ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (an0nym0us_w0rm spamming here again with two lines)04:40
ikoniahi kuru06:49
kuruoh this is where rejects get forwarded.. heh06:50
ikoniathis is where the people who can't follow the channels guidelines are forwarded06:50
kuruI've always been happy to use Ubuntu, not only because it's a great distribution, but because the community didn't have an attitude about helping people.06:50
kuruThis would be the first time I encounter someone who exhibits this arrogant view of what constitutes as relevant and irrelevant.06:50
ikoniathat's great news, but however you did have an attitude so you can't be part of that community at this time06:51
kuruikonia, you must come from a Debian background.. cause that sounds just like that.06:51
ikoniakuru: it's clear that you are not able to disscuss this at the moment hence why you also sent me pm's with "whatever" in them, so I'd request you come back in 24 hours if you wish to discuss your ban06:51
kuruAn innocent question that could be relevant, as it would entail Ubuntu usage was dismissed.06:51
ikoniakuru: please come back in 24 hours 06:52
ikoniakuru: if there is nothing else you need, I request you leave the channel and come back at a time when you can discuss the ban (assuming you want to) with a bit more objectivity06:53
ikonia!idle | kuru 06:54
ubottukuru: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.06:54
kuruI believe I am being as objective and civil as possible. But, as you wish.06:55
padd1 /msg nickserv register <cirtap> <paddy.melon@hotmail.coml>           09:06
* nalioth shakes his head . . .09:07
Mamarokdidn't we just lift his ban?09:08
ikoniaMamarok: yes09:31
ikoniaany suggestions on how to deal with emery, he's blindly pushing ./configure && make && make install to people11:02
ikoniaI have a real problem with this being blindly pushed to people11:03
ikoniaadvice welcome11:03
Flannelin #u?11:11
Flannelah, yes.11:12
FlannelNot cool.11:12
ikoniaI don't think so 11:13
ikoniahe seems to have clamed down, but I'm more unhappy about anyone blindly configure make make installing stuff as a suggestion11:13
FlannelConsidering his first question to the channel is "whats the command to see how much free space I have" (df) yeah.11:14
Flannelespecially because of that, that is.11:14
ikonianot good11:15
ikoniaindus is becoming very annoying11:20
Flanneland is coming here!11:21
ikoniait's done11:21
ikoniahe's been like this for over a day now and had a lot of slack cut11:21
FlannelHowdy indus.11:22
indusok i need to be back in ubuntu 11:22
induspeople need help ther11:22
Flannelindus: That's fine.  We need you to change your attitude in #ubuntu.11:22
indusya and some ops do too dont they11:22
indusanyways, ill just shut up and be back thank you11:23
Flannelindus: Perhaps, but you should worry about yourself, let otherpeople worry about everyone else.11:23
induswhy was i banned btw?11:23
indusand its in my nature to help others, why are you telling me to worry about myself and not others11:24
indusi didnt learn that from my parents , you did maybe11:24
FlannelYou were forwarded here so we can discuss your behavior, as it's not conducive to support.11:24
indusi was banned because i challenged ikonia thats it11:24
indusi was never disrescpectful to any user ever11:25
FlannelThat's not it.  But if that's what you choose to see, thats your prerogative.11:25
indusnor to any mod11:25
industhen tell me what is it11:25
FlannelI've been trying to.11:25
FlannelEven if we disregard your attitude, you've been causing unnecessary chatter.11:26
Flannellines of text11:26
indusya ill cut down on it11:26
induscan i please go back11:27
indusalso, whom do i complain about the ops behaviour? who is higher up than you?11:27
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.11:27
ikoniaindus: I'll explain why you where forwaded here11:27
indusok i have been waiting11:28
ikoniasorry - I was just cleaning up some other things11:28
indusikonia: ok i accept this apology 11:28
induswas wondering why you were not here to answer11:28
induslisten sir, if i made you angry iam sorry, but i need to be there cos i love helping others11:29
ikoniayour advice in general while you have been in #ubuntu in general is a bit hit and miss, my first request was that you think about what you are asking people to do / try - and if you're not sure, best to not try 11:29
indusi dont want anything else to say11:29
ikoniathat was point 111:29
ikoniathe second point was the random noise you make in the channel, you've been asked a few times to try to cut back on it, I made that request to you just a few minutes ago in channel 11:29
ikoniathat's point 211:29
indusill cut back on the random noise11:30
ikoniathe 3rd and final point was your attempt to provoke people - I explained why setting up a web server in ubuntu was NOT offtopic for the channel, and instead of ackowledging it, you tried to make a smart mouthed response back - more so after I'd just told you to stop being silly11:30
ikoniathat attitude in uncceptable, and coupled with the other two points listed, got you forwaded here as I was unprepared to discuss it in the main channel11:31
indusok 3rd point is more a  discussion i thought, but i guess it was wrong channel11:31
ikoniait's not a discussion11:31
ikoniayou asked if it was offtopic11:31
ikoniaI said no - and explained why11:31
ikoniayou CHOSE to make a smart mouthed response to me11:31
ikoniayou didn't ask for a discussion, you chose to try to be rude to me11:31
induswell, the user seems not experienced in setting up apache, and i thought you should have told him to read more on that first?11:32
ikoniaafter I'd just warned you a few lines above11:32
indusanyways iam sorry11:32
ikoniaindus: I was telling him how to setup apache - as soon as the debugging we had gone through showed it was a web application and not a compiled application as you where blindly trying to get him to compiled (hence my point 1 about bad advice)11:32
indusikonia: it was NOT ME who suggested that first 11:32
ikoniaindus: you carried it on11:33
ikoniayou blindly kept telling him to compile it11:33
ikoniabut that was only point 111:33
ikoniait was a combination of all 3 that have now got you on a temporary ban to think about how you behave and present data to the channel 11:33
indusi didnt keep telling him, i told him one time the steps to compile, it was the others who did that11:33
indusi told him generic steps11:34
indusi infact asked him to see the read me11:34
ikoniablindly generic steps with no understand of what they did or how they would effect the system11:34
indusbut since you took it up, i kept quiet 11:34
ikoniabut as I said it was all 3 points - not 111:34
indusi didnt take it up after you did11:35
ikoniano - you chose to tell me it was offtopicc 11:35
ikoniaand then chose to make smart mouthed responses11:35
indusya that i still believe , but ill let it go11:35
ikoniaif you can explain how setting up apache on ubuntu from the repos is offtopic I'm willing to listen11:35
indusanyways , i want to tell you the first point you raised though11:36
industhere are many on the irc and in the forums who have hit and miss responses, and so do i , but as i keep saying, this is voluntary help and telling this to me is just plain rude11:36
indusi have helped a lot of people newbies here11:37
ikoniayou've also given a lot of poor advice11:37
ikoniait's not a crime - hence why I told you to think about what you offer to people11:37
industhanks sir for telling me11:37
induswhenever i give poor advice, people tell me why that is and i always read more on it and correct it11:38
indusso iam definitely offended by this 11:38
indusi will try not to help on things i dont know off11:38
ikoniaI can't help that if you find that offensive11:38
indusbut i will always google and give them links11:38
induswell, its offensive if you are human11:39
ikoniayou're not listening - 3 points brough you to this channel - one of them was a request to think more about the advice you offer11:39
FlannelIf you're not in a position to verify whether those  links are good info or not, just bow out from that support request.  Someone else will answer it.11:39
indusi have understood 1st advice11:39
indusi told you i will try not to help11:40
induson matters which are not to my knowledge11:40
ikoniathat's sensible, 11:40
ikoniano-one knows everything, and everyone makes mistakes, don't be afraid of making a mistake 11:40
indusi just dont understand why you people are so impolite11:40
indusor rude11:40
indusi even agree to 3rd poing11:41
ikoniaindus: that's a poor statment coming from someone being removed from a channel for offering smart mouthed responses to polite converstation11:41
ikoniaif you could explain how someone has been impoilte to you I'd be happy to clarify 11:41
induswell, nvm 11:41
industhis is an argument i can never win, i have seen how much different the irc policy is from the forums11:42
indusin your passion for perfection, you walk over  quite a few innocent users11:42
ikoniait's not a passion for perfection - as I've just said everyone makes mistakes11:42
ikoniahowever your smart mouth you can control - and that is your personal responsbility to control 11:43
ikoniaas is your random chatter11:43
induswell,iam learning11:43
indusrandom chatter will continue ,just keeps things light and friendly, but ill cut it down11:43
ikoniaeveryone is, as I've said - everyone makes mistakes, and shouldn't be afraid of trying to help11:43
ikoniarandom chatter won't continue11:44
ikoniaindus: you seem to be under the impression you make the channels policy 11:44
induswell, can i?11:44
indusanyways, if you wish i will just stick to support11:44
ikoniathat is what I requested 11:44
ikoniaI suggest you take a few hours away from #ubuntu to think about what has been discussed in here then come back and we'll look at removing your ban11:45
indusi have thought about it 11:45
ikoniatake a few hours11:45
indusi agree to all 3 points11:45
ikoniatake a few hours11:45
indusplease let me in11:45
induswhy a few hours?11:46
ikoniaPlease take a few hours to properly digest the information that has been discussed in here and to make sure you are confident you can abide by what has been laid out11:46
ikoniaindus: a few hours because I don't have confidence in what you're saying - I'd rather you took a few hours away to really think and understand what has been said as I think your just saying "yes" to anything to get back into the channel now11:46
ikoniaI'm not talking days, just a few hours11:47
indusdont worry, iam not emotional or anything11:47
ikoniathats fine, a few hours won't hurt then11:47
indusi agree to the chatter yes11:47
Flannelindus: Are you aware of the IRC Guidelines?  Seems like it'd be a good document for you to read, if you're unaware of the IRC workflow/etc11:47
indusoh man11:47
indusok bye11:47
ikoniathank you Flannel 11:48
indusaah cool11:48
indusauto redirection11:48
indusso when can i check again11:48
ikoniaahh you tried to ban evade11:48
Flannelindus: Are you aware of the IRC Guidelines?  Seems like it'd be a good document for you to read, if you're unaware of the IRC workflow/etc, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines11:48
indusevade? i just check whatmessage i get when i join11:48
indusiam quite new to irc11:48
Flannelindus: Take a gander at the guidelines and then let them sink in for a few hours, like was previously recommended.11:49
indusok i have a question11:49
induswho selects the ubuntu ops?11:49
ikoniathe operators team 11:50
ikoniaand the irc council 11:50
indusare you all industry experts?11:50
ikoniamixed levels and experience11:50
ikoniasome very specialist in specific areas11:50
ikoniaa good rounded group 11:50
ikonia(in my personal opinion I should say0 11:51
indusikonia: i have one thing to say> why didnt you ask me to discuss on ubuntu-ops instead of ban? i would have listened if you said, i would like to discuss your contribution or something11:51
FlannelSome of us are obviously still learning how to use the keyboard.11:51
ikoniaindus: because you ignored what I said in the channel 11:52
ikoniaand had a smart response for everything I said in the channel11:52
indusyes true11:52
induswhy only a temp ban? 11:54
indusone rule in irc says , dont argue with the mods? is that correct?11:54
indusubuntu irc i mean11:54
ikoniano, you're welcome to disscuss stuff11:54
ikoniait's only a temp ban as there is no reason to ban you perm - just explain the problem and let you resolve it11:55
ikoniathe plan isn't to ban you and keep you out of the channel11:55
ikoniajust to stop any problems in the channel11:55
ikoniaindus: does that make sense /11:56
ikoniaFlannel: yes it's clear I am tryig to learn the shift key)11:56
industhere is a lot to say, but i fear its a losing argument :)11:56
indusmod is god generally no?11:56
ikonianot at all11:57
ikoniaeveryone (myself included) makes mistakes and nothing is set in stone11:57
ubottuIn #ubuntu-mozillateam, asac said: !no ff35 is <reply> Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY11:57
indusdo ops take advice from users ever?11:57
ikoniaindus: if something is bothering you or you feel it's wrong, there is no problem discussing it, as long as it is a discussion and not smart mouth responses11:57
ikoniaindus: all the time11:57
indusi thought ubuntu irc was a community thing unlike other rooms11:58
gnomefreakignore the above11:58
ikoniagnomefreak: done11:58
gnomefreakim trying to remember how alias works11:58
induswhy is it that the forums are much friendlier in tone than the irc?11:58
Flannel!ff35 =~ s/-3.5/-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support/11:58
ubottuI'll remember that Flannel11:58
ikoniaindus: irc is "fast and flowing" and while it is friendly can seem a little more "two the point" 11:58
ikoniaindus: eg: things like chatting in the room makes it harder people just wanting support to follow and ask questions in 11:59
gnomefreakikonia: thanks11:59
ikoniaindus: hence why the topic is support discussion only11:59
indushmm is this the right place to discuss the 3 points you raised i wonder11:59
ikoniayou're welcome to discuss it and others are around also to give opinions/comment so you won't get a one sided view point from myself11:59
indusso start from 3rd again12:00
ikoniabazhang: and Flannel are around and I think gnomefreak is around, so if they are not busy they may be able to offer an opinion also 12:00
gnomefreakim here 12:00
Flannelgnomefreak: I got the ff35 thing done12:00
induswhen me or some other user starts random chatter , mods advice to stick to the point, and i believe we all listen12:00
bazhangcosmicchaos is banned in +1 only?12:00
gnomefreakFlannel: thanks12:00
ikoniabazhang: yes12:00
bazhangikonia, thanks12:00
* gnomefreak cant remember how to log into bot (i am already but asac isnt)12:01
gnomefreakikonia: ok scrolling12:01
bazhanggnomefreak, @login12:02
ikoniaindus: yup, that sound about right12:02
ikoniaindus: most people listen when asked to keep to the topic12:02
gnomefreakok i came in late i really dont see anything that this is about12:03
ikoniagnomefreak: ahhh yes, you did join well past12:03
bazhangwhat an appropriate ident12:03
gnomefreakif you give me 5-10 minutes i will be here for a while.12:04
* Flannel was going to give him a little more rope to hang himself with.12:05
ikoniaI'll deal with it in pm 12:05
ikoniarather than let it continue12:05
indussorry laptop over heat12:05
ikoniano problem12:06
indusand some font issue12:06
indusdid u get my last message? what was it?12:06
ikoniais there anything you need from us or want to discuss more ?12:06
indusof course, i wanted to state some points better/ or offer some advice if thats ok12:06
ikoniayou're welcome to discuss it, sure12:07
indusill start from 3rd point> 3.Random chatter - yes i do it and many other do, well thats why mods are there anyways  to warn or advice to stop it,and i and others iam sure always do cut it down and get back to point12:08
indus1st point i agree anyway, better not to advice than give bad advice12:09
indus2nd point i keep forgetting12:09
ikoniathe second point was the random chatter, the 3rd point was your smart mouth comments12:11
indusyou should use better choice of words instead of telling some one whose only intention is to help. Telling me your advice is mostly hit and miss is equivalent to telling me,my contributiion is of no significance12:11
indusi dont claim to be an expert do i12:11
ikoniai didn't say any of that12:12
indusso that is why it s rude and uncalled for12:12
indushuh what?12:12
ikoniaI asked you to think about the advice you give out as it can some times be miss-leading/wrong12:12
indussorry man, you explicitly also stated that point12:12
ikoniaand I never said anything about your contribution being of no significance12:12
induswhat you said with hit and miss is as good as saying that12:12
ikoniaand I also complained about your smart mouth attitude12:13
ikoniano it's not12:13
ikoniait's saying your advice can sometimes be wrong and miss-leading, please think about it before you give it out12:13
bazhangindus, trying to help you out/ guide you is not rude.12:13
ikoniathat's nothing to do with your contirbution being poor12:13
ikoniayour attitude/smart mouth - is poor and I'll make no attempt to hide that12:13
induslet me search for chat history ,stay right ther12:13
ikoniafantastic, log quoting12:13
ikoniajust what's needed to take a discussion forward12:14
bazhangindus, there really is no need to drag this out.12:14
indusso when you feel you dont want to agree, you say iam dragging it12:14
indusnvm now12:14
ikonianot at all12:14
ikoniaget your logs12:14
indusill try check in a few hours 12:14
ikoniano no12:14
ikoniado it now12:14
indusits ok 12:14
ikoniaI'll get the lgos for you12:14
bazhangindus, no that is not my point at all.12:15
ikoniahang on 12:15
indusbye ,enjoy reading the logs12:15
indusill check back after a few hours12:15
bazhangindus, people point out others' errors all the time, including those in this channel12:15
gnomefreakthats not really helping you. differetn ops will send you to banner12:15
ikoniathere ou go - there is the logs12:15
gnomefreakunless banner is here and others know what is going on12:16
ikoniaindus: that's the log of this channel, please show me where I said your contirbution is insignficant 12:16
indusikonia you will not understand my point because you dont want to12:16
indusleave it12:16
induschck for hit and miss in the logs12:17
ikoniayour advice is hit and miss12:17
bazhangindus, others have seen the behaviour as well12:17
ikoniasometimes you get it right, other times you don't12:17
industhanks again for pointing that out again12:17
ikoniaas I said in the lgos - it's not a crime, it's a request to think more abou tit12:17
ikoniawhy are you thanking us for it - then calling us for telling you about it ?12:17
indusi will appeal against this , even if its a temp ban12:17
gnomefreaks/abou tit/about it12:17
indusand i expect you not to gang up12:18
indusif i tell you, the irc guidelines can be a little more relaxed, will you listen? no12:18
ikoniano-one is ganging up - your logic doesn't make sense12:18
gnomefreakindus: im not even caught up but i will help you if someone catches me up12:18
Flannelindus: You havent told us that though.  You were going to give us suggestions, but you then proceeded to discuss your ban.12:19
ikoniayou are complaining that you where called out on 3 things, one of them was giving out hit and miss advice12:19
ikoniayou then thank us for doing this12:19
ikoniahow can you thank us for something your complaining about ?12:19
indusFlannel: gnomefreak, why dont you guys take a moment (or afew hours) to think about this and we can discuss this later12:19
indusikonia: and you12:19
ikoniaahh the smart mouth is back12:19
indussorry missed12:20
ikoniaindus: ok - your ban is now a day 12:20
ikoniacome back tommorow, and I'll think it through some more as you suggested12:20
indussee this is what i am saying, why only the users,why not the ops too?12:20
ikoniawe'll discuss it tommorow, 12:20
ikoniaindus: I'm following your suggestion12:20
ikoniaindus: I'll take a day to think it through 12:20
ikonialets discuss it then, 12:20
gnomefreakindus: i cant think about it. not sure what im thinking about12:20
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops indus stupid attitude, trys to be clever, hit and miss advice, offtopic chatter12:21
Flannelgnomefreak: "it"  think about "it"12:21
gnomefreak"it" is the issue that i came in late to12:21
Flannelalso, ubottu is broken.  Fix it.12:21
Flannelthere's that "it" again.12:21
gnomefreaklol fix it12:21
ikoniasuper slow 12:21
topylithink about fixing it12:22
Flannelikonia: not slow, reset by peer.12:22
gnomefreakFlannel: it loged on out a rest too much non sence12:22
ikoniaoh yes, it went12:22
Flanneland packages is down too, sigh.12:22
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops indus stupid attitude, trys to be clever, hit and miss advice, offtopic chatter12:24
Flannelfalse start!12:25
elkyis someone fuffing with it?12:27
gnomefreakelky: i edited it but someone used it after me12:28
ikoniaindus: how can we help now12:28
ikonia!idle  | indus 12:29
Flannelikonia: That won't work!12:29
ikoniaI've just seen 12:29
ikoniait's gone again12:30
ikoniaI'm not sharp today12:30
Flannelindus: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.12:30
ikoniaindus: #ubuntu-ops has a non-idle policy, if there is nothing you need from us, we request that you leave the channel and come back in 24 hours when we will re-dicuss your ban 12:30
ikoniacan someone remove indus please12:32
ikoniaelky: ^12:32
elkyindus, is there something i can help you with?12:33
tsimpsonbot's on it's way12:34
gnomefreaktsimpson: thanks12:34
elkyindus, if you're not responsive, please do not idle here.12:34
gnomefreakasac branch has been pushed 12:36
ikonia gnomefreak do you need irc help today /12:36
ikoniaI need shift key help as you can see12:36
* Flannel doesn't want to find out what he needs help with.12:36
Flannel!away > imlad-away 12:36
gnomefreakikonia: yeah too many channels12:37
indusoops sorry12:38
indusauto join12:38
ikoniafor the log - indus now pm'ing me to be let back in - I have requested additional conversation in here because of the accusations of being rude being made12:51
indusok 12:52
indusdont mean to anger anyone 12:52
ikoniaindus: the 24 hours is not up, please revisit this channel in 24 hours  - at your request, we'll take 24 hours to review the situation12:52
indusi agree to abide by all the channel rules12:52
ikoniaindus: that time has now passed12:52
ikoniaplease revisit the channel in 24 hours where we will review your ban12:53
induswhat do you mean review?12:53
ikoniaindus: and your request did not anger anyone, I just requested it in here for clarify 12:53
ikoniaindus: we'll review lifting your ban in 24 hours after time to think about the discussion in this channel has sunk in 12:53
induscan you make it back to a few hours ?12:53
indusok nvm12:54
ikonia24 hours12:54
indusill check back later12:54
ikoniathat was a result of your smart mouth again12:54
ikoniacheck back in 24 hours 12:54
indusi hope i win this one12:54
ikoniathere is nothing to win12:55
Flannelindus: what do you mean win?  this isn't "us vs you", no one's trying to "win"12:55
ikoniayou either chose to accept the channels guidelines and adjust your attitude, or you don't12:55
ikoniait's up to you12:55
indusi dont have any attitude,if you feel that way through what i write iam sorry12:55
ikoniaif you don't have an attitude - why did you agree you did earlier ?12:55
* Pici reads scrollback12:56
ikoniaahh pici12:56
induswell, have to agree with the mods on something ,i thought thats how it always works12:56
ikoniabut that does follow that I thought you where just agreeing to get back in 12:56
indusyes its true, because for me that is more important, helping others and not fighting with ops12:57
ikoniawell, come back in 24 hours and we'll review it then as agreed12:58
indusas long as i dont disturb anyone , i think the ops should be fine with it?12:58
ikoniawell, lets look at it in 24 hours12:58
indusok i want to clarify, i have stated what i wanted to, i expect the ban to be lifted12:59
ikoniayou can expect what you want, the ban will be reviewd in 24 hours12:59
induswhy cant you use a little friendlier tone?12:59
ikoniaI am now being blunt as this can't be said any more times in any nicer way12:59
gnomefreakindus: if you come back in 24 hours we/someone will talk to you about it. that is all we are saying. coming back beofre than wont help 12:59
indusok gnomefreak thanks13:00
ikoniaindus: because you are still here asking the same thing over and over again, and you keep coming back and repeating the same thing13:00
ikoniathat is why I am being blunt and to the point13:00
gnomefreaksorry the bickering got to me (his)13:00
ikoniano no - thank you13:00
ikoniaI was being short to try to end it and move it to tommorow13:01
gnomefreakikonia: you were fine it was his having to hear it again and again 13:01
ikoniaPici: his advice from yesterday continued today, coupled with a new smart mouth attitude13:02
Piciikonia: whew, just finished reading all that scrollback.13:03
ikoniaPici: ahhh you where reading the lot13:03
ikoniaPici: as you said yesterday his heart is in the right place, but his implimentation is shocking13:03
ikonianot trying to ban him long term, 13:03
ikoniahello bernardlychan 13:04
bernardlychanim going13:04
ikoniano need to apologise13:04
Picier, okay then13:05
ikoniabt comments explain it all :)13:05
PiciI shall read them then ;)13:05
ikoniaPici: you will end up reading war and peace today13:05
ikonia@mark #ubuntu bernardlychan ban evading as he said he would13:08
Piciprobably need to relogin to the bot13:08
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.13:08
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:08
ikoniaI think you'll find it's fine ubottu 13:08
jribnot sure how that's related to ubuntu but will let -it handle it...13:08
ikoniajrib: slick13:09
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.13:09
PiciI just turned off my auto-translate thing for #ubuntu... 13:09
Picijrib: What was it about?13:09
ikoniatsimpson: any idea why my login doesn't work ?13:09
jribPici: I don't know italian but I'm pretty sure "sangue" is blood13:10
tsimpsonsomething odd is going on with the bot...13:10
jribhow do I download san valentino blood  -- I guess it makes sense now Pici 13:11
ubottuDJones called the ops in #ubuntu ()13:11
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.13:12
PiciI was able to login ;)13:12
ikoniaphew not just me13:12
ikoniaPici: you're special, clearly13:12
Piciikonia: Oh, I know13:12
Piciikonia: My mom told me the same thing13:12
Picijrib: Its a movie. My Bloody Valentine aparrently.13:13
bazhang* [ShrimP] (n=idiot@pool-162-84-37-88.sal.east.verizon.net): I.P Daily  wonder if that is shorTie from earlier13:15
elkydepends, was he also an idiot?13:15
tsimpsonbot is going down for maintenance13:15
bazhanghe is now telling people to 'emerge'13:15
ikoniabazhang: its' a known trouble marker13:16
paddy_melonhacker took bot?13:16
ikoniabazhang: was nick ShorTie banned13:16
bazhangikonia, seems to have been13:17
Picipaddy_melon: Is there something we can help you with here?13:17
jrib n=idiot@pool-72-66-129-60.slsbmd.east.verizon.net was shortie 13:17
Picishortie pm-ed me earlier... I was /away though.13:18
Seeker`bernardlychan: how can we help you?13:18
ikoniaPici: check the log I posted to you13:18
PiciIts the same guy then, same ident, same realname.13:20
PiciSame attitude.13:20
ikoniahe's gone13:20
ikoniaPici: how can we help 13:20
ikoniaPici: sorry13:20
Picipaddy_melon: This is not a 'hang-out' channel, is there something we can help you with?13:20
ikoniapaddy_melon: how can we help13:20
paddy_melonhe was scare of u13:21
topylipaddy_melon: anything specific you would like you to do for you?13:21
ikoniabernardlychan: how can we help ?13:21
topylius, even :)13:21
paddy_melonk, bernie wants u to look at the ban13:21
ikoniabernardlychan: why are you here ?13:22
Picipaddy_melon: Why are you here?13:22
ikoniapaddy_melon: then please leave the channel we can discuss it with bernie13:22
paddy_melonmoral support13:22
paddy_melonfor bernie13:22
ikoniapaddy_melon: it's not needed, please leave13:22
bernardlychanlol thx13:22
jribikonia: expect a pm from shrimp13:23
ikoniaalready had one13:23
ikoniaignored it13:23
elkyikonia, abusive?13:23
ikoniaelky: see log13:23
ikoniabernardlychan: so what's the problem ?13:24
ikoniapaddy_melon: what do you want ?13:25
ikoniapaddy_melon: or are you just messing around again ?13:25
ikonialets cut to the chase now as this is getting old13:25
ikoniawhat do you want13:25
paddy_melonthis involves me now..13:25
bernardlychanwe dont want to annoy u13:26
ikoniapaddy_melon: what do you want13:26
paddy_melonim just looking13:26
ikoniabernardlychan: please hang on a moment, while I sort paddy_melon issue13:26
ikoniapaddy_melon: what part of " you are not needed in this channel" is not clear13:26
ikoniapaddy_melon: you have been asked and then told this is not your issue13:26
ikoniawhat part is not clear? 13:26
paddy_meloni was told that we were13:26
ikoniayou where told what by whom ?13:27
paddy_melonbeing seperated13:27
paddy_melonso... i thought id get a voice13:27
ikoniapaddy_melon: that is not your issue - you have no ban in place and you have no issue in here - so unless you have something that involved you - please leave the channel13:27
paddy_melonbernies ban is my ban13:27
ikoniabernardlychan: ok - what's the problem ?13:27
gnomefreakis it just me or has everyone lost thier damn mind today13:28
ikoniagnomefreak: not you13:28
topylii lost mine two days ago already13:28
elkygnomefreak, i think there's solar flares, or a full moon, or some damn thing this week.13:28
bernardlychaneclipse wasnt it?13:28
ikoniabernardlychan: ok - what's the issue you need help with  ?13:28
elkybernardlychan, yep13:28
bernardlychanum can we pleez talk my ban thru step by step without arguing?13:29
ikoniabernardlychan: no - I'm sorry you ban will be reviewed on the date I told you it would be, and you ban evaded as you said you would so until that date - it will not be discussed futher13:29
ikoniabernardlychan: if you push it i can take it to freenode staff about you ban evading as you warned us (logged) you would13:30
ikoniachoice is yours13:30
ikoniasorry to be blunt but you and paddy's silly games are getting old now, lets stop messing around and get with the program 13:30
bernardlychansigh. i guess thats a no. and theyre not games. i just got angry at paddy once and it led to this... anywayz, wish i could talk to another op13:31
ikoniaplease talk to one of the others in this channel then13:31
indushi wher can i get the irc logs?13:31
ikonia!logs | indus 13:31
Seeker`bernardlychan: I cant be bothered to type it out againso13:31
Seeker`what ikonia just said13:31
bernardlychanhi indus!!!13:32
bazhangbernardlychan, there really is nothing more to say13:32
ikoniabernardlychan: this is not a chat chanenl13:32
indushey how are you13:32
Piciindus: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/13:32
ikoniaindus: this is not a chat channel either13:32
ikoniaPici: thank you13:32
bernardlychanok. bye, pm indus13:32
indusbernardlychan: if you have made your point you should leave13:32
ikoniaindus: leave the channel please13:32
ikoniaindus: this is nothign to do with you13:32
bazhangfull solar eclipse13:32
Seeker`and lunar13:33
Seeker`at the same time13:33
gnomefreakwho broke the bot this time?13:33
ikoniaindus is building a case no doubt to explain how I told him his contributions with pointless and all that jzz13:33
bazhangselective doctoring of logs13:34
Picignomefreak: its down for 'maintenance' AKA 'trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with it'13:34
jpdsRight, this time I was at lunch.13:34
ikoniabazhang: nah, I don't think that13:34
ikoniabazhang: just reads into things what he wants13:34
bazhangikonia, yep13:34
Picibazhang: heh, we'll get the logs back and the timestamps will be all out of order ;)13:34
gnomefreakPici: thanks13:34
bazhangPici, +113:35
indussorry, please give me link to irc rules and appeals process13:35
industhank you13:35
gnomefreakoh yeah no bot13:35
gnomefreakbazhang: lol13:35
ikoniahang on I'll grab them from the wiki13:35
Pici08:34:43 <bazhang> ikonia, yep13:35
gnomefreakmihgt want to run coc by him too just in case13:35
indusi already read coc13:36
PiciI keep forgetting that Windows doesnt copy and paste like Linux does.13:36
ikoniaPici: make that mistake all the time13:36
ikoniaindus: anything else ?13:36
indusdo all of you live in same country?13:36
gnomefreakindus: no13:37
indushmm all of you friends?13:37
* gnomefreak has to ask: why does where we live matter? sorry had to13:37
indusok nvm13:37
bazhangindus, is this related to your ban?13:37
bernardlychanhey do any of u guys know when jpds is online? hes always away.13:37
induswell,hopefully it will be lifted,but i want irc to be better with some suggestions from me13:38
ikoniabernardlychan: it doesn't matter13:38
ikoniabernardlychan: it's asked others to deal with it as you keep missing him13:38
ikoniabernardlychan: now is there anything else you need before the agreed time ?13:38
bernardlychanit? o is it a bot?13:38
indusok bye for now, i might have more questions, hope someone doesnt mind answering13:38
ikoniasorry - typo13:38
Picirebanned shrimp, looking for a better banmask now.13:39
ikoniahe is a real person, that was my bad typing, apologies to jpds13:39
indusi have a small story> is it ok to tell that here13:39
ikoniaindus: is it related to your ban ?13:39
ikoniabernardlychan: anything else needed ?13:39
indusya its an analogy13:39
ikoniaindus: probably best not13:39
bernardlychanlol ikonia  ill use that aganst use next time x)13:39
induswhat about off topic then13:39
ikoniabernardlychan: ok - 13:39
ikoniaindus: please dont discuss your bans in -offtopic13:40
bernardlychancya. o can paddymelon come in here and have a look at the mods for a min?13:40
indushmm well, its an iteresting anology , it will help you understand my case better13:40
indusi want to be prepared for my hearing tomorrow13:40
ikoniathere is nothing to understand 13:40
ikoniayou can chose to follow the guidlines set out to you and change your attitude, or not13:41
ikoniait's that simple13:41
ikoniathere is nothing that is not clear13:41
ikoniaindus: please come back in 24 hours as instructed as this constant returning is only hilighting you cannot follow instructions further13:41
tsimpsonbernardlychan: a list is available from /msg ChanServ FLAGS #ubuntu 13:41
indusi prefer speaking to another op tomorrow then, not you13:42
ikoniabernardlychan: he has no reason to look at the mods13:42
ikoniaindus: that's unfortunate, others are listening and watching so you are others will be available, 13:42
tsimpsonbernardlychan: er, actually /msg ChanServ access #ubuntu list13:42
ikoniabernardlychan: if there is nothing else, please leave the channel 13:42
gnomefreakindus: that can be arrranged but please come back in 24 hours 13:42
indusgnomefreak: ok thank you13:42
ShrimPso we aload to talk in here?13:43
bernardlychanthx tsimpson 13:43
bazhangShrimP, about your bans?13:43
bernardlychancya good ol mods13:43
gnomefreakok for record thats 2 times if i have to ask again can someone please add extra 24 hours to ban13:43
gnomefreaknot sure who banned him or why13:43
ShrimPyou guys like ban's?13:44
bazhangShrimP, you are aware of why you were banned?13:44
indusoops, sorry diddnt get the logs13:45
indusplease someone13:45
ShrimPi forget, been thru so much, could you pleaze refresh my memory since my channel window was rudely closed on me?13:46
ikoniait wasn't rudely closed on you13:46
ikoniaI told you it was being closed until you could stop swearing at me13:46
ShrimPwhat gives you the right to do that?13:46
indusgnomefreak: hi sir, i would like logs13:46
ikoniathe right to not accept abusive private messages13:46
ikoniapaddy_melon: what now ?13:47
bazhanghttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ indus 13:47
Piciindus:  http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/13:47
paddy_melonjust checking list13:47
ikoniapaddy_melon: ok - bye then13:47
indusbazhang: Pici thank you13:47
ShrimPthat's pm between you and me that YOU started ikonia13:47
elkypaddy_melon, you can do that without joining here.13:47
ikoniaShrimP: yes, to explain why you where banned13:47
gnomefreakinlogs to what?13:48
ShrimPand you never did say what i said so BAD to get banned13:48
bazhangpaddy_melon, bernardlychan is not here; please part the channel13:48
ikoniaShrimP: the others have seen the log - so please don't play dumb, it was explained to you in great detail13:48
ShrimPand i can't l00k back!13:48
paddy_melonno sorry13:48
ikoniapaddy_melon: no ?13:48
paddy_melonlooking at13:48
ikoniacan someone remove this two please13:48
ShrimPour log?13:48
ikoniaelky: Pici 13:49
paddy_melonops list13:49
ikoniapaddy_melon: you don't need to be in the channel13:49
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/13:49
gnomefreakShrimP: those are official logs13:49
gnomefreakfeel free to review them13:49
bazhangfirst as shorTie, then as ShrimP 13:49
ShrimPsure whick 1?13:49
ikoniaShrimP: you where banned for being offtopic13:50
ikoniaand rejoining straight back into offtopic13:50
ShrimPyou messed up my ShorTie nick, so my other kicks in13:50
ikoniayou where banned so this could be talked about13:50
ikoniayou where very abusive and silly in the private message so the ban was not lifted13:50
ikoniathere is your summary 13:50
ShrimPthat is your summary13:50
ikoniayes, that is my summary 13:51
ShrimPso what log i'm i l00k at anyways?13:51
ikoniaI can post the private message log for you13:51
ikoniaso you can review your behaviour13:51
bazhangShrimP, telling people to 'emerge' in an Ubuntu channel13:51
ShrimPgoing by YOUR wiki13:52
ikoniathere is your log13:52
ShrimPAll the #ubuntu channels are visited by people whose ages vary, and whose tolerances of language and subject choice vary equally as much. Please be considerate of everyone and keep all the #ubuntu channels friendly places for everyone. #ubuntu (and #kubuntu) is really busy and we prefer it to be kept for support only13:52
ShrimPit say prefer doesn't?13:52
ikoniaplay as dumb as you like13:53
bazhangShrimP, did you have a point?13:53
ShrimPthat is my personal log with you ikonia13:53
ShrimPya, if ikonia had NOT been so rude to me this wouldn't of happened13:54
ShrimPi want to see the in channel log!13:54
bazhangShrimP, you started out by saying the #ubuntu was a worthless channel13:54
ikoniaI think you need to re-read the log again13:54
bazhangShrimP, as shorTie13:54
bazhangShrimP, you were asked to stop, continued, and were removed13:55
ShrimPi see you get as much help in here as in the main channel13:55
ShrimPjust a bunch of run around13:55
Picijpds: For the record, you just unbanned bernardlychan, right?13:55
bazhangShrimP, then no need for you to join if that is how you feel13:55
ShrimPthat was all in pm, not channel!13:55
indushi can any other op look at my case and unban me13:56
jpdsPici: Yes.13:56
ikoniaindus: what part of 24 hours was not made clear to you ?13:56
bazhangindus, please return at the prescribed time13:56
ShrimPindus they are ban happy13:56
indusisnt this denying me the right to get or give help13:56
ShrimPyes it does13:57
bazhangseems gnome freak said to add 24 if he kept it up13:57
ikoniaindus: yes, it is 13:57
* gnomefreak not ban happy but im getting to that point soon13:57
indusikonia: isnt that against the philosophy of ubuntu then13:57
ikoniaindus: no13:57
ShrimPLaughs Out Loud13:57
elkyindus, you're not endearing any of us to you with your pestilence.13:57
bazhangindus, you are making this worse for yourself13:58
gnomefreak.:08:43:44:. <      gnomefreak+> ok for record thats 2 times if i have to ask  again can someone please add extra 24 hours to  ban13:58
gnomefreakis that clear enough?13:58
elkygnomefreak, indeed. he clearly is incapable of listening and respecting rules13:58
indusok il leave13:58
ShrimPyou guys got sticks so far up your a$$'s it's funny13:58
ikoniacan someone put an end to this evident troll13:59
bazhangShrimP, please exit the channel13:59
ShrimPwhy what i'm i doing now?13:59
gnomefreakShrimP: dont push your luck. you continue to bug us and talk to us like that your ban will be longer13:59
ShrimPi guess i'll get banned?14:00
gnomefreaktsimpson: thanks for the bot work :)14:00
ikoniatsimpson: ta14:00
gnomefreakShrimP: if you dont plan on stopping than most likely if you can obey the rules and talk to us like people than you have a chance14:01
ShrimPyou guys seem to have the attitude14:02
tsimpsonI had to regenerate the user list, so things may not be 100%. let me know if anything isn't working14:02
jpdstsimpson: Would you be interested in a Nagios like thing for the bots? http://spooky.ubuntuwire.com/~jpds/bots.png14:02
ShrimPi'd love to sit in the channel to observe and learn14:02
gnomefreakShrimP: if you listened the first 6 or so times i would have been alot nicer14:02
gnomefreakShrimP: there is a no idle policy 14:03
ShrimP6 or so times were?14:03
indushi there14:03
gnomefreakindus: what?14:03
ikonia+25 hours14:03
tsimpsonjpds: the issue wasn't with the bot not running, but supybot messed up the user database14:03
* gnomefreak goes for smoke before i lose it14:03
ShrimPnot fare to bring pm's that YOU started into this14:03
ikoniaShrimP: you asked for the log14:04
jpdstsimpson: startNewTopic()14:04
ShrimPchannel log14:04
ikoniaindus: what do you need/want ?14:04
indus1 sec14:04
ShrimPnot out personal log, butt wipe14:04
ikoniaShrimP: you where given the link to channel log14:04
ikoniacan someone remove this time waster now14:04
ikoniahe's only here to get a rise14:05
ShrimPi asked whgich 1?14:05
bazhangShrimP, stop with the language14:05
ShrimPi asked which 1?14:05
bazhangShrimP, please exit as you are not trying to resolve this14:05
ShrimPyes i am14:05
ShrimPi would like to see in the channel log what i said so bad to start this!14:06
ikoniaShrimP: you've been asked to stop being abusive and stop using bad language - you can't stop doing that, so you won't get unbanned14:06
bazhangShrimP, you were wildly offtopic, asked to stop removed, then ban evaded with this nick and banned again14:06
ikoniaShrimP: if you want to resolve it, stop using the language/attitude14:06
ShrimPso what log from here i'm i suppose to l00k at pleaze, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2009/07/22/14:07
ikoniaShrimP: go to #ubuntu's log for today's date14:07
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:07
ShrimPso now i'm being told to go somewhere else?14:08
ShrimPwhat a run around for a simple question14:08
ikoniaShrimP: you have the info14:09
ikoniastop with this runnign and hiding nonsense14:09
ikoniayou have the info in your hands14:09
PiciThat url is for the loco logs.14:10
ikoniawas it ?14:10
ikoniaso it was, my mistake14:10
ikoniathank you pici14:10
ikoniaapologies, that was my mistake for not checking that14:10
gnomefreakShrimP: feel free to come back in 24 hours to talk about this. it gives everyone time to cool down and im my case get work done14:11
ShrimPThankz .... :) Pici14:11
ShrimPsome1 with out a attitude that helps14:11
elkyugh, stop with the colours.14:11
tsimpsoncan someone set +c14:12
gnomefreakShrimP: you are not helping our "attitudes" i have beennice up until a few minutes ago14:12
ikoniaShrimP: that was %100 my mistake for not spotting the mistake in the url, my apologies14:12
gnomefreakoh now he tells me14:12
ShrimPok, thankz for the appology14:12
gnomefreakShrimP: sorry i didnt know it was his mistake. i dont have a browser atm so i cant review logs14:13
ikonia48 hours14:13
ShrimPso see, you jumped on the ban wagon without even knowing, now who's got the attitudes?14:14
gnomefreakok indus is really not helping14:14
elkyShrimP, you do right now.14:14
ShrimPl00king to see where i got up and started talking14:14
elkygnomefreak, i might lock him out for a bit, he might learn to stop this harrassing. it's not fair on others here talking to us14:14
gnomefreakShrimP: i dont have one, at least not towards you on purpose at least14:14
gnomefreakelky: i was thinking same thing14:14
gnomefreakelky: 48 hours sounds good14:15
ShrimPi know gnomefreak, you just jumpped in on ikonia's14:15
elkygnomefreak, is that when he's due for review?14:15
ikoniachange indus forward to a straight ban14:15
gnomefreakelky: yes14:15
elkyikonia, oh, he's fwd'd?14:15
elkygnomefreak, you have access here, yes?14:16
ikoniaelky: yes, that was my ban14:16
ShrimPlets see ikonia pm started at 7:05, so it must be earlier than that right?14:16
ikoniaelky: I change to a forward to sort out to let him straight back in , but well, you can read the logs, so i've put a straight ban in place14:16
ikoniaShrimP: that's UK time stamps14:16
ShrimPso what time i'm i l00k at then?14:17
gnomefreakShrimP: i knew i was getting an attitude that is why i went for a smoke14:17
tsimpsonwhat is "l zero zero k"?14:17
ShrimPmaybe this be easier in notepad2, lol.14:18
ShrimPdon't even see anything in there14:20
ikonialook from 12:0114:21
ikoniaI can past the relevant bits if you want14:22
ikoniawill that make it easier for you ?14:22
ShrimPthat is like all from yesterday14:22
ikoniano - thats today14:22
ikoniaa few hours ago14:22
ShrimPlets see 1st post from ShrimP, 12:58 ShrimP so what all are we aload to talk about here?14:24
ikoniayes, that is because you where dodging your ban14:24
ikoniaa.) you knew what the topic was  I explained it in pm b.) you where doding the ban by changing your nick14:24
ShrimPi didn't change my nick, everyone knows me by those14:25
ikoniayou where banned as one nick - you changed your nick and rejoned14:26
ikoniathat's ban dodging14:26
ikoniainetntionally or not, so I removed you again14:26
ShrimPso i still can't find what i said so bad14:27
ikoniaShrimP: read the logs again14:28
ikoniaabusivbe, offtopic offensive,14:28
PiciGoing on about Gentoo, continueing to ask the same question after it had been answered.14:28
ikoniathen ban dodged14:28
ShrimPi see with all your attitude ikonia, this is being useless14:29
ShrimPwhat ? is that Pici?14:29
PiciShrimP: That is a summary of your activity in #ubuntu14:30
ShrimPand some1 else talked about gentoo also, so are they banned?14:30
ikoniathe bot is responding slow again, apologies14:35
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/14:35
ShrimPi see this going nowhere, cause you think your shit don't stink ikonia14:39
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.14:39
ShrimPthat will be all you guys, what good would that do?14:40
PiciThe IRC Council is not necessarily made up of the same people speaking to you now14:42
ShrimPstill comes down to, in my opion, you guys don't want to help, just give a bunch of run around answers14:42
ikoniaShrimP: if you could explain how you telling ubuntu channel uses to "fu" and continuing to be offtopic is thinking "my shit don't stink" as I cannot understand how you think my actions got you banned14:43
ikoniayou only have yourself to blame for your bans and your attitude in here shows it wheere everyone is trying to be actually polite and helpful to you14:43
ikoniaI suggest you go away now and decide how you want to proceed as this is going nowhere14:44
ShrimPreading you wki it say's, #ubuntu (and #kubuntu) is really busy and we prefer it to be kept for support only.14:44
ShrimPguess that means no opions?14:45
tsimpsonit means you should respect that when asked to14:45
tsimpsonyou were asked to, and decided not to14:45
bazhangvery politely14:46
ShrimPmaybe cause of the badgering by ikonia in my pm that he started?14:46
PriceyShrimP: I do not see any ontopic (support related) chatter from you in #ubuntu since you joined. You will not be allowed back in at this time.14:46
ShrimPso he's right and i'm wrong14:46
PriceyI do not see merit in debating this further.14:46
bazhangthanks Pricey14:46
ikoniathank you14:47
ikoniathe lgos of the pm are in this channel, there was no badgering - he was just offensive14:47
ikoniahe was givne multiple options to have the ban lifted and responded with abuse, or randomness14:47
bazhanghe was offensive long before any PM14:48
Pricey /lastlog ShrimP in #ubuntu, there is nothing of worth in there that I can see. Lets move on.14:48
Picier, +114:48
gnomefreakwhat if we changed the word "prefer" to something less general and still polite (dont have one im thinking of atm)15:13
gnomefreaksince he fixated on that word15:14
ikoniahe's just nuts15:14
ikoniaif you fixate on that - then you're never going to get it15:14
ikoniaif you can't enter the spirit of it, your missing the point15:14
gnomefreakgood point15:14
Mamarokwhy is ShrimP still in here?15:25
ikoniaI thought he'd been removed15:26
ikoniaI thought Pricey did15:26
Mamaroknope, still in the names list15:26
ikoniaI see him too15:26
Picihes muted.15:26
ikoniaI thought he'd removed him15:26
ikoniaI guess he can be unmuted to see if he wants to discuss it properly, or leave15:26
ikoniaas leaving him sat there isn't the best way15:27
ikoniathat works too15:27
Garytimesinks ftl15:28
ikoniaha ha15:28
PiciIt has been bad today.15:28
Pici10:28:34 <?ShrimP> that was rude15:29
* Pici palms15:29
ikoniaha ha ha, I shouldn't laugh, but I've got nothing else left15:30
Pici10:43:53 <?nick-raden> [Pici]: I wanted something for me Brazilian run botnets15:44
PiciWhat is wrong with people today?15:44
ikoniano idea15:44
* topyli likes geeks: http://wondermark.com/529/16:19
Pici!test > pici16:48
ubottuPici, please see my private message16:48
jribtrolly sounds like shortie/shrimpie...16:55
Picitrolly has been in #ubuntu before16:57
ubottuascheel called the ops in #ubuntu (IMGHelp)18:15
stewi tried talking with IMGHelp privately and it didn't go very well.  he claimed someone else had control of his computer but then continued to insult me several times18:37
PiciYou must be psychic, I was just going to ask about him18:37
Picistew: He said you were pathetic right before you joined the channel.18:40
stewaha :)18:41
Flannel!away > eurythmia19:11
Flanneleurythmia: The initial away factoid was a reminder to turn it off.  I didn't ban you, I didn't remove you.  I sent you a reminder/notification of policy.19:21
eurythmiaFlannel, and, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would feel this way, but I took it as "you! you're doing something wrong, stop it!"19:22
eurythmiaI think that factoids should only be applied when there is 1)a need for information or 2)sufficient reason to believe something is not being done right.19:22
Flanneleurythmia: Had it been an automated away message, you *would* be doing something wrong.19:22
Priceyinsert a 'please' in there... and that's about right19:22
eurythmiaPricey, duly noted.19:23
Pricey(haven't read the actual #ubuntu log, but that's about the purpose of hte !away factoid last time I checked. /away works perfectly well)19:23
eurythmiaI am aware of that ... but single instances realy aren't disruptions ... a gentle reminder should only be used if it becomes obvious that automated noise is being used, and then take steps from there.19:24
PriceyIf you consider something is 'wrong', mentioning it to them after one incident is probably preferable to after the second, third time?19:26
eurythmiaI can see how this is about to get really subjective ... I think it all depends on the severity of the "wrong" action ... but I suppose any further discussion won't clarify anything else, so it'd probably be a good time for me to drop it, and apologize for being a nuisance.19:29
Flanneleurythmia: I mentioned it to you (well, ubottu did) outside of the channel, in a private manner.  If I had to wait until the second time, I'd potentially be doing it as you were away, instead of as you were back, which experience shows has a much lower chance of making a difference.19:31
FlannelSo, it'd end up being the *third* line sent to the channel before anything gets done about it.  As opposed to just handling it early, in a discrete manner.  I didn't make you feel bad publically about it, I didn't tell everyone that you're a horrible person.  I honestly don't see how this is as big of a deal as you're making it out to be.19:32
eurythmiaFlannel, I understand.19:32
ikoniaCripps: hi, do you need anything ?22:26
ikonia!idle | Cripps22:50
ubottuCripps: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.22:50
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