InSearchOfplars, did this weeks meeting get canceled earlier?00:00
plarsInSearchOf: no, it was this morning00:35
plarsInSearchOf: on #ubuntu-meeting00:35
InSearchOfhmm... maybe there was a lot of them going on... is there an IRC log I can view?00:35
InSearchOfI need to up the scrollback buffer on xchat :-)00:36
plarsInSearchOf: should be posted on the agenda page, but sometimes it takes a little while to get posted00:37
InSearchOfcool, thanks plars00:37
plarsInSearchOf: one of the major things we discussed was moving to a wiki page for blueprint status tracking... err, actually updating the status on the blueprint, and using a script to generate the wiki page00:38
InSearchOfthat would be sweet, I need to start looking at the blueprints again... and finally purchase a beagleboard as planned00:38
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loolhi there08:21
ograwhere ?08:29
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NCommanderWhen two people dream the same dream, its a pointer error21:03
dyfetmaybe it's being reference counted...21:04
loologra_: Around?21:13
loologra_: Did you ever use tools to manipulate the config of an uboot env part?21:13
loolDoes someone have access to a /dev/mtd* device?21:15
loolI'd like to confirm that mtdN are char devices21:15
NCommanderlool, I thought mtd* were block devices (although its very possible thats variable dependng on the underlying driver)21:29
NCommanderlool, (and I can check on my B2.0 for you as soon as I'm off the phone)21:29
loolNCommander: mtdblockN are block devices21:29
NCommanderlool, oh ...21:30
loolNCommander: I'd love if you could confirm for mtdN21:30
loolI think they are block devices as well, but you're in charge of clearing them with appropriate ioctls21:30
NCommanderlool, its probably got to wait ~30 minutes, since I'm on the phone and my board is disconnected (and requires NFS root ATM, since my harddrive commited suidice)21:30
loolThat's ok21:30
NCommanderlool, qt4-x11 finished on RIMU21:35
loolNCommander: So problem solved but we don't know why?  :-/21:35
NCommanderlool, I think we just need to bump the build timeout on this package alone: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224914/21:35
NCommander(not a great solution, but I really don't want to start rewiring qt's build system)21:36
loolNCommander: Did you check how long the previous build time when compared to this one?21:38
loolis it a serious regression or just a small bump and we were lucky to build it so far?21:38
beyossiOgra, i followed http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu but for some reason it doesn't recognize any device for attaching to eth0. I have a belkins wifi usb dongle connected to my usb-hub (a long with the keyboard and mouce it didn't recognize as well). any idea how to debug it?21:39
beyossianybody is familiar with the beagleboard?21:55
NCommanderlool, ok, off the phone22:04
NCommanderlool, what I thnk happened is the requirements for building with -fPIE simply got higher with gcc 4.422:04
loolNCommander: That could be22:05
NCommanderogra did some benchmarks between 4.3 and 4.4 and I think he didn't see a huge difference22:05
NCommanderlool, and QT4 is a massive package. Its similar to upstart w.r.t. to the size of its data files22:05
NCommanderlool, it might be a regression in GCC then again, it might just be we were tethering on the edge before, and 4.4 simply pushed us over22:06
loolThat's what doko's bug is about I believe22:06
NCommanderwhich bug?22:06
NCommanderlool, I'm pretty content in us bumping the build timeout time if its acceptable by you22:07
NCommanderer, wait22:08
loolWell i'd like to know how the build times compare22:08
NCommanderOn the buildds, the build was axed 18 hours, 23 minutes, 50.2 seconds in22:08
NCommanderThe completed build took 20.3 hours22:09
NCommander(that was building with dpkg-buildpackage -b doing an arch specific upload as per how the buildds do it)22:10
loolHow was the previous one?22:11
NCommanderlool, the last one that fully completed?22:11
NCommander2009-06-22  (took 20 hours, 59 minutes, 26.7 seconds)22:12
NCommanderso it took even longer than the build on rimu22:12
loolNCommander: Ok; I'm fine with bumping the build time in this case22:12
NCommander(that was 4.5.1, we're building 4.5.2, so its a different base version)22:12
NCommanderlool, did we figure out what was causing the lzma breakage?22:14
NCommanderor did that simply magically fix itself?22:14
loolNCommander: It seems it went away on mesa with no reason22:16
NCommanderlool, and on kdelibs :-/22:17
NCommander(er kde4libs, kdelibs is a separate issue I need to fix)22:17
loolNCommander: Can you confirm on that mtd issue?22:21
NCommanderlool, sure, give me a moment to hook up the B2 to my laptop and bring up NFS22:21
NCommanderlool, how do I check if its a block or character device? (sorry, I'm drawing a mental blank on how :-/)22:27
NCommanderlool, no MTD support in the FSL B2 kernel22:34
loolNCommander: file /dev/foo22:34
NCommander(I have no /dev/mtd*)22:34
NCommanderand nothing in dmesg to suggest anything is detected and just failing to configure22:35
NCommander^- lool22:36
loolOk thanks22:36
loolIt seems they are char22:39
Sarvattcat /proc/devices?22:50
loolI don't have a system with them22:51
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Sarvatthe would see the mtdchar module loaded too i'd imagine22:58
loolSarvatt: indeed; as a char device; thanks!23:00

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