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walzmynIs there a way to make a particular window not do the Alt+LeftClick to move thing? I'm running a game via wine and that's becomeing an issue00:56
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AceBlade159anybody know what changed between 8.10 and 9.04 pertaining to SATA HDD Detection?02:20
ubuntuhey guys just thought  id come and brag02:31
ubuntujust broke past my schools internet system02:31
ubuntubtw the internet system is handled by a whindows server02:33
ubuntudoes #xubuntu liek?02:33
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R1cochetim trying to connect an xbox controller and get cant enumerate device. what can i do to fix this issue?03:49
R1cochetxbox vanilla wired03:51
viddevery time i log out and back in, my screen resolution changes back to the best possible resolution (which i can read cuzz of poor eyesight) how do I make my resolution setting permanant (without checking the stupid "save session" option)?04:35
R1cochetdont think u can05:06
BB82hey I need a hand with a few questions, I'm wondering what people use to browse their samba shares witn in XFCE?06:17
BB82seems like the community is torn on this one and there's no easy answer06:18
BBr82Hi, what do people use to browse samba shares with in XFCE?06:23
BBr82is that a GUI?06:25
chriszf_Hey all. Anyone around?06:26
chriszf_I just upgraded to the latest xubuntu,06:26
chriszf_and now my quit menu seems to be... wrong.06:26
chriszf_All I have is 'log out'. i don't get the suspend/hibernate/shutdown menu anymore.06:27
BBr82_Pete_, i read that XFCE can't browse with smbclient.... it's Gnome or KDE that can06:27
durtbeen a while since I've used samba, but I used to use linneighbourhood.06:35
ocs_hi. I have an init script which must export an environment variable MY_VAR . Unfortunately, with a normal user i CAN export it, but with root I CAN'T; what can I do ? thanks09:00
ocs_cd #bash09:04
ocs_join #bash09:04
blaamannWhen xfce is launching two instances of Pidgin starts up on my father's box. Where do I configure what to start up or not?09:47
ablomenblaamann, it might be in settings manager=>autostarted apps, or in the pidgin config itself09:49
blaamannablomen: It is not in autostarts, let me have a look in Pidgin.09:50
blaamannStill it is weird that two instances starts09:50
ablomenoh and you can also try the .config/xfce4-session/ folder, there is a .rc file there and there might be .desktop files too09:52
blaamannNothing in Pidgin. Let me try .config09:53
homebrewciderhey all, I'm trying to print to cd. I have (as advised) set up a 2nd printer for this purpose. I have cd set as the media, I have cd tray set as the source, I have this 2nd printer set as the printer for the job but all the jobs fail, can anyone help please?10:36
SiDihomebrewcider: try in #ubuntu too, it's the same app10:42
homebrewciderdone that before no luck10:42
blaamannI edited/removed some lines in ~./cache/sessions/xfce4-session-my-desktop:0 in order to avoid two instances of Pidgin to start at each log in.10:53
ablomenok, and did it work?10:54
blaamannablomen: Yes it did :-)11:01
confusious54 people in the room,huh ?  Wow ! We're cookin' now  ! Okay...that's enough tom-foolery for now.So,how is everybody this fine morning ? Deadicated {fairly newb}Xununtu user here from Bishop,California.{If anybody knows where that is anyway}Okay...let's begin.Hopefully this won't take too long.'Cuz,MAN,do I HAVE TO het some sleep ! Issue #1 of 2 {so far} this morn....11:11
confusiousTrying to drag & drop files from desktop to desktop folder, [desktop is waaaaaaaay too crowded at this point]the files do indeed show up within the folder.But,the files are not being removed from the desktop.In order for that to happen,I must go back &right click on each & every single file & click on "delete".Why,why,why ??? I just don't understand.I remember that with "Microshit' errrrrr Microsoft Windows,all I had to do w11:12
knomeconfusious, shift+drag11:13
techiehehe, you even have to do that with windows =p11:13
confusiousReally knome ?? Alright !! Hey,good to see you again ! Thank.I'll give thgat a try11:15
knomeconfusious, good to see you too :)11:15
techie... you seem to be on here alot knome11:15
knometechie, that's because i am ;)11:16
techiehrrm, almost like a bot...11:16
knomeit's holiday so i can be even more here if i feel like11:16
techieprint hello world?11:16
knometechie, you should try ubottu for automatic answers ;)11:16
confusiousHey,hey ! That works.But,no I didn't have to do that with wins.............11:16
knomeconfusious, what was the other problem?11:17
confusiousmaybe though that was because I was running 98 ?11:17
techieconfusious, from desktop maybe but when moving anything across drives yes you do11:17
confusiousOther problem..............11:17
techiefire away11:17
knomeconfusious, maybe, 98 is not built on the same standards than the os's now, for example xp/vista or xubuntu 8.10/9.0411:17
knome(more like "with the same standards" maybe)11:18
techie... you call vista an OS???11:18
confusiousI would like to be able to talk to somme people online oncein awhile in chat...You know...like my 69 year old mother but..........11:18
confusiousit seems that I don't have pidgin set up just right yet................11:18
knomeapparently it can run some software and even muilti-task (with a high-spec pc), so...11:19
techiewhich instant messenger were you wanting to use pidgin for?11:19
confusiousevery single person in my buddy list seems to ALWAYS  be "offline"11:19
confusioushow can that be ?11:19
techiewhich instant messenger were you wanting to use pidgin for?11:19
confusiousgood one Techie ! That made me chuuckle11:20
techieim being serious11:20
techiepidgin supports too many protocols which makes it more annoying to set up11:20
confusiousWell,I thought Pdg was for multiple so I set up accts at msn yahoo & ??11:21
knomeconfusious, aim, icq, irc...11:21
techiebut it just complicates things having one thing multitask11:21
techiefor msn you can use aMSN11:21
confusiousThat is certainly true sometimes Tech11:22
techiewhich will make life a ton easier11:22
confusiousaMSN ?11:22
knometechie, personally i like pidgin. it's interface is much better looking than amsn's11:22
confusiouswhat do you mean by "a"MSN ?11:22
techieknome, that a debate on preference though, not ease of set up11:22
knomeconfusious, amsn is an application11:22
techie"aMSN" is a linux MSN messenger alternative11:23
knometechie, i personally also find pidgin easy to set up, actually11:23
confusiousHmmmmmm maybe I should read Pdgin's faq's ??11:23
knometechie, the only "problem" is that you have to know *what* you are setting up11:23
techietoo true knome11:23
knometechie, but that's hardly a problem for somebosy like me who is this much at irc11:23
techiesame here11:24
confusiousso just because I have an email addy at hotmail I'm not lready set up at pidgin for IM'ing ?11:24
techieyes you are11:25
techiepidgin will handle the MSN protocol11:25
confusioushmmmmmmm wonder wy evreybody is always offline to me then ?11:25
techiecould be a possible error in the setup, bad network or even that everyone is simply offline11:26
confusiouswith pidgin I'm using all the diff IMing services at same time right ?11:26
techieyes and no11:26
confusiousVery well could be Tech.I'm kind of a lonely guy & don't really have too many friends ya know ?11:26
confusiousheh heh11:26
confusioushmmmmm yes & no ?11:27
techiewith pidgin you are able to connect to various different network protocols11:27
techiebut msn still only talks to other msn users11:27
confusiouspretend I'm writing email at hot mail & one friend signs in at yahoo...pidgin would tell me right ?11:28
knomeconfusious, yes, but you have to have a yahoo account as well11:28
confusiousYes,I do..............11:28
techieyes, hotmail and yahoo are linked11:28
knometechie, are they?11:28
techiethey linked over a year ago i thik11:29
knomeconfusious, to make it clear: as long as you add all of your accounts to pidgin, yes, you will get notifications from all of your friends from different networks.11:29
confusiousI think I need to go read on Pidgin's http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Using%20Pidgin      huh ?11:29
knomeconfusious, and you can reply to everybody.11:29
knomeconfusious, that might be a good starting point11:30
confusiousDig it.Thanks,Knome11:30
confusiousThink I'd better go to bed now before the ol' woman has a tizzy fit....................11:30
techiei over complicate things.... maybe spending half a year in #pclinuxos changed me11:31
knomeconfusious, good night :)11:31
confusiousShe gets REALLY cranky when I'm on her.Especially alot or like,say,all night ! heh heh11:31
techienight dude11:31
confusiouswhich I do alot on my days off.You see,I want to be a "Techie" too11:32
confusiousBefore I go though...........11:32
techielol, i earnt my ttle today at school11:32
knomeconfusious, the last time i helped you it was 6:30am when we finished ;)11:32
techiei completely bypassed the schools internet server11:32
confusiouswhere is everybody ?? Knome,were you the guy fromFinland ?11:32
knomeconfusious, yep. it's 1pm here, so i've just woken up :D11:33
techie10:32Pm here... NZ FTW!!!11:33
confusiousyour"ttle" ?? you mean "title " ?11:33
techieim using a cheap ass keyboard while i setup a new OS on my main pc11:33
confusiousWow.Bit of a late riser are we? heh heh11:33
techieso im aloud to make typos11:33
knomeconfusious, well if you go to sleep 5am...11:34
confusiousahhhaaaaaaa I see11:34
confusiousSo wher's ol Techie from ?11:34
confusiousUhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh running low on ciggies11:34
confusiousHuhhhhhhhhhh ?>?? Where the heck is that ??????????11:35
techieit means New Zealand11:35
confusiouswowThough I was at least e "decent" gographer heh heh11:35
confusiousHad a kind of a good friend fromn New Zea...........11:36
knomeconfusious, cut down on the h's please ;)11:36
knomeconfusious, and .'s11:36
confusiousGrate Musician11:36
confusioush's ?11:36
knomeconfusious, i see a lot of letters "h"11:36
techie"Uhhhhhhhh" "ohhhhhhhhhh" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"11:37
confusiousIs that considereed bad online etiuette ?11:37
confusiousoops think I spelled that wrong11:37
knomeyeah. and it's make the text hard to read/follow11:37
confusiousKind of always considered myself a decent speller.So,that's kind of embarrressing.How do you "galrigh guys......gonna say goodnight for now & go study up on "online etiquette" too ha ha11:39
confusiousoops......"get around"11:39
knomegood night :)11:40
* techie waves11:40
confusiousgn & thanks alot everybody11:40
techiemy god its taken about an hour to format this hard drive11:41
techiethanks god im used to using a CLI11:48
techiejust opened about 10 pakcage managers11:49
techiehad to use tty1 to kill them all11:49
techieomg this machine is still formatting11:51
techieit shouldnt take this long to format 113gig into ntfs11:51
knomeinto ntfs? well...11:53
knomeit might take.11:53
techieyay it finished11:53
techieknow anyone with an ssh server that i would be able to get a login for, for ssh tunnel purposes?11:55
techieOMG i think my windows XP ISO has cone bad12:01
techiei cant really be bothered at the moment12:02
techiescrewit im installing xubuntu12:02
techienot permanently though12:04
techieima switch machines now that i have a livecd booted12:07
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hatake_kakashiyou know you can't resist :D12:08
Techieheya hatake12:09
Techiehows things going?12:09
hatake_kakashisuppose its been somewhat ok, yourself?12:09
Techieim happy12:09
Techieif you look back on the logs12:09
Techieyou might notice that i got past the school server today12:09
Techiebout 9 hours ago roughly12:11
hatake_kakashiheh I'm looking through the buffer, you briefly explained it :)12:11
Techiethe admin wants to do me in for running linux off of a live usb when the system was down12:13
Techiesays its against the computer use agreement12:13
hatake_kakashitell him its not your fault if he left the door wide open :)12:14
Techiethats the least of his problems12:15
Techiei can cause chaos no matter what OS im using12:15
hatake_kakashiso he had his hands full12:15
Techiei already have the admin passwords12:15
hatake_kakashibeen there did that :)12:15
Techiehrmm, wonder if i can get my ATI radeon working in linux again12:16
hatake_kakashivia fglrx :D12:17
Techiei never could get that working properly in PClinuxOS12:17
Techiewhich was a pity because i realy wanted to use compiz12:17
hatake_kakashiwell older cards might, newer cards, depends12:18
Techieoh man this is gonna suck12:18
Techiei just realised im gonna have to work out how to play the sound thats coming in from line in12:19
ablomenarnt ati drivers foss nowadays?12:19
Techienot sure12:19
hatake_kakashiwell no there's both12:19
Techienewer ones will be open12:19
hatake_kakashilike nvidia, but open source isn't that great and I hear on ati its worse12:19
Techiebut not sure about the older ones12:20
Techieati had absolutely no open source untill they got bought out by AMD12:20
ablomenhatake_kakashi, thats just free as in beer, im sure iv read amd wanting to foss the drivers12:20
hatake_kakashiI know with nvidia there is nv and nvidia, nv being open source and nvidia being proprietary. ati I think something and fglrx12:20
hatake_kakashiI hope they will make that happen, so far its been all smoke and mirrors from what I have heard from the rest12:21
Techieheres some advise, if your ever purchasing hardware for a linux box, DONT GET ATI12:21
Techieooh almost installed12:22
Techieill be right back12:22
hatake_kakashiand don't get one with broadcrap chipsets12:23
hatake_kakashii.e. broadcom12:24
th0rhatake_kakashi: my broadcom chip worked out of the box, it was the atheros usb wifi that gave me fits12:24
hatake_kakashith0r, atheros does in some way support the linux community more than broadcom12:25
th0rhatake_kakashi: although I have to admit that the latest kernel killed the broadcom wifi and left the atheros alone12:25
hatake_kakashithough yeah I must admit that there are some atheros that are still gray patches12:25
techiehehe 2.8ghz 1.5gig RAM and Xubuntu... ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM12:26
ablomenintel+nividia==good support :)12:26
th0rhatake_kakashi: I finally had to resort to ndiswrapper to get the atheros to work12:26
hatake_kakashi2.6 C2D + 4GB  and xubuntu :D12:26
techieoooh, DDR2 im guessing\12:26
hatake_kakashith0r, its not ar5007ug is it?12:26
hatake_kakashitechie, yeah :)12:26
techie*sigh* DDR33312:27
th0rdon't recall offhand....would have to look it up again. But have an appointment so have to run....ttfn12:27
hatake_kakashistill, its nice that I have one of the most powerful boxen running xubuntu :P and linux even12:27
hatake_kakashiablomen, intel and nvidia are a bit of a worrying combo, intel doesn't like nvidia stepping on their turf12:28
techiei might be in luck for my compiz support12:28
techietheres ATI drivers int he repos12:28
techiein the*12:29
hatake_kakashiyeah there should :)12:29
ablomenhatake_kakashi, well with nvidia i mean just the graphics, not nvidia chipset12:29
hatake_kakashijust like nvidia's proprietary drivers12:29
ablomenthough these work good on linux too12:29
hatake_kakashiablomen, heard of the story behind nvidia ion? intel was fuming12:29
hatake_kakashinvidia chipset I wouldn't recommend, it has its own issues12:29
ablomenhmm after about.. 2005, i'v always had good drivers for nvidia chipsets12:30
hatake_kakashiotoh they were at that time lacking linux support, such as nforce4 and ethernet... driver became forcedeth which was some reverse engineered driver12:31
viddhow do you permanently choose not the best resolution?13:53
NitrousoxideHello everyone, i need help, i installed xubuntu over ubuntu server using sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop13:58
Nitrousoxideand im not getting any network connectivity13:58
Nitrousoxidecan someone point me to a driver page?13:58
NitrousoxideNo, Ok13:59
SiDiNitrousoxide: click on the network manager icon and click on the networks you want to connect to13:59
SiDiand make sure you didnt toggle your network shutdown button if it's a laptop (usually on the front / side of the laptop)13:59
SiDinetwork is EXACTLY the same in ubuntu and xubuntu14:00
viddSiDi, how do you permanently choose not the best resolution?14:00
SiDividd: you mean force screen resolution ?14:03
SiDiI use nvidia-settings but its probably different with ati / intel14:03
viddits a shown setting14:04
viddbut the pc picks 12-something instead of 1024x76814:05
NitrousoxideSiDi: SOrry, it doesnt pick the card up14:06
ablomenvidd, edit xorg.conf (thats what nvidia-settings does too)14:06
NitrousoxideDiDi: it used to work in ubuntu server 9.4 untill i installed xubuntu, then it broke it14:06
viddablomen, there is no xorg.conf anymore14:08
ablomenvidd, there is, or should be, xorg should still read xorg.conf before doing things on the fly14:08
ablomenor that changed in the last version of xorg14:09
ablomenso if it doesnt exists you can create it14:09
ablomenyou should only have to make a screen section with a display subsection and a default depth14:12
viddi SHOULD be able to just go into the display settings tool, pick my resolution, and it stick14:15
ablomenhehe yeah true14:15
viddsomeone told me how to do it b4...months ago, and i cant remember14:16
viddand what ever happened to the auto-started applications configuration tool?!?14:17
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LoOp_Jralguien habla español ?16:48
* SiDi does16:52
viddSiDi, do you by chance know how to make your resolution settings permanent without mucking around with xorg?16:56
viddi want it set per user...not global16:57
SiDividd: i dont16:58
* forces también habla español16:59
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat17:01
viddknome, you by chance know the answer to my question?17:01
knomevidd, not really17:01
viddany idea why it no longer works?17:02
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mikubuntuanybody know why i would be getting these funny symbols on my screen where it should be reading something else?20:02
viddone moment please20:03
viddthose "funy symbols" are for typeset (fonts) your browser cannot display properly20:04
viddhave you made any changes recently on your system?20:06
mikubuntui don't think so20:06
viddhave you had this problem b4?20:07
mikubuntuupdates, normal stuff20:07
mikubuntuno, never had this20:07
viddupdates....any kernel updates or firefox updates?20:07
mikubuntuwell, i didn't notice firefox or kernel updates since 3 am when i fell asleep to now20:08
viddi would first restart firefox....20:09
viddalso, do you do do yahoo clasic or the new crap?20:09
mikubuntuclassic.  new yahoo sucks20:10
viddhehe....i hear ya20:10
vinnlvidd, you don't like new stuff, don't you? :P20:11
viddrisistance is NOT futile!20:11
viddmikubuntu, is it just that peice of spam? or is it on all web pages?20:13
viddhrm...all my yahoo spam is displayed properly....20:14
viddso it must be the fonts on your system20:14
viddhave you rebooted your system?20:14
mikubuntuno, have not rebootd20:14
mikubuntui'm escared to20:15
viddwhy so?20:15
mikubuntubeen on chat channels a lot, freenode support channels, isit possible anyone might have attackd my system20:16
vidddid you set yopur password to something stupid like "god" or "password"?20:16
mikubuntunot that bad20:16
mikubuntubut i never feel 'good enough' about passwords, you know20:17
vinnlThen to what did you set it? (Just kidding :P)20:17
viddmikubuntu, word of advise about passwords....20:17
vidd8-10 characters....20:17
mikubuntuyes, yes?20:17
mikubuntumine is nine20:18
vinnlCapital letters, special signs, numbers, etc.20:18
viddat least 2 numbers, at least 2 caps, and 2 lower-case20:18
mikubuntuhas all those20:18
mikubuntuwell, not two caps it dont20:18
viddthen your password is 400% better then mine =]20:18
vidddo you have an ssh server, web server, ftp server, telnet server, or any other world-accessable servers running on your system?20:19
mikubuntulemme run let the dog out.  you think he could have something to do with it?  i don't trust ANYBODY.20:19
viddfor the most part, you practically have to INVITE someone to hack your system20:20
vinnlAlso, don't use the same password for everything. You might want to append the last two letters of the thing you're signing in to to your password just to make it different. That way, they can't automatically break into your other stuff :)20:20
viddavoid flamer, and let IRC Trolls alone20:21
viddscript kiddies are annoying but pretty impotent against basic linux security20:22
viddbut your issue is (90% certain) a fubar'd font20:22
viddmikubuntu, you back yet?20:27
mikubuntuya, back20:33
mikubuntuthe dog is a resource hog20:34
viddclick the "view" on your firefox.....20:34
mikubuntuview (source?)20:34
viddwhat is "encoding" set to?20:34
mikubuntuunicode utf 820:35
mikubuntuauto decode (off)20:36
viddsounds like a reboot is in order20:36
mikubuntuk, brb20:36
vidddo other sites have this issue? or just your yahoo mail?20:36
mikubuntuwhen i woke up, i had several tabs not rendering any type, including my server admin for my website20:37
mikubuntucomputer has been on for at least 4 days20:37
viddok...so then in all likelihood, you have new fonts that need to be properly initialized20:38
viddjust log out of X and log back in.......20:38
viddor reboot20:38
mikubuntucontrol alt del ?20:38
viddno...not ctrl+alt+del20:39
mikubuntushift alt backspace?20:40
viddthe version lets me know if you need to do ctrl+alt+bcksp or alt+SysRq+k20:40
viddheh....he found it =]20:41
viddgee....applications->logout->logout works too....dont it?20:42
vinnlSuppose so20:42
mikubuntuam i back?20:45
vinnlYep :)20:46
mikubuntuk, i was on chatzilla b4, now xchat20:46
mikubuntuhow do i get user list up in xchat?20:46
vinnlIt should be on the right-hand side20:47
vinnlAlso nothing you can drag out?20:50
mikubuntuoh, i see, theres a little friend icon and you have to click to get it out.  i like czilla better i think20:50
vinnlAh, you might have installed Xchat-GNOME20:50
vinnlThough I'm not a fan of Xchat either20:50
mikubuntuvidd, fonts are back20:51
mikubuntuproblem must have been 'what you said'20:51
viddthe "four hours of updating b4 i fell asleep" was the real clue20:55
viddat least that was what i translated what ya said into20:56
viddwell....i have to attend a training session for work20:56
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!21:01
knome!hi | vinnl21:01
ubottuvinnl: please see above21:01
Jmnsso, what's everybody media player of choice?21:02
knomeJmns, i use listen as it's the xubuntu default21:02
vinnlMine is gmpc, but it's not quit easy to setup21:03
vinnlUsing Banshee at the moment, and I like Rhythmbox as well21:03
knomevinnl, that's a frontend to mpd?21:03
vinnlknome, yep, and a good one at that :)21:03
knomevinnl, as you're browsing through my articles, you'll find an interesting article then :)21:04
vinnlknome, cool :)21:04
knomepartly ontopic: np: album In Absentia by Porcupine Tree21:05
JmnsI find Exaile to be an awesome media player21:06
vinnlExaile was quite good too, don't know why I stopped using that at a certain moment21:06
mikubuntui like vlc21:06
vinnlI just got a notice of their latest blog post that a new alpha has been released :)21:06
knomemikubuntu, it's not that good at collection handling21:06
mikubuntui don't use it a lot, watching videos is a luxury i can't afford too much of21:07
Jmnsvlc it's like for single files, I can't see myself browsing thru a whole library of files with it21:07
knomemikubuntu, with a record collection of 550+ titles i can't think i'd enjoy using vlc as my main media player21:07
JmnsI guess I didn't made myself clear, I mean music media player21:08
mikubuntubut, i had this one courthouse video that i couldn't get to play with any other player and vlc handled it21:08
knometitles as records ;)21:08
knomenot tracks21:08
Jmnsthats ocd knome21:08
mikubuntugotta run guys, work is calling21:08
Jmnsobsesive compulsive disorder XD21:09
Jmnsfor videos I love SMPlayer21:09
knomeJmns, not really, it's more like a hobby21:09
knomeJmns, i don't love the cd's, i love the music21:09
knomebut still i don't have to listen to the music all the time21:09
knomethough seeing the cd's makes me feel calm..21:10
Jmnsonce again... ocd21:10
vinnlI *do* have to listen to music *all* the time21:12
JmnsI can't listen to certain music while typing something that requires an amount of focus21:12
Jmnsit has to be instrumental music21:12
knomei do listen to music whenever i sit on my computer (that's a lot of hours per day), but still haven't got an mp3 player and not going to have one21:12
Jmnsor songs that I don't know the lyrics21:13
Jmnsotherwise I'll start to singalong21:13
knomeJmns, depends... you can listen to some rhytmic music21:13
vinnlJmns, I always sing along, I must look like a retard :P21:13
knomevinnl, :D21:13
vinnlSo yeah, I also need that sometimes :P21:13
JmnsI do!, i always singalong...21:14
vinnlWell, in the train I can often restrain myself... Though I do move my lips to the words xD21:14
Jmnsit gets ridiculous while I'm driving21:15
knomei often play the air guitar and hum to the melodies21:15
Jmnsone time a couple of chick started to singalong with me at a red light I guess I looked so into the song I got them inspired21:15
knomethat must sound/look weird21:16
JmnsI play drum the steering wheel21:16
vinnlknome, me too :)21:16
knomeoh, i also play the air drums21:16
vinnlJmns, I can't wait until I've got my driver's license :)21:16
vinnlknome, I21:16
knome(and now and then beat my monitors)21:16
vinnlI even dance to m stuff :P21:16
knomevinnl, me too :P21:16
knomevinnl, *sit* and dance21:16
knomethat must look ridiculous21:16
vinnlI'm now playing Slam by Pendulum, I don't know if you've seen the clip, but I do it like that :P21:17
vinnlOnly without the belly xD21:17
knomehaven't seen21:17
Jmnsfat guy dancing21:17
* knome looks21:17
knomevinnl, zomg21:18
knomethat looks like me21:18
knomedon't like the music though21:18
vinnlI didn't at first too21:18
vinnlBut then half my social circle got into this type of music and then I found this song available for Frets on Fire and now I like it :P21:19
Jmnspendulum rocks21:19
knomevinnl, ehm :)21:19
JmnsI got so much into dnb and jungle when I was younger21:20
knomemy taste of music is such that any of my friends understand *all* of it21:20
vinnlMy taste of music is more varied than anybody's21:21
knomethat sounds like a challenge21:21
JmnsI'm glad my friends don't like the type of music I listen to21:22
JmnsI'm the type of person that's very anal about listening my music all over, I want it to be just mine!!!21:22
knomevinnl, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fqoZKyQhXc21:22
vinnlOh I'd love it if more of my friends shared my musical taste21:22
knomeJmns, haha21:22
knomeJmns, i'm happy if i'm the one that has "found" a band, but i don't need to think the band's mine21:23
vinnlknome, yeah that especially :)21:24
vinnl<3 White Light Riot21:24
knomenever heard ;)21:24
vinnlThey're very much unknown but quite good :)21:24
knome<3 Evpatoria Report21:24
JmnsI do feel that way, I occasionally share my good bands21:24
knomeit's also nice when you can say that you only like album X from the so-known band and justify why you don't like the other albums to the people who are HC fans of band X21:26
jadez03lol, Jmns, I was reading down and I read your earlier message as "I'm the type of person that's very open to anal"21:26
knome!language | jadez0321:27
ubottujadez03: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:27
vinnlknome, oh, we're playing by the rules now? Then we better move to #xubuntu-offtopic :)21:27
knomevinnl, !language is more important than !offtopic anytime, imho !offtopic only is valid when somebody wants help21:27
Jmnsthis ^21:28
Jmnsas long as nobody is asking for help, one can go offtopic21:28
knomevinnl, and also i think that sometimes people chatting might get those shy people asking their question21:28
vinnlGood point21:28
knomevinnl, it's not like we captured this channel ;)21:29
vinnlnp: Marvina Reynolds - Little Boxes... So yeah, my musical taste is varied :P21:30
JmnsCujo - Cat People21:31
knomevinnl, you should hear the album by suburban sax, which has 3 tracks, playtime of 56:24 and basically consists of two guys playing saxofones21:31
jadez03apologies, didn't mean anything graphic21:31
jadez03just amused me21:31
vinnlNot a big fan of saxophones...21:31
knomejadez03, no problem, but just to keep the channel family-friendly in future also (things tend to build up very easily...)21:32
knomevinnl, ;)21:32
knomevinnl, but that music is just crazy.21:32
Jmnsit's called saxamaphone knom, not saxofone21:32
knomedoesn't sound like traditional sax playing ;)21:32
vinnlYeah I would've checked them out already normally, except I'm on a USB drive and can't really download anything big. And of course I'd want to properly buy it, obviously ;-)21:33
knomevinnl, well it's a *really* rare album21:33
knomevinnl, even i had trouble finding it :P21:34
vinnlHmm, how then am I going to hear it? :P21:34
knomei might be able to get some *cough* samples online21:35
pteaguewhat's a good video capture program?21:44
vinnlpteague, recordmydesktop-gtk21:45
pteaguewhat about from a video input source... i.e. pulling video off a camcorder21:45
vinnlAh, ehm, wait, I knew one...21:46
vinnlNot sure if it's the one, but you might look into avidemux21:48
vinnlOtherwise perhaps Kino or Cinelerra21:48
vinnlAh, Kino's the one I thnk :)21:49
pteaguek, ty... i'll look those up :)21:49
SimetricalMy weather applet has been saying "Cannot update weather data" for days now.  Any ideas on how to fix that?23:39

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