Xnet0starcraftman: have you played around with your alsamixer settings?00:00
NLblackberryehm use windows 7 starcraft, everything works like a charm00:00
Xnet0windows is evil.. linux is the best.00:01
Xnet0starcraftman: anyways. Type "alsamixer" in the Konsole. Check that all level are up. especially pc,00:01
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Xnet0yes thats correct; thats correct . but when did you satart>00:05
Xnet0sorry again00:06
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beyondcris there a way to view a log for a program that is runing under wine it keeps crashing i want to find whats stoping00:16
Xnet0beyondcr: not sure.. what are you trying to run??00:18
Xnet0beyondcr: steam by any chance??00:18
beyondcrworldpac speeddial00:19
beyondcrits a auto parts catalog00:19
Xnet0not sure i can help you there. im unaware of that program..00:19
beyondcrits the only thing thats stoping me from chaning my shop to linux00:19
beyondcrdum asses stoped support for linux00:20
beyondcrso theres no way i can get a debug mode for wine00:22
beyondcrthat would show me whats being excuted00:23
Xnet0beyondcr: what does the programe do?? could you write a new one?? in Java perhaps?00:26
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Xnet0beyondcr: if its not too complicated, you could write your own.00:27
beyondcrcheck it out once it is i would need to find the way there data base is layed out it connects to a server you login slecte the parts you want to order its like a online catalog but its built into a program.....00:29
Speaker-To-CompuI have just installed Kubuntu, and I find that it came with no screensavers.  I tried installing the xscreensaver RPM, but it errored multiple times.  I really don't want to try to compile it myself, I wouldnt know were to begin.00:45
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alutzahow do i reinstall plasma-desktop ?00:53
alutzai really need to know im desperate00:53
aru_salutza: sudo apt-get remove plasma-desktop && sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop00:55
alutza"can't find package plasma-desktop"00:56
aru_sI think plasma-desktop is in kdebase-workspace00:59
alutzaoh boy00:59
aru_sIm checking right now01:00
alutzais it reinstallable?01:00
aru_slooks like all the plasma stuff is pulled in by that01:00
aru_sanything is reinstallable01:00
alutzaok so how?01:00
alutzasame way? apt-get01:00
aru_syou may want to be at a command line when doing that, though01:00
alutzaor in ubuntu01:01
alutzanot kubuntu01:01
aru_smay I ask why you need to reinstall?01:01
alutzai upgraded and the kickoff is bugged01:01
alutzait doesnt show hard drives in computer tab01:01
alutzaalthough they are mounted01:01
alutzaif i run the command from ubuntu is it ok? or do i need to be in comand line?01:02
aru_sdunno if reinstalling will fix that01:02
aru_sbut you can try01:02
alutzaim trying at least01:02
aru_sit should be fine from within ubuntu01:02
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EagleScreenany application to convert from ogg to mp3?01:09
heldDirkEagleScreen: mencoder maybe?01:10
aru_sEagle: use audacity with the lame plugin?01:15
phhEagleScreen: ffmpeg -i source.ogg out.mp301:19
phhyou can set bitrate with -ab (in bps!) or quality with -aq01:19
EagleScreencan lame convert from ogg to mp3?01:19
aru_sif you can open it in audacity, you can encode it through lame01:24
aru_svlc should also do transcoding in a user-friendlyish fashion01:24
HellianaCan someone please help me getting sound to work in Wine?01:28
Hellianaworks everywhere else01:28
EagleScreenit would be nice to rip Audio CDs directly in MP3 to no to have to conver them later01:29
EagleScreenK3b is failing for me, it apparently rip the tracks well, but later the output file is not there (missing)01:30
sharifHow to make firewall as service to start evertime system starts ?01:35
heldDirksharif: how do you start you firewall now?01:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:36
sharifi just click on it01:36
heldDirkon which program01:36
sharifis there anything better ?01:37
aru_ssharif: go to the advanced tab in system settings01:37
aru_sthere should be an autostart item01:38
aru_syou can add and manage your autostart items there.01:38
shariffirestarter need to start as admin01:39
PiciFirestarter doesn't need to be running for the rules to be in effect.01:39
sharifdo you suggest better firewall or other firewall ?01:40
sharifare you there ?01:42
sharifdo i got lag ?01:42
sharifanyone here?01:45
yurimxpxmanhave any of you been able to get the myspace music player to work with flash 10?01:48
HellianaCan someone PLEASE help me with wine and kubuntu 9.04 before i punch a hole in my monitor?01:48
beyondcrwhats up Helliana01:52
sharifyes, we could help you01:53
sharifAsk your question01:53
beyondcri guess they punched a hole in the monitor01:53
sharifHelliana may have lags01:54
Hellianai'm not getting any sound from wine01:55
Hellianaworks everywhere else01:55
heldDirksharif: I use iptables (or an iptables based script...)01:55
beyondcrHelliana do you have sound with everything else?01:55
sharifheldDirk : is iptables a gui ?01:55
starcraftmanquick question, is there a thumbnailer for Kubuntu? I've installed restricted extras but I don't see any thumbs for any videos.01:56
heldDirksharif: no01:56
sharifheldDirk : I want GUI software so i did use firestarter much easier01:56
sharifheldDirk : but not updated i guess01:57
Hellianabeyondcr: yes01:57
chxhow can i close the many windows kopete opens? (or any other app for that matter) I currently shut down kopete to do this and restart which surely is a hamhanded approach01:57
heldDirksharif: isn't there any help in the help function how to start it automatically.. (it looks to me that's a basic feature of a firewall)01:57
sharifheldDirk : is there software that i select the name and write my message in IRC ?01:57
heldDirkchx: CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE (will kill your X too, but at least your windows are gone)01:57
aru_sisn't that disabled in Jaunty?01:58
sharifheldDirk : No it dose not have this feature .. i think it should ..01:58
chxno, that's disabled in Jaunty01:58
beyondcrHelliana do you have the latest version?01:58
heldDirksharif: which irc application are you using right now?01:58
aru_sstupid decision, in my opinion.01:58
sharifheldDirk : Konversation01:58
Hellianabeyondcr: yep... however i just rebooted and things just... work.01:58
Hellianahopefully they won't stop =/01:58
heldDirksharif: when you type a beginning of a name and press TAB, the program will type the rest (if possible)01:59
sharifheldDirk: yah01:59
sharifheldDirk: correct01:59
aru_shere's how to enable control alt backspace: http://albertomilone.com/wordpress/?p=31202:00
sharifheldDirk: you really great, how long you been using ubuntu ?02:00
heldDirkI have been using linux for a long time  (ubuntu since 1-2 years)02:01
heldDirksharif: how is your ubuntu experience so far?02:03
starcraftmanAnyone? Seems like Dolphin should support thumbnails, nobody knows how to make it so?02:07
aru_syou have to click the button in the toolbar to select the view for the folder02:07
heldDirkstarcraftman: did you enable 'show preview'?02:08
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MushroomKingdomHow do I use the LiveCD of Kubuntu for recovery? My GRUB loader is gone because I put XP on.02:12
MushroomKingdomAnd I need it back cause XP needs sum drivers02:12
heldDirkMushroom: google 'restoring ubuntu grub after windows xp' and you will find: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows02:13
MushroomKingdomAight. It's not easy enough to tell me?02:14
aru_sits easier to see it typed out on a page in sequential order.02:14
heldDirkMushroomKingdom: sorry.. know name.02:15
MushroomKingdomOk. Looks pretty straight forward02:15
heldDirkgood luck02:15
MushroomKingdomOk, everything looks good. Prepare to resend me that link when I get back on02:20
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mooperdhi, I have two ethernet controllers on my machine but ubuntu is only picking up the one. Shouldnt it handle this automatically? is there an easy way of bringing up the other?02:30
mooperdhi, I have two ethernet controllers on my machine but ubuntu is only picking up the one. Shouldnt it handle this automatically? is there an easy way of bringing up the other?02:30
mooperdwhoops sorry02:31
FloodBotK1mooperd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:31
MushroomKingdomDamn, didn't work02:35
heldDirkMushroomKingdom: google 'restoring ubuntu grub after windows xp' and you will find: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows02:36
MushroomKingdomThank ya02:36
digmorehi, I ssh to an old solaris and found that the left arrow key is 'not working' (i.e. it produce ^[[D) and the up arrow key has similar behaviour. How I do fix it?02:36
heldDirkhit backspace02:36
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digmorebecause sometimes I make mistakes, but I am not able to change the command line02:37
MushroomKingdomHmmmm..... I did everything it told me to, still nothing02:40
MushroomKingdomCould I just apt-get install GRUB?02:41
high-rezIs there a plugin for kubuntu/dolphin that allows one to view raw image formats?  E.g. nikon nef...02:41
MushroomKingdomUh, is my idea plausible02:43
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MushroomKingdomOk, I followed the instructions buuutttttt02:56
MushroomKingdomHow do I tell Windows where to find GRUB? It doesn't tell me how02:56
heldDirkMushroomKingdom: you are now working in windows?02:57
MushroomKingdomNo, still on the live cd02:57
MushroomKingdomNo internet on windows right now. I need Kububtu working so I can download the drivers02:57
EagleScreenMushroomKingdom: what is your problem?03:00
snarksterok i need some information.. Im trying to watch a video on my bigscreen from a computer attached to it using vlc and it hardlocks the computer. has anyone heard of a media player hardlocking a computer?03:20
MushroomKingdomI'm getting rid of windows for now. Going to reinstall over my entire harddrive this weekend to dual boot windows and linux03:22
MushroomKingdomThanks for all your help guys03:22
snarksterthanx for nothing03:23
sharifis this correct method to start firewall in startup applications : exec /user/sbin/firestarter03:27
sharifheldDirk: are you still here?03:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:30
sharifI had problem in display preferences .. the monitor says unknown when i restart now i am not able to change to 102403:33
sharifHow i am able to fix it ?03:33
pucko-unknown resolution?03:38
pucko-and no, that is not the correct way to start the firewall03:39
Zxcvbis there a good guide to using hal?03:40
Zxcvbok, how do you get the nvidia driver to work after installing it?03:53
Zxcvbthe only way I can get it to work is to use it's included xorg.conf, which is bad03:55
Kalmi_Zxcvb, it should just work... (at least it does for me).... I cannot help you... I'm just saying that it just works for me after installing and restarting...04:03
corhi. If I have a wifi net connexion (v, fast) and a wired connexion (so-so), how do I prevent my puter switching to the wired DNS when I plug in the cable?04:03
corI want to stuill connect to the LAN, but use the WiFi for internet04:03
ZxcvbKalmi_: the problem is I had to install from the nvidia site due to newer kernels (made a kpkg) not being supported04:04
corit's a local hotspot. free and fast.04:04
ZxcvbKalmi_: then I reverted xorg.conf (because you aren't supposed to use xorg.conf anymore) but I can't figure out how to tell X to use the nvidia driver (I assume I need to make a hal fdi file)04:04
coras soon as I plug in the LAN, WAM! it switches to my wired DNS settings. NM doesn't seem to have any control over it.04:04
Kalmi_cor, um... why? :)04:05
cor1Mb/s Vs 200Kb/s04:05
Kalmi_what's wrong with the hotspots dns?04:05
corit's fine. but as soon as I plug in Cat-5, I'm switched over to my landline net, somehow04:06
corresolve conf seems to update itself04:06
cornm, I presume04:06
corI simply want it to *prefer* wireless. I expected a checkbox with that wording, in fact!04:07
sharifHow to update clamav ?04:09
Kalmi_oh.... well... your DNS settings have nothing(very little) to do with your default gateway/route... if you want your DNS settings not to be managed by NM(or by anything) you google this: immutable flag resolv.conf04:10
sharifhow to update clamav virus database ?04:15
KubouNot to be to off topic... Is there anyone who can help me with some details with KmyMoney?04:39
KubouOr maybe there is a dedicated channel04:40
Ulricwhats the deal with openSUSE?04:55
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newbthinkpad600eany body do newb help around here?05:29
newbthinkpad600egot a total newb here with no  sound on jaunty jackolope05:29
sharifhow to run terminal as admin05:30
disconectso, I'm confused about ubuntu/kubuntu version numbers...the website gives me the choice of 8.04 or 9.04, but I understand there's also an 8.10 - why is that not on the website?05:30
disconectI'm not sure about KDE4, so downloaded 8.04 - but should I have got 8.10?  which isn't on the website05:32
newbthinkpad600edirection for help ? been googlin but its just not workin out, i need a crash course or somethin05:33
TuxPurplesharif, use sudo05:36
sharifsudo: terminal: command not found05:39
sharifTuxPurple:    I've try to use sudo but not working - sudo: terminal: command not found05:39
TuxPurplesharif, which command are you trying to run?05:40
TuxPurplesharif, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:41
sharifTuxPurple: I want run terminal as admin so i wrote "sudo terminal"05:41
TuxPurplesharif, open a terminal first, sudo gives you temporary admin privilege. Prefix any command with sudo to run it as admin05:44
sharifTuxPurple: this means i will not be able to open terminal as admin05:45
TuxPurplesharif, please refer to the link I have pasted above05:48
TuxPurplesharif, you can start a root shell using "sudo -i" in terminal05:48
sharifTuxPurple: I got it use alt + f2 then Type “sudo su”. Check the box: ‘run in terminal’05:49
newbthinkpad600ewhere can i find help for total newb?05:50
svistздесь кто-то есть?05:52
hocuspocuscan someone please help me with a security issue?<<05:53
sharifnewbthinkpad600e: you can find help in http://ubuntuforums.org05:53
sharifhocuspocus: yes we can what the problem you have ?05:54
hocuspocuswell I know I have a bogus ISP and I wanted somone to check out this pastebin link and tell me exactly where the spying/manipulation is05:57
hocuspocus http://paste.ubuntu.com/224088/05:57
hocuspocusfor some strange reason It says network map in annonymous05:58
sharifhocuspocus: well, i did not undertstand the problem you have ..05:59
hocuspocuswell as I stated if you would read the pastebin you would see where someone wrote a annonymous map to my updates06:01
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newbthinkpad600eplease guys, just a little push everything else is great on this tp, got the wireless workin myself and everything but the sound just won't work i ask again, can a newb get some help with sound on thinkpad 600e06:18
Zxcvbhas anyone gotten kde 4.2.4 to work without problems?06:23
Zxcvbfor example, kpackagekit "you do not have the necessary privilidges to do whatever"06:24
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DaskreeCHZxcvb: have you tried.. ahh blast06:26
DaskreeCHnewbthinkpad600e: I'm guessing you read the sound wiki ?06:27
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newbthinkpad600eok sound wiki looking to see if its in my history06:29
newbthinkpad600ewould you be so kind as to gimme a link to that?06:31
HellianaCan someone please help me getting sound to work in flash with Firefox?06:32
Hellianaworks everywhere else, just not in firefox06:32
sharifHelliana: which version you are using06:32
Hellianaversion of what?06:32
HellianaKubuntu 9.4, firefox 3.0 and 3.5, don't know what version of flash whatever is in the repositories06:33
sharifHelliana: did you try any site maybe the flash file dose not have sound06:35
Hellianawell the youtube videos have sound on my laptop, so yes, they have sound06:35
DaskreeCH!sound | newbthinkpad600e06:37
ubottunewbthinkpad600e: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:37
newbthinkpad600eso i type aplay -1 like in the help.ubuntu.com/community/sound troubleshooting but it says invalid option06:37
Hellianasound works FINE everywhere else06:40
Hellianajust not in firefox06:40
newbthinkpad600e? what is kmenu in kmenu > system settings> sound system06:41
newbthinkpad600eubuntu jaunty here06:41
DaskreeCHnewbthinkpad600e: The Blue button in lower left06:42
Hellianais there anyone that can possibly help?06:43
DaskreeCHHelliana: I"m assuming you mean sound doen't work in flash?06:44
newbthinkpad600ei just need mine so aMSN will chime (and irc)06:44
HellianaDaskreeCH: correct.06:44
DaskreeCHnewbthinkpad600e: Oh also check to make sure that nothing is muted or turned all the way down06:44
newbthinkpad600eum. lower left has show desktop06:44
newbthinkpad600echecked mute and sound,  playback device listed is null06:44
DaskreeCHHelliana: I've heard about that bug can't recall the fix now06:44
DaskreeCHnewbthinkpad600e: alt+F2 and type system settings06:45
HellianaDaskreeCH: I've tried everything i can find online, nothing is working06:45
HellianaDaskreeCH: installed kubuntu on my laptop the other day... everything is working perfectly06:46
Hellianai DO NOT understand.06:46
DaskreeCHexcept firefox and sound.06:46
DaskreeCHHmm does Sound work in Konquerror or arora ?06:46
HellianaSound doesn't working in any embedded flash it loks like06:47
sharifQ : How to be able to access subdirectory in Apache2  -  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121966906:47
sharifHelliana: i do not think its general issue06:48
Hellianasharif: what does that mean?06:49
HellianaSo.... anyone have any ideas?06:53
sharifHelliana: ok try to uninstall the flash player06:55
sharifHelliana: close your brower06:55
sharifand then open fireofox again and when you open site with flash you notice that you do not have flash06:56
sharifHelliana: now you can install other version like when click on install missing plugins06:57
sharifHelliana: try to use "Swfdec"06:57
sharifHelliana: or "gnash"06:57
sharifHelliana: your choice if one works fine for you then let me know...06:58
Hellianasharif: not working...07:00
sharifHelliana: which one you choose ?07:00
newbthinkpad600eError stating file '/home/clint/system-settings': No such file or directory07:00
sharifnewbthinkpad600e: when you got this error ?07:01
sharifnewbthinkpad600e: what you was trying to do ?07:01
sharifHelliana: which plugin you are using ?07:01
Helliananeither are working07:02
HellianaI even tried installing flash from the adobe site07:02
Hellianai get video but no audio07:02
sharifalright ..07:02
newbthinkpad600eError stating file '/home/clint/system-settings': No such file or directory07:03
shariftry download the swf file and play it with *.swf player see what happens07:03
Hellianai'm guessing its a pulse audio problem07:03
Hellianapulseaudio doesn't seem to work...07:03
newbthinkpad600etrying to follow in structions alt f2 system settings to get to sound something07:03
sharifHelliana: the audio dose not work in any player ?07:04
Hellianaworks in amarok07:04
sharifHelliana: do you think its firefox brower07:05
sharifHelliana: okay try another browser07:05
Hellianaits flash.07:05
Hellianaany browser that uses flash doesn't work.07:05
sharifHelliana: try post in  http://ubuntuforums.org07:06
Hellianawhy did i ever switch to kubuntu =(07:10
Hellianashould have just stuck with gentoo =/07:10
DaskreeCHHelliana: Pulseaudio isn't installed on Kubuntu. If you like you can install it07:20
Hellianai've done said hell with. its pissed me off too much.07:20
Hellianai'll go back to gentoo, that way i'll KNOW things work07:21
newbthinkpad600eis gentoo open source? free?07:25
newbthinkpad600eso i read lots of stuff and discover that a file called tp_smapi will help with sound on tp600e07:26
newbthinkpad600ei get the file and read the read me but don't know where to type the commands07:26
newbthinkpad600eit says "07:27
newbthinkpad600eTo compile and install into the kernel's module path:07:27
newbthinkpad600e# make install07:27
newbthinkpad600eso where do i type commands at ? terminal?07:29
newbthinkpad600eso now i have a walk through but still no idea how to follow it, missing basic introduction07:40
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Mamaroknewbthinkpad600e: what is your question exactly?08:17
newbthinkpad600eso the problem is no sound on fresh install of ubuntu jaunty08:17
newbthinkpad600ei can't even figure out how to install the tp_smapi that is suppost to fix problem08:18
newbthinkpad600etells me how to do it but forgot to tell me where/how to type in commands08:18
Mamaroknewbthinkpad600e: I don't think that is the problem08:18
Mamaroknewbthinkpad600e: did you check that nothing is muted on your system?08:19
Mamaroknewbthinkpad600e: you are using Kubuntu, right?08:19
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ibrarHow to get kernel complete source what I have on my  9.04 machine08:19
newbthinkpad600eno, using jaunty ubuntu08:20
Mamarokibrar: the source is in the repository, just activate the sources in your package manager08:20
newbthinkpad600enothing is muted,08:20
Guest53125ibrar what do you exactly need08:20
Mamaroknewbthinkpad600e: then you should ask in #ubuntu as it is Gnome related, we do KDE support here08:20
ibrarI need to modify the code08:20
Mamarokibrar: why?08:20
Guest53125can anybody help me to install from the konsole printers08:21
ibrarIntresting, Actually I have modified iproute2 and need to apply my patch on ubuntu source08:21
ibrarI have tested it on vanila kernel08:21
newbthinkpad600ek, am trying #ubuntu08:22
Mamarokibrar: you don't need to modify the kernel source, just load the module08:22
newbthinkpad600eonly took 4hours to get a response in here, maybe more on that one eh?08:22
Mamaroknewbthinkpad600e: not everybody is awake as it seems, we are all volunteers here08:22
Guest53125newbthikpad600 what exactly do you need08:22
ibrarMamarok: Actully I have modified the iproute2 code and need to apply that08:22
MamarokGuest53125: please, don't interfere08:23
ibrarI have activated the source08:23
Guest53125fuck you mamarok08:23
Mamarokibrar: then download th kernel source08:23
ibrarWhat should I write apt-get install kernel-source?08:23
Guest53125as you said we all are involved08:23
MamarokGuest53125: please behave!08:23
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ibrarBad to see these kind of words here08:24
=== fran is now known as Guest88827
ibrarMamarok: What should I apt-get08:25
Mamarokibrar: no, the kernel has another name, wait, I'll tell you08:25
takomaI have one question...Can i install games on Kubuntu? And how?....new to this...instaled last night so any info is appreciated08:26
Mamarokibrar: the name is probably linux-something08:27
Mamarokphone, brb08:27
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takoma I have one question...Can i install games on Kubuntu? And how?....new to this...instaled last night so any info is appreciated08:29
Mamaroktakoma: you can install the package ubuntu-desktop08:31
Mamarokibrar: the exact instruction how to get the source and how to compile a new kernel are here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile08:32
Mamarok!ask | Guest8882708:33
ubottuGuest88827: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:33
Guest88827how can i install a network printer from konsole08:33
takoma I have one question...Can i install games on Kubuntu? And how?....new to this...instaled last night so any info is appreciated08:34
Mamaroktakoma: there are games available in the games section of the package manager, but I guess you talk about other games?08:35
Mamarok!printer | Guest8882708:36
ubottuGuest88827: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows08:36
MamarokGuest88827: use the instructions for cups08:36
Guest88827what is cups08:36
Mamarokwell, read the link I gave you, please08:37
takomaYes sorry for not being clear on that ... intrested in running Windows games, especialy WoW and Warcraft308:37
Mamaroktakoma: then you need wine:08:38
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:38
Mamarokor run a VM for Windows08:39
takomathank you08:39
Mamaroktakoma: you are welcome :)08:40
Guest88827thanks  ubottu i read already08:42
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jimmy_hey does anyone know how to make eclipse use my kde theme?08:44
Captain_Hadd0ckjimmy_: eclipse = java... KDE = qt; they're unlikely to share themes unless the themes have been ported.08:51
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ibrarMamarok: I have installed: Whats its default location08:52
ibrarI have installed linux-source using apt-get; where it is installed ?08:55
Mamarokibrar: doesn't the link I gave you tell you where it is? should be in /boot AFAIK08:56
ibrarMamarok: It installed correctly but where?08:58
Mamarokibrar: I just read the description, it should be in /boot, see the link I gave you on how to compile a kernel08:59
dwidmann:O Kate in KDE 4.3 has just become my new best friend! It autocompletes my variables names :)08:59
Mamarokdwidmann: nice :)08:59
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dfaureupgraded another machine to jaunty -> FAIL. fglrx breaks, and the kernel oopses. Googled and found only this: http://pastebin.com/f50ca588409:09
Mamarokdfaure: hi, the problem is the fglrx driver, they removed support for older cards about 6 months ago09:11
* Mamarok blames ATI-AMD09:11
dfaureyes I see that. But then why did ubuntu upgrade to xorg-1.6? :(09:12
Mamarokdfaure: ask the Ubuntu core devs, not our decision :(09:12
osawhere can i download restricted drivers in kubuntu?09:23
eps1lonI don't know if I missed doing something, but I just installed 9.04 and updated it and all that. Desktop effects are on, but my panel isn't transparent. I'm a newbie to this so I apologize if I just missed something really obvious; but how do I make it transparent?09:25
osarestricted drivers ;)09:26
eps1lonI installed that09:26
eps1lon(and rebooted)09:26
eps1lonosa: Any ideas?09:29
eps1lonosa: Oh, I was talking to you when you weren't here.09:31
eps1lonosa: Do you have any other ideas?09:31
eps1lonOr anyone else for that matter.09:31
osais there any other ways to install restricted drivers? i cant istall with system > hardware drivers09:31
osaepsilon sorry, i tried to restart09:31
osai cant install restricted drivers now :)09:31
CptnAwesomewhats a nice pdf viewer for kde?09:32
CptnAwesomepreferably something thats light on resources, but still looks sexy?09:33
eps1lonCptnAwesome: I find the default, Okular, to be very good, but I assume you don't like it since you ask..?09:33
eps1lonosa: I installed through the hardware drivers screen. I know they work, since the login screen doesn't have a terrible resolution anymore, among other things. : )09:33
CptnAwesomeeps1lon, i installed ubuntu cli + kde 4.2 so i didnt get the extra bells and whistles, just adding thigns as i use them =)09:34
eps1lonCptnAwesome: In that case I'd recommend Okular : )09:34
osaepsilon i cant install in hardware drivers screen, nor im trying apt-get install restricted-manager09:35
osaand ill try again09:35
CptnAwesomethanks im grabbing it now =)09:35
eps1lonosa: okay09:35
Mamarokosa: normally you should have those drivers already running09:40
osaMamarok, but i didnt install any drivers and my kubuntu too slow now, in effects09:40
Mamarokosa: well, how much ram do you have, and what graphic card/ram?09:41
osa4gb 1600mhz rams and ati hd4890 graphics09:41
osaits about drivers i think09:41
Mamarokosa: and you have the fglrx driver installed?09:41
osathats the problem, i cant install fglrx drivers09:42
osarestricted drivers screen is crashing09:42
Mamarokosa: oh, then you are hit by the fglrx bug... ATI-AMD removed a lot of cards from the driver support, so you have to fall back on the radeon driver09:43
osaMamarok, now i tried to download drivers from EnvyNG and it seems ok, i must restart now09:43
Mamarokosa: good luck then, I doubt that TBH09:44
osasorry for my english :) im restarting now09:44
Mamarokto be honest09:44
osaah ok :)09:44
osaomg driver says: unsupported hardware09:47
osamy driver is hd489009:47
osamy driver* my card is hd489009:48
Mamarokosa: that's what I told you earlier...09:49
Mamarokyou need to install the xserver-xorg-video-radeon package and hope it supports *D on your card09:50
osaMamarok i didnt remember what you said, now could you say me what i must do :)09:50
Mamarokwell, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon :)09:50
osaok, i did, now?09:51
Mamarokthen remove all the fglrx stuff you installed earlier, you need to do that in a shell, not logged in KDE09:51
Mamarokand once those are removed, you need to type the following:09:51
Mamaroksudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg09:52
Mamarokthen restart09:52
osaMamarok, its faster now i think09:55
osahow can i be sure its ok or not?09:55
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Mamarokosa: well, disable all the desktop effects you don't want to use, sppeds up a bit09:56
Mamarokhow much ram does your video card have?09:56
Mamarokoh, then it should be very fast09:57
osaMamarok 4890 is one of the fastest card in planet now09:57
Mamarokespecially with 4GB of ram09:57
osaits the problem :)09:57
Mamarokosa: but, if the free radeon driver doesn't support 3D it will be slow, blame ATI-AMD and the ubuntu-core-devs to have switched to Xorg-1.609:58
osahow can i install xorg-driver-fglrx10:05
ikoniaosa: up the package manager, find the package and mark it for install10:06
eps1lonosa: I didn't get to make my panels transparent. Upon applying a new desktop effect the whole thing crashed, and I couldn't start it. I'm downloading a new .iso now, perhaps my last one was faulty.10:06
osaepsilon, im working on problems like you, i think ill download gnome version10:07
eps1lonHaha, okay.10:08
eps1lonKDE sure is stable.10:08
osahaha yeah :)10:08
osayesterday, i did install debian stable version10:08
osaand my debian cant open, it said "out of range"10:09
eps1lonosa: that's weird10:09
osaepsIlon, im unlucky i think, lets try ubuntu gnome version :)10:09
eps1lonwell, i'm not giving up, i'm trying kubuntu again :P10:10
CptnAwesomedoes anyone know of a nice plasmoid for wifi strength?10:10
beyondcr_i just clicked rename on a icon in a desktop wiget folder and clicked copy and the desktop and every thing turned black all i got is this irc up10:10
eps1lonCptnAwesome: The default wifi plasmoid, placed on a panel, should show wifi strength?10:11
beyondcr_any know how to fix without a reboot10:11
CptnAwesomehrmm i dont seem to have a wifi plasmoid.10:11
eps1lonCptnAwesome: I don't know what it is called when installing it through apt, but ask in freenode.org's #kde, they should be able to help you with that if someone here can't. : )10:13
CptnAwesomeohhh nice, thanks10:13
beyondcrwow i just restarted the system and all my webbrowsers are still open whats up qith that10:19
dfaurebeyondcr: that's called session management :-)10:21
beyondcri fall in love with this alittle more each day10:24
dawidanyone got performance problems with KDE4.2 and Intel video card ?10:36
beyondcrso if i shut down system things will be the way i left them when reboot yes?10:38
beyondcrbecuses of session man10:39
dfaurebeyondcr: apps get restarted, but of couse not things like unsaved data in a text editor ;)10:39
Mamarokdfaure: nice to have you here :)10:43
dfaureMamarok: yeah especially now that I stopped ranting about jaunty ;)10:43
eps1lonIs there any way to back up my whole kubuntu installation, so I can restore it if I screw something up?10:57
eps1lonPreferbly even if it gets totally effed up and I can't even boot. (which happened an hour ago. I just reinstalled kubuntu.)10:58
Mamarokeps1lon: do you have your /home on a separate partition?10:59
eps1lonMamarok: Yes10:59
Mamarokeps1lon: well, you can make a copy of your hard disk with dd, but a reinstall is always faster than restoring a backup10:59
eps1lonHm, okay. I thought it might be faster.10:59
Mamarokyou should backup your /home folder, though, as well as the /etc folder11:00
Mamarokwhy weren't you able to reboot in the first place? If you have a hardware problem, then it will not get solved with a backup11:00
eps1lonWell, thing is11:00
eps1lonUgh, this is a terribly long story11:01
Mamarokeps1lon: abstract?11:01
eps1lonMamarok: Sorry, got disconnected11:02
eps1lonMamarok: Abstract? What..?11:02
Mamarokeps1lon: an abstract is a short summary of a long article :)11:02
eps1lonMamarok: Oh.11:03
eps1lonMamarok: Basically, I downloaded kubuntu a few days ago, installed it yesterday.11:03
eps1lonAnd everything went well, installed and configured it.11:04
eps1lonWhen I got everything as I wanted it, I wanted my panels to be transparent.11:04
Mamarokeps1lon: so you are running KDE 4.2.2?11:04
eps1lonOh, yes, sorry.11:04
Mamarokeps1lon: you can't modify just the panels, it's a theme, so you need to use another theme11:05
eps1lonAnd, well, upon applying a desktop effect, to see if it sort of would refresh everything and transparency would be there.11:05
eps1lonNo no, both, wassit called11:05
eps1lonBoth oxygen and air can be transparent11:05
eps1lonAnd currently I use air. (It works on 4.2 too.)11:05
Mamarokeps1lon: well, desktop effects do not make a panel transparent if it's not ment to in the theme11:05
eps1lonIt is meant to be transparent.11:05
Mamarokso what went wrong?11:06
eps1lonEvery time I've used kubuntu before today they have been, after installing restricted drivers.11:06
eps1lonYeah so11:06
Mamarokeps1lon: moment, what graphic card do you have?11:06
eps1lonAti (hd4850)11:06
Mamarokeps1lon: well, this is a rather old card, I doubt the restricted driver still supports it11:07
eps1lonOld card?11:07
eps1lonYou kidding?11:07
Mamarokand this still doesn't explain why you couldn't boot your PC11:07
eps1lonIt's far from old man, came last year if my memory serves me right.11:07
Mamarokeps1lon: well, when did it come out?11:07
eps1lonAlready told you ; )11:08
Mamarokthat's the problem, the latest fglrx for xorg-1.6 removed almost all cards older than 6 months11:08
eps1lonOhh, seriously?11:08
Mamarokblame ATI-MD11:08
osaeps1lon: im at fedora now and its working great at my graphic driver :)11:08
Mamarokso if you can't run correctly with the fglrx driver, you should use the free radeon instead11:08
eps1lonEugh, the free driver is terribad, in my opinion.11:09
Mamaroktransparency works well with it, maybe 3D might be a problem, you will have to test that11:09
Mamarokbut still, not a reason not to be able to boot a PC :)11:09
Mamarokeps1lon: the free driver at least supports your card, fglrx likely doesn't11:09
eps1lonWell, yes. Kind of weird that everything else works though, isn't it..?11:09
eps1lonExcept transparency, that is.11:10
Mamarokeps1lon: transparency works for me with the radeon driver, and my card is even older than yours11:10
eps1lonHm. This conversation is weird, I've never called a barely one-year-old card 'old'. : (11:11
Mamarokeps1lon: also, transparency is the easiest of all desktop effects, almost always works, even with XRender instead of OpenGL11:11
eps1lonYeah, I suppose you're right11:12
Mamarokeps1lon: from the manufacturers POV it is11:12
eps1lonHang on11:12
eps1lonIt works in ubuntu though?11:12
eps1lonJust not in kubuntu11:12
Mamarokeps1lon: wrong, it either works in both or in none, xorg is independend of the desktop11:12
eps1lonWell, it worked 2 days ago, ubuntu jaunty11:13
Mamarokeps1lon: on another hand, you shoudl upgrade your KDE, there is 4.2.4 which is a bugfix, see the topic of the channel11:13
eps1lonEh, it might be 4.2.4, it's a default jaunty installation and fully updated.11:13
eps1lonHow do I check that?11:13
Mamarokwell, then you are doing something wrong in the settings, don't modify theme settings, it works well here with all themes that support transparency11:14
eps1lonI haven't modified anything.11:14
Mamarokeps1lon: no, default is KDE 4.2.2, that's what was delivered in APril11:14
eps1lonAh, then that it is.11:14
eps1lonCorrect me if I'm wrong11:15
Mamarokeps1lon: see the topic for 4.2.4, if you are comfortable with a RC, you should consider KDE 4.3 RC211:15
eps1lonBut my card seems to be supported?11:15
Mamarokepsiwell, thes say the same for mine, and it doesn't work11:15
Mamaroksry, eps1lon11:15
eps1lonSo the reason it doesn't work is not intended?11:16
eps1lonThey just didn't stop supporting it?11:16
eps1lonThey didn't just*11:16
Mamarokeps1lon: the reason is that the fglrx driver is broken11:16
eps1lon..always worked fine for me.11:16
Mamarokand they laid off half of the driver devs about a year ago and haven't hired new ones, so their support for fglrx is extremly bad11:17
Mamarokeps1lon: my card works extremly well with the windows drivers, just not with their fglrx11:17
eps1lonHm, okay. But I have used fglrx with this exact pc, in jaunty, so this must have happened very recently. Like last month recently.11:18
Mamarokso much for a company pretending to support Linux11:18
Mamarokeps1lon: no, it started with xorg -1.611:18
eps1lonI'm new. When did that happen, then?11:18
eps1lonA newbie, rather.11:19
Mamarokeps1lon: I use the radeon driver since April, so I can't tell11:20
eps1lonWell, I dunno about this, I used the fglrx driver in June..11:20
eps1lonI'm not saying you're wrong, it might work horribly, but at least I know it did _work_ then.11:21
Mamarokeps1lon: which theme is a problem, Air?11:23
eps1lonAir, Oxygen.11:23
Mamarokit's not ment to  be used in 4.2.x btw11:23
eps1lonI know.11:23
Mamarokoxygen should work11:23
eps1lonYes, it should.11:23
Mamarokeps1lon: could well be a verison problem then, give 4.3 RC2 a try, it's very stable11:24
eps1lonI had transparency a few days ago, but then I installed ubuntu because I wanted to try Gnome, but now that I've switched again I can't get it to work.11:24
eps1lonOh, god no, updating to 4.3 RC2 broke everything. After tons of help and trying to get it to work it was still horribly broken.11:24
Mamarokeps1lon: well, then something went wrong with your installation11:25
eps1lon3 times?11:25
Mamarokeps1lon: I installed Gnome the other day to try stuff, and everything works fine in Kubuntu, and so does KDE 4.3 RC211:25
eps1lonOkay. Well, I dunno, I just know it worked then.11:26
Mamarokif you don't modify basic settings in your KDE, there is no reason it wouldn't work, just make sure you install *everything*11:26
Mamarokas there has been some renaming of packages, make sure you really have everything, like kdebase, oxygen and such, check with the package manager11:27
eps1lonYeah, I did everything that was on kubuntu.org (they have a little guide on upgrading to 4.3 in jaunty.)11:27
Mamarokeps1lon: still, check the package manager, I had to isntall stuff manually11:28
eps1lonYeah, so did I afterwards, people were helping me. Still, RC is the keyword(s). 4.2 should work better.11:29
eps1lonAnd this _should_ work.11:29
Mamarokeps1lon: indeed, if it worked before, but with all the changings you did, difficult to say what is broken11:30
Mamarok"never change a running system"11:30
Ced___Hey, got a little question: i'm trying to play a dvd, but kaffeine doesn't play it, and mplayer gets stuck, any ideas?11:30
eps1lonYeah, well, I wanted to run Ubuntu for a while. I've never had any trouble with k/ubuntu. And now it's all very troublesome.11:30
Mamarokeps1lon: did you remove the user settings in ~/.kde/? log out of KDE, move that folder to ~/.kde_old/ and try again11:33
MamarokCed___: do you have all the codecs installed?11:33
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:33
eps1lonMamarok: You mean when upgrading to RC2?11:33
eps1lonMamarok: Or just now?11:33
Ced___Thanks, i'll try again11:33
Mamarokeps1lon: right now11:35
eps1lonMamarok: I haven't. I suppose that is worth a try.11:35
eps1lonBy 'try again' I suppose you mean, what, reboot?11:35
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eps1lonPardon my silly questions.11:37
Mamarokeps1lon: no, just log in  into KDE again after it, remove that folder from a shell with the following command:11:37
eps1lonYeah, I know.11:37
Mamarokmv ~/.kde/ ~/.kde_old/11:37
eps1lonThanks though. : )11:37
Ced___are there any codec packs with restricted codecs i can install using adept?11:37
MamarokCed___: try the medibuntu packages:11:38
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org11:38
Ced___thanks again11:38
eps1lonokay, back11:43
eps1lonI'm creating the panels and everything11:43
eps1lonStill no transparency, though11:43
Ced___I have a Data DVD with JPEGs, but it won't open, it doesn't display, it doesn't mount, nothing. It DOES work on another computer though (windows), also the dvd video player works now.11:48
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Ced___Any ideas?...11:49
MamarokCed___: if it has DRM, you can't use it on Linux11:50
eps1lon_Mamarok: I tried enabling a desktop effect; it got effed up again.11:50
Mamarokeffed up?11:50
eps1lon_Mamarok: I don't know how to explain it.11:50
Ced___It's burned by some private company, so should not contain any DRM stuff11:51
eps1lon_No panels, everything is grey..11:51
eps1lon_Can't interact with anything11:51
eps1lon_I removed fglrx11:51
Mamarokeps1lon_: that is a plasma crash I think11:51
eps1lon_And now transparency works11:51
eps1lon_so much for proprietary drivers11:51
Mamarokeps1lon_: make sure you have *all* kde packages11:52
eps1lon_I don't care anymore. As you said, don't fix what isn't broken.11:52
eps1lon_And now I got what I wanted.11:52
MamarokCed___: then I don't know, the devices manager doesn't see it at all? Does the drive actually run?11:52
Mamarokeps1lon_: good11:52
Ced___The drive runs, and works with other DVDs (such as that movie i asked about a few minutes ago), but this DVD won't o anything11:53
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Ced___Anything i should try?11:56
Ced___Mamarok: Maybe some lspci command where you can see from 'OH that's your problem' or something12:01
Ced___well, i gotta go unfortunally, so, thanks for that help, and cya some other time maybe!12:04
BCMMwhat version of KDE is on the Live CDs?12:13
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bazhangondrey, #ubuntu-ru for Russian12:25
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bazhangondrey, /join #ubuntu-ru12:27
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alutzahey, anyone here?12:55
alutzaneed help with the infamous sound issue with flash12:55
alutzaupgraded to 9.04 and at first flash worked like a charm but no theres no sound anymore12:55
ghostcubeis thios flash plugin nonfree ?12:56
alutzaits the Adobe Flash player in add/remove12:57
alutzaprobably yes12:57
gunsOfBrixtonhi, kinda dumb question, is there a point in checking disks at boot if I'm running kubuntu in a vm?12:59
ghostcubealutza: 64 bit ?13:00
alutzaso anything about the flash sound in kubuntu?13:00
alutzait worked yesterday13:00
ghostcubeafter the upgrade ?13:01
ghostcubesudo apt-get install w32codecs flash-plugin-nonfree13:02
ghostcubepls check this13:02
alutzasudo apt-get install w32codecs flash-plugin-nonfree13:02
alutzaPackage w32codecs is not available, but is referred to by another package.13:03
alutzaThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or13:03
alutzais only available from another source13:03
ghostcubeok you need to reopen the medibuntu repositories13:03
alutzajust a sec13:03
alutzai cant find them13:04
casper_I'm trying to setup an forum and need to know if it works. please go to fpv.no and click the only link on the page and tell me if you get an error.13:13
rmrfslashIs anyone else here using Kppp? Is there a better alternative for broadband connections?13:19
rmrfslashBasically, I've been having a Plasma "Failed to run Kppp.desktop. Either Krunner is not responding or not running" error everytime I launch it. I have to wait for the error to come up which takes 10-15 seconds meanwhile the entire system is unresponsive.13:20
ghostcubealutza: medibuntu.org13:20
ghostcubethere is all described13:20
ghostcubeinstall kubuntu-restricted-extras and w32codecs if this wont be installed13:21
alutzabut if it did work till today13:21
rmrfslashGood thing is, I can just close the error dialog and the machine returns.13:21
alutzawhy doesnt it work now13:21
alutzaanyway ... installed it13:24
alutzanope not working13:24
alutzaplease tell me someone is here.. simple question, but i hope a pro can answer14:00
alutzais there any use to pulseaudio14:00
alutzai purged it so my sound in flash would work again... and i dont know if it has any use except for making things not work14:01
phhalutza: on a good distribution it is really helpful14:01
phhbut yes, ubuntu hasn't ever been able to get it working ..14:01
phhyou can use some nice things with it, like mixing sound by application, or switch an application from an audio output to an other14:02
phhaudio output can be almost anything: rtp streams, bluetooth headset, alsa output14:02
phh(but i haven't found any icecast output yet.)14:02
alutzabut on another good distribution its purpose is to?14:03
alutzawork as a "driver" for sound cards14:03
phhit's a middleware between soundcards and applications14:03
phhit dispatches (and mixes), application's sound to drivers14:03
BluesKajmy undestanding is that alsa works as the driver for pulse audio14:03
BluesKajit's a fuzzy area ..heard all kinds of arguments about roles played by alsa and pulse14:04
phhbut yes, alsa and pulseaudio features overlapses a lot14:05
phhmany features in alsa are in pulseaudio, and the other side too.14:05
phhbut some features in pulseaudio are really great (as i said, you can set the volume output, on a per application basis)14:06
BluesKajI wonder when they will dev an audiolayer which integrates the roles of both ...it's quite confusing and even the ubuntu sites don't explain things very well14:09
phhBluesKaj: i hope they will never !14:09
phhalsa is mainly for kernel side, pulseaudio for software side14:10
phhthe thing is alsa goes to far in some features14:10
BluesKajphh, so alsa is a kernerl module14:10
phhmainly, but not only14:11
phh(and imho, it should be only a kernel module)14:11
BluesKajI'm not complaining about the alsa and pulseaudio functions ...they seem to work well together , at least on my setup14:12
BluesKajlooks like the devs are perfecting kernel modules for intel , ati and nvidia graphics too14:14
BluesKajXserver-xorg is no longer editable ..basically14:15
benny_does anyone know how to install webcam on ubuntu pls14:22
benny_pls help me14:23
phhjust plug it.14:23
benny_its already plug14:23
phhthen just use it.14:23
benny_i need the procedure14:23
phhto do what.. ?14:24
benny_its not functioning14:24
phhhow do you try ?14:24
phhwith which application ?14:24
benny_i cannot find my webcam if its ready to use or not becoz nothing happen when plug it14:25
benny_i dont know how to try14:25
phhjust launch any application which uses it14:25
zuzanyone have an idea on how to update my dell inspiron bios in kubuntu?  dell only offer a .exe version and wine doesnt do anything with it14:37
darthanubiszuz: lol, then you can update your bios from linux14:38
darthanubiszuz: you have to work that out with Dell14:39
zuzit says windows/dos only14:39
darthanubisor get a real computer14:39
phhzuz: use a freedos CD/floppy/whatever14:39
zuzphh  do you know a good place to get one for a SD card?14:40
zuzi dont know how to put an iso in it14:40
darthanubishe is NOT going to be able to accomplish that feat if he is a user level that tries to upgrade his BIOS from WINE14:40
darthanubisyou see?14:40
phhdarthanubis: it might works ...14:40
darthanubisphh: this user is not at that level obviously14:41
phhI successfully upgrated the firmware of my optic player with it.14:41
zuzwont work from wine but might from dos14:41
zuzfrom wine????14:41
darthanubiszuz: boot with a win98 floppy disk if you can14:41
zuzits a laptop14:41
phhzuz: look at dell's documentation14:41
zuzno floppy14:41
phhiirc they give some ways14:41
zuzi did14:41
darthanubisboot from a dos/freedos cd like phh told you14:41
zuzthats the idea im working with at the moment14:42
fixitHello all, i would appreciate if anyone can help me with a weird upgrade problem.14:42
phhzuz: you didn't searched well i guess, google with dell linux bios update gives me: http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/Oss/Firmware_Tools14:42
psteyndo I just need to install kdepim for calendar?14:43
ubottufixit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:43
zuzyeah and that repository dont have the driver for my bios14:43
zuzthey dont have it for dell14:43
zuzfor linux i mean14:43
phhpsteyn: you can install it alone, but you'd better install the whole kdepim package14:44
fixitWell basically my plasma desktop disappeared after upgrading to kde 4.3 RC2. When i try to see the desktop it is a black window with no icons14:45
zuzphh, i did all what its needed for that, the problem is that after i get the repository and the files and do the update_firmware command, it doesnt find14:45
fixiti did a dist-upgrade with the ppa repository14:45
zuzbecause my system id isnt on that place14:45
fixiti can see like 1/8 of the desktop14:47
fixiti can see a very small section of my old wallpaper at the top14:47
fixitand a big black window of 7/8 screen height under14:48
=== ubuntu is now known as Alex_Trask
jb__hello, just one question is there any way to get kubuntu 9.04 to work whit ati xpress 200m and svideo ? My 3D support works but dont really care about it just want s-video to work.14:56
jb__any one ?15:00
BluesKajjb__, svideo , what are you trying to do ?15:04
=== Dayla is now known as Dayla-shower
jb__hello, just one question is there any way to get kubuntu 9.04 to work whit ati xpress 200m and svideo ? My 3D support works but dont really care about it just want s-video to work.15:13
=== maximo is now known as Maximo
Mamarokjb__: please answer the question you were asked earlier15:21
RythanDoes anyone know if they got the Network Manager Plasmoid to work yet?15:21
MamarokRythan: works fine here, using KDE 4.2.96 aka RC215:21
RythanStill nm-applet15:21
MamarokRythan: it is called widget since KDE 4.2.x15:21
jb__sorry dident see that iam trying to get my tvout to work15:21
RythanMamarok: Oh ok and not working here for some reason ... will not connect to a secure network15:22
MamarokRythan: secure = wep? wpa?15:22
RythanMamarok: WPA15:22
MamarokRythan: and you did set your password (and permissions for WPA2) right?15:23
RythanMamarok: Yet nm-applet has no problem -- it even recognises and connects my mobile USB broadband15:23
RythanMamarok: Which The Widget does not15:24
MamarokRythan: well, then use the nm-applet15:24
RythanMamarok: Well it sees it, but does not connect15:24
RythanMamarok: Have been ... just would like to use the widget instead lol15:24
MamarokRythan: it works for me, as I said, using WPA private15:24
MamarokRythan: which KDE version do you use?15:25
Captain_HaddockRythan: wicd is (IMO) a better alternative anyway - you might want to check it out.15:26
Captain_Haddock!info wicd15:26
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB15:26
bobbob1016How do I use the built-in KDE indexer?  I enabled the service in the Advanced Settings, but I can't find a front-end, any ideas?15:33
Mamarokbobbob1016: you mean Strigi?15:35
RythanCaptain_Haddock: IYO, what makes it better?15:35
MamarokRythan: it works :)15:35
RythanMamarok: Heh ... that is a point lol15:36
Mamarokbobbob1016: you need to install all nepomuk and all strigi packages, and the sporano backend15:37
Mamarokthen on restarting KDE it should work, else enable Strigi again in the systemsettings15:37
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bobbob1016Mamarok: And what is the front-end for Strigi?15:40
Mamarokbobbob1016: well, Strigi :)15:41
Mamarokbobbob1016: once it starts it will sit in the system tray, you can right click on it to change the settings15:42
bobbob1016Mamarok: Oh, ok.  I guess it hasn't started ever then, not sure why though.15:43
bobbob1016I enabled it a while ago, and have restarted since, but it doesn't start.  Could it be that google desktop is running too?15:45
Mamarokbobbob1016: well, did you install that? Didn't know there was a Google Desktop for KDE415:46
bobbob1016It isn't "for kde", it's "for linux" but yeah, there is one.15:47
bobbob1016I installed the other things, but it doesn't have sporano15:48
Mamarokbobbob1016: wiat, it's a library15:48
Mamarokbobbob1016: install soprano-deamon, it should dragg also libsoprano415:49
bobbob1016Mamarok: Already installed15:50
Mamarokbobbob1016: there was a java-related error at some point, let me see15:53
Mamarokbobbob1016: check this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/strigi/+bug/309626/comments/1915:55
bobbob1016Mamarok: I'm running 64bit, that command says to add i386 something or other, should I still do that?15:57
Mamarokbobbob1016: well, just modify that part to your java version, worked for me16:01
Mamarokbobbob1016: it's just a symlink to add16:02
bobbob1016Which java gave me "/usr/bin/java" so I can use that I guess?16:03
MamarokI don't remember exactly, but it should be in there somewhere16:03
ubuserI tried kde 4.3 via back ports. I ended up with a checkerboard pattern for the desktop background. And none of the menus or mouse clicks worked. Any ideas?16:05
Maximohi all...need help with this question in the pastebin: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/224393/16:07
MamarokMaximo: sorry, I can't help you, I doubt there is a plugin, you might have a look at the plugin repo for mozilla at mozilla.org16:09
bobbob1016Mamarok: I'll brb going to logout and back in and see if it starts16:09
Mamarokubuser: you don't have all packages installed, make sure you have all kdebase-* packages and all oxygen and plasma packages16:09
MamarokMaximo: be aware that this website uses proprietary software that doesn't allow Free Software to view it16:10
MaximoMamorok: let me try the mozilla.org16:11
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bobbob1016Mamarok: Didn't start up.16:18
Mamarokbobbob1016: do you see an error emssage in the system settings?16:42
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eMyllerhey guys16:45
eMyllerhow can i share internet by a crossover cable with another pc?16:46
=== Zorael is now known as Zorael^nb
=== Zorael^2 is now known as Zorael
vbgunzanyone know how to successfully get rid of the kopete message of "you cannot add yourself..."?16:52
eMyller|busyanyone alive?16:56
petsoundshello, after i upgraded firefox with tips from http://gaarai.com/2009/07/01/upgrade-to-firefox-3-5-on-ubuntu-9-04-jaunty-jackalope/, i'm no longer get any update. did i miss sth? thank you.17:04
Captain_HaddockeMyller: Many moons ago, I did it using Firestarter.. or you can do it yourself via iptables17:07
=== VerliHub is now known as mushrOOm
Captain_HaddockFirestarter was, IIRC, easy to set up. You might also want to check the network manager widget for any advanced options.17:08
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: thanks, i'll give it a try :)17:08
bobbob1016Mamarok: It just says "Service not running, settings will be used next time it is"17:09
uzmanı have a promlem17:10
brandon_hardware drivers will not open and need to install wireles drivers any suggestions?17:13
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: did it require any change to /etc/network/interfaces?17:13
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: if the machines can already ping each other, then no...17:18
eMylleri need to connect to a pc via crossover. how can i do it? :|17:24
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Kutchehello can someone help17:38
Dragnslcr!ask | Kutche17:42
ubottuKutche: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:42
KutcheIm going to install Kubuntu Later today and i dont know how i would install my wireless -g pci adapter on there since it cant use .exe files17:43
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:45
Kutchehow do i get NDISwrapper on kubuntu if i have no interntet conection on it17:51
DragnslcrCould download the packages with another computer and use a CD or USB drive17:52
Kutcheis there certain cmds i need to install it off the usb/cd17:53
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
DragnslcrYou should be able to install the .deb packages normally with KPackageKit, GDebi, or dpkg17:54
Kutcheim extremely new to linux i just herd about it 2 days ago so i have no idead what u said17:55
=== raindog_ is now known as raindog
uzmani downloaded opensuse 11 dvd iso. but couldnt write a free dvd17:57
uzmanı want to install a usb flash disk17:57
uzmanplease help me17:57
uzmani want to instaşll from a usb flash disk17:58
uzmankimse yokmu17:59
Captain_HaddockKutche: copy the package to your PC and right click on it.. there should be install options available.17:59
Captain_Haddock!tr | uzman18:00
ubottuuzman: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.18:00
Kutchei cant get my wifi card working on ubuntu18:05
Kutchei cant install my linksys pci adapter on kubuntu18:06
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=== VerliHub is now known as mushrOOm
uzmanlinksys? its no easy18:10
Kutcheyep linksys is my pci18:11
Kutcheis it difficult to install on Kubuntu18:11
Cliffit is fuckin difficult18:12
Kutcheah jesus18:12
Kutchedo u know how to do it18:12
uzmannot bash son of the fuc.k.you.18:13
uzmancliff your mother is beaituful*18:14
Cliffall are mine soft i installed in bash18:14
uzmanlan orospu cocugu18:14
Kutcheis there a distro tht supports linksys18:14
uzmanne uyduruyorsun18:14
uzmansikmisim ananizi gavur dolleri18:14
uzmansizin gotunuzu varya ne sikerim18:15
tsimpsonuzman: stop it18:15
uzmanı stop18:16
tsimpsonCliff: watch your language please18:16
Cliffкакого хера?18:16
Kutcheso how the hell do i get my linksys to work on Kubuntu18:16
Cliffi dont know. visit forums and ask there for the concrete prog18:18
Kutcheive tried tht no one answeres18:18
Cliffi dont know WTF is it. ive installed kubuntu at my first time yesterday18:20
Kutchenow i have to go buy a new network card18:20
phhKutche: what chipset have your card ?18:21
sfearsdoes anyone know how to figure out what /dev/*** to mount off of the info provided with lsusb??18:21
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BorisKwhat up?18:59
BorisKjoin (n=quassel@
=== VerliHub is now known as mushrOOm
PiciBorisK: What are you trying to do?19:01
compilerwriterIm keenly interested as well BorisK Just what are you trying to do19:03
ubsafdermy kubuntu does not connect to my wireless network  when i use kde while i use gnome it connect automatically .19:10
Mamarokubsafder: which KDE do you use?19:10
Mamarokubsafder: if you already have gnome installed, use the network-manager then19:10
ubsafderi have kde 4.2.96 on gnome i think it is network manager that gets me connected . strange it doesnot autoconnect when i am in kde19:12
zuzamazing how dell has linux support for alot of their systems, and mine is one of the few not included19:13
ubsafderi would like to have wireless connection from kde . if possible19:13
Mamarokubsafder: you do not have KDE on Gnome, that is not possible :)19:17
ubsafderno i have both19:17
Mamarokubsafder: use network-manager on KDE, works too :)19:17
Mamarokubsafder: well, yes, but tose a separate things, you mean you have installed both Ubuntu and Kubuntu19:17
ubsafderbut when i log with a  kde session  it is not working  when i use gnome network-manager does the job19:18
Mamarokubsafder: read what I said...19:18
Mamarokjust use network-manager-gnome instead of network-manager-kde19:19
Mamarokas easy as that19:19
ubsafderhow do i set kde to use network-manager-gnome  instead of network-manager-kde19:20
=== user__ is now known as Rasmus
Mamarokubsafder: start network-manager-gnome from a konsole19:20
ubsafderok i will go to try19:21
ZoraelIs /var/log/dmesg written to at each dmesg entry or in batches?19:23
Zoraelergo, could I use tail -f /var/log/dmesg to monitor it?19:23
Zoraelin batches, apparently.19:25
senorpedrohi folks19:25
senorpedrowhich linux distro is good for old hardware?19:25
compilerwriterdsl is supposed to be good for old hardware senorpedro19:28
Mamaroksenorpedro: all distros ship more or less the same nowadys, try Xfce19:28
Mamarok!xfce | senorpedro19:28
ubottusenorpedro: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels19:28
compilerwriterdoes wubi work with 64 bit processors?19:32
compilerwriter!wubi | compilerwriter19:33
ubottucompilerwriter, please see my private message19:33
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Mannequin1hi. I'm having a really hard time with my laptop touchpad and keyboard :(19:46
Mannequin1from time to time, the launchpad "gets crazy"19:46
Mannequin1and begins to move alone, and trigger clicks19:47
Mannequin1(no, it's not a hacker)19:47
Mannequin1and the keyboard, from time to time, stops responding19:47
Mannequin1ok, a google search shows me that I'm not alone19:48
bob___pouvez vous m'aider ?19:50
bob___pouvez vous m'aider ?19:50
linuxis anybody here19:51
bob___is any channel in frensh ?19:51
linuxor in german ?19:51
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr19:51
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:52
PKS2155-304there is french here :)19:52
linuxany ganja here to find ?19:52
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.19:54
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elitrouhi guys - i have a major crash with kwin20:00
elitroustarted with having the desktop crashings to the pre-login black screen, now not only tty login is avialable20:02
Mamarokelitrou: a bit more information about your KDE version and graphic card and such would be helpful20:08
elitroufirst problems appeared with 4.2, total crash after installing 4.3-rc220:09
Mamarokelitrou: are you sure everything is installed, all kdebase-*, oxygen and plasma packages?20:10
elitrouusing Nvidia 180.44 driver20:10
Mamarokelitrou: that might be the problem, AFAIK the latest stable driver is 18520:10
elitrouit's still not in the repositories, as much as i know20:11
elitrouas about the packages - i've tried to use apt-get upgrade -f - nothing shows up20:11
elitrouso hopefully everything is installed20:12
elitroui've tried to run kwin --replace20:12
elitrouget the following error: /usr/lib/libkdecorations.so.4: file too short20:15
Quintasanelitrou: sudo aptitude reinstall kde-window-manager20:16
Quintasanelitrou: might help20:16
elitrouquintasan: i'll try it in20:17
Quintasanelitrou: oops20:17
Quintasanelitrou: libkdecorations4 instead of kde-window-manager20:17
uzmanhow solve the intel-hda ich9 sound card problem?20:21
elitrouQuinasan: It helped, partially - got a problem with a different file20:21
uzmanworld here i am20:22
uzmanplease help me20:22
elitrouQuintasan: now it reports a problem with /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.520:23
Quintasanelitrou: I can provide you files manually but I think you will be intrested in apt-file20:23
uzmankimse yokmu20:24
Quintasanelitrou: sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update && apt-file search <file name> (libkdeui.so.5 in this case)20:24
uzmanturkish ubuntu channel20:25
uzmannow, i installed kubuntu 9.04, and it didnt know my sound card20:27
uzmanmy sound card is intel hda ich9 idt20:27
b14ckhi guys--quick question. im planning on installing kbuntu later today. i have a nice 64 bit machine here (amd6000), was wondering whether or not i should use the 64-bit version of kubuntu, or if it breaks a lot of software? im just using it as a standard desktop20:28
b14ckmovies, music, web browsing, coding, etc20:28
b14ckalso--running virtualbox, but thats about it20:28
elitroub14ck: how big is your memory? if it's less than 3Gb - there is now actual need for 64bit20:29
b14cki've got 4GB of mem20:29
elitrouit's the limit of 32bit systems20:30
b14cki know that it will only address3.5 GB, but im not really too concerned about that20:30
b14ckwell i'll just run 32 for now then20:30
elitroui use 64 myself, it still happens to have some pre-mature problems with flash, java etc...20:30
b14ckthats all i needed to know ^^20:31
uzmani will remove ubuntu from my pc, because ubuntu is silly20:33
uzmansound card problem20:37
elitrouQuintasan: well, another step forward20:44
elitrouQuintasan: the login window is shown, but i can't log in, it just get's back to the login window20:45
Quintasanelitrou: try sudo aptitude reinstall kdm20:45
=== castellers2 is now known as castellers2_
Quintasanelitrou: and then sudo aptitude reinstall kde-window-manager, I had similar problem20:46
Quintasanelitrou: also check /var/log/kdm20:46
senorpedroi just accidentily mini-fied all windows and put them all on the desktop, like that macosx thing20:50
senorpedrohow can i repeat this?20:50
senorpedroi think i have to point the mouse to some place20:50
phhsenorpedro: move the cursor to the upper left corner20:50
senorpedroPhh doesnt work20:51
phhcan't remember the shortcut then20:51
senorpedrooh no wait20:51
senorpedroit works20:51
phhsenorpedro: it's the Expose effect, you should find it in global shortcut configuration20:51
senorpedroi was just too stupid20:51
senorpedrothx phh20:51
osielo que eu estou fazendo de errado?20:54
osielanybody here20:55
compilerwriter!es | osiel20:56
ubottuosiel: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:56
elitrouQuintasan: I used cat /var/log/kdm.log20:57
Quintasanelitrou: and what?20:58
elitrouit says Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found20:58
Quintasanelitrou: but you can run kdm?20:59
elitrouQuintasan: I'm confused about it. How can I check it out?21:02
Quintasanelitrou: KDM is login screen, that thing where you type login and password21:03
Quintasanelitrou: try sudo /etc/apt/kdm restart21:03
elitrouQuintasan: Login screen shows up fine. If I try to log in - after the icon of hard disk is shown something goes wrong and it goes back to the login screen21:05
PRO-DRIVEhello guys21:05
Quintasanelitrou: sudo aptitude install htop and tell if it mentions something about file being to short or truncated21:06
PRO-DRIVEhello ,  i have problem booting kubuntu21:08
PRO-DRIVEiam ubuntu user but when i try to boot any KDE version of ubuntu   i dont know why it failed21:09
PRO-DRIVEhello !21:10
elitrouQuintasan: htop installes quite nicely21:10
Quintasanelitrou: nothing about truncated files?21:11
=== zarakolik_ is now known as zarakolik
elitrouQuintasan: During the installation or when running htop?21:13
Quintasanduring installation21:14
elitrouQuintasan: The only warning it showed is about mandb : no space left on device21:26
Quintasanelitrou: Do you have any space left? :P21:27
elitrouQuintasan: I know it is a stupid question - but how do I check it out?21:27
Quintasanelitrou: df21:28
pavelovichwho is french21:28
Dragnslcr!fr | pavelovich21:28
ubottupavelovich: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr21:28
elitrouQuintasan: df shows strange result - it says /dev/sda6 is 100% used (about 4.6Gb) but all directories inside it are used at most 2%21:32
Quintasanelitrou: try restarting your computer :P21:34
Quintasanelitrou: I had exacly same problem but I'm using Radeon graphics card21:34
phhelitrou: you don't know the principe of an unix tree, do you ?21:34
QuintasanI couldnt get past login screen21:34
Quintasanphh: we mentioned /dev/sda6 which is propably his /21:35
elitrouphh: no... I'm still a newbee21:35
phhit's really hard to explain hum...21:35
phhelitrou: every line in the df result is a drive (like C:, D: and so on and windows), but it can be "mounted" anywhere, in particular, anywhere on an already mounter drive21:36
phhso if c: (totally fake names.) is in / and d: in /usr for instance, you can have / with 100% occupation and /usr with 0% occupation21:37
elitrouphh: as much as i understand /sda6 and /sda7 are partitions of my HD21:38
elitrouphh: SDA standing for SATA interface, right?21:38
phhelitrou: for scsi. (yeah don't mind understanding.)21:38
phhand yes sda6 and sda7 are the partitions of your HD21:39
phhit stands for Scsi Disk A (they are sorted with letters) to be precise21:40
kaddihow can I test if my modified fstab is mounting the right partitions without rebooting?21:40
phhmount -a21:40
elitrouphh:so i guess 4.6 Gb wasn't enough for a /?21:42
phhit should on most systems21:42
phhelitrou: is your /home separated ?21:42
elitrouphh: yes21:43
elitrouphh: it uses sda721:43
Dragnslcr4.6 GB could be filled fairly quickly, especially by the apt cache and log files21:44
phhDragnslcr: on standard use it should be fine21:44
elitrouphh: can i clean it up?21:45
phhtry apt-get clean21:45
Dragnslcrelitrou- check the size of /var/cache/apt/archives21:45
DragnslcrIn Dolphin, right-click -> Properties will give you the total size. From a shell, du -h --max-depth=1 /var/cache/apt/archives/21:46
phh(it should be 0 after apt-get clean)21:46
elitrouphh: it shows 2 lines - one 4K, another 64K21:48
phhhu ?21:48
phhit shouldn't give anything /o\21:49
phhoh you're speaking about Dragnslcr's command21:49
phhelitrou: after or before the apt-get clean ?21:49
elitrouphh: yes, sorry21:49
phhwhat says df ?21:49
phhyou've gained some place ?21:49
elitrouintiniticimal benefit21:50
Dragnslcrelitrou- check the size of /var/log21:50
phhand /var/tmp21:50
elitrouDragnslcr: log is 9M and tmp is 8.9 M21:51
qiyanHi I am fultifaster21:52
phhelitrou: /usr ?21:52
elitroulooks pretty negligble for 4.6 GB partition21:52
DragnslcrOkay, try this one- sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /21:52
DragnslcrThat'll at least narrow it down. Might take a minute or so to finish21:52
eunomia__some from ch here21:52
Dragnslcr!ch | eunomia__21:53
ubottueunomia__: Das Schweizer Team finden sie unter #ubuntu-ch, deutschsprachigen Support bekommen sie aber in #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de oder #edubuntu-de. Aus regionalen Gründen ist im Schweizer Channel nur Englisch erlaubt. Geben sie einfach /join #ubuntu-at ein! Danke für ihr Verständnis.21:53
elitrouphh: /usr is 3.6GB21:55
phhwell, no luck then21:55
phhyou won't be able to make enough place21:55
elitrouphh: can i resize the partition without having to format it?21:55
phhlaunch the live cd and launch gparted21:56
elitrouwell, maybe tomorrow. thanks for your help, guys21:56
ubuntu_Hello, I need help. Could someone explain to me how I am suppose to install grub, when grub is not there_22:00
ubuntu_I want to install grub from scratch, from a live CD.22:02
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besitzer_GUTEN ABEND22:05
besitzer_BIN ICH HIER ALLEINE22:05
Captain_Haddock!de | besitzer22:05
ubottubesitzer: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.22:05
ubuntu_I want to install grub from scratch, from a live CD.22:06
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto22:06
ubuntu_Captain_Haddock: Well, I can google :D I want to completely install it from scratch. I cannot restore grub if grub is not installed, right? :D22:09
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ubuntu_Does somebody know how to install grub from liveCD. It does not work with, mounting my /dev/sda* and then type grub-install /dev/sda*22:14
ubuntu_The problem is when I tried to install grub 2, everything disappeared, and when I am tryng to boot I am getting error 15.22:16
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sh3p1join #ubuntu-classroom22:22
ubuntu_anyone, please?!22:26
=== gary_ is now known as Guest70261
qiyanjoin #ubuntu-classroom22:32
yogaHow to share files between Kubuntu and  Window 7?22:35
=== rosa is now known as rosa_
marciobug kubuntu22:53
marcioatualizacao com bug22:54
marcioatualizacao bloqueada22:54
Islingtonhello is there a kde 4.3 version of stasks plasmoid?22:54
darkhammhi people, how much time to wait for 4.3.0 rc3?23:02
p2bcI would like to ask a question, how do I remove a failed install from apt-get from the terminal??? I tried to install FWBuilder, it says that they dependencies have an error, now I can't proceed, all I get is a message to run "apt-get -f" to fix the problem, which does nothing. I tried "-clean, -check, -autoremove, -autoclean, and -build-dep" all of which with no success.  Any help would be great.23:05
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compilerwriterI just did a wubi install on an AMD 64  and the monitor settings were correct until I did updates.  Is there a way for me to easily fix this?23:07
Islingtonhello is there a kde 4.3 version of stasks plasmoid?23:13
darkhammislington: today kde staff published kde 4.3.0 rc3 , but isn't available on the kubuntu ppa23:14
hocuspocuscan someone tell me what does this mean>>>ldconfig deferred processing now taking place23:14
Captain_Haddockhocuspocus: "man ldconfig"23:17
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harjot1which is the most reliable computer 4 kubuntu to run on with least crashes etcc... ?23:21
phhtough question23:22
phhit won't be a per-vendor basis23:22
phhit will more likely on a per-components23:23
harjot1explain further i dont really understand23:23
phhharjot: what makes an OS instable is drivers, not the manufacturer of the computer23:23
harjot1ok as if in less likely to breakdown inside?23:24
harjot1oand intel drivers arent for a start great23:24
phhdon't really know. As far as i've seen, nvidia's driver are the most stables one (and fgflrx the worst ones), but if you hit a G92A....23:25
compilerwriterbugger how do I reset my display settings?23:25
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution23:25
harjot1but if i hit a g92a?23:27
phhharjot: those cards have big stability troubles...23:27
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cattellarare you people having issues with kde 4.2 using the 185 nvidia driver and desktop effects enabled?23:46

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