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MootBotMeeting started at 10:00. The chair is robbiew.16:00
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* mvo_ mubbles something about firstpost16:01
* robbiew barely gets the agenda out...sorry16:01
robbiewhmm...we seem a little light in attendance today16:04
robbiewcjwatson: james_w: Keybuk: around?16:04
Keybuknot here16:05
* Keybuk has swine flu16:05
robbiewoh well...I guess I'd better keep this Dell Mini 10V then16:05
robbiewis cjwatson putting out release fires?16:05
robbiewwell...let's just get started16:06
* robbiew still needs to pack :/16:06
Keybukrobbiew: you have a week yet16:07
* liw points everyone at http://www.onebag.com/16:07
robbiewuh...DebConf my friend16:07
* james_w must remember to print off all the tickets16:07
* robbiew sends that link to his wife ;)16:07
robbiew[TOPIC] Alpha 3 deliverables16:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Alpha 3 deliverables16:08
robbiewevand1: usb-creator for windows this week...right?16:08
robbiewbut not IN Alpha 316:08
evand1by the end of the weekend16:08
robbiewargh...someone at the door (delivery pickup)....brb16:09
Keybukevand1: you're going to work on it all weekend?  did David Mandala get on a plane to come visit? :P16:09
evand1Keybuk: no, but just in case I'm going to dig an old fashion British moat.16:10
liwisn't the entire country surrounded by a really big moat?16:11
robbiewsorry...too many deliveries for Keybuk :P16:14
robbiewmterry: you around?16:14
mterryrobbiew, yup16:14
robbiewis the rsyslog stuff good to go?16:14
Keybukrobbiew: heh, dropping off or picking up?16:14
mterryrobbiew, yup16:15
robbiewKeybuk: picking up16:15
robbiewmvo: the aptURL policy stuff is done...right?16:16
mvo_robbiew: yeah16:16
robbiewsweet ;)16:16
mvo_robbiew: we made adding much easier now via software-properites16:16
mvo_and auto-adding needs *more* discussion16:16
* robbiew seems to recall seeing an update to the Server Installer Improvements blueprint indicating it was good to go...but will need to confirm with cjwatson16:17
robbiewmvo_: right...I figured the auto-adding would need more "discussion" ;)16:17
robbiewdoko setup the python 2.6 ppa for hardy...so that's done in my book16:18
robbiewmvo_: you're done with our part of the upgrade support in Landscape, right?16:18
cjwatsonrobbiew: whoops, at debcamp, timezone confusion meant I forgot about the meeting16:18
mvo_robbiew: yeah, I think it should be good, I'm waiting for feedback from the landscape team16:19
cjwatsonserver installer should be done16:19
robbiewcjwatson: no worries, wasn't sure if the ecryptfs thing was still keeping you busy :)16:19
cjwatsonnah, got that sorted16:19
mvo_cheers to james_w for this (fixing it)16:19
robbiewmvo_: ok...thnx16:20
robbiew[TOPIC] Sponsorship Queue16:20
MootBotNew Topic:  Sponsorship Queue16:20
* robbiew checks the last 7 days...not bad16:21
robbiewthough Desktop always seems to kick our a$$16:21
robbiew[TOPIC] Objectives16:22
MootBotNew Topic:  Objectives16:22
cjwatsonI've sucked this week due to travel (Tue's my usual sponsorship day)16:22
* mvo_ thinks he did a bad job this week too16:22
robbiewcjwatson: yeah...I figured that would be the case over the next couple weeks16:22
robbiewno worries...as long as Keybuk keeps meeting his goal of zero, you'll all be fine :P16:23
robbiewdon't forget to send me you objectives by next Friday16:23
robbiewemail is fine...since I don't trust the PDR tool16:23
liwrobbiew, next friday as in the day after tomorrow or the friday a week from that?16:23
robbiewJuly 31st16:24
liw(I honestly get confused by that expression every time)16:24
robbiewfor me..THIS Friday would be the day after tomorrow16:25
* robbiew ends his lesson16:25
mterry(mike adds, but the distinction between THIS and NEXT starts to get fuzzy 5 days out)16:25
robbiew[TOPIC] Good News16:25
MootBotNew Topic:  Good News16:25
robbiewmterry: true16:26
mterryAlpha 3 is in good shape!16:26
mvo_auto-cdrom detection in apt is getting along nicely (via libudev)16:26
cjwatsonI've been talking about the server-installer-improvements work with Debian people here, and generally people seem to like the UI changes16:26
KeybukI think I have sreadahead ready to replace readahead-list on hard drives16:26
cjwatsonalthough I haven't shown anyone the actual patches yet ;-)16:27
robbiewmterry: don't jinx it16:27
robbiewmvo_: cool16:27
robbiewcjwatson: nice...SteveG should like that ;)16:27
robbiewKeybuk: Yoohoo!  I'm tired of having to uninstall readahead all the time :P16:28
robbiew[TOPIC] AOB16:28
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB16:28
* robbiew will be off-line this evening and tomorrow...travelling16:28
robbiewthough, as usual, I will have my Crackberry16:29
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:30.16:30
* robbiew needs to get packing ;)16:30
robbiewthanks all16:30
Keybukrobbiew: have a good flight16:30
mvo_have a good trip robbiew16:30
KeybukI look forwards to receiving max tomorrow :-)16:30
james_wrobbiew: it will probably take me as long as you this time :-)16:30
ScottKevand1: Is the KDE usb-creator included in the this week stuff?16:30
Keybukassuming that the boot time results for the Mini 9 and Mini 10 are the same16:31
Keybuk(which they should be - they're identical hardware)16:31
evand1ScottK: that's pretty much ready for upload, I've just been holding off as much as possible while I try to find time to finish the devicekit backend (the existing HAL code is a bit wobbly)16:31
KeybukI'm more than happy to lose the Mini 9 if somebody else has a use for it16:31
robbiewKeybuk: bring it to the sprint...I'm sure we can find it a home16:32
Keybukrobbiew: my attendance depends on what my doctor tells me when he calls tomorrow16:32
* robbiew may take it to run his own bootcharts :P16:32
evand1ScottK: I told rgreening that I'd upload it though (I keep slipping on that though, need to dedicate some time to it before the weekend)16:32
ScottKevand1: Thanks.  It'll be good to get that in.16:32
evand1absolutely.  I'll endeavor to get that done.16:33
ScottKKeybuk: I now have a mini 10v also and am interested in doing Kubuntu testing to see if it's worth the trouble to try and do flavor specific boot profiling.16:33
KeybukScottK: it'd be certainly worth improving the performance of kdm and the kde desktop login16:34
* ScottK will not doubt ping you for some hand holding.16:35
Keybukin terms of the readahead lists, the move to sreadahead should fix that16:35
ScottKOK.  Good.16:35
* ScottK saw your mail to the boot performance list today.16:36
ograKeybuk, can you also make my ARMs faster please ?16:39
Keybukno, but I can work on your LEGs16:39
* evand1 rimshot16:39
* ogra goes to #ubuntu-leg 16:40
KeybukI always remember that the security software installed on the Acorn 5000s was called ARM LOCK16:42
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arahello, hello17:58
eeejayyo yo17:59
bdmurrayhey hey hey ;-)18:00
charlie-tcame too18:01
henolet's start18:01
MootBotMeeting started at 12:01. The chair is heno.18:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]18:01
henoagenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings18:01
henohey davmor218:02
fader_FYI schwuk was having connectivity issues earlier so he may or may not be responsive18:02
henoUbuntuBugDay highlights -- pedro18:02
pedro_Last Thursday we had a hug day based on synaptic https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2009071618:03
pedro_134 bugs were hugged and the graph looks pretty great https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20090716?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=synaptic-week-triaging.png18:03
pedro_Thanks a lot to the hug day heroes: yofel, scifly, kamusin, micahg, kralph, mistrynitesh and kelvingardiner18:03
pedro_btw some of them continue working on the hug day until yesterday :-) you guys rock!18:03
bdmurraythat's fantastic!18:04
* Kamusin :D18:04
pedro_hey Kamusin :-)18:04
pedro_Tomorrow we're having a hug day based on Evolution https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2009072318:04
pedro_people already started to work on it (yes we have an awesome community!), so if you have a few spare minutes please help us with it,  come on you know you want a hug :-)18:04
pedro_and the last, we're looking for targets so if you have one or an idea please add it to the planning page18:05
henogreat, thanks pedro_18:06
bdmurrayfirefox-3.5 might be a good idea18:06
pedro_bdmurray, yeap , I'm adding it to the page18:07
heno[TOPIC] New bug control members! -- bdmurray18:07
MootBotNew Topic:  New bug control members! -- bdmurray18:07
bdmurrayNothing to report at this time, just a couple of renewals.18:08
henook, thanks18:08
heno[TOPIC] SRU testing -- sbeattie18:09
MootBotNew Topic:  SRU testing -- sbeattie18:09
sbeattie8.04.3 finally got released last week, so hardy SRUs have slowed down a little.18:09
sbeattieAlthough a few new ones came into hardy-proposed that were queued up waiting for post-release.18:09
sbeattieThere's still a number of jaunty and intrepid SRUs that could use testing.18:10
sbeattieThanks to Aldo Bortot, Steven Ellis, Conan Barnes, Anton¡o Sch¡fano, Renzo Bagnati, grawity, aexl, Bryan McLellan, mcarni, Larry Reid for helping to test various proposed packages this week.18:10
sbeattieand that's all I've got on that front.18:10
henook, thanks sbeattie18:11
heno[TOPIC] Alpha 3 testing status18:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Alpha 3 testing status18:11
henoHave images been respun today?18:11
davmor2yes over and over18:11
sbeattieyeah, live cds are currently being respun18:12
davmor2ubuntu lives have just gone up18:12
* sbeattie stands corrected.18:12
davmor2alt's seem to be okay to test18:12
henoare there issues beyond ecryptfs?18:12
* ara syncs her images18:13
davmor2fglrx enabled mean you get no login screen18:13
davmor2just found18:13
davmor2windows isn't added to grub when installed side by side18:14
henoare we expecting the alpha will slip to Friday?18:14
davmor2probably.  I'm not around much tomorrow at all18:14
davmor2I swap clients around today so I could get as much done as possible and it's been going round in circles18:15
henofader_, sbeattie, schwuk: can you step in and help with image testing?18:15
sbeattieyeah, can do.18:16
fader_heno: Definitely... I can run tests in the background while working on some other stuff18:16
pedro_I'll be testing some images as well18:16
davmor2mind you we still don't need full coverage and with the breakages so far18:16
henocr3, fader_: how are we doing on getting the automated test running again?18:16
henothanks folks18:16
fader_cr3 sent me an updated checkbox package today but it still seems to have some issues on karmic18:17
fader_cr3: ^^ can you provide more info?18:17
fader_(About timing at least)18:17
henoit would be great to have some alpha 3 testing from cert - can we just blacklist bootchart testing?18:18
cr3the problems to solve were: 1. upstart changed configuration; 2. some tests/attachments were causing checkbox to wait forever on stdin18:18
henoor is more broken?18:18
cr3these have been solved and other improvements are currently underdoing testing before releasing checkbox18:18
heno'other improvements'?18:19
cr3fader_: the issue you discovered about ioctl not working on karmic can be disabled for now, I mostly need to disable stdin rather than detaching from the controlling terminal18:19
cr3heno: I have folded a few changes completed for the oem team into the mix18:19
sbeattie"ioctl not working on karmic"?18:19
cr3as for timeline, I see nothing major, so a new package will be pushed this afternoon early enough to get some tests before the end of day18:20
henook, that sounds good18:20
henocoinciding with the last alpha images hopefully18:21
cr3sbeattie: this line works fine on jaunty, fails with some error message on karmic: fcntl.ioctl(STDIN_FILENO, termios.TIOCNOTTY)18:21
fader_That would be good timing :)18:21
henoAny other topics?18:21
cr3fader_: if you have the error message we used to have readily available, please paste to sbeattie18:22
cr3heno: I will specifically try to get some laptop tests done before the end of day18:23
fader_cr3: Will do18:23
henocr3: ok, great18:23
henoseems we're done18:24
MootBotMeeting finished at 12:24.18:24
pedro_thanks you guys18:25
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