Sarvattugh... found out what my problem was compiling xserver. nasty http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=53603401:51
ubottuDebian bug 536034 in dpkg-dev "dpkg-dev: dpkg-gensymbols produces broken symbols files" [Serious,Closed]01:51
Sarvattguess ubuntu hasnt picked that up yet01:52
Sarvattahh it is there, no clue why i'm still getting the errors01:58
dfaureafter switching to ati (because fglrx stopped working in jaunty), X starts up but no keyboard and no mouse. Any suggestions?09:45
Ngis hald running?09:46
dfaureno indeed. I see. Should reboot out of failsafe mode first.09:47
Ng(xorg gets its input devices from hal atm)09:47
dfaureerr now every key sends three letters !?09:50
dfaureI type 'd' and I see "ddd"09:50
dfaureanyone seen that before?09:51
Ngdo you have any input devices defined in /etc/X11/xorg.conf? I'm guessing wildly here, I'm just wondering if it's seeing the same event from several different keyboards that are actually the same keyboard defined in several places?09:51
Ngseems kinda unlikely though09:51
dfaureindeed commenting out the input devices fixes it. Weird though, there was just one of each, not 3.09:52
dfaureNg: thanks for the help. Everything ok now.10:22
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tseliotSarvatt: ping14:26
tseliotSarvatt: never mind15:22
tseliotScottK: I have ported my patches for synaptics to Karmic. Have a look at my PPA (and at the bug report)15:22
ScottKtseliot: OK.  I'm reinstalling for ISO testing right now.  I'll give it a try in a bit.15:23
tseliotok, thanks15:23
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jbarnesbryce: so how goes the intel upstreaming?  is it all done?19:37
jbarnesbug upstreaming that is19:38
brycejbarnes, I've got 15 or so left to go.  I sort of got inspired/distracted by a comment you made earlier, and have been working on a tool to do upstreaming for me19:39
brycethere also seems to be some confusion as to whether I should set priorities on upstream bugs or leave it unset, so I'm waiting for the higher ups to get that sorted19:41
brycejbarnes, http://people.canonical.com/~bryce//upstream.svg19:43
jbarnesthat makes it look like only 20% are upstreamed so far?19:46
jbarnesbryce: I think it's ok to set prio19:46
jbarneswe may drop it down depending on our release schedule, but imo it's fine to set it as an indicator of its importance to you19:46
jbarnesthe worry on our team was that we're using priorities as our release criteria19:46
jbarnesp1 bugs are basically release blockers19:46
bryceright, we got a bit over 20% but it fell lately because I pulled in 2.8.0 and closed out the upstreamed bugs that were fixed19:47
brycewhat that chart doesn't tell is that 180 bugs are incomplete waiting on reporters19:48
jbarnesah that's the discrepancy19:48
bryceyeah there's only 15-20 that I need to do something with.  But they're probably mostly just dupes of known issues19:49
jcristauin most cases you don't hear back from people after asking for more information or asking to try a newer version, so the bugs sit there for a while.  at least that's my experience in debian.19:49
jcristauand those are not upstreamable19:50
brycemany of those incomplete bugs were ones reported with Jaunty's release, which my script asked them to re-test.  Those are all scheduled to expire here this coming week.  So I think we should see a nice jump in the stats within the week19:50
brycejcristau, yep exactly19:50
jbarnesbryce: ok consensus is to mark prio according to what prio it is for ubuntu20:22
jbarneslike I said, we may bump it down but that can be handled at your regular meetings with yingying if there's disagreement20:22
bryceokie doke20:32
bryceI put in an openchrome git update in xorg-edgers if anyone's interested22:13
jcristauopenchrome is in git now?22:14
brycejcristau, at least I didn't say bzr snapshot ;-)22:28
jcristaubryce: heh. you had me hoping they made the switch :)22:31
Sarvattgot me too, i thought the same thing :D23:03
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