FFForeverHi ya00:01
FFForeverhow can i move/replace all files/folders with newer ones?00:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #402727 in samba (main) "Install Ubuntu Server For File-Server Failed because dont install CUPS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40272700:06
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uvirtbotNew bug: #402776 in postfix (main) "while installing HP driver, application crashed." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40277600:15
JordiGHI have an NFS-mounted directory to which I want to let two different httpds, one from Ubuntu and one from Fedra, have read-write access. The problem is that www-data and the corresponding user in Fedora have different uids, so while they can both write to the directory, the Fedora httpd can't overwrite the Ubuntu's httpd's files nor vice versa. What's the easiest way to fix this? I'm tempted to stop one httpd, change the uid of www-data so00:52
JordiGHit's same on both servers, find the files that have the old uid, and restart that httpd.00:52
jgedeonusermod -u00:55
JordiGHjgedeon: So that's a "yes, that's a good idea"?00:57
axisysi am still for an article (new, preferably from 2009, i know of the old one which talks about mkinitrd) that covers how to migrate to software raid 1 short of reinstalling the OS01:00
axisyslooking for that is01:00
nxvlkirkland: ping02:22
nxvlkirkland: is byobu in debian?02:22
nxvlkirkland: found it, nevermind02:22
altf2ocouple quick questions: #1 - anyone ever experienced the package "unattended-upgrade" NOT automatically updating? I've ensured the config file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades , does have "Ubuntu jaunty-security"; allowed and i changed the mail ok, but it didn't report that i needed updates, nor did it update them. However apticron which i also installed to test, sent an email that listed ~4 dozen security updates?03:06
altf2o#2 - i've got my DNS setup fine, i have entries like:  ubuntu9ps    IN  A   , now i can ping: ubuntu9ps.altf2o.lan, but i'd like to be able to ping just 'ubuntu9ps' w/o the use of local hosts files. Is that possible with DNS? (I haven't come across an answer yet)03:07
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pmatulisaltf2o: configure your resolver (client) to use the domain 'altf2o.lan' as its default04:03
altf2owow, either i'm mental or Ubuntu is resetting my settings. I would've bet money i changed resolve.conf. It was wrong, that issue is now resolved thank you! :).04:06
twbaltf2o: resolv.conf is rewritten by dhcpd04:14
twbProbably network-manager, that nightmare from hell, also pisses all over resolv.conf04:14
jmarsdenaltf2o: man dhclient.conf and check out the supersede statement in particular04:26
altf2oawesome, thanks guys! Looks like i got it working ok now. I'll see what happens in a couple reboots.04:35
jmarsdenaltf2o: Now you have working DNS, does doing   sudo unattended-upgrade     upgrade things the way you expect?04:49
lamontsigh... I wonder which package bug 402776 belongs to.. because it certainly isn't postfix04:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 402776 in postfix "while installing HP driver, application crashed." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40277604:55
pmatulislamont: poorly written driver?04:58
jmarsdenlamont: There aren't too many postfix installations with HP drivers :)   The real question is, can the reporter reproduce the issue? :)04:58
jmarsdenIt can probably be marked incomplete and the reporter can be asked for steps to reproduce, which will help identify the application concerned... if it can in fact be reproduced.05:00
lamonthe was setting up his printer... so yeah, I'll worry about that tomorrow then05:02
ScottKlamont: I think it's the same /var/lib postinst failure we've seen before, but I couldn't be bothered enough to read the terminal log to know for sure.05:04
lamontScottK: ah postinst fail?05:21
lamontI'll read the terminal log first tehn05:21
lamontbut for now, sleep05:21
altf2ojmarsden: i upgraded by hand, but now typing: sudo unattended-upgrade, it did produce the log file in /var/log/unattended-upgrades/ which did state there was none. So it appears to all be ok, i'll see when i get the next notification for security updates and see what it does.05:25
jmarsdenaltf2o: OK.  Yes, I think fixing the DNS issue will have also fixed the unattended-upgrade one.  Of course, the "fix" is temporary until you edit /etc/dhclient.conf ... don't forget :)05:26
jmarsdenMake that /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf05:26
altf2oawesome! Thanks once again :). Checking the man page now. It appears my server is ok, rebooted and all settings were fine. But i noticed in /etc/network/interfaces there was actually no eth0 entry. I'll edit both and reboot, see if it doesn't stick again.05:29
altf2osorry on my workstation client, i noticed that about no eth0, server is ok.05:29
jmarsdenThe workstation may be using Network Manager instead of /etc/network/interfaces ?05:47
* twb hatessss the network manager05:50
dpreacherhello, everytime I install any package on my ubuntu machine using apt the process completes ok but it always comes with a bunch of insserv warnings. Please take a look at http://dpaste.com/69822/ to see the lines. I'd like to find out how to get rid of them, even though they may say they are warnings and not errors. thanks07:57
twbinsserv isn't supported on Ubuntu IIRC08:17
dpreacherbut so far we've not put in anything apart from the repos and the default install of a ubuntu server 8.1008:18
twbI think someone foolishly made universe enabled by default in 8.1008:18
twbinsserv was in universe in 8.04, at least08:19
twb"Use this package with care, as incorrect or missing dependencies can give you an unbootable system."08:19
dpreacheroh...can you explain please what enabling universe means twb08:19
dpreacherso can i remove it?08:19
twbThe "universe" category holds packages that do not receive formal support from Canonical.08:19
twbWell, see, the thing about insserv is that removing it doesn't undo the damage08:19
dpreacherhow user friendly08:19
twbI certainly wouldn't install it on a production system, unless that system was SuSE08:20
twbI dunno how you managed to install it accidentally.08:20
dpreacheryou don't like SUSE?08:20
twbNo, insserv is native to SuSE.  It's supported there08:20
dpreacherbut if i'd installed insserv, i'd definitely known about it08:20
dpreacheri dunno what package got it there...is there some way to see what pkgs depend on it08:21
dpreacherusing apt or aptitude?08:21
twbaptitude why insserv?08:21
dpreachereven question mark also?08:21
twbMaybe "aptitude search ~i~Dinsserv"08:21
dpreacherno why worked08:22
twbI'm trying to learn to use why more08:22
dpreacheri see that chkconfig recommends that and i think chkconfig isn't native to ubuntu like its to the red hat distro08:22
twbI am too clever, see, so I reinvent why using search primitives08:22
dpreacherred hat based i mean08:23
twbAh, yeah, I would normally use rcconf not chkconfig08:23
dpreacheryes without clever ppl it'd be so hard to learn n be clever myself08:23
dpreacherso if i remove chkconfig, then i won't need insserv and could remove that right?08:23
twbYes, but as I noted 17:19 <twb> Well, see, the thing about insserv is that removing it doesn't undo the damage08:23
dpreacherthats also there :(08:24
dpreacherchkconfig was easy to use, is rcconf also cli/ncurses based, coz server edition hasn't had a GUI yet08:24
twbHonestly, though, you are *probably* safe from insserv breaking anything08:24
twbrcconf is a text UI08:24
dpreacherso twb how do i further alleviate the problem...should i disable universe repo?...gotta learn that myself and what about insserv, what all ways can i stop further damage?08:25
twbRemoving insserv will stop it doing anything more08:25
twbBasically what insserv does is change the order of files in /etc/rc?.d/*08:26
twbYou could recover them with some work, but it's a major pain in the arse.08:26
dpreacherdo you say that rcconf is a safer tool?08:26
twbrcconf just changes what services run at boot08:26
twbinsserv changes the order in which they run08:26
dpreacheru mean the S12 or K34 order like startup order and shutdown order08:27
twbI don't think it keeps a backup, either08:27
dpreacherso is it needed if i wanted to have such an order or could i have that order manually as well08:27
twbThe point is that the default order is tested; insserv changes it and might change it to be wrong if dependencies are not declared correctly by the init script maintainers08:28
dpreachertrue. i didn't mean to alter that order but of any script that i might put at boot or shutdown08:29
dpreacherwhen i type aptitude show insserv does it show the version available or the installed version...if i could see the installed version i cud look up relevant bug reports08:29
dpreachertwb you've been really helpful. thank you so much08:29
twbapt-cache policy will show you all known versions08:29
twbI dunno which aptitude show tells you; the aptitude GUI will list all versions if you click on a package in the list08:30
rose_somedody know how i can incorporate a new ruler with iptables?08:31
dpreacheri see. gotta go for lunch...i think i'll get that chkconfig replaced with rcconf after doing some reading about migrating the settings08:31
* cef wonders when someone will actually triage his vm-builder bug and get around to assigning it to debootstrap instead08:31
dpreacherlaters twb08:31
rose_hello, somebody know how I can incorporate rulers in IPtable?08:53
rose_i mean incorporate register in IPTABLE09:00
cefregister what and whom?09:01
rose_how manage iptables09:04
rose_i need to add one line in iptable09:04
cefahh that makes more sense now. default iptables firewall setup on ubuntu is ufw, and it's config file is in /etc/ufw/ (though some bits are in the file /etc/defaults/ufw )09:07
cef'man ufw' is your friend09:07
rose_well is not very good friend...but thanks a lot09:08
cefno problem09:09
cefrose_: there is also a gui package (gufw). not used it myself.09:13
jmarsdenrose_: To add one rule to iptables on the fly, man iptables and notice the -I option :)  But if you are new to iptables rules, do not do that, use ufw instead, it is simpler and easier.  Its man page has reasonable simple examples it it too, which helps newcomers.09:42
user345fghany recommendations for a ftpd with virtual users/easy configuration. i want to access my /var/www/mypage via ftp10:44
simplexiouser345fgh: i prefer ssh an scp10:49
user345fghme too10:50
user345fghjust for some windows guys10:50
simplexiowinscp is lovely little windows program which gives you scp with gui10:52
jmarsdensimplexio: user345fgh disappeared before anyone could mention WinSCP or FileZilla for those Windows guys :)10:52
nareshovI was wondering if I could follow the instructions in https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html on debian too?10:56
simplexioi mean .. is there any reason to run ftp anymore, other than anymouns read only file sharing10:58
rose_hi again, I just intaled a samba domain member server and i nee the windows/mac PC can see my Samba server, but when i do \\myserver.domain.com ..i got this machine is not found in the network...somebody can helo me?10:59
nareshovhelo rose_10:59
dayoi want to accept incoming ssh connections on my ext port 10122 and forward them directly to a client on my lan at port 22. is this the correct way? http://paste.ubuntu.com/224227/11:16
dayocan someone help me with this ssh forwarding issue, please? http://paste.ubuntu.com/224282/12:21
lesloI have a question regarding Ubuntu validated hardware is anyone available to advise?12:33
lesloCan anyone enlighten me as to why the sixth generation Hewlett Packard Proliant DL360 and DL380 servers are specified as being a PC (x86) architecture and not 64-bit PC (x86_64), like their predecessors the G5?12:35
lesloOn Ubuntu's Validated Hardware list <http://webapps.ubuntu.com/certificat...ategory=Server>12:36
lesloWith regards to Ubuntu's Validated Hardware list <http://webapps.ubuntu.com/certificat...ategory=Server>, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me as to why the sixth generation Hewlett Packard Proliant DL360 and DL380 servers are specified as being a PC (x86) architecture and not 64-bit PC (x86_64), like their predecessors the G5.12:37
rose_hi again, I just intaled a samba domain member server and i nee the windows/mac PC can see my Samba server, but when i do \\myserver.domain.com ..i got this machine is not found in the network...somebody can helo me?13:26
nareshovhelo rose_13:27
simplexiorose_: dunno, when i have used samba to server something i had to use \\MACHINE or \\xxx.xx.xx.x ip addres to acces13:44
simplexiorose_: maybe machine.domain.org return ip addr that dosent listen samba etc13:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #403013 in php5 (main) "php : snmpwalk don't provide last entry" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40301313:45
www2hi all13:52
www2is the dell SAS6iR raid controler suport by ubuntu?13:53
rose_hi simplexio...thanks to respond...how i can know that?14:04
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juliuxhas somebody experiences with 3ware Inc 9650SE SATA-II RAID controllern?15:42
juliuxthe server with this controllers has a huge load15:42
juliuxbut there is no process which use the cpus15:42
b3nwis there a better resource for xen on ubuntu than https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen because its horribly out of date, still talking about Fiesty and Gusty.15:44
peterkirnI've just had our data center at The Planet load Ubuntu Server 8.10. Initially, we had no network connectivity. Apparently on restarting the networking daemon, they got "Network Variables Missing - eth 0 failed to start." /etc/network/interfaces looks properly configured - configured for static IP, not dhcp. What else can I try, given I have remote (root) access only?16:12
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b3nwpeterkirn: probably need to do some research to see if the nic card is supported, or what type it is16:21
peterkirnThis is strange, too --  /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net.rules is blank.16:23
peterkirnb3nw: so if I'm correct, I assume that could simply mean the network interface isn't persisting from session to session? It's frustrating, as this is a dedicated server sitting in a data center. This should theoretically be their tech's problem, but now they're claiming they don't "really" support Ubuntu Server and that it's a "desktop" OS and not suited to server use. (yeah... augh.)16:24
ScottKpeterkirn: Why 8.10?16:25
peterkirnScottK: Well, let's put it this way -- I'm happy to reload to LTS. I was concerned about a couple of dependencies on 8.04, and specifically had been experimenting with etckeeper (although, upon reflection, maybe not a great reason to choose 8.10 over LTS!)16:26
ScottKpeterkirn: How about 9.04?16:27
ScottKI'd suggest either the most recent or LTS.16:27
peterkirnScottK: I don't think they gave 9.04 as an option.16:27
peterkirnScottK: But yes, I'd consider reloading to LTS. Even before switching, though, it'd help to know if there's a particular bug.16:28
ScottKI've not had any similar trouble, so if there is a bug, I'd guess something hardware specific.16:29
peterkirnScottK: I should be able to do apt-get dist-upgrade to 9.04 from this machine, though, even if they didn't provide it as a preload option, I assume? :)16:29
ScottKpeterkirn: Yes, although do-release-upgrade is the recommended tool.16:29
peterkirnScottK: Okay, thanks. Do you know of any reason  /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net.rules would be blank? Is there anything else I should be doing to ensure that eth0 persists as eth0?16:30
ScottKpeterkirn: I don't.  My experience with 8.10 and the kernel wasn't good, but I didn't have any network problems.16:31
peterkirnScottK: I don't know of any significant networking service changes... but of course could be something subtle. I've asked the Planet for more info on this NIC. If they don't really support ubuntu, they should stop offering it as an OS reload choice and should have said something when I asked specifically. ;)16:33
peterkirnScottK: what kernel issues did you encounter?16:34
ScottKA sata controller bug that caused failed to boot was the really annoying one.16:34
peterkirnScottK: Yeah, the more I look at this, the more it looks like some sort of odd NIC incompatibility... which I won't know for sure until I hear back what the card is. And that *could* be kernel related, too, of course.16:45
resnohas anyone ever used analog to analyze apache files?18:00
zoopsteryes, but analog doesn't present it as well as webalizer...analog is far better for firewall logs and syslogs, imho18:07
mathiazkirkland: have you tried to test the alpha3 iso candidate under kvm with virtio drives?18:08
kirklandmathiaz: no, i have not18:09
kirklandmathiaz: i'm rsyncing the images now18:09
mathiazkirkland: ok - I'm seeing a lot of I/O request error on vda in the guest18:09
kirklandmathiaz: is this a recent regression?18:10
yann2kirkland > kvm84+libvirt pretty reliable for the last week here btw18:10
kirklandyann2: great to hear18:10
mathiazkirkland: yes18:11
mathiazkirkland: alpha2 was working correctly18:11
mathiazkirkland: as I've run all the iso test for alpha2 on my server18:11
kirklandmathiaz: what's the kernel difference between those two?18:11
resnohas anyone ever used analog to analyze apache files? i need some help configuring it.18:11
Ethosanyone setup a bouncer on ubuntu-server before?18:12
mathiazkirkland: now in the meantime I've also updated kvm on the host (I'm using the kvm backport on a hardy host)18:12
mathiazkirkland: hm - I don't remember which kernel alpha2 was running18:13
mathiazkirkland: ok - you're downloading the alpha3 candidate now anyway18:14
mathiazkirkland: could you confirm whether you see the same issue?18:14
kirklandmathiaz: yeah, sure18:14
mathiazkirkland: I see that at the begining of the install while it tries to mount vda1 as an ext4 partition18:15
peterkirnScottK: at least found out the NIC. Broadcom 95722 PCI-E ...but then, yeah, that doesn't leave me anywhere, really, not familiar with it.18:20
Ethosanyone installed BNC before?18:24
kirklandmathiaz: ps -ef | grep kvm18:59
kirklandmathiaz: what's your kvm command line look like?18:59
mathiazkirkland: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224589/19:00
mathiazkirkland: I'm using libvirt to start my vm machines19:00
mathiazkirkland: ^^ this is the command line taken from the qemu log file19:00
kirklandmathiaz: yup, reproduced here19:02
kirklandmathiaz: can you reproduce it with a karmic desktop guest?19:07
mathiazkirkland: hm - I haven't tried that yet.19:07
mathiazkirkland: I don't have a desktop guest though.19:07
kirklandmathiaz: i reproduced the problem with a karmic server guest19:07
kirklandmathiaz: but not with a karmic desktop19:08
kirklandmathiaz: thinking it might be a kernel problem19:08
kirklandmathiaz: neither of those vm's are karmic-current yet19:08
mathiazkirkland: are you doing installs?19:08
kirklandmathiaz: i'm snapshotting both, and then upgrading19:08
kirklandmathiaz: not yet19:08
mathiazkirkland: IIRC both server and desktop isos are using the same kernel19:08
kirklandmathiaz: these are existing machines19:08
mathiazkirkland: ok.19:08
kirklandmathiaz: oh, you're seeing this in the isos19:09
mathiazkirkland: yes19:09
mathiazkirkland: Let me boot an existing vm to see if I see the same IO error19:09
mathiazkirkland: hm - I don't see any of the error on my karmic guest19:14
kirklandmathiaz: ?19:14
mathiazkirkland: however this guest is using an lvm snapshot as the base file19:14
mathiazkirkland: while the install uses a qcow2 file19:15
kirklandmathiaz: yeah, i reproduced the error using the desktop installer19:15
mathiazkirkland: should I test something else?19:16
kirklandmathiaz: do you have an alpha2 iso still?19:19
kirklandmathiaz: it would be good to back down and see where the regression occurred19:19
kirklandmathiaz: i'm going to start installing older kernels19:19
kirklandmathiaz: as i think this is pretty clearly a kernel regression19:19
mathiazkirkland: I don't have any alpha2 iso laying around19:23
kirklandmathiaz: btw... on boot, do you get an fsck error?19:23
kirklandmathiaz: about not cleanly shutting down?19:23
mathiazkirkland: on my karmic guest? no19:23
mathiazkirkland: let me check though19:23
mathiazkirkland: hm - yes I do have an fsck error19:24
kirklandmathiaz: unable to check?19:24
kirklandmathiaz: can you pastebin it?19:24
mathiazkirkland: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224638/19:24
mathiazkirkland: ^^ from kern.log19:24
kirklandmathiaz: hmm, okay, i think that's unrelated19:29
mathiazkirkland: yeah - me too.19:29
mathiazkirkland: I can see similar entries dating back to jaunty19:29
mathiazkirkland: (in kern.log)19:29
kirklandmathiaz: okay, i installed jaunty's kernel on an up-to-date karmic server ... errors go away19:37
mathiazkirkland: is this with -generic or -server?19:37
kirklandmathiaz: -server19:37
mathiazkirkland: right - the installer uses -generic19:38
kirklandmathiaz: now, i'm trying these: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/19:38
mathiazkirkland: ok. Let me know if I should conduct another test.19:38
kirklandmathiaz: let me identify the last good kernel19:39
kirklandmathiaz: and i'll get you to verify that19:39
mathiazkirkland: ok. Note that I *don't* see the error on my regular guest where use lvm snapshots19:39
mathiazkirkland: I only see the error on qcow2 files19:39
kirklandmathiaz: gotcha19:41
kirklandmathiaz: alls i have is qcow2 files19:41
kirklandmathiaz: could you try maybe with a raw file?19:41
mathiazkirkland: sure19:41
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mathiazkirkland: it may take a while as I'm on something else right now19:42
kirklandmathiaz: on the plus side, virtio network is working extremely well :-)19:43
kirklandmathiaz: i'm downloading at native speeds :-)19:43
yann2kirkland > on kvm84 virtio-disk is slower than the default19:52
yann2a bit weird but :)19:52
kirklandmathiaz: can you install http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.30/ and see if your problems go away?20:03
mathiazkirkland: I'll give it a try a bit later.20:04
mathiazkirkland: hm well. I only see a problem when I try install from an iso20:04
mathiazkirkland: replacing the kernel on the iso seem impossible without respinning20:04
kirklandmathiaz: right20:04
kirklandmathiaz: you need a vm where you experience the problem in userspace20:05
kirkland(i have several)20:05
kirklandsuch that you can replace the kernel20:05
mathiazkirkland: right - I'll first try to use raw/qcow2 files20:05
mathiazkirkland: may be I'll be able to reproduce that way20:05
axisysI am planning to create md0(/boot,sda1,sdb1,100mb,raid1), md1(/,sda2,sdb2,75gb,raid1) and md2(swap,sda3,sdb3,raid0)20:16
axisysany other recommendation to creat md ?20:16
axisysduring initial install that is20:16
error404notfoundi have configured postfix to work with my gmail account using SASL, now issues is i have configured the following in redmine "smtp server: localhost, port:25, authetication:none", and in postfix's mail.log i get: http://pastebin.com/m6d481b0a21:16
cemchi. on postfix, is there a way to filter some emails with a particular charset in the header to a particular domain/address ?21:33
cemcsomething like mime_header_checks, but only for some address/domain, not globally21:33
BilgeYou must think this channel support every possible application package22:11
ScottKBilge: Postfix is the primary MTA for Ubuntu Server, so we do tend to support it.22:31
* ScottK does not, however, know the answer to that question.22:31
BilgeIt is?22:35
BilgeHow is it primary?22:35
yann2Bilge > probalby the only one in main?22:36
BilgeI thought Exim was also22:37
qman__postfix is the one it uses when you use the turnkey mail server22:37
ScottKExim is also in Main, but Postfix is the one we support in our documentation and the one defined as default when an MTA is needed to be installed.22:42
ajmitchsome of us persist in using exim still22:46
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