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bcurtiswxanyone who is testing karmic... can you cause a notification bubble to appear and hover over the taskbar and see if the bubble goes fuzzy01:15
bcurtiswxyes this has to be done before the bubble disappears :P01:15
bcurtiswxhover the mouse over the taskbar.. in case you think hover means something else01:16
* lajjr rebooting02:27
Picibcurtiswx: I can't recreate that.  Are yoi hovering over the taaskbar thats right above the bubble? It will fade out the bubble a bit if you do that.  There was a note in the changelog that the opacity of the bubble is now inversely proportional to the distance the mouse is from the bubble.02:30
bcurtiswxits hard to explain, how do I create a screencast?02:31
ubot4Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.02:31
PiciI don't know which works best02:31
bcurtiswxtrying the first one ;-)02:32
bcurtiswxis there a place to post these?02:34
bcurtiswxpici: http://aurora.gmu.edu/~bcurtis/files/out-1.ogv02:39
bcurtiswxcan you see my problem in that movie?02:42
lwellsIs this just bugs for Karmic?02:48
bcurtiswxmisunderstood the question02:49
bcurtiswxthis channel is for any ubuntu version02:49
bcurtiswxlwells: ^^02:49
lwellsOh ok, I want to help, but I would like to help with 9.04 is I could02:49
bcurtiswxlwells: you can help with whatever version you want to02:50
hggdhlwells: welcome. Please read http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs -- this will have some pointers you can use02:50
bcurtiswxty hggdh: now go to bed :P02:51
hggdhbcurtiswx: yes, it is time ;-)02:51
bcurtiswxhggdh: before bed will you check my link above and see if you see the blurryness in the notification bubble02:52
Picibcurtiswx: Everything fades in and out nicely here, not harshly like your video02:53
* bcurtiswx kicks his dell mini02:53
bcurtiswxPici: do you have desktop effects off?02:53
bcurtiswxand do you use an intel chip?02:54
Picibcurtiswx: On. And no.02:54
bcurtiswxPici: would you test with effects off?02:54
PiciThere was just something in the most recent update about a blur-cache, I wonder if its getting exposed when it shouldnt.02:54
* bcurtiswx shrugs02:55
hggdhbcurtiswx: watching themovie now02:56
Picibcurtiswx: Yeah, comes up blurry like that if I turn effects off.02:57
bcurtiswxok, one thing we know is it isn't chip specific02:57
PiciAfter making it fade out, that is.02:57
hggdhyes, it blurs02:57
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kaimorning folks07:54
kaiis there any way I can help to confirm bug #392828. it seems like at least confirming it should be a no-brainer07:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 392828 in ubuntu "security.ubuntu.com not reachable via IPv6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39282807:58
jmarsdenkai: You can easily confirm that security.ubuntu.com has no AAAA record, do a dig security.ubuntu.com aaaa08:12
kaijmarsden: yeah, but I'm the bug reporter, isn08:13
jmarsdenYou can only confirm it is unreachable from an IPv6 obly network if you are on such a network... that is not so easy to configure if you are not already on such a network :)08:13
kai't it kind of cheesy to confirm my own bugs?08:13
jmarsdenOh... they you can't ever confirm your own bugs, by definition :)08:13
jmarsdenYou could... document an easy way to set up an IPv6 only network for testing purposes... if there is an easy way to do that?08:14
jmarsdenThen others can follow your instructions to try and reproduce the issue.08:14
kaiwell, assuming you already have some sort of IPv6 network set up, it's pretty easy08:14
jmarsdenThat's not a greadt assumption for many MOTUS and triagers, though...08:15
jmarsdenIs there a way to set up (say) and IPv6 tunnelled setup and then install a Virtual machine that is IPv6 only that uses the tunnel... so the VM is IPv6 only?08:16
jmarsdenAnd can you document step by step how to set that up??08:16
kaiwell, you usually need an IPv6 tunnel provider. I personally use SiXXs, but it's not entirely trivial (or fast) to get a tunnel from these folks08:17
jmarsdenAny (free of cost) IPv6 provider would be fine for testing :)08:18
jmarsdenBut all this tells me that in reality, for most triagers/MOTUs, confirming this bug is in fact *not* "a no-brainer"08:19
kaithat's why nobody reported this before, that's why nobody can triage it, that's why ipv6 doesn't work, that's why nobody uses IPv6 and that's why nobody reported this before08:21
kaiI don't know. if there's no AAAA record for the host, it's kind of obvious you can't reach it via IPv6 unless you use an IPv6->IPv4 proxy08:23
kaiwindows updates have the same issue, but I was kind of hoping it'd be easier to fix it for ubuntu :)08:23
jmarsdenOK, so you are on the bleeding edge and so need to do extra work to help the rest of us explore your brave new IPv6 world... like clearly documenting steps to reproduce the issue, for someone who is not on an IPv6 issue and has no prior IPv6 experience...08:28
jmarsden*then* you can call confirming it "a no-brainer" :)08:28
kaiok, working on it08:30
kaiI'm actually just dealing with ipv6 because vista started using it and someone needs to make sure samba works with that08:31
jmarsdenOK... if you can come up with the steps, I might even try them myself :)  I just subscribed to the bug...08:31
kaioh well, somebody has to do the bleeding at the edge in any case :)08:31
jmarsdenIndeed... congratulations for being that somebody :)08:32
kaithanks for the help in any case08:48
davmor2kai: make sure that there are no ipv4 connections available samba iirc is an either or protocol not both,  but I could be wrong08:49
kaidavmor2: this is unrelated to samba, actually.08:51
davmor2okay I came in part way through the conversation :)08:51
kaidavmor2: I've just set up a couple of windows and ubuntu vms to try an ipv6 only network, and noticed that neither windows nor ubuntu can get updates in that setup08:52
kaidue to their update hosts not being reachable via ipv608:52
kaiI'd be happy to help fixing both sides but only ubuntu provides a bug tracker08:53
davmor2kai: I was about to say is it the vm at fault.08:54
kaino. local networking is fine, I can use ipv6.google.com to google and read news over the ipv6 site of heise.de09:01
kaiother than that, ipv6 only internet is a bit boring09:02
jmarsdenkai: I've signed up at SixXS... now we wait :)09:39
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thekornhey bddebian14:06
bddebianHi thekorn14:08
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BUGabundohey hey21:38
BUGabundohey caa21:44
BUGabundohow are my buddies tonight?21:44
caafairly quiet in here tonight21:45
BUGabundothere are days like that21:47
BUGabundomaybe  I manage to get something done then21:47
BUGabundobug 401294 set to HIGH?23:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 401294 in gnome-applets "sound applet and notification icon create duplication" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40129423:29
BUGabundodon't see a reason for it23:30
BUGabundosure its obnotions23:30
BUGabundobut DOESN'T affect users in a way they can do their work23:30
kklimondahey guys23:33
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BUGabundohey kklimonda23:37

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