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gregh7470hi every1  :)05:32
gregh7470Q: If I install a firewall after I install ubuntuone are there any ports I have to forward?05:33
gregh7470I wanted to install GUFW05:33
elkygregh7470, i dont recall having to open anything specifically for it.08:30
tillGood morning.09:10
aquariushey till09:29
jetienneq. is there a client for ubuntu 8.10 ?10:25
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facundobatistaHi all13:48
statikmoshi moshi13:52
facundobatistastatik, that means "hello" in some language?13:58
statikfacundobatista: an informal japanese greeting13:59
facundobatistastatik, hi then!13:59
statikhi :)14:00
urbanapeMorning, all. Running my father-in-law to the airport. Should be back by standup time.14:01
aquariushola statik14:05
aquariusI thought moshi moshi was what you shouted at huskies to make them pull your sledge faster14:05
statikhey there aquarius. heard about tomboy sync from rodrigo?14:06
statikthat too14:06
aquariusstatik: rodrigo_ said that he has it working but can't get the packages to work on jaunty14:06
aquariusstatik: I'm going to put a video of it in the oscon presentation14:06
statikaquarius: i will be landing a branch today that makes the tomboy notes show up on m.ubuntuone.com all formatted for mobile phones. right now the css looks very iphonelike, but it works fine on android and pre also14:07
aquariusstatik: rawk!14:07
statikreadonly, no edit or search yet but should be *ahem* trivial14:08
aquariuscor, I should have videos of both of those, shouldn't I?14:10
aquariusboth tonboy sync and local tonboy-save-to-couchdb-directly14:10
tillthisfred: ping, when you wake up :)14:10
thisfredtill: I'm awake :)14:10
dobeystatik: moshi is mainly something you'd say on the phone :)14:14
aquariusdobey: aha, I need to talk to you14:14
statiki insist on using it completely incorrectly because i don't know any better14:14
jblountNeat! kenvandine just linked this up on twitterdenti.ca: http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/News/Common-Keyring-KDE-and-GNOME-Combine-Password-Management-Efforts14:14
aquariusdobey: I do believe your complaint about UnknownLoginError is unjustifies because you've parsed it wrong14:14
dobeystatik: it's the american way! :)14:14
dobeyaquarius: how so? it's getting raised for ssl cert validation fail in pycurl14:15
dobeyand presumably for other pycurl errors as well14:15
aquariusdobey: because you're parsing it as an "unknown login" error, i.e., that the login was unknown. It is in fact an unknown "login error", i.e., something unexpected which happened during the login process.14:16
aquariusdobey: took me two days to realise what your complaint meant. :)14:16
dobeyaquarius: no. i'm parsing it as unknown error having to do with login14:16
aquariusdobey: I can see how it could do with being renamed :)14:16
aquariusdobey: then what's wrong with it?14:17
dobeyaquarius: however, that code has absolutley nothing to do with logging in14:17
dobeyall it does is grab the request token afaict14:17
aquariusdobey: ah, the whole process is logging in.14:17
aquariusdobey: according to me it is, anyway. You could call it an UnknownKeyExchangeAndLoginAndEverythingError, I suppose14:17
dobeyand the errors aren't unknown. it does that for any error raised by pycurl :)14:17
aquariusdobey: iyeah, the idea was to catch random stuff that goes wrong under one heading. :)14:18
dobeyin that case, 'GeneralRequestError' would be a better name14:19
dobeybut either way, some of the errors we actually need to deal with in a useful way14:19
dobeylike ssl cert validation failure14:19
aquariusdobey: yeah, if there *is* some useful way to deal with a given error then it ought to be trapped14:19
aquariushow can we usefully deal with that?14:19
dobeywell, knowing *why* it failed and reporting that to the user is more useful than 'unknownloginerror'14:20
dobeybecause there are a bunch of bug reports about 'unknownloginerror' now, and i suspect a few are ssl cert failures, and a few are proxy failures, etc...14:21
aquariusdepends on your point of view, I suppose. You get the actual error from the traceback, no?14:21
aquariusthen definitely I was wrong and wrapping them all up in one error is a bad idea.14:22
aquariusI think it might be a relic of the days when you got libnotify popups when something went wrong.14:22
dobeyi don't know why we don't, as the code implies we should14:23
dobeybut it's probably better to just re-raise the exception we got, since they're all wrapped up in the generic pycurl.error anyway14:23
aquariuswe don't because mpt beat me with a big stick14:23
dobeyfor libnotify, yes14:23
aquariusagreed, yeah, just re-raise. Better, don't even trap it.14:23
dobeywell, it looks like we log it14:24
aquariusthen your tweet complaint was justified. Gave me something to think about while drinking beer one afternoon, anyway ;)14:24
thisfredaquarius: didn't you ask about Ubuntu One on Intrepid? Someone's been trying at least: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+question/7327614:25
aquariusthisfred: I asked because someone in here asked and I was going to let them know14:25
dobeyi think gtk+ is hosed in intrepid14:25
thisfredaquarius: ah, might have been the same person then14:25
aquariusdobey: can't be all that hosed, can it? since, er, applications worked14:26
dobeybut i don't have intrepid anywhere to look at /usr/include/gtk-2.0/ with14:26
dobeyaquarius: well, the header files anyway14:26
dobeyalthough opensuse 11.1 apparently has the same issue14:26
dobeyor maybe the nautilus headers are busted and gtk.h is ok14:28
aquariuscould be. I only do Python :)14:30
aquariusdobey: second question: why is advertisePort.py now in utilities?14:38
aquariusdobey: it shouldn't be.14:38
dobeybecause it's a script that gets run, and not something that gets imported, afaict14:41
dobeyso in my build fixes branch i moved it, because it made the most sense based on that knowledge14:42
statikaquarius: how would you feel about having desktopcouch.records and desktopcouch.contacts in a single python-desktopcouch ubuntu package?14:45
aquariusstatik: fine as a source package. not sure about binary packages; lots of people will want .records without wanting .contacts14:46
aquariusdobey: it does get imported, and also it needs to go onto the desktop. It's not just a thing we run from make start; it manages the startup/port-export process for everyone's desktop couch14:47
statikaquarius: ok. reason i'm asking is because it's a tiny amount of code in .contacts, and it makes the packaging more complicated to split it (not impossible, just can't use the trivial rules file i've been using)14:47
aquariusstatik: ah, if it's that tiny, what the hell14:48
dobeygets imported by what?14:48
rodrigo_aquarius, statik: unfortunately, tomboy syncing isn't working, it's failing on oauth14:48
aquariusdobey: ah, it doesn't get imported, it gets run by d-bus activation14:48
dobeyaquarius: i think it has to be run manually because there is no .service file for it14:49
aquariusdobey: yeah, when I say "it gets run by d-bus activation" I mean "that is the plan"14:49
aquariusdobey: the .service file hasn't been written yet14:49
dobeyaquarius: but if it needs to be installed to the desktop and run by the user via dbus, we should rename it and install it appropriately via setup.py. not as part of the python package :)14:50
statikrodrigo_: is the oauth something we can fix completely on our side, or does it require changes in tomboy?14:50
aquariusdobey: agreed, once we get that far14:50
rodrigo_statik: I am not sure, I've changed some stuff on our side, but keeps failing14:50
rodrigo_statik: I'm waiting for sandy to come back from vacation (today) to ask him14:51
rodrigo_statik: but if you know about oauth, I'd appreciate if you could have a look14:51
statikrodrigo_: sure14:51
rodrigo_statik: let me commit and push my branch14:51
* vds thinks it's me time...15:01
jblountMEETING BEGINS15:01
jblountWelcome to the Ubuntu One desktop+ developers meeting. If you are here for the meeting, please resond with "me", we can try going in order of those repsponses. Format is TODO / DONE / BLOCKED15:01
urbanapeDONE: Pushed a few more feature branches to ubunet for the new files UI.15:02
urbanapeTODO: Finish up sharing popup, and try to reify some notes I made about a new details module for all these popup actions.15:02
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:02
urbanapevds, if you please.15:02
vdsDONE: landed all branches related to funambol-ds, some of code review, started a new branch to fix some ds-server db init, more test on ds-server with mark15:02
vdsTODO: do some15:02
vdsBLOCKED: no15:02
vdsjblount your turn15:02
jblountDONE: Landed a js branch to clear the bug reporting form on focus, worked on delete functionality15:02
jblountTODO: Finish delete branch, start to get /files/new in better shape for public consumption15:02
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:03
jblountteknico: rocknroll15:03
teknicoDONE: discussed the script testing policy with markgsaye, testing scripts in utilities/15:03
teknicoTODO: more testing scripts in utilities/15:03
teknicoBLOCKED: none15:03
tekniconext: statik15:03
statikDONE: Face duty, code reviews, bug triage, a bit of webui hacking.15:03
statikTODO: help rodrigo with tomboy sync, anything aquarius needs for oscon, package lp:bindwood, talk to the platform team about various packages in the pipe.15:03
statikBLCK: none.15:03
statiknext dobey15:03
dobeyDONE: Reviews, Small package fixes, Bug triage,15:03
dobeyTODO: Do pycentral magic for 'make install', #37870715:03
dobeyBLCK: None.15:03
dobeyCardinalFang: Nobody expects it15:04
CardinalFangDONE: More spawning work.  Oh-so-close to finished replacing paste.15:04
CardinalFangTODO: Finish.  Eyeball pairing next steps and answer aq's questions.15:04
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:04
CardinalFangrodrigo_: heya!15:04
rodrigo_DONE: fixed notes views and added basic tests for them. Released couchdb-glib-0.4.2 with REVU fixes and submitted to REVU again. Continued trying to make tomboy syncing work15:04
rodrigo_TODO: fix oauth problem with tomboy. Fix and submit a new evo-couchdb package for REVU15:05
rodrigo_BLOCKED: none15:05
rodrigo_aquarius: your turn15:05
aquariusDONE: holiday, celebrate, it should be so nice; spoke with thisfred about couch packaging; finishing OSCON presentation; talk to dobey about refactoring and UnknownLoginError15:05
aquariusTODO: make videos of various things to demo in OSCON presentation; tidy up last bits of presentation; write demos; fly to OSCON15:05
aquariusBLOCKED: lsof stuff (nearing the point where it's not needed now!)15:05
aquariusand I think I'm last15:05
jblountMEETING ENDS15:06
jblountWell done everyone, I'll take a 6 minute stand up any day.15:06
dobeyaquarius: you are aware that we aren't doing lsof any more in desktopcouch, right?15:06
aquariusdobey: tim's patch has gone in already?15:07
* statik mumbles that proc walking is not any better than lsof15:07
dobeyi didn't say it was better15:07
aquariusok, then my last point should be "proc walking stuff".15:07
thisfredaquarius: dobey statik: I think noone is happy with that code, but since couchdb trunk is a moving target, having it working without a patch that we need to maintain may be worth it for the short run15:08
statikyep, agreed15:08
dobeystatik: btw *thwap* for not using tarmac on desktopcouch15:08
statikerr, yeah15:09
statiki should be using tarmac15:09
dobeyyes, yes you should15:09
dobeyespecially since it automagically preserves thea author :)15:10
dobeyor well, hopefully my other pending branches will land soon and we can get an ec2 thing running tarmac for us15:10
dobeystatik: hrmm, also, i think bug #400746 would probably be better off assigned to one of the syncdaemon guys, since i don't really know that code, and the issues are all syncdaemon performance problems, no?15:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400746 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntu one client takes too long to start" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40074615:13
statikdobey: depends on whether there is a standard trick for doing a deferred startup that you could apply in the packaging or shortcut files so that it doesn't block the session i think. making local scan work faster is something verterok is working on, but i think the main thing that bug report is about is ubuntuone showing up on the bootcharts15:15
statikdobey: can you ask keybuk/pitti if there is anything they recommend?15:15
dobeystatik: we can't do a deferred startup15:16
verterokstatik, dobey: we could avoid starting the syncdaemon if the applet don't connect on startup15:16
dobeyverterok: no we can't. the syncdaemon starting has nothing to do with the applet starting15:16
verterokdobey: who is starting syncdaemon if isn't the applet?15:17
statikdobey: can't do a deferred startup because the nautilus extension is triggering the syncd to start?15:17
dobeyverterok: the syncdaemon is getting started by dbus activation, because nautilus queries it15:17
dobeyie, nautilus needs to know what directory is the Ubuntu One root, and if it is connected or not15:17
dobeyand if there are any current transfers, and what folders are shared15:18
statikdobey: yeah that is sounding like something you can't work around outside of the syncdaemon.15:18
statikverterok: is it possible to make syncdaemon defer the initial local scan and answer those questions for nautilus cheaply without talking to the server?15:19
verterokdobey, statik: we could add new state to syncdaemon, to avoid local rescan, e.g: and start local rescan when "connect" is requested15:20
verterokI'm not sure that's the best solution...15:20
verterokstatik: so, it's possible15:21
statikverterok: yeah, i'm not sure either. this is a serious bug though, it will get us kicked out of the desktop if we can't figure out some way to avoid slowing down startup15:21
statik(by kicked out i mean removed from the default installation)15:22
verterokstatik: I think we could "delay" local rescan execution, e.g: doing a reactor.callLater, but I need to check the side effects of doing that.15:23
statikverterok: thanks! so i agree with dobey that this bug is something that doesn't seem that he can work around on the nautilus side unfortunately15:25
verterokstatik: yes, but if the applet is autostarting it will connect the syncdaemon15:26
dobeythe applet isn't autostarting until you actually sign up and authorize your computer15:27
statik__lucio__: ^ just revisiting our discussion from earlier, it seems that the startup time issues cannot be worked around by postponing startup of syncdaemon15:29
toriq1hi. is this the right channel for support question about ubuntu one?15:30
statikhi toriq1, you are in the right place15:32
verterokstatik, dobey: can't the nautilus extension wait until nautilus is opened to do all this queries to syncdaemon?15:33
dobeyverterok: nautilus is opened on start-up (the desktop is just a nautilus window)15:34
statikverterok: i don't know very much about nautilus but i think it is started in order to draw the desktop15:34
__lucio__statik: verterok: we need to understand the policy here. when syncdaemon starts (starts, not connects) it will re scan the disc and re hash whats changed. we have some fixes that improve the "changed set" detection and we are now working on making local rescan a much faster process15:34
__lucio__if thats not enough, we have to: 1- so local rescan at other moment and delay connecting, 2- despair15:34
statik__lucio__: i'm not sure the technical changes to accomplish this, but we need to find a way that rescan is taken out of the path of session start/bootcharts15:35
dobey__lucio__: i think part of the problem is that it's doing a lot of work when there's really nothing to do.15:35
statika lot of this i'm just learning about as we discuss it here15:35
verterok__lucio__: I think we could delay LR, but I'm trying to understand why nautilus need all the info from syncdaemon if the ~/Ubuntu One folder wasn't opened15:35
verterokdobey: ^15:35
dobey__lucio__: ie, when the user installs a fresh karmic desktop, and they dont' have an account15:35
dobeyverterok: because it doens't know that the ~/Ubuntu One folder is the folder where ubuntu one stuff is kept15:36
dobeyverterok: and at some point when support arbitrary folders, we certainly can't hardcode ~/Ubuntu One as the folder15:36
verterokdobey: that's iin the config file15:36
toriq1is there any way to see what's happening when ubuntu one is synchronizing? (when the ubuntu is icon spinning)..15:37
__lucio__dobey: and what is syncdaemon doing in that case? what do the logs say?15:37
toriq1sometimes it doesn't stop, so I want to know what's happening when it doesn't stop..15:37
verterokdobey: agreed, but at some point it's somewhat far far away :)15:37
verterok__lucio__: it's just starting all the machinery as there isn't anything to scan local rescan isn't doing much15:38
statikshould we have a fast dbus interface and a slow dbus interface? right now the problem is that any query to dbus starts up the syncdaemon who then does a lot of work, is that accurate?15:38
verterokstatik, dobey, __lucio__: we could delay LR startup, but that isn't going to buy much, as the syncdamemon will start and I think that's the big issue15:40
verteroklocal rescan isn't doing anythig15:40
__lucio__if the user doesnt even have an account, then nautilus should skip talking to syncdaemon15:41
__lucio__that would be the fastests way to go around the issue15:41
dobeyhow does nautilus know the user doesn't have an account?15:41
statik__lucio__: the nautilus extension is in C, I think the way it would find out whether the user has an account is by asking the dbus interface right?15:41
dobeystatik: language is irrelevant here15:42
verterokstatik: which dbus interface: syncdaemon, oauthdesktop?15:42
dobeythe syncdaemon doesn't even know if the user has an account, because we don't have a concept of accounts on the desktop15:42
statikright, all we have is a token maybe15:42
dobeywe have an oauth token that may or may not be valid15:42
statiktoriq1: this information is not exposed in the normal UI. you can use sdtool to find out what the syncdaemon is currently doing though, or look at the logs in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/15:44
__lucio__so, how long does it stak syncdaemon to quiese? when it has nothing to do? 0.1 second? 1 second? 10? 30?15:45
statikis there any other information that nautilus needs at startup besides which folders are managed by ubuntuone? maybe we could make an alternative way to discover that info15:45
__lucio__statik: dobey: whats the bugno for this?15:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 400746 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntu one client takes too long to start" [Critical,Confirmed]15:50
dobeyhrmm, so it seems ok when there's no user15:50
dobeyerr, no account15:50
dobeymy log in time wasn't excruciatingly slow15:51
dobeybut this is r88 also, which is not in karmic yet15:52
verterok__lucio__, statik, dobey: it took ~1.5s (real) to start in a clean system (in my 2.0GHz macbook)15:53
statikverterok: yeah, so we still need to find a way to defer startup so that doesn't show up on the bootcharts15:54
statiktrying to get under 10 second boot time a 1.5 second startup is still too much15:55
verterokstatik: we could move more info to the config file, and the nautilus extension could use that15:55
__lucio__verterok: 1.5s? what was it doing????15:55
verterok__lucio__: starting? :p15:55
__lucio__verterok: libsyncdaemon-vm-metadata15:56
verterok__lucio__: there is no metadata! :)15:56
__lucio__verterok: for 1.5s? does syncdaemon make tea while booting and i didnt know about it?15:56
* dobey stabs gnome-power-manager15:56
verterok__lucio__: http://ubuntuone.pastebin.com/m168916ae15:57
statikverterok: so i'm ok with the concept of putting more info in a config file, although i really like the clean interface we would get from asking dbus - when more and more people write code that interacts with syncdaemon i'd rather not have them touching the config file directly if there is an easy way to protect it. but if the config file is an easy win for now maybe we should do that. dobey, what do you think?15:58
__lucio__ok, so: nautilus wont talk to sd unless there is a token. nautilus will get the roots information from somewhere else than (the slow) dbus. someone autostarts syncdaemon one minute after boot15:58
dobeyi don't think moving stuff to a config file is the right way to solve performance issues15:58
dobeyespecially once we want to add a preferences ui15:59
__lucio__verterok: what happens here?\#15:59
__lucio__2009-07-20 11:52:25,612 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.HQ - INFO - HashQueue: _hasher started15:59
__lucio__2009-07-20 11:52:26,405 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.DBus - DEBUG - using the real system bus15:59
dobeyit shouldn't write directly, but tell syncdaemon to set the options15:59
verterok__lucio__: syndaemon get's the session bus15:59
verterok__lucio__: actually, all the dbus exposed objects are created and registered to dbus16:01
dobeyso parsing the config file instead won't help anyway16:01
__lucio__verterok: 1 second of that?16:01
verterok__lucio__:  looks like dbus is the slowest thing in the wild west :p16:02
dobeyat least, not without a lot more complexity16:02
__lucio__verterok: freedesktop is dbus based. how can it boot under 10 sec if just starting one app takes 1?16:02
__lucio__im not buying htat.16:03
verterok__lucio__: look the code, it's just creating s few objects a re registering them to the dbus session16:03
dobeyjust looking at code doesn't tell you which parts are actually the slow spots16:03
dobeyunless it's obviously bad code with obvious slow spots16:04
verterokdobey: just pointing out that it's very simple code16:04
dobeylike spin_disk()16:04
dobeyverterok: sure. dbusObject.get_root() is simple code too, until you realize it starts the syncdaemon and does local rescan, and possibly other things :)16:05
dobeywe need some real profiling, and i have no idea how to profile python16:05
dobeyto me, all python is slow :)16:06
verterokdobey: localrescan takes less than 0.01 seconds16:07
verterok__lucio__: In [8]: timeit.timeit('import dbus; dbus.SessionBus()')16:08
verterokOut[8]: 5.394459009170532216:08
__lucio__verterok: 5 whats?16:08
verterok__lucio__: timeit unit? :/16:08
verterok__lucio__: seconds :p16:09
__lucio__verterok: right, just getting the bus takes 5 seconds and SD boots in 116:10
verterok__lucio__: 10000 executions :p16:10
__lucio__informacion con cuentagotas16:11
verterok__lucio__: I'll run sd with lsprof and get a callgrind file16:11
__lucio__thanks guillo :)16:11
verterok__lucio__: sync.Sync is the main offender regarding startup time :O16:16
__lucio__verterok: elaborate please16:16
verterok__lucio__: is the one that it's created between HQ and DBus16:17
verterok__lucio__: I16:17
__lucio__and please point your dirty fingers at someone elses code :P16:17
verterok__lucio__: I'll profile sync itself to find the hotspots16:17
verterok__lucio__: :)16:17
verterok__lucio__: wihtout starting sync: http://ubuntuone.pastebin.com/m7ebc57cf, staring sync: http://ubuntuone.pastebin.com/m413111ec16:20
__lucio__verterok: ok, 1 second for sync.16:21
__lucio__nice :)16:21
dobeyrodrigo_: we don't need to explicitly include gtk.h for 2.27.x (or 2.26.x) because the libnautilus-extension includes pull it in for us. but i guess in 2.24, they only included what they needed (which i wish everyone would do but upstream is on this kick to make it 'simple')16:32
rodrigo_dobey: isn't that part of the API cleanup for GNOME 3.0? to include only top level headers?16:33
dobeyrodrigo_: i don't know if i would call it 'cleanup', but yes. we weren't including anything directly from gtk+ before this though. the nautilus-location-provider.h and such include <gtk/gtk.h> so we don't need to do it ourselves for 2.26+16:34
dobeyrodrigo_: but 2.24 doesn't have those changes, so we do need to do it ourselves for them16:34
rodrigo_that's what I meant in my comment, that we need to do it also for 2.28/3.016:34
dobeyi think you're confused a bit :)16:35
dobeyalthough for 2.28 or 3.0 we /might/ have to switch to using one nautilus-extension.h or something, if upstream is doing that for nautilus as well16:36
rodrigo_yes, I understand that part, that nautilus-location-provider.h already has it16:36
rodrigo_for 2.2616:36
rodrigo_which is part of the API header cleanup AFAIK16:37
dobeywell, more likely it's because gtkfoo.h complains during compile if you include it instead of gtk.h16:37
dobeythe point though is that we ourselves do not explicitly need to include gtk.h for any reason outside of the fact that nautiuls 2.24 doesn't do it for us16:39
dobeywe could just require nautilus 2.26 for it, but that would be lame16:39
rodrigo_yeah, too lame :)16:43
dobeyevery time vcs-imports updates the couchdb-glib and evolution-couchdb projects, i get a bunch of mail :(16:45
rodrigo_dobey: oh, you're subscribed to it?16:46
dobeyrodrigo_: well, the team is16:46
dobeyand i can't override that it seems :(16:46
rodrigo_yeah, right16:46
dobeyguess i need to file a launchpad bug for that16:47
andresmujicahi is possible to access an ubuntuone folder from a Java application? is there a workaround?16:47
__lucio__andresmujica: a workaround for java?16:48
__lucio__some people say python is such a thing16:48
dobeyandresmujica: the local folder is just a regular folder16:48
dobeyyou can open() it with any language16:48
andresmujicahmm i cannot see it from my java app... let me check16:48
andresmujicaduh. ignore my q.   thanks.16:50
tillOk, time for some comet hackery.18:22
tillDoes anyone in here know how the comet notifications work, in couchdb trunk?18:22
billybigriggerhey all19:27
billybigriggerInstalled: 0.90.3-0ubuntu1 <<<< just installed this, now it won't run from Applications>Internet>Ubuntu One19:28
billybigriggerit starts a process, but never opens any window19:28
dobey0.90.4 was just uploaded to karmic today. it might not be published yet, but please upgrade and try it when it becomes available19:30
dobeyit has a lot of fixes, and should make that work better19:31
billybigriggerooooh ok :P19:32
billybigriggerspeak of the devil, there it is :P19:33
billybigriggeroooh nasty message now :P19:34
dobeyGtkLabel fail19:35
dobeybillybigrigger: hrmm, what does the far right end of that dialog say?19:39
tillAh, there's the man I'm supposed to talk to. :)19:41
tillthisfred: evening19:41
till(in my timezone)19:41
tillthisfred: I'm Till, I'm currently implementing the Akonadi couchdb resource and am wondering how the comet notifications are supposed to work, in trunk.19:41
thisfredtill, in my timezone as well: ponged immediately after your ping, but I guess you missed that, or maybe freenode flaked out ;)19:42
thisfredtill: I'm also still figuring out the _changes stuff myself19:43
thisfredbut for now the idea is that it sends more or less what it used to send to the update notifiers, except there's a feed per db19:43
tillthisfred: aquarius told me to talk to you about it19:44
tillthisfred: so basically i sit in a blocking GET no a per db _changes url?19:44
thisfredtill: yes, if you want the streaming version, which I think we do. So that's kinda bad. I think there will be a per server feed again, since that will be much easier to handle19:45
thisfredbut it's not there yet'19:45
billybigriggerdobey, http://imagebin.ca/view/Zk4O4LZo.html19:46
billybigriggertheres the other half19:46
thisfredtill, you can also just periodically get without streaming=true, and then keep state somewhere to know which events are new19:46
tillthisfred: nah, I think I'll just pop it into a thread and block19:48
tillthisfred: are the urls and formats documented somewhere?19:48
thisfredtill: for the desktop side of things, this is doable of course. On the other side, we'll have thousands of dbs, and things are a little harder...19:49
thisfredtill I'l try and see if I can dig up some links for you19:49
tillI'm over here in happy desktop/devices land, where things are easy. :)19:49
billybigriggerdobey, should i file a bug?19:52
dobeybillybigrigger: for the size of the dialog, or for the failure to launch your browser which seems to be configured to run "" ?19:54
thisfredtill, actually there is a patch for a global _changes already proposed I now see. The mailing lists are just too high traffic to keep up.19:54
dobeymaybe i should just make the code do a gconftool-2 --unset on some keys19:55
thisfredtill, can't really find anything good on the web, but I can point you to this discussion, which has all the current features somewhat explained: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/couchdb-dev/200907.mbox/<214c385b0907060550y5e43887em8ca16cdd31d06c7a@mail.gmail.com>19:59
thisfredtill, the url is always server:host/dbname/_changes20:00
tillCool, thanks.20:00
thisfreda running one you can look at is chris anderson's blog: http://jchrisa.net/drl/_changes ;)20:01
tillWell, I've got a local trunk checkout running, hopefully I can trigger it there.20:02
billybigriggerdobey, i have a similar problem with thunderbird, trying to open links it doesn't want to open my browser20:08
billybigriggerbut i have my browser set in preferred apps20:08
thisfredtill, ok, good luck, the #couchdb channel is pretty friendly when anyone's awake, and let me know what you run into. I'm sorry I'm not of more help yet, but I'll be diving into _changes soon myself, if all goes well, and this mountain of other stuff magically evaporates as I expect it to ;)20:10
tillthisfred: works fine, so far20:11
dobeybillybigrigger: "gconftool-2 -g /desktop/gnome/applications/browser/exec" says what?20:11
tillthisfred: I'm getting notificatinos from my own changes20:11
tillthisfred: seems pretty straight forward20:11
thisfredtill, cool20:11
billybigriggerdobey, chromium-browser, which is wrong, should be firefox-3.620:11
dobeybillybigrigger: and if you change it, does it then work?20:12
billybigriggeryes it does20:12
billybigriggermust have lost config somewhere20:12
tillthisfred: do you guys have something server side yet that I can play with, btw?20:12
dobeybillybigrigger: you aren't the only one to have had this issue20:12
tillthisfred: I'm just curious, don't need it for my akonadi work, atm.20:12
billybigriggerdobey, hmm ok20:12
dobeybillybigrigger: i don't think it's lost config, so much as just horrible usability and complexity20:13
billybigriggerwell i remember setting it only a few days ago20:13
billybigriggeroh well, u1 is working :P20:13
thisfredtill: another very exciting development in trunk is the _changes filters implemented today by chris anderson. They allow you to filter out changes you're not interested in with a little JS, and seem pretty flexible/powerful.20:16
thisfredtill: look in /share/www/script/test/changes.js for examples of usage20:17
thisfredtill, oh missed your question: we may have soon, but not yet. I think someone was working on notes.20:19
tillthisfred: notes would be interesting to play with, we're currently re-doing notes in KDE completely.20:19
thisfredtill, I think rodrigo_  and/or statik would know a little more about that. Hopefully. Or I've just done an aquarius... ;)20:20
tillI'll just hang around. :)20:21
tillMy boys don't let me code much, these days, so hanging around is good use of my time, I reckon. ;)20:21
thisfredtill mostly for the server and the desktop to interact, we need oauth in couch working, which is what I'm supposed to be testing now20:21
tillAh, indeed.20:22
thisfredexcept that it's 9:30 almost, and I haven't had dinner yet, so first that.20:22
thisfredlater all!20:22
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