FLOZzhi _o/10:45
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lassegulwhats up guys.13:42
FLOZzmmm nothing13:45
FLOZzyes and you ?13:45
lassegulgloomy weather, but except for that...13:46
lasseguli really hate how inkscape doesnt warn you if youre about to export to png and overwrite a file you are already using in the project.13:47
lassegulyou end up with a funny result though: usually a huge png of "source image not available".13:47
FLOZzrepote a bug to the inkscape team ?13:48
FLOZzmaybe they will add this13:49
lassegulyeah, but they have a _lot_ of bug reports, takes time to look through them all to check for duplicates.13:49
mac_vlassegul: which version of inkscape are you using, ? I get a warning before overwrites13:51
mac_vfunny thing is , i was looking for a way to turn it off ;p13:52
lassegulmac_v: lol. good question, im not on my home computer right now, but im guessing something like a rev of pre 0.47 from middle of june.13:53
lassegulshould update then :)13:53
mac_vah... works in 0.4613:53
lassegulso whats new with ubuntu artwork these days. are there being done any mockups for client side windows gtk decorations?13:53
mac_vi guess boot experience is the only thing active right now, everything else is quite13:55
lassegulusplash theming?13:55
lassegulyou havent decided to go for plymouth have you?13:55
mac_vgrub2 , no plymouth, mat_t is getting things going13:56
lassegulcool. i remember saying something like "grub2 will be the ultimate boot loader for the GNU/HURD operating system" the day before ubuntu announced it.13:57
lassegulhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Solitaire  Theres a patch doing the similar things upstream actually.13:58
lassegulhold on, ill try to find it.13:59
lassegulawkward Gnome bug 573178 fixes it better.14:06
ubottuGnome bug 573178 in aisleriot "Add Tango style cards to aisleriot" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=57317814:06
lassegulwithout the ubuntu icon though, but still.14:07
lassegulmac_v: so im looking at the Boot site at the wiki, this all looks really cool, but is it technically possiblelikely?14:13
mac_vi think so, yes... the boot experience wiki already has links youtube showing the working  prototypes on a Karmic install .. but  mat_t is the better person to answer this14:15
yharrow_mobilelassegul: I don't know if its true. but i read on the wiki that usplash may be removed in favor of an immediate x session. If this is the case then I imagine it sholdnt be too dififuclt.14:15
lasseguli also see that, and i like it very much. mat_t is the one working on facebrowser now, taking over where macslow left?14:16
yharrow_mobilehas mat_t posted any reports/screens of his progress online?14:17
mat_tyharrow_mobile: lassegul: I haven't taken over form MacSlow, no :)14:18
mat_tI'm running the design ans specification work for boot and login14:18
mat_tMacSlow will be implementing some of the stuff we design :)14:19
lassegulcrepy, we were here talking behind your back, and suddenly youve been here all along :P14:19
mat_thaha, never talk behind someone's back! ;)14:20
lassegulespecially in a logged channel :)14:20
mat_twell... yes14:20
lassegulso is troy still around?14:20
yharrow_mobileyeah but not like anyone reads the logs...14:20
yharrow_mobilei mean do they?14:20
yharrow_mobileI dunno. I not spoke with troyin a while. But then again i havent been around lately.14:21
mat_tFYI guys, great submissions so far, we're in the process of putting together the final proposals14:21
mat_tso it's a last minute call really - we must have the designs ready before the distro sprint, starting 3rd of Aug14:22
yharrow_mobileBtw I really am impressed with the boot submissions. I was getting a little discouraged in the open source art process lately.14:22
yharrow_mobileBut those submissions gave me a spark of hope.14:22
lassegulyeah, guys, you do some awesome work now!14:22
mat_tha! Me too :)14:22
mat_tWe're only just starting spreading the word, so that we can get much more people involved14:23
yharrow_mobiletook be by surprise. yes thats exactly what im thinking mat_t14:23
mat_tsee, most designers never used linux, and have no idea what FOSS is14:23
mat_twe're here to change it!14:23
yharrow_mobileI get aroundin the art world a bit. And I'm hearing of an increasing number of casual artists who are startng to pick up open source programs like gimp and inkscape as adobe prices skyrocket14:24
lassegulid like to see what happened if adobe one day managed to block pirating of their products14:25
mat_twould be great to have a good replacement for Flash, too. ATM that's a bit of a pain14:26
yharrow_mobilemat_t: I think that the solution to that is closer than you think. take alook at the specs for the latest version of firefox14:26
lassegulhopefully flash on web dies with <video> and HTML5 CSS314:26
yharrow_mobileflash-like functionality will soon be common place within web pages themselves14:27
yharrow_mobilewithout the need for external plugins14:27
yharrow_mobileflash is a transitory tool imho14:27
yharrow_mobileit filleda need14:27
mat_tstill, Flash is extremely useful for UI mockups, for example14:27
yharrow_mobileflash will always remain a great tool for animation14:27
yharrow_mobilequick animation14:27
lassegulyeah, and we dont have any replacements for that yet, do we?14:27
yharrow_mobileI'd have to agree lassegul. Although I do recall hearing of an open source flash like platform several years ago. I think it was called open lazlo14:28
lassegulbut flash as a UI mockup tool is a minor nuiance, while getting rid of flash on the web is a huge step for FLOSS14:29
lasseguldont tell kwwii, but i dont like oxygen very much14:36
lasseguloops, ubuntulog rejoined14:36
yharrow_mobiletrying to go off the record?14:36
lassegulmy DDos can only work for 30 secs at a time ;)14:36
yharrow_mobilelassegul: many people say that open source art will never succeed because no 2 artists styles are the same.14:38
yharrow_mobileand therefore anything produced in that fashion would not be an entirely unified work14:38
lasseguland making open source art is a constant struggle to prove them wrong14:38
yharrow_mobilewell I beleive they are wrong...up to an extent14:39
yharrow_mobileif differing individual styles is waht makes open source art fail14:39
yharrow_mobilethen I say that we just need better and sttricter standards14:39
yharrow_mobilerather than allow for individuality in the art itself,14:39
yharrow_mobilewe should allow for individiuality in developing the standards for that art14:40
yharrow_mobileAm I making sense here?14:40
lasseguli agree.14:40
lasseguli gotta run and get an RSA key generator before help desk closes.14:41
yharrow_mobilealright gl. thanks for the chat.14:41
andreasn_yharrow_mobile, I would say that is incorrect. I think about 20 individuals (or more) have been involved in the Tango project over the years, and I would say it's close to impossible to say what artist drew what just from looking at stuff14:45
andreasn_err...incorrect was the wrong wording14:46
andreasn_what I meant is that I disagree :)14:47
lassegulicons are one thing, they behave much like software, lots of lines of code - lots of components - lots of icons, have a shared specific goal and youre going to be alright.14:47
lassegulwallpapers and themes are different.14:47
lassegulyou have to have a clear vision, and a few effective people to work it out.14:47
lassegulart needs to be "offensive" to some, a piece that everyone likes will end up bland and boring.14:49
andreasn_I guess the backgrounds can be offensive, not sure how you could make a widget theme offensive14:50
lassegul;) if anyone, you can do it andreasn_14:50
andreasn_maybe making it all bright yellow and red?14:51
andreasn_and use a texture with cursing on it14:51
lassegulinstead of an X for closing the window, you have a swastika.14:51
lassegulim sorry, thats not funny.14:51
andreasn_ouch, yeah, that would be quite offensive :/14:52
lassegulandreasn_: are you doing any work on the 3.0 icon theme?14:52
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andreasnyes, it's in the one-canvas branch of gnome-icon-theme14:53
andreasnwe still have some fixes left before it's ready for 2.28 though14:53
lassegulit will be ready for 2.28?14:54
lassegulim not on a liux computer, do you have a png somewhere online? i want to bask in its sweet high res goodness14:54
andreasnlets see, hold on14:55
lassegulcan i have that printer icon?15:02
lasseguli want to take it out for dinner, buy it lobster, and propose with a ring in the champagne glass.15:03
andreasnit's quite neat, I think it was lapo who drew it15:03
andreasnor maybe jimmac15:03
yharrow_mobileI beleive that the tango theme is a good example of what could be done when you give specific guidelines. What I'm suggesting is something a little different. Im suggesting allowing for some style or flair in the icons and having multiple artists contribute to what kind of style or flair is used15:05
yharrow_mobileOnce a set of strict guidelines our developed actualization can begin.15:06
yharrow_mobileare *15:06
yharrow_mobilerather than having rough guidelines and inputting little bits of advice form multiple artists on each part, as if it was a seperate entity15:07
yharrow_mobileI'm by no means attempting to insult anyone. Im just offering up an idea and id love to hear what people think of it15:07
andreasnoh, I wasn't insulted, don't worry.15:09
andreasnI'm also a bit too much in the middle of something, so I didn't really follow the whole discussion15:10
yharrow_mobileno problem. if you get a chance later to look over the convo feel free to reply15:11
mac_vyharrow_mobile: i think in short what you mean is:a project needs a good team leader with a set goal?15:23
mac_vandreasn: what is that icon ,a paper and a clock, for?15:25
andreasnmac_v, for when you're loading a preview or mimetype15:31
mac_vandreasn: ah... thought so... nice... is it semi-transparent also? like the previous one15:31
andreasnI don't think it is, but that would be easy to fix15:33
mac_vi liked that about the previous one... gave it the feel as something in-process...15:36
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mac_vthorwil: hi... is this for the Karmic wallpapers ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Finding_Your_Inner_Koala , just asking since you had edited the page ...17:22
thorwilmac_v: that page is older than our backgrounds section17:23
thorwilin some way, it should be there, but it doesn't fit in well17:24
thorwilmac_v: cut/copy and move attechments if your are bored ;)17:24
mac_vyeah, the date threw me off...  i thought it was the old starting for Karmic17:25
mac_vnot that bored, though ;p17:25
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