Ahmuck-Jredubuntu offer mentoring?00:54
sbalneavMorning all14:41
sbalneavMorning LaserJock!16:08
sbalneavhow was the Dis. yesterday?16:08
LaserJockstill working on it :(16:08
LaserJockhopefully done by noon16:08
sbalneavGo, go gadget LaserJock16:09
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* Lns missed the meeting, huh..?17:49
sbalneavWas there one today?17:50
Lnsthought there was? it was in my calendar...maybe i'm hallucinating17:50
sbalneavThere was one last week.17:51
sbalneavYou could just be really late :)17:52
Lnshahaha..no, i was there...jeez, weird.17:56
Lnsno, it was in the last meeting's minutes... Next Scheduled Meeting: * Wednesday, 22 July 2009  * 13:00 UTC17:57
sbalneavWell, entirely possible we both missed it.17:57
highvoltageeesh, I guess we all did, I forgot to diarise it18:03
LnsI win, i was the only one that remembered! woot18:03
* Lns pats his Sunbird18:03
sbalneavWell, we'll see what that shakes up20:48
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