JontheEchidnaThe patches add a few new query syntaxes plus handling for them, so I introducing them won't hurt existing functionality at all. They should be safe to include in the official packages00:01
QuintasanI guess I'll make it compile for now.00:03
Quintasanand wait for RC300:03
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neversfeldemaco: a bilbo package is in my ppa00:07
neversfeldebtw. it needs a second advocate?00:07
neversfeldewell, seems that this is not a new info :)00:10
ScottK-palmAnyone do any iso testing yet?00:25
maconeversfelde: i just pbuilder'd what you have on revu. and im not able to advocate, though i can confirm it builds just dandy00:26
neversfeldemaco: :)00:27
neversfeldeIt is alpha freeze afaik, so it is not so urgent00:28
JontheEchidnaalpha freeze only applies to main00:28
JontheEchidnauniverse is free for uploading00:28
neversfeldedid not know it00:30
neversfeldeso it is urgent :D00:30
macoaaaaaaaaand it just crashed00:31
neversfeldemaco: you should report it to @mtux on identi.ca00:31
neversfeldeor just !bilbo00:32
macocrashed and spewed a "temporary" post to my blog00:32
neversfeldemaco: I tested 0.9 with wordpress, it worked00:33
neversfeldethe version on revu is a beta1, so this is probably a problem00:33
macoim trying with blogger since the wordpress i intend to use it on is not yet configured for post-from-app00:33
macowhen i clicked "get style" or whatever bilbo calls that button, it crashed00:34
macoany chance you know what Q_Q() means in qt stuff?00:39
RiddellScottK: installing i386 now00:50
ubottuHelp! apachelogger, Arby, devfil, JontheEchidna, nhandler, Riddell, ScottK, tsimpson, vorian00:53
Riddell"KDE 4.3 RC3 tarballs uploaded"00:53
Riddellto be made public in 12 hours00:54
JontheEchidnatight operation, but at least we have a bit o' warning00:55
JontheEchidnaTO THE BATCAVE00:55
neversfelde12h thats really a lot of time :)00:56
JontheEchidnahopefully things go perfect on the first build (no moved files, etc)00:58
Riddellkubuntu-devel post From: Chris <chris062689@gmail.com> looks suspicious (or incompetant)00:58
NightroseRiddell: it should likely be a reply to seele's post01:14
Nightrosebut yea01:14
Riddelli386 desktop CD seems good for alpha01:16
shtylmanRiddell: I don't know what else to do about the installer :)01:34
Riddellshtylman: I'll try it again tomorrow now that I have karmic installing01:35
shtylmank...if it doesn't work... well... jesus... I have no idea01:35
shtylmanI will ask someone else to try it for sanity sake01:35
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ScottKRiddell: Do you know who to ping to get Kubuntu on the ISO tracker?02:55
Gonanyone using KDE 4.3 RC2 ?03:59
ScottKGon: It's in Karmic and one of the Jaunty PPAs.  Lots of us using it.04:03
Gonon login, plasma desktop scan my wallpaper-diretories04:09
Gonwhy appears a dialog showing a progress bar?04:09
Gonin 4.2.4 did the same, but silently.04:10
ScottKI don't know.  I don't recall seeing that.04:11
GonI'm using Presentation mode for wallpapers...04:12
ScottKNo suggestions.  Sorry.04:12
GonWell, I think that dialogue is widely04:13
Gonone more thing...04:42
Gonkde microblog plasmoid doesn't show my friends updates from twitter04:42
macowhat is "\reimp" besides the most useless excuse for documentation ever?04:51
DaskreeCHGon: It used to?05:05
DaskreeCHShow your friends?05:26
Gononly show my updates05:27
macoheh it doesnt show anything at all for me05:32
macomy avatar and a textbox that it won't let me type in. that's all05:32
* ScottK suggests filing upstream bugs.05:51
ScottKWhat's the name of the widget we use for showing the 'desktop'?06:05
DaskreeCHshow Desktop widget?06:26
ScottKThe folderview widget is the one I couldn't remember before.06:43
ScottKSorry.  It's late and I'm tired.06:43
DaskreeCHoh that kind of showing desktp06:43
ScottKIf anyone could look at today's Live CD (desktop and/or netbook) and see if they could replicate  Bug #402877 or  Bug #402878 that would be good.06:47
* ScottK goes to collapse.06:48
ScottKrickspencer3-afk: ^^06:48
ScottKmeant Riddell^^^06:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402877 in ubiquity "Ubiquity crashed with NotImplementedError: ubiquity.fronted.kde_ui.Wizard does not implement ma_get_choices" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40287706:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402878 in kubuntu-netbook-default-settings "Folderview (with install icon) missing for live desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40287806:49
RiddellScottK: are you sure you used the latest desktop CDs?  the ones from yesterday morning had those problems but not the ones from European evening09:58
davmor2Riddell: I didn't think it was fixed till this mornings not last nights?10:03
davmor2I could be wrong though10:03
Riddelldavmor2: what was fixed this morning?10:03
davmor2updated ubiquity isn't it.10:04
ryanakcaCould an Italophone please look over http://pastebin.ca/1503026 ?11:17
RiddellTonio_: ^^ :)11:18
Mamarokthis is driving me mad: my video card works like a charm in Gnome, but not in KDE, is it an upstream problem? dfaure seems to have the same problem than I have11:19
Mamarokjust tried, so either it's our packages, or it's KDE, but that's a huge bug IMHO11:19
Tonio_Riddell: :)11:21
Tonio_Riddell: I don't speak itilian unfortunatelly :)11:21
Tonio_Riddell: only my grand parents did :)11:23
Mamarokryanakca: I'll have a look, moment11:24
Mamarokryanakca: looks good, is there nothing named kubuntu in Italy?11:27
RiddellMamarok: does KDM show?11:32
RiddellMamarok: is this something new?11:34
sebasMamarok: what doesn't work?11:35
MamarokRiddell: no, I was never able to run the fglrx driver in KDE since Jaunty RC1, and just ried in Gnome and it works!11:35
sebasWhat happens when you try?11:36
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ScottKRiddell: I probably had the older one then.11:38
* ScottK starts another download.11:38
Mamaroksebas: can't start KDE, everything freezes on login11:39
Mamarokworks without problems with the radeon driver, but I can't ue OpenGL with that driver, only XRander11:39
sebasWhat graphicschip do you use?11:40
* Mamarok has a ATI HD365011:40
sebasI used to use the fglrx driver, but I'm now on the Free radeon one11:40
sebasHm, dunno if the Free driver supports that chip11:40
sebasDoes it? :)11:40
Mamaroksebas: well, the fglrx did till Jaunty alpha six or so11:41
Mamarokdon't remember what changed then, either the xorg version or the fglrx one11:41
Mamaroksebas: as I said, I use the radeon driver, but have no 3D unforutnately with it, so only basic de stuff with XRander11:42
sebasHm, I think 3d support for those chips just landed upstream, so it'll take a bit11:42
Mamaroksebas: what puzzles me more is that, with the same driver and xorg, compisiting works like a charm in Gnome11:44
Mamarokall 3D enabled, no freezes, just like it should work in KDE, but it doesn't, using 4.2.96 here11:44
MamarokKDE still freezes on startup when DE is enabled11:45
sebaslikely we or Qt are hitting a rendering path that's not being used by gnome (compiz?), and which hasn't been tested11:45
Mamarokworth exploring that path I would say, as we have had numerous reports with ATI cards failing on KDE with desktop effects, even basic transparency11:49
sebasWell, the path ends quickly as fglrx.ko doesn't provide source12:02
ravingесть тут кто?12:52
ryanakcaMamarok: No clue, I just got an email asking we put it up on the website under Community & Support, I didn't know if it was just a pile of bogus or if it was good content.12:56
Mamarokryanakca: well, it's instruction son where ot find help for Kubuntu in Italian, but what puzzles me is that there is nothing really Kubuntu specific, all links point to ubuntu links.12:59
ryanakcaAh, yes, I see.12:59
ryanakcaMamarok: I can stick up #kubuntu-it , it's a redirect to #ubuntu-it ...13:00
seaLneRiddell: psu arrived yet?13:01
RiddellseaLne: yep, postman just came13:02
Riddellmy laptop is alive!13:02
Riddelland it's got a water bottle to go with it13:02
Riddellthanks seaLne13:02
seaLneRiddell: is there still a general problem with lack of working sound or is it only some soundcards/other variable?13:03
RiddellseaLne: sounds seems to be working for me on a karmic install from today's CD13:10
Riddellso does network surprisingly, I thought people had said NM was broken with any encryption13:10
seaLnepnma dosen't even run for me atm13:10
seaLnei get a blank space on the panel that i can right click but not left click13:11
seaLnedownloading todays daily to see if it behaves any differently13:13
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* ryanakca crosses off another item from the KubuntuKarmicSpec, hurray! http://www.kubuntu.org/support is now readable :)13:34
neversfelderyanakca: there is a typo under Planet, it is Deutschpsrachigen Kubuntu Community but has to be Deutschsprachigen Kubuntu Community13:44
ryanakcaneversfelde: Ah, thanks13:46
sebasryanakca: under other languages, the link says "deitsch", should be "deutsch"13:48
ryanakcasebas: *nod*, I spotted that when I tried to go to neversfelde's page :)13:49
* sebas too :)13:49
ryanakcaneversfelde: Fixed, thanks13:51
agateauanyone having problems with PyQt4 on Karmic?13:51
neversfelderyanakca: I will have a look at the german text, could be a bit shorter13:51
agateauWhen I run this: python -c 'from PyQt4.QtCore import *'13:51
agateauit complains there is no module named QtCore13:52
agateau(yes, I checked it's installed)13:52
neversfeldeat least the list of links is not necessary13:52
JontheEchidnajonathan@jonathan-desktop:~$ python -c 'from PyQt4.QtCore import *'13:57
quassel208such a shame in kubuntu-devel, that the alpha works better then stable 9.0414:02
agateauJontheEchidna: strange14:13
* agateau tries to update14:13
ScottKquassel208: KDE is making significant strides with every release, so it's good news KDE 4.3 rc2 is working better than KDE
ScottKDoes today's Kubuntu desktop image have folderview and the link to install?14:20
quassel208Yes it does14:20
ScottKRiddell: Any ideas why it might be missing off the netbook ISO?  Where does that get set?14:20
quassel208Folderview is good thing, when used problablly14:21
quassel208netbook iso?14:21
JontheEchidnaScottK: is plasma-widget-folderview in the seed?14:21
ScottKJontheEchidna: It is.14:21
ScottKI can add it manually.14:21
ScottKThere's no doubt some setting fiddling I'm missing.14:22
quassel208but nice to see kubuntu in devel improve while I was in Thailand14:22
JontheEchidnaScottK: it is added to the desktop by default in the code even before we patch it for the other default applets14:22
ScottKquassel208: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Netbook14:22
JontheEchidnait's really strange that it wouldn't be added14:22
quassel208So most issues with intel gma are fixed?14:23
quassel208what kubuntu doesnt use konqeuror by default anymore?14:23
JontheEchidnait probably will again by 9.10, arora isn't ready14:24
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quassel208so now there is like version for nettops to? or its only for netbooks?14:24
JontheEchidnait's geared towards small-screened netbook type devices14:26
JontheEchidnabut I suppose it'd be usable on a laptop14:26
quassel208I gues on nettop u better can use the normall version, nettop is more powerfull trhe netbook14:26
quassel208esspecialy the intel atom 33014:27
ScottKquassel208: How big is the screen size?14:27
ScottKYes, I'd use the desktop edition then.14:28
quassel2081440 x 90014:28
ScottKNetbook is more about screen size than CPU (although we do some stuff there too).14:28
quassel208cpu is not bad in most netbooks14:28
ScottKclaydoh: Doing release notes for Alpha 3?14:29
ScottKAnyone else doing them?14:29
ScottKJontheEchidna: Figured it out.  live CD persistence has kicked my butt.  I'd been in a live CD before and removed it.14:37
seeleArtemis_Fowl: pong14:38
Artemis_Fowlseele: how will the GHNS button look like eventually? have you come to a decision?14:38
Artemis_Fowlseele: actually right now, the action that will be placed in menus/toolbars concerns me14:39
seeleArtemis_Fowl: Get New [Object]...14:39
Artemis_Fowlwith the GHNS star icon, right?14:39
Artemis_Fowlok thanx14:40
Artemis_FowlGet Hot New Stuff14:40
seeleScottK: get hot new stuff14:40
seeleKNS is the namespace14:40
* seele still doesnt get the namespace thing in development14:41
Artemis_Fowlit's a container for classes-objects14:42
ScottKArtemis_Fowl: I'm reasonably certain that didn't help.14:44
ScottKI'd appreciate it if someone else would boot the netbook ISO to make sure the folderview is there.14:45
seelehmm.. not a peep out of the plasma people about kickoff15:04
Riddellryanakca: yay15:13
macoArtemis_Fowl: its on http://weblog.obso1337.org/2009/fixing-kns-button-inconsistency/ for future reference15:18
Artemis_Fowlmaco: yeah, I know15:19
Artemis_Fowlmaco: the action is ready to be committed15:19
Artemis_Fowlmaco: have you done any work on the button?15:21
macoArtemis_Fowl: no, i was trying to learn a bit of c++ last night15:23
macoi have to modify qt for a school project anyway. c++ is ugly :-/15:23
macoRiddell: that kfm change that was committed to ~kubuntu-members/kdebase/ubuntu for bug 399155 was accepted upstream .... though looking at the revision, the patch wasnt actually put into debian/patches/ even though the debian/patches/series was edited to include it15:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 399155 in hundredpapercuts "Non-Konqueror browser in KDE results in bouncing icons for both browsers" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39915515:26
macomissed a "bzr add" maybe?15:26
Riddellthe perils of using a revision control system15:27
ghostcube4.3 rc2 is nice :) i love my dashboard now15:29
RiddellScottK: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/DependencyGraph updated15:51
ScottKRiddell: Cool.  Thanks.15:54
ScottKdavmor2: Can you do the entire disk test for Kubuntu Netbook?15:59
davmor2ScottKI can in vm but I need my netbook so I can't really test on it.  But if vm is okay then yes16:00
RiddellScottK: netbook edition lacks folderview for me but also kwin didn't start16:00
ScottKRiddell: Odd.  Any idea how that could happen?16:01
ScottKkwin started here fine.16:01
Riddellnope, works fine from desktop CD and kwin starts manually ok16:01
ScottKRiddell: Where is the folderview being there specified?16:01
Riddellnothing much in .xsession-errors16:02
ScottKPerhaps something we did in the netbook settings is interfering with it?16:02
RiddellScottK: default plasma widgets are hardcoded into plasma16:02
ScottKOK.  Hard to imagine I broke that.16:02
Riddellbut I guess /usr/share/kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc or /usr/share/kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/share/config/plasmarc breaks it16:02
* ScottK fiddles around.16:03
Riddellyeah there's no folderview in plasma-desktop-appletsrc16:03
Riddellthat could well be deliberate but then we'd need to think of another way to get the install icon there16:03
Riddellor just have ubiquity started as part of the startup16:04
ScottKI put that in there, it wasn't deliberate.16:04
Riddelltrouble with plasma-desktop-appletsrc is that it's unreliable, that's why we went back to hardcoding it for the desktop ISO16:05
Riddellit doesn't adapt well to different screen sizes16:05
ScottKIs it still unreliable?16:06
RiddellI doubt it's changed, upstream were talking about having some XML thing for default setups but I havn't heard anything about that16:06
ScottKI guess I revert that bit then.16:07
RiddellScottK: what was the intention?  to add the panel launch icons?16:09
ScottKRiddell: Yes.16:09
ScottKThey aren't critical though.16:09
Riddellit does mean we can see when someone is running the netbook edition though :)16:09
ScottKBy the time we get plasma-netbook in there, there won't be any doubt.16:10
ScottKRiddell: I removed that file and made a new user and it has folderview.16:14
ScottKRiddell: Unfortunately it also has the social from the start stuff and we just don't have the room for it.16:15
ScottKRiddell: We will need to have to figure out the best way to have them different for netbook.16:16
Riddellwe can have that hardcoded easily enough, if (QFile::exists("/usr/share/kubuntu-netbook-default-settings"))16:20
ScottKRiddell: OK.  I'd say let's have the netbook default be just the desktop folder on the 'desktop' for now.16:22
ScottKRiddell: Would you toss that into the RC3 packaging?16:22
* ScottK will fix k-n-d-s after the Alpha 3 freeze is lifted.16:23
ScottKIs switch user working for anyone?  It's not for me.16:24
Riddellmeh, kwin crashed twice and now that I want to report it, it doesn't crash16:26
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RiddellScottK: what's at https://launchpad.net/bugs/403067 ?17:37
ubottuError: This bug is private17:37
ScottKRiddell: Jockey crash.17:41
ScottKRiddell: You can see it now.17:42
Riddell_Sime: message on release-team regarding pykde17:50
Riddellall the fonts are very small after a netbook install17:51
ScottKRiddell: That's by design.  It's entirely possible we went overboard.17:53
nixternalhola kubunteros17:53
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Quintasannixternal: sup?17:54
nixternalchillin'...trying to figure out what I am going to do today17:54
nixternallooking through the non-existing jobs17:54
Quintasannixternal: rc3 packaging :P17:54
ScottKnixternal: How about some ISO testing.17:54
nixternalthe ninjas already have that in order I am sure17:55
nixternalalways do ISO testing17:55
* Quintasan looks around for his ninja suit and badge17:55
nixternalI am > < that close to automating my ISO testing17:55
Quintasanlol -> "emacs comes from times when Stallman had no beard"18:05
_Groo_hi/2 all19:10
_Groo_JontheEchidna: ping?19:10
_Groo_ScottK: ping?19:10
MamarokQuintasan: he is born with a beard :)19:11
_Groo_anyone knows if it will be possible to backport kdebindings 4.3 for jaunty? i tried it with 50% sucess19:11
_Simewhat went wrong?19:11
_Groo_i sucessfully backported the entire pack, from sip, to python-qt4, to kdebindings to qscintila19:12
_Simedid you have to do much?19:12
_Sime(it should be trivial enough)19:12
_Groo_unfortunatelly the new kdebindings breaks most if not all previously working python kde apps, like gdebi-kde, eric4, etc etc19:12
_Groo_since kdebindings needs new sip4, that needs new python-q4, that needs new qscintilla, etc etc :P somehow its not backward compatible with old code.19:13
_Groo_there are several bug reports in karmic about this.. one thing that broke was the printer-applet and kde printer settings.. had to go back to kdebindings from beta 219:14
_Simehuh? beta 2 works but rcX doesn't?19:14
_Groo_so, to backport the packages is a lot of work but not impossible, unfortunatelly its NOT a easy transition19:14
_Groo__Sime: beta2 didnt need such a high level python packages.. that changed after rc119:15
_Simeok, I gotcha.19:15
_Groo_i believe ScottK knows more about this problem19:15
_Groo_or maybe Riddell19:15
_Groo_anyway just to let you guys know the pain of kdebindigs19:17
_Groo_on another news i concluded my tests of qt 4.5.2 with raster enabled by default.. a huge sucess... everythings works like a charm and with must faster rendereings19:18
_Groo_the only workaround is in opera 10 that with qt4 builds needs to be forced with --graphicssystem native so it wont screw up the themes, besides that... a charm19:18
_Groo_i highly recomend the kubuntu devs to test builds of kubuntu 9.10 with raster enabled by default19:19
Riddell_Groo_: I've not tried backporting kdebindings although it's somewhere on my list of things to do if I have some time, I was worried it would get complex though19:19
_Groo_its trivial since it only requires a qt recompile, no need to recompile anything else19:19
_Groo_Riddell: you will have to backport, sip4, qscintila, python-qt4 ande kdebindings in this order19:20
seelewhat is the standard amount of memory in a netbook? 512MB or are they as much as 1GB?19:20
_Groo_Riddell: BUT it WILL break every single python-kde app and qt4 in the process19:20
_Groo_Riddell: so it would need to backport new eric4, new gdebi-kde, etc etc :P19:21
_Simeseele: 1Gb is standard now, except to the oldest and cheapest.19:21
seele_Sime: thanks19:21
_Groo_Riddell: its a diference in api introduced with new sip4 and python-qt4... old apps cant use it anymore, they complain about not finding sip or qscintilla or even pykde core19:23
_Groo_Riddell: new eric4 in karmic already has this fix, i bleieve gdebi-kde also, dont know about the rest19:23
_Simeeverything should be able to find the modules, unless there is a packaging problem.19:24
Riddellright, python doesn't care about ABI and I know the API hasn't changed else we'd need to have changed our code19:25
_Groo_Riddell: didnt quite followed you, what do you mean?19:26
_Groo__Sime: ah, now i understand, its not about finding but CALLING... the old apps use a old method and python complains, if you try to get the module by hand it works19:27
Riddellwell it's python, you just "import PyKDE.Core" and as long as that module is available it should work19:27
Riddellwhat old method?19:28
_Groo_Riddell: thats the problem :D the calling changed..19:28
* _Sime is updating his karmic to test.19:28
Riddell_Groo_: changed from what to what?19:28
_Groo__Sime: in karmic i believe it works.. get a gdebi-kde from jaunty and try to run it in karmic19:28
_Groo_Riddell: dont remember the specifics now.. just do what i told _sime.. its a quick and easy test... gdebi-kde from jaunty will break in karmic19:29
_Groo_Riddell: or in jaunty with new packages19:29
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ryanakcaHow does http://drupal.ryanak.ca/ look as the "Action" items for the KubuntuKarmicWebsite spec?19:49
ryanakcargreening: ^^19:49
rgreeningryanakca: looking good. a couple of thoughts...19:51
Riddellwasn't there a fourth we wanted?19:51
Riddellicons look a wee bit too big on first impressions19:51
rgreening1) can we cut the height of the banner to half and resize the icons accordingly. seems awfully BIG :)19:52
rgreening2) can we image map the banner to have the icons clickable as well19:52
Riddellwe do want it big, half the size would be too small I think19:52
Riddellright they need to be clickable19:52
ryanakcaRiddell: Yes, that needs to be fixed19:52
rgreening3) Kubuntu logo top left partially hidden behind the banner19:53
ryanakcaRiddell: The four items were `"Download", "Get Help", "Support", "Tour"'19:53
Riddellthat's the one19:53
* ryanakca loves how websites always render differently for different users19:53
ryanakcahttp://ryanak.ca/~ryan/kwebsite1.png is how it displays here19:54
rgreeninghhaha. Im using *yuk* arora19:54
* ryanakca pulls it down19:55
rgreeningryanakca: looks good other than these comments though. :)19:55
rgreeningryanakca: make sure to test in FF, arora and Konqueror... just to be safe :)19:56
ryanakcaRiddell: I'm thinking we can stick in the "Tour" icon once we get a tour... what should we switch out to make room for it, having four "action" items is too much imho...19:56
rgreeningryanakca: looks like the Kubuntu logo is drifting down in arora, and not top aligned. Not sure if an arora issue or a CSS one19:56
rgreeningryanakca: shrink the icons and cut the banner.19:57
Riddellfour is reasonable enough19:57
rgreeningthe icons can be much smaller... so 4 wouldn['t look bad19:57
rgreeningat the right size...19:57
ryanakcargreening: Valid CSS :) http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http://drupal.ryanak.ca/&profile=css21&usermedium=all&warning=1&lang=en19:58
* ryanakca will fix it though, thanks :)19:58
rgreeningryanakca: :)   I meant in intrepretation in the browsers. could be valid, but the order intrepreted by browser can cause issues.19:59
rgreeningmoving things around sometimes helps :)19:59
rgreeningty for your hard work on the web page though :P19:59
ryanakcaHehe :P19:59
ryanakcaDid you ever get around to getting yourself a testserver setup?19:59
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Archive: Alpha-3 soft-freeze | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | We need paperKuts! https://launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts
Riddellremoved bug 391763, now in queue20:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391763 in kdenetwork "Kopete won't login yahoo" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39176320:25
QuintasanAnyone uses Kickoff?20:27
Riddellsurely everyone does?20:29
_Simeyes they do, and don't call me Shirley.20:33
Riddellfor some reason I find that funnyer than I should20:35
_Simeit's a classic.20:37
Artemis_Fowlseele: ping20:45
_SimeRiddell:  gdebi-kde started up ok on karmic.20:46
Riddellthe karmic version also starts up fine on jaunty20:48
Riddell_Groo_: ^^20:48
* _Sime saw U2 last night. :-)20:53
_Simeprinter-applet appears to be running in the background too.20:59
Monika|Khi apachelogger21:26
apacheloggerneversfelde: how is the SRU going?21:56
neversfeldeapachelogger: It is waiting :)21:57
apacheloggeryou need to learn how to be a PITA of sru people :P21:57
Riddellwhich SRU?21:58
apacheloggerRiddell: bug 22153121:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221531 in kopete-plugin-thinklight "Thinklight doesn't blink because /proc/acpi/ibm/thinklight has wrong permissions" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22153121:58
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: when are you pushing a new kcm-gtk?22:02
* apachelogger would like to get rid of that settings category :P22:02
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: after alpha freeze probably22:03
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, what to do about arora? apparently there isn't much hope for it within the team22:03
JontheEchidnablah, X fail22:05
apacheloggerseele: any news on the category mess?22:06
* apachelogger feels like reverting it for 4.322:07
seeleapachelogger: nothing at all. 0 response from the plasma people22:07
seelenot even a stfu22:07
ScottKapachelogger: I say go for it.22:07
JontheEchidnathat is probably precedent to revert22:07
apacheloggerseele: maybe wrong list?22:07
JontheEchidnaoh: * apachelogger feels like reverting it for 4.322:07
* apachelogger thinks there are like 3 lists22:07
ScottKSince as Riddell reminded us it was the first way Kubuntu diverged from upstream, we should continue and not feel at all guilty.22:08
* JontheEchidna didn't see that22:08
JontheEchidnaer, not to ScottK's message22:08
seeleapachelogger: no, chani forwarded it from the panel list to the plasma list22:08
* JontheEchidna stfus22:08
apacheloggerrevert \o/22:09
apacheloggerseele: I'll revert the change in the 4.3 branch for now, since it is not applied all over the menu and thus causes inconsistency anyway22:20
apacheloggerif we don't hear back from the plasma doods I'll revert in trunk as well22:20
Monika|Kwhat is it that you are reverting?22:22
Riddellapachelogger: I still favour arora, it could come down to a council vote22:25
apacheloggerRiddell: honestly, I don't see why the council should overrule a general consensus among the members :P22:26
apacheloggerthe arora thread on the list only carried negative opinions so far22:27
apacheloggerif not all too well reasoned though :)22:27
ScottKRiddell: I've found arora to be pretty well a disaster on multimedia things and Konqueror working better than I've ever seen it in 4.3.22:27
apacheloggerseele, Riddell: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xdg/2008-April/009454.html22:27
RiddellScottK: multimedia things?22:28
apacheloggerthat thread ended with 3 mails though :D22:28
ScottKRiddell: Every time I click on something that's not html it just wants to download it.22:28
apacheloggerseele: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=120826895022122&w=2 what do you think about that?22:29
Nightroseis there a recent aurora package to try for jaunty?22:29
* Nightrose would like to know what the fuzz is about22:30
claydohScottK: ping22:37
ScottKclaydoh: Pong22:37
apacheloggerseele, ScottK, Riddell: rev 100131822:37
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1001318&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 100131822:37
neversfeldeNightrose: afaik there is 0.7.1 in jaunty backports. 0.8 was released a few days ago and there is no package yet.22:37
apacheloggerNightrose: just get the git branch22:37
claydohScottK: I am a little out of the loop re: release notes. when is alpha3 out?22:37
apacheloggeronly depends on Qt anyway22:37
Nightroseneversfelde: thx22:38
ScottKclaydoh: Tomorrow.22:38
Nightroseapachelogger: don't wanna compile22:38
seeleapachelogger: sweet22:38
claydohScottK: um, crap22:38
claydohI can get something tonight I think22:38
ScottKclaydoh: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview mentions a few issues for us.22:39
ScottKclaydoh: The big news since Alpha 2 is the new Kubuntu Netbook Edition and we are now up to KDE 4.3 RC2.22:39
claydohScottK: thanks, just what I am looking for22:39
claydohScottK: ok22:39
JontheEchidnadid that last month before the big netbook push22:40
ScottKapachelogger: Must be nice to have the powah.22:40
ScottKclaydoh: ^^22:40
JontheEchidnaneeds a bit of version bumping, some screenshots, probably a word about arora22:41
apacheloggerScottK: as long as no one beats you up for reverting their crap ;-)22:41
claydohScottK: /me is there now22:41
claydohJontheEchidna: ok22:41
ScottKclaydoh: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Netbook is probably worth linking to.22:41
ScottKapachelogger: Russia's a long way from Austria.22:42
apacheloggeryou never know... maybe he got friends round here or something22:42
apacheloggerin a matter of speaking22:43
* apachelogger should talk to krake about akonadiconsole22:43
apacheloggermaybe we can get it indeed out of kdepim-runtime22:43
apacheloggerthat doens't solve the problem, but helps :D22:43
apacheloggermeh, toma sez no :D22:47
apacheloggerScottK: I suppose -dev-tools is what we will use22:48
* Sput misses adblock most in arora22:48
* apachelogger misses mimetype integration22:48
Sputyeah, and KDE integration :)22:48
apacheloggereven chrome got that right, and that is not even supposed to be usable at this point :P22:48
Sputarora is insanely fast though22:49
ScottKapachelogger: Get some agreement from Debian (like you've started), but yes.22:49
Sputand doesn't crash with bahn.de :P22:49
apacheloggerSput: chrome is faster :P22:49
Sputis it?22:49
apacheloggergot the faster js vm22:49
Sputdidn't think that was possible :)22:49
* Sput still uses konqueror though, because it has all the stuff that arora misses22:49
Riddellhow do you read slashdot?22:50
Sputthere are people reading slashdot? :>22:50
Riddelleveryone reads slashdot!22:50
Sputwell, if I get links, I use it with konq22:50
* apachelogger isn't :P22:50
* apachelogger only reads biased kubuntu news :P22:50
* ScottK thought he read slashdot the other day, but doesn't recall what browser was running.22:50
apacheloggerkeeps me happy hacking22:51
apacheloggermuhahaha :D22:51
* Sput uses konqueror almost exclusively, and arora for the few pages that make it crash22:51
apacheloggeras long as I can watch the special kind of flash entertainment videos any browser is good :P22:52
* ScottK would like it if someone would work on lzma integration.22:52
ScottKThe needed lib to build against is in my PPA.22:52
apacheloggerScottK: integration into what?22:52
* ScottK still couldn't make ark work with lzma22:52
ScottKapachelogger: Yes.22:52
apacheloggerlib => revu => archive => main => make worky22:52
ScottKIn 4.3 it supports lzma if we build against the right stuff.22:52
ScottKapachelogger: lib is currently in Debian New.  I'd like to know if it's going to work before I go to the trouble.22:53
ScottKIf someone proofs it out, I'll get it in Main.22:53
apacheloggerScottK: why does it not build?22:53
apacheloggerdoes cmake not detect it properly?22:54
ScottKapachelogger: See my PPA for build logs.  It appeared to, but still no lzma in ark.22:54
apacheloggerScottK: -- Installing: /build/buildd/kdeutils-4.2.96/debian/tmp/usr/lib/kde4/kerfuffle_libxz.so22:57
apachelogger-- Installing: /build/buildd/kdeutils-4.2.96/debian/tmp/usr/share/kde4/services/kerfuffle_libxz.desktop22:57
apacheloggerthis is lzma support22:57
apacheloggerbuildds should run list-missing :P22:57
ScottKapachelogger: Cool.22:59
apacheloggerlp maintenance again23:01
=== vorian is now known as heHATEme
apacheloggeroh man, bazaar is down too :|23:07
apacheloggercan't get latest package of foobar either23:07
* apachelogger feels pretty dependent on lp now23:07
apacheloggerRiddell: where is kmix' OSD coming from?23:12
* rickspencer3 is making an alpha 3 Kubuntu Netbook USB start up disk23:16
* apachelogger just did that and starts live session :D23:17
Riddellapachelogger: it's a patch I wrote for kmix23:19
apacheloggerRiddell: was it dropped from karmic?23:20
Riddellapachelogger: no, still works for me23:20
apacheloggerI can't find the patch :D23:20
RiddellI'd like to convince agataux to port it to real notifications23:20
Riddellapachelogger: oh it got merged upstream yonks ago23:20
apacheloggerah, that explains23:20
* Nightrose just installed jaunty for her room mate23:22
Nightrosehe loves it23:22
apacheloggerjaunty is so last year :P23:22
Riddelljaunty looks really old fashioned compared to 4.323:23
Nightroseheh he _really_ isn't the right guy for any testing yet23:23
Nightrosejep i'll upgrade him to 4.3 when there are packages23:23
apacheloggerlatest netbook live fails to start23:25
Riddellworked for me and ScottK23:25
Riddellexcept kwin crashed for me randomly23:25
apacheloggermaybe the rsync broke23:26
* rickspencer3 starts installing kubuntu on my eeePC 900a23:29
* rickspencer3 notes that start up sound works on first boot23:32
rickspencer3can I install from a live instance?23:32
apacheloggerrickspencer3: via the menu23:35
rickspencer3apachelogger: thanks'23:35
apacheloggerI nuked the folderview widget so the install icon is gone from the desktop :S23:35
rickspencer3I couldn't find it and rebooted23:35
* rickspencer3 goes strait to the installer23:36
rickspencer3straight even23:36

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