Athunye_Well. With noapic and irqpoll boot parameters the wireless finally got connected.00:08
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jjohansenAthunye: good to hear00:09
AthunyeThank you guyed for the time you lent me. :)00:11
jjohansenhehe, np. I am just glad to hear you got it working00:13
Athunyejjohansen: And without irqpoll, the connection gest very slow.00:44
AthunyeI'm going to take a bath.00:45
AthunyeWhile I update ubuntu.00:45
jjohansenAthunye: you have something that isn't responding to its interrupts correctly00:56
Athunyejjohansen: What could be done?00:59
AthunyeI'll try to update the bios.01:06
jjohansenAthunye: that really depends on what is causing the problem01:20
jjohansenAthunye: updating the bios is worth trying01:20
jjohansenso is turning off unused devices in the bios01:21
AthunyeYes. I can see two messages saying something I don't remember. I'll try to see them again.01:21
jjohansenit is also worth comparing /proc/interrupts with noapic irqpoll and without them01:21
jjohansenAthunye: on some machines even physically switching pci cards around can cleanup some of these issues01:23
AthunyeAnyway, it is a cheap notebook01:23
AthunyeAcer aspire 5516...01:23
jjohansenAthunye: ah, well I guess that option isn't open :)01:23
Athunyejjohansen: I just don't understand why lspci does not show the Etherned card anymore...01:24
AthunyeAnd that happened before. And it started to show, and then didn't anymore.01:25
jjohansenAthunye: that is strange, even with noapic irqpoll01:25
AthunyeI hate companies that don't give a good linux support.01:27
jjohansensadly that is almost all of them01:27
AthunyeI think Intel and Nvidia do.01:28
jjohansenAthunye: have you grabbed the broadcom firmware?01:31
AthunyeFor the wireless? No.01:31
AthunyeWhy? 01:32
AthunyeSorry my lack of knowledge.01:32
jjohansenAthunye: its your ether net that is not showing up and your wireless that is working (with noapic irqpoll) right?01:34
AthunyeYes. That is correct.01:35
jjohansenAthunye: the broadcom firmware for 43xx can be found http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/b43-fwcutter01:38
jjohansenwell the fetcher01:39
AthunyeWhat does a firmware?01:39
jjohansenit is code that is run on the card, think of it like the devices bios01:40
jjohansenAthunye: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1047297&highlight=431801:41
jjohansenAthunye: follow the instructions on that page it is easier to follow than me typing01:41
Athunyejjohansen: OK. Thanks. I'll keep you up to date with what is going on :P01:42
ubot3Debian bug 537389 in binutils "binutils produces non-bootable kernel" [Grave,Open] 18:38
dokoare some ubuntu kernel variants built with HIBERNATION unset?18:38
rtg_apw, ack18:42
apwdoko, all of the karmic ones have the same hibernation config options set18:43
dokook, thanks. so the workaround can wait until after alpha-318:44
rtg_doko, you're talking about CONFIG_HIBERNATION=y, right?18:44
apwthats on in all karmic builds18:44
rtg_apw, if I understand correctly, changing the concatenation order allows one to more more easily integrate an already fully formed config.18:51
apwexactly so18:51
rtg_cool, good idea.18:51
apwmeans you can literally put a complete config in the .<flavour> file and hit fdr updateconfigs18:51
apwand the right thing will happen18:51
apwas it was before the world went to poo18:52
apwand you ended up with an utter mess for your trouble18:52
rtg_right, doing new flavours in Hardy, intrepid, and Jaunty was a pain18:52
apwand it got harder in karmic with the new merging system18:53
apwall for an ordering change :/18:53
rtg_apw, return from suspend on my Inspiron is about 1.5 seconds18:53
apwvery nice ... mine is normally around there, though now when i get in wireless is still faffing about getting connecterd18:54
billybigriggercan someone help me out here22:59
billybigriggerever since the .31 kernel, my webcam hasn't been working at all...and i know that gspca is built into the kernel now, so do i have to wait for this to be fixed in the kernel? or can i fix it on my own? as i see there have been some updates to v4l-dvb and my webcam module23:00
billybigriggeri see nothing from this tree merging into linus's 2.6.31 tree23:01

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