jmlajmitch, those are bzr-ish errors, unlikely to be caused by a proxy00:00
lifelessjml: well00:01
firefly2442What are the programming languages used in Launchpad?00:01
jmllifeless, NoSuchRevision caused by a proxy?00:01
lifelessjml: if pack-names gets cached in violation of our request it would cause that symptom00:01
ajmitchright, and I'd not really paid attention to the bzr+ssh:// part of that00:02
lifelessneither had I:P00:02
lifelessbzr+ssh definitely isn't a proxy00:02
jmlfirefly2442, Python. Python. Python. :)00:02
lifelessajmitch: where are you seeing those errors?00:02
etanki get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/223935/ when running make schema00:02
ajmitchlifeless: on checking various  branches in lp-sourcedeps, when running rocketfuel-get00:03
jmlfirefly2442, but you can get the code & look for yourself. :)00:03
jmlhow can we get the ohloh guys to upgrade their version of Bazaar?00:03
ajmitchI'm just rerunning it at the moment after killing off the dulwich branch00:03
mwhudsonetank: there's an instruction in that error message00:04
wgrantAh, you got /p/launchpad. Good.00:04
mwhudsonjml: don't you have friends at sourceforge now?00:04
jmlwgrant, but we didn't get the name 'Launchpad'!00:04
jmlmwhudson, hmm. there's a thought.00:05
ajmitchjml: send in the hordes of rabid lawyers?00:06
lifelessajmitch: its an error, or something logged in .bzr.log?00:07
* jml looks again at his beautiful diagram00:07
ajmitchlifeless: an error with a traceback, just waiting on it to reproduce00:08
mwhudsonhey, it would be really nice if an error halfway through make didn't totally screw your working tree00:08
ajmitchI've found it in .bzr.log if you want it on pastebin00:09
etankmwhudson: i did that and got 'link-external-sourcecode: error: Parent branch not specified, and could not be discovered.'00:09
mwhudsonetank: did you run rocketfuel-setup to start with?00:10
etankmwhudson: yeah.00:10
ajmitchat least dulwich branched without errors after a careful rm -rf :)00:10
etankit took quite a few hours to finish00:10
mwhudsonthough i have to admit, i can't get make to work either right now....00:10
mwhudsonetank: what's in sourcecode in your branch?00:11
thumperjml: call?00:11
lifelessajmitch: file a bug please00:11
jmlthumper, sure. fire away.00:11
lifelessajmitch: it looks like that branch hasn't been upgraded and the converter is running into trouble00:11
wgrantlifeless: So it was trying to convert to 2a?00:11
lifelesson the fly yes00:12
lifelessis part of IDS00:12
wgrantThat would be because rocketfuel-get was broken earlier, and was creating 2a repos before pulling sourcedeps.00:13
wgrantNow it just checks them out, so no conversion is required.00:13
jmlthumper, try again please.00:13
etankmwhudson: just whatever rocketfuel-setup put there00:13
lifelesswgrant: regardless, it should have succeeded00:14
mwhudsonetank: can you run python2.4 bootstrap.py --ez_setup-source=ez_setup.py --download-base=download-cache/dist --eggs=eggs00:14
mwhudsonetank: and see what that says?00:14
* gmb calls it a night. T'morrow, folks.00:17
ajmitchlifeless: what else do you need on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/402778 ?00:17
ubot3Malone bug 402778 in bzr "NoSuchRevision error when branching with rocketfuel-get" [Undecided,New]00:17
etankmwhudson: it said nothing00:18
mwhudsonetank: and does plain 'make' work now?00:19
nellerywill it ever become possible for community contributors to earn commit rights?00:20
jmlgmb, g'night.00:20
mwhudsonnellery: good question!  probably00:21
mwhudsonnellery: though with a DVCS it's not that much of an issue00:21
ajmitchnellery: given that you can commit & push branches already & most likely propose them for review & merging, I'd say yes00:22
lifelessnellery: in the sense of committing directly to trunk? no - noone has that right even @ canonical - commits are done by a daemon that runs the test suite00:23
lifelessnellery: in the sense of being able to submit something to land; as mwhudson says, probably :)00:24
ajmitchthere's info on the wiki about the steps to take for that00:24
* jml grumbles, the point of commit messages is to communicate00:32
MarkusT1Is there some kind of Launchpad Roadmap available? I was looking for the wiki integration, but all I found is this blueprint (https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+spec/launchpad-wiki). It seems everything it links to has been removed from launchpad. I was just curious if there already is a decision on this topic.00:34
mwhudsonjml: rather than defeating obscure regular expressions?00:35
mwhudsonMarkusT1: there's https://dev.launchpad.net/VersionThreeDotO00:35
kfogelmwhudson, wgrant: what exactly was the rocketfuel problem?00:35
mwhudsonkfogel: i don't know exactly00:35
wgrantkfogel: Which one? The 2a upgrade one that I referred to?00:35
kfogelwgrant: "which one"... not reassuring words :-).  Yes, I meant the 2a one I saw in backscroll.00:36
MarkusT1mwhudson: It seems it's quite empty. So I guess: no decision made on that issue.00:36
spmmwhudson: obscure regular expressions are cause & effect by an obscure joke by obscure losas00:36
lifelesskfogel: the sourccode branches aren't in 2a00:36
lifelesskfogel: and for at least one of them converting on the fly errors00:36
mwhudsonMarkusT1: which issue, sorry?00:36
lifelesskfogel: bug 40277800:37
ubot3Malone bug 402778 in bzr "NoSuchRevision error when branching with rocketfuel-get" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40277800:37
ajmitchjml: is this in reference to knowing what pqm is apparantly listening to?00:37
MarkusT1mwhudsono: The question whether launchpad.net get's a wiki or not. :-)00:37
wgrantkfogel: rocketfuel-get had a brand new bug which treated all of the source dependencies as if they were SSO and ShipIt. So, to save time, it first branched devel into the target directory, then pulled the dep. This caused the deps to get on-the-fly conversions to 2a.00:37
wgrantWhich is slow and crashy.00:37
kfogellifeless, wgrant: thank you, got it.00:37
jmlajmitch, in particular, it's in reference to the heinous practice of saying rs=me or release-critical=me00:38
* thumper is trying to avoid the firehose that is #launchpad-dev :)00:38
thumperMarkusT1: launchpad.net will get a wiki00:38
ajmitchthumper: it's only a few people here causing the trouble :)00:38
lifelessat least we're past the first hump00:39
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thumperyes, less spraying around now than before00:39
lifelessI meant downloads actually ;P00:39
thumperkfogel: should standup minutes go to the launchpad-dev mailing list now?00:40
wgrantI keep getting intermittent connection resets when talking to launchpad.dev, and the local XML-RPC server seems to do it consistently when I attempt to resolve lp://dev/ URLs.00:40
MarkusT1thumper: Great news! Is there any announcement on that? (Besides you telling me now :->)00:40
thumperMarkusT1: there is much work to do for it00:40
thumperMarkusT1: it is in the planning phase post 3.000:40
mwhudsonthumper: "XXX on leave for next week" probably shouldn't go to a public list00:41
thumperMarkusT1: we know what we want to offer, and no-one has done it yet00:41
thumpermwhudson: good point00:41
kfogelthumper: I think so.  If there's any company confidential stuff, it can go internal of course.00:41
jmlMarkusT1, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-project?orderby=-users_affected_count00:41
* thumper looks at his notes again00:41
jmlMarkusT1, it's the single most popular bug on the entire Launchpad project :)00:41
kfogelthumper: that is, the confidential stuff can be separated out and go internal.  But I think our standup notes should be like bzr's, which are sent publicly AFAIR.00:42
kfogeljml: no, that's "cheddar"00:42
thumperkfogel: ok, will do00:42
jmlkfogel, *blink*00:42
wgrantpkern: Have you succeeded in running publish-distro yet?00:43
MarkusT1As long as it's on the agenda I'm allright. You guys proved very well how you're able to handle this project. I found the bug report before, I just could not find any official comment on it. Thanks for sharing. This is getting better and better :-)00:44
wgrantI presume it's just a matter of populating distroseries.lucilleconfig and the librarian properly, then running it in full careful mode.00:45
* thumper updates his trunks00:46
thumperhmm, what's the chance I actually write any code before lunch...00:47
mwhudsondepends how strong your "ignore stuff" field is00:47
* mwhudson is coding00:47
mwhudson(and gabbing while acceptance tests run...)00:47
pkernI wonder how uploadpolicy is wired into the system, because that might screw with my tries to add a distroseries for Debian.00:48
wgrantI might just manually process a PPA upload a publish PPAs for now.00:49
mwhudsonjml: yayness00:49
wgrantSince the librarian is decidedly file-less, and I can't be bothered working out how to get gina to work.00:49
jmlwgrant, spiv has commented more than once in my hearing that the librarian is an ideal candidate for spinning off into a standalone app, fwiw00:54
kfogelthumper: barry points out that standup notes can contain vacation times and other personal stuff, and that therefore they shouldn't be public00:58
kfogelthumper: I think we're going to need to think about this more carefully; I will ponder and post a proposal, but for now do it internally I guess.  I think really we're going to have to have two versions: one with internal stuff and another with public dev stuff.00:58
thumperkfogel: I checked my standup notes for personal details00:59
thumperkfogel: I agree we should be careful with what we put in public notes00:59
etankmwhudson: no make does not run00:59
etanki get the same error00:59
mwhudsonetank: i can only suggest running the commands make is running one by one (without the ssh.py bit) and seeing what is breaking01:00
kfogelthumper: but we will need a system that is documented and can be routinized.  We don't want team leads having to improvise this every time.01:00
thumperkfogel: right01:02
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wgrantWhat happens with mail in devmode? I expected it to go to /var/tmp/launchpad_mailqueue, but it instead seems to be sent to root.01:13
mwhudsonwell yes, it gets sent to root01:15
mwhudsoni once found the code that did that, i can't remember where it is though01:15
mwhudsonoh wow01:26
mwhudsonfrom lp.registry.model.person import *\nAttributeError: \'module\' object has no attribute \'generate_nick\'\n'01:26
mwhudsonnot managed that one before01:26
mwhudson(it's a circular import, of course)01:26
bz_gDid anyone try/manage to install launchpad on Debian (lenny)?01:27
jmlhmm. I seem to be getting conflicts every time I pull. :\01:29
jmlI guess that's because a directory change is moving through the trunk branches.01:31
jmlbz_g, I don't think anyone's tried yet, that I know of.01:35
mwhudsonit would be nice if different pyflakes warnings came out as different colours in flymake01:37
mwhudsonthat sounds kind of hard to achieve though01:37
jmlmwhudson, interesting notion.01:38
jmlmwhudson, have you got pep8.py hooked up to flymake as well?01:38
mwhudsonjml: no01:38
jmlmwhudson, I do, and I'm quite liking it, but I do wish the warnings were differently coloured.01:39
mwhudsonjml: time to read flymake.el a bit i guess!01:40
jmlmwhudson, good luck.01:40
jmlHere is your elisp trowel. Use it wisely.01:40
mwhudsonit has different faces for errors and warnings at leas01:41
jmlmwhudson, pyflakes doesn't really distinguish between the two though01:42
* jml sometimes wonders if it should have some more reporting options.01:42
mwhudsoni guess it's a regexp somewhere in flymake to try to tell the difference01:42
mwhudsonit's a warning if the string "warning" appears in the output i think01:43
jmland an error otherwise?01:44
mwhudsonah, mildly more complex than that01:44
mwhudsonjml: yeah01:44
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wgrantHmmmmm. The Soyuz karmaactions are in sampledata/current.sql, but not sampledata/current-dev.sql, so they were missing from my DB. Why would that be?01:52
spivmwhudson: you mean flymake is two-faced? :)01:52
mwhudsonspiv: zing!01:52
bz_gjml: thanks.  Maybe I'll give a go...01:53
mwhudsonwgrant: the sampledata used for tests is not the sampledata that you get when you run make run and poke around01:53
mwhudsonwgrant: i don't know which is which any more :)01:53
jmlwe want to reduce the sampledata used for tests01:53
wgrantThe missing karmaaction was crashing things :(01:54
wgrantYay, a successfully populated and published PPA.01:54
* mwhudson goes for lunch01:55
MarkusT1I tried really hard to find the right documentation, but I still have a question left :-) : How do I actually delete projects and users in lp as the foo.bar admin user? I'm able to set projects inactive, but I can't find the "delete" button? :-/01:59
wgrantMarkusT1: Projects are only ever deactivated.01:59
wgrantThey can't be deleted.02:00
wgrantSame with people.02:00
MarkusT1wgrant: Ah thanks. So at least I can stop searching :-)02:00
lajjrcongratz to launchpad-dev team \o/ .02:01
jmllajjr, thanks :)02:02
lajjryour welcome great source release. I can't wait to look at the code.02:05
* Snova_ would, but 280 MB is huge for this time of day02:06
lajjrI download the tar.gz file and it is done, but the ./rocketfuel-setup started 10 mins ago.02:08
lajjrI think that might be awhile yet :P02:09
wgrantlajjr: Did you prepopulate the repository with the tar.gz's contents?02:09
wgrant(also, rocketfuel-setup calls rocketfuel-get, which downloads lots more)02:09
lajjrit will work right??02:09
wgrantWhat is rocketfuel-setup saying it's doing?02:10
lajjrdownloading the deps apache etc.02:10
lajjrfresh install on a new laptop Jaunty 9.04.02:12
lajjrYou can use the following commands to manage your Launchpad02:14
lajjrdevelopment environment:02:14
lajjr rocketfuel-get02:14
lajjr    Update your copy of devel and the necessary source02:14
lajjr    dependencies, and make sure all source dependencies are properly02:14
lajjr    linked in to all the branches you are working on.02:14
lajjr rocketfuel-branch foo02:14
lajjr    Create a new branch of LP called "foo" in02:14
lajjr    /home/lajjr/launchpad/lp-branches/foo,02:14
lajjr    with all the source dependencies properly linked in.02:14
lajjr rocketfuel-status02:14
lajjrwow I guess it's done.02:14
maxbooi, is there a summary of what couples Launchpad to a specific python version so much more so than other python code?02:15
lajjryep it just ran a list with that at the top..02:15
lajjrrocketfuel etc etc rocketfuel status etc.02:16
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wgrantlajjr: That doesn't tell you much. What does ~/launchpad/lp-branches/devel/sourcecode have in it?02:16
jmlthumper, mwhudson, rockstar: there are still a few untested test plan items02:21
* thumper looks02:21
lajjrok hold on.02:22
lifelessmaxb: zope02:22
lajjrlp-branches lp-sourcedeps02:24
lajjrnd the script rocketfuel-setup02:24
jmlmaxb, we're very close to being able to switch to a more modern python.02:25
thumperand we can't wait02:26
jmlwhich will be great for those of us who use karmic.02:26
jmlthumper, indeed :)02:26
ajmitchjml: given the sort of people who are probably likely to grab a copy of the launchpad source, running on karmic may be a good thing :)02:28
jmlajmitch, yeah02:29
jmlajmitch, I'm running in a hardy chroot atm, which is working out ok02:29
ajmitchit'd save me trying to dig around in makefiles to get simple things like bin/py02:29
jmlajmitch, but I have a screwed up postgres config which is causing difficulties.02:29
ajmitchI should probably setup something in kvm anyway02:30
lifelessone consideration is that we deploy on LTS02:32
thumperspm: is there going to be a staging update before rollout?02:32
lifelessso we need to keep working there regardless of the current ubuntu development status02:32
mwhudsonmaxb: i bet most blobs of python code as large as launchpad end up fairly tied to a specific python version02:33
mwhudsonjml: looking02:34
jmlmwhudson, thanks.02:34
jmlit takes more work than one might think to support more than one python version reliably.02:34
mwhudsonit's like 0.0001 units of aggravation per line of code or something02:35
jmlso distracted that I have a half written item in my todo list :\02:35
jmlmwhudson, what is the SI unit for aggravation anyway?02:35
mwhudsonjml: i don't know, i'm sure we can come up with something suitably offensive02:36
mwhudsonjml: the BSOD ?02:36
mwhudsonjml: "the openoffice" ?02:36
lifelessjml: I dunno, we do 2.4/2.5/2.6 quite easily in bzr02:36
lifelessjml: the clippy02:37
jmllifeless, I think that's the imperial unit.02:37
* mwhudson plays the "is my code on staging yet" game02:37
mwhudsonlifeless: have you seen http://www.ntk.net/doh/options.html ?02:37
jmllifeless, I bet you had to change code to support 2.5 and 2.6.02:37
lifelessjml: yes, but it was pretty painless, and we don't routinely have trouble with new code02:38
lifelessmwhudson: classic, and no, I hadn't02:38
mwhudsonlifeless: one of the funniest things on the internet i think :)02:39
mwhudsonAnnoy me with that sodding paperclib:02:39
mwhudson( ) all the time02:39
mwhudson(*) when i least expect it02:39
spmthumper: staging restore: Wed Jul 22 02:17:56 BST 2009 Lock file deleted. Script finished02:43
thumperspm: when was that?02:44
thumperlike half an hour ago?02:45
thumperspm: but staging is revno 8298, and I need 8301 :(02:45
thumperspm: why did staging come up with old code?02:46
spmthumper: mainly as the actual code side happened about 12 hoursish ago02:46
mwhudsonis stable still being merged into db-devel02:46
thumpermwhudson: it should be02:47
thumper1 failure on db_lp builder02:47
spmthumper: I lie. code was updated ~ Tue Jul 21 21:27:44 BST 200902:47
thumperwhy is the doc test printing out javascript code??!?!02:48
mwhudsoni need to test the revision _after_ what is running on both staging and edge02:49
thumperdamn sprite!02:49
thumperbeuno: was that you?02:50
jmlmwhudson, my script says there's 1 revision in devel not in stable, and 4 in db-devel that aren't in db-stable02:50
jmlmwhudson, but that stable & db-devel are up to dae02:50
mwhudsonjml: cool, i was confused for a few minutes, but i've got it figured out now, i think02:50
lajjrkernel update caused a reboot. lol02:51
* jml has a buildout moment02:55
mwhudsonjml: i made a branch earlier, buildout broke and the easiest thing to do seemed to be to throw away the branch and start again02:56
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jmlmwhudson, sometime after the release, we need to make sure that sourcecode/bzr never ever gets created an automated process02:59
jmlmwhudson, there's a great well of hidden errors just waiting to bite us there.03:00
mwhudsonjml: maybe there should be an engineer devoted to working on these things for an entire cycle!03:00
mwhudsonjml: we need to be careful we never import the system bzr somehow too03:01
mwhudson(god knows how)03:01
jmlmwhudson, hmm.03:01
jmlmwhudson, we could make all of launchpad a bzr plugin & use bzr's api thing03:02
mwhudsonjml: i admit that wasn't a suggestion i was expecting!03:02
jmlmwhudson, :)03:02
lifelessI likes it03:04
* mwhudson finds canonical.launchpad.scripts.logger.BufferLogger, finds it to be a piece of crap03:10
kfogelbeuno: so what happened with your laptop yesterday?  Did you ever get it working again?03:14
kfogelsinzui: I changed bug #386797 to invalid; hope that was okay.03:20
ubot3Malone bug 386797 in launchpad-foundations "Enable distributed content development" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38679703:20
sinzuikfogel: not at all03:21
kfogelsinzui: not okay?03:23
kfogelsinzui: "not at all" is ambiguous in this context, but I assume you meant "no problem at all"03:23
sinzuikfogel: it is okay. Francis would ignore it for a few years. I even suggested that he spend a day Triaging bugs because he could close 50 of them03:24
* jml instruments03:24
jmlclosing 50 bugs would be nice03:24
sinzuiSince foundations was the old Launchpad, Francis could easily transfer 50 bugs to each our our porjects03:25
jmlthat would be less nice03:25
kfogelsinzui: I've been a bit hands off about triaging bugs, not knowing if I should be making decisions like that.  Should I be a bit more aggressive and assume that mistakes can be corrected?03:25
sinzuiWe should be honest03:26
sinzuiIf we really don't intend to do it, close it03:26
thumperjml: how about: BranchCollection.getTeamsWithBranches(person):03:26
thumper        """Return the Teams that person is a member of that have branches."""03:26
kfogelsinzui: agreed.  It's not like the record of the conversation is lost if we close it anyway.03:26
sinzuiEvery bug in blueprint, launchpad-answers, and launchpad-registry really should be fixed or implemented. I wish that was true of foundations03:27
spivkfogel: right.  The cost of a mistake there is pretty low.  The worst is probably offending the reporter, which is a pretty bad thing to do, but ignoring their report is probably just as bad...03:27
jmlthumper, what's the question exactly?03:27
thumperjml: comments on a BranchCollection method to return a result set of People03:27
jmlthumper, ahh ok.03:27
thumperjml: good or not?03:28
thumperjml: it'd use the _getBranchIdQuery03:28
jmlthumper, my spider sense is tingling03:28
jmlthumper, why do you want it?03:28
thumperjml: mostly, but tweak for owner03:28
thumperjml: we need to be able to get the teams that have branches in a given collection for a person quickly03:28
thumperjml: one query rather than one query per team03:28
thumperjml: beuno is in 86 teams, and the query is taking 150ms ish03:29
jmlthumper, is this to generate links from the Person branch listing?03:29
thumperjml: yes03:29
jmlthumper, I feel that it's something of a violation of the spirit of the interface, but I don't have any better ideas right now.03:30
thumperjml: we already have branch collection returning branches and merge proposals03:30
thumperjml: we could add a new utility somewhere03:30
thumperjml: not sure what to call it though03:30
jmlthumper, returning branches is its raison d'etre, and merge proposals are a pretty natural follow on.03:31
thumperjml: yeah, I know03:31
thumperjml: but not sure how to get at the collection internals without it being a method on the collection itself03:32
jmlthumper, yeah. me neither.03:32
jmlthumper, I think just put it in there for now, making a comment about how it doesn't quite fit.03:32
thumperjml: ok03:32
* jml idly wonders why 'reason for being' lacks punch in English.03:33
spivjml: "to be or not to be"?03:34
thumperspiv: that isn't punchy either03:37
jmlinstrumenting code :(03:43
jmlmwhudson, I wonder.03:46
jmlmwhudson, how would monkey patching and lazr imports interact, do you think?03:47
mwhudsonjml: lazy imports?03:47
jmlmwhudson, yes.03:47
mwhudsonjml: i guess it could get exciting03:47
mwhudsonjml: does ScopeReplacer implement __setattr__ ?03:47
mwhudsonjml: i think i guess where you're coming from03:48
thumperlazr imports?03:48
jmlthumper, lazy.03:48
mwhudsonjml: lp-serve not logging oops?03:48
thumperjml: sorry, read that just after hitting enter03:48
jmlmwhudson, I can't hide anything from you, can I? :)03:48
mwhudsonjml: lazy imports --- day before release --- monkey patching --- talking about test plans earlier03:49
mwhudsonjml: it wasn't _that_ hard :)03:49
mwhudsonoh and this brain wave sensor03:50
* jml throws away his aluminium foil hat03:50
jmlI knew it. It *has* to be tin. This one's no good.03:50
thumperjml: go get your cowboy hat :)03:50
jmlmwhudson, I now have solid evidence that the monkeypatched version is not being called.03:55
jmlmwhudson, what is this ScopeReplacer of which you speak?03:55
mwhudsonjml: it's an implementation detail of lazy imports03:55
jmloh. bzr-grep usage fail03:56
jmlmwhudson, it looks like it implements __setattr__ beautifully.03:57
mwhudsonjml: new theory required then03:58
jmldammit. going to have to do this the Right Way.03:58
thumperdamn storm compilation problems03:58
* thumper smacks head on thetable03:58
jmlmwhudson, I think I have a new theory.03:59
mwhudsonjml: does something somewhere do "from bzrlib.trace import log_exception_quietly" ?03:59
jmlmwhudson, bzrlib.smart.protocol imports 'log_exception_quietly' directly from bzrlib.trace before it gets patched03:59
mwhudsonjml: arghlbargl03:59
jmlmwhudson, ...03:59
jmlmwhudson, so I can shuffle around some code, probably.04:00
mwhudsonstatement: SELECT Branch.id, Branch.unique_name FROM Branch WHERE false AND Branch.private = false04:01
jmlmwhudson, or I can abandon this approach and do it the right way by giving bzr the appropriate hooks.04:01
mwhudsonthat's not a very useful query04:01
jmlno, 'tisn't.04:01
mwhudsoni wonder why storm is generating it04:01
mwhudsonjml: i think the time may have come for the right way04:01
mwhudsonoh ffs04:02
jmlmwhudson, ok. I'll file bugs appropriately and prepare a patch for bzr04:02
mwhudsonjml: cool04:03
jmlmwhudson, the code I've already written in Launchpad was deliberately designed to be easy to switch to hooks04:03
jmlso I should only have to change one or two functions & probably none of the tests.04:03
mwhudsonjml: yay04:04
* jml -> lunch etc.04:04
mwhudsonhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/224061/ :(04:32
thumpermwhudson: eh?04:38
mwhudsonthumper: circular import04:38
thumpermwhudson: I think I know why04:38
thumpermwhudson: you need to import canonical.launchpad.database first04:38
mwhudsonimport * is evil04:38
thumperit blows04:38
thumperthat it is04:39
mwhudsonbug 40284504:39
ubot3Malone bug 402845 in launchpad-registry "./bin/py -c 'from lp.registry.model import person' fails due to circular import" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40284504:39
mwhudsonthumper: removing import *s from canonical.launchpad.database will help i think04:39
thumpermwhudson: yeah, but likely to be a world of hurt04:39
thumpermwhudson: it was a PITA when I did the code ones04:39
thumpermwhudson: all the page tests :(04:39
mwhudsonthumper: maybe only a continent of hurt04:40
thumpermwhudson: an Australia of hurt04:40
mwhudsonthumper: want to review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/much-faster-rewrite-map/+merge/9121 ?04:44
mwhudsonlifeless: you might be interested too04:44
* thumper looks04:44
thumperawaiting diff04:45
lifelessmwhudson: not really, unless its different than we discussed04:45
lifelessmwhudson: does it nuke the cache?04:45
mwhudsonfair enough04:45
mwhudsonlifeless: what do you mean?04:45
mwhudsonit still caches04:45
lifelesshow fast is a miss now?04:46
mwhudsonbut cache misses are done via 1 direct query04:46
mwhudsonlifeless: < 1 ms i hope04:46
lifelessthats pretty good04:46
lifelessI'd really like to nuke the cache04:46
lifelessor get a stream of updates from the db04:46
lifelessthats 300K RPS we can serve @ 1ms per query04:47
lifelesssorry, 300K Requests/5minutes04:47
lifelessonly 7 times our peak yesterday :)04:47
mwhudsonlifeless: i imagine stub would like the database to be able to do something else as well as serve these requests04:48
mwhudsoni guess we'd only peg a core at worst04:48
lifelessat 1ms each we won't even come close to pegging a core04:48
lifelesseven at yesterdays peak04:49
mwhudsonlifeless: i think there's a good case for a very short cache, because of ".bzr/smart, .bzr/branch-format, .bzr/branch/format"04:49
stubIf it is a problem, we can get a dedicated db for this. I'd also consider if memcache is a good solution - we know we need it in other areas, we just need to integrate it all into the test suite so it is easy to use.04:49
lifelessmwhudson: I think theres a strong argument for truncating the mapping at .bzr04:49
lifelessmwhudson: because everything to the right is bzr internals04:50
mwhudsonlifeless: what?04:50
lifelessthe rewriter doesn't need to map foo/.bzr/baz04:50
lifelessonly foo/04:50
mwhudsonlifeless: maybe you should look at the code?04:50
lifelesshmm, also backup.bzr04:50
lifelessand .backup.bzr04:50
lifelessmwhudson: perhaps04:50
lifelessmwhudson: right now, I am trying to finish fixing iter_changes04:51
mwhudsonlifeless: also codebrowse!04:51
stubI'm still unsure why we need to do substring matching (WHERE foo IN ('a', 'aa', 'aa/a', 'aa/aa') rather than splitting the path on '/' and looking for WHERE foo in ('aa', 'aa/aa')04:51
mwhudsonlifeless: fair enough04:51
lifelessmwhudson: doesn't codebrowse map itself?04:51
mwhudsonlifeless: only when the request gets to codebrowse...04:51
mwhudsonstub: we don't04:51
mwhudsonstub: my code splits on '/'04:52
mwhudsonstub: splitting on characters is actually wrong as well as just inefficient04:52
lifelessmwhudson: if my looking at the patch will help you, I will04:52
lifelessotherwise I trust in review :)04:52
mwhudsonlifeless: ok04:53
mwhudsonlifeless: i only suggested you looked (the second time) because you kept asking questions :-p04:54
thumpermwhudson: -> #launchpad-reviews04:55
stubGetting rid of the cache or using a shared cache like memcache is needed to avoid weirdness when we scale horizontally - you don't want two different requests accessing different branches because they where served by different Apache's.04:57
stubI guess we have that problem already though if someone renames a branch.04:58
mwhudsonthumper: i'm there04:59
* wgrant juat managed to convince his local Launchpad to accept a PPA upload, publish it, build it, accept the binaries, and publish them.05:10
spivwgrant: woo!05:10
ajmitchwgrant: great, how much did that take to setup?05:10
ajmitch& have you documented whatever's missing for the rest of us?05:10
wgrantajmitch: I've got notes here.05:11
wgrantIt took a while, as there are almost no docs around...05:11
wgrantAnd there are some nice obscure bits.05:11
wgrantOne particularly time-consuming bit was working out why my builds weren't being dispatched. Apparently they will only be dispatched if there is a source published in the archive.05:13
wgrantWhich doesn't make too much sense.05:13
lifelessit does, when you consider NEW05:13
wgrantBut we build from ACCEPTED now.05:15
wgrantI have a suspicion as to why it's like that.05:15
wgrantBut I need to find the bug report...05:15
lifelessok, you're the expert :P05:15
wgrantOK, no, it wasn't what I thought.05:17
Ursinhajust realized today it's exactly one year I joined lp team05:27
thumperUrsinha: congrats05:27
jmlhello again05:28
Ursinhathumper, thanks :)05:28
jmlUrsinha, grats.05:28
jmlUrsinha, time flies when you're having fun :)05:28
Ursinhajml, thanks05:28
Ursinhajml, well said05:28
UrsinhaI'll quote you in my blog post :P05:28
jmloh, that reminds me.05:29
jmlwhat's so funny about ultimo.fm?05:29
Ursinhajml, lol05:29
Ursinhajml, that was a bad translation, because last == ultimo in portuguese05:29
Ursinhabut last.fm isn't translatable... :)05:30
jmlUrsinha, I thought it might be something like that :)05:30
Ursinhajml, :)05:30
* thumper goes to make veggie curry05:44
wgrantajmitch: http://williamgrant.id.au/f/1/2009/soyuzness.html05:57
wgrantSome of that was done some time afterwards, so there might be issues.05:57
ajmitchnice, thanks05:57
mwhudsonwgrant: wow, very determined of you06:02
wgrantmwhudson: It looks harder than it is.06:03
jmlsome of that should probably be turned into patches.06:03
wgrantI suspect so.06:03
wgrantA fair bit of stupidity is needed because the sample data is prehistoric, but I guess that's not easily fixable due to the tests.06:04
wgrantBut a lot of that can go into rocketfuel-setup.06:04
jmlwgrant, the sampledata used by the development config is separate from that used by the testrunner config06:04
wgrantjml: Oh.06:04
jmlwgrant, I think if you just get your dev environment set up with the right sampledata & run 'make newsampledata', you should be close to done06:05
jmlI think06:05
jmlit's been a while since I've touched the sampledata, as you can tell.06:05
ajmitchI only took a brief look in there, so wasn't sure which to use06:06
wgrantIt seems I should have read database/sampledata/README. It explains all.06:07
jmlI'll gladly review & merge patches that make our docs better / more discoverable.06:08
wgrantI might run make check tonight to see how long it takes on my laptop...06:10
ajmitchwgrant: I take it you're doing all this on jaunty?06:10
wgrantajmitch: In a Jaunty chroot, yes.06:10
wgrantSince that was easier than convincing LP to work on Karmic, I suspect.06:11
ajmitchyes, I've tried a little with it on karmic, didn't get far & didn't really expect to anyway06:11
wgranthave you tried it on Jaunty?06:12
wgrantI think rocketfuel-setup should Just Work now.06:12
ajmitchnot yet, I'd rather set it up on a fresh apache & postgres06:12
wgrantThat's what schroot and KVM are for.06:13
ajmitchyep, I just didn't have time last night after waiting for it all to download06:14
jmlI couldn't get Launchpad running on karmic either, fwiw.06:14
ajmitchjml: various packages have had their python 2.4 support removed06:15
wgrantI didn't try very hard. Once I saw rocketfuel-setup fail to install launchpad-developer-dependencies from ~launchpad's PPA, I dropped into a chroot.06:15
wgrantajmitch: I'm not sure many more have in karmic than in jaunty.06:15
ajmitchprobably not many06:15
jmlwell, I tweaked python-support to build for 2.406:15
ajmitchbut I got to the point of it failing to do anything with bin/py06:15
jmlbut not all of our deps use python-support06:15
wgrantDoing it in a chroot is probably a good idea anyway, as it does like to put stuff everywhere.06:16
ajmitchso I noticed06:17
ajmitchI'll have to take care not to destroy the current postgres data I have06:17
jmlanother thing we'd like to do is make it so we can run more than one instance of the test suite on the same machine06:18
jmlpartly because it's a laudable goal in itself, partly so we can use more than one core06:19
* al-maisan has installed the LP development environment in a (hardy) chroot as well; works like a charm :)06:23
jmlal-maisan, my postgres config is a little dodgy still06:23
jmlprobably my fault.06:23
al-maisanjml: aha06:23
* wgrant now tries to work out how to use gina.06:23
jmlI think it's because my karmic postgres & hardy postgres want the same resources.06:23
al-maisanjml: like ports..?06:24
jmlal-maisan, yeah, and pid files maybe06:24
* jml hasn't investigated.06:24
* mwhudson is EODing soon, shout if you want me to do anything today...06:24
* al-maisan installed the chroot according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot and has no issues with postgres06:25
* ajmitch would suggest supplying beer, but it's probably a little far06:25
al-maisanjml: the PID files are kept here:06:28
al-maisanCHROOT db-devel $ l /var/run/postgresql/06:28
al-maisan8.3-main.pid  .s.PGSQL.5433=  .s.PGSQL.5433.lock06:28
al-maisan.. and the chroot has it's own /var partition06:28
al-maisanthe config files are here:06:29
al-maisanCHROOT db-devel $ l /etc/postgresql/8.3/main/06:29
al-maisanenvironment  pg_hba.conf  pg_ident.conf  postgresql.conf  start.conf06:29
jmlal-maisan, thanks.06:32
al-maisanjml: hope it helps :)06:33
* jml moves closer to a power point07:19
stubAnyone in this time zone who can give me a release-critical?07:52
jmlstub, no.07:54
jmlstub, kiko will be probably be awake soonish.07:54
* jml makes a note to change getAnyPocket to return something other than release07:56
wgrantIs any particular HTML documentation generator favoured?07:57
jmlwgrant, for API docs?07:58
jmlwgrant, pydoctor for API docs, sphinx for other docs07:59
wgrantjml: Right.07:59
wgrantI don't see a make target, so I guess just run it manually?07:59
jmlwgrant, mwhudson wrote pydoctor, and might well have a recipe somewhere.07:59
jmlwgrant, probably run it manually -- I've never tried on Launchpad.07:59
jmlwgrant, I'd be very excited to see a make target though. I just added one to GTG.08:00
* jml pokes around a bit08:00
jmlthere are up-to-date api docs online, just not public (yet)08:07
mwhudsoni guess i should move that onto people.canonical.com08:07
jmlmwhudson, is that the same thing as people.ubuntu.com?08:08
mwhudsonjml: yes08:08
wgrantjml, mwhudson: Ah, I see.08:15
wgrantThey might be useful.08:15
wgrantThere's a lot of code.08:15
jmlyou noticed :)08:15
jmloh that reminds me, I should put bzr-tools.el on the wiki.08:16
jmlwgrant, 'make tags' can also help a lot for navigating the code08:17
kfogelwgrant: have you built Launchpad yet?08:17
kfogel(I might be missing backscroll, just got back from afk.)08:18
wgrantkfogel: Oh yes, I had the webapp working after a bit over 3 hours.08:18
wgrantI've even had Soyuz bits working today.08:19
noodles775wgrant: nice!08:19
wgrantAnd I'm currently trying to work out how to run a local keyserver.08:19
kfogelwgrant: er, well, you took less time than I did to do that, and I work for Canonical.  Hats off!08:19
kfogelhey adeuring08:20
noodles775kfogel: but wgrant had already deduced most of the launchpad innards a long time ago ;)08:20
wgrantnoodles775: I ended up getting a full upload, build, publish working.08:20
adeuringhi kfogel08:20
noodles775wgrant: cool!08:20
* wgrant 08:21
wgrantnoodles775: Any idea how I'm meant to run zeca/buildd-master? I've been running them manually with twistd for now - some other daemons are registered in canonical.launchpad.scripts.runlaunchpad, so are runnable with bin/run, but not those.08:26
jmlnoodles775, hi :)08:26
jmlI just realized that by cunningly getting distracted in the middle of the day I'm in prime-time to get help from soyuz folks for this patch :)08:27
noodles775wgrant: we don't (at least, I haven't) run the build master et al locally... for local development we usually just depend on the testing infrastructure (see SoyuzTestPublisher), and then test on dogfood...08:28
noodles775wgrant: but cprov will undoubtedly know more.08:28
noodles775jml: hi! Which patch?08:28
wgrantnoodles775: Hm, OK.08:29
jmlnoodles775, bug 34573708:29
ubot3Malone bug 345737 in launchpad-code "lp:ubuntu/package should resolve" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34573708:29
jmlnoodles775, sorry, bug 34776808:29
ubot3Malone bug 347768 in launchpad-code "Allow anyone with upload rights to write to a package branch" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34776808:29
noodles775wgrant might want to look too...08:30
noodles775oh, you're already subscribed by default, so have probably already seen it ;)08:30
gmbGood morning ladies, gentlemen and variations thereupon.08:31
jmlI'm not stuck yet. just poking around trying to find how to allow someone to upload to a package.08:31
wgrantjml: archivepermission is the magic thing.08:31
wgrantAnd they're manipulated on IArchive, at least through the webservice...08:32
* wgrant needs to poke around inside the code.08:32
noodles775jml: why do you want to allow someone to upload a package? don't you just need to check whether someone has permission to upload a package?08:33
pkernwgrant: Ah, thanks for poking there.08:34
al-maisanjml: there are 3 types of archive permissions: based on components, source package names and (new!) package sets.08:34
wgrantpkern: Where?08:34
noodles775... and I was about to say, al-maisan is the person to speak to there (having just implemented the new package set permissions)08:34
jmlal-maisan, so, my mission is to make it such that if you can upload to a package, then you can write to any branch officially linked to that package.08:35
noodles775al-maisan: is it possible for us to abstract away the fact that there are currently 3 different ways? Or perhaps we already do?08:35
jmlal-maisan, to do this, I need an API for checking to see whether a person can write to a package08:35
jmland a way of granting such permissions.08:35
al-maisanjml: that API already exists08:35
jml(the latter being for unit tests)08:35
al-maisanlet me find it for you.08:35
jmlal-maisan, thanks.08:35
pkernwgrant: Into the upload rights code. ;-)08:36
wgrantpkern: Ah.08:36
wgrantpkern: What did you end up doing with Soyuz?08:36
jmlthumper, why is bug 243135 invalid?08:36
ubot3jml: Bug 243135 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/243135 is private08:36
al-maisanjml: IArchive.getPermissions() is the method you'd want to use.08:38
wgrantal-maisan: Why not IArchive.canUpload?08:38
jmlor check_permissions(sourcepackage, 'launchpad.Edit') for that matter08:39
jmlal-maisan, thanks, looking now.08:39
al-maisanwgrant: IIRC Archive.canUpload() only operates on components .. but let me look again.08:40
wgrantal-maisan: component_or_package, it takes.08:41
al-maisanwgrant: canUpload() eventually invokes getPermissions()08:46
=== j^_ is now known as j^
jmlal-maisan, next question, why not check_permissions(sourcepackage, 'launchpad.Edit')?08:47
al-maisanjml: let me have a look.08:48
wgrantThere's no ArchiveSourcePackage, is there?08:48
* gmb achieves inbox 4, is satisfied08:51
maxbHas anyone else struggled to make LP work on jaunty because of apt installing a broken python2.4 installation? It doesn't seem to have installed any of the python-support/central stuff for the new runtime, and the sys.path doesn't include any directories in /usr/lib !08:51
wgrantmaxb: I haven't seen that - I installed it in a fresh Jaunty chroot last night, and it worked fine (except for the other issues)08:52
maxbhrm :-/08:53
gmbmaxb: How far have you got with trying to run LP? The LP buildout process creates a bin/py executable with the right sys.path. It also builds all the eggs that you need inside the Launchpad tree rather than polluting your site-packages.08:53
gmbmaxb: Try apt-get reinstall launchpad-developer-dependencies, see if that helps any.08:53
maxbNo, I think it's actually my system install of python that's broken08:53
maxbpython2.4 -c 'import sys; print sys.path'  is missing lots of things which should be there08:54
maxbeven after purging and reinstalling the package08:54
wgrantmaxb: You even purged python2.4-minimal?08:55
maxbmy thought08:55
maxb * my thoughts exactly :-)08:55
al-maisanjml: check_permission() uses checkPermission() zope.security.management .. how does one configure or hook into the latter?08:56
jmlal-maisan, canonical.launchpad.security is scanned automagically08:56
jmlhmm. and maybe there's some zcml08:56
* al-maisan looks at ./lib/canonical/launchpad/security.py08:57
jmlthere's IPackageUpload and IPackageUploadQueue in there08:57
jmland launchpad.Append on IArchive08:58
al-maisanjml: hmm .. it looks like the piece you'd like to have still needs to be added to lib/canonical/launchpad/security.py .. sorry09:02
jmlal-maisan, no worries.09:02
jmlal-maisan, I'd be happy to add it, but I'm not sure exactly what to make it do.09:04
jmlbigjools, hello09:04
bigjools /away09:04
jmlbigjools, we're just talking about fixing bug 34776809:04
ubot3Malone bug 347768 in launchpad-code "Allow anyone with upload rights to write to a package branch" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34776809:04
al-maisanmorning bigjools09:05
jmltrying to figure out the best way of asking whether a person has upload rights to a package, and how to grant them said rights (for testing)09:05
bigjoolsthere's a few checks done in the upload processor09:06
bigjoolsunfortunately there's no single call that will give you a yes or a no09:07
jmlbigjools, lp.soyuz.scripts.soyuz_process_upload being the starting point, right?09:07
* bigjools stabs Firefox and the xorg intel driver09:07
jmlbigjools, karmic upgraded the intel driver today. :)09:07
bigjoolsjml: no, IArchive.canUpload()09:08
bigjoolslet me refresh my memory and then I can talk more sense09:08
jmlbigjools, how do I get to that from an ISourcePackage?09:08
bigjoolsand possible reboot09:08
jmlbigjools, cool, thanksn.09:08
bigjoolsjml: well you need to know which archive you're uploading to09:09
bigjoolspresumably it's based on a distro, do you can use IDistribution.main_archive09:09
bigjoolsbut that obviously only covers the case where you want to upload to, well, the main archive :)09:09
bigjoolsargh, fscking FF and xorg both using over 1Gb resident09:10
wgrantbigjools: Karmic?09:10
wgrantAh. That would be your problem.09:11
jmlbigjools, that's probably what we want here.09:11
jmlbigjools, since these are for official package branches for a distroseries, pocket.09:11
bigjoolsI tried the karmic kernel and xorg driver  a month aho and it was no better09:11
thumperjml: because the tests aren't there any more :)09:12
* thumper thinks...09:12
bigjoolsjml: great, so the next thing to work out is whether there are package-specific permisssions, component-specific permissions then packageset permissions09:12
jmlthumper, yeah. I checked.09:12
jmlthumper, and at their new location, the test modules have been correctly factored.09:12
jmlthumper, so it's a little more fix released than invalid.09:12
jmlthumper, but no big deal.09:13
al-maisanbigjools: I understood jml merely wants a yes/no answer..09:13
jmlwhat al-maisan said :)09:13
bigjoolsthat's not possible09:13
bigjoolslike I already said09:13
thumperjml: changed to make you feel better :)09:13
jmlthumper, you're a champ. :)09:14
al-maisanbigjools: assuming jml knows the destination archive, IArchive.canUpload() should provide the yes/no answer ..09:14
bigjoolsal-maisan: no, it can't09:14
al-maisanplease explain.09:14
bigjoolsyou also need to know the package name, a component name or a packageset09:14
bigjoolsyou only don't need those if you have a PPA09:15
al-maisanah, right.09:15
jmlbigjools, we have the package name, since we have an ISourcePackage.09:15
bigjoolsjml: that's a good start :)  but not enough yet09:15
bigjoolsyou also need to know which component it's headed for09:15
bigjoolsand you have to check both09:15
* jml buckles up and sits tight.09:15
bigjoolsso start with canUpload(user, package_name)09:16
bigjoolsif it works, great09:16
bigjoolsif it doesn't, you need to use canUpload(user, component)09:16
jmlbigjools, if I know the distroseries & sourcepackagename, can I can derive the component?09:16
bigjoolsyou need to work out where it's published09:16
bigjoolsthat was where I was going next :)09:16
bigjoolsjml: I'll point you at example code09:17
jmlhow bout I just sit quiet for a bit then? :)09:17
bigjoolsverify_acl() does the upload checks09:17
al-maisanbigjools: that's a great pointer!09:18
bigjoolsjml: you need to know which pocket it's being uploaded to as well, you have a suite somewhere IIRC?09:18
* jml looks09:18
jmlbigjools, yep.09:18
BjornT_jml: you can also look at BugNomination.canApprove(), which does similar check (except that it doesn't check for packagesets yet)09:19
bigjoolsjml: ok so you need to look up the SPPH for that package/pocket09:19
bigjoolsBjornT_: you need to fix that for karmic :)09:19
jmlthat's the test I'm halfway through writing.09:19
bigjoolsjml: distroseries.getPublishedReleases() does that lookup09:20
BjornT_bigjools: how about finally adding a method that gives you a yes/no answer? ;) this is at least the second time we implement these checks.09:20
bigjoolsBjornT_: it's not possible09:20
BjornT_bigjools: that is, second time outside of soyus09:20
jmlbigjools, and once I get the SPPH09:21
BjornT_bigjools: why not. how can i and jml get a a yes/no answer if it's not possible?09:21
bigjoolsthere are three different things to check depending on what data you have09:21
bigjoolsand which distroseries it is09:21
bigjools(after karmic)09:21
bigjoolsjml: once you get the spph, you can get spph.component, and pass it to canUpload()09:22
jmlbigjools, how will I know which element from getPublishedReleases to use?09:22
BjornT_bigjools: both jml (i think at least) and i have an ISourcePackage. i.e., we have a source package in a distro series. all information can be derived from that, can't it?09:22
BjornT_bigjools: if not, then i'm doing something wrong09:23
jmlBjornT_, I do have an ISourcePackage.09:23
bigjoolsBjornT_: you need the pocket as well, but after that yes, we could factor it somewhere09:23
BjornT_bigjools: how do i know the pocket?09:23
bigjoolsBjornT_: it depends on where the package is being uploaded to09:24
bigjoolsand is data that you need to supply09:24
BjornT_bigjools: can the same ISourcePackage be uploaded to multiple pockets?09:24
bigjoolsit can exist in multiple pockets09:25
bigjoolsit can start in say, security, and be copied to updates09:25
bigjoolswgrant, can you think of an example where something would have a different component in a different pocket?09:25
BjornT_bigjools: so in what way should i fix BugNomination.canApprove()? it doesn't use pockets at all09:25
bigjoolsBjornT_: let me check your code09:25
wgrantbigjools: It might have been done once, but I don't remember. It was certainly discussed with the archive admins, who talked to one of you guys, who confirmed it was possible with SQL, IIRC. I don't remember if it was actually done.09:26
jmlI see you use latest_published_component09:26
al-maisanNascentUpload.verify_acl() does not seem to use pockets either ..09:26
jmlBjornT_, ^09:26
wgrantBut that's such a strange case it's not worth caring about for this, I don't think.09:27
bigjoolssource_package.latest_published_component is perfect09:27
bigjoolsal-maisan: not in that specific place, because it already looked them up09:27
bigjoolsal-maisan: see getSourceAncestry()09:27
BjornT_jml: yes. that's why i'd like a method that accepts an ISourcePackage that does the check for me!09:27
* al-maisan looks09:28
jmlBjornT_, I'm inclined to agree.09:28
bigjoolsBjornT_, jml: yes, I can add something to do that09:28
jmlBut I'd like to get to the end of bigjools's explanation :)09:28
jmlbigjools, well, I'm happy to do so, since I'm working on this problem now.09:28
bigjoolsjml: awesome09:28
jmlcheck_permission(ISourcePackage, 'launchpad.Edit'), I assume.09:29
bigjoolsjml: no, IArchive.<something>09:29
bigjoolslet me think a but09:29
bigjoolsbecause we are trying to fix the security adapter, it won't work for lp.Append on IArchive right now09:29
bigjoolsjml: you could change canUpload() so it takes an optional ISourcePackage09:32
jmlbigjools, AIUI, BjornT_ & I are just going to derive the IArchive instance from the ISourcePackage anyway09:33
bigjoolsjml: I think that's a bad idea09:33
bigjoolsit's tying everything into a single archive09:34
jmlbigjools, I don't see how we can avoid that.09:35
BjornT_bigjools: i don't see how we could get the right archive, though. all we have is a distribution/distroseries and a source package name09:35
jmlBjornT_, in my case, I also have a pocket.09:35
jmland a pocketful of broken dreams09:35
jmlbut I don't plan on using them.09:35
bigjoolsjml, BjornT_: you have to decide which archive you're uploading to, simple fact.  In most cases it's IDistribution.main_archive09:35
bigjoolsbut there's no way that should go in the security adapter09:36
bigjoolshard-coded I mean09:36
wgrantSomething like latest_published_archive seems to make sense.09:36
wgrantWhich will be either primary or partner.09:36
bigjoolsI don't think it does09:37
jmlbigjools, ok. so how about this:09:37
wgrantHow is it significantly different from latest_published_component?09:37
jmlbigjools, I add a method / function / whatever,09:37
jmlbigjools, it takes an ISourcePackage, an IPerson and an optional IArchive09:37
jmlif IArchive is None, it gets it from source_package.distribution.main_archive or whatever is a sane default.09:38
jmlthen it does the black handwavey magic that I'm slowly beginning to understand09:38
jmlbigjools, because, in the design of Bugs and Code, there's absolutely know way of knowing the archive beyond that.09:39
jmlno way.09:39
* jml was correcting spelling, rather than adding emphasis09:39
jmlbasically all I've got to work with is the stuff in this string: 'lp:ubuntu/karmic-backports/openssh'09:40
bigjoolsat some point, you're going to have source package branches and bugs linked to PPAs09:40
bigjoolsyou don't right now, so assuming main_archive is fine09:40
lifelessI'd say the per team package branch would map to that team/persons PPA09:41
bigjoolsbut don't hack that into soyuz code *please*09:41
lifelesse.g. my subunit branches09:41
bigjoolsyes, either way there's an archive involved09:41
jmlbigjools, I was thinking a method on ISourcePackage, actually. that leaves the assumption at quite a high level, and in exactly one place.09:42
bigjoolswgrant: latest_published_component works because packages are not generally in more than one distro archive at once09:42
BjornT_bigjools: it feels like there should be some object representing a package in a PPA (or rather, a package in a specific archive), no?09:42
wgrantbigjools: More than one distro component, you mean?09:42
bigjoolsno, archive09:42
jmlBjornT_, that sounds right to me.09:43
jml(or at least a good question)09:43
al-maisanfor anything that starts with 'lp:ubuntu/..' you'd take the corresponding main_archive; for anything that begins with 'lp:~user/..' you'd fall back to the respective PPA (how about users with multiple PPAs though?)09:43
bigjoolsBjornT_: that's called a publication09:43
wgrantbigjools: How's the archive presence relevant to latest_published_component?09:43
BjornT_bigjools: isn't that tied to a specific version of the package?09:43
bigjoolswgrant: because when you're looking for the publications, it needs an archive a well09:44
bigjoolsBjornT_: right09:44
wgrantbigjools: Oh, true.09:44
BjornT_bigjools: what i'm looking for is something like ISourcePackage, or maybe even IDistributionSourcePackage. maybe they should be extended to know which archive they belong to.09:45
al-maisanI should say for 'lp:<distro>/..' one should take the main_archive ..09:45
bigjoolsISourcePackage should really be named IDistroSeriesSourcePackage !09:46
bigjoolslet me think about it for a moment09:47
maxbHow do you properly clean a launchpad source tree, including linked sourcedeps?09:53
bigjoolsjml: ok I have a plan09:54
bigjoolsmaxb: make clean does all of that apart from removing the links09:54
bigjoolswhich I don't think anything does09:54
jmlbigjools, I'm all ears.09:55
bigjoolsjml: we need ISourcePackage.lastest_published which will return a publication09:55
bigjoolsthen you can do spph.component and spph.archive09:55
bigjoolswithout duplicating queries09:55
jmlwhat kind of object is a publication, an IPublication?09:56
bigjoolsjml: ISourcePackagePublishingHistory09:56
jmlI can see why you said 'publication' the first time :)09:56
wgrantAt least there isn't still a SecureSourcePackagePublishingHistory still in wide use, although it does seem to still exist :(09:57
bigjoolsjml: and reviewers always say to us "why are you using spph as a variable name?"09:57
bigjoolswgrant: yes, it needs ripping out09:57
bigjoolsI tried once, and ended up in a world of pain09:57
bigjoolsjml: does it make sense to you?09:58
jmlbigjools, ummm. let's go through this again from the top09:59
jmlbigjools, I get the latest_published09:59
jmlbigjools, then I ...?10:00
bigjoolscan I assume that you have an ISourcePackage already?10:00
wgrant(I'm glad DistroArchSeriesBinaryPackageRelease isn't spelt out in full)10:00
jmlbigjools, yes!10:00
jmlbigjools, branch.sourcepackage :)10:00
bigjoolsadd a new property to it, latest_published (trivial, just return self._getFirstPublishingHistory10:01
bigjoolsthen you have in your hands a component and an archive10:01
bigjoolsthis could be encapsulated inside IArchive.canUpload()10:02
bigjoolsif you pass it an ISourcePackage10:02
bigjoolsthe only thing canUpload doesn't check is packageset permissions, I think I need to ask al-maisan why he didn't change it to do that ...10:02
al-maisanbigjools: it does .. actually.10:03
* al-maisan checked the sources.10:03
bigjoolsit does?  great!10:03
bigjoolsal-maisan: but I can't see where10:04
al-maisanbigjools: what eventually gets called is IArchive.getPermissions() and that does the right thing.10:04
bigjoolsyes, I see it now10:05
bigjoolsjml: so that's it, are you comfortable with it?10:05
jmlbigjools, comfortable enough to start, I think.10:05
bigjoolsjml: oh actually you can't put it in canUpload10:06
bigjoolsbut it's still easy10:06
jmlI was thinking maybe having a canUploadTo on ISourcePackage or something10:06
jmlsomething will fall out anyway10:06
bigjoolsjml: canUploadToArchive would be good10:07
bigjoolsanyway I have a call now10:07
bigjoolscatcha later10:07
jmland maybe I can do something to stop the duplication between bugs & code here10:07
jmlbigjools, np. thanks for the help.10:07
bigjoolsjml: np - ping me again if you need more help10:07
jmlbigjools, will do10:08
jmlalthough I think I'm going to just jot down some notes from this conversation and then switch to working on my talk for tomorrow evening.10:08
jmlmrevell, hello!10:10
wgrantQuick visit.10:10
jmlHe's an efficient man.10:12
jmlanyway, I'm off home.10:13
bigjoolsjml: I can write you a summary10:13
jmlbigjools, you can if you'd like, but I think I'll be right from the logs.10:13
jmlbigjools, putting on the mailing list might help more people than just me though :)10:14
jmlI do have to leave though10:15
jmlal-maisan, bigjools, BjornT_: thanks for the help!10:15
al-maisanjml: my pleasure :)10:15
wgrantbigjools: So, I managed to get lots of Soyuz bits to cooperate today, but it all seems a bit manual and I'm not sure if I've done anything terribly wrong. http://williamgrant.id.au/f/1/2009/soyuzness.html is my current setup.10:23
bigjoolswill check it out in a bit, on a call right now10:24
stubjtv: So I've realized that for us, a Storm cache where the size is bounded by the number of objects is not optimal. What we care about is the amount of RAM being used. I was thinking of making a generational cache subclass that bumps a generation whenever num_objects > n and process_ram_usage > r.10:26
jtvstub: very true.10:26
pkernwgrant: Hm cool.  I should've taken Ubuntu as an example rather than hacking it to name it Debian.  Anyway I had something like "Unable to find distroseries: lenny" albeit I created that below /debian/.  I thought that UploadPolicies are not properly set up, did you find that wired somewhere?10:26
wgrantpkern: I used a PPA rather than try to convince primary to publish.10:27
stubjtv: Unless there is someway of keeping count of the size of individual objects, but process size may still be better for our needs.10:27
pkernwgrant: I also tried PPA.10:27
wgrantAlthough I was able to get Ubuntu primary to publish without --careful, I don't trust that.10:27
wgrantpkern: I should try a Debian PPA at some point.10:28
jtvstub: object size is horrendous in any case, except where __slots__ are used.10:28
bigjoolsstub: did you see the cache change results I posted to that bug?10:28
stubbigjools: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~stub/launchpad/update-storm/+merge/913010:29
bigjoolswgrant: we only use --careful when we want to re-publish everything.  it's quite devastating10:29
pkern"Must omit the trailing 'ubuntu', this time. "  I love hardcoded stuff. ;-)10:29
wgrantbigjools: Right, but I did want to republish everything, as the on-disk archive was empty.10:30
bigjoolsstub: (apologies if you replied I've not read my email yet)10:30
wgrantbigjools: But the librarian files aren't there, so it crashes.10:30
bigjoolswgrant: yes, in the first instance it's what you need10:30
wgrantbigjools: Even once I supersede/delete all of the pulibcations.10:30
bigjoolsoh fucking firefox you piece of shit10:30
wgrantpkern: I think it probably just uses the distro name, rather than hardcoding it.10:30
wgrantbigjools: Firefox killed my laptop a couple of minutes after you complained about it earlier.10:30
gmbMoin + Firefox locked up X completely the other day.10:31
* gmb joins in the two-minute hate10:31
wgrantThat hasn't happened to me in a month or so (this is Karmic).10:31
bigjoolswgrant: yes and mine just restarted without my 10 tabs I wanted saved >:(10:31
wgrantbigjools: Ahaha.10:31
pkernwgrant: It's at least hardcoded in activate-ppa by retrieving only ubuntu through ILaunchpadCelebrities.  And I was delighted that debian is available there, too. :-P10:31
bigjoolsare you going to work on debianb ppas?10:32
wgrantpkern: Right, but you should be able to easily change an Ubuntu PPA into a Debian PPA.10:32
wgrantI'll try that after dinner.10:32
pkernThat's true.10:32
wgrant(just IArchive.distribution needs touching, AFAICT)10:33
noodles775wgrant: if it's easier for you, you can also do a lot of that setup on your link using `make harness`10:34
wgrantpkern: Oh, probably archivearch and archivedependency will need touching too.10:34
wgrantnoodles775: True.10:35
wgrantBut it wouldn't make it much shorter, AFAICT.10:35
noodles775no, not shorter, but easier to reproduce after the database is reset.10:36
stubbigjools: I use the sessionsaver plugin which, so far, has never lost my previous session on a crash.10:37
wgrantFirefox 3.5 seems to be better about recovering.10:38
pkernI like that you need to quit Banshee to do make run :-P10:40
=== henninge_ is now known as henninge
jtvhi henninge!10:46
gmbpkern: If you turn off the local music sharing options in banshee it stops hogging the port that Launchpad wants.10:46
henningeHey jtv!10:46
gmbpkern: Took a while to figure that one out...10:47
mgdmwhat port is that?10:49
gmbmgdm: I can't remember offhand... It's whichever port you get an "already in use" message about when you try to make run with Banshee running.10:51
pkern80 something10:56
bigjoolswgrant: "Builds will only be dispatched for archives with published sources" - not quite right, that only happens if the PPA is private.10:59
bigjoolswgrant: did you get a local buildd working then?10:59
wgrantbigjools: Ahh. Why is that? It won't have a .htaccess otherwise?11:00
wgrantbigjools: I did.11:00
wgrantIt was pretty easy.11:00
bigjoolsvery cool, I've never tried11:00
bigjoolsbecause the buildd gets sources from the librarian normally, but we don't do that for private builds11:00
wgrantI see.11:01
bigjoolsthey need to stay sekrit11:01
pkernprivate builds ):11:01
wgrantpkern: Why ):?11:02
pkernbigjools: Why weren't you able to just tell the librarian that it should give out that files local-only?11:02
pkernAnd where are oopses stored btw...11:02
bigjoolspkern: there are two librarians11:03
bigjoolsbecause they don't have any access control11:03
bigjoolsso one is restricted in the DC11:03
bigjoolsthe buildds can't see it, otherwise other builds could steal data11:03
pkernHm, point.11:04
deryckMorning, all.11:04
bigjoolsoopses are logged, check the config to find out where11:04
pkernWell, you could sort out access for the outside fetching things only and limit connectivity for the build itself.11:04
bigjoolsI don't remember offhand11:04
noodles775Hi deryck !11:04
pkernbigjools: wgrant is right (:11:04
pkernApart from s/lp-err/lperr/ but well.11:05
wgrantI think I found a hole.11:05
* wgrant pokes around a bit more.11:05
* pkern giggles.11:05
wgrantI'd wondered about how this stuff worked for some time, as it could easily be vulnerable. But looking at it now seems to confirm it.11:06
* wgrant tries, then files a bug.11:06
al-maisanhmm .. such "discoveries" were to be expected ..11:08
wgrantI meant to look for this particular one earlier.11:08
bigjoolswgrant: PM me the bug # when you're done please11:09
stubjtv: Hmm.... the problem is that for Launchpad I would need to bump a generation when ram usage *for the thread* got too high, and for a generic storm cache when the ram usage by the cache got too high. Otherwise we risk a large object sitting in an idle cache causing other caches to thrash.11:13
stubjtv: Unless we share the storage for all of these cache instances, so they have one big cache rather than individual ones.11:14
stubjtv: Or perhaps maintain a list of all of the caches, and bump all of them with num_objects > threshold when the ram limit is exceeded.11:15
stubI think that would work11:17
jtvstub: (sorry, on call)11:17
jtvstub: you could have a shared policy on what would make a nice cache size under current memory pressure.11:38
stubjtv: But we don't know how many objects would be nice because the memory footprint of each object can be very different.11:39
stubjtv: Or do you mean bumping the desired object counts up and down until RAM usage is within bounds?11:40
jtvstub: will that matter so much if we tune it dynamically anyway?  Too much memory pressure -> fewer objects please.11:40
jtvIt'll victimise stores with lots of small objects, true, but how much would that hurt performance?11:40
bigjoolsstub: the issue with the cache that you're waiting for an RC on is mentioned on the CRB page, it would be great if you could manage that :)11:41
stubI'm don't see how that is better than just bumping the caches when the memory limit is reached.11:41
stubbigjools: I probably won't be here, so someone will need to land it for me once it is rc'd.11:42
bigjoolsstub: ok, I can do that11:42
stubbigjools: kiko has an email in addition to the mp request.11:43
bigjoolsyeah I saw11:43
bigjoolsflacoste can give RCs too11:43
stubflacoste is on leave I believe11:44
bigjoolsah yes11:44
bigjoolskiko it is11:44
* gmb just punched himself in the face with a mug full of tea.11:47
allenapgmb: Edwin's bug: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/40174811:50
ubot3Malone bug 401748 in launchpad-registry "Cannot create new project in IE8" [High,In progress]11:50
gmballenap: Ta#11:51
bigjoolsis that bug on the CRB page?11:56
bigjoolsI seem to be the only person updating it11:56
wgrantbigjools: There's a CRB on dev.launchpad.net now too.11:57
bigjoolsonly just added11:57
bigjoolswithout migrating the old page :/11:57
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henningejtv: ping13:52
jtvhenninge: ?13:52
henningejtv: Looking at the pofiles in the queue I see that most of the files are probably still in there because the lang code cannot be determined.13:53
jtvhenninge: hang on, I'm coming.  Just the po files for projects?13:54
henningejtv: yes13:54
henningejtv: almost 40013:54
henningejtv: There is a lot like domain-ll.po13:54
jtvah yes13:54
henningejtv: I think that they should be deleted from the queue and the uploaders informed about how to name the files.13:55
=== noodles-afk is now known as noodles
jtvhenninge: instead of deleting, we could just let them sit there for now and email the uploaders to say there's a faster way.13:56
henningejtv: but even then the po files need to be named properly to be automatically approved.13:58
jtvhenninge: yes, they'd upload new files and discover that it was much faster.13:58
jtvhenninge: once they've done that, we can delete the old uploads.  This is not a part of the queue we should watch daily anyway, so that gives them time to play.13:59
henningejtv: oh, I thought "faster way" was bzr uploads ...14:00
henningejtv: yeah, we should do that14:00
jtvhenninge: in this case, it's fixing the PO names.  They'll have to do that either way.14:00
noodlessinzui: have you started a page about updating the new 3.0 templates? If not I can take a look at your branch to get some ideas.14:02
sinzuiI am writing it today14:02
* mars gives up on reading the channel backlog14:03
sinzuinoodles: The work is easy, but there are heading conflicts that may require us to edit every page twice...making the progress report bogus14:03
henningejtv: what I meant.14:03
jtvhenninge: we're in violent agreement.  Would you like me to write a canned response and put it up on the wiki?14:03
noodlessinzui: OK. Let me know if I can take a sneak preview ;)14:04
jtvMaybe I'll start a new subpage, "approval issues."14:04
henningejtv: please do, I'll send them out, then.14:04
jtvhenninge: I mean, auto-approval issues.14:04
henningejtv: or how busy are you?14:04
jtvhenninge: not very.  Need help?14:05
henningejtv: no, no, just wanted to put something else on you.14:05
jtvhenninge: go ahead.14:05
henningejtv: I'll move to my office soon, so this is cool14:05
henningejtv: oh, sorry.14:06
jtvhenninge: I don't think I follow14:06
henningejtv: no, no, just *did* *not* want to put something else on you.14:06
jtvahhhh :)14:06
henningejtv: ^ what I meant to write14:06
jtvNo worries, CHR is *incredibly* quiet.  I think everyone decided to look up their questions in the source first.  Or maybe our entire user base is just stuck downloading/browsing the code for the heck of it.14:07
henningejtv: ok, I'll relocate now.14:07
noodlessinzui: I'm just fiddling with a main-only layout, and noticed that style-3-0 is quite specific when applying styles to elements that have been reset (via the yui reset). For example14:24
noodlessinzui: rather than setting any th element as bold, only those within form table tbody are set to bold...14:25
sinzuinoodles: I think there is a comment that we wanted to restore some of the settings from style.css14:25
sinzuinoodles: reset is complete, there is no style. So strong way was never bold,14:26
sinzuinoodles: I expect the style sheet will get a lot of changes as we get more pages using them14:27
noodlessinzui: yes, but I'm just confused why style-3-0 would specifically set 'form table tbody th' to font-weight:bold rather than just th.14:27
noodlesAh, ok.14:27
noodlesI'll do some modifications and than perhaps later chat with you on the diff (after reading your doc of course :) ).14:27
sinzuinoodles: Some ths are not bold on launchpad, so I set a rule that matches how we currently use th bold14:28
noodlesI see.14:28
jtvpqm still failing?  :-(14:28
sinzuinoodles: we have only two page designs, only one in html, There is a tremendous about of css we will discover14:28
sinzuijtv. yes, I cannot restart buildbot. I am hoping for gary to come by14:29
sinzuibarry, bac, Edwin, salgado: standup in 2 minutes14:36
barryUrsinha: ping.  in the registry test plan you mentioned you filed bug 401887, but that doesn't seem to be the right bug number14:43
ubot3Malone bug 401887 in launchpad "offer "make announcement" on +announcements" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40188714:44
Ursinhabarry, argh, paste fail14:48
EdwinGrubbssinzui: can you call again, skype wouldn't ring, but I know the rest of the audio works.14:48
Ursinhabarry, bug 40273614:49
ubot3Malone bug 402736 in lazr-js "Buttons seem not hooked up to js in IE8" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40273614:49
UrsinhaI'll fix in the testplan14:49
Ursinhabarry, done14:50
maxbDoes anyone else find themselves routinely running make SHHH= ....14:51
barryUrsinha: thanks!14:52
marsmaxb, not personally.  When there are startup errors the extra noise is a welcome debugging aide. :)14:52
Ursinhabarry, sorry for the mess14:52
marsmaxb, say, for example, when you accidentally run two instances side-by-side14:53
maxbmars: that's the point -  SHHH=(empty string here) turns off the output suppression14:53
barryUrsinha: no worries14:53
marsmaxb, ah, my mistake14:53
maxbnp, i could have been a lot less terse :-)14:54
barryUrsinha: though i do not think we need to release critical this bug.  sinzui says that we don't support ie8 officially yet14:54
maxbWell that was comparatively painless14:55
marsallenap, ping re: the pages you moved to the dev wiki14:55
* maxb has a launchpad webapp running...... on karmic14:55
allenapmars: Yeah14:55
marsmaxb, using which Python?14:55
marsbarry, ^14:55
marsit *is* possible :)14:55
bigjoolsheh, but I bet he hasn't run the test suite :)14:56
Ursinhabarry, no problem then, if we don't support officially14:56
maxbwell, no, baby steps...14:56
sinzuibarry: Ursinha: AN RC is needed if there is broken JS that prevents a user from completing a task. We do not care if the task can be completed via AJAX or HTML.14:56
barryfolks.  every week we have two meetings for launchpad code reviewers.  the meetings have always been public.  reviewers are required to attend, but anybody else is also welcome to lurk.  the america/euro version starts in 2 minutes in #launchpad-meeting14:58
noodlessinzui: A quick question - on the following url, there is a table used to layout "Repository disk usage, Build dependencies" etc.15:00
barryreviewers -> #launchpad-meeting15:00
noodlessinzui: is that the kind of thing that we want to use a dl for instead, or will we stick with a table for the moment?15:00
sinzuinoodles: yes, that is a good example15:01
Knut-HBhello together, i have a question/problem concerning the local installation of launchpad. After going through the step-by-step-solution (every seemed to go correct) and when  i then run "make schema && make run" in ~/launchpad/lp-branches/devel/ and when i enter "launchpad.dev" in firefox i get a 503. is there a quick solution for this?15:01
marsKnut-HB, well, first lets look for a quick diagnosis :)15:03
sinzuinoodles: That layout may change. The onecolumn layout used that style, but you can see the project information has a new layout in https://devpad.canonical.com/~curtis/LP_projectdetail.png15:03
* noodles looks15:03
allenapmars: re-pong :)15:03
noodlessinzui: yes, that looks lovely :), it would be great to get something similar for the archive index.15:04
marsallenap, ah, just wondering if you also moved the wiki pages over? and if so, was it easy to find a place to link them from?15:04
salgadoallenap, is it just me or are the edit icons for inline editing of bug status/importance misbehaving (i.e. only showing up when I hover the mouse over them)?15:04
wgrantsalgado: That happens to me sometimes too.15:05
wgrantAnd they sometimes take several seconds to disappear.15:05
marsKnut-HB, could you kill the server and paste the output of 'make run'?  I want to be sure that the server is in fact up15:05
salgadowgrant, is there a bug about that?15:05
allenapmars: Yeah, I moved them over to Bugs/ExternalBugTrackers/Mantis and the other to Bugs/Spec/FormattingBugNotifications15:05
wgrantsalgado: There are a few bugs about that sort of thing, but nothing about that particular issue.15:06
allenapmars: I also added most of the intermediate pages. They're looking a bit sparse, but they're there.15:06
wgrantThings were changing, so I didn't file one.15:06
allenapsalgado: Not just you. I think that's a feature. intellectronica?15:06
noodlesKnut-HB: when you run make run, watch the output and verify you see "[-] daemon ready!"15:06
intellectronicasalgado: that's a feature15:08
salgadowgrant, if I leave the mouse pointer over the place where the link should be, it keeps showing up and disappearing in an infinite loop.  does that happen to you too?15:08
salgadointellectronica, but not that (^), I hope?15:08
salgadointellectronica, that happens after the first time the icon shows up and I move the mouse pointer away from it15:09
jtvsinzui: if gary is at oscon, that doesn't bode well for your pqm restart.  :/15:09
intellectronicasalgado: no, that sounds pretty bad. let me see if i can reproduce15:09
wgrantsalgado: That doesn't, but for the first load on each page it takes one Launchpad-long-time to appear, and another to disappear.15:09
wgrantIt seems to make a request each time.15:09
salgadointellectronica, when I move the mouse pointer back to it and leave it there for around two secs, it goes into that loop15:10
sinzuijtv: I am prepared to issue a release-critical empty branch to make buildbot work. I will ask for forgiveness after I see staging updated15:10
intellectronicasalgado: is that locally or on edge?15:10
salgadointellectronica, edge15:10
jtvsinzui: non-empty branches sure aren't working...15:11
salgadointellectronica, it happens only when the pointer is above the place where the icon should be.  if the pointer is above the text, it doesn't happen15:12
intellectronicasalgado: there's a fix that didn't make it to the nightly because of an unrelated failure. could you please try to reproduce locally?15:12
sinzuijtv: right, I will make a white space change to one of our ugly page templates15:12
salgadointellectronica, sure15:12
intellectronicasalgado: thanks15:12
jtvsinzui: so what's breaking it that a branch like that would succeed whereas mine fails?15:12
sinzuijtv. I do not know. I will find out now15:13
jtvsinzui: good luck!15:13
salgadointellectronica, it happens on lp.dev too15:14
salgado(and I just did a rocketfuel-get)15:14
intellectronicasalgado: :( can you please file a bug and assign to me?15:16
intellectronicasalgado: what browser are you using, b.t.w?15:17
salgado_<salgado> intellectronica, it happens on lp.dev too15:20
salgado_<salgado> (and I just did a rocketfuel-get)15:20
=== salgado_ is now known as salgado
marshi everyone, need some help debugging a sourcecode dependencies build problem15:29
marsin a new setup15:29
marsHere's the 'make schema' output showing the error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224383/15:29
marsand the sourcecode/ directory has links in it15:29
marsBTW, this is in devel/15:30
marswgrant, around?15:31
wgrantpkern: I just successfully uploaded things to both Debian primary and PPA here, and can even access the PPA in the web UI along with Ubuntu ones with a few lines of changes. It just took a bit of lucilleconfigging.15:32
wgrantmars: Yes.15:32
wgrantAn odd error.15:33
marswgrant, just wondering if you saw anyone with problems running link-external-sourcecode in devel/15:33
wgrantIs that from your machine?15:33
marswgrant, this is Knut-HB's new setup15:33
wgrantI saw somebody complaining of the same thing earlier, IIRC.15:33
marsKnut-HB, do you have any contents in devel/bin/ ?  Could you paste them please?15:34
marsthat way I know what has and has not been generated by the buildout scripts15:34
wgrantdownload-cache should live in ~/launchpad/lp-sourcedeps, shouldn't it?15:34
Knut-HBmars: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224397/15:36
marswgrant, yes15:37
marsKnut-HB, and devel/download-cache is a valid link?15:37
Knut-HBwhen i open "devel/download-cache" i see another folder named "dist". is that correct?15:39
marsKnut-HB, btw, you may want to restart apache.  Launchpad will not do that for you15:39
marsKnut-HB, it is.  does dist/ contain a number of .tar.gz files?15:39
intellectronicasalgado: sorry, you may have missed my reply when you disconnected. i asked if you could file a bug with instructions on how to reproduce and assign to me15:40
intellectronicai still can't seem to reproduce this locally15:40
salgadointellectronica, will do15:40
intellectronicasalgado: cool, thanks15:40
Knut-HBmars, after doing a "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start" the apache restarted and inside the "dist"-folder are 178 files, a lot are tar.gz15:40
salgado(I missed your reply indeed)15:40
marsKnut-HB, good!15:41
Ursinhasinzui, barry, question: why in item r8865 needstesting in your testplan it doesn't have the Konqueror items to test?15:41
marsKnut-HB, please try "cd devel/", 'make', then 'make schema'15:41
sinzuiUrsinha: I do not know the answer to that one. I did not it. I removed the Konqueror 3 since it is not supported.15:41
pkernwgrant: wow15:42
Knut-HBafter "make" i get several errors, pastebin?15:42
sinzuiUrsinha: I did note that Konqueror 4 was missing, but did not consider to ask why15:42
Ursinhasinzui, I'm adding by default konqueror 3 browser as C graded, because of people using LTS version of Kubuntu (mars can correct me if I'm wrong)15:42
Ursinhasinzui, that was removed by hand, since the script is adding all of them automagically when detecting the js tag15:43
sinzuiUrsinha: The test will always fail, We are not fixing them15:43
wgrantpkern: Have you had luck, or do you want some pointing in the right direction, or do you have significantly better things to do with your time?15:43
sinzuiUrsinha: Do not make k3 take an AJAX test it has no chance of passing. It should only use html15:44
Knut-HBmars: this is what i get after "make": http://paste.ubuntu.com/224401/15:44
Ursinhasinzui, do we have to guarantee that it will work as disabled? I assumed so15:44
marsKnut-HB, ok, hmm15:46
marsthat is frustrating15:47
marsthe directory is there, and it is valid15:47
sinzuiUrsinha: The HTML must work, and that is what need to be tested. AJAX is for A grade browsers only. The K3 tests should verify that the operation still works in HTML (bug subscribe via HTML was lost for a while, so that is a good example of a FAIL that had to be fixed)15:47
marsKnut-HB, does the directory `/home/test/launchpad/lp-sourcedeps/sourcecode/cscvs' exist?15:47
Knut-HBmars, checking15:47
marsKnut-HB, perhaps the sourcecode download broke during transfer15:48
marsthat has happened to other people15:48
Ursinhasinzui, right, they're being added to the testplans to test not just the ajax, but if the feature is still functional even without js15:48
bigjoolsKnut-HB: is your devel branch up to date?15:48
Knut-HBi was at the laptop all the time watching the progress and the download didn't break or something like that15:48
bigjools"bzr pull" it15:48
Knut-HBbigjools: downloaded just yesterday15:48
bigjoolspull again please15:49
wgrantWhat about running rocketfuel-get?15:49
bigjoolsthere was a fix that went in late15:49
Knut-HBok, first the checking15:49
marswgrant, yep, that's next :)15:49
wgrantThat will update everything and make sure they're checked out properly.15:49
bigjoolsdon't run fg-get yet15:49
sinzuiUrsinha: then I was mistaken in the intent of the inline edit test15:49
bigjoolsrf-get even15:49
wgrantAlthough it won't fix the 2a issue.15:49
Ursinhasinzui, at least I thought that the js testing was about making ajax work and not breaking if it doesn't15:50
bigjoolsKnut-HB: when bzr pull finishes, run utilities/rocketfuel-get15:50
Knut-HBmars: check, folder is there with contents15:50
Ursinhamars, am I understanding that wrong?15:50
marsUrsinha, reading back15:50
Knut-HBbigjools: where do i have to pull? inside the folder "launchpad"?15:50
bigjoolsKnut-HB: insde the devel dir15:51
bigjoolsthat is the trunk branch15:51
Knut-HBok, pulling15:51
bigjoolsthere was an important fix to rocketfuel-get done late yesterday15:51
Knut-HBah ok15:51
marssinzui, Ursinha, what are the K3 tests written in?15:51
sinzuimars: this is the test plan, not automated testing15:52
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
salgadointellectronica, bug 40306615:52
ubot3Malone bug 403066 in malone "Icons to edit a bug's status/importance come and go in an infinite loop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40306615:52
Knut-HBbigjools: ok, pulled, what next? rocketfuel-get?15:52
marssinzui, ah, see, that is why I asked :)15:52
bigjoolsKnut-HB: yep15:52
intellectronicasalgado: thanks15:52
bigjoolsKnut-HB: utilities/rocketfuel-get15:53
Knut-HBok, working15:53
bigjoolsit will take a while15:53
marssinzui, Ursinha, the K3 tests in the test plan should ensure that the functionality is still accessible as HTML in the K3 browser.15:53
intellectronicasalgado: whoa, finally realised how to reproduce15:53
sinzuiherb: buildbot appears to be dead I cannot make it restart. I know this is unlikely. but do you know how to kick buildbot?15:53
intellectronicathis can be very bad for epileptic users15:53
Knut-HBbigjools: ok, i'll tell you when it's finished15:53
salgadointellectronica, lol15:54
bigjoolsok thanks15:54
marssinzui, Ursinha, that is what defines "C" Grade: we explicitly test that the site still works on a known problematic platform.15:54
herbsinzui: I can certainly try15:54
Ursinhamars, so I got that right :)15:54
marssinzui, Ursinha, versus "X" Grade, where we don't test, we just assume it's ok.15:54
marsUrsinha, yep.  The K3 test should check that the AJAX is disabled, and that users can still use the site.15:55
sinzuimthaddon: herb: buildbot appears to be dead I cannot make it restart. I know this is unlikely. but do you know how to kick buildbot?15:59
marssinzui, herb said he would try15:59
* sinzui is still frazzled from yesterday15:59
marssinzui, it was buried in the last flurry of messages addressed to you :)16:00
marssinzui, frazzled, but fun, no? :)16:00
marssorry, should make that more Canadian...16:00
marssinzui, frazzled, but fun, eh? :)16:01
sinzuiNo. My day sucked because I have a ton of work to complete and too many interruptions to work on it. I really do not want to release code today since I cannot see that any of our landing fixed bugs16:02
Knut-HBbigjools, ok, finished16:03
Knut-HBbigjools, what now?16:03
bigjoolsKnut-HB: any errors?16:04
marssinzui, is there any way I could help?  QA perhaps?16:05
Knut-HBbigjools, can't find any16:05
bigjoolsKnut-HB: ok that's good - try "make schema" now16:05
sinzuimars: you cannot QA because the code never arrived in staging because buildbot had a heart attack16:05
Knut-HBbigjools, same errors again =/16:06
herbsinzui: The buildmaster appears to have (re)started correctly.16:07
bigjoolscan you run rocketfuel-setup again16:07
marssinzui, ah, sorry to hear that.  You enjoy lean: this is something that should go in the "unnecessary waste" category.16:07
sinzuiherb: \o/16:08
sinzuiI can deliver beer to your house later this evening16:08
sinzuimars: I suppose my frustration is really these moment I feel powerless to fix something16:09
marssinzui, I've been building a list of problem areas in the dev process, and the building and landing processes are definitely in the running for "biggest problem right now"16:09
marssinzui, if the system was perfect, you wouldn't have to fix anything :)16:10
sinzuimars: but where would I get my karma from then?16:12
marssinzui, you'll never catch flacoste, give up :)16:12
sinzuimars: I can catch flacoste in 1 week. I choose not to use blueprints until they rock16:13
marswell, if you fix blueprints, you will close so many bugs that yes, you will be in first place :)16:13
sinzuibac: should we have our call?16:16
marsbigjools, do you think a series of environment checks before lp startup would help with diagnosis?  make start-check16:17
bigjoolsmars: not a bad idea, but I'd make it a separate target, "make diagnose" or something like that so we can ask for it to be run16:18
marsbigjools, ah, that is a good name :)16:18
Knut-HBbigjools, ok, rocketfuel-setup has finished, what next? make schema?16:18
bacsinzui: yes16:18
bigjoolsKnut-HB: if there were no errors, yes16:19
arabigjools, I got an error of "Package `launchpad-developer-dependencies' is not installed and no info is available." is it only available in jaunty? (I am running karmic)16:19
Knut-HBwhile doing "rocketfuel-setup" i couldn't find any errors but when doing "make schema" i get the usual errors =/16:19
bigjoolsokay, I think rf-setup is confused16:20
bigjoolslet me check something16:20
maxbara: Yeah, us karmic users need to be trailblazers right now :-/16:20
aramaxb, ok, thanks16:20
bigjoolsara: yes, jaunty only, LP doesn't yet work in karmic16:20
bigjoolsor you can use hardy16:21
araonly *.04 releases? :P16:21
marsthat's the last LTS release, and what we deploy on16:21
bigjoolssupported platforms :)16:21
sinzuibac: https://edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+milestone/2.2.716:22
bigjoolsKnut-HB: what is in lp-sourcedeps/download-cache/dist/ ?16:22
marsKnut-HB, what happens if you run 'make download-cache' in devel/ ?16:24
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
Knut-HBmars, i'll do it next16:24
Knut-HBbigjools, http://paste.ubuntu.com/224424/ this is inside the folder16:26
Knut-HBmars, "make: `download-cache' is up to date.16:26
bigjoolsKnut-HB: in devel, do you have a symlink "download-cache" ?16:26
pkernwgrant: I'm currently at Debconf and people want me to move Debian autobuilding to a new host and discussing stuff with people.  That's the main reason I get distracted at the moment, so I appreciate the pointers and will look at it later today. \-:16:27
Knut-HBbigjools, yes16:27
bigjoolsKnut-HB: at it points to the ../../lp-sourcedeps/download-cache ?16:27
Knut-HBbigjools, yes it does16:28
bigjoolsKnut-HB: does devel have a sourcecode dir?16:29
bigjoolsfull of symlinks?16:29
Knut-HBbigjools, i'll check that, just have to check something in16:29
Knut-HBbigjools, yes, 27 symlinks and one makefile16:31
bigjoolsKnut-HB: ok, if you type "make build" now, in devel, what happens?16:31
marsbigjools, drilling down the Makefile target chain? :)16:32
Knut-HBbigjools, http://paste.ubuntu.com/224430/16:33
bigjoolsmars: trying different things :)16:33
marsKnut-HB, how about 'make compile' ?16:33
bigjoolsKnut-HB: this is bizarre16:34
marsI suspect it will throw the same error16:34
Knut-HBbigjools, you won't believe me: the same errors :P16:34
Knut-HBmars, you just won 1000 points!16:34
marsok, lets keep drilling then16:35
bigjoolsKnut-HB: rm download-cache and rm sourcecode/* then run "utilities/link-external-sourcecode ../../lp-sourcedeps"16:35
Knut-HBok wait16:35
marsthere should really be a GNU Make option that gets it to spit out the targets....16:36
Knut-HBbigjools, you want to see the output?16:36
bigjoolsKnut-HB: no16:36
bigjoolsif it's done, try make build16:36
Knut-HBwow Oo one part of three errors less :D16:37
Knut-HB"No rule to make target `build'. Stop."16:37
bigjoolsok just "make"16:37
Knut-HB<Knut-HB> "No rule to make target `build'. Stop."16:38
marsbigjools, we need a 'make distclean' target :/16:38
bigjoolsKnut-HB: ok try "python2.4 bootstrap.py"16:38
bigjoolsmars: what would that do over make clean?16:38
marsbigjools, 'make clean' cleans up the test env.  'make distclean' would kill eggs/, download-cache, apidoc, etc.16:39
bigjoolsapidoc is removed by make clean, but ISWYM16:39
Knut-HBbigjools, http://paste.ubuntu.com/224434/16:39
marsbigjools, 'make clean' means 'clean up everything from running'.  'make distclean' means 'remove everything that isn't in the source tree, so I can tarball it'16:40
bigjoolsKnut-HB: huh, I think we see your problem16:40
Knut-HBbigjools, really? :D16:40
bigjoolsbuildout can't get its dependencies16:41
marsbigjools, what Knut-HB said: really?16:41
bigjools"Link to http://pypi.python.org/simple/zc.buildout/ ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts16:41
bigjoolsI've not seen that before16:41
marsbigjools, that is expected - it is supposed to grab them from eggs/16:41
marsafk, biab16:41
mthaddonkiko: so are you release manager for today?16:42
marsbigjools, or from download-cache, I don't remember which exactly16:42
kikomthaddon, indeed I am, how are you?16:42
mthaddonkiko: depends on how things are looking for the release :)16:42
marsbigjools, Knut-HB, I think it is the 'bin/buildout' target that is failing16:43
barrylosa ping16:43
mthaddonbarry: hi16:43
marsor was failing, before download-cache got killed16:43
bigjoolsKnut-HB: what is in your devel/bin dir?16:44
marsKnut-HB, you can always try 'make -d foo' if you want more info about what make is deciding to do16:44
barrymthaddon: hi.  kfogel asked me to coordinate with you about regenerating the mailing list archives with his new style.  he's at oscon16:44
mthaddonbarry: ok16:45
barrymthaddon: cool.  let me make sure the wiki page with the instructions is updated16:45
Knut-HBbigjools, http://paste.ubuntu.com/224437/16:45
barrymthaddon: actually.  have we rolled out yet?  if not, i think we need to wait until that happens16:46
mthaddonbarry: rolling out 22:00 UTC16:46
bigjoolsKnut-HB: that looks ok16:47
barrymthaddon: cool.  then let's chat again in a few hours, or tomorrow morning.  in the meantime, i'll make sure the wiki has the right instructions16:47
bigjoolsKnut-HB: when you ran link-external-sourcecode, did it print a load of symlink info?16:47
mthaddonkiko: so are there any more expected items after what's currently in buildbot?16:48
bigjoolsI am totally baffled16:48
Knut-HBbigjools, me too :p16:49
bigjoolsKnut-HB: I only have one more suggestion.  Blow away your lp-sourcedeps, and run rocketfuel-get again16:50
Knut-HBbigjools, hm ok, i do as you say ;916:50
bigjoolssorry, it will download lots of stuff again :/16:50
Knut-HBah, 16 mbit/s connection ;)16:50
bigjoolswoo :)16:50
Knut-HBand it's not my system i'm working on anyway, it's a virtual system on a remote system accessed via ssh so... don't worry :D16:51
Knut-HBok, downloading16:53
kikomthaddon, so the rollout is at 2200 UTC?17:01
mthaddonkiko: yep17:01
Knut-HBbigjools, "Couldn't find lp:~launchpad-pqm/shipit/trunk/, skipping it." is a message i get after rocketfuel-get finished. what now?17:04
bigjoolsKnut-HB: do you get that for any others?17:04
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
bigjoolsif not, it's ok17:04
Knut-HBnow i don't think so17:05
bigjoolsno other errors from rf-get?17:05
Knut-HBno, couldn't see any17:05
bigjoolsrf-get does a "make" when it finishes17:05
bigjoolsso that's good17:05
bigjoolslet's see if make build works now!17:05
Knut-HBnow make build made some more stuff but quits with errors17:06
bigjools /o\17:06
Knut-HB"no rule to make target `build''"17:06
bigjoolsmake schema17:06
Knut-HB<Knut-HB> "no rule to make target `build''"17:07
bigjools"make" gives the same error I guess17:07
beunomthaddon, could you rename: https://edge.launchpad.net/research38917 to archive-behavior-research?17:07
Knut-HBwow, how did you know that? ;)17:07
bigjoolsI am psychic17:07
bigjoolslet's try make clean17:08
Knut-HBdid a lot of "rm -rf" stuff17:08
bigjoolsand make17:08
mthaddonbeuno: done17:08
beunomthaddon, you rock, Thanks.17:08
Knut-HBok, it's working longer now and so far no errors17:09
Knut-HBshhh.py is doing something17:09
mthaddonkiko: so are you expecting any more submissions before the rollout?17:09
Knut-HBbigjools, is that good?17:10
bigjoolsKnut-HB: are you back at the prompt?17:10
Knut-HBnot yet17:10
Knut-HBis that good too?17:10
bigjoolsyeah it takes a while17:10
bigjoolsit makes the api docs17:10
Knut-HBso chances are high it works when this step is finished?17:10
bigjoolslet's not go that far yet :)17:11
Knut-HBhmpf -.- ok :p17:11
kikomthaddon, would you be a love and give me a URL to buildbot as my bookmarks died?17:11
bigjoolsif it finishes ok, then you need "make schema"17:11
bigjoolskiko: buildbot.devpad.info17:11
mthaddonwhat he said :)17:11
Knut-HBbigjools, ok, after doing a long time some stuff in the background make finished with "*** No rule to make target `build'. Stop."17:15
Knut-HBmake schema?17:15
bigjoolsthat's not good17:15
bigjoolsyour makefile sounds screwed17:15
Knut-HBsounds not good17:16
bigjoolscan you find a build target in it?17:16
bigjoolsabout line 11417:16
Knut-HBwhere can i find the file?17:16
bigjoolstop of devel17:16
bigjoolsyour're in that directory already, right?17:16
Knut-HBline 114 says the following17:17
Knut-HB"build: $(BZR_VERSION_INFO) compile apidoc"17:18
bigjoolsok try make build, in the devel dir17:18
Knut-HBbigjools, "*** No rule to make target `build'. Stop."17:19
Knut-HBbigjools, but i have to go now =/17:20
bigjoolsmake compile17:20
bigjoolsmake apidoc17:20
bigjoolsah ok17:20
Knut-HBsame errors17:20
Knut-HBboth compile and apidoc17:20
bigjoolsweird, you just showed me the makefile17:20
bigjoolsmake -F Makefile build17:20
bigjools-f sorry17:21
bigjoolslower case17:21
bigjoolssame one?17:21
Knut-HBwould it be the best to just delete the whole launchpad-folder and download it again?17:21
bigjoolsok, delete lp-branches and re-run the rocketfuel-setup script17:22
Knut-HBi will asap17:22
bigjoolssave it first17:22
bigjoolsit's in lp-branches :)17:22
Knut-HBit's all in the log so i won'T forget ;)17:22
Knut-HBthanks for the help dude17:22
bigjoolsok good luck17:22
kikomthaddon, there doesn't seem to be anything critical I've found yet17:23
kikoso I think it's on-track17:23
mthaddonkiko: that's what I like to hear :)17:23
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=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
=== ursula_ is now known as Ursinha
Ursinhaping rockstar17:36
tfmoraesHi all17:42
marshi tfmoraes17:43
tfmoraesI have just installed the launchpad17:43
tfmoraesIs there a default user?17:43
Ursinhatfmoraes, foo.bar@canonical.com:test17:44
Ursinhaafair :)17:44
tfmoraesthank you17:44
tfmoraesit works!17:45
marstfmoraes, you can find the full sample data user list in lib/canonical/launchpad/pagetests/README.txt17:45
Ursinhatfmoraes, cool :)17:47
marsAdded the default user and password to the /Getting page17:57
marsshould make it easier for everyone else17:57
intellectronicahow do i cause a 404 from python view code? do i raise NotFoundError?17:58
marsintellectronica, try that first, it might bubble up to the right spot in the publisher17:59
matsubaratfmoraes, foo.bar@canonical is deprecated. use admin@canonical.com instead for an admin user or test@canonical.com for a regular user17:59
bigjoolsmars, add it to the FAQ as well17:59
marsintellectronica, if it doesn't work, look at raising it from one of the traversal-associated methods of the view17:59
marsbigjools, ah, matsubara was to /says too late :)18:00
marsat least the wiki is editable18:00
bigjoolsfancy that18:00
marsmatsubara, passwords are still 'test'?18:01
matsubaramars, yes18:02
* gmb EODs18:05
tfmoraesOther question18:13
tfmoraesIf someone try to access my self-hosted launchpad18:14
tfmoraesIt doesn't locate the launchpad.dev18:15
maxbIt is not accessible other than from the machine it's running on18:16
tfmoraesIs there a way?18:17
maxbYou'd have to dig into the guts and work out how to reconfigure it18:19
tfmoraesany tip?18:20
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
maxbno, I've only just convinced it to run in the default configuration myself18:21
matsubaratfmoraes, there's a way to make it accessible in your LAN. does it help?18:23
* matsubara looks for docs18:24
andrea-bsHi! Why utilities/rocketfuel-branch does not create stacked branches?18:24
sinzuitfmoraes: When I want to QA my .dev instance from another machine on my how network. I edit <Proxy *> Allow from in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/local-launchpad18:24
sinzuitfmoraes: you need to add an allow block for you lan18:25
tfmoraesto all VirtualHost ?18:28
matsubaratfmoraes, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/224529/18:32
matsubaraI'll move the corresponding doc from our internal wiki to the public wiki18:32
matsubarait just needs some cleanup first18:32
tfmoraesthanks again18:36
joeyjtv: is that you are a bot? :-)18:39
henningejtv: a bot18:39
jtvjoey: why does everyone want to do Turing tests today?18:39
henningejoey: a bot18:39
joeyit's just really late for you to be online jtv18:39
joeyhere you go henninge, here's your 20 marks18:40
* joey laughs.18:40
jtvjoey: yes, I've been trying to land an RC branch for... a day and something.18:40
* henninge looks for a bank that will still trade them into Euros.18:40
joeyjtv: haven't seen you in ages it seems like. Doing well I hope.18:40
jtvjoey: great, thanks.18:40
jtvjoey: still getting used to not typing "Rinchen"18:40
=== joey is now known as launchpad
launchpadthis better jtv ?18:41
jtvlaunchpad: no :)18:41
=== launchpad is now known as Rinchen
Rinchenok then18:41
jtvah, that's better18:41
* Rinchen laughs.18:41
jtvYup, just like old times18:41
Rinchennameserv just loves me18:41
RinchenI grabbed launchpad for the day we add IRC two-way comms into LP18:42
=== Rinchen is now known as joey
jtvI usually get messages from the other two brothers, Nick & Chan Serv.18:42
joeyYeah. Mine are all linked of course so they leave me alone, generally.18:42
maxbIs it notmal to get Python MemoryError exceptions if your devenv is not beefy enough, or have I stumbled across one of the reasons why LP isn't supported on Python 2.5 yet?18:44
henningejtv: EOD for me. You can see my work output in rosetta@ ;-)18:49
jtvhenninge: just spotted it.  Impressive!18:49
jtvGute Nacht18:49
henningejtv: but there is more in the queu for tomorrow. Some were over a month old, I just hope the delay is not annoying people more than it helps.18:50
henningejtv: Tschüß!18:50
* henninge needs to learn some Dutch phrases ....18:50
jtvgah, still no PQM?18:58
jtvsinzui, still no luck with pqm/buildbot?19:09
sinzuijtv: I did land to PQM, and herb whipped buildbot to work19:09
jtvsinzui: my branch is still failing with /bin/false19:10
jtvany idea why that might be?19:10
jtvI thought it was the same problem you had.19:10
sinzuijtv: I did a direct submit to PQM using the --submit-branch option for db-devel19:12
jtvsinzui: oh, I've been trying to land on devel—also using pqm-submit.19:13
sinzuijtv: devel will fail, only db-devel can be landed19:13
jtvwhy is that?19:13
* sinzui thinks this is a bug in the process19:13
sinzuibecause we do not have a sanity check in our build/deploy process to no not to deploy changes to edge if only db-devel is being used19:14
jtvsinzui: so all this time, "/bin/false" meant "please submit to db-devel instead"?19:15
abentleyDoes anyone know why versions.cfg for stable and db-stable requires bzr 1.17 when bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad/lp-source-dependencies/trunk/ only has bzr1.17rc2?19:17
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=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
tfmoraesOther question19:33
tfmoraesAnd the "bzr launchpad-login" ?19:34
tfmoraesIf I try that, it tries to log in the launchap.net19:35
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
thumpertfmoraes: it doesn't log in, but it does check that the user exists and has ssh keys19:39
marc0shi all19:41
marc0sshould i care about a NoSuchRevision error branching pygettextpo?19:42
marc0susing rocketfuel-setup19:42
marsabentley, bzr blame said jml last updated the line, and I see 1.17rc1 here19:42
maxbHi, I'm trying to do a perfectly standard setup on LP on Jaunty, and am getting: ImportError: /home/maxb/launchpad/lp-sourcedeps/eggs/storm-0.14stub_storm_launchpad_288-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/storm/cextensions.so: undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_Format19:43
tfmoraesI have logged in the launchpad with  foo.bar@canonical.com19:44
tfmoraesand the username is name1619:44
marsmarc0s, you can always try rocketfuel-get after rf-setup finishes.  If there is a problem, it will re-fetch it.19:44
marstfmoraes, yep, long time holdover19:45
maxbmarc0s: IIRC someone said that is triggered by a bug in rocketfuel-get, now fixed. The first thing to try would be to ensure your LP devel branch is up to date, delete the pygettextpo local branch, and try again.19:45
tfmoraesthen I tried "bzr launchpad-login name16"19:45
tfmoraesAnd it shows bzr: ERROR: The user name name16 is not registered on Launchpad.19:45
mbtJust curious, does LP do administration in its UI, or is that all external to the Web app?19:46
pkernThere is some in the UI.  But not administration of LP itself, AFAICS.19:46
tfmoraesBut I've registered her ssh keys19:47
marc0sthanks mars and maxb i'll try now with rocketfuel-get19:47
tfmoraesand the user exists19:47
abentleymars: I think you're out of date.  This was done in revno 897019:47
mbtYeah, I was thinking a "superuser" type of user in LP that could go around and do things like delete projects, etc., though having a way to install a DB with zero data would probably serve a similar purpose.19:47
marsabentley, yep 8969 here19:48
marsmbt, some of that stuff has to be done in the DB directly19:48
marstfmoraes, are you trying to point bzr launchpad-login at your local LP instance?19:49
mbtmars: And I assume there are no scripts that do this?  I haven't had a chance to browse the entire source tree yet, but it seems that good 'ol psql is your friend there.19:50
kikomthaddon, did we unjam PQM?19:50
mthaddonkiko: was it jammed?19:50
marsmbt, you would have to ask the Launchpad Operational System Administrators (a.k.a LOSAs)19:50
kikoI thought jtv suggested it was, but maybe he was confused19:51
marstfmoraes, I'm not sure you can do that with the basic plugin.  Might mean a change to the bzr source?  One of the bzr devs in here might know.19:51
jtvkiko: it kept failing with "/bin/false", I thought sinzui had the same19:51
kikomthaddon, at any rate I think what's in buildbot is what will go live unless we find anything critical from then until now19:52
tfmoraesmars, there is other way to checkout the source code?19:52
kikomthaddon, I've asked other leads to review the OOPS listings19:52
mthaddonkiko: ok, cool19:52
abentleymars: There's no need to do that.  bzr will use the default user from the ssh config, sabdfl19:53
mthaddonkiko: 'Commit message [[release-critical=flacoste][ui=none][r=mwhudson][bug=401835] Fix\n\tcommit-translations-to-branch: repeated path error.] does not match commit_re [(?is)^\\s*(?:\\[(?:release-critical=[^\\]]+)\\]\\s*\\[(?:rs?=[^\\]]+)\\]|\\[rs=buildbot-poller\\])]'19:53
marstfmoraes, from a local LP instance?  not sure19:53
tfmoraesmars, yes from local LP19:53
marstfmoraes, abentley might know, as he is on the code hosting team :)19:53
abentleymars: ^19:54
marstfmoraes, <abentley> mars: There's no need to do that.  bzr will use the default <abentley> mars: There's no need to do that.  bzr will use the default user from the ssh config, sabdfluser from the ssh config, sabdfl19:54
marsyay, thanks xchat19:54
kikomthaddon, that should work, no?19:54
jtvno, the regex no longer expects the [ui=none]19:55
sinzuimthaddon: herb: buildbot completed a build with RC fixes in it. Can staging be updated so that we can verify them?19:55
mthaddonsinzui: does it include DB updates since the last staging update?19:56
sinzuimthaddon: I do not think so. /me looks19:56
sinzuimthaddon: no db changes. templates and browser code  and images.19:58
mthaddonsinzui: revno 8312?19:59
tfmoraesmars, I added the name16 in ssh config20:01
marsmaxb, do you have /usr/include/python2.4/Python.h on your system?20:02
maxbHmm. I'm confused. How can anyone have a working LP devenv on Jaunty when Jaunty's Python is built using UCS4, but one of the LP eggs is built for a Python using UCS2 ?20:02
tfmoraesThen I do a bzr branch, but it shows this error "You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to ... "20:02
maxbmars: yes20:02
maxbtfmoraes: I think you should only be using bzr lp: urls for interacting with the real launchpad. You probably need to use http:// or bzr+ssh:// to talk to your dev instance20:04
tfmoraesI will try20:04
pkernI wonder how many knobs I need to push to get an uploader listed for a distroseries. o_O20:04
marsmaxb, how did you find that the egg uses UCS2?  Perhaps I could check my local setup in comparison20:05
maxbI assumed that based on the text of the error message: "undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_Format". I could unzip the egg and run nm on the .so - /me does that now20:06
mthaddonsinzui: staging updated20:06
sinzuithanks mthaddon20:06
maxboh gosh, it's not a prebuilt egg, is it. Hrm20:07
maxbok, I know what has happened, I didn't find all the places I needed to clean after accidentally building with the wrong python20:08
marsah, that could do it20:08
marsmaxb, yep, mine is built with PyUnicodeUCS420:09
maxbHmm, rm -r lp-sourcedeps/eggs/* seems to have borked things quite a bit20:09
marsjust kill the eggs/ directory20:09
marsit is a make target, 'make' will recreate it20:10
maxbI seem to have confused the build, now I get an ImportError for pytz20:10
marsdo you have eggs/pytz-2009j-py2.4.egg?20:13
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: ping20:14
maxbwell no, because I just deleted everything in eggs/ :-)20:14
EdwinGrubbssinzui: hi20:14
maxbI've run "make clean; make" - it's doing stuff20:14
sinzuiEdwin, can you verify that IE 8 can create a project on staging?20:14
EdwinGrubbssinzui: yes, I already ran that test and marked it on the wiki.20:15
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: do you agree the sprite is fixed: https://staging.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/2.2/+addrelease20:16
EdwinGrubbssinzui: yes, I hadn't seen that staging was updated with the last few revisions, but it looks good.20:17
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: it just happened. That is why I am checking.20:18
sinzuimatsubara: ping20:39
matsubarasinzui, hi curtis20:40
sinzuimatsubara: There are two registry bugs that are still bad, blocked by anther bug we are fixing. I don't think they are an issue because the feature is only used by admins, and the problem will be fix either in a reroll, or Monday when the fix lands on edge20:41
sinzuimatsubara: So I can move the bugs to the rc fixed area, or move them to a 2.2.8 test plan20:42
matsubarasinzui, you mean the adminteammerge bugs?20:42
sinzuiyes, both of those20:43
matsubarasinzui, remember that timeouts on staging have a lower threshold. are those timeouts under 25s?20:44
matsubaraand what is the other bug you're fixing that will fix both of those?20:45
kikosinzui, they are not rcfixed; they are BAD, I think20:45
kikosinzui, and then the decision is to roll out with those items as BAD20:45
sinzuiI have not tested them since they are blocked by the other bug. We believe the other bug is a performance issue for many timeout bugs20:46
sinzuikiko: understood20:46
matsubarasinzui, as kiko suggested leave them as BAD and make a note in the test plan pointing to the other bug that will solve both BADs20:46
matsubarathat way we'll know what we're still waiting for the re-roll20:47
sinzuimatsubara: kiko: registry is ready for the rollout20:49
matsubarathanks sinzui20:49
matsubaraUrsinha, ^20:49
Ursinhathanks matsubara20:49
maxbIs there an open bug for making LP work on Python 2.5? Or any preexisting discussion I can read on the topic?20:52
kikomaxb, gary will be working on that as soon as he has zope running from buildout20:52
maxbSo I should just keep an eye on this channel then?20:53
sinzuimaxb: look in launchpad-foundations. The issue is a really a story, not a bug, but it is probably in there20:53
maxbDoesn't seem to be - oh well20:54
marsmaxb, nothing yet, but as kiko said, it's coming: https://dev.launchpad.net/VersionThreeDotO/Foundations20:59
maxbsure, I'm just curious to follow it as it evolves20:59
Snova_Why is rocketfuel-setup installing what appears to be an entire texlive setup?20:59
Snova_Well, lots of texlive-* packages, which are probably the reason apt-get is going to download 277 MB when I press y.21:00
maxbI had a go at coaxing it to run under Python 2.5 on karmic myself, but am stuck on MemoryErrors being thrown from the depths of Zope/TAL21:01
marsSnova_, somewhere in the launchpad-developer-dependencies chain I would guess21:01
marstry installing firefox on a server, and you'll be astounded by what it pulls in :)21:02
EdwinGrubbsbac: did your fix for the team merge timeout land?21:11
bacEdwinGrubbs: no.  i'm not going to submit for this release21:11
Snova_Ahah! I think it's python-epydoc; texlive stuff is in the Recommends.21:12
marsSnova_, or it could be a build-depends - apt-rdepends shows some stuff there, too21:13
bacEdwinGrubbs: delaying until PQM opens doesn't affect you does it?21:15
EdwinGrubbsbac: well, it just means that I can't QA my fix for deactivating the members of a team, so it's really not a big deal.21:16
Snova_mars: Well, installing it without the recommended packages seems to have gotten around it, though something else might want it later. It looks like it's only used for documentation, though.21:16
bacEdwinGrubbs: yeah, i'm in the same boat for +adminteammerge21:16
=== mthaddon changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad will be down/in read-only from 22:00 UTC until 23:00 UTC for a code update | Launchpad Development Channel | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Please use #launchpad for support. | https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-dev | Get it: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | http://people.canonical.com/~herb/ | http://paste.ubuntu.com/
shrivenhello. I'm trying to run the rocketfuel-setup and I'm getting errors like this:21:27
shrivenmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.21:27
shrivenERROR: Unable to install apache config appropriately21:27
shrivenanyone know whats up?21:28
marsshriven, could you please put the output of the 'make' error into a pastebin?  That will help us diagnose it21:28
shrivenmars: when you say the "make" error, what command are you envisioning me running to get said error?21:30
shrivenall I've done so far is ./rocketfuel-setup21:30
marsshriven, just the output from rocketfuel-setup so far will do21:30
marsI'd like to see the last lines, to get an idea about what it was doing21:31
shriventhats the last 10 lines or so21:31
shrivenI had previously finished the package installation and was just pking around21:32
shrivenso thats all there is21:32
shrivencurrently the bzr login just sits... I let it try for a few minutes then hit cntrl-c to it21:32
shrivenand it moved on21:32
marsit moved on, then dies with this error later?21:33
shrivenyea, just a few seconds later21:33
marslets start by checking what rocketfuel-setup is doing at this point21:34
shrivenjust ran it again... this time bzr login seemed to suceed, same apache error though21:35
mwhudsongood morning21:36
mwhudsonshriven: are you a sudoer on this system?21:36
mwhudsonthough it looks like the checkout must have failed21:36
shrivenits a VM21:36
shrivenwell I don't see it doing any bzr work at all21:37
dobeyholas wonderful lp hackers21:37
dobeyi was wondering... is there any special reason that branch_merge_proposal.createComment() in the API a) requires the subject argument, and b) doesn't seem to behave the same as if i carete a comment via the lp web ui?21:38
marsshriven, "sudo make install" in devel/ fails, I'm guessing21:38
mwhudsonshriven: it looks like getting a copy of the branch may have partially succeeded or something21:38
marsshriven, check the root Makefile, you'll see what the 'install' target is doing21:39
shriventhere is no devel/21:39
shrivenmaybe I missed a step?21:39
shrivenI thought I combed over it a few times....21:39
mwhudsonshriven: what files have been created?21:39
shrivenlet me go re-read21:39
shrivenjust rocketfuel21:39
mwhudsonshriven: ~/launchpad, ~/launchpad/lp-branches, ~/launchpad/lp-branches/devel ??21:39
shrivennothing exists below launchpad except rocketfuel21:40
shriventhis is where I'm starting at, am I mistaken in doing this? https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting#Getting%20It21:41
shrivenI saw the alternate source code download... I am assuming it really is alternative and rocketfuel will download the source itself?21:42
marsshriven, it will21:42
shrivenyeah, that must be the part that is failing for some reason21:43
shriventhere really isn't a target for make install21:43
marsshriven, yes, odd, rf-setup should have failed on line 36821:44
marscd $LP_TRUNK_NAME21:44
shrivenyes, I'm just browsing that myself21:44
shrivenor earlier at 354?21:45
shrivenhmmm is it hardcoded somewhere that we must have our launchpad directory at ~/launchpad?21:46
shrivenI put mine in ~/Applications/launchpad21:46
shrivenpreferring to do this sort of thing there21:46
mwhudsonshriven: you can create a file ~/.rocketfuel-env.sh that sets some shell variables21:46
shrivenyes, ~/launchpad/lp-branches has been created21:47
mwhudsoni think LP_PROJECT_ROOT=~/Applications/launchpad will do what you want21:47
marsshriven, line 47+ in rf-setup21:47
shrivenI'll just use the default way21:47
shriventhanks guys21:47
marsmwhudson, do you remember what the 'bucket' argument is when creating an image?21:52
mwhudsonmars: is that an argument to ec2-bundle-vol?21:53
mwhudsonno, it doesn't look like i passed it21:54
mwhudsonmars: are you sure you don't mean ec2-upload-bundle ?21:55
marsmwhudson, ah, sorry, yes21:55
mwhudsonthen it's the name of the ami, basically21:55
mwhudsonyou want launchpad-ec2test10 or whatever21:55
marsright, ok, thanks21:56
* mwhudson is extremely glad he kept his notes from when he did all the image diddling21:56
marsI just did it from the AWS docs21:56
marsmwhudson, here, I'll bundle the script I have, so you can take a peek21:57
marsit automates image creation21:57
mwhudsonsame here, but it took a while and some hopeful guessing21:57
mwhudsonah, awesome21:57
marsand instance configuration21:57
* dobey wonders about this createComment() method21:58
marsmwhudson, lp:~mars/lp-dev-utils/add-windmill-image-generator/22:00
marc0si started over with rocketfuel-setup and i got an ssh key error after apache setup22:30
marc0sHost key verification failed.22:30
marc0sbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.22:30
marc0sany clues on that?22:30
marc0si told my real launchpad username to rocketfuel-setup when it asked me for a launchpad username22:31
marsmarc0s, what was the last line of successful rf-setup output before the failure?22:32
marsso I know how far rf-setup go22:32
marsgot along22:32
marc0smars: http://dpaste.com/70131/22:33
marc0sso you have more lines to check22:33
marc0sbefore that, some apache modules were enabled and apache reloaded22:34
marslooks like it dies around line 373 maybe?22:35
marsno, that can't be right22:35
marsline 425+ somewhere22:36
marc0sor maybe 361 ?22:36
marc0slet me check 425 ...22:36
marsmarc0s, I would suspect line 485 then - rf-get itself may have died on you22:37
marc0syes, the supermirror one22:37
marc0sif i launch rf-get it dies with the same error22:38
marsif so, then no worries, you can just run it manually.  The rest of the configuration suceeded22:38
marsgood! :)22:38
marc0sgood? :)22:38
marc0show should i continue now?22:38
marsthat means we have narrowed the error down to a single script, probably ssh authentication22:39
marc0swith the make schema && make run stuff ?22:39
marswell, not having rocketfuel-get may be a problem, it implies you can't fetch stuff over bzr+ssh.22:39
marsmarc0s, did you supply an SSH key for your launchpad user account?22:40
marc0snot an ssh key from this machine, so i was asking if i should before :)22:40
marsI think it will work to run an instance of LP, but you won't be able to check in code, or use rf-get22:41
marsdoes deve/sourcecode have symlinks in it?22:41
marc0snot at all22:42
marc0sjust a makefile22:42
marsrocketfuel-get runs 'utilities/link-external-dependencies'22:43
marswhich populates devel/sourcecode/22:44
marsso you won't be able to proceed to 'make schema' without running that, or getting rf-get going.22:44
marc0shmm no good news :P22:45
marc0sdo you think uploading the ssh key will let me continue the bzr fetching process?22:45
marsI'm not sure if it is the key that is the problem, or that it doesn't like bazaar.launchpad.net itself.  You may be able to add that manually to your known_hosts file22:46
marsmarc0s, on a whim, what happens if you try 'ssh bazaar.launchpad.net'?22:47
marc0si've uploaded the key and it seems to be fetching more stuff22:47
marc0si try22:47
marc0sNo shells on this server.22:47
marc0sand connectoin closed22:47
marsah, nm then :)22:47
marsyou added the key?  and rf-get is running now?22:48
marc0sit seems to, it's downlading :)22:48
marc0shope it finishes before the maintenance downtime scheduled to be in 10 minutes :D22:49
marsI don't think that will affect it.  It should be a read-only switchover.22:49
marsnot full downtime?22:49
marc0sah ok22:50
salgadosinzui, is distributionsourcepackagecache.py really meant to be in lp/registry?22:50
marc0si don't know just seen that on the web after uploading the key22:50
lifelesshow long will the maintenance be?22:50
lifelessoh, 1 hour22:50
jmlhello everybody22:51
marsgood morning jml22:51
mwhudsonhello jml22:51
Shane_FaganI was wondering about apturl in launchpad. I was thinking of writing support for it because I would think it would be quite useful for answers. Would anyone be able to offer some guidance?22:52
salgadoShane_Fagan, sure!22:53
Shane_FaganOk so im downloading the source at the moment22:54
Shane_FaganSo give me about 15 minutes and then ill start asking a few questions and hopefully get hacking after that22:54
marsIt would be cool if bzrlib could handle reconciliation between CLI options and CFG file options supplied to a script :/22:57
mwhudsonmars: lp:~mars/lp-dev-utils/add-windmill-image-generator/ looks fairly nice, if still a bit shell script ish22:58
marsYou have to manually merge optparse and ConfigParser into a new class to get that to happen with the stdlib22:58
marsmwhudson, shell-ish? :)22:59
mwhudsonmars: now write a version that updates the ec2test-ish22:59
mwhudsonmars: well, maybe that's not quite right22:59
mwhudsonmars: copy-and-paste ish from ec2test22:59
marsyeah, there is a good reason for that22:59
mwhudsoni can believe it22:59
jmlthat reminds me22:59
marsthat reason being that I did not want to risk breaking ec2test at all, and I needed some features to be factored out into smaller bits23:00
jmlis ec2test ok to be a bzr plugin?23:00
marsjml, no one has objected, but gary is away at OSCON - did he have anything to say on the matter?23:00
marshe did have plans for the script23:00
marc0si think the downtime was total :) connection closed to bazaar.launchpad.net23:01
jmlmars, no definitive answer.23:01
marsbut then, he is also quite pragmatic - if a plugin is better and cleaner, I'm sure he would enjoy doing so23:01
barryjml, mwhudson, thumper are you guys up for meeting in 29m?23:01
marsjml, how were you going to land the plugin?23:02
jmlbarry, yes23:02
barryjml: fantastic23:02
jmlmars, simply change ec2test.py to a plugin, ask people to symlink it into ~/.bazaar/plugins23:03
marsjml, why not land it beside ec2test.py as ec2test_plugin.py?23:03
marsthat way we can transition from one to the other23:03
marsjml, set-based development :D23:03
jmlmars, "why not" is because it's accompanied by other refactorings to ec2test23:04
jmlto make it more module-like23:04
lifelesssinzui: hai23:04
Shane_FaganDamn does bzr stop in read only mode too?23:04
jml(and because I want to delete the current option parsing)23:04
marsjml, ok, that still doesn't prevent you from landing one beside the other, does it?23:04
lifelessShane_Fagan: yes23:04
Shane_FaganAh crap23:04
jmlmars, no, it just means more work.23:04
marslifeless, I take it read-only mode interrupts the SSH connections?23:04
lifelessmars: we write to the db when the client disconnects, to trigger scanning, public mirroring, etc23:05
mwhudsonbarry: yes23:05
jmllifeless, not anymore, we write to db on Branch.unlock)(23:05
marslifeless, ok, so "yes"? :)23:05
mwhudsoni think codehosting is down during r/o mode at the moment?23:05
lifelessjml: sftp :P23:05
mwhudsonnot strictly necessary23:06
mwhudsonlifeless: the same23:06
jmllifeless, same.23:06
lifelessok cool. I don't want to know how you determine unlock for sftp ;P23:06
jmllifeless, I won't tell you23:06
lifelessmars: I don't see the correspondence to SSH connections in what I said :)23:06
abentleythumper: http://www.w3schools.com/CSS/pr_text_white-space.asp23:07
* ajmitch would like bugs to still be visible when in r/o mode23:07
* jml too!23:08
marstime to get the family supper23:08
marsgood night!23:08
marc0sbye mars23:08
marc0sthanks! :)23:08
Shane_FaganIs it ok that the install stopped like that or will it cause problems?23:11
Shane_FaganIt was in the middle of getting the branch23:12
Snova_rocketfuel-setup has failed while branching... I hope this hasn't been asked half a dozen times today already, but http://paste.ubuntu.com/225073/23:17
Shane_FaganIt maybe because launchpad is in read only mode23:17
Shane_FaganIm getting this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/225080/23:18
mwhudsonbarry: i need to pop out for a few minutes, maybe 10?23:19
* jml looks at the pastes23:21
jmlSnova_, yeah, sorry about that. Launchpad going down interrupted your pull.23:21
Snova_jml: Just my luck. :P I'll try again tomorrow, I guess.23:21
jmlShane_Fagan, you'll need to add an SSH key to your Launchpad account to get rid of that error, I think.23:21
jmlSnova_, it'll be up again in less than an hour.23:22
Shane_FaganI have one23:22
Snova_jml: Yes, but this connection is rather slow, and it's getting late.23:22
jmlShane_Fagan, is your Launchpad account called 'shane'?23:22
jmlSnova_, ahh, ok. no worries then.23:22
jmlSnova_, better luck tomorrow23:22
Shane_FaganIts worked every other time ive tried it23:22
jmlShane_Fagan, Launchpad is trying to use 'shane' to SSH in.23:22
jml"bzr: ERROR: The user shane has not registered any SSH keys with Launchpad."23:23
Shane_FaganAh ill switch and see what happens23:23
jmlShane_Fagan, type: 'bzr launchpad-login shanepatrickfagan' and you should be right.23:23
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Shane_FaganNope still the same error23:24
Shane_FaganIll try it after it comes out of read only mode and see23:24
thumpersinzui: ping23:25
sinzuiHi thumper23:26
thumpersinzui: I've got a question about layers and requests23:26
thumpersinzui: I'm trying to write a test for my oops on demand branch23:26
thumpersinzui: which needs a current browser request23:26
thumpersinzui: how can I easily set one up in a unittest?23:26
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sinzuihmm. I think I had to subclass a TestRequest to do that23:27
barrythumper, jml, mwhudson -> #launchpad-meeting in 2m23:28
thumpersinzui: have you done it somewhere?23:28
thumpersinzui: the thing is I'm using the from lazr.restful.utils import get_current_browser_request23:29
thumpersinzui: in the code I'm testing23:29
sinzuithumper: I am looking for an example23:29
thumpersinzui: cool, ta23:29
jkakarI just lost a huge bug comment because Launchpad is (presumably) in read-only mode and still allows AJAX "in-page" actions to run.23:32
Ursinhajkakar, argh23:33
UrsinhaI'll file a bug about it, if find any23:33
sinzuithumper: look at23:34
sinzuifrom canonical.launchpad.layers import setFirstLayer23:34
sinzuisetFirstLayer(request, 'CodeLayer')23:34
jkakarUrsinha: Hmm, I wonder if I'm wrong.23:34
sinzuithumper: it is just a wrapper for:23:34
sinzuidirectlyProvides(request, layer, directlyProvidedBy(request))23:34
intellectronicajkakar: you mean you opened the collapsing form under the bug tasks table and tried to submit?23:34
jkakarUrsinha: I was on a bug page, clicking "Add comment", entered my comment and then, after clicking "Submit", I got the "Launchpad Offline" page... but I'd loaded the page before LP went down.23:34
jkakarintellectronica: Nope, I used the collapsing form for adding a comment.23:35
beunojkakar, we need to slap a launchpad.Edit on that link23:35
beunowhen LP comes back, we need a bug  :)23:35
jkakarUrsinha: If I try and load it now I just get the "Launchpad Offline" page.23:35
jkakarbeuno: Ah, okay.23:35
intellectronicajkakar: ah ok, so nothing to do with ajax23:35
jkakarintellectronica: Maybe, I'm not sure.23:35
Ursinhabeuno, I'll file one23:35
intellectronicaideally we should disable forms like that in read-only mode23:35
jkakarintellectronica: Yes, exactly.23:35
intellectronicabut in this case, if you loaded the page before LP entered read-only mode that wouldn't have helped23:36
jkakarintellectronica: The only thing is I loaded the page before LP went read-only, so how would it know in that case?23:36
jkakarintellectronica: I guess it could ping every now and then to see if LP is alive, but that kind of thing is fraught with terribleness.23:36
intellectronicawith ajax, otoh, we could try, tell you that we couldn't save and ask you to try again later, so there's an opportunity for a better experience23:36
jkakarintellectronica: Ah, duh, of course.  Use AJAX for the form submit.23:37
jkakarintellectronica: That'd be nice, yeah.23:37
intellectronicajkakar: yes. that's coming soon anyway23:38
thumpersinzui: how does that help?23:39
jkakarintellectronica: Awesome, thanks.23:40
joeyhey kiko, remember that matrix you put together recently of all the weekly meetings?  If you didn't already think of this, that would be good info to have on the dev wiki for the community devs don't you think?23:50

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