jayteeukYeah, that's a pretty bizarre patch - bizarre that it was ever reauired.00:00
jayteeukBah. fat fingers.00:00
pwnguinmaybe 3.5 fixed it00:01
pwnguinah, here's a multiline patch comment00:02
pwnguinand a fairly lengthy patch00:02
directhexpwnguin, that patch kinda makes it hard to shift the feeling i've always had about eclipse00:03
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pwnguinwhich is?00:04
directhexjust never did anything for me00:04
pwnguini dont see where C# would improve that00:04
jayteeukSo really my first steps are 0) Remind myself how I partitioned my drive. 0.1) Figure out if I can re-partition an encrypted drive and how. 0.2) Do it. 1) Install Karmic as a dual boot. 2) apt-get source eclipse. 3) Build it just to prove I can. 4) Start looking at / discussing the patches.00:04
directhexwe used "JEdit" in the undergrad days ^_^00:04
jayteeukdirecthex: That was my editor of choice before I picked up Eclipse.00:05
pwnguinour intro to programming course was in Java00:05
pwnguinand the mandatory editor was BlueJay00:05
jayteeukI think the first language I was formally taught was Pascal.00:06
jayteeukThen VB, then C I think.00:06
directhexpwnguin, well, monodevelop 2.0, the current stable release, with integrated debugging and gui designer, is packaged and working. eclipse is much more mature and has loads more developers. i don't really see the "excuse" for dreadful flaws like not having a working plugin API (i.e. needing to public-ize your app just to get an important plugin running)00:06
directhexi wish MD supported "real" Java though, not just IKVM00:07
jayteeukIronically, pointers in C never made sense to me until I started learning Java, which doesn't even have explicit pointers in the language.00:07
pwnguindirecthex: i think you fail to understand00:07
directhexpwnguin, entirely possible00:07
pwnguinthe main purpose of eclipse today is to serve the people who would otherwise be stuck with crappy vendor IDEs for embedded systems00:07
pwnguincheck out the sponsors list00:08
directhexmmmmmmokay, sounds a bit weird, but okay00:08
pwnguinC and C++ developers need an IDE00:08
pwnguinevery embedded system ive worked with came with a terrible IDE for a custom toolchain00:08
pwnguinsure, it works with Java and lots of academics like open source and java00:10
jayteeukI thought the point of Eclipse was so that Java application server vendors didn't have to bother to write their own IDE - just a plugin that connects it to their app server's management interface. :)00:11
jayteeukBut then I only really do server-side Java, so my view is distorted.00:12
jayteeukI've not really used CDT in anger.00:13
pwnguinplaces like Nokia, motorola, ARM, QNX, ericsen, freescale, lynuxworks00:13
pwnguinthe JDT is well done00:13
pwnguinthe custom compiler is fast and the IDE uses some nice tricks for fast lookups00:13
pwnguinpersonally, the last thing I used eclipse for, was, I think, either a BIRT 2.0 to 3.0 grammar converter, or perhaps a PHP website00:15
jayteeukI like the JDT.  I'd like to be able to make more use of the J2EE perspective, but it seems to require that your project(s) be organised a certain way, which ours isn't.00:15
pwnguinBIRT is amazing. i spent a month on it, and I have no idea what it does or what it's for00:16
jayteeukI quite like PyDev, although it can be a bit slow.00:16
jayteeukI've seen BIRT mentioned, but I'm the same - no idea as to its purpose.00:17
pwnguinlike i said, i wrote a parser and translator for it, and i still have no idea what it's purpose is00:18
jayteeukIn fact we don't make use of even a small percentage of what Eclipse can do.00:18
pwnguinwhen the new eclipse came out, i took a look at it and they mentioned BIRT again; turns out i guess its like an open source crystal reports00:18
jayteeukAh, right00:18
pwnguinbusiness something something something00:19
jayteeukNow you put it like that, possibly business intelligence reporting tool or something.00:19
pwnguini think you got it00:19
pwnguinthere's a line in Stephenson's Snow Crash00:20
pwnguinabout someone who works for a place as a programmer, who has no idea what it is the program actually does00:20
pwnguinafter that project, i now understand that it is indeed possible00:20
* jayteeuk whistles innocently.00:21
pwnguinalso, i may have either proved the chinese room, or disproved my own intelligence00:21
jayteeukSo I have to ask, what prompted your post about Eclipse?00:22
pwnguinanyways, step 5 on your list: ask for details on what needs to be done from doko00:22
pwnguinjayteeuk: i have friends who need something like it00:22
pwnguinit occasionally works00:22
jayteeuk"I have this friend..." :-P00:22
pwnguinhis name is Dave00:22
pwnguinplus, it would really help Ubuntu's viability in certain large embedded nagivation firms00:23
pwnguinfinally, because im an idiot and haven't tried monodevelop for anything besides mono00:25
pwnguindirecthex: can i debug C++ with monodevelop?00:25
jayteeukI just want to see Eclipse shipped by default in Ubuntu because I like it and don't have an inclination to try anything else at the moment.00:25
pwnguinwhen I was a TA for undergraduate operating systems, we showed students DDD00:26
directhexpwnguin, i haven't tested it extensively, but there's00:26
directhexC++ support and GDB integration, so presumably some combination of the two00:26
directhexlet's give it a try00:26
pwnguinthis is a suboptimal debugger; something else would help alleviate the torture that class becomes00:26
pwnguinman, it's 30 minutes to quittin time00:28
jayteeukI don't know DDD.  I've only used GDB and Java's debugger.00:28
pwnguinDDD is an old graphical frontend to gdb00:28
jayteeukD'oh, another late night for me.00:28
jayteeukI think I used something called xgdb once?00:29
directhexpwnguin, seems helluva buggy, but it broke on a breakpoint and highlighted the right line, so that's something00:29
pwnguinjayteeuk: once you're comfortable with building eclipse and whatnot, I'll see about who you should talk to00:29
pwnguindirecthex: heh00:29
directhexpwnguin, the only debugger people mention around me at work is DDT00:30
directhexpwnguin, in my spare time, i also use mdb00:30
jayteeukpwnguin: Thanks.  I'll let it grow organically - baby steps, get the thing working first!00:30
pwnguindirecthex: it doesn't help that nachOS uses a user library to do thread switching00:31
pwnguininstead of libpthread00:31
jayteeukI'll have to brief my wife on which environment to select when Flash player overheats my CPU and shuts down the laptop again. :)00:32
pwnguini donno why, but all flashplayer videos seem to peg at 100 percent00:32
pwnguindownload the flv and give it to totem, runs fine00:33
pwnguinbut given that firefox does the same thing to .ogg00:33
pwnguinim blaming the web00:33
directhexpwnguin, short version: adobe are chimps00:33
jayteeukDon't hold back now.00:34
pwnguinwell, after my last attempt at thinking it through failed so hard i mistook YUV for CMYK00:35
pwnguini'm refraining from further idiocy00:35
pwnguindirecthex: fyi, that patch was applied in 200600:36
directhexpwnguin, i should bloody hope it was applied in 2001!#00:37
jayteeukRight, well... it's heading quickly towards 1am, and I have to be up for work in just over 6 hours... I guess I'm not going to get a dual boot sorted now.00:37
pwnguinif other people have a suggestion that's faster, by all means00:38
pwnguini won't be offended00:38
jayteeukI hadn't actually thought about it, but it seems the best option to me.00:40
jayteeukI hadn't even considered that I'd need to be running Karmic actually, but when you mentioned it my thoughts were "VM, probably too slow.  chroot, didn't enjoy that experience."00:41
pwnguinwell, if your end goal is depending on external libraries00:42
pwnguinyou dont want to be running karmic on jaunty :)00:43
jayteeukHahah, no.  Obvious now it's been pointed out!00:43
jayteeukI suspect I'll be submitting patches to a lot more packages than just eclipse.00:43
pwnguingood to hear!00:44
jayteeukThrough necessity - my (admittedly limited) understanding is that at least some of the external packages we want to depend on need this OSGi work doing to them.00:45
jayteeukThat's another thing for me to learn. :)00:46
jayteeukThis should be a lot of fun and very beneficial for my career.00:47
jayteeukWith luck and some hard work, I'd like to use it to support an application for Ubuntu membership.00:49
jayteeukpwnguin: Thanks for all the help, hopefully I'll 'see' you again tomorrow.01:00
jayteeukdirecthex: Thanks for the conversation - hope Mono works out for you. ;)01:00
LaneyWhat's wrong with "libghc6-agda-dev (<< ${source:Upstream-Version}.1~),"?01:14
* lajjr rebooting02:27
stochasticdoes anyone feel like doing a REVU on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/a2jmidid04:24
AnAntHello, should I subscribe u-u-s to LP 402874 ?06:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402874 in sl-modem "Candidate revision sl-modem_2.9.11~20090222-1ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40287406:23
AnAntthere is no fix attached to this bug, I just said that I'm not sure wether it should be a sync or merge and explain the situation06:27
stochasticThis package REVU only needs one more advocation http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/xwax  Anyone have a second?07:07
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noodles775Hey wgrant! You might be able to answer a packaging question that I've got at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/pocketsphinx ? If you've time, could you take a look?08:39
noodles775I'm just keen to know if I can check a package in pbuilder that is dependent on another as-yet unpublished package (ie. can you pass it in to pbuilder somehow)08:39
wgrantI'd do a 'pbuilder login'08:40
noodles775I saw you can pass in extra dependencies, but that seems to be just other published packages that are not normally in the pbuilder default env.08:40
wgrantThat gives you a shell.08:40
noodles775Ah OK, I'll try that, thanks!08:40
wgrantThen you can install the dependencies, and debuild -b08:40
noodles775Perfect... btw, wgrant are you motu (ie. can I pester you to do a review occasionally?)08:41
wgrantnoodles775: I am, so sure.08:41
gesergood morning08:41
noodles775Morning geser08:41
wgrantMorning geser.08:42
maxbnoodles775: The other option is to set up a local apt repository for your pbuilder, and configure pbuilder to bindmount it into the chroot08:46
maxbI use a shell script like lp:~maxb/+junk/apt-generate/ to generate the Packages / Release etc. files08:47
lifelessnoodles775: hi, were you seeking me the other day?08:48
noodles775maxb: OK... thanks. I'll try just logging in first - as a one-off solution it seems simpler. But if I need to do this more often I'll try the local apt repo. Thanks!08:48
noodles775lifeless: Hi! I just wasn't sure how to go about getting a review, but geser has taken a look for me (for sphinxbase).08:48
lifelessok cool08:50
lifelessI saw your mail; just a little swamped - bzr2.0 soon and there are still some major regressions in the new format [edge cases, but important ones]08:51
noodles775lifeless: Yes, I realised after sending the email that it was probably a really bad time :)  Hope it all goes well!08:52
gaspadavid_mentre: hi09:34
mscheringCan I ask someone about uploading packages to REVU?09:57
mscheringI've uploaded my package with dput successfully but it doesn't show up on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/09:57
david_mentregaspa: hello andrea09:59
noodles775mschering: it usually takes 5mins to be scanned I think10:03
mscheringI've been waiting much longer10:04
noodles775Hmmm... can you paste the command and output of dput that you ran (at pastebin.ubuntu.com)?10:04
noodles775wgrant: Do I really need to manually install all dependencies? I think I'm doing something wrong:10:05
mscheringjust pasted: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/224185/10:06
noodles775mschering: it's a new package then?10:07
wgrantnoodles775: Maybe try /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends-gdebi10:08
gaspadavid_mentre: sync has been acked. we should wait a little, now.10:09
wgrantmschering: Let me look at REVU for you.10:10
wgrantmschering: You need to upload the _source.changes, not the _i386.changes.10:11
wgrantmschering: Make you sure call debuild with -S.10:11
mscheringAh ok10:12
mscheringIt's a web app and it's actually always a source package10:12
mscheringI'll try again with -S10:12
wgrantNot in Debian terms.10:12
mscheringOK thanks for the help. I'll try again.10:13
david_mentregaspa: well, the ocaml packages are still in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive//sync-blacklist.txt10:13
gaspadavid_mentre: yeah, we should wait a little for an archive-admin to remove it from the blacklist.10:14
AnAntHello, should I subscribe u-u-s to LP 402874 ?10:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402874 in sl-modem "Candidate revision sl-modem_2.9.11~20090222-1ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40287410:46
AnAntthere is no fix attached to this bug, I just said that I'm not sure wether it should be a sync or merge and explain the situation10:46
slytherincoolbhavi: When creating a merged package, you should use 'debuild -v<last_ubuntu_version> -S -sa' That way even the Debian changes appear in the .changes file.10:58
coolbhaviyes slytherin10:58
coolbhaviI do10:58
slytherincoolbhavi: You didn't do it for pbuilder.10:59
coolbhavislytherin, okay maybe I missed10:59
Laneyit's the uploader who has to do that11:00
coolbhaviLaney, okay11:00
Laneyso unless you're a core-dev, it wasn't your fault11:00
mok0coolbhavi: *phew* :-)11:01
coolbhavimok0, hi11:02
coolbhavimok0, I do 5 a day when I am in term holidays :) othertime I dont have time to contribute11:03
slytherinAhh, my mistake. I assumed coolbhavi is MOTU.11:04
coolbhavislytherin, not yet11:04
coolbhavislytherin, busy with final year in studies .. ll apply later11:05
Laneyit's in main anyway11:05
slytherinLaney: yup, just checked that.11:05
coolbhavislytherin, pbuilder was sponsored by mvo11:08
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noodles775wgrant: I think I must be misunderstanding how pbuilder-satisfydepends-gdebi works... I assumed that it would use /var/cache/pbuilder/apt-cache for the dependencies?11:29
wgrantnoodles775: No, apt won't know about that.11:30
wgrantnoodles775: You'll have to install the unavailable deps manually first.11:30
james_wyou can use a hook to make built debs available to pbuilder11:31
james_wsave that as in your pbuilder hooks directory as D10_use_result and make it executable11:33
james_wthen call pbuilder with "--bindmounts /var/cache/pbuilder/result/"11:33
noodles775Thanks james_w11:34
slytherinor configure bindmounts in pbuilderrc11:34
noodles775yep, I've got bindmounts configured to mount the results directory.11:34
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juli_Hi MOTUs. Could you, please, take a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/libcobertura-java . I need this package for netbeans update.11:40
slytherinjuli_: I will take a look. I didn't find time yesterday to deal with svn adapter11:53
slytherinjuli_: done12:10
Laneyneed to merge cdbs for a new package12:12
AnAnt debhelper now builds for several python version12:14
AnAntdh_auto_{build|install} I mean12:14
AnAntjames_w: and it supports ant build system now12:14
AnAntbut that's in experimental12:15
AnAntactually both of those additions are in experimental12:15
AnAntbtw, with javahelper 0.20, you can do: dh --with javahelper12:17
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DktrKranzLaney: if you manage to merge it, please also address bug 40195313:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401953 in cdbs "cdbs creates empty bogus directories if Python files are not installed in /usr/lib/python*" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40195313:07
juli_slytherin, thank you! I'll correct the package.13:08
DktrKranzAnAnt: yeah, I played with it a bit last night, very nice job. It needs some attention on *.install files, though13:08
AnAntDktrKranz: what are you talking about ?13:12
LaneyDktrKranz: does the bug happen in debian too?13:13
DktrKranzAnAnt: support for several python versions in dh713:13
DktrKranzLaney: no, it's Py2.6-related13:14
AnAntDktrKranz: so, what attention do you mean ?13:14
DktrKranzAnAnt: files are stored under debian/tmp, so you have to provide some debian/*.install files to actually move files in the right binary package13:15
AnAntDktrKranz: can't you do dh_auto_install -p<package name> ?13:16
AnAntDktrKranz: to avoid installing in debian/tmp13:16
DktrKranzAnAnt: I usually do some override, with dh_auto_install -- --root=somewhere13:17
DktrKranzbut if you have tiny rules, you have to either adjust it or provide .install files13:18
AnAnt -- ?13:18
DktrKranz-- passes the rest of the line as option to dh_auto_install13:18
DktrKranzwhich it passes to setup.py, in case of distutils packages13:19
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* hyperair thinks liferea has *big* issues with being responsive13:20
hyperairbah, i removed apport once. how did it appear on my system again?13:23
* hyperair growls at apport13:23
directhex* apport retraces hyperair13:25
hyperairyeah that's what i seriously hate.13:27
rgreeningScottK: ping13:41
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noodles-afkwgrant: if you get a chance, I think the following is ready for review: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/pocketsphinx13:55
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bddebianHeya folks14:05
iulianHi bddebian.14:07
bddebianHeya iulian14:08
ScottKrgreening: Pong.14:13
slytherinbddebian: Did you verify if you are still a MOTU. :-)14:15
bddebianslytherin: No :(14:16
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Laneygaspa: merging ghc616:46
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gaspaLaney: \o/16:49
Laney  Uploading ghc6_6.10.4-1ubuntu1_source.changes: done.16:53
LaneySuccessfully uploaded packages.16:53
Laneyonce this is published, sync haddock, then reupload with the b-d-i back in16:54
Laneythen the world is broken and we get to rebuild everything again16:54
* DktrKranz likes broken stuff16:55
DktrKranzLaney: did you manage to get that recap webpage somewhere?16:56
LaneyDktrKranz: No it kept giving blank output and I don't know enough OCaml to fix it16:58
Laneybut kaol has written a NMUtool that we should be able to hack into working16:58
DktrKranzLaney: that would help a lot, I managed a bit of haskell transitions, and sequence is the key16:59
ScottKThe good news is with the Alpha 3 freeze on now the buildds should be pretty free.17:01
Laneyout for a few hours17:03
LaneyI'll upload the last bits when I get back17:03
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kamalnandanwhat is "debuild" command18:51
kamalnandanfolks...what is debuild command in Ubuntu packaging?18:56
geserman debuild (install devscripts if needed)18:58
kamalnandangeser: when i do "apt-get install devscripts", it starts doenloading the scripts but on the telnet window(from where I gave the apt-get command) opens a terminal whose bckground is blue in color...and it asks us to accept...19:02
kamalnandanbut how do we do this?19:02
kamalnandanhow do we handle the problem that I have???19:04
dcravenkamalnandan: I'll take a stab and say that Tab might cycle through your dialog choices?19:17
kamalnandandcraven..thanks for your reply...19:23
kamalnandanfolks..bye for today..its 12 am now19:23
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rgreeningScottK: ping19:43
rgreeningScottK: what are your thoughts on combinging two src tgz into one (tac-plus + webui)? I believe they should be packaged together, but upstream has them seperate (I think for dev purpose, but they go hand in hand... one no good without the other).19:45
rgreeningScottK: so I was thinking on repacking to jion into one so it can be managed easier. I'd still generate two debs with proper suggest/recommend. Otherwise, it would be two seperate source uploads19:46
rgreeningScottK: I believe the author still has it separate as 1) no distro has it packaged and 2) he has an older webui some were using.19:47
rgreeningScottK: the other reason I wanted to join was to create a meta package to install the daemon + webui, which most users would install (it seems cleaner as one src tgz then)19:48
rgreeningScottK-desktop: ^19:48
ScottKrgreening: You can combine them, but generally, I don't think it's a good idea.20:25
ScottKIt can be painful from a maintainability perspective.20:25
rgreeningScottK: generally, I'd agree. In this case, I20:25
rgreeningam working with auther to get the src together into svn or something...20:26
rgreeningso, it'll be easier to maintain going forward...20:26
rgreeningScottK: I just proposed my idea to the auther. I hope he agrees so that the next release can be a single tgz (or at the very least distribute 3 src files (individual and a combined).20:38
ScottKrgreening: If so, then combining now isn't a big deal.20:38
rgreeningexactly. I explained the reasons for doing it... he seemed agreeable to my other suggestions and 3 patches. so...20:39
rgreeningScottK: I think he's pretty much a lone developer/supported for this package. Any help I guess is really welcome :)20:39
fabrice_spHi. I have 5 patches in a packages managed by cdbs and simple-patchsys, and one patch is not applied. Any idea why this could happen?20:40
ScottKfabrice_sp: What's the name of the patch file?20:40
fabrice_sppython2.6-fix.patch seems to be split at build time between python2.6.patch that is not applied and a python2.6-fix.patch that is applied20:42
fabrice_sppfff: forget it: the patch python2.6.patch is patched within python2.6-fix.patch20:44
fabrice_spI think debian didn't adopted well my original patch20:44
fabrice_spScottK, ^20:44
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brettaltonIs it possible for me to get mentored to packaged both Code Igniter and Kohana, both php frameworks?22:08
brettaltonI've been very interested in doing so for both projects, especially because they will have very little dependencies, so I figured they'd be good projects to learn how to package22:08
nellerybrettalton: if you're interested in a getting a mentor see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Mentoring22:26
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asomethingI see ghc6 6.10.4-1ubuntu1 was uploaded. Anyone coordinating the transition?23:21
asomethingThe funny thing is that just yesterday I rebuilt some packages that had never made the 6.10.3 transition... Guess their un-installable again..23:25
directhexfta, is this gwibber package of yours functional? i can't get it to do anything useful23:29
ftadirecthex, which one?23:30
fta   gwibber | 1.2.0~bzr349-0ubuntu1~daily1 | http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main Packages23:31
fta   gwibber | 1.2.0~bzr346-0ubuntu2 | http://archive.ubuntu.com karmic/universe Packages23:31
directhexdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/fta/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main #fta PPA23:31
ftadirecthex, did you read the header of my ppa in the last 6 months?23:32
directhexfta, i don't make a habit of it23:32
directhexand LP's down23:32
ftait's the only communication vector for PPAs i'm afraid23:33
ftaso something like deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gwibber-daily/ppa/ubuntu karmic main23:33
directhexi should really SRU gtwitter to fix the twitpocalypse23:34
ftaupstream is unable to create proper releases, so dailies are probably the best things you can run23:34
ftaesp. as the identi.ca api is such a fast moving target23:34
awekirkland: ping23:50
kirklandawe: yo23:51
aweif i'm looking at a merge, and the only change between the ubuntu version & debian, is an updated Standards-Version in the control file, should that be punted in favor of a sync?23:52

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