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RenatoSilvaok, lp is os. now what?02:46
spivRenatoSilva: patches please, kthxbye ;)02:48
dashnow the git and hg users have no excuse02:48
RenatoSilvaspiv: is it easy to set up a local site?02:55
RenatoSilvaspiv: any embedded db?02:55
Snova_From what I've seen so far, it's largely automated, but it requires Apache and PostgreSQL and doesn't play too nicely with other stuff (particularly on the db).02:56
spiv#launchpad-dev might be more helpful... I'm not sure if you'd call it "easy" or not, standards vary.  It needs PostgreSQL.02:56
RenatoSilvadash: for using lp?02:56
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RenatoSilvadash: it would be nice if we could do 1) bzr branch lp:launchpad 2) launchpad/start ---> starts buit-in web + db servers02:58
RenatoSilvadash: sorry02:58
RenatoSilvaspiv: ^02:58
wgrantIt can never be like that.02:58
wgrantBut there is a script (rocketfuel-setup, as seen on https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting) that does most of the work for you.02:59
wgrantBecause LP isn't some trivial webapp.02:59
RenatoSilvawgrant: those steps are just for tests, patches etc03:00
thumperhow do I add a new series to a project now?03:00
wgrantRenatoSilva: What do you mean?03:00
RenatoSilvawgrant: I just want to fix a bug. I don't care about performance. It should be easy to get, fix, instantiate and test.03:01
RenatoSilvawgrant: something like Moin desktop edition: download, extract, click on server.py. It's not an ideal installation, but for testing and bug fixing it's nice03:02
ajmitchlaunchpad is a bit bigger than moin03:03
wgrantJust a bit.03:03
mwhudsonRenatoSilva: bear in mind until yesterday, people who downloaded launchpad to develop on it generally worked full time on launchpad03:04
ajmitchI'm sure that the current setup will be slimmed down a little over time, but probably not by a lot03:04
mwhudsonit's going to take a while to adapt our processes to casual contribution03:04
ajmitchlaunchpad running on sqlite would be an interesting sight03:05
mwhudsonajmitch: yeah, how is sqlite's replication support?03:05
* mwhudson hides03:05
spmajmitch: 'interesting' in the chinese curse sense? :-)03:05
ajmitchmwhudson: replication? who needs that? :)03:05
ajmitchspm: I wouldn't want to be touching it03:06
* spm would love to see lp run on access/jet - for evil yuks03:06
RenatoSilvaanyway, do you think that putting launchpad's code in launchpad will improve community collaboration. I mean, before we users just reported bugs, and you guys fixed them. Now we can branch, fix and send patches/merge proposals. Are you expecting this kind of thing? How open are you for this new scenario03:06
thumperajmitch: we have some triggers and stuff in the schema that will fail with sqlite03:07
spivYes, patches are definitely welcome.03:07
lifelessRenatoSilva: very open to it03:07
lifelessRenatoSilva: launchpads code has been in launchpad for years :)03:07
RenatoSilvaspm: MS access??03:08
ajmitchthumper: I wasn't expecting it to ever work, there just aren't too many options for a 'desktop edition' :)03:08
thumperRenatoSilva: patches are welcome but one of the main reasons it was opened was to stop people complaining :)03:08
mwhudsonspm: we'll get to that after i implement VSS imports03:08
RenatoSilvalifeless: cold be branch before?03:08
RenatoSilvalifeless: could we03:08
thumperRenatoSilva: you couldn't, lp devs could03:08
spmmwhudson: oh sweet! I looks forward to it!03:09
thumperRenatoSilva: we have private branches on Launchpad03:09
RenatoSilvathumper: but could we browse the code?03:09
thumperspm: just get jelmer to write bzr-vss :)03:09
thumperRenatoSilva: you couldn't, we could03:09
Snova_What is VSS?03:09
thumpervisual source safe :)03:09
ajmitchSnova_: evil incarnate03:09
RenatoSilvathumper: ok then that's what I mean with putting the code in lp: publicly03:09
spmthumper: *only* if jelmer promises to rebase it a few times :-P03:10
thumperRenatoSilva: I think I missed your first point03:10
lifelessmwhudson: sqlite replication should be pretty easy to hook in03:11
* RenatoSilva is thinking about setting up his environment to download lp and fix bugs he's interested in03:11
RenatoSilvalifeless: ok then that's what I mean with putting the code in lp: publicly03:11
thumperRenatoSilva: once you have the environment set up, it is easy to create a new branch and fix a simple bug03:11
thumperRenatoSilva: it normally takes a new full time dev anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to be fully productive with the source03:12
thumperRenatoSilva: as a casual person, I expect it will take some time03:12
RenatoSilvado I need to be fullly productive to fix simple bugs?03:13
RenatoSilvais it so complex?03:13
spivHopefully not.  Try it and tell us how you go! :)03:13
lifelessRenatoSilva: its pretty complex, but you could fix shallow bugs quite quickly I suspect03:14
RenatoSilvaspiv: ok03:14
* wgrant agrees with the 'pretty complex' bit.03:14
mwhudsonwgrant: i don't really think that's in any doubt03:14
thumperRenatoSilva: I'd say very complex03:15
thumperRenatoSilva: launchpad doesn't have a learning curve as much as a solid wall in front of you :)03:15
RenatoSilvalifeless: e.g. bug 326129 I expect03:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 326129 in firefox-3.1 "firefox-3.{5,6} bug, merge review comments don't get wrapped in <pre> block" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32612903:15
thumperRenatoSilva: hah, you'd be surprised03:16
thumperRenatoSilva: although that is on my list for this week03:16
RenatoSilvathe info there is a bit confusing, what I see is just what I said there, a non-css rule whose support was removed in ff 3.503:17
thumperRenatoSilva: if you look at the bug report, and the styles we use, yes it is confusing03:18
thumperwe are being told "don't use something you're not using"03:18
RenatoSilvawhy surprised? simpler or harder that I thought?03:18
thumperharder than you'd think with TAL03:18
ajmitchzope's templating language03:18
RenatoSilvawhat does ZPT has to do with lp?03:19
RenatoSilvawhat does zope has to do with lp?03:19
ajmitchbecause launchpad is built on zope03:20
RenatoSilvaisn't it apache03:20
ajmitchapache is only a web server03:20
dashRenatoSilva: you can use both.03:20
RenatoSilvacan zope run under apache?03:20
dashRenatoSilva: but of course03:20
ajmitchyes, and usually does03:20
* ajmitch isn't sure how much if any of the zope appserver stuff is used with LP03:21
RenatoSilvathus I need zope? or lp uses a buit-in customized version?03:21
mwhudsonajmitch: i think it's still zserver somewhere in there03:21
spivProbably more "behind" than "under".03:21
ajmitchLP has all those zope parts needed, afaik03:21
spivRenatoSilva: zope is mainly a (very large) python library, really.03:22
ajmitchI shouldn't comment too much, I haven't dug around in the source a lot yet03:22
dashit's several large python libraries.03:22
lifelessajmitch: we run apache, and zope's http servers too03:22
RenatoSilvaspiv: so you just reuse code, and lp is not a "zope application", right?03:22
thumperRenatoSilva: kinda03:22
thumperRenatoSilva: we don't use the ZODB03:22
lifelessRenatoSilva: lp is a zope app, its also more than a zope app03:22
thumperRenatoSilva: but we do use zope traversal03:23
thumperand publishing03:23
thumperand security, authentication03:23
thumperand interfaces03:23
thumperel al03:23
spivIt relies in fundamental ways on large parts of the zope3 libraries.  So I would describe it as a "zope application".03:23
RenatoSilvawe use Plone/Zope at work, unfortunately.03:23
thumperet al03:23
thumperRenatoSilva: zope 303:23
thumperyay no acquisition03:23
spivRenatoSilva: But, zope3 is a rather different beast to zope 3 / plone.03:23
ajmitchplone is a bit different, given its mix of zope 2 & 303:23
spiv"to zope *2*", I meant :)03:23
lifelessRenatoSilva: zope 3 is a totally different beast to zope203:23
RenatoSilvalifeless: it is a zope app? can I set up _my_ zope server? and just install a lp product?03:24
lifelessRenatoSilva: you're thinking zope203:24
spivRenatoSilva: "products" are a zope2-ism.03:24
lifelesszope3 doesn't work like that03:24
spivRenatoSilva: If I were you, I'd try to forget how zope2 installs work and just think of zope3 as another library that Launchpad has a dependency on.03:25
RenatoSilvalifeless: how does it work?03:26
RenatoSilvas/product/bunch of code which will only work inside an instance of the underlying application server03:27
spivRenatoSilva: perhaps grab the source and look at what "make run" does?03:28
RenatoSilvaspiv: then lp is _not_ a zope application right? apllication in the sense of what I mentioned above ^03:28
spivIt's an application built on zope3.03:28
lifelessRenatoSilva: its not a 'zope 2 application'03:28
lifelessRenatoSilva: it is a 'zope 3 application'03:28
spivIt's not a thing you can use via zope 2's web admin interface.03:29
RenatoSilvalifeless: but it does not need a zope 3 instance, right?03:29
wgrantHow about it be called a Zope Toolkit application? That name was introduced to attempt to avoid this confusion.03:29
spivRenatoSilva: as opposed to a django instance?03:29
RenatoSilvaspiv: zope 3 became a framework?03:30
spivYes, more or less.03:30
RenatoSilvaok I see03:31
spivZope 3 still has a very strong component-architecture flavour, it has lots of features in support of writing modular components, so you can in principle easily take various libraries/apps/whatevers written for zope 3 and glue them together nicely without excessive effort.03:32
RenatoSilvawe use plone at work because it is 'secure', like all the other software is not, and you can be an idiot and it is still secure...03:33
spivPlone is very mature, that's true.03:33
ajmitchif you're somewhat familiar with templating in plone, it's TAL03:34
RenatoSilvabut is very ugly, had to set up, hard to maintain, user-unfriendly etc etc etc..03:35
spivRenatoSilva: Right, it's very mature ;)03:35
RenatoSilvaajmitch: I know TAL, I like it (iirc!)03:35
ajmitchoh good :)03:36
RenatoSilvaI like the crazy way ZPT works, using slots etc...03:36
RenatoSilvait's the only nice part of zope/plone in my opinion...03:37
RenatoSilvaajmitch: it is nice to set up a template having built-in sample data, you can have a real view of a template offline, that's nice03:38
ajmitchyeah, I've had the pleasure of using plone myself03:39
ajmitchif you can call it that03:39
* thumper is reminded of ChrisW's talk "why plone sucks"03:41
Snova_How would I request to delete an LP project? answers.launchpad.net/launchpad ?03:43
RenatoSilvaajmitch: hehehe03:48
RenatoSilvathumper: why plone sucks? where's it? I'd love to show this to my boss :)03:48
thumperRenatoSilva: perhaps his website has it simplistix.co.uk03:49
RenatoSilvawho's he03:49
thumperRenatoSilva: just some zope guy I worked with for a while03:49
RenatoSilvaPython Package Management Sucks ---> hahaha03:49
thumperRenatoSilva: he makes a living on zope and plone :)03:49
mwhudsonthumper: i think he called that talk "how plone rocks my world" in the end03:50
thumpermwhudson: ah, ok03:51
RenatoSilvahum like plone sucks but I love it03:52
thumperRenatoSilva: I don't think he loves it :)03:53
RenatoSilvawell he says it rocks his world...is it a joke03:53
* RenatoSilva hahahaha03:53
thumperyou have to know Chris :)03:53
mwhudsonchris complains about _everything_03:54
thumperand _everyone_03:54
RenatoSilvaby hating plone like me...hum  he seems a nice guy :)03:54
RenatoSilvaPlone: tThe hell in which I live my life from day to day”03:56
RenatoSilvaWhat's wrong with plone? It sucks! hahahaha03:57
RenatoSilvaok but coming back to beginning, lp is open source, now what? I mean...04:00
RenatoSilvawhat is lp good for? just another sofware community site?04:00
RenatoSilvawhy would I use it inside a company too04:01
spivIt's for what it's always been for.04:01
RenatoSilvanot so many users, I don't see much sense04:01
dashwell, what was it good for previously?-)04:01
spiv(Obviously someone could take the source and make it good for something else, though)04:01
RenatoSilvaI mean, isn't lp sort of singleton?04:02
thumperRenatoSilva: as in, the one true launchpad? yes, and so it really should stay04:03
spivA large part of what makes lp useful is having lots of projects all on the same site, so that reassigning bugs etc is easier.04:03
thumperRenatoSilva: we didn't open the code to get everyone to run their own04:03
thumperRenatoSilva: the release notes say this, I'm sure04:03
spivBut there's lots of useful code in the launchpad source, some of it could quite possibly be useful for completely different projects.04:03
spivAnd some motivated users might even be kind enough to volunteer some bug fixes and other patches for us, if we're lucky :)04:04
RenatoSilvalp is for enabling a dev community to work nice, using bug tracker, answers, code repo and translations. I don't see much sense of creating a lp site on my company. Outside a company either, why not use lp.net...04:05
ajmitchI think most people would agree with you, that launchpad.net should be used unless there's some pressing need to keep things in-house04:06
RenatoSilvabut what was your intention? was lp opened just for receiving contributions, or for people using lp instances on their own (which I don't see much sense)04:07
spivRight.  Opening the source wasn't done because we thought the world had a burning need to run lots of little in-house instances...04:07
spivIt was opened to, well, share the source.04:08
RenatoSilvathat's what I thought...04:08
spivWhich makes contributions possible, yes, but also makes it possible for people to reuse our code in ways we haven't thought of.04:09
RenatoSilvaspiv: ok but there's not much sense on setting-up a self site don't you think...If I'd do so it would be only for the bug tracker...04:09
RenatoSilvaunfortunately lp doesn't hve a task manager04:10
spivRenatoSilva: well, I personally don't have much use for my own personal Launchpad, but I can't speak for the other 6 billion people on the planet :)04:10
RenatoSilvaneither me :)04:10
spivIf you think there's not much sense in you setting one up, you're probably right :)04:10
RenatoSilvaif lp had task management, I could think of replacing our sucking dotProject :)04:12
spivI certainly hope that some parts of Launchpad do get reused by other people.  Off the top of my head I know I'm happy that I can point to an example of using twisted.conch for a non-trivial server :)04:12
spivWhich should be helpful for people that are trying to learn how to use that part of Twisted.04:13
SamBalso it reduces the flak directed at canonical for having it closed-source ;-)04:15
lifelessSamB: it doesn't, but I don't think that was a determining factor; lp was successful before we announced a time for opensourcing it :)04:17
RenatoSilvalifeless: whta do you, will people criticize canonical for _open-sourcing_ lp? o.O04:20
RenatoSilva* what do you mean04:21
spmspiv: I could certainly have used something LP like at $job-1, not so much my specific team, but the rest of the Apps Dev's sure could have. But even then it would be total overkill. too heavy; too many major unused (soyuz, translations) or missing features - dead set easy for non technical folks to follow their bugs reports; Project Management etc.04:56
mwhudsonbug 33749405:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 337494 in storm "Use ResultSets in subselects" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33749405:02
pooliehttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp is timing out...05:15
poolieit wasn't the other day05:15
poolieon i guess counting my branches05:16
mwhudsonpoolie: probably finding which teams you're in that have branches05:16
mwhudsonpoolie: got an oops id?05:16
poolienot necessarily a big deal05:16
mwhudsoni'm reviewing thumper's fix for this right now05:16
pooliethough i do actually use that page05:16
* RenatoSilva gtg, thanks everybody05:29
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Louie`If I want to give a specific user permissions to my project at launchpad, do I have to create a group for me and him/them first?06:39
Louie`I can't find where a add them to the project.06:39
jmlLouie`, yes, you have to make a team06:54
Louie`Okay, good :)06:55
jmlLouie`, in general, the way Launchpad does access control is through teams06:55
Louie`jml: thank you jml, I just added my team as Drivers for the project.07:01
Louie`is there any permission panel for the team on my project. So team1 can do 123 but team2 can only do 2307:02
jmlI'm afraid not.07:03
jmlwell... other than the 'driver', 'maintainer' thing.07:03
jmland there are other controls on the pages of the various applications (Bugs, Translations, etc.)07:03
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* jml guesses EdwinGrubbs isn't actually around07:04
jmlAzag, hello07:04
Azaghi jml07:04
AzagI have register my first launchpad project07:04
Azagbut I am having some problems with bazaar07:05
Azaghow I do to add other person to commit?07:05
Louie`haha, the same as me07:06
Louie`Azag: you need to create a group :)07:06
Louie`jml:  thanks again.07:06
jmlLouie`, no problems :)07:06
AzagI have create a group07:07
jmlAzag, you need to create a team, and change the branch so that the team owns the branch.07:07
jmlAzag, then, the other person who wants to write to the branch needs to be a member of the team.07:07
Louie`Oh, on branch level, thats nice.07:08
Louie`more then I knew.07:08
Louie`I just thought Maintainer, Driver on everything in the project.07:09
jmlLouie`, I was going to say, in answer to your earlier question, that permissions are generally set on the actual things you are interested in, for the most part.07:17
jmlrather than in a central control panel.07:18
jmlalthough arguably it should be both.07:18
Louie`Okay, thanks jml!07:20
Louie`Time for work. Have a nice day guys.07:20
marioxcchello all07:38
marioxccwhen i try to push07:38
marioxcci get this error message07:38
marioxccbzr: ERROR: Generic bzr smart protocol error: <ProtocolError for xmlrpc.lp.internal:8097/branchfilesystem: -1 >07:38
spivjml: ^07:47
jmlspiv, sorry, I missed it.07:53
jmlspiv, IRC proxy confusion.07:53
jmlspiv, what's the issue?07:54
spivjml: 16:38 < marioxcc> bzr: ERROR: Generic bzr smart protocol error: <ProtocolError for xmlrpc.lp.internal:8097/branchfilesystem: -1 >08:05
jmlahh, I see.08:05
jmlit's unusual not to get an OOPS code in circumstances like that.08:05
thisfredhi, I have a translations question, from this link https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/trunk/+pots/ubuntuone-client/ there seems to be no way for a user to start adding suggestions for a new translation,08:49
thisfredyet if I deviously guess at the url for a language that isn't there yet, it seems to work. Shouldn't there be a way to navigate there then? I remember that's how it used to work...08:50
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davidfraserFantastic news about open sourcing launchpad :-)09:32
davidfraserNote that there are links from the Python style guide to URLs like https://launchpad.canonical.com/DatetimeUsageGuide which are not accessible (This wiki is now closed. Please move private material to wiki.canonical.com/launchpad/ and public material to dev.launchpad.net)09:32
davidfraserbarry: I edited the Python style guide to add an extra comma to the function definition wrapping example at the end, hope that's OK...09:33
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dpmjtv, henninge -> [09:49] <thisfred> hi, I have a translations question, from this link https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/trunk/+pots/ubuntuone-client/ there seems to be no way for a user to start adding suggestions for a new translation,11:48
dpm yet if I deviously guess at the url for a language that isn't there yet, it seems to work. Shouldn't there be a way to navigate there then? I remember that's how it used to work...11:48
jtvdpm: did the user set preferred languages to include the target language?11:48
henningedpm: The assumption is that whoever can translate to a certain language has set that language as a preferred language.11:49
henningedpm: Then it will show up by itself.11:49
thisfredhenninge: jtv, thanks, I'll add that to the question, and confirm that they hadn't set it11:49
jtvthisfred: we do have some guessing logic IIRC, but obviously setting the right languages is better.11:50
dpmjtv, henninge, I did not talk to the user directly, thisfred did. But in any case, I can confirm this, I mean my preferred language is Catalan, and I see the complete list of templates there -> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/trunk/+pots/ubuntuone-client/11:50
dpmif there wasn't a Catalan translation already, I wouldn't know how to start one right now11:51
jtvdpm: there's no Lao translation, and yet Lao shows up in the list for me.11:51
dpmjtv: oh, I see what you mean, ok11:51
jtvOr Khmer, Latin, or Bokmål11:51
dpmyep, that solves the question11:51
henningedpm, jtv: I see Esperanto, untranslated.11:52
thisfredok, thanks for helping evenryone! :)11:52
henningedpm: I have set Esperanto as a preferred language.11:52
jtv"If you want something from us, you've got to tell us!"11:52
henningedpm: I can click on Esperanto and start translating.11:52
dpmhenninge: yes, yes, I understand it now, thanks!11:52
jtvthisfred: one of our many UI plans involved pushing users harder towards setting their languages.  Hope that'll help with this sort of thing.11:53
henningedpm: oh, then I misread your last comment ;-)11:53
dpmhenninge: np, I prefer additional info rather than none :-)11:53
henningejtv: you know Bokmål?11:53
* jtv moves out to the balcony. Much too hot, despite the eclipse (which I slept through anyway)11:53
henningedpm: I didn't read jtv's answer while I was typing .. ;-)11:54
jtvhenninge: no, I can decipher bits of those languages11:54
* henninge should add French, Danish and Spanish, then.11:55
jtvMeanwhile poor เก๋ is out at the Erawan hotel waiting for the Liverpool players.11:55
henningeI assume that is Kay in Thai?11:55
jtvhenninge: it's also that I like to keep an eye on a lot of languages that I'm either interested in or an at least recognize a bit of, just as a sanity check.11:55
jtvhenninge: yes11:55
jtvเ = ay, ก = K, ๋  = rising tone (for syllables starting with middle-class consonants such as ก)11:56
henningeoh, it's rtl?11:56
jtvhenninge: no, but some vowels come to the left of the consonant (cluster)s they follow.11:57
henningejtv: oh right, you had explained that before.11:57
jtvhenninge: it makes the combined vowels nicer: เกา เกีย เกือ11:58
jtvEasy to remember: the subscript vowels don't combine—กุ กู11:58
henningejtv: right ... ;-)11:59
henninge"Happy End für Launchpads Befreiung"11:59
henningeLinux Magazin Headline11:59
jtvhenninge: weird way to phrase it...11:59
henningeyes, what I thought.12:00
jtvWhy not "endlich bereit, Launchpad befreit!" or somesuch?  I mean, this _is_ the Befreiung.12:00
gesera question about LP API: are the results of archive.getPublishedSources() sorted? newest first?12:23
jtvgeser: hang on, I'll see if I can get someone who knows.12:27
jtvgeser: actually, it's pretty obvious: sorted by source package name.12:29
jtvgeser: after that, by age of source package publishing history entry, newest first.12:30
jtvgeser: wouldn't rely on that much detail though unless you really need it :)12:30
geserjtv: ok, thanks12:30
geserjtv: I'm thinking it it would be possible to replace a call to rmadison to check the current version of a package in Debian with using LP API and distribution['debian'] but as all packages there have status 'Pending' I can't filter on status = 'Published'12:32
jtvgeser: you're talking to someone who works on very different parts of the code, but bigjools may be able to help.12:33
jtvor al-maisan.12:33
al-maisanjust a minute..12:33
* al-maisan is on a call12:34
bigjoolsgeser: let me check that out for you12:36
bigjoolsgeser: you can use status="Pending"12:37
geserand the first result will the most recent one?12:38
bigjoolsgeser: yes12:38
geserbigjools: is the debian distribution updated regularly? i.e. is using it as relyable as using rmadison?12:41
bigjoolsgeser: yes, the imports run twice a day12:41
simon-ohi, where do I find the Launchpad Buildd Admins?12:47
bigjoolssimon-o: I can help, what's up?12:47
simon-obigjools: I received an email about a failed build. But I'm not sure what to do about it.12:48
simon-o * Build Log: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/advi/1.6.0-14/+build/1125569/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-powerpc.advi_1.6.0-14_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:48
bigjoolslet me check it12:48
bigjoolshevea: Depends: ocaml-base-nox-3.11.0 but it is not installable12:49
geserocaml FTBFS due a texlive breakage12:51
geserbut I don't know if it's fixed (on PPC)12:51
bigjoolssimon-o: do you need the powerpc build?  if not, ignore it, else wait for the ocaml build to be fixed then retry yours12:51
simon-obigjools: No, I don't need it. I just wanted to make sure, that no action from me is required :)12:52
simon-oHow do I retry the build?12:52
bigjoolsthere will be a link on the build's page12:53
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simon-obigjools: ok. thanks12:53
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bochechaI'd like to report bug / participate in mailing lists for a project hosted at launchpad.net, and before I open an account in Launchpad, I wanted to know one thing: Launchpad can act as an OpenID provider but can I log in using my own OpenId provider ?14:50
bochechathat would allow me to log in wothout opening yet another account on yet another webapp :)14:50
Ursinhabochecha, no, launchpad is a openid provider, but not consumer14:51
bochechaUrsinha, any plans for it in the near future ?14:52
Ursinhanot that I'm aware of :)14:53
bochechaok, I'll open an account then, just wanted to be sure :)14:53
Ursinhabochecha, no problem!14:53
bochechaand btw, kudos to the launchpad team for finally opening it! :)14:53
kikobochecha, we do indeed have plans to become a consumer14:56
kikoit is part of our openid plan14:56
Ursinhakiko, but in the near future?14:56
cperrin88Hey, I'm wondering how long it takes to get a review for my translation file14:57
cperrin88I don't want to be impatient of course14:57
cperrin88I'm just wondering14:57
henningecperrin88: a template ?14:58
kikocperrin88, it's usually within a few hours -- henninge does the CHR still do that?14:58
henningekiko: never did, we do that.14:58
kikohenninge, right, I meant s/still/already because I know there are plans afoot14:59
henningekiko: yes but it is quite complex14:59
henningecperrin88: which project?14:59
henningecperrin88: did you already upload something?15:01
cperrin88should I mention that I'm using edge?15:02
henningecperrin88: no15:03
henningecperrin88: you should be uploadeing the "en" file as the template (*.pot)15:04
henningecperrin88: also it should be clear what translation domain you are using, I guess it is not "django" because usually it is more like the name of the project.15:05
cperrin88I can't change taht15:05
cperrin88I'ts generated automatically15:05
cperrin88by django15:05
cperrin88at least I don't know how15:05
henningecperrin88: usually these things can be configured or you can write a little script to do the renaming.15:07
cperrin88but what are these pot files?15:07
cperrin88I'm pretty new to this15:07
henningecperrin88: RTFM15:07
henningecperrin88: they are the English strings that you want to have translated.15:08
henningecperrin88: so the "template" that translators fill in with their language.15:08
henningecperrin88: Make sure you read https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject15:09
cperrin88so it's a normal po file with english words, right?15:09
henningecperrin88: as the msgid entries, yes.15:11
cperrin88okay, thank you :)15:11
henningecperrin88: as I said, the English file in the queue has the right format for a pot, it just needs to be named correctly.15:11
henningecperrin88: I recommend "pycobo.pot" and "de.po", both in the *same* directory.15:12
henningecperrin88: one more thing15:16
henningecperrin88: in the German translation you use HTML entities for the Umlaute.15:17
henningecperrin88: but the header says its UTF-815:17
henningecperrin88: so you should use plain äöüÄÖÜß15:17
cperrin88but it's for a webpage15:18
cperrin88umlaute should be coded as html entities15:18
henningecperrin88: well, but the right Content-type header on the web page.15:18
henningecperrin88: no, that is an old rule.15:18
henningecperrin88: new rule says: Specify the charset in the header.15:19
henningecperrin88: and utf-8 works fine15:19
cperrin88the only problem was django15:19
cperrin88when I tried to compile umlauts it said that there was an invalid multibyte squence15:21
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kikoUrsinha, not real near future, but still15:27
kikoit's planned15:27
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Ddordahello. i just came to report that "there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server."16:12
bigjoolsDdorda: is it persisting like that?  what URL?16:13
Ddordabigjools: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-drupal-planet-devs/ubuntu-drupal-planet/6.x/revision/116:14
bigjoolsok, it was transient16:14
Ddordai tried few times, but only now it worked. i hate Murphy?16:16
bigjoolsyeah :)16:16
Ddordawell, thanks and goodbye16:17
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Azagis normal that every time I branch, It make me a folder in the program folder name devel?19:00
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leonelhello ..  Is there a way to know how many downloads from my ppa  packages  have been  ??20:31
geserleonel: bug 13985520:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 139855 in soyuz "Display stats about PPA usage" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13985520:47
ahzWhere is a good place to find translators for my project?20:50
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CarlFKis there a way to search PPAs?21:32
beunoCarlFK, yes21:33
CarlFKhttp://ppa-search.appspot.com/search?search_key_word=kdenlive  close, but dosn't show me the versions, and so far they are all old21:33
beunolet me get that link for you21:33
beunoCarlFK, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas21:33
beunokiko, bigjools, cprov, ^21:34
beunothere's an external PPA search21:34
kikoyeah, I think I saw this a while back21:34
CarlFKkinda the same problem, but more usable, so good.21:35
CarlFKand I found kdenlive 0.7.5 quicker, so also good :)21:36
cprovCarlFK: note that you can also search for 'kdenlive' in ubuntu, then find the relevant PPA versions on https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdenlive21:39
CarlFKcprov: neat - thanks21:41
sinzuibarry: ping21:55
ftajames_w, 1st complaint against -daily builds: http://identi.ca/notice/6844689 :P (at least 1st that i receive directly)22:00
ftacould be worse, one could do openoffice and gcc ;)22:02
ahzIs there a place I can find volunteers to translate my project?  (I have 25 languages and mostly just need small updates before each release.)22:06
SamBahz: I would suggest checking with your users22:20
ahzSamB: I've contacted some former translators, but some do not respond22:21
SamBdunno what to say22:22
SamBdo you actually have users using all of those translations?22:22
ahzSamB: I think so based on web logs and update logs.  I only review the top 10-15 translations anyway22:24
SamBwell, I'd suggest using whatever mechanisms you usually use to communicate with your users ;-)22:25
ahzAnother way of putting it: there are things Launchpad itself could do22:26
ahz1. Add a system where translators could subscribe to translations, so they know when new strings are added (and maybe even the deadline for release)22:26
ahz2. Add a "help wanted" section where project leaders could solicit volunteers22:27
ahzCan I request these launchpad features here https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad ?22:32
thumperahz: sure22:32
thekornbeuno, the screenshot of the new project overview page is looking great,22:33
thekornbut this green download buttons are looking strange22:33
thekornthey somehow remind me on sourceforge ;)22:33
thumperis there a way to actually remove a bugtask from a bug?22:36
matsubarathumper, no22:38
matsubarathumper, unless you're considering SQL surgery :-)22:39
thumpermatsubara: I'm not22:39
matsubarathumper, bug 134222:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1342 in malone "Can't delete spurious "Affects" lines (bugtasks) from bug reports" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134222:40
thumpermatsubara: ta22:40
cprovnick cprov-afk22:56
barrysinzui: delayed pong.  i still haven't gotten this new irc client to scream at me yet23:02
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kikohere we go23:06
barrykiko: make it so!23:06
kikomthaddon, keep us posted ;-)23:06
mthaddonkiko: will do (but head down at the moment)23:10
kikosure thing23:10
ftabzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~chromium-team/chromium-browser/chromium-browser.head": OOPS-1299EA67123:11
ftawhat is that?23:11
kikofta, quite possibly it is a symptom of launchpad being upgraded :-)23:11
mthaddonkiko: DB updates applied - restarting services (another short outage now)23:24
kikomthaddon, how smooth is smooth? :-)23:24
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mthaddonkiko: I'll let you know once it's all done :)23:24
kikolaunchpad is all apologies right now ;-)23:26
rowinggolferkiko - they were better when they were closed source ;)23:26
* beuno is reminded he needs to fix that page23:26
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kikomthaddon, I'm surprised. was login.launchpad.net supposed to be down right now?23:27
kikoI can't log in to ubuntu one either (of course)23:27
mthaddonkiko: see #launchpad-code23:27
mthaddonkiko: yes, while we restart the services23:28
kikomthaddon, hmmm, I need to understand why later23:28
slooperis launchpad down at the moment?23:38
bdmurrayShould the api work when Launchpad is read-only?23:38
rowinggolferslooper - see topic23:38
sloopersorry, I don't know UTC time23:38
nelleryslooper: you can enter date -u into terminal to get current UTC time23:39
slooperI assume that's until the end of this hour23:39
slooperI will wait patiently... thx!23:39
sloopernellery: alas, I'm on a windows box and Bill Gates has forbidden terminal23:40
spmslooper: yeah it23:41
spms down. the update has gone sour on a critical component23:41
mwhudsonfta: when you got "<fta> bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~chromium-team/chromium-browser/chromium-browser.head": OOPS-1299EA671" as an error23:52
mwhudsonfta: what were you doing?23:52

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