lifelessigc: poolie: review plox https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/bzr/bug-367632/+merge/892800:34
litwol|machello world00:42
spivGar, my wireless keeps bouncing.00:48
litwol|macI've looked around but my lack of bzr knowledge is probably keeping me away from find the answer. i am looking for something similar to unfuddle that has bzr support. Does anyone know of such service ?00:49
lifelesswhats unfuddle00:49
litwol|maclifeless: http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=unfuddle&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-800:49
litwol|macThat is one option, yes.00:50
litwol|macDoes any thing else come to mind ?00:50
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* litwol|mac googles00:53
litwol|maclifeless: savannah.gnu.org ?00:53
lifelessyes, that has bzr support00:53
lifelessI'm curious why you seem to dislike launchpad.net00:53
mwhudsonhuh, unfuddle is a new one on me00:54
litwol|maclifeless: silly reason really. i got spoiled by unfuddle's ease of use and pretty GUI00:54
lifelesswell, launchpad.net has the prettiest gui of all the bzr hosting sites I know of, IMO00:55
litwol|maci just finihed confirming account there :). though in the end i will have very little use of their GUI, its just nice when you're introduced to a project :). less things to go 'wtf' about.00:56
litwol|macby the way i'm very new to bzr, haven't even got a single repo init'd00:57
litwol|macDidn't want to bother until i found a way to host my repos remotely where proper backups exist :-p00:57
pooliehullo all00:59
litwol|macI heard bzr has very nice community with abundancy of documentation which is easy to understand.. unlike other solutions.00:59
mwhudsonlitwol|mac: yes, we keep backups :)01:00
poolielifeless: i'll look01:01
litwol|maccool cool :)01:02
pooliewhat is the plat du jour at chez spiv?01:03
litwol|macdavidstrauss: "_01:03
litwol|macdavidstrauss: :)01:04
spivplat?  My French vocab is pretty small...01:04
davidstrausslitwol|mac: hi01:04
spivOh, right.01:04
mwhudsonspiv: for the not-very-frenched "plat du jour" is atomic :)01:06
litwol|macdavidstrauss: paul expressed his interest this morning to receive report if you haven't sent it yet .01:06
spivmwhudson: right.  In the regular context I'd have had no trouble :)01:11
litwol|macdavidstrauss: do you host your own repository for pressflow ?01:15
davidstrausslitwol|mac: yes01:16
litwol|macdavidstrauss: hmm. Would it be too much to ask for you to describe your process with backups and management to make sure it doesn't get destroyed in ______ [insert a horrible/unlucky scenario]01:17
davidstrausslitwol|mac: For my repo?01:17
litwol|macdavidstrauss: <<< /me 's learning process01:18
davidstrausslitwol|mac: It's stored on a Dell 2950 III with RAID-1 10K RPM SAS disks in a Rackspace datacenter. It's backed up nightly to a geo-redundant location.01:18
davidstrausslitwol|mac: But more importantly, every bzr checkout and branch I have of Pressflow has all the history, anyway.01:18
litwol|macvery nice. thx.01:19
davidstrausslitwol|mac: It is very hard to lose the history of a Bazaar project. Everyone has it. It replicates everywhere.01:20
litwol|machmm, you're right. I suppose i need to make an effort to avoid expectations based on my SVN/cvs experience01:21
davidstrausslitwol|mac: I should also note that the actual server is also in one of the most geologically and natural-disaster safe cities in North America: Dallas.01:21
* litwol|mac nods01:22
davidstrausslitwol|mac: Pressflow branches are probably one of the less important things on that box.01:22
litwol|machehe. i bet.01:22
litwol|maci guess i need to find some docs on the subject of doing bzr backups. i know nothing bout it at this point. need to find out where all the hisotry is being kept.01:23
litwol|macdavidstrauss: thx for the info. I'll attempt to use something similar... although on a cheaper host :-p01:23
davidstrausslitwol|mac: Making a bzr backup simply involves branching01:23
fbondThis mean anything to anyone?01:23
fbondbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', "open() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ignore_fallbacks'")01:23
lifelessfbond: outdated plugin on the server01:24
litwol|maclifeless: oh!. thank you.01:24
fbondlifeless: Oh, probably loom.01:24
lifelesslitwol|mac: but as davidstrauss says just doing bzr push <somewhere> will copy everything there01:24
davidstrausslitwol|mac: The first step to learning distributed tools is forgetting the annoying habits you've made using centralized ones.01:25
litwol|macThat i know. What i didnt know is which directory specifically i need to backup on that (or other) machine to really back it up.01:25
* litwol|mac takes note.01:25
davidstrausslitwol|mac: A push or branch does "really back it up"01:25
* litwol|mac nods.01:25
davidstrausslitwol|mac: The only thing you'd lose are ghost revisions, which are basically trash revisions, anyway.01:26
* litwol|mac googles ghost revisions01:26
lifelesslitwol|mac: just backing up .bzr/repository doesn't backup branches or other metadata; but it does backup all the history01:26
lifelesslitwol|mac: generally to backup just use your normal backup tools ;)01:26
litwol|maclifeless: So what do i need to backup to perform an absolutely complete backup ?01:26
lifelessas long as you're not committing at the same time it will get a consistent snapshot01:26
litwol|maclifeless: haha, i dont use anybackup tools yet. i'm trying to learn this stuff .01:26
lifelessgo get some ;)01:27
fbondlifeless: How can I push from a loom but only push the current thread as a normal branch?01:27
lifelessfbond: bzr init <target>; bzr push <target>01:27
fbondlifeless: Ah.01:28
poolielifeless: done01:28
lifelessfbond: there is also bzr export-loom, which will export every thread01:28
litwol|macOkey i think i've acquired enough info for now. i'll begin using it and i'm sure more specific questions will rise eventually. Cheers.01:28
lifelesspoolie: thanks01:28
litwol|macthank you davidstrauss and lifeless01:28
poolielifeless: want to re-read my uifactory branch?01:28
pooliethe incremental changes are fairly small01:28
fbondlifeless: Yeah, I was hoping to avoid all those branches. ;)01:28
pooliebut i can't work out how to make lp give me the incremental diff01:28
poolieprobably i need to guess which revision was proposed before based on the dates or something01:29
pooliei'll do that and attach it01:29
lifelesspoolie: sure, url me up or get lp to drop me a mail01:29
lifelesspoolie: I'm just implementing what we discussed yesterday01:29
poolieas far as the additional delta tests?01:30
lifelesstests and logic, yes ;)01:31
poolielifeless: thinking about bryce's bug01:49
pooliei was contemplating a variation of check that would, very quickly:01:49
lifelessthe big pack on windows one?01:49
poolieyeah, data loss apparently by the fs01:50
pooliethere've been a couple like that01:50
lifelesswe could read after write01:50
poolieanyhow: check the hash of the pack files; if any are broken move them aside and try to pull something back from obsolete_packs01:50
lifelessbut thats rather slow except locally, and all it really shows is that its in cache01:50
pooliewe could01:50
pooliei suspect it would only help roughly as much as sleep(n) would help01:50
lifelessand fsync() on networks is notoriously not-fsync01:51
pooliewe should sync if we want to be paranoid...01:51
lifelessnow interestingly01:51
poolieand, right01:51
lifelesshg has a thread right now01:51
lifelessabout NULL's being written to windows fs's by file.append()01:51
lifelesswhich is the same API we use01:52
lifelessI think I'd put that functionality you suggest into either check or reconcile01:53
lifelessseparately, I'm more interested in fixing the cause ;)01:54
poolieautomatically pulling them back?01:54
pooliewell, i guess there's a few things01:54
pooliefirst, it'd be very quick compared to overall check to check the packs01:54
lifelessI don't mean magically01:54
lifelessit could be an option01:54
pooliesecond, you could try to pull obsolete packs out01:54
pooliebut it's not guaranteed to fix it01:54
lifelessI just don't think a third data-integrity command is a good idea01:54
poolieyeah, when i said 'variation of check' i meant either a stage or an option01:56
poolieor both01:56
poolienot a new command01:56
pooliehttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/387717-progress-bar-tty/+merge/9012 btw01:56
lifelessI'd like to see us make more of our core code more easily reusable. I just don't know how. Hooks are good. Layers are good. Separate packages would be interesting but perhaps a problem/difficult to manage01:57
lifelesspoolie: why the change to SilentUIFactory's input? we use it in tests...02:00
spivYeah, there's some nice stuff in e.g. bzrlib.commands for instance that isn't particularly specific to a VCS at all.02:01
lifelessspiv: I've nearly got that completely detangled with my patches over the last couple of releases02:01
spivYeah, the code is pretty modular and independent.02:02
poolielifeless: i think it's ill conceived, almost impossible to use correctly as it stands02:02
pooliedo you really want to read user input with no prompts or output?02:02
poolietests are better served by CannedInputUIFactory02:02
spivBut while it's part of bzrlib it's not really very convenient for others :/02:02
lifelesspoolie: well, we used apply_redirected to provide an appropriate stdin for SilentUIFactory02:03
spivlifeless: I agree with your comments earlier/elsewhere about getting our unittest extensions into the wild and then, hopefully, into the stdlib.02:03
lifelesspoolie: so I don't quite see the impossible aspect02:03
pooliewell, i meant other than in testing02:03
lifelessbtw, looks like I am doing SLUG's indepth talk this month02:03
pooliesomething like loggerhead doesn't want to be reading from stdin02:03
lifelesspoolie: ah, now I see02:04
lifelesspoolie: Ok, I'm +1 on making a clearer separation between silent and testing02:04
poolieand in tests02:04
pooliei think that applyRedirected means that you can't break in to pdb there02:04
pooliebecause it sees the redirected stdin etc02:04
poolieso that's an ugly big hammer compared to providing a CannedInputetc02:05
lifelesspoolie: blackbox tests are the apply_redirected case02:05
lifelesspoolie: they redirect stdout and stderr anyway02:05
poolieso there's a middle ground02:05
pooliereal blackbox tests need redirection02:05
lifelessso pdb is totally borked regardless; redirecting stdin means that pdb at least doesn't hang02:05
pooliebut ones that are just testing something ui related i think are happier with cannedinput02:05
pooliei think eventually it would be nice to do run_bzr with redirections that never actually uses sys.std*02:06
poolieso that pdb could still work02:06
lifelessI think that would reduce test coverage02:06
pooliein other words have the only access to those variables be constructing a uifactory bound to them at a level somewhere near run_bzr02:06
lifelessbecause the python standard library has a habit of writing to sys.std*02:06
pooliethat may be true02:07
lifelessand we *do* catch deprecations and other nonsense from that level, in blackbox tests today02:07
pooliethat is true that we may not be able to catch all code going there02:07
poolies/going there/using sys.std*02:07
poolieit would probably be at least as reasonable to have those messages go to the test runner stderr02:07
poolieat the moment if the test doesn't check its stderr, they'll just be ignore02:08
poolieand i bet not all tests check it02:08
litwol|macdoes bzr understand what 'lp:' is ?02:08
lifelessI try to have all my blackbox tests check stderr02:08
lifelessbecause of this02:08
lifelesslitwol|mac: yes02:08
litwol|macgosh i just spent 1/2 hour finding a way to branch LOL.. until it hit me that 'may be launchpad is tightly integrated with bzr such that bzr would know that lp means launchpad'02:08
litwol|macgood stuff02:09
pooliewe could also stash away real_std* somewhere and have a function that reestablishes them and calls pdb02:09
spivlitwol|mac: It's not so much tight integration as a simple plugin that's bundled with bzr, but yes :)02:09
litwol|macIs there a way to port git history+branches (whole repo) over to bzr lp ?02:09
litwol|maci'm sure there is, i rather should ask *how*?02:10
lifelesspoolie: I like that we get real solid integration coverage with blackbox tests; I don't want to see us shrink that. I like the idea of getting pdb support in those tests if we don't shrink coverage02:10
pooliek, me too02:10
poolieanyhow, that's a later change02:10
spivlitwol|mac: there's a bzr fast-import plugin that can read the fast-import format dumps; there's also a bzr-git plugin that can read git repos directly (so you can use that to import their data into bzr format).02:10
lifelesspoolie: finally, I don't think we *should need* pdb in blackbox tests, because they are meant to be smoke-level, not comprehensive, and if we can't tell whats going on enough to write a lower level test, we'll have trouble handling user bug reports too02:10
lifelesspoolie: that thats a motivation-for-me thing, not a reason to avoid putting pdb support in02:11
spivlitwol|mac: Launchpad has an import-from-git service builtin, btw02:11
* litwol|mac goes to find it02:11
spiv(built on bzr-git)02:11
lifelesspoolie: does that make sense? I'll happily support having pdb in blackbox tests for folk that want it, so long as we don't shrink coverage to get it.02:11
RAOFspiv: But launchpad's service will only import a single branch, right?02:12
litwol|macoh crap02:12
spivRAOF: just trunk, yes.02:12
litwol|maci broke LP :-\02:12
litwol|mac(Error ID: OOPS-1299A140)02:12
RAOFlitwol|mac: There's the git-import command (from bzr-git), which will create one branch per git branch.  You could then push all those to launchpad separately.02:13
litwol|maci wont be able to figure it out (yet) without a walkthrough tutorial... i just started >.02:13
pooliewe want those tests to be realistic02:13
pooliefor what happens when you actually run bzr02:14
pooliei'd draw an analogy to the fact that we don't start a new python subprocess for every blackbox invocation02:14
pooliedoing so would in a sense give better coverage02:14
pooliebut not in a very useful way02:14
poolieand at a high price02:14
RAOFlitwol|mac: Well, git-import would be easy; you could just "bzr git-import $REPOSITORY" to grab all the branches.  But you probably want to do that inside a bzr repository, for speed and space.02:15
pooliein this particular thing02:15
poolieactually, i'm planning to keep chipping away at this02:15
poolieit sounds like we're not greatly at odds02:15
poolieso let's talk about the next step when i get there?02:16
lifelessthe docstring for zrlib/ui/__init__.py may want to list CannedUIFactory02:16
lifelesspoolie: its a long patch, so is it ok with you if I just make notes here?02:16
lifelessand yes, lets talk more later02:16
lifelessthe long comment in that file talks about what we /had/02:17
lifelessI think it would be better to be totally in the now02:17
lifelessand if you want to avoid folk reintroducing subclassing, say so directly02:17
lifelessit might even be best as the class docstring for TextUIFactory, so that pydoc shows it02:18
lifelessor split between the base class and TextUIFactory02:18
lifelesslastly, some tests for CannedUIFactory, if you haven't got any (I can't tell from the patch), would be great02:19
RenatoSilvaverterok: hi02:19
lifelesspoolie: ^ review done02:22
poolielifeless: just what you said there?02:23
poolieor also on the web?02:23
lifelessjust here02:23
poolieoh ok02:24
pooliei just saw your comment02:24
poolie<lifeless> poolie: ah, now I see02:24
poolie<lifeless> poolie: Ok, I'm +1 on making a clearer separation between silent and testing02:24
pooliegood :)02:24
poolieso, basically just improving the documentation?02:25
poolieand the tests for CannedUIFactory02:26
lifelessoh one more thing02:26
lifelessa test for assertRaises02:26
poolieactually this is a kind of interesting question02:26
lifelessas you've changed it too02:26
pooliewe'd kind of like parameterized per_uifactory tests02:26
poolieto assert all the methods are covered for every implementation02:26
pooliebut the way they're tested will vary02:27
RenatoSilvahow is this page generated, manually? http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.1.17/en/release-notes/NEWS.html#bzr-0-0-0-69-2005-03-2202:29
lifelessRenatoSilva: cron + make doc02:29
lifelesspoolie: so, the contract is the methods that can be called on it02:29
lifelesspoolie: the outcomes are specific to scenario02:29
lifelessinclude outcomes in the parameterisation02:30
lifelessperhaps as curried things02:31
RenatoSilvalifeless: a scheduled cron job running make's doc target?02:31
lifelessRenatoSilva: yes02:31
poolieRenatoSilva: is it broken or something? or you're just curious?02:31
RenatoSilvalifeless: I'm not familiar with make, but what is the source of such information? Is it some text file updated manually?02:32
RenatoSilvapoolie: curious02:32
spivReminds me a bit of the smart protocol tests: v1,v2,v3 all support a common set of features (requests with and without bodies, etc.), but the outcomes are different so it was hard to think of a way to reuse the tests.02:33
lifelessRenatoSilva: make is a build system, it reads rules from 'Makefile', which we have in the top of the bzr source tree02:33
pooliespiv, so what did you do?02:33
spivCurrently there's no real reuse :(02:33
lifelessspiv: re; being in bzrlib; it does get bzrlib 'out there' :P02:33
spivI did experiment with a test that all the v1 test *names* were also present on the v2 and v3 test cases.02:34
spivIt actually found some small gaps, but the test itself was too ugly to merge.02:34
RenatoSilvalifeless: the Makefile calls a self-made tool for generating such doc, isn't it02:34
spivpoolie: so, basically, if you find a good answer, I'm interested :)02:34
spivBecause I'm not particularly happy with test_smart_transport atm.02:35
poolieat that point you might be better just measuring coverage02:35
spivWell, I think coverage would be a complementary thing to measure, not a replacement.02:35
lifelessRenatoSilva: at this point, I suggest you look at the Makefile :)02:36
RenatoSilvalifeless: ok02:36
lifelessRenatoSilva: you've hit my cache threshold02:36
spivIt did like the explicit statement that "every feature/behaviour we check for v1 should also be checked for v2/v3"02:36
spivIt would help in making sure the test method names (on the already large test case classes) wouldn't diverge too much, that the testing strategy was in sync across all three implementations.02:38
spivBut the combination of the oddness of having a meta-test, and that actually there are parts where v1/v2/v3 intentionally diverge in behaviour, made it awkward.02:39
spivI still like the idea, though :)02:39
RenatoSilvaany date for a 1.17 windows installer?02:41
spivmwhudson: litwol|mac's earlier OOPS looks like a code import form bug: https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=1299A14002:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 397220 in launchpad-code "Better validation for project field in new code import form" [High,In progress]02:55
mwhudsonactually fix committed now02:55
spivmwhudson: hooray!02:55
mwhudsonspiv: and one revision away from edge, in fact02:55
spivmwhudson: heh.02:56
* igc food03:13
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|malibu|Does anyone know how to tell where your plugins directory is?04:33
lifelessbzr plugins -v, I think04:33
lifelesswill show where each plugin has been loaded from04:33
|malibu|I have one in python2.5 path, one in python2.6 path, one in /usr/share/pyshared/bzrlib04:33
|malibu|ok will try04:33
lifelessif you mean where your per user directory is, bzr --version shows the config directory, and you can add a plugins directory there04:34
|malibu|ok thanks.. that's probably more appropriate04:34
poolieigc, nice work with the sphinx stuff04:47
pooliei thought we'd use that only for the doc generation though04:47
poolieit looks like you've put the overall site structure into it04:47
igcthanks poolie. Whatever you think - a mockup is a mockup05:00
poolieyeah, the choice of tool for the mockup doesn't matter a lot05:00
igcpoolie: as long as it drives the right conversation wrt content, then it's valuable05:01
pooliebut apparently i had missed your point yesterday05:01
pooliei hadn't seriously considered using sphinx for the whole site05:01
pooliemaybe we should....05:01
Arrrghhi guys. I'm developing a VS plugin for Bazaar and have some problems understanding it's behavior. Anyone can help me?05:12
lifelessyou might want to ask a question :)05:12
RenatoSilvaVisual Studio?05:14
Arrrghwell.. when I rename some folder with files and after run "bzr status" for any files inside, it shows empty status :-/ Is this a bug?05:14
Arrrghyes, Visual Studio05:14
lifelessArrrgh: its not a bug, those files haven't changed05:14
lifelessif you just run 'bzr st' it will show the folder as renamed05:14
lifelessI'm completing a change at the moment that will make bzr st report the folder as renamed when you run 'bzr st' inside it05:15
lifelessor for files inside it05:15
RenatoSilvaisn't renaming tracked by bzr? I thought so...05:15
lifelessRenatoSilva: it is, the files haven't been renamed.05:15
Arrrghnice. when it'll be ready?05:16
lifelessArrrgh: tomorrow I suspect05:19
lifelessArrrgh: its a side effect of a change being made to ensure that partial deltas are always safe to apply to the source tree05:19
Arrrghanyway, it'll make this part of my work much easier =)05:20
* RenatoSilva gtg, thanks evybody05:28
spivUpdated inventory-delta patch up for review.05:34
* spiv -> lunch05:34
lifelessspiv: oh05:34
lifelessspiv: if it doesn't get parameterised tests from test_inv, please add that in :P05:34
lifelessspiv: it should I think, if it uses Repository.add_inventory_by_delta05:35
spivIt does use that, yes.06:00
lifelessspiv: cool, as long as it doesn't add surface area that could be wrong I think its fine not to specifically interface test it06:05
lifelessspiv: if it does add surface area (and perhaps it does, by having a new kind), then I'd be inclined to get it tested06:05
verteroklifeless, thumper: ^ atm only bzr project group ;)06:07
verterokhi bazaaristas!06:08
verterokI'm pleased to introduce hal_, among other things the review list bot06:09
verterokhal_ accepts commands like:@command_name and some commands via privmsg, e.g: @reviewlist or /msg hal_ reviewlist06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/inventory-delta/+merge/9125 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/387717-progress-bar-tty/+merge/9012 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/smooth-upgrades/+merge/8921 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~ndurner/bzr/bzr-ftp/+merge/8906 | Needs Fixing: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/1.18-stack-and-annotate-393366/+merge/8840 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~abentley/bzr/devnotes/+merge/8766 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~amanica/bzr/log_returns_too_much/+merge/8538 | Approve: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/391411-reconfigure-stacked/+merge/8527 | Needs Fixing: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~garyvdm/bzr/register_lazy_decorated/+merge/8430 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~amanica/bzr/mv_after/+merge/8179 | Approve: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/faster-commit-file/+merge/7885 | Needs Fixing: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~ian-clatworthy/bzr/faster-dirstate-saving/+merge/7537 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~ian-clatworthy/bzr/faster-log-file/+merge/7535 | No reviews06:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~lifeless/bzr/check-1/+merge/7489 | Approve: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~mhammond/bzr/update-r/+merge/6980 | Needs Information: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~wjl/bzr/bug-317644/+merge/6978 | Resubmit: 106:10
hal_https://launchpad.net/~lovesyao/bzr/windows-utf8/+merge/1806 | Abstain: 1, Needs Fixing: 106:10
verteroka new name for the bot is welcome :)06:12
lifelessverterok: cool, thanks06:13
verteroklifeless: np :)06:14
fullermdYeah, considering HAL's behavior, I don't think we'd want him taking charge of reviews   :p06:14
lifelessthe user name review isn't taken06:14
lifelessor, at least, not obviously06:14
verterokfullermd: heh06:14
poolieverterok: nice one06:20
poolieverterok: maybe it could use irc color codes for the status?06:20
verterokpoolie: :)06:20
bob2ansi blink sequence for critical unreviewed bugs06:20
verterokpoolie: sure!, but I know nothing about irc colors. if someone paste the strings, I'll use that :)06:21
poolielifeless:  when you said i changed assertRaises i assume you mean assertIsInstance06:21
pooliei'll check its tests06:22
poolieverterok: hello?06:23
poolieso it's just the ascii for ctrl-k, b, u, r, etc06:23
verterokpoolie: hi06:24
pooliechaos reigns06:24
lifelesspoolie: yes06:24
* fullermd wonders if lifeless is confirming asserts or chaos...06:25
mwhudsonluckily my client doesn't support colour06:25
lifelesspoolie: meep no colours!06:25
mwhudson(or said support is turned off)06:25
mwhudsonpoolie: hi CTCP!06:26
poolieyou must have it off or something06:26
lifelessit could well be filtered in the channel06:27
lifelessI get lovely plain text06:27
bob2channel is +c06:28
bob2"This cmode activates the colour filter for the channel. "06:28
poolieah, i see them going out, of course06:29
pooliei guess it's require dealing with either abuse or freenode egotrips06:29
ndurnerHi poolie!06:33
ndurnerI have made the changes you suggested to my tree and replied to the merge proposal.06:33
poolieyes i saw06:35
pooliei'll try to re-read it but it sounds like it's all good now06:35
ndurnerokay :-)06:36
pooliendurner: oh i thought of one other thing - can you print the error to the user, rather than just to the log, if it makes sense06:38
poolielifeless: oh i think it might make that list more readable06:38
lifelesspoolie: No comment ;). It might be nice to sort it though06:41
poolieor maybe align the votes to the front06:42
pooliethat might be easier than coloring06:42
lifelesspoolie: colour doesn't mean much to me, until its painful, which is why I rarely reach for it as a tool06:42
spivIt's a shame that there's no short identifier like a single number that list can use.06:43
pooliewe just had that conversation with jml :)06:44
spivThe #twisted equivalent just lists trac ticket numbers, like "#aaa (spiv), #bbb, #ccc (fred), ...", all on one line.06:44
spivAh, ok.06:44
pooliehe didn't want to emphasize the mp numbers06:44
poolieand he has a point,06:45
pooliebut the desire for a short id remains06:45
lifelesswas it voice?06:45
spivYeah, meaningless numbers do suck.06:45
pooliemaybe they should be abbreviated by the bug number06:45
jmlspiv, there's a bug that you can wage in on06:45
spivBut short ids are still nice :)06:45
pooliehaving (slightly) overlapping integer sequences is unoptimal06:45
lifelessyou could hash them all06:45
jmllifeless, only a little, everything interesting is on the bug reports.06:45
spivWith the current LP model, the lp:~spiv/bzr/foo branch name is actually a possible key.06:46
jmlspiv, it's an almost-key06:46
lifelessspiv: its not unique though06:46
spivYeah, but there can only be one active proposal per branch AIUI?06:46
jmlspiv, this is one of the rare times where I disagree with mpt on what the ideal UI should be.06:46
spivAnd this list is all about active proposals, after all.06:47
lifelessspiv: not AIUI06:47
spivjml: :)06:47
pooliei think the user model for the meaning of an mp is unclear06:47
jmlspiv, but if I'm disagreeing with you, poolie & mpt then maybe I'm wrong06:47
poolielike if you update and come back, do you create a new one?06:47
pooliecurrent practice says yes but it's not actually needed06:47
lifelessspiv: what does mpt want?06:47
poolieof course getting the experience with it is useful06:47
lifelessjml: what does mpt want?06:48
* jml pulls up the bug report06:48
pooliendurner: if you just change that i'll approve it06:49
pooliea test would be nice...06:49
poolieif you ask vila he might write one06:49
jmllifeless, mpt wants the canonical, final URL of a merge proposal to be something like https://code.launchpad.net/merge/552006:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 400215 in launchpad-code "Merge proposal URLs are ugly and needlessly long" [Undecided,Incomplete]06:49
lifelessjml: I'd like to have that as an alias06:50
lifelessjml: further, I'd like to be able to merge from it06:50
lifelessI don't care if the current merge proposal urls stay or go06:50
pooliejml, i'd kind of rather have bugs.launchpad.net/400215/+proposal06:50
pooliefor the common case that there's one per bug06:50
pooliethis is just a random thought not a proposal06:50
lifelesspoolie: I suggest that that would be good as an alias, rather than a primary06:50
jmllifeless, yes. poolie filed a bug about that first one, which is linked from that page.06:51
jmllifeless, followed up with a bug about making the merge id prominent in the page & <title>06:51
jmllifeless, and I think there's probably already a bug about being able to merge from the merge proposal url.06:51
jmlI'd like to go into how I would redesign the merge proposal system06:52
lifelessif you use a branch reference at the mp url06:52
pooliei think you have a good point about a risk of premature grasping in saying "ooh a number let's use it"06:52
jmlbut I won't, because I want to fix this easy & vitally important bug.06:52
lifelessbzr will make merge Just Work06:52
poolieyeah way to go :)06:52
poolielifeless: that works now, or it used to06:52
lifelesspoolie: it doesn't dtrt06:52
pooliebzr walks up til it finds the branch page and that points to the right place06:52
lifelesspoolie: because it does a partial merge06:52
jmllifeless, yeah, I seem to recall that implementation approach mentioned on the bug report too.06:52
poolieoh, of a file that doesn't exist?06:52
lifelesspoolie: its /close/ but not correct06:52
poolieyeah that would suck06:53
ndurnerpoolie: it's in r4543.06:54
ndurner(just committed)06:55
pooliebiab, going out for air before it rains.07:04
pooliei hope07:04
thumperCan someone please take a look at https://launchpad.net/~abentley/bzr/devnotes/+merge/8766 | No reviews ?07:09
thumperI got Aaron to make sure he wasn't blocking this07:10
thumpernow it is blocked on you guys07:10
* ndurner hurries to work07:16
igchi garyvdm07:19
igcthumper: I'm planning to review it this week07:19
lifelessiter_changes is making good progress07:25
nil1back (ndurner)07:51
lifelessjml: ping, subunit, review & design08:20
jmllifeless, I'm pretty busy this evening, I'm sorry.08:21
lifelessjml: thats ok08:22
lifelessjml: when you can though :)08:26
jmllifeless, will let you know.08:27
jmllifeless, I've got a talk I need to prepare for tomorrow.08:27
lifelesswhats tomorrow?08:27
lifelessoh fpsyd?08:27
lifelessgood luck with it08:28
jmllifeless, they were short of speakers, and I said I had a lightning talk already prepared that I could probably pad out08:28
jmlI'm hoping by the end of it, I'll understand monads better :)08:29
lifelessjml: I'd come along and heckle^Wlisten attentively, but sadly I have a standing booking thursdays08:31
jmllifeless, oh well.08:32
=== j^_ is now known as j^
* igc dinner - night all09:19
jelmerluks: hi10:19
jelmerluks: Did you still have that svn merge directive code around somewhere?10:20
jelmerI was looking into writing something similar for bzr-git and I guess it would be a good starting point10:20
luksjelmer: https://code.launchpad.net/~luks/bzr-svn/send10:21
jelmerluks: awesome, thanks!10:21
luksjelmer: but right now it does only what's necessary to fool review board10:21
luksI'd like to implement full svn-like diff later10:22
jelmerluks: ok10:28
lifelessjelmer: hai10:30
jelmerlifeless: g'day10:31
lifelessjelmer: can I beg a subunit review off you?10:32
jelmerlifeless: which bit in particular?10:33
jelmeroh, the time stuff?10:33
lifelessthats the first half of it10:34
lifelesssecond half is about to get committed and pushed10:34
lifelessyou could review that too if you're feeling up to it ;)10:36
jelmerlifeless: we seem to be including two copies of iso8601.py ?10:38
lifelessjelmer: ?! let me look10:38
jelmerlifeless: oh no10:39
jelmerlifeless: false alarm10:39
jelmerlifeless: Sorry :-(10:39
lifelessjelmer: I wanted to keep the upstream stuff around10:39
lifelessI'm pushing the generation of timestamps stuff now10:39
lifelessthis should allow some pretty easy analysis of test performance10:40
lifelessI'll resubmit the branch as you're here :)10:41
lifelesshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/subunit/time-support/+merge/9136 is the new review10:42
jelmerlifeless: thanks10:43
jelmerKinnison: are you still around here somewhere?11:58
flutherbenQuestion: I'm using a pretty large, and pretty old bzr repository (maybe 3 years). I've just upgraded to 1.17, but it's still really slow. Should I do a "bzr upgrade" on my repo? Will it be stable?12:06
LarstiQflutherben: what does `bzr info` on that repo say?12:07
flutherbenShared repository with trees (format: rich-root-pack)12:08
Kinnisonjelmer: aye, hacklab 112:08
Kinnisonjelmer: I'm currently trying to document some IEEE 802.15.4 stuff, so feel free to interrupt12:08
LarstiQflutherben: you might gain from an uprgade then. What are you experiencing slowness with?12:09
flutherbencheckins, updates, merges12:10
flutherbenit seems even slower after the update12:10
flutherbenI had to download something with Hg a day ago, and it was 10-100x the speed. Made me think something is wrong with my repo12:11
flutherbenYou think I'll see gains in speed? Is there any risk of instability?12:13
LarstiQflutherben: instability in what sense?12:13
flutherbenWell, I just mean all the same bzr functionality is well supported, and I shouldn't be worried about corruption or anything. As in, ready for a production environment12:14
LarstiQflutherben: of course12:14
LarstiQflutherben: 2a still might hit some codepaths that aren't as optimized as possible, but it works12:15
jelmerKinnison: heading over..12:15
LarstiQflutherben: if you don't want to go with 2a just yet, you can use the 1.14 format12:15
flutherbenWhat's the difference?12:15
DaffyDuck_I have a shared repository which has the permissions rwxrws---. In there I created a directory dev (with the same persmissions) and ran "bzr init" inside it. The subdirectories and files appear to have the correct permissions. But when I branch it "bzr branch dev stable", the stable directory gets rwxr-xr-x. (run as root). Do I need to fiddle around with umask to get the proper permissions on new branches in the repository?12:16
LarstiQDaffyDuck_: I'd recommend posix acls12:18
LarstiQflutherben: 1.14 has been around longer, 2a is much much better12:18
flutherben2a sounds better then :)12:18
flutherben2a is --rich-root-development?12:19
LarstiQflutherben: Launchpad is in 2a, and bzr development will switch soon12:19
LarstiQflutherben: no, --2a12:19
LarstiQflutherben: so the consequence here is that if you use older clients, pre 1.16 iirc, they won't be able to read 2a12:19
flutherbenyeah, I'm basically just using 1.16/1.17 from console12:20
LarstiQflutherben: sounds fine then12:20
DaffyDuck_LarstiQ: Assuming I don't have access to posix acls...12:20
flutherbenok, anything I need to know about backing up and upgrading?12:20
flutherbenI can just make a copy of my whole repository before I upgrade?12:20
LarstiQflutherben: just running `bzr upgrade` should be enough, it will make a backup of .bzr12:21
LarstiQflutherben: but security comes in layers, so make an extra backup if that makes you feel safer12:21
flutherbenyeah, I probably will12:21
flutherbenthanks a lot LarstiQ12:21
LarstiQflutherben: np. I'd like to hear what that does for your speed experience.12:22
flutherbenYeah, I'll check back in and let you know12:22
LarstiQflutherben: do you only work local, or also interact with remote branches?12:22
LarstiQflutherben: because bzr+ssh is again faster than sftp/http12:23
flutherbenlots of remote branches, using bzr+ssh12:23
flutherbenstill has been strangely slow12:23
LarstiQflutherben: ok, would like to have a look at that later then if that's ok12:26
* LarstiQ first goes for some grocery shopping etc, bbl12:26
flutherbenyeah, sounds great12:26
DaffyDuck_Here's a log illustrating the permissions problem I'm running into: http://pastebin.com/d673e277713:21
DaffyDuck_Is there a solution which does not require running chmod each time a branch is created?13:21
DaffyDuck_Also, I'm afraid the same problems will arise when a testdev does a "bzr push" for the affected files.13:22
bob2setgid the dirs?13:22
DaffyDuck_bob2: Isn't that what the s denotes in rwxrws--- ?13:23
bob2ah, I'm blind13:24
DaffyDuck_The s-attribute appear to work for "bzr init", but not "bzr branch".13:24
Keybukso what's this "2a" format all about?13:28
LarstiQKeybuk: split inventories and group compression13:29
KeybukLarstiQ: should I use it?13:29
LarstiQKeybuk: if you're happy now I think I'd hold off a little while longer13:30
LarstiQKeybuk: Bazaar is about to switch it's own development branches over13:30
LarstiQKeybuk: since it's only in 1.16 and 1.17, there are plenty older clients out there that can't read it13:31
vxnickare there any docs about the 2a format yet?13:31
KeybukLarstiQ: when will Launchpad support the new format?13:31
LarstiQKeybuk: launchpad the project itself is in 2a, hosted on launchpad, so that should be right now13:32
Keybukbut I can't upgrade my branch13:32
Keybuksomething to do with stacked branches?13:32
LarstiQKeybuk: yeah, stacked branches need to be upgraded first afaik13:33
LarstiQKeybuk: so that's why I'd recommend waiting for a bit longer, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/39050213:33
Keybukbut other people have stacked branches on top of mine13:33
LarstiQKeybuk: unless you're willing to act as a testbed13:33
KeybukI'm always willing to help test :-)13:33
LarstiQKeybuk: the approach outlined in that bug should be updated with the 'stacked branches first', I'll do that when I get back in a bit13:35
Keybukis there not a way without requiring somebody to upgrade their branch first?13:35
Keybukseems a bit broken13:35
LarstiQdoing the upgrade dance ourselves will result in documentation for others13:35
LarstiQKeybuk: has to do with no cross-format stacking iirc13:36
LarstiQcertainly not ideal13:36
Keybukwhat if someone created a branch, and then hasn't been contactable since?13:36
LarstiQKeybuk: LOSA intervention for now I think13:36
Keybukwhat's the eventual plan for that?13:37
LarstiQKeybuk: finding out how to handle things is part of bug 39050213:37
* LarstiQ honestly doesn't know yet13:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 390502 in bzr "bzr's development should dogfood format 2a" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39050213:40
poelzii have a problem bzr branch lp:pybindgen; cd pybindgen; bzr st13:49
|malibu|Do I need to be using the bazaar server to execute a post_commit plugin?13:50
jelmerhi poelzi13:50
poelziit causes a hard lockdown on the bzr process13:50
poelzinot even kill -9 helps13:50
jelmerpoelzi: I can't reproduce it here, can you do this reproducibly?13:50
|malibu|I'm using bzr+ssh and my post_commit isn't getting fired.  It's just a simple os.system("<shell script>")13:51
poelzion ubuntu jaunty Bazaar (bzr) 1.13.1 it does13:51
poelzinot only here13:51
poelzihow can i enable the trace file ?13:52
jelmerpoelzi: bzr should be writing more information by default to ~/.bzr.log13:52
jelmerpoelzi: alternatively the output of strace might help to see what's going on exactly13:53
poelzinothing in the locks yet13:55
poelzii have a idea13:55
LarstiQ|malibu|: where have you configured the post_commit?13:55
|malibu|It's getting compiled, just not getting fired13:57
LarstiQ|malibu|: so post_commit needs to be enabled for a branch13:57
LarstiQ|malibu|: you can configure this in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf or .bzr/branch/branch.conf13:58
LarstiQalso, if you're using a smart server, you need to configure it on the server, not locally13:58
poelziok. that was it not. could it be that its a lock deadlock somehow ?13:58
|malibu|I'm not using a server.. just bzr+ssh13:59
|malibu|I will look up branch.conf.  Thanks13:59
LarstiQ|malibu|: you are using the smartserver with bzr+ssh14:00
quicksilverdoes the launchpad code have a repo browser for bzr repos? Or do they use loggerhead?14:02
jelmerquicksilver: they use loggerhead14:02
quicksilverjelmer: thanks.14:02
jelmerluks: I've pushed some improvements to your branch to lp:~bzr-svn/bzr-svn/send14:15
jelmerluks: in particular, using the 'svn' send format by default when submitting to a svn branch14:15
james_wwhat's the 'svn' send format?14:16
homyCan I just rename or move a file to another subdirectory normally?14:18
jelmerjames_w: basically the format that "svn diff" would generate (including svn revision numbers) as part of 'bzr send'14:20
jelmerjames_w: it should make cooperation with upstreams that are using svn easier, as they wouldn't be interested in bzr bundles with bzr metadata14:20
LarstiQhomy: `bzr mv file subdir/` sure14:21
LarstiQjelmer: will that roundtrip?14:21
LarstiQI'm guessing no, and that can be fine14:21
jelmerjames_w: the idea is also to support something similar for 'git am' style patches, but for that 'bzr send' needs to support multiple attachments first14:21
jelmerLarstiQ: no, it won't roundtrip (unless there's some way to create svn revision properties from a svn diff that I'm not aware of)14:22
james_wmaybe we could look at that next week14:22
luksLarstiQ: I don't think svn has any builtin tool to apply some patches14:23
luksLarstiQ: this is mainly interesting for projects like Review Board14:23
LarstiQluks: I saw you coded towards that, how does it work?14:23
homyLarstiQ: I meant can I just move the file normally without bazaar or do I need to use bzr mv?14:23
james_whomy: you need to tell bzr about it at some point14:24
james_wyou can use bzr mv --after to do it after you move14:24
luksLarstiQ: well, when working with svn-configured review board, it expects you to submit 'svn diff' patches. it parses the patch and looks up the revisions in the repository14:24
james_wor bzr mv --auto to have it guess14:24
LarstiQhomy: what james_w said, or try `bzr mv --auto`14:24
luksand this allows me to generate such patches from bzr14:25
homyok. thanks.14:25
LarstiQluks: hoo boy14:25
LarstiQluks: and then you get a green light and can commit it?14:25
pfctdayelisehi, if I'm using bzr for a web app (Python), is there a way I can get the current bzr revision and insert/display it in my web app?14:25
LarstiQluks: at which point it may no longer apply?14:25
jelmerflutherben: from bzrlib.branch import Branch; b = Branch.open(path_to_branch); print b.revno()14:25
luksLarstiQ: what no longer applies?14:25
LarstiQluks: the patch14:26
luksoh, well, yes14:26
james_wpfctdayelise: have a look at "bzr version-info"14:26
LarstiQluks: or alternatively, `svn update` might give conflicts14:26
james_wpfctdayelise: or something like jelmer suggests if you are in python14:26
luksLarstiQ: but you have the same problem with bzr14:26
LarstiQluks: I'm sure it is an improvement in workflow14:26
luksLarstiQ: you review a patch, commit something upstream and the patch might no longer cleanly merge14:26
LarstiQluks: ish, it is much easier to work with different branches14:26
LarstiQluks: right14:26
pfctdayelisejelmer, james_w : thanks14:27
jelmerflsorry, no, for pfctdayelise14:39
jelmerlarah, awesome14:39
hnoHmm.. any suggestions on how to recover an old dev repository? bzr 1.16.1 says bzr: ERROR: Unknown repository format: 'Bazaar development format 2 (needs bzr.dev from before 1.8)\n'.14:44
hnoI guess I need to downgrade to 1.7 or so, but what should I do next?14:44
* LarstiQ blinks14:44
LarstiQhno: that's new to me14:45
LarstiQhno: is there a public copy of the branch?14:45
hnoNot at the moment, and it's rather big to move around... (ca 500MB)14:46
LarstiQhno: speculating, if you have 1.7, I'd upgrade the branch to a newer format 1.7 can upgrade to and 1.16.1 can read from14:47
LarstiQhno: I suppose that would be 0.9214:47
LarstiQhno: but I'm not sure what the dev format 2 _is_, so perhaps we'll run into some upgrade path issues14:48
hnoNot sure either. But the branch isn't using any excotic features of bzr. I think it was "upgraded" to the dev format at the time for performance reasons only.14:52
hnoHmm.. now I am truly confused. Exact same error with bzr 1.7.14:55
hno.bzr/branch/format says "Bazaar Branch Format 7 (needs bzr 1.6)". .bzr/repository/format says "Bazaar development format 2 (needs bzr.dev from before 1.8)"14:58
LarstiQhno: oh hmm, 'bzr.dev' from before 1.814:59
LarstiQhno: did you use a released bzr or bzr.dev to do the upgrade with?15:00
LarstiQhno: it might mean the branch is in a format that never got released15:00
cgratecoshi there, does someone know if there's some french translators to the bazaar project ?15:00
hnoReleased bzr I think.15:00
LarstiQhno: is the bzr.dev string literally in .bzr/repository/format ?15:01
hnoThose strings are the literal contents of the files.15:01
LarstiQcgratecos: there are French speaker developers, translation wise I think bzr-explorer sees the most action15:02
LarstiQcgratecos: though the documentation of bzr might be translated to French as well, there is a Russian translation at least15:02
LarstiQhno: ok15:02
LarstiQhno: in that case I think it is a reasonable bet to try a bzr.dev version then15:02
LarstiQhno: let me look up which revision15:02
jelmerI think there also was work happening on a spanish translation15:03
LarstiQhno: r4265 disabled development2 at least15:03
hnoChecking the versions I have packaged... may have been 1.6.1rc2.15:04
hnoArgh.. need newer bzr to access launchpad... :)15:05
lifelesshno: bzr dump-btree .bzr/repository/pack-names15:05
lifelesshno: if that works, its really a 1.9 format and you can just edit the format string to match15:06
lifelessif it fails, its a 1.6 format, and <ditto>15:06
hno$ bzr dump-btree .bzr/repository/pack-names15:07
hno(('29e78c8e7bb53e72a3dc28d4e341774f',), '317 350 3007752 72')15:07
hnodo that make sense?15:07
lifelessits a btree using format15:07
cgratecosif you want some help for french translation !! (i didn't found any mailing list for translating !!)15:07
lifelessdo this:15:07
lifelessbzr init-repo /tmp/foo --1.915:07
lifelesscp /tmp/foo/.bzr/repository/format .bzr/repository/format15:08
lifelessgood night15:10
lifelessjelmer: if you could do that review... ;)15:11
LarstiQcgratecos: which part are you interested in translating?15:11
jelmerlifeless: Sorry, got distracted15:11
jelmerlifeless: I'm planning to do it later today though15:11
LarstiQjelmer: thanks for the 1.17 upload!15:12
jelmerwhat was the ftp-like tool based on bzr transports again?15:13
LarstiQjelmer: lp:hitchhiker15:13
jelmerLarstiQ: thanks15:13
cgratecosLartiQ: i'm interested by making french people use bzr caus i like it !! and i didn't found any french translation on your site !! so tell me what to translate i'll do it !!15:13
LarstiQcgratecos: if you have a copy of bzr.dev, have a look at the doc/ directory15:14
LarstiQcgratecos: specifically doc/en for english, doc/es for spanish and doc/ru for Russian15:15
LarstiQcgratecos: you could start a doc/fr15:15
cgratecosLartiQ: let's go !!15:15
cgratecosLarstiQ: it's look easy to do !! is there someone allready working on french translation ? we could share the work and i hate to make something that have allready been made !!15:26
LarstiQcgratecos: I'm not aware of that, but you could search the list archives15:28
LarstiQcgratecos: 'google site:lists.canonical.com bazaar french' I guess15:29
LarstiQcgratecos: however, you could try getting in touch with the translators for bzr-explorer15:29
LarstiQcgratecos: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-explorer15:30
sendercgratecos: what's your question?15:30
cgratecossender: i want to translate the bazaar site and the documentation in french !15:31
cgratecosLarstiQ: thanks15:31
LarstiQcgratecos: ah, for the site I recall there might be prior work15:32
sendercgratecos: great! I almost finished the dutch translation for bzr-explorer last night, it's quite easy to do15:32
sendercgratecos: create a login on launchpad and set your 'prefered language' to include french15:32
* LarstiQ quickly jumps on the Dutch bandwagon15:33
sendercgratecos: now you can edit the translation here: https://translations.launchpad.net/bzr-explorer/trunk/+pots/explorer15:33
senderLarstiQ: :)15:33
Kinnisonjelmer: Is it a known side-effect that translating from pack-0.92 to 2a will add a file-id ? (is that the 'rich root' ?)15:34
LarstiQKinnison: 2a is a rich-root format (finally!), so that sounds plausible15:35
cgratecossender: i create my login and i'll do the work (there's allready a lot of work done !!)15:35
KinnisonLarstiQ: cool15:36
sendercgratecos: yes, still 88 untranslated to go.. those are the hard ones probably, good luck ;)15:36
* Kinnison is playing with his branches to check they all translate15:37
Kinnisonthe one with umpteen arch branches merged into one, plus several other branches merged with the 0..-1 trick seems to play ball nicely15:37
senderLarstiQ: did you do some dutch translations on lp?15:39
LarstiQsender: not yet15:39
senderLarstiQ: ah ok thought I'd used some translation suggestions from a certain Lars ;) What's your opinion on keywords like branch, commit, update, merge, etc.. translate to NL or not?15:40
LarstiQsender: I'm very very biased on that topic. My opinion is to not translate them, but then, everything I use is in English so I'm not the exact target demographic.15:41
cgratecossender: i'm working on the french translation on launchpad, my nickname is gtechnix, i'll go back home in 10 minutes but  on it tonight15:44
cgratecosi'll work on it tonight15:44
sendercgratecos: great, take your time ;) thanx!15:44
hmeland_sender: For documentation I'd think it could make sense to differentiate between the command and the concept (but I speak NO rather than NL, and I'm also happy using everything in English).15:45
senderLarstiQ: same here... i never like changed shortcuts b/c of localization and especially the Dutch functionnames in excel :/15:47
senderhmeland_: I think we agree.. in documentation the concept should be explained using the native language (just like help and statusbar text in the app) and the keyword itself can better stay in english for sake of unanimity15:49
LarstiQsender: translating the API was a really stupid decision for Excel15:49
senderLarstiQ: I never saw it in any other app/language.. hope that that flaw never occured somewhere outside MS hq ;)15:55
Kinnisonjelmer: when you file those bugs, please let me know so I can subscribe to them16:11
jelmerKinnison: will do16:12
mickstephensonHi, can someone help, I'm trying to checkout some code from launchpad and I'm getting this error "Permission denied (publickey)." It's only occurred since i entered my launchpad login to bzr16:15
KinnisonIs your SSH key registered with launchpad and do you have the key present?16:16
mickstephensonI think the key I have on bzr is from another computer, I thought this would only be important when committing code? this is basically just an anonymous checkout.16:18
KinnisonNot GPG key, SSH key16:19
Kinnisononce you give bzr your LP login, it will try to use bzr+ssh instead of http to fetch content16:19
mickstephensonoh ok, i'll upload my key anyway, thanks16:20
KinnisonNo problem16:20
KinnisonYou'll want your key on launchpad if you want to push branches to it anyway16:20
Kinnisonso it's a handy thing to do16:20
garyvdmmickstephenson: You can still download using http with out a ssh key16:24
garyvdmIt will be slower though16:24
mickstephensonI think I will need to, it must take some time after pasting the key inot launchpad that it propagates to bzr16:25
mozmck_workHi, If I have deleted versioned files from my working directory, what do I need to do to tell bzr they are gone?16:28
Kinnisonit will notice, type 'bzr status' and check16:29
mozmck_workah, so a commit will do it all?16:30
Kinnisonit does for me. But I make no guarantees :-)16:30
igcnight all16:46
wadesworldhi guys, looking for some help importing a CVS repository....I have the actual repository (not a checkout)  - I *think* I can use bzr cvsps-import....correct?17:01
LarstiQwadesworld: I think so, though no experience with it17:01
awmcclainWell, hrmph. Updating my local repository is failing miserably17:17
awmcclainstarting repository conversion17:17
awmcclainPython(2806) malloc: *** mmap(size=20480) failed (error code=12)ring revisions:17:17
awmcclain*** error: can't allocate region17:17
awmcclain*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug17:17
awmcclainbzr: ERROR: Must end write group before releasing write lock on CHKInventoryRepository('file:///Users/andrew/clownfish/panda-repo/.bzr/repository/')17:17
LarstiQawmcclain: woo17:18
LarstiQawmcclain: what command is that?17:19
LarstiQawmcclain: just `bzr upgrade`?17:19
awmcclainbzr upgrade --2a17:19
LarstiQawmcclain: with bzr 1.17?17:22
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
agrippaTrying to get a diff tool that will work with bzr on OS X.  Any suggestions?17:35
awmcclainagrippa: opendiff?17:47
awmcclainsoo...any suggestions about how to upgrade my repo?17:48
wadesworldagrippa, I think I got it set up to use FileMerge at one point17:48
wadesworldbut it was a long time ago, and I don't remember the specifics17:49
awmcclainwadesworld: Yeah, i think if you install filemerge and then alias opendiff to it... or you may not even need to17:49
awmcclainif i run bzr diff --using=opendiff it opens filemerge17:49
agrippaIt just seems to send it to stdout for me if I do that17:53
agrippaBut I did find the FileMerge utility, so that's good.  I don't need to go and purchase Changes now.17:53
awmcclainwhat does man opendiff give you?17:54
agrippaIt describes opendiff as "a command line utility that provides a convenient way to launch the FileMerge application from Terminal..."17:56
agrippaOK, nice, it does launch FileMerge when I use it, just doesn't seem to want to play nice with bzr17:57
awmcclainbzr diff --using=opendiff doesn't work?17:57
agrippaYeah, just exits immediately17:58
agrippaWhen I do something like "bzr -r1..10 --using=opendiff" it just sends the diff to the terminal instead of opening FileMerge17:58
agrippaerm, bzr diff -r1..10 --using=opendiff rather17:59
agrippaOh, maybe I need the difftools plugin installed18:00
agrippaGoing to try that18:00
agrippaOK, that worked.18:07
malibuHello folks.18:19
malibuA question about 'hooks'18:20
malibuI cannot find any documentation on enabling them for the smartserver18:20
malibuWhere can I find something like that?18:20
* LarstiQ pipes back up18:20
LarstiQmalibu: can you describe exactly how you configured the hook, and how you are accessing it?18:21
LarstiQmalibu: for me, if I use bzr+ssh://source/srv/bzr/foo/bar, I use [/srv/bzr] in source:~user/.bazaar/locations.conf for a pattern18:22
malibuI put a commit_plugin.py into ~/.bazaar/plugins18:23
LarstiQmalibu: or in earlier versions, that might be chroot-*:///srv/bzr/18:23
LarstiQmalibu: right, remotehost:~/.bazaar/plugins ?18:23
malibuIt uses the install_named_hook method to register a function18:24
malibuyes, on the repository host18:24
malibubasically the function just attempts to call a shell script18:25
malibuusing import os, os.system("script")18:25
malibuThe hook compiles fine,18:25
malibuit shows up in bzr hooks18:25
malibu..but it does not fire18:26
malibuI need it in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf you say?18:26
LarstiQmalibu: right18:26
LarstiQmalibu: well, normally you'd have to configure a hook to be run for a branch. If you don't, it won't fire.18:27
LarstiQbut then again, if you have written your own plugin, you could be doing things differently18:28
LarstiQmalibu: can you share your plugin?18:28
malibuis there a bzr pastebin?18:28
LarstiQmalibu: any pastebin will do if it is just one file18:28
malibuI just took the sample from the docs and modified it a bit18:31
LarstiQnot too complicated :)18:32
* LarstiQ tries it18:32
malibulol, sure you can handle it18:32
LarstiQmalibu: what version of bzr are you using?18:34
GaryvdMmalibu: post_commit will never be fired on the server. You should rather hook onto tip_change18:34
GaryvdMI think it is tip_change, but I'm not sure - so look for something like that.18:35
malibutip_change?  what does that mean?18:35
LarstiQoh shoot, I forgot about that18:36
LarstiQmalibu: the tip of a branch is the most recent revision18:36
GaryvdMmalibu: It's called when the latest revision (tip) of a branch18:36
GaryvdMSo post_commit will only get called if you do bzr commit18:36
GaryvdMbut tip_change will get called if you commit, push, pull etc...18:37
LarstiQGaryvdM: which with a checkout could happen against bzr+ssh, but yes18:37
malibuBut it gets called on the client side18:37
LarstiQmalibu: your post_commit hook gets called clientside? Yes, that underlines what GaryvdM said and I forgot about18:37
malibuWell I don't know if it is getting called client side, there is no shell script client side18:38
malibuBut I was trying to understand what GaryvdM was saying by reiterating18:38
malibutrying it now18:42
GaryvdMmalibu: The correct name of the hook is "post_tip_change"18:53
malibuahhh.. shoot18:53
malibuwas just going to bitch about it still not working!18:53
malibubut you are gone now o it don't matter!18:54
malibuah there you are18:54
siliuDoes anyone know why I can not use bze qlog?18:54
LarstiQsiliu: not without more information :P18:54
GaryvdMmalibu: What did you say when I was gone?18:54
malibujust thanks, and that I was just coming in to bitch that it still wasn't working18:55
malibubut I used tip_change18:55
GaryvdMsiliu: What does it say when you try run bzr qlog?18:55
malibushoot, still didn't work19:00
GaryvdMmalibu: I just figured out - you can get the documentation on hooks by running bzr help hooks19:01
GaryvdMSorry - post_change_branch_tip19:03
LarstiQmalibu: which hooks documentation were you reading earlier?19:03
siliuGaryvdM,  I got the message bzr: ERROR: unknown command "qlog"19:07
LarstiQok, so I was confused by the bzr-email plugin also installing a post_change_branch_tip hook19:08
GaryvdMsiliu: qlog is apart of the qbzr plugin. This is probably not installed.19:08
LarstiQsiliu: do you have qbzr installed?19:08
LarstiQsiliu: it should be in `bzr plugins` output19:08
GaryvdMsiliu: Windows or other os?19:09
malibuI fond 'how to make a plugin' on the wiki19:09
malibuAlso I was reading the Bazaar manual19:09
malibubut there wasn't very much detail19:09
siliufedora 1019:10
malibuGaryvdM no prob, will try that19:10
GaryvdMsiliu: I don't thing that there are any rpm for qbzr, so you are going to have to install it manualy.19:10
LarstiQmalibu: if you can point me to the exact locations I'll see about changing them to point at `bzr help hooks`19:11
GaryvdMsiliu: I lie. There do seem to be rmps - see http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/4/idpl/12544874/com/qbzr-0.11-1mdv2010.0.noarch.rpm.html19:12
GaryvdMThats for 0.11 - Latest release is 0.1219:13
malibuLastiQ: hard for me to do it now, slow vnc connection.  Will look for you later19:14
LarstiQmalibu: ok19:15
LarstiQmalibu: http://bazaar-vcs.org/WritingPlugins is a bit old19:15
* LarstiQ updates19:17
siliu_openmedianthanks GaryvdM  I will try that19:20
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
=== garyvdm changed the topic of #bzr to: Launchpad's now open source! | Bazaar version control system | 1.17 released 20th July, 2009 | http://bazaar-vcs.org | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/
garyvdmtwas released yesterday...19:55
LarstiQpoint, point :)19:59
malibuholy cow!  My post_change_branch_tip hook worked!20:20
malibuOf course, I'm not sure why creating one empty text file caused it to do a 'writing local files' of 10Gb.....20:29
LarstiQmalibu: heuh?20:36
jfroyHas the 2a migration document been published?20:48
jfroySpecifically the steps to migrate branches on Launchpad to 2a without hosing everything because of stacking.20:49
LarstiQjfroy: working on it, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/39050220:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 390502 in bzr "bzr's development should dogfood format 2a" [High,Confirmed]20:49
jfroyThat seems specific to bzr?20:51
jfroyI vaguely recall a 2a migration document was being prepared, I'm just not sure where the draft is.20:51
LarstiQjfroy: doc/en/upgrade-guide/ ?20:55
jfroyI see20:58
jfroyit's not in the 1.17 distro.20:58
LarstiQnor in the 1.17 branch20:59
LarstiQjfroy: yeah the bug is about dogfooding, you can upgrade now (with the bzr.dev document) or you could wait a bit for bzr.dev to go through the process21:00
jfroyI see21:03
jfroythe process is mostly to sidestep the entire issue21:03
jfroyby keeping the old format trunk around (and thus not breaking any stacked branch)21:04
jfroyAnd blessing a new 2a format branch as the development focus moving forward21:04
LarstiQI'm not sure I'm entirely happy with that arrangement21:04
jfroyneither am I21:05
jfroyseems messy21:05
LarstiQhaving people's stacked brances upgraded to 2a automatically is less ideal though :/21:06
jfroyis there going to be a conflict on the name of the branch, I wonder21:08
jfroynot that it matters much in so far as the development focus branch is aliased when using lp:21:08
SamBstacked branches will break?21:08
jfroythey won't, not if you keep the old development focus around21:09
SamBI mean, would21:09
SamBif you upgraded what they were stacked on to 2a in-place?21:09
jfroyone worry is that because bzr has no way to mark a branch as closed, people could still be operating on the old trunk...21:09
jfroymight because a nightmare where you have 2 development focus diverging21:09
SamBjfroy: I has a way21:09
SamBchmod -w21:09
jfroyhow do you do that on Launchpad hosted branches, exactly :p21:10
SamByou get a sysadmin-priviliged person to do it21:10
jfroyfair enough21:10
SamBwell, that only helps for bzr.dev21:10
SamBbut you could presumably automate that21:11
SamBthereby adding such a way to launchpad ;-)21:11
jfroyfeels like a hack-ishy way though21:11
SamBwhat worries *me* is how do you get people to stop pulling from that branch?21:11
jfroymay be nicer to have a formal way to close a branch, perhaps providing a "use this one instead" message of sort.21:11
SamBan MOTD mechanism might not be unwelcome21:12
jfroywhich bzr could display on push, pull and branch21:12
jfroy*files a bug*21:12
SamBdarcs has such a thing for pulls/branches, at least21:12
jfroyso does hg21:12
SamBdunno about git21:12
SamB... why the heck is bzr in the "devel" section?21:14
SamBshouldn't it be in "vcs" instead?21:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 403203 in bzr "A a "close branch" command with optional message" [Undecided,New]21:17
jfroylol double As21:17
jfroyfixed >.> (eternal thanks for inline editing on Launchpad)21:17
SamBjfroy: a mutable "message of the day" would be sufficient21:17
jfroynot strong enough IMO21:18
jfroyIt would be preferable for bzr to error out of commands like branch, push and pull.21:18
jfroyWhich requires additional state.21:18
LarstiQSamB: it is in "vcs" in Debian afaik21:18
SamBLarstiQ: hmm.21:18
LarstiQSamB: so where are you seeing this?21:19
SamBapparantly aptitude picks one of the sections at random?21:19
SamBor ... dunno21:19
SamBall of these available versions seem to be in "vcs"21:20
SamBbut the listing for bzr was in "devel" in aptitude's UI21:20
SamBoh, wait21:21
SamBSection: devel21:21
SamBVersion: 1.17+4556+11921:21
LarstiQSamB: in unstable?21:22
SamBLarstiQ: so are you saying it's in "vcs" for Debian but "devel" for Ubuntu?21:22
SamBno, that's the PPA21:22
LarstiQSamB: PPA or?21:22
LarstiQSamB: it is devel for the PPA I think21:22
SamBstill odd21:22
LarstiQSamB: it _used_ to be devel in Debian too21:22
SamByeah, I thought that might be the case21:23
* LarstiQ checks the changelog21:23
SamBI wasn't even assuming that it wasn't supposed to be now21:23
SamB... so what's the new URL for bzr.dev?21:24
LarstiQSamB: no change yet21:24
LarstiQSamB: hmm, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=bzr still has it at devel21:25
* SamB wonders where the branch for the ubuntu packaging is21:26
SamBoh, all the plugins too?21:26
SamBwow this page looks odd to me: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/bzr21:27
SamBit's like someone took packages.debian.org and tried to theme it21:28
SamB... and took out some of the links :-(21:29
SamBwhy no "ubuntu package tracking system"?21:29
LarstiQI don't know21:29
LarstiQI do know that when packages.ubuntu.com got set up it was run by the same admin as packages.debian.org21:30
LarstiQsame code too21:30
SamBLarstiQ: well I can *see* that it's largely the same code21:30
SamBjelmer: where it says "Debian Package Source Repository (VCS: bzr)\n    http://bzr.debian.org/pkg-bazaar/bzr/unstable" at the bottom of http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/karmic/bzr, does it actually mean that's where the ubuntu package source comes from too?21:32
SamBI mean, should it say "Ubuntu Package Source Repository" there, or?21:33
LarstiQSamB: I think that is parsed from Vcs-Bzr: http://bzr.debian.org/pkg-bazaar/bzr/unstable21:36
LarstiQSamB: and for Ubuntu the process is different, so there is no equivalent header, the Debian is left intact21:37
SamBLarstiQ: how does it work for Ubuntu?21:37
* LarstiQ speculates further21:38
LarstiQSamB: judging from a james_w dent, package branches on Launchpad21:38
SamBLarstiQ: anyway, I wasn't sure about that myself which is why I decided to ask the one whose name is on all the changelog entries for both projects that I see ;-)21:39
LarstiQyou mean jelmer? :)21:39
LarstiQSamB: afaik bzr is just synced into ubuntu from debian most times21:40
james_wSamB: it's hit and miss whether that is where the Ubuntu code is stored21:40
james_win bzr's case it is correct21:40
SamBLarstiQ: yeah21:40
SamBanyway -- how does one find these "package branches on launchpad"?21:41
SamBwhat exactly is a "remap"?22:09
* SamB wonders why bzr repacks packs in a log_10 fashion22:24
lifelessSamB: latency22:25
lifelessif you mean why log10 rather than logn or log2, that is mostly arbitrary22:26
SamBis it going to insist on repacking when there are 10000 revisions in the repository?22:26
lifelessnot really, that doesn't happen often :)22:26
SamBI don't know if my computer can handle it though22:27
lifelessits expoential backoff22:27
SamBhow much does it cost to do a repack, RAM-wise?22:27
lifelessdepends on format and how unpacked it is22:27
lifelessa 2a format recompresses22:27
lifeless1.9 and before just shuffle data around to consolidate packs22:28
SamBhow much redeltaing does it do ?22:28
lifelessin 2a, a lot22:28
lifelessits pretty fast though22:28
SamBwhat computational complexity ?22:28
lifelessand memory wise, if you managed to commit you will be able to pack22:28
LarstiQbar bugs22:28
lifeless[with some fuzz]22:29
SamB... oh, while we speak of RAM, I saw a thread in the bzr list about a memory profiling tool. do you know the current URL of that tool?22:29
* SamB forgot even the name, but doesn't remember the URL being too informative ...22:30
lifelessits in jams +junk22:30
SamBand his LP id is jam?22:30
jamSamB: lp:~jameinel/+junk/py_memory_dump IIRC22:31
jamhi lifeless22:31
lifelesshi jam22:31
SamBjam: why no project?22:31
jamSamB: I never came up with a nicer name for it22:31
SamBthe name seems an adequate description of how it works22:32
jamI was hoping to have something fun22:32
LarstiQjam: was lp:~ian-clatworthy/bzr/sphinx-userdocs/ the 2a upgrade docs you had in mind?22:32
LarstiQjam: ehm, doc/en/upgrade-guide/ in bzr.dev22:32
jamLarstiQ: I don't think it would be under "sphinx"22:32
jamLarstiQ: upgrade-guide sounds about right22:32
* SamB hands jam a stack of Monty Python DVDs and tells him to knock himself out, then22:32
garyvdmjam: how dose that compare to heapy?22:33
jamLarstiQ: data_migration.txt subheading Migrating Branches on Launchpad22:33
jamgaryvdm: The #1 difference is that it dumps the information about memory consumption to disk with a *very* lightweight process22:33
IRConanhi... I'm trying to import an hg repo into bazaar but I get this error: http://pastebin.com/m43e0952e22:34
jamso if you interrupt your 1GB consumption, it can actually work22:34
IRConananyone know what's going on?22:34
jamand then you run a separate bit to analyze it22:34
garyvdmjam: I see22:34
jamalso, it works on windows, mac, 64 bit, etc22:34
jamgaryvdm: heapy liked to crash or just not compile for me22:34
jamalso, by dumping to disk, you can do your own data mining a bit easier22:34
jamlike 'grep' is a surprisingly useful memory debugging tool :)22:35
LarstiQjam: I read that, it seems suboptimal, though it has the merit of keeping things working22:35
jamLarstiQ: what would you consider "more optimal" ?22:35
LarstiQjam: cross-format stacking22:35
jamgiven that you break a stacked branch if you upgrade the source underneath it22:35
jamLarstiQ: if you want to implement that, feel more than welcome22:35
garyvdmjam: and cause it writes to disk, you can look at someone else's dump22:35
jamgaryvdm: sure22:35
jamjust be aware, the dumps are pretty big22:35
jamI went with JSON, and it ends up at least the same size as in ram22:36
jambut bzip2 works well22:36
* SamB thinks he would prefer the new lzma format22:36
LarstiQjam: it is not the pragmatic move no. I'll mull things over tonight (bedtime now) and get things rolling again tomorrow22:36
SamB(why new? because they smartened up and added magic bytes, that's why!)22:36
garyvdmjam: vila says that qlog mysqlbranch can use up to 2gb - but I can't reproduce, and have only seen max 400mb.22:38
garyvdmmaybe I can use that to debug22:38
jamgaryvdm: might be a 64-bit vs 32-bit thing?22:39
garyvdmYes - vila did mention that.22:39
jamgiven that 90% of objects double in size on 64-bit22:39
lifelesspoor irconan, got no answers22:40
SamBjam: that doesn't explain 400mb -> 2gb22:40
lifelessigc: http://pastebin.com/m43e0952e22:43
lifelessjelmer: hai22:50
lifelesshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/subunit/time-support/+merge/9136 :)22:50
SamBoh, does bzr send work with 2a in 1.17+4556+119 ?22:52
mwhudsonbzr send (well, bundling) is a bit broken with 2a22:52
SamBI'd heard it was22:53
SamBI thought maybe you'd gotten it fixed22:53
mwhudsoni don't think so, but i've not been paying super close attention22:53
* SamB hopes there are at least some failing tests for it22:53
jammwhudson: "bit broken" aka completely unusable?23:01
jamI guess you can use "bzr send --no-bundle" :)23:02
pooliehi jam23:02
jamhi poolie23:02
jamSamB: I'm working on it right now, in fact23:02
jamI'm down to 2 test failures23:02
mwhudsonjam: right23:02
jampoolie: up for a phone call?23:03
* SamB supposes he'll just have to push to launchpad ...23:03
poolieyes, up specifically for a phone call :)23:03
jampoolie: skype/call my house/call my cell, up to you23:03
SamBhey, if I push a 2a format branch and launchpad wants to stack it on bzr.dev ... what will happen?23:03
jamSamB:  it will break23:04
jambut patches/bundles/etc from a 2a branch won't be compatible with bzr.dev (right now) anyway23:04
jamsince it will be generated in a rich-root repo, which can't be stored in a non-rich-root23:04
jamnote that LarstiQ was looking into what it would take to get all of us upgraded to 2a for bzr branches23:05
jambut he is sleeping now :023:05
SamBjam: well, what it took me was jelmer's branch on debian.org having rich-roots ...23:06
SamBwhere is "rich root" explained?23:11
SamBwhile we're on that subject, where are "ghosts" explained?23:11
lifelessbzr help repoformats, or some such23:11
lifelessghosts are explained on the wiki23:11
SamBlifeless: it doesn't actually say what it IS23:13
SamBit just says that changes from rich-root aren't compatible with non-rich-root23:13
maxbHow is it possible for "bzr ls --ignored --versioned --unknown ." to output nothing, in a directory full of files?23:16
SamBif someone symlinked /usr/bin/python to /bin/true ?23:17
SamBwhat's that? you wanted a serious answer?23:19
lifelessmaxb: works for me23:20
DaffyDuck_lifeless: I have a question. First, can you take a look at http://pastebin.com/d673e2777?23:25
DaffyDuck_I'm wondering if there's anything bzr can do to make the permissions stick in branches as well.23:25
SamBsomeone should set up a 2a mirror of the bzr repo soon ...23:25
DaffyDuck_Someone suggested I use posix acls, but they aren't available for my platform (yet).23:26
lifelessSamB: 2a is rich roots; we want to transition, but we can't accept merges from 2a until we transition23:26
SamBbut what ARE they?23:27
lifelessSamB: I think it was covered on the list this morning23:27
SamBah. thanks ;-)23:27
lifelessDaffyDuck_: your umask is filtering out the write bit23:27
DaffyDuck_lifeless: Yeah -- I know, but "bzr init" does something which properly inherits the permissions. I was wondering if the same procedure can be applied to branching.23:29
lifelessDaffyDuck_: I'm not sure; you could file a bug with your demonstration of this23:30
DaffyDuck_lifeless: Ok, I'll do that. Not a biggie, but currently I need to run a "fix_bzr_repo_perm.sh" script each time someone has created a branch in the shared repository. After that, everything works like a charm.23:31
jelmerlifeless: I was about to "vote approve", but lp is down for maintainance23:35
lifelessjelmer: sweet, thanks23:36
lifelessI'll land it all23:36
jelmerlifeless: awesome23:37
jelmerlifeless: I've had positive comments from other Samba devs about subunit23:37
jelmerlifeless: proper reintroduction of duration reports was one of the oft-reported bugs23:38
lifelessplease encourage them to file bugs upstream23:38
lifelessfeedback is a major source of inspiration23:39
jelmerlifeless: the code that handles subunit in samba is independent of upstream though23:40
lifelessjelmer: yes, but unless there is something upstream about it, I can't know what they are thinking23:40
jelmerlifeless: I'll see if I can forward bugs upstream wrt the specification though if any are reported to me23:40
lifelessand I am very keen to get all your code upstream *anyway*23:40
jelmerlifeless: that's got the stuff wrt "start-testsuite: "..23:41
lifelessI recall that discussion :)23:42
jelmerlifeless: and the other bit (the buildfarm) is parsing subunit based on regular expressions that match the behaviour of our testsuite23:42
jelmerrather than properly parsing subunit23:42
jelmerthe latter will change at some point, when we get the other projects on the buildfarm across to subunit23:42
lifelessI think it will be great when you are able to be building on the subunit commandline tools/tools in trunk23:42
lifelessI'm doing a talk at the end of the month about subunit at the local LUG23:43
jelmerlifeless: yeah, being able to hook into the system subunit would be nice23:43
jelmerit's on my todo list :-)23:44
lifelessjelmer: I missed the shouldStop attribute, I'll add that as a property - ok?23:52
jampoolie: still there?23:54

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