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HillshumCan I ask for help with packaging here?00:16
directhexHillshum, #ubuntu-motu00:16
chrisccoulsonkirkland - regarding bug 390504 (you were wondering when the fix was going to be released)00:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 390504 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon should keep its opinions about my disk management to itself" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39050400:22
chrisccoulsonwe're probably not going to bother waiting for the tarball now00:22
kirklandchrisccoulson: yeah?00:23
kirklandchrisccoulson: so sooner rather than later?00:23
chrisccoulsonso the answer is "probably straight after A3"00:23
chrisccoulsonthe current behaviour is quite annoying00:23
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ccheneyslangasek: ping05:09
slangasekccheney: hi05:26
ccheneyslangasek: did you buy your train ticket yourself or some other way?05:27
ccheneyslangasek: i just got an email apparently yesterday mentioning for me to get it done since the travel agency couldn't do it05:27
* ccheney was out of town until tonight05:27
slangasekccheney: I bought mine myself on-line, through much toil05:28
slangasekccheney: the problem is that when you search for tickets, their website shows all kinds of tickets for trains that are sold out :P05:28
ccheneyhow do you determine they are sold out?05:29
slangasekby trying to buy it, and getting an error message05:29
kirklandcjwatson: any chance you're around yet?05:39
* liw notices that the gnome audio volume control widget's mute doesn't actually mute headphones06:07
pittiGodo morning06:09
pittisuperm1: did you just do it?06:09
superm1pitti, no as it turns out it wasn't just a single commit that needed backporting06:10
superm1pitti, so once i realized it would be multiple i opted to just wait until after a3 when we can merge the new snapshot from debian06:10
spotterbtw, whats up with the google plugin in firefox 3.5?06:13
spotterthe search/sherlock plugin06:13
spotterit takes me to a google custom search page that is horrible06:14
pittimeh, no firefox for me this morning?06:14
pittiStarting program: /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.12/firefox06:14
pitti[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]06:14
pittiProgram exited with code 01.06:14
pittiasac: ^ any idea?06:14
pittiit still worked last night06:14
pittiasac: ah, nevermind, it's a kirkland bug06:16
kirklandpitti: howdy06:16
pittikirkland: since yesterday's karmic, my ~/Private isn't automounted on login any more; did anything change in ecryptfs recently?06:16
pittikirkland: good morning06:16
kirklandpitti: yes, and i uploaded a fix for that about 5 minutes ago06:16
pittikirkland: retroactive fixing, splendid!06:17
kirklandpitti: upgrade to 77-0ubuntu1 and you should be fixed again06:17
kirklandpitti: in the mean time, run ecryptfs-mount-private by hand06:17
pittiright, that's what I was doing06:17
pittiI just don't immediately realize it06:17
pittiand thus ssh hangs, firefox doesn't start, etc.06:17
pittikirkland: thanks!06:17
kirklandpitti: you bet, thanks for your alpha-patience :-)06:17
billybigriggeris there a known issue with lost sound today?06:31
pittisuperm1: are you in ~ubuntu-installer?06:37
pittiI just uploaded ubiquity, and then noticed that I cannot push the branch06:37
slangasekubiquity needed Yet Another Upload?06:38
superm1pitti, yeah i am06:38
superm1point me at a branch and i'll mege it06:38
superm1merge even06:38
pittipushing right now06:39
slangasekoh, perhaps I failed to upload after building it here, sigh06:41
slangasekpitti: sorry06:41
slangasekI think I got sidetracked in the middle, trying to figure out why gnome-keyring-daemon wasn't acting as a gpg agent06:41
pittislangasek: no prob, uploaded now06:43
pittiI think it's the first time I uploaded ubiquity06:44
pittislangasek: it's not supposed to, that's seahorse06:44
pittislangasek: but gpg was fixed with last Friday's gdm, I think, it still fails for you?06:44
pittihm, what's the point of "Using default stacking branch" if bzr push uploads the entire 46 MB again?06:44
slangasekpitti: I may not have upgraded gdm prior to my unplanned reboot06:45
superm1i heard seahorse was split up and you needed seahorse-plugins installed to get gpg-foo too06:45
slangasekI have seahorse-plugins06:45
slangasekanyway, it's probably the bug pitti says06:45
pittislangasek: with yesterday's gdm upload, both ssh and gpg should work again06:46
pittiif not, please let me know06:46
pittisuperm1: can you please bzr pull lp:~pitti/ubiquity/fix-402707 ?06:51
pittisuperm1: (pull -> cleaner history than merge)06:51
superm1pitti, okay done06:53
pittisuperm1: thanks!06:53
superm1no prob. good call on the pull rather than merge, makes sense06:53
StevenKpitti: Am I okay to upload ekiga, or shall I wait? It's only on the DVD, and it allows me to pull out about 8 NBS packages07:02
pittiStevenK: go ahead07:02
johnny_hi, nvidia quadro 160m is supporte in jaunty?07:11
pittihah; apport's test suite fails now07:27
pittiAssertionError: 'eglibc' != 'glibc'07:27
pittiyay me for assuming too much :)07:28
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asacpitti: ok ;)08:57
dfauresince ugprading to jaunty breaks every machine with fglrx (due to xorg-1.6), why did you upgrade to xorg-1.6? Or, why not provide 1.5 for the poor souls with an ATI card?09:14
seb128dfaure, try #ubuntu-x maybe but I expect the choices are not made based on closed source driver users09:15
seb128dfaure, especially if they consider the ati opensource driver to be good enough for most users nowadays09:15
dfaureit is? when I tried it on the other machine nothing worked. But let me try again, then.09:15
dfaureI don't really care if it's open source or closed source, but I'd like something else than red dots on my display ;)09:16
seb128well you might have no luck and have a card not working fine with ati09:16
seb128but it's not an issue for any ati user09:16
hyperairare packages supposed to install scripts into /etc/pm/sleep.d? isn't the right place /usr/share/pm-utils/sleep.d?09:17
dfaureseb128: at least the jaunty upgrade should have made xorg use ati, then. It's the job of the distro to make upgrades painless....09:18
seb128dfaure, well I don't know about specifics but I though they got a working fglrx version before jaunty09:18
seb128dfaure, do you use the fglrx ubuntu package or an upstream version you got somewhere?09:18
dfaureubuntu package09:19
seb128dunno then, ask in #ubuntu-x they will know better09:19
directhexseb128, ATI dropped support for most of their hardware09:20
seb128directhex, well that's not an xserver 1.6 issue then but a fglrx ati one09:20
directhexseb128, so even though a driver with support for modern xorg was released, it only supports current & last gen (and maybe the one before too)09:20
dfaureseb128: well it's related, since the older fglrx for xorg-1.5 obviously still works09:20
directhexseb128, well, the point is the previous driver can't be included in parallel due to xserver 1.6. i assume09:20
seb128dfaure, I expect the issue there is that we can't make package depends be dynamic according to the hardware09:21
seb128dfaure, but agreed that's an issue, xorg should at least try to fallback on ati in such cases09:21
Ngdfaure: didn't the upgrade tell you that your graphics driver didn't exist in jaunty? update-managet warned my sister on her dell laptop with ATi that she'd have a worse experience09:22
seb128the issue is as often in opensource lack of manpower to get everything changed09:22
dfaureNg: ok, I used apt-get dist-upgrade, no warnings.09:22
Ngdfaure: don't do that ;)09:23
directhexdfaure, if you're going to stand outside the safety barrier (update-manager), then that happens09:23
dfaureok, point taken there.09:23
Ngdfaure: do-release-upgrade works for shell upgrades if you don't want to use the graphical tool (although I haven't checked if it displays such warnings)09:23
* dfaure wishes the debian package stuff didn't have so many layers on top of each other, but that's another discussion09:24
seb128dfaure, ubuntu doesn't real has, users should use update-manager in a consistent way09:24
seb128real -> really09:24
dfaureX: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions//libdri.so: undefined symbol: atiddxAbiDixLookupPrivate09:24
mvo_Ng: do-release-upgrade will perform the same kind of checks as update-manager (including the warning about fglrx)09:24
Ngmvo_: I figured it might, ta :)09:25
dfaureany idea about the undef symbol? X won't start...09:26
mvo_dfaure: is fglrx still installed? IIRC it diverts libdri so that might be the problem09:26
ogralooks like the lib is incompatible with something (the server ?)09:26
dfauremvo_: thanks, works now09:27
dfaurewell, sort of. X starts, kde starts, but no mouse and no keyboard...09:29
pitticking: do you still have the oem install from bug 402918 to collect logs and files?09:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402918 in gdm "Karmic Alpha3, OEM login cycles round and around" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40291809:48
pitti(just followed up)09:48
ckingpitti, nope, but I can re-install and let you know within the hour09:49
pitticking: thanks09:49
ckinginstalling again... :-)09:52
pitticking: btw, I'm currently building new desktop images, which have a new ubiquity; I see some oem related fixes in the changelog09:57
* pitti crosses fingers09:57
gaspaany archive-admin around that could please take a look at bug #402710 ?10:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402710 in ocaml "[3.11.1 transition][round 1/6] Please synchronize ocaml 3.11.1-2 from Debian sid in Karmic" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40271010:05
pittigaspa: added sponsor ack and followup10:06
gaspapitti: thanks ;) I wasn't sure about the right procedure.10:08
directhexpresumably contributions to launchpad require copyright assignment?10:13
directhexand it's pretty explicit on the dev wiki's page on submitting a patch that the assignment paperwork needs to be done. okay, just checking10:18
pittifor small patches as well?10:24
pittifor my own projects I just chase this if someone adds completely new files with a (C) line for himself10:24
pittiI'm not worried about patches which don't add a copyright line10:24
pittibut that's for my own projects, LP's policy might be different10:24
nikolamHi. Anyone knows why packages is not working so often10:30
liwnikolam, people make mistakes10:30
nikolamliw, :)10:30
nikolamNevermind, Just to see it online again10:31
nikolamI ment packages.ubuntu.com Btw10:31
liwnikolam, ah, then I have no idea10:36
Omahnnikolam: Seems to have been offline for a while now.10:39
nikolamOmahn, `for a while` is less then 1 day10:40
nikolamit worked yesterday10:40
nikolamand not working the day before10:40
ckingpitti, log files attached to bug report.10:41
pitticking: splendid, thanks10:42
ckingshall I keep this OEM version installed for a while if you need anything else?10:42
pitticking: no, the logs should do fine; also, we have new CDs with a new ubiquity now10:50
ckingshall I stop further ISO testing then and wait for the new ISOs?10:50
pitticking: they are already there10:50
pitticking: and on the tracker10:51
pittiI'm done with wrestling with xubuntu CDs, looking at bug now10:51
pitticking: hang on10:52
pitticking: can you please attach /etc/gdm/custom.conf ?10:52
ckingOK.. gimme 510:52
pittigdm-simple-greeter[2852]: DEBUG(+): GdmGreeterClient: Received TimedLoginRequested (ubuntu 0)10:53
pittigdm-simple-greeter[2852]: DEBUG(+): GdmGreeterLoginWindow: requested automatic login for user 'ubuntu' in 0 seconds10:54
pittiso it tries to auto-login as "ubuntu", which doesn't exist10:54
* pitti follows up in bug report10:54
ckingpitti, yep, log attached, indeed, logging in as ubuntu10:55
pitticking: thanks; you can kill the install now10:55
pitticking: I'm pretty sure it's already fixed on the current isos10:56
ckingI'll find out in 20 mins10:56
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glatzorhello mvo_, do you know why in softwareproperties.AptAuth gpg is used instead of apt-key?11:48
mvo_glatzor: probably a oversight, let me have a look11:53
mvo_glatzor: good to see you btw :)11:53
dokombiebl: which criteria did you use for syncing/merging the zopepackages? which ones and which ones not?12:38
mbiebldoko: wrong person ;-)12:39
dokoahh, same initials ...12:40
dokogeser: ^^^12:40
pittimdz: so, we found out why the apport retracers produce useless results; some fakechroot regression in karmic12:43
geserdoko: I'm trying to get a complete turbogears2 stack synced to karmic. So I just look at the packages needed for it (depends and recommends)12:43
pittimdz: I applied a workaround now12:43
pittiand we'll re-tag recent crash reports12:43
mdzpitti, oh, great, thanks12:43
mdzpitti, is there a bug filed for the regression?12:43
pittimdz: not yet, I haven't really pinpointed it yet12:43
pittimdz: "file /usr/bin/gnome-volume-control" -> no such file12:44
pitticd /; gdb ... ; file usr/bin/gnome-volume-control" -> works12:44
pittibut only in gdb12:44
dokogeser: yes, and breaking zope3 ... anyway, will now try to do the complete zope3 split. although it's not yet completely in unstable :-/12:44
mdzpitti, very weird12:44
geserdoko: oh, sorry, missed it12:45
seb128but next it fails to load the debug file12:45
pittimdz: I strace'd it, and for e. g. open('/usr/bin/gnome-mount') it works, and for open('/usr/bin/gnome-volume-control') it fails12:45
pittivery ominous12:45
pittiseb128: oh, that too?12:45
pittiseb128: if so, let's shut down them again12:45
seb128pitti, I was not speaking about your workaround sorry for the confusion12:45
seb128rather about the " /usr/bin/../lib/debug//usr/bin/gnome-volume-control: No such file or directory." this morning12:46
geserdoko: zope3 is main, and the zope.* package are in universe. How did they manage to break zope3?12:46
dokogeser: they'll replace zope3, and currently are incomplete to replace it12:48
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cjwatsoneek, sudo is segfaulting here12:52
ogrause root :P12:53
mdzcjwatson, in a normal environment?12:53
cjwatsonJul 22 12:08:55 sarantium kernel: [ 6924.741810] <6>sudo[16106]: segfault at 48 ip 001616a6 sp bfc0d288 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[110000+15a000]12:53
mdzI had a run of segfaults and panics and suchlike when I first updated my laptop to 2.6.31, but they went away after updates12:53
mdzcjwatson, reproducible?12:53
cjwatsonI just upgraded, which included a libc6 upgrade12:53
cjwatsonyes, every time12:53
cjwatsonno crash report and I'd probably need root to get at it anyway :)12:54
dokorunning current karmic, not seeing sudo segfaults12:54
pittihere as well (amd64)12:54
pittiso hopefully not an alpha-3 release breaker?12:55
ograsame here (i386)12:55
dokoI'm on i38612:55
liw. o O (easy rollbacks with dead-man's-handles would be really cool)12:55
pitticking: *phew*, thanks for testing again12:55
cjwatsonsorry, I tell a lie, no libc6 upgrade involved12:56
cjwatsonI was confused by the trigproc stuff in dpkg.log12:56
ograapparmor ?12:57
pittisudo strace sudo ... erm, fail12:58
cjwatsonapparmor was installed in this upgrade, yes12:58
cjwatsonbut I don't know why that would cause a segfault12:58
cjwatsonlibpam-ck-connector maybe?12:59
pittihang on12:59
pitti$ sudo true12:59
pitti$ sudo aa-status12:59
pittiSegmentation fault12:59
pitti$ sudo true12:59
pittiSegmentation fault12:59
pittinothing in dmesg, though, except the crash itself13:00
pittisudo -K13:01
pittistill works13:01
james_wlibpam-ck-connector shouldn't have broken13:02
james_wthere were no code changes13:02
james_wthere were two uploads yesterday :-)13:02
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james_wnothing jumps out from the changelog though13:03
pittiit happened after just this dist-upgrade13:03
pittiupstart and ecryptfs are the two likely candidates13:03
pittiand ecryptfs is PAMish, too13:03
pittithe rest was gstreamer, ekiga, and a gdm postinst fix, none of which even come near sudo13:04
cking pitti, the system now gives me a blank screen at step uoi-003 in the test case: http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/DesktopOem13:04
dokolibgcc1 was updated as well13:05
pittinot in my run 5 minutes ago13:05
pittiand before that I was working with sudo all the time13:05
pittiI'll downgrade ecryptfs after lunch, when I can reboot the box into rescue mode13:05
pittiI can't even log in any more13:06
pitti[25302.085252] <6>login[31054]: segfault at 88 ip 00007f92286fec11 sp 00007fff23fa6e40 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f92286a6000+166000]13:06
pitti[25231.246453] <6>mount.ecryptfs_[31021]: segfault at 88 ip 00007f59a3bbcc11 sp 00007ffff66b0a70 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f59a3b64000+166000]13:06
pittiI'm up for a bet that it's today's ecryptfs upload13:07
seb128should we get the deb blocked from download?13:08
james_wplenty of PAM stuff in the changelog13:08
pittiI'll reboot into rescue mode, downgrade, and check13:09
seb128mdz, pitti: should we get the deb blocked from download?13:09
pittiyes, after confirming that it's ecryptfs13:09
seb128need some help?13:09
seb128I didn't upgrade yet, I can upgrade just it and try sudo or something13:09
mdzI don't have any *ecryptfs* installed13:10
ogramdz, well, do you currently see segfaults ?13:12
mdzogra, no, I have no troubles right now13:12
mdzwith my Ubuntu system anyway13:12
mdzI just installed the latest updates, which included:   gdm groff-base offlineimap pbuilder upstart13:12
ograsame here13:12
mdzI have libpam-ck-connector 0.3.0-2ubuntu713:14
apwapparmor should be disabled, so i'd not expect it to be that13:15
james_wis that legal?13:15
apwdoesn't look like the best plan to me13:15
apwhrm, actually i don't know what asprintf does ... so ignore me13:16
apwoh they allocate, so that does seem appropriate13:16
mdzcjwatson, are you using ecryptfs as well?13:17
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pittiI downgraded ecryptfs-utils, and it works again13:22
pittielmo: can you please chmod 0 ecryptfs-utils_77-0ubuntu1_*.deb on the mirrors?13:23
pittiNg: ^ or you?13:24
* pitti apports _bin_login.0.crash13:26
pitticjwatson: bug 403011 FYI13:28
pittikirkland: ^ halp13:28
dupondjepitti: private bug ? :)13:30
seb128dupondje, bugs are private until being retraced13:31
pittihang on13:31
pittipublic now, and attached local stack trace13:32
james_wI see it I think13:33
pittimeh, and of course this crept into the xubuntu builds13:33
pittiwhich _just_ finally built, after oh-so many attempts :/13:33
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pittiI really need to grab some food, I'm falling off my chair13:33
pittican someone please followup with IS to disable the package?13:34
ograbut you wont get fat :=13:34
pittiflockfile(NULL) really seems unhappy13:34
seb128pitti, ok13:35
seb128pitti, enjoy your lunch13:36
pittiasked #is13:36
pittiseb128: thanks13:36
pittijames_w: that makes a lot of sense13:36
james_wlook good to upload?13:37
pittijames_w: you already tested it, etc.?13:37
pittiif so, please go ahead13:37
james_wstill building13:38
james_wwhat's the test case13:38
james_winstall and run sudo?13:38
pittijames_w: install it, and try to login and sudo13:38
pittiif that fixes it, don't hesitate13:38
pittiit can't get _any_ worse13:38
* james_w opens a root terminal13:39
* pitti hands seb128 the baton for looking in #is and coordinating, in case followup questions turn up13:39
pittijames_w: you better do :)13:39
seb128pitti, ok, no worry13:39
pittiseems I need to wait for another 15 minutes13:41
pittiso I'll spend the time to weed out the alpha-3 images where the new ecryptfs slipped in13:41
james_wI can't make the problematic package segfault13:42
* mvo_ hugs james_w13:43
pittijames_w: you can't reproduce the original crash, you mean?13:43
pittilet me try your patch then13:43
james_wdon't want to test the fix until I have a broken system13:43
james_wdo I need to restart all my sessions?13:43
pittijames_w: no, it just happens13:44
pittiinstall new ecryptfs-utils, and suddenly login and sudo go boom13:44
pittiI actually use ecryptfs, though13:44
pittijames_w: building your fixed package now13:45
james_wyou need libecryptfs0 as well13:47
james_wotherwise you get a symbol lookup error13:47
pittijames_w: confirmed, that fixed the problem13:47
james_wpresumably the dependencies need to be tightened13:47
james_wkirkland: ^13:47
james_wpitti: shall I upload?13:48
pittijames_w: can you upload this, or shall I?13:48
pittiplease do13:48
pittiI'll bump build score13:48
james_w403 on the broken package to test now :-)13:48
pittiI hope we can make the :03 publisher run13:48
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pittibuilding everywhere13:50
pittiok, finally food13:50
pittijames_w: thanks!13:50
james_wthanks Pici13:51
james_wand pitti :-)13:51
* ogra wonders why makedev got so slow 13:55
ogra(the package stalls debootstrap for quite a while)13:56
james_wall ACCEPTED except for armel, which should make it13:56
james_wand there it is13:56
james_wpitti: should be in the next publisher run for you13:57
* james_w -> food as well13:57
cjwatsonmdz: ecryptfs> yes13:57
cjwatsonI wonder if I can move .ecryptfs aside or something to get sudo back ...13:57
cjwatsonaha! yes13:58
cjwatsonthanks guys :)13:58
james_wcjwatson: is that just "mv /home/username/.ecryptfs /home/username/.ecryptfs.save" ?13:59
mdzjames_w, sorry, I may have just clobbered your wiki edit.  I clicked save before I noticed, and I canceled, but I think it was too late14:00
cjwatsonjames_w: yeah14:00
james_wmdz: np14:01
ogracould someone promote udhcpc to main ?14:02
ograit has an approved MIR and stgraber made ltsp-client-core depend on it14:02
ograwhich means ltsp installs currently break due to udhcpc missing on the CD14:03
ogra(the MIR is bug 383177)14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383177 in udhcp "Main inclusion request for udhcpc" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38317714:04
james_wshould we have instructions for escaping the problem posted somewhere?14:06
cjwatsonjames_w: ubuntu-devel-announce maybe?14:10
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Unggnuhi all14:28
UnggnuIs there a reason why firefox-3.0 comes without all the gnome dependencies but firefox-3.5 not?14:28
UnggnuSo it is possible without the whole mess to use Firefox 3.0 with KDE but not with 3.5 while it works fine if I download and install it locally without any further dependencies.14:29
taavikkoquestion about *buntu-restricted-extras, why it is needed to have xubuntu and ubuntu in separate metapackages, since their content is roughly the same. This can create confusion?14:56
taavikkofor KDE I understand the need for it's own, but the other two are making me wonder..14:57
* ScottK would find ubuntu-restricted-extras for Xubuntu confusing.14:57
taavikkoI thought about the naming convention, since it would be easier to understand what package to install, vbased on what enviroment is running14:58
kirklandpitti: i'm here now15:02
pittihey kirkland15:02
pittikirkland: you missed all the action :)15:02
kirklandpitti: should i read the backlog?15:02
kirklandpitti: yeah, sorry :-)15:02
pittibut I guess james_w didn't spend much time on forwarding bug/patch upstream, etc.15:02
james_woops, forgot about that15:03
pittijames_w: no worries; you rocked!15:03
pittikirkland: so could you please take a look at the bug, perhaps clean up the fix, and sort out the upstream comimt, etc.?15:03
pittiit was pretty much a shot from the hip to unbreak karmic15:04
kirklandpitti: sure thing15:04
kirklandpitti: james_w: whoa boy15:07
pitticjwatson found a much better workaround, I actually dived into init=/bin/bash, etc. :)15:07
kirklandjames_w: good find15:07
james_wtwas an easy spot once pitti had the stacktrace15:08
kirklandpitti: what was cjwatson's workaround?15:08
pittitemporarily move aside ~/.ecryptfs15:08
kirklandjames_w: yeah, i did make that change late yesterday :-/15:08
* pitti rebuilds alpha 3 images which had the broken version, since we offer it in the installer15:08
kirklandpitti: sorry man15:08
pittikirkland: no problem15:08
kirklandjames_w: i'll commit this upstream now15:09
james_wkirkland: did you also see my comment on the dependencies?15:09
kirklandpitti: what was the "better" workaround that cjwatson had?15:09
kirklandjames_w: hmm, no, what's that?15:09
pittitemporarily move aside ~/.ecryptfs15:09
pittikirkland: e-utils doesn't depend on libecryptfs015:10
james_wI was able to install the new ecryptfs-utils without the new libecryptfs015:10
pittikirkland: missing dh_shlibdeps, or missing ${shlibs:Depends}?15:10
james_wwhich broke umount-private, because it couldn't find ecryptfs_find_private_mount or whatever that symbol is called15:11
james_wperhaps just a missing/outdated -V ?15:11
kirklandpitti: oh, hmm, yeah, ecryptfs-utils should depend on libecryptfs015:12
pittikirkland: usually that should just happen automatically15:12
kirklandpitti: both Depend on ${shlibs:Depends}15:13
kirklandpitti: james_w: ecryptfs-utils was missing libecryptfs015:14
james_wPackage: ecryptfs-utils15:14
james_wDepends: ..., libecryptfs0 (>= 48)15:14
james_wVersion: 77-0ubuntu115:14
james_ware you seeing something else?15:14
pittioh, right15:15
kirklandjames_w: oh, i was looking at the source debian/control15:15
kirklandDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, keyutils, libnss3-1d, libpam-runtime (>= 1.0.1-6), libecryptfs015:15
pittisorry, I misread15:15
kirkland(i just added libecryptfs0)15:15
pittidependency is here as well15:15
pittikirkland: no, please don't15:15
james_wprobably want a "dh_makeshlibs -V77-0ubuntu1"15:15
kirklandpitti: okay15:15
pittikirkland: it should be picked up by dh_shlibdeps15:15
pitti(and is)15:16
pittikirkland: I was just confused, sorry15:16
james_was symbols were added in that version?15:16
pittijames_w ++15:16
kirklandah, it's coming together now!15:16
kirklandi added a couple of symbols to libecryptfs0 in this last upload15:16
kirklandthe build in the archive is building against (potentially) an older one in the chroot?15:17
james_wkirkland: if it's in the same source then that shouldn't happen15:17
pittikirkland: no, it just says it's possible to have a newer version of ecryptfs-utils installed with an older version of libecryptfs015:18
james_wthe build will write out a shilbs file from dh_makeshlibs15:18
pittiwhich must not happen, due to the new symbols (which might be used by ecryptfs-utils)15:18
james_wthen for dh_shlibsdeps for ecryptfs-utils will find the symbol, look it up and add the dependency15:18
james_whowever, it's picked an old version15:18
pittiwell, it doesn't really "pick"15:19
pittiit reads libecryptfs0's .shlibs15:19
james_wso you need to tell it that there are new symbols in the new version, and that anything built against this new version should use this version as a minimum15:19
james_wor you could add a symbols file so that the dependency is only bumped if it actually uses a new symbol15:19
james_wpitti: dh_makeshlibs is currently called without a version, why is it (>= 48) that is used?15:20
pitti$ cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/libecryptfs0.shlibs15:20
pittilibecryptfs 0 libecryptfs0 (>= 48)15:20
pittiapparently some older package did specify a version15:20
pitti$ cat debian/libecryptfs0.shlibs15:21
pittilibecryptfs 0 libecryptfs0 (>= 48)15:21
pitti^ there15:21
pittiplease bump15:21
james_wkirkland: the syntax I gave you was wrong15:21
kirklandjames_w: okay, so now i don't need the dh_makeshlibs15:22
james_wwhy not?15:22
kirklandi just need to adjust debian/libecryptfs0.shlibs15:22
kirklandi need dh_makeshlibs15:22
kirklandi don't need the explicit -V15:22
james_wman dh_makeshlibs15:22
kirklandsince the debian/libecryptfs0.shlibs file specifies it15:22
james_wI don't think that's a normal way to do it though is it?15:23
kirklandjames_w: pitti: i don't know;  this is all new magic to me15:23
pittiwell, both are valid really15:24
kirklandpitti: james_w: seems to me bumping in that file is the nicest way to go15:24
pittithe most modern form is to use dpkg-gensymbols (man deb-symbols)15:25
james_wif it works15:25
pittibut out of that, using explicit .shlibs files or using -V amounts to the same15:25
pittiit's a matter of preference AFAICS15:25
james_wkirkland: so, the rule is, symbols removed of changed -> soname bump -> package name changed -> NBS dance15:25
james_wsymbols added -> shlibs bump15:26
james_wor a symbols file, but that's a bit more work15:26
james_wand won't make too much of a difference if there are only a couple of packages depending on the lib15:26
james_wsymbols files do help you catch missed soname changes though15:28
kirklandjames_w: pitti: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/224392/15:29
kirklandjames_w: pitti: that's what i have so far15:29
pittikirkland: looks good15:30
james_wI think that's right15:30
james_wthough I didn't change shlibs :-)15:30
* pitti walks over to wife's computer to try live system, bbl15:30
kirklandpitti: james_w: should I push another upload with the shlibs change?15:32
james_wmight as well, as long as pitti is fine with the timing for alpha15:33
kirklandjames_w: i'll await pitti on that one ...15:35
ograpitti, i assume you didnt process my former request of moving udhcpc to main between the two alternate rebuilds, right ?15:37
ogra(so i dont need to test the ltsp install again)15:37
pittiogra: no, didn't see that? why would it affect CDs?15:39
ograltsp-client-core depends on it15:39
pittiogra: out of interest, why doesn't it use dhcp3-client?15:40
ograstgraber assumed the fix committed status on bug 383177 would mean it was moved15:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383177 in udhcp "Main inclusion request for udhcpc" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38317715:40
pittino, that would be 'released'15:40
ograpitti, to big i guess, not my decision15:40
ograpitti, *i* know :)15:41
ograhe didnt15:41
kirklandpitti: did you want me wait, or push an upload now with that shlibs change?15:41
pittikirkland: seems harmless now, so go ahead15:41
kirklandpitti: okay, thanks.15:41
ograpitti, they install udhcpc in the initramfs, i think dhclient was to clunky for what they tried to achieve15:42
ogra(essentially trying to compensate for the many missing features if klibc/ipconfig)15:42
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LaserJockis FUSA not installed by default in karmic?16:20
ogracurrently not ... only the one that comes with gdm16:20
ograwaiting for an update from the DX team afaik16:20
seb128LaserJock, it is but it's part of gdm now16:22
seb128LaserJock, the ubuntu changes are being ported by ted too16:22
LaserJockseb128, ogra: ah, ok, thanks16:23
cjwatsonjames_w: confirmed that your fix works with .ecryptfs moved back into place - thanks!16:23
james_wthanks cjwatson16:23
ograseb128, did you btw ever try to logout from a jaunty system that has no mouse and no powerbutton ? :)16:24
* ogra just found out thats impossible since you cant reach FUSA with the keybopard at all16:24
seb128ogra, there is a bug open about that since before jaunty16:25
ograah, i didnt know16:26
ograjust found it funny16:26
hdonquestion for ubuntu hackers: i want to report a bug that has to do with editing source code, and i want to provide comprehensive list of instructions to reproduce the problem. if an ubuntu hacker could recommend a good source code package for a medium-large software project (firefox would work, since i already have that code downloaded) to download as part of those instructions, i would be much obliged16:36
hdonalso, it's worth noting that this happened to me:16:36
hdon* #ubuntu-hackers #ubuntu :Forwarding to another channel16:36
hdonshould probably be forwarded to #ubuntu-devel?16:37
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hdonwhatever, i'll just use firefox16:48
seb128mathiaz, hey17:17
mathiazseb128: hey17:17
seb128mathiaz, who is looking after samba4 in ubuntu?17:17
mathiazseb128: hm - jelmer?17:17
mathiazseb128: kind of.17:17
mathiazseb128: why?17:17
seb128mathiaz, dunno, I'm the one who asked ;-)17:17
seb128mathiaz, openchange build breaks on   samba4-dev: Depends: libldb-samba4-dev but it is not going to be installed17:18
seb128mathiaz, I was wondering if that's a known issue and if somebody is going to sort that17:18
=== robbiew is now known as robbiew-afk
mathiazseb128: it should be sorted out once we merge samba4 from debian experimental17:20
seb128mathiaz, is anybody in the server team going to make sure that happens before karmic?17:21
mathiazseb128: I'll have a look at it17:21
seb128mathiaz, thanks!17:21
jelmerseb128:, mathiaz: libldb-samba4-dev has been removed17:27
seb128jelmer, well samba4-dev depends on it17:28
jelmerinstead the upstream libldb-dev should now work17:28
mathiazjelmer: right - however the current version in karmic is still alpha617:28
mathiazjelmer: alpha8 should be merged to fix the problem17:28
jelmerAh, oops. I'll request syncs17:28
mathiazjelmer: or may be synced17:28
mathiazjelmer: samba4 has a 1ubuntu1 version17:29
mathiazjelmer: I haven't looked at the changes made in ubuntu.17:29
jelmermathiaz: Ah, hadn't seen that. I'll merge those into the Debian package for the next upload and then request a sync.17:31
Viper550Xournal...think it should be in the default install?17:43
seb128Viper550, no17:44
Viper550why not? they added Windows Journal to base installs for Viata17:44
seb128because we are out of CD space and that doesn't seem something which will benefit most users17:45
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Viper550yeah, so much for not removing gimp17:56
ograwhat would you do with xournal anyway without tablet or touchscreen to use it for its purpose17:57
ograits easy enough to install it later17:57
rtg_after updating this morning, sudo stopped working (segmentation fault), and I cannot login to my account through GDM. sshd works, but still cannot sudo.18:11
rtg_I can login to another account, but its not in /etc/sudoers18:11
liwrtg_, it seems to be a problem with ecryptfs, downgrading that or temporarily renaming the .ecryptfs(or something) directory should fix things18:15
liwrtg, or, alternatively, upgrading to the newer version of ecryptfs uploaded today18:15
rtg_liw, just read the incident report. https://wiki.canonical.com/IncidentReports/2009-07-22-ecryptfs18:18
davmor2bryce: ping18:53
brycedavmor2, http://err.no/personal/blog/tech/2006-10-10-12-05_contentless_pings.html18:54
davmor2bryce: ah okay :)   You have a box with an ati card correct?18:54
bryceYes I do.18:56
davmor2bryce: do you run/or can you install karmic on it.  If so can you see what happens on reboot after enabling fglrx18:58
davmor2I currently get a white screen where gdm should be and can't switch to console18:58
brycedavmor2, kinda busy, but it worked for me last time I tried it19:01
brycedavmor2, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting for directions on how to collect debug info for white screen issues19:01
davmor2bryce: thanks for the info.19:05
mathiazjames_w: hey - could you import libvirt in the package branches?19:35
pitti@all: please help out testing CD images for alpha-3, time is getting a bit tight (http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com)19:36
wubbbiis it normal that I need root previlegs to eject my cd-drive? oO using karmic up to date19:47
infinitywubbbi: It's normal if someone other than you has the filesystem mounted.19:57
wubbbiinfinity: but Im the only user of this PC ... this cant be possible19:59
infinitywubbbi: I meant "someone other than your user" (like, say, root), not "someone walking into your house".20:01
infinitywubbbi: But this belongs on #ubuntu (or #ubuntu+1, if it's karmic), not in -devel.20:01
james_wmathiaz: queued20:06
mathiazjames_w: \o/ - thank ya20:06
keesKeybuk: why is /dev/net/tun 0666?20:17
pittimathiaz, kirkland, zul: can you guys give the server alpha-3 CDs a spin?20:20
pitti(or who can I ping about that?)20:20
pittiwe probably don't need a full test coverage, but the thing should at least instlal20:20
mathiazpitti: I've started to test them. However I ran into a kernel regresion when doing kvm testing20:21
mathiazpitti: kirkland is currently debugging it20:21
pittiah, nice20:21
mathiazpitti: I'm gonna have to workaround the regression in order to be able to go through an install20:22
mathiazpitti: currently the install stops while trying to mount vda1 as an ext4 partition :/20:22
pittiweird, I was using kvm all day20:22
mathiazpitti: are you using qcow2 files as the base for block devices?20:23
mathiazpitti: or raw or lvm devices?20:23
pittimathiaz: in the host or guest?20:23
mathiazpitti: host20:23
pittion the host I just have a 6 GB dd'ed raw file20:23
mathiazpitti: right - so you're using a raw file20:23
mathiazkirkland: ^^20:23
mathiazkirkland: pitti doesn't see an issue with raw files with alpha320:24
kirklandthe work around is "don't use virtio"20:24
kirklandpitti: are you using virtio disks?20:24
pittiI never had anything else, TBH20:24
pittikirkland: what's that?20:24
pittikvm -m 768 -cdrom download/ubuntu/karmic-desktop-i386.iso -hda download/kvm-images/testdesktop.img -boot d20:24
pittiand that was generated with dd if=/dev/zero of=testdesktop.img bs=1M count=600020:24
pittiI'm afraid I don't use the fancy stuff20:25
kirklandpitti: right, okay, you're not using virtio disk, and so you're not affected by the issue mathiaz raised20:25
kirklandpitti: -drive if=virtio,index=0,boot=on,file=testdesktop.img20:25
kirklandpitti: that would get you virtio disks, roughly a 10x performance improvement on disk reads/writes20:26
mathiazkirkland: from an alpha3 perspective, does it mean that alpha3 will not work on virtio guests?20:26
pittikirkland: wow20:26
pittiI guess it's a little late now, but since it can be fixed in an update, I don't see it as a release blocker20:27
kirklandpitti: i don't think it's a blocker20:27
kirklandpitti: the workaround is 'disable virtio in the guest'20:27
pittikirkland: that -drive replaces -hda test.img ?20:28
mathiazshould it be added in the release notes?20:28
kirklandpitti: right20:28
kirklandmathiaz: yes, definiteyl20:28
pittimathiaz: please go ahead; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview#Known%20issues20:28
kirklanddefinitely, even20:28
mathiazpitti: could you confirm that the install breaks for desktop on virtio drives?20:29
mathiazkirkland: or have you confirmed it ^^?20:29
pittimathiaz: I currently have a kvm running, but I'll try with a second instance with the alternate20:29
kirklandmathiaz: i confirmed it20:30
pittiah, /me just trashes it, it didn't get very far20:30
pitti$ kvm -m 768 -drive if=virtio,index=0,boot=on,file=download/kvm-images/testdesktop.img20:31
pittilooks right?20:31
pittithis boots the previous install20:31
pittiwow, unlike with the default -hda that puts almost no load on my box20:31
pittiand it's indeed much faster20:32
pittikirkland, mathiaz: anyway, previous desktop install is booted now with above command20:32
pittinothing in dmesg20:32
kirklandpitti: uname -a?20:33
pitti$ cat /proc/version_signature20:33
pittiUbuntu 2.6.31-3.19-generic20:33
pittiLinux tick 2.6.31-3-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 14 16:07:02 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:33
seb128pitti, what kvm command is that?20:33
pittiseb128: I just learned about "virtio" kvm drives, which are apparenlty go-faster stripes20:33
kirklandpitti: when they work :-)20:34
pittikirkland, mathiaz: anyway, a normal boot from a raw image seems to work fine20:34
seb128pitti, <- want to learn about those too, share? ;-)20:34
kirklandpitti: okay, that's good20:34
kirklandseb128: <pitti> $ kvm -m 768 -drive if=virtio,index=0,boot=on,file=download/kvm-images/testdesktop.img20:34
pittiwhen does that happen, when I actually do an install?20:34
seb128oh, ok20:34
kirklandseb128: the magic is "virtio"20:34
pittiseb128: I just got that command verbatim from mathiaz :)20:34
kirklandpitti: the partition bombed out for me20:34
seb128dd takes ages here20:34
seb128I'm happy to try something faster ;-)20:34
pittikirkland: "the partition"?20:35
pittiseb128: oh, it's a dd'ed image20:35
kirklandseb128: oh, well there's also qcow220:35
pittiseb128: that's using an existing image20:35
seb128ah ok20:35
pittiI always keep that around20:35
kirklandseb128: kvm-img create -f qcow2 8G20:35
pittisince I constantly do install tests anyway20:35
kirklandseb128: will create a sparse file20:35
seb128kirkland, thanks20:35
kirklandseb128: won't dd the full 8G20:35
seb128pitti, keep an empty image and cp it around?20:35
pittiseb128: no, I only do one test at a time, so having one image is enough20:35
seb128ah right20:36
pittikirkland, mathiaz: doing a desktop install now with virtio20:37
kirklandapw: we're discussing the issue here now20:37
kirklandapw: i've narrowed the introduction to 2.6.30 vs. 2.6.3120:37
kirklandapw: 2.6.30 does not throw /dev/vda errors in the guest20:37
kirklandapw: all of the 2.6.31 kernels i've tried from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ does20:38
pittikirkland: but sparse files give you worse performance during runtime, won't they?20:38
pittikirkland: or is ext4 etc. clever enough about those?20:38
kirklandpitti: i'm not sure about ext420:38
kirklandpitti: but you do generally pay either a space or performance penalty20:38
kirklandpitti: i have dozens of vm's around, so i need sparse files :-)20:39
pittinow, if vmmouse would work the way it did in hardy (broken since intrepid or jaunty), this thing would be perfect20:39
kirklandpitti: ah, where the mouse exits the vnc window?20:40
kirklandpitti: i should ask upstream why that regressed20:40
kirklandpitti: i think they had a reason for it :-/20:40
pittimathiaz, kirkland: anyway, it's well past the formatting stage, and 25% into installing files20:42
pittino errors in dmesg in either guest or host20:43
kirklandpitti: what type of image?20:43
pittiall on amd64/2.6.31-320:43
kirklandpitti: raw?20:43
pittiyes, raw20:43
mathiazpitti: right - that means qcow2 files are also involved20:43
kirklandpitti: okay, i'm trying that now20:43
pittiso perhaps it's just qcow + new kernel?20:43
mathiazkirkland: I saw something similar when testing a raid installation20:43
pittiI can test with a qcow file later on, too20:43
mathiazkirkland: I had to use raw files instead of qcow2 files20:43
mathiazkirkland: otherwise the RAID install would fail.20:44
pitti[21:35]  kirkland| seb128: kvm-img create -f qcow2 8G20:44
pittierm, where does the output file name go there?20:44
kirklandpitti: oops20:44
kirklandpitti: between qcow2 and 8G :-)20:44
pittioh, just after it20:44
pittiwow, that takes like no time20:44
pitti-rw-r--r-- 1 martin martin      45056 2009-07-22 21:44 testalt.img20:44
pittisholdn't that show 8 GB?20:44
kirklandpitti: nope20:45
kirklandpitti: that's the sparse part of it20:45
pittiI'm afraid I need to wait until the current test intall finishes20:46
pittiI can't start two VMs, my slooow disk and little RAM will go nuts20:47
kirklandpitti: so if you want your vmmouse back....20:48
kirklandpitti: add -usb -usbdevice tablet to your kvm line ;-)20:49
pittioh, uh :)20:49
pittiI thought that was a matter of using a vm-aware mouse X.org driver in the guest20:49
kirklandpitti: evidently we switched from vmmouse to evdev20:49
kirklandpitti: fwiw, my i have a kvm alias in my bashrc that adds all sorts of fun magic :-)20:50
pittikirkland, mathiaz: so the desktop install and booting that install completed without a hitch (that was on raw); trying qcow now21:05
kirklandpitti: confirmed, i saw the same thing with raw21:06
pittikirkland: nice, the tablet trick works; thanks!21:08
kirklandpitti: :-)21:08
pittikirkland, mathiaz: hah, reproduced21:10
kirklandpitti: qcow, or qcow2?21:10
pittikvm-img create -f qcow2 testalt.img 8G21:10
pittiso is it just qcow2? or qcow2+virtio?21:11
kirklandpitti: yup, that'll do it21:11
pittishall I try qcow2 without virtio?21:11
kirklandpitti: qcow2 + virtio21:11
kirklandpitti: you can, that should work just fine21:11
kirklandalbeit slower21:11
pittiok, I think I rather go back to raw+virtio then :)21:11
superm1pitti, ping.  i wanted to ask if devkit-disks had plans to be able to pull this kind of information that I used to get from HAL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224865/21:13
superm1(at least in python)21:14
pittisuperm1: that's all there already? (label/fstype, etc.)21:14
superm1pitti, do you know of any examples of how it's queried though in python then?21:14
superm1or is it all listed on some dbus object then?21:15
pittisuperm1: it is21:16
superm1pitti, oh silly me :)21:16
pittisuperm1: the main object has an Enumerate() thing, and each partition is an object21:16
pittiand label etc. are properties of that21:17
superm1okay quite easy to switch to then.  thanks!21:17
pittisuperm1: you could also just use udevadm info for the easy cases21:17
pittiudevadm info --query=all --name=/dev/sda121:17
superm1i was hoping to avoid using subprocess for such things, but if it proves easier that's definitely an option21:18
pittiright, if you prefer dbus, calling dk-disks is defintively what you want to do21:18
pittikirkland: alias kvm='kvm -m 768 -usb -usbdevice tablet -drive if=virtio,index=0,boot=on,file=~/download/kvm-images/testdesktop.img'21:21
pittikirkland: any other secret goodness which I should have there?21:21
kirklandpitti: i use:21:22
kirklandalias kvm='kvm -m 512 -net nic,model=virtio -net user -usb -usbdevice tablet'21:22
kirklandvirtio for network will speed up your network by 10x too21:22
kirklandpitti: note that soren disagrees with -net user, but I have forgotten why21:22
pittiok, I'm not much fussed about network performance, but good to know21:23
pittikirkland: will these eventually become the default?21:23
kirklandpitti: also, if you're ever testing server images, -curses is a lot of fun too21:23
=== mthaddon changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Launchpad will be down/in read-only from 22:00 UTC until 23:00 UTC for a code update | Archive: Alpha-3 soft-freeze | DebianImportFreeze in effect | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper-jaunty | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
pittithey seem like --yes-i-always-want-that options21:23
kirklandpitti: virtio requires support in the guest21:23
kirklandpitti: for us, that means guests >= hardy21:23
kirklandpitti: but we don't know what kind of guest the user might run21:23
kirklandpitti: windows, solaris, bsd21:23
pittimakes sense; I thought it'd be some internal kvm implementation detail21:24
pittilike, more efficient access to the .img21:24
kirklandpitti: i'd like to push the -m up to 256 by default21:24
kirklandpitti: currently, it's 12821:24
kirklandpitti: the -usb -usbdevice is debatable, i'll need to understand more about why we switched from vmmouse to evdev21:24
kirklandpitti: and the virtio stuff is just too guest specific21:25
kirklandpitti: also, note that if you use something like virt-manager, it soups up your kvm line for you21:26
pittitkamppeter: thanks so much for the udevification of s-c-p21:26
kirklandpitti: and if you're like mathiaz, you write your own xml machine descriptions by hand, and run them in virsh21:26
kirklandpitti: alternatively, something like virt-install and vm-builder will spit out xml for you21:26
pittiI guess the alias is just fine then, I understand that they can't become defaults just yet21:26
kirklandpitti: i rarely have time to fuss too much with that stuff, and like you, just run kvm from the command line21:27
pittimy use case for VMs is pretty much "install testing" anyway21:27
kirklandpitti: righto21:27
pittikirkland: so, thanks for passing the 1337 stuff :)21:27
kirklandpitti: give -curses a try next time you test a server img21:27
kirklandpitti: though, it doesn't work with our server/alternate iso21:27
pittikirkland: will that speed up the hideously slow text interface?21:28
kirklandpitti: runs the vm entirely in your term21:28
pittikirkland: in d-i, I can see every single block character being painted21:28
pittioh, nice21:28
kirklandpitti: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rBF8byfyvo&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.dustinkirkland.com%2F2009%2F06%2Fkvms-inside-of-byobu.html&feature=player_embedded21:28
kirklandpitti: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rBF8byfyvo21:28
kirklandpitti: that's a screencast21:28
kirklandpitti: kvm -curses inside of byobu21:29
kirklandpitti: one vm per screen window :-)21:29
pittikirkland: I wonder why "michael jackson thriller" is at the top of "similar videos" :-P21:30
kirklandpitti: LoL :-)21:30
kirklandpitti: i'm going to take that as a compliment :-)21:30
kirklandpitti: grub2 kinda breaks it though21:31
kirklandpitti: the grub menu is no longer text21:31
kirklandpitti: so you can't select your kernel21:31
kirklandpitti: but after that, it's back to text21:31
pgranerpitti: help!21:31
pittipgraner: hello?21:31
pgranerpitti: just updated and gnome-term & nautilus won't run for starters21:32
pgranerpitti: on karmic21:32
pgranerpitti: you seen this one?21:32
pittipgraner: not so far21:32
pittipgraner: gnome itself starts, though?21:32
pgranerpitti: sweet21:32
pittipanel, etc.?21:32
pgranerpitti: yep, I have xchat up21:32
pittipgraner: can you switch to vt1 and check ~/.xsession-errors ?21:33
* pitti invokes seb128 to listen as well21:33
pittipgraner: does alt+f2 xterm work?21:33
seb128pitti, reading, I'm trying to figure why gvfs-ssh crashes21:33
pittithen you could start gnome-terminal from there and watch the output21:33
pittiseb128: don't worry, I'll do the triage21:33
pgranerpitti: tons of errors in the .xsession-errors  and the xterm did not start21:34
seb128can you put the .xsession-errors online?21:34
pedro_btw someone reported a similar issue a few minutes ago on bug 40318621:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403186 in gnome-terminal "gnome-terminal doesn't start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40318621:34
pittipaste.ubuntu.com (if firefox works) or scp it to rookery?21:34
pgranerseb128, pitti: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/224918/21:36
seb128pgraner, lot of non standard softwares there, banshee, skype, etc21:38
pittiKey file does not have key 'Exec'21:38
pgranerseb128: standard stuff. I was testing banshee, and use skype for work21:38
seb128pitti, I bet they have a buggy desktop somewhere21:39
seb128pgraner, do you have the issue with a stock user?21:39
pittipedro_: seems unrelated to pgraner's problem21:39
seb128pgraner, try moving .config/autostart away21:39
seb128seems you have buggy desktops there21:39
pedro_pitti, yep agreed21:40
pgranerseb128: I don't have one set up let me try21:40
pittipgraner: alternatively, you could temporarily move ~/.config/autostart to ~/.config/autostart-disabled and try to log in again?21:40
pittioops, seb128 already said21:40
pgranerseb128: I tried going to System/Admin/Users and got You are not allowed to access the system config21:40
pittipgraner: if that helps, could you please tar the folder and put it somewhere?21:41
pittig-session certainly could behave a  bit better with broken .desktops, the tar file would be a good reproducer21:41
pgranerpitti: logging out brb21:42
pittihm, users-admin works for me21:42
chrisccoulsonpgraner - what version of gnome-session are you running?21:44
chrisccoulsonyour xsession-errors shows it crashing, and that particular crash was fixed some days ago21:45
pittithe gnome-session backtrace isn't that helpful, that probalby needs apport love21:45
chrisccoulsonpitti - that's the one that was exposed after correcting the consolekit policy21:45
chrisccoulsonit looks pretty similar from the information there anyway21:45
seb128chrisccoulson: the crash was not about exec= though21:46
chrisccoulsonno, the exec things are just warnings. it looks like gnome-session crashes later on though, when doing a dbus call21:46
pgranerseb128, pitti: no change21:46
pittipgraner: dpkg -l gnome-session -> which version do you have?21:47
pittidpkg -l gnome-session|cat  (meh)21:47
pgranerpitti: 2.26.1-1ubuntu21:47
pittipgraner: that would be it then21:47
seb128pgraner, weird, that one is outdated by several days, when did you upgrade?21:48
pgranerseb128: 30 min ago21:48
pgranerseb128: from us.archive.ubuntu.com21:48
pittipgraner: "dpkg -l gnome-session |cat "21:48
chrisccoulsonyeah, that will be why it's crashing, your gnome-session is out of date21:48
pittipgraner: 1ubuntu3 had the crash fix21:48
chrisccoulsonand we're on 2.27.4 now anyway21:48
pittiunfortunately dpkg -l itself checks the terminal size and cuts it off21:48
pittiyeah, seems the us mirror is lagging?21:49
chrisccoulsonheh. that's why i never use the mirrors21:49
pgranerpitti: dpkg -l gnome-session |cat  reports: 2.26.1-1ubuntu221:50
pittipgraner: ok, thanks; that was known-broken indeed21:50
pgranerpitti: whats the best archive to use then?21:50
pittipgraner: so it seems your mirror has the consolekit version which broke it (which was uploaded 8 hours _after_ the gnome-session fix)21:50
pittipgraner: well, ideally us.archive would just work21:50
chrisccoulsonyeah, i was just thinking that21:50
pittipgraner: you can try archive.u.c., but that'll be slow21:52
pgranerpitti: I just ran  "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" and it told me that it held 14 packages back including gnome-session21:52
pittipgraner: you need dist-upgrade21:52
pitti"upgrade" is fairly useless in a development release, I'm afraid21:52
pittisince we update library APIs, new packages, etc. all the time21:53
pittinew gnome-session pulls in a new libxklavier package21:53
pgranerpitti: ok, good to know. However I got into this state with update-manager21:53
pittiI guess that was it21:53
chrisccoulsoni'd definately move ~/.config/autostart aside if you haven't done already though. it seems it's full of broken desktop files21:54
pgranerchrisccoulson: done21:54
pgranerpitti, seb128: that did the trick22:01
seb128pgraner, good22:01
pgranerall is back to normal22:01
pgranerThanks for the assistance22:01
brettalton1Is it possible for me to get mentored to packaged both Code Igniter and Kohana, both php frameworks?22:04
pittipgraner: phew :)22:04
brettalton1I've been very interested in doing so for both projects, especially because they will have very little dependencies, so I figured they'd be good projects to learn how to package with.22:05
spotterI can't imagine many people are happy with multisearch22:07
mathiazkirkland: I've switched my install test vms to use ide rather than virtio and it fixes the issue22:45
mathiazkirkland: so it seems that there is a regression on qcow2+virtio guests22:45
kirklandmathiaz: or, you can use raw+virtio22:46
kirklandmathiaz: that works too22:46
mathiazkirkland: true22:46
kirklandmathiaz: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/40321522:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 403215 in linux "2.6.31 guest vm's unable to use qcow2 + virtio" [Medium,Confirmed]22:46
kirklandmathiaz: feel free to add to that bug your findings22:46
mathiazkirkland: except that in my use case I don't have space to generate all of the test install guests if I use raw images :/22:47
mathiazkirkland: so I'll use qcow2+ide instead22:47
mathiazkirkland: did you update the release notes?22:47
kirklandmathiaz: no, i'm still debugging the problem22:47
tkamppeterdirecthex, you can plug your new Kyocera printer now, the PPDs on OpenPrinting are updated, so system-config-printer should pull the new Kyocera PPD package for you.22:52
directhextkamppeter, awesome!22:57
=== vorian is now known as heHATEme
Keybukkees: kernel already checks for CAP_NET_ADMIN when you talk to it23:29
Keybukand there are thus valid apps that start as root, and drop everything but CAP_NET_ADMIN for their children23:30
keesKeybuk: context loss...23:33
keesKeybuk: ah, tun.  right23:34
keesKeybuk: new issue for you, you said you were going to make sure the debugfs was readable only by root, but that doesn't seem to be.23:35
KeybukI asked kernel people and they said they didn't recommend it23:35
Keybukand that again, any secure info should already be checked for23:35
keesKeybuk: and on a 3rd issue, what do you think of this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/225114/23:35
keesKeybuk: but does anything non-root need it?  it'd be nice to have a stricter default.23:36
Keybukthings in debugfs include the replacement for "/proc/bus/usb/devices" => /sys/debug/usb/devices23:36
Keybukyes, ^23:36
keesnot very _debug_ if it's used for production things. :P  ah well23:36
Keybukit's more "things that used to be in /proc but don't belong in /sys"23:36
* kees nods23:36
Keybukkees: that kind of config belongs in gnome-power-manager23:37
keesKeybuk: my server isn't using gnome-power-manager.23:37
Keybukyour server is a beautiful and unique snowflake ;)23:38
keesKeybuk: but gpm has nothing that allows for this configuration yet, correct?23:39
Keybukevery config option like that costs boot time23:39
keesit's after boot -- 60 seconds after boot...23:40
Keybukthat script is broken23:40
Keybukand will be probably be just replaced by devicekit-power or something23:40
Keybukand in the process, your config would be dropped23:40
Keybukanyway, bed23:40
keesI would normally add stuff like this to rc.local, but since ondemand is 60s delayed, it's less useful.   okay, g'night23:41

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