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bcurtiswxhey, anyone here?02:48
bcurtiswxsee how the notify bubble goes blurry.. i have desktop effects off02:48
ryanpriorbcurtiswx: that is strange. Mine doesn't do that. Any idea what makes it reproducible?02:59
bcurtiswxryanprior: appears only to be if desktop effects are turned off, karmic fully updated02:59
bcurtiswxsomeone in -bugs said it may be with some blur-cache that was changed in todays updates02:59
bcurtiswxdoesn't appear (right now) to be intel chip specific03:02
ryanpriorI'm on fully-updated no-desktop-effects Jaunty03:02
ryanpriorand I don't see it03:02
ryanpriorso I suppose it's only a karmic thing03:02
bcurtiswxyeah, im on a karmic install03:03
mac_vbcurtiswx:  MacSlow implemented a new blur effect , recently for karmic04:49
bcurtiswxso i wonder if thats supposed to shutoff when effects are not enabled, but isn't quite doing that04:50
mac_vmaybe he hasnt tested it without desktop effects..04:50
mac_vbcurtiswx:  <MacSlow> uff -> http://macslow.net/clips/notify-osd-with-all-new-rendering.ogv04:51
mac_vnot sure if it is still active04:51
mac_vthe link ^04:51
bcurtiswxit is04:57
bcurtiswxmac_v, thx04:57
mac_vMacSlow: Hi... you might wanna check this out> <bcurtiswx> http://aurora.gmu.edu/~bcurtis/files/out-1.ogv08:49
mac_v[07:18] <bcurtiswx> see how the notify bubble goes blurry.. i have desktop effects off08:49
MacSlowmac_v, that has already been filed08:49
mac_voh... ok08:50
MacSlowthat's a regressino from the blur-cache on the non-composite case, which I did not yet have to to work on08:50
* MacSlow -> lunch12:50
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mccannHey MacSlow 14:47
MacSlowhey mccann 14:48
mccannMacSlow: didn't you have some clutter icon grid widget where dragging icons around bumped others out of the way?  I thought I remembered you showing one of those...14:49
MacSlowmccann, no... I never wrote something like that14:49
MacSlowmccann, you might mix that up with lowfat and my first gdm-face-browser concepts14:50
mccannah maybe14:51
mccannMacSlow: are you aware of any code that does this sort of thing?14:53
MacSlowmccann, hm... I think to remember something like that in the clutter sources in the box2d module (or a test-case for it)14:54
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SiDiMacSlow: configure.in:56: warning: macro `AM_PATH_GTK_2_0' not found in library  any idea what this is ? lp:notify-osd trunk on jaunty amd6415:42
MacSlowSiDi, missing automake headers for gtk+?15:43
MacSlowor so15:43
SiDiMacSlow: thanks, you were right :)15:45
SiDii completely forgot i cleaned all my dev packages two days ago15:45
tedgSiDi: You can do "apt-get build-dep notify-osd" and that should get all the build dependencies.16:01
SiDitedg: too late, i installed them all :D16:01
tedgMacSlow: See, you answered an autotools question, you're becoming an expert! ;)16:03
MacSlowtedg, "auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn"16:14
MacSlowtedg, I don't know how that saying goes in English I'm afraid16:14
tedgMacSlow: Heh, I'll just assume it is "I love autotools" ;)16:15
MacSlowpathetic try tedg :)16:15
tedgMacSlow: I think that Google translate has "Mirco has a good sense of smell" :)16:17
mac_vMacSlow: "even a blind chicken finds a grain at times" nice one... :)16:21
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