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leprasmurfhello all, I have two issues, the second being prompted by my misguided attempt to fix the first15:38
leprasmurfall of my recording schedules have dissappeared...they still appear in the database (so it seems) but they don't appear in the upcoming recordings or anywhere else15:39
leprasmurffor some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to 9.04 in an attempt to fix this, which subsequently broke my nvidia drivers.  Has anyone else run into this on an nvidia geforce 5200 FX?15:39
nawlim having trouble with a fresh install of mythbuntu and my audio.  heres whats up, mythbuntu finds my on board card, play plays my file, alsamixer seems like it works, speakers are on, plug is in the right place.... no audio, am i missing something?16:21
leprasmurfhave you tried playing a file in a standard player outside of mythtv?16:22
leprasmurfmplayer or vlc for example?16:22
nawlyes, play16:23
nawlfrom the command line16:23
leprasmurfah, haven't heard of that player, thought that was a typo16:24
nawlno no audio from vlc either16:25
leprasmurfah, so it's not just mythtv16:25
leprasmurfin alsamixer, at the bottom of the column, do master or PCM show MM, or are they both OO?16:27
leprasmurfnawl: might want to check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting16:30
leprasmurfI recently upgraded to 9.04, and now two instances of myth-frontend are starting whenever I restart gdm.  can anyone tell me where to look for the autostart apps?  I already checked ~/.config/autostart and there's one instance there17:52
superm1leprasmurf, clean up ~/.cache17:54
superm1and then killall xfce4-session17:55
netalwonder if someone could help here, am looking for an HD-PVR receiver but am left with only few choices18:36
netalTopfield 7710, Humax iCord, Dreambox 800.... what do you guys recommend?18:36
SirSchwankdoes anyone know if the onboard IR receiver on the hauppauge 2250 works in mythbuntu?  mine doesn't appear to be detecting.21:05
thedude_Hey I have a good install onf mythbuntu 9.04 and was wondering of the streaming of the live video feed across the networks was possible, i have not been able to find a clear answer. thanks21:59

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