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nhandlerWho has admin access to the Fridge calendar?19:14
tyche_I do.19:14
joeynhandler: everyone on the fridge team is a super editor19:33
joeynhandler: command line would be only newz20019:33
tyche_joey: His problem is actually with the Google calendar.  He needs to have an entry changed, and is locked out of making global changes.  The problem is when someone lists Guests, and doesn't mark it to be editable by guests.19:35
tyche_But thanks for responding, anyway.19:35
joeyoh ok, cool. thanks tyche_19:38
joeyI'm so glad we made the team merge (fridge, news, etc)19:38
tyche_And I see that I must have gone through a net split.  My  nick has an underscore after it.  Hee hee19:38
joeygood guys like you tyche_ helping out on the fridge :-)19:38
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tycheHey, we do what we can19:39
tyche(and with the UWN, that usually means EVERYTHING.  Hee hee)19:40
joeytyche: I wonder..... should we do something fun in UWN regarding the LP event?19:41
tycheBTW, joey, you haven't heard any word on the nominations for CC, have you?19:41
joeyI know there are noms but not who they are and when they close19:41
tycheWhat LP event?  And if you get someone to write it up I'm sure we could add it.  We usually DO add LPs19:42
tycheIt's just that usually the information is so brief that we can't even summarize it.19:42
joeytyche: I mean the fact that LP was released as Open Source yesterday19:42
tycheSo give me ideas, and we can work on it.19:42
tycheI'm ALL FOR introducing a bit of fun into the UWN19:43
joeyI think the biggest piece is not so much that it went AGPL but what it means to the community19:43
joeyJust like ubuntu everyone can now improve the TOOL that creates Ubuntu19:43
joeyThe right person to interview is Karl (he's got a great knack for this stuff) but he's at OSCON this week19:44
tycheAH!  THAT!!!  Yea, I can see where putting something out would be good.  And if you can think of a way to make it fun, even better.19:44
joeyMatt Revell is back tomorrow...19:44
joeywe could try to get a special UWN  Podcast going for Friday19:44
tycheOK.  Do you need it transcribed, too?19:45
joeyWe probably should at some point, like we did with the UWN special we did a few months ago.19:45
joeyI don't think I can round up interesting folks this quick (like sabdfl)19:45
joeybut we might be able to get kfogel from LP and mdz from Ubuntu19:46
tycheYea, the "Old One Hundredth" worked pretty good.  OK, I'd need the audio sometime ahead, so I have time to transcribe it.19:46
* joey checks to see if mdz is available19:46
nhandlertyche: Daniel (the one handling the CC stuff) is on vacation. I wouldn't expect much until he gets back on the 10th19:47
tyche(Old One Hundredth is a play on the tune to the Doxology in the United Methodist Church)19:47
joeyWe could do a short one. I don't need to be there... not my show you know... but Matt could do the recording and send over the sound files19:47
joeyand then we'd need at least one of the UWN editors to work with Matt to co-host19:47
tycheThat would help.  Do you need it introduced in some way, or just put it in cold?19:47
joeywe can do it cold with just a quick pre-record chat19:48
joeyit would help to have the folks from UWN participating to have a list of questions before hand...19:48
tycheI think I could probably get Skype going on this machine.  It was before.19:48
joeywould give the Karl and mdz some time to formulate replies19:48
joeytyche: my memory is bad.  "ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com" is the right list right?19:49
joeyfor internal discussions?19:49
nhandlerSounds right joey19:50
tycheYep.  Though we're also in ubuntu-news@ , as well as being in both channels (well, at least *I* am)19:50
joeytyche: ok, email away19:59
tycheKK.  And skype is set up.20:00
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