked02:55
test34(latest ubuntu)02:55
thiblahuteBlizzerand with gnome-do or with bug corrections?02:55
Blizzerandthiblahute : Normally you don't need compiz for Gnome-do to work andmay be a bug with Gnome-Do02:56
Nitrousoxidejrib: would it matter on completley new machine hardware, i know for a face windows panics if you pull out hte drive and put it in a completley new machine02:56
RicochetDoes anyone have the time to help out a Newbie? I am trying to get everything working on my Asus Eee Top 1602 and its just not working for me.. I really could use some help guys.. I have been on here for 3 hours and I am almost going to start begging. I'll wash your car if you help me hahaha02:56
jribNitrousoxide: linux should be ok02:56
Nitrousoxide" I'll wash your car if you help me hahaha", seriously?02:56
th0rMrPiracy: it appears to be related to the ATI drivers....at least according to this one...https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/27758702:56
MrPiracyth0r: it's not exactly the same error though ... i freeze at *Checking battery state... nothing comes after that02:57
Ricochethahah i am that desperate02:57
thiblahuteBlizzerand I am not sure it's more a bug from gnome-do than a bug from gnome. And Yes you need compiz for the gnome-do docky stuff.02:57
Blizzerandthiblahute : Let me just google about the problem so I can give you some proper instruction02:57
Ricochethaha i was kidding though02:57
NeroonRicochet: Bring on your questions02:57
MrPiracyth0r: my card is nvidia02:57
Blizzerandthiblahute : Did you enable compositing02:57
Blizzerand!hi |jfaosdp02:57
ubottujfaosdp: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:57
thiblahuteBlizzerand: Yes, compiz is started.02:57
thiblahuteBlizzerand; sure since I can lunch gnome do manually02:58
RicochetNeroon: PERFECT! Ok i have an Asus Eee Top 1602 and running 8.10 (because the walk through that i am using, is using that.. so I was just going to get it working then upgrade) and I can not for the life of me get the correct screen resolution to work, its defaulting at 800x600.02:58
Nitrousoxidejrib: ok let me test ifconfig02:58
jfaosdphow can i change the sheen of my screen? :S but by terminal, please02:58
k3rnquestion: i got a device called Ifupdown showing up in my network-manager - how can i get rid of that? i already compared the network-manager config file with the one on another system ....02:58
th0rMrPiracy: from the second url I sent....Note that I had to switch the driver from nvidia to nv in order to properly boot this box to post these logs.02:59
RicochetNeroon: Here is the link I was using, you will have to put it into google and translate it http://www.eeepc.it/guida-installare-ubuntu-su-asus-eee-top-1602/02:59
NeroonNeroon: Got any more specific infos about your built in graphic card, or do i have to google it?02:59
Blizzerandthiblahute : Try the forums , may be a bug or you may be missing something .. :P02:59
jfaosdpthe applet doesn't work, so i need to change the sheen in a console02:59
NeroonRicochet: Got any more specific infos about your built in graphic card, or do i have to google it?02:59
MrPiracyth0r: let me look02:59
thiblahuteBlizzerand: thx anyway!02:59
Nitrousoxidejrib: link encap local loopback02:59
NGL-Jabrroadoes anyone know any good video steaming programs for ubuntu?\02:59
Nitrousoxidejrib: what do you need to know03:00
RicochetNeroon: Sorry, I am a newbie.. I know its an intel integrated graphics..03:00
Blizzerandjfaosdp : What do you mean by *sheen*03:00
Cyber_Akumaawww shit, no wonder its so slow, it appears to be stuck03:00
Nitrousoxidejrib Rx and Tx are at 0kb/s03:00
jfaosdphmm brightness ?03:00
jfaosdpsorry, i 'm spanish03:00
Th3raid0rI have an old Nvidia Ti4200 and after installing the correct drivers, X returns the error : (EE) NVIDIA(0):Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module! ... a little further down it says - Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration...... I am running Jaunty Jackalope... Can anyone help me?03:00
jribNitrousoxide: I'm not all that knowledgeable about network setup.  Try summarizing the issue and asking for help in the channel03:00
Kassahhow do I keep my wacom tablet from becoming a mouse and only within my gimp window?03:00
NeroonRicochet: No prob, I just never fiddled around with an Intel card.03:00
OttifantSirNGL-Jabrroa: VLC will do streaming, both as server and as client. fluendo-streaming-server is a package in the repos I believe. And ask around some more.03:01
th0rMrPiracy: near the end of that url there is a post dated 02-26 where someone talks about that error. He also states that if someone has that problem in jaunty they should file a new bug report. He goes on to talk about switching to the vesa driver, and offers a link to do that03:01
RicochetNeroon: The Asus Eee Top is basically the guts of a netbook but with a 14" touch screen..03:01
Nitrousoxidejrib: thanks03:01
NeroonRicochet: I know what an EEE is, but thanks :-)03:02
NitrousoxideHey guys, I installed linuc on a differen machine then transfered it to another, now i cant get any network connectivity03:02
NitrousoxideIve tried two network cards03:02
=== teh_pwnerator_ is now known as teh_pwnerator
NitrousoxideUbuntu insted of linux, sorry03:02
jfaosdpBlizzerand: i mean brightness :P03:02
NeroonRicochet: Trying to find some info about, it. Might take some time03:02
RicochetNeroon: Thanks so much for your help03:02
=== Blizzerand is now known as Twittery
NeroonRicochet: Or you might ask around (more specific this time) regarding the EEE and Resolution in X03:03
NitrousoxideANYONE HAS AN IDEA?03:03
NitrousoxideSorry caps03:03
NitrousoxideDoes anyone have an idea on my network-realted problem03:03
RicochetNeroon: I have been asking on this IRC for about a month, so far no one has turned up anything.. its hard to get people to pay attention to you on this too sometimes03:04
Nitrousoxideyou got that right ricochet03:04
NitrousoxideRicochet: what is your problem?03:05
NitrousoxideRicochet: i may be able to help03:05
NeroonRicochet: You might have a look at this: http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Asus_EeeTop   Expecially the Section "Screen" Part03:05
MrPiracyth0r: i dont want to use vesa driver, i have other things that needs nvidia's03:05
MrPiracyth0r: so is that a bug and can't be fixed? meaning nobody can restart X from jaunty?03:05
th0rMrPiracy: I understand, but for troubleshooting it might help determine where the problem lies.03:06
Th3raid0rI have an old Nvidia Ti4200 and after installing the correct drivers, X returns the error : (EE) NVIDIA(0):Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module! ... a little further down it says - Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration...... I am running Jaunty Jackalope... Can anyone help me?03:06
RicochetNitrousoxide: Well I have an Asus Eee Top 1602 and I loaded ubuntu on it and have been trying to get the correct screen resolution, wireless, and the touch screen working.. and i have tried many times and its been giving me hell03:06
NeroonRicochet: But before you start changing the xorg.conf make a backup of it03:06
NitrousoxideHey, i installed ubuntu on my machine but its not picking up either of my network cards03:06
RicochetNeroon: I tried that but it tells me to "Create" things that I dont know how to create and "edit" things that i dont know how to edit and it doesnt give me the commands03:06
NeroonMrPiracy:  Hello again :-) You just want to restart x?03:06
=== Twittery is now known as Blizzerand
NitrousoxideRicochet: theres a page on supported notebooks03:06
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Wait .....03:06
MrPiracyNeroon: yes03:06
NeroonRicochet: I see03:06
MrPiracyNeroon: for now ... hehehehehe03:07
th0rMrPiracy: from what I read the error is sort of generic and could indicate any of a number of issues.03:07
NitrousoxideRicochet: and a special distro for netbooks, But one of them didnt have screen support03:07
NitrousoxideRicochet: one moment03:07
MrPiracyth0r: how about disable battery checking at all??? i am on a desktop03:07
RicochetNitrousoxide: Thanks for the help!03:07
NeroonMrPiracy: And you cant why exactly?03:07
th0rMrPiracy: I thought that was what the noacpi would do03:07
NitrousoxideRicocher: wait im not done https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks03:07
Blizzerandjfaosdp : sudo chmod +x brightness and then run ./brightness03:08
=== jon is now known as Guest10896
MrPiracyNeroon: it freezes at "checking battery state"03:08
NeroonMrPiracy: Oh03:08
jfaosdpthanks Blizzerand, i 'm going to test it03:08
RicochetNitrousoxide: Mine isnt on that site03:08
MrPiracyth0r: well, it didn't change anything03:08
RicochetNitrousoxide: Mine is the Asus Eee Top03:08
Blizzerand!ask | as03:08
ubottuas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:08
NitrousoxideRicochet: i just realised that, Therefore hasnt been tested, not reccomended, and probebly not yet supported03:08
Th3raid0rI have an old Nvidia Ti4200 and after installing the correct drivers, X returns the error : (EE) NVIDIA(0):Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module! ... a little further down it says - Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration...... I am running Jaunty Jackalope... Can anyone help me?03:09
RicochetNeroon: Will you be able to help walk me through that website?03:09
NitrousoxideRicochet: i gaurentee you there will be patches later on.03:09
Guest10896????/ does anybody know how to do remote desktop03:09
MrPiracyNeroon: any ideas? th0r just told me to add "noacpi" at kernel line in grub, but nothing changed03:09
leaf-sheepZomg.  What's going on?  Ban evasion is useless? O.O03:09
NeroonRicochet: The one from Nitrous?03:09
jfaosdpBlizzerand: chmod: cannot access `brightness': No such file or directory03:09
NeroonMrPiracy: Not right now, no. Sorry03:09
RicochetNitrousoxide: There are videos on youtube of of people getting it to work and having tutorials on how ot do it, but i seem to fail at getting it to work03:09
RicochetNeroon: No the one you sent me03:09
MrPiracyNeroon: hehe no prob, i got tons of other questions for ya03:10
NitrousoxideRicochet: link me03:10
thorn_PLanybody know ubuntu software working with samsung sgh-i600 ??03:10
LordMetroidWhat do you do when you can't kill this one(kill -9), 15678 - 02:03:34 VBoxSVC <defunct>03:10
th0rMrPiracy: from what I read it appears the error is misleading. All the threads seem to move quickly away from power issues to suspecting the video, that is why I suggested trying the vesa03:10
NeroonMrPiracy: Omg ...03:10
Guest10896does anybody know how to do remote desk top03:10
RicochetNitrousoxide: http://www.eeepc.it/guida-installare-ubuntu-su-asus-eee-top-1602/  you will have to put it into google and translate it though03:10
NeroonRicochet: The prob is, I dont run gnome here, so I try to figure out, what editor you'd use best03:10
Th3raid0rI have an old Nvidia Ti4200 and after installing the correct drivers, X returns the error : (EE) NVIDIA(0):Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module! ... a little further down it says - Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration...... I am running Jaunty Jackalope... Can anyone help me?03:11
=== Maleko_ is now known as Maleko
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Sorry (didn't mention directory) Give me a sec03:11
MrPiracyth0r: but it can't be a video problem with NVIDIA and ATI ... these are the only two brands in the market03:11
th0rGuest10896: do you want to access a windows computer via remote desktop, or a linux computer03:11
Guest10896ubuntu linux03:11
RicochetNitrousoxide: Neroon sent this one to me too http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Asus_EeeTop03:11
MrPiracyth0r: if jaunty can't handle these, it can't handle X restarting at all03:11
Nitrousoxidericochet: well what part are you being stuck on03:12
Blizzerandjfaosdp ; Which video card do you use03:12
Nitrousoxidericochet: If any?03:12
th0rMrPiracy: well, I can only go on what I read, I have no personal experience with that error...never encountered it. ONly offered the noacpi as I assumed it was a power management issue03:12
MrPiracyNeroon: maybe i should try setting root password ... what do u think huh?03:12
jfaosdpBlizzerand: Ati radeon hd2400 i think so ...03:12
NitrousoxideRicochet: nice machine03:12
NeroonNitrousoxide: I guess he just needs to edit his xorg.conf to fit his resolution03:12
RicochetNitrousoxide: So people have done it, its just me personally that is having trouble with it.. Whenever I edit the xorg.conf file and restart gdm, everything goes black and I can do nothing03:12
duane1hi all03:12
NitrousoxideNeroon: Thats what is says in multiple tutorials03:13
MrPiracyth0r: ok, thx for trying03:13
Th3raid0rI have an old Nvidia Ti4200 and after installing the correct drivers, X returns the error : (EE) NVIDIA(0):Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module! ... a little further down it says - Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration...... I am running Jaunty Jackalope... Can anyone help me?03:13
NeroonMrPiracy: No, just invite everyone and his dog, to f... your harddisk :-)03:13
NitrousoxideRicochet: i think its jsut rial and error03:13
MrPiracyth0r: do u happen to know how i could set my screen resolution to whatever i want in xorg.conf?03:13
NitrousoxideRicochet: just keep trying different settings till its fine.03:13
NeroonNitrousoxide: Thought so, but I can't tell him, which editor to use. You maybe? I'm on kde here03:13
MrPiracyNeroon: hahahhahahhh03:13
NitrousoxideNeroon: i suggested trial and error03:13
th0rMrPiracy: no, sorry I don't03:13
RicochetNitrousoxide: How do I do that?03:13
LordMetroidHow do I kill zombies?03:14
NitrousoxideNeroon: well anything that can edit text03:14
OttifantSirIs it clean-up day in the channel tonight?03:14
th0rLordMetroid: the zombies don't hurt anything and will eventually be cleaned up by the system, not worth worrying about03:14
PriceyOttifantSir: yes03:14
NeroonNitrousoxide: Dont tell me, tell Rico. He never used one, I guess03:14
NitrousoxideRicochet: Use a text editor to edit your .conf file03:14
LordMetroidit takes up 100% of one of the cores I have03:14
aroonihow do i make it so i can emulate 3rd mouse button on latest ubuntu?03:14
LordMetroidslowing everything down03:14
NitrousoxideNeroon: ok03:14
MrPiracyI want to use resolution 1280x1024, if i set it in nvidia-settings it's applied successfully, but when i reboot, it goes back to 1024x800. how can i fix that?03:14
NitrousoxideRicochet: one moment please03:15
smart-01aing teu ngarti03:15
RicochetNitrousoxide: I am sorry to be difficult.. im a newbie.03:15
Th3raid0rI have an old Nvidia Ti4200 and after installing the correct drivers, X returns the error : (EE) NVIDIA(0):Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module! ... a little further down it says - Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration...... I am running Jaunty Jackalope... Can anyone help me?03:15
MrPiracyNeroon: rmllp03:15
NitrousoxideRicochet: hey i ahve amy own problems too, My netowrk cards arnt being detected03:15
NitrousoxideRicochet: you have to edit your xorg.conf file03:16
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: what are ur network cards?03:16
NitrousoxideRicochet: with a text editor03:16
NitrousoxideMrPiract: one moment please03:16
NeroonMrPiracy: Read my lllip?03:16
yabuk1hey, I'm using SCIM on  ubuntu to type Hangul,anyone know how Can I make it work with anki?03:16
MrPiracyNeroon: read my last line please03:16
RicochetNitrousoxide: so like gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?03:16
yabuk1or msn03:16
NitrousoxideMrPiracy RTL81D03:17
NeroonMrPiracy: and you set it in the xorg.conf?03:17
NitrousoxideRicochet: Yeah jsut a text editor03:17
RicochetNitrousoxide: So after I do that.. then what? Everytime I copy and paste the text from the tutorials.. everything goes black..03:17
MrPiracyNeroon: i used "preferred resolution" option in it ... didn't work03:17
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: is it onboard? asus mobo?03:18
NitrousoxideRicochet: Ok well dont, What you do is, Trial and error i believe03:18
NitrousoxideMrPircay: No i tried 2 PCI cards03:18
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: Two cards neither work03:18
flandersI created a shortcut launcher to a simple script I wrote; however, the script requires root privileges to run. It contains "rmmod" and "modprobe" in it. How do I have the launcher require me to enter the superuser password when I run it? Of course, in the terminal I would manually type out "sudo blah". What about in this case?03:18
NitrousoxideMrPirate: one is RTL81D03:18
RicochetNitrousoxide: so how do i do that? just start punching random things in? I dont think I know enough about ubuntu to do that..03:18
NeroonMrPiracy: You might post your xorg.conf on http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and tell me the url then03:18
NitrousoxideMrPirate: the other is IBM i think, PCI not Onboard03:19
NitrousoxideRicochet: ok let me see that03:19
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: i had problem with my asus onboard card in hardy ... i couldn't fix it, the solution was to use wireless instead03:19
Blizzerandjfaosdp : cd /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCDD/   - and run those commands which I gave you before  < sorry >03:19
MrPiracyNeroon: one sec03:19
NeroonRicochet: But backup before you edit the file, please03:19
NitrousoxideMrPiracy, well its ubuntu server 9, I Installed it on another machine then moved the drive over03:19
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: would that affect it?03:19
RicochetNeroon: How do i do that?03:19
NitrousoxideRicochet: Im sorry, i cant help you further, i think trian by error is the best way.03:20
OttifantSirflanders: I would do a gksudo to get a graphical dialog asking for password. But it might not be the correct way to do it. You should look into dialog.03:20
MrPiracyNeroon: http://pastebin.org/312303:20
NitrousoxideRicochet: i can help you alter, not now.03:20
jfaosdpBlizzerand: i haven't that directory, but i have /proc/acpi/video/GFX0/LCD/ . That's ok ?03:20
NeroonNitrousoxide: Just curious: Tried a different slot maybe?03:20
RicochetNitrousoxide: Ok! thank you!03:20
NitrousoxideNeroon: ive got two cards, both unresponsive03:21
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Try that ( I am not sure though)03:21
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: u moved the HD to another machine?03:21
NitrousoxideNetoon: ill try swapping slots and all03:21
Beatlesfanhey all03:21
NitrousoxideMrPiracy Ok let me explain, i took the Hd out, Install ubuntu server on a dif machine, and then put it back in03:21
flandersOttifantSir, as in implement the dialog event in the script itself?03:21
NeroonNitrousoxide: I read that, but both at the same time?03:21
NitrousoxideNeroon: like, both, ill try03:22
Th3raid0rI have an old Nvidia Ti4200 and after installing the correct drivers, X returns the error : (EE) NVIDIA(0):Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module! ... a little further down it says - Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.03:22
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: why did u do that? was that card in that other machine u installed ubuntu?03:22
rambo298_Th3raid0r: what version of Ubuntu?03:22
flandersOttifantSir, it's a very simple script, no GUI involved. All it does is remove/add certain modules.03:22
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: The machine doesnt have a DVDdrive, and i only have DVDs03:22
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: my point is03:22
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: i moved to COMPLETLEY different hardware03:22
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: so No.03:23
jfaosdpBlizzerand: look, shark@shark-desktop:/proc/acpi/video/GFX0/LCD$ ./brightness               bash: ./brightness: Permission denied03:23
OttifantSirflanders: Yes. I don't know if it's truly possible to have a dialog enter your superuser password, but you will probably get the answer to your question in #bash if you can understand them. Looked at them the other night, and to me it was ancient Greek03:23
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: well, that mite be the problem then .... wouldn't it be easier to move the dvd drive into the final machine?03:23
flandersI hear you.03:24
NitrousoxideMrPriacy: let me shorten it, I ahve a working windwos 7 computer, i took the 7 drive out put a blank one, wrote to it, then into my other machine, it was installed on completley different hardware03:24
Blizzerandjfaosdp : *sudo chmod +x brightness* and then run ./brightness03:24
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: i cant, i need that dvd drive in that machiner03:24
flandersI find it interesting how in the Linux world, they cater to both dummy, computer illeterate users and harcore computer geeks at the same time.03:24
r3l1cflanders:  is pretty special03:24
jfaosdpBlizzerand: anyway .. same answer03:24
r3l1cis is its03:25
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: Neroon told me to try to use both at once03:25
MrPiracyNitrousoxide:  install from network?03:25
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: But IDK, windwos freaks out when you install one one set of hardware then move to a completley new one, does linux do it too?03:25
OttifantSirflanders: And that is one of a myriad of reasons why we love it.03:25
NitrousoxideRicochet: i told oyu im awesome03:25
NeroonMrPiracy: No i didnt, Nitrousoxide. I asked IF you did so03:26
RicochetNitrousoxide: You are.03:26
arandflanders: if the script uses sudo you could just create a desktop launcher and check "run in terminal" that way the sudo prompt will appear... you could always use gksudo just for the nice password prompt though...03:26
Mike_lifeguardHow can I enable Places>Recent documents?03:26
NitrousoxideAhh im confused03:26
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: i think all OS'es will freak out because at install time all the hardware that you have will be detected.03:26
NeroonMrPiracy: Try to add or edit yours to more like this maybe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/222352/03:26
NitrousoxideMrPriacy: teach me how to do that later please03:26
NitrousoxideMrPiracy, so tell me Sir, how do i do newtork install03:26
flanders"Updating couldn't be easier. Just click on the tray icon (the tray icon is the little picture thingy in the bottom right corner of your screen) and it will ask you if you wish to proceed with the update. Click "Install" to begin! Tada!"    "In order for your wireless card to work, you first need to add these URLs to your software repositories, then grab the firmware cutter. After doing so, open up a terminal and remove than add these module03:27
flanderss, manually, by typing out cryptic commands."03:27
jfaosdpBlizzerand: although i changed the permissions, same reply :S03:27
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: are u dual booting this server machine with windows?03:27
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: Negative03:27
NeroonMrPiracy: But dont forget to back the file up first ...03:27
gbear142751I'm thinking it might be time for a fresh install... can anyone suggest a good howto for migrating a /home to storage and then reinstalling it?03:27
Nitrousoxide"MrPiracy: No i didnt, Nitrousoxide. I asked IF you did so" What?03:27
sebsebseb!home |  gbear14275103:27
ubottugbear142751: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome03:27
flandersarand, I never considered that.03:28
Blizzerandjfaosdp: sudo chmod 777 brightness and give it a try03:28
NitrousoxideMrPirate: how do i netowrk install03:28
flanders"Run in terminal" will probably do the trick.03:28
NitrousoxideBrb All, showering03:28
flandersIt doesn't need to be fancy, so it'll suffice.03:28
jfaosdpBlizzerand: nothing... sorry03:28
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: usb drive, nothing else u can boot from?03:29
arandflanders: Yea, I use a similar thing to "poke" my wireless, for some reason if I run an iwlist command it connects much faster often...03:29
flandersarand, OttifantSir, and all, thanks for the help. I'm going to try it out now, and take care!03:29
flandersarand, for me, once it works, I'm happy. As long as I can use my wireless adapter like normal.03:30
AceBlade159anybody know ho well ati graphics are supported03:30
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: as for the network install thing, i was just guessing ... i have no idea how to do that from a machine with no OS at all03:30
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: the easiest thing for u to do in my opinion is to get a dvd drive for a few mins to get ubuntu installed03:31
r3l1cAceBlade159:  I had a hard time setting it up for my father yesterday.. Ended up disabling the driver because I didn't have time to work on it. But from the default, ATI Catalys play bad with Display Manager03:31
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: and then u can take back the unit to the other machine03:32
OttifantSirAceBlade159: I have one 2450 that doesn't work, and one 3450 that does. According to documentation, everything from 9700 and below are supported by open drivers, while all above, such as X*** and HD are proprietary driver.03:32
Blizzerandjfaosdp : what is the error that you get03:32
MrPiracyNeroon: gonna try what u said, brb03:32
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: i have to reboot, brb03:33
AceBlade159i'm asking because my girlfriend just orderd a dell laptop and they don't offer nvidia anymore03:33
jfaosdpBlizzerand: bash: ./brightness: Permission denied03:33
AceBlade159except there ultra high end03:33
arandAceBlade159: only intel?03:33
arandAceBlade159: oh nvm03:33
Joe_I got the latest version of lm_sensors so it'll read my i7 temps, sensors shows it working but when I try to turn them on in gkrellm it just shows me a ton of temp1 labels and I have NO idea what each is... anyway to fix that?03:33
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Can you use gui03:34
buckyjfaosdp: chmod +x brightness03:34
buckyjfaosdp: make it executable03:34
AceBlade159arand: it's hard to get an amd proc, or an nvidia graphics03:34
AceBlade159mostly just stuck with intel ati03:34
AceBlade159arand which sucks because her and i both prefer amd/nvidia03:35
AceBlade159arand kind of ironic03:35
arandAceBlade159: hmm, I though dell only did intel/nvid...03:35
jfaosdpi gave it permissions, but doesn't work03:35
AceBlade159arandthey have amd proc's on some comps03:36
AceBlade159arand they have amd proc's on some comps03:36
MrPiracyNeroon: same s**t, dude03:36
MrPiracyNeroon: didn't work03:36
AceBlade159arand but mostly ati graphics03:36
Blizzerandjfaosdp ; If you can Go to System->Preferences->Startup Applications->Add and And add the chmod 777 and the ./brightness.( In different settings) Hope it works.03:36
arandAceBlade159: But I think we are getting a bit offtopic now :)03:36
NeroonMrPiracy: hm. What does Xorg.0.log say?03:37
MrPiracyNeroon: let me check03:37
NitrousoxideIs MrPirate here?03:37
=== TrueYomic is now known as Yomic
NeroonNitrousoxide: Check yourself: Type Mrpi and press tab03:38
jfaosdpBlizzerand: i don't understood that of add the chmod 777 and the ./brightness in startup applications03:38
mcwwho is online tonight???03:39
jfaosdpdidn't understand *03:39
Blizzerandjfaosdp : i made some googling and found that The default level of brightness that Ubuntu uses whenever it boots up is stored in brightness_default. No matter what you change the brightness file entry to, the next time you start your computer, it's going to use the default brightness again. There fore you have to run them at startup to solve  .03:40
NitrousoxideNeroon:in linux03:41
jfaosdpahh, ok thanks03:41
NeroonNitrousoxide: What?03:41
MrPiracyNeroon: i extracted the important lines ... http://pastebin.org/313003:41
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: now i am03:41
Blizzerandjfaosdp : So even if you can run ./brightness no use as every setting will be lost when you reboot ....03:41
NitrousoxideNeroon: "itrousoxide: Check yourself: Type Mrpi and press tab"03:42
jfaosdpBlizzerand: my first problem was that my pc was too hot ... so i thought that it was for the brightness03:42
NitrousoxideMrPiracy: i have an old machine, its come down to network or USB boot03:42
mistereverywherehello all i have an hp pavillion dv7 laptop that has a built in wireless card and when i try to connect to a wireless network with wpa protection it cycles the power of the wireless card, any one know of a fix for this?03:42
jfaosdpBlizzerand: i thought so, because i have an iMac, and screen + cpu is all in one03:43
FlynsarmyHow do i enable all scripts for current domain in noscript? not whitelisting a specific domain, i mean current domain for any page i'm browsing03:43
NeroonMrPiracy: Then take out the nvidia-auto-select +0+0 from your xorg.conf03:43
Blizzerandjfaosdp : lol Brightness cannot be a factor for that .03:43
jfaosdpso what :S03:43
MrPiracyNeroon: hmmmm ok, brb03:43
NeroonMrPiracy: And as you can see, you can forget the preferred mode line03:43
MrPiracyNitrousoxide: one more reason for u to add a dvd drive to it ... it will be the only possible way for u to install ubuntu correctly03:44
MrPiracyNeroon: yes03:44
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Try the ubuntu forums  or some tech forums . Do yo have a windows partition03:44
MrPiracyNeroon: i dont know why though, it works03:44
arandFlynsarmy: If you have the item in the upper toolbar you can configure that to happen when clicking on it..03:44
CptnAwesomehi folks, just installed minimal-cli + kde-core, and need to setup wireless, can anyone point me in the right direction?03:45
lintis it possible to network 2 different computers running different os software, windows vista and ubuntu for4 example?03:45
jfaosdpBlizzerand: a windows partition for what ? :S03:45
mattgyverHow can i logout my servers gnome session to the terminal without restarting?03:45
NeroonMrPiracy: It works now?03:45
Flynsarmyarand, there is 'enable all for this page' but that will only whitelist the current page, not the current domain regardless of what URL you hvae loaded won't it?03:46
mistereverywherei have a wireless card that cycles power and doesnt connect when trying to connect any ideas on how to fix this?03:46
Neroonmattgyver: go to terminal 1: ctr+al+f1 and type: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop i guess. If it doesnt work you might get to x with ctrl+alt+f7 or f8, not sure with gnome03:47
arandFlynsarmy: The top toolbar applet has more options and from what I hear, the one you're after.03:47
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Ah never mind , I am sure why your PC gets hot but it cannot be the brightness and I cannot be much of help . Try the forums03:47
MrPiracyNeroon: was editing the file ... i have to REBOOT because i cant restart X, remember? ;)03:47
NitrousoxideMrPirace: ok let me get my screw driver03:48
Cyber_Akuma.... ok, this is weird, no matter what I do, GParted insists that my swap partition has the label of a partition I deleted03:48
mcwanyone feel like chatting???03:48
Steve_hay mcw03:49
eggenz7im having problems with ebox starting...03:49
arandFlynsarmy: also, in ns options it seems you can add those options to the bottom-right applet.03:49
arand!ot | mcw03:49
ubottumcw: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:49
jfaosdpBlizzerand: ok, thanks. Another question ... you remember me blizzard lol ... do you know when starcraft 2 will be launch ? hehehe03:49
=== kiaas_ is now known as Bob_Dole
eggenz7it keeps saying "not running within active session) at /usr/share/perl5/EBox/GConfModule.pm03:49
Flynsarmyarand, you talking about 'allow scripts globally' ?03:49
sleepycoderAnyone familiar with Azalia HD audio front panels?  I bought one that connects to my mainboard.  It has only two audio plugs (mic, front/headphone).  The sound works fine with my 2 chan analog headphones.  I'm thinking the technology is designed so the same port could be used as digital though instead.  Anyone know about this?03:49
eggenz7anybody know where i can find the details on this?03:49
mcwok heres a question then03:50
arandFlynsarmy: no03:50
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Sorry never played starcraft or whatever03:50
mcwhow do i run a c compiler in ubuntu?03:50
MrPiracyNeroon: same thing, man03:50
mcwand is there one03:50
MrPiracyNeroon: 1024x800 still03:50
NeroonMrPiracy: Getting annyoing03:50
eggenz7mcw use gcc03:50
mcwI am trying to learn how to programme03:50
jfaosdpBlizzerand: hahaha ok, i advise you03:50
Steve_mcw: lol03:50
NeroonMrPiracy: And still the same in xorg.log?03:50
MrPiracyNeroon: it IS03:50
r3l1cgcc <filename.c> <outputbinary>03:51
MrPiracyNeroon: let me check ...03:51
sleepycodermcm: gcc from command line, maybe called indirectly from a makefile?  eclipse would work well as a gui front end but could still use gcc in the background to compile.03:51
mcwwhat is gcc?03:51
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:51
r3l1cgcc is the linux c compiler03:51
jfaosdpGood night, all guys!03:51
jfaosdpchao Blizzerand03:51
mcwcan i add it from synaptic?03:51
Blizzerandjfaosdp : Have fun Cheers03:51
arandFlynsarmy: There are options to have menu entries for "full domains" and "full addresses" that's what youre after?03:51
mcwand will it show up in the menu03:52
arandr3l1c: the gnu c compiler mind you :)03:52
Steve_apt-get build-essentials03:52
r3l1carand:  yes sorry03:52
* Dr_willis worries about someone wantin g to install 'gcc' and not knowing what it is..03:52
arandmcw: it is a command line application and will most probably have to be run from command line03:52
mcwI tried that, says it's installed but it's not under applications??03:52
Flynsarmyarand, yea i checked 'temporarily allow top-level sites by default' and set it to 'base 2nd level domains' but when i loaded youtube it still failed03:53
Steve_mcw: are u for real?03:53
r3l1cDr_willis:  I'm with you03:53
Dr_willismcw:  it dosent have icons03:53
mcwof course I'm for real??03:53
gogeta1Dr_willis: the love of crupption03:53
r3l1cmcw:  open a terminal03:53
mcwso what is the run command?03:53
r3l1cmcw:  type gcc --version03:53
r3l1cmcw:  Now go learn to program in linux03:54
mcwgcc --version03:54
r3l1cmcw:  yes03:54
ahornerHow would I remap button 9 on my mouse to work as button 2 in Jaunty?03:54
MrPiracyNeroon: yes, same probs03:54
ctmjrmcw try this and read it man gcc03:55
gogeta1ahorner: err you dont03:55
NeroonMrPiracy: Still the nvidia-auto-select?03:55
r3l1cmcw:  not google programming is C and goo luck03:55
r3l1cprogramming in C03:55
ahornergogeta1: why not?03:55
gogeta1ahorner: lol  i dunno if the 2 buttions work why cry03:55
mcwi was reading forums and allot of people said to learn c first???03:56
MrPiracyNeroon: nope, i took it off03:56
MrPiracyNeroon: there's a time it says "Unable to get display device CRT-0's EDID; cannot compute DPI from CRT-0's EDID. DPI set to (75, 75); computed from built-in default"03:56
ahornergogeta1: i have a microsoft comfort 3000 and i want to map my side button to middle click because 3/4 times i miss middle clicking because it is so stiff and scrolls too easily03:56
MrPiracyNeroon: how can i set DPI manually?03:56
gogeta1heck if all i 9 work jumo for joy03:56
NeroonMrPiracy: Never had to ...03:56
MrPiracyNeroon: let me google, brb03:56
arandFlynsarmy: well youtube needs both youtube.com and ytimg.com allowed03:57
izapMrPiracy: try to use Option "UseEDID" "False"03:57
CptnAwesomehi folks, just installed minimal-cli + kde-core, and need to setup wireless, can anyone point me in the right direction? the laptop uses bcm4318 card, any other info, just ask me and i'll try and give it too you =)03:57
mcwI know I'm not an advanced user but we need ubuntu to become more popular than windows03:57
MrPiracyizap: i did, it's already there03:57
Neroonizap: That might help ...03:57
mcwand it took me 2 years to get this far03:57
mcwtrying all kinds of distro's03:57
gogeta1ahorner: have you tryed prefs mouse03:57
r3l1cWell go learn to program then03:57
izapmcw: you do imagine windows is like 80% market share and linux is 1%03:57
brianim looking for a program i can open like gnome do that i can quickly check the spelling of a word. and i would like it to show words as im typing03:57
brianany ideas03:58
Flynsarmyarand, aha! thanks for the help :)03:58
Neroonmcw: As long as the game companies dont support linux massively there will be no big movement from win to lin, sorry03:58
mcwyes i know03:58
MrPiracyizap: see my xorg.conf (UseEDID is commented, but i already tried it uncommented) .... http://pastebin.org/312303:58
gogeta1ahorner: i dunno aought a m$ mouse tho03:58
r3l1cNeroon:  I agree03:58
mcwwell then why don't programmers improve wine ??03:58
Steve_neroon: and the linux desktop still have more work to do03:58
NeroonSteve_: Sad but true03:58
gogeta1mcw: go inprove it for us03:58
mcwso that it becomes a non issue???03:59
mcwya right??03:59
gogeta1mcw: with little doc and no source03:59
arandmcw: they do, it is complicated (if it is easy, why don't you code it yourrself ;)03:59
izapMrPiracy: i have the same card and i think the same problem03:59
edoceowhere does atp or dpkg keep list of installed packages?  Have offline disc to inspect03:59
gogeta1mcw: on ms stuff03:59
ahornergogeta1: yeah its not in there. I suppose I have to edit xorg but I dont know what to03:59
mcwI don't even know how to programme03:59
r3l1cmcw:  go learn google is your friend03:59
gogeta1mcw: then what do you do03:59
MrPiracyizap: :(03:59
MrPiracyizap: let me google something04:00
=== tuxwulf_ is now known as tuxwulf
izapi had this problem for the past two weeks04:00
gogeta1man i love that fix it yet offer no help04:00
mcwso you havent answered my question how do you open or run the c compiler04:00
izapmcw: man gcc04:00
mcwI'm just trying to learn from people here04:00
gogeta1mcw: we are not devs where users at least most of us04:01
nevynmcw: or install kdevelop to get a visual C equivilent04:01
pi_over_4sudo apt-get python04:01
mcwahh ok that's better04:01
nevynmcw: the majority of linux dev's I know use various workflows04:01
mcwwhat are dev's???04:01
mcwoh developers?04:01
mcwha ha04:02
nevynmcw: vim+gcc+make is still quite popular for C development04:02
rredd4how can i tell if my sony video camera is connected?  its connected via usb, but don't see it mounted.  when i disconnect the camera, i get a warning about disconnecting it improperly04:02
Steve_why is pcspkr not in blacklist yety?04:02
mcwso I have to install whitch programme to start learning?04:03
Steve_mcw: go download eclipse or netbeans and use some google...04:03
ctmjrmcw: you should go to #ubuntu-offtopic and ask your questions unrelated to ubuntu support04:03
diego_ hola alguien sabe un programa bn parecido a visual para programar c++ para ubuntu??04:03
mcwI downloaded an e-book04:03
tonsofpcsany suggestion for a linux app to use with an NTSC USB TV Tuner?04:04
mcwthat's what this is for04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about esp04:04
gogeta1Steve_: guess he think the program will hold his hand lol04:04
arandSteve_: !es | diego_04:04
mcwto ask questions and share your knowledge04:04
mcwall the questions I am asking are about ubuntu04:04
ekimmargniHow can I enable Recent documents menu?04:04
Steve_so pcspkr ... WTF why is it still around04:04
izapnot really04:04
mcwso it's not off topic04:05
gogeta1mcw: no there abought programming04:05
mcwand you don't own the chatroom04:05
mcwin Ubuntu04:05
Steve_any anyone else get annoyed at the ubunut theam song after a fresh instlll... because the volume is set to max at default04:05
gogeta1mcw: hahah ops a commith04:05
thiebaudemcw, this isn't a programing channel04:05
arandSteve_: I don't know, it only shows up on odd computers though...04:05
izapmcw: are you like 12 ?04:05
mcwi can ask whatever i like04:05
gogeta1Steve_: never herd it04:05
mcwno but you sound like you are04:06
mcwso rude04:06
rredd4someone op themselve and kick mcw04:06
mcwwithout provocation04:06
izapyou mate are 12. i dont care.04:06
zenlunatici just noticed my gnome clock is skipping seconds04:06
pi_over_4I'm 11!04:06
gogeta1trigger the op alert i forgot the command04:06
ekimmargniIt's called /ignore folks - USE IT04:06
mcwyou guys do this shit every time04:06
arandizap, mcw: please don't04:06
mcwdon't what?04:06
Steve_wave by04:06
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:06
mcwI'm just trying to learn04:06
ubottuNOTICE - Please stop this discussion NOW. See !offtopic for things that are inappropriate to discuss in this channel. Continuing will result in action being taken.04:06
mcwand I get kicked04:07
ekimmargnimcw: Yes, you will get kicked, so stop it.04:07
rredd4mcw no u are whining04:07
gogeta1mcw: you ask in a tech support channel not a dev channel04:07
mcwforget it later04:07
Steve_mcw: good luck04:07
mcwya thanks04:08
rredd4how can i tell if my video camera is mounted?04:08
meglorredd4: does your video camera act as a storage device or something04:08
rredd4meglo it has a hd04:09
rredd4meglo sony hard drive video camera04:09
meglorredd4: ok, go into gnome's system log and see if it popped up with anything in dmesg04:09
Steve_lol mount a video cam04:09
umanwhat's so "lol" about that04:09
megloSteve_ the video cam doubles as a storage device04:09
umanseems reasonable to me04:09
megloYou're the one mistaken.04:09
Steve_should c it in lsusb04:09
meglouman: dmesg, lsusb, etc. if it didn't pop up on your desktop i guess you can format it fat32 or something if it acts like a flash drive04:10
Steve_ya i guess if its UVC it should be a stream.  but ya i dont know linux well04:10
meglowhat is UVC, i've heard of it before04:11
J11hi, how do I mark a package as already installed manually(make install)?04:11
Steve_umm some standered that works well for wideo cams in linux04:11
Steve_video cams04:11
shaullxjust found out about "sudo!!"04:11
shaullxcool lol04:11
ekimmargniHow can I enable Recent documents menu?04:12
buckyJ11: install equivs and use that04:12
rredd4meglo the vid camera is mounted via usb, what would i c in dmesg?04:12
maliceman this place is hoppin tonight04:12
umanmeglo: I think you may have meant to highlight someone else04:12
ahornerHow can I make my 9 button on my mouse work as my 2 button?04:12
gogeta1bucky: you still live04:13
meglouman: oh sorry04:13
umanmeglo: np04:13
rredd4meglo put an "if" before that sentence04:13
buckygogeta1: i'm mounting my vid cam04:13
FloridaGuydoes ubuntu have anything like system-config-display a gui for configureing xorg..like in fedora04:13
=== gogeta1 is now known as gogeta
zenlunaticwhere do you buy a 9 button mouse good god04:13
zenlunaticjust use a second mb04:14
malicenew egg zen ;-)04:14
meglorredd4: You can look at gnome-log and unplug-plug it back in and have the info from dmesg appear new an in bold to take a look.04:14
CptnAwesomeis there a way to install extra apps in the "system settings" of kde? ive installed kde-core on a cli install of ubuntu and cant find anywhere to install/configure my wireless.04:14
gogetabucky: isnt that a matter of pluggin it in04:14
meglorredd4: I'm not exactly sure what you would see, but that would give you it.04:14
buckygogeta: exactly04:14
ahornerzenlunatic: not 9 buttons, L click, R click, mid click, scroll up, scroll down, side click. doesnt use the others04:14
rredd4meglo ok04:14
MrPiracyNeroon: it now sets it to 1280x1024 but down the end it sets back to 1024x80004:14
buckyi plug it in and lsusb04:15
meglo1024x768 should be enough for anybody04:15
Steve_no me.04:15
shaullxi have g9 it has 9 buttons04:15
Bob_Dole3.5gb ought to be enough anybody(on a 32bit x86 system not using PAE)04:15
gogetabucky: well if the pc sees it it should automount but at32 can be flaky04:15
izapMrPiracy: what monitor you do you have04:16
Cyber_Akumahow many times are you going to say that Bob_Dole?04:16
rredd4meglo its not mounted, how do i mount it via usb?04:16
=== callan is now known as wizzo
Cyber_Akumaand I assure you, 4 gigs is BARELY enough for me on a non-gaming system04:16
izapmeglo: i need 2058x1152 ;] and 1024x769 is clearly not enough04:16
Cyber_Akumawhich is why my next build I plan to have 12 gigs04:16
gbear14275I am having problems with pidgin and now all my firefox bookmarks are gone and I can't login to google... I'm not sure what is wrong at all... but things seem to be getting progressively worse04:16
NeroonMrPiracy: Err, what end?04:16
meglorredd4: Did you see in gnome-logs' dmesg what /dev/<whatever> it was bound to?04:16
MrPiracyizap: philips 190c6 ... 19 in04:16
Bob_DoleCyber_Akuma, as many times as it takes! and, also, you can only use 3.5gb of that memory on a 32bit x86 system not using PAE.04:17
gogetaCyber_Akuma: lol netbook user04:17
buckyrredd4: lsusb04:17
MrPiracyNeroon: no error messages, it sets 1280, but in the end of log file it says setting mode 102404:17
tongueroohey guys, was wondering if anyone could point me to some useful resources on how to setup up a server with my own precompiled binaries of pacakges i want to install on multiple servers, so that each server doesnt have to compile the packages over and over...04:17
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: did anyone answer your question about xorg?04:17
CptnAwesomeare bcm43xx cards supported out of the box in 9.04 ?04:17
meglorredd4: nothing came up? it isn't being detected? please say my nick so I can see you responding to me.04:17
Cyber_AkumaBob_Dole: im using 64bit operating systems04:18
MrPiracyNeroon: i used a parameter that i found ... "UseEDIDDpi" FALSE04:18
Brando753i made a truecrypt partition on my jump drive any reason it is read only?04:18
FloridaGuyekimmargni, no04:18
Bob_DoleCyber_Akuma, I specified 32bit each time I said it.04:18
briani just installed gdesklets thrrew synaptic but when i click on the icon i get this error----------Failed to execute child process "gdesklets" (No such file or directory)04:18
mattgyverI am using fail2ban, i have set the bantime to permanent (-1) however it continues to unban the user after about 10 minutes, could someone help?04:18
tongueroothis has got to be a common thing to setup an nfs mount or somethign with precompiled binaries.. but i cant find any thing from google04:18
meglorredd4: also I'd google your webcam's model number + 'ubuntu' and see what comes up there.04:18
Cyber_Akumanot using PAE, yes I know04:18
buckytongueroo: that's why you make your own deb packages04:18
rredd4meglo ok04:18
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: almost everything should be autodetected - the rest is configured in xorg.conf manaully.04:18
Cyber_AkumaYou remind me of those guys on the radio that talk liek 200 words a minute about hte side effects of a drug right near the end04:18
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: was there something specific you're trying to do?04:18
meglorredd4: But I'm not certain I can help you, never used a webcam before... and certainly not one with built-in storage :\04:18
gogetaCyber_Akuma: lol04:19
helmetso i just moved my hard drive from my old computer to another one, should i do a re-install so all the software and hardware get to shake hands?04:19
FloridaGuyekimmargni, yeah...get 1280x104004:19
meglorredd4: I'm just assuming it operates like a USB thumbdrive - but I could be wrong about that. You need to check it out :\04:19
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: are you using exotic hardware?04:19
RicochetHey guys, I have a question.. I have 8.10 and I have edited the xorg.conf and added a few side programs and edited some stuff.. if i upgrade to 9.04 will it erase everything that I have done?04:19
NeroonMrPiracy: ok, but what sets it back to 1024?04:19
Cyber_AkumaI assure you my 12gig build will be using a 64bit system :P04:19
gbear14275could anyone recommend which log files to take a look at to possibly diagnose some of these issues?   I am in syslog right now but the only error which seems out of place is Jul 19 23:11:15 Mustache pidgin: *** glibc detected *** pidgin: double free or corruption (out): 0x0000000001feaf80 ***04:19
izapCyber_Akuma: im getting high, i dont get any side-effects from that lol unlike alcohol.04:19
FloridaGuyjust a nvidia gforce604:19
Cyber_Akuma12 gig is kinda overkill, but I wanted 8 gigs and can't04:19
Nitrousoxide Hello im back04:19
Cyber_Akumaits either 3, 6, or 1204:19
Cyber_Akumaso I guess ill go with 1204:20
NitrousoxideHow can Rebbot and boot off a cd in ubuntu server?04:20
rredd4meglo lsusb shows bus 1 & 2 device 001 ID ld6b:0002 linux foundation 2.0 root hub        which means nothing to me04:20
gogetaCyber_Akuma: some side effects of linux may couse stress,  confusion, a hate of microsoft, lack of sleep and depression04:20
FloridaGuyekimmargni, i get 1280x1040 in mandriva and fedora04:20
Cyber_AkumaSo far it just makes me hate linux04:20
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: pastebin your xorg.conf for me?04:20
FloridaGuyekimmargni,  in fedora useing systen-config-display04:21
Cyber_AkumaI sadly find the tools most people use and swear by to be utterly unusable04:21
Cyber_Akumaespecially VI04:21
gogetaCyber_Akuma: sighn effects do vary04:21
julian__For some reason my Sound in ubuntu is VERY low. almost inaudible04:21
gogetajulian__: so turn it up04:21
Cyber_Akumaa 1000 sided rubics cube ie easier to figure out than that thing04:21
NitrousoxideHello, How can i reboot and? boot off a cd in ubuntu04:21
helmetshould i do a full re-install of ubuntu if i put my original hard drive into another pc?04:21
buckyjulian__: do you have a little speaker icon in the upper right hand corner of your desktop?04:22
Cyber_Akumayeah yeah I know, a realic from the 70s when computers were far too weak to have a UI that makes sense........... its no longer 197004:22
gogetaNitrousoxide: you answerd your own question04:22
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: There is System>Preferences>Display - did you fiddle there?04:22
buckyjulian__: click on it04:22
uknowhow do i see the hard drives on ubuntu from vista04:22
Nitrousoxidegogeta: No i didnt04:22
rredd4bucky  lsusb shows "bus 1 device 001 ID ld6b:0002 linux foundation 2.0 root hub"        which means nothing to me04:22
gogetaNitrousoxide: reboot boot off cd04:22
Nitrousoxidegogeta:w when my omputer boots04:22
Nitrousoxidegogeta: Theres no boot from cd function04:22
Cyber_Akumamy watch can probaly run nano04:22
Bob_DoleMac OS and linux made me enjoy computing again..mac more so than linux, but I needed faster hardware than a 2.33ghz Core 2 Duo, a MAX of 3 GB RAM(not 3.5) and a ATI Radeon X1600 video card.. for something in my budget.04:22
gogetaNitrousoxide: you booted off a cd when you installed it04:22
gbear14275Nitrousoxide: put cd in tray, hit power button select restart... should boot off cd by default, if not check bios04:22
Nitrousoxidegogeta: No, long story04:23
buckyrredd4: look like your device is not detected04:23
FloridaGuyekimmargni, xorg has to have the 1280x1040 for that to give04:23
Cyber_Akuma.... then again, most watches don't have a 66mhz cpu, 8 megs of ram, usb, or a touchscreen XD04:23
FloridaGuyekimmargni, http://pastebin.com/m183e1fe704:23
NitrousoxideGbear: start a chat with me04:23
gogetaNitrousoxide: bios very on changing boot some you press esc04:23
buckyrredd4: is your device a usb 2.0 device?04:23
rredd4bucky do u know how to mount it?04:23
Nitrousoxidegogeta: Lisen04:23
rredd4bucky yes04:23
rredd4bucky brand new camera04:23
meglorredd4: when you plug in your webcam, you should see it at the end of your dmesg. What you posted to me just looks like chipset information or something04:23
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: eww, where did you get all this cruft?04:23
Nitrousoxidegogeta: im suing a net vista, very onld computer, you cant change the boot options04:23
buckyrredd4: you need to google it and find the driver for it and then modprobe <driver_name>04:24
rredd4meglo that was lsusb results04:24
gogetaNitrousoxide: to old for cd boot you can make a boot floppy to enable it04:24
FloridaGuyekimmargni, get all what04:24
Cyber_AkumaI have never heard of a computer where you cannot change boot options in the bios04:24
naftahow can i divide windows in vim?04:24
rredd4bucky ok, ty04:24
umannafta: q!04:24
umannafta: then run emacs04:24
rredd4meglo google work to be done, ty04:24
julian__so bucky, even though i turned up my master volume it is still very LOW04:24
ctmjrjulian__: have you checked alsamixer in the terminal?04:24
Steve_PCM volume04:24
Bob_Dolejulian__, turn up your PCM04:24
Cyber_Akumaare there any other volume controls?04:25
meglorredd4: sorry I couldn't help you, i'm not sharp on stuff really04:25
bastidrazorFloridaGuy, have you tried running gksudo nvidia-settings ?04:25
=== mike_ is now known as Guest92063
Guest92063hi someone is good with tv tuners ???04:25
buckyrredd4: but it should show up in there.. it's like it's not plugged in *shrug*04:25
ekimmargniFloridaGuy: all the crap in your xorg.conf. Did ubuntu generate that?04:25
rredd4bucky  lol04:25
buckyrredd4: unplug it and plug it back in and lsusb again04:25
rredd4meglo u know more than me04:25
Guest92063need a tv tuner specialist and fast !!!04:25
julian__i don't know how to. im fairly new to Linux in general but i understand the terminal, what would i type to check my alsa mixer?04:25
rredd4bucky ok04:25
Nitrousoxidegogeta: You didnt READ my question04:25
bastidrazorekimmargni, before 8.10 that is how any xorg.conf would look.04:25
izapjulian__: alsamiser04:25
arandCyber_Akuma: vi is only annoying if you have not come to terms with it, once you are confortable with it it's very usable. But it does require the step of learning it before it is properly useful..04:25
umanjulian__: just run the program alsamixer in your favorite terminal emulator04:25
Guest92063hey noobs !!!04:26
Nitrousoxidegogeta: How can i reboot into install cd from ubuntu server WHEN, the bios has no boot from disk function04:26
ekimmargnibastidrazor, FloridaGuy: Well, with recent versions of xorg you should have to configure basically nothing in xorg.conf... but perhaps ask in #xorg for help?04:26
buckyrredd4: this is what my mouse looks like in lsusb Bus 002 Device 002: ID 062a:0252 Creative Labs04:26
ctmjrjulian__: alsamixer use the arrow keys04:26
NitrousoxideGogeta: "to old for cd boot you can make a boot floppy to enable it" they made 600 mb Floppys?04:26
FloridaGuyekimmargni, sudo nvidia-xconfig....sudo nvidia-settings...then saved to x config04:26
julian__alright, i did that i ran alsamixer in terminal, now what do i do?04:26
julian__i see.04:26
gogetaNitrousoxide: thers boot floppys out there that can enable it on a old system04:26
Nitrousoxidegogeta: oh boot floppy04:26
Nitrousoxidegogeta: sorry didnt read, how do i make one?04:27
gogetaNitrousoxide: you insert boot floppy and slect cd boot lemmit find one04:27
rredd4bucky ok, i unplugged it and replugged it in, no difference.  my vid camera shows that its connected04:27
buckyrredd4: this is what my mouse looks like in lsusb Bus 002 Device 002: ID 062a:0252 Creative Labs04:27
buckynothing like that?04:27
bastidrazorFloridaGuy, add another metamode for the resolution you want04:27
rredd4bucky all i see at the end is: root hub04:27
richardcavellDoes someone here want let me see their desktop remotely?  I want to practise using remote desktop viewer04:27
buckyrredd4: how about giving me a psychic hint at to which cam you have04:28
julian__Bucky. that somewhat helped, it is slightly louder now.04:28
rredd4bucky sony dcr-sr4504:28
FloridaGuybastidrazor, add it like this.."1024x768_60 +0+0" but "1280x1040_60 +0+0"04:29
Nitrousoxidegogets: yes i know what they are, just never used one before, hmm, how am i going to write it to a floppy04:29
Nitrousoxidegogeta: and how do you even KNOW i have a floppy?04:29
gmossHi all, I was playing around with mount options for one of my usb ntfs drives (not in fstab, just in right click -> properties -> drive -> mount options) and entered an invalid option, and now it won't let me remount. Where are these options stored, so I can delete the bad one? Thanks...04:30
gogetaNitrousoxide: hears a good one http://linux.simple.be/tools/sbm04:30
gogetaNitrousoxide: i hope you do oon a old machine like that04:30
Nitrousoxidethe only floppy i have is the one in the machine, TRANSPLANT TIME!04:31
Guest92063need help for 1st tv tuner setup on linux !!!04:31
Steve_gmoss: that suxs04:31
bastidrazorFloridaGuy, my modeline looks like "1024x768@60" with quotes.04:32
Bob_DoleOnly functional floppy drive I have.. intionally had the eject button broken off so the etherboot floppy wouldn't get ejected :o04:32
gogetaNitrousoxide: put sbm on a floppy using dd as the site says that will enable cd boot on a old machine04:32
Guest92063fuck noobs !!!04:32
rredd4bucky don't see anything on google for my vid camera04:32
Steve_gmoss: what hapons when you try mount /dev/(what ever the drive is)04:32
gmossSteve_: yes...any clue as to where they are? I looked in ~/.gconfd/..., couldn't find anything...04:32
richardcavellGuest92063: mate, no one knows how to help you. TV Tuners are not going to be well supported under Linux.04:32
ctmjr!ohmy | Guest9206304:32
ubottuGuest92063: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.04:32
Roasteddoes anybody know with Ubuntu how I can download a streaming flash video from a web site?04:32
gogetaNitrousoxide: keep a copy handy if you need to use it again04:32
Steve_gmoss: perhaps you can mount it then fix the problem that way04:33
vldeveryone was a noob once04:33
Nitrousoxidegogeta: one problem, i have no floppys04:33
uknowhey one thing i updated my video setting but when i boot up at the log on screen i cant see it the monitor say mode not supported  so i got a nother monitor and changed the display for the first monitor setting know useing the monitor that had problems i in thr fist place it works when i log on but not at the logn on screen04:33
richardcavellvld: some of us still are, mate.  Some of us still are...04:33
pagodai'm trying to get wireless to work in jaunty on a dell inspiron e1705 (9400). the guide says to click activate when the hardware drivers window pops up, but i never saw such a window. how else can i get to that? (i'm in windows now)04:33
Guest92063richardcavell they works well if you have a good one stop the trolling !!!04:33
vldyup includin me04:33
Cyber_Akuma30 min left04:33
Nitrousoxidegogeta: im currently on another windows machine04:33
uknowany reson04:33
gogetaNitrousoxide: thats a prolem indeed04:34
Guest92063Roasted simple > /tmp04:34
gmossSteve_: well that'd involve adding it to fstab - would that interfere with whatever else is storing the settings?04:34
Steve_pagoda: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-modaliases04:34
bastidrazorFloridaGuy, take at -- http://pastebin.com/f4b4424cb  .. this is how i added metamodes/modelines04:34
richardcavellCan someone let me remotely view their desktop?  I want to see how well VNC works over the Internet. You don't have to give me control of your desktop.04:34
gogetaNitrousoxide: i dought a bios not supporting cdrom boot will support us boot04:34
pagodawill apt-get work without a network connection?04:34
Nitrousoxidegogeta: look my friend found this "<gbear14275> so this says the boot option is changeable under bios... the menu isn't just easy to get to"04:34
gogetaNitrousoxide: yay04:34
bastidrazorrichardcavell, vnc is slow and sluggish regardless of over the internet or on a LAN04:34
Nitrousoxidegogets:us boot?04:34
Steve_gmoss: no fstab stuff... lets just try to mount it so you see it on your desktop so you can update the settings again04:35
Guest92063after you will say that we cannot play on linux, I use a guitar for frets on fire and a gamepad and play a lot ... don't be a jerk ...04:35
gogetaNitrousoxide: but you said it does support it was just hidden away04:35
richardcavellbastidrazor: isn't it just bandwidth that slows it down?04:35
uknowcan anyone help me with  Display04:35
bastidrazorrichardcavell, no.04:35
Dr_willisI find vnc over my gigibit lan rather useable.. with a light enough window mnager04:35
richardcavellbastidrazor: and in any case, what alternative do you have that is faster?04:35
buckyrredd4: does it have a firewire port on it?04:35
RicochetHey Guys, I have a question real fast.. I have edited my xorg.conf and added some applications and such.. If I upgrade to 9.04 (I am in 8.10 now) will I lose everything?!04:35
Steve_pagoda: no ethernet?04:35
bastidrazorrichardcavell, i don't.04:35
pagodai really don't want to dig out a cat5 cable04:35
gmossSteve_: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 asks for an fstab entry, will go make one and report back, thanks :-)04:36
pagodaSteve_: is that the only way?04:36
richardcavellbastidrazor: I let q0_0p view my desktop yesterday. Now I want to view someone's desktop to see how it works04:36
bastidrazorrichardcavell, freeNX possibly?04:36
uknowdoes any oone know alot about display problems04:36
Steve_pagoda: humm or u could use the box u are on now to bring the package over04:36
Steve_pagoda: good old flash drive er somthing04:36
richardcavellbastidrazor: Doesn't VNC work by simply getting the X-window server to send the data over the network?04:36
Nitrousoxidegogeta: No, thisquestion first arouse when i tohught it DIDNT have a boot order," Nitrousoxide: but you said it does support it was just hidden away"04:37
vldcan any1 pm to help me with a creative usb headset04:37
richardcavellbastidrazor: that's the best way to do it, surely04:37
Guest92063does a non noob linux specialist knows about tv tuner setup here ?04:37
Dr_willisrichardcavell:  vnc can work in several differnt ways dependiong on the vnc server. :)04:37
Nitrousoxidegogeta: tehn i found out it was hidden04:37
rredd4bucky not sure04:37
gbear14275ok... anyone want to try me?  My newest symptom is my back and forward buttons on firefox no longer work04:37
gbear14275anyone ever seen that before04:37
pagodaSteve_: it's the same computer, i'm dual-booting. can i download the package with windows, then install it from linux?04:37
richardcavellDr_willis: well what about the 'Remote Desktop Viewer' that's built in to Ubuntu?04:37
Steve_gmoss: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/???/04:37
Dr_willisGuest92063:  the #mythbuntu guys know a LOT about tv tuners. :)  thers such a varity of them out.. the Mythbuntu forums are also a good place to check04:37
FloridaGuybastidrazor, you useing a lcd tv for your monitor04:37
Roastedguest92063 - I'm confused. what is /tmp? How do I save a video through that? Its a flash video embedded on a web site I want to download. I cant figure out how.04:37
rredd4bucky  besides, i don't have a firewire cable\04:37
buckyrredd4: well i googled 10 pages about it and that's all i could come up with... that firewire works better than usb on those04:38
bastidrazorFloridaGuy, yes, my 47" tv via SVideo..04:38
rredd4bucky i will check the manual, ty04:38
Dr_willisrichardcavell:  thats the gnome built in vnc viewer it shows the current desktop.. others like vnc4server and tightvnc do NOT show the current desktop. they work 'faster' for me..  for my needs.04:38
richardcavellwho just tried to connect to my port 5900?04:38
Steve_pagoda: sounds tricky... i never did it SOMONE else should help ya:04:38
izaphow can i get the bottom panel back on ? i turned it off/deleted it somehow lol04:38
ghindoRoasted, /tmp is the directory for temporary files in the Linux filesystem.  If you load a flash video, the video should also load in /tmp04:38
Nitrousoxidegoget: my problem is now sloved, thanks04:38
ctmjr!panel | izap04:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about panel04:39
kyle__hey....nice to meet you ..04:39
bastidrazorizap, right click the top panel and new panel04:39
Roastedghindo - Let me get this straight... if I watch a video through firefox that's a flash video, it'll somehow "download" temporarily to the /tmp folder??04:39
rredd4bucky  have to go, ty for your help04:39
ctmjr!panels | izap04:39
ubottuizap: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:39
ghindoRoasted, Correct.04:39
richardcavellsome bugger just port scanned me from here. Who was it?04:39
Roastedghindo - what do I have to do? Just play the video and it appears? Cause I'm not seeing it now...04:39
uknowdoes any oone know alot about display problems04:40
smacfarlHey. I got Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-libc-dev_2.6.28-13.44_i386.deb04:40
smacfarl  404 Not Found [IP: 80]04:40
pagodaSteve_: who would that be?04:40
gmossSteve_: got it mounted again, thanks much!04:40
brianwhat widget app do you guys like the most04:40
ghindoRoasted, You have to load the video entirely in the browser and the video _should_ show up in /tmp04:40
RicochetHey Guys, I have a question real fast.. I have edited my xorg.conf and added some applications and such.. If I upgrade to 9.04 (I am in 8.10 now) will I lose everything?!04:40
Roastedghindo - just let it buffer completely? Or completely watch it? I'm just confused over how this works...04:40
Steve_pagoda: humm maby its on the CD... ?  9.0404:41
ghindoRoasted, Just let it buffer completely04:41
pagodaSteve_: hmm i don't have a cd. i downloaded it04:41
Dr_willisRicochet:  added applications to 'xorg.conf' ? i think theres some confusion going on..04:41
Roastedghindo - I'm pretty sure it did buffer completely, becuase this is the 2nd time I'm watching it without having refreshed the web site...04:41
Dr_willisRicochet:  xorg.conf defines your video settings and a few other things.. not applications04:41
smacfarlSo why is my update failing?04:41
ghindoRoasted, Well, what are you seeing in the /tmp directory?04:42
Steve_pagoda: u dont have a cd..? are you in a VM and mounted an ISO?04:42
RicochetDr_willis: I edited my xorg.conf, and i added some applications such as evtouch and stuff like that.. they were different statements.. sorry for the confusion04:42
Roastedhsperdata, keyring, orbit, pulse, pulse, seahorse, ssh, virtual-jason, clipboard cache, gnomesystemmonitor, vinagre04:42
Steve_pagoda: or installed using PXE?04:42
albechwhat can it be that cause dnsmasq to not resolve? when doing a NS lookup it return ** server can't find google.com: REFUSED04:42
Dr_willisRicochet:  when in doubt backup your xorg.conf i alwyas keep a 'archive' of my old ones.. just in case.04:42
richardcavell189.38.80.51 I just port scanned you back.04:42
gmossSteve_: and maybe you know off the top of your head why the option "iocharset=utf8" is bad? if you're busy, don't bother, I'll continue googling :-04:43
h_direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)04:43
h_OpenGL renderer string: Mesa X1104:43
h_can anyone help me enable rendering04:43
h_VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c04:43
pagodaSteve_: oh i installed hardy from a CD, then upgraded to intrepid and now jaunty.04:44
Dr_willis!intel | h_04:44
ubottuh_: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.04:44
Roastedghindo - did you get that?04:44
Steve_gmoss: o sorry im in a shitty IRC client is the charset bad?04:44
ghindoRoasted, Yeah, just gimme a sec04:44
gmossSteve_: cyrillic filenames show up as '?', trying to fix this04:44
Roastedsteve - theres kindergarten rules around here. If you dont wanna get banned 40 times over you might wanna say shoot instead :P04:44
Steve_gmoss: i dont think utf8 is bad.04:44
Steve_gmoss: bad font?04:45
gmossSteve_: no, that's the option that broke the HAL mout04:45
kyle__do u know how to use kvm ?04:45
gmossSteve_: I think I'll just ditch using HAL and go back to fstab, because I know how to get that working. Thanks a bunch for your help :-)04:46
ghindoRoasted, Try refreshing /tmp and checking again.  I'm loading a YouTube video and it's loading into /tmp as well, so it _should_ be the same in your case04:46
kyle__i'm using v-box now...04:46
Steve_gmoss: np04:46
tonsofpcsgot a v4l2 device, scantv is saying there is no tuner on it.  Anyone know how I can get the tuner working?  I have used it in linux before, but not jaunty.  It's a em28xx chipset, connected via usb04:46
briananyone got a fav widget app04:46
Roastedghindo - I went to youtube and it loads a video in tmp, but this particular web site doesnt show anything in tmp04:47
Dr_willisbrian:  thats just a tad.. vague....04:47
ghindoRoasted, Interesting.  I'm not sure, then.  Sorry.04:47
Roastedghindo - if you want to PM me (no idea how to do simple things in xchat) I can link you to the video Im trying to DL04:47
J_Dahmerwhats up, any fags in the house?04:48
richardcavellJ_Dahmer: I reckon someone's going to get banned soon04:48
J_Dahmerwho's getting banned04:49
Steve_maby he was trying to say fans04:49
jamiewanJ_Dahmer, you04:49
J_Dahmerfor what?04:49
Steve_n and g are kinda close on the keyboard04:49
J_DahmerYes they are steve but I meant fags as in cigarettes04:49
jamiewanJ_Dahmer,  fags or fans one is not acceptable04:49
ctmjrRoasted: some sites like hulu and cbs and such do not use your tmp dir because  people figured out how to copy the shows and they do not like that04:50
Roastedif nobody bans him for his language, at least ban him for being a dumbass04:50
vlduh thats the first time i heard that term here in the us04:50
richardcavellyou name yourself after a serial killer of homosexuals and then ask if there are any 'fags' here04:50
J_Dahmeryou're a jerk jamiewan04:50
Ricocheti sure hope this doesnt destroy all of the hard work i just did04:50
jamiewanJ_Dahmer, yeah yeah and you too04:50
Roastedctmjr - MAN. Thats upsetting. I've been fighting to download this video. It's a live concert video and I really want it. :(04:50
vldbut i kinda like that name :D04:50
J_Dahmerstop whinning roasted04:50
richardcavellI reckon he's got one more troll left in him before he gets banned04:50
Roastedgo eat a children's leg dahmer04:51
richardcavellthat's gonna do it I reckon04:51
J_DahmerI prefer black meat04:51
Roastedyeah you would04:51
sebsebsebrichardcavell: I think they need to be called this time04:51
Roastedblack man meat04:51
sebsebsebrichardcavell: or nothing will happen04:51
Steve_i like stake04:51
sebsebsebrichardcavell: anytime soon04:51
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.04:51
J_Dahmerrichardcavell, ever wondered what a penis tastes like?04:51
ctmjr!o4o | J_Dahmer04:51
ubottuJ_Dahmer: Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct04:51
sebsebseb!ops |  J_Dahmer04:51
ubottuJ_Dahmer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:51
duane1hi all04:52
sebsebsebproblem solved04:52
trelaynehi all, I'm running Jaunty and trying out 2.6.30RC1. But my wireless' driver needs to be recompile. I understand that all I have to do is install bcmwl-kernel-source.. but's it's not in the Jaunty repos?04:52
kyle__ubuntu how to apt mysql gui deb04:53
kyle__who can help me04:53
duane1does anyone know if there is any way to point virtualbox to a hard drive that has xp already installed04:53
Steve_dmsg-reconfigure bcmwl-.....04:53
samtihen duane1: pretty sure that doesn't work04:53
samtihensorry man04:53
Dr_willisduane1:  its doable.. but from what i hear dangerous to the  data integerity of the drive.. check the vbox docs. i THINK its in there..04:53
richardcavellduane1: no, it's not possible04:53
obf213did anyone elses vlc / x11 video break recently?04:53
Steve_trelayne: dmsg-reconfigure bcmwl-.....04:54
richardcavellDr_willis: he can't do it because it's installed on his hardware rather than the virtual hardware04:54
trelaynethanks Steve..04:54
Dr_willisrichardcavell:  i recall the docs mentioning how you can makually make a config file that does all ow you do do it.04:54
Steve_trelayne: o dont thank me unless it works04:54
Dr_willisrichardcavell:  theres also big warnings saying to NOT do it. :)04:54
Steve_trelayne: while crazy guess04:54
richardcavellDr_willis: I bet there are04:54
richardcavellDr_willis: you can teach it to read and write the volume raw (as in, access the drive filesystem rather than a virtual hard disk)04:55
samtihenDr_willis: ya, i think its a serious special case thing that :sorta: works04:55
duane1thanks... I would of been up all night if I thought I could get it04:55
trelayneSteve_,  hmmm   I don't see such at command ?04:55
meglohahahaha, sebsebseb I have !ops on highlight it is always worth it04:55
Dr_willisduane1:  you could 'image' the hard drive to a virtual drive file  (sort of copy it) and let vbox play with it.. but that may trigger the windows copy protection stuff also.04:55
meglooh siht04:55
richardcavellDr_willis: yep, that's right04:55
jamiewantook barbs falcon to mechanic and got sick of waiting round04:55
trelayneSteve_, dmsg-reconfigure04:55
kyle__oh...i think i can get04:55
richardcavellDr_willis: he'll have to re-register it.  But that's not fatal.04:55
kyle__sudo apt-get install mysql-gui-tools-common04:55
jamiewansorry wrong window guys04:56
kyle__this one ?04:56
Dr_willisduane1:  lets just say its not trivial. and can cause issues..04:56
Dr_willisrichardcavell:  unless its an OEM version from gateway/dell/whoever. :)04:56
duane1I'll just do it the right way04:56
richardcavellDr_willis: he's better off just reinstalling it04:56
richardcavellDr_willis: won't take him more than one day04:56
richardcavellDr_willis: but trying to turn his existing installation into a virtual machine will take him a week04:57
Dr_willisrichardcavell:   depends on the apps. :)04:57
richardcavellDr_willis: with a VM you can have one VM per app04:57
Steven_Mhi all :)04:57
richardcavellDr_willis: I used to have one per Steam game04:57
trelayneI figured to recompile the driver I would need to get the source located in Karmic, but not sure how to add Karmic to the repos04:58
dravekxHow do I install the latest version of firefox in ubuntu desktop 9.04?04:58
Dr_willis!ff35 | dravekx04:58
ubottudravekx: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY04:58
Steve_trelayne: o sorry dpkg-reconfigure04:58
duane1I lost the install disk years ago... just grabbed hard drive out of  the basement to put fedora on and thought about virtualbox04:58
jareepAnyone willing to help me troubleshoot installation of nvidia video drivers?  (Or rolling back to the pre-screw-up? lol)?  I'm running Jaunty on an AMD64 laptop04:58
dravekxty dr.willis :)04:58
albechcan anyone tell me what is causing these errors? Last of IPv6 support on the kernel or in the libc? http://nopaste.com/p/as34uCoxg04:59
FrozenFireWhat's the most commonly used packet sniffer for Ubuntu? I'm trying to diagnose a problem with AJAX uploads to Panoramio.com, in which they seem to be timing out. I want to see if my ISP is sending me RST packets, because the connections "look" like torrenting uploads.04:59
Cyber_AkumaAny idea why my HDD keeps locking up when trying to move this partition? I literally have to turn the usb dock off and on again to get it to work again.04:59
FrozenFireI'm most familiar with Ethereal for Windows04:59
albechsorry wrong channel05:00
utimothyhow to get evolution mail with hot mail ......hi to the room05:00
toni_thro r u there05:00
duane1FrozenFire: I'd use tcpdump or better on the eyes wireshark05:01
FrozenFireAh, yes. I had forgotten about Wireshark05:01
FrozenFireThanks duane105:01
duane1frozenfire: no sweat05:01
richardcavellwho's scanning me?05:02
trelayneSteve_, thanks for the suggestion but I don't know that dpkg-reconfigure would recompile the package against the loaded kernel?05:02
kyle__XChat is powerful05:02
jareepadditional info: I downloaded and installed the latest from nvidia but when the machine reboots I get a console login and Xorg.0.log says "module couldn't be opened".05:02
Steve_trelayne: well i guess you could try and remove the bcmwl-* packages, reset then add them back05:03
Steven_Mdoes ubuntu 9.04 support ATI graphics cards?05:03
bastidrazorjareep, did you install the driver while X was stopped?05:03
richardcavellSteven_M: yes05:03
jareepbastid_razor:  Yes.  It gives an error otherwise.05:03
kyle__Steven_M> does ubuntu 9.04 support ATI graphics cards?yes05:03
kyle__my mainboard is amd64 and i can open the 3Ds05:04
Steve_trelayne: or maby check your blacklist05:04
utimothycan some one help me.....how can i get hotmail to work with evolution mail05:04
bastidrazorjareep, what module isn't opening?05:05
jareepbastid_razor: nvidia05:05
kyle__hotmail ....there's examples on google...you may hava a look..05:05
trelayneSteve_, I actually want to try the solution posted by Amaranth: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1147055&page=205:05
jareepbastid_razor:  Specifially the log file says:  "Failed to load module "nvidia")  module does not exist, 005:05
trelayneBut it means adding the Karmic Koala repos to synaptic's list which I'm not sure how to do05:05
Steven_Mrichardcavell: 3D acceleration as well?05:05
kyle__google is powerful...05:06
bastidrazorjareep, what version of ubuntu?05:06
jareepbastid_razor:  9.0405:06
Steve_trelayne: ok cool... ya i guess i shouda asked what you wirless card was first :P05:06
kyle__i think it's just so so.....but wonderful05:06
bastidrazorjareep, doesn't the restricted drivers work well enough?05:06
gbear14275can anyone tell me what .fr-ISOMOD is?  I can't find anything on google and its showing up in my home directory as a half a gig file according to disk usage analyzer05:06
gbear14275might be .fr-|somod... not sure05:07
jareepbastid_razor:  They did but I was having trouble with a game and was told by a friend that the lastest nvidia drivers worked better and corrected his lockup issues.  I installed them, and now I'm GUI-less.05:07
vldhow can i install a usb headset that only has xp or vista drivers?05:08
Steve_vld: just plug it in05:08
vldi wish05:08
kyle__maybe you can try to mount it.05:08
vldits a fatality hs-100005:08
vldand im running backtrack05:08
gbear14275no one?05:08
Steve_vld: dmesg give anything?05:09
vld99% noob btw05:09
Steve_vld: humm nm then good luck05:10
gbear14275nvm... thanks05:10
stacyhey can anyone help me with the installation of the new Ubuntu... on one of my computers it seems the computer freezes and shows a very distorted and pixelated Ubuntu icon on the screen after it tries to run Ubiquity from the live CD. It is not the CD as I have used this Cd to install on two other computers. I have tried safe graphics mode also... does anyone know what may be causing this?05:10
vldgoogle here i come05:10
Steve_stacy: bad video ram?05:10
stacyIm currently talking to you from said computer05:11
Steve_stacy: dose windows run correctly with the vido drivers installed?05:11
stacyumm this is a linux only computer05:11
supergearwhat vid card?05:11
stacythis is an older version of ubuntu... umm NVIDIA 430005:11
supergearonboard i guess05:12
stacynope... its a separate card05:12
alkasmoliki updated to firefox 3.5 and now i am not sure if subpixel smoothing is working or not. i've tried googling for a fix, tried it out, and no go. Anyone have any suggestions, aside from reverting back to 3.0 ?05:12
Steven_Mdoes ubuntu 9.04 support 3D acceleration using ATI graphics cards?05:12
Steve_stacy: what haponed in safe graphic mode?05:12
stacysame exact thing05:13
supergearoh MX05:13
supergearMX 430005:13
stacya very pixelated image05:13
supergeari frgot about the MX series05:13
lwellsI installed gcursor, but it will not let me change the cursors, is there something else I need to do?05:13
buckySteven_M: http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/News/Proprietary-Driver-for-Ubuntu-9.04-Fglrx-for-X-Server-1.605:13
Steve_stacy: like blocks05:13
supergearusing the correct nvidia drivers, stacy?05:13
flandersWell, the gksudo took care of one problem, but the other problem is that I suck at life, and specifically writing even the simplest of scripts: http://pastebin.com/d2c8a52d305:14
stacywell this is before installation05:14
kholerabbihello the command "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh" doesn't work for me. I am using Jaunty and I get the error "sudo: /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh: command not found05:14
Steve_stacy: anything that looks like http://www.playtool.com/pages/artifacts/artifacts.html05:14
stacyand ive never had a problem installing the old version of linux when I installed it05:14
jareepbastid_razor:  How do you reinstall the restricted drivers from the command line?05:14
kholerabbiI would liek to play encrypted dvds05:14
flandersWhat is wrong about my script? It's supposed to toggle between removing and adding two modules, depending on whether or not they are already loaded.05:14
dayofswordsquestion i installed ubuntu through wubi, and it all went well, all works, but i went to disk analyzer and it said the capacity was ~40gb and i had 11gb available , in wubi i choose 5gb max space and i only have a 20gb hard drive05:14
supergearold version of linux?05:14
supergearold kernel?05:15
Steve_stacy: also you should probably try one of the newer CD s05:15
supergearlinux == kernel ;P05:15
stacynone of those match...05:15
stacyive got a fresh copy of the most recent release05:15
supergearubuntu does not = linux :P05:15
jamiewankholerabbi: vlc player05:15
kholerabbijamiewan: I just want to use libdvdcss like the help says. Can you help?05:16
kyle__i'm installing mysql-gui-tools now..........05:16
r3l1cdude Karmic screams05:16
alkasmolikanyone have a solution to my firefox 3.5 subpixel smoothing issue?05:16
supergearlibdvdcss is illegal in most places ain't it05:16
stacyok on boot, when it finishes booting its like a very pixelated and scrambled ubuntu icon... almost looking like the boot splash screen05:16
Guest40885hi someone know how to install well frets on fire on ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS ???05:16
bastidrazorjareep, pastebin your xorg.conf ... apt-get install pastebinit then pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf  ..05:17
jamiewankholerabbi: dunno but vlc player seems to have sorted most of my vid problems playing dvds05:17
flandersHere is my simple script in bash, again. I want it to toggle between removing/adding modules, depending on whether or not they are already loaded. However, I think my syntax is crappy: http://pastebin.com/d2c8a52d305:17
dayofswordsquestion: i installed ubuntu through wubi, and it all went well, all works, but i went to disk analyzer and it said the capacity was ~40gb and i had 11gb available , in wubi i choose 5gb max space and i only have a 20gb hard drive05:17
dayofswordswhats with that?05:17
Cyber_AkumaMy harddrive keeps locking up :(05:17
uknowdoes any oone know alot about display problems05:18
Steve_stacy: try http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#alternate05:18
gbear14275how would i delete the contents of a folder without deleting the folder itself?05:18
supergearCyber_Akuma: time to buy a new HDD05:18
flandersIt gives me errors messages about grep: =: no such file or directory ?05:18
kholerabbijamiewan: thanks, but I'll try this first :D05:18
r3l1cMy cpu was running at 100% and I couldn't find any processes using that much anywhere. Not in top or system monitor05:18
Cyber_AkumaI think its a glitch with linux accessing a hdd through usb05:18
Cyber_Akumaothers seem th have the same problem05:18
Cyber_Akumaall of them usb05:18
jamiewangbear14275: open folder select all and delete05:18
gbear14275rm -r would delete the folder as well wouldn't it05:18
stacyso try version that is not a live CD05:19
Steve_stacy: yes maby after installing it then it will work?05:19
AussieGuywill this setup give me internet on my pc (all ethernet)?  adsl2 modem------linksys spa3102 voip router-----pc05:19
stacyok ill try thanks05:19
dragon_r3l1c: try `sudo top` instead...05:19
Steve_stacy: or you could try the latest build05:19
stacythats what I am trying to install Steve05:19
supergearstacy: try a different linux distro liveCD/DVD05:19
r3l1cyeah sorry I did it. nothing05:19
Guest40885frets on fire error adress areleady use in songs and tutoriel place ...05:19
stacyKnoppix works05:19
bastidrazorjareep, you could change the driver in xorg.conf to vesa to get a working GUI.. then reinstall the drivers05:20
AussieGuythe voip router has a lan port to connect to the pc and a wan port to connect to the modem, not sure if that means it will send internet access to the pc or not05:20
stacythought of that one... its just on the install CDs for ubuntu right after it tries to load Ubiquity05:20
r3l1cdragon_:  here is one. I installed Karmic, just to test a little.. It over wrote grub 1.5 with 1.98 (i think) and my 9.04 boot options are not on the login.05:20
r3l1cnot in the boot loader menu05:21
stacyactually if I go to ctrlalt F1 after the error happens... it still shows the load screen stuck at ubiquity with now "OK" status on it05:21
supergearkyle__: english please not asian stuf most ppl can't read05:21
h_still having trouble enabling rendering05:21
r3l1cnevermind just remembered05:21
stacyor any status what so ever05:21
jareepbastid_razor:  http://pastebinit.com/f58ea225505:21
dragon_r3l1c: is there an option to chainload into grub 1.5?05:21
Steve_stacy: perhaps the latest build http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20090719/05:21
stacyanyways ill try and load up on the alt05:21
Cyber_Akuma"sd 9:0:0:0: [sdb] Add. Sense: No additional sense information" "Sense Key : No Sense [current] " <----- I keep getting these over and over in dmesg, any idea whats wrong?05:21
r3l1cdidn't see one I will reboot after this update is finished..05:21
trelayneSteve_, just to let you know: mission accomplished, simply had to add karmic repos, and installed the package -- which did a dkms install of the driver so that it recompiles against the running kernel--i think ?05:22
dragon_r3l1c: no problem. btw, folks in #ubuntu+1 will be able to answer karmic-related questions better.05:22
Guest40885hey noobs05:22
h_direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)05:22
h_OpenGL renderer string: Mesa X1105:22
Guest40885need help here05:22
dragon_!language | Guest4088505:22
ubottuGuest40885: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:22
r3l1cdragon_:  thanks05:22
h_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)05:23
bastidrazorjareep, that isn't a valid url..05:23
jareepyea, I noticed...05:23
ILMAN8i want to set-up the compiz configuration..05:23
jareepI had to type it manually05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Guest05:23
jareepapparently, I didn't get it right05:23
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz05:23
Dr_willisCyber_Akuma:  try unplugging any extra usb gizmos you may have plugged in.  I recall seeing that on a friends pc once.  i forget what he had that was goofing it up. and thats all i know on the topic. :(05:23
Steve_trelayne: cool, ya i have them karmic repos in my box already so that couda bin the problm05:23
supergearpp should have a nick of their own!05:23
Guest40885need help for frets on fire !!!05:23
Steven_Mbucky: thanks :)05:23
Steve_trelayne: good job05:23
Cyber_AkumaI dont have any other usb device plugged in05:23
ILMAN8i want to set-up the compiz configuration..05:23
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)05:23
Cyber_AkumaWell, other than wifi05:24
Dr_willisCyber_Akuma:  this a laptop? could be somthing built in.05:24
dragon_!botabuse > supergear05:24
ubottusupergear, please see my private message05:24
Cyber_Akumabut thats wired internally, i cant upl;ug it05:24
ILMAN8i want to set-up the compiz configuration..!05:24
Ross1Anyone know why the Consolas font spacing gets screwed up when you try to use it in the terminal?05:24
flandersCan someone correct my pathetic script?05:24
Dr_willisCyber_Akuma:  multi-reader card slots?05:24
Guest40885hey noobs I need help here are you blinds ???05:24
flandersIt's only a few lines of code.05:24
dragon_Guest40885: please behave.05:24
supergeari used the bot twice that isn't bot abuse05:24
Dr_willisGuest40885:  state the problem clearly to the channel.05:24
ILMAN8can some one help me configure the Compiz ?05:24
bastidrazor!ccsm > ILMAN805:24
ubottuILMAN8, please see my private message05:24
Dr_willisILMAN8:   tell the channel the exact problem - is a good idea.05:25
trelayneSteve_, well jsut came back to thank you for your help. I've been fighting to figure out why compiz freezes my Xserver ... been dragging on for weeks. So wanted to try a later kernel... too many hoops :-(05:25
ILMAN8i install it05:25
ILMAN8and run it05:25
dragon_supergear: using bot in a PM would still be a better idea.05:25
bastidrazorjareep, you could try changing the driver to vesa and see if that'll get your GUI back05:25
Ross1anyone use consolas as their terminal font?05:25
Steve_trelayne: what video card?05:25
Dr_willisILMAN8:  'it' being what exactly? Compiuz is included by default on ubuntu.05:25
ILMAN8now i want to use the box mode , and other ...05:25
umanhi. This is not a troll it's a serious question: can anyone tell me what advantages ubuntu has over debian, besides user-friendliness?05:25
trelayneSteve_, nvida Quadro FX 770m05:26
umantrying to settle on a distro, but Debian is user-friendly enough for me so that's a non-issue05:26
ILMAN8uman: support05:26
Dr_willisILMAN8:  normally one installs the 'ccsm' tool to allot for fancier configuration of compiz. thers also the #compiz channel.05:26
zenlunaticILMAN8: did you install compiz config settings manager?05:26
Guest40885I need to setup frets on fire on ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS x64 my guitar work perfectly with kcontrol but the game can't be played cause it said adress arealeady used05:26
Dr_willisuman:  polish and polish.. and   this awsome channel. :)05:26
Guest40885in songs and tutorial mode05:26
durtuman, it's alittle more cutting edge (newer versions of kernel, xorg, gnome etc.)05:26
Dr_willis!cube | ILMAN805:26
ubottuILMAN8: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »05:26
Guest40885I tried also on wine without luck cause of the resolution ...05:27
umanDr_willis: heh, I saw someone in another channel say "#ubuntu is useless.. ask in #debian and take the risk of getting flamed for using ubuntu"05:27
zenlunaticILMAN8: well do so :)05:27
umanI guess some wars will never be settled05:27
trelayneSteve_,  I've even tried updating to the latest 185.18.14 but the problem comes back.. the freeze happens, It allows me to  swicth to console (Ctrl-Alt-F1)  after about 20 seconds then I can switch back and recover, but subsequent freezes results in corrupted windows when swithing back05:27
umandurt: newer than debian testing, or newer than debian stable?05:27
Dr_willisuman:  the debian people would rather stay with their 'high' moral/ethics then make somthing thats 'useable' i guess...05:28
flandersIn bash, is this the proper way to check the value of an if-then condition? if lsmod | grep uhci_mod = /dev/null; then echo "mod not loaded"05:28
Dr_willisuman:  this is linux. use what you like.. everyone wants to 'bash' the big popular disrtos.. so do what you want. try  them all.05:28
dragon_Guest40885: how did you install "frets on fire"?05:28
Dr_willisflanders:  check the 'advanced bash scripting guide' for examples of that sort of construct.05:28
Dr_willis!abs | flanders05:28
ubottuflanders: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/05:28
jareepbastid_razor: http://pastebin.com/f3d227b15  (changed nvidia to vesa to test)05:29
durtuman, well stable of course, and (at some times) testing.05:29
Guest40885by the ubuntu repositories and I tried the windows version on wine also05:29
umandoes ubuntu use a normally branded firefox?05:29
Dr_willisuman:  yes it does.05:29
umanI hate "iceweasel"05:29
Steve_trelayne: i would try and install the latest build05:29
bastidrazorjareep, did you try to start X with the vesa driver?05:29
Dr_willisuman:  good example of debians 'code of ethics' being in the way of 'using the product'05:29
Steve_trelayne: like http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20090719/05:29
jamiewanDragon_thats a bad game, big delay with me and virtually unusable, but very funny05:30
jareepbastid_razor:  Trying now05:30
dragon_Guest40885: Windows version is unlikely to run. Regarding the one you installed from the repos, what's the error message?05:30
umanthe only thing about ubuntu is it seems very closely tied to GNOME, which I never use05:30
trelayneSteve_,  anyway never mind about it, I'll see if the problem manifests tomorrow at work again. I've become dependant on compiz workspace switching, effects, etc . On the build, Hmmm.. tempting but I'm much too cautious to try it :-)  But thanks for the link!05:30
Guest40885adress areleay in use05:31
Dr_willisuman:  gnome works very well for most people.. thers kde4 if you want.. or other window manager/desktops..  this is still Linux. Use what you want.05:31
sensaeI'm using raw disk access in virtualbox, and for some reason it won't boot - it acts as though the MBR is missing.05:31
losheruman: kubuntu isn't. What *do* you use?05:31
Steve_trelayne: lol ya good luke05:31
Guest40885the windows version is on an unnapropriate resolution ...05:31
P_KableHello, my flash drive has a weird behavior: I cannot mount it like I used to, when I plug it it wont mount but if I leave it plugged and reboot the system it is mounted, then if I unplug it and replug it, it doesn't mount.Who knows what is it about ???05:31
umanlosher: xmonad05:31
umanDr_willis: Yeah, I05:31
Dr_willis!info xmonad05:31
umanwill use what I want :)05:31
trelaynethanks for your help Steve_ ,  have a good evening/morning05:31
ubottuxmonad (source: xmonad): A lightweight X11 window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-1 (jaunty), package size 309 kB, installed size 1020 kB05:31
dayofswordsquestion i installed ubuntu through wubi, and it all went well, all works, but i went to disk analyzer and it said the capacity was ~40gb and i had 11gb available , in wubi i choose 5gb max space and i only have a 20gb hard drive05:31
Dr_willisI think xmonad is in the repos :)05:31
dragon_Guest40885: do you see that error in a dialog box? can you try running the game from a terminal?05:31
losheruman: never heard of it. But I use fvwm with no other desktop nonsense. There's nothing compulsory about gnome....05:32
umanubuntu probably has better repos than debian, correct me if Im wrong05:32
dustin_How do I go about running scripts?05:32
umanI doubt PlayOnLinux is packaged in debian repos05:32
umandustin_: what sort of script?05:32
dustin_It's to configure guitar pro for wine05:32
dustin_and on the howto it gives a script05:32
umandustin_: try "cd <directory containing script> && ./<name_of_script>"05:33
Guest40885in the terminal ????????????05:33
durtuman, it's accurate to think of ubuntu as debian with a 6 month release cycle. Universe (repo) comes straight from debian.05:33
dragon_Guest40885: Yes.05:33
umanbut it's impossible to be sure if that's what you're looking for without you beng more specific05:33
dustin_uman: it's just posted on this website05:33
umandustin_: link?05:33
umandurt: I see05:33
dragon_Guest40885: I suppose you'll type fretsonfire and hit enter05:34
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:34
dustin_uman: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=378205:34
dustin_scroll down for a bit on the instructions to setup05:34
Guest40885take that output to check05:34
jareepbastid_razor:  Wow...that driver really screwed things up on my system.  I had to reinstall xorg completely.  I'm back up using vesa.05:35
umandustin_: yes, just copy that into a file, name it wherever you like and put it in whatever directory05:35
umandustin_: use chmod to ensure it is executable05:36
umanthen just cd to the directory you put it in and do ./name_of_script05:36
bastidrazorjareep, the latest drivers aren't always the best route to go. you should be able to reinstall the restricted drivers now05:36
dragon_Guest40885: Congratulations! You've found a new bug!!05:36
Guest40885dragon_ ???05:36
dragon_!bug | Guest4088505:36
ubottuGuest40885: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots05:36
jareepbastid_razor:  Yea, I'm doing that now.  Thanks for the help.05:36
Guest40885no way I don't report bugs05:37
umandustin_: do you know how to use chmod?05:37
bastidrazorjareep, vesa is the default driver.. in the future it is good to remember. you can always get a GUI back with vesa05:37
umanGuest40885: so you prefer freeloading?05:37
dravekxso FF3.5 cant be installed in ubuntu? Im totally confused.05:37
bastidrazorjareep, good luck05:37
P_KableMy flash drive has a weird behavior: I cannot mount it like it used to, when I plug it it wont mount but if I leave it plugged and reboot the system it is mounted, then if I unplug it and replug it it doesn't mount05:37
R0ncoTokedravekx, Im running FF3.505:37
Steve_my bugs never get fixed05:37
Steve_even when i give a patch05:38
Guest40885I prefer a working game than reporting silly bugs05:38
umandravekx: why do you say that?05:38
SnakDoc!ff3.5 | dravekx05:38
SnakDocsudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 in other words05:38
ubottudravekx: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY05:38
dragon_Guest40885: If you report it, it will be fixed in a little time and your game will start working.05:39
R0ncoTokedravekx, apt-get firefox-3.505:39
NetLarIrvineI messed up my system, I accidently removed my /usr/share/icons folder05:39
NetLarIrvineHow can I get that bad05:39
dragon_!enter | NetLarIrvine05:40
ubottuNetLarIrvine: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:40
NetLarIrvineIs that icon folder going to be on the live cd disk?05:40
Steve_show of hands.... How many people think (pcspkr) should be blacklisted?05:40
Guest40885dragon_ I won't wait can you tell me who program it cause he need to seed my bare hands struck his head a little ...05:40
umanGuest40885: feel free to fork it if you think you can do better05:41
dravekxanyone have a n00b website where I can read Ubuntu/Linux for dummies?05:41
NetLarIrvineso is that folder somewhere on the live cd?05:41
umanGuest40885: remember that virtually all free software is written almost completely by volunteers in their free time.05:41
umanThe only exception that comes to mind is OpenOffice05:41
dragon_uman +105:42
Dr_willis!training | dravekx05:42
ubottudravekx: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com05:42
ThatGuyOverThereIs there a command that will let me restart all networking?05:42
R0ncoTokeOnce i boot up Jaunty it takes 5-10 minutes for the Network Manager to start up automatically, i just run /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start and it starts without any problem. Any one know why this is happening ?05:42
ThatGuyOverThereOr maybe just restarting Network Manager would work, I dunno...05:42
ThatGuyOverThereI'm using 9.04.05:42
Steve_ThatGuyOverThere: sudo reboot05:42
durtNetLarIrvine, best bet would be to open synaptic search for what packages provided the icon sets you use and reinstall them05:42
dragon_ThatGuyOverThere: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart05:43
dragon_ThatGuyOverThere: sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart05:43
R0ncoTokeThatGuyOverThere, /etc/init,d/NetworkManager restart05:43
NetLarIrvinedurt: it is just that whole folder05:43
ThatGuyOverThereThanks. I saw that for some older Ubuntu versions and wondered if the same applied to 9.04.05:43
dravekxI just installed ff3.5, but it still says ff3.0.11 :(05:43
R0ncoTokeNetLarIrvine, Install a new icon set.05:44
dravekxdo I hafta restart ubuntu?05:44
NetLarIrvineWell It will not let me get online, I have to get the file off the disk05:44
Dr_willisdravekx:  reread what the BOT SAID05:44
Dr_willis!ff35 | dravekx05:44
ubottudravekx: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY05:44
durtNetLarIrvine, but many packages put files into it.05:44
R0ncoTokedravekx, See if you have something called Shiretoko web browser05:44
Dr_willisdravekx:  it does not replace the 3.0.11 it has its own icon/name05:44
SnakDocdravekx its named  Shiretoko05:44
NetLarIrvineoh well I am screwed I guess05:45
Dr_willisdravekx:  and yes.. its supposed to not replace it.. :)05:45
dravekxthanks guys! :)05:45
ThatGuyOverThereAnyway, does anybody have any experience with Ubuntu on the PS3? 'Cause that's the machine I can't seem to get networking to work on. :/05:45
Dr_willisThatGuyOverThere:  i know theres specific web sites that cover it.. and thats ablut all i know on the topic. :()05:45
ThatGuyOverThereI tried looking on the IRC channel list for a PS3 specific channel, but I guess there isn't one. :/05:46
ThatGuyOverThereI guess I'll look on PSUbuntu's website.05:46
p8nneed help disabling a device?05:46
dragon_!ask | p8n05:46
ubottup8n: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:46
losherNetLarIrvine: trouble is, every app that uses icons installs their own into /usr/share/icons, so there's no easy way to repopulate it, unless you want to reinstall everything you've ever installed over again. Nasty business....05:46
Guest40885ThatGuyOverThere try wicd05:46
p8nwell my laptop has a touchstick and touchpad, and the touchstick is messed up, and i was wondering if/how i could disable just the stick.05:47
NetLarIrvineiosher: your right, just starting over05:47
dragon_NetLarIrvine: try `sudo aptitude reinstall gnome-icon-theme`05:47
ThatGuyOverThereSo about wicd, does it support KDE?05:47
ThatGuyOverThereI'm thinking of switching to Kubuntu.05:48
ThatBoogiemanSo Gnome / Run Xclient script for my Ubuntu 8.04 isn't booting up properly.  After logging in, that tan/brown background color comes up, then my mouse, then a white/gray box in the upper left corner of the screen.  Nothing happens after that.  I'm stuck using KDE/4 and I don't enjoy it at all.05:48
NetLarIrvinedragon_:network connection does not work too05:48
dragon_NetLarIrvine: because of that icon folder? i missed some of the messages..05:48
Dr_willisThatBoogieman:  wicd should work in kde also.05:49
NetLarIrvineYes, seems that when that folder is deleted, some things will not work05:49
Steve_ThatBoogieman: come on KDE is not to bad.. once you remove all the widgets05:49
R0ncoTokeThatBoogieman, Did you try configure any thing related to display ?05:49
p8ndoes anyone have an idea?05:49
dravekxhow do I make shiretoko the default browser?05:49
NetLarIrvineI learned lesson, know now I need to be more careful05:49
Dr_willisdravekx:  i would suggest you just dont...  its not as fully tested as 3.0.1105:50
Henry5hello every one05:50
p8nit a pvp pkri or ?05:50
losherNetLarIrvine: might as well install from scratch I suppose....05:50
Henry5Dear Ubuntu friends05:51
ThatBoogiemanR0ncoToke: I recently had my tower connected to a Vizio HDTV and had hardcore overscan - another problem for another time - and now have it hooked up to a regular monitor.  Though I haven't configured anything manually between the switch.05:51
dragon_!test | Henry505:51
ubottuHenry5: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.05:51
Henry5may I know, is there have any sftp client in UBuntu?05:51
dragon_!sftp | Henry505:51
ubottuHenry5: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. Putty is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)05:51
R0ncoTokeHenry5, Google is a good friend.05:52
Henry5is sftp is a shh?05:52
NetLarIrvineiosher: now I know what they mean do backups first05:52
dragon_Henry5: SFTP is natively supported in Linux. In Gnome, go to Places > Connect to Server...05:52
Henry5I googling already05:52
dragon_!google | R0ncoToke05:52
ubottuR0ncoToke: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:52
Henry5but I still confuse05:52
alteregoa[Google] No results found for: | R0ncoToke.05:52
losherHenry5: there is, it's called sftp, and it's in the package named openssh-client.05:52
Henry5There have Openssh and Openssl05:52
Henry5what is Openssl and what is OpenSsh?05:53
dragon_Henry5: don't have to worry about those packages. They are installed by default.05:53
Henry5the server given05:54
losherdragon_: openssh isn't installed by default, at least, not in 8.04....05:54
dragon_losher: openssh-client was installed by default. I'll confirm in a sec.05:54
Henry5url to make sftp with server, 2. the username, 3. Password NO password required, 4 A public file05:54
Henry5I tried using the winscp and filezilla05:55
losherdragon_: actually I withdraw my remark. The *server* is not installed by default...05:55
Henry5it works with the public key file which provided05:55
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Xodiac13when i want to uninstall a .run file can i just delete the directory05:56
Dr_willisXodiac13:  totally depends on what the .run installer did.05:57
Guest40885want help with frets on fire !!!05:57
Xodiac13ive installed woflenstien enemy territory05:57
R0ncoTokeDo you guys feel comfortable using KDE v4 as compared to v3.5 ?05:57
Xodiac13and i just want to uninstall it05:57
jamiewanGuest40885: no you dont its a bad game05:57
R0ncoTokeXodiac13, Method of install ?05:57
Xodiac13ive looked at the forums and i just need help personally do i dont mess anything up05:57
Xodiac13it was05:57
Dr_willisR0ncoToke:  ive toyed with kde4 - its gotten more and more useable every month..   but i still use gnome more  for now.05:57
durtXodiac13, unintall et or delete the .run?05:58
Xodiac13uninstall et05:58
Guest40885it's a good one just shut up a little05:58
R0ncoTokeXodiac13, One line please!05:58
Guest40885it's a good one just shut up a little05:58
Xodiac13chmod +x et-linux-2.60.x86.run05:58
Xodiac13its something like that05:58
SnakDocDr_willis you ever try xfce ?05:58
Dr_willisXodiac13:  with stuff like that - its a good idea to run the installer/install the game to the users home directory. not the system (dont run the .run as root)  i think it just copies everything to one single directory. and you could just delete that dir.05:58
Dr_willisSnakDoc:  yep. dident like some parts of it. if i want minimal i use jwm + rox filer05:59
R0ncoTokeSnakDoc, How is xfce ?05:59
Xodiac13how do i delete it05:59
Xodiac13though i dont want it to mess anything up05:59
Xodiac13ive checked the synaptics package manager05:59
Xodiac13and nothin05:59
Dr_willisXodiac13:  find out where it installed to.. delete directory it installed to.. it will NOT be in synaptics05:59
Dr_willisXodiac13:  the .run stuff totally bypasses synaptic05:59
Xodiac13and then im good its gone05:59
jamiewanGuest40885: i installed it from the add/remove no problems whats wrong with it?06:00
Xodiac13how do i search it06:00
SnakDocR0ncoToke i never tried it thats why i was asking about it i use gnome at moment didn't like kde was slow to me06:00
durtXodiac13, it's only 200-300 meg base install do you really need that back?06:00
Xodiac13i dont paly it06:00
Xodiac13i cant06:00
FloodBot3Xodiac13: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:00
Xodiac13cause it ask permision06:00
R0ncoTokeSnakDoc, I was disappointed with KDE v4.06:00
Xodiac13to play the game and doesnt save my profile06:00
Dr_willisXodiac13:  a nifty little 'gpl steam type program' i found --> http://en.djl-linux.org/      makes installing some games (safely to the users home directory) nice and fun and easy..06:00
ThatBoogiemanWhy does Firefox not run in KDE/4 at all?  It has my bookmarks and for some reason Konqueror has trouble with Facebook06:01
Steve_is there anything like "shelf" or will let me zoom out the desktop and also work with the windows?06:01
Xodiac13its called dgl right06:01
SnakDocR0ncoToke i never could get my wireless to connect and everything seems very slugish i like things to be instant :)06:01
R0ncoTokeSnakDoc, :D06:01
Xodiac13Dr_willis: so all i have to do is delete the directory right06:02
Dr_willisXodiac13:   you could reinstall it (run the installer as the user)  or see if djl has it.       I was really impressed with djl06:02
Dr_willisXodiac13:  i think so. you could rerun the .run and see if it has an uninstall option06:02
SnakDocR0ncoToke you ever try xfce ?06:02
Xodiac13Dr_willis: and it will install it just fine with no permission doing the game and will save my profile06:02
Steve_must not be anything yet.06:02
R0ncoTokeSnakDoc, Not the new version. I just happen to know a friend who use xfce.06:03
dayofswordsdoes ubuntu come with a mail server is thats just the server version?06:03
renicwhat works best for running freebsd in a virtual machine?  I've tried virtualbox, and it seems to having problems.06:03
Dr_willisdayofswords:  you could install one on the desktop system if you wanted06:03
dayofswordsi wasnt planning to just wondering06:03
SnakDocR0ncoToke they like it ? the speed difference noticable ?06:04
* R0ncoToke is so in love with GNOME that he would start developing it.06:04
R0ncoTokeSnakDoc, Ill have to ask.06:04
Dr_willisR0ncoToke:  actually add in features that people want! :) but are too 'complex' for them.. Like.. err... 'screen saver configuration!'06:05
pat_I was wondering if someone can point me to the right direction.06:05
losherrenic: all the bsds seem to run fine in vmware, fwiw....06:05
R0ncoTokeDr_willis, :D06:05
ThatBoogiemanR0ncoToke: is there a way I can re-install/reset Gnome in case I or an application has made some display change that's caused it to not boot like this?06:05
Xodiac13how do i install djl06:05
jamiewanpat_: ask your question and wait06:05
Xodiac13it doesnt have a confige file or make06:06
Dr_willisXodiac13:  read and follow directions at http://en.djl-linux.org/?q=node/1906:06
losherdayofswords: plenty of choices for a mail server: exim, postfix, sendmail, qmail. All about equally impossible to configure....06:06
R0ncoTokeThatBoogieman, Which version of Ubuntu ?06:06
ThatBoogieman8.04 Hardy Heron06:06
Xodiac13thank you06:06
reniclosher: thanks06:06
R0ncoTokeThatBoogieman, sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop06:07
Dr_willisXodiac13:  extract it to some dir..  (like djl) cd to the dir.. run the app.. I think you need to install the python-qt4 package first however.06:07
dayofswordslosher thanks for the  examples though i'm not planning to install on06:07
dayofswordsone just remeber reading that somewhere06:07
pat_when I compile the kernel the device modules compiles on my desktop kernel. But won't compile on a pre-comfigured kernel06:07
R0ncoTokeThatBoogieman, I am not sure as it it will solve your problem.06:07
Xodiac13Dr_willis: how do i do that06:08
Xodiac13Dr_willis: and how do i run the djl.sh06:08
Dr_willisXodiac13:  do what? install stuff? use the package maanger, search06:08
stowawayi have installed windows on a spare parition on my ubuntu computer. so now it always boots into windows..06:08
Xodiac13Dr_willis: okay sorry06:08
Dr_willisXodiac13:  run stuff  cd to the dir  ./whatever.sh  you DID run a .run earlier.. same thing.06:08
stowawaydo i just run the ubuntu live cd.. moun the hard drive..06:08
stowawaythen reinstall grub?06:08
dayofswordswindows clears you boot leader evilly06:09
KoolDi have got a php indent script for vim. How do i install it?06:09
stowawayso there must be a way? or do i just reinstall all and then install ubuntu after?06:09
stowawaythat sucks.06:09
dravekxYUM, Tar.bz, rpm, dev: Whats the difference?06:09
R0ncoTokestowaway, http://www.sorgonet.com/linux/grubrestore/06:09
Xodiac13Dr_willis: so now when i run it it will automattically install programs for me06:10
Dr_willisdravekx:  some are 'package' manager packages.. some are just archives06:10
durtdayofswords, best to address whom your talking to as the channel is busy06:10
Xodiac13Dr_willis: and uninstall06:10
Dr_willisXodiac13:  if you tell it to.. it can.06:10
jamiewanpat_: ask question and wait, if anyone can help they will, ask again if no response after 5 mins or so06:10
Dr_willisXodiac13:  run it and try it...06:10
dayofswordsfor some reson i cant use vlc to watch a dvd disc06:10
stowawayokay cool . i was right. thanx06:10
Dr_willisXodiac13:  it had issues over the week end with some servers being down.. but the forums says its working now.06:10
Xodiac13thats good06:11
k1enhi , i have a bunch of ubuntu-hardys behind a router- all on the same subnet, i was wondering if there is an easy wayto communicate between them , without having to set up accouns (a la MSN, skype etc)?06:11
durtklen, a little more specific, any TCP/IP client/server type of software will 'communicate'06:12
Dr_willisXodiac13:  check out 'NumptyPhysics' :)06:12
k1endurt, i mean something more user friendly, like an IM06:12
R0ncoTokek1en, See if http://directory.fsf.org/project/ejabberd/ suits your need.06:12
pat_When I compile the kernel on my desktop the device module compiles. But on a pre-configured kernel for an arm arch. the device module won't compile06:12
Xodiac13Dr_willis: nice thanks06:12
dayofswordsvlc wont play a dvd and gives these errors http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/222401/06:12
dravekxhow do I find out the sudo code to install a certain program? like if i want to install flashplayer?06:12
jareepbastid_razor:  Still around?  http://pastebin.com/fa659ef8  Is my current xorg.conf.  I have 173 nvidia drivers installed, but glx isn't working.  glxinfo gives "GLX missing".   http://pastebin.com/f589d5429 is the Xorg.0.log file that mentions GLX failing.  Ideas?06:12
k1enR0ncoToke, thanks06:13
jetftwiDo I need  to include schema file other than the default 4 to include aliases to ldap server the default four in my case are core.schema ,cosine.schema ,nis.schema and inetorgperson.schema06:13
durtklen, there's some irc type client/sever stuff in the repos.06:13
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:13
Xodiac13Dr_willis: please help me i installed enemy territory and all i do is uninstall it right06:13
durtthat didn't work06:13
Xodiac13Dr_willis: delete directory for it06:14
Dr_willisXodiac13:  if you mean by tat .run porogram.. reruning the .run MIGHT hae a uninstall feature.. or yes.. just delete the dir it created..06:14
Xodiac13Dr_willis: thank you06:14
b0nnI have just installed ubuntu nbr on my new aspire one06:15
dayofswordsfor some reason i cant open my cd/dvd play says "cannot mount"06:15
Dr_willisb0nn:  i use that also. :)06:15
dravekxok. I downloaded the tar.bz file of flash player and extracted it to my home directory. how do I install it?06:15
b0nnheh, I'm thinking I might install kde :D06:15
Dr_willisdravekx:  there is the flash player pacakges in the packatge manager - you dont need to download the tar.gz06:16
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:16
Dr_willisb0nn:  issue i have ith the netbooks is the 'short' screens can make some things awkward06:16
jetftwiDo I need  to include schema file other than the default 4 to include /etc/aliases to ldap server the default four in my case are core.schema ,cosine.schema ,nis.schema and inetorgperson.schema It is giving me an error saying invalid  " ADD Entry  Invalid attribute syntax"06:17
b0nnI cannot tab between channels, I end up tabbing between consoles :(06:17
Interphaseoh b0nn, I noticed that today06:17
Interphasethat was annoying amirite06:17
Dr_willisb0nn:  i also disabled the netbook remix funny gui and use the normal gnome one06:17
b0nnInterphase: and some :)06:17
b0nnDr_willis: sounds suspiciously like what I'm goiong to do :D06:17
dravekxDr_willis, how do I install it? or how do I find out what is available in the package manager?06:18
Xodiac13it wont let me delete the directory06:18
buckydayofswords: type group  are you a member of the cdrom group?06:18
Xodiac13enemy territory i have to be root06:18
b0nndravekx: apt, synaptic, or your favourite package manager06:18
dayofswordscdrom group?06:18
buckydayofswords: type group  in a term06:18
Dr_willisdravekx:  read that url the bot gave.. and i normally install the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package on a clean install - it grabs flash and java and some fonts.. and other bits06:18
dayofswords(new to linux)06:19
ThatBoogiemanR0ncoToke: didn't work.  It reinstalled but I still have the weird white box in the upper left and nothing else booting.06:19
Dr_willisb0nn:  check the forums for the netbook remix stuff also. thers a few bugs/fixs for it with some netbooks that help a lot.06:19
b0nnawesome, thanks06:19
b0nnI do love having ubuntu on this though06:19
dayofswordsbucky, what do you mean?06:19
buckydayofswords: type group  in a terminal06:20
Xodiac13Dr_willis: how do i delete a directory if i cant get into the file system06:20
dayofswordsbash: group: command not found06:20
k1enR0ncoToke, this ejabbered thing requires a user name /account/password thing ?06:20
Okaywhen I boot up, the sound loops in the background. Is there a fix?06:20
jetftwiDo I need  to include schema file other than the default 4 to include /etc/aliases to ldap server the default four in my case are core.schema ,cosine.schema ,nis.schema and inetorgperson.schema It is giving me an error saying invalid  " ADD Entry  Invalid attribute syntax"06:20
Dr_willisXodiac13:  Huh? you find the directory.. and use the delete feture of the file manager.. or the terminal.. 'rm -rf /path/to/directory' (use sudo if its a system dir.. OR just dont worry about it.. its not a huge install anyway)06:21
buckydayofswords: type groups with an s.. sorry,  you need to be a member of the cdrom group to access the cdrom06:21
dayofswordsbucky: cdrom is there06:21
Xodiac13Dr_willis: i dont know what the patch is to it in the terminal i found it i just cant find it in the terminal06:21
Xodiac13i cant go to the termianl06:22
Okaywhen I boot up, the sound loops in the background. Is there a fix?06:22
Dr_willisXodiac13:  and whats the path?06:22
Dr_willisXodiac13:  you would 'cd /usr/local/games'06:22
Dr_willisXodiac13:  from a terminal06:22
Dr_willisXodiac13:  and if this is all bash 'voodoo' then you might want to just leave it alone.. untill you learn some more linux.06:23
Xodiac13okay i got there06:23
b0nnhow do I tyurn the audio up on this thing06:23
Xodiac13and now i do rm06:23
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ThatBoogiemanOkay, since I can't fix Gnome... can someone tell me why Firefox doesn't work in KDE/KDE4 at all?  I don't like Konqueror and it can't seem to even load Facebook.06:23
OkayThatBoogieman, sudo apt-get install firefox 3.506:24
Dr_willisXodiac13:  since that is a system directory.. you will need to use 'sudo rm -rf WHATEVERTHEDIRECTORYWAS'06:24
Dr_willisXodiac13:  and dont make a typo. :)06:24
buckydayofswords: mount /media/cdrom; ls /media/cdrom06:24
R0ncoTokeThatBoogieman, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11035306:24
Xodiac13k thanks06:24
Zxcvbhow long should it take to make the kernel-image package?06:25
dayofswordsbucky:mount: can't find /media/cdrom in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:25
Okaywhen I boot up, the sound loops in the background. Is there a fix?06:25
jareepAnyone have an idea why installing nvidia-glx-180 removes xorg?06:25
b0nnsweet, found that06:25
Xodiac13thank you Dr_willis: have a good one thank you very much06:25
b0nnnow, does anyone know if the webcam works?06:25
FLJohnI just unzipped a driver, how do I get it running in terminal?06:26
dayofswordsbucky: i do have an odd cd/dvd drive, it removable and can be replaced with a floppy drive at the push of a button06:26
Dr_willisb0nn:  i use the 'cheese' progam to test webcams06:26
buckydayofswords: hmm.. i don't know then06:27
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Okayb0nn, sudo apt-get install cheese06:28
b0nnDr_willis: it works!!!!!!06:28
Bilbo_BagginsI like cheese.  It's yummie.06:28
buckywhy did ubuntu install cheeze on my system by default06:28
OkayBilbo_Baggins, lol06:28
b0nnOkay: thanks, it comes on the img I d/l06:28
Okayb0nn, ....really? which version is that?06:28
b0nnum, I unno, NBR frsh off the internets06:29
BBr82Hi, what do people use to browse samba shares with in XFCE? I'm not sure what to use?06:29
Bilbo_BagginsI wish to make a sincere apology for myself... about 30 hours ago... I was out of line and I hope a op on here gets this.06:30
ikoniaBilbo_Baggins: please stop in here06:30
OkayBilbo_Baggins, what did you do?06:30
Bilbo_Bagginsmay I msg you ikonia?06:31
ikoniaBilbo_Baggins: I have already messaged you to ask you to stop with the offtopic conversation06:31
OkayBilbo_Baggins, what did you do?06:31
dravekxDAMNIT. hwo come everytime I do something... "I DONT HAVE PERMISSION"06:31
ikoniaOkay: please - this is offtopic06:31
ikoniadravekx: such as ?06:32
Okayikonia, when I boot up, the sound loops in the background. Is there a fix?06:32
dravekxikonia: I downloaded lampp and isntructions say to extract to /opt... so I try, and it says "you dont have permission".06:32
simon389can anybody help me? I just installed Ubuntu, and my processor PentiumM 1.7Ghz will not run faster than 600Mhz06:32
dravekxubuntu wont allow me to work any directories except the home directory?06:33
ikoniadravekx: opt is owned by root, you'll need sudo, however I suggest you don't download and extract lampp and just install the apache2/mysql-server/php5 packages from synaptic06:33
ikoniadravekx: no Linux based OS will allow non-prvilged users to access root file systems such as /opt06:33
dravekxikonia, I have no idea what synaptic is. can you enlighten me?06:33
fetusbubblewhat are 'super cow powers' in apt-get/aptitude? o.O06:33
chriszf_Anyone happen to know the command that initiates the shutdown dialog in xubuntu?06:33
buckyBBr82: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28039106:34
ikoniadravekx: sure, the package manager06:34
ikonia!synaptic > dravekx06:34
ubottudravekx, please see my private message06:34
pturingAnybody know about making packages? I'm having some trouble backporting a package to hardy.06:34
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:34
simon389can anybody help me please? I installed Ubuntu, and my processor PentiumM 1.7Ghz will not run faster than 600Mhz...06:36
Okaysimon389, and?06:37
simon389how do I make it run the correct speed?06:37
ikoniasimon389: there are two possabilities here06:37
R0ncoTokesimon389, ?06:37
Okaysimon389, i don't think thats possible. it is what it is06:38
ikoniasimon389: the first one is that speedstep is enabled and you're not doing anything to make it run fast, the second is that the monitoring applet is not picking up the speed correctly, in which case it's a red herring06:38
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Bilbo_Baggins17:46 [msg(elky)] Oh, elky.....I'm sober now.  Here is a nice unique way to express myself.  Go FUCK your self, and keep up the good work....inbreeding does wonders for your children.  Tell your sister / wife I said hi.06:38
FloodBot3Bilbo_Baggins: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:38
simon389how do i check?06:38
ikoniasimon389: cat /proc/cpuinfo06:39
naftabilbo shouldnt be kicked...he is a hobbit06:39
ikonianafta: please don't provoke06:39
Okaynafta, I cussed at him06:39
simon389what does cat /proc/cpuinfo mean?06:39
naftawhat?, im provoking O_o06:39
ikoniasimon389: run the command "cat /proc/cpuinfo" in a terminal06:39
simon389how do i run the terminal?06:40
ikoniasimon389: applications->accesories->terminal menu06:40
R0ncoTokesimon389, Applications > Accessories > Terminal.06:41
Okaynafta, what?06:42
naftanadda, just ok06:42
agent_jhow do i delete all my ufw rules really really quickly?06:43
ikoniasimon389: that looks like your processor is actually a 600mgz one06:43
ikoniasimon389: sorry - I'm wrong06:43
ikoniasimon389: 1.7 is correct06:43
dravekxikonia, in synaptic, how do I know which files to install for apache/mysql/php ? there's a huge list of files when i ran a quick search for apache.06:43
ikonia!lamp > dravekx06:43
ubottudravekx, please see my private message06:43
ikoniadravekx: have a read through that URL06:44
naftadravekx: ...do sudo apt-get install apache206:44
simon389how do i get the speed up to 1.7Ghz06:44
ikonianafta: he's using synaptic and that won't install lamp06:44
R0ncoTokeikonia, simon389, Is it dual core ? May be its using just a single core now ?06:44
simon389it is not dual core06:44
ikoniasimon389: I suspect it's speed step, once your machine is "working hard" or busy, it should scale up06:44
Okay!lamp > nafta06:44
ubottunafta, please see my private message06:44
simon389But it feels laggy right now06:44
emergionHello I have a desktop running ubuntu here and flash will work for my account which is an "Administrator" account and for a regular user account my sound in flash will not work has anyone seen this?06:45
ikoniasimon389: what video card/ram have you got06:45
naftayou dont need lamp bro, with such a easy to go package manager that distro has, you could just easly install apache/mysql and php with just a few commands06:45
ikonianafta: lamp is php5/mysql-server/apache - he does want "lamp"06:45
simon389Radeon. Thinkpad has 1Ghz RAM06:46
ikoniasimon389: the laggy feel is normally caused by video card configuation more often than not06:46
ikonia!ati > simon38906:46
ubottusimon389, please see my private message06:46
ikoniasimon389: ati cards and nvidia cards normally need configuring (see the url ubottu sent you)06:47
HotShowerscan someone help me work out how much ran my linux VPS has?06:47
naftathats why im saying that installing php mysql and apache2 with regular apt-get could get him set up with what he wants...06:47
ikoniaHotShowers: "free"06:47
naftaoh and phpmyadmin..06:47
ikonianafta: he's using synaptic and he didn't ask for phpmyadmin06:47
naftaphpmyadmin comes with lamp...06:48
ikonianafta: no it doesn't06:48
naftaas well as with wamp06:48
cijuanybody got intel 5100 wireless working with ubuntu ?06:48
HotShowers             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached06:48
HotShowersMem:       1048576      91580     956996          0          0          006:48
HotShowers-/+ buffers/cache:      91580     95699606:48
HotShowersSwap:            0          0          006:48
FloodBot3HotShowers: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:48
ikoniaHotShowers: please use a pastebin in future, but you have 1 gig of ram06:48
HotShowersikonia: i don't think i do because as soon as i install anything it says im out of memory06:48
HotShowersand it still will say 900000 free06:49
ikoniaHotShowers: speak to your vps provider06:49
HotShowersalso notice the cache is 006:49
HotShowersand never increates06:49
dravekxi just dont understand why I cant have full access to my laptop and hafta constantly use sudo instead of giving all permissions to my user instead of root. Im sure there is a reason, but I just dont understand it yet... still too NEW I guess.06:49
ikoniadravekx: security06:49
porjoI'm running 9.04 - some time after upgrading, my numlock stopped working. The light goes on/off when I hit the 'NumLock' key, however typing numbers on the keypad doesn't work??06:49
ikoniaPricey: that's most odd06:50
ikoniaPricey: sorry - not you06:50
daishadaris there a way to script a mouse click (on an icon in the notification tray) via a keyboard shortcut?  I want a shortcut to restore a particular program that's minimized in the tray06:50
ikoniaporjo: that's most odd06:50
DrumrollWindows proved that it was a HUGE security risk to have administrator profiles open all the time.  Linux sought to fix that by enabling admin to be open ONLY when you NEED it (via sudo), and I think it's reasonable.  Quick access is slightly (but not totally) negated for more security.06:51
naftasudo is garbage..06:51
DrumrollIt's far better than doing nothing.06:52
ikonianafta: don't use it then - Drumroll was just explaining as a response to his question06:52
Okaynafta, if sudo is garbage, what are you?06:52
Okaynothing will work without sudo06:52
ikoniaOkay: you can enable the root account, or change your file system permissions, both are not recommended by ubuntu06:52
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naftaand Linux fixed that, by enabling admin to be open ONLY when you NEED (via root access) not via sudo,06:53
DrumrollOkay: I meant that they could have done it like Windows and open Linux to a host of security problems just as a result. *shrugs*06:53
naftaikonia: im not talking to you.06:53
naftadont care about your opinion either.06:53
Okaynafta, lol?06:53
ikonianafta: then keep to the channel topic06:54
naftaoh..didnt know i was off topic.06:55
naftadidnt know i was talking about my vacations..06:56
ikonianafta: please stop,06:56
naftaplease die. :D06:56
stowawayyo, im trying to setup my media cetner computer running ubuntu.. it works fine on my monitor.. but when i plug it into the LCD 46" samsung tv it says mode not supported on the tv.. i am edited the xorg.conf file to try and get it supported.. native resolution is 1920x1080, horizontal freq is 66.587 verticle freq is 59.934 and pixel clock is 138.5006:56
LLStarkshow do i remove everything installed by kubuntu-desktop?06:56
stowawaydo i put it in screen section?06:57
stowawayunder subsection display?06:57
nomad77LLStarks:   sudo apt-get remove --purge kubuntu-desktop06:57
LLStarksthat's only the meta package06:58
LLStarksnot the things it installs06:58
maxxistLLStarks reinstall would be easiest.06:59
LLStarksthis works06:59
FloodBot3LLStarks: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:59
maxxistLLStarks:  yeah that looks good too.07:00
StraightDavehi folks, i am getting "Cannot Connect to X Server" but i have installed xvfb via apt-get....what to do ?07:01
Okaymy bootloader got overrided. how do i restore it on ubuntu 9.04?07:01
dravekxwhats the difference between: (universe)(multiverse)(plain) ?07:02
buckydravekx: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/index.html07:03
=== bening is now known as Smarta
R0ncoTokedravekx, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories07:04
dravekxthx bucky! :)07:05
R0ncoTokedravekx, http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/components07:06
richardcavellDoes anyone know: Is x-server-utils package present in any 9.04 GNOME Ubuntu distribution/remix?07:06
ChameleonQSanyone here?07:06
ChameleonQSI need some help07:06
^Einstein!ask | ChameleonQS07:06
ubottuChameleonQS: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:06
Ddayhow do i view my pidgin log?07:08
ChameleonQSI am on a windows computer, and i want to run linux from my usb. i restarted my computer after putting ubuntu on it and the bios thing popped up and i selected USB Flahs Drive and it didnt work07:08
KB1JWQChameleonQS: Then you didnt' make the USB drive bootable.07:08
ChameleonQSwould how to make my usb bootable be on the faqs and do i already need linux to do that?07:09
=== redsoxking is now known as redsoxking|sleep
Xodiac13Dr_willis: i need help i delete the directory and everything was find used that program you told me i installed it and now it wont do a complete install with djl and wont remove07:09
Alex___ChameleonQS: The easiest way to do this would be to use Unetbootin07:09
buckyrichardcavell: do you have nvidia?07:09
Xodiac13Dr_willis: it will remove but wont install right is there a way to fix it07:09
ChameleonQSdont i need linux to use that?07:10
Alex___ChameleonQS: Nope07:10
Xodiac13i need help with a program called djl07:10
ChameleonQSso i run it on my windows and i install it on my usb or something in the lines of that right?07:10
Alex___ChameleonQS: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unetbootin/files/UNetbootin/unetbootin-windows-357.exe/download07:10
ChameleonQSthx alot07:10
richardcavellbucky: no, Intel07:10
Xodiac13i cant fully install enemy territory it wont launch right nor will it remove07:10
Guest62461i want to install morrowind onto my computer but dont know how?07:11
OkayXodiac13, sudo apt-get install enemy territory07:11
Xodiac13Okay: k07:11
Alex___ChameleonQS: It's pretty self explanitory, Just select to make an ISO image bootable, then select the flash drive you want to install it on and click go07:11
haba7Dday: Conversation => View Log07:11
Xodiac13Okay: it said it cant find package07:12
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest29591
Guest62461how do i install morrowind?07:12
Xodiac13Okay: i just want to install it with djl and it wont remove all the way and when i see it in the games it says its there but its not07:12
buckyrichardcavell: is this on a lappy?07:13
richardcavellbucky: yep07:13
andrew__beryl help needed07:13
Okayignore Xodiac1307:13
buckyrichardcavell: check this out, you'll have to sign a waiver first07:13
Xodiac13Okay: but i want to install it lol how will i be able to do that07:13
Okayhold on07:14
Xodiac13Okay: i have the program djl07:14
OkayXodiac13, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=524607:14
andrew__I am not able to find any useful information on how to install beryl on jaunty jackalope...any gurus feel like helping this newbie?07:15
haba7what is the easiest  way to upgrade jaunty mesa to version 7.5?07:15
mintuxsome problem here . I check size each directory in root and the total was less than 9 gig but I have problem in sysmonitor it said you root that is 18.3 gig is full and 100% and I can't work with my linux and some softwares doesn't work .07:15
jeffswhats up everyone07:15
Slart!beryl | andrew__07:15
ubottuandrew__: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz07:15
jeffsany one here use linux to make music??07:16
andrew__really?  very disappointing07:16
andrew__was looking forward to "the Cube"07:16
Slartandrew__: all that stuff is in compiz now07:16
Alex___andew_: The cuve is in compiz07:16
haba7jeffs: i use rosegarden and ardour07:16
buckyandrew__: it's been replaced with emerald http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113124607:17
andrew__ok...must be why beryl.org had no install instructions...got a 404 error07:17
jeffsthats cool, Im new to the linux world, and I love it so far07:17
jeffsrosegarden and ardour are really good programs07:17
jeffsor at least they seem to be so far...07:17
Slartbucky: huh? I'm not sure emerald is even available any more07:17
Alex___You can still get and use emerald, just no support for it07:18
Slartbucky: oh.. nevermind.. it's still in the repos07:18
buckySlart: thanks for your help07:18
andrew__I thik I was able to retreive compiz using package mngr...lemme check07:18
R0ncoTokeHow to get gnome-packagekit for 9.0407:18
jeffsany one know where I can find some good fluidsynth(qsynth) soundfonts at???07:18
urthmoverWhen I right-click on a .avi file and select "Open with other application..." and then select VLC  the file opens once in vlc then continues to use Totem as the default player for all .avi file types.  How do I force *.avi to always open in vlc?07:19
buckyR0ncoToke: apt-get install packagekit-gnome07:20
haba7jeffs: maybe you should try the channel #ubuntustudio07:20
R0ncoTokebucky, I tried it the other way around :)07:20
OttifantSirurthmover: Properties-> Open and select application07:20
buckyi see that07:20
quizmehow can i check how much RAM I'm using ?07:20
Slartandrew__: compiz is already installed, by default, in jaunty. You just have to activate it in system, preferences, appearance.07:21
richardcavellbucky: I'd rather not downgrade my driver07:21
Slartquizme: free07:21
richardcavellbucky: I'd rather they just fixed the one's that there07:21
urthmoverOttifantSir: thanks that seems to work for all *.avi now07:21
rodwellI have a Compaq C700 running Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope and I can't make my webcam work, can anyone help.07:21
buckyrichardcavell: sorry i couldn't be of more help07:21
Slartandrew__: it's called "Desktop Effects"07:21
OttifantSirurthmover: Should do it for all files.07:21
richardcavellbucky: that's okay.  It's a shame they don't fix it because the Intel GMA950 chipset is rather common07:21
buckyi know07:21
urthmoverOttifantSir: yes it does now...strange that the other places doesn't seem to work as you'd expect07:22
richardcavellbucky: Fedora 11 won't even boot on GMA95007:22
buckyrichardcavell: it's one of the most asked about problems in here07:22
bbelt16aghey peeps i got a question..  i changed something and my output of digital audio has turned off on my mediacenter(ubuntu) any ideas on where it could be at07:22
DrumrollQuizme: systerm-admin-system monitor and use the resource tab is the easiest way to determine your current RAM usage.07:22
bbelt16agi checked all the  mixers07:22
bbelt16agnot there, and i  tried the  sound  system tool not there either...07:22
andrew__are you serious??  I had that the whole time!  Been beating my head against a wall for two days with this...downloading the rest of compiz including emerald right now using synaptic07:22
OttifantSirurthmover: It should work for all other files too, was what I meant, but.. AVI-files is a good start IMO.07:23
bbelt16agiknow there was something special to it just dont memeber what now07:23
urthmoverOttifantSir: ah ok I see what you mean...I'll make sure I do it that way for any other filetypes that I'd like to change the default viewing application with07:23
andrew__slart:  thanks man.*blushing from newbie stupidity*  I needed to hear that.07:24
buckybbelt16ag: something in System=>Preferences=>Sound ?07:24
bbelt16agi couldnt find anything07:24
bbelt16agi thought it would be there too07:24
Slartandrew__: you don't really need emerald, afaik, there is another decorator by default07:25
bbelt16agi recently updated system07:25
rodwellI have a Compaq C700 running Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope and I can't make my webcam work, can anyone help.07:25
Slartandrew__: don't forget to install the ccsm07:25
Slart!ccsm | andrew__07:25
ubottuandrew__: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz07:25
Alex___Does anyone know any simple ways to get dual monitor support (9.04) on an ATI Radeon HD 4850?07:26
urthmoverI have multiple systems that I'd like to keep the home folder in sync with...is Dropbox my best solution?  are there other reccomendations?07:26
nomad77rodwell: try lsusb see what it is07:26
erikk71i am having problem07:26
nomad77rodwell: in terminal07:27
Slarturthmover: rsync?07:27
Slarturthmover: or use a remote /home and map it over the network using nfs or similar07:27
erikk71when im away from the computer the monitor goes black an nothing i do will get my pc to respond07:27
andrew__thanks guys...got simple ccsm just now...was actually already running desktop effects...had no idea that that IS beryl(compriz) whatever...thanks again07:28
rodwellmine is not usb is integrated07:28
buckyrichardcavell: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113058207:28
erikk71its likes it goes to sleep07:28
erikk71an i cant wake it up07:28
urthmoverSlart: I'll look into that  thanks for the suggestions07:28
Alex___erikk71: Two questions... Do you have a screensaver set? and are you using Compiz?07:28
rodwelleven though I should used that command?07:28
erikk71wat is comwiz07:28
nomad77rodwell: so's mine hp laptop but its usb,try lspci then07:28
buckyrodwell: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93721307:29
erikk71im still new to linux07:29
Alex___erikk71: Right click on your desktop, click on Change Background. Then click on the effects tab and select none.07:29
OttifantSir!compiz | erikk7107:29
ubottuerikk71: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz07:29
richardcavellbucky: did you write that?07:29
buckyrichardcavell: no..07:30
Drumrollerikk71: COMPIZ,, is a way to engage more advanced graphical features with your desktop if your graphics card can support 3D acceleration.  It's pretty snazzy, but older cards have a hard time with it.07:30
gartralis there any way to make tracker work like the search in Mac OSX and have it combine results from a dictionaray/encyclopedia with the files on the drives?07:30
richardcavellbucky: it's definitely not for beginners07:30
OttifantSirerikk71: A really nice tool for graphical effects on your desktop, the best-known effect being the Desktop Cube, where you can "flip" your screen as if it were on a cuve07:30
rodwelllsusb Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:30
rodwellBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:30
rodwellBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:30
rodwellBus 001 Device 008: ID 04cf:8818 Myson Century, Inc. USB2.0 to ATAPI Bridge Controller07:30
rodwellBus 001 Device 007: ID 0bda:0158 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Mass Stroage Device07:30
FloodBot3rodwell: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:30
rodwellBus 001 Device 003: ID 04f2:b057 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd07:30
OttifantSircube that is07:30
Alex___errik71: Then click System > Preferences > Screensaver and select one... then try letting the screen go black... see this time if it A. locks up and B. has a black screen or a screensaver07:30
Alex___The only problem with Compiz is it fcks up everything else >.>07:31
nomad77rodwell: problu uvcvideo like mine same mfr i have07:31
gartralAlex___: compiz has given me 0 problems out of the box07:31
erikk71end up killing another hard drive07:31
OttifantSirAlex___: It doesn't mess up EVERYTHING else. True, Compiz interferes with some things, but not all.07:32
erikk71by holding in power button07:32
ThreetimesHi! What does "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_deb" mean?07:32
Alex___gartral & OttifantSir: Compiz messes up Flash, Java and screensavers for me. As well as lagging my computer despite having very good hardware. =(07:32
DrumrollCompiz has the best support on nVida cards at the moment.  ATI cards can use it but it's a little slow and choppy.07:33
Alex___I suppose it's because I'm an ATI fan then ;)07:33
Alex___ATI & Linux don't mix =(07:33
nomad77!pastebin |rodwell07:33
ubotturodwell: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic07:33
ThreetimesAlex___: Sincew I have the right driver version (9.3+), it just works. I use ATi too.07:33
erikk71this is p4 dell gx 27007:34
OttifantSirAlex___: Biggest problem I've had with it has been with it cutting off the titlebar of Moovida. You seem to have had a bad experience is all. I run Compiz on Intel 945GM with 128MB shared RAM, and have no lagging whatsoever. I actually have LESS processor use with it than Metacity.07:34
Cyber_AkumaI noticed when trying to use GParted to shrink away all the unpartitioned space in an extended partition that it would leave 7-8 megs in there. Is this because of that "round to cylinders" option or is osmething else causing it?07:34
gartralAlex___: well, compiz is slow yes, but my comp refuses too play flash no matter WHAT i do, java works great, and i belive that screensavers are a waste of clock cycles07:34
aroonicontrol + alt + delete doesnt seem to work on ubuntu jaunty... ideas?07:34
erikk71not sure what video i have07:34
Alex___gartral: I'm a sucker for the matrix screensaver =)07:34
lesshasteI get "E: context.c: waitpid(): No child processes" a lot. It seems to be related to sound. Any fixes?07:34
gartralAlex___: which one, i remember there being several07:34
Mr_Jfrsndoes crunchbang have a room?07:34
Alex___Treetimes: How new is that driver? Last time I screwed with it was 3 weeks ago.07:34
DrumrollAlex__:Maybe because I've had NO problems with Compiz on my nVida comp.  The problem is that ATI just doesn't want to play well with Linux.07:35
DemoIs there a reason why Wine leaves behind the folder structure it creates?07:35
gartralMr_Jfrsn: #crunch|bang but there ussually dead07:35
Alex___gartral: The only one I had preinstalled was the one that has the green symbols going down that then move closer to make the black spaces look like faces07:35
buckyThreetimes: why are you trying to build that when tilp and tilp2 are in the repos?07:35
erikk71i do have other hdd with with ubuntu installed07:35
gartralAlex___: ahh, the opengl one07:35
Alex___Drumroll: I agree =( I can't get dual monitor support or compiz running smoothly with ATI07:36
Drumrollarooni: What function of control+alt+delete are you trying to duplicate?  Closing a program?  Stopping a process?07:36
erikk71i will not go back to winsdows07:36
Mr_Jfrsnhmm thanks07:36
Mr_Jfrsni cant get used to openbox07:36
Mr_Jfrsnits awkward07:36
Threetimesbucky: I installed tilp2 using APT, but when I run it I get the error07:36
nomad77arooni: sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.config kernel.sysrq = 1 iirc07:36
erikk71been away from windows xp almost 2 months07:36
OttifantSirerikk71: 2 well-spent months.07:37
Alex___erikk71: Linux has many advantages =) although there is still a lot of proprietary windows stuff =(07:37
buckyThreetimes: dpkg -l libticables2-1  is it installed?07:37
erikk71cud pressing a key07:37
OttifantSirCyber_Akuma: I believe that to be the case, yes. When I do partitioning, there's always 8MB left, no matter what.07:37
erikk71i feel asleep07:37
Threetimesbucky: yes07:37
arooniDrumroll, the second monitor wasn't picked up07:37
erikk71the keyboard on bed beside me07:38
Cyber_Akumabut why in the extended partition?07:38
dravekxhow do i change directories within the terminal?07:38
Cyber_AkumaCAn't I make it put it like, between the extended and primary partition?07:38
erikk71may caused it07:38
dravekxoh nvm i got it. :)07:38
nomad77arooniyou mean ctrl+alt+backspace,you need dontzapit i think07:39
erikk71reactos will handle legacy windows appls07:39
OttifantSirCyber_Akuma: I have no idea. I just told you what partitioning does for me.07:39
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _Apple_
erikk71an that crap07:39
DrumrollAlex___: Compiz works fine on my ATI laptop, but a bit slower so I have to turn it off when certain applications are running.  But on my nVida desktop, it flies with NO problems at all.  A lot of it is that ATI as a company just doesn't seem to be as willing to play ball with Linux as nVida was. *shrugs* It's a shame and the Linux community has tried to get on their backs to write better and more useable drivers for Linux OSes.07:40
erikk71windows 7 is gonna be a nightmare07:40
Cyber_Akumaim loving it so far07:40
erikk71for people07:40
ThreetimesWindows 7 is gonna be windows, I'll stay out of its way...07:40
Cyber_AkumaUmm, its getting praised everywhere, even the creator of ubuntu said he liked it :P07:40
erikk71alot of more controling of the pc07:41
Cyber_AkumaIts not going to be another Vista07:41
ThreetimesThat's scary07:41
buckyThreetimes: that's weird.. hey is your calculator arm based?07:41
Cyber_Akumaalot of more controling of the pc <--- huh?07:41
Alex___I think what Microsofts plan was to release vista as a way to lower everyones expectations, then release 7 so everyone thinks it's amazing ;)07:41
erikk71why everyone gripes about reactos i wonder07:41
Threetimesbucky: z80, it's the TI84+SE07:41
Cyber_Akumalol Alex___07:41
OttifantSirerikk71: I've tried it in a VM, and it seems better than Vista, but that's not really saying much, so.... I'll keep it in there and look in on it from time to time to keep up my skills, but I'll never again have a Microsoft OS on my machines.07:41
Cyber_Akumathat makes no business sense07:41
Cyber_AkumaHonestly, I don't see what everybody's deal with Vista is07:42
erikk71they make more progress than most third party oses07:42
Cyber_AkumaI think its just pure internet bad press07:42
lesshasteI get "E: context.c: waitpid(): No child processes" a lot. It seems to be related to sound. Any fixes?07:42
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: I'm just messing because as far as I'm concerned, XP is still by far the best windows OS07:42
erikk71haiku ois a joke07:42
Cyber_AkumaWell, you should try the RC if you have a spare hdd or pc handy07:42
Cyber_AkumaI did... and now I preordered win707:42
Cyber_Akumacourse... there was a very good preorder sale that ended too, $5007:43
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: I have tried it. And I think it's way better than vista07:43
OttifantSirCyber_Akuma: Infidel! ;-)07:43
Cyber_Akumabut prefer xp?07:43
buckyThreetimes: i think you might have to be a member of plugdev07:43
Cyber_Akumait gets wose OttifantSir07:43
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: Still prefer xp so far... maybe the full version07:43
erikk71only other distro i tried was pc bsd07:43
Cyber_AkumaI also have a mac mini07:43
buckyThreetimes: type groups and see if you are07:43
erikk71pc bsd is ok07:43
Cyber_AkumaThough I got it because I love gadgets and tech07:43
Cyber_Akumaand it was on sale07:43
Cyber_Akumabeen using windows for a decade, learnign linux, I thought might as well learn osx too07:43
MrPiracyhow do i disable awn in kde only?07:43
Threetimesbucky: i am07:44
erikk71i tried linux in 200007:44
Alex___Does anyone know where the option is about VOB file splitting in dvd::rip? I can't seem to find it... I want the VOB all in one file, not split in 1 gig sections07:44
erikk71it was ok07:44
infidel2si think  win98 < win2k < winxp < vista < windows 707:44
Cyber_AkumaWell, the problem with staying with xp is, it's 64bit support is almost nonexsistant07:44
grawityinfidel2s: exactly07:44
infidel2sthey have progressively got better, aside from that whole windows ME thing07:44
Cyber_Akumathats how I feel too infidel2s07:44
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: Yeah, that is one bad thing about XP07:44
erikk71the distro was very friendly07:44
DrumrollVista was more stable than XP was in terms of having fewer crashes.  it just...  Ran slower because it was much more bloated.  Ugh.  Windows 7 is SUPPOSED to have the XP speed with the Vista stability.  Only time will tell though...  So far, I love Ubuntu though.  And with Compiz, I can get all of the fance Windows Aero features without slowing my computer to a crawl.07:44
OttifantSirCyber_Akuma: Mac is Mac. I love the dock (have AWN for it here), but I don't see myself buying $1000 worth of hardware for the nice price of $4000....07:45
Cyber_AkumaI got it for $30007:45
Cyber_Akumaa 2ghz dual core model moac mini07:45
infidel2ssteve jobs did a lot of LSD07:45
Cyber_Akumait was a sale07:45
FloodBot3Cyber_Akuma: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:45
Alex___Drumroll: I've used XP since the third month it was out... my computer has crashed exactly 1 time.07:45
grawityMy friend (a Ubuntu/KDE user) has recently installed Windows 7. He says it's almost better than Linux.07:45
erikk71apple will never go up or down07:45
Cyber_Akumajust bob?07:45
Alex___Drumroll: Only time I've reinstalled windows was when I did a hardware upgrade07:45
erikk71it pc way to expensive07:46
Cyber_Akuma... I guess that joke was a little too bscure, apple bobbing07:46
Cyber_AkumaThe only time this system (win2k) crashed on me was07:46
Alex___I just didn't get who you were saying that to. lol07:46
buckyThreetimes: does this require a kernel module to be loaded ... like modprobe tilp2 or something  apt-cache show tilp207:46
Cyber_Akuma1. when I had a damaged ram module07:46
jack2how to work use anjutha editor?07:46
Cyber_Akuma2. when I had a bad usb card07:46
erikk71mac os x is nice interface07:46
Cyber_AkumaWindows really became stable with 2k and up07:46
lollo3011hello, i've just finished to install my compiled 2.6.30 kernel, but when i go to the grub there is not the 2.6.30, only 2.6.28! why? how can I put in there the newest too? ty07:46
Cyber_Akuma98 was a crashy nightmare for me07:46
OttifantSirCyber_Akuma: No, I thought it reflected very well on the state of Apple, and I took away from it also a very bad Windows-experience: BOB.07:46
Threetimesbucky: there's a tiglusb module, i'll load it now07:47
Cyber_Akumalol, I was wondering if people would think I was talking about that too07:47
erikk71win2000 is security risk07:47
erikk71better off running xp07:47
Cyber_AkumaI am thinking of upgrading to xp, but07:47
Cyber_Akumaits a hassle07:47
Cyber_AkumaI hace a TON of crap installed here07:47
Alex___What pisses me off is I just got this Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3P and it won't boot from a usb key o.O07:47
Cyber_Akuma.... and a ton of broken stuff, so a upgrade is out of the question, id need a freash install07:48
Condoulois there any way, in Ubuntu/GNOME, where if I create a menu within a menu to create organization, can I drag or move other items into the new sub-menu07:48
grawityerikk71: until XP goes EOL, then it will become a security risk too07:48
Condoulo(or would I have to manually re-do my whole menu)07:48
Cyber_AkumaEVERY single component of this pc is either at it's maximum capacity, or using a workaround to go BEYOND it's maximum capacity, or bottlenechked07:48
Cyber_Akuma:( I need a new pc07:48
Threetimesbucky: I do not have a tiglusb module07:48
buckyThreetimes: http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_usb/linux_install.html07:48
DrumrollAlex___: XP crashed a million and one times for me.  And I've never once had a crash with Vista.  However, XP was speedier.  Microsoft is billing 7 as the best of XP and Vista rolled into one.  People liked the snazzy features that Vista offered but disliked that it took so many resources just to run it.  They liked XP's speed and how it was light on resources.  7 is an attempt to combine the two.07:48
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: Yeah. you do. lol07:49
MrPiracyhow do i disable awn in kde only?07:49
Uandi need help07:49
erikk71im surprised ubuntu has not created a distro that looks like mac osx07:49
Uandcritical error07:49
Cyber_AkumaPentium 3 - 1.13ghz, 1 gig of PSC133 SDRAM, I need a PCI card to get USB 2.0.... and it still noyl goes at about 1/4th top USB 2.0 speeds, I need a pci card to read IDE drices above 132 gigs....07:49
grawityUand: You need to tell us what's your problem.07:49
Uandi stuck with 640X320 resultion07:49
Uandand i cant change this!07:49
roflparrothello again richardcavell07:49
Alex___Drumroll: I've never had a crash with XP or Vista, but Vista runs slower. So I liked XP better. =P07:49
dragon_erikk71: http://maketecheasier.com/turn-your-ubuntu-hardy-to-mac-osx-leopard/2008/07/2307:49
=== pizdets is now known as pizzledizzle
Cyber_AkumaAlex___: don't quote me, but I heard crunchgear mention that win7 ran better than xp on some netbooks....07:50
OttifantSirAlex___: You never turned on your machine?07:50
Cyber_Akumathough MS IS aiming for netbooks with it so I wouldent be surprised07:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:50
richardcavellroflparrot: hi07:50
Cyber_AkumaEspecially since the install dvd is designed to be easy to put on a usb drive07:50
Uandi stuck with 640X480 resultion07:50
Uandand i cant change this!07:50
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: I'm more of a desktop man ;) I love raw power =P07:51
Condoulocan I move items in the GNOME menu from one sub-menu to another?07:51
Cyber_Akumathis IS a desktop07:51
Cyber_Akumamy laptop is the one im running windows/linux on.... and sadly more powerul07:51
Uandi stuck with 640X480 resultion07:51
andrew_ok...how do i use the cube?07:51
Uandi stuck with 640X480 resultion07:51
Cyber_Akumaits a dual core 1.7ghz amd system with 4 gigs of ddr2 ram07:51
FloodBot3Uand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
Alex___I thought you were referring to one of those mini netbook thingamajigers?07:51
erikk71did anyone waych british open07:51
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest5394
Uandgrawity: ?07:52
DrumrollAlex___: Maybe, but as I said, 7 is supposed to be the best of both in one.  Only time will tell though.  So far though, I'm digging Ubuntu because it'll do all the fancy stuff that 7 will with ease.  The only POSSIBLE reason to switch back was if 7 was just SOOOO amazing that tons of people went back and Linux lost major support.  But...  I don't see that happening anytime soon.07:52
Cyber_AkumaYeah, I though you were responding to my desktop specs07:52
Alex___Does anyone know how to make dvd::rip make a VOB all in one file instead of splitting it into 1 gig segments?07:52
Cyber_Akumathink of it this way Drumroll07:52
Cyber_Akumaepeople HAVE to upgrade soon from xp07:52
andrew__need a little help using compriz07:52
Cyber_Akumaincluding major corporations07:53
Cyber_Akumathe chances of these going to linux or osx are low. ESPECIALLY corporations07:53
Alex___Drumroll: Unfortunatly I can't get away from windows. I do all the Crysis and Witcher etc. All the newest games =P07:53
Cyber_Akumaespecialyl with 64bit apps07:53
=== FrozenFire is now known as Adun
Cyber_Akumathey won't be goign to vista07:53
andrew__don't know how to get the Cube effect to do its thing07:53
erikk71i got anyyoed with virus problem07:53
Uandhow can i detect my Screen ?07:53
Cyber_AkumaRight now my Xubuntu livecd is doing something very dangerous07:53
grawityandrew__: In the Cube settings should be a tab for keyboard shortcuts.07:53
Cyber_Akumamoving, resisizing left, and resizing right my vista partition at the same time XD07:54
erikk71wat u mean dangerous07:54
Threetimesbucky: Since I do not have a tiglusb module, how do I install it?07:54
OttifantSirAlex___: You said you never had a crash with Windows. In my own experience, from Windows 3.0 to Windows 7, you can't have turned on your machine.07:54
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: Now... don't quote ME on this... but according to one of my teachers... He thinks Linux will end up winning because it runs a high percentage of servers. And he thinks everything is moving to cloud computing which means it all goes to the linux servers.07:54
erikk71u need to have spare hard drive07:54
buckyThreetimes: i'm not sure that's the missing element...07:54
Cyber_Akumaservers are mostly linux, yes07:54
Cyber_Akumabut, servers are a small percentage of computrrs07:54
nomad77why don't you guys take it to ubuntu-offtopic or #windows if its avail.07:55
Alex___OttifantSir: I've only used XP and Vista. and I have had one crash on XP... and I never turn my comp off lol07:55
grawityCyber_Akuma: I have read on oldnewthing that some companies still have 16-bit apps written in Visual Basic, or even DOS-based apps, that they absolutely must need to work on the OS they use.07:55
DrumrollAlex___: WINE FTW!  I've been playing a ton of the latest games on my Linux system VIA WINE and even better than on Windows to boot! :P07:55
Cyber_Akumamajority of home systems AND majority of workstations (which likely make up the biggest amoutn of pcs) are windows07:55
erikk71servers i thought alot were freebsd07:55
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: We're talking about when everything moves to cloud computing07:55
Uandhello /07:55
Uandanyone can help me ?07:55
buckyThreetimes: look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91271707:56
Alex___Drumroll: Hmm... I'll have to try it out more.07:56
Cyber_AkumaIt will never be a 100% trasition07:56
Alex___Uand: What's the problem?07:56
roflparrotUand: Please ask your question again, with good grammar.07:56
erikk71freebsd still handles yahoo an msn07:56
CammyI'm using an Amiga07:56
grawityOttifantSir: I can confirm that Windows XP was quite stable for me. (I care about what I install.)07:56
OttifantSirnomad77: Yeah, you're right. Will shut up on this now. But a LITTLE ranting now and then is good. Back to helping people... :-D07:56
CammyBecause my Ubuntu PC crapped itself07:56
Uandubuntu cant detect my Screen07:56
grawityroflparrot: Dude, this is #ubuntu. Good grammar is over there in ##linux07:56
nomad77Uand: try looking in system,restricted drivers maybe. whats your graphics card07:56
Cyber_Akumacgi studios, dev studios, and serious gamers will still want their own system07:56
UandGeForce 5200 fx07:56
Cyber_Akumawhich will likely be more powerful than their share of the cloud07:56
Alex___I agree07:56
CammyAnd the Windows partition was overrun by a virus07:56
Alex___But the average consumer07:57
Uandit works some mintus ago07:57
Uandi use the ccms07:57
grawityCammy: Like, a physical Amiga?07:57
Alex___which is what? 80%? 90%?07:57
Cyber_Akumaby then I dont see the point of a computer07:57
CammyYeah, a 17 year old A120007:57
Cyber_Akumafor the average consumer07:57
Cyber_Akumathey will just be using cloud cellphones07:57
roflparrotgrawity: good point07:57
grawityCammy: Hmm. Do you think I could make IRC work on WinUAE?07:57
CammyIt's the only way I can chat while I wait for the two-hour long installation of Ubuntu07:57
CammyYeah easy07:57
Cyber_Akumathe tegra chip costs $99 and can do 1080p video, had dual cpu and dual gpu, tegra phoens are coming out THIS YEAR07:57
CammyDownload AmiKit and it has WookieChat preinstalled07:58
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: That's on a PHONE??07:58
Uandwhy u dont answer?07:58
Cyber_Akumathere are already digicams in japan with picorojectors that can almost project a 50 inch 720p image07:58
MrPiracydoes anyone know how i can set awn to be used only in gnome?07:58
DrumrollAlex___: WINE makes the programs think that they are running on a Windows OS eve though they're not so that you can load them onto your Linux system and play them from it.  And since at this point most Linux OSes are far lighter in resource requirements than Windows 7, it'll allow you to play your games better than ever before.07:58
Cyber_AkumaI 100% assure you07:58
CammyIT's like a Workbench setup for UAE. Or there's AROS, the open-source AmigaOS07:58
Uandwhy u dont answer?07:58
nomad77Uand: try this http://www.howtoforge.com/enabling-compiz-fusion-on-an-ubuntu-9.04-desktop-nvidia-geforce-fx-520007:58
grawityCammy: And if I want to use the real Workbench?07:58
roflparrotCyber_Akuma: I think that the money makers will always find ways to make the world dependent upon them07:58
nomad77it has pics07:58
Cyber_Akuman less than 5 years there will be, out on the consumer market, cellphones that cna project probably 42 inch screne 720p images07:58
Alex___Drumroll: I know about wine, but the 3 programs I tried on it a while back didn't work, so I never touched it again.07:58
Cyber_Akumatheres yoru cloud computer :)07:59
Cyber_Akumaone sec Alex___07:59
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: And I thought the new enV3 was nice =P07:59
Cyber_Akumahave two iunteresting links to show you about that07:59
CammyYeah, you can install it all yourself if you know your way around, just download the Workbench ADF images07:59
Uandmy prblem is that my PC cant detect my Screen!!07:59
grawityHmm, I seem to have Workbench 3.107:59
erikk71amiga needs to go x86 or 6407:59
Uandthats why it uses 640X480 resulution07:59
CammyMy Ubuntu 9 CD has an error on ONE file, so it refuses to install, so I have to use my Ubuntu 8 CD :(08:00
CammyYeah, 3.1 is sufficient08:00
KoolDjoin ##php08:00
roflparrotUand, have you tried googling the problem on the Ubuntu forum?08:00
erikk71thats wat 90 percernt of desktop users are running08:00
* grawity googles for LinuxUAE08:00
Threetimesbucky: that's definately not my problem. He doesn't get any error like mine: "tilp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libticables2.so.1: undefined symbol: usb_debug"08:00
roflparrotmost issues are covered in threads08:00
nomad77Uand: so install the nvidia driver.the link shows how to enable it ignore the compiz stuff08:01
Cammyerikk71: 90% of desktop users are using 640x480 still?08:01
Cyber_Akuma<Alex___> Cyber_Akuma: That's on a PHONE?? <--- this tegra1 chip will be for phones AND netbooks, it uses max 1.25 watts of power, usually under 1 watt, it can power an mp3 player for DAYS on a single charge. And on top of this, its dual cpu, dual gpu, and several otehr processors. Tegra based phones will be out by late 2009...... and it gets better :)08:01
Cyber_Akumategra2 has been announced for 2010, twice as powerful08:01
Uandi cant goole08:01
Uandi cant use it08:01
CammyI guess it must include PCs in poor countries08:01
erikk71i mean use intel x86 cpu08:01
Uandwith this resulution08:01
erikk71not power pc08:01
FloodBot3Cyber_Akuma: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:01
DrumrollAlex___: Games have had more success on WINE than any other type of programs so far.  I think they even have a version of WINE specifically target at games, but I forget what it's called at the moment.  I ran Left4Dead on Ubuntu here, just a day ago. :P08:01
Cyber_Akumatwo very interesting links about the tegra :)08:01
=== Adun is now known as FrozenFire
CammyI'm using a Motorola 68030 50Mhz08:02
roflparrotUand, that is unfortunate and amusing.08:02
Uandi cant install the driver08:02
erikk71unix has year 2038 problem08:02
Alex___Drumroll: Hmm... Now I have to get another bigger HDD >.> lol08:02
Uandbut it already installed08:02
kutioHey, I have a bug with ubuntu jaunty, When I display a notification, this notification appears as a GtkMessageDialog, with the same code with debian I don't have this problem, I think there is a bug in notify-osd, what do you think about it ?08:02
Uandcan u google that for me ?08:02
dravekxI need to change a file in the opt directory, but I dont have permission.. how do I edit and save the file without having permission to do so????08:02
buckyThreetimes: you should /join #ModernCalcs there's only 5 people in there right now but they'd prolly know the answer right off if they are awake08:02
grawityerikk71: By the time 2038 comes, most of us will be using completely-64-bit stuff.08:03
erikk71do u mean08:03
grawitydravekx: If you opened it with gedit, open this way instead: gksu gedit /opt/blah/blah08:03
erikk71unix will be no more08:03
dravekxahhh. kk.08:03
nomad77so run nvidia-xconfig then nvidia-settings via sudo set it properly08:03
Cyber_Akumaerrr, got those links Alex___? :)08:03
grawityerikk71: No, 64-bit Unix.08:03
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:03
UandJust went through this. To get the screen detected I needed to edit the grub boot options and remove the "quiet" and "splash" options then the screen got detected properly.08:03
Uandits says08:03
FloodBot3Uand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:04
grawityerikk71: Like, with 64-bit timestamps. (At least I hope so...)08:04
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: *Drools* And why do you need 1080P on a little cell phone screen. lol08:04
Uandhow do i edit the grub ?08:04
Cyber_AkumaAlex___: let me put it this way08:04
UandJust went through this. To get the screen detected I needed to edit the grub boot options and remove the "quiet" and "splash" options then the screen got detected properly.08:04
Cyber_Akumathe current tegra dev kits have dual hdmi out08:04
andrew_ok...still can't seem to use cube effect...any help is much appreciated08:04
erikk71every one says unix kernel will faDE AWAY\08:04
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest52709
UandJust went through this. To get the screen detected I needed to edit the grub boot options and remove the "quiet" and "splash" options then the screen got detected properly.08:04
Uandanswer plz!08:05
nomad77Uand: use sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst08:05
erikk71the hurd is joke08:05
Uandthx i try08:05
Cyber_AkumaI can't believe how smooth the video in youtube works though, the 3d rendering or keeping up with the video is not lagged at ALL08:05
kutioHey, I have a bug with ubuntu jaunty, When I display a notification, this notification appears as a GtkMessageDialog, with the same code with debian I don't have this problem, I think there is a bug in notify-osd, what do you think about it ?08:05
andrew__trying to use cube effect in compriz...no success08:05
andrew__please help08:05
erikk71I tried TUDOS cd08:06
erikk71interesting cd08:06
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: You know... I've never even watched any movies etc in HD on my desktop rofl...08:06
erikk71when will firefox 3.5 be able upgrade firefox 3.008:07
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: The only graphic intensive thing I do is Crysis ;)08:07
grawityerikk71: On 9.10 (Karmic), or if you use Ubuntuzilla. (Or if you install 3.5 manually.)08:07
andrew__slart...you still her?08:07
andrew__here even08:07
Slartandrew__: sure08:07
andrew__any advice for how to use the cube?08:08
erikk71is wats it branded as08:08
Cyber_Akumaalex: videogames will start to have hd fmvs :P08:08
erikk71is 9.10 a beta release08:08
Cyber_Akumaand di you see the video? its not the quality of the rendering, but rather HOW its rendering it08:08
Slartandrew__: set 4 horizontal desktops.. that's in the general settings area in ccsm, then enable the cube plugin and set a keyboard key for it08:08
Cyber_Akumaits augmented reality! displaying 3d buildings in realtime over a flat 2d image08:09
Cyber_Akumaand even putting npcs walking around on it08:09
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: I've only watched a short part of the vid. was mostly reading08:09
Cyber_Akumadid you at least get to the part where he shoots zombies? :P08:09
CammyMy Ubuntu installation has been sitting at 90% "Configuring hardware..." for about ten minutes08:09
roflparrotUand:  #nvidia and #ggi might be helpful to you08:09
Cyber_AkumaBasically, hes pointing his tegra based phone on a flat 2d image.... the phone is rendering 3d builsinds, civilans, and zombies over the video of the 3d in realtime, and theres no lag as he moves the phone around08:10
roflparrotUand:   I see you are playing with the bootloader, I was just suggesting channels that might be helpful08:10
erikk71its still in aplha08:10
Alex___Drumroll: According to appdb.winehq.org Crysis doesn't run on 9.04 on wine =(08:10
DJoneserikk71: Its still an Alpha release08:11
Cyber_Akumaouch alex :(08:11
Cyber_Akuma9.04 is like, starting ot become the vista of ubuntu08:11
Cyber_Akumabroken ati support, app incompabilities...08:11
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: I know, right? lol... 8.10 just worked for me... 9.04 has taken more work... lol08:11
Cyber_AkumaI have another system that is still 8.0408:12
Cyber_Akumabecause 8.10 is rpoted to not work on it.....08:12
erikk71i have debian live cd with lxde desktop08:12
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: I can't wait until Google comes out with Chrome for Linux08:12
Cyber_Akumadunno about 9.0408:12
DJoneserikk71: Beta is due 1st October - Full release schedule is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule08:12
Tenguhello world08:12
roflparrotI still use 8.10. Laziness more than anything else.08:12
nevynAlex___: they ported it from linux08:12
nevynit's called konqueror ;)08:12
Cyber_AkumaI still say Google Chrome OS is a mistake08:12
Cyber_Akumathey should just make a pc version of android08:12
Alex___I'll try it when it comes out... but IDK about it.08:13
R0ncoTokeAlex___, There is a chrome for linux.08:13
Cyber_AkumaI burned a livecd of an interesting project08:13
grawitynevyn: IMHO, Konqueror is like Internet Explorer of Linux. Fugly, and is integrated to the file manager.08:13
Cyber_AkumaGoogle Android LiveCD x86 ver 0.0208:13
DJonesAlex___: There is a release of chromium-browser which is what the chrome browser is based on in a ppa08:13
Tenguquestion : using jaunty (up-to-date), is there a way to drag a window to another desktop? (i.e. I click on window's title bar, drag it to the right, and when it reaches the edge, hop, it goes to the next desktop on the right)08:13
Alex___Are you talking about the pre-alpha one R0ncoToke?08:13
Cyber_Akumawoudlent boot on my laptop but strangely booted fien on my mac mini08:13
R0ncoTokeCyber_Akuma, I second you.08:13
TenguI use a standard ubuntu with gnome.08:13
grawityTengu: Doesn't it do that automatically?08:13
Tengugrawity: nope :(08:13
Tenguand I didn't find where to set it up08:14
andrew__I cannot find where to assign keys to launch cube08:14
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: So... how exactly does it work going from like 8.10 to 9.04 to 9.10 etc?08:14
roflparrotTengu i can do that in 8.1008:14
nevyngrawity: not in kde4 ;)08:14
TenguI know xfce can do it, but we have to activate this behaviour.08:14
Tenguroflparrot: with compiz maybe ?08:14
grawityTengu: If you use Compiz, the compizconfig-settings-manager app can edit pretty much all settings.08:14
Cyber_Akuma8.04 I didnt use much08:14
roflparrotYeah with compiz08:14
Cyber_Akuma... no wait08:14
Cyber_Akumathat was 7.1008:14
Tengugrawity: I prefere not to use it....08:14
Cyber_Akuma7.10 was a nightmare for me08:14
Tengucompiz effects are so.... lame -.-08:14
R0ncoTokeAlex___, I was talking about Chromium.08:14
erikk71mandriva is joke08:14
Cyber_Akumawifi, 3d card, sound, nothign worked08:15
Cyber_Akumano matter what I tried08:15
grawityTengu: You don't have to use any effects.08:15
FloodBot3Cyber_Akuma: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:15
erikk71very slow installing08:15
Cyber_Akuma8.04 added sound, and with 8.10, magically EVERYTHING worked, 3d rendering, wifi... it was awsome08:15
Tengugrawity: mmm. will give it a try. which package do I have to install to set compiz behaviour ?08:15
Cyber_Akuma......... then 9.04 broke 3d support again :(08:15
_Apple_any ideas why the modelines I added aren't working?08:15
grawityTengu: I just told you - compizconfig-settings-manager08:15
Tengugrawity: thanks.08:15
roflparrotgrawity is right, you can select any efects you like, such as dropping windows on new workspaces08:15
AlexisMhi. I've got some problems using gmailfs. Anyone knows it well ?08:16
andrew__slart...again...sorry to bug you08:16
grawityTengu: Btw, offtopic: If you want, you can use Xfce's xfwm on GNOME.08:16
roflparrotYou don't need to select the glittering exit or whatever08:16
Slartandrew__: no worries08:16
andrew__I cannot find where to enable keystrokes to make cube work08:16
Alex___Cyber_Akuma: The only way I've ever had wi-fi without doing anything in Linux is if I plug an ethernet cable into a Linsys Wireless-G Game Adapter08:16
* Cyber_Akuma wants a WinMo7 based tegra2 phone wth a picoprojector and wvga screen08:17
Cyber_Akumamy dreamphone :()08:17
Cyber_Akumawifi worked out of the box with 8.1008:17
grawityandrew__: Hmm. They might be in the Viewport Switcher plugin08:17
Alex___Not on my card08:17
grawityandrew__: Oh, and "Rotate Cube".08:17
Cyber_Akumaheh, im surprised how open Windows Mobile is on phones actually, I can overwrite and modify any file08:18
Cyber_AkumaI actually replaced the dialer on my old phone becuse I didnt like it08:18
Cyber_Akumajust replace phone.exe XD08:18
erikk71im surprised minix is being developed08:18
_Apple_any ideas why the modelines I added aren't working?08:18
erikk71it crashes alot08:18
Cyber_Akumabtw, what do you think about ONlive?08:18
Cyber_AkumaI honestly think they ar elying, I dont see how thats physically possible08:19
erikk71no wonder linux wrote linux kernel08:19
sanmarcoshow can I generate es_ES locales?08:19
Cyber_Akumayou mean linux?08:19
FloodBot3Cyber_Akuma: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:19
sanmarcosshit, so much crap is broken in ubuntu..08:19
erikk71im surprised mo has not forked minix08:20
Cyber_Akumayou think your ubuntu is bad08:20
Cyber_Akumatry my ubuntu 8.04 install on my ps3, now THATS broken08:20
Tengugrawity: oh yeah. I didn't thought about it.08:20
Cyber_Akumacourse, it dosen't help that im stuck at like 512x400 or whatever because I odnt have a hdtv08:20
sanmarcospygtk, gtk, locales, upstart with vmware tools, libnotify making icons look like crap08:20
erikk71atheos was forked we have syllable os08:20
sanmarcosshould I continue?08:20
sanmarcoseach release is a total pain08:20
dubis packages.ubuntu.com generally available via http?08:20
erikk71mandrake was fork of redhat08:21
grawitysanmarcos: If you came here not for helping or for seeking help, please shut up and use (Debian|Mint|Slackware|Arch|whatever).08:21
grawitydub: Yes.08:21
dubgrawity, do you know if there is an outage?08:21
jhello, just got kubuntu installed, shows my wlan card as unavailable, i put in the ssid, wep key, checked the auto-connect option, it's like i need it to search and connect now....08:21
mrpinkyhi :D does anybody know where i can download/install the package "libmozjs1d"?08:21
sanmarcosI have to support ubuntu in my software, it is not helpful when you break all PyGTK applications by shipping a shit version of Python/PyGTK and... modify libnotify to break all the apps that depend on it08:21
roflparrotmoin moin08:21
erikk71thing will linux kernel u modify however u like as long as u release the changes08:21
erikk71thats great thing about linux08:22
roflparrotyou are only obliged to if you distribute the product08:22
erikk71bsd license u do watever u want08:23
roflparrotyour customers are entitled to the source08:23
Slartandrew__: ah.. sorry about that.. I don't get popups unless you put my nick somewhere in the message08:23
roflparrotis BSD on the wtfpl?08:23
dubis anyone able to reach http://packages.ubuntu.com ? (im getting no response from more than one network)08:24
DrumrollAlex__: http://www.junauza.com/2008/12/yes-linux-can-run-crysis.html08:24
erikk71wonders if atheos was strpped down version of linux kernel08:24
Slartandrew__: it's called keybindings.. somewhere in the cube plugin settings there should be a keybinding option08:24
Slartandrew__: the plugin is called "Rotate Cube".. it's in the Desktop section08:25
Slartandrew__: you'll probably need both Rotate Cube and Desktop Cube enabled08:25
erikk71i realize now a days speed is big need08:25
Guest45543Hi there.08:25
erikk71has anyone had any virus problem08:26
andrew__ok...both enabled...now to that keybinding08:26
richardcavellerikk71: virus problem with what?08:26
erikk71on ubuntu08:26
Slartandrew__: in the "Rotate Cube" settings... go to the "Bindings" page/tab08:26
Guest45543Whoa, what the heck?08:26
tavii have a new keyboard08:26
=== glitsj161 is now known as glitsj16
erikk71i know there is virus scanner08:27
taviand the £ is the sign at 3 instead of other08:27
Guest45543Um... I'm having a problem with NickServ.08:27
taviwhat i cand do?08:27
Guest45543I can't seem to indentify with my username.08:27
SlartGuest45543: ask in #freenode08:27
Guest45543Thanks. Will do.08:27
Alex___How can I figure out what driver I'm using on my gfx card?08:27
Tengugrawity: do you have a link on how to change gnome default WM ?08:28
TenguI guess I have to replace metacity08:28
grawityTengu: Just enable "desktop effects" in the Appearance settings, it'll automatically enable Compiz.08:28
Drumrollerikk71: Avast! makes a virus scan program for Linux, but you're EXTREMELY unlikely to need such a scanner on a Linux-based OS for the time being.08:28
Tengugrawity: don't want compiz in fact.....08:28
grawityTengu: Why not?08:28
Guest11734Tengu in your terminal : sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop08:28
soreau! virus | erikk7108:29
ubottuerikk71: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2108:29
grawityGuest11734: That will install the entire Xfce pack, not just Xfwm08:29
Tenguusing it makes me lose all my virtual desktops.08:29
TenguGuest11734: thanks.08:29
grawityTengu: Compiz has virtual desktops too08:29
Tengugrawity: yeah.... I know. but broken here, and all those effects, addons, plugins... even if I stop them all, it's heavier.08:29
bullgard4There are opened 6 Terminals in Guake. There is no GNOME Terminal open. Why does Ubuntu 9.04 13 processes 'bash'? 6 are 'stopped' and 7 'sleeping'. Does Guake need 2 processes 'bash' per TErminal?08:29
p-fHas anyone else here experienced rendering problems in Matlab on ubuntu? Any 3d figure ends up with a black background and some ghost versions of itself when I rotate it. Pretty much all text also gets garbled. I'm guessing it may be a driver issue, but I'm not sure.08:30
Guest11734grawity yes but he should be a beginner so ...08:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bcm4308:30
=== Guest11734 is now known as Spikemcc
DrumrollAlex___: What graphics card does your computer use?  I take you saw the link and are looking into it now? lol08:30
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:30
Slartp-f: mm.. matlab never really played nice with my linux box08:30
grawityTengu: In gconf-editor, it's /desktop/gnome/session/required_components08:30
erikk71plus linux has 3 percent of desktop users08:30
Spikemccj > sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter08:30
Slartp-f: when it comes to graphics, that is08:30
TenguGuest11734: not really beginner, in fact. but I don't use gnome every day, I prefere awesome.... but at work, I _have_ to use gnome -.-08:31
jSpikemcc: thank you, you know the name of the tools too?08:31
Alex___Drumroll: ATI Radeon HD 4850... I just downloaded the newest driver... but I wanted to know how to find out what driver version it's using right now.08:31
SpikemccI use it too ...08:31
erikk71linux is thought of as os for geeks08:31
p-fSlart, the strange thing is it doesn't work well regardless of the renderer I use... be it opengl hardware, software or Iforgotthename08:31
erikk71in some people eyes08:31
ILMAN7hi i wanna record my desktop08:32
ILMAN7how can i do it ?08:32
Spikemccerikk71 as a first tough yes, but you will find that it's not really fully true08:32
p-fSlart, what video card do you have on that box? I recall not having any problems on the lab computers at university...08:32
Tengugrawity: thanks. done.... let's give it a try.08:32
grawityTengu: But if you change it to xfwm4, you will probably need to create a new file in /usr/share/applications/xfwm4.desktop -- mine is http://sprunge.us/UWZN08:32
Slartp-f: not at all? I sometimes had to just repeat the plotting... it would work 70% of the tries or something like that08:32
Slartp-f: nvidia 8800gtx08:32
SpikemccILMAN7 recordmydesktop , istanbul or xvidcap choose your poison08:32
Alex___erikk71: I think some parts of windows are more complicated and some parts of linux are08:32
erikk71i am sure with window 7 on the way08:32
ILMAN7oh thank you08:32
ILMAN7which one should i chose ?08:33
erikk71linux will grow more08:33
p-fSlart, well, it sort of kind of works once in a while but I don't know why08:33
SpikemccAlex___ with an old Ati don't go after the LTS but a recent one it's ok ...08:33
Alex___Spikemcc: sorry... what? lol08:33
boonanasis their a "view" option for browsing folders of images, so i can have a panel that tells me when the photo was taken using the files exif data when i click on it?08:34
erikk71i bet in 5 years freedos will hav freedos32 going08:34
grawityerikk71: and lose compatibility with MS-DOS?08:34
Spikemccp-f mostly nvidia cards but Ati begin to have good free drivers and you don't seem to need big 3d08:34
erikk71freedos will be there08:35
erikk71acarchne users08:35
erikk71who like surfing internet in plain dos08:35
andrew_<ctrl><alt>F1 is very very bad!08:35
DrumrollAlex___: I assume you mean in Ubuntu, correct?08:35
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest65119
grawityandrew_: why?08:35
Alex___Drumroll: 9.0408:35
Alex___Drumroll: 9.04 ubuntu08:36
Spikemccfor the one that seek to change is WM try openbox in crunchbang linux or lxde Desktop manager that use openbox under ubuntu ...08:36
p-fSlart, I guess I'll try more recent drivers just in case (if there are any, that is)08:36
grawityandrew_: Ctrl-Alt-F7 takes you back to X11.08:37
erikk71i see aol is killing plug on compuserve08:37
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest99976
Guest99976I tried that keystroke and everything went black and wouldn't come back...had to power down and reboot08:37
Slartp-f: it doesn't really feel like a driver problem.. more like a "mathworks doesn't care about linux"-problem =/08:37
erikk71aol ruined alot of wondowe08:37
DrumrollAlex___: I'm not sure...  You probably have to use the specific drivers built for Linux from ATI which is part of the problem ATI doesn't do well in Linux...08:37
Guest99976why do I keep failing to identify in time??08:37
jhey guys, i am missing something here, i have made this work before, installed b43-fwcutter, still getting siocsifflags error...can't remeber what eles is needed.08:37
grawityGuest99976: Ctrl-Alt-(F1-F7) switch virtual consoles. The first six are command-line, the seventh is GUI.08:37
Alex___Drumroll: I just want to know how I can find out what driver I currently have installed.08:38
Guest99976ok...well newbiw mistake08:38
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
p-fSlart, :/ just curious, do your problems look anything like this? http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=5648008:38
Guest99976cube rules!!08:39
Guest99976I actually have a sphere08:39
Spikemccj do you have the firmware added ?08:39
ahornerHi, I'm a web developer and I was wondering if there was anyway that I create a launcher or something that when a file was dropped on it, it would upload the file in a multipart http form to a certain website?08:39
Slartp-f: nope.. I just got a blank white plot window08:39
Guest99976<ctrl><alt>left-click...that's the move!08:39
Guest99976slart...you there?08:39
grawityahorner: It might be possible with a Java applet (I've seen box.net do this), but with pure HTML - no.08:39
p-fSlart, oh, hrm08:39
Spikemccj b43-fwcutter only can be installed by the terminal correctly ...08:39
SlartGuest99976: yes?08:40
grawityGuest99976: In your Xchat, go to Network List, choose Freenode, click Edit, enter your password there.08:40
jSpikemcc: i don't think it is added correctly, if i remeber right, the b43-fwcutter is the firmware, lsmod | grep b43 shows running b43, mac, etc, but wlan0 not showing in ifconfig, but is in ifconfig -a08:40
Guest99976Slart:  This is Andrew_...but for some reason I keep not identifying in time for my preferre username08:40
ahornergrawity: I was actually thinking something along the lines of maybe python. An icon on a panel or the desktop that would just send the file as post-data to a serverside script such as something like Imageshack.08:40
grawityahorner: Ah, a desktop application. That wouldn't be very hard08:41
ahornergrawity: What language?08:41
SlartGuest99976: ah.. how's the cube coming along?08:41
mrpinkyhey, how can i found out what is my ubuntu version? i tried the "system -> about ubuntu" menu but it doesn't show it...08:41
jSpikemcc: i am fairly comfortable with the terminal, i wouldn't know how to do this any other way.08:41
Slartmrpinky: lsb_release -a in a terminal08:41
mrpinkySlart, thanks08:41
Slartmrpinky: it's listed in the about text too.. but it's kind of sneaky08:42
DrumrollAlex___: That's what you have installed.  ATI's driver for Linux.   They only make one as far as I know.  The open source alternative does not support 3D.  Check the drivers in sytem-admin-hardware drivers and see which one is enabled for your card.  That might be why Compiz failed for you because you're using the open source driver that only supporst 2D?08:42
Guest99976salrt: it works, but is currently a sphere...can you tell me why i keep not identifying in time?  or better yet how I DO identify in time?08:42
mrpinkyhow can i / do i upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10?08:42
ahornergrawity: I was hoping maybe I would find something already created for Tinypic or some other image hosting site and just modify it.08:42
Slartmrpinky: just below the Ubuntu logo it says "Thank you for your interest in blablabla"08:42
Slart!upgrade | mrpinky08:43
ubottumrpinky: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading08:43
SlartGuest99976: follow the advice grawity gave you08:43
Alex___"3D-accelerated proprietary graphics driver for ATI cards. This driver is required to fully utilise the 3D potential of some ATI graphics cards, as well as provide 2D acceleration of newer cards."08:44
=== uman is now known as uman|bed
Alex___3D-accelerated proprietary graphics driver for ATI cards.This driver is required to fully utilise the 3D potential of some ATI graphics cards, as well as provide 2D acceleration of newer cards.08:44
Alex___my fault08:44
lorenzosuI can't connect to an Ubuntu box anymore. Till yesterday I could connect through LAN and VNC. Now I get asked for the first time a password and then eventually I get "Too many security failures" error08:45
Spikemccj in the terminal do : 1- sudo apt-get remove b43-fwcutter 2- lspci (check the version of your network card exactly) 3- check on linuxwireless website for b43 instructions08:45
DrumrollAlex___: So you have that one installed.  Remember, in Linux, you can't install the drivers provided on the sites because that's for a Windows OS.08:45
Alex___Drumroll: They HAVE a linux version on the site >.> lol08:46
nexsjaHi, anybody here owns an Asus M50VC laptop?08:46
Spikemccfor old Atis > ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS for recent ones > 9.0408:46
brwnphysicistHey guys. I am attempting to setup wireless masquerading, however, nothing passes through my iptables rules at all, from connected clients.08:46
Tengugrawity: oh, thanks.08:46
jSpikemcc: got the firmware in, thanks.  i rushed through and didn't let the extract finish properly, seconf run, worked. it is scanning for dhcp now, without the error.08:46
andrew_slart:  Grawity:  am confused...haven't been using a password08:46
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest38155
brwnphysicistCan anyone give me some pointers on my iptables rules for masquerading?08:46
Guest38155slart: failed again08:46
Spikemccnexsja what do you need ?08:47
grawityGuest38155: Do you even own the nick "andrew_" ?08:47
nexsjaSpikemcc touchpad :D08:47
nexsjaand other multimedia buttons :))08:47
ceekaysI am trying to setup an tftp server for pxe booting. I'm using Ubuntu 9.04.I'm confused: What is the right file to configure for tftp to work "/etc/xinetd.d/conf/tftp" or "/etc/init.d/tftpd-hpa"08:47
DrumrollAlex___: That's probably what the Linux version is.  The exact driver that already comes with Ubuntu.  They have it so that other Linux distros that don't have as many pieces of software included (like Ubuntu or Mandriva) can still get it for their OS.08:47
Guest38155grawity:  I guess not...it just autopopulated from my personal info settings08:47
everettzDoes the accessible installer in 9.04 work?08:48
Guest38155grawity: so I used it08:48
Tengugrawity: ah, yeah, that works fine. thank you!08:48
Alex___Drumroll: All I'm trying to do is make sure I have the most recent driver installed... lol.08:48
grawityGuest38155: That's the problem with nick registration, all common names are taken by someone.08:49
brwnphysicistI have the iptables setup identically to the howtos however, i get no traffic through the firewall.08:49
moymoyLingerance: heeey! you ARE in here.. xD08:49
Spikemccnexsja the touchpad /etc/X11/xorg.conf file as to have informations of it inside ... for the rest I don't know ...08:49
Spikemcchas ...08:49
Guest38155grawity...so, how do I register a nick of my own?08:49
DrumrollAlex___: As long as you're using the proprietary driver from ATI for Linux, it should be the right one.  Any documentation I find regarding ATI drivers says to use that one. *shrugs*08:50
grawityGuest38155: Pick a nick, change to it (by saying "/nick mynewnick"), and then use /msg nickserv register08:50
nexsjaSpikemcc thanks, i'll check it out. By the way, if i want to write something of my own that interracts with the touchpad, say a program, what should i strat with?08:50
Guest38155grawity:  using the gui version of xchat08:51
dhaval_Help! GWget Crashes!08:51
dhaval_My entire system freezes08:51
grawityGuest38155: It's still the same.08:51
Guest38155grawity: ok...brb08:51
richardcavellokay folks08:52
richardcavellI just upgraded my instructions on installing Ubuntu on a Mac laptop08:52
buckydhaval_: what did i do now?08:52
richardcavellthey're magnificent08:52
dhaval_Nothing, dude.08:52
dhaval_I need you!08:53
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest22398
richardcavellgrawity: I got ssh working08:53
dhaval_gwget crashes, I need your helP!08:53
nedahi all. what is the best latex editor in ubuntu?08:53
dhaval_as always.08:53
nedahi all. what is the best latex editor in ubuntu?08:53
lorenzosuI can't connect to an Ubuntu box anymore. Till yesterday I could connect through LAN and VNC. Now I get asked for the first time a password and then eventually I get "Too many security failures" error08:53
KB1JWQneda: How non-loaded a question!08:53
buckydhaval_: how about just using wget from a term08:54
SpikemccDrumroll and Alex___ ubuntu hardy heron 8.04 LTS for old Atis cards !!! I don't tell it for nothing, I got one in my laptop so I'm on 8.04.208:54
buckyrichardcavell: how about your graphics?08:54
Alex___Spikemcc: I have their second newest card08:54
richardcavellbucky: I'm using the default driver. Performance isn't really an issue - I can't run games on this GPU anyway.08:54
KB1JWQdhaval_: Or cURL?08:54
ahornerSo.. I want to create a script of some kind (maybe set something as a launcher?) that will let me drag a file onto this launcher and send the file as post-data to my php script on my server. What language should I do this in, and has it already been done?08:54
nedaKB1JWQ: what means non-lsaded?08:55
SpikemccAlex___ try envyng on ubuntu 9.04 then08:55
nedaKB1JWQ: what means non-loaded?08:55
dhaval_I used wget, and it worked fine, but Gwget is better since It acts like sort of a download manager.08:55
richardcavellneda: He's being sarcastic. He's saying your question is loaded08:55
richardcavelldhaval_: just use wget.08:55
dhaval_And one more question, I can't run Nautilus as su08:55
dhaval_yeah I did.08:55
SpikemccI use it on the terminal on 8.04 to install mine ... envyng -t (to open it)08:55
richardcavelldhaval_: you need a download manager for wget?08:55
jis ubuntu going to overwrite my network settings from it's network manaager if i restart?08:55
KB1JWQneda: Asking questions like that is akin to starting a flame war.  See "loaded question:08:55
dhaval_Not really,08:55
dhaval_nevermind richard08:55
Spikemccyou have to install envyng first ...08:56
dhaval_Nevermind, I'm comfortable with wget now08:56
buckyi get Please add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to your compile flags!  when i gcc -o hello hello.c  any ideas08:56
dhaval_How do i run nautilus as su?08:56
dhaval_I get some huge error, and I don't know what's wrong?08:56
=== roflparrot__ is now known as roflparrot
richardcavellbucky: ask in a gcc channel08:56
nedaI am sorry... I reword my question: any suggestion about a good latex editor in ubuntu?08:56
dhaval_even gksu didn't work08:56
Alex___Spikemcc: I already have a driver, I'm just trying to find out if it's the newest one or not.08:56
Slartdhaval_: gksudo nautilus... but be very careful with that window..08:56
dhaval_ok, i'll try gksuDO08:57
Slartdhaval_: I can't really think of a good reason to use it.. other than moving files around as root.. and that can be done from the terminal08:57
Drumrollspikemcc: That's the problem though.  ATI needs to get its ass into gear.  You shouldn't have to use an old version of an OS just to get your graphics card working.08:57
SpikemccBig fan of lxde here ... search about it, you maybe should like if you want easy and light ubuntu ...08:57
richardcavelldhaval_: there's a special package for using nautilus as su08:57
dhaval_Yeah, actually that's exactly what I want to use it for08:57
dhaval_meh, gksudo is fine08:58
richardcavelldhaval_: look for package nautilus - gksu08:58
dhaval_What's the difference between gksu and gksudo?08:58
grawitydhaval_: None.08:58
SpikemccDrumroll the real thing is you cannot do a good OS in 6 months ...08:58
dhaval_I tried GkSu, and i got the dialog box thing, and it didn't work08:58
richardcavelldhaval_: not a whole lot08:58
Alex___dhaval_: su you need the root password sudo is your password08:59
grawityAlex___: But gksu just calls sudo08:59
dhaval_This is wierd, a while ago nautilus was giving me some crazy huge probelm08:59
ahornerCan anyone here proficient with Python help me for a few minutes08:59
dhaval_now even sudo nautilus works.08:59
Alex___grawity: Oh. Ok =D I just assumed ;) I didn't even know gksu worked =P08:59
dhaval_Alright, thanks.08:59
Spikemccgksudo is bad ... try Pcmanfm (file manager in change of nautilus) it does graphical gksudo ...08:59
dhaval_Ah here's the problem09:00
Spikemccnautilus is big and slow yikes ...09:00
dhaval_Can't run nautilus from terminal when I'm root09:00
grawitySpikemcc: why, exactly, is gksudo bad?09:00
dhaval_su -> [enter password] -> nautilus gives me a crazy error09:01
dhaval_and SUDO nautilus works!09:01
Spikemccgksudo is a command that noobs learns but can destroy their desktop in 1 move ...09:01
dhaval_what the fudge?09:01
grawitySpikemcc: So?09:01
GneaSpikemcc: what's your point?09:01
grawitySpikemcc: That would mean rm, fdisk, mkfs and gparted are bad too and should not be used either.09:02
SlartSpikemcc: is there a difference from sudo?09:02
Interphasehey I am using rtorrent and it says this torrent has 2 seeds and 7 peers, but I am connected to only one person. What gives?09:02
SlartSpikemcc: I mean.. sudo can destroy a desktop just as quickly09:02
Phineas_FlynnBye bye, ubuntu-ers or watchamacallits...09:02
=== scfh_ is now known as scfh
gartralis there any way to make tracker work like the search in Mac OSX and have it combine results from a dictionaray/encyclopedia with the files on the drives?09:02
SpikemccPCmanFM software (file manager) in change of nautilus should help you both ... but don't do anything without being sure of what you do ...09:02
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
Phineas_FlynnWait, what is this channel for anyway?09:02
grawityWho cares about PCman or Pacman or whatever. gksu by itself is NOT bad.09:03
Spikemccwww.ubuntugeek.com as a tutorial about it, if you ant ...09:03
=== marcello is now known as LINUXO
dhaval_ahh my hand!09:03
dhaval_Got to go, thank you all.09:03
Spikemccsudo is CLI , gksudo is CLI>GUI, Pcmanfm stay in GUI as your file manager and help do hard stuff easily ...09:04
Drumrollspikemcc: True, but that does not explain the crappy ATI support for Linux these days.  Because ATI has issues with almost ANY modern and properly updated distro of Linux, PLUS, nVida has had NO problems keeping up with Linux.09:04
jok, doing well, got wireless network up, mounted remote "movies" directory, now this "Dragon Player" seems to not be playing the file? just black screen and the timer is ticking...09:05
* grawity has a sudden urge to punch someone in the face.09:05
Alex___j: Have you gotten ubuntu-restricted-extras and the css thingie?09:06
SpikemccATI is bad I know ... but I just telled what to do, if he want it working on ubuntu well ... but every stable release that isn't LTS has problems ...09:06
jAlex___: i have no idea what you are talking about, so i would guess no, any more info you can provide?09:07
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=== tommy is now known as Guest34309
Alex___j: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ; sudo apt-get install libdvdcss209:07
Spikemccj > install vlc mplayer miro songbird you should like thems ...09:07
real34hi all!09:08
Spikemccyou've forgotten libdvdread3 or 4 depending of the version of ubuntu09:08
real34I just carried out a fresh ubuntu install but have problems to install java09:09
ji just downloaded it today, so the newest would be my version.09:09
GneaSpikemcc: they all have problems, that's why #ubuntu and www.ubuntuforums.org exist09:09
real34I think it installs a 64-bit version of java whereas I have a 32-bit system... well I guess :D09:09
indusreal34: thats not possible09:09
indusreal34: what is the output of uname -a09:09
Spikemccreal34 do your sources.list on the website and do in your terminal sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras after ...09:10
gartralreal34: that shouldnt e possible unless you compiled your own kernel, in which case,we cant help you09:10
real34Linux ubuntu 2.6.28-13-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 30 22:12:12 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linu09:10
real34oh ... so I have a 64 platrform ?09:10
indusreal34: you have installed 64 bit ubuntu09:10
ahornerIs Python client or server side?09:10
real34in fact I thought I had a 32 bit one...09:10
SpikemccGnea sad but tree09:10
forceflowahorner: depends where you run it ... bit of a strange question09:11
DrumrollAlex___: If you want the best support for Ubuntu with an ATI card, 8.04 is the best bet.  I'm saying that you shouldn't have to downgrade just to use your graphics card to full potential, but...  That is the reality.  Read this: http://blogs.computerworld.com/the_ubuntu_and_ati_blues09:11
real34this is the revelation of the day :D09:11
jlibdvdcss2 no installation candidate...09:11
Slartahorner: python is a programming language... that's like asking if C++ is for games or applications09:11
Spikemcc64 bits is a little harder but better so no pain no gain ...09:11
real34does it means that my architecture is a 64 bit one and I didn't know about it until now?09:11
DrumrollAlex___: 8.04 being the version of Ubuntu, not anything related to the driver.09:11
Gneareal34: what's the output of this command, please? uname -m09:11
real34(I mean my hardware config)09:11
ahornerSlart: Ah. Do you know anything about it that you could give me a push in the right direction?09:11
Spikemccthanks to understand Drumroll ...09:11
Slartahorner: what are you trying to do? or what do you want to know?09:12
gartralis there any way to make tracker work like the search in Mac OSX and have it combine results from a dictionaray/encyclopedia with the files on the drives?09:12
real34Gnea: x86_6409:12
padd1slart, C++ can be used for gaming09:12
Gneareal34: you have the 64-bit ubuntu installed.09:12
Spikemccj done your sources.list or added medibuntu repositories ?09:12
padd1just a hell of a lot harder09:12
Alex___Drumroll: That's part of why I'm trying to find out if I have the 9.4 drivers or the 9.609:12
real34Gnea: and if it could be installed, then I should have a 64 bit architecture isn't it?09:12
* Slart hands padd1 a cookie.. You're Winner :)09:13
ahornerSlart: I am trying to find a way to drag and drop a file onto a custom launcher on the gnome panels or an icon on the desktop so that it would send the file in a multipart form to a website.09:13
padd1thank U Slart09:13
real34I've always thought my computer was a classic 32 bit one !09:13
jhaven't added medibuntu...is there a list of common sources for buntu's, i know with my old distro, there was a list of common ones i used.09:13
=== kkszysiu is now known as asysrq
padd1Slart: look at the DS homebrew library though, some are OK, all from C++09:13
Spikemccgartral linux isn't mac os X you should check mac4lin project and ask to peoples that uses it to tell you what they uses ...09:13
gartralreal34: most 64 bit procs can run 32 bit code just fine (if not slightly faster)09:13
ThreetimesAlex___: use aticccle: applications>tools>ati blahblah09:13
Slartahorner: it should be possible to do in python... but I don't think it will be a quick evening-job if you're not proficient in python09:14
bloupotloodhi guys09:14
SpikemccAlex___ 9.4 in 9.04 just dream I have tested more than 5 times09:14
bloupotloodIs there a bulk email solution for Ubuntu 9.04? One of the users's needs to send to 26k contacts.09:14
Blizzerand!hi |bloupotlood09:14
ubottubloupotlood: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:14
ahornerSlart: I have time, but if not python, what other language would be an option09:14
Alex___Spikemcc: That's why I wanted to try out compiz with the new 9.6 drivers.09:15
bloupotloodBlizzerand: hey dude :)09:15
Blizzerandbloupotlood : Howdy09:15
gartralbloupotlood: look at xmail, i bileive it is09:15
Threetimescompiz + 9.6 works, i'm using it now.09:15
Alex___Spikemcc: But I can't find out anywhere if my driver got auto-updated or if I'm still on 9.409:15
Slartahorner: it won't be a quick evening-job if you're not proficient in *any* language09:15
bloupotloodgartral: will do, thanks09:15
ProfOakIs there a way to remove certain items from gnome-do that won't go away by themselves?09:15
Spikemccj add medibuntu for dvd reading stuff ...09:15
ThreetimesI just upgraded from 9.4 to 9.6 for the dual monirot support in 9.5.09:15
ahornerSlart: I'm very fluent in php09:15
BlizzerandProfOak : Like ...09:15
jSpikemcc: ok.09:16
Alex___Threetimes: aticcle shows OpenGL version and CCC version, but not the driver version09:16
indusgartral: hello09:16
Slartahorner: I've never worked with php... so you know better than I if it's doable in php09:16
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Threetimeswhat is the "2d driver version" there?09:16
bloupotloodgartral: shes trying Thunderbird at the moment, its freaking out :)09:16
SpikemccAlex___ try envyng it was a pain before but seem to work well now with ubuntu support09:16
Threetimesit should be 8.something09:16
real34thx guys, you made me realized that my processor was a 64-bit one09:16
ProfOakBlizzerand: Sorry I meant gnome-do docket, and the home folder won't go away.09:16
ahornerSlart: The whole upload script is in php, I just need something to get it from the client to the server.09:16
jSlart: what are you trying in php?09:16
Threetimesmine is 8.62.409:16
Alex___Threetimes: 8.60.4009:16
real34:D I really suck! :)09:17
Alex___Threetimes: Ok. then I'll try disabling the driver in hardware drivers and manually installing 9.609:17
bloupotloodAnyone know anything about Mailreactor?09:17
duckwarsI've been looking for about an hour for a good, short, concise way to setup SSL on my apache server to no luck, does anyone happen to know of a good howto?09:17
gartralbloupotlood: you might want to stop that now, and set up a real mail server09:17
Slartahorner, meet 'j'... j: meet 'ahorner'  :)09:17
ThreetimesAlex___: wait one moment...09:17
gartralhi indus, you caught me at bed time09:17
SpikemccAlex___ the highess isn't always the better choose what you need09:17
ThreetimesI have the 9.6 debs here09:18
ahornerj: Hello09:18
indusgartral: heh its afternoon here09:18
bloupotloodgartral: lol, we have a proper mail server here, i think having 26k contacts sent mail from a notebook is unrealistic no? :)09:18
jwhat are you doing with php, upload to server and then what?09:18
gartralindus: its 4:9 here09:18
ahornerSo.. I want to create a script of some kind (maybe set something as a launcher?) that will let me drag a file onto this launcher and send the file as post-data to my php script on my server. What language should I do this in, and has it already been done?09:18
gartralindus: its 4:19 here09:18
ThreetimesAlex___: http://peter-server.homelinux.net/fxglrx/9.6/09:18
SpikemccI liked amarok but songbird suit more my needs now ... but i miss amarok minimizing and keyboards shortcuts ...09:19
ahornerThink.. drag a file from your desktop onto an icon/launcher and it uploads it to imageshack or what not09:19
gartralahorner: sounds llike a job for all encompassing perl09:19
DrumrollAlex___: How old is your computer?09:19
ThreetimesAlexisM: you don't need the 89MB file, only the rest09:19
indusgartral: usa?09:19
BlizzerandProfOak : Let me get clear , you want to get rid of home folder from gnome-do dock right09:19
ahornergartral: how would I go about doing that?09:19
Alex___Drumroll: 2 months. lol09:19
gartralindus: yes09:19
jahorner: i think perl.09:19
ThreetimesAlex___: you don't need the 89MB file, only the rest09:19
SpikemccDrumroll seem recent like less than a year ... too late but good guess09:19
ProfOakBlizzerand yes09:19
gartralahorner: perl... ohh god, the horrors!09:19
xim_is there a lowlevel disk repair program for linux like spinrite?09:20
SpikemccAlex___ take care recent stuff on linux work badly sometimes ...09:20
DrumrollSpikemcc: I always understood, I just think it's stupid to have to downgrade to get your Gcard up and running.  ATI should get its ass in gear as I already said.  It's killing people's abilities to choose Linux as an OS if they can't even properly use their Gcards.09:20
ahornergartral: Isn't perl serverside though?09:21
Spikemccxim_ testdisk or photorec I think09:21
Alex___Drumroll: Mayb that's why they're doing it! ;)09:21
indusahorner: ask in !python09:21
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org09:21
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
gartralahorner: can be server side, client, or colaborated, all depending on how big of a headache you want the day after09:21
Lartza_In what package is gnome-cups-manager?09:22
SpikemccDrumroll that's more the problem with a 6 months release that don't show theirs bugs before the download to make the cd to install it ...09:22
Slart!find gnome-cups-manager09:22
ahornerSo should I do Perl or Python?09:22
ubottuPackage/file gnome-cups-manager does not exist in jaunty09:22
jahorner: read the file read( STDIN... then  $req = HTTP::Request->new(POST => 'http://somesite.com');09:22
Lartza_Slart: :S09:23
xim_thx Spikemcc09:23
Spikemccsomeone know how to handle tv tuners on linux by any chance ? mine work but I need the right software and setup for it ... mplayer tested as /dev/video109:24
Spikemccxim_ > www.lifehacker.com hive 5 of 2-3 months ago that's all09:24
joh yeah, who's go video....i do! thx Spikemcc.09:25
DrumrollAlex___: then you should be working on 9.4, 9.5, or 9.6 I would imagine...  The newer cards have decent support (still not up to nVida levels, but hey, whatcha gonna do?), and should work just fine for most uses...09:25
jyou are making this transition to ubuntu easy.09:25
ahornerOk guys I think #python will help me a bunch.09:25
kosharihelp! alsamixer loads in terminal but after i load a gui (flux) i get snd_ctr_open failed???09:26
Spikemccdoes ubuntu.com as a sources.list maker as www.ubuntu-fr.org ?09:26
Bob_DoleATI has better open-source drivers, so the future is with ATI.. but Nvidia still has better support as a whole, from how I understand things.09:26
SlartSpikemcc: they used to have one.. I don't think it's available any more though09:26
Spikemccif not do one and fast, that is a must-have for beginners !!!09:27
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories09:27
DrumrollSpikemcc: It's mostly older ATI cards suffering from issues.  The newer ones work like a charm for MOST things...  But nVida supports most of their older cards in 9.04 where ATI does not.  So if you have an OLDER ATI, then you're crippled.09:27
losherSpikemcc: tvtime?09:27
Bob_DoleMy Radeon X1600 is a dropped card. It works fine with the open source drivers. My Radeon 9200 SE is a dropped card..it does not work fine.09:28
Spikemcclosher got no signal on tvtime09:28
koshariDrumroll true, nvidia supports right back to the mx2 cards09:28
ThreetimesDrumroll: what is "older"?09:28
losherSpikemcc: xawtv?09:29
Bob_DoleThreetimes, I think the 2xxx series and earlier09:29
SpikemccDrumroll I'm on linux with an Ati for 5 years, I know all of that ...09:29
Bob_DoleBut it might only be the X1xxx series and earlier.09:29
DrumrollThreetimes: http://blogs.computerworld.com/the_ubuntu_and_ati_blues Read that to get some sense of the problem.09:29
Spikemccxawtv on install ...09:29
Threetimeshmmm, I have a HD 2600XT and it works09:29
ThreetimesSo I'm on the edge?09:30
Bob_DoleThreetimes, Check if it is using the open or closed drivers09:30
DrumrollThreetimes: They say that any ATI card more than a year or so old will have issues with the 94 and above drivers made for ANY linux distro.09:30
SpikemccBob_Dole use ubuntu 8.04 LTS for your cards09:30
SpikemccHD2000 and more work on 9.04 that's why09:31
Bob_DoleSpikemcc, It's too slow regardless, if I had a means of OC'ing it about 50mhz, it'd be worth it.09:31
jerknextdoorany idea why i have to restart X to get my trackpad to work in 9.04?09:31
SpikemccBob_Dole an old Ati on 9.04 for 3d is suicide ...09:31
ThreetimesBob_Dole: I'm using the latest drivers from ATi's site09:31
ji need some tools to let me use my ati x1300 to play movies on my tv, ideally i want to control them via ssh or xrdp, is this going to be possible?09:32
Spikemccif you don't use 3d you're ok09:32
ThreetimesI use 3D (compiz)09:32
Threetimesj: if you can control it via a command-line, it'll work trough ssh too09:33
Alex___I can now run java with compiz on and flash works 10x better with compiz on o.O09:33
fromzyhi all09:33
Alex___Threetimes: Did you say that it actually works with dual monitors now?09:34
fromzyI would like to know if on Linux there is a difference like French OS and US OS ?09:34
Threetimesyes, since I upgraded from 9.4 to 9.609:34
fromzyor the difference is only in the GUI and the Keyboard Map ?09:34
Slartfromzy: there are languages, yes09:34
BlizzerandProfOak : Sorry had trouble with power supply . Did you get the problem solved09:34
Threetimesfromzy: the language and localization settings will be different09:34
* Bob_Dole has lots of computers. most running ATI cards.. HD 3850, X1600, 9200SE, 9000.09:34
Alex___Threetimes: The fact that my monitors weren't the same resolution made it impossible before09:35
jerknextdoorcould anyone poing me in the right direction to start trouble shooting why i have to restart X to get my trackpad buttons to work?  I don't see anything in /var/logs/messages /syslog that points to the trackpad.09:35
ThreetimesAlex___: mine are also different resolutions, i can post my xorg.conf if you like09:35
Slartfromzy: not sure what you mean now.. you think the os is translated.. ie help in your language.. menu options and so on09:35
Alex___Threetimes: I believe you =P09:35
Slartfromzy: *I think the os...09:35
ThreetimesAlex___: http://pastebin.com/f4b8d613209:35
ProfOakBlizzeramd: No, but I just think I'm gonna go back to regular gnome-do anyways. I just wanted to try it out.09:35
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fromzySlart : In fact some software on Windows must have an US OS to work properly. Do we have the same case on Linux ?09:36
Blizzerandfromzy : There are labguage packages of Ubuntu but they are DVDs . I've heard they are not updated often or something of that sort09:36
Slartfromzy: oh.. no.. the OS is the same09:36
CosmiChaosfromzy: a system doesnt operate in stupid english or french ;)09:37
allan_hello all09:37
ThreetimesBlizzerand: nope, you can just install them with system>administration>kanguages and they're up-to-date09:37
Threetimesi'm dutch, so i know :D09:37
allan_has anyone running Cod4 on there ubuntu09:37
Alex___=( Screensaver still screws up09:37
fromzySlart : This is what I think so. In fact if I look at /proc/... the metrics have the same name whatever language I use (French, german, US...)09:37
Slartfromzy: yes.. there are apps that rely on them being named the same..09:38
Threetimesyou can even set the language/localisation per-user, so it must be like that09:38
fromzySlart : Thank a lot Slart and have a nice day09:38
Slartfromzy: you too09:38
jerknextdoornone of my additional buttons seem to work on my thinkpad r51 with 9.04 my volume doenst agree with the panel applet..  my trackpad doesnt like it..etc.09:38
allan_Call of Duty 4 1.7 Linux Server Files < does this work for single player too09:39
=== mike is now known as Guest32010
Slartallan_: sounds like it's a multiplayer server09:40
=== Guest32010 is now known as Spikemcc
BlizzerandProfOak : Just drag the unwanted things to the desktop and there you go09:40
BlizzerandThreetimes : No I amm talking about DVD Ubuntu09:40
BlizzerandThreetimes : Here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#dvd09:40
FloodBot1Blizzerand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:40
allan_I dont know09:40
allan_i am just trying to get cod4 working09:40
ProfOakBlizzerand: Oh wow, is my face red... Thanks for that09:40
yellabshello all09:41
ThreetimesBlizzerand: if you have the CD, you can install them the way I mentioned.09:41
Spikemccwelcome ba