alteregoathe group fnordistus already exists00:08
yofelalteregoa: 'addgroup fnordistus admin' ?00:11
cwillu_clonealteregoa, fails at instructions :p00:11
cwillu_cloneyay :)00:12
alteregoalol i forgot to read something00:12
alteregoai hate those acer displays they are weird to read00:14
alteregoamany thanks00:16
BUGabundois it me or is notify-osd font size SMALLER?00:26
yofelBUGabundo: I think the whole notification style changed00:50
yofelthe bars also got thinner00:50
BUGabundowhat bars?00:50
yofelerr... progress... I mean the ones for brightness/sound/... level00:51
yofelcwillu_clone: thx :)00:52
* BUGabundo tests00:56
BUGabundoohh its lonnnnnggggeerrrrrr00:56
* BUGabundo has no bright OSD00:57
BUGabundojust got an email from the company that signs my paycheck (got recipt for it too, btw) telling me, I need to make 300KMs TOMORROW for medical exams... yeah right00:58
cwillu_cloneBUGabundo, can I sign your paycheck?00:59
BUGabundoits bank wired :)01:00
BUGabundounless you do a MITM01:00
BUGabundoI'm ok with it01:00
DanaGUgh, yeah, now it's thin and ugly.01:02
DanaGTOOOOOO thin.01:02
DanaGLike somebody stuck it in a taffy puller.01:03
DanaGWhat is it with all these supposed improvements that actually suck?  =þ  (insert update-manager rant here.)01:03
cwillu_cloneDanaG, I have a mental image of you yelling at kids to get off your lawn (which is impressive seeing as I have no idea what you look like :p)01:03
alteregoxis there support for mos7703?01:03
DanaGOld pic, but still about the same.01:04
BUGabundonow try them WITHOUT composit01:04
BUGabundoeven uglier01:04
BUGabundoplus with mouse over its very .....dont even know how to descrive01:05
* BUGabundo looks01:05
BUGabundoohh it's a pimple kid01:06
cwillu_cloneDanaG, in my mental image your eyes were open a bit wider:p, but aside from that01:06
cwillu_cloneanyways, back to on-topic things :p01:06
Bmw1000cit's amazing how we create a mental image about all people with who we talk online01:06
BUGabundo                            DanaGoyette@gmail.com@talk.google.com01:06
BUGabundothis is false... doesn't work LOL01:06
BUGabundothe XMPP JID is just email address01:06
BUGabundono need for server01:06
BUGabundoits FEDERATED01:07
BUGabundoBmw1000c: true01:07
BUGabundoand you look nothing like it01:07
DanaGWell, last time I set up gtalk, it wanted domain and server.01:07
DanaGAnd they're not the same.01:07
Bmw1000c:P neither you did01:07
BUGabundosee how I mixed up you and your friend?01:07
alteregoxmos technologies, commodore6401:07
BUGabundoalteregox: OT01:07
DanaG"connect server" is talk.google.com.01:07
Bmw1000coho yeah ahah01:07
* BUGabundo like we weren't :)01:07
BUGabundoDanaG: you can conect to any XMPP server01:08
BUGabundoXMPP is federated01:08
alteregoxhuh? goauld.com?01:08
DanaGCan't say I know what a JID is, either.01:09
DanaGoh, and that pic is about 4 years old, after all.01:10
DanaGPerhaps I should take a new one.01:10
alteregoxA_CR $0D01:11
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
Bmw1000cOur edge server has a lower timeout threshold than launchpad.net,01:21
DanaGugh, notify-osd is now 7.5cm wide.01:21
DanaGAnd about 1.8 tall.01:22
* cwillu_clone thinks _DanaG_ os 7.5 cm wide, and about 1.8 tall01:23
bcurtiswxanyone who is testing karmic... can you cause a notification bubble to appear and hover over the taskbar and see if the bubble goes fuzzy01:23
bcurtiswxi think you have to hover over the bubble as you go to the taskbet01:28
tanathcan anyone help me remove a broken package? http://pastebin.ca/150266802:38
yofeltanath: try to re-install it first?02:46
yofelsomewhere before the selinux initscript was removed so now it fails to stop the daemon02:47
hggdhyou can try 'sudo touch /etc/init.d/selinux'02:48
tanath/usr/sbin/update-selinux-policy: 160: /etc/init.d/selinux: not found02:51
tanathdpkg: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 12702:51
tanathon reinstalling02:51
tanathhggdh, tried that before, and it says permission denied on executing. i think it's expecting to run the script02:52
yofelhuh? but that file should be installed by 'selinux'02:52
hggdhtanath: reinstalling selinux should clear up this, then02:53
tanathhm, no, selinux-policy-ubuntu gets installed first 'cause selinux depends on it02:53
=== xxploit_ is now known as xxploit
tanathhggdh, no - see above02:53
hggdhtanath: it is possible that prerm will try to run /etc/init.d/selinux stop in order to prepare for removal02:54
tanathhggdh, i think so.02:54
hggdhso, as yofel stated, reinstalling selinux will clear whatever issue you had before, and will allow you to then remove the beast02:55
tanathexcept it installed selinux-policy-ubuntu first due to dependency, which fails02:56
tanathfor same reason02:56
tanathhggdh, know a way around it?02:58
yofeltanath: you could edit the /var/lib/dpkg/info/selinux.prerm script and remove any reference to '/etc/init.d/selinux stop' from there02:59
hggdhno, I do not -- and cannot reproduce, without selinux installed...02:59
yofelthen It should at least remove fine...02:59
hggdhor create a wrapper that will return 002:59
tanathyofel, it needs the file to remove...03:00
yofeltanath: what I meant was to tell the prerm script to not try to run the init script03:01
tanathhggdh, i suppose i could try that. i'm just not sure that it'll remove properly03:01
tanathit'd be easier if i could just replace the file as it's meant to be03:01
tanathnot sure why it's missing though03:01
hggdhwell, if selinux is already stopped, yofel's approach is the easiest03:02
tanathhow can i check?03:02
yofelI don't know how to check what it takes to stop it though since I can't install selinux here thanks to dependency problems03:03
yofeltanath: something else: do you still have the selinux deb in /var/cache/apt/archives?03:04
tanathyofel, nope. looking for the deb now03:04
yofeltanath: try 'apt-get install -d selinux'03:05
yofelthat should only download it03:05
tanathdidn't do anything useful03:05
yofeltanath: the file should be called selinux_1%3a0.4_all.deb03:06
tanath%3a = ?03:06
hggdhtanath: dpkg -x selinux*.deb temp;sudo cp temp/etc/init.d/selinux /etc/init.d03:06
tanathgotta get it downloaded first, but -d just says it's already the newest version03:08
yofeltanath: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/selinux03:09
tanathvictory! thanks, hggdh & yofel03:14
geekneeusHello, how stable is the nvidia driver 185.18.14 x86 on kernel Has anybody had problems (I'm going to be using it with 9.04 hopefully)03:15
tanathworked perfectly03:15
yofelyou're welcome03:15
geekneeusawesome :D03:15
tanathwish i knew how it got in that state03:15
* yofel too03:15
tanathheh, i can't get .30+ kernels to boot at all03:15
geekneeusI'm on 30.103:16
hggdhnot the issue with the kernel, but solving the selinux thingy ;-)\03:16
geekneeusbut there's a bug so going to 30.203:16
tanathbtw, i noticed something when i was removing selinux... http://pastebin.ca/150268703:16
tanathmy fstab is borked03:17
tanathand the reason i can't boot to the new kernels appears to be that it times out waiting for root device03:17
tanathwould that be why?03:17
tanathwell the fstab seems ok, rather03:18
hggdhyes, your fstab is borked03:18
danbhfivetanath: what is the [*-snip] format?03:18
yofeltanath: are those -snip really in your fstab? that shouldn't work at all03:18
tanathi did that03:18
tanathnot sure if it mattered03:18
hggdhis it between []?03:19
tanathjust left the first bit to distinguish them03:19
DanaGoh yeah, something weird for me: trying to UEFI-boot 2.6.31 fails... can't find "unknown-block(0,0)"03:19
tanathno, [] means i edited/commented03:19
DanaGAs it turns out... what's happening is that the initramfs is failing to load.03:19
tanathstrings in [] are replacements03:20
tanathexcept for where i said [wrong[03:20
yofeltanath: why did you replace them o.O03:20
tanathpotential security reasons? i'm not sure if it could matter03:20
danbhfivetanath: well, if its not finding your root device, it might be because of incorrect UUIDS, so it might be useful to paste it unedited03:20
tanathi don't know exactly how it's used03:21
yofeltanath: check if the values are the same as what 'sudo blkid' gives you03:21
tanathyofel, 'sudo blkid' doesn't list one for /dev/sda103:21
DanaGOh, and I also get "/proc/cmdline: no such file or directory"03:21
DanaG... which got a rather large WTF response from me.03:21
tanathyofel, just sda5 & sdb103:22
yofelokay... then I don't get you system setup... what does 'ls /dev/sd*' give you?03:23
tanath/dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda5  /dev/sdb  /dev/sdb103:24
yofelyour / is sda1 or sdb1 ?03:26
tanathand i can't seem to mount /dev/sda203:26
tanathwhich i'd forgotten about03:26
tanathit's not in fstab, so won't automount03:26
tanathand i'm not sure what fs it is03:26
yofeltanath: I don't think you can mount sda2 - it's a wrapper for sda503:27
tanathyou sure?03:27
tanathsda2 could easily be a 2nd partition on first drive03:27
yofelyou can only have 4 primary partitions so sda2 is a extended partition that can contain more partitions03:27
tanathok, so why did / get removed?03:28
yofeland the missind 3 and 4 are the remaining allowed primary ones03:28
yofeltanath: no idea, I'm asking myself the same thing03:28
yofeltanath: also 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda' should show you what types the partitions are03:29
tanathor probably more importantly, how do i fix it?03:29
tanathyeh, sda2 is extended03:29
yofeltanath: you've got sda1 mounted right now?03:29
tanathit's /03:30
tanathi'm running on a .28 kernel right now. won't boot in .30 ones03:30
yofelthen why doesn't blkid recognize it...03:31
DanaGHmm, try installing and running "testdisk"03:31
tanathtestdisk safe to run on / ?03:33
tanathi can't exactly unmount it :P03:33
tanathpartition type isn't listed03:34
tanathIntel/PC partition?03:34
geekneeusfdisk doesn't list the partition type?03:34
tanathno, testdisk doesn't03:34
geekneeussorry slow graphics, convo takes while to load03:35
tanathok, testdisk seems to recognize the partitions fine. / is marked bootable03:35
tanathstructure OK03:36
geekneeusI don't know what you're trying to do, you can't mount your filesystem? but you're using it?03:36
tanathgeekneeus, fstab doesn't see /03:36
geekneeusdoes mount list it as mounted?03:37
yofelyeah, but why did the system boot at all then?03:37
tanathgeekneeus, which i think is why i can't boot in .30 kernels. says timed out waiting for root device or some-such03:37
tanathgeekneeus, mount says rootfs mounted on /03:37
tanathtestdisk didn't seem to find anything abnormal03:38
geekneeuson you on ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10?03:39
tanathbut i can only boot from 9.04 kernels03:39
geekneeusok, I have it working on 9.04 not 9.1003:39
geekneeusI came in to find out how well the latest nvidia drivers worked with
tanathmm. ati here, and can't boot .30 kernels :P03:41
yofeltanath: what does 'sudo blkid /dev/sda1' say?03:41
tanathyofel, no output03:41
geekneeuswhat about just blkid?03:41
yofelor better not ok...03:41
yofelgeekneeus: that lists all other drives but not sda103:42
yofelwhich is... wtf?03:42
geekneeusno idea xD03:42
tanathmy / has no uuid :-/03:43
geekneeusso findfs doesn't locate the device by uuid? and blkid doesn't list the device?03:44
yofeltanath: what fs type do you have on / ?03:44
yofeltanath: try to set a new uuid with 'sudo tune2fs -U $(uuidgen) /dev/sda1'03:45
yofeland then rund blkid again03:46
DanaG[    3.094739] RAMDISK: Couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0.03:46
tanathstill no output03:46
yofeltanath: could you pastebin the output of 'sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1' ?03:47
tanathno errors, but blkid gives nothing03:47
geekneeustanath try sudo vol_id -u /dev/sda103:49
tanathyofel, looks like there's a valid uuid there..03:49
tanathsudo: vol_id: command not found03:50
yofelyeah, the fs state seems ok03:50
geekneeusok, it's not installed by default?03:50
yofelgeekneeus: vol_id doesn't exist in karmic03:50
tanathonly thing i have is volname03:50
geekneeusoh, didn't know that yofel :-)03:50
tanathxlife doesn't either. >_<03:51
tanathi want that back03:51
tanath /gripe03:51
tanathyofel, sudo blkid -p /dev/sda103:54
tanath/dev/sda1: ambivalent result (probably more filesystems on the device)03:54
yofelerr... wth03:54
yofelthat doesn't make sense03:55
yofelofel@yofel-thinkpad archives $ sudo blkid -p /dev/sda103:55
yofel[sudo] password for yofel:03:55
yofel/dev/sda1: UUID="c687ed50-e504-475b-ba14-05141897a4b2" VERSION="1.0" TYPE="ext4" USAGE="filesystem"03:55
tanatheek, i wouldn't recommend using ext4. i tried that and the fs corrupted03:56
yofeltanath: works fine since I use karmic, but yeah, wasn't really ready for use in jaunty03:56
tanathyou think it's stable enough in karmic?03:56
yofelI haven't had any errors so far03:57
tanathone data point... :P03:57
akiosafe graphics mode for the alpha 2 installer fails on my setup03:58
akiobut it is kind of an awkward setup anyway03:59
akioI was wondering how to get by this without burning the alternate install03:59
akioI believe you can specify the resolution and driver at the main menu04:00
yofeltanath: then I'm out of ideas for now04:00
yofeltanath: you should ask again later when the others are back04:00
tanathi think i tried installing truecrypt or something at one point... might that be it?04:00
yofeltanath: no idea, but googling your blkid message found bug 362315 as the only result04:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 362315 in udev "udev fails to identify crypt_LUKS swap partition by uuid" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36231504:01
yofelso that *might* have something to do with it04:02
tanathlooks like i have something called cryptmount installed04:02
tanathwonder if that did it04:02
yofelbut I don't know anything about truecrypt tbh04:02
yofeland now I'm off to bed04:02
tanathmakes hidden encrypted partitions04:02
yofelgood night04:02
tanathmm, thanks. gnight04:02
akioanyone got a fast dl for karmic alternate i386?04:26
natewiebe13is there a way to request an update of packages for karmic?04:46
natewiebe13for a specific program?04:46
billybigriggeranyone here having gnome-do problems?05:53
billybigriggeri lost my dock05:55
billybigriggerfirst time it's never opened on boot05:57
billybigriggeranyone lost sound today?06:30
ghindobillybigrigger, No Gnome-Do problems nor sound problems for me today06:34
billybigriggeri can see the volume bar moving, like its outputting sound...in pavucontrol, and the new sound preferences icon06:34
billybigriggerbut nothing06:34
billybigriggerrestart fixed er06:39
billybigriggererr logout/in06:39
DanaG[    3.094739] RAMDISK: Couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0.06:58
d1bhi um is packages.ubuntu.com down atm?07:25
rwwd1b: yes07:26
d1brww: ok any idea on an eta till its back up?07:27
rwwd1b: no. it goes up and down occasionally. What was it you needed it for?07:28
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PROject-EmeraldIs it a bad idea to update to 9.10 if I use Ubuntu recreationally... like, webcam / IRC / anime / security tools07:43
bazhangPROject-Emerald, yes07:43
PROject-Emeraldany idea on a release?07:43
bazhangOctober 200907:43
PROject-EmeraldOh sweet.07:44
x1250anyone knows what happened to gdmsetup? I can't find it and apt-file returns nothing.10:32
ikoniax1250: I believe it's broke in the later versions of gnome - but don't quote me on that10:57
x1250k, thanks10:58
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induswell, cant enter ubuntu so i came here12:41
oldude67what did you do get into trouble..lol12:41
indusguys, any idea if any new theme or look is into karmic alphas yet12:41
YaManicKillhas the login window settings thing changed? cause i can't find it12:41
oldude67YaManicKill, are you talking about gdm?12:42
YaManicKilloldude67: yeah12:44
oldude67its a little foobarred right now..atleast it is on my machine..:(12:44
YaManicKillreally? its nowhere on mine12:45
oldude67i switched to kdm for the time being.12:45
YaManicKillits in administration rather than preferences isnt it12:45
oldude67ewww thats a gnome question..lol12:46
YaManicKilllol yeah...it is...but still12:46
oldude67ya look there.12:46
YaManicKilli just wanna disable auto login, cause i'm trying to get out of this xsession, and into my standalone compiz one12:46
oldude67or do dpkg-reconfigure gdm12:46
oldude67oh then that wont help you12:46
YaManicKillis there a way to do it from the command line?12:47
YaManicKillnano /etc/gdm/custom.conf12:52
alteregoadrag and drop doesnt work with banshee12:53
cailleandoes the changings on the /etc/gdm/custom.conf take any effect?  i tried it, but there were no changings after restarting gdm12:53
haanujhey i have a problem with sudo apt-get update13:17
haanujW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.ubuntu.com karmic/universe Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_karmic_universe_binary-i386_Packages)13:17
haanujW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems13:17
haanujcan anyone help me13:18
dupondjeread the warning ?13:18
dupondjeit says whats wrong ?13:18
haanujupdate cannot complete13:19
oldude67because you have a duplicate source entry13:19
dupondjesome people can't read errors :(13:19
haanujso how ccan i change13:19
oldude67edit your source.list13:20
haanuji did but still get the same error13:20
dupondjethen you didn't remove all duplicate entries13:21
haanujhow can i know which is duplicate13:22
YaManicKilli can't seem to be able to kill x. i did the sudo apt-get install dontzap and then sudo dontzap -d13:22
YaManicKillbut i still can't kill x13:23
dupondjeYaManicKill: kill x ?13:23
YaManicKilldupondje: but i don't want to go and have to do that everytime i wanna logout.13:23
haanujok i try13:24
haanuji's done13:26
haanujthanxx DUDE !!!13:26
hggdhjust an FYI, if yet unknown: last update to ecryptfs hosed my system13:28
hggdhdowngrading to -76 recovered it, at least partially13:28
dupondjeknown bug13:30
dupondjehggdh: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/40301113:32
hggdhdupondje: thanks, will subscribe. There are other effects (keyring is still giving me issues)13:35
hggdhand my session theme just went bananas :-(13:35
alteregoasomeone is talking from my telling bone13:35
dupondjehggdh: temp solution is to go back to previous version13:36
dupondjebut they are on it :)13:36
hggdhyay, I am there13:36
dupondjepatch seems to be done :p13:37
dupondjeupgrade will come asap :D13:37
hggdhheh. Will get it this evening, go to get to my contract now13:37
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alteregoxi see only garbage with vinagre15:02
alteregoxvino-server has a problem with desktop-effects15:02
alteregoxis there a way to deactivate the effects on connect?15:13
gnomefreakalteregox: yes turn them off in apperance15:15
gnomefreakthey will not come on again until you set it to normal or advanced or whatever its called15:16
Ergo^does anyone know if there are plans to include support for dsl and adsl usb based modems in koala ?15:55
Ergo^networkmanager doesnt handle those at all15:55
Bmw1000cit doesnt?16:04
Ergo^Bmw1000c: nope, i couldnt get to work any usb modem from main polish telecoms16:10
Ergo^had to use 3rd party scripts that did some mumbo-jumbo with configs16:11
Ergo^not to mention easy connection sharing ;-)16:12
popeyErgo^: you can do easy connection sharing with firestarter16:16
Ergo^popey: yea that i know fortunately16:16
Ergo^the big issue is getting usb modems to work without net and 3rd party programs16:17
Ergo^this seems to solve the problem for other countries too it seems16:17
Ergo^but its not a very good solution, when it comes to conn sharing unfortunately16:18
popeyusb modems in general aren't a very good solution16:18
popeythats a lovely looking website16:18
Ergo^popey: they are not, but tell that to around 50% of internet users in my country :P16:19
Ergo^i guess those modems are very cheap16:19
Ergo^dont understand why they dont ship ethernet based ones16:19
Ergo^and yes site is lovely, but shouldnt be needed in first place, average user has no chance of getting his modem running if just left with empty pc and a cd with drivers ;-)16:21
YaManicKillis the gdm config manager meant to not be in karmic just now?16:26
* YaManicKill searches lp16:26
YaManicKillwait...its been posted as a bug16:28
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Le-Chuck_ITAHi, a quick question, I need to answer a bug report. Is gstreamer-pulseaudio going to be installed by default in karmic (currently it isnt)?17:16
Le-Chuck_ITAor better17:16
Le-Chuck_ITAis gstreamer0.10-alsa going to be removed from the default desktop??17:17
DkySvenI would like to upgrade to 9.10 to test it and report bugs, but how stable is it at the moment? Can I perform basic tasks at my laptop with it?17:45
alteregoadefine basic tasks?17:46
alteregoai run it on my notebook17:46
DkySvenbrowsing the web, reading e-mail17:46
alteregoaits stable for those stuff17:46
DkySvenbecause of trouble with fglrx and ati I can't play games at it any way on 9.0417:47
DkySventhen I'll give it a try17:47
alteregoamy notebook uses the kernel driver, and 3d works wit ati17:47
DkySvenI've a Radeon 200M, which is a bit old I think17:47
alteregoai think it works17:47
DkySvenok, thanks17:48
alteregoawlan stuff works fine17:48
Bmw1000ceverythings works fine (at least most of the time) here17:49
DkySvenlets hope I'll have no trouble either17:50
alteregoai hope someone adds e4defrag into the kernel17:50
DanaGwow, really bad naming:17:57
DkySvengoing to upgrade17:58
DkySventhanks for the help17:58
alteregoagrog game18:00
oli_any idea how you bring up the full mixer in karmic?18:44
oli_or otherwise turn on the surround clone?18:46
kazzywhen is a dist-upgrade needed in unstable releases?19:16
PiciI always use it.19:16
kazzyanyone using KDE 4.3 RC2?19:18
kazzythe task manager doesn't work for me, but it might just be an outdated package/missing dependency19:19
DkySvenI'm now at my netbook19:33
DkySvenext4 made my laptop freeze during upgrade19:33
DkySvencan I use the powr button to shut it down and what will it do to my sytem?19:33
DkySvenI was already installing the upgrades19:33
billybigriggerDkySven, did you have ext4 before the upgrade?19:44
DkySvensadly enough yes19:45
billybigriggerlike what do you mean ext4 froze your upgrade19:45
DkySvenext4 makes sometimes my system getting frozen19:45
DkySvenit did so in 9.0419:45
DkySvenand now it froze my laptop during the upgrade19:45
DkySvenscreen is frozen and nothing but the powerbutton works19:45
DkySvenI've to go, dinner19:47
yofelheh, I do think DkySven was right, I too had a lot system freezes in jaunty with ext4. Once I upgraded to karmic all works well19:52
yofelbillybigrigger: btw, ubottu learned about your grub2 wiki page yesterday ;)19:53
Le-Chuck_ITAyofel: it's a known bug20:00
Le-Chuck_ITAvery famous bug20:00
yofelLe-Chuck_ITA: I think I know which one you mean20:00
yofelwell, gotta go20:01
Le-Chuck_ITAlisted in the release notes!20:01
billybigriggeryofel, sup20:07
VisitorI just installed Karmic alpha2, but is there any manual to get the other installed OSses back in the new grub?20:20
VisitorI noticed the known issue about this (in hindsight, of course ;))20:20
Bmw1000c?? grub220:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub220:22
Visitorchecking it out20:30
VisitorI got some messages in the dist-upgrade dialog which say Jaunty has been found... maybe I should just wait for the update process to finish20:32
billybigriggerwhat other os's do you have installed?20:32
VisitorOh, it found all there is, so I probably have what I wanted :)20:32
=== Visitor is now known as VisitorQ
yofelanybody and idea how to increase font size in the new notify-osd style?21:00
yofelthat's almost a use case for the desktop magnifier...21:01
charlie-tcaYou mean you can increase it?21:02
yofelok... my insane system load values have defenitely something to do with suspend21:02
billybigriggeryofel, right now i think the font changes with your system font21:02
billybigriggerbut i don't think you can change it independantley21:03
charlie-tcaJust for fun, try running the cursor across the notificcations once.21:03
oli_hmm why isn't alt+f2 working?21:04
yofelah, you mean the fuzzyness when going to the top right corner?21:04
charlie-tcaMine blurred the notices for the rest of today21:04
charlie-tcaThey just open blurred now21:04
DanaGYeah, the "Fading" is actually rather ugly.21:04
DanaG.. even without the blur.21:04
yofelhere they stop being blurred once I move the mouse away again21:04
charlie-tcaI can only wish they did. Of course, with that font size, I can't read them anyway.21:05
DanaGOh, and the things are tooooo skinny.21:05
DanaGVolume or brightness things are like 7 cm by 1.5 cm.21:05
yofelDanaG: I like the meter size, only the font size is far too small21:06
BUGabundohey hey21:37
yofelhey BUGabundo21:40
BUGabundohey yofel21:40
BUGabundohow was your day'21:40
yofelargh, installing updates in my windows VM is making me crazy, had to restart it 5 times already *-.-21:41
yofelBUGabundo: quite busy :(21:41
yofeland HOT21:41
yofeland I've got no more ice cream :(21:42
BUGabundolet me run UM for the 1st time in weeks21:43
BUGabundobeen using aptitude now21:43
mphillwhois lemonade22:10
* BUGabundo lends '/' to mphill22:12
BUGabundowho was run scared now22:12
billybigriggerBUGabundo, howdy22:14
BUGabundohey billybigrigger22:15
BUGabundodidn't see you come in22:15
billybigriggerbeen here22:15
billybigriggerall day :)22:15
billybigriggerperks of being unemployed :P22:16
BUGabundoI know the feeling22:16
BUGabundobut now I got two new jobs22:17
BUGabundobeen working again almost a month22:17
billybigriggerpass one my way please22:17
BUGabundoeven got my pay check yesterday22:17
billybigriggertime to spend it now?22:17
BUGabundoI guess22:19
BUGabundobeen trying to get a new LCD for over half a yeat22:19
BUGabundobut my contract ended on dezember so I kept from getting me a xtmas gift22:20
billybigriggeryeah, i thought about getting one a few months ago22:21
billybigriggerbut glad i didn't haha would be regretting it now22:22
billybigriggerpretty quiet having a3 just a few hours away :(22:26
TwigathyThat's because an update broke everything for nearly everybody *runs* ;)22:26
alteregoadoes someone have libcl.so?22:27
BUGabundohey Twigathy :p22:27
BUGabundowhat update?22:27
BUGabundoalterego let me check22:27
TwigathyBUGabundo: no, no update. I was kidding22:27
Twigathyoh, blergh, wires crossed =)22:27
rleedsI feel like I must not be the first to ask this (I apologize), but I just started getting a custom google search from my shiretoko search bar today. What gives?22:30
BUGabundome too22:30
BUGabundoand I don't like to be imposed22:30
BUGabundolet me smack asac22:30
BUGabundofor doing CHANGES to my system22:30
billybigriggerfirefox-3.0 (3.0.11+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu2.me001) karmic; urgency=low22:30
billybigrigger  * add me001 multisearch feature for karmic alpha322:30
billybigrigger    - add debian/extensions/*22:30
Twigathyyup, a new update installed some crazy google custom search in firefox... you can remove/disable it from the add-ons whatsit...22:30
billybigriggerdon't know why it affected 3.5 though22:31
rleedsI see the Ubuntu Firefox Modifications 0.8a1 add-on, which used to be incompatible with 3.5 IIRC22:31
rleedsbut if it's a feature of that, there's no way I can see to turn only that feature off.22:31
BUGabundobillybigrigger: 'cause all confs are on 3.0x. and 3.5 and 3.6 pull from 3.0.xc22:32
billybigriggerBUGabundo, ooooh :)22:32
BUGabundotry to remove all FF22:32
BUGabundoand just install 3.5 or 3.622:32
BUGabundoyou will see it pull 3.022:32
BUGabundoat least until 3.5 become the default22:32
drs305It should be listed under Tools, Addons, Multisearch22:37
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
rleedsdrs305, Thanks. That did the trick.22:43
billybigriggerdrs305, howdy22:43
drs305Hey billybigrigger22:43
=== ubuntuella_ is now known as ubuntuella
billybigriggerhow goes the battle?22:44
drs305billybigrigger: I keep playing with Grub2 - mostly positives. Used your Theming section yesterday to mess around with it.22:44
drs305billybigrigger: Your notes worked fine. And I usually don't mess with the eye candy aspects of Linux.22:45
billybigriggerwhen some final artwork drops start to come i want to make a nice g2 splash22:46
drs305Usually for me the splash images are beautiful but make the selections more difficult to read, which seems counterproductive.22:50
drs305So I just tweak the colors instead.22:50
* BUGabundo defaults to verbose. no splash is even isntalled22:50
yofelBUGabundo: grub2 splash, not usplash :P22:51
* billybigrigger still waits for faster boot times22:53
billybigriggerBUGabundo, your webcam working?22:56
billybigriggeryet or again or whatever? :)22:56
billybigriggerand what module do you use?22:56
BUGabundobillybigrigger: nope23:00
BUGabundostill waiting for upstream to sync all bits23:00
BUGabundoyofel: bah23:00
billybigriggerBUGabundo, what module do you use?23:02
billybigrigger^^ looks promising23:02
billybigriggerfor me anyway23:03
BUGabundobillybigrigger: just the driver NOL tells me too23:03
alteregoawhere can i find the libcl.so?23:19
BUGabundook this is the STUPIDET bug yet23:19
BUGabundoguys need someone to open GPM23:19
BUGabundoand enable and disable DIM on AC23:19
BUGabundono one?23:20
alteregoa libcl.so.3.3.0 or something23:20
billybigriggerBUGabundo, what is GPM?23:20
BUGabundognome power manager23:21
billybigriggersorry, desktop here :(23:21
BUGabundobetter on Laptop LCD23:21
BUGabundoyea right23:21
BUGabundothe darn thing makes my LCD brigh dim EVEN when on use23:21
BUGabundoso I need someone to cross check23:22
BUGabundobefore I file it23:22
BUGabundo https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/13759823:28
BUGabundoI wonder if my dim bug is a regression from this one23:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 137598 in gnome-power-manager "Screen brightness resets to default (maximum) on idle with AC plugged in" [High,Confirmed]23:28
* Twigathy notes opening a 16384x16384 PNG in firefox makes it *very* angry c_c23:29
billybigriggerlp is offline23:29
DanaGwhat the hell?23:30
DanaGGoogle search box takes me there!23:30
DanaGNot to the normal google.23:30
BUGabundoyep DanaG23:31
BUGabundonew FF addon23:31
DanaGIt sucks.23:31
BUGabundoalready is a bug on it23:31
DanaGWhere's "cache"?23:31
DanaGWhere's "Images"?23:31
DanaGWhere's "igoogle"?23:31
DanaG(you get the point.)23:31
DanaGIn fact, I'd almost call it malware.23:31
BUGabundobug 40276723:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402767 in firefox-3.5 "multisearch add on blocks the functionality of firefox location bar" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40276723:31
BUGabundoI think23:31
DanaG                    Launchpad is offline for scheduled maintenance.           We should be back soon.23:32
DanaGAnd I can't even do the google cache.23:32
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable (https://launchpad.net/bugs/402866/+text)23:32
billybigriggertime to start using chromium again i think :)23:32
DanaGAnd you can't do the "promote result" thing.23:32
DanaGTime to slap somebody with a funnoodle.23:32
TwigathyDanaG: tools -> add-ons -> disable multisearch
DanaGWow, that was installed without consent.23:33
=== imachine is now known as nutmeg
=== nutmeg is now known as imachine
DanaGIn fact, I'm going to go further, and dpkg-divert it.23:33
BUGabundoon #ubuntu-mozilla23:35
BUGabundoon #ubuntu-mozillateam23:35
TwigathyFarrrr too tempting to join the channel just to watch c_c23:35
DanaGoh ayeah, and how do you disable the titlebar-blink-on-bell in metacity?23:38
billybigriggerSarvatt, you alive?23:39
BUGabundoDanaG: sounds23:39
DanaGnope, not there.23:39
DanaGhad to go to gconf-editor.23:40
BUGabundobut I recall a option for it on some gui23:41
arandDanaG: There is a "visual alert" option in the sound pref (quite illogical, come to think of it)23:44
DanaGI didn't see it there.23:44
BUGabundoDanaG: only enabled when you have a sound theme23:44
DanaGis just the crappy wannabe pavucontrol replacement.23:44
DanaGI have sound theme disabled.23:44
yofelarand: the sound preferences were replaced with the pulse one23:44
DanaGer, sound singular.23:45
DanaGYeah, it sucks not being able to choose which device the volume-control keys control.23:45
BUGabundoso now that you guys are awake again23:46
BUGabundo(11:19:27 PM) freenode: guys need someone to open GPM23:46
BUGabundo(11:19:35 PM) freenode: and enable and disable DIM on AC23:46
BUGabundo(11:21:52 PM) freenode: the darn thing makes my LCD brigh dim EVEN when on use23:46
BUGabundo(11:21:59 PM) freenode: so I need someone to cross check23:46
BUGabundo(11:22:03 PM) freenode: before I file it23:46
* billybigrigger watches everyone slip away23:46
arandOh, sorry, still on janty on this one...23:47
DanaGoh yeah, it does dim rather annoyingly soon for me.23:47
DanaGNo option to adjust that time.23:47
BUGabundonot the time23:48
BUGabundofor me its INSTANT23:48
* BUGabundo needs to stop screaming23:48
DanaGyou mean you stop moving the mouse, it dims right then?23:48
DanaGIf so, that's really weird.23:48
BUGabundoDanaG: no23:48
BUGabundoas soon as I click on it23:48
DanaGhmm, doesn't do that for me.23:49
DanaGOh yeah, I do have it showing the "empty battery" icon for my full battery.23:49
yofelafter what timout is that ting supposed to dim my screen?23:49
yofelI don't get any reaction from it23:49
BUGabundoyofel: bug 40276723:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402767 in firefox-3.5 "multisearch add on blocks the functionality of firefox location bar" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40276723:51
BUGabundonot that23:51
BUGabundobug 40129423:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401294 in gnome-applets "sound applet and notification icon create duplication" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40129423:51
BUGabundonope either23:51
yofelfishing for bugs? :P23:51
* BUGabundo scrolls back on parcelite23:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 137598 in gnome-power-manager "Screen brightness resets to default (maximum) on idle with AC plugged in" [High,Confirmed]23:51
BUGabundoahhh there it is23:52
yofelyep, that looks like mine23:52
yofelnow if only lp would be online again...23:53
BUGabundoyofel: but I think mine is a regression of that23:54
BUGabundothey fixed it, now got me in a broken state23:54
BUGabundodon't know why you two don't see it23:54
yofelhmmm, that reminds me... any idea how to disable dim on battery?23:54
BUGabundoLP back up23:54
BUGabundofiling FF bug23:54
BUGabundoyofel: sure, 2nd tab?23:55
BUGabundo$ apport-cli -fp firefox-3.023:55
yofelBUGabundo: already disabled everything there, but it still dims the screen a bit, which is annoying since my screen really isn't very bright23:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 402767 in firefox-3.5 "multisearch add on blocks the functionality of firefox location bar" [High,Triaged]23:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 403246 in firefox-3.0 "please restore old NEWTAB" [Undecided,New]23:58
BUGabundonow the DIM23:59

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