zehriqueHi, there. Does anyone can help me to set up an ubuntu-cloack?07:12
zehriqueI'm an Ubuntu Member07:14
naliothzehrique: got a launchpad page?07:26
zehriquenalioth: Yes, I do!07:27
zehriquenalioth: All the process is done on launchpad and on Freenode.07:27
naliothzehrique: my ESP hat isn't working.  can you share your LP page with us?07:28
zehriqueSure. https://edge.launchpad.net/~zehrique07:28
naliothzehrique: enjoy  :)07:31
zehriqueThanks a lot, nalioth! I'll disconnect an reconnect. ;)07:32
naliothwhere does everyone get the idea that a reconnect is needed when cloaked?07:34
zehriqueOnce more: Thanks a lot, friends. ;)07:36
zehriqueNow... time to go to bed. Have a nice day, all of you!07:37
elkynalioth, because some clients cache /whois rather stubbornly13:10
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